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. The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin, part 5

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Robert Williams, Aug 30, 2018.

. The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin, part 5 4.4 5 8votes
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  1. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams Well-Known Member Member

    The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin part 5

    It had been over three months since Kevin had first taken my wife and introduced her to his and his friends Black dicks and she was hooked! She didn’t t miss a single night fucking some one of Kevin’s friends and she really had grown to love not only Kevin’s cock but Dan’s also. In case you have forgotten Dan was the tall well-built Black man who was nothing but muscles! One of his favorite positions was standing up with Jean impaled on his massive cock and her own weight forcing his cock ever deeper inside of her!

    Jean wore nothing when at home and whenever she went out or was taken out by some of the guys she dressed like a total slut! She had thrown out most of her clothes that she had when I first knew her and that was replaced by clothing that Kevin had suggested. Of course I was paying for it all.

    As far as me, well I had grown used to sucking cocks. My mouth was almost as busy as Jean’s pussy but I had heard rumors that there were more plans to involve me also, it was just a matter of time, I knew! I will admit I had grown used to the taste of cum. I had after all been eating lots of it from both several of the Black men who frequented our trailer house and from Jean’s used pussy when they were done with her!

    I continued my swing shift job and when I was home, Jean was with someone in our bed the vast majority of the time. The sounds of her orgasms were a constant reminder of our situation! I very rarely was alone with her but a couple times I came home to find her asleep alone, I snuck in and snuggled up to her and managed to slip my hard dick into her. It was always loose and slimy from being used by all the Black men but it was better than nothing!

    Then one morning she and Dan were just getting out of bed and Jean made a mad dash for the bathroom! She vomited and vomited before she finally came out. I was worried about her but she just brushed it off as being a touch of the flu. She even made it up to Dan by sucking his cock and swallowing his cum before he left.

    Two days later she had another episode just like the previous one. Only this time after Dan left she got sick again and spent a good part of the day in the bathroom. Just because she was sick didn’t stop the traffic in and out of our trailer. Tim stopped and had me suck him off and when he saw Jean and asked about her, he giggled after hearing what was happening. He did make a suggestion which I had been thinking about already, to take Jean into the emergency room and have her checked out.

    Two hours later we were in the emergency room and they put an IV in to restore her fluids and gave her a shot to stop the vomiting. After all that was done, the doctor came in and told us “Congratulations!” For what we asked and he informed us that Jean was pregnant! We both told him that couldn’t be as she was on the pill and had been since a year before we were married.

    He then informed us that on the pill or not she was pregnant and the pills better stop! Jean and I shared many looks for the next hour until she was discharged and I picked her up with the car to take her home!

    On the ride home Jean told me she really was taking her pills and that she didn’t know how this could have happened? There was no question between us as to who the father might have been but one thing was for sure, He was Black!

    When we pulled up to our trailer Kevin came out looking for Jean and wondering what was happening? I tried to explain but he wasn’t listening to me. Jean told him she was pregnant and he laughed and made a comment about it being about time! With that he scooped her up in his arms and said “Let’s go Celebrate!” He didn’t stop until he had her in the bedroom and the usual sounds of them fucking were again flowing down the hall way!

    The following morning he left as usual but shortly after he left, Dan stopped by. He said he had heard about Jean being pregnant and wanted to know what our plans were. Jean and I never believed in abortion so that wasn’t even in our thoughts but rather how we were going to handle everything else, namely the family!

    Jean’s dad was a racist from the word go! The “N” word was frequent from his mouth and if he had known that Jean was now a slut for many Black men, he would have a heart attack! And now to know his daughter had been bred by a Black man and was going to have his baby, OH MY GOD!

    And what would he think of his son-in-law? And how would we break the news to them that their grandchild would be half Black? Jean decided to start with her mother! Not that she would be any easier than her husband by any means!

    Jean’s mom Janice was a fiery little woman, shorter than her daughter by a couple inches but built much like her and very well preserved. She had raised a large family and she could hold her own against any odds! How she would take the news about her grandchild and daughter was anyone’s guess. But Jean wanted to start there.

    Jean called her mom and talked for quite a while. When she got off the phone she was still upset but Dan arrived a few minutes later and took her mind off of the call! Even though Jean was pregnant Dan hadn’t slowed his sexual advances toward my wife at all! Dan was doing what he could to take Jean’s mind off our problems, even though HE was likely the cause of those problems! But that wasn’t going to stop him in the slightest!

