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The Long Wait...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DeeAnnaMontana, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. DeeAnnaMontana

    DeeAnnaMontana Well-Known Member Member

    By Tommiboi(cuckold husband)
    I tossed and turned in my bed, too excited to sleep. Waiting to hear the car pull up, waiting to hear her footsteps moving to the bedroom. My dick was throbbing, and my heart was racing. On these nights I always stay naked in our silk sheets, because it feels so sexy to me, as I think about how my wife's big dick boyfriend is having his way with her, and she is offering her body to him in ways that she never has with me, because I have never made her feel like he does. Visions of him kissing, caressing, holding, undressing, spanking and fucking my wife are dancing in my head. I ached to play with myself but I know better. I know if I start playing I will cum, and I want to save that for when Dee gets home and tells me about her night and how good it felt. I squeezed my dick once and electricity runs through me. It's always like this. Something about knowing another man is taking my wife's pussy, and how sexy my wife looks giving herself to him, and how he will look at me when I see him...just makes my body come alive! I don't know what it is, it just turns me on like nothing ever has before. Every time I heard a car driving down my street my heart raced and my excitement flared, only to be disappointed when the car didn't stop. I looked at the clock, 2:30 am. I exhausted, but my lust has me wide awake. At last I heard the sound of her car stopping outside the house followed by the sound of its door closing. I heard the click of high heels coming up the walk, then the sound of the front door opening and closing, more clicking of shoes on the tile and there she was, standing at the foot of the bed. She giggled a little and said, "Quit acting like you're asleep, I know you've been waiting for me!" My eyes flew open and we both laughed. She is so beautiful, so sexy. Her hair and clothes were disheveled and she moved a little unsteadily. She smiled at me and the air in the room was suddenly thick with anticipation and excitement. "You want some pussy, Tom?" she said,
    "Is there any left?" I shot back. We both burst out laughing.
    "Well, he did use it pretty hard tonight, and he just kept cumming! I've never seen him cum like that before, and I've never cum like that before! Seems like it gets better every time I'm with him. I'm glad you enjoy me having a boyfriend, all those years we were married I never came as much as I have in the past six months with him!"
    "Dee, I love you and I want you to fulfill all of your fantasies! I'm glad he took good care of you!"
    She then told me that she's glad I approve, because that makes it easier, but "I am going to fuck him if you like it or not, because I finally know what good sex feels like!" The she began to tell me about how good he took care of her. How he kissed her and massaged her body, and made her feel like a queen. How she got on her knees and sucked him. How she stripped for him and offered him her body, begging him for his black dick.
    She showed me how she stripped for him...Her black dress was extremely short and her full breasts showed nicely through the thin fabric, her nipples hard and readily visible. She reached for the zipper and unzipped. She shrugged and the dress fell to the floor. As she stood there in her heels, stockings and black garter, I could see the love bites on her breasts, shoulders, neck and stomach. She slowly moved toward the bed. "He left you a present..." Then she was straddling me. Her pussy was three or four inches above my face. It was swollen and red. The lips gaped widely. I stared intently between her legs. I could smell her pungent nectar, and I could small him. She pressed her fingers to her pussy lips and a small bead of white slimy liquid appeared. The bead grew larger as she opened her lips and soon became a large glob that hung there for an eternity before the string broke and it fell...some landing on my upper lip and the rest falling into my waiting mouth. I savored it, salty and a little bitter. I thought about the cock she had been enjoying - I've seen it many times, ten inches long and wide as my mouth could open, shiny and black. I thought about the times I have been allowed to watch them. How she longs for his touch and anticipates that moment when the head of his dick presses against her pussy lips and then opens her up! I thought about seeing her insane with sexual pleasure as he fucks, how he so completely weaves his web until she forgets that I'm there. She tells him that she is his girl and that she loves the way he makes her be naughty for him. Her whimpers, moans and screams filling my ears, as he takes my wife places that I have never been able to. Another big glob of cum streams onto my lips and bring me back to the moment. She lowers her pussy to my face, and I pushed my tongue as deep into her as I can; reaching for every drop that his gorgeous cock has pumped into her. Over the time he has been fucking my wife I have acquired a taste for his cum. It's an addiction, if I like to admit it or not. He is an addiction - for both of us! I licked and sucked greedily wanting it all. Then she slides forward and I moved my tongue to her ass, licking up and down between her checks before settling my tongue on her puckered hole and pushing it in deep. He had cum there, too, I could taste it and feel the texture of if on my tongue as it flowed slowly into my mouth. He had used my wife completely.
    Soon as she touched my dick, I came. Suddenly, Her boyfriend laughed out loud, and so did she. I hadn't heard him come in, but looked up from between her legs as he walked in, naked. His big strong body moving with confidence toward our marriage bed, knowing that he is in charge here, and we are there for his pleasure. His big black cock waving in the air and semi hard. "Let me show you how to treat this sexy woman of yours, Tommiboi" He grabbed Dee's hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I scooted myself with them, knowing what was coming. I looked up at him and he was smiling, his thick uncircumcised cock hanging above my face. "That's right, open your mouth and get this dick good and wet so I can fuck your woman for you" I opened my mouth and he pushed it into my mouth until I gagged on it. He pulled it back a little, cuffed me on the side of the head and stuffed it back in. "Suck that black dick, boi and don't gag on it!" He knows how much that turns me on, so don't worry - it wasn't abuse. I know my place and I like it! Soon his dick had grown longer and thicker in my mouth and I was fighting the gag reflex and trying to breath. I could taste my wife on him and smell her and feel his balls dangling and rolling around on my forehead. He pulled out of my mouth and told me to get off the bed. I got out from under my wife and got off of the bed. I looked at him and could see he was a little d***k. What you lookin' at motherfucker, get yo' ass over here. When I got close he grabbed me by the hair and looked me in the eyes. "Suck my dick, motherfucker" I could see DeeAnna looking back at us out of the corner of my eye as he pulled my head down. I reached out and took his dick in my hands and stretched my mouth around the head. I plunge my mouth down on him, knowing that he would do it, anyway, if I didn't. He laughed, "Damn, baby, your husband likes suckin' black dick as much as you do!" He smacked her on the ass, and said, "Get your ass over her and help the man!" She got down on her knees on the other side of him and began working on his balls and caressing his legs. "Did you tell him you had two brothers fuckin' you tonight?"
    Dee's eyes got wide and she looked at me, "I hadn't told him...yet." He stared to chuckle, "Did you think it was going to tarnish your reputation, honey?"
    My mind was suddenly filled with visions of her being shared by Deke and another man. I closed my eyes and kept sucking his dick.
    "Damn, Tommi, you should have seen your wife. Tyrone and Jared walked in and your wife couldn't take her eyes off of them. Those college boys in the shorts and muscle shirts were eye candy to you wife and she just kept smiling and battin' her eyes at them." Dee kissed his dick and laughed, "I did not!"
    He went on telling me about it, and building the story, I'm sure. Pretty soon he said, "...then I told them she is married to a white boi. Well, you know that's like throwing raw meet to a dog when brothers find out that a married woman likes black men. Prettys soon your wife whispered in my ear that Jared had his hand on her thigh. I told her to reach over and put her hand on his dick. Do you know your wife just reached over and looked him in the eyes and rested those long fingers in his lap?!!"
    I was suckin his balls and Dee was running her tongue down his length as he told me how Dee ended up on the Jared's lap, then Tyrone and Jared had her between them and were kissing her and playing with her tits and had their hands up her dress. ..."But I don't think anything happened." He suddenly burst out, and then started laughing.
    He pushed me away and laid Dee over the corner of the bed with her legs d****d on either side of the corner and her pussy and ass opened for him. He moved in and caressed her ass, then pushed his dick into her wet pussy and proceeded to fuck my wife hard and deep from behind.
    I came in my hand...
    He was running his hands up her back and over her ass and spanking her lightly as he fucked her with long, even strokes, then hard deep strokes. DeeAnna was squirming and whimpering with every thrust. She came once, and he just kept powering into her like he didn't even notice. Pretty soon, he was gripping her hips tight and pulling her hair and telling her he was about to cum.
    "Do it, baby, cum for me!" and then she screamed out because SHE was cumming. He drove his dick into her as deep as he could get it and just held her there. They came together and after 20 or so thrusts he collapsed on top of her. "Damn, baby, how does it just keep gettin' better?"

