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. The New Neighbor Ch. 03 The Barbecue

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Rusty65, Jul 13, 2018.

. The New Neighbor Ch. 03 The Barbecue 4.8 5 10votes
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  1. Rusty65

    Rusty65 Well-Known Member Member

    We went out our front door, walked across to Cheryl's front door and rang the bell. A moment later the door opened. It was Tiffany. She was wearing a bathing suit that was every bit as minuscule and revealing as Cheryl's and Becky's.

    Tiffany said, “Hi Becky and Danny. We met last weekend, but it was hurried. Let's do it again. I'm Tiffany.”

    Becky said, “Hi Tiffany, I'm Becky.”

    I nodded and said, “And I'm Danny.”

    “Please come in. Becky I love your suit. We're going to have so much fun this evening.”

    As we walked into Cheryl's living room Becky said, “I hope so. I'm really excited.”

    “You should be. I met Jerome at a party two weeks ago. He's very handsome. Damon gave me to him for a night last week. He is amazing.”

    Becky stared at Tiffany. After a moment she said, “Damon is your boyfriend.”

    Tiffany said, “That's right.”

    “And he gave you to Jerome for a night.”


    Cheryl had just walked into the living room. After listening for a moment, she said, “Let me explain. Tiffany and I are both black owned. It's our choice. Our boyfriends share us with their friends. That's part of being black owned. We like it. We love variety. It's a much safer way to get variety than hanging out in bars. Our boyfriends make sure that their friends are always kind and considerate to us.”

    Becky said, “Oh my.”

    “Does that make you nervous?” Cheryl was genuinely concerned.

    Shaking her head, Becky said, “No, it makes me even more excited about this evening.”

    Cheryl smiled, “I was hoping you would feel that way.” And then she added, “Becky, you look absolutely stunning. Jerome is going to go wild when he sees you.”

    Becky said, “Thank you, both of you look gorgeous too.”

    Cheryl said, “Danny bring your basket into the kitchen. I'll show you where everything is so you can get started on the salad.”

    I followed Cheryl into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator door and said, “I have lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, broccoli and radishes. Use this wooden salad bowl, here's a good knife and you can use this cutting board.”

    I asked, “Do you want me to dress the salad before I toss it?”

    “I have a big bottle of ranch dressing. What do you think?”

    I said, “This is a barbecue. It will be easier for everyone if I dress the salad first and I'll be surprised if you're men don't all like ranch dressing.”

    Cheryl said, “They all do. Dress the salad before you toss it.”

    Giggling, Tiffany said, “I toss Damon's salad every time we get together. He really likes it.”

    Becky said, “I don't understand.”

    I was taking the vegetables out of the refrigerator, but I paused and said, “Becky it means that she licks his asshole.”

    Becky said, “Oh yes, of course.” And then she giggled and said, “Tiff, you and my husband have something in common. He licks my asshole almost every night.”

    Tiffany said, “Really?”

    Cheryl said, “He licked my ass this afternoon.”

    “No shit?” Tiffany was amazed.

    Cheryl said, “Please excuse my daughter. She's young, she's only twenty-two.”

    Tiffany said, “Nobody's ever licked my asshole.” She turned to Becky and asked, “Would you give him to me for an hour or two? Not tonight, but someday soon.”

    Becky said, “That's really up to him.”

    Cheryl said, “You can probably get him to do it. I think he's even more sexually adventurous than you are, but you might try being a little nicer to him. Baby, today he not only licked my asshole, he made a potato salad, brought two big bottles of margaritas and now he's making a salad, all for us. You might consider the possibility that he's actually Prince Charming. Damon won't even pick up his own underwear.”

    “Did you really make margaritas?” Tiffany stared at me.

    “Yes, would you like one?”

    “I'd love one, I love margaritas.”

    Cheryl said, “Tiffany, let him finish making the salad.”

    “Okay.” Tiffany put her arm around my waist and hugged me.

