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. The Incapacitated Husband

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Oct 30, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    The Incapacitated Husband

    by RLM

    An Unexpected Visitor:

    With our bright, 17-year old son, David, enrolled as a freshman at the state's major university 170 miles away, Daren and I had the house to ourselves for the first time since David's birth. Except for the year prior to David's birth, it was the first time Daren and I had been alone since our marriage, 18 years previously. To say we were enjoying our newly-acquired freedom would be a gross understatement. The changes that had occurred in our lifestyle were almost too numerous to list.

    One such change was that when my husband came home from his office at Southwestern College, where he was Chairman and Head and the Department of Mathematics, he usually found me naked save for my 4-inch heels and thigh-high stockings. For variety, he would sometimes find me wearing a teddy along with the stockings and heels, but the teddy never covered either my pussy or my tits. As a result, dinner was now usually one-and-a-half to two hours later than it had been when David was living at home, and we were having sex almost every day.

    During the first week of David's absence, one of my husband's colleagues, Karl Heinmacher, had followed him home to pick up the first draft of a paper Daren had written that they were publishing jointly. When they walked in the front door, I was in the den, directly in front of the entryway to our home, wearing a pair of wickedly erotic black heels with 5-inch spike heels, thigh-high stockings, but no bra, no panties, nothing but my naked 34DD tits and my totally exposed pussy. To make matters even worse, I was posing obscenely lying on a table top with one leg on the table and the other hiked high in the air so that my legs were wide open with my cunt fully displayed.

    As a courtesy, Daren opened the door for his colleague and allowed him to enter first. As soon as he stepped into our den and saw me, he stopped dead in his tracks, did a double take as his mouth fell open but no sound emerged. My husband, who was still in the entryway shutting the front door, had not yet seen me. I was so stunned that instead of running for cover, I just laid there frozen in position. Even though Heinmacher was also shocked, he wasn't too shocked to visually explore my exposed tits and my wide-open, gaping pussy.

    Daren had just entered the den when Heinmacher finally gasped in his native tongue, "Mein Gott! Unglaublich! Fantastisch!"

    The explosion of German words brought me out of my shocked trance, and I hurriedly closed my legs and got off the table. In an effort to conceal my tits and pussy, I turned away from Karl. From his point of view, it looked like I was now showing him my naked ass. That brought another burst of excited German.

    “Unglaublich! Fantastisch! Riesige, prächtige Busen! Schöner Arsch!”

    "Oh lord! I'm so sorry... Oh god! I thought my husband would be alone... oohhh jesus!" I screamed as I turned and ran from the room. Even as I running from the room to the safety of the hallway leading to my bedroom, I realized that Heinmacher was getting a great view of my naked ass and my wildly bouncing tits.

    Once I reached the relative safety of my bedroom, I sat on the edge of the bed so mortified and embarrassed, I was having difficulty breathing. I was also so sexually excited from my lewd exhibition that my clitoris was erect and my pussy was dripping.
    I was both acutely embarrassed and wildly excited.

    I could hear the muted sounds of the two men talking, and then, a few minutes later, I heard the front door opening and then closing. I knew my husband was going to be absolutely furious, but dammit, it was partially his fault for not giving me a warning that someone would be with him when he came home. "To hell with it," I said aloud to myself. "Since everyone's soon going to know what a total slut I am, I may as well enjoy it."

    When my husband entered our bedroom, he found me lying on the bed with my legs raised and wide open. His mouth opened to say something, but the words died on his lips when he saw my fingers spreading my pussy open for him. I gave him my best, most provocative, seductive smile, and said, "If you're finished talking mathematics with Heinmacher, your wife's cunt is wet and ready. Get naked... now... and come fuck me!. How much time do we have before your wife comes home?" Daren’s cock throbbed inside his pants watching me remove my stockings while keeping my legs wide open as I did it.;

    As my husband began stripping off his clothes, I moved to the center of the bed and lowered my legs while keeping them spread them in female fucking position. Daren's eyes were locked on my cunt as I rubbed my clit and finger-fucked myself with three fingers. His tool was rock-hard and leaking fluids. I wanted it! I needed it!

    "Hurry, Damn you! I need your cock in me. NOW! Getting Karl's cock hard has me so fucking hot!"

    There was no foreplay when Daren moved up to the bed, jerked my legs even further apart, and rammed his 7-inch dick into my waiting hole.


    "IS THIS DEEP ENOUGH, YOU HOT SLUT!" my wildly excited husband yelled as he power fucked my ass deep into the mattress on every thrust.


    Daren bent over my convulsing body, grasped both of tits and twisted my nipples. I groaned in rapture. His raging, iron-hard cock pounded into the bottom of my hole on every stroke... each stroke bringing hissing cries and shrieks of pleasure from me. Without warning, my vagina erupted in another hard climax around my husband's plunging shaft.

    "OH GAWD DAMN! YOU'RE CUMMING... YOU'RE CUMMING AGAIN... I CAN FEEL YOUR CUNT HOLE THROBBING AROUND ME... UUNNGHH... UUNNGHH!! UNGGHH!!! TAKE IT YOU SEXY BITCH... TAKE MY LOAD!!" Daren screamed as his dick went into hard spasms... each spasm shooting a thick stream of semen into my wildly contracting vagina.

    Wrapping my legs tightly about his hips, I held my husband's jerking body tightly against my own as his climax continued to make him shudder and grunt.

    "Oh, Baby! What a fucking!" I whispered in his ear. "I loved it. What a cock! Have I got a hot stud for husband or what! Jesus! You made me cum twice and so fucking hard!"

    "I'm not done with you yet, you hot, sexy piece of ass. Get on your knees. Stick that sexy ass up in the air. Do it! NOW!"

    "Oh Yes! Oh Yes! My god... you're still hard!" I cried as I rolled over into doggy position.

    Daren grabbed my hips, pulled me to the edge of the bed, and spread my pussy open with his fingers on my buttocks. I could feel his previous load seeping out of my vagina and trickling down my slit and over my fully erect clitoris.

    "Are you ready to have your hot cunt stuffed, Meghan," he growled.

    "Oh fuck yes. Stuff that big cock into meeeeee!"

    "Hot, sexy slut," he whispered as he spanked my upturned, naked ass with his open palm.

    "OH! UNG!"

    "Spread wider, Meghan. Show off your cunt hole." WHACK!!

    I could feel my buttocks turning red as my husband spanked me... just hard enough to make it hot and sexy. I spread my knees as wide as I could. "Am I spread wide enough to fuck now, Darling?"

    "God, your cunt looks delicious when it's full of cum!"

    "Fill it more! Fuck more cum into me!!" I howled. I screamed even louder when his cock nailed my pussy balls deep. The erotic feeling of his balls slapping against my clit coupled with the delicious sensation of being filled by Daren's thick shaft had me climaxing again in less than a minute.

    My wildly excited husband fucked me harder than he had in years. Every time his rock-hard cock
    slammed into me, my pussy spasmed around his shaft. I lost count of my orgasms.

    It was over two hours later that we finally got dinner onto the table and sat down to eat. I had put on a pair of panties to keep my husband's load from getting all over my dress and the furniture while he had slipped into a T-shirt and slacks. We were both grinning at each other as we ate.

    "Well," I questioned. "Are you going to tell me or not?"

    "Tell you what," my husband teased.

    "How much Heinmacher offered you to let him fuck me... what else?"

    Daren laughed and replied, "I know you're kidding, but all joking aside, he really did want to get into you. Even though he only saw you for less than a minute, his pants were tented with his erection when you ran out of the room."

    "What did he say?"

    "After repeating himself several times... Mein Gott! Unglaublich! Fantastisch ... Mein Gott! Unglaublich! Fantastisch .... over and over, he finally switched back to English and told me to please extend his apologies to you for causing you so much embarrassment. Then he added, "But if you wish, you may tell your beautiful wife, that she has made this old man's month much brighter and happier."

    "You know, Darling, your colleague is a real gentleman... a sexy, horny gentleman, but a gentleman, nonetheless. You may tell Herr Heinmacher, thank you, for me. Are you angry? Furious?"

    "Why would I be angry? It was my fault for not calling and telling you that Karl would be with me. I'm sorry... no... that's not right. I'm not really sorry. In fact, I loved it. You were awesome... just ... just.. Unglaublich! Fantastisch! Riesige, prächtige Busen! Schöner Arsch! I can't say it any better than Karl did."

    "What does the German mean?"

    "Mein Gott! Unglaublich! Fantastisch! Riesige, prächtige Busen! Schöner Arsch! means My God! Unbelievable! Fantastic! Huge, gorgeous tits! Beautiful ass! And I agree. Meghan?"


    "Do you think there's a chance that I might get lucky again tonight?"

    "Well, if I integrate over the sex variable and differentiate your cock to determine if its slope is enticing, I would say that your chances form a convergent series summing to unity. Just in case my mathematics is over your head, Honey, I'll translate: Let's wash the dishes, and then I'll race you to the bedroom."


    Karl's unexpected visit caused another change in our routine. Daren now routinely called me just before leaving his office to let me know he was leaving and if he would be alone when he arrived at home. After one such call, I told him that I didn't mind if he surprised me occasionally with an unexpected visitor.

    "Are you kidding me? Do you really mean that?"

    "Of course. I still think about getting Karl's dick hard. That sort of thing is a huge turn on for woman, Honey."

    The Accid

    It was a beautiful spring day, warm and sunny with a gentle, cooling breeze, that Wednesday afternoon. Who could have possibly suspected that the day would produce such life-changing events.

    The morning had begun beautifully. I had awakened before my sleeping husband, and since we both slept in the nude, there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to suck his delicious cock and give him the pleasure of his favorite wake-up call. It was even more exciting because my husband had his usual morning erection, and as usual, his dick was really hard. Why some women don't like morning sex is beyond my understanding. I can never wait to get on Daren's hard cock as soon as I awake in the morning.

    "Ummmmmm," my husband moaned in his sleep... obviously thinking he was having a fantastic wet dream.

    "Ooohhhhh... suck it.... uummmmm," he gasped, still asleep.

    Finally, my sleeping beauty opened his eyes and grinned when he saw my head bobbing up and down over his throbbing cock. "Oh shit! What a wife! Best alarm clock in the world... mmmmmmmmmm. Turn around, Honey, and plant your luscious cunt over my face."

    I don't ever have to be told twice! I've had a lot of men eat my pussy (of course, my husband doesn't know that), but none of them are in a class with Daren and his magic tongue and lips. When he eats me, I cum quickly, and very hard. If he continues to eat me, I just can't stop my pussy from erupting in one orgasm after another until I'm squirting and screaming helplessly. That morning he made me cum twice before removing his tongue from my quivering vagina and telling me to mount him. In a flash, I was straddling his hips with my pussy sinking down on his cock.

    "OOOhhhhhhh god... big hard cock... it's going in....aaahhhhhh fuck," I groaned as I flexed and squeezed my pussy around Daren's cock. Then, it was his turn to groan and hump.

    "UUNNGGHH... your cunt's so hot... so fucking tight... aaahhhh... shit... like having my dick in a combination of a vise and a suction cup. Ride me, Honey. Pump it."

    "I think my sexy husband wants to shoot his big cum load up my defenseless pussy. Are you gonna shoot me, Lover? Shoot me with that big loaded sex gun? MMMmmmm."

    "Oh hell yes! Going shoot you point blank. No way I can miss at this range, you hot slut. Fuck harder, Honey. I'm almost there!"


    We both came at almost the same time. It was just indescribably awesome to feel our excited organs pulsing and throbbing together.
    It didn’t take me long to get my sexy husband’s cock rock-hard and ready. It felt like a steel rod sinking
    into my pussy when I mounted it. We both exploded at the same time in mutually intense orgasms.

    After breakfast that morning, Daren gave me a long, passionate kiss in our doorway while his fingers were sliding in and out of my cum-filled pussy.

    "MMMmmmm.. you're gonna make me cum again, Lover," I gasped as my hips hunched against his hand.

    "That's the idea, Meghan. Squeeze your pussy around my fingers and cum hard!"

    "AAAGGGHHAAA... Don't Stop! ooohhhh fuck... I'm there... fuck it, Baby, fuck it!"

    Afterward I had climaxed, I licked his fingers and whispered in his ear, "Everyone who smells your fingers is going to know where they've been, Honey."

    "That's the idea. Heinmacher has been really slow about finishing his part of our joint paper. Think I'll drop his office and tell him if he finishes it today, I'll let him smell the aroma of my wife's cunt on my fingers. That ought to speed the guy up."


    It was 2:00 PM when the call came in from the departmental secretary. "Mrs. Markley, this is Doris, the secretary in your husband's office."

    "I know who you are, Doris. How are you?"

    "Not so good today, Mrs. Markley. I hate being the bearer of bad news, but your husband has had a bad fall."

    "Oh my god! What happened?"

    "I'm not completely certain but from what I have been able to gather, Dr. Markley had just started down the second floor stairs when a small dog that had somehow gotten into the building ran between his legs or something like that. In any event, your husband tripped over the dog and fell all the way down the entire flight of stairs."

    "Oh jesus! Is he all right? Where is he now?"

    "When Dr. Adams reached him, he was conscious, and he could move his arms and legs a little, so he wasn't paralyzed, but he was badly bruised and any movement brought a great deal of pain, which is both good news and bad news. Anyway, I called 911. The paramedics arrived very quickly and transported him to the emergency room at Walten's Memorial Hospital. That's where he is now."


    I left immediately. When I got to the emergency room, I found my husband lying flat on one of the beds. As soon as I identified myself, the doctor informed me of my husband's condition to the extent that they knew it at the moment.

    The good news was that my husband was not paralyzed. The x-rays showed that neither his back nor his neck was broken. Amazingly, he had no broken bones from the fall. Finally, as long he did not attempt any rapid or jerky movements, he was in no pain.

    The bad news was that he was very badly bruised and had back injuries. The fall had torn several muscles in his back and compressed two of his spinal discs which were putting pressure on the nerves exiting from the spinal cord in that area. Consequently, any movement caused excruciating back pain. Basically, he had wrenched his back badly.

    The next afternoon, I talked with Dr. Marcus Hamilton, the orthopedic back specialist who had examined Daren thoroughly earlier in the day.

    "Mrs. Markley, I think you already know that your husband was lucky... actually, incredibly lucky... not to be paralyzed by that fall. It was really an awful fall as is easily seen by the extent and depth of the bruises he sustained. He has one compressed spinal disc."

    "One? They told me two yesterday."

    "That what we thought at first, but a closer examination shows it to be only one, which is more good news. He has no broken bones, which is very hard to understand, but again, very good news.

    On the bad side, several important muscles in his back have been badly injured and the spinal disc will take some time to heal sufficiently that he will not suffer pain. I don't think that the injury to the disc is bad enough to warrant surgery, which should always be a last resort in the case of back injuries. Back surgery is a risky business. Often, the surgeon does more harm than good. So, my recommendation is for your husband to begin a program of physical rehabilitation as soon as his injuries heal enough for him to bear the pain. It is my opinion that he will suffer no permanent damage. Everything will heal, but it is going to take time."

    "How much time, Doctor. Daren's going to want to know."

    "Of course. Back injuries are unpredictable since we cannot be certain of the extent of the damage to the muscles or the pressure on the nerves due to the compressed disc. My experience suggests that it will be two months minimum before your husband can move pain free. But my best guess is that it will probably be nine months to a year before that can be achieved."

    "Now... on the positive side... he will be able to return to work after a few weeks. He will be able to walk on his own power, but only very slowly and very carefully. He will have to wear a back brace to prevent any sudden or jerky movements that will send him into a hard spasm of acute pain, but as long as he is careful and wears the brace and acts sensibly, he will be able to work and move around. I plan to keep him in the hospital for the rest of this week and discharge him on Monday. He will need to use a wheel chair for week or two to avoid straining his back and muscles. I guess that's about it. Do you have any questions?"

    I thought for a minute or two and then said, "I do have one question, Doctor. I know my husband will ask me, so I need to ask you. How long ..."

    "It could be two months, but like I said, my best guess is nine months to a year."


    "Forgive me for not letting you complete you question. I knew what it had to be, so I answered so you wouldn't be embarrassed by having to ask. My best guess is that it will be about a year before you and your husband can have sex again. The thrusting of intercourse is extremely hard on the back. He will never be able to manage it. If you assume the on-top position, your weight and the jarring motions of your body will be extremely painful for your husband. There will be no way he can maintain his erection in the face of such pain. As I said, I’ve seen injuries like this heal in two months or so, but that’s very rare. You should count on a minimum of nine months.”

    "How about oral sex?"

    "You can try, but I seriously doubt that it can be done without hurting him. If you perform orally on him, he will just automatically thrust his hips ... a man can't keep from doing that as I'm sure you are aware. When he thrusts his hips, the pain will be like a hot poker thrust into his back."

    "Do you think he will be able to give me oral sex?"

    "Perhaps, but probably not. During sex, both partners move vigorously... it's too exciting not to. Those vigorous motions are going to be daggers of pain to your husband. Of course you can try, but remember, every time your husband loses his erection because of the extreme pain or is just unable to continue because of it, his ego and self-esteem are going to take another hit. If the two of you continue to try and continue to fail... month after month... you could easily end up making him impotent. So bear that in mind and be careful."


    I brought Daren home in a wheel chair the following Monday. Except for the fact that the back brace severely limited his movements, and he had walk slowly with baby steps and couldn't make any twisting or jerky movements, he was basically all right. Considering the facts that he could have easily had several broken bones or be a paraplegic or even a quadriplegic for the rest of his life, he was in relatively very good shape.

    After two weeks, he was back at work in his brace and mobile walker. My husband felt like he was essentially well except for his severely limited movement. We had just finished dinner, and I asked Daren if there was anything worth watching on TV.

    "Who cares about TV? I'm horny as a goat. Let's go to bed and fuck."

    "You can't, Honey. You know what the doctor told you. The pain will be too great and you'll reinjure yourself. All the progress you've made could vanish in a flash."

