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. The Last Sister

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by BlackMerida, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. BlackMerida

    BlackMerida Member Author!

    The Westervelt family sat around the dinner table quietly eating a Thanksgiving meal prepared by their mother. Jeannette, the oldest, sat beside her husband DeRay. Gillian, beside her boyfriend, Andre. Georgina, next to her boyfriend, Jalen. Finally, the youngest daughter, Laura, sat by her father whose head was face pointed straight down into his white mashed potatoes covered in gravy.

    Laura had just returned from her sophomore year of college for a quick break back home. Like all of her sisters, she was ghostly pale with striking sea glass blue eyes and dark black hair. A trait they most certainly took from their mother.

    “Could you past the green beans, father?” Gillian said, her hair loosely bobbing on top of her head.

    Her father slowly gathered the dish, as if he had just come out of a daydream and then handed them to Andre to pass to his daughter.

    “You still barely look pregnant at all, let alone seven months!” Georgina said to her pregnant oldest sister.

    Jeannette and DeRay smiled at one another while Jeanette rubbed her expanded stomach filled with her soon to be first born.

    “By this time next year, we’ll be grandparents,” Mom said, smiling proud. Dad twisted a short, smile with his lips between bites of potato.

    The Westervelt estate sat on the fingers of Long Island, New York over nearly twenty acres of ocean view property. The girls had lived here nearly all their lives, and loved coming home for the holidays. Often, most of them would stay through the end of the year (only Georgina currently worked) to spend Christmas and the first snowfall in their lavish home.

    “Food is absolutely delicious, Mrs. W,” Jalen said, who had only started dating Georgina in the past year. The eager twenty-five-year-old seemed desperate for approval from his girlfriend’s family.

    “Thank you so much, it is so lovely to have all of you here for the holidays!” Mom said in return, gesturing to all of her daughter’s boyfriends before turning towards Laura, “Maybe next year you might find someone to bring to the estate for the holidays?”

    Laura smiled meekly. She was only twenty and had never seriously dated anyone in her whole life. She liked to have fun and party, but up until now had never desired anything serious. But that didn’t stop her mother from bringing it up any chance she got.

    When an awkward scratch of the fork on his plate, Mr. Westervelt finished his meal and quietly stood to return to watching the football game in his own study. Conversely, his daughter and their significant others had been watching in the main entertainment center, which featured a wide-screen seventy-eight-inch television in 4k ultra definition. Mr. Westervelt said he had ‘felt sick to his stomach’ and ‘didn’t want to pass it on to anyone’.

    Oddly, Mr. Westervelt had felt sick around most holidays since his eldest daughters’ engagement four years ago.

    The game ended, Laura enjoyed hanging with her sisters and their boyfriends. They all made her laugh. Mrs. Westervelt pretended not to notice as Andre quietly gave Laura a few beers during the games. When it was all over, everyone retired to bed for the evening as the moon hung heavily above the Westervelt estate.

    Everyone was full and sleepy and ready to spend the next month at home enjoying time with their family.

    Laura stood in front of her body-length mirror in just a black bra and panties. She pushed her stomach outward as far as she could, cupping it with one hand and sighing, “God I ate too much,”

    Laura exhaled and her ghostly pale stomach retreated back to normal. Flat, and nicely curved, there was barely much fat on any of the Westervelt girls. Her breasts were ample but not too big to be a nuisance, and her eyes, the signature of the Westervelt girls, were so stunning they nearly glowed in the dark.

    She changed into a loose fitted baggy sweatshirt and tight yoga pants proudly displaying her round perfect ass before sliding beneath her Disney princess covers she had for too long now but was too nostalgic to give up.

    It was only ten o’clock at night, but the combination of overeating and a few beers had made her exhausted. As the cloudless, moon-lit sky greeted the night creatures, Laura Westervelt drifted off to sleep in her families’ manor.

    It was a few hours later, when Laura expected everyone to be asleep when she woke up to someone calling her sisters name.

