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. The Gunrunner Takes A Farmer's Wife

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Apr 3, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!



    by EroticWriter

    "Feels like we need to get you wet. I might be about to fuck you against your will, but no reason why it has to hurt cause you're dry."

    Very long story readers, but lot's of sex involving several different people, and the end is..shocking. EW

    Jeb stopped stringing fresh wire on the cattle corral when the rider approached. Jeb could tell, even from a hundred yards away that the horse was tired and looking like it had been ridden long and hard.

    As the stranger rode up, Jeb put on the smile he reserved for all strangers, until he got to know them better. "Howdy stranger, what can I do for you? It looks like your horse could use a breather." Jeb was more concerned about the horse than the stranger, who looked tall, thin and wiry. The horse was shiny with sweat and needed tending.

    "Howdy mister. I'm on my way to Abilene. Need to get there sometime tomorrow. Can you tend my horse and maybe give me a bite to eat? I'll pay you whatever it's worth."

    Jeb smiled. "No need to pay me mister. Your money's no good here. In this country we all help one another. Come on into the house. I'll let you meet my woman and while she makes up some grub for you I'll tend to your mount."

    "That would be just fine, mister, much obliged." As he dismounted Jeb looped the horse's reins around the post next to the gate. The stranger pulled his two small leather bags off the back of the horse and placed them over his shoulder, then the stranger held out his hand as they walked towards the front porch, "Names James, Billy James."

    'Billy' had seemed to hesitate coming up with his name, and Jeb suspected that it might be an alias, and that actually this man might be on the run, maybe from the law. But Jeb said nothing as the stranger offered his hand and introduced himself. The stranger was taller than he was, but lanky. It was obvious from the stranger's thin frame that he had never performed hard physical labor.

    "Glad to meet you" Jeb replied, shaking his hand warmly. "I'm Jeb Larner." Jeb didn't think anything of Billy removing his bags from the saddle, since the stranger might have things of value in their that he preferred not to leave sitting out in the open.

    They had walked about 20 yards when they started up the three person wide wooden steps. Jeb's home was basically just a log cabin, two rooms plus a large pantry off to one side of the kitchen. Jeb had done most of the work on construction, with a little help from neighbors who lived two miles east towards town. It had been constructed from woods nearby, but was solid and well insulated. The floors were made from thick cut slabs and Jeb had been proud as he showed Becky how you could 'cross the kitchen floor and hear nary a creak.'

    The cabin even had windows in frames, which James had brought with him in his wagon when he had come west. One of the two windows in the kitchen, plus the one in the bedroom, could be opened by sliding upwards. The iron wood burning cook stove, along with a metal shelf that held their water bucket and also acted as a sink were located along one wall of the kitchen.

    The stove sat about five feet out from the wall, and had a pipe to allow fumes to escape through the roof. If they were having extra cold weather, the cook stove could supplement the other wood burning stove and keep the entire cabin quite cozy. Of course in the summer the stove also created excess heat and Becky generally used just one cooking plate to heat all her food.

    Water could be drawn from a well with a hand pump located just outside the front porch. A wooden kitchen table that could seat up to 8 (though they only had six chairs) if opened up and two wooden 'leaves' were added was between the kitchen and a smaller area that Jeb and his wife Becky used for sitting in the evening. When they had no company, which was most of the time, the leaves stored under the table and it was a cozy arrangement for four.

    The sitting area could be called a living room, but was only large enough to hold a small but comfortable three person couch, two lamps on tables and two padded chairs which were arranged fairly close together. 'Makes it cozy,' Jeb liked to say. Hardbound books lined part of a shelf along one wall, and the handed down family Bible was displayed prominently on a small table in front of the couch. Sitting about 3 feet out from the back wall and jutting into the seating area was the smaller stove they mainly used to heat the two rooms in the winter and provide some heat through the bedroom door just a few feet away.

    Jeb had run the center wall almost down the center of the cabin, placing it just a foot off center to favor the kitchen and living room area. As a result, the bedroom was almost the exact same size as the roomy kitchen and living room combined, and was equipped with an armoire that held Becky's dresses and the two 'go to meetin' suits that Jeb possessed. The armoire sat along one wall next to the bed, and on the other side was a bureau that held most of Jeb's work clothes.

    At the foot of the bed with its back to the wall so that it faced the bed was a solid Oak bench with backrest that Jeb had personally constructed. It was wide enough to seat four persons if need be, and if the occasion ever arose to where they were planning lots of company, could be moved to the kitchen to supplement their lack of two chairs. Both Becky and Jeb used the bench to sit on when putting on shoes, and in Becky's case, her lower undies.

    Becky was a little bit shy about her nudity so Jeb loved to sit beside Becky and watch her when she was tugging on undies because it was one of the rare times when he really saw her lovely legs on display, and sometimes a little more. Off to the side of the bed was located a small desk with a mirror on the back. Becky used this to apply makeup before heading to church, and she liked to use it to write long and sometimes rambling letters, which she sent home weekly.

    Jeb had added one nice touch that made it easier when you had to go. He had added a windowless door in the bedroom. This door made it easier to access the outhouse that sat in the rear and slightly downhill of the cabin. For security purposes, that door opened to the inside and could be secured firmly inside with both a heavy iron latch and a board across the door if needed.

    Jeb was proud of the outhouse just outside that he had constructed. It was on the backside and downhill of the cabin, keeping it at a lower level than the well, which sat in front. Since the land sloped downhill very gradually he had placed the outhouse about 50 feet away rather than close to the bedroom. Becky had agreed that he had made a wise choice though she hated walking that far in the dark.

    Jeb had dug a deep hole, which should last for a good while. He had deliberately raised the footing and flooring about a foot above the level of the ground in order to allow airflow under the outhouse to cut down odors. Around the footing he had installed slats angled upward as you looked from the outside so that no one walking by would be able to look directly under the outhouse and see down into the hole. The only disadvantage of these slats and the increased airflow was that in the winter the portions of the human body exposed to the underside when seated also could receive a blast of cold air when the wind blew.

    For this reason, Jeb had made the slats so that they could be swiveled closed if necessary, which he only did on the coldest nights of the winter. Nature had a way of compensating for things, however. If Jeb had to close the slats, the odor inside the outhouse seldom increased because of the cold. In the summer, it was absolutely necessary for those slats to be opened.

    Thinking of Becky and her comfort, Jeb had been careful to create the outhouse with heavy walls and a door that closed solidly and could be latched from the inside so that cold drafts on a winter's night would be at a minimum. Above the door a half-moon shaped hole was cut which was traditional for outhouses. This hole or 'window' allowed air to circulate and also provided some light when opened.

    If it was cold or drafty, Jeb had strung a short section of rope and allowed it to hang down so that Becky could pull on it to close the swiveling window cover if needed. She was not tall enough to reach it, though she could stand on the toilet ledge if need be. Jeb had said that was 'not dignified' for her to have to do. 'And besides,' he had joked, 'in the dark you might accidentally step into one of the holes.'

    Except for the slats and a shelf inside, Jeb had constructed most of the outhouse before he had brought Becky west. She had asked why he had installed two holes in the seat, and Jeb had responded that 'someday you can sit there beside our children and potty train them.' Unsaid was the fact that Jeb also looked forward to sharing the outhouse with Becky during times of closeness.

    Something strange happened sometimes when Jeb sat on an outhouse hole. His buttocks would be spread as his weight caused him to 'drop' down into the hole. It opened his ass wider, and when he defecated, the feeling of having his anus being spread by the seat as he took a shit was kind of erotic. Also, his penis tended to grow a little as it dangled down into the hole. Many times as a young man, Jeb had masturbated while sitting over a hole. It was quick and convenient, and didn't involve having to hide any wet spots like when he masturbated in bed.

    Jeb now had his own outhouse, and a wife to go with it. Jeb didn't know if girls, Becky in particular, experienced the same sensations when their buttocks were being spread by the hole, but sooner or later he intended to ask Becky.

    Yes, Jeb had constructed the seat with two holes, but Becky was still shy about their using it together. Becky had somewhat reluctantly over the past few weeks, consented to their sitting side by side to urinate. This only happened in the dark, usually just after sex and before sleeping when they walked out together. (Jeb always sat to pee, especially in the dark in order not to hit the edges such as might happen if he stood).

    It was always funny to Jeb when they urinated together, because their urine could be heard hitting the pit below. Since the pit was new and the bottom was over eight feet below them, liquid falling would hit the bottom with a splashing sound, and anything solid would land with a thud. The fact that the freshly dug pit was still 'hollow' amplified the sound. Becky was embarrassed and tried to pretend it wasn't happening. Jeb, on the other hand, would reach down in the dark and 'aim' his penis until his urine was hitting somewhere below where the splash could be heard the loudest.

    But if Becky had to defecate, she still wanted to do it alone and asked Jeb to do the same. She had her reasons, among them, just the thought of defecating with someone beside you was embarrassing, plus there was the problem of having to wipe afterward, and the need to 'look' at whatever you were using to wipe with to see if it was coming up clean.

    As yet, Becky and Jeb had not taken a pee or 'gone together' during the day, though Jeb had tried a few times to time it when she might be going. Jeb, of course, usually took a pee behind the barn or out in the fields, the advantage of being a man.

    As you sat on one of the holes, you directly faced the door. If you sat on the other, you were off to the side a little and could reach a small facing shelf where Jeb kept candles and a metal object that when squeezed quickly would run one side through a piece of flint. This would result in a rich display of sparks that would usually light a candle on the first try. The toilet paper holder was an important item that Becky's mother had insisted they take along. Keeping paper stocked was another matter, but Jeb did the best he could, buying some each time he went to town. Becky usually, but not always, came along when Jeb went to town.

    Now they had another visitor, and who knows, he might end up using the outhouse. As Jeb and Billy crossed the porch, the heavy wooden front door was already opened to the inside, and they had a screen door. With a creaking sound emanating from the spring that kept the door closed, Jeb peeked in to ensure that Becky was 'presentable,' then opened the screen door and held it for Billy.

    As they entered, Jeb's wife was stirring something on the stove. Becky turned, and when she saw that her husband had brought a man in, she looked surprised, then gave her husband a smile. Becky then looked into the face of the stranger and Jeb could see that she was slightly nervous at having a stranger being brought in without warning.

    "Billy, this is my wife, Becky," Jeb said, as he closed the door to their cabin behind him.

    "Hi Billy." Becky gave him a warm smile from a face that looked almost angelic.

    Billy pulled his hat off, held it in front of his chest and said, "Ma'am" as he nodded to her, then, looking off to his left, Billy placed his leather bags on the floor behind the door. .

    Always friendly by nature, Becky continued smiling at the stranger, but her brown eyes quickly took him in from top to bottom. The dusty and wrinkled clothes she was used to, but she wondered if he had been in a tub during the previous week. If she had any apprehensions about him or his appearance, it did not show.

    Becky was 19, freshly married off her parent's farm back in Illinois and brought west by Jeb just weeks ago. They had been hard at work ever since, and with money Jeb had saved and her dowry, they planned to run some cattle and maybe plant wheat, lots of it. Their land, being near a small river that flowed year round, was prime growing bottom land.

    Becky was wearing a summer dress; the kind that was shaped to an exact fit over a woman's bust and tended to press the breasts together, which increased the 'cleavage.' The dress went deeply in below so that it emphasized a slim waist. It was cut low enough on top that it allowed the top four inches or so of the crack between her breasts to show. That was if Becky was standing. Bending over might reveal a little more.

    Billy spoke again. "Ma'am, it's been a long while since I've been in someone's home and smelled home cooking. That sure smells good."

    As Billy was speaking to his wife, Jeb took note at the way the stranger's eyes passed over Becky's lush body, and how they lingered on her breasts for perhaps a little too long before returning to her face. But Jeb didn't think much of it. Men had always been looking at Becky. It was something he had to get used to, every time they went to town.

    After introductions had been made Jeb told Billy he could wash up in the sink. "There's a bucket full of water right there and you can refill it from the hand pump outside."

    "Thanks, and I'll refill the bucket when I'm done," Billy said with a smile.

    Becky had begun preparing a table for three while Billy started washing up. "Oh Billy, one last thing'" Jeb added: "If you need to do a 'sit down,' the outhouse is located outside a door through the bedroom." Jeb pointed a finger to indicate the direction and Billy nodded and said, "I'm O.K. for now," as Jeb went out.

    Becky pretended not to hear Jeb's mention of the outhouse and bodily functions and kept busy with her food preparation. Though they received visitors only on a limited basis, it was quite common for the visitors to use the outhouse if they were staying for any length of time. Just getting to their farm from town for instance, was a little over an hour's ride in a wagon. Women of course, always went out to sit. Their men quite often had stopped the wagon along the way and gone while standing beside the road.

    Each time the visitors left, usually other couples from their Sunday school and once in a while the pastor and his wife, Jeb would smile and say to Becky as he nodded in the direction of the outhouse, "Becky, they left something behind for us to remember them by.' Becky had gotten used to his little 'joke' now and would pretend to 'sniff' with her nose and walk away.

    Becky is Her Pastor's Favorite Secret Fantasy

    The women visitors always used his outhouse and the men sometimes, but the pastor always used it when he came to visit. Jeb figured the reason was because the pastor was too 'prim and proper' to pee along the road with his wife watching. Not known to Jeb was the fact that each time their pastor used their outhouse, he was thinking of Becky and wondering which hole she would use to sit on. He figured correctly that it was probably the one further from the door, and he usually sat there.

    Because he did not actually have to do a 'two' on one occasion, the pastor had taken advantage of his extra time and had masturbated while sitting on what he thought might be Becky's hole. He had thought of doing this in advance, and as expected, his orgasm was a strong one.

    'Becky,' he was thinking as he softly groaned and worked his way through his orgasm, 'I'm sitting on the same wood where your ass goes when you sit here Becky. And my dick is aimed down and shooting cum at the same place where you pee. The next time you sit here, sometime today, you will not know that your good pastor was thinking of you and jacking off while sitting on this very same hole!'

    Of all his parishioners, Becky was the finest looking by far. It gave the pastor feelings of guilt as to how she caused him to lust for her but he usually found himself unable to pull his eyes away if he thought no one else was watching. Each time they arrived home from a visit to the Larner's, the pastor would take Lori, his pretty but almost flat-chested wife to bed and fuck her with more vigor than usual. The pastor's wife suspected the reason, but said nothing. After all, that was the only time when he seemed more like a man.

    A visit to the Larner's meant that Lori would be laid when they got home, plain and simple. Because of her suspicions about how her husband thought of Becky, when they were visiting with the Larner's, Lori would study Jeb and wonder how he might be in the sack. His farmer's work pants pretty much concealed any bulges so she could only speculate on how Jeb might compare to her undersized husband in that department.

    Lori tried to use this fantasy at home, but fantasizing on Jeb didn't work as well for her as her husband's fantasies about Becky did for him. Her husband usually had the memory of what he had seen, and almost seen, as he stared down Becky's top.

    The reader might wonder how and why a pastor's wife, whom is expected to set the standard for morality among all wives, could think in this manner. There was a reason.

    The Pastor's Wife Has Her Own Secrets

    The pastor's wife had not been a virgin when she married. On her wedding night Lori had managed to fool her husband into thinking she was a virgin by crying out and tightening herself as much as possible. With his total lack of experience he had been none the wiser.

    Lori had not been a virgin because she had been having sex with two brothers the summer before she became engaged. While on a trip to Iowa, her mother had told her; 'While you are out riding, go out and introduce yourself to the Harper brothers. Their parents have both passed and they are doing such a nice job keeping the farm going. They are fine, upstanding members of the local church I understand.'

    'That's my mother. Always trying to marry me off.' Wanting an excuse to ride a white colored filly the family they were visiting had, Lori had saddled up and rode out. Those Harper brothers, aged 26 and 32, had been fine upstanding citizens all right, but not 'upstanding' in the way her mother had intended. They had been bold and forward, and though Lori had tried to resist in the barn, they had overpowered her, gently, and 'broken in the mare.'

    Lori had been with them for about 15 minutes while they 'became acquainted' by showing her around the farm, and of course their horses in the barn, which, after they had gotten Lori into the barn, were not there. The horses were out in the field. After wrestling with her and succeeding in pulling off her lower garments, the older brother had inserted a finger, and Lori had let out a little 'yip' as he discovered that she was still a virgin. At that point it had become a 'special honor' to see who would be first.

    Lori was sweating from the struggle as she lay quietly and listened as the two brothers made their plans for her. As Lori laid between them on a pile of hay with her bloomers pulled off, they placed her hands on their stiff penises and directed her to 'hold our dicks while we decide who gets to break you in.'

    Lori had her own thoughts about that, but said nothing. Of the two, she was more attracted to the younger brother, who was closer to her in age. Also, the younger brother's penis seemed to be not quite as wide as the older brother's. If Lori was going to be 'broke in,' she preferred smaller.

    They actually flipped a coin in front of her and let it land on her belly to determine who got to go first. The younger brother won the toss, which had elicited a "Shit! You have all the luck," from his older brother. Despite all his tough man talk, the younger brother seemed to be as nervous as she was. Although he was not actually touching her at first, Lori could sense how his body was shaking as he got onto his knees between her legs.

    After a partial insertion, he was brought to a stop. "I need to push a little harder." Then there was a brief, sharp pain resulting in Lori crying out, and after that the fit seemed fine. Tight, but fine. The fact that they had both fondled her on the pussy had helped his entry into her, since she had been wet. The winner had certainly been firm enough to break her strong maidenhead, but he was been awkward in his movements and only lasted two to three minutes.

    By the time he had dropped his load into her, Lori had wrapped her arms around him in an attempt at achieving 'closeness.' Once spent, he had lain gasping over her with his full body weight. His body was muscular and heavy and Lori could barely breath. Also she felt extremely wet, which was confirmed by what they said next.

    Out of the silence, came his older brother's voice. "Sounded like you came pretty good!"

    "Did I ever. I think I shot the biggest load of my life. After she broke, I could actually feel the skin of her cherry rubbing along the sides of my dick when I started stroking."

    When the younger brother slipped out of her and stood up, Lori made no attempt at hiding herself as they both stared down at her sweating lower body and now modified pussy. It looked quite shiny from wetness, and neither brother commented on the redness that was blending with his semen, which was slowly oozing out. "We'll leave your juice in there to make it easier for me."

    Then the older brother mounted her, but only after removing the rest of her clothing and 'preparing' Lori with caresses and kisses over her entire body.

    Lori cried out once again as the older brother began his penetration, but she cried out not from pain of being 'broke,' instead, it was from surprise at how much he was stretching her compared to his younger brother. Still new to sex, any increase in size was a lot to her.

    The older brother, having more experience, also lasted much longer. He kissed Lori, and held her buttocks under his hands at times as he stroked steadily and firmly into her. When he reached his orgasm, reluctantly because he was trying to hold it back, Lori had begun to enjoy it. As a matter of fact, she had wrapped not only her arms but also her legs around him and willingly kissed him.

    This of course, seeing Lori responding so strongly to his older brother, made the younger brother feel extreme jealousy. He had gotten to go first, but now felt like he was the one who was not having any good luck. He knew that Lori was new to this, but was Lori responding to his older brother so excitedly because he had a thicker dick?

    Actually, Lori's strong response to the older brother was because she had now become used to having a penis inside her, and the situation was steadily becoming more arousing.

    Fortunately for her self-esteem, neither brother commented on Lori's small, almost flat breasts, not now, or ever. They did though seem to enjoy playing with nipples that had a high level of sensitivity. Her nicely rounded and firm ass was what they liked the most, and her 'wet but tight little pussy.'

    When she seemed willing, they each took another turn with her. Her pussy they commented on frequently, letting her know how much they enjoyed 'being in there.' In time, the younger brother had learned by watching and became as good a lover as his peer.

    Because of her 'shame,' Lori had not dared to breathe a word to anyone. But she willingly had returned to their farm for another visit, and then still another. Over the next three weeks, until her family had returned to Kansas, Lori had been ridden several times, times two. The sex had always been with both brothers present, an arrangement that Lori found to be extra stimulating.

    Though she did not know how the Harper brothers compared in size to other men, both brothers had been a little above average in size, and Lori had become a woman who enjoyed multiple orgasms. If she had become pregnant and contacted them, the brothers had already flipped a coin to see who married her, and done it in front of Lori. They had tossed the coin and allowed it to land on her naked breasts. The younger brother, again, had won the coin toss.

    "You won the toss. If she ends up pregnant, little brother, you marry her and we both keep fucking her until her belly gets too big. If I happen to find myself a woman in the meantime, then she'll be all yours." Lori had nodded her head in agreement and they all three had kissed to 'seal the deal.' But she had not ended up pregnant.

    On her last visit to the Harper farm, Lori prepared a meal for them in their kitchen, and with a 'special treat,' because this time she did all the cooking while naked, except for a little apron that she had brought with her. The brothers were sitting hungrily at the table and admiring Lori as she moved to and fro, the apron concealing her vagina, but leaving her breasts and ass exposed.

    When Lori was ready to serve them, she went around the table and dished up their food while they sat and lusted over her body as her breasts came to within inches of their faces. Small they might be, but her breasts still looked good because the rest of her frame was small to match. "Don't touch! Now eat!"

    When they had all finished their meal, Lori instructed the brothers to slide their chairs back from the table, then stay on their chairs and just pull down their trousers. As expected, she was greeted with the sight of two stiff cocks pointing straight up.

    "Now we can have our dessert." Leaving her little apron on, Lori slowly straddled the younger brother and rode his cock. The older brother didn't mind a bit being second, even thought it meant that he would be getting sloppy seconds. He knew why Lori had chosen to go with his younger brother first. Smaller dick goes first, opens, lubricates and warms up. Then larger dick comes into the prepared channel, and finishes the job.

    Besides, the older brother was getting to watch as he stared at Lori's lovely rounded ass, held by his brother's two hands as she rose slowly up and down over a cock that had learned, over the past few days, how to have control. The older brother was surprised and pleased as he watched his brother lasting until they both reached their orgasm. Lori spent at least four to five additional minutes sitting on the younger brother and kissing him until his penis had gone completely soft.

    Then she mounted the older brother, and even though she was wet and stretched, Lori let out a delicious sounding moan as she slowly allowed her body to sink all the way down on that thick shaft that she (secretly) had learned to love. "This is our last fuck, you know that, don't you?" "Yeah baby, and let's make it good." They did.

    Now Lori was a pastor's wife, prim and proper and a person of high moral character. On occasion she went with her husband to visit parishioners, and she was a lady of high virtues who never got to enjoy multi-orgasms.

    Jeb's First Big Mistake.

    Jeb went out, held the screen door with one hand so that it closed slowly, and left his wife alone with Billy. He took Billy's horse by the reins and walked it into the barn. He removed the saddle and after hanging it over the fence next to a stall he went on, removing the reins and bit from the horse's mouth. As Jeb watered the horse and brushed it down, Jeb shook his head. This was such a fine steed to be ridden so long and hard like that. He worked hard and fast, but neglected nothing in caring for the horse.

    As he worked, Jeb's mind was on the stranger and how he had looked at the crack between Becky's breasts. Jeb could understand that, he often found himself doing the same thing even though he had seen Becky naked. He knew that even now, Billy, if that is his name, is in there with Becky. He is probably seated at the table, making conversation, while Becky busies herself with the lunch for the three of them.

    'Billy will be wishing he could fuck Becky, but she belongs to me. Many men in town probably think the same way, and Becky never seems to notice. Is it possible that she could actually be in there with Billy and be wearing that dress and not even be aware that Billy can see down her front?'

    Jeb needed to piss. Since he was not in the cabin with Becky, this meant that Jeb could piss without having to use the outhouse. Jeb never used the outhouse if he could help it. The more the outhouse was used, the sooner the building would have to be moved off, the pit covered, a new hole dug and the building placed over it. Of course, pissing was not so much a concern as crapping. Crapping is what will fill up the pit.

    Becky did not like it though when he pissed outside when they were in the fields or near the barn and stable. She would say, "We have an outhouse, why don't you use it?"

    And Jeb would reply, "Why go way over there when all I need to do is 'whip it out' and piss here? Besides," he would sometimes add; "This way you get to see my dick." Then he would shake it with his hand and point it at Becky. She would act disgusted and look away while Jeb took his piss, but Jeb would take note of the fact that if Becky thought he could not see her, she would be watching as he pissed.

    Instead of waiting to go either around the cabin or through it to the outhouse, Jeb simply went out the back door of their small barn and began opening his fly. As he was reaching in to tug it out, Jeb realized that he needed to piss now! While working, he had been holding it back, and the arrival of the stranger had delayed his going. Pointing his penis towards the prairie, Jeb let it rip.

    As he took a piss that had been waiting too long to come out, Jeb sort of played with his penis. Staring down at it, he tugged the foreskin all the way back until the head was uncovered. That way, when he shook it off, no urine would remain. As he had hurriedly tugged it out, his penis had been a little larger than when it was totally soft and as he shook it off, Jeb felt it sort of tingle.

    Jeb knew that his penis was enlarged slightly because of thinking of Becky and how someone at this very minute is in the house and sneaking looks at her tits. In his mind, Jeb had already formulated a plan. Though he loved Becky deeply, because of the situation with Billy and knowing what Billy is thinking, Jeb was thinking in terms of sex and fucking rather than lovemaking at the moment. 'I'm going to go in there, make conversation, learn all I can from Billy and watch while he pretends not to be looking at Becky.

    I might even go and fiddle with something on the stove or maybe go into the bedroom and peek out the door so I can see Billy while he watches Becky. When Billy rides off, I'm not going to tell her what I'm thinking, that I plan to fuck her rather than make love.

    I am going to lay Becky across the bed and toss her dress up. Then I'm going to pull her panties down, toss them against a wall and then get between her legs. I'm going to slip my dick into her while I feel and suck on those beautiful tits. While I'm fucking her, I'm going to ask her if she was aware that Billy was looking at her tits. She will either deny it, or will tell the truth when she says she didn't notice.

    Who knows, she might already be turned on from knowing that Billy is looking at her tits. Then I'm going to look Becky in the eyes and tell her that no matter how many men look at her she belongs to me, that she is mine and that I love her. No one but no one I will tell her, gets to put his dick into this pussy that I love so much. At that point I will give her a long, very romantic kiss. I've never done it before, but then I'm going to try to last as long as I can and wear out her pussy before I come.'

    Jeb had asked Becky those questions once before on the way back from town, and she had said she was unaware of how men stared at her.

    Done now with the horse, and after taking a piss, Jeb returned to his cabin. He noticed that apparently Billy had done as requested in refilling the bucket since there were signs of fresh water splashed onto the ground at the bottom of the pump. He frowned as he climbed the stairs but thought nothing of it when he noticed that the heavy front door was closed. Though it was warm there was a strong breeze blowing and Becky had probably closed it to keep any dust out.