    "Bull shit! I feel fine. Come on. I'll race you to the bedroom provided you give me a 150-foot head start."

    Nothing I could say would persuade Daren. The only way he was going to be convinced was to try it and fail. One try probably wouldn't do any lasting damage. So, I got undressed except for my stockings and heels and got into bed on my back. Daren hobbled in and slowly removed his clothes. I steepled my knees and opened my legs. Not having had any sex for over two weeks, my cunt was a swamp, and as soon as he got his briefs off, I saw his cock was as hard as I had ever seen it... big, swollen, rigid, hard and ready. I felt my pussy throb just from looking at that iron-hard shaft.

    When Daren tried to climb between my legs, his body twisted slightly and painful grimace crossed his face. Amazingly, his cock stayed hard in spite of the pain. Gradually, he got his body between my legs groaning with the pain every time he moved. Finally, his cock was right at the opening to my cunt. I raised my ass and pushed it onto his cock. My husband groaned with pleasure when he felt his dick enter my soaked pussy.

    He couldn't wait any longer. Thrusting his hips forward, he started to enter me. Instantly, he screamed in agony. His erection vanished, and his body fell onto mine shaking with the excruciating back pain. It took us ten minutes of very, very slow and careful movements to untangle our bodies and get his body flat on the bed. He was sweating with the pain, his teeth clenched trying to avoid screaming again. Finally, I was off the bed, and he was lying on his back. Carefully placing a pillow beneath his knees, I slightly elevated his legs to reduce the pressure on his back. About 15 minutes later, the pain abated, and my husband relaxed, totally spent by his ordeal.

    I called Dr. Hamilton, told him what had happened, and asked what I should do. He told me to put my husband on the phone. I did so, and I could hear the doctor screaming at him even though the phone wasn't on the speaker. I think he used ever curse word in the book berating my husband's stupidity.

    "I told you it would nine months to a year before you could have sex, you dumb son-of-a-bitch! I'm told you're the Head of the Mathematics Department. Jesus! I thought mathematicians were supposed to be able to think. You don't have enough brains to be head of a dog pound."

    This just went on and on until my husband handed me the phone. "I think you can stop yelling at him, Doctor. He's got the picture."

    "All right. I don't want to get any more calls like this again. Tell that moron that. Good night!"

    It took Daren two days to recover sufficiently to go back to work, and he still wasn't completely recovered from our aborted attempt at sex. I was certain that he had gotten the message.

    Lunch at the Club:

    Five weeks after my husband's accident, I met Karyn Curans for lunch at the Country Club. Our orders had arrived, and we were both enjoying a southwestern cobb salad as we chatted. Normally, Karyn and I talked about golf, which we both enjoyed, what good books we had read lately, and upcoming or past vacations. Of course, we also gossiped about new, delicious tidbits of information, such as whose husband was now cheating and with whom and which wives had taken a new lover or how they were doing with their old flames.

    Today, however, the principal topic of our conversation was the health of my husband. "So, how's Daren now?" Karyn asked with concern.

    "He's better but his movement is very, very limited. Sometimes, he forgets and does something that seems simple... like leaning across the table to get the salt shaker at dinner, or trying to pick up his pen from floor after dropping it. When he does anything like that, he ends up screaming with the pain. A couple of weeks ago, we tried to have sex, and as soon as he moved his hips to try to enter me, the pain hit so badly, it was five minutes before he could stop screaming.

    "That sounds really bad."

    "Well, it's not bad for the long-term prognosis, but it's hell on wheels for both of us in the short term."

    "What do the doctors say this 'short term' is? Three weeks, a month, six weeks? What?"

    "They don't know for certain, but they all warn us that back injuries of this type are very slow to heal. We've gotten estimates from different doctors, and the overall consensus is that it's going to be nine months to a year before Daren recovers."

    "Jesus! What can we do to help? Anything?"

    "I've hired a man to come around once a week to take care of the heavy lifting, moving furniture, and the yard work... so we're Ok on those items. My big problem is sex... or more specifically, the lack of it."

    "Daren's impotent?"

    "No. Not at all, but I can't ride him as it puts too much pressure on his back, and he can't perform on top or doggy because he can't thrust. We tried that one time, but no luck. We managed to get his cock inside my pussy, but as soon as he tried to thrust, he collapsed in horrible pain."

    "God. That is bad for both of you. How about oral sex?"

    "That's almost as bad. If I suck him, everything is Ok until he gets excited, which doesn't take long since we haven't had sex in five weeks now. As soon as he gets excited, his hips automatically begin to thrust and hunch. As soon as he does that, the pain explodes and his erection just vanishes."

    "Can he do you?"

    "Not really. No one realizes the contorted positions a man has to get into in order to get between a woman's legs and give her oral sex. Even the simple positions... like when I lie on my back and he lies on his stomach between my legs... even those positions end up with him moving and arching his back. The problem is that it only takes one such movement to make the pain convulse his entire body. So, as you can imagine, I've been spending a lot of time with my vibrator the last five weeks, but that gets really old... really fast."

    "I can imagine. A vibrator is a good stopgap for a few days if hubby is out of town, but not for months and months... or maybe even a year."

    "On a more interesting note, have you heard about Beth Martison?" Karyn asked in a low, conspiratorial whisper.

    I answered in a similar whisper. "I heard something about Jim coming home early and catching her in bed with some guy. It was all very vague... you know, the way stories are when they're being repeated for the fourth or fifth time. What have you heard?"

    "Pretty much the same thing, but with more juicy details. Joan Abbot told me that the guy fucking Beth is black and that he is seriously hung. She said the gossip is that he's got a 10" cock."

    "Wow! I've read stories about men like that and seen a few on the internet, but I've never actually seen a cock like that for real."

    "Neither have I, and between us, we've seen quite a few, right?" Karyn said with a laugh.

    "Yeah, but I hope you don't tell Daren that."

    "You know I won't... just as long as you don't tell Dane."

    "Did Joan give you any more details? What did Jim do when he caught that guy sinking that monster dick into his wife?"

    "That's the wildest part. Joan says that Beth told her that her husband just stood there in the doorway watching in near shock for two or three minutes, and then dropped his pants and began jacking off while he watched the guy fucking her."

    Jim began to jack off frantically while he watched the black stud sinking his
    huge cock into his wife’s eager cunt, mouth, and ass.

    "Wow. That's is wild! Do you believe it, or do you think that Joan is just embellishing the story?"

    "I don't know. Can't be certain one way or another."

    "Anything else?"

    "Yep. Joan told me that Beth said Jim has been fucking her two and three times a day ever since he caught her with the black stud, and when he's doing it, she told Joan that he wants to hear the hot details again and again. I've heard that a lot of men get off watching their wives having sex with other men. If what Joan told me is right, then I guess Jim is one of those guys. If so, that's really very, very fortunate for Beth."

    "Yeah, it is. After his disastrous failure to have sex with me, Daren told me that since it might be as much as a year before he could take care of my needs again, I should be looking around for a temporary replacement."

    "That must have been very hard for him to tell you that, Meghan."

    "I don't know if it was hard from him to tell me that or not, but I do know that when he was telling me find another man to fuck me, his cock got hard as stone."

    A Friend in Need:

    After another week, it had been six weeks since I had had sex, and although I didn't say anything to Daren, and he didn't say word to me, it was constantly on our minds.

    One evening while we were watching TV, Daren abruptly switched off the set, looked at me, and said, "Meghan, we can't go on like this for another 8 to 11 months, which is how long it's going to take for my injuries to heal sufficiently that we can have sex. I want you to find some men to take care of your sexual needs until I can recover. It's the only way."

    "It's just as hard for you, Darling, as it is for me. Actually, it's probably harder for you."

    "No. That's not true for several reasons. First, I have my classes to teach and mathematics research to keep me busy and keep me from thinking about sex all the time. You don't have that. Secondly, it's physically impossible for me to have sex until I heal, but not for you. When it's impossible to do something, you don't miss it nearly as much as you do when it is possible, but you are just forbidden to do it. Finally, when I know that my injury is causing you so much distress, it makes it even worse for me than it need be."

    "I can't do it, Daren. I can't cheat on you."

    "It won't be cheating because I'm asking you to find some men to take care of your needs. Notice that I said 'men', not a man. I don't want to risk losing you to a steady lover or have you emotionally involved with another man. If you see several different men and switch around frequently, it will just be sex. That will at least take care of your physical needs. When we're together, we can cuddle and kiss and love each other to take care of our emotional needs. Do you understand what I'm saying, Honey?"

    "Yes, but I don't know if I can do it."

    "Surely some of your female friends have lovers, don't they? I've never asked you before because I didn't want to pry or make you uncomfortable. But now, it has become important. Aren't some of your married friends having sex with other men?"

    "Yes. Not many, but a few are."

    "I thought so. Please talk to them. Get some advice, and I think you'll see that this is the only we we're going to get through this next year without having the stress tear us apart. There is one more thing."

    "Yes? What is it?"

    "I would appreciated knowing everything. I don't think I can handle your seeing other men when I'm totally in the dark. In a way, knowing and hearing the details would allow me to enjoy some type of sex life until I'm well. Please think about it."


    I thought about what Daren had said to me for another two days. The next morning after Daren had gone to work, I called Karyn.

    "Hi, Karyn. It's Meghan. Can you talk?"

    "Sure. I've been really worried about you, Meghan. What's going on? It's been a week since I've heard from you. Are you Ok?"

    "I know. I'm sorry. I should have called. I've been pretty busy trying to take of Daren. It hurts him so much to move sometimes, he's afraid to do it. So, I end up waiting on him a lot. Keeps me busy. That brings me to the reason for my call, Karyn. I really need to get out and relax. How about joining me at the Starlight Lounge this evening for some drinks?"

    "Now that sounds like a plan to me. See you there at 9 PM"


    The Starlight Lounge lived it to its name in that the place was only dimly lighted so as to provide a sense of intimacy. There was plenty of light to see, but it was subdued. As soon as I entered, I saw Karyn waiting for me at a table near the dance floor. The lounge had no live music except on the weekends, but the sound system kept up a series of songs designed for intimate, close dancing.

    "I took the liberty of ordering you a screwdriver, Meghan. Is that Ok?" Karyn asked as I took a seat beside her in a comfortable lounge chair, which was another feature of the Starlight. Instead of tables and booths, there were lounge chairs, love seats, and couches with a coffee table in front on which to set food and drink

    "A screwdriver is great, Karyn. Thanks."

    "No problem. So, anything new about Daren's condition that you didn't tell me over the phone?"

    "Not really. He's getting around a little better but any sudden or jerking movement causes him pain. He says it's like a white-hot poker being shoved into his back."

    "Jezzz... that sounds awful."

    "Yeah, but the upside is that it will eventually get better and finally go away entirely. No permanent disability. But in the meantime, We're both climbing the walls."

    "I can imagine you would be."

    The worse part is the sex thing. Daren's getting more and more concerned over his inability to take care of my needs. For the last several days, he's been badgering me to find someone to take care of me until he's able to function again. Two nights ago, he just flat out asked me to find some men to take care of my sexual needs until he's well enough to take over."

    "Men? Like plural... more than one? He wants you to have sex with multiple partners?"

    "Yeah. He afraid if I see only one man, there's too great a risk of my becoming emotionally involved with him. He doesn't want to risk that."

    "You know, that's pretty clear-headed thinking. I agree with him. Doing it with several guys pretty much avoids that risk. How do you feel about that, Meghan?"

    "I haven't been laid in the last 38 days. I haven't gone that long without being fucked since I was in junior high school. I know that I should be ashamed that I'm actually thinking about fucking other men, but there's no way I'm going to be able to hold out for a year."

    "It's not that big a deal, Meghan. It's just sex, and Daren wants you to do it so it's not really cheating. My advice is do what your husband is telling you to do. Find some sexy studs to do you until Daren's back in your saddle again, Honey."

    "That's almost exactly what my husband said. He also suggested I talk to some of my female married friends who are seeing other men to get their advice. That's why I asked you to meet me tonight. You are cheating on Dane, aren't you?

    "What makes you think so, Meghan?"

    "Oh a variety of things. The way I see you checking out other men... the fact that you're never home in the evenings when Dane is out of town on business... the numerous times we've met in the late afternoon for a drink or just to chat, and I've seen that glow women get when they've just been deliciously fucked. But don't worry. Men are never going to notice any of those things, and your secret is totally safe with me. I've never even told Daren."

    "I'm glad my husband isn't as observant as you, Honey. So what do you want to know about? How to keep your meetings secret? How to find hot studs? Who to hit on? Who to avoid? What? Come on, Girlfriend... talk to me."

    “I don’t have to worry about keeping it a secret. Daren told me that if I do it, he would appreciate knowing everything. He said that in a weird way it would give him some sort of sex life for the next year.”

    “I think that’s another example of clear-headed thinking on Daren’s part. It also makes it much easier and more fun for you since you don’t have to sneak around and cheat. So what else?”

    “All the other things you mentioned. I had some guys in high school and a ton of cock in college, but that was different than being married and trying to find studs. So how do you find men? What do you look for? What things warn you away?”

    “Well, rather than give you dry lectures on those topics, why don’t you and I team up once a week or so, and I’ll give you a hands-on clinic on how to do it. Sound like fun?”

    “After more than five weeks of no sex, anything sexy sounds like fun to me. But how do you plan on getting away from Dane?”

    “Easy. I’m helping you with Daren. He won’t bat an eyelash. And actually, it will be the truth that I’m helping you... just not in the way my husband will imagine.”

    “Ok. When do we start?”

    “Anything wrong with tonight being your first lesson in becoming a hot slut?”

    “No. Not at all?”

    “Great! I’ve been checking out the single guys at the bar. Take a look at the guy at the end of the bar to your left... the one with the tats on his right arm and the huge bulge in his pants. Do you like the way that guy looks?”

    “He looks sexy to me... really sexy and virile, but then I’m not the best judge. Almost anything wearing pants with any kind of bulge would look sexy to me at this point.”

    “I think he’s hot, and best of all, he’s been checking us out for the last 15 minutes. The only thing holding him back is the fact that there’s two of us and only one of him.”

    “So what do we do about that?”

    “We give the guy some encouragement. It shouldn’t take that much. Why don’t you visit the ladies room, Meghan, freshen your makeup and take off your bra. And while you’re at it, adjust the top of your dress so that as much of those big tits of yours as possible can be seen. Hurry up, Honey, before the guy gives up and leaves.”

    “Ok. I won’t be long,”

    “Oh, and one more thing, Meghan. When you walk past the guy on the way to the ladies room, be certain to look right at him and smile.”

    “Isn’t that a little blatant and obvious?”

    “Yes, but the idea is to get you laid, Honey, not to be coy and reserved. Some guys need a little extra encouragement.”

    On my way to the ladies room, I kept my eyes on the guy, and the closer I got, the sexier he looked. The guy just oozed virility, and Karyn had been right... his bulge in his pants was big... really big. On impulse, I stopped right beside him and motioned to the bartender. When he looked my way, I said, “Which way to the ladies room?”

    “Just down that hallway beside the bar... all the way to the end and on your right.”

    “Thanks.” Turning my attention to the sexy stud to my left, I gave him what I hoped was a seductive smile and whispered, “Isn’t that the way it always is... when you really need one, you can’t find one.”

    His eyes, which had been drinking in every contour of my breasts, raised to meet my eyes. “Story of my life,” he said with a big grin.

    “That’s too bad, Honey. You need to find someway to change that.” I gave him another smile and walked away toward the ladies room. Once inside, I entered one of the stalls, lowered the straps of my dress, and removed my bra. When I pulled the straps back over my shoulder, I adjusted the bodice downward so that it plunged below the bottom of my breasts and exposed their entire inner slopes.

    One the way back to my table, I turned as I passed the guy at the bar and both smiled and winked as I walked past him. Although I didn’t pause, he had more than enough time to see that my tits were now far more exposed.

    As I was sitting down beside Karyn, I grinned and asked, “Well? What do you think? Is this better? Think it will get his attention?”

    “What did you say to the guy when you spoke to him at the bar?”

    “Nothing of importance. I just wanted a chance to smile at him and let him get a better look at me.”

    “I’d say you certainly succeeded. You got him so hard he had to adjust his pants when you left. So, sit down and face him, Honey. I think you’ve got his attention, Meghan. It won’t be long now before he comes over.”

    “I need to make a call to Daren. Right now,” I said urgently. I was already hitting the quick dial on my cell before I finished my sentence. Daren picked up on the second ring.

    “Hi, Meghan. What’s happening? Any problems?”

    “I took your advice about talking to one of my married, female friends, Honey. I’m at the Starlight with her now.”

    “Good. Have you discussed my suggestion with her?”

    “Yeah. In fact, she persuaded me to flirt with a guy at the bar. I went to the ladies room, removed my bra, and pulled my dress so far down that half of my tits are exposed. He got a great view when I walked past him on the way back to my table.”

    “God... that sounds hot. It certainly has my attention, and I’m not even there. Has he approached you yet? What are you going to do?”

    “Not yet, but it certainly looks like it won’t be long. I don’t know what I’m going to do if and when he does come over. That’s why I’m calling you. Are you absolutely positive this is what you want? I can stop right now with no problems. Fifteen minutes from now, it will be harder.”

    “What about an hour from now?”

    “If you don’t stop it, an hour from now, we’ll probably be discussing whether I should do it again or not.”

    “Let’s see how it goes. I want you to call me back before it goes too far and tell me how you feel. I’ll keep my cell with me.”

    “Well, did Daren change his mind?” Karyn asked.

    “No, but he’s uncertain. He wants me to call him back before things go too far to stop and let him know how I feel.”

    “How do you feel?”

    “Nervous ... incredibly nervous, but also incredibly excited. I’m afraid Daren will hate me later if I do it with another man.”

    “I suggest we see how it goes and what Daren says when you call him back. If you want to back out later, I can take care of the guy myself and you can head home. And speaking of the guy, he’s looking right us, Meghan. Do something to let him see your legs.”

