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. The Movie Business

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Nasty Wives Collection, Apr 1, 2016.

. The Movie Business 4.3 5 3votes
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  1. Nasty Wives Collection

    Nasty Wives Collection HMFIC Administrator



    Some weeks ago my wife Tracy and I started playing about with a video camera to make some home movies of the two of us, and I don't mean holiday films! We both had some fun with it, but lost interest after we had done two or three hours of recording. I had forgotten about the tapes, until recently...

    Last weekend we went out for a meal, leaving our two year old at home with Kev, one of our neighbours. Kev is a pleasant, attractive guy, 22 years old, who always got on well with us and our son.

    When we left we told him we probably wouldn't be home until about one o'clock in the morning, as was usual when we went out. However, after we had eaten and had a few drinks, we decided to go home at about 10.30pm.

    The taxi dropped us off and we went in and heard music coming from the lounge. We entered the dim lounge to be met with the sight of Kev sitting on the settee with his hands wrapped around his cock as he wanked and watched the TV.

    We were stunned and didn't know what to say. Then when I looked at the screen I saw Tracy with a vibrator deep in her pussy while she sucked on my cock! Kev was quickly trying to stuff his huge erection back into his trousers and apologising to us both. I realised that we must have left our tapes next to the TV and Kev had put them on to see our antics in the bedroom!

    I wasn't sure how to deal with the situation, then I saw Tracy smiling wickedly at me before walking over to Kev, asking him if he had enjoyed the video. I think he was confused by this approach and said nothing as Tracy knelt down in front of him. Taking his cock in her hand she began to stroke it, whilst slowly undoing her blouse to expose her massive tits.

    I stood rooted to the spot, feeling my own cock quickly growing to erection as I watched my wife gently wanking another man's cock in front of me. Kev soon relaxed again and sat back to savour the feeling of Tracy wanking him while he watched her on the TV.

    On the screen Tracy now had my prick deep into her cleavage, her huge tits wrapped around it, and Kev reached down to release her bra, allowing her tits to spill into his hands. Tracy looked back at the TV and then at Kev before moving to slide his cock between her boobs. He held them together as he thrust himself against her chest.

    Kev must have been close to coming before, because he very quickly started to moan and breathe heavily as he fucked her tits. Finally he grunted and his cock exploded over Tracy's huge breasts, leaving them coated in his spunk. Tracy took his still spurting cock in her hands and held it as the last drops landed on her nipples, before leaning down to kiss the top of it.

    There was a stunned silence for a while, until Tracy looked at me and told me to fuck her. I removed my trousers, then rushed to kneel behind her. As Kev watched I lifted her skirt, pulled her knickers down and rammed my cock into her hot cunt. There was no finesse involved, just pure lust and fucking.

    Tracy groaned as I sank my length into her wet pussy and she kissed Kev. As I fucked her I was amazed to see Kev's prick slowly rising, and when Tracy leant down to take it in her mouth it became rock hard again. It was huge and Tracy was having trouble taking it between her lips, with each thrust from me pushing her mouth deeper onto Kev's shaft.

    This whole situation was beyond my wildest imagination and I couldn't believe what a turn-on it was to watch Tracy's lips slide over another man's massive cock as I fucked her hard from behind, her huge tits swaying about as we pounded into her at each end.

    I had to see Tracy being fucked with Kev's huge cock, so I pulled out, asking her to lie on the floor. We removed all our clothes, including Tracy's sodden blouse and bra, before I asked Kev to fuck her. She smiled at me with lust in her glazed eyes as Kev knelt between her legs and held her thighs. Tracy took his huge cock in her hands and pushed it into her pussy. He started to gently push it deeper until it was fully inside her, then he shafted her as she closed her eyes with the pleasure of the fucking she was getting.

    I knelt next to her head and she grabbed my wet cock to rub it over her huge spunk covered tits as they bounced about. Tracy was soon screaming as she came, with Kev's cock still pounding into her, and I slid my cock between her lips to fuck her mouth whilst caressing her tits and face. The sight of that huge, wet cock fucking her and the feeling of her moaning around my prick in her mouth was too much and I pulled my cock from her lips to toss myself off over her face and massive breasts, splattering my come over her. Tracy slid her hands down over her tits and down to her cunt to play with herself and Kev's balls as he fucked her, while I leant down to kiss her. Kev soon shouted that he was coming again. He placed his cock on her stomach as he pumped his come over her stomach and hands while she frantically wanked him. After this, Kev and I sat back to watch Tracy rubbing the spunk into her huge tits and erect nipples, with a contented smile on her face.

    Kev stayed for another two or three hours, with both of us fucking and sucking Tracy until we were all too knackered to carry on. Tracy and I slept after that, but are looking forward to Kev's next visit, when he has said he could bring a friend around to film the three of us! I can hardly wait for that to happen, as Tracy has now said she would love to try and fuck all three men at the same time. Watch this space...
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