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. The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin, part 6

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Robert Williams, Sep 13, 2018.

. The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin, part 6 4.7 5 7votes
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  1. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams Well-Known Member Member

    The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin, part 6

    Jean woke me early and told me excitedly that it was time! I bounded out of bed and started grabbing my clothes and the bag we had packed to take to the hospital! Jean was filling me in that she had been having contractions for several hours and didn’t want to wake me till she was sure it was time and not some false alarm. We packed into the car and headed for the hospital.

    This was going to be a very interesting day in our lives! Jean was going to deliver a bi-racial baby and it was going to be a surprise to most everyone except my in-laws. My mother-in-law, Janice knew and so did my Father-in-law even though we knew he wasn’t pleased about it. He didn’t have much to say and Janice had put him in his place so no matter what he thought he wasn’t voicing his opinions!

    We arrived at the hospital and Jean was immediately taken into delivery, checked and confirmed that she was in fact in labor and then put in a room to wait. I joined her there as we waited together. We both knew this delivery was going to shake up everyone including the hospital staff because Black people just didn’t live around there and we were sure this was probably the first bi-racial baby ever to be born there!

    It wasn’t easy for me either! Here I was in my home town with my wife of barely over a year and she was going to be having a baby who was without a doubt, not mine! I knew I would be the disgrace of the town probably before the day was over! But there was nothing I could do!

    The hours passed and soon Jean felt she had to push so the nurses checked her and found she was starting to have the baby. Everything moved into the delivery room and minutes later our dark little baby boy was delivered! I could almost hear the gasp of the nurses when they realized the truth. My wife had obviously been bred by a Black man! I tried to keep my head up and act positive as I offered no explanation!

    Some time later my wife was moved to her room and our baby was moved to the natal care unit. We contacted everyone and let them know of our new addition and Jean’s parents were the first ones there. Janice came in all happy and excited but I could tell Richard her husband wasn’t happy at all!

    But he didn’t say much and the first opportunity he got to leave he was gone! But then Kevin and Dan made an appearance shortly after! You could almost hear the nurses gossiping about them all the way down the hall. And when they closed the door I can imagine they talked even more!

    They closed the door and Jean got out of bed to kiss and greet them. Janice greeted them also with a kisses. These two were in a state of arousal and they were all over both women not caring that one of them was a mother just a few hours ago! I couldn’t believe it but both of them wanted to fuck right there in the room and they didn’t rule out sex with Jean either! Janice pulled up her dress and dropped her panties while apologizing for wearing them in the first place and soon had Dan’s cock deep in her pussy. Jean wanted to but compromised by giving Kevin a blow job instead!

    Meanwhile I sat and watched all this happening right there in the hospital room! As Dan pounded Janice her moans got louder and louder so I got up to go make sure no one walked in the room and it was then I realized my dick was painfully hard too. Dan didn’t try to last a long time like he usually did and he was soon pumping Janice full of his cum while Kevin at almost the same time filled my wife’s mouth with his cum. All this was more than I could handle and I exploded in my pants.

    Janice turned around and sucked Dan clean and then the guys gave the gals one last kiss and left. I tried to go in the bathroom to clean up my mess but Janice had other ideas. She told me “to get my wimp ass over and clean her up”! I couldn’t believe that this was the same church going wife and mother that I had known since before I had met her daughter, but she meant what she said! I jumped across the room and was on my knees with my face in her crotch before she had the chance to say anymore!

    My tongue made its first swipe across Janice’s pussy lips scooping cum as it came back into my mouth. There was cum flowing out faster than I could clean it up but I kept trying. My tongue was just making its third trip when I heard one of the nurses behind me! She was coming in to check on Jean and caught me right there with my head between my mother-in-law’s legs! And this was after we had already been the talk of the hospital because of our bi-racial baby! The nurse had retreated into the hallway when she saw what was happening and Janice pushed my head away.

    I wanted to die, well not really but humiliated doesn’t come close to how I felt at that moment. Jean suggested maybe I should go home and get things ready for the baby. I took her suggestion and ran with it. I was a sight when I passed the nurses station on the way to the front door! My face was covered with Dan’s cum that had leaked out onto Janice’s thighs before I could get it cleaned up. My pants had a large wet spot in the front from me cumming in them and it had all soaked in so there wasn’t much I could do! I fled out the door and home before anything else could happen!

