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. The Innocent Cuckold ch. 3

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by BMas67, Apr 30, 2017.

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  1. BMas67

    BMas67 Well-Known Member Member

    The Innocent Cuckold Part 3

    The next morning I awoke feeling exhausted, hurt, and angry. For the life of me I could not imagine what had got into Beth to make her act this way. Granted we have had some problems in our marriage in the past but I felt we were over the difficult parts and were really handling life in a positive, loving manner. So what happened? I mean we have one night of indulgence at an adult video store and Beth loses her mind and starts treating me like shit. It’s like those hardcore stories I love to read only it’s happening way too fast. I’ve always loved the idea of Beth treating me this way as a role playing scenario but never did I imagine this would be for real. I’ll admit I’ve always been a masochist and have had a submissive streak my entire life. When I was picked on in school I never fought back. When I found myself in an embarrassing situation I always felt a certain sexual charge in all of it. And when my body started to betray me and I lost the ability to get and stay hard very often, it excited me because I felt this overwhelming penchant for humiliation and abuse that became stronger when I no longer felt like I was a real man. It’s why I’ve always been drawn to the more severe and aggressive types of porn. Especially those cases where a man is tortured and humiliated by the woman and other men. It just does something indescribable to me and I’ve never been able to figure it all out. I just role with it and collect stories that get me off in the most humiliating fashion. To each his own right? As long as your kink isn’t illegal or genuinely hurting another person then what’s the harm? But something was wrong here and I needed to get to the bottom of it quickly.

    I made a pot of coffee and waited at the kitchen table for Beth to come downstairs. I was nervous and more afraid than ever. If we couldn’t find a way to work this out I was afraid I might lose her forever and my marriage is too important to me.

    When Beth entered the kitchen I poured her a cup of coffee and told her we needed to talk. She started to say something but I cut her off and told her I really needed to go first. I told her I was angry and hurt and that I needed some kind of explanation for her recent behavior. I told her that while I do enjoy making her happy and would do anything to please her, I was offended by the things I’d seen and heard from her and I needed something from her to rationalize this cruel behavior.

    I’ll admit I had practiced my little speech in front of the mirror this morning and I felt good about how it had gone. I covered everything I had wanted to say and felt like the ball was now in my wife’s court. I felt a bit smug and satisfied after laying it all out for her but I was not at all prepared for her response. She cried. Hard.

    I panicked right away and tried to comfort her. This was not turning out the way I’d expected it to at all.

    “Hey”, I said, “What is it? I thought you were angry with me and that you were looking for a way out of our marriage”.

    She looked up at me with an incredulous stare and said, “What? Of course not! I thought this was what you wanted. I mean all those stories and videos I found on your laptop made it seem like this was exactly how you wanted to be treated. I thought it would be a good surprise for you if I just acted on your fantasies. I thought I was helping you”.

    “Helping me? What do you mean? How is fucking another man and rubbing my face in it with no context whatsoever helping me”?

    “I don’t know” she said, “I just thought from all the stories you’ve been reading that was how it was done. Oh god, tell me I haven’t ruined things for us. I mean I met Brad online and set the whole thing up thinking you would be thrilled. Tell me I haven’t made a fatal mistake Tim, please tell me that”.

    “Wait”, I said, “You met him online? You mean to tell me none of this was by chance? What the hell is going on Beth”?

    So she calmed down and explained it all to me in detail. It seems that she found every story, every picture, every video that I’d ever cataloged on my laptop and had spent hours going through it all trying to make sense of my obsession. She told me she had always known I was submissive and I needed to be controlled in order to feel fulfilled. She reminded me of all the attempts we’d made over the years to find a balance to our sex life. My bedroom issues had sent us down many divergent roads to find some truth to our situation. We had tried oral sex, toys, and even had me once use a strap on to fuck her thinking that would make me feel better. But none of it had ever seemed right. She explained how she knew I was never comfortable being on top. Never comfortable doing the fucking even with a toy to help me. It was embarrassing to hear but at the same time a relief to be sure.

