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Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by D Hevel, Aug 2, 2018.

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  1. D Hevel

    D Hevel Member Member

    Progressive and liberals were always part of Linda’s life. Her parents were active members of the Students for a Democratic Society and were long time socialists, so the apple did not fall far from the tree. Although Linda held extreme leftist views, when she met Robert in college, she fell hard for jock, who was preparing to become a Naval officer. While Robert was somewhat conservative in his views she thought that over time, perhaps Robert would change and become enlightened. Shortly after Robert completed his initial Navy training, Robert and Linda were married. At Robert’s insistence, the had a religious wedding, which did not set well with Linda or her parents, who were devote atheists. Again, Linda thought Robert’s religious views would change and he would see religion for what it was, a big fairy tale, based on lies.

    Linda and Robert went on to have two daughters and the marriage appeared strong. Linda also played the dutiful Naval officer’s wife. She attended all the officers’ wives club meetings, ceremonies and so forth, all to help Robert’s career. What Robert did not realize was that these events went against Linda’ s true beliefs. She could not stand the fake patriotism that was constantly displayed and all the pump and ceremony. Then there were always the underlying religious undertones, which galled her. More importantly, Linda could not get over the “whiteness” of the people attending these events; there very few minorities represented in the officer corps.

    Since Robert was often deployed or participating in exercises, Linda was left alone with her daughters. Since Linda did not have much in common with the other officer’s wives, she would secretly reach out to leftist organizations and groups and attend gatherings when possible. Linda was also a closet smoker, and her lungs also loved Robert’s absence, because they would be constantly filled with smoke.

    Then came 2007, when then Sen Obama started his presidential run. Linda usually had to write in candidates, because none truly represented her views. But now, here was this Black man and lovely wife, and he was expressing some liberal ideas; not a perfect liberal, but a Black man and liberal. This energized Linda. Again, Linda found herself as an outcast around the other officers’ wives, who were predominately McCain supporters. However, Linda refused to be quiet and bow to the pier pressure.

    When President Obama was elected, she was not simply happy and excited, she was giddy. She loved the people he surrounded himself by, Van Jones, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, etc. It was, however, April 2012, when George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin and then in 2014 with shooting of Michael Brown that pushed Linda to the edge. While Robert may not have approved, Linda became activity involved the various protests. Once he left for his latest deployment, Linda made up her mind she was going to march in solidarity with the Black community. There was a protest one night. It started out with mostly shouting between the predominately Black protesters and the police, but quickly escalated into a violent, deadly protests. As the tear gas reigned down on the protestors, Linda ran down an alley. As she moved away from the protest, she her some loud screaming and moaning coming from a near by car garage. As Linda approached, she saw a scrappy, muscular Black man beating and kicking a white guy, while two Black women were viciously kicking and stomping what appeared to be a pregnant white woman. As the vicious, aggressive attack occurred, there was moaning and begging coming from the whites, but that was drowned out by the Blacks screaming, calling the whites, “Pigs, worthless fucking whites, etc.” Suddenly, the Black man turned and saw Linda. While Linda was motionless and nearly paralyzed with fear, she also found herself getting sexually aroused and her shorts were getting wet. Before the Black man could approach Linda, the area was surrounded by cops and Blacks could not escape. As the cops approached the Blacks, Linda stepped in to defend them. She claimed to have witnessed what happened. She told the cops that the three Blacks were actually trying to help the white couple and that two other men had fled the scene. She described the two who ran away as white, with long hair, etc. The cops who seemed to be in a hurry and appeared to believe the story. The white couple were nearly dead and could not even speak, as they were hauled away in the ambulance. Once the cops left, the Blacks came over to Linda and asked why she lied. Linda explained that she refused to help the pigs or call the pigs, when a Black was involved. She saw how the pigs treated Blacks. Shocked, the Black man introduced himself as Jamal and he said he was there as a member to the Zulu Socialist Movement. He then told Linda that he and the two Black women needed a ride out of the area, which she gladly provided.