    The screen door creaked as Jeb pulled it open, and as he opened the heavy wooden door Jeb saw Becky standing in the middle of the room. Her dress was torn, her left breast half exposed. As she looked towards Jeb, Becky was clutching herself, trying to hide her partial nudity and not quite managing. Her face had a look of terror.

    "What the." Jeb started to say. He turned his head in order to look in the direction Becky was staring. Jeb saw a blur behind the door, and as he turned to meet it, Jeb felt something crashing upon his head. Darkness totally enveloped Jeb before he hit the floor.

    Never Trust a Stranger's Smile

    Sometime later Jeb awoke. His head was throbbing. He tried to rise, and couldn't. After a few seconds of dizziness had passed, Jeb tried to take stock of his situation. Gradually, he realized that he was lying on the kitchen floor. His hands were tied behind him, and as he tugged, he could tell it was some form of rawhide. He struggled with his bonds, but they were tight. There was no way he would be able to break them. He would have to find some way to cut them, and do it with his hands behind him.

    Slowly, by going to his knees first and waiting for a dizzy spell to pass, Jeb was able to struggle to his feet. 'How long have I been out,' he wondered? Looking around, he saw that the door to the bedroom was partially closed. Becky must be in there, with him! And then he heard the stranger's voice. "Get those damned bloomers off, now!"

    It was what he had feared. But if the stranger was in the process of telling Becky to undress at this minute, Jeb knew that he must not have been knocked out for very long. Carefully avoiding the one board he knew sometimes creaked and thankful for all the ones that didn't, Jeb crept silently over to the door. Through the doorjamb beside the hinges, Jeb could see the bed, and he almost cried out in anger!

    Becky was standing with her back to the bed and facing towards the door. She was already stripped naked on top. Jeb caught a quick glimpse of her breasts and then Jeb could only see the top of her head as she bent down. She was lifting each foot so that she could remove her bloomers. While she was still bent down, Billy ordered her again. "Now lay down on the bed right here in front of me, and keep your feet on the floor."

    Jeb knew that couldn't happen. He had fucked Becky on that bed often enough that he knew when Becky laid on her back on the edge of the mattress, that the bed was too high for her feet to be touching the floor.

    As she stood up before backing onto the bed, Jeb had a quick glimpse of his lovely Becky. She was totally naked before the stranger! Her full breasts were heaving, and Jeb could see that her nipples were erect from the sudden exposure to the air and maybe from fright.

    He's Seeing My Wife Naked!

    The stranger was standing off to the side, and Jeb could only see his left arm as he pointed it towards the bed. Becky sat on the bed with her feet towards Jeb and then laid back. In order to get onto the mattress far enough to avoid sliding off, she had to use her hands to slide backward, and when she did, her feet came off the floor.

    Flat on her back, her lovely breasts were standing straight up. Becky tried covering her breasts with her arms. She was keeping her legs clamped together as well but the soft brown curls of her lower half still showed.

    Jeb heard the sound of boots hitting the floor and knew that Billy must be pulling them off. As he continued to stare, Jeb saw the stranger come more into view. He started removing his trousers and Jeb saw Billy's skinny, naked ass as he bent over and pulled the pants over his ankles. Between his legs, Jeb caught just a glimpse of whitish skin. It was either a dangling penis, or perhaps it was one of his balls, Jeb couldn't be sure. Whatever it was, it was hanging down pretty far.

    And then he heard Becky speak. She was staring straight up at the ceiling in an effort not to have to look at the stranger as he exposed himself. Her voice was soft, but she sounded scared. "You promise you won't hurt my man?"

    "I promise. Now you just lie there," Billy said, his voice thickening. "This won't take long, not long at all."

    It was obvious to Jeb that the stranger was using a threat against her husband as an excuse so that Becky would willingly submit to whatever it would be he commanded her to do. Jeb knew the strangers 'promise' not to hurt him was a lie. When this man left, he would probably kill Jeb so that there would be no pursuit. Billy might even take Becky with him.

    Jeb's mind flashed on something he had heard. There were stories, rumors perhaps, of a slave trade in which white American women were kidnapped, taken south and sold off as sex slaves to brothels or even as potential wives to eager Mexican ranchers. Younger women, girls actually, commanded higher fees if they could be certified as virgins.

    Again Jeb almost cried out with anger as he saw the stranger grab Becky's legs with both hands and open them as wide as they would go in their position of dangling over the edge of the bed. Then Billy leaned over so that he could better reach her. Her vaginal area was totally exposed, and Billy ran his hand slowly up the inside of her thigh until he was able to caress her soft brown curls.

    Jeb could see Becky's face. She was staring into Billy's face now with a look of what might be fear. Then Billy's hand dug into Becky's soft and luscious pubic hair, and Jeb saw Becky quiver when the stranger ran his fingers up through her slit, starting at the bottom. When he reached her hole, he slowly inserted the tip of one finger, and Becky let out a little gasp.

    "Feels like we need to get you wet. I might be about to fuck you against your will, but no reason why it has to hurt cause you're dry."

    "Those words wounded Jeb deeply. Becky had never been 'fucked.' As far as Jeb knew, Becky had never even heard that word before. 'I'm about to fuck you against your will.' Billy was going to fuck his wife, know her in a most intimate and possibly brutal manner, and there was nothing he could do to stop it! Jeb renewed his effort to loosen the rawhide.

    The stranger got down onto his knees in front of her. Jeb could still see Becky's lower half over the stranger's head and he watched Billy using the fingers of both hands to spread Becky's most intimate part. Grasping her by the hairy edges of her vagina, Billy opened Becky as wide as possible, exposing the inner portions of her loveliness.

    Watching from over Billy's shoulder, Jeb's mouth dropped open at the sight of his own wife and his never before seen view of how her vagina looks after being opened so wide. It was incredible, but Jeb was seeing his wife like this while she was being opened for someone else's viewing pleasure. With his tongue protruding between his lips, unseen to either Jeb or Becky, Billy studied her vagina for a long moment, then allowed her lips to close.

    He released his grip on her and changed the positioning of his fingers so that he was holding the lips themselves. Almost immediately he pulled them open again, causing Becky to let out a slight gasp. This time he could see her better.

    "Now that's a small hole, a lot smaller than them whores I'm used to. You've got a right tight pussy, it looks like." He snickered, then added, "Maybe it won't be so tight once I'm through with it." Billy seemed to be fascinated with Becky's charms, and giggled as he repeatedly tugged her open and closed.

    Without his thinking about it, Jeb's arms had slowed down almost to a stop as his mind went more to the sight of his exposed wife than to freeing himself. Billy unknowingly was doing something for Jeb that Jeb had only dreamed about, but had never dared to do.

    Billy was tugging and holding her womanhood opened wide and Jeb was studying Becky's little hole and analyzing it in the same way Billy was. Jeb knew very well how small she was; though he had never before seen her hole in such a visual manner.

    Jeb was glancing up at Becky's face as the stranger violated her. She was still covering her breasts with her arms, and her eyes were closed. Each time the stranger tugged her lips open, Jeb could see her open her mouth as if to cry out in silent protest. Jeb thought that Becky hated what was being forced upon her, but unknown to Jeb, the tugging on her lips was slightly arousing.

    Becky was trying hard to resist the sensations, but with each tug on her lips her pleasure increased, along with her embarrassment. As Billy tugged her open, the spreading felt good and it also was resulting in the pulling downward on her clitoris, further stimulating her.

    But there was more. Her husband had never been so bold as to actually get down there with his face and take a close look at her, let alone opening her up with his fingers. Having a stranger view her in this manner was having its affect on Becky. She found Billy's attentions to be even more arousing than if Jeb were the one doing it.

    Through the crack in the door frame, Jeb was seeing intimate areas of his wife in ways he had never seen her before. It seemed almost like Billy was placing Becky on display for Jeb if it was not for the fact that Jeb was supposed to be laying on the kitchen floor unconscious.

    Then the stranger shoved his arms under her thighs. He grabbed Becky by the hips and pulled her body towards him until her rear was right on the edge of the bed again. With his face very close to her vagina, Billy softly giggled, "In a minute I'll show you what a Denver crib girl showed me."

    As he was speaking, Becky could feel the warmth of his breath flood over her vagina. It felt strange, and somehow, even in her innocence, she sensed what might be coming.

    With his face just inches from her womanhood, Billy reached up and pulled her arms away from her breasts. Becky did not resist, knowing it would be useless. Again she could feel his hot breath on her vagina. His mouth must be close enough to touch me there, she thought!

    With his lips just an inch away from Becky's vagina, Billy spoke once again, "I want to get a good feel of these beauties," and Becky could feel the warmth of his breath once again flood over her vagina as his hands closed gently but firmly over her breasts.

    Billy laughed. "This is the way it is supposed to be done. The man feels the tits first, then goes for the pussy." Becky shivered. 'This stranger is fondling my breasts.' That alone seemed to raise her level of arousal, but feeling his breath on her vagina was even more titillating. Unconsciously, Becky opened her legs just a little more in anticipation of what might be coming below.

    Billy smiled when he noticed her movement, and he knew that Becky had just made a slight move towards willingness, or perhaps it might better be defined as openness. He decided to delay things for a moment more and instead of placing his mouth on her, he began twirling her nipples between his fingers.

    Jeb had also noticed her lower movement, but was not sure of what he had seen. Did Becky just open up more for this man? Jeb knew that the stranger planned to rape his wife, but he seemed to be spending a surprising amount of time playing with her first. Billy was busily fondling Becky's breasts, and Jeb understood that. Any man would love to feel her breasts if he had the chance.

    Thinking Back on That Pastor

    As he struggled with his bonds, Jeb thought back two weeks ago, and to the last visit their pastor had paid them. The pastor was no different than almost any other man. He would steal peeks at Becky's chest when he thought no one was looking. At the same time the pastor's wife went to the outhouse through the back, Jeb went out the front way to bring in a bucket of water.

    When Jeb came back across the porch, he deliberately stepped quietly. He looked through the screen door and saw the pastor staring right down the front of Becky's dress while she was bending down by the stove to fetch a skillet.

    It was taking Becky a little time to do so, for she had to move two skillets out of the way in order to get the one she needed. Becky's dress was falling open in front, and even from the porch Jeb could almost see her nipples. The pastor was standing closer to her and had a higher angle from which to view Becky. Jeb paused quietly at the door and watched. Jeb was pretty certain that the pastor could see her nipples, and when the pastor quickly grabbed his crotch and gave himself a quick squeeze, Jeb knew for sure that he could.

    Jeb never told Becky about what he had seen. No use getting Becky upset, for she did enjoy going to church and listening to that pastor when he preached. Fuck, all men are alike! If he had the chance, the pastor would probably fuck Becky, even though he had a wife of his own. Of course, Jeb was thinking, Lori looked like she didn't have any tits to speak of. Lori was quite pretty though, and she might have a nice ass as well, but it was hard to tell under all those clothes.

    Jeb was pretty annoyed at how the pastor had ogled Becky's tits. The pastor would be coming to visit again, probably within two to three weeks. Jeb had decided that if the pastor brought his wife he was going to get his 'revenge.' When the pastor's wife went out to the outhouse Jeb was going to go out behind the outhouse and take a peek upwards through those slats.

    The upper half of the pastor's wife, her face, was decent enough, but Jeb wanted to see her indecent parts. During the daytime there was a lot of light under there. He would see all of her intimate lower parts, and the more business Lori did, the longer Jeb would get to see. When she wiped herself, hopefully just the front but Jeb would watch it all, things could be very revealing as Lori tugged her vaginal lips to and fro.'

    'Yeah, good pastor, you see my wife's tits, I see your wife's snatch.' Desperately, Jeb continued to work his wrists in an effort to loosen the rawhide, but was having little effect other than rubbing his wrists raw.

    Billy indeed planned to rape Becky, but he had his reasons for delaying the inevitable. Billy had only been with prostitutes, and no matter how much they seemed to act excited with him, Billy never knew for sure if it was an act or if they were really turned on to him.

    Also, there was not much pleasure in exploring a body that could be and had been explored by any man with the money. Becky was different. She was almost like having a virgin in his mind's eye. If she was the typical 'good girl,' she probably had been a virgin on her wedding night.

    And it wasn't just that Billy was reveling in the thought of having a woman who had never been with untold numbers of men. There was more. Becky was beautiful. Among all the women he had ever been with, a total of nine before today, Becky was head and shoulders above them all, or maybe, face, tits and pussy above them all, he giggled to himself as he fondled Becky.

    "Nice tits, really nice, firm titties," Billy said loud enough for both Becky and Jeb to hear as he worked his hands over her breasts and felt them for a few moments before beginning the surprise he had in store. Becky was thoroughly confused. If he had just grabbed hold of her breasts, it might have had no effect on her. But his face was so close to her vagina that she could feel him breathing.

    Those sensations were stimulating her. Because of that, his touching of her breasts was now adding to it. This man, a stranger, had opened her vagina and looked at it and made remarks about it, and he had been just as casual about it like he would be if he were talking about the weather.

    Jeb has never done this, no matter how romantic we have been together during our short marriage. Jeb has never talked about my private parts, nor has he ever placed his face in such close proximity to my lower half such as Billy is doing now. And on top of that, it is all happening in broad daylight, something that rarely happens between Jeb and I when we make love.

    Billy knew what he was doing. He had placed his mouth as close as possible to her womanhood, knowing full well that she could feel his breathing. As his warm breath continued flowing over her vagina, Billy was keeping his chin high and looking over her pubic mound.

    He could see her breasts, and was watching her reactions by studying her face. He kept alternating between gently squeezing her breasts and teasing her nipples. He seemed to be studying her breasts, as if he was trying to memorize every detail, and of course he was.

    Becky's mind was racing. This man already knows details of my body better than Jeb does, and he has only just begun. The only thing left, she was thinking, is for him to be inside me. But of course there was more to come, as she would find out when he went to work with his mouth.

    Becky's mind was alternating between fear, confusion and desire. She found herself wishing that Billy would continue playing with her breasts, and at same time hoping that he would go on to the next step. He was really working her breasts, going from squeezing to teasing. Not even Jeb had fondled her like this.

    But there had been another man, back in Illinois, a man who had known Becky's body. He had fondled her too, and had taken advantage of the opportunity in a big way.

    The Man Who Came Before Jeb

    When she had barely turned eighteen, Becky had gone for a walk one warm day in mid-June. She had came to a stream and sat down on a grassy knoll under the shade of several trees. Joannie, a younger girlfriend of hers was supposed to meet her here around noon, but Becky had arrived early. It was probably just 11:10 or so.

    On impulse, Becky decided to go skinny-dipping. Becky was alone, hardly anyone ever came through here, and she had done it before with Joannie. Someone had piled up some rocks just south of where she was sitting and the water at this point was over waist-deep during the spring and early summer.

    Leaving her dress and underthings behind on the bank, Becky slowly entered the water, feeling her way carefully to avoid the slippery rocks that were just along the edge. She waded in just past waist-deep and dunked her head under the water. Then she quickly threw her upper body back, causing her long hair to fall back over her head and onto her back. She had barely had time to lower herself into the water once more and rise when she heard a splashing behind her.

    Is that Joannie? She quickly turned and saw a naked man coming around the bend just to the north and wading through the water towards her! Lori saw him just before he spotted her because he was looking down at the water as he waded. It was old Mr. Jones from down the way. Or at least that was what she and Joannie called him, 'Old Mr. Jones,' since he was probably in his forties.

    The water north of her, being further from the rock dam, was shallow, getting deeper as it came south towards Becky. As a result, Mr. Jones was only in up to his knees, and everything he had was totally exposed. It was obvious that his body had been completely under the water just a short time before because he was dripping, all the way up to the hair on his head, which also was wet.

    His upper body was dark with golden tan, but from the waist down he was almost pure white. It had the effect of adding emphasis to his nakedness. His testicles, because of the water, were drawn up tight against his scrotum instead of hanging down and swinging back and forth as they normally would. Of course, Becky did not know that, nor did she know that the penis she was staring at was also shrunken up at the moment.

    His dangling penis was not huge as far as thickness goes, but even in its shrunken state it was long enough for it to hang noticeably lower than his tight testicles as he stood upright, and long enough for it to swing slightly side-to-side as he moved. The fact that he had an excess of foreskin that hung down an inch or so beyond the head also had the effect of making his penis appear longer. Becky caught the movement of his penis, and as she unthinkingly lowered her eyes just slightly for a better look at it, he spotted her from about 12 few feet away.

    He looked into her face just in time to see where her eyes were looking, and when Becky looked up again, she saw him staring at her, and her face turned red at being 'caught'. "Oh!" she exclaimed in fright and surprise. "Mr. Jones, I, I didn't know you were here."

    Mr. Jones laughed, though his voice sounded surprised and a little nervous. In any case, he made no effort to conceal himself since Becky had not done so either. She had been shocked at his sudden appearance and fascinated at the sight of the first naked adult male she had ever seen. As a result, Becky had not thought of instantly concealing her breasts, which were shiny with wetness, and topped with firm nipples from the coolness of the water.

    "No use doing that, Becky, I've already had a nice look at them," Mr. Jones said with a bright smile as she threw both her arms over her breasts. Becky looked into his face, and when she sensed he meant no harm, she slowly allowed her arms to drop back into the water. "I guess you're right, but just so you know," she hesitated, swallowed, then went on, "no man, or no boy has ever seen me undressed before."

    Mr. Jones nodded and slowly began wading closer to her. "I'm sure of that. I've seen you in church and I know that you are a very nice young lady and would never deliberately show yourself to anyone but your husband, whenever that time may come. But now that I have seen you, I want to be the first to compliment you on how fine your young lady's body is. How old are you now, is it 17?"

    "I'm 18 now, Mr. Jones. Since the tenth of last month." Becky found herself standing upright and proud as she stood before a man, both of them totally nude, and talking about how old she was. She was in waist deep, but she wondered if the water was clear enough to allow him to see her lower half. She studiously avoided looking at his lower portions, but it was there, and hard to block completely out of her vision. Becky knew that she should look only at his eyes, but under the circumstances, that was hard for her, so she found herself looking to his right and left some of the time.

    Mr. Jones knew that she was studiously 'avoiding' the appearance of looking at his penis. Soon, if things went the way he wanted, she would be openly staring at it, and maybe touching it.

    "How time flies. Seems like just yesterday you were wearing pigtails. Well, you are lovely," he said as he looked her over, "I just want you to know that."

    Unexpectedly for Becky, Mr. Jones, instead of 'not looking at me because it is not right' was instead openly staring at her body. Becky was blushing. He is smiling and there is no doubt that he is admiring my breasts. She felt like she too, should have the right to openly stare at him and study his lower portions, but was too embarrassed to do so.

    Unknowingly, Becky had set the stage. He had said "I've already had a nice look at them,' and Becky had willingly allowed herself to remain exposed. Her breasts had been mentioned, so it seemed Mr. Jones was now free to openly admire her body and comment on it. Also, he did not seem embarrassed at being totally naked in front of her.

    Mr. Jones was married. His wife was about ten years younger than he was, and she seemed nice enough. Becky saw her regularly at church and sometimes in town when she was shopping. Mrs. Jones was not very attractive in the face, just 'plain' you might say. But her body, especially her breasts, seemed more than ample under her clothes, and Becky immediately wondered how her own body compared to this man's wife.

    He had gotten fairly close to her now, and Becky sensed that she should somehow bring this to a close.

    Mr. Jones was wading closer to the shore than Becky was, and as a result, his penis never dropped into the water, where it would be concealed. He was deliberately doing that so that Becky could see his penis, but of course she didn't know that. He was already thinking ahead. 'The longer I stand naked before her, the more used to my nudity she becomes. Soon I may be able to get closer to her.'

    Becky was afraid to look down at him, but she could see that it looked like he was a little bit larger down there then he had been before. As a matter of fact, his penis was growing, returning to its normal dangling length as it warmed in the sun. Also, seeing Becky naked and talking about her nude body was having its effect.

    He was only three feet away now and Becky tried to look Mr. Jones directly in the eyes to avoid any appearance of wanting to see his penis. "I'd better be going now. I was just cooling off."

    "That's all right young lady. I was just leaving, so you can stay." He waded right past her, just inches away and heading towards the very bank from which she had come. "My clothes are right there," he said, nodding towards the bank. Becky turned and looked, in the process allowing him a good look at her breasts as she twirled around. Becky could have kicked herself. His clothes were right there on the side of the bank, within maybe six feet of where she had lain her dress and underthings, and she hadn't even noticed them.

    "I see that you put your clothing near my things. Didn't you see mine?"

    Becky was intrigued once again as she now saw his naked rear for the first time as he climbed the bank. She could even see how the short hairs on the crack of his ass held water, which gleamed in the sunlight. "No, I must have been daydreaming. I would never have came into the water, with no clothes that is, if I had seen them."

    Mr. Jones stopped with his back to her and spoke. "I understand, but I'm sure glad that you did. I've enjoyed seeing you naked, your top half that is, and knowing that I am the first ever to do so. Someday some very lucky young man is going to marry you, and then he'll be able to explore you all over."

    His use of the word 'naked' almost hit Becky like a slap. It actually brought out into the open and into the discussion the fact that she, that they were both naked, very naked. He was on the bank now and above her as he suddenly turned towards Becky.

    The area of his hips was now eye level to her and she saw his organ from a side profile at first and gasped and stared in shock and surprise for an instance before quickly looking away. His penis had suddenly gotten much larger. She didn't know, but it was almost fully erect as he turned, with his penis pointing straight out to the front. As he completed his turn, it was pointed towards her!

    Becky wanted to see something she had never seen before. Someday, a man would use one of those on her, and she had always been curious. Mr. Jones was willing to help her with her curiosity, it seemed when he softly said, "Don't turn your head."

    Seeing Her First Erection

    She had begun to look away, and when Becky slowly turned her head back and looked at his penis, while trying not to appear anxious to do so, he smiled. "That's right," he said softly, but loud enough for Becky to hear. "I didn't want to frighten you too much so I moved on past you first before I allowed this to happen. It's all right. I know that you're curious. Go ahead and look at me, I want you to."

    The sudden change in his body had caught her by surprise, but now he had given her 'permission' to look. With her mouth opened, Becky stared in wonder at the penis, now looking long and hard, and with the long and thickish foreskin still covering the head, but barely. The head, covered by the foreskin, was obviously wider than the shaft.

    Becky was not really aware of the wider portion being a 'head.' All she knew was that the end of his penis under the foreskin was wider than the shaft. The foreskin, where it wrapped around his head, looked like it was tightly stretched, and was very smooth and shiny. The ridge at the bottom of the head was visible right through the skin.

    She was looking at his dick, and that was all he needed. As Becky stared in awe, his penis continued to grow, pointing more upright until it was pointing at an angle slightly higher than straight out from his body. As it stiffened the foreskin was pulled back slightly more. At the tip of his penis, part of the head was now showing through an opened part of the foreskin. The hole from where things flowed forth was visible. She felt her face flush, and knew it must look red.

    Do you want to see me pull back the skin so you can see what's underneath?"

    Mr. Jones was keeping his hands away from his penis, but he was sort of thrusting his hips forward to add emphasis as to the way his penis was angling upward. Becky continued to stare, and she swallowed the lump in her throat as she slowly nodded a 'yes.' She didn't really know what to expect, but she was certainly willing to look.

    Becky was standing to his left so he needed to use his right hand so her view would not be blocked. He reached for his penis, placing his right hand back about halfway on the shaft. He looked into Becky's face to make sure she was watching.

    As Becky stared, Mr. Jones slowly began peeling the foreskin back over his glans as he continued watching her face. The opening in his foreskin seemed to be a little too small for the width of his head and Becky could see that the skin was being stretched even more as the skin came back over the widest part of his head as he pulled.

    Finally it came back all the way and down towards the shaft, exposing the purple head completely to her view. The foreskin now seemed to wad up and wrinkle all around the shaft behind the head. Because of the thickness of his head and the tightness of his foreskin, his skin would remain pulled back behind the head while he was erect unless he physically moved it with his hand.

    His foreskin had always been tight, and Mr. Jones had not been able to pull it back and totally expose his head until almost reaching his teen years. Even now, after many thousand masturbating strokes and hundreds of lovemaking sessions, the skin remained tight. If he started having intercourse and had not pulled the skin back first, there was a possibility that the skin might remain over his head for the entire session and lessen the pleasure he felt.

    Of course, if he continued to do that, his could control his impulse to climax to a much better degree. His wife had asked him about it, and they had discussed it at some length and made the decision that 'once in a while' they would have sex in his 'covered mode' and they would spend more time making love. Of course if Mr. Jones quit trying to control it, he could still reach his orgasm with the skin forward.

    Apparently, with Becky watching, Mr. Jones had only needed a few more seconds to reach full size, and that one backstroke did the trick. Now fully erect his penis no longer pointed straight out and slightly upward. Now it was pointing almost straight up skyward as he released his hand to allow Becky a better viewing.

    That head now looked longer and fatter, and it was smooth looking and even seemed to shine in the sun. Mr. Jones had done it slowly, putting on a show for Becky, and seeing the pulling back of his foreskin and the revealing of his head had been one of the most exciting things Becky had ever experienced. Her heart was pounding as she stared at it with opened lips and wide eyes.

    Mr. Jones shook his hips very slightly side to side, making his penis wave back and forth. "This is what happens to a man when he is excited about his woman and wants to be inside her body and make love to her. Now you have seen it for yourself, and have some idea of what to expect after you are married."

    Becky managed to look scared before Mr. Jones had a chance to go on. He tried to reassure her. "Don't worry young lady, I'm not going to touch you, but I would sure appreciate seeing your lower half just like you have seen mine. You not only have seen me in the natural state, but also when I am aroused. It would only be fair. Just step up out of the water far enough for me to see more of you. It will be our little secret, and of course I will never tell anyone."

    Actually, since Mr. Jones had already seen her lovely tits, he knew that he had seen his share already. He had seen her tits fully revealed in their size, and she had seen his penis fully revealed in its size. It was not quite a tit for tat, but rather a 'Tit for that,' you might say. But whatever else he could see, he would gladly accept.

    Wanting to fix it in her memory, Becky continued to stare at his arousal, now looking to be past seven inches in length though she was not trying to measure it in her mind. The entire body of the penis was white from lack of tan, but the pulling back of the foreskin had shown her that the head was darker, almost a purple in color.

    It made his penis appear to be made up of two different components and then attached, especially with the difference in width between the shaft and the thicker head. The veiny shaft also seemed to curve slightly off to his left.

    He began to speak very softly to her and in confidence. "You are the only woman Becky, or girl, to ever see my penis in a full state of erection like this, except for my wife. Now you know what I have, and how much I have to offer her. It is a secret that is now shared between the three of us, but of course my wife must never know that you have seen it."