    “How’s this? Think it shows enough leg,” I asked knowing full well what the answer was. With both of my legs draped over one of the arms of the chair, my skirt rode up past my hips exposing all of my legs and even part of my buttocks.

    “I’d say so,” Karyn whispered. “if that doesn’t get him over here, he’s gay, and we need to look elsewhere.”

    “I don’t think that will be necessary, Karyn. He’s on his way over.” A moment later he was standing between my chair and the couch on which Karyn was seated. For several moments, he stared openly at my tits and legs and then switched his eyes to Karyn’s tits.

    “Hi. I’m Stan... Stan Thompson and the two of you are the most awesomely gorgeous women I’ve ever seen in this place or any other for that matter. Fantastic legs and gorgeous racks. May I join you?

    “We were just wondering what took you so long, Stan. I’m Karyn, and this is Meghan.

    “I always take my time, Karyn. My experience is that women like guys who take their time. How about you? Don’t you like men who take their time and do the job right?”

    “Of course we do, Stan,” Karyn replied. “And obviously, you like big racks. Well, we like them big too, Honey.” Her hand was now on Stan’s bulge lightly stroking it. I could see it jerking inside his pants. A deep groan escaped his lips when she squeezed his erection.

    “Why don’t you sit down and join us,” I invited.

    “My pleasure, Ladies.” After taking a seat between us on the couch beside Karyn, Stan turned and stared at my barely concealed tits. I had removed my legs from the arm of the chair and had them on the floor in a more ladylike position. Turning his attention back to Karyn, Stan asked, “Meghan has great legs and tits. Do you think she’s wearing panties?”

    “How should I know? Maybe... maybe not.”

    “How about you?”

    “Maybe... maybe not. What do you think?”

    “I think you are, but I think Meghan took hers off when she went to the ladies room. I know she took off her bra in there... and I’m guessing she also took off her panties.”

    “You know, Stan, I think you’re right. I bet she took both her bra and panties off. How about it, Meghan? Did you take off your panties as well as your bra?”

    “Of course not,” I responded... somewhat embarrassed but so turned on that I could feel the moisture seeping from my vagina.

    “I not sure I believe you, Honey, and I’m sure Stan doesn’t. Why don’t you prove it? All you have to do is just spread your legs enough for us to see. Don’t you think she should prove it, Stan?”

    Stan didn’t answer, but I could see his dick swelling even larger. His pants were obscenely tented, and he looked just huge... long and thick. My vagina was now doing a lot more than just seeping.

    “Show us,” Karyn hissed hotly.

    My cell phone buzzed. Taking it out of my handbag, I saw that it was Daren calling. “It’s my husband. I need to take this so he won’t get worried.”

    “Go ahead, Meghan. I’m sure I can manage to keep Stan from getting bored.”

    “How about you, Karyn? You haven’t proven that you’re wearing panties either,” Stan challenged.

    I turned away from Stan and Karyn and answered the call from Daren. “Hi, Honey. Couldn’t wait for my call, huh,” I teased.

    “No. I couldn’t. What’s happening?”

    “The guy’s name is Stan. He’s about 30, sexy looking guy.”


    “I can’t be certain, but his erection looks just huge judging from the way his pants are bulging out.”

    “Erection huh? He’s already hard?”

    “Yeah. Both of us are showing off over half of our tits, and I’ve already had my dress almost up to my hips letting him see my legs, and that was even before he joined us.”

    “What’s happening now?”

    “Just before you called, Stan had asked me if I was wearing panties. When I said ‘yes’, he dared me to prove it. He also asked Karyn the same question.”

    “Karyn, huh?”

    “Oh shit. I shouldn’t have told you, Honey. I promised her I wouldn’t. It just slipped out. Please don’t tell Dane.”

    “You know me better than that, Meghan. Has Karyn provided proof about her panties... one way or the other?”

    “MMMmmmm... she’s doing that right now as we speak.”

    “Oohhhh god. I can’t believe how hard this is making me. Well?”

    “Well what?”

    “Is she wearing any panties?”

    “She’s teasing Stan right now by slowly pulling her skirt higher and higher. She’s sitting right in front of him in a straight chair, but she doesn’t have her skirt high enough yet for him to tell. I don’t have to tell you where his eyes are, do I, Darling?”

    “Right between her legs, I would imagine.”


    “Can he tell yet?”

    “Oh yeah. He doesn’t have any problem telling now. She’s got her dress up over her hips now.”


    “Stan’s looking at Karyn’s naked pussy. Actually, I think it would be more accurate to say he’s looking at her naked cunt.”

    “Is she shaved?”

    “Trimmed, Honey. She’s got a really sexy little triangle of dark pubic hair pointing right at her clit.”

    “What’s Stan doing?”

    “He’s leaning forward staring at Karyn’s naked cunt. He’s also squeezing his erection through his pants. Jesus... it’s even bigger now than before. The guy is really hung, Honey.”

    “Are you wearing panties now, Honey?”

    “Of course I am. I took off my bra in the ladies room earlier, but not my panties.”

    “Are you going to prove it to Stan?”

    “Do you want me to?”

    “Yes! Oh god, yes. I wish I could watch... or at least hear what’s being said.”

    “Want me to leave my cell phone on so you can listen?”

    “Would you?”

    “Of course... if you want me to. Are you sure you do?”

    “Yes! Please!”

    “Ok. I’ll even turn the volume to high. You do the same, and you should be able to hear almost everything.”

    “How far are you going to go with him?”

    “You know that he’s going to want to fuck both of us, don’t you, Darling?”

    “From what you’ve told me about how hard he is, I think that’s obvious. Are you going to fuck him?”

    “Do you want me to? Karyn said she would take care of him if I want to leave. I could just show him my panties and tell him that you’re going to meet me for a late dinner.”

    “Don’t you want to fuck him?”

    I started to answer, but the words died on my lips.

    “Meghan? Are you still there?”

    “Yes,” I whispered.

    “Do you want him to fuck you?”

    “Yes... I’m sorry, Honey, but I’m already about to have an orgasm, I’m still dressed, and he hasn’t even touched me yet.”

    “You want his cock?”

    “Oooh god,” I heard myself moan.

    “Stretching you... “

    “Aaahhhhh... MMmmmmm.”

    “Sinking his huge cock into your cunt... filling it ... making your clit throb.”

    “Oh god, Darling. I’ll cum if you keep this up.”

    “Don’t you want to cum, Meghan?”

    “Yess.. YES! Oh God YES! But on his cock... not from just thinking about it. Can I fuck him, Daren? Please?”

    “Leave the cell on.”

    I said goodbye to Daren and dropped the cell into my open handbag without breaking the connection. Turning toward Stan, I said, “I see my slutty girlfriend didn’t wear any panties, but I did.”

    “Prove it,” Stan challenged.

    I followed Karyn’s lead and slowly, seductively raised my skirt higher and higher. When it was almost up to my pussy, I stopped and slowly opened my legs. Stan leaned forward. When I pulled my dress even higher, my thin, black panties came into view. Even though they covered my pussy, the crotch was so wet and the material so thin that I was sure that Stan could see my slit. “Sorry to disappoint you, Honey,” I whispered.

    “Disappointed? Hardly. I can’t remember ever seeing a sexier pair of panties on such a gorgeous woman before. Pull your dress higher, Meghan. I need to get a closer look.”

    Even though I saw a couple of other men in the lounge enjoying my show, I was too turned on... too hot... to stop. Pulling my dress almost up to my tits, I moved closer to the edge of my chair making certain to keep my legs open. Stan moved closer, bent over and stared right at my panty-covered pussy. My clitoris throbbed deliciously under his intense gaze.

    “Oh fuck!” Stan groaned. “You may be wearing panties, Meghan, but they’re so wet I can see your slit right through them. Damn! That’s even hotter than if you hadn’t been wearing any panties. Show me your tits, Meghan. Pull your dress down. Let me see all of them.”

    With absolutely no hesitation, I jerked the top of my dress down until it was bunched uselessly around my waist. I ever pulled my shoulders back so that my tits thrust out toward Stan.”

    “Jezz! What a rack!” he groaned as his hand moved over his erection.

    I felt like a total, cheating slut for showing off and exposing myself so blatantly
    to Stan, but my clit was so hard and my cunt a soaked,
    throbbing swamp, there was no way I could resist.

    “I think we need to take this some place more private,” Karyn said urgently as her fingers worked on her swollen clit.

    “I’ve got a nice house less than a mile away,” Stan whispered hopefully.

    “No wife or girlfriend?” I asked.

    “Divorced... no steady girlfriend. One of you drive. I’ll ride with you and walk back to pick up my car later.”


    On the short drive to Stan’s place, we were all in the front with Stan between us. Karyn hadn’t even gotten out of the parking lot before Stan had his hands between our thighs finger fucking us. While he had Karyn squirming against his probing fingers, he had my ass arched high off the seat, humping and grinding my pussy against his probing fingers. Karyn was just pulling the car onto the street when I had my first orgasm.


    “Jesus! Her cunt’s throbbing like a jack hammer,” Stan gasped in amazement to Karyn. “I just started finger fucking her, and she exploded. She’s still cumming and squirting all over my hand.”

    “That’s what happens if you don’t fuck a woman for over seven weeks, Honey. Believe me, Stan. She’s just getting started.”

    “Seven weeks? You haven’t been screwed for seven weeks, Meghan?”

    “NOOO,” I moaned. “Stop talking and ram me harder.... uunnghhh... ahhhh god... so fucking good... uunnghh... I need cock... Hurry, Karyn. I’m going crazy. I need a cock, Stan’s cock, in my cunt! HURRY!”

    In a flash, Stan raised his hips and shoved his pants and briefs down around his legs. His cock was standing straight up... fully erect... hard as stone... 8.5 inches of thick man meat. “Get on me, Meghan. Ride my cock!” He hissed.

    I didn’t have to told twice. Standing up in the cramped front seat, Stan moved over on my side and reclined the seat. His cock throbbed in anticipation, but no harder than my cunt was throbbing. Straddling him, I grasped his thick organ and aligned it with my opening. He was jerking and pulsing in my hand when the big head pressed against my pussy. Lowering my hips, I howled with intense pleasure when his cock split me open and pushed inside my pulsing vagina.


    Stan jerked my hips downward as he thrust upward sinking his thick dick into my hole. It stretched me... ohhh god... did it ever stretch me. The huge cock frictioned my clitoris and G-spot as it sank deeper and deeper into my body. When the lips of my pussy were wrapped snuggly around the base of Stan’s big sex spike, he began fucking me fast and hard with deep, rapid thrusts that had me squealing with pleasure.

    Every time his cock pulled out of my vagina, it dragged the lips of my pussy with it causing the muscles of my belly to ripple with pleasure. When he had withdrawn seven inches of his cock leaving just the big head still lodged inside me, his lips suctioned my nipple as he drove his shaft back into my eager hole. I could feel my labia being forced inward as the thick organ entered me... stretched me... fucked into me... until his cock socked into my womb grinding its base sensuously against my swollen, erect clit. My entire body was shaking. It was almost like an out-of-body experience in which I saw a woman shuddering in orgasm as the hard dick slid repeatedly over her G-spot causing her to howl with intense pleasure.

    As Stan fucked me with hard, deep, delicious thrusts, all I could think about was how hard I was cumming... how hard Daren's wife was being screwed. "Oooohhh god... he's in me, Honey. He's fucking meeee!! Your wife's being screwed sooo fucking hard!" I thought as another climax erupted. The fact that I knew my husband was listening as I howled and screamed every time Stan rammed into my cunt, made me even hotter.

    I came two or three more times during the short trip to Stan’s apartment. I couldn’t tell whether I had climaxed three times or one long, repeated, throbbing orgasm followed by a shorter one.

    When we were halfway to Stan’s place, Karyn exclaimed, “My god, Stan. Put your hand over her mouth before the police arrest us. Everyone we pass on the street can hear her shrieking.”

    “No way! I love hearing the hot slut squeal. All I have to do it pump it into her hard... like this!”


    “Listen to how loud she howls when I suck her tits and fuck her.” He did both, and I thrashed wildly on his pumping shaft... hissing, moaning, screaming everytime he drove his cock into the bottom of my cunt. I was still shaking in my last orgasm when Karyn brought the car to a stop.

    “The keys to the place are in my pants pocket, Karyn. Get them and open the door while I carry this hot slut inside.”

    “Keep fucking her while you carry her, Honey. Bounce her on that big cock and make her cum again.”

    “Don’t forget to bring my handbag,” I gasped as I wrapped my arms tightly about Stan’s neck, locked my ankles beneath his buttocks, and held on as he plowed his thick shaft in and out of my pussy. When Karyn had trouble fitting the door key into the lock, Stan pressed my back against the door and powered his prick into me like he was driving railway spikes. I shrieked and screamed every time the big dick thudded into my cervix.

    “Jezzz!! You’re going to wake up all the neighbors with your screaming. Stop howling, Meghan,” Karyn growled at me.

    “I can’t! Can’t! GGGHHAAA.... EEEIIIAAAIIIIII... He’s fucking the shit out of meeeeee.... Oh god! Oh god! I’m cumming... I’m fucking cumming again... uunnghh... ooohhhh fuck meeeeee!!”

    “Of Fuck! What a cunt. So damn tight... wet... take it, Honey. Take my dick!”

    “Now you’re both screaming. Someone’s gonna call the police,” Karyn warned as she tried to fit the key in the lock.

    “Can’t help it... Gonna cum in her cunt... Oh fuck... Can’t hold it! UGH! UGH! Ugh!”

    “Oh god yes! I’m ready! SHOOT IT INTO ME! I’M CUMMING!!”


    Stan’s cock jerked and throbbed inside my pussy. Every time his cock contracted, another thick stream of semen gushed into the bottom of my vagina. I was having another orgasm after the second thick stream filled me.

    When Karyn finally got the door open, I was still shaking from my multiple orgasms. Stan dumped me on the couch, and I just lay there quivering and shaking in the aftermath of five intense orgasms. When I finally managed to open my eyes, I saw Karyn had Stan sitting on a chair with his legs straight out in front of him. She was kneeling between his legs sucking his dick.

    “Come over here and help me suck this thing, Meghan. Hurry up,” Karyn yelled at me.

    When I rolled over onto my knees and raised my body, Stan’s big load poured out of my pussy and formed a long cum rope that extended all the way down to the surface of the couch. The feeling was wickedly delicious.

    I knelt beside Karyn and saw that she had Stan’s dick deep inside her mouth, so I began licking the shaft each time it was pulled out. He was already hard again... even after shooting a monster load into me only minutes before.

    “Oh yeah... suck my cock, you hot sluts!” Stan hissed as his hips hunched in response to our efforts.

    “I need this big dick up my pussy now!” Karyn moaned.

    “Mount him, Karyn,” I moaned. “I’ll suck him hard and then put him into your cunt.”

    “OH YES!” Dane’s wife groaned as she straddled Stan’s hips and lowered her pussy toward his engorged tool.

    I could smell the musky cuntal aroma of Karyn’s arousal as I sucked Stan’s dick. He was so thick, there was no possible way I could get my hand all the way around his shaft. Now he was the one moaning and throbbing every time I sucked hard on the swollen head or jacked the base of his large dick.

    “I can’t get my hand around it, Karyn. He’s just too big.”

    “Put him in me. Hurry! I need to cum,” she moaned. I did as Karyn asked, and a moment later, she was wailing and thrashing on Stan’s big rod as it plunged in and out of her tight, wet hole. The squishing sounds filled the room. He was fucking her so hard that she came explosively in just a couple of minutes.

    Stan gave her no time to recover. He just slammed his meat into her even harder as I licked his balls and occasionally pulled his dick out of Karyn’s hole to suck it for a moment before putting it back inside the screaming brunette.

    “Now who’s the slut screaming loud enough to wake the dead,” I growled at Karyn who couldn’t stop shrieking as Stan pounded it into her hole.

    “Karyn,” Stan yelled. “I need for you to bend over the table so I can ram you harder. I’m about ready to shot off. Do it! Bend over the table and suck Meghan’s clit while I fuck you doggy.”

    A short time later, I was screaming in another orgasm... this time on Karyn’s tongue. At the same time, Stan was emitting deep grunts like men always do when they’re shooting their loads into a woman’s cunt, and Karyn was hissing with pleasure as her pussy contracted in hard spasms around Stan’s shooting cock.

    Our bodies sagged as our orgasms abated. I fell away from Karyn and dismounted the table. Karyn just stayed in the same doggy position with her body shuddering from her climax and Stan’s dick still buried her up her pussy. His body was now draped over Karyn’s.

    For five minutes or so, we stayed in that position. Then, suddenly, Karyn raised her head and stared at me. “Oh fuck. He’s getting hard again.”

    “Is he fucking you again?”

    “Oohhhh yessss... he’s pumping it!”

    “Turn her over, Stan,” I yelled. “Turn her over so I can see your cock sinking into her cunt while I rub her clit.”

    When Stan pulled his dick out of Karyn’s vagina, I automatically gasped at how hard it was. It didn’t appear to have lost any of its size or rigidity. It throbbed and pulsed as if it couldn’t wait to be back inside a pussy again. Once he had her on her back, Stan spread Karyn’s legs and stepped back slightly so I could see the gaping hole his thick shaft had made.

    “Fuck me,” she hissed arching her hips to present her cunt.

    “You heard your friend, Meghan. Put my cock up her cunt.” His rod jerked in a hard spasm as soon as my hand closed around the shaft. I still couldn’t get my fingers all the way around his dick. As widely stretched as Karyn’s hole was, I didn’t need to spread her before inserting the swollen head of Stan’s rod. They both moaned when he pushed all 8.5 inches of meat into her tunnel.

    As Stan fucked her and squeezed one of her tits, I alternated between kissing her on the mouth, rubbing her clit, and licking it.

    With my fingers or tongue working on her clit, our hands caressing her tits and twisting her nipples, while Stan’s shaft pounded into the bottom of her cunt on every thrust, Karyn’s body convulsed in another climax very quickly.

    Karyn’s legs splayed out to the side while her body shuddered in her last orgasm. Stan’s cock was harder than ever... rigid... throbbing... the head purple and swollen. It was obvious that he had not ejaculated inside Karyn.

