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. The New Neighbor Ch. 02

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Rusty65, Jul 8, 2018.

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  1. Rusty65

    Rusty65 Well-Known Member Member

    As I was leaving school the next day I received a text from Becky saying that she had a hair appointment and would be home around 6:00. That made me smile. My wife was eagerly preparing to meet Jerome.

    On my way home I stopped at the grocery store and purchased the ingredients for a tuna casserole and the potato salad.

    At home I quickly prepared the tuna casserole. Once I had it in the oven I started making the potato salad. Potato salad is wonderful, but it does require some effort. The potatoes have to be peeled, boiled and sliced.

    I was putting the finished potato salad in the refrigerator when Becky walked into the kitchen from the garage. She was beautiful. Her shoulder length blond hair was cut and styled into a bob with a part on the left side. I said, “Your hair is fabulous, you're gorgeous. Jerome is going to go wild when he sees you.”

    Becky kissed me and said, “Thank you.” And then she added, “I'm starving. What do we have for dinner?”

    “Tuna casserole.”

    “Great, I'm going to change. I'll be right back. Set the table.” As Becky hurried out of the kitchen I notice that she was carrying a small bag.

    When she returned we ate quickly. After dinner Becky sat at the table and watched me clean the kitchen. As soon as I was finished we moved into our bedroom.

    In our bedroom we showered together. After we showered, Becky said, “Tomorrow Cheryl and I have appointments to get manicures and pedicures. While I'm gone I want you to do something for me.”

    “What's that?”

    “I want you to shave, everywhere. You'll have to do it in the bath tub.”

    “You want me to shave everywhere?”

    “Yes, your legs, your underarms, your pubic area, everywhere. I want your entire body to be as smooth as a ten year old boy. Cheryl suggested it. I think it's a good idea.” Becky kissed my cheek and whispered, “Danny, you're not really a man anymore. Tomorrow night you're going to be a cuckold, my cuckold. The men in my life are all going to be black.”

    A ripple of excitement surged through my loins. I said, “I understand, I'll do it.”

    Becky said, “When I get back from my nail appointment I'm going to shave too. I want both of us to be nice and smooth tomorrow evening. Now I want you to put the large butt plug into me.”

    “Are you ready for that?”

    “I want to be ready. If Jerome wants my butt tomorrow night I'd like to be able to accommodate him.”

    “Okay.” Taking care to make sure that Becky was well lubricated, I inserted the large butt plug.

    When I was finished Becky said, “That actually feels good. I'm getting excited about taking a cock back there. Now I have a surprise for you and then I want to go into the den and have some fun.”

    “What's the surprise?”

    Becky opened the small bag I saw her carrying when she got home. She reached in and took out several pairs of lace panties. She held a pair up and said, “These are for you. They're a little fancier than the panties I bought for you the other day. Those are for every day. These are for special occasions. They're crotchless so they'll be comfortable with your chastity cage. You can wear them tomorrow.”

    “I thought this was a swim party.”

    “It is, for everyone but you. Do you really want to wear a swimsuit while you're wearing a chastity cage?”

    “Are you going to make me wear that tomorrow?”

    “Of course I am. This is kind of a coming out cuckold party for you.”

    Speechless, I stared at Becky. She smiled and said, “Relax, nobody but Cheryl and maybe Tiffany will know. Baby, this is only going to work if it's about both of us. I'm trying to give you as much of your cuckold fantasy as I can. Humiliation is part of your fantasy. I know I'm treading a fine line, but I have to try to push your limits.”

    “I know, and I appreciate what you're doing.” I smiled. “Being placed in humiliating situations is humiliating. It's sort of like you and butt fucking. We have to move slowly so we can gradually get used to what's happening.”

    “Do you want to forget the panties and chastity cage tomorrow?”

    “No, I definitely don't. You're correct, tomorrow will be my first day as a real cuckold. You're prodding me to make the most of it. I'll wear the panties and chastity cage.”

