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. The New Neighbor Ch. 01

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Rusty65, Jul 8, 2018.

. The New Neighbor Ch. 01 4.8 5 17votes
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  1. Rusty65

    Rusty65 Well-Known Member Member

    Sweet Water Valley was a moderately priced housing development several miles north of Tucson, Arizona. My wife and I had lived there for just over two years. We were both school teachers. Becky taught high school English. I was a third grade teacher. I was 31. Becky was 30.

    An older couple, Bill and Lois Steed lived in the house next door to us. In December Bill had a severe heart attack. He was dead before the paramedics arrived. Lois was despondent. She fell into a deep depression and stopped taking good care of herself. For awhile we tried to help her, but she needed full time assistance. Finally her daughter Nancy, who lived in Illinois flew down to Tucson and took Lois home with her. In February Nancy returned with her brother. Together they cleaned out the house. It was put up for sale on the first of March.

    Most of the houses in Sweet Water Valley were built between 2000 and 2010 so they are generally in good condition and reasonably priced which makes them very marketable. The Steeds home sold in just over three weeks.

    Another neighbor who knew the Realtor told us that the new owner was a middle aged woman who'd lived in Tucson for several years. The Realtor knew she was single and thought she was divorced, but didn't know how recently. We did learn that the closing was set for the final week in April..

    On the first Saturday in May a moving truck pulled up in front of the house. Curious, we watched the movers unload the truck. An attractive middle aged woman dressed in tight blue jeans, sandals and a tee shirt was directing the three workmen.

    Becky said, “That must be the new owner. She's definitely a little older then we are.

    I nodded.

    Becky added, “She's also attractive and has a pretty hot body.”

    Again I nodded.

    Laughing, Becky said, “Look at you pretending that you barely noticed. I'll bet you're already undressing her with your eyes.”

    I shrugged.

    Later, after the moving truck was gone, Becky and I were standing on our balcony. Most of the homes in Sweet Water Valley have privacy walls around the back patios. Some of them, like our house and the house next door are two story homes with rear balconies. Our balcony and our upstairs bedroom window looked directly into the neighbors patio. Our new neighbor stepped out onto her patio. She'd changed her clothes. She was now wearing a halter top that just barely managed to contain her large breasts and a pair of very tight short shorts that accentuated her sexy rear end.

    Next to me, Becky said, “Danny, our new neighbor really does have a stunning body and she doesn't appear to be shy about showing it off.”

    I said, “She is on her back patio and frankly you have the body to dress like that too.”

    Becky smiled at me. “You'd like me to start dressing like a slut, wouldn't you. It would fit right into your little fantasies.”

    I shrugged, but both of us knew that Becky was right. I would love to see her start dressing like a slut. Maybe not at school, but when we go out and certainly around the house. Six years earlier I discovered cuckold porn sites on the Internet. The idea of being married to an openly promiscuous woman has fascinated me ever since. While Becky has always been intrigued by the idea, she's never really given it serious consideration. She's a high school English teacher so she's worried about her reputation in the community and she has several prudish friends who would think she'd lost her mind.

    Originally Becky was also worried that while cuckolding is an exciting fantasy, I might actually get jealous which could make it a disastrous reality. She pointed out that it's very difficult to get unfucked. I countered by arguing that sex and love are not synonyms. She would just be doing a little sport fucking on the side. There isn't any reason for me to get jealous about purely recreational sex. Becky accepted the validity of that argument.

    She was also concerned that I was promoting this lifestyle so that I could enjoy a little sport fucking too and she was skeptical that she could be as open minded about recreational sex as I was. She's now read enough cuckold stories to understand that my remaining completely faithful to her while she's free to party with any man she chooses is a big part of the fantasy.

    Unfortunately there has always been one obstacle that neither of us could solve. How to find attractive, discreet, safe, disease free, desirable partners for Becky. Picking up men in bars didn't seem like a good idea to either of us. Advertising on the Internet was an even worse idea. Propositioning friends had the potential for disastrous consequences and trying to seduce other teachers at Becky's school was out of the question. We were both resigned to the reality that for us the hot wife cuckold life style would never be anything other than a fantasy.