    “Now it’s your turn, Meghan. I want you missionary this time. Get on the bed... on your back, and spread your legs... up high and back. Arch that hot cunt for me, Honey.”

    I had set my handbag on the table right beside the bed. If Daren was still listening, I knew we were close enough for him to hear every word... maybe even the squishing sounds Stan’s cock was going to be making when he put it in me. Scrambling onto the bed, I jerked my legs up and back. “Is this the way you want me, Stud? Is my pussy high enough?”

    “Damn! You look delicious spread out like that. I want to fuck both your mouth and your hot pussy this time, Meghan. How does that sound?”

    “Delicious, but how do you plan to do that?”

    “Back and forth, Honey. Back and forth. In your cunt... then in your mouth... back to your pussy... until I can’t hold it any longer.”

    “Oh yes... do it! Hurry. Get on me! Get in me!”

    Stan pushed my legs back even further, moved between my thighs, and nailed his cock into my gaping opening.


    “Like it deep and hard? Like this, Meghan?”


    “Hot fuck Bitch. Tight cunt hole. Love it! Take it!

    “I’m taking it....oohhhh gawd damn am I ever taking it!!! RAM MEEEEE!! OOOHHHH YESSSS!”

    “Mouth fucking time, Honey.” Abruptly, Stan jerked his dick out of my throbbing pussy, moved upward, and pushed it into my mouth.


    I could only take about 6 inches of his dick, and he wanted all of it buried, so very quickly, he abandoned my mouth in favor of my vagina.


    “HOT FUCK HOLE!” he screamed.



    “My pussy.”



    Before Stan finished fucking me, I had had 20 or more orgasms,
    his cum loads were all over my thighs and inside my cunt.
    Story Time for Hubby:

    Daren was still awake and wild to hear all the hot details as soon as I came in the house around 1 AM.

    “Tell me everything, Honey. Every little detail. Don’t leave out anything.”

    “Weren’t you listening over your cell phone, Daren? You know what happened.”

    “I never took the phone away from my ear, and I do know generally what happened, but sometimes the sound faded or was so low, I couldn’t make out what was being said.”

    “Do you really want to hear all the details, Darling? You already know that Stan fucked your slutty wife several times. I feel like a dirty whore.”

    “You have absolutely no reason to feel like that, Meghan. I begged you to do it. You needed it. Didn’t you need it?”

    “Oh yes... badly. Didn’t you hear me screaming? I must have had 20 orgasms... maybe more. The first time Stan put his cock into me, I came instantly. I’m not exaggerating either... he hadn’t even gotten it all the way into my pussy before I erupted in an intense orgasm.”

    “That was when he fucked you in the car on the way to his apartment right? When you straddled him and rode his cock?”

    “Yes... I was cumming as soon as his cock started into me.”

    “Go on... tell me everything.”

    For the next 30 minutes, I related as many of the details as I could remember. The ones I couldn’t exactly remember I made up as it was obvious that my husband was enjoying it immensely. His cock was iron-hard and leaking copious quantities of fluids from its tip. “Did you jack off while you listened to your wife being fucked, Darling?”

    “Oh god, I tried. It was so erotic... so damn hot, and it’s been seven weeks since we had sex. Everytime I heard you having an orgasm, I got so fucking hard, but when I tried to stroke my cock, I was so hot that my hips and back would thrust and move, and that caused white-hot lances of pain to shoot through my body. As soon as the pain subsided, I would almost immediately get another erection and I would try again to get off with the same result. It was torture, but I loved the excitement anyway.”

    “Let’s get you up on the dining room table, Honey, on your back. Do you think you can manage that with my help?”

    “I’m sure I can. I’ll sit on the table and then you lift my legs up onto the table’s surface so I don’t have to put any strain on my back. But what’s the point?”

    “Maybe nothing. Maybe it’s hopeless until your back heals at least partially, but I have a plan that I think may be worth a try. First, let’s get you naked.”

    It took us almost 10 minutes to get Daren up onto the table. Several times, he moaned in pain, and we had to stop until the pain abated. But we finally managed it. Even though the procedure had been painful, my husband’s cock stayed ramrod stiff and hard throughout. Now that he was lying on his back on the table, it looked like an iron-spike standing well up from his belly.

    I made a quick trip to our “sex closet”, as we called it, and got the bondage equipment and soft ropes that we use occasionally to play erotic bondage games. When I got back to the table, I leaned over my husband and kissed him passionately. “I’ll try not to hurt you, Darling. If you think it’s about to hurt, stop me. Ok?”

    He nodded and I began binding his body to the table top. First, I bound his ankles to the large table legs using the ropes. Next, I passed several coils around one of his calves and pulled them tight. Once that was done, I passed the rope beneath the table and up the other side where I bound his other leg in the same manner. Finally, I pulled the rope taut so that there was no give.

    Looking at my husband’s erotically spread legs with his iron-hard dick in between, I whispered, “I can see why you love to tie me in wide-open spread positions, Lover. I never realized what I’ve been missing by not tying you like this before. You can expect a lot of this in the future, Honey.

    Having secured his lower legs, I did the same to his thighs. Next, I passed the ropes over his hips and tied them as tightly as possible to keep his hips from moving. Daren groaned a few times causing me to stop until his discomfort passed. For safety, I did the same to my husband’s belly.

    Stepping back from the table, I asked, “Can you move your ass or hips, Honey?”

    “As tightly as you have me tied, I can’t move at all.”

    “Good. Now let’s see how this works. Moving to the side of the table, I let my fingers lightly stroke his belly and then his balls. When I let my fingers slide slowly up the length of his engorged, throbbing shaft, he groaned. His hips flexed but did not move.

    “Did that hurt, Honey?”

    “No. Not at all. I can’t move enough to make it hurt. But It did feel fabulous!”

    “Mmmmmm... I like that. Now where was I in my story. Oh yes... I remember. Stan had Karyn bent over the table fucking her doggie while she licked my pussy. My cell was across the room so you probably couldn’t hear me howling when her tongue was working on my clit, but I just couldn’t stop throbbing. She kept licking me and making me cum until her pussy exploded around Stan’s big cock. Then she had to stop licking me until her clitoris and pussy stopped throbbing enough for her to continue.”

    As I described the action in erotic detail, my husband’s prick grew even darker as the blood surged into his organ. The big head was so swollen it looked like it might burst open. His balls were pulled so tightly against his ass, I couldn’t even imagine how much semen he had stored up that was just waiting to gush out. Again, I ran my fingers lightly up and down his cock. His hips would have thrust upward if they had not been so tightly bound to the table. Even so, his muscles did flex causing him to moan softly in pain.

    “Shall I stop, Darling? Does it hurt too much?”

    “A little but please don’t stop. The pleasure is far greater than the pain.”

    Seeing my husband was enjoying it rather then screaming with pain, I began to jack him off slowly as I continued my erotic story.

    “Could you hear your wife shrieking when I rode Stan’s dick, Honey.”

    “Ooohhh don’t stop... please... sooo good... don’t stop... please.”

    “I won’t. Did you hear me shrieking when I was riding Stan’s cock?”

    “Don’t know... aaahhh ... aaaahhhh... heard you howling and moaning a lot. OOOohhh yes! I couldn’t tell what you were doing all the time though.”

    “We had Stan sitting in a straight chair with his legs stretched out in front of him. I straddled him in reverse cowgirl position and used my legs to pump my pussy up and down on his thick shaft. Karyn was kneeling beside him stroking his balls and jacking his dick while it was inside my cunt.”

    “Ooohhh .... Ooohhh .... Ooohhh... jack me a little faster, Honey. Aaaaahhhh!!”

    “Can’t you just see it, Honey... Karyn’s naked except for her sexy heels... kneeling beside the chair holding Stan’s balls as your wife’s cunt slides sensuously up and down that big, hard, thick dick. When I raised up so that it slid out of me, Karyn jacked him with the upper half of his cock inside my pussy.” I leaned closer and whispered in my husband’s ear.

    “I’m on his dick, Baby. It’s in me... up my cunt hole... stretching me... eight and a half thick inches of cock sinking into me... my tits are bouncing like crazy as your wife fucks herself on that thick shaft. Every time it sinks into her, she moans and shrieks as her cunt throbs around him. Kneel down in front of me, Honey. Get close... really close... so you can see his cock sinking into my hot, squishing hole. Can you see it going into me... sliding out... see how your wife’s cunt lips cling to that big dick when it slides out. I’m about to cum now... I’m fucking myself on his cock faster... harder... deeper... aaaahhhh gawd damn!! I’m cumming.... I’M CUMMING! WATCH YOUR WIFE CUM ON THAT BIG COCK, HONEY!!”


    Daren’s cock continued to throb hard and shoot thick cum jets high in the air for almost a minute. I couldn’t believe how full his balls were, but then I thought about the fact that he hadn’t shot off for seven weeks. When his orgasm finally ebbed, he relaxed but his cock didn’t get soft.

    Daren’s iron-hard cock throbbed and jerked as Meghan jacked him off.
    When she began to tell him how hard she had cum on
    Stan’s huge cock, his dick exploded.

    “That was out-of-this-world wonderful, Honey. Thank you... THANK YOU! I loved it.”

    “So did I, Honey.”

    “Can we do it again?” he asked hopefully.

    “I know it hurts you. Can you stand the pain?”

    “It does hurt, but it’s worth it. Would you try sucking me off?”

    “You’re my husband, Darling... the man I love. I’ll suck your cock anytime you want... anywhere no matter who’s watching. But I want you to tell me if it’s too painful. I don’t to ruin all the progress you’ve made toward healing. Ok?”

    “I’ll tell you. I promise. Was it exciting for you to have sex with a stranger with Karyn doing it with you?”

    “Oh yes! I loved it! I never imagined how much fun a threesome with another woman and a man could be.”

    “I bet you would enjoy it even more with two men,” Daren suggested. That thought must have excited him a lot because his cock began to rapidly reach full erection.

    “It probably would. If the chance arises, do you want me to do that?”

    “Oh hell yes!” My husband’s dick was once again iron hard.

    “How about you, Darling? Have you ever fantasized about having a threesome with two women at the same time?”

    “Every man has that fantasy, Honey. I’m no exception.”

    “When your back is healed, would you like to fuck Karyn and me at the same time, Honey?”

    “Oh god... that’s such a hot thought, but I don’t think Dane or my wife would approve.”

    “Dane won’t know anything about it, Honey, and your slutty wife isn’t in a good position to be casting stones. I’ll even suck your cock until it’s hard as stone and then put it into her cunt for you.”

    “AAaahhhhhh god... really?”

    “Absolutely... but you have to promise to fuck me too. But let me go on with my story. Stan told me that he wanted to fuck me in missionary position so he could really ram it into my cunt. He ordered me to get on the couch and pull my knees back against my tits. I was really nervous, Honey. Stan’s cock is just huge and I wasn’t sure I could take it.”

    “But you did. You were really close to the cell, and I could hear you moaning and howling when he made you cum.”

    I started stroking my husband’s cock again... this time more rapidly. “I’m going to suck you now, Stud. Could you hear what I was saying while Stan was fucking me like a raging stallion?”

    “Almost every word... aaaahhh... god... that feels so good... When I heard you screaming something like... ‘I’m taking it....oohhhh gawd damn am I ever taking it!!! RAM MEEEEE!! OOOHHHH FUCK YESSSS!’ or something close to that, I got so hard I couldn’t resist trying to jack off, but as soon as I started, the pain almost made me pass out.


    This time, Daren’s load exploded in my mouth, and I swallowed every drop.

    Substitutes for Hubby:

    Over the next two weeks, I massaged Daren’s back and applied hot packs to promote healing of the torn muscles and tendons. Soaking in the hot tub was particularly effective in that it both applied heat and helped him to relax since the buoyancy of the water took some of the stress off his back. He particularly liked it when I got in the hot tub with him.

    “I think you just say that soaking in the hot tub really helps your back, you devious satyr. I know all you want is to get me naked and in the tub with you.”

    “It does help me, Honey. The hot water relaxes all the muscles of my back and the heat helps them to heal. Besides, you don’t have to tie me to table top to jack me off when we’re in the water.”

    “When you saw your orthopedic doctor the other day, did you ask him how long he thought it would be before we could start having sex again?”

    “I always ask that, and he always says about the same thing... nine months minimum... so about seven more months. Have you seen anyone since Stan laid you and Karyn?”

    “No... no, I haven’t. I wouldn’t do it behind your back, Honey.”

    “I know, but it’s been over two weeks since you had sex. Aren’t you getting horny again?”


    “Come on... get in the tub with me so I can finger your sexy pussy while you jack me off and tell me about Stan fucking you again.”

    “I’ve told you every detail at least seven or eight times now. Aren’t you getting tired of hearing the same story?”

    “Yeah. If you would do it again, it would take care of your horny pussy, and you’d have a new story or two to tell me while you get me off.”

    As my husband soaked in the hot tub, I slowly removed all my clothes except for my bra and skirt. When I moved toward the tub, Daren asked, “Aren’t you going to take off the rest of your clothes?”

    “I thought I would just straddle the edge of the tub and let you look up my skirt at my naked cunt while I stroke your cock, Honey. Sound good?”

    “Sounds fantastic. Tell me about Stan again while you do it.”

    “I’ve got something else I want to talk to you about, Darling. Now just relax and let me do all the work.” I straddled the edge of the tub and my husband eyes immediately locked onto my naked pussy.

    “Of fuck! That’s much sexier than if you were naked.”

    “Of course it is. That’s why men spend so much time trying to see up women’s skirts. And it’s why we are often careless and accidentally let our skirts slide up too high on our thighs or why we occasionally forget and open our legs too wide.”

    “Women are cock teasers.”

    “Of course we are. It’s so much fun to tease guys and get you hard and hot. And even though all of you complain about cock teasers, you actually love them. Am I spread wide enough for you, Honey? Can you see my cunt?

    “Oh yeah. Do it, Honey. Jack me off under the water.”

    “Mmmmmm... you are hard, Baby. I mean really hard! This the way you want it, Lover?”

    “Ohhhh yeah... I can’t wait until I can fuck your hot cunt again.”

    “You know a lot of guys that you know want to fuck my cunt, Honey.” Instantly, I felt Daren’s cock surging in my hand... growing even harder.

    “Guys always want to fuck beautiful women, Honey. Nothing new in that.”

    “That’s true, but there’s a big difference now.”

    “What?” Tell me?” he moaned.

    “Have you told the guys at your office about the problem with your back?”

    “I don’t have to tell them, Honey. They’ve seen me hobbling around for two months now.”

    “True, but do they know that you can’t fuck me because of the pain? Do they know that it will be another seven months before you can?”

    “I mentioned it to a couple of my friends. They asked me if my bad back prevented me from having sex with you. I didn’t want to lie, so I told them. But it was just two guys.”

    “One would have been enough, Darling. Men talk. Sometimes they talk about pussy they’ve already fucked, but what they really talk about is pussy they haven’t fucked yet, but hope to. My guess is that within a week after you told your two friends that you can’t fuck me, every guy in the department and a lot of other men outside the department knew it.”

    “Maybe, but I doubt it.”

    “Don’t doubt it, Darling. Believe it. Two of your golfing buddies, Tom and Victor, have already called me a couple of times to ask me if I would like to meet them for a drink or lunch. Jake... I can’t remember his last name... anyway, Jake has stopped by while you were at work and asked if there was anything he could help me with. He emphasized the “anything”.

    “Jake... you mean Jake Bramer, the physical plant foreman?”

    “Yeah. That’s him. Big guy... muscles every where and I might add, what looks like a sizable package in his pants.” Daren’s cock was now rock hard. I didn’t want him to cum yet, so I moved my hand to his balls and caressed them.

    “Don’t stop, Honey.”

    “Patience, Lover. I want you to explode when you shoot off. Let’s see, who else is trying to get into your wife’s cunt. Oh yes... Karl Heinmacher hit on me at a party. Wanted me to go outside with him. He’s called me several times now.”

    “Jezz... who else?”

    “Well, the guy who’s really putting on a full-court press is your dean, Randall Adamson. He’s already asked me twice for sex.”

    “He actually asked you for sex?”

    “His exact words were, ‘I want to fuck you, Meghan. A lot. Let me take care of your needs while Daren is laid up.”

    “Are you going to fuck any of them?”

    “Do you mind? Would it bother you to work with a guy who’s had his cock in your wife’s cunt or would it get you hard every time you thought about it?”

    “Do it with someone, Honey. I can’t stand the thought of you having to endure another seven months of celibacy.”

    “MMMmmmm... just think, Honey, very soon one of your friends or colleagues or maybe the physical plant foreman is going to have his cock up your wife’s pussy... fucking her... making her cum.”

    “Aaaahhh god! I’m gonna cum! Jack me off! DO IT!”

    “Oh Yeah! Shoot it, Lover. Just think about your boss’ cock up my cunt and SHOOT IT!”


    For the several days, Daren asked me every evening as soon as he shuffled into our home wearing his supporting back brace if I had fucked anyone. Each time I said no. I couldn’t tell if he was relieved or disappointed. But I knew that I was disappointed and getting more so as each day passed without my having a hard dick banging me.

    It was around 1 PM on a Thursday afternoon, when I decided that enough was enough. I just had to get laid., and from experience, I knew that the Starlight lounge was a good place to accomplish that. After taking a shower and doing my makeup, I slipped into a pair of dark, thigh-high stockings, a push-up bra that made my tits look even bigger than 34DD, and a pair of very brief black panties. When I tugged the tight-fitting black sheathe down over my hips, it just barely covered the tops of my stockings, and its plunging neckline put half of my tits on display. I had just slipped my four-inch CFM heels on when the doorbell rang.

    When I opened the door, I saw Jake Bramer standing there. He was wearing a tight T-shirt over his bulging muscles and a pair of tight pants that displayed his big package. That package had my pussy throbbing almost immediately. He simply oozed testosterone and masculinity.

    “Hi, Jake. Daren’s not home. He’s still at the college.”