    I was stroking myself furiously, but my dick had gone soft and DeeAnna looked over and said, "Because my pussy had to put up with that for 20 years and now it is finally getting what it needs. Move in with us Deke, and I will take care of all your needs." I looked up, momentarily shocked. She looked at me and said, "Either he moves in with us, or I am going to move in with him. I'm hooked on the sex and I am in love with him. Sorry honey, but I'm not willing to keep waking up without him."

    I was wondering if they were serious or just messing with me, but I could see they were serious as she started kissing him and he kissed her back and they started expressing their love for each other. I was in shock and didn't know what to do! I just opened my mouth and said, "Okay" and got up and walked out of our bedroom and downstairs to sit by the fireplace. I sat there and thought...

    All my sexual problems are because I am too small...can't get it up...and when I do I cum too fast. He has plenty of dick, stays hard for long periods of time (sometimes hours on end!) and can give my wife three or four orgasms for every one of his. I can give my wife a lot of things, but when she wants intense sexual pleasure she has to get that from her boyfriend.

    As it turned out, he ended up just staying on the weekends and has done that for almost three years. We maintain our family life, but my wife's pussy belongs to Deke. Or DADDY DEKE, as he is known around the ranch.

    B. BH 25 (5). BH 25 (10). BH 25 (15). Dside3. dwmb. ne2. np1. np3. Np4. Np5. 24. 558_1000. 686_1000. 890_1000.
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  2. rdc2

    rdc2 Member Member

    A very well-told and very HOT cuckold perspective! Well done Tommi!!

    P.s.--Love the creampie pic! As I always say (and Tommi knows)---They're always best when Hot and Fresh!!
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2018
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  3. AllenJ

    AllenJ Well-Known Member Member

    Loved reading about Tommi's participation, I'd love to take his place
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  4. luvpussy68

    luvpussy68 Well-Known Member Member

    Very hot as usual!! Both are lucky to have each other and of course Daddy Deke is the luckiest. Great writing DeeAnna.

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