    “You're going to be the bartender and cook so no one will question why you're wearing shorts and a tee shirt.”

    “You're right.”

    Becky grabbed my hand. “Come on, I'm really horny. I want to watch some black cock porn while you give me head.”

    As I followed Becky into the den, I said, “That's the first time you've ever used that term in this context.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You said that you want me to give you head.”

    “I did, didn't I.”

    “It makes it seem a little more dominant.”

    “Does that excite you?”

    “Yeah, it really does. I think you should be a little dominant with me and very submissive with Jerome.”

    “Danny honey, our new life keeps getting more exciting.”

    The next day was Saturday. Neither of us had to go to work. We slept later than usual and then we had breakfast and read the morning newspaper on the patio. After we finished breakfast it was time for Becky and Cheryl to go to the nail salon.

    As soon as Cheryl and Becky were gone I drew a bath and started shaving my body. I didn't have a lot of body hair so it wasn't a difficult task.

    I'd just finished when I heard Becky call. “Danny, I'm home.”

    I called back, “I'm in the bedroom. I just got out of the bathtub.”

    A moment later Becky walked into the bedroom. Cheryl was right behind her. I was still completely naked.

    Becky looked at me and said, “That's perfect. You really do look like a ten year old boy.”

    Cheryl smiled and said, “Becky, he is absolutely darling.”

    “Want to see what we discovered last night?”


    “Danny come over here and get down on your knees.”

    A wave of excitement rippled through me as I realized what was going to happen and that it was going to happen in front of Cheryl. I hurried over to Becky and dropped to my knees.

    Becky kicked off her sandals and said, “Aren't my nails painted a nice shade of red?”

    I answered, “Yes, they're very sexy. Jerome is going to like it.”

    “Kiss my toes Danny.”

    I bent over. As I kissed Becky's feet Cheryl said, “Oh my, that is precious.”

    Becky said, “It gets better.” She pushed her shorts down and said, “Give me some head Danny.”

    With Cheryl watching, I sat up and kissed Becky's cunt.

    Cheryl said, “I didn't have any idea that he was already this well trained.”

    Becky said, “Until we started playing around last night, I didn't either.”

    “So he's naturally malleable.”

    “I think that's an accurate way to describe him.”

    I was still kissing and licking Becky's cunt.

    Cheryl said, “If things go well this evening you'll have an ideal situation.”

    “You mean a submissive husband and a dominant boyfriend?”
    “That's exactly what I mean. May I try him?”

    “Of course. Danny, pleasure Cheryl.”

    Cheryl pushed her shorts down. I crawled over to her and kissed her cunt. Cheryl gasped and then she said, “This is a very nice way to get in the mood for this evening.”

    Becky said, “would you like to see what else he'll do?”


    “Turn around.”



    Cheryl turned around. Becky said, “Danny, kiss Cheryl's ass.”

    Cheryl bent over and spread her butt cheeks. I kissed her asshole and then I extended my tongue and licked her.”

    “Oh baby, that feels so nice.” Cheryl let me lick her for a moment and then she stood up, turned around and pulled me to my feet. “Danny honey, you really are a sweetheart.”

    I smiled.

    Becky said, “Danny, you just finished bathing, correct?”


    “Then I think it's time.” The chastity cage was on Becky's dresser. She picked it up and said, “Let's sit on the bed. Cheryl would you like to help us?”

    “I would love to be part of this.”

    Becky stepped out of her shorts and said, “Cheryl, you should take your shorts off too.”

    Cheryl stepped out of her shorts.

    Becky led me over to the bed, sat down and said, “Sit down next to me Danny. Cheryl sit down on the other side of him.”

    I sat down. Cheryl sat down next to me.

    Becky opened the package containing the chastity cage, laid the parts out next to her and read the directions aloud. When she was finished she said, “This seems pretty straight forward, but since it's still two hours until the party starts and because you're such a good boy we're going to give you a treat. Lie down on the bed, flat on your back.”