    And then the doorbell rang. Cheryl said, “They're here.”

    Tiffany ran to the front door. Cheryl and Becky followed her. I stayed in the kitchen.

    I heard the front door open. Cheryl said, “Hi guys come in.”

    Tiffany said, “Hey Damon, I missed you.”

    A man answered, “I missed you too baby.”

    There was silence. Assuming that Tiffany and Cheryl were kissing their boyfriends, I waited.

    After a moment Cheryl said, “Jerome, this is Becky.”

    A man who I assumed was Jerome said, “Becky, I do believe that you're even more beautiful than Cheryl said you were and she told me that you're gorgeous

    Becky said, “And you're both handsome and charming.”

    Jerome said, “I love your bathing suit.”

    Becky said, “I bought it to wear for you.”

    My cock was straining against the confines of my chastity cage.

    Cheryl said, “Let's go into the kitchen and then we can move out to the patio.”

    A moment later all six of them walked into the kitchen. I noticed that Jerome already had his arm around Becky's waist and she wasn't objecting.

    Cheryl said,, “Guys, this is Becky's husband, Danny Clark. Danny, this is Damon Wright, Robert Carter and Jerome Reynolds.”

    All three men were at least 6'2” tall, broad shouldered and fit. They were handsome and well groomed with rich coffee colored skin. They wore baggy swim trunks and tight fitting tee shirts that accentuated their muscular physiques. It was easy to understand why the women were attracted to them.

    Robert handed a package of wrapped meat to Cheryl and said, “These are the steaks baby.” Then he extended his hand to me. I took it. As we shook hands he said, “It's a pleasure to meet you Danny. Cheryl told me that she really likes you. If she likes you that's good enough for me. I like you too.”

    I said, “Thank you Robert. Cheryl has also told me good things about you.”

    Damon handed a twelve pack of Coors beer to Cheryl and said, “I brought some beer Cheryl.”

    Cheryl said, “Thank you Damon. That was very thoughtful.”

    Damon and Tiffany walked out to the patio.

    Cheryl set the beer and the package of steaks on the kitchen counter and said, “Danny, when you get a chance the beer can go in the little refrigerator by the gas grill and these are the steaks.”

    “I'll put the salad in the refrigerator and then I'll bring the beer and the margaritas out to the patio. As soon as everyone has something to drink I'll come back in here and get the steaks ready for the grill.”

    “Thank you Danny.” Cheryl slipped her arm under Robert's arm and said, “Come on baby, let's go outside.”

    Jerome still had his arm around Becky, but now I noticed that his hand was cupping one of the cheeks of her nearly naked rear. He said, “I want to thank you for letting me spend this evening with your wife. She's a very beautiful woman.”

    I answered, “Yes she is and I love her very much. I love her so much that I hope the two of you have a good time tonight.”

    Jerome asked, “How good a time can we have?.”

    I said, “That's up to Becky. As far as I'm concerned as long as your kind and respectful to her and she's willing and eager you don't have any limits at all.”

    “So you're telling me that I can fuck your wife tonight.”

    “As long as you're kind and respectful and she's willing and eager, yes as far as I'm concerned you can fuck Becky tonight. If she objects, that's an entirely different situation.”

    Jerome shook his head. “Man, I would never force myself on a woman.”

    Becky kissed Jerome's cheek and said, “Sweetie we don't have an issue. Danny is giving you a green light and so am I. Tonight, if you want me, I'm all yours.”

    I added, “And you have my blessing.”

    Becky pulled Jerome's swim trunks down freeing his very large, very erect cock. Then she dropped to her knees, wrapped her fingers around his mammoth pole and started kissing and licking the head.

    Looking at me, Jerome asked, “You're cool with this?”

    I said, “I'm very cool with it.” And then I added, “Jerome, my wife is a size queen. She loves big cocks. She loves me and I love her. We're soul mates. Unfortunately a big cock is something I can't provide to her, but I don't want to deny her that pleasure so I'm asking you to help us.”

