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. The intimacy of the cabin cruiser

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, May 26, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Maybe you've never cruised the fenlands in England? They're a series of interconnected rivers and meres in East Anglia. They're plied by small cabin cruisers, intimate cabin cruisers. We hired ours for the week and waited having checked it over for our guests Richard and Louise. I didn't used to call the guy Richard of course. He was Sergeant Jones and I was his troop commander, a captain. He notionally did what I told him, although the men carried out my orders his way, with a knowing smile. I was the manual warrior wasn't I? I didn't really know. They didn't really trust me, but Sgt Jones, Rich, had a way of seeing them alright despite my stupidity. Now we were both out of the army and I thought I'd never see the man again. But it was Sue who spotted him. In a local paper doing parachute jumps for charity. Richard the fucking good cause hero. Richard the regt rugby player. Richard the fucking proper man. Sue contacted him and suggested that we all meet up. Now Richard was a successful business man. I'd gone into the civil service, a desk job. Apparently he had laughed at that. I was always about routine and order. Anyway, now, Richard had this classy wife Louise, who also had her own business, selling high end fashion. I hated the fucking idea of the weeks holiday together. The fucker looked just as lean and fit as he did in the army. His steely face was still no nonsense. He said when we met, 'no old rank crap Ian, we let things pan out.' The fucker shook my hand and nearly squeezed my fucking fingers off.

    Sue doesn't usually dress provocatively but that week she fucking well did. She was waiting on the quayside in the tightest pair of sawn off denim shorts and a top that showed off her tits. I looked at her as she got ready that morning and said sullenly, 'you want him to fuck you, don't you?' She told me not to be stupid, Richard had Louise. But I knew it, I just bloody well knew it, there had been a time back in the army when it was rumoured that Sgt Richard was fucking a few officers' ladies. I always wondered, wondered with a horror in my head, that Sue was one of them. They arrived at the quay in a fucking blue Maserati sports car for Christ's sake. Richard strode forward and kissed Sue. He kissed her on the lips, lingering a moment as if to test me. The fucker looked like Rambo, a tight pair of jeans, vest top, big chest, chronometer watch on his hairy arm. I was aware of Louise smiling, watching me watch the bastard kiss my wife. She was amused by it. When I went in turn to kiss her, she presented her hand for me to attend. Perhaps that was better she suggested, as we didn't know each other so well. Sue wanted to show Richard around the boat immediately and Louise wondered whether I would 'be a sweetie and stow their bags on the boat', she jangled the keys to the fucking car.

    There is absolutely no reason to play ahoy games on a fucking small cabin cruiser. Its just not necessary. But before we left the boatyard, before we headed down the river Yare, that seemed something Richard wanted. I suggested that we could take it in turns, alternate days to be 'captain'. He laughed and said that there could only be one boss. She actually agreed. Fuck it. I said we should draw lots then to see who played the stupid role. Louise though suggested a best of three arm wrestle. Sue watched me again as I responded to that. 'well er.....' She wanted me to lose. My wife wanted me to lose! Louise had this fucking supercilious look across her face again. I lost the first two contests and it was over. It felt as though my elbow had been put out the way he slammed my arm back.

    'Louise will be Captain's mate navigation, Sue Captain's mate etiquette and you're in charge of the galley' he said. He fucking glared at me when I asked what on earth a captain's mate etiquette was all about. Sue didn't seem to know either, I am sure of that.

    He said very slowly, very darkly, 'sleeping arrangements, its about sleeping arrangements galley'.

    Louise was keen to get going so she took the wheel. She'd managed boats before you could tell. Richard then ordered Sue and I both below.

    'You're sleeping with me' he told her calmly, dear pan faced.

    Sue stared aghast at him, at his effrontery, but she didn't object. I watched him draw her to him. He kissed her on the lips again and I saw her shiver with excitement.

    'Louise will take the other cabin, 'he announced afterwards, and 'galley boy' can make up a bunk beneath the awning of the boat outside.

    I stepped forward then. I fucking did and he gripped me by the throat. I was slammed against the cabin wall and Sue gasped at the sight of the sudden aggression.

    'You were a prick in the army and you're still a little prick now!' he sneered in my face.

    I thought I would pass out. Fucking hell, couldn't breathe. Panic struck I nodded.

    'I will fuck the girls, you'll do as they say, understood?!' he snapped.

    The boat seemed to blur, I was loosing consciousness. Fucking hell! He loosened his grip a mite.

    'Do you understand son?!' he snapped again.

    'Yes!' I seethed back at him. I was bristling. My fucking skin tingled. He let go of me and I slid back down onto the sofa seating. He scrutinised me, searching my face to see how much of a problem I might be.

    'Take Sue's shorts down for me' he ordered.

    Fucking hell. The cabin doors were open. People on the other boats could see. I was fucking appalled, at the nerve of the bastard. I started to object and he hit me. He hit me in the face. The fucking shock of that! Christ, the shock of it!! His fist was still clenched and Sue looked down at me, her face white with the sudden violence, the sight of my lip split.

    'Do as Richard tells you' Sue whispered.

    I stared at her. Incredulous, I stared at her!