    Becky said, “It's time to get to know our new neighbor.” She waved and called out, “Hello new neighbor.”

    Our neighbor turned, saw us standing on our balcony and waved back.

    Becky said, “We'll come down. Wait there. We want to introduce ourselves. Come on Danny.” Becky hurried into the house and down the stairs. I followed her.

    Outside we walked straight over to where our neighbor was waiting on her side of the shared back patio wall. Becky extended her hand and said, “Hi, I'm Becky Jackson. This is my husband Danny.”

    Shaking hands with Becky, our neighbor said, “I'm Cheryl Thomas. Becky and Danny, it's nice to meet you.”

    Becky said, “Welcome to the neighborhood. I hope you'll enjoy it here.”

    “I'm sure I will. I love this house. The view is spectacular.”

    Both of our houses had an unobstructed view of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

    Becky said, “You also have a beautiful patio.”

    Nodding, Cheryl said, “Yes, I hope to have some wonderful barbecues here and I really like the pool.”

    Becky said, “At times we think about putting one in, but they're a lot of work and we don't have any children. I also like to garden and a pool would take away garden space.”

    Cheryl smiled, “I have a granddaughter, she's three. She already loves to swim. I think she might be part fish.”

    We all laughed. Cheryl said, “I'd better get back to work. I have a lot of unpacking to do before I can go to bed tonight. It was nice to meet both of you. Maybe a little later this week we can get together for a cocktail.”

    Becky said, “We'd love that.”

    The next day was Sunday. After lunch Becky and I were pulling weeds in our front yard when a red Ford Escape pulled into Cheryl's driveway. A buxom young woman who appeared to be in her early twenties got out. She was wearing a very short yellow mini dress. She opened the back door of the Escape. A young girl with black curly hair was sitting in a child seat. When the young woman bent over to unfasten the child's seat belt her skirt rode up to her waist and I was surprised to see that she wasn't wearing underpants.

    Becky noticed it too and winked at me.

    At that moment Cheryl emerged from her house, saw us and waved. The young woman pulled the child out of the car seat and stood up. Cheryl walked over to us and said, “This is my daughter Tiffany and this is her daughter and my granddaughter Tina.”

    Tina was a cute three year old with black curly hair and coffee colored skin. It was obvious that she was a biracial child.

    Becky looked at Cheryl and said, “Tina is an absolute doll.”

    Cheryl said, “That's what we think too.”

    The four of us chatted for a moment and then Cheryl took her daughter and granddaughter into the house.

    After they were gone Becky turned to me and said, “Your imagination must be running on over drive.”

    I nodded. “It is.” Shortly after I found the cuckold web sites I encountered stories about interracial cuckolding. In these stories the hot wife wasn't just a slut, she became a black cock slut. Black men were regarded as preeminent lovers sporting phalluses of amazing size, unwavering stamina and dominant personalities. To an avowed cuckold they represented the ideal stud for his wife.

    It was just another fantasy, but I bought into it hook line and sinker. What surprised me was Becky did too. I was quite certain that if she ever decided to really cuckold me it would be with a black lover.”

    Tuesday afternoon Cheryl called Becky and asked her if she'd like too join her for an end of the day swim, a glass of wine and a little girl talk.

    Becky eagerly accepted. When she told me she said, “This will give you an hour to look for some new interracial cuckold movies on the Internet. When I get home we can have dinner and then we can watch them together while we take turns going down on each other.”

    Chuckling, I said, “That's an offer I can't refuse.”

    Becky quickly put on her modest one piece bathing suit, kissed my cheek, said, “I'll be back in an hour” and hurried out the door.