    “Man do you want to watch or anything like that?”

    “I'll be around all evening, but I would prefer that you don't worry about me.”

    Becky stood up and gently caressed Jerome's chest with her finger tips. “Honey, tonight I'm with you. Tonight I'm your date and I'm a slut. Do you understand?”

    “Hell yes I understand. Danny, if it's okay with you we're going to go out to the patio and start our evening.”

    “You have my blessing.”

    Jerome pulled up his swim trunks and put his arm back around my wife's waist. As they walked out the patio door Jerome slipped his hand back down to Becky's nearly naked rear and again cupped her right cheek. My penis strained against the confines of my chastity cage.

    I quickly put the salad in the refrigerator, took out one of the bottles of margarita, picked up the twelve pack of beer and joined everyone on the patio.

    Cheryl had set up six patio chairs around the near side of her swimming pool. They were arranged in pairs, each pair of chairs were set adjacent to each other and separated from the other pairs by several feet. Each couple now occupied one of the pairs of chairs. Tiffany and Damon were in the left hand chairs, Cheryl and Robert were in the center chairs and Jerome and my wife were in the right hand chairs.

    The three couples were engaged in relaxed conversation. As they talked I noticed that each of the women was casually rubbing the inside of her partners upper thigh.

    While I set up the bar I watched Becky. She was slowly moving her hand over to Jerome's crotch. Since she'd already kissed and licked the head of his cock I didn't think she was trying to be coy. She was playfully teasing Jerome.

    I walked over to the group and asked, “Can I get anyone something to drink? We have margaritas, chilled white wine and Damon brought some beer.”

    All three women requested Margaritas and all three men asked for a beer. I went back to the bar.

    While I was getting the drinks ready Tiffany said, “This is a private back patio. The only neighbors who can see us are here with us.” She reached back, untied the string that held her bathing suit top in place, pulled it off and dropped it on the paving bricks next to her. “I don't really need to wear this.”

    Cheryl said, “Tiff, that top is so tiny and covers so little that it doesn't really matter if you're wearing it or not.”

    Robert said, “I disagree. The bare female breast is an exquisite sight, best viewed when it's completely bare.”

    Damon said, “Tiff that's a fancy way to say that he likes looking at your bare tits.”

    Tiffany said, “I liked it better the way he said it.”

    Becky said, “If Robert enjoys looking at our bare breasts I can't think of any reason we should deny him that pleasure.”

    I wanted to say that Becky was becoming quite adept at denial, but I refrained.

    Becky shifted in her chair so that her back was facing Jerome and said, “Would you please do the honors.”

    Jerome said, “Damn right I would. I've been captivated by your tits ever since I first laid eyes on you.”

    Becky said, “If that's the case I invite you to do a little manual exploration.”

    As Jerome was removing my wife's bathing suit top Robert said, “Jerome, she teaches high school English. She's inviting you to feel her up.”

    Jerome said, “I know exactly what she's inviting me to do.” He set Becky's top on the paving bricks next to him, cupped her pale breast with his large brown hand and started rolling her nipple between his fingertips.

    Gasping, Becky said, “Oh my.” Once again my penis was pressing at the confines of my chastity cage.

    Robert turned to Cheryl and asked, “What do you think baby? Is it time to let me play with your big titties?”

    Cheryl shook her head. “Big titties? How can you be so smooth one minute and so crude the next?”

    Chuckling, Robert said, “Because that's the way you like me.”

    Cheryl laughed. “I hate it when you're right.” She shifted so that she was sitting with her back to Robert and said, “Help yourself stud man.”

    Robert made a big production out of pulling the string that held Cheryl's bathing suit top in place and then he tossed it to the paving bricks next to him, reached around Cheryl and started roughly fondling her breasts with both of his hands.

    Cheryl was giggling like a teenager.

    I took that moment to quietly deliver everyone's drinks. When I gave Cheryl her margarita I asked, “How soon do you want dinner?”