    Becky nodded that she understood, and wanted to thank Mr. Jones for sharing this with her, but she remained silent, instead giving him a little smile.

    He wanted to see more of her. Again he spoke softly. "And now that I have shared a secret with you, you can share your body with me, in secret."

    Making her decision without much reluctance, Becky slowly nodded as she waded forward towards him enough that her pubic hair came into view. He was on shore and a couple of feet higher than Becky, so he kneeled down into a squatting position in order to better view her. Kneeling, he was keeping his knees wide apart so that she could still see his nakedness. His penis almost touched the ground as he kneeled and it bounced downward.

    Becky could see though, that his testicles were indeed, touching the ground. They had also warmed in the sun and were beginning to dangle. She could even see drops of water running down his testicles and onto the ground. And on the tip of the head of his penis, she could see a shiny drop. Is that water, or something else?

    Her heart pounding, Becky came slowly up the bank and stopped about three feet from Mr. Jones. This placed her vagina about a foot higher than his eyes, so that he had to look up in order to see it. Unknown to her, this provided him a much better angle for viewing.

    She was having very mixed feelings. As Mr. Jones stared at her, Becky strangely felt herself wanting to please him. She didn't owe him anything, but for some reason she felt as if she did, and needed to repay him in any way he pleased. He had shown her his penis, and still was. Only Mrs. Jones knows what it looks like, and now me. It looks so long, so big and hard.

    "Now stand with your legs a little further apart."

    It was asking a lot of her, but Becky slowly shuffled her left leg to the side so that her legs were no longer together at the knees. The shore was sandy here, and not uncomfortable for her feet. He looked at her vagina with sort of a frown as he tipped his head sideways, and she sensed that it was not far enough, so she moved her left leg another six inches to the left. Now she was opened a goodly amount, and could even feel the coolness of the air as a little breeze slowly moved through her lips, which were still dripping from the stream.

    Mr. Jones stared at her for several seconds. He was below her, and Becky could see not only the top of his head, but his penis as it jutted out down below. Becky thought that she could see his penis twitching as he looked at her. He was not looking up into her face, so she felt free to openly stare at his penis.

    It was pointing almost straight up, and at her face. She could see that that wet spot had enlarged and was now hanging out and down from the head for maybe two or three inches. She should have quickly brought this to a close, but she remained in place, perhaps another 15 seconds.

    "Is that enough?" Becky looked into his face now as he raised his eyes. She tried to smile and pretend that she was not seeing his penis, which now seemed to have a string of fluid dangling from the tip. If it kept going like that, it would soon be touching the ground.

    "Yes. Thank you. You are lovely everywhere. Your face, your breasts, and your lower regions all look like God created them for some lucky husband to enjoy. You know," he paused and then went on, "it's almost a shame that only one man will get to enjoy you in ways than can create so much pleasure."

    He had tossed out a hint, and if she had taken it, he would have taken her. But Becky was innocent, and did not catch the fact that he was making a subtle request.

    "Yes. Someday I'll be married and that man, whoever he is, will get to see me, and." Becky paused, too embarrassed to venture more.

    Mr. Jones smiled but sadly as he realized there would be no chance for knowing Becky in intimate ways unless he asked right out, and he was afraid to do that. Still, he wanted to finish her sentence for her. "He will see you naked and his penis will grow, perhaps as large as mine, maybe not. Then he will want to put it inside you, and you will be expected to take it. It may hurt at first, but eventually, if everything is right, you will learn to like it." Becky nodded, knowing that he had finished the sentence she had been afraid to say, even the part about the size.

    "Now we shall have our little secret that we can share for the rest of our lives." With that, Mr. Jones stood up, and his penis seemed to leap skyward and then fall back again so that it was pointing directly at Becky's face. The string fell away from his penis and onto the bank, but in seconds the string had been replaced with still another.

    Mr. Jones saw it, and how Becky was staring at it in open fascination. Maybe he could prolong this! He grasped his penis and milked outward. Becky watched, fascinated at seeing the foreskin seem to bunch up and then open up as it slid once again over the head. More fluid emerged, and the string grew longer. "This fluid, Becky, is designed to make it slippery so that this, and he pointed his penis directly at her again as he emphasized it with his hand, "will be able to slip into something small, like what you have there."

    As he said there, he looked directly at her vagina. Then he almost shocked her with a question. "Would you like to feel it, to see how slippery it is?" Mr. Jones realized, as soon as it had slipped out, that she might think he was asking her if he could place his penis within her instead of the intended 'would you like to feel the slippery juice with your fingers?'

    And that was exactly the way Becky heard it. She thought he was asking if he could put his penis within her. She looked at his penis, at his shininess, and hesitated. She was seriously thinking about it. She was aroused, although the feeling was new to her. Becky was about to ask if he would be gentle and not hurt her when he, without realizing where she was headed, corrected his question. "What I meant to say Becky, was would you like to feel how slippery it is with your fingers?"

    Becky said, "Oh," and nodded her head dumbly. He sensed that she was afraid to touch him so he reached down with two fingers of his right hand and dipped them into the string that was now dangling down almost six inches. The string wrapped around his fingers and he held them out. "Here, feel how slippery."

    Becky swallowed, and then, her hand shaking slightly, reached out and allowed him to touch her fingers with his. She trembled as their fingers came into a first contact between them, and she felt a strange tingling between her legs. He dabbed some of the clear fluid onto her fingers and said, "Now run your fingers over it."

    Becky did as requested and was surprised. It was so smooth and slippery feeling, and she began running her fingers around and around together, marveling at the feel.

    "You see, with that fluid, a man can enter into a woman and it will, in most cases, feel good to her rather than hurting. The fit between them could be quite tight, like it probably would be between your little vagina and my penis, which is rather large." He hesitated, looked at her first and knew what she might be imagining in her mind, then added, "and a woman has her own fluid too, when she is aroused, and she gets slippery inside."

    Becky continued to run her fingers around one another and softly mumbled, "I understand." She still was considering the possibility of allowing this man to know her body in intimate, forbidden ways. She could not help but think of that 'tight fit' he had mentioned.

    "Later," he went on, "when the lovemaking has been going on for a while, the man reaches," Mr. Jones hesitated. He was going to say 'reaches his orgasm,' but that would end his explanation a little too quickly, and she might not know what that meant. He wanted to describe the intimate act in more detail though it meant being perhaps a little too graphic for her ears and see if he could possibly arouse Becky.

    So after a second's hesitation he added, "after the man has placed his penis into her there" he said, pointing at her vagina, "and moved his penis back and forth and in and out of her. actually, 'in and out' is just a phrase," he added. "Once the man goes inside her, he usually goes forward and backward, but keeps his penis inside of her most of the time."

    He looked to Becky for acknowledgment, received it, and went on. "They both become very excited because, well because it feels so good." Wanting to emphasize how it would feel to her, he hesitated, and added, "and if the man is doing it right for the woman, it feels the same for her too. It feels very, very good.

    Then, after they have been making love for a while, maybe with a lot of kissing, and when the time is right, he becomes even more excited. It's like a pressure building up inside the man and finally it all just 'lets go' inside and another kind of fluid comes out."

    He hesitated when Becky seemed to frown, so he pointed and explained: "Another kind of fluid comes out here," and he placed a finger on the tip of his penis, directly over the hole. That fluid, called 'semen' looks thicker than this clear fluid and is whiter in color. That is the fluid that creates babies, thought it can only happen at certain times of the month for the woman."

    He had been quick to add the last part, just in case she might want to try anything, anything at all. As Mr. Jones was speaking, he milked his penis again, and a larger string of pre-cum dripped out, and fell onto the ground.

    There was silence as Becky stared in awe at how much pre-fluid there had been. When she made no comment, he felt suddenly embarrassed about what he had been doing. All he had to do at this point was to ask, to suggest, and she would be his for the taking. But he dared not ask.

    "So now you know why I was dripping." Feeling self-conscious now, he slowly walked over to the heap of clothes and began dressing, pulling his trousers over damp legs and having to take time to stuff his penis, still erect, into his fly. Apparently he had not been wearing any kind of underwear today.

    Becky felt that she should say something as she watched him dress. Without thinking about it, she was continuing to stand with her legs wide apart. "Thank you, Mr. Jones, for the lesson. I didn't know all that."

    Mr. Jones seemed embarrassed now at what he had said and done. He merely smiled and nodded as he tucked his shirt in and buttoned his fly.

    After slipping on his boots, he seemed to hesitate. Becky could see that his penis was bulging in his trousers. Mr. Jones wanted to say something more to her, she could tell, but then he thought better of it. He turned to leave, and she spoke.

    "I have a friend, Joannie Waters. She's supposed to meet me here at noon." Becky hesitated, afraid to say what she was thinking.

    "Yes, Becky?" There was hope in his voice.

    "Joannie is supposed to get here about noon." Becky repeated again, and then hesitated, still unable to continue with what she was thinking.

    Mr. Jones sensed that if there was time, who knows? Was it possible that this lovely gal also wanted him to display himself to her girlfriend? What a thought! He knew Joannie, having also seen her at church and a few functions. She was a little doll, but if he had to choose, Becky was the girl he would love to fuck if he ever dared to ask and she allowed it to happen.

    He reached into his trouser pocket and pulled out a watch on a fob. He was elated as he saw the time. "It's just half past eleven," he said, barely able to conceal his excitement. "She won't be here for another half-hour if she comes on time. What is it that you want to say?"

    Becky gulped. Then gathered up her nerve. "You still look like you, like it is up, I don't know what you call it."

    He laughed. "Yes, my penis if that is what you are referring to is still 'up'. We call that being hard, or erect. That is two terms you can use to refer to my, shall we say, condition?"

    He was being casual about it, giving Becky the nerve to speak her piece. "You mentioned other stuff coming out. White and thicker that makes babies. Could I see it? I mean, not in me, just." She hesitated, afraid to ask him any further.

    She did not exactly know about a climax, or what it was called. But she knew that something further had to happen to make the 'white stuff' come out. If he needed to put it inside her first, she would allow that.

    Mr. Jones was elated. She wanted to see him come and boy did he ever need just that! "I understand. You want me to show you what the juice that makes babies looks like. For that to happen, since I won't be inside you, or a woman", he quickly added, I have to play with it until I reach what is called an 'orgasm.' That is the point that feels best when a man and a woman make love. It all feels good, but that is the best feeling of all, although it only lasts for maybe..fifteen seconds.

    "A woman feels an orgasm too," he was quick to add, "if the man, her husband is doing it right. Tell you what. You stand up here on the bank while I stand down in the water. I will make it come out, while you keep an eye down the road once in awhile so that no one sees me." He smiled at her. "If I get to look at your body while I do it, I can make it happen much quicker."

    He hesitated, then decided to 'include' her in what was about to happen. "Since you are right here, and I will be looking at you, I will be thinking about doing it, making love with you as I look at you." Once again dropping a hint, he had placed special emphasis on the word 'you.' "Don't be embarrassed about that, but I just want you to know I'll be pretending in my mind that I'm inside you and doing it with you because I'm seeing you. Is that all right with you?"

    Becky actually felt disappointment that he was not going to place his penis within her. But still, she was going to get to see the juice he had talked about! Barely able to contain her excitement, Becky agreed, and slipping his clothes off, Mr. Jones stepped down into the water, going about knee deep. Then, with a sudden change of heart, he climbed back onto level ground again. He looked into Becky's eyes and down at himself. "Do you want to touch it once just to see how it feels?"

    His penis was pointing up at her, from less than a foot away from her lower portions, although because of his longer legs and the length of his penis it was closer to her belly button than her vagina. Becky licked her lips. She was afraid to touch it, but Mr. Jones seemed to want her to do so. Also, she was curious, very curious.

    Becky hesitated, then, making what possibly was the most adventurous move of her life to date, she slowly reached out with her right hand. Staring intently so that she could also see exactly what she was touching, Becky very gently wrapped her fingers around the shaft, just below the head. His head, being wider, actually almost blocked her view of her fingers.

    Becky held still, barely daring to breathe. Her heart was pounding as she held the strange, warm meat
    in her hand. Her longest middle finger could touch her thumb, but barely. She hesitated, then dared to say what she was thinking. "It feels so, so hard, and yet so soft at the same time." Her voice sounded almost like a child as she gave him a gentle squeeze.

    He laughed, then gave her a warm smile. "Can I feel your breasts while you feel me?"

    The question caught her completely by surprise, but Becky took it in stride. What he was asking to do was way less than what she might have been willing to allow him to do. "I guess that would be all right, fair, I mean. I feel you, you feel me." Inside, Becky's heart was pounding. She was extremely excited, more so over the adventure of learning something new rather than the sexual aspects of it. What was happening she knew was absolutely forbidden, and a sin in the eyes of her Lord, but she could not stop what was happening.

    Mr. Jones could not believe what was happening. In just an instance, he had gone from putting his boots on and walking away, to fondling Becky's breasts while she was holding his penis, and he was going to get to come!

    Becky trembled as Mr. Jones reached out with both hands and almost timidly cupped her breasts. Her heart pounded as he squeezed them very gently, once twice, and once again.

    "Oh Becky. These are nice, very nice. You have beautiful breasts."

    The next time, as he adjusted his fingers and knowing now that Becky was not going to change her mind, he gave her a good squeeze, taking both entire breasts into his hands, although she had more than his hands could cover. Then holding onto them, he spoke.

    "Go ahead, give it a squeeze and then a stroke up and down."

    Becky did just that, stroking upward and in the process bringing his foreskin along for the ride. She stared in awe, fascinated at the way his skin tightly covered the head while at the same time more pre-fluid poured out and over her fingers.

    Then she lowered her hand, having to use a little bit of strength because the foreskin was such a tight fit. She pulled the skin along as she went all the way to the bottom until her bottom finger went deep into his pubic hair. She came up once again, just one last stroke, and sure enough, more fluid magically poured forth.

    "Just think, Becky. If we were married, while we were kissing, I would be putting that inside of you, in that magic place down there. Do you think it would feel good?" He was still holding her breasts in his hands and gently kneading them.

    She stared down at what she was holding almost in awe. It looked and felt very large to her. In actuality, Mr. Jones had a shaft that was thin in relation to his length, but his head was quite wide. If the thickness of his head had continued down the shaft, Mr. Jones would have a very impressive piece of manhood. As it was, it was still larger than average.

    Becky had no way of knowing how he compared to other men. All she knew was that this penis in her hand seemed very large, and it was like a toy that she wanted to play with, and explore. Mr. Jones wanted to know if she thought it would feel good inside her.

    During explorations in bed at night, she had touched herself inside, and she knew how small she felt. "I, I don't know. I've touched myself, down there, and I'm much smaller than, than this. It would hurt, I think." She ran her hand up over the head, feeling how wide his head was under her fingers, then pulled the skin down again, exposing the head. "It, this part up here."

    "That's what is called the 'head' Becky. That's the most common term."

    "Yes, the head, your head. It seems pretty wide, pretty big, and it would hurt me, I'm sure."

    "I know what your are thinking. Mrs. Jones, on our wedding night was afraid at first when she first saw and touched it. It took a while, and I was gentle, and once I had the head past her, at the beginning of her hole, then everything was fine."

    "Did she like it?"

    "Yes, very much so, in the following days." He hesitated. Perhaps he had played down the taking of his wife's virginity too much. He wanted Becky to continue to think of how large he was, and maybe have her think of him as being even larger. So he needed to use his wife as an illustration. Yet, at the same time, if he overdid it, Becky would be afraid to allow him to penetrate her, if it ever came down to it.

    He decided to cover his wedding night in a little greater depth. "I can trust you to keep this as a further secret between the two of us?"

    Becky nodded eagerly, sensing that she was about to hear something intimate and personal. "That first night between my wife and I was mostly a matter of adjusting to one another. She was tight down there, just like you say you are. "You're too big for me," she said. Her eyes got big and she said that as soon as she first saw me. I asked her if she wanted to 'wait,' which to be honest is the last thing I wanted to do.

    I knew that sooner or later we were going to have to have intercourse, but I was trying to be patient and understanding. But she felt around me with her fingers, right on the head there like you are doing now."

    Becky giggled, because she had been wrapping her fingers around the thick head of his cock at the same time he had told of his wife doing the same thing. She was feeling a little more confident now and less shy about what they were doing. She gave Mr. Jones a little squeeze and a stroke on his penis to encourage him.

    "My wife took a deep breath, said she wanted to become a woman and for me to do it quickly. I tried to be careful, but she still cried out in pain and began shaking and crying a little bit. I know this might sound kind of cold, but it was feeling so good to me that I was wanting to shove it all the way in. But after I stopped with it part of the way in, she insisted that I finish and I did, although to be honest I didn't last very long."

    "You mean that you.?"

    Yes, I was so excited that I had my orgasm. I, well, I put a lot of man juice into her, like you are going to see in just a minute."

    "What about your wife? What happened next? And does she like it now?" Wanting to hear it all, Becky continued to stroke his penis, slowly, gently and lovingly.

    "She got used to it, and now, even after her having children, I am still large enough that the fit is somewhat tight between us."

    "And now, how does she like it now?" Becky's voice sounded as if she was anxious to hear, and possibly aroused at hearing this story.

    "She wants to do it quite often. Not as much as when we were first married of course since we have been together for a long time, but she still enjoys it, and usually reaches her orgasm."

    Becky's face turned red as she realized how personal her questioning had been. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get so personal."

    "That's all right Becky. That is how one learns, which is exactly what I am doing with your breasts at the moment."


    Mr. Jones was fondling her breasts lovingly now, kneading them and even touching her erect nipples. He had brought Becky around to the point of discussing possible sex between the two of them, and his heart was pounding. "Yes, if you and I were having sex for instance, it would hurt some, maybe more than a little bit the first time I put it in you, but after that, it would feel even better each time we did it.

    Eventually, with lots of kissing and feeling it going in and out, or rather, back and forth inside of you, you would also reach that point where it feels best, the place where I, I mean where the man shoots white stuff out. The woman also feels the same thing, the same sensations, although she doesn't shoot white stuff out. "

    Becky felt as if she was sharing something special with Mr. Jones as she replied, "Yes, I think I understand
    what it is you are talking about. I hope I have a happy marriage with a man that knows how to, how to make me happy." She gave him another stroke as she spoke, going all the way down and up again. By now, her fingers were soaked.

    Then embarrassed at what she had done but strangely feeling elated, Becky almost giggled as she released her grip. There was an awkward moment, and then Mr. Jones laughed softly. He had mentioned putting himself into her, but she had innocently asked about his marriage and gone on talking about her future marriage. That had dashed any hopes he had about doing more with her.

    "Thank you Becky. That felt very good, I want you to know. Now I'll show you that other fluid I talked about, and how it looks."

    With that, Mr. Jones reluctantly released his grip from her breasts and stepped down into the water once again. Becky in the meantime was rubbing her fingers together, again marveling at how slippery the fluid he had dribbled onto her felt. She felt a sudden urge to taste it, but resisted.

    "Now I'm below you a little bit. Stand there with your legs opened wide, real wide. I want to see inside you, where my penis would go if we were man and wife. I'll look at you while you watch me and watch for anyone coming."

    Becky placed her feet almost two feet apart, opening her slit almost as far as it would go without being digitally manipulated. And that is how it happened. Becky stared in fascination as Mr. Jones ran his foreskin back and forth, going over the head and then most of the way back on his shaft.

    Stroking himself slowly, Mr. Jones was worried about Becky's girl friend arriving and needed to hurry, but he was doing his best to hold back. Regardless, reaching his orgasm would not take long. The vision of her lovely little vagina completely exposed and opened before him was more than a man could take. From his low angle he not only could see her slit, but even a little hint of inside.

    The way that Becky was staring with fascination at his penis was adding to his excitement. Oh how he wanted to fuck her, to fuck Becky and bury himself as deep as possible inside her youthful tightness and feel her arms and her legs wrap around his body. But he didn't dare. He might have 'hinted' a little stronger to see how she would feel about that if it were not for the fact that her friend Joannie might arrive at any moment.

    If he were to be inside her, he would or could not complete the act in any case. There was always the fear of pregnancy. But to just slip his penis inside her, to take her virginity and be the first to show her how wonderful full penetration would feel, that would be something neither of them would ever forget. But of course, that was only a fantasy.

    Unknown to him, Becky was also thinking along those same lines. She should not allow him to take her virginity of course, but she was also wondering what it might feel like. That long thing, big around to her way of thinking, would hurt for sure. But what would it feel like?

    One minute after beginning, he spoke, his voice sounding ragged as he made an excuse for being so quick. He wanted to delay this so bad. But there was also the possibility that Joannie might show up, coming down that road. The last thing he wanted now was to not get to finish what they but especially he had started.

    "I usually take longer, but I don't want Joannie to catch us. Could you stand with your legs even further apart?"

    Becky Displays Her Pussy While Her Neighbor Masturbates

    Becky found herself growing even more excited. She could sense what Mr. Jones was feeling and thinking. Wanting to please him, and thoroughly excited about what was happening, Becky moved her feet apart even wider, almost as far as her legs would allow.

    She almost lost her balance from her wide stance and regained it. Now her lips were opened as wide as possible without being touched by fingers, and Mr. Jones could not only see through her crack from front to back from his angle, but also was getting a better look up inside her, as much as her virginal tightness would allow.

    But there was still more to be seen. "Could you use your fingers and pull yourself open? I'll be able to see what you look like down there if I were getting ready to put this.me inside you. That would make me very happy. Remember that I am thinking of having it inside you. Ooooh, I am almost there."

    Her heart pounding from excitement, Becky daringly did as he asked, reaching down with both hands and tugging herself opened. She looked into his face, smiled, and then stared down at his penis, which he was busily stroking. She had been thinking, wondering what it would be like to allow Mr. Jones to be inside her.

    "Mr. Jones, what do you call it when two people are doing it, I mean, making love, but they are not married and not in love?"

    Mr. Jones slowed his stroking and smiled. "There is a word for that. It is not a nice word to use in mixed company, but it is probably the most common term."

    Becky wanted to know. "And the word is.?"

    Mr. Jones seemed almost embarrassed to say it to this young innocent girl. "Fucking. The word is fucking, or fuck. If you have sex with someone you are not in love with or you are not married to, you are fucking them, or being fucked." At this point Mr. Jones decided to use the word with emphasis to her as much as possible to get her used to his saying it.

    Becky frowned. "It's a strange word, but I think I heard some young boys say it once or twice when they were playing in the yard behind the school. I wondered what it meant."

    Mr. Jones laughed. "I am sure you have heard the word 'fucking' more than once. It is a common word among some boys, or men. They use it as a swear word, unrelated to sex sometimes." He paused and gave her a curious look. "I want to hear you say it, just once. I don't want you to start using it in mixed company but I'd like to hear you say it to me."

    Then, before Becky had a chance to respond, he added, "Use it in a sentence. Pretend I'm giving you an English test and you have to use the word fuck or fucking in a sentence. You could, if you want, use it in relation as to how we are together right now."

    Becky swallowed. In order to gain some time, she looked directly at Mr. Jones's penis as he stroked it slowly and renewed her tugging on her lips. As she tugged and he stared, she tried hard to come up with a way to say the word. This was complicated by the fact that Mr. Jones had just asked her to use the word in a sentence, and use the word by relating it to he and she.

    She giggled, "If we were married." she hesitated, trying to think, and he said 'Yes? Go on.'

    Becky bravely continued. "If we were married, we could be fucking all the time!" There! She had said it, and not said it in a way that might obligate her.

    Mr. Jones beamed. Becky had actually said the word, and had connected herself to him in the process. Of course, she had unfortunately used the word 'marriage' in the sentence.

    "That was great, Becky. But of course, if we were actually married, we wouldn't be 'fucking,' instead we would be 'making love.'"

    Becky was quiet as she thought about that. 'Making love to Mr. Jones? That might be kind of nice since he seems to be so nice.' But she had to respond. "Yes, if we were married. I think that it would be very nice if we were doing that."

    He tried again. "Now say it, use the word in a sentence, with no marriage, like if you and I were doing it right now."

    Mr. Jones was pinning her down, but Becky felt no worry. She hesitated, "If you and I laid down, on that grass over there," she indicated, pointing, "we could be fucking," she hesitated again, giggled nervously, then added, 'if you could fit it inside of me."

    Mr. Jones had thought out his reply in advance, and was quick to add: "Yes, and if we were fucking on the grass it would feel very good, for both of us. As my penis was moving back and forth within you, you could have your legs way up around my waist, and your arms around my shoulders, and we could be kissing at the same time.

    We would be fucking Becky, really fucking because it would feel so good and you might be begging me to fuck you harder and longer." He continued to stroke and stare at her and hoped that the thought of what he had just said was going through her mind.

    Becky was visualizing that, but she still wanted to see the white stuff shoot out, and she was getting worried that Joannie might come early. "We'd better hurry before Joannie gets here." While talking about the possibility of their fucking while being married or on the grass, Becky had eased her tugging on her lips a little, and now she renewed her grip and tugged herself open as wide as possible, wider than she had before.

    "What a sight. I can see much more now." he breathed loudly! Now Mr. Jones was seeing more than just her outer and inner lips being exposed. He could actually see her little hole, looking no bigger around perhaps than one of his little fingers, and it was very pink in color. "You are so beautiful to look at. I can actually see your little hole inside where my penis could go."

    For the first time, Mr. Jones allowed vanity to take over by referring to the size of his penis as actually being bigger than average. Wanting her to think of him as having a large penis, he said, "My penis is very large. It's bigger than most men and you would have to get used to it, but if this," he wriggled it and pointed it at her, could fit into your little hole, we would be fucking, and it would feel so good.

    A penis that is larger than most men, some women believe feels better, and I am pretty sure that is true. Now, watch me right here," He pointed with his free hand at the tip of his penis. "It will shoot out right here."

    Becky did not need to be told. Her eyes were watching his penis and his movements intently. Matter of fact, she had almost forgotten to watch for Joannie. But she could see down the road a fair piece, and taking a quick glance, she could see that Joannie was not in sight.

    "You still see that no one is coming?"

    Becky nodded, then said, "But you had better hurry."

    As she watched him stroking ever faster, Becky thought about what he had just said, 'My penis is big.' Becky didn't know how Mr. Jones would compare to other men down there, but it certainly looked like he would be among the big ones. And he had said that a larger penis feels better to some women.

    She couldn't see how that might be possible since it would seem that bigger would be more uncomfortable. But she wanted to believe him.

    Mr. Jones's penis, especially the head, appeared even larger now as she heard him draw a deep breath.

