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. The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Robert Williams, Jun 26, 2018.

. The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin 4.7 5 17votes
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Does Jean become a Black Cock Loving Slut?

  1. She does this on her own?

  2. She brings her husband into it also?

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  3. She keeps being Kevin's slut alone?

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  4. Kevin turns her out to his Black Friends also?

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  1. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams Well-Known Member Member

    The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin

    By Robwil

    This is our story, it begins with Kevin and myself (Rob) to begin with and many more added as we go along. Kevin and I met near where my grandparents lived and it was all quite by accident. It doesn’t matter how but Kevin and I became friends, quite close friends to be truthful. We actually became more like brothers but by different mothers! We used to run around together and even though he was a couple years younger than I was and Black we did almost everything together for many years. We had dates together (with different girls of course) and did lots of partying as we grew up. I met my wife to be (Jean is her name) and Kevin actually met and started going with a former girl friend of mine by the name of Caroline. Even as two couples we did many things together, parties and dances and things most young people now wouldn’t even remember. Jean and I became serious and I was the first man she had ever had sex with! We enjoyed sex a lot and parked at the end of every date! Parking usually involved a heated sex session with me bringing Jean to orgasm almost every time. Then we would sit and look at the stars and plan our future. After Jean graduated from high school, we got married. Kevin and Caroline were involved in the wedding as some of our closest friends. I had bought a trailer house for us to live in as I changed jobs and we settled into our new home.

    One night Jean and I were home and Kevin and Caroline came by to visit. I was working swing shifts at my new job and it happened to be my weekend off. We had a great time drinking and playing cards when the subject of sex came up. I don’t remember exactly how we came about it but somehow we all decided to all go to bed together! Not switching partners but with our own spouses in the same bed! We had the lights off but there was still enough light to see most everything anyway as we all stripped down and climbed into bed, me with Jean and Kevin with Caroline.

    We were just getting heated up and ready to do something when suddenly Caroline said she had to go to the bathroom! She jumped out of bed and ran to the next room which was the bathroom. I was making out with Jean and wanted to continue but she stopped me and told me I should go check on Caroline and make sure she was all right. Why me I have never figured out but trying to be a good host I climbed out of bed still naked and went to see how Caroline was doing. I found her sitting on the bathroom floor, naked with her head hanging over the stool. She wasn’t vomiting but said she felt like she was going to. I comforted her until I heard sounds coming from the bedroom which sounded much like two people having sex!

    I told Caroline I would be back and I went to the bedroom door where I froze! There on our bed was Jean on her back with her legs spread wide and Kevin was between her legs fucking her like she was his wife! I was dumbfounded! I didn’t know what to say or do so I just stood there watching as Kevin pounded my wife’s pussy! I don’t know how long it was as it all seemed unreal but then Jean was coming! I could see with the little light there was, the look on Jean’s face! When she cums she crinkles up her nose and there is no mistaking that she is cumming. And she was CUMMING! Still I was frozen in place!

    Kevin didn’t stop when Jean came but just kept on fucking her, completely oblivious that someone else might see them, Caroline or me! I heard Caroline sounding like she was vomiting which broke me from my trance and I went back to her on the floor of the bathroom. She had thrown up but was again just resting as she looked at me. Caroline said “You must have seen something you liked?” and I wasn’t sure what she was talking about as I looked down at myself! My dick was harder than it had ever been and I wasn’t sure what I should do? Just then I heard Jean cumming again! Only this time, she was vocally encouraging Kevin to fuck her harder and encouraging him to cum! Not only cum but to cum inside of her!

    I stood in the bathroom with Caroline not knowing what I should do? Should I run into the bedroom screaming for them to stop or what? I finally blurted out to Caroline asking if this had all been planned and she shook her head no but that Jean wasn’t the first nor would she be the last to fall prey of Kevin’s big black dick. Caroline admitted she was as much Kevin’s slut as she was his wife! “And now Jean will be too!” she said! Just as she said that the screams and groans from the bedroom came to a head and I could just see Kevin was pumping my wife full of his cum even though I was in a different room!

    My wife had just been fucked by the first man other than me in her entire life and a Black man to boot. I had just stood by and let it happen! Caroline moaned and raised her hand for me to help her up. Once on her feet she passed me and walked into the bedroom telling Kevin that they needed to go home, she was sick! I didn’t see Kevin get out of our bed but about that fast he was standing in front of Caroline holding her clothes. He already had his pants on and was helping her get her clothes on!

    Past them I could see Jean still laying spread on the bed not trying to cover her nakedness in the slightest. As Caroline finished dressing Kevin turned and told Jean over his shoulder that he would call talk to her in a day or so. As Jean told him “Ok” my mouth dropped open again! What the hell was happening? I walked with them to the door and said good bye more because I didn’t know what else to say than I was wishing they would leave! When the door closed behind them I stood devastated. My wife of two months was in the room just down the hall with Kevin’s cum probably just now leaking out of her and I had done nothing to stop it. I headed for the bedroom!

    I turned the lights on as I walked in the bedroom and Jean still hadn’t moved from the position she was in before. Still naked, still with her legs spread wide, her furry pussy all matted and leaking cum in large quantities onto the bed sheets. Her eyes were closed and they jerked open when I asked her what the hell had just happened? It was just as if she had been in a trance as she jerked awake and sat up closing her legs.