    Cheryl asked, “How long will it take to get it ready?”

    “I'll need fifteen minutes to heat up the grill. How do you want the steaks done?”

    Cheryl looked at everyone and asked, “How do you want your steaks? Let's try to make it simple.”

    Robert said, “Pink in the middle.”

    Cheryl asked, “Is everyone okay with pink in the middle?”

    Everyone nodded. I said, “Okay, that's what I'll try to do.”

    As I walked over to light the grill Robert said, “How did we ever have a party without Danny?”

    Cheryl said, “I had to do a lot more work.”

    While I was lighting the grill Tiffany said, “This is a pool party, let's go swimming.” She stood up and jumped into the pool. Everyone else followed her.

    As I went into the kitchen to get the steaks ready Tiffany was yelling, “I want to play joust.”

    Robert had brought seven beautiful rib eye steaks. They were well trimmed and thick. Each of them had to be over a pound. Knowing that a pound of steak was too much for my wife, for me and probably for Cheryl and Tiffany too, I cut each steak in half. That would leave more for the men, who probably had healthy appetites.

    I seasoned the steaks, picked up the platter and carried it out to the patio. As soon as I was outside I saw what was happening in the pool. The women, still topless were riding on the men's shoulders. They were engaged in a water fight. My wife was laughing hysterically. I smiled. Becky was having a good time.

    After I put the steaks on the grill I went back to the kitchen and found plates, glasses, wine glasses and silverware for seven. I carried everything out to the outdoor table near the grill. It took two trips.

    I checked the steaks and then I set six places at the table. The table really wasn't big enough to seat seven comfortably so I decided to eat while I was cooking. That would also allow me to serve everyone at the table more efficiently. While I realized that my submissive desires were becoming more pronounced and affecting my thinking, I didn't care. I was beginning to understand that this was who I've always wanted to be and it was time to stop trying to be someone I wasn't.

    Noticing that it had become quiet, I glanced over at the pool. The game of joust was over. The men were sitting on the edge of the pool with their legs in the water. All three of them had shed their swim trunks. Each of the women was standing in the water between her respective lover's legs giving him a blow job.

    For a moment I stood mesmerized as I watched my wife suck and lick Jerome's enormous cock. Then I remembered the steaks. I quickly checked them. Fortunately they'd just reached the point where they needed to be turned.

    After that was done I ran next door and grabbed two bottles of wine from our wine rack. I chose an expensive wine, a wine that Becky and I reserved for special occasions.

    I hurried back to Cheryl's. The women were still sucking their men's cocks. I checked the steaks. They were almost done. I brought the potato salad, tossed
    salad, condiments and a basket of rolls out to the table. As soon as that was done I made a plate for myself and took the steaks off the grill so they could sit for a few minutes.

    I cut open my steak. It was perfect. I started to eat. As I ate I watched Becky and Jerome. Becky was now furiously sucking him. Suddenly he grunted. I immediately realized that he was cumming in my wife's mouth. I glanced at the other two couples. They were also at or near orgasm.

    I opened the wine and quickly finished my dinner. When it looked like the men had regained their composure I walked over to the edge of the pool and said, “Cheryl, when you and your guests are ready I have dinner on the table.”

    Cheryl stared at me for a moment. It was obvious to me that she'd noted the deference in my voice. I glanced at Becky. She'd noticed it too. Becky gave Cheryl a subtle nod. Becky recognized that my submissive desires were growing. Cheryl nodded back and said, “Thank you Danny, I'll bring my guests to the table now.”

    Cheryl looked at the others and said, “Dinner is ready, let's eat.”

    Everyone got out of the pool. I waited by the grill. When she reached the table Cheryl looked at me and said, “Danny, you only set six places. There are seven of us.”

    “The table is perfect for six and crowed with seven. I have a plate over by the grill. This way I can do a better job of taking care of you and your guests.”

    Becky asked, “Danny is this the way you want it?”

    I answered, “Yes, it's exactly the way I want it.”