    Bastard Jones was readying a second strike as the boat chugged on. People lounging on there boats waved as they passed. Louise was exchanging laughter with them. They could see us below, through the cabin doors. They could see me peel my wife's shorts down. What met my gaze stopped me dead. Sue had shaven her cunt. Apart from a little whispy line of curly auburn hair pointing down to her clit hood, her cunt was bare!

    'Richard likes me this way' Sue said.

    Fuck. That was a thunderbolt. Richard likes me this way.....since fucking when?!!!

    I was required to ease her shorts on down.

    'Kiss her cunt' ordered Richard.

    I was about to stand and take the beating if needs be. Fucking bastard!!! But he got hold of my ear and twisted like fuck. I yelped. Someone on another boat heard. Someone pointed. Two middle aged women stared and then giggled. Fucking Richard twisted my ear until I stated to nuzzle and kiss at Sue's sex.

    'Spread the pins babe, so the little shit can lick you up' Richard instructed.

    I looked up at them. I looked up at the way the bitch looked cow eyed at him. She spread her legs wider. On another boat there was laughter. Someone was sent to fetch the camcorder. Another excruciating twist of my ear and I started to lick Sue. Full mouth I licked her cunt. She smelled...oh fuck....she smelled on heat for him. She smelled of musk and salt and desire and her cunt, oh man, it was so fucking wet already. I hard her gasp when the tip of my tongue ran upwards and popped her clitty, the hood flicking back over the bulging pea of her arousal.

    'I'm leaving go of your fucking ear ship mate, but you cross us and I'll give yo such a hiding' the bastard intoned.His eyes scrutinised me. Fucking nasty dark eyes. I felt him let go. The urge was to spring up and try and plant him one, but Sue was kissing the fucker. I paused. I fucking paused. On a boat running parallel to us there were giggles.

    'Get my tool out' the fucker ordered.

    I glanced sideways to the other vessel. Please fucking no. I felt the bastards hand form a fist right beside my head. I turned then, and unzipped him. I unzipped him and dragged own a few breathes. Fucking hell, please no.

    'I gave you an order' the bastard whispered calmly, Sue resting her head on his chest and watching me.

    I felt through his fly and pulled his cock out. It was fucking bare, circumcised with a massive head on it. May be it wasn't the longest, may be it wasn't black in all those pros videos, but it looked fucking brutal. His fucking cock head was huge.

    'Couple of licks galley, couple of licks so that its easier up my bitch' he ordered.

    Sue watched me, transfixed. Her eyes were locked down towards me. Someone on the other boat was making jokes.

    'Do as you're told Ian' she said softly. The way that she said it, I knew it, she knew this fucker's dick! She knew it from before! He had fucked her sometime in the past, when to go with a junior rank would have been a shameful sin and got me kicked out of the army. She watched me. I had never touched another guy's cock before. NEVER I TELL YOU!! Now I was being required to lick the fucking thing.

    'Galley, I don't order twice' her fucker suitor warned.

    I licked the fucking thing. I licked it and across the water, a few yards starboard, the fucking camcorder whirred and the party fucking well stared. His cock head was shiny, but dry. It was so fucking hard like it was something out of a foundry. It was stiffening, hardening even more by the moment. I licked the fucking head of it, cursing.

    'Good boy...fucking tool about ready you think Galley?'

    I didn't answer. FUCK YOU!! FUCK YOU FUCK YOU TO HELL!!!!

    He kissed my wife again. It was a slow and open mouthed kiss, his hand running over her generous breasts, causing her nipples to erect and poke through the material of her top.

    'You miss it babe?'

    'Yes' she whispered.

    'No problems now, Galley is as good as gold.'

    I was nudged aside then and to fucking whoops and applause from the other boat, Richard pushed my wife against the wall of the cabin and shoved his dick into her. She grunted, she grunted like an animal as he took her. She grunted and then she groaned as he pushed the full length of it up into her. I saw her back arch against the wood veneer and her arms snaked around the back of his neck.

    'That nice babe, that nice back where it belongs?'

    She whimpered. She nodded.

    'Feet galley, fucking kiss her feet' the bastard ordered.

    More applause form the other boat. Shit. SHIT!!

    Licking Sue's painted nail toes I couldn't see him ramming rhythmically up her. I felt just their movements. The audience applauded. It was a fucking primal peep show. Sue put one of her feet up on my back, changing angle and taking it hard, rough now, his body bucking against hers, which in turn made the pictures rattle agains the wall.

    'You fucking hot little whore....' he grunted.

    She gasped. His curving ugly great prick was working her. I could smell them coupling. Something wet dripped onto my head.

    'Please....Christ, please....' she begged.

    He obliged. I could hear him growling as he spunked her. I could hear the sharp intakes of his breath as he beat his meat up into her.

    'Yeeeah!!' someone shouted appreciatively from the other boat.

    Sue was shuddering against him, her legs shaking, her body wrecked by what he did up her.

    'I'll have him lick you clean' he said smoothly into her ear, before sucking down another breath. The other boat was getting rowdy now. It seemed to annoy the bastard sergeant. It seemed to invade his pleasure, for the first time, now. He called Louise to open the throttle, it was time to get ahead of our onlookers.

    As the cruiser accelerated, markedly, the bastard dragged his prick out of her. It came with a slurping noise and Sue drained on the carpet of the cabin. She was breathless. I felt her hand trembling against my head. I felt her fingers nudge me. They nudged me around to where he had just been. She wanted me to lick her out.
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