    “Georgie! Georgie, wake up!”

    She opened her eyes and sat up from her bed to find her sister’s boyfriend Jalen in her doorway. When he saw Laura’s face his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

    “Oh shit. Sorry, Laura!” he said, “I’m so sorry, Get back to sleep.”

    Jalen quietly closed the door and moved to the next door over where Georgina room was. Laura heard some light commotion, nothing she would have heard had she still been asleep, and then a few quick giggles and then footsteps past her door and towards the stairs.

    Jalen, having only been Georgina’s boyfriend for a few months, was not allowed to sleep in her room. In fact, it took Mr. Westervelt until nearly Jeanette was married before DeRay could sleep in the same bed as her. Lucky for Gillian, she had been dating Andre a while when that decision was finally made and Mrs. Westervelt insisted the same privilege was given to her second eldest.

    But bedroom segregation had been reinstituted for Jalen and Georgina, but Laura knew it wouldn’t be much longer before her father was forced to cave in.

    Laura lay in her bed, suddenly very awake by the shock of Jalen waking her up. Her head raced with thoughts, mostly about her father and why he acted the way he did towards her sisters’ boyfriends. Eventually, Laura couldn’t sleep and decided to sneak out of her room and see what Georgina was up too.

    Despite it being the middle of the night, the floors of the Westervelt manor were still warm on Laura’s bare feet as she tiptoed out of her room and towards the stairs. Jalen had been set up in the guest suite attached a half story down from the main floor where the dining room and entertaining areas were.

    Laura quietly stepped, but the relative new and well-crafted staircase offered no squeal or creek as she made her way down. Moving around in the dead of night in this house was extremely easy. It was how she snuck out so much in high school to see her friends and party.

    She made her way through the kitchen where the smell of roasting turkey still lingered in the air even now. It made her slightly hungry, but that thought was broken when she heard a muffled scream from her sister.

    She tiptoed much faster now, making her way towards the half stair case that led to the guest suite. She could hear the light squeaking of the bedsprings as she moved closer to the door. Her curiosity getting the better of her as she slowly stepped to spy on her sister.

    Moonlight poured from the skylight above the guest room bed where her sisters’ lily white skin glowed in the white light. Her dark black hair swept across her pale back until Laura spotted Jalen’s hands clutch at her back, slowly drifting down her sisters’ body until he reached her ass. His long, dark fingers stretched across Georgina’s butt until her clutched her booty firmly.

    Laura nearly audibly gasped as her gaze continued downward, seeing what was going in and out of her sister. Jalen’s long hard black cock sprung from Georgina’s pussy like a totem pole until Georgina reached the top and slapped back down again. Laura couldn’t believe her eyes at how big Jalen’s cock was, nor could she figure out how it all fit inside Georgina’s body.

    She watched, over and over as Georgina’s hips climbed the dark tower of Jalen’s dick until she crashed back down his lengths, his hands firmly holding her butt, working her hips back and forth on his cock to his and her pleasure.

    Georgina’s muffled screams were only so as his hand blocked her mouth as she came several times in a row. When Georgina seemed satisfied from Jalen’s thrusting, he slowly began to intensify his pace. The slapping of skin to skin contact erupted, louder and louder than even Georgina’s muffled cries until Jalen let out one deep grunt and his shaft twitched and pumped semen into Georgina’s eager body.

    The rhythm slowed, the two lovers panting as the rocking slowed and eventually stopped. Laura watched Jalen’s softening dick slip from inside Georgina and the pool of semen that followed. A shrapnel of the condom was tethered to Jalen’s penis, busted completely.

    “Not again!” Georgina half laughed, as she playfully slapped Jalen with a pillow, “Fuck now we have to go the pharmacy for Plan B tomorrow.”

    Jalen giggled softly, admiring his girlfriend’s body as she twisted in his arms. Laura had not realized that her own hand had slipped between her legs and massaged at her clitoris as she watched her sister and her boyfriend fuck.