    Smiling, Becky said, “Okay.” And then she nodded to Cheryl.

    Cheryl said, “Danny this is a wonderful looking dinner. Thank you.”

    I smiled at her and said, “You're welcome. I hope I can do this for you again in the future.”

    “I would definitely like that. Now would you please see that everyone has a beverage?”

    “Of course I will. I took the liberty of opening two bottles of red wine. It's one of Becky and my favorites.”

    I picked up one of the bottles. Becky looked at the label and said, “Danny, that's our special occasion wine.”

    “I know it is and I think this is a special occasion. It's your first date with another man.”

    Becky stared at me. After a moment she said, “You're right, it is a special occasion and I hope it's the first of many dates I have with other men.” She turned to Jerome and added, “Especially this man.”

    Jerome smiled at my wife and said, “I also hope it's the first of many dates we have together.”

    I poured a glass of wine for everyone including myself and then, standing next to the table I said, “I would like to propose a toast if I may.”

    Cheryl said, “Certainly.”

    Holding up my glass, I said, “To Becky and Jerome, may they have an exciting future together.”

    Everyone stared at me for a moment, but then both Robert and Cheryl picked up their glasses and said, “Here, here.”

    Becky looked at me and smiled. Jerome picked up his glass and said, “I'll definitely drink to that.”

    After a moment Tiffany picked up her glass and said, “Here, here.” Damon looked puzzled but he still followed her lead and also participated in the toast.

    All of us took a sip of our wine. Robert said, “I don't know a lot about wine, but this is really good. Thank you Danny.”

    I brought the platter of steaks over to the table and set it by Robert. Everyone started passing food around and then started to eat. After a moment Robert said, “Danny this wine is excellent, but I have a powerful thirst. Could you get me a beer?”


    Jerome said, “I'd like one too Danny.”

    Damon said, “Me too.”

    As I got the men their beers Damon said, “Ya know, this is really kind of kinky.”

    Cheryl asked, “What do you mean Damon?”

    “Danny is doing all this work and serving us dinner and shit while his wife is sucking Jerome's cock. That's kinky.”

    Shaking her head, Cheryl said, “Damon, both you and Danny are guests in this house. I will not tolerate you making fun of one of my guests.”

    Damon said, “A Guest? He seems more like a servant to me.”

    Cheryl glared at Damon. “Damon you are about two words away from being asked to leave.”

    Robert said, “Baby, let me walk him through this.”

    “Okay, but I will not tolerate anyone teasing or making fun of Danny. I like him and he's prepared a wonderful dinner for us.”

    “Don't worry, I like Danny too. Damon before you call anyone kinky you might want to take a look at yourself and for that matter, the rest of us too.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “To start we're all sitting here naked eating dinner. Danny's the only one who's dressed.”

    “Okay, I get that, it's kind of kinky too, but Jerome is probably going to fuck his wife tonight.”

    “Tiffany is your girlfriend. Last week you gave her to Jerome for a night.”

    Tiffany said, “He's right. You give me to your friends all the time. That makes you just as kinky as Danny and I do it. That makes me just as kinky as you are.”

    Jerome said, “You did give Tiffany to me last week and we definitely had fun.”

    Tiffany smiled.

    Damon shook his head. “All right, I get it.”

    Robert said, “No there's more. I give Cheryl to you which makes me kinky too, but we both share another kink. Cheryl tells me that you're an aficionado of the backdoor. So am I. Many people consider that little pleasure to be very kinky.”

    Jerome chuckled. “All three of us have that kink. I'm a back door man too.” Robert stopped and turned to Becky. “But only if you're into it. If you're not I'm perfectly happy with doing it the conventional way.”

    Becky said, “I've never done it, I've never taken a cock back there, but when we met Cheryl we hoped she might be able to set me up with someone like you so I bought two butt plugs and started practicing. Danny's been helping me. For the past several days he's been pushing a butt plug into me every evening.”