    I waited. After five minutes I took the stairs to our upstairs bedroom which served as our guest bedroom and peeked out the window. What I saw both shocked me and excited me. The two women were standing next to a table near Cheryl's pool. Cheryl was pouring two glasses of white wine. The cause of my shock and my excitement was Cheryl's bathing suit. It was the briefest thong and top I'd ever seen. The top barely covered Cheryl's nipples, in the back the bottom was nothing more than a piece of string and the front was a tiny triangle of flimsy cloth that scarcely concealed the cleft of her pussy. It was the most erotic bathing suit I'd ever seen in real life.

    I watched for several minutes and then I hurried into our office, turned on my computer and searched for interracial porn videos. I found two that we'd never seen before.

    After about a half hour I went downstairs and started putting together our dinner. We were having baked cod, salad and rice. Twenty minutes later Becky walked in and said, “Oh my god, I need another glass of wine.”

    I poured two glasses of pinot grigio. I gave one to Becky and kept the other for myself. We each took a sip and then Becky said, “I need to change out of this wet bathing suit.”

    I followed Becky into our bedroom. As she stripped off her suit she said, “Danny, you should have seen Cheryl's bathing suit.”

    I said, “I did see it. It was amazing.”

    Becky smiled. “Of course you did. I'm sure you were watching from the guest bedroom.”

    “I was.”

    “Danny, I was so embarrassed. I felt like a frumpy old lady in that stupid one piece I own. It actually has a skirt.”

    “I've been trying to get you to buy a sexier bathing suit for quite some time.”

    “What's wrong with me Danny? Why do I have so much trouble being just a little daring?”

    “A lifetime of conditioning. You were raised to be a nice girl. Nice girls don't parade around in skimpy bathing suits.”

    “Can I buy a new bathing suit tomorrow?”

    “Of course you can, but only if it's just as daring as the one Cheryl wore this afternoon.”

    “You really wouldn't mind if I wore a suit like that?”

    “It would actually make me very happy.”

    “Really?” But then Becky shook her head and said, “Of course it would. You want me to dress like a slut.”

    “You're gorgeous. You have a gorgeous body. You should be proud of it. You should show it off.”

    As Becky pulled on a pair of shorts, she said, “You are wonderful for my ego, but I'm afraid you're leading me into temptation.”

    “What's wrong with temptation as long as it makes both of us happy.”

    “Can I start wearing miniskirts without underpants?”

    “Yes, but maybe not to work.”

    Becky laughed. “Flashing my cooch at a room filled with sixteen year old boys and girls probably wouldn't be good for my career.”

    “I think it might be a bit of a damper.”

    We both smiled. I said, “So tell me what you learned about our new neighbor.”

    Becky slipped a tee shirt over her head. As she pulled it into place she said, “Well, she was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago. Tiffany is her daughter, but she's not her ex husband's daughter. He married her while she was pregnant. Her husband divorced her almost fifteen years ago.”

    “Do you know why?”

    “He turned out to be gay. He preferred men. Cheryl said that she really liked him and she could have lived with his being gay. He was encouraging her to see other men so her sexual needs would have been met.”

    “What happened?”

    “He wanted a serious relationship with a man. He found a mate. They live in San Francisco. Two years ago they took advantage of the new gay marriage laws and got married. Cheryl and Tiffany attended the wedding.”

    “Actually, that's kind of cool.”

    “I thought so too.” Becky smiled and asked, “So are you ready for the biggy?”

    “That wasn't it?”

    “Oh no, this is much better.”

    “Tell me.”

    “You saw her bathing suit.”

    “Yes, I certainly did.”

    “It doesn't conceal much.”

    Grinning, I said, “I noticed that too.”

    “She has a tattoo.”

    “Okay, lots of women have tattoos.”

    “It's just above her cooch. Danny, it's a queen of spades. I feigned ignorance and asked her about it.”

    “What did she say?”

    “She told me that it means that she only dates black men.”

    “Wow! What did you say?”

    “I was a little flustered by that direct response. I said that was nice.”

    “I would have been flustered too.”