    Suddenly snapping back into reality, Laura quietly tiptoed away as she heard her sister getting re-dressed to come back up to bed. Laura had barely slipped back into bed when she heard the patter of her sisters’ footsteps, this time alone, move past her door.

    When she was sure Georgina had drifted back to sleep, Laura’s fingers stretched down her stomach until they rested between her leg, and she resumed masturbating, thinking, solely, about that massive black cock that had fucked her sister.

    Two weeks later, her sisters and their boyfriends had taken Laura with them for a weekend ski trip in upstate New York. Snow had only just fallen on Long Island, but in the northern part of the state several inches had fallen, creating great ski conditions.

    While the Westervelt girls had been skiing since the age of three, their companions had never been on the slope before. They spent much of the morning on the bunny hill watching as DeRay, Andre and Jalen looked like newborn fawns on their skis. Toppling over, falling, nearly crashing into children, but overall laughing and having a good time in their misery.

    Around noon, they retired to the mess hall for hot cocoa and lunch before Gillian insisted that they at least try a moderate course.

    “I’m not going up that chair lift. No way.” Andre protested, biting into a fast food cheeseburger while his girlfriend forked at a Caesar salad.

    “You’ll be fine. I promise. It’s just snow,” Gillian countered.

    “Black people don’t fuck with snow. There’s a reason snow is white,” Andre said to a chorus of laughter.

    Andre didn’t agree to ski the more difficult course, but DeRay, who had now been doing this with Jeanette for years and had at least become somewhat self-sufficient, and Jalen, who was still trying to impress Georgina were on the ski lift beside Laura as they climbed to the middle of the mountain.

    Gillian, after protesting to Andre for a while, had decided to use the break from skiing with him to take a lift to the top of the mountain for the more difficult slopes.

    DeRay and Jeanette made their way off the lift ahead of the two girls and Jalen and skied off flawlessly.

    “Alright, remember, skis up!” Georgina said as they reached the top.

    Jalen failed to follow through on that statement, and immediately fell, clawing at Georgina and Laura. Jalen tore Laura off her skis, bringing her down with him. The two tumbled down the tiny slope at the life drop off until she landed on top of Jalen, her hand incidentally between his legs. She quickly retracted it, momentarily being reminded by the monster penis she had seen weeks earlier.

    Jalen laughed apologetically, “I’m so sorry, Laura. My bad.”

    But Laura could not help but have her mind linger on the thought of Jalen’s hard cock, and the guilt she felt for masturbating to her sisters’ boyfriends’ penis. But once the thought popped back into her head, she couldn’t shake it from her for the rest of the day.

    They skied the moderate slopes, Laura and Georgina both helping Jalen learnt to ski. Laura saw them laugh and giggle with each other, knowing full well what her sister would be doing once the sun went down in the lodge they had rented for the weekend.

    When night had fallen and everyone had gone to their separate bedroom Laura remained awake. She carefully listened, wanting to hear if any other sounds disturbed the night. It was then she heard the giggle and muffled scream of her sister and Jalen.

    Laura carefully slid out of bed, her curiosity getting the better of her and wanting to see his massive dick one more time. She tiptoed across the warm floors of the ski house, making her way over to the source of the sound.

    She could hear the creeks of the bedsprings, and just narrowly poked her head through the door. But it was not Georgina and Jalen she found on the other side, but Andre and Gillian.

    Her next eldest sister bounced up and down in the air as Andres strong dark hands clasped across her pale tummy. Andre was a particularly taller dude, and his fingers spread from each of Gillian’s hips until they nearly reached her belly button, fully covering her thin white stomach with his strong black hands.