    “I know he is. That’s why I’m here. My god! You look delicious, hot, and more than ready.”

    I knew exactly what he meant, and obviously, I was not going to have to go to the Starlight lounge to get laid, but I pretended I didn’t. “I don’t understand?”

    “It’s very simple, Meghan. I’m going to fuck you. Every time I see you, I get hard. I know you’re not getting any from your husband. He’s out of action for another seven or eight months. You can’t go that long without cock.”

    I stepped back from the door without saying anything, but that was all the invitation that Bramer needed. He moved through the door with the agility of a cat, pulled me into his arms, and kissed me. I pushed against his chest but not very hard. It was no more than token resistance which Jake ignored as he pressed his erection into my belly and kissed me even harder.

    When I got my lips free, I groaned, “We can’t do this! I’m married.”

    “You’re also horny and hot, and you both need it and want it. God, you have incredible tits. I can’t wait to see them and your legs. Do you like what you’re feeling against your mound?” Jake pulled me against his body once more and planted another passionate kiss on my mouth. I stopped pretending to struggle and opened my mouth to receive his tongue.

    “MMmmmmmmmm,” I moaned deep in my throat. Jake’s hands moved to my ass and lifted me so that his erection was now pressed firmly into my pussy. “OOhhhh my god, you’re so damn hard.”

    “You want it, don’t you?”

    “Yessssss,” I hissed while I ground my pussy against his erection.

    “Show me your legs and tits, Meghan.” It wasn’t a request. I knew if I didn’t show him what he wanted to see, this powerful stud was going to rip off my dress. Releasing me, Jake took a seat and repeated his command. “Let me see you, Meghan. All of you.”

    I sat down directly opposite him, leaned closer, and crossed my legs with the calf of my right leg resting on my left knee. Jake grinned as he stared at my exposed thigh.

    “Pull your dress higher, Meghan, and lift your right knee so I can see more of your thighs.”

    I felt totally slutty, but also incredibly excited. My pussy felt like it was on fire. I lifted my leg even higher knowing that it allowed him to see my black bikini panties.

    “Your panties. Open your legs and show them to me,” Jake ordered as his hand slowly stroked the huge bulge in his pants.

    Uncrossing my legs, I opened them enough for him to see everything.

    “Lift your dress, Meghan. Show me your panties.” I raised my dress immediately and spread wider for him.

    “Gorgeous! Just fucking gorgeous! I knew you were going to be magnificent. Now the tits.”

    Standing up, I unzipped my sheathe and allowed it to fall. It hung erotically from my nipples. Moving closer, I hefted both tits right in front of Jake. He was licking his lips when I sandwiched his face in my cleavage.

    I felt his tongue working in my cleavage while his hands were busy on my ass and thighs. I was surprised that he hadn’t yet pulled my panties down. Obviously, he was in no hurry. He knew he was going to fuck me and was making certain that we both enjoyed the foreplay.

    “Come on, Stud. The couch is more comfortable.” I pulled away and walked seductively to the couch. Before I was halfway there, my dress fell to the floor leaving me naked save for my black panties and heels.

    “What an ass!” Jake groaned when my dress fell away.

    My lover-to-be was still sitting in his chair when I leaned over the back of the couch facing him. Cupping both tits, I tugged and pulled my hard nipples. “Don’t just sit there, Honey. You promised me a delicious fucking. Come over here and keep your promise, Stud.”

    I didn’t have to ask Jake twice. He was on me in a flash, his hands hefting and squeezing my tits, his mouth locked onto my nipples sucking and biting them. He kept it up for several minutes until my body began to tremble with my approaching orgasm.

    As soon as he felt my body shaking with my impending orgasm, Jake pulled his mouth off of my swollen nipples and asked, “Do want to cum like this the first time, Meghan?”

    “Noooo,” I groaned helplessly. I want your cock ... in my mouth... in my cunt. Give it to me, Jake. Give me that big hard dick!”

    He stood up beside the couch and ordered me to get his cock out. “Take it out, Meghan... Take it out and suck it. Make yourself cum while you suck.”

    Kneeling in front of him, I had his pants and briefs off in seconds. As soon as his briefs cleared his huge organ, it surged upward, an engorged, pulsing, blood-filled sex stake that had my vagina contracting with anticipation.

    “Suck it, Slut. Suck it!”

    As soon as I opened my mouth, Jake held my head and thrust his cock inside. He gave me about 30 seconds of mouth fucking before he tilted my head back and pushed the head into my throat.


    He pumped me several times and then pushed more cock down my throat. My hand automatically flew to my pulsing clitoris and rubbed furiously. Jake’s grunts of masculine pleasure mixed with the gurgling sounds coming from my plugged mouth.

    “Here it comes, Meghan... Gonna pump your mouth fill of my load, Baby. AAAhhhhh.... ooohhhhh fuck... NOW! NOW! TAKE IT!” Jake drove his cock all the way into my throat, held it there as his buttocks clenched and fired... again and again... filling my mouth. I tried to swallow his load but there was just too much of it, and it was shooting into me too fast. Wad after wad entered my mouth and spurted out the corners of my mouth literally drenching me as my pussy exploded all over my hand.

    I thought Jake would pull his cock out of my mouth once he finished shooting off, but he had other ideas. “Keep sucking me, Honey. Get me hard again. It won’t take long. Then we’ll fuck.”

    It wasn’t more than a few minutes before his shaft was iron-hard and again fucking my throat. Suddenly, he jerked out of my mouth. “Fucking time, Meghan. Get your hot ass into the bedroom. I want to screw you on the same bed where your husband does.”

    I knew I should have been infuriated with his coarse, insulting language, but all it did was make my pussy throb even harder. I wanted his cock in me... NOW! I practically ran to the master bedroom and mounted the bed.

    “Legs up, Baby. Wide open. You know the position.”

    Quickly, I jerked my legs back into female fucking position. “FUCK ME! YOU HOT, DIRTY BASTARD! RAM THAT DICK INTO MEEEEE!!”

    Jake moved between my thighs, fitted his throbbing cock into my wet hole, and drove into me balls deep.

    “GGGHHHAAAA! YES! OH FUCK YES! YOU’RE IN MEEEEE... FUCKING MEEEE! I should be horsewhipped for letting you fuck me like this... aaaahhhh... GAWD DAMN! WHAT A COCK... FUCK MY HOLE! UNGHH.. UNGGHH... UNGGHH!! AAAAHH GAWD! I’M CUMMING... RAM IT INTO ME, STUD! I’M CUMMINGGG!”

    I had three intense orgasms before Jake filled me with his second load. Even after he had ejaculated, his hips continued to pump me hard driving my ass into the cushions of the couch. Once his cock was again hard, he made me cum again on his pumping dick before he let me rest.

    I sucked Jake’s big cock like a hot whore until he filled my mouth with such a
    huge load that it ran out and formed long cum ropes. Then,
    he screwed me in my bedroom making me cum multiple times.

    As we walked into the kitchen, I saw that it was now 2:30. Jake had been playing with my body and fucking me for an hour and a half. “My husband generally comes home from work around 5 PM. You have to leave in time for me to clean up, Honey.”

    “No problem. Let’s have a quick beer then you can ride my cock.”

    “MMMmmmm... sounds like fun. Why bother with the beer. Let’s just fuck.”

    “Oh yeah. I knew you’d be a hot, delicious fuck. Can I pick them or can I pick them!”

    When the clock on the mantel chimed 3 PM, I was still pumping my pussy up and down Jake’s shaft and having multiple orgasms. Each time my vagina convulsed around his thick sex gun, I couldn’t suppress my howling, wild screams. I hardly recognized my own voice. Jake had shot another load up my cunt while I was riding him. Amazingly, he stayed hard inside me.

    “Enough of this position. We don’t have much time left. I want your ass now, Meghan. Get on your back with your legs pulled up against your tits and your ass up in the air. Hurry!”

    “You’re way too big, Honey. I can’t take you up my ass.”

    “Ass holes stretch, Baby. You’ll take it all and beg for more. Where’s the lube?”

    “Bedside table. Hurry!”

    Ten minutes later, I was taking Jake’s cock all the way up my ass and loving ever second of it. I lost track of my orgasms before Jake’s cock pumped in his fourth load of the afternoon into my widely stretched, gaping asshole.
    I had another 7 or 8 orgasms riding Jake’s cock and then
    a lot more when he fucked my ass.

    Of course, as soon as Daren got home from work, he wanted to know if I had seen anyone while he was at work.”

    “Seen anyone?” I asked even though I knew very well what he was asking.

    “I’m sorry. I really didn’t make my question very clear, Honey. You would think that a mathematician would be able to phrase a question more precisely than I just did. I wanted to ask if you had sex with anyone today. Did you?”

    “As a matter of fact, Darling, your wife got her slutty ass nearly fucked off by a powerful, big-cocked stud. He came by the house at 1 PM and didn’t leave until around 4:30.” I could already see my husband’s cock getting hard inside his pants.

    “Who was it,” he asked. He was so excited that his voice cracked when he asked the question.

    “Jake Bramer... the physical plant foreman I told you about.”

    “Did you invite him over?”

    “No. He just came by and told me bluntly that he wanted to fuck me... no, that’s not right. What he actually said was that he was going to fuck me. He just stepped inside the doorway, pulled me into his arms, and kissed me hard while his hands were roaming over my body. At first, I tried to resist, but he’s just too powerful. I couldn’t get away and after ten minutes of feeling his huge cock grinding into my pussy, his hands all over my tits and ass, and his tongue inside my mouth, I really didn’t want to escape. I’m sorry. Are you furious? I wouldn’t blame you.”

    “Of course not! I’ve been suggesting you find someone to take care of your sexual needs until I recover. How many times did he fuck you?”

    “He had his cock in me for hours... for almost the entire three and a half hours he was here. He shot four or five loads of cum into me... one in my mouth, two or three in my cunt, and one inside my ass. I must have had 25 or more orgasms. I just couldn’t stop cumming.”

    “Is he big... I mean his cock.”

    “I know what you mean, Darling. He’s bigger than Stan... about 9 inches and so thick I can’t get my hand around his dick.”

    “Did it hurt when he put it in your ass, Honey?”

    “A little, but we used a lot of lubricant, and once he got it into me, I began rubbing my clit while he fucked me, and I couldn’t stop cumming. It seemed like every time he rammed it into me, I had an orgasm.”

    “I’m so fucking hot and hard, I can’t believe it.

    “MMMmmmmm. I love that. Do you want me to jack you off now or wait until after dinner when we have a lot of time to play?”

    “After dinner sounds hot. Let’s wait. Will you try to ride me tonight?”

    “I think that will really hurt you, Darling... a 127 lb weight pounding up and down on your hips. You’re going to end up screaming in agony.”

    “Yeah. I guess you’re right. We’d better forget you trying to ride me.”

    “Don’t worry, Darling. I’ll make it wonderful for you. I promise.”


    For the next week, Daren couldn’t get enough details about what Jake and I had done that afternoon. We were using the hot tub at least once a day, sometimes more than that, and each time, I jacked him off while he floated in the buoyant water and listened to me describing how Jake had fucked me.

    Although Daren had visited Dr. Hamilton two weeks before, I thought I might be able to get more details than he had, and I also hoped that he had some advice as to how I might help to speed my husband’s recovery. I really needed to speed the process up as much as possible because I was getting desperate.

    At first, I had been desperate because of lack of sex. But after Stan and Jake had given me two of the hardest, most intense, and most fantastic sexual experiences I had ever had, I found myself eagerly looking forward to more of the same. Sex like that was positively addictive, and I was becoming afraid that I wouldn’t be able to give it up even after my husband’s injuries had healed.

    Since I didn’t have a regularly scheduled appointment, I persuaded Dr. Hamilton to see me after his regular appointments. I arrived at 4 PM, but as usual, his appointments ran over and it was 4:30 before his office was emptied of patients. At 4:40, the doctor came out into the waiting room to escort me back to his office.

    As soon as he saw me, his face seemed to brighten. It was a warm day, and I had worn a very short, black mini skirt with a low-cut, white top. With two buttons open, I was showing a lot of cleavage. At first, I thought about wearing thigh-high stockings, but then thought better of it. The only moderately conservative thing I wore were my 3-inch, pink heels. When the doctor stared at my bare legs and thrusting breasts, I realized I should have worn something more conservative in spite of the warm weather. I hadn’t given it any thought. For last month, I seemed to just automatically dress in something sexy.

    “Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, Doctor,” I said as I followed him into his office.

    “This isn’t a doctor-patient visit, Meghan so please call me Marcus. What can I do for you this evening? Is there a problem? Has Daren had a relapse or hurt his back again?”

    “Oh no! Not at all. In fact, he seems to be improving at a slow, but steady pace. I’ve made some notes and a chart of the things that I think indicate his progress. I’ve made copies for you.” When I handed him the folder containing the copies, he took it without looking at me. It seemed obvious that he was trying to not stare at my exposed tits and legs that my short skirt failed to cover.

    When Hamilton didn’t say anything, I continued. The problem isn’t my husband, Marcus, it’s me. I know you examined my husband two weeks ago. He told me that you were pleased with his progress but that it would probably be at least another six months before he could... eh... that is... before... before he could ... eh ... resume his normal activities.”

    “That’s my best guess. I could be longer, but its hard to see how it could be less than five or six months.”

    “Isn’t there anything I can do to help speed up his recovery, Marcus? I’ll try anything. Anything! I’m really desperate.” I took a seat on the edge of his desk and gave Marcus a suggestive smile. Somehow, I didn’t seem able to resist flirting and teasing men.

    “Well, Daren’s already back at work although he’s hobbling around. By normal activities, Meghan, are you referring to sexual activities?”

    My voice was no more than a whisper when I said, “Yes... sexual activities.”

    “And you’re so desperate you’re willing to try anything to get your husband to the point where he can have full sex with you again?” This time, I couldn’t even speak. I just nodded.

    “And I presume your desperation is due to the fact that you haven’t had sex for over two months now and the prospect of another seven months without sex is overwhelming... right?”

    “No. That’s not it. Before his accident, Daren and I were having sex everyday... usually twice. Then suddenly, after the accident, zero ... no sex at all. My husband is distraught over his inability to take care of the sexual needs of his wife... so much so... that for the last month, he’s been urging... actually begging... me to see other men. Finally, I gave in and started doing that a little over two weeks ago.”

    “Now I am confused,” Marcus replied. “Since you’re having sex, why are you desperate? I can understand why your husband might be, but why you?”

    “Because I’ve discovered that having frequent sex with a variety of well-endowed, randy studs is addictive. If I pass a bar or a club on my way to the grocery store, I have a near overwhelming urge to go inside and pick up a man for more sex. Sooner or later one of these men is going to turn out to be a sadist and really hurt me, or he’s going to be a blabber mouth and brag to everyone in sight. But Daren wants me to keep doing it until he recovers, and the truth is, I want to keep doing it too. The only solution I see is get my husband well enough for us to resume our vigorous sex life. I came here hoping you could help me.”

    “Unfortunately, Meghan, I don’t have any magic elixir to heal torn muscles or compressed discs. I do, however, have the means to take care of your other problem. I have a well-endowed, trim body, and I’m neither a sadist nor a braggart.”

    Grinning, I opened two more buttons on my blouse and moved even closer to Marcus. With him sitting in his chair while I was seated on his desk, his eyes were only inches away from my half-exposed tits. They had his full attention for a moment, but that changed quickly when I crossed my legs so that my thigh was exposed all the way up to my buttocks. Now his eyes were darting back and forth between my tits and legs.

    “Are you willing to share your sexy body to help a desperate woman, Marcus?” I whispered softly.

    “How about a regular appointment every Thursday afternoon at 3:30 PM, Meghan? You would be my last patient and I could take my time administering the best treatment for your problem.”

    “Mmmmmm... that’s not a good as curing my husband, but it’s close. When can we start?”

    "The sooner we start treatment, Meghan, the sooner your problem will be cured."

    "Oh yes, Doctor. Start the treatment. Cure me," I hissed in his ear.

    Pushing his chair back from the desk, he opened my legs and pulled me onto his lap. If I ever had any doubts about whether the good doctor's cock was hard, feeling his throbbing shaft rammed against my pussy removed all lingering doubts. His hands came up and quickly removed both of my tits from my blouse. Marcus hefted and squeezed one of them while his mouth, lips, and tongue worked over the other one. As he sucked and bit my nipple, my ass hunched and rotated against his erection."

    "Oh god, Doctor. I think this treatment is going to work... mmmmm.... more... more! Give me more treatment, Doctor," I groaned. When his hips began thrusting between my legs, I sighed in hot pleasure.

    "Oral injections of the elixir sometimes are very effective in alleviating stress and desperation in wives, Meghan."

    "Oooohhh... I can imagine it would be, Doctor. Are you going to give me an oral injection?"

    "Do you want one?"

    "Yes! Oh yes, Doctor. Relieve my stress with a big oral injection." I only took Marcus a moment to have me in position to receive his oral injection. He leaned against his desk, his pants and shorts now down around his ankles. Putting his hand on the back of my head, he pulled me downward to receive the injection.

    "UUmmppggg... uugghh... oommppfff!"

    At first, I gagged slightly, but that quickly passed, and I buried Marcus' injection equipment down my throat.

    "For best results, you need to suck it hard and deep, Meghan."


    "Are you ready for your treatment, Meghan. I know you can't talk with the injector all the way down your throat. Just nod your head if you're ready for my desperation-curing elixir."

    I nodded my head vigorously, and Marcus' "injector" pumped gush after gush of his stress-curing medication down my throat. At the same moment as he administered the first application, my clit erupted in hard, spastic contractions beneath my stroking fingers.

    "AAAHHHHHH GAWD DAMN!" We both howled at almost the same time.

    I was so wildly excited, I couldn't stop sucking on Marcus' cock. Now that he was only semi-hard, I had no problems taking him fully down my throat. Locking my lips around the base of his suck, I applied intense suction to his probe while caressing his balls with one hand and finger fucking his anus with the other. It only took me a few minutes to get the Doctor's injector ready for my next treatment.