    As I lay down, Becky said, “Cheryl would you like to sit on Danny's face?”


    Cheryl straddled my face and sat down. I immediately started licking her. Becky jumped up and ran into the bathroom saying, “I'm going to need a wet washcloth.”

    Cheryl said, “Take your time.” and began rubbing her cunt into my face.

    I heard the water run in the bathroom and then Becky returned and sat down next to me again. As soon as she was settled she said, “Now, let's give my little cucky his reward for being such a good boy.” I felt her wrap her fingers around my erection and then she started squeezing me.

    Cheryl was wet and getting wetter. I started licking her clit. She cried, “Becky this is fucking amazing!” And then she gasped and started to shake. Her moisture flooded my face.

    Becky started stroking my cock. That was all it took. I felt the familiar tingling in my loins and then I exploded. As soon as I was finished cumming Becky wrapped the wet wash cloth around my shriveling penis and cleaned me.

    Cheryl climbed off of my face and asked, “Can I help?”

    Becky said, “I welcome all the advice I can get. This is harder than it looked.” She handed the directions to Cheryl. “Here.”

    I sat up and watched. Cheryl said, “Those open rings, the big ones. Find one that fits comfortably around the base of Danny's balls.”

    Becky said, “This one looks about right.” She picked it up, slipped it around my ball sac and asked, “How does that feel Danny?”

    I said, “It feels comfortable.”

    Cheryl asked, “Is it too loose. It can't be too loose.”

    Becky said, “No, I think it's okay.”

    Cheryl said, “All right, see that thing with the long plastic pins.”


    “That goes over Danny's cock and the pins go through the holes in the open ring you just put around his balls.”

    Becky said, “I see.” She fit the pieces in place.

    “Now we have to find the right spacer. They're the little pieces. They go over that middle pin.”

    “Okay, I get it. That's what makes the cage the proper length. I think this is important.”

    Cheryl said, “It is. If you pick one that's too small the cage will be uncomfortable.”

    “Let's try this one.” Becky slipped the spacer onto the middle pin.

    Cheryl said, “Now you have to rub some of that silicone lube onto Danny's penis.”

    Becky opened the tube of lubricant, squirted it onto my cock and rubbed it around.

    As soon as Becky was finished Cheryl said, “It's time to put Danny's cock in the cage and attach it to the pins on the rings.”

    Becky slipped the cage into place and asked, “How does that feel Danny? Is it to tight? Does it pinch you?”

    I said, “No, I think you got it right. It's a little weird, but it's not uncomfortable and it feels secure.”

    Becky picked up the brass padlock that came with the cage and said, “Okay then, it's time. Are you ready?”


    Becky slipped the lock through the hole in the locking pin and snapped it shut.

    I said, “Wow! Psychologically that's pretty intense.”

    “Are you okay?” Becky was genuinely concerned.

    “I'm fine and now I'm really looking forward to the party. You were correct. If we're going to do this let's do it right.”

    Becky stood up, walked over to her dresser, picked up the crotchless lace panties she'd bought the previous day and held them up. “What color?”

    Cheryl said, “Pick the baby blue ones, that's the color for good little boys.”

    I smiled at her and said, “You're definitely getting into this.”

    “Damn right I am. I can't remember when I last had this much fun. You two are really kinky.”

    Becky handed the baby blue panties to me and said, “We've always been into some rich fantasies, but it wasn't until we met you that we started to try to make them real.”

    I stepped into the panties and pulled them up. As I fit the chastity cage through the hole in the crotch of the panties Cheryl clapped her hands and said, “Perfect, they're crotchless.

    Becky said, “They do look good on him, but now we have to tone the cuckold thing down a notch. Tonight it's important that Danny's outfit stays between the three of us. Danny is enjoying this, but I'm pushing him pretty hard. He's not ready to be overtly humiliated in front of other men.”