    I smiled. “I guess that gets me back in the running for who's kinkiest.”

    Becky shook her head. “No baby, all it does is solidify your position as most different and Damon honey, that's really what you were noticing. It isn't that Danny is kinkier than we are, his kinks are just different than ours.”

    Damon nodded, “I get it now. Being different doesn't make a person bad or second rate, it just makes you different. When I was a junior in high school my mom hooked up with a white guy who lived in northern Wisconsin. The school had almost five hundred students. I was the only black kid. I made some friends, I made a lot of really good friends.” He smiled. “That was where I had my first white girlfriend.”

    Tiffany said, “You've never told me this. Did your mom end up marrying the guy?”

    “My mom really liked him. I did too. He was a truck mechanic. He taught me a lot about tools and motors. I think he's the reason I ended up as a mechanic in the air force.”

    Cheryl quietly asked, “What happened Damon?”

    “His family couldn't handle the fact that we were black. Eventually he broke it off with my mom. Even then he was a good guy. He gave my mom every penny he had so she could make a new start somewhere else. We went to Milwaukee. It wasn't all bad. After I graduated from High School I got a job at the Harley Davidson plant. I worked there for two years before I joined the air force. That experience taught me a lot about being a mechanic too.”

    Robert said, “You're a great mechanic.”

    Damon said, “Thanks, coming from you that means a lot.” He turned to me. “Danny, I'm sorry. Sometimes I can be kind of stupid. I hope you'll forgive me for not understanding. I'd like it if we could be friends and Robert's right, you're the best cook I know.”

    “Thanks Damon. There's nothing to forgive. At times we all have trouble understanding the individual differences between people. I hope we can be friends too.”

    After dinner I cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen. Everyone offered to help but I was adamant. Cleaning up while everyone else was sexually enjoying each other was part of my kinky fantasy.

    Getting into my kink, Becky and Cheryl told me that if I didn't do a good job they'd pull down my pants and spank me in front of everyone. Tiffany immediately volunteered to do the spanking. That made everyone, including me laugh.

    After I finished cleaning the kitchen I walked out on to the patio. Robert was sitting on a patio chair smoking a cigar. Cheryl was kneeling between his legs sucking his cock. Tiffany and Damon were near the pool. They'd laid out several towels. Tiffany was on her knees. Damon was mounted behind her. I was quite certain he was fucking her ass.

    Becky and Jerome were on the far side of the pool near the the back patio wall. They were both still naked. Jerome had his arms wrapped around my wife. They were passionately making out.

    I moved one of the patio chairs over to the grill and bar area. That had become my home base. I sat down and watched. At that moment the desire to masturbate was overwhelming. I was glad that my cock was locked in a chastity cage. The intense pleasure of an orgasm would have been satisfying, but it would have been temporary. The subtle ongoing pleasure of denial was maddeningly intoxicating. I relished it.

    After a few minutes my wife broke away from her new lover, turned and scanned the patio. I understood. She was looking for me. I waved.

    Becky grabbed Jerome's arm and pointed towards me. He nodded and led my wife to me. I stood and walked towards them. When we met, Becky asked, “Can Jerome come over to our house?”

    I answered, “Of course. Let's thank Cheryl and then we can go.”

    Becky said, “Danny, I think she's preoccupied right now.”

    “I know, but it's important to me, very important.”

    Becky said, “Okay.”

    I walked over to Cheryl and Robert. Robert looked up at me, took a puff on his cigar and blew out a ring of smoke. Cheryl continued sucking his cock. He said, “What's up buddy?”

    I said, “We're leaving. I just wanted to thank you and Cheryl for everything.”

    Cheryl stopped sucking Robert's cock and looked up at me. “Sweetie, we should be thanking you. You made tonight really special for us.”

    “And you made tonight special for Becky and me.”

    Behind me Jerome said, “And me, this was one of the best evenings I've ever had.”

    Becky said, “And it's not over big boy.”

    Robert asked, “Can we do it again next weekend?”