    "Here it comes, in just a few seconds. I'm thinking about fucking you Becky. It's getting harder. Think about how it would feel if I had this inside you and I was fucking you. Think about it shooting inside of you. I can feel the pressure building. You would even be able to feel it throbbing and shooting the semen inside you. Use your imagination as to how it would feel if we were fucking."

    "Oh, Becky. Here it comes!" His body stiffened, and then it happened! Having never felt the contractions of an orgasm, either hers or anyone else's, Becky could not really imagine how it would feel, but she wanted to know.

    Mr. Jones was making a funny groaning sound, and stuff was shooting from the end of his big penis. (She was now thinking in terms of his penis as being 'big') His semen was going out maybe six inches or more beyond the end of his penis. There were three long shots, then two that did not travel quite as far.

    When his first shot had gone forward, Becky had made a strange little sound of surprise and delight, which had added to his excitement. Despite his desire to be staring at Becky's vagina as he climaxed, Mr. Jones could not resist a quick peek down so that he could determine exactly what Becky was seeing.

    He was surprised at himself! He had not shot out that far since he had been in his twenties. As he had grown older the distance he shot had been growing shorter. Of course most of the time he was coming inside his wife, but once in a while he would have her masturbate him as he lay upon his back. Today though, he was shooting just like a teen. 'If only my wife could see this! No, maybe not.'

    Then it was over. With his heart pounding and his breathing loud enough for Becky to hear Mr. Jones slowly milked his penis once, then twice and one last time as the dribbles continued to pour out. His come was landing in the water and was floating almost like worms and the strings seemed to be slowly sinking down into the water as the current carried them away.

    His voice sounded weak as he spoke. "Becky, that felt so good. Seeing your body and thinking of fucking you made it feel so much better than if I had done this by myself." This time, his passion having subsided, Mr. Jones had used the word fucking in a normal tone of voice.

    Becky could tell immediately that something had changed. Not just physically was there a change but emotionally as well. His penis had suddenly gotten smaller, well, maybe not so much smaller as softer looking as he milked it down to drain off any leftover come. Mr. Jones seemed embarrassed now as he squatted down so that the water covered his penis.

    He used the water to cleanse himself, and then, finally, met Becky's eyes. Becky was still standing with her legs wide apart and amazingly, she had not stopped spreading herself with her fingers. As he took one last look, she gave him a few seconds more and then released her fingers and slowly brought her legs together and straightened up.

    Strangely, now she felt her face burning.

    He needed to talk to her now. "And that is how it looks Becky, when a man comes. It feels very, very good. There is a, well, after the pressure builds and builds, there is a throbbing sensation that goes on several times while the pressure goes down. It would be the same for you as it was for me. Someday your husband will do one of those inside you, and you will become with child. But I hope you get to enjoy some of those for a while before you become pregnant."

    Becky was still in shock at what she had seen. She had no idea! "Thank you, Mr. Jones." She could not think of anything else to say, and paused awkwardly.

    Mr. Jones wanted nothing more than to get away now. He did not want to be here when Joannie arrived. If she did, there would be stares, and maybe questions asked of Becky after he left. He walked past Becky, who was still standing naked on the bank, and started putting on his clothes again. He didn't even wait for his feet to dry as he slipped on his boots.

    When finished dressing, Mr. Jones looked at Becky, who now had gone into the water and was squatting down so that her nudity was no longer visible, and gave her a smile. "It might be best if you don't mention that I was here to your friend."

    Becky nodded. She agreed with that. Joannie would be asking her all kinds of questions. Becky would fib of course, but Joannie had a way of prying things out of her. No, she would not say a word to Joannie about this. "I won't say a thing. It will be better that way. No questions, no answers."

    He smiled, hoping that what she said was what she would do. "Remember, it's our little 'secret.' Becky smiled and nodded, and he added, "Bye."

    "Bye, Mr. Jones." Becky's voice sounded happy now, reassuring Mr. Jones that all was well. "And thank you again." He grinned at her and turned. She watched as he walked quickly away in the direction of his farm.

    "Mr. Jones?"

    Becky had almost yelled in her haste to catch his attention. She suddenly regretted her impulsive move, but had no choice to continue since she had yelled at him. Mr. Jones stopped and turned. "Yes?" His voice sounded hopeful.

    She hesitated, then said, "I might be here again sometime, maybe next week at the same time?"

    Mr. Jones could not believe his ears. "And if I find you here, what then?"

    Becky was almost afraid to say it, but she blurted it out. "I don't want to do any more than we did today, except maybe one thing."

    He was walking back towards her. Not quickly, just drawing a little closer. "What's that Becky? I would love to meet you here again."

    "I'd like to be the one that does it. I mean, put my hand on you and play with it until you, until it shoots the stuff out." I'm just curious." She paused there, hoping his reaction would be positive.

    He was beaming, and the look of happiness on his face was very obvious. "I'd love that Becky. If you do it for me, there would be even more stuff shooting out than you saw today. Next Tuesday, say at 3?"

    Becky simply nodded, then spoke. "Unless something changes. If it does and I'm not here, it won't be on purpose."

    He grinned. "I understand. Something could always happen to keep me away too, but I promise you that
    I will try to be here, and if I can't make it, I will try again around the same time on other days until I find you."

    "Me too, I'll keep trying." Becky grinned, her face red. She could not believe what she was arranging. Raising her hand just a little, she gave him a slight wave.

    In a moment, with one last look over his shoulder and a reluctant wave back, he was a hundred feet down the road. Then he turned right and was out of sight behind the trees. Mr. Jones lived off to the south, and by going through the trees rather than the road, he could save several minutes of walking.

    As he walked along, almost on a cloud, Mr. Jones was already thinking ahead. He would not touch his wife or his penis for two, maybe three days beforehand. Then, with his balls brimming over with juice, he would come out here and let Becky play with his dick. Of course, while she was doing that, he might try talking her into more, maybe even some 'fucking.'

    A couple of hundred yards behind him, Becky was still watching as he walked away. It was almost as if it had never happened. But Becky had memories now, and something to relate to when she married a man. Maybe next week, if they connected, she could add to her memories without doing anything really bad. At least in her mind's eye now, nothing had been 'bad.'

    Becky stayed in the deeper water in order to cover her body. It was not likely anyone else would come along, but if they did, she would be able to tell because from a couple of places in the water, she could see the road in both directions. A man already in the water and around the bend was another matter as she had found out. Wisely keeping her word, Becky did not tell Joannie what had happened when she arrived a few minutes later.

    "Ooooh!" Becky groaned when Billy placed his mouth against her vagina for the first time. She had been expecting this, and it felt wonderful, even though he had not begun to do anything as yet. Except for her breasts. Billy was twirling her nipples between his fingertips, and it felt good.

    Jeb continued to stare through the crack in the doorjamb while working his bonds in an effort to get free.

    More Sninny Dips

    The next week, exactly as planned, they had both shown up, with Becky arriving perhaps ten minutes earlier. It seemed awkward now since they were meeting fully dressed instead of naked in the water like last week. There was some hesitation on both their parts as they stared at one another awkwardly.

    "Mr Jones, there's something I should be telling you," Becky almost whispered.

    "What's that Becky? I'm all ears."

    "Well, I've gotten engaged. I've been, well, a nice young man named Jeb Larner has been seeing me, and We seem to be compatible so I agreed to marry him and go off to where he has started a ranch out in south Kansas."

    "Yes, I know him, or used to. I heard he had gone out there to homestead, but I never dreamed you might get involved with him. Have you, well, have you done any of the things you and I did, last week?"

    "No sir. We've kissed, and he's tried to feel me, here," she looked down to indicate her breasts, "on the outside of my clothes, but that's all we've done, so far."

    "Do you still want to do this, with me," he asked, unbuttoning one button on his shirt and pausing?

    "Yes," Becky answered quickly. I'm still curious, and with you I don't have to play being the innocent little girl."

    After a minute they had finished stripping down while admiring one another. No one would be coming to meet Becky today, so they had more time. Mr. Jones badly wanted to lie Becky down and caress her, but that would be too dangerous. They had to remain standing so that they could keep an eye out for anyone approaching. But he did take the time to explain that to her, about how nice it would be if they were 'lovers' and he was 'preparing' her.

    This time they stayed on dry land rather than going into the water. But they stationed themselves at the edge of the bank so that there could be slight changes in elevation between them for viewing purposes. Like they had done the previous week, Mr. Jones wanted to feel her breasts while she held his penis.

    This time, Becky wanted to do more than just hold him. All week she had been thinking about this and she wanted to completely explore his penis. Now she was taking advantage of the opportunity.

    "Feel it as it grows in your hand, Becky. Feel how big it gets."

    When she first placed her hand on him, he was more than halfway to full erection, but Becky still was afforded the opportunity to watch and feel him grow in her hand. She especially enjoyed pulling back on his foreskin and then pressing it forward over his head.

    Becky repeated this act several times while she marveled at how his penis changed appearance with each movement. Then she giggled like a little girl when his penis began flowing freely with pre-coital fluid.

    This was probably the most exciting thing that had ever happened for Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones and his wife had married as virgins, so Becky was almost as new and strange to him as he was to her. His wife, in all their years of marriage had never paid this much attention to his penis. Now, not only was his penis being given the attention he felt it deserved, in addition Becky had what might be the nicest body in the county to play with.

    All the while Becky was giggling and exploring his penis, he caressed and squeezed her breasts and once even bent down to briefly suck on her nipples. Becky responded by slowly lowering her hand and cupping his balls for the first time. She sensed that they would be sensitive, but Mr. Jones told her, '"Go ahead and get a good feel, just don't squeeze too hard."

    After almost five minutes of fondling, and with both of them thoroughly aroused, Mr. Jones suggested that they 'hug one another' while standing. Becky hesitated and looked into Mr. Jones's face with a puzzled stare. He smiled, 'Don't worry, we'll be standing up, I really can't do much. You'll like it."

    Becky indicated her compliance with a smile, and as he took her into his arms Becky felt her breasts being pressed and flattened against his chest. At the same time his penis come into contact with her as it was laid upright against her abdomen.

    "Let me make an adjustment down below," he suggested after a few seconds, and Becky stepped back a few inches while Mr. Jones pressed his penis downwards. At the same time he spread his legs farther apart so that they were standing at about the same height. "Now open your legs a little wider."

    Becky readily complied, and this allowed him to run his penis between her legs so that it was pressing upwards against her vagina when he released his grip.

    Strangely, Becky had thought of his doing this very action before he had made the move. She had wanted his penis between her legs. Becky began trembling when she felt his shaft, so long and running through the entire length of her vaginal channel and even back to the crack between her buttocks.

    "Now I'll make the fucking motions." Above all else, Mr. Jones wanted her to know that they were 'fucking,' in a sense. As he began moving his hips forward and backwards, his shaft was rubbing her, and it felt good. Becky found herself hugging him tightly and letting out little 'yips' of joy as he caressed her buttocks with his hands and her vagina with his penis.

    She wanted to feel him inside but could not get up the nerve to suggest it. There were so many things to think about. Saving her virginity for a husband was one. The possibility of pregnancy was two, and there might be the guilt she would feel afterward. And possibly the main reason she was not actually fucking Mr. Jones now was because he had not asked.

    Mr. Jones decided it was time to add emphasis to the F word again. "Now think in your mind about us fucking. I will slide it back and forth along your little vagina, and it will feel somewhat like we are intimately fucking, except that I won't be inside you."

    Completely wet now from her juices, his shaft was just long enough to reach her from front to back and he was able to slide it freely back and forth. In effect, Mr. Jones was fucking her, minus the actual penetration. He was running the length of his shaft over her hole and when he pulled further back he was sliding past it with the ridge on the topside of his head.

    Each time it went over the tiny entrance to her vagina, Becky could feel the edge of his penis slightly dip inside of her as it tried to rise and penetrate. He varied his strokes, and each time he raised his body slightly, his penis rubbed against her clitoris. Mr. Jones considered dropping his knees just slightly and aiming his penis up at the center of her slit. With a push upwards, he could probably pop her cherry and go within.

    Now we can do a little 'practice for someday, maybe when you are married. "Say it Becky," he breathed. Say that you like fucking me. Pretend that we are fucking and that I am inside of you and you like how it feels."

    Becky was extremely aroused, although she was unaware of the terminology to describe it. Since what he was doing now felt so good, then actually fucking just had to feel even better! She hesitated, then as Mr. Jones continued to rub his penis back and forth along her slot, she bravely spoke out. "It feels good Mr. Jones. I like how you are fucking me."

    The ice had been broken! Mr. Jones was elated. "That's right Becky. Now say it a little more. Be more descriptive and say how you like my 'big cock' inside of you and it's fucking you so good."

    Mr. Jones liked the idea of Becky thinking his cock was big. It was, in actuality, fairly long but only slightly more than average size in width, except for his fat head. But after today he wanted her to always think of him as having a 'big cock.'

    Now Becky was into it, even if he was not actually into her. This was extremely daring for her, but somehow she found the nerve to say all he wanted and even be a little creative. "I like your big cock Mr. Jones. It feels good, and it feels so big inside of me. You're stretching me with your big cock and I'm getting excited. Please Fuck me Mr. Jones, fuck me way up inside. I like it."

    Becky had given the exact description of what he really wanted to do. Mr. Jones had an image in his mind of impaling her with his meaty shaft as they stood upright. She would be moaning, maybe even start crying, and be hanging onto him with her arms at first. Then, after a few minutes, her pussy would be throbbing as he twitched and throbbed inside of her. But he didn't dare, although he did slow his stroking and allow his head to linger just at the entrance to her vagina.

    His penis, in the habit of pointing more up than out when erect, was pressing hard against her hole in an effort to rise. His heart was pounding at the thought of what he could easily accomplish by just changing his angle slightly and jabbing upwards. She would probably cry out, maybe loudly. But she would feel so good, and he could blow his load in just seconds.

    Becky knew where he was. She could feel the knob on his penis knocking at her door, and if he tried to enter, she would allow it. But he dared not. His control was minimal at best. If he went into her now, it would all be over in seconds. Her virginity would tear asunder, and his orgasm would occur just seconds later, possibly before he could achieve full penetration.

    Two or three times as he held his penis against her hole, Mr. Jones approached orgasm and had to back off. But this was extremely enjoyable for both of them and neither was in any hurry to bring it to an end.

    Finally, with his body shaking, Mr. Jones moved away from her. He only needed to resume his sliding back and forth and he could come, but he had promised her that she could watch as he did it.

    He stopped touching her and asked her to not touch him until 'things calmed down.'

    Becky was observing Mr. Jones closely, studying and memorizing his every action, his every move. She could see that he was trembling, and without it really registering on her consciousness at the time, she was taking notice of how her body could be used in order to control a man and maybe get him to do her bidding.

    After a couple of minutes, he had regained control and had her pose her lower half for him as before while he gently stroked himself and stared. He told her then how close he had came to coming on her body while he had been 'pressed up against her.'

    "I was running my penis right over the entrance to your vagina," he said. "I almost tried to put it in you because it was feeling so good," he continued, all the while hoping that she would ask him to do just that.

    But Becky didn't, because she was still wishing that he would ask, or just go ahead and do it. He sighed and asked her if she still wanted to watch him shoot his juice while she played with it, and a disappointed Becky nodded shyly. He wanted to look at her, totally revealed one last time.

    He asked her to use her fingers to spread herself, and she did it excitedly. But, in order for Becky to be able to handle his penis, he had to be standing next to her. This would eliminate most of his view of her vagina, but having her masturbate him to orgasm was the plan!

    As promised, Becky began masturbating him, giggling as she did it and as he fondled her. Mr. Jones started to prolong it, asking her to stop at certain times, and then starting up again. This might be their last time together, and Mr. Jones wanted to make the best of it. All the while he was feeling her breasts and memorizing them in every possible way.

    At one point he even reached around once again and clasped her buttocks with both hands. He squeezed them gently, and hoping upon hope, he moved his mouth close to hers. Becky sensed what he wanted, and as her heart began pounding even harder, she moved her lips closer to his.

    He kissed her. It was Becky's first real adult kiss, and when his tongue went inside her mouth, instead of pulling away in fright, she responded by meeting his tongue with hers. That first contact was almost a shock to her. Someone, a man, had penetrated her body and was doing intimate things to her. It was his tongue, true, but still very personal in nature.

    The kissing was very strange, at first. Unlike many of the men in the area, mostly the older men, Mr. Jones did not wear a beard. But still, she could feel the roughness of his day old beard on the edges of his lips. It all added to his masculinity, and she found that to be very exciting. Her stroking on his penis continued, but now she knew not to do it too fast so that he could maintain control.

    After perhaps 20 seconds of kissing, fondling and stroking on their part, he pulled back, looked her in the face and asked, "Did you like that?"

    Becky nodded and gave him the sweetest smile he had ever received. "Jeb's never kissed me like that."

    In gratitude, he started to kiss her once again, but had to grasp her hand and pull it off his penis in order to keep from coming. The idea was for her to see his orgasm when it erupted.

    She pulled her lips away. "Why did you do that, pull my hand off?"

    "I was ready to come just then Becky. "It was mainly because we were kissing. I care for you very much. Also, your hand was tight around my penis, just like your little vagina would be. If I had shot it out while we were kissing, you would not have been able to see me come." When she smiled up at him, he moved in for another kiss.

    This second kiss lasted even longer, perhaps 30 seconds. As Mr. Jones switched his hands from her breasts to her buttocks and pulled her up against his cock, Becky boldly met his tongue with hers. She began pretending in her mind that they were really in love in an effort to see what it might be like to be kissing her husband. As a result, her response to his kissing was intensified, and she could actually feel Mr. Jones's body quivering.

    He allowed her to jack him again. He continued to prolong it, asking her to stop each time he drew close, but the urge to cum was growing ever stronger, and he felt compelled to tell her again why he was making her stop.

    Mr. Jones tried something else, moving slowly and gently while looking into Becky's eyes instead of down where he was reaching. His right hand again went to her backside, gave her a gentle caress, then slowly moved around to her front.

    'Will she allow me to touch her pussy with my hand?' His hand eased slowly through her pubic hair, and Becky, sensing something special might happen, slowed her stroking of his penis, almost bringing it to a halt. Once again she widened her stance, opening her pussy further to his touch.

    'She's doing it. Opening her legs to allow me to finger her pussy!' Mr. Jones almost climaxed in his excitement and managed to control himself with great difficulty.

    Up until now, he had not touched her vagina with his fingers, only with his penis. She gasped softly when his fingers gently began caressing her on her lips, going up and down ever so gently. He was staring into her face, watching for her response, and she stared back at him with a look of joy and anticipation.

    "We've gone to another level Becky. I'm feeling your pussy with my hand." He did not immediately try to make penetration, nor did he touch her clitoris except in passing, but Becky could feel tingles, strong tingles that were shooting through her body. With soft moans escaping her lips, she spread her legs even further apart to give him greater access. Anything he wanted now she would give, all he had to do was ask, or make the move.

    But Mr. Jones was always conscious of their situation. Someone might come and interrupt them, or he might end up coming in the wrong place. Again his fingers moved across her clitoris, and Becky gasped. Unfortunately for Becky, he did not linger there. If he had, and moved his fingers for only a few seconds, she might have experienced her first orgasm.

    But Mr. Jones, of course, wanted to be the first to place something inside of her, even if it was only to be his fingers. When he moved slightly to the inside and ran his fingers through her inner lips, now slippery with juice, she moaned once again and her hand began moving, ever faster. He was starting to place the tip of one finger inside her, and it felt fantastic!

    She was incredibly tight, barely allowing his finger entry. "You are very small down there Becky. If we had tried it, fucking that is, my big cock might not have been able to fit without quite a struggle."

    Mr. Jones planned to slowly slip his finger just inside in order to confirm her maidenhead and then fuck her with his finger as far as her lips and maidenhead would allow, but he was rapidly losing control. If he weren't careful, he'd be coming too soon!

    He had the tip in and just as he felt her maidenhead, he excitedly moved his finger slightly over and around it and came upon a hole smaller than a pencil almost in the center. She's a virgin! He had been sure of it, but still, you could never absolutely know for sure until you felt, this!

    Mr. Jones had done the same thing with his wife on their wedding night. She had already seen and wrapped her fingers around his thick head, been scared, and then begged him to go ahead. Instead of ramming himself into her, he had been patient, 'preparing' her as he had whispered into her ear. But actually, he had been feeling for that magic layer of skin that would tell him for sure that his bride had waited for him.

    He was afraid that he might not know for sure if he used his penis first. He had found it, just within, and a minute later he had been over her and preparing to destroy it for all eternity. His new bride had saved it for almost 18 years, was about to lose her virginity, and still had not seen or felt with her hand the penis that was to turn her into a woman.

    As Mr. Jones had crawled between his bride's legs, he had slowly forced her lips open with his fat head and came up against her maidenhead, which had brought a loud gasp from his wife and into his ear. This had scared him, and he had stopped. He felt her cheeks, and they were wet.

    After several seconds, when she realized he had really stopped, she had whispered, 'It's all right. Go ahead," and hugged him. Daringly, perhaps foolishly, she raised her legs and placed them higher around him at the same time, almost over his buttocks.

    He had paused for only another few seconds, and then had attacked her maidenhead with a mighty push so he could go within. There was another gasp from her, almost a scream as she felt real pain, but he did not pause this time. Her maidenhead had not been easy to break and had reluctantly given way.

    "Now honey, now. It's past the entrance and should be easier on you." She answered him with a little sob and a squeeze of her arms, although her legs were trembling visibly.

    More gasping from pain, accompanied by more moaning from her, which Mr. Jones had thoroughly enjoyed hearing.

    Upon his reaching full penetration she had sighed and gripped him tightly with her arms. He had dropped a mighty load into her just 30 seconds and maybe 15 strokes later. They had both fallen asleep, arm in arm before he had finally rolled off her. Her vagina had tugged slightly on his thick head and had made a slight popping noise as it exited.

    This had awakened her and they had renewed their kissing. She had trembled and replied 'maybe tomorrow night' when he had asked her to go again. She had not gotten up to clean up, and there had been a real mixed color mess on the sheets the next morning.

    The next night she had taken a first look at his penis while erect and begged off, claiming soreness. She was being more truthful than reluctant to have sex. It had been still another night before she was 'well enough' to try again. Since Mr. Jones was 'good to her,' their sex life through the years was relatively good, with her usually reaching orgasm.

    Now, for the second time in his life, Mr. Jones was touching a maidenhead. "I can feel your maidenhead in there Becky. There is just a little tiny hole, smaller than my little finger in the center. It is your proof that no man has ever fucked you, and I am the first man ever to touch it. Be sure to remember me." He felt around Becky's little opening for a few seconds more and his penis began to surge.

    "Now Becky, keep stroking and look down now." Mr. Jones kept his promise about what would happen if Becky were the one doing the stroking.

    "I'm coming Becky. You did it, you're making me come!" He shot even further out this time, and in greater quantity since he had been saving it. But she failed to point his penis away, and he failed to warn her, deliberately. The result was that his first shot of cum went high enough to land on the side of her right breast near the top and just missing the nipple. The second shot landed on the bottom of the same breast, and the rest began landing on her belly and down the side of her left thigh as she continued stroking.

    "Oooh! It's hot!" Becky could feel the body temperature heat of his cum as the blobs hit her skin, and it surprised her. She immediately wondered what that heat would feel like inside, unaware that she would never really feel heat that felt that warm inside her because it would match her own body temperature.

    With a long sigh, Mr. Jones's orgasm came to an end, and Becky could feel his penis soften slightly. Her gaze went from the penis she was holding to her own body, and she was shocked at how much of Mr. Jones had landed on her.

    "You did it Becky. Look at how I shot all over you. You made me come a lot, a whole lot. Now stroke it so that it can be drained like a milk cow." Becky knew about milking cows, and she did just that, bringing out the equivalent of another teaspoon, then two.

    "Put the fingers of one hand in the juice on your belly and feel it. It is slippery like my pre-fluid, the clear stuff, but it feels thicker."

    Becky indeed had begun to do with her free hand just that as he started talking, and she marveled at the feel of his cum which had the texture of, churned buttermilk maybe, but thicker.

    "Now I get to do this!" Mr. Jones took delight in running his right hand through the two shots of cum that was still deposited on Becky's right breast and smearing them together and then all over her breast. He paid special attention to her nipple as he made sure to cover every square inch of skin with his cum.

    There was plenty of juice and he used it to cover her left breast as well, having enough left over to completely cover her tit including a thorough coating of her nipple. "Look at them Becky."

    Becky looked down, and saw that both her breasts were coated with a shiny slippery surface, which was rapidly drying.

    "Even though not all of it landed on your tits, there was still enough cum to smear all over them. If you allowed them to dry, you might feel a surface, sort of like a crust, all over your tits. Instead of washing it off, you could 'wear' it home, and 'sleep with me tonight." He laughed, and Becky giggled with him. Another kiss, this one less passionate but more tender in nature. It ended with the both of them looking into each other's eyes.

    This time they both went waist deep into the water and washed themselves. Mr. Jones asked if Becky wanted to meet him again, but Becky declined, nicely. She sensed that there was really nothing more to be done between them unless she was willing to fuck him and sacrifice her virginity. And her virginity was precious, as her mother sometimes reminded her.

    But as Mr. Jones began to walk away, she spoke, loud enough for him to hear since he was now 50 feet away, "But someday I might meet you again, you never know." Mr. Jones had turned and smiled.

    Becky had a thought, and yelled a little louder so that he could hear. "Maybe someday after I've been married for a while! I don't know how long we will stay here after the wedding. It might be before we head west. But if we leave right away, when I come back to visit with my husband I might see you in church or somewhere else.

    I'll give you a certain 'look' and you will know to come out here around this time maybe the next day or after. If we can meet in that manner, maybe we can do a little." Becky paused, and then started over and finished the sentence. "We can meet here and do some fucking."

    Mr. Jones, not believing his ears but thinking that was a great thought, turned once again, smiled, nodded and waved. "I'd like that." If they were to meet again, under the same circumstances and after Becky was married, she would have no maidenhead to worry about. There was no doubt, they would end up fucking.

    But of course, Becky had ended up moving away on the day after her wedding, so any chance for Mr. Jones and Becky to get together soon after her wedding was lost.

    Becky had left Mr. Jones that day with several images forever more planted in her mind. Some of them were about her maidenhead and how important it would be for her to preserve it for marriage. Also images of being fucked by a man with a big cock, and images of a man's hot juice being planted deep within her vagina. She could hardly wait for marriage, so she could be fucking, no, making love and feeling her husband and his big cock inside her.

    That had been the last time Becky had met with Mr. Jones, though they often had exchanged knowing looks and maybe a smile during church services over the next several weeks. Becky had watched how Mrs. Jones acted when she was close to her husband. Mrs. Jones would take his hand, and Mr. Jones would sometimes pull her a little closer to him.