    "Need to prepare the site first," Marcus gasped. He boosted me back onto his desk and raised my legs. I leaned back and clutched my tits as he leaned into my sex saddle to "prepare the site" for the second elixir injection. It was a good thing we were the only ones present in Marcus' offices because I couldn't stop screaming when his tongue swabbed over my throbbing, erect clit while his fingers probed my hole and stroked over my G-spot.

    It was only minutes before I screamed, "OHHHH FUCK! OOHHHH FUCKKK!!" AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!"

    My vagina contracted in hard spasms... again and again. I had the feeling that my site had been prepared. When Marcus put me in doggie position and mounted me a moment later inserting his thick injector, I was certain that it had been.

    "UUnngghhhh! Yes... oohhh fuck yesss... Do it to meeeeee... hard! UUnngghh!!"

    "Yes. Hard! and Deep! The injection has to be inserted deep into your vagina, Meghan. And it has to be rammed hard against your cervix so that the elixir will penetrate and take care of your problem."

    "Oh Fuck Yes! I understand, Doctor. AAAhhhh... UUNNGGHHH! GGhhhaaaa!! Ram it in hard, Doctor. All the way into me... deep... inject meeeeeeeeee! NOW. I'm wide open for you... INJECT MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!"

    Marcus gave me the injection just like that... with hard, ramming thrusts of his probe... and deep inside my cunt... right at the opening to my womb. I screeched like a wild animal as he pumped in the medication.

    Having treated me orally and vaginally, Marcus informed me that the complete treatment for this session needed to include an anal application of the medication. I was giggling with excitement when he stripped me naked and again carefully prepared the injection site. A soothing, lubricating lotion was applied liberally to the site to allow the big injector to slide into me easily.

    When Marcus inserted the applicator, I heard myself groaning as I squirmed and hunched against him to assist with the insertion. Once again, Marcus drove it into me deep and hard.


    The thick injection tube plunged in and out of my rectum... stretching me... until it was buried inside my ass.


    Dr. Hamilton first gave me a large oral injection. Then, after properly preparing the injection site,
    he administered a deep cuntal injection. Finally, I received an anal injection to be
    certain my problem was cured, at least until the next treatment


    On the drive home, I decided not to tell Daren about the "treatment" Marcus had given me or about the regularly scheduled appointments for more such treatments every Thursday afternoon. With Jake fucking me every week, and Karyn and I seeing Stan two or three times a month, there were plenty of sensuous adventures to relate to my husband when I was jacking him off or sucking his cock.

    By the time three months had passed since my husband's accident, I had had sex with five different men who had fucked me on 15 different occasions: Jake Bramer a half dozen times, Stan Thomson three times, Marcus Hamilton three times, Brian Adams one of my husband's math colleagues twice, and Tom Selmon, Daren's golf buddy and assistant professor in Daren's department, once. Since each man usually screwed me four or even five times when we got together, I had actually been fucked between 60 to 70 times.

    I was a little surprised that Karl Heinmacher hadn't hit on me nor had Randall Adamson followed up on his twice-repeated request for sex. However, the College Mixer and Party the Dean hosted every semester was coming up the following week, and I had a suspicion that Adamson had plans for me.


    The day of the college mixer, I first got dressed and then had to help Daren get into his clothes. Since the mixer was casual dress, I wore a halter top, tight jeans, and heels. Normally, Daren would have worn a sports coat and an open-necked shirt, but with his back brace, none of his shirts would fit. Instead, he wore his usual sweater with a loose-fitting jacket and jeans.

    "I'll probably be the only man at the party wearing a pullover sweater," he complained.

    "No one expects you to be wearing anything else over your brace, Darling. Everyone will be delighted that you're able to attend the party."

    "I guess you're right, Honey. Anyway, no one's going to be looking at me with you wearing that low-cut top, tight jeans, and heels."

    "I hoped you would notice. Think I'm going to outrage anyone?"

    "Probably a lot of the wives. All the men are going to be so engrossed with your big tits, bare midriff, and sexy ass that they won't have the time nor the mental capacity to be outraged."

    "Does that bother you, Honey? I can change if you like."

    "Doesn't bother me at all. I'm already too hard to think about being bothered. I just wish I could fuck you."

    "Get in line, Honey. Get in line."

    "Is there going to be a line tonight?"

    "Maybe. I don't think Jake or your colleagues are as discreet as I had hoped they would be."

    "I know. I'm sorry about that, Meghan, but I really can't control what they say when I'm not around."

    "Don't worry about it, Honey. I'm not really upset or sorry. It does my ego a world of good to see all those men with hard erections."

    "Do you think you'll be fucked tonight?"

    "Are you hoping that I will be or that I won't be?"

    "I guess some of both."

    As we walked to the car, I was pleased to see that my husband no longer needed his walker. He still shuffled his feet somewhat, but his stride and confidence were improving day-by-day. I reached our car ahead of him, turned, and struck what I hoped was a sexy pose for my husband. "Come on, Honey. Take your slutty wife to the party."

    When Daren opened the car door for me, I could see his erection causing his pants to bulge outward.


    By 9 PM, I had danced with a half dozen different men, and every one of them let his hands slide downward until they were cupping my buttocks and pulling my mound against a very hard cock. I usually let them feel me up for a minute or so before saying that we were creating a scene and pulled their hands back up to my waist. None of them were all that disappointed, however, because I kept my mound pressed firmly against their hard dicks.

    Four of the six men propositioned me as we moved slowly to the music. Brian Adams and Tom Selmon, who were trying to score for the third and second times, respectively, were both surprised when I put them off. Victor Franks, who trying to get into me for the first time, suggested we spend some quality time together the next week. I suggested that he call me. Finally, Dean Adamson invited me to his lakeside vacation house the following Friday.

    "Have you ever had more than one man at the same time, Meghan?" Adamson whispered in my ear as we danced.

    "Just in my fantasies, Professor Adamson," I whispered back.

    "Call me Randall, please. I would like for you to join me at my vacation house on the lake on Friday ... say around 10 AM. A young man in his mid-twenties will be with me, and we intend to turn your erotic fantasies into reality."

    "I don't think my husband would approve, Randall," I teased as his cock pressed against me.

    "Then we won't tell him. Do you enjoy big cocks, Meghan?"

    "Like the one pressing against my pussy?"

    "Yes... and even bigger."

    "That sounds very erotic."

    "It will be. 10:00 AM... Friday."

    When Dean Adamson left me to visit with some of the other faculty and their wives, I went looking for Daren without success. It must have been obvious that I was looking because Gail Adamson, Randall's sensuous-looking wife, approached me and asked if I were trying to find my husband.

    "As a matter of fact, I am. Have you seen him?"

    "Yeah. He's in the study lying down on the couch. I guess that brace tires him out a lot. How is he now?"

    "Much better. The doctor says he should be completely healed in another six months or so."

    "You must be very anxious for that to happen, Meghan. I don't see how you're coping. I don't think I could."

    I knew Gail was probing for some information about how I was taking care of my sexual needs, but I just smiled and said I needed something to drink. I had just taken a seat when Karl Heinmacher leaned over me and stared down my cleavage. He didn’t avert his eyes when I looked up at him.

    "Sie haben absolut prächtige Busen, Meghan. Big, beautiful tits... I love them." He was sitting down even as he said it.

    "Thank you, Karl. As I remember, you've seen them before... In fact, you seen a lot more of them than you can see now."

    "Ah yes! I have. Indeed, I have. And I want to see them again... up close and personal... tonight... now. Open another button on your halter, Meghan. Lassen Sie mich Ihre Busen sehen."


    "You heard me. Let me see your tits."

    Heinmacher's commanding German tone had me slipping open another button on my blouse and leaning forward over the table. I was so exposed he could almost see my nipples. I felt wetness coating my thighs when I leaned over the table and let Karl see most of my tits.

    "So fantastisch erotisch. Ich muss Sie ficken."

    "I don't speak German, Karl."

    "Oh... Entschuldigen Sie mich. I'm sorry. When I get excited, I just automatically lapse into my native language. I said that your tits are just fantastically erotic and that I want to fuck you."


    "Of course not. Go out to the parking garage. I'll follow in a few minutes."

    After turning down Adams, Selmon, Franks, and Adamson, I didn't quite understand why I was obediently following Heinmacher's order, but almost as soon as he had told me to go to the parking garage, I was walking in that direction. I only had to wait a few minutes before Heinmacher joined me.

    "This is crazy, Karl. If we're here very long people are going to miss us."

    "Very true, so let us not waste any time."

    Heinmacher backed up his plan not to waste any time by first pulling my halter down below my tits allowing them surge outward.

    "Wunderbar! Großartig!"

    After hefting my tits and planting kisses on both nipples, he spun me around and pressed me down against the hood of one of the parked cars. Hooking his fingers into the waistband of my jeans, Heinmacher quickly removed both my jeans and panties. As soon as he had me naked, I felt my left leg being hoisted up onto the car.

    "Do it, you hot bastard. Stick that big Deutscher Schwanz into me, Stud."

    "Have you had a German cock before, Meghan?"

    "No. Never."

    "Yes you have," he growled at the same time as he rammed his thick tool into my waiting pussy. After just two thrusts, he had his shaft buried inside me and was fucking me fiercely bringing hot groans from my lips.

    "Oh fuck, yes," I hissed. Karl drove into me hard. "UUNNGGHH!"

    "Hot fuck bitch. Wet cunt hole. Take my Schwanz, Schlampe... Squeeze my cock, you hot slut."

    "Oh gawd! I'm cumming! Aaahhhhh!"

    "I know you are. I can feel that hot fuck hole throbbing around my dick." Hooking his arm beneath my leg, Karl pulled me upright forcing me to balance on one heel as he slammed his meat into my even faster. I could hear, as well as feel, the dull thud of his cock every time it banged into my womb.

    "OOhhhh... hammer me, Baby. Ram it into meeeeeeeeeeeee!!"

    "Gonna cum, Meghan. Do I need to pull out?"

    "No... NO!!! Cum in me! Cum inside my cunt, Karl. Shoot me full!"

    Even though I had turned down several other hot guys, I followed
    Karl’s order and went to the parking lot with him. It only took him
    15 minutes to screw me and fill me cunt with his cum load.

    Fifteen minutes later, I was back inside the house dancing with another man. Karl came in 10 minutes after I did. He never looked at me ... just went to the bar and poured himself a drink.

    By 11 PM, I still hadn't located my husband and was about to enlist Adamson's help in finding him when Heinmacher moved behind me and whispered in my ear.

    "Go back to the parking garage, Meghan. Take every thing off except your heels. I'll join you in ten minutes. This time you will be on top riding my schwanz."

    "My husband is ... "

    "Quiet! Go to the parking garage. Be naked in 10 minutes."

    My clitoris was already erect and throbbing as I made my way back to the parking garage for the second time that evening. Precisely 10 minutes after ordering me back to the parking garage, Heinmacher joined me. As ordered, I was naked except for my heels. Two minutes later, Karl was lying in the bed of a pickup truck, and I was riding him reverse cowgirl with my tits bouncing every time his cock rammed into my hole.

    I came three times before Karl emptied himself into me for the second time that evening. When I returned to the house, I asked Adamson where Daren was.

    "He's sleeping in the study. He might be awake by now. He was very tired and told me he needed to rest."

    Daren was awake and alert when I entered the study. "Hi, Honey. Are you feeling better now?"

    "Oh yes. Much better. I'm sorry for abandoning you like that, Honey, but my back was hurting and I needed to lie down."

    "I'm glad you did. Do you want to rejoin the party or leave?"

    "Did anyone fuck you?"

    "Yes... twice, as a matter of fact."

    "Who... where? Tell me all the hot details."

    "Later, Honey... when I've got you in bed so I can take care of that hard cock."

    Fantasy Becomes Reality:

    Daren was now able to remove his back brace at night and during the evening when he wasn't moving around very much, which pleased us both enormously. Unfortunately, he still couldn't fuck me, but I was able to masturbate him without the benefit of the buoyant effect of the water in the hot tub, and, if I were very careful, I could straddle his face and he could give me an orgasm orally. But it was still frustrating because I had be certain that I didn't lower my weight onto him completely, which made it difficult for me to climax.

    The week following the college party was a busy one for me. As I expected, my phone rang not more the 30 minutes after Daren had left for his office on Monday morning. Victor Franks wasted no time in idle chit chat.

    "How about joining me for lunch at Morgan's Deli and then spending some time with me this afternoon, Meghan?"

    "Why bother with lunch? Get a room somewhere well away from the college and give me a call."

    As it turned out, Franks was so anxious that we skipped lunch completely. From 11 AM until almost 3 PM, we were in a Motel 8 about five miles down the interstate exploring how many different ways and positions we could find or invent for Victor to fuck me. The one we both liked best was with me on my back my legs straight up in the air.

    Since he was in his mid-30's and hadn't had me before, I wasn't surprised when he was able to answer the call four times before he was unable to continue. When he wasn't fucking me, he was doing me with his tongue. Before we left, I had had over a dozen intense orgasms.

    On Tuesday, Karyn and I had another evening out, and once again, we hooked up with Stan. This time one of his friends, Lester, joined us. We danced and had a few drinks before going back to Stan's place where the two studs gave us both several royal screwings, sometimes one-at-a-time ... sometimes both of them doing one of us.

    On Wednesday, I slept late, cleaned the house, and prepared a standing rib roast for our dinner. Daren was elated as standing rib roast with baked potatoes was his favorite. After dinner, he asked eagerly, "What's for dessert, Honey?"

    "Something very special for my main man, Lover, fellatio a la Meghan. Come with me, Lover."

    I helped Daren into bed and admonished him, "Now don't thrust. Just lie still and let me do all the work." It worked reasonably well. Daren couldn't stop moaning. He did cry out in pain twice when he couldn't resist arching his hips upward to thrust his raging erection deeper into my mouth. When his cock exploded its load into my mouth, he both grunted with hot pleasure and moaned with the pain, but his dick continued to pulse and shoot for at least 30 seconds before his orgasm ebbed.

    Thursday afternoon was my regularly scheduled appointment with Marcus. Once again, the good doctor gave me several injections of his elixir that did wonders for my depression.

    That evening, I masturbated Daren twice as I gave him brief thumbnail sketches of my meetings with Franks, Stan, and Lester. As before, I didn't mention Marcus.


    As soon as Daren left for work on Friday morning, I hurried to get ready for my date with Dean Adamson and his young friend, whoever that might be. Since it was a warm summer afternoon, I opted for a tight, off-the-shoulder red top, a short, black mini skirt, and matching heels. I did wear a pair of red, bikini panties but no bra. When I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I decided that the Dean and his friend would probably like my selection.

    It was ten minutes past 11 AM when I arrived at Dean Adamson's lakeside vacation house. I would have been on time, but I took a wrong turn in the winding roads of the lakeside property. After ringing the bell, I was surprised... actually shocked would be closer to the truth... when Gail Adamson opened the front door. She stared at me in my braless tight top and very short skirt without saying a word.

    Needless to say, I was at a total loss as to what to say. I was certain that "Good morning, Gail. I just dropped by to fuck your husband" was probably not appropriate. To make matters worse, the property was so far off the beaten track that it was obvious that I hadn't just happened to be in the neighborhood and stopped by for a chat with the Dean's wife. Unable to think of anything reasonable to say, I just stood there... mute.

    Finally, Gail broke the silence. "Relax, Meghan. Randall's showing the guys the property, and then he's going to take them on a trip around the lake in our cabin cruiser. It will be an hour or more before they return. Come inside. Let's have a drink and get better acquainted."

    I took a seat at their wet bar while Gail fixed the drinks. "I'm having screwdriver, Meghan. What would you like?"

    "A glass of wine would be nice."

    "White or red?"

    "Red, please. Something not too dry."

    "I have a nice Lambrusco. That Ok?"


    When Gail handed me the wine, she said, "Let's go to the den. It's more comfortable there."

    We had just taken seats opposite each other before I finally said something other than answer to one of Gail's questions. "I think it's obvious that I'm very embarrassed. I didn't expect to see you here."

    "Just because my husband and his friends are all going to fuck you later today?" When I didn't reply, Gail added, "Haven't you ever watched that sexy husband of yours sinking his cock into another woman?"

    "No... never," I gasped.

    "Oh Honey. You don't know what you're missing. That's an incredibly erotic sight, and the best part is how much it turns the men on... particularly your husband. Later on, he'll bang you harder and better than he ever has."

    "I guess I can see how that would be very hot and exciting for a husband. Are you going to watch Randall and his friend with me today?"

    "Friends... not friend, Meghan."

    "Randall told me that there would be one other young man."

    "There will be four men counting Randall, Meghan."

    "Four?" The thought both scared me and made my pussy throb. "Why did Randall tell me there would be just one?"

    "Well, you can't very well blame him for not wanting to scare you away. But don't worry, Meghan. These guys are great lovers... take my word for it. You're gonna love it!" My clit pulsed even harder as juices seeped into my panties.

    "Does Daren know you're here?"

    "Of course not!"

    "Too bad. He could have joined in." Gail saw me shaking my head and quickly added, "Oh. I'm sorry, Meghan. I forgot about his back injury. How long has it been since he's been able to fuck you anyway?"

    "Since his injury. About four months ago. The doctor says it will probably another two to five months before he can do it."

    "That's why you're seeing other men now, isn't it?"

    "Yes. I resisted totally at first, but Daren kept insisting that being injured was bad enough without feeling that he was causing me pain as well. He finally persuaded me."

    "As you should have been persuaded. In fact, I'm surprised you weren't doing it on your own initiative to begin with. Tell me, Meghan, has Daren ever suggested the two of you expand your marriage to include other sex partners?"

    "Once or twice, but nothing really serious."

    So how many men have you fucked, Meghan, since Daren's accident?"

    I hesitated counting up the men... eight, but I had no desire to tell Gail Adamson that. So, I just replied truthfully, "I'd really rather not say, Gail."