    But Laura once again lowered her gaze to the mountain her sisters’ pussy was climbing. Now, seeing it in the reverse cowgirl position, Laura could see all of Andres huge cock. He lifted his smaller girlfriend up to the top, a brief moment of hesitation before he worked his hips up and she worked hers down. Laura watched, now knowing her hand had quickly slipped into her quim, as she watched Andre’s black cock pummel her sisters body.

    It had to be ten inches, maybe even bigger than Jalen. Gillian’s head arched back into a muffled scream as her own fingers tried to block the sound from escaping. Laura heard the slap of skin against skin and then a muffled grunt from Gillian followed by a heavy breath from Andre as she squirmed back up his shaft. Gillian huffed through her hand and then came the slap again.

    Over and over until Gillian, Andre and Laura simultaneously climaxed at the same time. If Gillian had not audibly slipped out a squeak of orgasmic euphoria Laura would have been found out for spying on her sister’s love making.

    Laura’s hand covered in her own sticky fluid quickly slipped back out from the door way and made her way back to her room, hearing more bedsprings squeaking as she passed the room of what must be Jalen and Georgina.

    It was Christmas Eve when DeRay’s younger cousin arrived. His name was Malik and look very much like his handsome older cousin. Apparently he went to school in New York City, but the massive snowstorm that was currently pummeling the Westervelt estate had cancelled his flight. Now, he would be spending the next week with them for the Christmas holiday.

    As the fire roared in the background of the family sitting room, Mrs. Westervelt quietly knitted in front of the Christmas tree while the rest of her family happily ate Chinese food and drank copious amounts of white wine and dark liquor. Mr. Westervelt was ‘ill’ again.

    Throughout the night, various guests of the family who lived locally dropped by to spend time, enjoy the food and wine and share gifts to leave beneath each other’s trees. Laura, through the help of her brother in law, DeRay was quickly drinking several glasses of wine from her ‘water glass’.

    “Malik, did you know Laura is really into film study as well?” DeRay said, nodding towards Laura.

    “Really?” Malik turned his attention to her, Lana blushing slightly and confusedly.

    “Yeah, she’s studying as a film major,” Laura’s very pregnant sister, Jeanette, added.

    “No way, I’m actually a film major too!” Malik said.

    As the night moved on, and the number of visitors dwindled, Mrs. Westervelt announced her retirement for the evening, leaving the three couples, Laura and Malik in the fire room alone.

    DeRay grabbed another bottle of scotch from the expensive part of the Westervelt liquor shelf and poured eight shots, one for everyone, into rocks glasses next to the decanter.

    “Too a good night and good holiday with family!” DeRay announced, “Merry Christmas!”

    “Merry Christmas!” the rest of the group echoed.

    Laura felt the heat from the shot as it burned down her throat. Her head had already felt a slight cloud of intoxication, but now she felt a real buzz going on.

    Gillian grabbed a pack of cards from the card table and the group organized in a circle to play various drinking games as the night wore on. As each hour passes, the eldest couple seemed to yawn more and more until Jeanette and DeRay went to bed.

    After another game, Andre and Gillian followed. And after a round after that, giggling and holding hands, Georgina and Jalen disappeared, leaving only Laura and Malik alone in the fire room.

    The fire itself had died to an orange glow, casting a shadowy light through the room. Malik had been charming and kind the whole evening.

    “Do you want another drink?” Laura asked, shaking her empty ‘water’ glass.

    “I’m all set.” Malik said with a pleasant smile, “Maybe we can just talk?”

    Malik was supposed to be sharing the guest room with Jalen, but soon, they heard Georgina’s feet pitter patter across the floor into the guest room with a fit of giggles.

    “I guess I’m not going to bed for a while,” Malik said with a telling smile.

    “I’m okay with that.”

    Laura didn’t know if it was the booze, her curiosity, or Malik’s magnificent smile, but she quickly leaned in and kissed Malik in the orangey glow of the dimming fire. Malik paused, brushing his hand against her flush cheek.

    “Are you sure? You seem a little drunk.” Malik asked.