    Becky knew what he was like between the legs, and she even formed an image in her mind of what it might look like when Mr. Jones slipped his thick head into his wife, and then buried the shaft. She was sure that Mr. Jones's big cock must feel very good to Mrs. Jones, very good indeed.

    Becky had kept her word that day and forevermore. She had never breathed a word to anyone about what had happened at the creek those two days. And of course she had never mentioned it to Jeb, as he would probably have thought less of her for her 'indiscretions.' But her adventures had placed thoughts of making love, and of 'fucking' into her mind.

    Besides fantasizing on going all the way with Mr. Jones, Becky had found herself wondering about other men as well. What might they look and feel like? Strangely, almost all her fantasies were about older and usually married men. She rarely had thought of or fantasized on the boys in her school. After Mr. Jones, they all seemed so childish. Jeb had been the first man, after Mr. Jones, to get near her, and it had taken marriage for Jeb to get to know her intimately.

    Her First Time To Be Eaten

    Becky suddenly relaxed. Billy had placed his warm mouth over her vagina, barely touching it and she had almost cried out with pleasure. Then, she had been disappointed as he had pulled away and continued fondling her breasts.

    Now, as her husband lay tied up on the kitchen floor and Becky was on her marriage bed, she had been remembering her adventures with Mr. Jones. Becky was being inspected on her lower half, just like Mr. Jones had done, except this time she was lying down while the stranger, the one doing the inspecting, was able to touch her without controls.

    At the same time, she could still sense his mouth very close to her most intimate part. Then, what Becky was sensing and now starting to desire happened. Billy finally buried his mouth in her bush. A second passed, then, involuntarily and as Billy's tongue began probing, Becky reached out with one arm and touched him lightly on the head. She moaned softly at the strange and unexpected feelings as the stranger ran his tongue over the entire vaginal area of her hole. He went up and down, licking her over and over.

    Then he went further, shoving his tongue as deeply into her as he could reach, and once again Becky let out a soft moan as she felt her tightness being spread by his tongue. The sensations felt good, very good, but she was soon to discover how much better it could be.

    And then, after exploring all of her secondary areas, Billy went to the heart of the matter. He knew where the clitoris was and what it meant to a woman. With a firm tongue, he pressed inward before going up and down.

    "Ooooh!" Now feeling sensations such as she had never experienced before, Becky reached out with her other arm and cradled his head between her hands. "Oooooh! Oooooh!" Twisting her body and pushing her hips out towards him, Becky moaned twice and louder than before as she surrendered to this strange pleasure that felt so good.

    Not believing what the man was doing to his wife, Jeb stared through the crack in the doorway as he twisted his wrists back and forth, trying to free himself. He could not see between her legs and watch how the stranger was using his mouth or tongue or Jeb didn't know what because his head blocked the view. Jeb could, however, see the way the stranger's hands were squeezing Becky's breasts.

    It was shocking to see. Becky had her hands on Billy's head and it looked like she was caressing him with her fingers. She seemed to be attempting to guide him, or maybe to hold his head in place as she shoved her hips skyward to meet his lips. Did she even realize what she was doing and how it would affect the rapist's thinking?

    Billy was twisting his head back and forth, sometimes going up and down and sometimes side to side. At the same time he was caressing and squeezing her breasts, and every few seconds he would take the nipples of both breasts and tease them with his fingers, including twisting them.

    "Aaaah, Ooooh." Whatever was going on between his movements and her body, it was obvious to Jeb that his wife was, for the moment, a willing partner.

    To take his mind off what was happening, Jeb kept working his wrists and thought back as he tried to ignore the pain.

    When Jeb had brought Becky to the farm, one of the first things he had done was introduce her to Bear Claw and his tribe. Jeb had spent two years alone on the farm; cutting timber and building the cabin in order to prepare some kind of home for Becky. Always there had been Indians nearby. The people in town had warned him. 'If you live alone way out there, they might all of a sudden decide to attack you, and no one will know you are dead for days.'

    But Jeb, being either brave or foolish, had simply nodded with a smile and said he would take his chances. The Indians had ridden to the rise overlooking the property from the South and stared down at him as he worked. Jeb had even tried being friendly and waving, but they had never returned his wave or come closer. For now, at least, they would leave him alone. Jeb would write Becky, promising to return for her once the farm was ready.

    Then had come the second winter. It had been hard. Colder than usual, and they had snow which covered the ground in depths ranging up to three feet. With the thick shrubbery stripped away there was no cover to hide behind. Also, being slowed down by the thick snow, the Indians were unable to get close enough to game to claim them with bow and arrow.

    Jeb had used his long-range rifle and brought down a Buffalo. After skinning and preparing the meat, he had left most of it on a rock on top of that hill in the direction the Indians always came. They had come by, found the half-frozen meat, and Jeb had smiled and waved as they gathered it up. This time, they returned his wave.

    Jeb repeated his generosity one more time that winter. There was way more meat then he needed for himself. Bear Claw had finally led some of his men to the cabin. He spoke a form of broken English, and their friendship had formed. When Bear Claw had ridden away that day, he had said, "You can live here forever my friend. You are welcome."

    Jeb had treasured that friendship, but he knew that the days of the Indians were numbered. More and more white men would be coming. Jeb didn't want to get caught in the middle of the trouble he saw brewing. He never told the townspeople of the friendship he had established with the natives. A time might come when they would want him to make a choice.

    When Jeb had gone back to Illinois to fetch Becky and bring her west, he had warned her that as time went by, there might be trouble between Bear Claw's tribe and the settlers. But because of his relationship with the tribe, Jeb felt that he and Becky would be safe.

    More troublesome were the men who came, usually but not always from the east, stayed for a day or so in town, and then headed on. They rode on horseback and alone, or sometimes in pairs or a group. These men were not planning to homestead and would probably end up running cattle for a rancher or maybe robbing and stealing. For the most part, people passing through did not come Jeb and Becky's way. Only once in a while, if someone was headed south towards Texas, they might pass by the farm.

    As he secretly watched through the crack in the door jamb, Jeb's thoughts returned to his wife and what is happening to her. He had allowed one such man to enter his house!

    Becky was groaning now and she was pulling Billy's head into her vagina as she raised her hips almost completely off the mattress and reached an orgasm, her very first.

    "Oooooooh! Mmmmmmmm Aaaaaaah."

    Becky's moan was long and loud, and ended in a sound that was almost like she was crying. Her body was shaking, and she appeared to be wet and shiny now over her entire upper body. Becky was still holding the stranger's head in her hands, but seemed barely able to do so.

    Jeb watched his wife in dismay. Jeb had never seen or heard her do this, not all the times he had been over and in her. Worse, it looked like she had tears in her eyes. 'As a matter of fact, they are tears,' he thought, as he saw them rolling down her cheeks.

    The first time Jeb had bedded Becky had been at his parent's home, back in Illinois the night of their wedding. Alone for the first time in an intimate setting and with a husband, Becky was very shy and embarrassed about revealing her nudity.

    They undressed in the dark. There was some moonlight flooding into the window, but Becky had stayed back out of the light. Still, Jeb watched her and was able to see her beauty clearly enough to know that he had wedded perfection. She was very afraid, and did not look directly at Jeb as he started undressing. He was standing tall, even before his trousers came down.

    Jeb was very nervous but extremely proud and excited that he was about to become the first and only man ever to see Becky undressed. And soon she would see his manhood, and he would enjoy showing her what a man looked, and felt like. He could see that Becky was having trouble undoing her top. It had fasteners in the back, and she was struggling to reach behind herself. Perhaps she needed help, and he decided to ask.

    He had one item left to remove, and he spoke to her as he began pulling them down.

    "Becky?" She looked over at him, and when he revealed it, it almost jumped out at her, for he had a penis that had never known a woman. She stared at him with her mouth open. It was not what Jeb had intended. He had wanted to ask if she needed help, but his timing had been a little off.

    She thought that he was calling to her to see his penis as it came out, so she was taking a good look. It was too late now, and his voice faltered as he spoke. Becky was openly looking at his penis rather than looking away, and he felt embarrassed. "Do you need help getting that unhooked?"

    Becky reached behind herself again, and said, her voice quivering with fright and embarrassment, "No, I think I can get it." Just then her top came undone, and her breasts were revealed to Jeb for the first time.

    He stood there, totally naked and erect, and watched as she removed the final item of clothing. She was completely red-faced, but in the dark, he could not see her color.

    As this night had approached, Becky had been remembering Mr. Jones and his penis. She could remember his exact words about how a man would go inside her, and that it would hurt and then feel good. She had always wondered about that magic moment, when the white stuff shot out, and how it would feel. In her brief glance at Jeb, Becky had deliberately taken notes.

    She had seen that Jeb's penis looked noticeably different than Mr. Jones's penis looked. The foreskin was already back because of his erection. Jeb was not as long as Mr. Jones had been and the shaft of his penis more closely matched the width of his head. Jeb was perhaps a little thicker than Mr. Jones in the shaft, but definitely not on the head.

    Taking her virginity had been the classic story. Jeb was not older and experienced like Mr. Jones had been. Everything Jeb did was experimental. Jeb was almost afraid to touch her breasts. When he finally got into it, Becky held his head and kissed him repeatedly. With the both of them being virgins and feeling their way, there had been a struggle, there had been pain and there had been blood.

    Because his parents were giving Jeb and Becky bedding as part of their wedding gifts, Jeb's mother had washed the bedclothes and hung them to dry as Jeb loaded the wagon in preparation of heading west. She had spotted the bloodstains and smiled inwardly at knowing for sure that her son had married a 'good girl.' Becky had helped with the wash load, and she had looked embarrassed when the bloodstains had been spotted.

    "Nothing to be ashamed of, my dear," Jeb's mother had said. "We just need to put some cold water on this part before we finish the wash." Becky had smiled and nodded, but her face was red. Even though Becky was now married, she needed time to adjust.

    The loading of the wagon had been difficult. There were things that Becky knew they absolutely must have, but those needs had to be measured against how much they could fit into the wagon, and other things they needed, including tools that Jeb desired to take.

    They had headed west with a covered wagon and two oxen two days later. Hard decisions had been made. Every item Becky wanted to carry meant one less item that Jeb could take back to the farm. One skillet instead of two, two stuffed pillows took the place of a spare saddle. They had discussed exactly what to take with the aid of their parents, and in the end, since Becky was setting up a new home, more items in the wagon were feminine in nature, if you considered cooking utensils for instance to be feminine.

    The next few times they had made love were in the back of the wagon, with starlight. It had taken three lovemaking sessions before Becky had allowed herself another really good look at Jeb on the lower half and then wrapped her hand around him.

    It was two weeks and seven times having sex before Jeb actually saw his wife completely naked and in the daylight. He had admired her beauty in the moon or starlight, and he had explored her nooks and crannies with his hands, but really had no idea of just how good she looked until seeing her during the day. From then on, Jeb had made love to Becky before dark as much as possible.

    Jeb had known from their wedding night on that she too, like he, was supposed to be able to climax. Like her, the wedding night had been his first time. Jeb had only lasted a minute or so. Then he had tried a second time, but she had been too sore. Sooner or later she would get there.

    In the third week of their marriage they had talked about it. Becky had assured him, "My mother told me before our marriage that it might be a while, weeks, maybe months before I am able to have total satisfaction, and not to fret about it."

    But Becky was beginning to wonder and thought about it sometimes while in bed with Jeb. Why haven't I achieved the magic feeling I know is supposed to happen? If Mr. Jones was here with his big cock, could he make me feel what it would be like?

    Mr. Jones had wanted to instill the thought of his having a 'big cock' permanently in Becky's mind, and it had worked, though in actuality his penis was not all that much bigger than her husband's. The main problem though was not so much the size of Jeb's cock. The real problem was that Jeb simply didn't last long enough. Jeb was so much in love with Becky that he was not able to last as long as she needed.

    The fact that her face and body were extraordinary in nature and her pussy was unusually tight didn't help Jeb to learn control. But it had been getting better in the past couple of weeks. Becky had only in the past few days been coming around, and she was even beginning to experiment.

    Last week, Becky had gotten on top of Jeb for the first time and slowly moved up and down. As usual, Jeb had not been able to hold back, and it had only lasted for a minute or so. But that minute had been so much fun that Jeb had asked her to do it two more times in the past week.

    Each time, Jeb had not lasted long enough for Becky as he finished by squeezing her breasts with both hands as his juice blasted upwards into her vagina. For the time being they were taking no steps to prevent pregnancy. They were married and settled in. The possibility of a baby was strong, but that was the next natural step in their marriage.

    Now, as Jeb watched Becky lying on the bed and holding Billy's head in her hands, Jeb knew that he had been denied the satisfaction of knowing he had been the first man able to bring Becky to the point of total fulfillment. A stranger, a rapist had done so and miraculously with his mouth. It had taken just minutes for Becky to reach orgasm, and the man had never even kissed Becky! They weren't even in love, so how could that be?

    Becky was shaking as she continued to hold the stranger's head so that his mouth remained over her vagina. 'It was Becky's very first, Jeb thought jealously. Why didn't I think of doing that thing with my mouth on her?' Jeb didn't know exactly how, but he could learn.

    Jeb watched as Becky regained her breathing and then looked down into the man's face. It seemed almost like she wanted to thank him. How could Becky do that? Thankfully, if she had been thinking it, she didn't express her feelings out loud.

    As Becky was staring down into Billy's face, had she looked up and to the left just a little, she would have seen her husband's eye watching her through the crack between the door and the frame. But Jeb did not want her to see him. She might jump, or say something, and for now Jeb needed time to work his wrists in the hope that he could get free.

    Jeb was ready to quickly move back to his place on the floor if the stranger turned his way. But it had only begun for her, and there was more to come. The stranger stood up and without warning grabbed Becky's body and spun her around so that she was lying sideways on the edge of the bed. From his angle Jeb could only see Becky's upper body and still had not seen the stranger's penis.

    "Kiss it," the stranger said, as he aimed his manhood towards her mouth.

    Becky stared almost in horror as she saw Billy's frontal nakedness for the first time. She watched as Billy grasped his penis and pulled the thick foreskin back and completely off the head, exposing it. 'Billy has a big cock. This is a big cock, a really big cock. Mr. Jones should see this!' Her eyes filled with fright.

    "Kiss it? Wha.what do you mean?"

    "I mean put your mouth on it, over it. And move your mouth up and down over it like you're fucking it at the same time."

    Jeb stood behind the door, mouth agape. He could see part of Becky's face since he was off at an angle a little ways. She looked scared, or maybe fascinated at what she was seeing, Jeb couldn't tell. He wanted to see what the stranger was displaying, but couldn't.

    The man, Billy or whomever is telling his Becky to put her mouth on his manhood! Again, this man was having her first, even this way. Jeb had thought of having Becky try that sometime, but was afraid that she would say he was thinking 'dirty thoughts.'

    While her husband was staring at Billy's naked backside, Becky was in front and staring in fright at what Billy was holding just inches from her inviting mouth. The end of his manhood, the head, was smooth and shiny. It looked thick, very thick, and the rest of it was too. And the whole thing was long, way long. It had purplish colored veins sticking out all along the sides.

    There was a clear drop of fluid hanging off the tip, ready to fall but somehow not. Her eyes at that point didn't even go far enough down to take in his balls, which were large and at the moment hanging down in a loose sack.

    All Becky could see was that huge head pointing at her face. It was like when Mr. Jones had done this, only this one was much larger, especially the shaft.

    "I said, 'kiss it!'"

    "I.I can't. I've never done that, and you, you're too big." Becky was thinking ahead of just 'kissing' his penis. She knew what was to come. The thought of having a big cock inside her was not as appealing now as it had once been, not when it is as big as this one!

    "Kiss it!" Billy said again, his voice louder and threatening as he raised his hand over her head as if to strike her. Thinking he was going to hit her, Becky recoiled. Then he threatened her again. "Kiss it or I'll go out and kill your man and then make you do it anyway."

    Jeb could not see the man's penis, but he could see Becky's face just before her head went out of view. She looked ready to cry. Propping herself up with her elbows, Becky reached out and grasped his member with both hands. The head was still completely exposed above her upper hand, and there was still some left over at the bottom end. 'He's longer than both of my hands!' Eyes closed, Becky placed her mouth over as much as she could.

    That drip on his tip grew larger, and Becky felt what seemed like a full teaspoon of slippery fluid enter her mouth. This was a new sensation to her, both the slight taste and the feel of his fluid. It was pouring out all over the top of her tongue, so in an effort to get it off, Becky began wriggling her tongue from side to side. It was the right thing to do as the fluid slowly spread all around her mouth. Thankfully, she didn't have to gulp and swallow, as it seemed to dissolve on its own. Several seconds went by.

    "That's it. That's the way. I didn't have to tell you to use your tongue, you started doing it on your own. That's good, Becky. Keep running your tongue all around the head. Oh yeah baby, that feels good."

    There was a brief pause as Jeb listened. In his mind he could visualize Becky's tongue going all around the head of the man's cock. Then the stranger spoke again, with his voice sounding almost gentle this time. "Ahh yes, that's it. You're doing it just fine."

    The stranger grasped the back of Becky's head to guide her, and Jeb could see his ass moving back and forth in time with Becky's mouth. The stranger, despite his threat to strike her, was being considerate. He was fucking her mouth with his penis, but he was happy that she was able to fit her little mouth over his head and did not try to force her to go deeper.

    "You've got a nice touch with that tongue. Too bad you ain't a whore. You could make a lot of money with your tongue."

    As he more listened than watched, Jeb was torn with a mixture of feelings. His life was in danger. His wife was being forced to do things against her will. She was now performing an act on this rapist that she had never done with her own husband.

    But, Jeb could not help wondering. Is Becky maybe enjoying this to some degree? The stranger had commented about how Becky was using her tongue and how good it felt. She had not been directed to use her tongue and had started doing so on her own.

    Jeb had lived a sheltered life, and oral sex was something that had never been discussed by him amongst his peers. The only comment he had ever heard was that putting your mouth on a woman down there was 'dirty."

    Speaking of dirty, Billy might climax into her mouth, forcing Becky to swallow it all. If he does, will she gag and maybe cough it up, Jeb wondered? Will she just swallow it like it is something she has done before, which she hasn't, or, Heaven forbid, will she act like she is enjoying the taste?

    Because she had climaxed with Billy and seemed to be happy about it, Jeb formed a negative image of Becky in his mind. Jeb could see it in his mind's eye like he was the one standing before her. After swallowing it all, she was looking up past his penis, the stranger's penis, and into his face, the face of the man who was forcing her to do this. She was smiling and licking her lips. All the while looking like an angel and wanting to do more for him.

    But that is not how it worked out. A minute passed then two. Suddenly the stranger's body began to shake. "Not yet Becky, not yet!" Billy pulled his penis out of Becky's mouth before reaching his orgasm. Waiting for the desire to shoot his load receded; Billy stood still with his penis at the opening of her mouth but not touching her. It took a few seconds, and then Becky looked up past his penis and into his face to see what Billy was planning to do, or have her do next.

    All Jeb could see was the stranger's ass, and nothing seemed to be happening. He could not tell if Becky still had her mouth on the man, or not. Becky was sort of lying on her side now, and she had curled her legs up so that she was rolled up into a ball. From his angle, Jeb could see her pubic hairs sticking out of the crack her legs were now forming just above her anus.

    Billy stared down at her. Just like Jeb had visualized her, she looked just like an angel as she stared up at Billy with curious eyes. Her mouth was still opened, and Billy could see that delicious tongue that had felt so good. He was trying to decide whether to have her swallow his juice, or to deposit it further down.

    Then the stranger made his decision as he stared down at her breasts and that magic place below. Her body was just too fine to wait any longer. He wanted to put his first load, the big load deep inside her. Later, if it came down to it, she could swallow a load that would be easier to handle. Climbing onto the bed, he laid beside Becky.

    He resisted the urge to 'take her' because he wanted to see how this innocent little housewife would act if she were free to do with his organ as she wished. Billy was pretty certain that Becky had never been with anyone other than her husband so anything he made Becky do would be a new adventure for her. First, he wanted to see her face and eyes as she handled his penis.

    "Play with it." As he spoke, his penis was pointing straight up into the air, and it waved back and forth slightly, looking like a tall oak tree, before finally settling down. Becky hesitated, then she sat up and reaching out wrapped the fingers of her left hand around Billy's penis.

    Becky's body was sort of blocking the view, but Jeb could see the rapist's equipment now and could not believe his eyes. He had heard Becky say, 'I can't, you're too big,' but he had thought that Becky was just recoiling at being told to put a penis in her mouth.

    Jeb had never asked her to do that, and it was possible that she might have made the same comment to him initially, at least until she tried it. Becky's back was to Jeb and he could not see her face and wished that he could. Is she smiling or looking sad as she is running her hand up and down over that huge rod?

    Is she disgusted or excited? Jeb could see what her hand was doing, and he took note of the way Becky was pushing the foreskin up and over the head, almost hiding it from view, and then pulling the foreskin all the way down until the head was completely exposed.

    Jeb had foreskin too, of course, but Becky had never really done this act that she was performing now. She had never sat beside Jeb and studied his cock with her eyes as she played with it. She had lain beside Jeb and felt him, even stroked him, but never using full-length strokes like she was now. Of course that might have been partially Jeb's fault, since he had never lain on his back and asked her to do what she was doing for Billy.

    The lovemaking between Jeb and Becky had always been quiet and gentle, with them feeling each other in a shy, exploring manner. This man was bringing everything right out into the open, and doing so in the broad daylight.

    Becky gave him several strokes. She was having fleeting thoughts of the time she had masturbated Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones had turned out to be a little larger than the man who became her husband is, and she now was holding something even larger. Then she spoke. "I'm right-handed. Let me switch to the other side."

    "Sure baby, feel free," Billy replied.

    Jeb watched in disbelief as Becky climbed onto her knees and walked with her hands as she moved her naked body until she was on the other side of Billy, his right side. In the process of moving, she had provided Jeb with a view of her pussy in the doggy position, an angle he had never seen her in before. It had been a brief look at her woman parts, but Jeb had seen how shiny and wet it looked.

    Jeb had a fleeting thought. 'My wife is about to have that huge cock inside that tight little hole!' She sort of kneeled beside Billy and grasped his proud rod with her right hand. Once again she began playing with it, stroking up and down.

    Jeb was glad in a way that Becky had moved to the other side. Now he could see that big organ with nothing blocking his view. And more importantly, he could see his wife's face now, but he was not happy over her look of fascination as she played with Billy's rod. It looked like she was a child with a new toy as she stroked up and down.

    Jeb was right. That was exactly what Becky was doing. She almost giggled but kept it within. Becky was kind of thrilled with what she was playing with. It was something that never in a million years would she have thought would be happening to her, that she would be exploring a huge strange penis right here in her husband's bed.

    Her tongue was sticking out between her closed lips as she moved that thick foreskin down and watching as his head, which was almost purple in color from the blood engorging it, came into view once again. This is fun, there is no doubt about it!

    Then she did something on her own that made Jeb's mouth drop open. Becky, without being asked, leaned her head down and began sucking on that massive hunk of meat. She only did it for a few seconds, but the impact on both Jeb and Billy was great. Jeb thinking that his wife not only was going to be fucked by that monster of a cock, but that she was hot for it. Billy was thinking the same thing.

    Becky though, was not hot for it. She was just experimenting, seeing what it might be like to do oral sex on a man while he is pointing straight up. After that one big mouthful and a tongue lick or two, she resumed stroking, but this time with both hands instead of one.

    Becky had small hands, and that made what the stranger had appear to look even larger as Jeb watched her stroking it. Jeb shook his head in dismay. The stranger is going to put that thing inside of Becky, and the end of it, being even wider than that thick shaft, looks like it might tear her wide open.

    "You know what's coming next, don't you?"

    Becky sighed, then she stopped stroking and held onto his penis in that position. She had pulled his foreskin all the way down, and his head was completely exposed, with clear fluid now running from the tip.

    His cock was long enough that she could keep both hands around him, even when they were below the head.

    Even from his position behind the door, Jeb could hear Becky sigh again as she hesitated briefly before answering, "Yes." Her voice was soft and sounding resigned at the inevitable. But Jeb frowned. Did I detect a hint of maybe, excitement in her voice?

    Jeb might have been correct, because he could see that Becky had once again resumed her stroking as she ran the foreskin way up to the top and then down again. Suddenly, without warning, she increased the speed and length of her strokes on that threatening pole in her hand. Is she excited at the thought of performing the ultimate act with this stranger?

    Billy laughed. "Looks to me like you're lookin' forward to trying me out." He looked into Becky's face, "Are you?"

    Jeb could see Becky's head turn away from the shiny from fluids penis in her hand and look towards Billy's face. "Promise you won't hurt my man?"

    "I already promised. And what you better hope for is that that thing," he paused as he nodded at what she held in her hands, "won't hurt you."

    Again Jeb could see as Becky began studying the penis once more. She slowed her stroking and seemed to be concentrating on the thick foreskin as she once again moved it all the way to the top, and then pulled it all the way back and down again. 'Is she also wondering if it will hurt her,' Jeb wondered?

    Then the moment arrived when Billy said, "Do you want me on top of you, or do you want to get on top of me?" Jeb could see Becky's look of surprise at the question. Then, as Jeb watched, he thought he could see what looked like a sigh of relief, as Becky seemed to inhale, and then exhale.

    "If I get to choose, I'd rather be on top. I'm afraid you'll hurt me the other way."

    "Good. I was kind of hoping you'd choose to be on top because I want to see how you act when you get to do your own thing."

    He wants her to get on top of him instead of the other way around! Jeb saw what looked like a slight hint of happiness on Becky's face and wondered if she was happy that she was finally going to be fucking, and getting to feel that monster of a man within her.

    But Jeb was wrong. Becky was happy, yes, but happy that she might be able to control the penetration instead of Billy possibly ramming it into her and hurting her. As Becky began to change position, she released the penis from her grasp. Billy immediately wrapped his fingers around it and held it upright, aiming it so that she could mount it.

    'This is some kind of crazy coincidence', Jeb was thinking. 'The rapist is asking Becky to assume the same position that she and I have used to make love for the past two times.'

    Billy laughed softly and waved his penis around once more. "I saw you smile a little bit when I told you to get on top. I figure letting you get on top will make you feel a little more relaxed about taking my meat. You can go however fast or slow you want."

    Becky spoke softly, but Jeb could hear. "Yes. That's what I was thinking. Thank you."

    Jeb could not believe his ears. Becky is thanking him? But he still did not understand her true thoughts.

    "Get on, baby."

    Even from his position of standing, Jeb could see Becky's little opening exposed as she raised her right leg and began going up and over Billy's body. As soon as her vagina came within inches of the towering shaft, Jeb could make a comparison of the relative sizes between the two of them. 'The man is too big, she was correct about that.' Silently he screamed out, 'No, not my Becky. Don't use that on her. She's little inside and you'll tear her up!'