    I said, “Only if I can make the dinner.”

    Damon, who was now standing next to Jerome said, “That's a given. Tonight's dinner was wonderful.”

    Robert said, “Do you do pork as well as you do beef?”

    Becky said, “My baby does a wonderful pork tenderloin.”

    Shaking his head, Robert said, “Our butcher, he's down by the airbase, he cut those steaks for us. He also has great looking pork tenderloins, but we've always been afraid to try them. They have to be marinated and when it comes to cooking we're pretty much hamburger and hot dog guys.”

    “My baby has a great barbecue rub.” Becky was holding on to both me and Jerome.

    Robert said, “I'm from Memphis. Barbecued pork is in my blood. We gotta do this.”

    I said, “I'm in, but I need some time to marinate the pork. Can you get it to me on Friday?”

    Jerome said, “I have next Friday afternoon off. I'll bring it.”

    Grabbing his arm, Becky said, “My last class ends at 2:30 on Friday. I can be at home by three. Friday afternoon could be a lot of fun for both of us.”

    Laughing, Jerome said, “I'm bringing it for sure.”

    Tiffany walked up to me and said, “Danny I wasn't very nice to you at first. I'm sorry. You're really a sweet guy.” Reaching down, she playfully grabbed my crotch, felt the hard plastic shell of my chastity cage and exclaimed, “What the fuck is this?”

    Next to me Cheryl whispered, “Oh dear, I think the canary just escaped from its cage.”

    Everyone stared at Tiffany. After a moment Robert said, “This may be something Becky and Danny wish to keep to themselves.”

    Shaking her head, Tiffany said, “I don't understand.”

    Becky said, “Danny, I think it's time to share your secret. Everyone already understands that you have a submissive disposition and it sounds like we'll be having another party next weekend. If everyone knows you'll have a little more freedom about what you can wear.”

    I nodded. “Okay.” My heart was racing. While this was going to be humiliating, it was also going to be exciting.

    “Tiffany, would you please pull down my husband's shorts. Pull them all the way down to his knees.”

    Tiffany pulled down my shorts. Damon said, “Damn he's wearing lace panties.”

    Becky said, “I make him do that.”

    Damon looked at my wife and asked, “Why?”

    “Several reasons. He finds it humiliating, it emasculates him and it helps him remember his place.”

    Shaking his head, Damon said, “Now I really don't get it. All evening you've talked about how much you love this guy and now you're telling us that you're deliberately humiliating him.”

    “Damon, my husband is a submissive masochist.”

    Jerome said, “Babe, let me take a shot at this.”


    “Damon you look at interracial porn on the Internet, right?”

    “Sure, I love to watch movies where black guys like us are fucking white women. We all do.”

    Robert nodded in agreement.

    Jerome continued. “You know those other web sites that come up when you search for interracial porn, the ones about cuckolds and hot wives.”

    “Yeah, I glanced at them, but I'm not into that shit.”

    “Danny is and I think Becky looks at them with him.”

    Becky said, “I do. We've been reading cuckold stories together on the Internet since before we got married.”

    Jerome continued. “All of this, the panties, the chastity cage, even serving us dinner and cleaning up afterward while we partied on the the patio, all of those things are elements of the classic cuckold fantasy. In some of the stories the hot wife even makes her cuckold husband wash her lover's car while they fuck in the bedroom.”

    Robert said, “Their playing a game, a game that fits right in with the games we play. Tonight Danny made us a great dinner and took care of us all evening. My only regret is that we didn't know more about the game he and Becky were playing. If we had we maybe could have done some things to make Danny's experience even more exciting for him.”

    Becky said, “I guess you could say that we are playing a game, but right now Danny and I are pretty much making it up as we go along. I walk a very tight line with this. Damon, you are absolutely correct. I love my husband, but he's a masochist. He wants me to humiliate and embarrass him. At the same time I'm also discovering that I have some sadistic tendencies. Tonight sucking Jerome's cock while Danny watched knowing that his penis was locked in a chastity cage so he couldn't even masturbate was unbelievably exciting.”