    Beth told me how at first she’d been troubled by my collection but after really getting into it she had discovered a truth about herself as well. She enjoyed the idea of being the dominant figure in our bedroom and had no intention of stopping. She admitted that she had gone about it in the wrong way but now that it was all out in the open maybe we could work together to find a way to make it work for both of us.

    “So you’re not looking to leave me then”, I said more as a statement than a question.

    “Of course not you idiot”, she said with a laugh. “I love you and just want us to be happy”.

    I was so relieved I almost started crying too. We hugged each other and laughed for a while before I told her I was still not certain where Brad fit in. I asked her if she had feelings for him and she said no. She said she liked him and they had a wonderful time together but it was all about the sex. I actually apologized to her at this point. I said I was sorry for driving her to another man to find fulfillment sexually. But I also told her I understood completely. Since I was unable to give her the satisfaction she wanted and needed it was only fair that she find it in some way. Then things took an unexpected turn.

    Beth said, “Um, I also know you’ve been wearing my clothes when I’m not home”.

    Oh shit! She knew that? How could she know? I thought I was so careful, I thought I had hidden that particular kink so well. My face burned with shame and I couldn’t even deny it since my expression gave me away.

    I stammered and stumbled for words but found nothing available. I hung my head and tried to become invisible. I’d never felt such shame. And I’d never felt so excited either. My submissive nature was kicking in and I found myself becoming aroused despite my better judgement and physical ability.

    Beth took my hand and said, “Its ok, I understand. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the subject and I get it. You enjoy the feel of silky garments. You enjoy the submissive thrill of it all don’t you? You’ve been unable to get hard for so long and have been reading those stories for years so I’m not surprised that you want to try something different. Don’t worry sweetie, I get it”.

    I looked up at her, still blushing, and said, “You do? Honestly? I mean you’re ok with it? I was sure you would think I was, I don’t know, maybe gay or something”.

    “I know you aren’t gay honey”, she told me, “A lot of straight men or even bisexual men cross dress and there’s nothing at all wrong with it. Maybe it’s something we need to explore together. I think we have a lot of things we need to look into as a couple. Your need for humiliation and submission, your desire to dress up, and my ‘relationship’ with Brad. These are all things we need to sort out together. I mean I’m definitely going to have to talk to Brad about this. Tell me Tim, should I tell Brad it’s over? I’m not sure where to go from here”.

    I didn’t even need time to think about that one. I know Beth needs more than I can give her and now that we were open about it all I know I needed her to continue seeing Brad. I told her as much and the relief was palpable in her demeanor. I knew she wanted to continue a sexual relationship with the man who could give her what I could not and truthfully I was happy about it. I was happy that she would be happy. This also opened up so many possibilities for me as well. I didn’t have to hide my love for wearing women’s clothing any longer. I felt a great pressure lift from me.

    I told her, “No, you don’t need to end it with Brad. We just need to set up some boundaries and definitely let him know what’s happening on our end. I know you enjoyed your time with him and as long as you still love me and this won’t damage our marriage, I’m fine with your having sex with him”.

    We talked a lot that morning and well into the afternoon. Beth was very happy to have such an open discussion about our life after feeling so alone in her sadness for so long. I too felt relieved over our mutual desires being brought to the surface. Beth had really done her homework into the cuckold lifestyle and while she was still nervous about the extreme nature of my fetish she was willing to work with me to make it enjoyable for both of us. It seems my loving wife had quite the dominant side to her and she admitted to loving the way she treated me recently. Now that we were both on the same page I told her I loved it too and would be thrilled to see it continue in a more consensual nature.

    As evening approached Beth took my hand and led me toward the stairs and our bedroom. I was confused and asked her what she thought would happen in there. She smiled and said she wanted a little fashion show from her ‘sissy cuckold’ so she took me straight to her closet and told me to show her my favorite outfit to wear.

    To say I was excited would be a misnomer of epic proportions. I was thrilled and embarrassed and humiliated all at the same time. My hands were shaking as I reached to the back of her closet and pulled out the red corset with matching panties and stockings that she had worn on my birthday several years ago. She laughed in surprise and told me to put it on right away.