    Nodding, Cheryl added, “We also want you to be the center of attention at the party tonight, not Danny. Danny needs to be there, but we want him to keep a low profile.”

    I said, “That's certainly my preference.”

    “Okay, we're done playing overt cuckold games today.” Cheryl looked at me. “You're still going to be at a party where your wife is openly enjoying sex with another man and everyone is going to know that you're her husband.”

    “I know that. I'm ready for that humiliation.”

    Becky laughed. “Don't try to kid us. You're looking forward to it.”

    “I am.”

    Cheryl said, “I'd better get going. I have some things to do before the guys arrive.”

    I walked Cheryl to the front door. As she was leaving I asked, “Is there anything I can do to help you?”

    “Yes, come over a little before five. You can make the tossed salad.”

    “I'll be there.”

    “Thanks.” Cheryl hurried home.

    I went back to the bedroom to check on Becky. I could hear her in the bathroom. I stepped inside. She was already in the tub shaving her legs, pussy and underarms. When she saw me she asked, “How does the chastity cage feel? Is it still comfortable?”

    “It's fine. It's not uncomfortable. I'm aware that it's there, but that's because I'm not used to it.”

    Becky giggled. “If everything goes well tonight you'll have lots of opportunities to get used to it.”

    I said, “I hope that happens.”

    “So do I. Danny I'm so excited. I hope Jerome is nice.”

    “If he isn't Cheryl seems to know a lot of black men. I'm sure she'll find someone else for you.”

    “I hope she doesn't have to do that.”

    “I agree. I hope Jerome is nice too.”

    “Danny, it took me some time to accept and understand it, but now I'm really glad you're the way you are.”

    “You mean eager to be a cuckold.”

    “Other things too. I like it that you're a little submissive.”

    “I like it that you're suddenly a little dominant.”

    “Me too, but I have the best of both worlds. I get to be dominant with you and I'm free to find a boyfriend who will be dominant with me.”

    “Life is good.”

    “Yes it is.”

    “I have some time to kill so I think I'll do a little light house cleaning while you get ready for the party.”

    Becky giggled. “I'm going to buy you a nice apron, a frilly one with lace and embroidered flowers.”

    “I'd like that.”

    “I think I'll make you wear it when I'm entertaining my boyfriend.”

    “As long as he's not abusive, I'll happily wear it while he's here.”

    “Bullying, that's what scares you, isn't it.”

    “Becky, I do not want to have to fight to enjoy life in my own house.”

    “I understand. I promise you that I'll do everything I can to see that doesn't happen.”

    “Thank you and I'll do everything I can to make sure you and your boyfriend are happy. Now I'm going to do a little dusting and vacuuming in the living room.”

    “You really are the perfect husband. You encourage me date other men and you also cook and clean.”

    “Finish getting ready. We're due at Cheryl's in an hour.”

    “Oh my god, I have to hurry.”

    I went into the kitchen and filled two empty orange juice bottles with my homemade margaritas and put them in the refrigerator. Once that was done I moved to the living room where I dusted and vacuumed.

    At 4:40 I went back into the kitchen and packed a basket with my bowl of potato salad and my margaritas. While I was doing that Becky walked into the kitchen.

    I looked at her. She was absolutely ravishing. Everything was perfect, her new bob haircut, her minuscule thong bathing suit, the high heeled sandals she was wearing, her new manicure and pedicure and her makeup. Becky was wearing much heavier eye shadow and lip rouge than usual. I said, “Wow! You look amazing. You're going to knock Jerome off his feet.”

    “You flatter me.”

    “No, you do look amazing.”

    Becky said, “Are you ready?”

    “Yes I am.” I picked up my basket and said, “Let's go, it's time to embark on our new life.”

    Becky grabbed hold of my arm and said, “Danny, I am so excited.”
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