    “Cheryl wasn't flustered at all. She asked me if I'd ever been with a black man. I told her that I hadn't. She then asked me if I'd like to try it some time.”

    “What did you say to that?”

    “I reminded her that I was married.”

    “Her answer was so what? She said that these days lots of men are letting their wives play with black guys. It's an experience they want their wives to enjoy.”

    “She's right.”

    “I thought you'd agree with her.” Becky smiled at me.

    “One of the reasons you've never done it is we didn't know how to find a guy for you. Maybe that problem has been solved.”

    Becky said, “I had that same thought. Danny this is exciting, but it's also a little scary. We might actually do it. I might actually do it.”

    “I found a new interracial movie on the Internet. Would you like to watch it?”

    “Yes, but let's have dinner first.”

    We ate quickly. After dinner we retired to the other upstairs bedroom. It serves as both an office and a den for us. The room is furnished with two desks, a love seat and a forty inch flat screen television. I had my laptop computer connected to the television.

    I turned on the movie. Becky took her shorts and underpants off and sat down on the love seat. I started to sit next to her, but she shook her head and pointed at the floor in front of her. “If I'm going to be a hot wife you're going to have to get used to enjoying the pleasures allotted to cuckolds.” She spread her legs and pointed to her cunt.

    I eagerly dropped to my knees. As I began licking her Becky said, “That is so nice. I think I could be very happy as a hot wife. Would you like that Danny? Would you be happy knowing that your wife is a slut for black cock?”

    “Yes, I'd be very happy.”

    “Danny, you should see the cock the stud in this movie has. It's amazing.”

    “I watched it earlier while you were with Cheryl.”

    “Of course you did. You do understand that if I really do this you will be spending some evenings alone in this room, maybe a lot of evenings.”

    “I'll be thinking about you while I watch interracial porn.”

    “Oh god! It's happening. Keep licking me Danny, do it fast, suck my clit.” Becky spread her legs even wider and then she gasped and started to shake. Her orgasm was intense.”

    I waited. When she finally regained her composure I asked, “Do you want me to continue?”

    Becky laughed. “By all means. I can't remember ever being as horny as I am right now.”

    “This is fun.”

    “Yes it is.”

    “Keep eating me.”

    I smiled, Becky only talked like that when she was wildly aroused. I started licking her again.

    After a moment Becky said, “Danny, he's pushing that big cock into her butt. It doesn't look like it's painful, in fact when I watch these movies the women all look like they're enjoying it.”

    “I think the trick is learning to relax. They practice with butt plugs.”

    “I've seen those. I'd better get one.”

    “Can I look forward to a little anal sex?”

    “You? Of course not. You'll be a cuckold. Cuckolds don't get to do that. That hole will be strictly black cock only.”

    A shiver of excitement rippled through my loins. I looked up at Becky and said, “I can't explain why, but that might be the most exciting thing you've ever said to me.”

    “I suspected it would be and I'm really happy that you felt that it was.” Becky giggled. “While I won't let you fuck me there, I will let you lick me there.” She pulled her feet up onto the love seat and slid her hips forward. Becky cooed with delight as she felt me press my lips to her asshole and she gasped when she felt me push my tongue into her.

    As I kissed and licked Becky's ass she reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit. She orgasmed in less than a minute.

    After she regained her composure Becky reached down, pulled me up to my feet and said, “Pull your pants down baby.”

    I quickly unfastened my belt and opened my shorts. As I pushed them down my penis sprang to attention. Smiling, Becky said, “It looks like your little soldier is ready to play. What kinds of games can a hot wife play with her cuck's little dick?”

    My penis is almost four and a half inches. It is small, but Becky usually tries to pretend that it's not an issue for her. I know it is. On this night we were in full cuckold fantasy mode. Becky was now teasing me and I was enjoying it.

    Becky's earlier comment that her ass was for black cock only had also inflamed my masochistic cuckold desire for denial, so I meekly responded, “I'd really love a hand job.”

    “Is that all you want?”