    I was so nervous I was shaking as I took off my sweatpants and t-shirt. As I pulled off my underwear Beth stopped me and said, “You know this isn’t going to work right”?

    I was confused and a bit frightened but she surprised me by telling me I was a bit too hairy for this to look acceptable.

    “We need to shave you honey. Even though you don’t have much body hair we still need to make you nice and smooth to get the full effect. I want you to go into the bathroom and shave your pits and your chest. When you’ve finished that let me know and I’ll be in to help with your legs, crotch and ass. I want my sissy to be nice and smooth for me”.

    Beth looked at me expectantly and I could only nod my head in a mixture of shame and excitement. I walked into the bathroom leaving the door open and began to lather my right armpit. I’m not very hairy at all so a razor was all I needed. There wasn’t enough hair to use any sort of trimmer. I worked slowly, never having done this before but I soon found a rhythm and in no time both my pits were baby smooth. My chest didn’t take very long at all due to my lack of hair and I suppose manliness. My voice quivered as I told Beth I was ready for her.

    When she entered the bathroom Beth marveled at the work I had done and told me I looked natural this way. She said it was fitting of my new status and couldn’t wait to see the finished product.

    Beth took her time denuding my legs and privates of hair. She first worked a warm cloth over my skin then used her shaving lotion to coat each leg a section at a time carefully shaving each area so as not to cause and cuts or nicks. She worked like any woman would being so used to shaving an area as expansive as a person’s legs. When she finished with my legs she rubbed her hands along them feeling the smooth texture and giggling at the sight before her. She then took a hair trimmer and began to work on my crotch being more careful with this delicate skin. When the majority of longer hairs were removed she lathered up my little balls and took to shaving them like an artist. She repeated this task with the few hairs on my ass and before long stood back to admire her work.

    “Oh my god Tim you look amazing! I never imagined how fitting this look would be on you. It’s as if you were meant to be a hairless little sissy boy”.

    She laughed at me then and teased me about how feminine I looked now. I know I should have been angry with her but the humiliation was too delicious and I found myself adopting a submissive attitude toward her immediately. It amazed me how easy it was to submit to her now that I was smooth like the women and true cross dressers I admired.

    “Now let’s get you dressed Timmy. Or is there another name you go by when you dress”?

    My shame was a living organism at this point. I could feel my skin burning red when I answered her in a soft and dare I say feminine voice. “Well, I usually call myself DeeDee”, I said.

    Beth burst out in boisterous laughter and could barely catch her breath. Between gasping laughter she said, “I love it! DeeDee it is! Oh DeeDee I can’t wait to see you all dolled up”.

    We made our way into the bedroom where she had laid out my new outfit on the bed. Beth sat down on the side of the bed and watched me as I began to dress. The panties and stockings were easy but the corset was something I’d never been able to manage fully by myself. When Beth saw me struggling she came to my aid and tied me into the form fitting garment tightly. She was amazed by how well the clothes fit my delicate frame and laughed again at how truly feminine I looked now.

    “We are going to have to get you a wig and I’ll teach you all about makeup so you can look like the real deal DeeDee. How does that sound? I’m sure you’ll love it”.

    I was humbled and with my eyes cast downward I said, “Yes, I’d like that very much”.

    Then my loving wife did something I was not expecting though in retrospect I should have done. She took out her phone and began taking pics of me. I tried to hide myself but in a stern voice Beth ordered me to stand still. Of course I complied, what else could I do at this point? I was hers and she knew it.

    Over the next 20 minutes Beth had me pose in the most humiliating ways she could think of and then some. I was made to bend over the bed for pictures of my cute little behind as she called it. I posed with my hands on my hips looking seductively at the camera while blowing kisses. I was made to lie on the bed with one knee bent and my leg crossed over its twin while propping myself up on my elbows thrusting out my chest. Beth commented on how we needed to get me some proper tits at that point. We ran through a complete catalog of seductive poses before Beth had me stand up next to her.