    But of course Jeb could do nothing as he watched his lovely little Becky position herself over Billy and slowly aim herself downwards. Jeb could see just a hint of pink at her little opening, and below that was a huge purple head that was going to rip her wide open. The contrast in size between her opening and that thick head was like comparing a dog to a horse in size.

    At that moment, Becky was thinking basically the same thoughts that her husband was, but the imagined effect it would be having on her wasn't quite so drastic. 'I am over Billy, and I am about to fuck him. I won't have to wait till far off in the future to try Mr. Jones, after all.' Since there was no love involved, this would be her first fuck, ever. He looked to be too big, but in the process she was going to be making a direct comparison between this man and her husband, whom she had made love to in this exact position, and in the same bed, just two days ago.

    Her head was over Billy and about two feet above him. Her back was arched, making her buttocks stick up and out and emphasizing how nicely curved her rear was. Jeb could see what the stranger was missing, probably the nicest shaped ass in the west. But the stranger was about to experience her in the front half of her lower body, and in the most intimate and ultimate manner.

    As Becky bent her head down and looked back under her body and between her breasts to see where she was positioned, the stranger began fondling her breasts with his free hand. Becky was thinking back, and remembering. I have done this just three times before with Jeb. The very last time Jeb and Becky had made love they had finished with Becky on top. It was if she had been practicing her warm-ups for the main event, and now the main event was here.

    Jeb was thinking that very thought as he saw Becky inching closer, ever closer to what lay in wait. That thing looked twice as big as anything Becky should be expected to take. Jeb had a thought, a hope perhaps. That peter is all wet and shiny from his juices, maybe it won't be too bad for Becky.

    Jeb sees his wife being raped, but she's on top.

    Contact was made, and Becky was trembling as she began pushing down. Billy was holding himself in place so that she could make her entry without pushing him away. "Oooooh." Becky groaned as she started down over him. Thankfully, she is wet now, and that penis, this penis, is shiny and slippery all over the head. She had to make a conscious effort to push down and Becky groaned once again as her lips reluctantly opened so that she could fully envelope the end of what the stranger had to offer.

    Becky was gasping for breath loud enough for Jeb to hear from behind the door. Her eyes rolled at the extreme stretching, and at the same time her body quivered as she experienced a sensation of pleasure mixed with just a twinge of discomfort. Becky's heart began pounding as she sighed and lowered herself even further, struggling to go deeper.

    Two nights before she had been on top of her husband in this position, and now Becky could not help but think of how much different this was feeling compared to being on Jeb. Using this much effort to push down on Jeb would have had her buried by now. As she worked down, continuously making little gasping sounds as she moved, sweat began to break out on her buttocks.

    Becky looked shiny as Jeb stared, not believing what he was seeing. Becky's lips had opened; easily it looked like to him, and they had somehow accepted the bulging tip of that log of meat within. He had expected that Becky would have to push herself down and struggle, even cry out in pain in order to do what she was now doing. Becky was making noises, but it did not sound like pain. Jeb could see, even from where he stood behind the door, that Becky's body was trembling.

    But Jeb was right in what he had anticipated originally. From his standpoint it might have looked like she had readily been able to wrap herself around that fat head, but it had been a struggle for Becky. There was no indication of her discomfort because she was trying not to be too loud in case her husband had awakened on the floor out there.

    She had taken the head within and stopped. "You're doing it real nice baby. Now go deeper."

    Becky's body shook visibly as she slid down, going well past the halfway point and within three inches of the bottom. Once more she groaned, unused to such deep penetration. It felt like he was deeper into her than Jeb had ever gone. Yet, even now, she was not all the way down on him. How much more was she expected to take?

    Tears in his eyes, Jeb watched. He could see it all from this angle. Becky was being stretched in what seemed an unreasonable amount, and she was shaking as she took the man within. She rose higher and moved downwards, and once more she paused before allowing his penis to penetrate her all the way to the end.

    Jeb could see that Becky was shaking, and it looked to him like she was scared or maybe being hurt. But there was also the possibility that she was shaking from excitement or worse, pleasure. Jeb was torn. He didn't want Becky to be hurt, but at the same time he did not want her to be feeling pleasure.

    Then she began stroking, going up maybe four to five inches until she felt the bottom ridge of his head contact her lips, and then going down again, but only as deep as the point she had reached before. "Mmmmmm." Becky had a thought. 'For the first time instead of 'making love' I'm fucking someone. This is not my husband. He is inside me, and.and I can't believe how good it is starting to feel!'

    "Ooooooh." Becky's sound of pleasure was loud enough for all concerned to hear. Billy knew it was a pleasure sound because he was looking up into her face and saw a little smile starting to form, and above that, her eyes were closed.

    Jeb wasn't sure if it had been a sound of pleasure or discomfort, because from his angle Jeb could not see his wife's face. Becky pumped slowly, and Jeb could see that each time she lifted up, her lips were being tugged outwards from the tightness of the fit. When she would rise higher on some of the strokes, Jeb could see her lips start to open even wider as the head started stretching her even further than that thick shaft was doing.

    "Uuuuuuh Uuuuuuuh."

    Wanting more, Becky was trying to adapt. With soft little moans, she kept moving, going up and down, but only using the top half of his penis. Finally Billy lost patience. He wanted to feel her all the way inside. With a sort of laugh, he grabbed hold of Becky's ass cheeks and pulled her down.

    "Ooooooooooooh!" Becky groaned once again, deep in tone and louder this time as he forced her body all the way down onto his penis. He held her there with his hands to allow her to adapt mentally as well as physically. "Mmmmm. Mmmmmm." Becky's body seemed to shake visibly, and her husband could see it.

    Jeb could clearly see now that Becky was bottomed out. He could see only maybe a half-inch of shaft, and the rest was somewhere inside her. Below that stretched pair of lips were a big set of balls, and the ball sack looked to be tightly drawn up instead of dangling down like it had in the past.

    When Billy released the pressure on her ass slightly so that he was no longer forcing her to the deepest level, Becky knew what was expected of her. Despite her fear, Becky found herself hoping that this man would last maybe a little longer than her husband had in this same position. A feeling of guilt washed over her, but she suppressed it.

    Becky let out a long sigh as she began moving over him. He was grinning and staring up at her face. His hands were still on her ass, but they were only going along for the ride as he waited to see what she would do. Sensing what Billy wanted, Becky leaned her upward body forward slightly so that she could move a little easier and began taking long strokes, going up almost all the way. After two or three upward strokes she went high enough that the bottom half of his head was opening her wider than his shaft. Her lips were being manipulated, and it was beginning to feel good.

    'We're fucking! This is what fucking is all about. We're fucking and it feels good!' She wanted to say it, but kept her thoughts within. Becky experimented, going higher on each stroke until his head would almost fall out, and then she would go almost all the way to the bottom. After several strokes, Becky knew just how much, and how far upwards to go and still keep him from falling out. She liked going up over his head. She could feel the ridge that was formed as his penis widened where the head began. This, she decided, despite the extreme stretching, was the best feeling, and she chose to continue in this manner.

    Jeb was watching in amazement. He could see that Becky was deliberately riding high on Billy, and that she was trying to stay on that fat head as much as possible. She's enjoying it, she has to be enjoying it, of that there can be no doubt! But every once in a while, maybe every third or fourth stroke, she would take a long one and touch bottom. He could see now that the top portion of Billy's pubic hair was looking wet and shiny from where Becky was sometimes making contact between his hairs and her lips.

    Becky was relaxed now. She was in control and could take Billy's cock, and if he lasted long enough, who knows? Deliberately she kept her head high, keeping her upper body raised about a foot over his so that the man would be unable to kiss her. Of course this left her breasts exposed and available for his enjoyment, both visually and physically.

    Billy was really enjoying the feel of her firm buttocks as he squeezed each one, but it seemed like Becky might prefer to be unrestricted in her movements, and his hands were in the way. He released his grip on her ass, grabbed both her breasts and gently began squeezing.

    Becky let out a soft little groan as his hands cupped her breasts. It was one more thing that she liked, and if this man lasted long enough, she was going to reach her second orgasm ever. Becky continued moving up and down. On the next stroke, because he had begun fondling her breasts, she slowly rode his shaft all the way to the bottom and settled in there. After pressing downward for a few seconds while wriggling her hips from side to side, she moved upwards again, being careful not to go too far when she reached the top.

    This was like a challenge for her. Billy had not fallen out, so far. It had happened with Jeb and her, and they had both hastily fumbled with their hands, placing Jeb back under her hole so they could get it in. Now she was with another man, a very large man, and her strokes had to rise much higher before she reached the end.

    If she went up too far, Billy might fall out, and she didn't want that, no, not now. When she went deep, it felt good, but she could feel a slight discomfort as he touched her on the end, somewhere deep inside. Despite the discomfort of his being so deep inside her, it was still feeling good. She had sensed that Billy wanted total penetration, so she had lingered, and even moved side to side.

    Jeb watched with disbelieving eyes at how his wife was going all the way to the bottom on Billy and grinding back and forth. Becky could handle the length, there was no doubt about it, and by the way she was wriggling back and forth, Jeb wondered if perhaps she wanted and could handle even more. When she rose up once again, her vagina left Billy's pubic hair looking soaked and shiny, not just the ends this time, but all of it. He knew for sure, Becky was not just doing this for Billy. Her juice was flowing freely and she was trying to achieve maximum satisfaction for herself.

    Billy was allowing her to do her thing, and Becky could not help but look down at his face. She almost smiled, but contained herself. As they looked into each other's eyes, Billy allowed her to take several more strokes, and then he began teasing her nipples with the fingers of both hands. That seemed to set her off, and as Becky began moving faster, he laughed. "You're really gettin' with it, ain't you?"

    Becky looked into his eyes and not wishing to agree out loud, she nodded her head. She wanted to get this over with, yes. But Becky was confused. This was feeling good too. She wondered if it might be possible for her once again to feel those sensations she had experienced when Billy had used his mouth on her? In her pleasure, she decided to ignore the slight discomfort of going too deep and allowed her body to slam forcefully all the way to the bottom, taking him deeper than ever as her pubic mound flattened against his.

    Jeb was wondering as he watched through the crack. As soon as Becky had been pulled down and penetrated by Billy as deep as he could go, she had not paused very long before beginning to pump. He could not help but to have heard her simultaneous groan. She's using his full length, going all the way to the bottom and all the way up. Just look at her, and the way she teases that head, my wife's acting like a tramp!

    Still, Jeb wasn't sure, despite appearances. Deep down he had this hope that Becky was acting, just doing what she could to please Billy and get this over with.

    But his eyes said otherwise. Is Becky enjoying this, or just hurrying in order to be done? She had been on top of him just two, no three times as Jeb remembered, but he had never had her moving on him with the energy like she was displaying on the stranger. Nor had she ever made the little noises she was making now. Jeb kicked himself. 'I never could hold back once she started. And now this man is showing her how much longer he can last.'

    And then it happened, the fallout. Becky had become too enthusiastic and gone just a little bit high. Billy's rod was jumping all over the place, swinging from side to side and Becky had trouble finding it with her hole as she moved her hips around, desperately trying to find his penis without being able to see it.

    Jeb's mouth was opened wide. He was still staring and not believing what he was seeing. She had been stretched over that fat head and Becky's formerly little hole had been opened to the widest point possible when the fallout had occurred. Jeb had been staring directly at her, there, and had actually been able to see a lot of her pink insides because her hole had stayed open going inside for maybe three or more inches and for a long moment before closing up.

    Jeb sighed, almost loud enough for them to hear. If I somehow survive this day, will her vagina ever feel the same to me,' Jeb wondered? Furthermore, Jeb was growing ever more jealous. It was obvious from her movements that Becky wanted to get herself back over that fat dick, and as quickly as possible.

    Billy laughed. He grabbed his penis and held it still for her. "Here it is, I caught it for you!" As he held it in place, Jeb watched as Billy gave his penis a long stroke, running the foreskin way up over the head and down again.

    Becky had no problem 'finding' his penis this time. She centered herself directly over him and started easing down over the shaft. At the same time she uttered words that once again Jeb could not believe, "Yes, thank you."

    'She's thanking him! My wife is thanking him for helping her aim. I can't believe it.'

    It was something to watch, and only Jeb saw it as her vagina stretched wide and slowly began accepting the thick log of flesh into her most intimate part. Becky groaned softly as she slid down over the knob, which looked even larger now than when Jeb had first seen it.

    Becky had felt that strange tingling before, and had gotten so excited that she had moved just a little too far upwards. She had sensed that she was about to have that 'magic moment' her mother had talked about. Becky had already had a 'magic moment,' but she wanted one that was produced by a penis. 'Please last, just a while longer,' she was thinking, all the while feeling ashamed.

    But the stranger couldn't last. Becky was new. She was very lovely and well built and she felt so good in the pussy. Billy tried to hold back, but that was impossible. He had outlasted Jeb by maybe two or three extra minutes. Almost as quick as it had begun, it was over. The stranger squeezed her breasts harder and pushed his hips up, burying himself within Becky as his orgasm flowed. His groan was loud and long as he filled her with the buildup from several days of lack of satisfaction.

    Surprised at feeling the strength of his contractions, Becky let out a loud 'Ooooh.' Even now though, she kept plunging with her hips. She knew that she would not reach that orgasm she so badly wished to achieve, but at least by continuing to move, she could prolong Billy's. She felt connected to Billy at the moment, and wanted him to feel the maximum pleasure. Also, without really thinking about it, she sensed that draining Billy to the maximum would satisfy his cravings and perhaps this all would come to an end.

    While he was still in the middle of his climax, he pulled her head down. Having no choice, Becky allowed her lips to touch Billy's. When his tongue entered her mouth, she did not try to hide hers, and their tongues met. She allowed this and even responded because she was still feeling his throbbing deep within her.

    Becky hated this man and even wanted to kill him, but at the same time she had wanted to allow him this pleasure. Earlier, he had given her an orgasm, showing her the way. If not for that, things might have been different. At this moment, they were one, one and the same and united in body if not in spirit.

    Finally, when his orgasm, which had lasted a long time ended, Billy broke the kiss. Placing her head beside his, Becky allowed her body to settle completely over Billy, and she laid her full weight onto his chest and pelvic area. His arms went around her waist, and he held her possessively. With his penis still deeply buried and their bodies in total contact, their breathing seemed synchronized. Each needed a moment to regain their strength.

    To Jeb, it looked like they were completely united in body and spirit as the rapist and his wife laid together, their bodies in total contact. His wife had chosen to finish and lie on the man with him buried to the hilt. Despite the fact that Becky had tangled her pubic hairs deeply into Billy's, from his off to the side angle Jeb could still see where Billy was stretching his wife's lips.

    Maybe an inch or so of thick penis showed, with her lips wrapped around it, and below, a large set of balls. Obviously what was once 'too big,' no longer was. Jeb could not help but think that if someone were to walk in and 'catch' his wife and the stranger now; it would appear that they were two lovers, resting after a passionate lovemaking session.

    Becky had thoughts of her own, some of them similar to Jeb's. As she lay over Billy, her mind wondered far and wide as she recounted the act that she had just committed. For just a few minutes, Becky's mind had not been on her husband. She had become totally involved with Billy despite her fears. Billy had climaxed, placing his most intimate body fluids deep within her and possibly impregnating her. Becky had thought about that and was pretty sure that she was safe on this date, but you could never be sure.

    Once the afterglow of the sex that had felt so good started to fade, Becky became very aware of Billy and his body. She could still feel him inside her, but not nearly as much. She could feel his ribcage as he sucked in air, and feel his hands and arms as they slowly came down from her waist and caressed her buttocks. This was a strange man, a rapist under her, and for a little while, she had wanted him as she had never wanted a man before.

    His orgasm had been so strong. Becky had never felt throbbing like that before. 'Why had I been able to feel him so,' she was thinking? 'It must have been because he is so thick and had me stretched out. Or maybe because he had been so deep, I'm not sure. Or maybe, because he is so large, he has more intense orgasms than Jeb does.' And to top it off, Becky had almost joined him. It was just like with Jeb. Billy had been too quick, but the feeling had been intense and she had gotten closer to what her mother called 'fulfillment with her man' then ever before.

    But now she knew what an orgasm felt like. Billy had gotten her there with his mouth. Becky suspected that an orgasm achieved by a man and woman joined together might be even better. She began to fantasize on the possibility of having a simultaneous orgasm with a man, and then she felt guilty for thinking of having an orgasm with a man and not specifically with her husband. One way or the other, she wanted more, if not with this man now, then her husband later. That is, if they continued to live.

    Becky stayed over Billy until she felt his hardness break. He was going softer, and she was so wet that she almost could no longer feel him. Almost, but there was no doubt that she still had a lot of man inside her. Then, suddenly ashamed of what she had done and very aware of how she was filled with the stranger's juice, she rolled off him, and as she did so, there was a loud wet almost slurping sound as her lips released his penis. She rolled onto her back and covered herself with the sheet. Suddenly she felt so.empty at no longer having Billy so deep within her.

    With a sudden urge to see how his penis looked now, she looked over at Billy. He seemed to have his eyes closed, and in any case was not watching her. She raised her head and glanced at his lower portions. His penis was still pointing mostly upright. The foreskin, strangely, had ended up covering part of his head, but not all. The thick shaft was leaning slightly to the left now, and the entire ensemble would soon fall onto his balls when it went completely soft. It was extremely shiny from juices, both his and hers. Even with her quick glance, she could see the shininess of juices that had soaked his pubic hair.

    Her husband was also studying Billy's shaft from behind the door. He too was taking note of how the light was reflecting off all that skin, and he could see Becky studying the penis. What is she thinking? Her face revealed nothing as she looked at the leaning shaft, until just before she laid her head back onto the pillow. She smiled. It was a slight smile, but Jeb caught it, and felt sad.

    Becky had smiled, yes, but it was a smile from knowing that she had performed, as a woman must in order to please her man. Billy was not 'her man,' but for a little while she had been given the chore, and despite the obstacles of his hugeness, she had managed to perform as requested.

    Billy was still enjoying the afterglow of having such a strong orgasm and continued to lie without moving. Out of the corner of his eye he caught Becky looking down at his penis and thought to himself; 'That's right baby, I can see you looking at it, and you're going to get some more of it.' Out loud, he said, "Don't go anywhere. I plan to have you at least one more time before I'm through."

    At the door, Jeb was still struggling with his bonds and staring at Becky's face, her vagina, and Billy's cock, which even soft was still substantial in its dimensions. Becky had a look almost of happiness on her face. Her vagina looked very wet, and as Jeb watched, what looked like juice from Billy was slowly oozing from the bottom portion of her vagina.

    Thirty seconds later, and without a warning, Billy climbed off the bed. His penis, still large but hanging down and dripping, waved side to side as he moved. Jeb saw it through the crack in the door, but Becky, now alert, could see only Billy's backside. "I need to check on your man, and then I'll be back."

    I have to get back onto the floor! Jeb moved silently and quickly, but he didn't have time to resume his position of lying on the floor so that he could appear to be unconscious. He was in his original location but sitting up when the stranger came through the bedroom door.

    The stranger hadn't even bothered to put his trousers on. When he walked up barefooted and looked down at Jeb, Jeb acted groggy and slowly raised his head to look up at him. Jeb could not help but stare directly at Billy's penis since it was only inches away from his face. His penis had gone soft, but still looked thick and long.

    In the different light of the kitchen, Jeb now saw that the penis was very white because it had never been exposed to the sun, probably. The foreskin once again covered the head. Jeb's mind went wild thinking about what was being displayed so close to his face. Though beginning to dry, Jeb could see that Billy's penis still had a shiny appearance from having been inside Becky, and Jeb could see a drop of juice hanging on the tip.

    Billy saw Jeb's eyes on his penis and thought; 'That's right Jeb. That's Becky's shiny pussy juice you see all over me.' He was thinking that, but said, "I see that you're awake. Looks like I'll have to bring you into the bedroom so I can keep my eyes on you."

    Becky appeared at the door. She had hurriedly wiped herself with a towel and then wrapped a sheet around herself. She needed to see if her husband had awakened. The stranger had really hit him hard and she feared that he might be injured.

    "Come here baby, and let's help your husband into the bedroom."

    Becky came over and looked into Jeb's eyes as she helped the stranger pull him to his feet. She had trouble keeping the sheet wrapped with only one hand to hold it, and part of it fell away, exposing a breast. "Jeb, are you all right? I was so worried."

    Jeb pretended to be dazed and unaware of what was happening. If he appeared weakened and out of it, it might allow him the opportunity to overpower the stranger. But for now, his hands were bound tightly behind him. He knew that his wrists were probably raw and red looking, so he was being careful to keep his front turned towards Billy. Also, by pretending to have just regained consciousness, it spared Becky the pain of his knowing what had happened to her.

    "How long was I out?" He did not want Becky to know that he had seen everything they had done. She was in fear for his life, Jeb knew, and maybe her own. Whatever she had done, that was the reason. If she had felt pleasure, it had been involuntary. At least, Jeb hoped so.

    "You were out maybe 20 minutes. I'm not sure."

    Twenty minutes, Jeb thought? Jeb had watched maybe ten minutes worth. He wondered what else the man had done to Becky before stripping her. When he had regained consciousness and Jeb had become aware of them being in the bedroom she had already been stripped naked except for her bloomers. Had they kissed? Had she removed her dress on her own while he watched, or had Billy torn it off her body?

    Continuing his act of having just regained consciousness, Jeb looked over at Becky and her exposed breast as she was helping to hold him up. He pretended to notice her nudity for the first time. "Where's your clothes?"

    She looked pained, and it was obvious that Becky wished he had not asked. "They're in the bedroom." They squeezed through the doorway, all three going slightly sideways with Becky in the lead, and then she added, "I took them off just a moment ago. He told me to do it," she added, while tipping her head towards Billy.

    Jeb knew now. Becky thought he had just awakened, and she preferred that he did not know what had already happened to her. Was she planning on keeping the fact that she had achieved orgasm and then joyfully rode on top of the man a secret, or just trying to protect her husband from sins the stranger had committed on her?

    Becky had her own thoughts. If the stranger was bringing her husband into the bedroom, maybe he just wanted Jeb to lie on the bed, and he was satisfied with the sex he had already received. Maybe this was the end of it, if he would keep his promise not to hurt her man. Jeb would know that she had been raped because he had seen Billy's penis looking him right in the face, and it had been dripping. But maybe she wouldn't have to tell Jeb what else had happened.

    She could keep the fact that she had been forced to do things with her mouth, and the fact that she had achieved orgasm to herself. Then at some time in the future, Jeb could finally get her to that magic place where the throbbing happened and it felt so good, and she would thank him and pretend that it had been her first.

    As they led him on into the bedroom, one on each side, Jeb pretended to stagger and actually forced Becky and Billy to hold him from falling. The stranger wanted him in the bedroom. What in the world was he planning now? He had said he planned to have Becky 'at least one more time.' Had Billy changed his mind, or was he going to make Jeb watch or maybe take her someplace else?

    Becky had her concerns as well. Before, when she had unexpectedly responded to the man and what he was doing with his mouth, Jeb had not been present. She had enjoyed it, most of it. With the preparation she had had, and the strangely exciting sensations of having someone so large within her, she had almost reached another orgasm.

    If the man had lasted a little longer, she would have. Now she was so ashamed of herself for feeling pleasure with the man who had struck her husband and might kill him. If the stranger had just raped her and left without Jeb knowing, she could have lied and admitted nothing. If Jeb had pressed her for details, she could have said that she had done as Billy had asked, not enjoyed it, and that would be it. But now what was about to happen?

    Becky continued to hold Jeb upright when Billy released his grip on Jeb. Billy moved around the bed, and taking a bench that also served for storage under the seat, the stranger pulled it from along a wall and placed it at the foot of the bed. "Sit here."

    When Jeb had seated himself, still acting weak, the stranger pulled more rawhide from his pants, which were lying on a dresser next to the bed. He made an additional tie, adding rawhide to Jeb's wrists and then to the back of the bench, which had upright wooden posts built into the backrest.

    Jeb had built this bench, and he knew that it was unlikely he would be able to break the back of the bench and get free.

    "Can't hardly tie you down to the kitchen floor, so now you can watch while I show your lady a good time. Then maybe later she can show you how to do all the things I have taught her."

    Neither Becky of Jeb could believe their ears. What they had feared was true. The man planned to do things to Becky while her husband was watching! What kind of man would do such a thing?

    Becky wanted to protest, but was afraid of any alternatives that Billy might come up with if he had to put her husband somewhere else. Jeb had already seen Becky being violated by Billy, and preferred to watch rather than to not know what was happening to her. So both, for their own reasons, did not protest.

    The stranger laughed. "While you were out, we did some playing. Your wife learned a couple of tricks, and I think she will probably want you to do those with her. Now it's time for her to learn some more."

    Becky spoke before Jeb had a chance to reply, and in doing so, she expressed her worst fears. "Why should I willingly do anything for you in front of my husband? You're just going to kill him anyhow, and maybe me!"

    Jeb spoke. Becky had brought up the subject and it was time to speak about the obvious. "That's right, 'Billy,' or whatever your real name might be. You have to kill me so that I won't come after you. We both know that."

    Billy smiled. "I'll tell you what I'm willing to do. I have an offer you're sure to like. Believe it or not, I happen to like both of you. If your old lady will give me a good fuck, I mean, try to enjoy fucking me and do all that I ask, I will spare your life. I'll tell you my plan so she will go along with our having a good time."

    The use of the word 'fuck' had meant little to Billy, but his use of that word had hit both Jeb and Becky like a hammer. 'Fuck' was a word that Billy used fairly often, not just to describe a sexual act, but in general conversation with men. 'If your old lady will give me a good fuck,' he had said, followed by 'enjoy fucking me'. Billy acted like it was no big deal, but to these two young and innocents, it was an absolute shock to hear.

    Becky, however, had been thoroughly indoctrinated in the use of the word by Mr. Smith, whom had used it in several sentences and also had her saying it while they had masturbated one another. But Billy had said something else, something that might be of more importance. Both Becky and Jeb glanced at one another. There might be a chance for them!

    "After we're finished fucking, I will leave you tied up here and take her with me."

    Becky stared at Jeb, her face showing terror. This man plans to kidnap me!

    Billy shook his head when he saw her facial expression. He even smiled. "Don't get all in a tither, little lady. I'm not going to keep you. I need to keep moving and move fast and don't need a woman holding me back." He took a good long and leering look at her body, making it a point to go from top to bottom.