    Linda drove them to a run-down part of town. When they arrived, Jamal invited Linda in and willing accepted. What Linda did not know was that this was the first step in her transition that would change her life forever.

    Linda and Jamal initially started talking about the Zulu Socialist Movement, and its goal of a socialist, Black ruled Amerika! In addition to ruling Amerika, the movement wanted to see the extinction of most of whites. The movement hated whites, but realized a few should be kept around to be used as slaves. Most white women would have been scared by what Jamal was saying, but Linda was exhilarated by what she her, and again was finding herself getting sexually aroused. The death of the white excited Linda. Slowly, the talking stopped and Linda found herself on her knees sucking on Jamal’s horse cock. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen. She could not help herself. She sucked his cock, and tongue fucked his ass. Jamal then grabbed her, threw her on the floor and started to fuck her hard. There was no mercy, as he shoved his large cock deep inside her. As he fucked her, he kept telling her cunt was for breeding and that if she truly believed, she must be Black bred. Linda wanted his cum deep inside her, she wanted to prove her worthiness. As Jamal came, she could fill his cum cream deeply, deeper than her wimpy white husband ever could. As Jamal removed his cock, Linda without thought announced that she was already pregnant with her husband’s baby. Jamal, just looked and told her, she had to make a sacrifice.

    The next day, Linda made the arrangement to have the fetish aborted. Before she had the abortion, she wanted to know the sex of the fetish and it was determined it was a male. Knowing that she was aborting her husband’s long wanted son, made her delirium with excitement.

    A few months later, Robert was scheduled to come home. This was going to be a quite the family reunion. All could hear the key opening the lock and the door opening. Robert entered the living room and froze. There in the living room, were several Black men and some Black women. His wife was standing by a brawny Black man, and each of his daughters was setting in the arms of younger Black men. Without warning two Black men through Robert to the floor. He raised himself to his knees and tried to talk; but was cut off quickly. Linda went on to tell Robert she wanted a divorce and presented him with divorce papers and a pen. Although Robert protested the terms of the agreement, he was quickly persuaded to signed them after some well placed blows to the head. Robert agreed to give the house to Linda, to support Linda and the girls, until he retired at which time he would provide her with 75% of his retirement pay. What Robert did not yet know was that Linda had nearly wiped out their live savings and gave it to Jamal and the Zulu Socialist Movement. Robert, wept after signing the document, but more was to come. Linda then told him about killing his unborn brat and that ending the life of a white brat was sexually gratifying. The entire group of people laughed and celebrated at the death of a white brat. Finally, Robert was forced to watched her two young daughters be Black bred, with the encouragement of Linda and the group. What Robert did not know was that Linda had indoctrinated into liberalism, socialism and Black Superiority. As his daughter’s fuck the Black Masters, they loudly proclaimed their love of the Black race and complete hatred of whites and the white race. Robert could not bear what he was seeing and hearing. What he still did not know was that one more surprise awaited him. After watching the hours long breeding session, Robert was drugged to the backyard. There spewed around the lawn were his military awards, a flag presented by his command and other memorabilia. They forced Robert to set down, as some of the Blacks, men and women, pissed on the flag and drug in around the lawn. They smashed his awards. They had even thrown his old family Bible out and it too was stomped on. Then Jamal, Linda and the daughters pour gas over all of it and light it on fire. Robert shook as he cried, and everyone else laughed hysterically.

    From that day forward, Robert never saw his ex-family again. His career started a downhill dive, as Robert to drink heavily. Before he could officially retire, Robert was found dead. While it screwed Linda out of his retirement, she did inherit his substantial military life insurance and other policies Robert had bought over the years. The day Robert was buried, was the day that Linda was Black bred to celebrate his death, all while her two daughters breast fed their Black babies.
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  2. BBCSlut

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    Bless the Black Race! Bless the Black Cock!" ♠️
  3. D Hevel

    D Hevel Member Member

    Well thank you......
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