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. The Locked Jilly

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Jan 2, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Were she honest, it had been kinda sexy watching Martin tug his cock, grunting, grimacing, until the semen shot in pointless gloopy arching eruptions, out of the end of his weeny dick and onto the duvet, beside where Conrad was fucking her. Just as Conrad was fucking all the goodness into her, the attitude and promise of a mixed race baby, Martin was wasting his seed, making little gasping, mewing noises beside them. She smelled of Conrad. The room smelled of their fucking. A fertile, furtive womb that encased them all and left nothing much else available to the senses. There was only this, relentlessly this, his masterful fucking and so...and so...Martin had been reduced to tugging urgently on his sore cock,making his weeny balls jolt upwards and then the squidgy splurge of his unwanted spunk cover his diddy glans, his semen jerking rhythmically into the air, saluting what Conrad did with her so much better. That she had enjoyed it so much, the humiliation of Martin, watching him make a spectacle of himself beside them, surprised her at first. He looked so out of control. His dick needed release and so he tugged on it. Admiring Conrad and his masculine ability. Awestruck at his ability to turn her into a grinding, grasping little slut on his pulsing cock. Oh God, the contrasts, they were so delicious. Knowing that her husband was completely inadequate. Knowing that in a time much more frank, he would have been excluded from women's company, branded as useless. It didn't matter that he was a good wage earner. You could have serfs to do that. It was that he was fuck useless as a lover. That was what counted. 'My cunt first, my cunt first' she breathed rhythmically, feeling her orgasm build from within. That was why Martin was useless, that was why watching him toss his load was so cruelly exciting. When you are born, as a female, you don't realise that that between your legs is the most important thing in the world. It takes a man, a proper man to teach you that.

    When Conrad had then said it was time to lock Martin's little Jilly up (that was what she called it, for it looked like a clitoris rather than a proper cock) she was at first unsure. There was a secret little pleasure missed. She rather liked the pain on Martin's face, the exquisite self hatred as he ejaculated, knowing that he was nothing to her. She rather thrilled at the wanton submission of his masturbating, so that he sometimes touched himself through his trousers even when Conrad just kissed her slowly, open mouthed. She admitted it to herself. If Martin's cock was locked up, then there was less scope to hurt Martin. And, strange as it would have seemed to her pre black owned self days, she wanted to hurt Martin so very much. Being a bitch, was not just about opening her legs to Conrad, it was about humiliating Martin too. She had spit in his face several times. Without warning, without reason, twice in public, just because she could, just because she was being fucked brutally by Conrad. it wasn't a game, Martin was useless, worthless, without respect.

    Conrad looked through the sex toys catalogue and required Martin to present his tiny manhood to them, his trousers around his spindly thighs. She had pulled his Jilly out, shook his modest balls so that they could assess size properly. Martin had gulped when she did so. The shame of it, the shame of being assessed like so much meat. It gave him a sudden thrill and she smiled when his little cock stiffened. Conrad pointed to the model to be used. It was constructed in a clear plastic with a substantial lock at its side that would not easily permit interference. It was the sort of device that folded even a tiny cock down, so that an erection was impossible. 'When he pees, ' she said, 'he will soak his little balls, he will soak his groin'. Sympathy? No, not sympathy, not really. May be she wanted his dick free so she could enjoy the sight of him tugging, tugging. Conrad whispered though, 'don't give a fuck about that'. The device was ordered. Martin was made to pay for it. Express delivery, the decision made.

    When the courier man handed over the plain brown packet Martin had cried. She watched him, the tears running freely down his cheeks as he opened the box and pulled free the contraption. There Martin, saying good bye to your dirty little habit eh? Saying good bye to your nasty little need to jerk yourself silly because you are a worthless piece of shit? Well, that pain had thrilled her. However much it closed off another pleasure her, the belittling of him excited her still.

    'Don't be stupid' she said sternly, 'Conrad has said you must be locked up. You've been resisting him. You must suck his cock when he tells you. The cage is going to teach you something. Suck cock nicely and may be he will let you out of the cage sometimes?'

    Martin winced. He was shaking with emotion.

    'May be. But have you thought....may be it gets used to demand more?' he snapped angrily.

    She frowned.

    'I'll have to put my butt up for him next!' he exploded, red faced.

    More tears. Her pussy tingled.

    'You're not a man, so it doesn't matter if he fucks you does it? '.

    He shuddered. More tears. Lots more tears.

    'Please' he moaned feebly.

    'Take Jilly out' she said firmly.

    He took it out. He took it out like a little bag of precious jewels.

    She handled it. She handled it like a squab pigeon, a bundle of flesh yet ungrown. There, that was surprisingly nice. Holding it dispassionately. She took the device and took the retaining plastic strap up beneath his weeny balls and pushed the curved plastic sheath over his Jilly. It was a close fit. It was a tight fit, really, it was. She heard him gasp. Her hands were cold. Working atop the soft black calf leather of her tiny skirt as she encased him in the cage. 'God!' he exclaimed as she closed it with a pinch. She inserted the lock and closed it. Click, the lock closed. Inspecting it bits of his flesh seemed to squeeze out of the edge of the thing, but his Jilly was going nowhere. She took out her mobile phone and took a picture of it. She took a picture and sent it to Conrad.

    'Please, please can I have a key.....just for emergencies' he begged.

    'What emergencies?' she asked coldly.

    'If I end up in casualty, if I end up some place medical...' he stuttered.

    'They can cut it off you....look, people will know soon enough. You are our bitch.' she insisted.