    I said, “I thought it was pretty exciting too.”

    Damon said, “Okay, I get it. If Cheryl is willing to let us have another party next weekend I think we should all talk for a few minutes before the party starts.”

    Robert said, “Damon I think that's an excellent idea and if Danny or Becky would be kind enough to steer us to some of Danny's favorite cuckold stories that might help us too.”

    Cheryl said, “I have email addresses and cell phone numbers for everyone. I'm excited. This is going to be fun.”

    Tiffany put her arm around my waist and asked, “At the next party would you lick my asshole? I can't stop thinking about that.”

    “You'll have to ask Becky.” Everyone looked at my wife. She said, “He can lick your asshole, but his chastity cage stays on while he's doing it.”

    Tiffany said, “Absolutely, I wouldn't have it any other way. My pussy and my mouth are strictly black cock only.”

    Damon put his arm around her and said, “That's my girlfriend.”

    Becky said, “It's time for me to take my new man and my wimp husband home. Cheryl it was a wonderful evening and most of all, thank you for introducing me to this stud.” Becky rubbed Jerome's naked chest.

    Laughing, Cheryl said, “Becky, you do realize that neither you nor Jerome are wearing a stitch of clothing and Danny's shorts are around his knees.”

    Becky said, “Danny, take your shorts off, you can go home in your panties. Before you leave get our bathing suits and Jerome's tee shirt. We'll see you at home.” Giggling, Becky added, “It's a good thing there aren't any other houses at this end of our cul-de-sac.” Becky grabbed Jerome's hand and said, “Come on big guy, let's go to my house.” They both walked out Cheryl's front door completely naked.

    I obediently removed my shorts and hurried out to the patio where I gathered up Becky and Jerome's clothing. When I walked back into the kitchen Cheryl and Robert were waiting for me.

    Cheryl said, “This really was a wonderful evening.”

    Robert said, “And you were mostly responsible.”

    I said, “Thanks, I had a good time too. I'm exited about next weekend.”

    Robert said, “We are too.”

    Cheryl handed me the container of potato salad. There was about a third of it left. “Don't forget this.”

    I said, “Robert you're going to spend the night, right.”


    “Keep it and have if for lunch tomorrow. There's some left over steak in the refrigerator too.”

    Cheryl said, “But you're going to be feeding Jerome in the morning. You'll need this.”

    I smiled. “No, I'll be making something special for Becky and Jerome.”

    Robert said, “You're a good man Danny.”

    “I think it might be more appropriate to say that I'm a good boy.”

    Cheryl said, “You're consumed by your submissive masochism right now, aren't you.”

    “Yeah, I really am.”

    Smiling, Cheryl said, “You'd better get home and have some fun.”

    “I think Jerome's going to have all the fun.”

    “I'm sure he's going to have a good time. Your wife is totally enamored with him.”

    “She is. Thank you again for putting them together.” I started walking to the front door.

    Robert handed me a set of car keys. “Take these with you, they're Jerome's”

    “I thought the three of you came together.”

    “No, Jerome was worried that this might not work out. If it didn't he didn't want to be stuck here so he drove his own car.”

    “Well, it did work out. It looks like he's going to be spending the night with Becky.”

    Cheryl slapped my pantie covered ass and said, “And you'd better get home so you can enjoy it too.”

    “Thanks.” I hurried out the door.
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    Absolutely Perfectious ♠️
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    Jerome has to push Becky beyond where she thought she would go. Dan get a REAL understanding what he will except and where he will go with this. Becky talks with Cheryl about what black owned is and means. Jerome and Becky find out where the two of them want to take this when alone. Where do you want Becky and Jerome to take this when in public? I see Jerome wanting more then Damon and Robert. (Less limits). I like the respect idea other stories just don’t have. Keep up the good work you’ve got me on the edge of my seat wanting more.
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