    Laura only nodded, her hand sliding across Malik’s waist until she touched the form on his cock through his jeans. Malik relaxed his hand, letting Laura Westervelt kiss him once more. They slipped back onto the couch, Laura on top of him as she kissed his face, neck and ear.

    She could feel the bulge between his legs grow, pushing against her body through his pants, harder and harder. She could feel Malik’s hornless intensify too, his kissed her more passionately, his hands went from rubbing the outside of her shirt, to slipping against and rubbing the small of her back. Now he reached up and cupped her jiggling breasts with his hand as she sighed in erotic lust.

    Laura wasted no time, she slid down the length of the couch until her face was level with his crotch.

    “Shit,” Malik whispered to himself as he undid the clip of his pants.

    Laura tugged his pants down, and he lifted his knees so she could pull them freely from his body. Left now were just black boxers that did little to hide the massive surprise waiting for Laura. The head of his black cock already poked out from the corner of his boxers.

    Malik quickly helped Laura removed them. Now his giant member swung freely in the air, just as large as Laura had seen on Jalen and Andre.

    She rubbed both her hands around his length, feeling him somehow growing a half an inch bigger. Her piercing blue eyes looked up at him as her mouth opened and gently kissed the head of his cock.

    Malik watched Laura’s fierce blue eyes gaze into him as her welcoming mouth slowly devoured half of his cock. She retreated back up his shaft, a layer of saliva from her mouth now dripping down it.

    Laura gulped and took in more of Malik’s cock. Another inch. Another swallow. Another inch. Another swallow.

    Soon Laura felt the pressure of Malik’s head touch the back of her throat and she retreated as her gag reflex protested.

    “You’re so huge,” Laura said, looking at his penis with wonder.

    Malik smiled, his eyes rolling back in his head as Laura serviced him. She sucked on his hard black cock for several minutes, feeling it seem to grow thicker in that time until it was fully erect and rock hard.

    Malik lifted her head gently from the tip, her cheeks flushed and little tears in the corners of her eyes. She wiped them, now smiling wildly between his legs. Malik gestured for Laura to come back up and he reached for the bottom of her shirt and pulled it overhead, revealing her milky thin body in the orange room.

    His hands washed over her, his mouth clasped on her bra and kissed and sucked at her breast. She undid her bra, revealing her jiggling C-cup breasts that he gently fondled for several seconds before turning his attention to her lower half.

    Laura rolled her pajama pants down her side, pulling her panties down with them until she was naked beside Malik on the couch. She leaned back, lying flat on her back as Malik mounted her.

    His large cock swung from side to side as he touched the tip of his cock to the entrance to her body.

    “Be gently,” Laura said softly, “I’ve never been with….you know.”

    She eyed the black stallion set to penetrate her. Malik smiled knowingly.

    Slowly, he pushed the head of his cock inside of her. Laura felt the familiar pleasure of sex as Malik entered her.

    She felt his body lower as he pressed deeper and deeper inside of her until Laura readied herself for the end of it, but Malik kept going. Laura yelped suddenly as Malik’s cock broke the record for the largest that had ever been inside of her.

    She felt her muscles quake as they expanded and struggled to take his massive size. She could feel the elasticity of her vagina weaken as he stretched her out, pushing deeper, further and further until finally coming to a half.

    Laura looked down to see Malik’s hips firmly against her waist, his cock nowhere in sight. Then her attention focused on the slight bulge in her stomach, a few inches beneath her belly button, she could see through her thin stomach the impression Malik was making inside of her.

    “Holy fucking shit.” She said, her eyes exploding in intense lust.

    Malik rocked back out of her, and then back in, each time quickening his pace but only slightly. Laura felt her body familiarize itself with Malik’s cock. She felt the lubrication begin to wash over it, making her pussy wet and ready for his size. Within a couple minutes, Malik was making smooth love to her, long and slow thrust inside her body. Nowhere near the fast pace she had seen her sisters take a black cock, but Laura was on her way.