    For a moment she looked like a scared child as she looked at me and stated apologizing. She claimed she wasn’t sure what had happened! She had been just laying there waiting for me to return to the bed after checking on Caroline and when Kevin had said for her to move over, lay back and spread her legs so he could fuck her! She said she knew it was wrong and she didn’t want to but it was like he had a power over her, she couldn’t resist. And once he moved on top of her and began sticking his dick into her, she admitted she couldn’t stop it, SHE WANTED IT!

    Then she broke down in tears and fell forward into my arms, sobbing and begging for forgiveness. I couldn’t be angry any more, I just held her and comforted her. After she had calmed down she asked me if what she had done had turned me on and I asked her why? Because your dick is still hard! I was completely oblivious to the fact I was still hard and it had been a half hour ago at least. “Can I make it up to you? Let me clean up and then would you please make love to me? I want to be your wife, not a slut! “Clean up my ass, I want you just the way you are, cum filled and all!” I said as I laid her back and rolled on top of her. I kissed her as I lined up my dick with her pussy and shoved it home! She moaned as I slid in deep, the feeling of her cum filled pussy lubricating my entry and by the time I was all the way in I had already lost control! I groaned with despair as I came hard inside of her, pumping load after load of cum into her already slimy pussy. “Oh, you didn’t cum already did you? She asked and I could do nothing more than to admit I had! We both rolled over and fell asleep.

    The next day was Sunday and we cleaned up the house and washed the sheets and I kept giving Jean a little of a hard time about the night before even though I knew she was truly sorry. When I tried to grab her and start something she admitted she was a little sore. She didn’t want to say it right out but after some prompting she finally did.
    “Kevin is a lot bigger than you are, and he stretched me.” This just lit the fuse and I had to know more about what had happened in our bed with Kevin. “I already told you last night, he told me to roll over because he wanted to fuck me, and I couldn’t say no!” And when I asked how it felt when he slid his dick into her she said it felt unbelievable! After she said it she realized what she had said and tried to cover it up but I had already heard it and wanted to know more. She tried to talk around it but when she decided I wasn’t going to let it lay until I had heard the whole truth she finally sat down and admitted she had loved being fucked by Kevin. She said from the moment his dick was first in her she could already feel an orgasm starting to build! She said she wasn’t sure how many times she had cum because it felt like one continuous orgasm up until when he came in her and that was when she had the most powerful orgasm.

    I was turned on by her explanation and my dick had made a tent out of my pants. Jean noticed and asked if she could do anything to help. I simply stood up and unzipped my pants as I stood in front her so she could suck my dick. Everything together, Kevin being like a brother to me, him being black and obviously with a big cock which I had never seen and him fucking my wife just was too much. I didn’t last more than 30 seconds in Jean’s mouth before I lost my load and she was swallowing as fast as she could!

    The next day I was supposed to work the afternoon shift at work and I had things to do before I went to work so I left early. After I got to work I got a call from Jean and she wanted me to call home which I did. When she answered she was giggling and I could tell there was someone else there with her. As she finally settled down she told me Kevin had stopped again and he wanted to take her shopping and out for dinner. I asked if Caroline was with him but Jean told me she was not. I hesitated but I told her if she wanted to go it was up to her but if he wanted anything more (like what he had had with her the other night) she was to tell him no. She laughed and said she was sure that wouldn’t happen and that if he did she would tell him no. After we hung up the phone I had this feeling things were going to go quite differently than I hoped but there was nothing I could do! Or did I really want things to not happen?

    That night after shift I returned home and the lights were out and everything was dark. I quietly snuck in like I usually did so I wouldn’t wake Jean and when I got to the bedroom I could definitely smell that unmistakable smell of sex! Should I turn on the lights and wake Jean and confront her? What should I do?

    I realized my dick was hard as a rock so I didn’t make a scene! Instead I slowly and quietly removed my clothes and pulled the covers back and slid in next to Jean. I was rewarded by sliding into a mass of wet soggy sheets which reeked of cum. I reached for Jean and moved on top of her as she moaned and what she said only made me harder! “Kevin you fucking nigger stud! You never get enough do you. But I love your cock, Please fuck me even though I am exhausted!” She hadn’t realized it was me and still thought Kevin was the one with her! I slipped (and I do mean slipped!) between her legs and slid my dick into that pussy I was so familiar with. Only it was different. It wasn’t tight and it was so slick I went straight to the bottom.

    The feeling was so strange I lost all control and added my cum to what was there already, just that fast. I tried to keep fucking Jean but I lost my hardness about that quickly and as I pulled out and rolled off of Jean, she barely acknowledged I had done anything and was back asleep before I had settled back on my side of the bed. Sticky cum and all, I rolled over and laid there for a long time thinking about the whole situation. What should I do? I certainly loved Jean and I didn’t want anything to happen to us! But what could I do to stop any part or it? Or did I really want any part of it to stop? What did Kevin have about him that he had power like this over women? He had never shown me this side of him in all the years I had known him. And just how big is the cock of his?
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