    She moved in close to me and kissed me on the lips sliding her tongue into my mouth for a hot make out session that left me light headed. She took control and I actually felt like a frail sissy at her touch. She was sliding her hands all over my body especially my legs and ass when suddenly she slid her right hand done into the back of my panties. She ran her fingers down my smooth ass crack and began rubbing her finger around my hole which made me wince and try to pull away.

    “No DeeDee, trust me”, she said, “I want to make my little girl feel good”.

    She then removed her hand and began running the same finger along my lips then slid it into my mouth. She told me she needed a little lube before continuing and I became afraid as I submissively suckled her finger. When she thought it was wet enough Beth moved her hand back to its previous position and again began rubbing my tight nether hole with the tip of her finger. When she slid the finger into my anus I gasped but not in shock or surprise, no, I gasped in unexpected pleasure. It seemed Beth knew me better than I knew myself and she proceeded to slide her finger in and out making me moan in submissive angst.

    Without removing her finger Beth moved her other hand behind her and felt along the dresser until she retrieved the items she’d left there earlier. I was shocked to see in her hand a long thin vibrator and a bottle of lubricant. Before I even had a chance to object Beth commanded in a stern voice that I remove my panties and bend over the bed.

    I was in too deep now and there was no escaping my growing excitement. With quivering hands I slid my panties down my smooth legs and kicked them off before bending over the bed with my elbows supporting my sexily clad feminine form.

    Beth wasted no time in lubing the vibrator and I winced as I felt her slippery fingers running up into my crack. She liberally applied the lube to my tight hole and wiped her hand on the bedsheet when she’d finished. I was shaking all over now as I awaited my fate.

    “Easy now DeeDee, I’ll be careful since it’s your first time. A girl should feel special when she loses her virginity”.

    I blushed at her words and found them soothing and frightening at the same time.

    Beth turned on the vibrator and the buzzing of the toy made me jump in anticipation. When I felt the vibrations on my ass cheeks I was amazed to feel my little penis twitch. I was so excited I began whimpering in a soft manner.

    Beth was gentle and slowly inserted the vibrator into my hole taking time to allow me to adjust to the intruder. I moaned out loud and actually moved back toward her ever so slightly. This did not go unnoticed by my wife and she giggled calling me a ‘good girl’.

    Soon she was sliding the vibrator in and out with a steady motion causing my moaning to increase. I don’t know how I had gone this long without ever experiencing something so wonderful and I began to move back in time with her thrusts fucking myself on the long vibrating toy.

    Beth was laughing the entire time and calling me names really getting into her part. She called me a slutty little sissy. She said I was made for fucking. She called me her bitch and then made me say it too.

    “I’m your bitch” I panted over and over as my wife fucked my ass with increasing force. I was sweating and moaning like a whore thrusting my ass harder and harder onto the intruding plastic cock. I reached up and began pinching my nipples while shouting out my joy and lust with each thrust of my wife’s brutal fucking.

    Then it happened. I began squirting. My little penis had never got hard at all but I was squirting out my, sissy cummies, as Beth later called it. It wasn’t much and it didn’t last long but I came from being fucked by my wife.

    I collapsed on the bed exhausted and with a slap to my ass Beth removed the vibrator from my hole and leaned down to kiss the side of my face.

    “That’s my good sissy slut”, she said, “Shooting her sissy cummies like a good girl”.

    She smacked my ass again and told me to get cleaned up. I wasn’t even given time to bask in the afterglow of my first real orgasm in years. Beth ordered me to clean myself and then to clean the room. She threw the vibrator down on the bed next to my head and told me, “Move it DeeDee, you have some work to do before we go out. I want my toy cleaned and put back in my dresser. I want the bedspread laundered and I definitely want my clothes hand washed and put away where you found them. I’ll be downstairs waiting so don’t take too long. We have places to go”.

    She was gone from the room before I could catch my breath let alone ask where we were going. I dragged myself up to a standing position and began to gather up the items to be cleaned. As I heard my wife walking down the stairs I smiled and in a soft, girlish voice said, “Yes Dear”.
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