    When Laura had passed her beginners course in black dick Malik flipped her onto her stomach. She lifted her ass and wiggled in the air as she felt Malik rest on his knees behind her. She felt the head of his cock against her body, this time unable to see it.

    Laura’s eyes rolled backwards as Malik pushed inside of her, her head pressing into the couch pillow and moaning as he fully entered her again.

    Malik watched his black snake slither in and out of Laura’s round, ample white ass. His hands firmly latched onto either cheek, working the white girls’ booty up and down his shaft. It was a slow, grinding motion, his eyes transfixed on the tiny pink hold his cock slipped in and out of until he finally watched her pale ass swallow of him.

    Malik began rocking on his knees, back and forth, quicker and quicker until the gentle, low clapping began as her bottom collided with his waist. Malik could hear it and see it as it rose in intensity like a slow clap at a college frat party.

    Slap. And her pale body would push away until only the tip remained inside of her and then dart back.

    Slap. He could see the white streaks from her cum on his dick before it was swallowed whole.

    Slap. He could hear a quick moan before.

    Slap. The moans became mixed with

    Slap. Slap. Slap.

    Laura’s body worked up and down now with a fever. Her jet black hair on either side of the back of her head as Malik watched from behind as she bit into the pillow. He worked her quickly now, no more slow grinds, but now hot and hard sex as her body took all of his size. He felt a hard tremor, as she orgasmed for the first time, her body shivering as she hugged the pillow even tighter.

    Her lily white ass now pink from his hand prints, pink on the bottom of the cheeks from slapping against his hard hips. His cock swollen and pushing into her tiny white pussy, looking like it shouldn’t fit but over and over he felt the pressure of her body squeeze his cock and push him closer and closer to orgasm.

    He pulled out of Laura’s pussy and sat on his own butt feet in front of him on the couch. Laura wiggled her hips and slid over him. He watched her snow white ass slide down his cock again, facing away from him. His feet were firmly on the ground and her legs were spread over his, her feet dangling in the air a few inches above the ground.

    His hands clutched either side of her, and his fingers creeped out across her white tummy. She pushed down with her weight and he pushed up with his waist and his cock now slid in and out of her expertly. His arms pushed her up the length of his cock, ten inches into the air, and then back down she countered while he fucked her hard with his chocolate dick.

    Laura’s beautiful milky breasts bounced wildly up and down as Malik fucked her from below. She looked down, seeing his dark fingers trace against her pale skin. She could see from a top-down perspective e his cock push out of her pussy as he lifted her in the air and then splash back down inside of her, filling her with a wave of intense pleasure she had never experienced.

    She looked just like Gillian had on the ski trip. Her soft body glowing in the orange light as a huge black cock pummeled her from below. Her hair whipped back and forth as she felt a third, cataclysmic orgasm well inside of her and burst forth from between her legs all the way to her belly button where the tip of Malik’s cock slipped behind and then explode outward to all sections of her body. She shrieked, unable to stop the noise from echoing out in the quiet house.

    The pleasure never stopped as Malik kept fucking her, harder and harder until she felt his fingers dig into her stomach and his cock twitch and explode into her, her cum and his semen mixing inside her body.

    “Oh. My. God.” Laura squeaked out.

    “Fuck. Yes.” Malik moaned.

    Suddenly, the ceiling light for the fire room sparked to life. Mr. Westervelt stood, mouth agape, looking at his youngest daughter.

    Malik’s big black cock was still fully erect and hanging out of his daughter like a hose. White cum dripped down his dark shaft as his hands held his daughters pale white stomach firmly in place. He looked into her stunning, gorgeous, wide blue eyes that looked back at him in panic.

    The rest of the family appeared. All her older sisters, exchanging quite smiles to one another and their partners as their youngest was frozen like a deer in headlights.

    In front of the whole family, on Christmas morning, the last sister of the Westervelt family had been blacked.
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