    “Not really, but if we're going to do this I think your mouth and your pussy should also be for black cock only.”

    Becky considered this. After a moment she said, “You're really consumed by the fantasy right now, aren't you.”

    I nodded.

    “Sit down next to me. Don't take off your shorts, keep them bunched around your ankles.”

    I sat down.

    Becky stood up, walked over to my desk and pulled four tissues from the box I always keep there. She then returned to the love seat and sat down. As soon as she was settled she said, “In your favorite stories the hot wives treat their cuckold husbands like little boys. Isn't that right?”

    “Yes.” I understood exactly what Becky was doing and I was so excited that I could barely speak.

    “Little boys masturbate, don't they.”

    Becky handed me the tissues and said, “I want you to masturbate for me Danny.” She then turned so that she was facing me. She pressed her feet against my leg and spread her thighs apart. “Look at my pussy Danny. You used to get to fuck this pussy. It used to be your pussy, but not anymore. Now it's going to be exclusively reserved for black men and all you're going to be allowed to do is look at it while you jack off.”

    That put me over the edge. I pumped my semen into the tissues. When I was finished I turned to Becky and said, “Wow! That was incredible.”

    Laughing, Becky said, “All you did was jack off.”

    “Yes, but I did it with you. I got to look at your pussy and you taunted me about being a cuckold.”

    “Okay, that was all fun and I enjoyed it too, but now we have to talk.”

    “All right.”

    “I'm excited about what might be happening, very excited, but I also have some concerns. Danny I love you. You're my soul mate. I want to grow old with you, but I do not want to spend the rest of my life deliberately neglecting you. Sometimes I'll want my mouth, my pussy and my ass to be available to you. Once in a while I'm going to want you to make love to me with your cock. You're the man I love. Occasionally I'll want to feel you inside me. Sometimes I'm going to want to make love to you with my mouth. Danny, I love to suck your cock. I don't want to totally give that up.”

    I said, “I understand and I think you're right. We may be about to embark on an exciting adventure, but we don't want to lose what we both already have and value.”

    “Yes, that's what I'm worried about.”

    “Do you have any suggestions?”

    Becky said, “I do. I want to reserve one weekend a month for just us. It will be a weekend without any restrictions. We'll start it Friday evening and end it Monday morning.”

    “I'm not sure your black lover will agree to that.”

    “Then he won't be my black lover. I'll tell him up front and make sure he understands that refusing to accept this condition is a deal breaker. For most of the month I'll be his, but two days a month I'm all yours. If he can't handle that then I don't want him.”


    “I'll also make it clear to him that you and I are free to kiss and cuddle whenever he's not around. I'll need that.”

    “I know you will.”

    “I do have some deal sweeteners for this man when I finally find him.”

    “What are they?”

    “Tomorrow after school I'm going shopping. I'm going to buy a butt plug, a new bathing suit, a chastity cage and a dozen pairs of bikini panties in your size.”

    A surge of excitement rippled through my loins, but I was embarrassed to admit that I was excited about the chastity cage and panties so I just stared at Becky with a blank expression.

    Becky said, “Oh come on Danny. I've read all of your favorite stories. I know what turns you on. If we're going to do this, let's really do it. I'll take the chastity cage off during our special weekends and I'll also take it off once a week and let you masturbate like we just did. I'll even let you look at my pussy while your doing it.”

    “Okay, but I'm not so sure about the panties.”

    “Yes you are, you're just afraid to admit it. Cheryl will have to know and if she knows I'm sure she'll tell Tiffany and my lover will have to know, but that's about as far as it will go. It's not like the people at your school will find out.”

    Realizing that everything Becky had just said was true I quietly admitted, “Yes, I'll wear them.”

    Giggling, Becky said, “I'll get some pretty pastel colors for you.”

    By the time we were finished talking it was after ten o'clock. Both of us had to get up early for work so we quickly showered and cuddled up together in bed. Sleep came quickly for both of us.