    "Actually, it will be a shame to leave you behind, but that's what I must do. I just need to make sure you don't untie your husband too soon. I'll take you on the back of my horse and ride out about, oh, maybe two miles. There's a ridge to the west, and I'll drop you off there. You can walk back, and by the time you get home on foot, I will be miles away. Your husband, after you cut him loose would never be able to catch me, even if he knew which direction I was heading. Besides, after today I don't think he will be wanting to leave you alone."

    Jeb thought to himself, 'you have that right. Never again will I leave her alone at the ranch or anywhere where there might be a strange man.' The man had originally said he was heading for Abilene, but the road he planned to take went south at first, towards Mexico. Whatever, it sounded like Billy might spare his life. Jeb, along with Becky, breathed a little easier. Maybe the price they had to pay, more so that Becky had to pay, might not be so bad.

    Jeb looked at Becky. She was looking down at the floor, her head hanging. He could not read her thoughts, and her face showed no emotion. But he knew inside what she might be thinking. Billy, wisely, seemed to know that they needed to exchange some thoughts, and waited.

    "Becky?" She slowly raised her head to look at her husband. It looked like she might be about to cry, and she was still holding the sheet around her body. "Becky, I love you, you know that. Do what you must with him. Do anything he says. You can," he hesitated, then went on, "you can make sure he enjoys it, even if you have to, well, even if you find yourself enjoying it too."

    Jeb was remembering what he had already witnessed and knew what he had to say in order to ease her worries about how it might appear as she fucked Billy. "It's just a physical act you'll be doing. Make noise if you feel like it. I will understand why you're doing it and I won't be mad or upset at you later. We just need to get through this and let this man get out of our lives."

    Openly, Jeb was trying to reassure Becky that all would be well between them, afterwards. But deep down, Jeb had a perverse reason. If Becky had to do it, and he was going to watch, he wanted to see Becky feeling pleasure rather than feeling hurt and hating it. Also, Jeb had already felt a strange tingle in his loins while watching Becky on top of Billy in the bed. The sounds she had been making had both wounded his pride and at the same time, caused him to feel excitement.

    Becky looked sad, but nodded. 'I am going to have to do, who knows what? And I have to do it in front of my husband at that.' She wasn't sure if it would be enjoyable at all with her husband watching.

    Based on what Jeb had already seen, he knew that Becky would probably respond to Billy. He felt that he needed to reassure her again. "If it feels good, I know that it can't be helped. If you like it, I mean what he is doing, just go ahead and don't worry about me. It's a natural response of your body and it can't be controlled"

    Becky looked into Jeb's eyes and nodded. "Thank you. I was so afraid of what you might think."

    Billy snickered. "That's the right attitude. If she is having a stranger fuck her in the right way, it's natural for it to feel good."

    Inside Becky was thinking; 'He used that word again, saying it as if it was as normal to use as any other word. Would she, could she actually enjoy having a stranger 'fuck' her? Well yes, after being on top of him and almost climaxing, she thought she could. But this was different. Could she enjoy it while her captive husband was being forced to watch?

    Billy knew the answer. This little housewife would enjoy it. There was no doubt of that in Billy's mind by the way she had looked and acted as she had ridden his cock just a little while ago.

    Becky knew too. It would feel good, despite her shame and embarrassment. At least it would feel good in her body. In her mind, she wasn't sure. Jeb knew. His wife would enjoy the contact with Billy, of that he had no doubt. The only question was, exactly how much would she enjoy it, and would their coupling go beyond just the physical? Will he be able to get into her mind, and will she think of him in the future, long after he is gone?

    Billy pointed at Becky. "Now drop that sheet and get onto the bed. I've had a few minutes to 'rest' and I'm ready to go again."

    Jeb acted dumb. "Again?" Billy had just said that they had 'done some playing.' Acting like he did not know what that meant, he looked at Billy and back to Becky.

    Becky sighed as she glanced at her husband. Jeb's face was full of questions. Billy would probably talk if she didn't, so she had to admit something, at least part of it. "I already had to do it with him once."

    When her eyes met Jeb's, the questions were obvious in his eyes, so she added, "I played with it with my hand, and then he made me get on top." She did not add all the other details, of the oral sex and her orgasm, and she hoped that Billy would not chime in.

    Jeb looked Becky in the eyes and simply nodded sadly as he said, "Oh," in acknowledgment.

    Pretending not to notice the way Billy was ogling her, Becky looked into her husband's eyes as she dropped the sheet. Her body was revealed once again in all its' glory. Becky did not immediately climb onto the bed as she had been told, and the stranger admired her for several seconds. Until now, Billy had not seen Becky totally naked while standing in a fully upright position.

    What he was going to say next was another shocker to their innocent ears. "Look at them tits! She does have a nice body. Best I've ever seen, and I've seen my share of hookers."

    It surprised both Jeb and Becky. Billy was talking to Jeb about her naked body in such a casual manner! Billy grinned and acted like Jeb was one of his buddies instead of a stranger whose wife he was raping. "Pose for us Becky. Stand up straight, turn around slow and show Jeb and me just how good you look standing up and all naked like."

    Billy was merely telling Becky to do what he had sometimes requested hookers to do for him. He knew that this was not right that he should be forcing a man's wife to do this, and in front of the husband. But Billy had another thought. He sensed that if Jeb had the same thoughts about women that most men had, that he might enjoy this. Billy thought that despite the fact that Jeb had already seen his own wife naked, that he might enjoy having to share the view of her body with another man.

    Looking almost like she might cry, Becky slowly turned her body, going all the way around as Billy admired her. Despite her shame, Jeb took note of the way she was holding herself, with her head high and her shoulders pulled back, enhancing the already firm appearance of her breasts.

    But Billy had been right in his thoughts as to how it might affect Jeb. Strangely, Jeb was finding himself in the position of studying and admiring his wife's body along with Billy. Becky had never posed for him like this before. In a way, he was looking at her in the same way as Billy. She was suddenly new and exciting to Jeb. He was seeing her more revealed than ever before, with the exception of how she had looked when Billy had opened her pussy with his fingers. Jeb found himself desiring her, and the thought confused him.

    As both men silently stared at her, Becky felt embarrassed, and almost as much by her husband looking at her this way as she did that Billy was. Jeb's eyes seemed to be shining, and she could not read his thoughts. Still, despite her embarrassment, Becky continued to stand straight as she completed her turn.

    Thinking back on Mr. Jones and how she had turned and posed for him the second day they were together, Becky stood quietly with her legs apart and with her firm breasts upright and facing them. If Mr. Jones could see her now, he would be surprised at how much more her already lovely young body had bloomed when reaching womanhood.

    Then Jeb spoke, surprising himself as well as Becky and Billy. "You are a lovely creature Becky. Absolutely beautiful."

    Becky was being paid a compliment by her husband, but coming this way, in front of a strange man as she stood naked, made her feel embarrassed. Suddenly feeling like she was about to be 'fucked' by both men, Becky looked both of them in the eyes, one after the other. She might only have been a shade over five feet three, but she looked all woman, and more so than most. It was almost as if she was deliberately posing and daring them to try something.

    She was a knockout, and certainly did not deserve to be treated this way by a stranger. Jeb wondered if this man had ever had himself a woman besides a prostitute, but said nothing.

    Something caught his eye, and Jeb found himself staring between his wife's legs. Billy saw it too. They could see a thick string of cum, Billy's cum starting to run out of her. It was hanging from her vaginal lips and as both Billy and Jeb stared, it grew longer, maybe to five inches, then it dangled a brief moment more before it fell onto the floor.

    At first, Becky could see that both men were staring down at her vagina, and she wondered why her husband was doing so. Then Becky saw their eyes lower to the floor, and not knowing what they were staring at, she looked down. Seeing a slippery blob of cum larger than the size of a tablespoon full on the floor between her feet, her face turned red.

    It was an awkward moment as they all stared, and lasted several seconds. No one spoke, and you could feel the air so thick it could almost be cut with a knife.

    Billy spoke first. "You can see from that how happy your wife has already made me. That was a very happy moment for me, and I gave her a big batch way up inside in order to show my appreciation. But," he added slowly, going for another touch of humor, "I guess I didn't put it deep enough, or maybe I should have laid her on her back." He laughed, but laughed alone.

    Becky, her face bright red, looked at her husband with sad eyes. The puddle of cum lying on the floor was strong evidence, a vivid reminder of what she had already had to do, and Billy was joking about it. The sight of that cum was almost screaming it out to both her and her husband. 'That is a strange man's cum that was deposited in another man's wife, your wife!' But, she could not help but be the housewife, even now. "I'll clean it up later."

    Billy laughed and spoke. "Sounds like she is a good housewife, always cleaning." He had said it more to the 'air' rather than Jeb directly. Then he looked at Becky. "See Becky how your husband is looking at you? He sees my man juice running out of your body and is probably wishing that he were the one who is about to fuck you. You look really good standing there like that, and he knows what is going to happen to that body."

    And then Billy said something that caught them both off guard. "I just got me an idea. Let's pull Jeb's pants down. That way, if he gets excited about watching you in action, you will be able to see it."

    Becky and Jeb exchanged glances. Get Jeb naked? What kind of man would suggest such a thing?

    Becky had started to get into bed. She climbed off the bed and watched as Billy undid the belt on Jeb's trousers. "Undo his buttons." Strangely, Becky sensed that having her husband revealed might not be such a bad thing. Not bothering to protest, Becky leaned down and undid the buttons, which was hard to do since Jeb was in a seated position. When she had difficulty undoing them, Jeb raised his hips, straightening out his body, and Becky was able to undo the buttons quickly. She wondered to herself because Jeb had raised his hips in order to help; is Jeb doing this because it is inevitable, or because he wants to?

    "Now let's pull them down." Both Billy and Becky tugged downwards on the trousers, and they came down below Jeb's knees. "Now the undergarment." He allowed Becky to do the honors, and as the shorts came down, Jeb was revealed.

    Having suddenly been 'awakened' to other men's penises and now thinking about them in illicit ways, Becky stared hard at her husband. He was not totally soft; Becky was surprised to see. As a matter of fact, even though his penis was still 'laying' over his testicles, Jeb was halfway to erection. His penis was stimulated to some degree over what it would be when he was totally soft, so it looked larger than normal.

    Becky knew this instantly, but Billy had no way of knowing, having never seen Jeb's penis when it was not in an excited state. Jeb's foreskin, which normally would hang a little longer than the head, was retracted slightly, revealing about half the glans. Besides that, there was strong evidence that his pre-coital fluid had been flowing, because his penis was shiny at the tip and there was a shiny stream going onto his balls.

    Billy was not aware of the changes in size, but he could see the obvious. "Look at your husband Becky. He's already got some drippin' going on just thinking about watching you. Now let's get to action, and your husband won't be able to hide his feelings any longer." Billy laughed to himself and went over to the bed with his dangling penis swaying back and forth as he walked.

    Jeb watched as the stranger laid himself upon the bed, with his feet towards Jeb. Pulling a pillow under his head, the stranger told Becky to get on top, 'this time facing the other direction."

    Becky glanced at Jeb and their eyes met. Neither knew exactly what that meant, but they were getting the idea as they thought about the position she had to assume.

    With a sigh, she raised one leg and straddled the stranger. She knew that her vagina was now just inches from Billy's mouth, and there was no doubt as to what his plans were. And below her, was 'that.' It was lying over Billy's balls, and dangling further down towards Billy's knees. As a matter of fact, it actually sort of pointed at her husband. Even though it was soft, it was partially pumped up inside, making it look all the much larger. And now Jeb could see it grow, she thought, and he would soon know how large the man is.

    "Now play with it for a minute or two before you kiss it again," Billy said. Becky sighed. Now Jeb knows that I have already placed my mouth over this man, this thing, and now I have to do it again with Jeb watching. Slowly, with another sigh, she propped herself on one elbow, grasped the penis with one hand, raised it into the air towards herself and stroked it. The unspoken goal of course was for her to make him grow.

    Billy was grinning to himself. He was looking up and into the vagina that had felt so good just a short while ago. It was his to do with as he wished, but for the moment he wanted to just lie here and see what Becky would do with his penis while her husband watched.

    Billy's penis was sort of limp and long, and for a little while it sort of bent and wobbled at each end of her hand. Her little hand had the effect of making the penis appear to be even larger. Inwardly she was thinking, 'It's larger than Jeb's even now, and is going to grow a lot more. This man is abnormal, and Jeb must really hate that. I'm sorry my love, for what you must endure as you watch.' Her eyes met Jeb's as she continued to stroke. She knew that Jeb must be feeling very hurt as she did strange and shocking things with this man.

    She looked away from her husband and back at the warm meat she was holding and gave it a long enough stroke that the foreskin retracted completely off the head and halfway down the shaft.

    Expecting to see deep hurt in his face, Becky was surprised when she happened to glance at her husband again. Jeb was erect, his penis pointing straight up! Just like that, while she was giving Billy a long stroke and pulling back his foreskin, her husband had become hard. It came nowhere near matching the size of what she was holding in her hand, of course, but Becky wished that his penis were the one she was holding.

    Her husband's erection confused her. Without its being touched, Jeb had achieved a full erection even faster than Billy. Is Jeb enjoying seeing what I am being forced to do? Does he want to see me being humiliated in this way? The stranger had said that Jeb might want to see, and his penis certainly looks that way.

    Maybe Jeb couldn't help himself. He had said that she might feel things that were natural and for her not to be ashamed about it. It looked like Jeb was experiencing exactly what he had reassured her about. Not wanting to embarrass her husband, she avoided meeting his eyes and concentrated on her mission.

    She felt Billy's hands exploring her back there. He opened her up by tugging on her lips, then allowed them to close. He was doing it, over and over, and it was arousing her. Then she felt his warm breath just moments before his tongue came into contact with her clitoris and again, it was feeling good.

    Becky could not believe what he was doing. After all, she was so wet, and he had not asked her to wipe herself. She had quickly used a towel on herself before, when Billy had left the room to check on her husband. But that had only been a wipe on the outside and slightly up into the crack. In this position her clitoris was located below the entrance to her vagina. She knew that there was a lot of Billy still inside her, and it would continue to run out, and maybe get all over Billy's face, tongue and whatever.

    Becky sighed when the tonguing began, and realized that Jeb had heard her. Their eyes met again. "He's touching me with his tongue," she said in an attempt at explanation.

    Jeb nodded and quietly said, "It's all right. I understand."

    In gratitude she smiled slightly, then, because of his erection, Becky took a gamble. Maybe Jeb was as excited as she was about this. "Do you want me to talk to you so that you will know what is happening?" She was speaking softly, hoping that Billy would not hear. Jeb nodded, all the while hoping that by doing so Becky would not think that he was encouraging her in any way with whatever she had to do.

    She stared directly at Jeb's erect penis, wriggled Billy's semi-erect penis around with her hand and asked, "Do you want to see what it looks like when I play with it?" Of course Jeb would be seeing 'what it looked like' in any case, but she meant that she would make what she was doing look even more erotic, and maybe do it in a way that Jeb would enjoy seeing.

    Jeb wasn't sure what she had meant, but when he nodded his head he began to understand when she stroked the huge organ once again and then sort of posed it for Jeb. With a slight smile, she began waving it side by side and then even bent it down a little so that it 'pointed' at Jeb. Then, all the while looking back and forth from Jeb's face to Billy's penis, she allowed it to point upright again as she stroked it still more. Then she began moving her hand all the way up over the head with the foreskin, and downwards again.

    Becky had a toy, a now almost erect toy, and she was sharing it with her husband. She held the penis tightly and looked into her husband's eyes. He was staring at it in fascination. Poor Jeb, she thought. He must be so torn up inside at having to see me do this and being afraid that I might be enjoying myself.

    And then she said something daring; something that might hurt Jeb in a way, but since it was so obvious there was no use pretending. "He is so big Jeb. It was inside me once, and he will probably do it again, but the next time you will get to see."

    The smile on Becky's face when she had begun playing with Billy's cock had confused Jeb, at first, but as time went on he began to understand. Becky was trying to share her enjoyment with him.

    Billy had not heard her, but he was not stupid as he felt his penis being waved to and fro. He knew what was happening down there. She had to be showing it off for Jeb, there was no other answer. Becky had really drained him, drained him good when she had ridden on top of him. Billy's penis was being slow in growing, but he was glad it was working out that way. Speaking loudly, he said, "Now that he knows what I've got before it's all the way hard, you can show him how it looks when you start kissing it!"

    Becky wanted to be able to see her husband's face while she sucked on Billy, so she tilted Billy's penis up towards his belly button. Now she could suck on it and not have to tilt her head so far up in order to see Jeb. With her eyes locked on Jeb's face and meeting his eyes, Becky placed her mouth over the head. She had to open wide, uncomfortably wide, but she managed.

    The connection was now complete. With Billy's mouth on her vagina, and Becky's mouth over Billy's penis, for the first time in her life, Becky was performing a 69. Becky did not know what it was called, nor did Jeb. All Becky knew was that this really felt good. She could give, and receive, all at the same time. Becky was thankful though that she was the one on top.

    Two to three minutes passed while Billy and Becky both sucked and licked upon one another. For his part Jeb remained silent and watched with fascinated eyes. Strangely, at the moment, he was feeling no jealousy. Becky was becoming very aroused and trying hard to keep from groaning. Whatever it is that Billy is doing, he really knows how and where to please me. That 'crib girl' must have taught him a lot.

    She tried once again to explain what Billy was doing at the other end. Her voice sounded strained, but still did not hide her rising excitement. "He's pulling it open and licking me with his tongue." She tried to say it in a normal tone of voice, but in her excitement her voice betrayed her.

    Jeb nodded. "I know. Don't worry about what I am thinking. If it feels good, don't be afraid to make noise. I understand."

    Billy is having perhaps the time of his life. Even though it is slippery from his own juice, he is licking on the nicest pussy he has ever seen, touched or fucked, and the owner of it is down there at the other end playing with his dick and showing it off for her husband. And her husband is actually telling her to enjoy it! She was soaking wet, and hell, Billy was so turned on the fact that he was licking on his own juice didn't bother him in the least. As long as Becky continues to act excited, he is going to keep this going.

    Three minutes passed while they licked and played. Once, then twice Becky removed her mouth from the head and squeezed upward with her hand over the shaft. While sucking she was feeling and tasting some kind of juice. She wanted Jeb to see it. Sensing now that pre-coital fluid would appear on the head when she squeezed, she did it for Jeb. A blob of clear fluid appeared on the tip. Becky was careful to keep Billy's penis pointed straight up so that the pre-fluid would not run down the sides and made sure Jeb was watching. Then, as she looked into Jeb's eyes, Becky dipped her tongue into Billy's blob and lapped it up.

    This was pushing the envelope, especially when she smiled at Jeb and looked into his eyes the second time she dipped her tongue. In doing so, she was showing Jeb that by swallowing Billy's juices, that she was quite turned on to the whole thing, and maybe to Billy and his equipment.

    Jeb stared, his mouth open. He appeared to be fascinated with what was happening. These were things that he would do with Becky at some future time. They both knew it now, and Becky was showing him as she experienced it, and learned.

    The Jeb spoke, saying something that surprised Billy, but even more so surprised his wife. "Billy? You've done this before, no doubt, so what do people call this position you're in with my wife?"

    Unseen to either of them, Billy smiled. "This position you're in with my wife,' Jeb had asked? It sounded to Billy like Jeb might be enjoying seeing this enough to talk about it. He resisted the urge to laugh, then answered, "It's called a '69', because if you draw the numbers 69 and turn them sideways, it looks like two heads end to end."

    Both Jeb and his wife visualized the numbers in their mind, and then Jeb answered softly, "That makes sense. A good name for that position I guess."

    "Now that you've seen the position and know what it is called, you can say to your wife, 'Honey, what say we do some 69ing tonight?"

    Jeb, trying to show that he was accepting their situation but mostly to ease some of Becky's fears, responded, giving Billy an answer that did indeed, relieve some of her worries. "I plan to do just that, sometime soon in the future."

    And then, having never thought of it before, Billy came back with a joke. "Actually, what we are doing is called a 70'."

    "A '70'? How's that?"

    This was Billy's chance to spring his joke. "That's two people doing a 69 with someone watching."

    Despite their situation, Becky stopped her sucking on Billy's now totally erect penis long enough to giggle, and unseen to Billy though Becky saw it, Jeb smiled.

    Then five minutes passed. Billy was doing a good job on her, but he was being careful not to concentrate in one area of her pussy too long. He did not want Becky to reach orgasm just yet. He had an audience, her husband, and Billy wanted this to last.

    Feeling like he was giving fatherly advice although he was only maybe three years older than Jeb, Billy again spoke to Jeb. "I'm sort of teasing her with my tongue, not keeping it directly on the part that she likes most. I want to keep this going, not just hurry and reach our orgasms."

    "I understand."

    Not believing the conversation going on between her husband and her rapist, Becky continued to lick, stroke and pose Billy's penis for her husband, who continued to maintain what looked like a very firm erection.

    Then Billy decided to bring this phase of their sex act to a conclusion.

    "Now it's time." Demonstrating how easily he could control Becky, or perhaps all women, Billy began concentrating on her clitoris. Becky tried not to, but she again approached orgasm. "Oooh, Oooh, uuuh uuuh!" She could not help it. It was mainly what Billy was doing to her, but it was also because she was holding and 'kissing' this huge member, the part of Billy that had felt so good inside her.

    Becky removed her mouth from the head and spoke quickly. "Honey? He's licking me all at once in one place, and he's doing it hard!" She was going to be loud when the orgasm hit, and she couldn't do it comfortably with the penis filling her mouth. "Oooh, ooooh." Laying her head alongside the shaft, Becky held it tightly with one hand and began nibbling on the side of the shaft. She closed her eyes as the buildup continued.

    It was here! Becky's mind was racing! Now her husband would know that another man, and not he had brought her to the ultimate pleasure. It would be her second orgasm but Jeb would think it was her first. That was the thought going through Becky's mind because she was unaware the Jeb had watched through the crack between the door and frame.

    Becky tried hard not to show her face to Jeb as the orgasm rolled throughout her body. With her lips still doing a half-circle over the side of Billy's penis, Becky groaned long and loud as her body shook, then went totally limp. At the end of it, Billy broke out in laughter as he stared from close up at the redness of her entire vaginal area. "Sounds like your woman can't hide her feelings, Jeb. When a woman gets the tongue treatment, they just can't help themselves!" Billy laughed once again, "Too bad you ain't back at this end so you can see. Her pussy is all red around the edges from getting her pleasure."

    After several seconds of catching her breath, Becky finally looked up at Jeb. She mouthed the words, "I'm sorry." Jeb did not reply, and instead shrugged his shoulders, as if to say, 'that's what happens, and it can't be helped.'

    Extremely ashamed now that she had reached orgasm and this time much more than before because Jeb had seen it, Becky let go of Billy's rock hard erection and started to roll off.

    "Wait." Billy grasped her ass and held on, then changed his mind. "I was going to have you swallow my juice while your husband was lookin' on, but I think instead I'll lie you on your back and drive it home. I'd rather get my pleasure that way anyhow, with my big dick in your little pussy. That way your man can see how it looks when you're fucking another man. He can watch from underneath, and this time as I take my turn you can feel how good the fucking can be when I do the work."

    Billy reached forward with his tongue and gave Becky a couple of licks. She jumped as the tongue touched her clitoris, which for the moment was highly sensitive. Billy laughed, "I know that you've just had your pleasure, but there's another kind of pleasure to be had. Do you remember how excited you got when you were on top of me? I know you liked it. You want me to fuck you now, don't you? Go on, say it so your man can hear."

    Becky had just climaxed, and she had let go of Billy's hard penis. She knew immediately that would not be the end of it. After all, Billy would need to be satisfied. She silently kicked herself for starting to roll off. Perhaps I should have continued to suck him and made him come? I would have had to take his juice in my mouth, maybe swallow it, but then Jeb would not have had to watch me being fucked.'

    Becky knew that Billy was serious about her giving her answer. She was going to have to fuck Billy while her husband, probably very unhappily, watched. Avoiding her husband's eyes, she answered loud enough for Billy to hear at the other end, "Yes," and her answer, surprisingly, sounded perhaps more enthusiastic than she had intended.

    But that wasn't enough, as Billy pushed things a little more. "Are you thinking about how it will feel when you know your husband is watching? I'm betting that it will get you more excited than you might think."

    Becky was unsure as to exactly what her answer should be, so she merely answered, "Yes." It was the truth, strangely, but she did not want to go so far as to admit the truth.

    Billy gave her one more quick lick on her clitoris, then released his grip on her ass. "Go ahead, get off, turn over and lie on your back with your feet towards your man."

    Now that she could think about it, Becky felt relieved at getting to turn over rather than completing the act on Billy with her mouth. She might have had to swallow the man's juice. She had never done that of course, nor had she even seen, really, what her husband's juice looked like. Jeb had always put his inside her and she had later drained it into the outhouse. But she had never seen Jeb's juice looking fresh, like it came out of the faucet.

    The only time Becky had ever seen cum looking that way, fresh from the faucet, was years ago with Mr. Jones at the creek. She had watched Mr. Jones climax twice, putting images in her mind of his erect penis that she had never forgotten, and sometimes found herself thinking about as she had sex with Jeb.

    "I can see that your man got all excited over watching you playing with my dick. Look Becky at how he's standing up there. He got all big and hard watching you enjoy yourself."

    Becky had already taken notice, and she spoke, surprising Jeb. "I see it. He's reacting just like me, not wanting to but it can't be helped."

    Jeb said nothing, but inwardly he was happy that Billy had not commented on how much larger his own penis was than her husband's penis. He had said 'all big and hard' when describing Jeb's dick. That helped, but Jeb knew that Becky could tell the definite difference in the size of the two organs.

    As Becky changed position, Billy for the first time showed some concern over how Jeb was doing. "Are your wrists all right? Not too tight?"

    Actually, they were a little bit tight, but Jeb wanted to get this over with, and strangely, knew that he wanted it to last long enough for him to see how Becky would react under Billy. "I'm fine. My hands are that is. The damned string is too tight to get loose, but I don't think my hands will fall off."

    Becky was surprised, and inside relieved that Billy had shown some concern for her husband. She believed now that Billy would leave her husband alive, take her on the horse and then release her down the road as he had promised. She was trying to do as he said, and to please Billy as he had demanded. But now, she was beginning to enjoy this too. Not just physically, but a little emotionally as well. Jeb had told her to do what she must. He had said that he would understand.

    Becky had had her doubts over that, but not any longer. The most encouraging thing for her was the fact that Jeb was erect. His penis was not only hard but it was dripping at the end. He was dripping so hard that it was all over his pubic hair. Their relationship after this was all over might not be totally strained. But most importantly, they were going to live!