    He sobbed then. Silently. He watched her slip the lock keys into a little envelope. They weren't placed on a chain around her neck. The bitch, the bitch was giving them to him! Conrad was going to control him, not his wife!

    'Please, please...you keep the keys' he begged lamely.

    'Stop it!' she said sternly, 'you will do as Conrad tells you. The sooner you do, the better'.

    Over the next days she watched him. She watched the way that Martin walked. She watched him try to keep himself clean in the shower. Even in his looser trousers people could sense that something was strapped to him down there. You could see the structure move against his pants, may be you could even see the outline of the lock. It was a delicious sight. It was subtly, sensually delicious! She had given the cage keys to Conrad and Martin had begged again until Conrad hit him across his face and told him to shut the fuck up with his whining. Blood oozed from her husband's nose as he knelt on the carpet and begged for forgiveness. Conrad though was ruthless. He was cold steel ruthless. He told Martin to take caged Jilly out and then he was made to come to her cunt, licking and sniffing as she held the hem of her skirt up. Martin needed it. He needed to lick her. She had said no these last days. No because he had to put the device on or else even this pleasure was denied. He nuzzled against her, trying to get as much of his open mouth against her amply stretched out cunt as he could. She stroked his hair, soothing 'good boy'. Conrad kicked Martin's legs further apart. He wanted to see the effect on the locked Jilly.

    'Fuck yeah!' Conrad enthused to her, his black eyes twinkly, 'you should see his meat babe. It fucking pulling and straining in that cage!'

    God, that thrilled her. It thrilled her in a sudden, intense heat. The feel of Martin licking her, knowing now that it caused him exquisite pain down below. God!

    'Fuck, neat, really neat, it working just right. His fucking weeny cock is dripping'.

    Conrad had such a deep base voice, so masculine, so perfect. She thought about what he said. Martin's cock dripping?!

    'Never designed to stop little fuckers like him coming babe, it designed to ruin the orgasm. It designed to make sure he can't tug, that he can't shoot that fucking mess.'

    She needed to climax. She needed a proper climax on his face. There had been times when she saw her sex squirting, squirting all over his nose. It wasn't the same multiple climaxes that she had on Conrad, but it was lush nonetheless. it was lush feeling her cunt spasm and the feeling the juices splash against Martin's pushing face.

    'Use the fucker!' he laughed.

    She gripped his ears, pulling her husband's face hard onto her sex.

    'Fucking lick it!' she snapped, even though he yelped at the pain.

    'Fuck man, look at that Jilly, look at it, the fuck meat, it's oozing fucking cum. Look at the fucking mess he is making!' sneered Conrad.

    She climaxed. She climaxed hard, knowing that she was hurting him so bad. She climaxed eager to see the mess that Conrad had spoken about. She wanted to see his bright pink balls, bulging within the restraint. She wanted to see the gooey mess that would be so hard to clean up.

    Her sex was so wet. She could feel the thudding pulse in it. Feel the free flowing juices, smell her sex as she rubbed herself all over her husband's face. Looking up at Conrad, feeling his absolute control of her husband buzzed her out. It made her shiver with excitement.

    'Put him on my cock' Conrad ordered.

    Promptly, she pushed Martin away and took out her lover's handsome member. She took it out erect and magnificent. It made her ache for cock. Still now, there was Martin gasping, wracked by the spasms of his Jilly. She pulled his head back, by his hair and force his mouth open with her other hand.

    'Suck it!' she insisted.

    'Suck it!' she snapped again.

    There. There now, that was better wasn't it? Martin had his mouth open and with the merest press from her hand behind his head, she moved his lips till they covered the perfect glans of her perfect man. She watched the lips close and then Martin sucked cock. He sucked his master's cock for the first time!

    'See!' said Conrad triumphantly, feeling the beta male start to suck him like a beta should. See thought Conrad, just like all fucking white males should do when you take their women off them.

    She nodded. Conrad was right. He was always right. Of course he was. He knew as much about controlling a weak male as taking a woman and changing her into a desperate bitch. She needed to appreciate it though. She needed to appreciate it to the full. When she slipped her hand between her husband's shaking legs she understood immediately. She understood completely. His tiny cock was a mess of sticky meat. It was straining inside the cage. It was dragging against the cage, the lock jinking at the side of his struggling balls. His meat, it was covered in escaped spunk. It was like a bundle of worms found down a tiny hole in the driest of summer lawns. A sticky little mess.

    'He sucking nice?' she asked, touching Martin's scrotum, feeling his defeated Jilly.

    'Yeah' said Conrad.

    'Shoot down his throat' she whispered.

    Conrad chuckled. That was way too soon right? That was way too early. But hey the look of urgent need on the little bitch's face. She needed to see her husband chugging back the semen.

    'OK' said Conrad, and ejaculated into her husband's mouth. He hosed his fucking seed straight at the back of his throat.

    Martin gagged. He looked as though he was about to expire. But she squeezed his balls. Keep your fucking mouth on that cock! Keep it fucking there! He got the message, he struggled, but he swallowed what he could, his eyes streaming with tears.

    At last, at last as the excess of Conrad's semen trickled down Martin's chin, she stroked the caged Jilly. She stroked it softly.

    'That's better, ' she whispered in his ear, 'good boy, sucking Conrad's cock. Now, my sweet, listen, when I want to play with caged Jilly, you will let me. You will let me no matter where that happens understood? You'll just have to learn to clean yourself as best you can. '
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