    The next day was Wednesday. Becky did go shopping after school. By the time she arrived home it was after five. When she walked into the kitchen from the garage she was carrying several packages.

    As soon as she saw me Becky said, “Come on Danny, follow me, I want to show you what I bought.”

    I followed Becky into the bedroom. She immediately started opening bags. She took five packages of women's bikini panties out of the first bag and tore open one of them. As she handed me a pair of pale yellow panties she said, “I bought five three packs. That gives you fifteen pair. We'll throw out all of your tidy whiteys tonight. Go ahead, put these on. They'll look really cute on you.”

    While I was taking off my briefs Becky took her new thong bathing suit out of another bag. Holding the two pieces up she said, “Look at this Danny, there's almost no material at all. I can't believe I'm really going to wear this. I'm turning into a total slut.”

    As I pulled on my new panties I said, “And that makes me very happy.”

    Becky giggled. “It had better make you happy pantie boy. You were the engineer of this little adventure.”

    I watched as Becky quickly removed her clothing. When she was naked I said, “I love seeing you naked.”

    As she pulled the minuscule bathing suit on Becky said, “I hope in the near future I'll have the opportunity to walk around the house naked in front of both you and my boyfriend, my black boyfriend.”

    Becky adjusted the suit. As soon as she had it right she twirled around and asked, “How do you like it?”

    “It's sexy as hell, Becky you have a great body and that suit really shows it off.”

    “Do you think it's too revealing?”

    “You're asking me? I think the only fault the suit has is it covers your nipples and your pussy.”

    Becky laughed and then she quickly removed the suit saying, “I need to be careful with it, it's pretty flimsy.”

    I said, “I'm curious to see what happens to it when it gets wet.”

    Smiling, Becky said, “I'm fairly certain that it will be transparent.”

    “That makes it my kind of bathing suit.” I suddenly realized that I hadn't put my pants and my shirt back on.

    As I reached for my pants Becky said, “No, stay like you are. You look really cute.”

    “Cute really isn't the look I'm going for.”

    “Honey, I hate to break this to you, but you're not going to be the stud in our new life. How do your panties feel?”

    “Actually pretty good. There isn't as much room in the crotch so I do have to keep my penis pushed down between my legs and I'm not sure how these will work when I'm wearing a chastity cage.”

    “Those panties stretch a little. You'll be okay. Would you like to see your new chastity cage?”

    Still naked, Becky opened another bag, took out a blister pack and handed it to me. It was a CB6000s. As I looked at it she said, “The woman in the sex shop asked me how big you are. I remember that when we were first married we measured you when you were erect. You were just over four inches.”

    “I like to think that I'm almost four and a half inches.”

    “That still puts you in a CB6000s and that's one of the reasons I'm going to start dating black men.”

    Grinning at Becky, I said, “Sometimes you're not nice.”

    “No, I just know how much you enjoy being taunted, which brings me to my last purchase.” Becky removed two boxes the last bag and opened them. They both contained butt plugs. She picked up the smaller one and said, “I thought this would be a good way to start.” She walked over to her dressing table and picked up a tube of lubricant. After handing both the butt plug and lube to me, she said, “I want to start tonight.” She lay down on the bed on her stomach and said, “Put some grease on the butt plug and in my asshole and then push the plug into me.”

    I worked slowly and carefully. I started by putting some lube on my finger and rubbing it around Becky's asshole, then I put more lube on my finger and pushed it into Becky's rear. The lube allowed my finger to slip in easily. I pushed the full length of my finger into her.

    Becky whispered, “Danny that feels really good. Now push the butt plug into me.”

    I rubbed lube all over the small butt plug and then holding it by the handle I slowly pushed it into Becky. It was at least three times the size of my finger. Becky gasped when I pushed it in, but then she said, “That actually feels good too. I'm going to keep this in all night.”

    I said, “I love being married to a slut.”

    Becky giggled. “I'm going to put on a pair of panties and then let's have dinner.”

    I started to put on my shorts but Becky stopped me. “No lets just wear panties tonight. Cheryl is the only person who might possibly see us and she won't care.”