    The next day Janice arrived before Dan left and the look on her face when she met this towering Black man nearly naked was something to see! It was a hostile look and Dan sluffed it off and continued his usual activities till he left. Jean put a robe on which was unusual for her and sat with her mom at the kitchen table talking. I tried to be small and stay out of the way. I know, it was the chicken shit thing to do but I was scared of what might happen!

    About an hour later I had run out of things to stay busy with so I returned to the kitchen to find them still there still talking. Things had obviously cooled down some as Jean’s robe was now open and I could see her breasts so her mom had to know she was naked underneath it. And thus she had to know what Jean and Dan had been doing when she arrived if there had been any question!

    I was about to retreat to points beyond again when Janice told me to sit down! Then she asked me what I thought of everything. I had to admit I wasn’t happy about some things and other things; well they hadn’t exactly turned out like I had hoped either but now there wasn’t much we could do! And all of it hadn’t exactly been planned! Janice then came right out and asked me why I was allowing men to have my wife?

    I stuttered and tried to blame it on everything else but me but she didn’t accept that! Then she told me I was obviously a whimp and should just sit and keep my mouth shut! So I did! Jean and her mom talked at length and I wondered where the conversation was going. Janice sounded like she had accepted Jean’s being pregnant from another man but it was still a sore subject that the father was most likely Black.

    Jean meanwhile was describing how good the sex was and I was surprised when she actually suggested her mom should try it! That about ended the conversation and Janice got up to leave.

    Several days later Janice stopped again and she and Jean talked again for a long time. When Janice left Jean seemed to be much happier. I asked what was happening and she told me I would see soon enough. I was off to work shortly thereafter so I didn’t pursue it.

    About a week later I was surprised when Janice showed up at our door again only this time she was dressed to the hilt! I had never seen her like this before! A bright red dress, jewelry, more makeup than I can say I had ever seen Janice wear and even heels! I was glad none of Jean’s lovers were there but I didn’t have to worry about that as I found out later! I invited her in and she and Jean hugged and it seemed that all the tension of the unexpected pregnancy was possibly over.

    She came in and sat down on the couch and we talked about everything including Jean’s health until there was another knock on the door. It was Kevin! He came in and Jean introduced him to her mother and when she did that Kevin stepped right up to Janice and took her in his arms and told her how happy he was to finally meet Jean’s mom!

    No, not just Jean’s Mom, but “Jean’s Hot Mom”! Then he kissed her! I couldn’t believe my eyes! And even wilder, she didn’t pull away from him! My chin had to be on the floor as I was in total shock! I looked to see what Jean’s reaction was and to my amazement she was smiling! Then it hit me, this had all been a setup! I still couldn’t believe it!

    Kevin had been whispering things in Janice’s ear and then he stepped back and asked her if she wanted to go back to our bedroom and get better acquainted? She smiled and said that would be wonderful! I still stood there with my mouth open as she took his hand and was directed down the hall way as if she didn’t know where it was already!

    They closed the door after they had gone through it and Jean was beaming! She was smiling from ear to ear! She even turned on some music to mask any sounds coming from our bedroom! It didn’t matter as I had to go to work anyway.

    I heard from Jean later that it had all gone well with her mother and Kevin. She even joked that Kevin might have another slut! I still couldn’t believe it! I just hoped with Janice’s new appreciation for Black men it would help with my father-in-law’s reaction to Jean’s coming Black Baby!

    That weekend Jean and I went to her folk’s house and delivered the news! Her Dad was ecstatic at first that he was going to be a Grandpa and his color instantly drained when Jean told him the baby wasn’t mine and was in fact the baby of a Black man! He sputtered and couldn’t find words to say! It was then that Janice jumped into the conversation and injected that it was such a Christian thing to do to share love with people of color and how honorable it was of me to encourage her to do so!

    I couldn’t think of anything to add so I just went along with it. After all it was working up to be 3 against 1 and it was going to happen regardless of what Jean’s father was going to say! He did begin asking questions about how and when but Janice covered that and diverted the conversation back to when the baby was due and where we were going to put it once it was born!

    That was a whole other thing we had to deal with since we had been looking at houses briefly before Jean got distracted by Kevin’s Black Cock and we were going to have to get back looking because there was no way we could have a baby in the space we presently had.

    Months passed and we found a house! Jean’s belly grew and her appetite for sex didn’t diminish any! Janice became a regular visitor supposedly helping Jean prepare for the baby and of course enjoying a fair share of the Black cock that always seemed to come through our revolving front door! I managed to see my mother-in-law in some most compromising position’s including impaled on Dan’s cock, being fucked by him as she was helplessly supported by his support and she loved that as much as Jean did! Like Mother like daughter!

    Jean's Black Bred. Jean's Favorite Fuck with Dan.
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