    Jean told me later that when the doctor made his rounds she had asked the doctor point blank how long before she could have sex again! I was glad I wasn’t there for them to look at me. He told her she might want to restrain for a couple weeks till everything was healed up. She agreed but I know she was disappointed!

    Kevin and Dan were daily visitors until Jean and the baby were released from the hospital and we took everyone home. Janice came down supposedly for the purpose of helping us get settled in with the baby but she didn’t fool me. I was taking care of the baby and she was taking care of Kevin and Dan in the bed room most of the time!

    Kevin was having a hard time leaving Jean’s pussy alone and decided it was time to break in her ass! He tried but she was just too small and tight so the following day he arrived with a collection of “butt plugs”. And he meant for all of us to use them, not just Jean. Each of us was fitted with the biggest plug we could handle and I knew what this meant! Not only were the women going to be taking Black cock up their asses but so would I!

    At the end of the two weeks we had a small party to celebrate the Baby’s birth and Jean’s return to Sex! I don’t know who all was invited but the Black men just kept arriving one after the other! Jean and Janice were in heaven with all those Big Black men available to them and they soon stripped in front of all of them to show them how welcome they were! As soon as the last clothes came off they were surrounded and each of them was whisked off to a bed room and I was stuck trying to entertain the rest of them and keep an eye on the baby too!

    The sounds coming from the bedrooms were very erotic and never ending. No loud screams but lots of muffled moans and groans so I took an opportunity to take a peek the first chance I got. It was a sight I will never forget as long as I live. Here was my wife on the bed with one man in front of her with his big black cock in her mouth, one under her with his cock obviously in her pussy and one was behind her fucking her ass!

    When I peeked in the next door I saw much the same thing! My mother-in-law who was 25 years older than my wife with three Black men all fucking her too! And from her moans she was definitely enjoying it! As I turned away I ran headlong into a hulk of a Black man that was standing there watching my reaction to what I had seen. And not only that but he had his 11” thick cock out and it was rock hard! He looked at me and said simply, “suck it bitch” and I knew I didn’t have a choice.

    I was on my knees in flash trying to take as much of his monster into my mouth and throat as I possibly could when another voice behind me suggested we move to the remaining bedroom! I tried to tell them I had to check on the baby but they knew the baby was fine so they drug me into the bedroom and onto the bed. The cock I had been trying to suck went right back into my mouth but the guy who had suggested we move to the bedroom had other ideas. I felt the cool lubricant being spread on my ass hole and I tried to get loose but the man now fucking my face wouldn’t allow it!

    Thank god for the butt plugs as the man behind me shoved his thick Black pole into me taking what cherry I still had! It hurt like hell but he didn’t care. He plunged into me until his balls were slapping against mine! He kept driving into me which only made it easier for the man in my mouth. Between them I was a pig on a spit and they were enjoying it immensely!

    The man in my mouth soon came and before I could move away another Black man took his place! It was the same with the black man fucking my ass, one after another after another. On the third pair I stated to have this urge to cum! I tried to fight it back but the feelings of the two Black men fucking me were too much! I exploded my cum on the bed sheets and it wasn’t just a dribble but for me it was a major orgasm.

    I felt weak and almost collapsed but the two men using me wouldn’t allow it. They held me up and just kept pumping me from both ends! My orgasm however didn’t go unnoticed as the word spread and men had to stop in and see the sissy who had just cum from being fucked! Later even my wife and mother-in-law stopped to see. Or course by the time they came to see I had added two more loads of cum to the first. Now I knew for a fact I was a sissy slut just like my slut wife and mother-in-law.

    The following morning we wandered into the kitchen individually and we looked like quite the troop! Both Jean and Janice were walking like they had been rode hard and put up wet, mostly because they had! I wasn’t in any better shape. I think 6 men had fucked my ass before they got a chance at the woman and then of course they abandoned me. Kevin and Dan had taken care of the baby and believe it or not he was smiling almost like he knew what had just happened and was happy about it! They passed the baby off to me and they all headed for the shower and clean sheets for some rest. I stood there with the baby, cum leaking down my legs from my stretched well fucked ass and the remaining taste of cum in my mouth.

    I wondered, is this how my family would be from now on?
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