    Becky was correct. Our house and Cheryl's house shared the end of a tiny cul-de-sac. The area behind and on each side of our houses was open desert for about 200 yards. We actually did have complete privacy.

    “Danny, did I smell a spaghetti casserole cooking when I got home?”

    “You did.”

    “I'm famished, lets eat.”

    While we ate Becky told me that she got a text from Cheryl while she was shopping inviting her to join her after work the next day for another session of swimming, gossip and wine.”

    I said, “You'll get to show her your new bathing suit.”

    Becky smiled.

    When we got up the next morning I pulled the butt plug out of Becky's rear and washed it for her. Taking care of her butt plug had apparently become one of my cuckold duties. I didn't mind, in fact it excited me.

    That was also the first day I wore panties to work. Initially I was a little nervous but then I realized that there wasn't anything short of a medical emergency that allow anyone would find out. I decided that it was a very low risk that I was willing to take.”

    After work I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a head of lettuce, three tomatoes and several chicken breasts. When I got home I went upstairs and looked out the guest bedroom window into Cheryl's patio. Becky was already there. They were sitting on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water. Becky was wearing her new swim suit.

    I went downstairs to our bedroom. After I changed out of my school clothes I went into the kitchen and prepared dinner.

    I was opening a bottle of pinot grigio when the back door opened and Becky walked into the house. I was surprised to see that Cheryl was right behind her. Cheryl was wearing a bathing suit as skimpy as Becky's.

    Becky asked, “What are you making for dinner?”

    I answered, “Baked chicken breasts and a tossed salad.”

    “Do we have enough for Cheryl?”

    “We have plenty.”

    Becky turned to Cheryl and asked, “Would you like to stay for dinner?”

    “Thank you, that would be very nice, but maybe I should go home and change.”

    “Do you really want to do that?”

    “Not really, but it feels awkward to be nearly naked while Danny is fully dressed.”

    Becky said, “I can fix that. Danny take off your shorts and tee shirt.”

    I suddenly realized that this was a contrived situation, but I knew that Cheryl would find out eventually so I complied and took off my shirt and then my shorts.

    As I stepped out of my shorts Becky said, “Do you like his new panties?”

    Cheryl said, “I think they're very cute.” She walked over to me, looked at Becky and asked, “May I?”

    Becky answered, “Certainly.”

    Cheryl slipped her hand into the front of my panties. I assumed that Becky had told her everything while they were sitting by the pool so I didn't try to stop her. I understood that I was being tested.

    Cheryl wrapped her fingers around my penis and gave it a gentle squeeze.

    Becky said, “Be careful, he has a hair trigger.”

    Cheryl nodded, released my cock, took her hand out of my panties and said, “I can see why your wife is interested in finding a boyfriend. You're a very nice man, but you do have a significant short coming.” She leaned over, kissed my cheek and whispered, “Becky told me that you like to be teased, but don't worry, I will never tease you in front of the men.”

    Becky said, “Let's get dinner on the table.”

    While we ate Cheryl explained what was happening. “Becky told me that you are willing to let her have a boyfriend, in fact she said that you have been encouraging her to do it.”

    At this point total honesty seemed like the only reasonable course of action. I said, “That's accurate.”

    Cheryl said, “I appreciate your honesty and I won't ask you why. All of us do what we do and as long as we're not hurting anyone why doesn't really matter. I've been a black cock slut since I was twenty-two. I don''t know why I made that choice, but I don't regret it, I've had a lot of fun and some outstanding lovers.”

    I said, “I want Becky to have some of that fun too.”

    “Again I won't ask why, but you do understand that makes you different than most husbands.”

    “Yeah, I get that.”

    “I'm starting to really like you Danny. The next few weeks might be a challenge for you, but I want you to know that I won't let anyone harass you. My boyfriend Robert will protect you too.”

    “Thank you.” I meant it.