    "Ok. Fair enough, but however many it is, you'll be able to add four more when you go home to hubby this evening. Have you ever had sex with another woman?"

    This time, I answered immediately. "No. No, I haven't."

    Gail smiled enigmatically as she slowly removed her suit jacket. Dropping it onto the floor, she slid off the couch onto the floor right in front of me. Although she was wearing a blouse beneath her jacket, it was nothing more than a totally transparent, dark negligee. Every contour of her big tits and nipples were easily seen through the garment.

    Rising to her knees, Gail leaned toward me cupping her breasts... essentially holding them out to me. "I don't think my tits are as large as yours, Meghan, but don't you think they're large... very nice... sexy?"

    I was surprised when I realized that Gail's erotic, brazen display of her tits had me breathing harder. Although I had never considered having sex with a woman before, I was certainly thinking about it now.

    "Wouldn't you like to feel them, Meghan? You can if you like, you know. I would love it."

    "The men... your husband...," I stammered.

    "Won't be back for at least another hour and what if they do come back earlier? Seeing us together will just get their cocks hard as iron and ready to fuck your brains out, Honey, which we both know they're going to do whether we get it on or not."

    "Are you going to watch them fucking me?" I said in a hot whisper.

    "Of course. I'll be finger fucking my pussy while they're screwing you."

    "OOohhhh god... will they do you too?"

    "Maybe, but they've already spent most of the day yesterday fucking me. They're going to be much more interested in banging a new pussy and ass... yours."

    I watched as Gail leaned back, raised her hips, and removed her thong. It was carelessly tossed aside on top of her discarded jacket. Staring right at me, she planted her heels on the tiled floor and slowly opened her legs. The brunette's pussy was shaved and very wet. Her pussy lips were darker than mine but about the same size.

    "Your pussy's wet," I whispered.

    "Very wet. So is yours, I'm sure."

    "How do you know that for sure?"

    "I don't. Take off your skirt and panties and show me."

    "I've never done this before."

    She moved even closer, steepled one knee, and dropped her other leg to the floor. The position not only spread her wide open, it also thrust her pussy right at me. "Don't you want to, Meghan? Don't you want to taste me... to make me throb on your tongue... to make me scream and convulse against your mouth. And then have me do the same to your pussy? Show me your pussy, Meghan. I'll do you first."

    When I hesitated, Gail growled, "Come on, get naked, you hot slut. Show me the pussy all those men are going to be fucking this afternoon."

    I couldn't think of any reasonable excuse not to do what Gail was demanding. Quickly, I stripped off my top. It only took a few seconds to open the buttons of my skirt and pull it down my legs along with my thong. Tossing my skirt and panties on top of Gail's clothes, I leaned back in my chair and spread my legs.

    "Oh yes! Oh fuck yes!" Gail hissed as her fingers stroked her clit. Spread wider, Meghan. Open your pussy."

    Raising my leg, I draped it over the arm of the chair and used two fingers to spread my pussy open for Gail's inspection. "Like it?" I whispered.

    "MMMmmmmm... wet hot fuck hole. What's not to like. Randall and those guys are going to go crazy over your hot body, Meghan. Shall we get your pussy primed and ready for their cocks?"

    "Let me do you first."

    "Yesss! OOhhhh YES! She leaned back and groaned, "Do meeeee... Hurry! Lick me!"

    Kneeling, I moved between the brunette's gaping thighs and pressed my lips against her sex.

    "AAaahhhhh.... yes!" she cried.

    I had always wondered why some men love eating pussy... now that I had my tongue and face buried in Gail's, I understood why. Her musky aroma was intoxicating. Every time I raked my tongue over her swollen, engorged clitoris, she howled and arched her ass. It was such a power rush... I could make this beautiful, older woman cry out at will. A finger pushed into her cunt and over her G-spot brought wails of delight from her. Another finger inside her anus caused her tongue to shoot out and flick over her top lip as her hips hunched wildly.

    "AAaahhh god... don't stop...DON'T STOP... DO ME MORE!!" Gail screamed. "FINISH MEEEE!!"

    I gave her what she wanted. Holding her pussy open with my fingers, my tongue lashed up and down the length of her swollen clit while the fingers of my other hand worked her G-spot. Her vagina contracted in a several hard spasms causing her to whoosh air. As she approached her climax, Gail's ass hammered up and down on the floor. Her eyes rolled back, juices spurted, at the same times as her cunt and ass channels contracted in hard, repeated spasms.


    Ten minutes later we were in Gail's bedroom. She was mounted on me in missionary position. My legs were up around her hips as she rode me, the thick dildo attached to the strap on pounding my ass deep into the mattress. I came three times before the friction of the strap-on against Gail's clit caused her to climax with me.

    It was my first sexual experience with another woman, but I knew it
    wouldn’t be my last. I had several intense orgasms.


    Randall and his three friends came back a little past 1 PM. By that time, I was again dressed, and Gail and I had laid out some snacks and beer on the dining room table. Randall came over and kissed me as soon as he entered the room.

    "Hi, Meghan. Hope you and my wife had a good time this morning. Actually, knowing my wife, I'm sure you did." I nodded my agreement and Randall made the introductions.

    "Meghan, these fine looking male specimens are Wayne, Alex, and Drake. Gentlemen, this is Mrs. Meghan Markley. Her husband is the head of our mathematics department."

    I was certain that the sex would begin immediately, but apparently the morning had been somewhat taxing for the guys because they all had good appetites for the food. I wondered if their appetites for me would be as voracious.

    I need not have worried or wondered. As soon as the four men finished with the food, they started on the dessert, me. My tits didn't stay concealed for more than a couple of minutes. I think it was Randall who pulled my top down and began hefting my tits. I hadn't realized the men were removing their clothes until Wayne thrust his dick into my mouth. At almost the same time, Alex put his into my left hand while my right hand wrapped around Drake's bare shaft.

    As the hard cocks pumped my mouth and both hands, Randall's hands abandoned my tits. A moment later, I felt him trying to lift my hips so he could get me out of my skirt and panties. Arching my ass to help him, I suddenly felt my panties and dress moving downward. A few seconds later, they were off and Randall's hands were all over my pussy and ass.

    Once I was naked save for my heels and my top that was now bunched uselessly below my tits, the men all moved to new positions with me on my knees bent over Randall's legs with Wayne standing behind the couch thrusting his iron-hard cock into my mouth. A third guy, either Drake or Alex moved behind me and nailed his prick up my cunt. The fourth stud was playing with my tits while Randall jacked off watching my tits swinging back and forth every time the cocks rammed into my pussy or my mouth.

    With four men working on me at the same time, it only took a few minutes for me to cum for the first time. I had to pull my mouth off Wayne's cock when my orgasm exploded to be sure I wouldn't accidentally bite him.


    From some where in the room, I heard Gail's high-pitched voice screaming, "Fuck the hot Bitch. Ram that dick up her cunt. Make her cum. OOOohhhh shit... so fucking hot. CUM INSIDE HER CUNT!!"

    Just before Wayne shoved his cock back inside my mouth, I looked over and saw Gail She was lying on the floor several feet away. Her jacket and panties were again off with both her tits and pussy exposed. Her fingers strummed over her clit as she screamed for the men to fuck me harder.

    I was still throbbing in my first orgasm when Alex howled that he was going to cum. He held my ass steady, rammed into me balls deep, and pumped stream after stream of thick, sperm-filled semen into my throbbing hole.

    “UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! OH FUCK! I’m cumming in her cunt. IT’S SO FUCKING TIGHT. CUMMING IN HER!” Alex howled as his load fired into my vagina.

    At this point, Randall yelled, "I need to fuck the hot Bitch! Set her on my cock!" Taking a seat on the couch, he held his hard dick straight up so the other men could lower me onto his shaft in reverse cowgirl position. As stretched and as lubricated as I was from Alex's huge load, Randall's tool slid into me easily.

    I saw Gail moving closer so she could see her husband's cock disappearing into my pussy. "It's going into her!" she yelled. "Shove her down on it!" Drake and Alex followed her orders.

    Once Randall's prick was balls deep inside me, Drake stood up and shoved his rock hard shaft into my mouth while my hands grasped the other two cocks. Alex's prick was only semi-hard, but he was recovering very rapidly. Once more, being serviced by four men drove me quickly to a second orgasm.

    “She’s cumming on my cock.” Randall yelled. “Her cunt’s throbbing like crazy! FUCK YOUR CUNT ON MY CUNT, MEGHAN. FUCK IT AND CUM!”

    The dean’s urging wasn’t necessary. Every time my clit and vagina throbbed, I frantically hammered my hips up and down on his cock. Randall lasted longer inside my contracting pussy than I thought he would, but after 10 minutes of fierce, hard fucking, he grunted like a bull and ejaculated a half dozen times. I came again when he shot into me for the fourth or fifth time.

    After that, Wayne and Drake couldn't wait any longer. They both wanted to fuck me, and for a moment, I thought a fight might break out as they both struggled to mount me. However, Gail's screamed command averted a fight.

    "Stop fighting over the slut. Wayne, stick your cock in her asshole. Drake, put yours in her cunt. The next time you can both switch. Hurry up. I can't wait to see her being double-fucked."

    No one needed any further instructions. Drake sat on the couch, and I straddled him in cowgirl position. As hard as he was, his thick, 8-inch shaft didn't bend a millimeter when I lowered my pussy. The big head just pried me open and surged up my cum-lubricated vagina.

    “OOHHH Fuck Yes! Your big cock’s in me, Drake. Fuck me with it! Hard. FUCK ME!”

    Once he was in me, his arms circled my back and pulled me down over his body elevating my hips. Gail was right there beside me squirting lubricant over my anus and into my rectum. As soon as she moved away, Wayne didn't waste a second. In a flash, he was mounted over me pressing his cock against my asshole. I groaned when I felt him stretching my sphincter... and then, squealed in hot pleasure as seven inches of cock drilled into me.

    The two men began fucking me in tandem. As soon as my mouth opened in a wild scream, Alex shoved his cock inside. Randall's cock had lost its erection from his recent orgasm, but he was already showing signs of reviving as I jacked him. With 15 inches of cock inside my holes, I came quickly... then I came again before Drake emptied his loaded balls into my vagina and Wayne filled my rectum.

    At this point, Alex was the only guy with a hard erection. Wayne and Drake were out of action, at least for awhile, and I was exhausted from my five rapid orgasms. Randall was only partially hard, so we took a break. Seeing that Alex's cock was hard, Gail steepled her knees and spread her legs. "Are you looking for some place you can put that hard dick, Honey," I heard her saying to Alex just before I went to the bathroom.

    Once inside the bathroom, I took a quick shower and cleaned my pussy and ass as well as possible before returning to the dining room to get something to eat. I wasn't the least surprised to find Alex fucking Gail. He was mounted on her in missionary position with her legs locked around his hips. His thick shaft stretched her pussy into a huge hole each time it sank into her. She was hissing in hot pleasure as Alex screwed her slowly but with hard, deep thrusts. Suddenly her legs shot out, her toes curled back, and a series of high-pitched squeals mixed with female grunts filled the room.

    "You wife is cumming, Randall," Drake noted as he sipped his beer and watched the woman hunching against the big shaft jack hammering in and out of her cunt.

    "Yeah. She loves cock... pussy too."

    Fifteen minutes later, Gail was sprawled out on the floor, her legs splayed far apart, her pussy stretched wide from the hard fucking Alex had given her. A thick, white river of semen was slowly oozing out of her cunt and streaming downward between her buttocks.

    For the next two hours, I was screwed repeatedly by the four men. The sex started with Randall and Wayne double fucking me in missionary position with Wayne in my pussy and Randall beneath me with his cock sunk into my rectum. I was jacking off Drake as the two studs fucked me. Alex was temporarily shot down having just unloaded inside Gail.


    After Randall and Wayne DPed me, we again took a short break. From that point, the men fucked me one at a time... taking turns in either my pussy or ass. I came several times but none of the guys ejaculated. However, just before I left, they used me for a circle jerk. I knelt on my knees with my head back and my mouth open as one-by-one, the four men stepped up and jacked off over my face and into my open mouth.

    gangbangpart1. gangbangpart2.
    The four studs fucked me for hours. Each guy screwed me 4 or 5 times. All of
    them put cum loads in my cunt and ass and some shot
    off in my mouth. I had over 25 orgasms.


    We were in the fifth month since Daren's accident. I had just spent three hours that afternoon in my bed with Jake during which he fucked me five times. The man's stamina was amazing. Of course, banging the head of the math department's wife in her own bed while she squealed and came again and again probably had a lot to do with his recovery powers. Nevertheless, whatever the reason was, I enjoyed it immensely.

    That night Daren and I were in the same bed I had shared with Jake. I hadn't even bother to change the sheets, and when my husband saw the numerous stains, he got hard as stone. As I described the action while jacking him off, his cock got absolutely rigid, I jacked his cock faster, and in response, his hips arched up off the bed and began pumping frantically.

    It had been almost five months since I had had the pleasure of seeing my husband hump and thrust himself against me like that. On impulse, I released his cock and rammed my mouth down his shaft. He surged up against me driving himself deep into my throat. I sucked him even harder and thrust two fingers into his ass. That was all it took. His cock detonated inside my mouth and throat flooding me with such a huge load, I couldn't swallow fast enough. Halfway through his orgasm, Daren pulled his shooting cock out of my mouth, which I kept wide open for him. A half dozen more thick cum jets splashed over my face and nose and shot into my mouth.

    My husband's recovery powers dwarfed Jake's. He didn't even lose his erection completely. "How did you do that?" I gasped. "You thrust and rammed me like a pile driver, Honey, and you didn't have any pain. What's going on?"

    "I have no idea. I didn't even think about the possible pain when I did it. I just got so hot, I had to thrust into you as hard as I could. I think we can fuck!"

    "Maybe, but I think, we'd better cool it until we can get you back to Dr. Hamilton to see what's going on. Maybe something bad has happened to your sensory nerves so that you don't feel the pain. If that's true, then you could be tearing all the muscles in your back apart."

    "I guess you're right, but Damn! I really want to fuck you. Five months without being inside you is just torture."

    "I know it is, Darling, but let's check with the doctor before we do anything. Ok?"

    Reluctantly, my husband agreed.


    The next day, Daren called his secretary and told her that he had a doctor's appointment and didn't know when he would be getting to the office. An hour later, we were both inside Dr. Hamilton's office.

    As Marcus conducted his examination, he was totally discreet. No one in the world would have suspected that he had been fucking me once a week for almost three months. After thoroughly testing Daren's reflexes and pain responses, he had X-rays taken and then did an ultrasonic examination. It was another hour before we got the results.

    "Well," Hamilton began, "I don't really know what to say. I've read about this sort of think in medical journals, but it's the first time I've ever actually seen it happen."

    "What?" I asked half afraid to learn the answer.

    "In layman's terms, Daren's muscles have healed... probably weeks ago, but the pain persisted because of the compressed disc, which usually takes up to a year to heal. However, something happened... perhaps some movement during sex play... who knows.... but some movement somehow released the pressure on the spinal column that was causing the disc to be compressed. Once the pressure on the column was released, the disc resumed it proper position, and the nerves were no longer being irritated. Hence, no pain."

    "What does all that mean, Doctor?" Daren asked.

    "In simple terms, Daren, it means you're cured. You're well. No more pain. You can throw your back brace away and spend the entire night having sex with your gorgeous wife as often as you like... or at least as often as she will permit it."

    "Doctor, this wife isn't going to be saying no for years to come... maybe never again," I said seductively as I clung to my husband's arm. I had a huge urge to pull out Daren's cock and suck him off right there in the office.



    I couldn't stop screaming. It was 2 AM in the morning, and Daren hadn't stopped screwing me since 11 PM. And that was after fucking me three times earlier in the day! My entire body shuddered again ... for perhaps the 20th time since we had gotten home from the doctor's office.

    We hadn't even made it out of the garage. As soon as Daren had killed the engine, I was climbing over the seat into the back of the car. My husband was right behind me. We tore each other's clothes off... literally ripped them apart. My legs were already pointed at the ceiling by the time Daren had gotten out of his pants and briefs.

    There was no need for any foreplay. We had already done five months of that. My randy husband rammed his hips into my sex saddle and his raging cock into my eager cunt. I exploded in an intense orgasm instantly. His cock thudded into my womb, and I contracted in another, even harder, spasm.

    My husband hadn't fucked me so hard even on our wedding night or even the first time I spread my legs for him. He was wildly out of control, and I was matching him thrust for thrust... grunt for grunt... scream for scream. I must have yelled at him to fuck me harder ... to ram it to me ... several dozen times, and he responded by repeatedly telling me I had the most luscious, hottest hole on the planet.

    After filling me with his load, my husband had helped me out of the car and then picked me up with his hands beneath my naked ass and lowered me onto his still erect cock. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs about his waist as he carried me into our home with his cock thrusting in and out of my pussy with every step. I came again before he lowered me onto our bed and screwed my brains out for the next hour.


    For the next week, Daren and I had sex in every way we could imagine or invent two and three times a day. Even when we were exhausted, and my husband had cum so many times he could no longer get an erection, we still wanted to have sex again.

    Eight days after Hamilton had pronounced my husband cured, we were in bed on a Saturday night slowly making love after having fucked three times earlier. I was on top of Daren slowly sliding my pussy up and down his erect shaft. When he tried to fuck me harder or faster, I admonished him by saying, "Hey! I'm in charge of the fucking this time, Lover. When I want it faster and harder, I'll let you know."

    "Yes, Mistress," he said with a grin and slowed his thrusts.

    "Can we talk about the last five months, Honey?"

    "As long as you keep moving that hot pussy on my cock, we can talk about anything you like."

    "Are you jealous or angry over my having had sex with all those men while you were hurt. Please tell me truth."

    "Of course not! I asked you to do it... remember? The eroticism of what you were doing and your hot stories got me hard when I couldn't even move my hips. I would never have been able to do anything if you had not helped me like that. It was the only thing that gave me any kind of sex life for five months.... and it could have been a year or even longer like we thought it was going to be."

    "You did really enjoy it too, didn't you, Honey?"