    “Saturday I'm going to have a small get together at my house. It will be a pool party and barbecue. Robert will be there as my date and my daughter Tiffany will be there with her boyfriend Damon. Tiffany has a friend with a daughter about the same age as Tina. Every Saturday one of them takes the girls and gives the other one a day off. This Saturday is Tiffany's day off. She'll be eager to party. Damon will too.”

    I said, “That's good, but how does that affect us?”

    “Robert and Damon are both jet mechanics at the air force base. Several weeks ago a new mechanic was assigned to their unit. His name is Jerome Pierce. He's thirty-seven years old and very handsome. He's been married once and it ended in divorce. His wife fell in love with another man while he was stationed in Guam. That experience squashed his interest in marriage. It also made him sensitive about respecting other peoples marriages. I think that you, Becky and Jerome would be an excellent match.”

    “Why do you include me?”

    “You don't understand?”

    “Not really.”

    “Danny, you're wife will not enter into a relationship that doesn't include you.”

    I looked at Becky and said, “Sorry, sometimes I'm kind of dense.”

    Laughing, Becky said, “Danny honey I figured that out a long time ago.”

    I asked, “So are you interested?”

    “Danny, I'm very interested. He sounds wonderful.”

    I turned to Cheryl and asked, “So Saturday you're going to introduce Becky to Jerome at your barbecue. I assume that I should disappear Saturday afternoon.”

    Cheryl shook her head. “No, you need to be at the barbecue.”

    “Won't I just get in the way?”

    “No, Jerome has to know from the beginning that you're part of the picture. It will also be your first real experience as a cuckold. Robert and I will be able to help you. Becky won't.”

    “Why not?”

    “Saturday she has one task, get to know Jerome and decide if she wants him to be her boyfriend. You can't be part of that decision and she can't be preoccupied with worrying about how you're reacting to what's happening.”

    “Isn't that a good reason for me to stay home?”

    “No because then she'll be worried about how you're feeling at home. You have to be at the party having fun.”

    “There will be three couples and me. That will be awkward.”

    Cheryl said, “Danny you are about to become a cuckold. You're going to be in lots of awkward situations, but most of them will be easy for you. This one certainly will. If it isn't you're really not a cuckold at heart.”

    “Why will it be easy?”

    “Becky tells me that you're a voyeur. You like to watch. When Tiffany and I invite black men over for a barbecue it quickly turns into a sex party. You saw Tiff last Sunday.”

    I nodded. “She's very pretty, so are you.”

    Cheryl laughed and said to Becky, “You're right, he is charming.” Then she turned back to me and said, “Shortly after the party begins Tiff and I will both be naked. All you'll have to do is sit in a chair by the pool and watch.” She paused. After a moment she added, “Unless, you'd like something to do, something to keep you busy.”

    “What are you thinking?”

    “This would be completely voluntary, but that was a wonderful dinner. You're obviously an outstanding cook. The guys are bringing steaks. I'll have the ingredients for a good salad. You could be the cook and bartender.”

    I said, “I like that idea. I love to cook and it would make it a little less awkward.

    Becky said, “Danny makes a wonderful potato salad. He could make some tomorrow after he gets home from work. Would you do that honey?”

    “Yes, I'd love to do that.”

    Cheryl stood up, “Okay, it's all set. Becky, you're about to become a black cock slut and Danny, I predict that by Saturday night you will be an actual cuckold. Thank you for the wonderful dinner. It's getting late. I'd better go home. We all have to work tomorrow.”

    As soon as Cheryl was gone we cleared the table. While we were loading the dishwasher Becky asked, “This is all happening quickly. Is it happening too fast?”

    I shook my head. “I wish it was going to happen tonight. Waiting until Saturday is going to be hard.”

    “I agree. Come on let's get ready for bed. After we shower I want you to put the small butt plug in me again. I want to be ready for Jerome. I want him to be able to have me anyway he wants me.”

    “You want to be his slut.”

    “Yes Danny, I really do.”

    “I want that too.”
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