    "I loved it. How many men fucked you?”

    “Are you sure you really want to know? I’ve been doing it for almost five months. That’s a long time and a lot of sex. MMmmm… I can feel your cock throbbing and getting even harder. I think the answer is yes. Ok, Darling, but remember you asked. Seventeen studs have gotten their hard cocks into your slutty wife’s cunt, Honey. Most of them multiple times.”

    “Oh fuck! That is hot. How many times?”

    “I’ve met someone 41 times and since they usually screw me three to five times when we’re together, other men have fucked me about 160 times.”

    “Did you enjoy it?"

    "At first, I thought I couldn't possibly do it. Then, I decided I could probably do it, but I certainly wasn't going to enjoy it. But you were so distraught over not being able to take care of my sexual needs, I was determined to do it for you."

    I took a deep breath and continued. "Then that night when I went out with Karyn and Stan fucked my brains out, I found that a pussy has no conscience... it just likes to be filled with a hard cock. I must have had 10 orgasms on his dick and tongue that night. After that, I enjoyed it enormously, but it was not as wonderful as it might have been. It was missing a very important ingredient."

    "What was missing?"

    "You were missing... my main man... the guy I love was missing. He wasn't with me enjoying sex with me and with the other women who were often present. If you had been with me, it would have been fabulous."

    "Well, I wouldn't have been able to do you or any other woman any good, Honey. I couldn't even move my hips without pain."

    "No, you couldn't... not then. But you most certainly don't have that problem now. What I'm asking you, Honey, is whether you want to continue the monogamous life style we were leading before your accident or would you like to open up our marriage and join me in doing the sort things I've been doing without you for last five months?"

    "A few years ago, I asked you if you would be interested in that sort of marriage, and if I remember correctly, you said 'NO' in no uncertain terms. In fact, I thought you were going to make me sleep in the guest bedroom for even suggesting it."

    "I know, and I'm sorry about that, Darling. I just didn't realize how awesomely erotic and enjoyable it would be. So if you're still interested in giving it a try, so am I. I don't want you to feel pressured though. You didn't pressure me when you asked a few years ago, and I don't want to pressure you. And I hope you don't make me sleep in the guest bedroom for suggesting it," I concluded with a smile.

    "I say let's try it. We can always stop if we're not enjoying it as much as we think we will. How do we start? I don't have a lot of experience with this sort of thing."

    "We could start with a threesome with another woman or another man, or, if you think you would enjoy a sex party, Dean Adamson hosts such parties with faculty who are either swingers or who have open marriages. You've seen his wife Gail... wouldn't you like to fuck her? I can give Randall a call and tell him you've recovered, and we would like to be included in his next party. As you have probably figured out, Karyn cheats on Dane. I know for a fact that she would love to get you in bed. I could ask her if she would like to have a party with the two of us. So... what do you think?"

    A New Lifestyle:

    A few days later, I was lying on my back groaning... not from pain... but from the luscious sensation of a tight, wet pussy sliding up and down my rigid cock. The excited female squeals of pleasure as my cock thudded hard into her womb had my cock throbbing inside her hot channel.

    I would have enjoyed seeing her big 36DD tits bouncing as she pounded her cunt on my rigid shaft, but my view was blocked by the gorgeous ass and pussy that was pressed into my face. Although it would have been hot to see those big tits bouncing as I fucked up into her hole, the hot howls of pleasure that came from Meghan's mouth every time I slid my tongue up the side of her engorged and throbbing clitoris more than compensated for my not being able to see Karyn's big tits as she rode my cock.

    Suddenly, I had to close my eyes as my wife's vagina convulsed for the third time causing her to squirt all over my face. As her pussy contracted repeatedly, Meghan mashed herself against my face shutting off my oxygen supply. Fortunately, I had learned to take a deep breath when I felt her beginning to throb just before she climaxed.

    When she finally raised up enough to again permit me to breathe, I gasped and sucked much needed air into my lungs. Then, it was Karyn's turn.


    I did as she asked, and within a minute, I was emptying my third load of the night into a hot pussy.


    Even though I had already shot off twice during the party... once inside Gail Adamson's hot pussy and a second time inside Helen Selmon's ass... I was again hard as stone. I couldn't believe that watching two hung black studs double fucking my wife could get me this hard. But it did. My cock was standing almost straight up... throbbing... with juices leaking from its tip.

    As hot as it was watching Leroy and Jerome nailing my wife at the same time, the highlight of my first sex party was having my wife ride my cock while Randall fucked her ass and Brian used her mouth. I didn't have to wonder when our cocks were making my wife cum, I could feel her pussy contracting in hard spasms around my cock. By my count, she had five orgasms before I felt Randall's dick throbbing inside her ass. At almost the same time, I heard my wife's muffled screams as Brian unloaded inside her mouth. Although I didn't want to finish yet, I couldn't hold back. As I shot off inside her, she whispered in my ear,

    "Oh yes... I can feel you cumming in me, Darling. Shoot your hot load into your slutty wife's cunt."

    Watching two hung black studs fucking my wife’s cunt and ass was awesomely
    hot, but screwing my wife’s cunt while Randall’s cock
    was buried in her ass and Brian’s in her mouth was even hotter.

    The Plan:

    Meghan and I had been enjoying our new open marriage enormously for about 10 days when I invited Marcus and Susan Hamilton, Gail Adamson, and Karyn to lunch at the Carriage House. To ensure our privacy, I had reserved one of their private rooms for our meeting.

    I arrived 15 minutes early to be certain that I would be present when my guests arrived. I even had a magnum of champagne on ice and ready along with an excellent cabernet and a white chardonnay. Marcus and Susan were the first to arrive. Marcus gave me wide grin as we exchanged high-fives. Susan decided that I would appreciate a kiss from her more than a high-five, and she gave me a very passionate one with her mouth open and her tongue dueling with mine. As we kissed, my hands explored her sexy ass and thrusting tits while she checked out my very hard erection.

    Karyn arrived at almost the same time as Gail. While Gail kissed Marcus and explored his cock, Karyn did the same for me. After those kisses, the women switched, and Gail planted her full lips on mine while she ground her pussy against me. When we all had taken our places at the table, Marcus and I both had very hard, throbbing erections, and I was pretty certain that the three women had wet pussies.

    "First of all," I said to my assembled friends, "I want it understood that no one picks up a check except me. This is the least I can do to thank all of you for your help over the last five months. As all of you know, the plan worked perfectly... actually more than perfectly... it worked to perfection. But none of it would have been possible without your help."

    "Hell, Man. You don't need to thank us," Marcus stated firmly. It was a pleasure to help. In fact, I can't remember a job that was ever more pleasant. And besides that, we're all now reaping the fruits of our labors, so to speak, and will be continuing to do so for a long time to come. So... I propose a toast to our success and to our master strategist, Daren Markley, who conceived, planned, and executed the plan with exacting precision... as might be expected of a mathematician." We all rose, touched glasses and toasted our success.

    After placing our orders from the extensive and elegant array of dishes available at the Carriage House, we were enjoying the champagne and wines when Gail said, "Listen, I know the general outline of the plan... and of course, I know very, very well what my part was, but I never have found out how this idea originated and how was done. We've got plenty of time, how about filling all of us in on the details, Daren? You know that none of us will ever breathe a word of this meeting."

    "Absolutely!" Marcus agreed enthusiastically. "I know some of the details but not. I'm sure all of us would like to hear it all. How about it, Daren? Tell us everything."

    "Well," I began, "it's a long story. Are you sure you want to hear all of it?" When everyone nodded, I replied, "Ok. But remember, you asked for it."

    "It all started three years ago when I asked Meghan, who wasn't a virgin when we started dating, if she would like to open up our marriage and enjoy sex with other partners, but together and with no secrets. Of course, I didn't just spring it on her like that. I had gradually worked up to that point by role playing and exchanging stories about our sexual experiences before we met."

    "Anyway, the result was a near disaster. Meghan was furious with me. It was, essentially, almost my worst case scenario. I thought she was going to make me sleep in the guest bedroom for god knows how long, but she stopped short of that and eventually calmed down. Needless to say, I never dared to suggest that again."

    "Typical female reaction," Gail volunteered. "She probably thought you just wanted to fuck other women. Sorry to interrupt, Daren. Go on."

    "Even though I never brought the subject again, I still wanted to have an open marriage. Seeing my wife with other men had always been a huge fantasy of mine, and I, of course, I did enjoy the pleasures of other women and the variety. But, given Meghan's reaction, I had resigned myself to all of that remaining a fantasy for the rest of my life. But at that point, fate intervened... I had a bad fall down the bottom half of a flight of stairs."

    "Now, the important points here are that while I was badly bruised, there were neither broken bones nor injury to my spine. Secondly, no one saw the fall. I got up and figured that I had better stop by Marcus' office and have him check me out for internal injuries and such."

    "I thought you were faking the fall," Karyn said. "But you really did fall?"

    "Yep. But not the way you heard. When Marcus examined me, he informed me that I had some muscle damage but not much and that my bruises weren't serious even though they looked bad. In fact, the bruises hardly hurt at all. He just told me to take some Advil if I had much muscle pain."

    "I was getting ready to leave his office when Marcus used the opportunity to ask me for the third or fourth time if there was any chance that Meghan and I might join him and Susan for some hot foursomes or to switch partners for a night or a weekend. I remember moaning that there was nothing else I would enjoy more, but there wasn't a chance I could persuade Meghan to try it even though she had had sex with a lot of men before we met."

    "Just as I was leaving his office, Marcus said, "It's a good thing you didn't hurt yourself really badly or Meghan would have to become a nun for a long time." I nodded and started the drive home. Halfway there, I stopped and returned to Marcus' office. Marcus, you know what happened when I returned, so why don't you fill in those details for everyone and let me relax with some champagne?"

    "I'd love it, Daren. When Daren returned, he waited until I had seen my last patient and then we sat down in my office. He said that he had been thinking about my last comment that if he had been seriously hurt, Meghan would have to become a nun... meaning she would have to go without sex for a long time. I nodded, and then he said, and I quote, 'There's no way in hell Meghan can go a year without sex. She was having sex almost every day with different men before we met, and it only took me two dates to get between her legs'."

    "I was confused, so I asked Daren what his point was. He explained that being seriously hurt might be a good way to persuade Meghan to try sex with other men, and if she ever tried it, he was almost certain that she would love it. I said that might or might not be true, but the question was moot since he wasn't seriously hurt. At this point, Daren explained his plan, which I thought was clever, erotic, devious, and maybe even workable. Ok. Back to you Daren. It was your plan. You tell the story."

    "As yes, great champagne," I said as I finished my glass. "The first step was to arrange to be 'seriously hurt' without, of course, actually being hurt. The next day at work, I carried stack of books and papers to the top of the stairs and waited until there was no one in the hallway or on the stairs. At that point, I threw the books and papers down the stairs, screamed at the top of my lungs, and hurried to landing at the bottom of the stairs and lay there, groaning but unmoving."

    "As I expected, Doris came running out of the departmental office and saw me lying at the bottom of the stairs, perhaps dead. In a panic, she called Brian Adams who rushed to my side and found that I was still alive and not paralyzed but every time he tried to move me, I screamed with pain. The paramedics immobilized me, put me on a stretcher and took me to the ER. Of course, the ER physician wasn't sufficiently experienced with bad back injuries to determine the extent of my injuries so he naturally called in Marcus to help. This time, Marcus' diagnosis was severe muscle damage, extensive bruising, which everyone could easily see, and one or two compressed discs that were giving me incredible pain every time I moved."

    "Yeah," Marcus said with a grin. "It was hard keeping a straight face when I had to break the bad news to Meghan. She was really worried when I informed her that it would probably be a year before Daren's back healed and that all movement would be excruciatingly painful for him for a long time. After I explained about the dangers of surgery and how Daren would be confined to a back brace and so on, Meghan asked about sex. When I told her not to count on Daren being able to perform for at least nine months... possibly a year, I could almost hear her thinking about whether she would be able to stand being celibate for such a long period of time. She asked me about oral sex, and I told her that it probably would cause Daren a lot of pain... same for masturbation. If the whole thing had been a movie, I would have surely won the Oscar for the Best Supporting Actor."

    "I agree completely," I said. "Marcus did a fantastic job, but I had to keep up my act for almost five months... screaming with imaginary pain, losing erections at appropriate moments... Marcus gets the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, but I get the one for Best Actor. Anyway, Meghan was totally convinced and obviously distraught at the prospect of being celibate for a year. As planned, I let her stew in her own juices for a month, which were becoming more and more copious with each passing day." That comment brought laughter from everyone at the table.

    "I'll bet they were. After a month, she had to be creaming her panties every time she saw some sexy hunk," Susan commented.

    "At that point, I moved to phase two... the phase where I said I couldn't stand not being able to take care of her sexual needs as a husband is supposed to do. I begged her to see other men, at least until I recovered. She finally agreed to think about it. At that point, Karyn took over. Why don't you fill everyone in about what happened, Karyn."

    "My job was easy," Karen began. "Meghan was already so hot for cock all I had to do was take her to the Starlight Lounge wearing something sexy. I had previously called Stan Thompson and told him if he came to the Starlight that evening, he would probably get to fuck a hot wife who hadn't had any cock for seven weeks as well as me. Naturally, the prospect of fucking a new, hot, married cunt as well as mine quickly convinced Stan to be there."

    "He was at the bar when we entered. I pointed him out to Meghan and got her to flash her panties. Then I got her to go to the ladies room and talk to him. She actually did more than that. She talked to him all right, but she also removed her bra in the ladies room and flashed a lot of cleavage at him when she returned. It wasn't long before Stan joined us at our table and within fifteen minutes, he had seen Meghan's tits and was about to persuade her to open her legs and prove that she was wearing panties."

    "Did he fuck her right there in lounge?" Gail wanted to know. Everyone could see her arm moving as her fingers worked over her clit beneath the table.

    "Let me finish, Honey. At that point, Daren called her cell. When she answered, I could hear her telling him about how we had let Stan see our tits and how I was letting him see my naked cunt as that very moment. I couldn't hear what Daren was saying, of course, but at one point, Meghan said something like, 'Yes... I’m sorry, Honey, but I’m already about to have an orgasm, I’m still dressed, and he hasn’t even touched me yet.' They talked some more, and it was obvious Meghan was telling him how much Stan wanted to fuck her. Finally, I heard her say, 'Yess.. YES! Oh God YES! But on his cock... not from just thinking about it. Can I fuck him, Daren? Please?'. Obviously, Daren said she could and five minutes later, I was driving toward Stan's apartment while he was finger fucking Meghan right beside me."

    "Come on, tell us," Gail insisted. "How long was it before Stan fucked her?"

    "He had her riding his cock five minutes after I pulled out of the parking lot. She had two intense, screaming orgasms before we even got to his place, and then when he helped her out of the car, he lifted her up and impaled her on his cock again. He was fucking her when we entered his apartment. After that, Meghan couldn't get enough of his big cock. Ok. Back to you Daren."

    "As Karyn said, Meghan was hooked. With me telling her how much it meant to me that she wasn't making me bear the burden of knowing she was in pain for lack of sex, and getting hard as stone when she told me about her adventures, she did more and more as the weeks passed. I'm not sure how many men she fucked in those five months, but it was around a dozen, and every one of them nailed her multiple times."

    "OOoohhh god! That's so damn hot!" Gail moaned as her body shuddered in orgasm.

    I waited until Gail's climax had subsided. By the time it had, I could see Susan's and Karyn's arms moving as Gail's had been doing. "Of course, there was one additional huge problem that had to be solved. There was no possible way for me to go without sex and keep up the charade for five months without help. Fortunately, Susan and Marcus were very interested in getting Meghan to relax and open our marriage, so we had several threesomes during the day while Meghan assumed I was at work. And when Marcus was working, Susan often entertained me in her bed while Marcus was busy giving my wife injections of his special elixir, a.k.a. semen, to cure her sexual depression, as he put it." Again, everyone laughed." Again, everyone laughed.

    "Of course, Susan couldn't be available all the time. So I needed more help which Karyn and Gail provided. Between the three of them, I was a very well fucked and satisfied man for the entire five months. Then came my 'miraculous' cure, and all of you know the rest. Any questions?"

    "I have one," Karyn responded. "I know that Randall and his friends screwed Meghan several times. Was Randall in on the plan?"

    "Nope. Just the people around this table know. My darling husband thinks he seduced Meghan by the sheer animal magnetism of his masculine virility and confidence, and who am I to convince him otherwise?" More laughter filled the room.

    "Now I have a question for Daren," Marcus said. "When we started this discussion you said something like 'the plan worked perfectly... actually more than perfectly... it worked to perfection'. Why the distinction? What made the result perfection?"

    "I'm glad you asked, Marcus. The objective of the plan was to get Meghan so turned on to sex with other men that when I 'recovered' and suggested that we open up our marriage, she would agree and not send me packing to the guest bedroom. If that had happened, I would have said the plan worked perfectly."

    "In point of fact, what actually happened was that she asked me if we could open up our marriage. She said that enjoying sex with others was wonderful but not perfect because I wasn't there. If I were, it would be perfect. She even said she hoped I wouldn't get angry and relegate her to guest bedroom for a week or a month. Naturally, I agreed to try it on a trial basis. She's really hoping that I like it enough to continue. That, my friends, is my definition of a plan that worked to perfection." There was no argument on that point.

    "I guess our next project has to be to get Dane involved like we did Meghan," Susan commented. "Karyn's got to be tired of having to sneak around all the time."

    "We'll have to find a different project," Karyn responded with a big smile. "My underhanded, cheating husband has been sneaking over to Meghan's house for a week now. He's already been over twice and fucked her seven times. Meghan's a real blabber mouth. I'll let him screw her a couple of more times before I 'catch' him. Then, I'll lower the boom on the worthless cheat... either we open up our marriage so I can finally sample Daren's big dick or I'll divorce his ass. Anyone want to make a bet as to which option he takes?"

    Once more the room filled with laughter, and this time it continued for a long time.

    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]

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