    Becky was on her back now with a pillow under her head. Billy grabbed the other pillow and moved to place it under her buttocks. Without being asked, Becky raised her hips. Her husband had done this a couple of times, so she knew what to do. When Billy pushed his manhood all the way into her, she would be expected to raise her legs around him. She wasn't sure she would be able to do that since he was so long, but she would try.

    When she had been on top of Billy, she had taken him all, but not easily. With her legs up, there was a good chance that Billy might hurt her. She would have to be very careful how far she raised her legs.

    But Billy did not climb over her immediately. Instead, he reached over from beside her and opened her lips with the fingers of both hands. Holding her opened as far as she could go, he looked over at Jeb. "See Jeb, how her pussy looks now? Did you ever open your wife up and look at her like this?"

    Jeb slowly shook his head 'no,' and his eyes seemed to gleam at the way this stranger was displaying Becky's most intimate part to him while Becky could only lie here and endure it. Becky of course, not exactly had to 'endure' anything as she had now phased from reluctant participant to being fully engaged. Her pussy looked very pink at the moment. If Jeb had seen it just a couple of minutes ago during her orgasm, he would have seen it looking almost red.

    Billy laughed. "Well, you missed seeing it then. Before I fucked her the first time I opened it up and took a good look. She had a little tiny hole when I spread her with my hands. It was barely bigger around than my little finger. But now she looks almost as big around as my thumb."

    Jeb had watched through the doorjamb as Billy had opened her, and he too remembered how small she had looked, but of course he said nothing about how her vaginal entrance seemed to have changed. Jeb sensed somehow that he should keep it a secret about how he had watched the first part of Becky's adventures with Billy. He would talk to Becky about today when it seemed like she might be in a mood for discussing it, then he would casually ask her what had happened while he was knocked out and see how much she would admit. Well, perhaps not 'admit' but be willing to reveal.

    Billy used his hands to sort of try to tug Becky opened wider and then allowed her to close up again before pulling her opened and holding her there. "I don't know if she'll pop back into place for you later. She might, or might not."

    The words had not been said directly, but the meaning was there when Billy had used the words 'for you' in his sentence. Without realizing it perhaps, Billy had said, 'Look how much more I stretched your wife out then you can.'

    Becky had tears in her eyes, but neither man saw them. She was shocked at how Billy was talking about her vagina as he manipulated her with his fingers and displayed her so openly. Has Billy really changed the way my vagina looks? Jeb must hate that. Yet, strangely, there was something erotic about all this. Besides Billy's touch feeling good, she suspected that her husband might still be firmly erect down there.

    She glanced down. Jeb was erect, and so was Billy. Indeed, when Billy climbed between her legs, he was very, very erect. Becky sucked in air when she saw Billy's penis wriggle from side to side as he walked on his knees and up between her legs. Strangely, she found the view of his penis to be very exciting, and hated herself for thinking that way.

    "Open wide baby. I plan to give you and your man a good show. This might take a while too since I've already had my pleasure one time." He raised his voice and looked into Becky's eyes, "I don't think you'll mind all that much if I take my time, will you?"

    Billy was directly over her head now and grinning down at her. At the same time Becky felt his penis touching her on the vagina. He had spoken plenty loud enough for her husband to hear, and she had to answer. But the man had said she must enjoy it, or try. She was able to see Jeb. He was just visible past Billy's left arm. Her eyes met Jeb's for a brief moment before she answered Billy. Hopefully he would understand that she had to say this. She had caught another glimpse of her husband's penis, and Jeb was still hard.

    "Yes, take your time. I won't mind." Then, as Billy shuffled forward on his knees, which put pressure on the head of his penis as it almost began to open her, she quickly added, "As long as you don't hurt my man."

    There, she had thrown that in once again, showing Jeb that she was 'just doing this to save his life.'

    If recriminations came up later, or accusations, she could use that excuse. But, knowing Jeb, she did not feel that he would blame her. After all, it was Jeb whom had brought this stranger into their home.

    "And I expect you to kiss me too, on the mouth." Billy pulled his hips back slightly, although he was already at her hole. Perhaps he wanted her to perform while Jeb watched as he again placed his penis near her vagina and said, "aim it."

    Without hesitation, Becky grasped him. She could not see his penis, but it sure filled her hand. Because she knew Jeb was watching, she stroked it as if she was testing the size and length and getting it good and hard before it went in. She still couldn't get used to the idea that another man was so different compared to her husband.

    Billy seemed to want Jeb to see everything that happened to her. "I'm going to stay up high on my knees so your man can look under and see it all." She knew that Jeb would be staring intently at what was happening, and with Jeb being hard, she suspected that he might just want to see her 'enjoying herself.'

    She gave Billy another couple of strokes, and Billy giggled. "You're getting a good feel of what I've got to offer, I like that. And your husband can see what you're doing. You know what? I'll bet he doesn't mind a bit right about now."

    Billy was right about that. Jeb was extremely aroused. Everything happening was now inevitable. There was nothing he could do but watch from just four feet away as Billy's and his wife's genitals merged into one and began working against one another, and watch he would.

    Billy suspected that he now had a couple who were both quite interested in what was happening to them, and he was enjoying acting as their mentor. "Jeb, are you getting a nice view of the action? Her little hole, no bigger than my thumb, is going to have to open up a lot wider again. Your little wife is about to swallow up my dick as it stretches her tight little pussy, and you're going to keep a hard on the whole time you're watching, ain't you?"

    Jeb spoke quietly, as if he was ashamed to admit it in front of Becky, but with a low voice he said, "Yes."

    Billy laughed. "Just like I told Becky, if you're enjoying this you don't have to be afraid to speak up. I plan to take my time stickin' it in so it will last that much longer while you watch and we feel it. I'm not saying that to be ornery, or to rub it in. I just want you to know what I plan so that you can enjoy seeing it going in as much as I'm feelin' it."

    Becky hesitated, waiting to see if Jeb would reply. Hearing nothing, Becky used a shaking hand to guide Billy's erect penis against her entrance, and gasped as he began his entry. He felt just as large as before, too large, even though he had been in there once already. But she was wet now, and he had opened her previously. Becky didn't know if she could take Billy's length with her legs up, but she had been all the way down onto his body when she had been on top.

    Trying not to betray her excitement, Becky did not moan as loudly this time as the hugeness began penetrating, once again stretching her to an unbelievable level. Instead she began letting out little 'ooohs and aaaahs' as he worked the tip partially into her. Jeb could hear, and he could see.

    When Billy had gotten the thickest part of his penis into where it was opening her lips the widest, at a depth of about two inches, he paused. The thickest part of his entire penis was now holding her tightest and smallest part open. His head was stretching her to absolute capacity and Becky's fingers were digging tightly into the stranger as she held his shoulders. She waited almost with bated breath. What is he waiting for?

    "Jeb? This is some really nice pussy. Don't know if you've even been in another one, but I have, and I can tell you that your wife has the absolute finest hole I've ever felt."

    His comment intended to be a compliment had hit both Jeb and Becky in the same way. Instead of saying 'Becky,' Billy had said 'your wife' and it added emphasis to how wrong it was for a man to know another man's wife in such an intimate matter. Yet, Becky most of all found his comment to be stimulating.

    It was crazy. Becky wanted to thank Billy for his compliment, but that would be perverse. Jeb also wanted to thank him for the compliment, but after all, this is my wife Billy is talking about as he rapes her. Or is this no longer a rape, Jeb wondered? He could see what that fat head was doing to Becky, and he knew that Billy was deliberately making her endure it as he paused without going deeper. Instead, Jeb took the high route. "I've never been with another woman, but I always knew Becky was the best."

    As Jeb was speaking, he found himself staring intently at Becky's vagina as her lips remained stretched around the widest part of Billy's head. It was an awesome sight as Jeb studied their genitals. My wife is opened so wide, and yet there is so much more penis waiting to enter her and he's got those two large balls dangling high above, waiting for their chance to begin banging against her ass.

    Billy laughed and looked into Becky's eyes as he worked his penis. "You're right about that, she is the best." Putting on a show for her husband, and enjoying the delays, he began going a little deeper, then coming completely back out and starting over. Each time he went forward, he would go very slightly deeper and Becky's lips would almost be able to close down around his shaft. Billy paused with his head stretching her to the widest once again. Jeb could see that Becky was starting to tremble slightly.

    "Jeb, I can feel this and so can she, but I'm doing this mostly for you. How does she look when I pull it out?"

    Jeb could not believe his ears, but after all this, it was perhaps to be expected. If I don't answer now, it might delay how long Becky has to endure that painful (he thinks) stretching. "I can see inside her for a little bit. She, she sort of stays open for a second when you pull it out, then she closes up."

    Billy laughed. "That's what makes it feel so good for me. She closes up and I get to stretch her open again." He laughed, and Jeb, unseen, smiled at his comment, then wondered why the hell he had done so.

    With a little sigh or gasp coming from Becky each time, Billy went two to three inches in, then came out of her pussy three or four more times, each time allowing Jeb at look at her insides for a brief moment.

    Becky had heard the exchange, though she could not believe her ears. Not could she believe her eyes, for she had raised her head to steal a glance at Jeb, and had seen his little smile in reply and then his frown of confusion. She found that to be stimulating. If Jeb is enjoying the view, then maybe I can feel free to show my enjoyment too.

    Finally, Billy decided to go a little deeper inside her. For a little while during the next inch of penetration, he was going past the ridge of his head and allowing her lips to close around his shaft, and then pulling his head back so that it opened her to the widest point once again.

    "Oooh, Ooooh." Becky was making strange sounds, and Jeb could not tell if they were of pleasure or pain.

    He was working her lips such as they had never known. The first time, when she had been on top, Becky had felt his head, had enjoyed it and had ridden over it constantly. And now, once again, Billy is making her very aware of just how thick it is and how much feeling the ridge generates as it tugs on her lips on the way out. Each time the ridge passes by, it makes her lips open to the widest and almost turn inside out as he pulls back, and close slightly as he moves it forward so that her tortured lips can close down on his slightly narrower shaft.

    'My poor little Becky, surely that must hurt,' Jeb was thinking as he watched the adjustments her lips had to make each time Billy moved forward and back again. Deep down though, Jeb knew that it probably did not hurt. The sounds she was making did not exactly sound like pain. Every time Billy came back, his head would tug at her lips. Her lips almost turned inside out they moved back almost an inch before they would open enough to let the head come out and into the air.

    Becky has other thoughts. She is almost reaching climax. If he had continued doing that for just a little while longer she would have, but then he started going deeper.

    Another stroke forward, another inch of penetration. Several strokes later, each taking another inch, he is almost to the point where his balls will lie on her ass.

    He paused, "Becky, are you ready now to take all of it while your husband watches?"

    Becky can be heard taking a deep breath, than another. "Yes. Give it to me."

    Finally, taking his time, Billy penetrated her to the very end as his big balls lay upon her ass. "Aaaah that feels good. Man, she's got it all now!" Billy sounded as if he was bragging.

    Jeb was watching intently, and shook his head. Again he thought: 'My poor little Becky, surely that must hurt,' But it didn't hurt, and as Billy began his movements, in addition to making little gasping sounds, Becky finds herself raising up, placing her legs around Billy's buttocks at first, and then higher as she feels her way. When Billy begins kissing her, Becky responds, both with her mouth and lower half of her body. In seconds she is tightly wrapped around him, both with her arms and her legs.

    Kissing becomes part of their act. There is no way she will let Jeb know, but Becky is now involved with Billy emotionally as well as physically. Billy is not going to hurt my husband. In his own way, Billy is being nice to me. Billy is even kind of 'cute,' and Billy knows how to please me. He started moving his hips sideways, taking her along with him. Totally involved now, she finally let out a long moan. 'Ohhh, Billy.' The words were whispered, but came out loud enough for Jeb to hear, but not real clearly.

    Before, it had all been a warm up. Billy had been showing off for Jeb by taking his time on the entry. Besides that, it had been very enjoyable teasing and stretching Becky with the fat head of his dick. But now, that was behind them. The serious fucking was about to begin, but first Billy had something to say. He pulled his mouth away from Becky's ear and made sure to speak loud enough so that Jeb could hear.

    "Talk to me Becky. Your husband can hear, but don't be afraid or embarrassed. After a while you might want to do just that without being told. Do it loud enough for Jeb to hear. If you can't think of what to say on your own, just say things like 'fuck me,' and 'do it deeper,' or 'do it harder,' or anything else you feel like saying. If there's something you really like when I do it, tell me to keep doing it. If there's anything you think might feel good, suggest it, you know, tell me to do it."

    Becky did just that, but only after Billy started fucking her steadily. It was strange to talk in such an illicit manner, especially knowing her husband could hear. She began by speaking softly, and as time went by, she began progressively speaking louder.

    "Fuck me Billy, oh yes, fuck me." After a minute Becky squeezed him with her arms and added, "I like it slow and deep, just like that."

    Billy fucked her slow and deep, but Billy also wanted her to say something a little more erotic, perhaps to stroke his ego, or perhaps to arouse or annoy her husband. "And say things like, 'I like your big cock, and fuck me with your big cock' so your husband can hear."

    This was reminding Becky of that last day with Mr. Jones. Becky did her own version. "Your cock feels good. It's big and I can really feel it rubbing me inside."

    It went on for a long while, seconds passed into minutes. Not wanting to hurt Jeb's feelings because his penis was a lot smaller than Billy's, Becky was subdued at first with her words of encouragement, but as time went by, the words seemed to flow more freely from her mouth.

    She remembered what Billy had said, or maybe the words were becoming natural for her to say. "Fuck me Billy. Fuck me like an animal with your big cock."

    As Billy started to fuck her a little harder in response, Becky added; "Ooooh, it feels really good."

    It kind of sounded contrived, the way Becky was yelling it out. Jeb knew that Billy had told her to do so, but Becky's movements with her body betrayed her. She might be exaggerating her 'conversation,' but her body was revealing how much pleasure she was seeking and receiving. And then of course, Becky had said 'it feels really good.' Billy had not told her to say that, so maybe she had meant it? What bothered Jeb the most though was one line, Becky had said; 'It's big and I can really feel it rubbing me inside.'

    Jeb knew that she had probably been speaking the truth and not just making it up. Becky is enjoying how he can rub her walls, and I will never be able to match that.

    And then, as if he could understand what her husband might be thinking, Billy made her give the answer. "Becky, are you being truthful? You husband and I both want to know. Are you being truthful when you say you like fucking me, that you like my big cock and how it rubs you inside?"

    Becky hesitated. What will Jeb think if I tell the truth? But she knew that she no longer could conceal how much she was enjoying this, and besides, her husband had talked to Billy in ways like he seemed to be accepting her situation.

    "Yes, I'm being truthful. I like it." The she moaned and sort of yelled out, "And I like that!" Billy had just started fucking her hard for a few seconds, banging his testicles against her upraised ass.

    All the while Becky was talking, she was also moaning, squirming and fucking Billy responsively. Five minutes passed and then ten. The stranger had good control, despite the way Becky was responding as she tried to come up with new lines each time she yelled out her pleasure.

    "You're so big. You're turning me inside out!"

    Silently, Jeb found himself agreeing with Becky. It did indeed look like Billy was turning her inside out. Each time Billy pulled back, her lips came along for the ride.

    Billy was teasing Becky now, controlling her. Each time she would draw near, he would slow down, or change his technique. But Becky had no complaints. Anything Billy did was fine with her.

    Then Billy adjusted his position over her so that he was even more upright on his knees. This left more room between her body and his as Billy started moving his ass from side to side. "Yes, wriggle it sideways. I like that too."

    As she said that, Becky had her hips off the mattress and was moving her hips from side to side under Billy. Her ass was floating free and when Billy slowed his movements, Becky took over with her body. She raised her ass completely off the bed and began wriggling her ass side to side. She also used the opportunity to jab her hips upward, taking Billy all the way inside herself.

    Hating what he was seeing and hearing and yet aroused by it, Jeb could not tear his eyes off the spectacle before him. There was absolutely no doubt in Jeb's mind that the fucking movements going on between the two were now being controlled by his wife.

    This went on for another two to three minutes, and when Becky seemed to tire, Billy took over. Billy was moving his ass high into the air before going way down and penetrating deep. Jeb could see the muscles on Billy's ass, small as they were, flexing as he moved. His anus was visible as well, and Jeb could not help but wonder what Billy would do if a dick were suddenly to jab into his ass. That would teach him!

    With the man staying high up on his knees and with Becky's hips raised so that she could keep her legs wrapped around Billy way up high, Jeb could see it all. His wife was so involved with Billy's dick that she seemed to actually be holding her lower half completely off the bed. Jeb glanced down at himself. His penis was flowing, clear pre-fluid, and lots of it. He found himself wishing that he could stroke it.

    "Oh, and I like that, when you go deep and slow."

    Jeb could especially see the way Becky's lips were grabbing onto Billy's shaft each time he pulled back before plunging deeply into her once again. He also could not miss how her arms, hand and fingers were clutching at Billy and sometimes digging in. Red welts were beginning to appear on Billy's back and buttocks.

    And in and out was not all Billy did. He varied his moves, sometimes grinding against her body with his pubic mound as he went sideways. Each time he began a new series of thrusts, the sounds Becky was making changed.

    "Ooh, ooooooh, that's good. You're doing it again. I like it when you go sideways like that!"

    Jeb could see the way that Billy was stretching her lips as he twisted his hips from side to side. Her body was twisting into almost impossible angles sometimes as she moved with Billy, possibly to enhance the way he was working her pussy. Jeb was shaking his head. With the way Becky is twisting around, it must be making Billy's long dick hit the insides of her snatch at extreme angles. One would think that would be uncomfortable for her, but Becky seems to want more.

    Billy had a huge organ, but he did not count on size alone to do all the work. Somehow, surprisingly, he seemed to know what to do, and he was doing it.

    "Fuck me Billy. It feels good, your big cock does. Fuck me and put on a show for Jeb!" As she was speaking, and now meaning it with all her heart, and body, Becky's hands were still roaming all over Billy's back, head, shoulders and ass. Becky had been asked to become vocal before her husband, and now she seemed to have no qualms about speaking of what she was feeling.

    "Now instead of me, talk to Jeb for a minute, and tell him how it feels as I move my body and dick around." Billy paused, then added, "and be truthful because he wants to know."

    Somehow, perhaps because she was being truthful, Becky had no problem telling Jeb how she was feeling. "Oooh Jeb. He knows how to do it and it feels really good. I can't help it Jeb. Just watch and try to enjoy what is happening to me, please do!"

    "And my cock, Becky, tell him about my cock and how it feels as it stretches your pussy." At this point, Billy was actually trying to add to Jeb's and Becky's enjoyment, but neither Jeb nor Becky could know that for sure. Becky paused, all the while working her ass under Billy. 'Is he trying to help us enjoy it or trying to hurt Jeb's feelings?' She glanced over at Jeb and could see his eyes, as a matter of fact his entire face watching her lower portions as Billy fucked her. He likes it!'

    Billy had seen her glance down at her husband and knew how she was thinking. He spoke softer, right into her ear, "Tell him Becky. Talk dirty. It won't hurt his feelings. I want you both to enjoy this."

    Becky understood now what Billy was doing. The words, those dirty words had never been used before between Becky and Jeb. They were strange to say, but Billy was making suggestions and putting the words in her thoughts. "Ooh Jeb, his cock, his big cock feels so good. It.I thought at first that I could pretend that he didn't have it in me, but it's too big to ignore.

    It feels good honey. I can't help it. I know that you must be able to see what he is doing to me.down there. His cock is so big and it stretches me, it stretches my pussy further than I ever thought it could go. Because it stretches me so much, I am really aware of it and how it is a different cock than what I am used to."

    As if to remind her that he also had a long cock as well as a cock that stretches, Billy began fucking her a little harder, going up against her pubic mound, and she added."Uuuh, uuuuh, and he is really long too honey. He goes way up inside me! It's almost too long but it feels good because he takes such long strokes!"

    "Now tell him how much you like the man that big dick is attached to. Tell him the truth, that you used to hate me but now you like me because of the way I make you feel when I'm fucking you. Go on, you can say it!"

    A long pause, then; "Jeb?"

    Jeb knew what she had to do, and was already wondering if she would actually mean it. "Yes, Becky?"

    "You heard what Billy said, so you know I have to say it, but I do kind of like him now. He came up with a way for him to get away and not have to hurt you, and I'm not sure, but I think he is trying to teach us about sex and what he has learned. I know he is raping me and I know how it looks to you because I am.seem to be enjoying it, but I think you are enjoying seeing me, seeing me getting fucked."

    She paused in her talking while Billy gave her two or three powerful thrusts, then when he slowed down, she added: "There, I said it. I hope you understand."

    There was a silence between Billy and Becky as Billy slowly and steadily continued to pump into her. They were waiting for an answer, Jeb knew, and this one was difficult to answer. If he answered truthfully, both Billy and his wife would know that he is enjoying seeing Becky getting fucked. Yet, he knew this is wrong and should not be happening, and that things between Becky and him can never be the same, though necessarily worse off.

    "Becky, and you too Billy." he paused."

    A 'yes?' from both of them, and Jeb continued. "I can't hide the fact that I have.that I am hard. Billy knew what he was doing when he took down my pants. Both of you can see it and you know that I must be aroused by what I am seeing. I both hate and like what I see. I mean.Becky I hate what is happening to you and I hate that another man is getting to.to fuck you, but I like seeing.being able to see it all in the daylight and close up because it seems to feel good to you.

    I can't do anything to change it, so the best I can say is for you, both of you to feel free and enjoy yourself.yourselves. When it is over, later today maybe or tonight, Becky, you and I can talk about it and I will do the best I can to make you feel that what you did was not wrong."

    Billy spoke first, and loudly. "Jeb, that's showing your woman that you're an understanding man. Well said."

    Jeb could see that Becky was struggling to come up with an appropriate answer and saved her from any possible admissions that might be embarrassing. "Becky, you don't have to answer. I know that you are embarrassed and maybe feeling ashamed. Just go ahead and do what you're doing. Enjoy it, and I will too, and later I think things will be the same if you still love me."

    "I do love you Jeb, more than ever."

    Then the fucking began again; more enthusiastic than before, if that was possible.

    Bravely, Becky decided to speak after another minute had gone by. "Jeb, Billy asked me to tell you how much I like him now, so I want to finish. Instead of telling you that I liked him I was telling you that you seem to enjoy seeing me being.fucked, so now I want to add a little more. I didn't finish before."

    "Go ahead."

    "Jeb? I feel like kissing Billy. If fucking feels this nice between us, it seems like the thing to do. I hope you don't mind."

    As she finished, Becky wrapped her arms tighter around Billy and pulled his head down to hers.

    Jeb spoke in answer, but Becky was ahead of him. "Do it baby, kiss him."

    Their lips were mingling and two tongues had already started twirling.

    Jeb saw how excited Becky was and encouraged her. "Kiss him good Becky. I can see that there is so much.Billy in you that you can't possibly not know how big he is and how he is stretching your little pussy. Wash everything out of your mind and just think about Billy.and his cock, and how much you like his cock.and him."

    Becky did just that, and began feeling even more pleasure, pleasure such as she had never known. At this point Becky again felt the desire to thank Billy. This time the feeling was overwhelming, but she dared not say it for fear her husband would hear. Thanking him would be equivalent to saying that she was glad from the very beginning that Billy had decided to rape her. She, or Billy, could never take back the fact that Billy had struck Jeb over the head with the butt of his pistol and knocked him out.

    Jeb was taking stock of what he was seeing, and memorizing it all. When he and Becky were next together, after things had been worked out, he might try some of the things he was seeing. Of course he did not have what the stranger had to give her, but some things still might work.


    Billy paused in his stroking. "Yes, Jeb?"

    "You have had other women. Tell me, how does Becky feel? I mean, how does she feel wrapped around your cock, and how do her tits feel compared to other women?" Jeb paused, then quickly added; "And how is she at kissing?"

    Billy laughed, and began stroking again. "Jeb, you have no worries in that department. You are married to the best. At least based on the women I have had, Becky is the best in every area, bar none! Her pussy is the tightest and sweetest, her tits have no match, and her face is lovelier than any woman I have ever seen."

    "Thank you." That was Jeb, and a second later came 'thank you' another from Becky. Then silence as they all, all three with some understandable reluctance on the part of Jeb, wanted Becky to have her orgasm and for Billy to finish up.

    Finally Billy went with one thing, and stayed with it.

    "More, more.ooooh Billy I'm so close."

    Jeb sat up straighter as he realized that his wife was about to orgasm. He stared intently at the two people fucking before him. He leaned to one side so that he could see his wife's face as well as what her arms were doing and what was going on at their lower ends.

    "Ooh, Ooh, Ooh.Billy!"

    Jeb was fascinated. Becky is trying to kiss, moan and breathe at the same time. Her face looks red and almost like she is in pain. She has a funny look on her face, like she is anxious or something. Her fingers are digging into him and she is humping her ass as hard as she can in order to make his stokes feel even longer. Becky, does he really feel that good?

    Jeb was right in his thinking that Becky looked anxious. It was about to happen, and it seemed like she had been waiting for this moment ever since way back with Mr. Jones.

    "Oooh God, oh God." When Becky reached her first orgasm by fucking, it was if a dam had broken. Pushing her hips as high as she could get them in order to take as much of Billy as she could get, she began squealing. This was a strange sound that Jeb had never heard her do. Her body shook and shuddered and her fingers were digging into Billy. It was then, as she had her humping hips raised as high as Billy's body over her would permit that she made her announcement.

    "I'm coming!" Becky's first orgasm by fucking was becoming the one that she would never forget, nor would her husband.

    "I'm coming.I'm coming.Oh God I'm coming."

    Jeb watched with his mouth wide open as Becky proclaimed her joy once, and then three times in a row. He could see every detail, and was astonished at what he was seeing. Becky's lips had turned almost a bright red, and it looked like they were pulsing all around Billy, who had slowed his stroking and was moving his hips just fast enough and with long enough strokes to prolong her orgasm.

    Also, because Billy's huge balls were drawn up tight in the sack, they did not block the view lower down. Jeb could see Becky's anus, that little pinkish in color hole, and it was twitching, opening and closing almost as Becky groaned her way through an orgasm that so far had lasted fifteen seconds, maybe longer.

    "I'm coming. Oh Billy I'm coming." Becky said it the fifth time very softly, and her hands seemed to be lovingly caressing the man whom had brought her there as she wound down. The way she had said it the fifth time seemed to be expressing her surprise and joy at what had just happened. Becky had been waiting a long time for this pleasure, which had seemed so elusive.

    But Becky seemed to want more. Billy still needed to be satisfied, and maybe there would be enough time for her. Instead of feeling tired, she felt revived now. Becky was sweaty. She felt wet everywhere, both inside and out. The sheet under them was wet. The sweat just seemed to add to the excitement, and Becky could do nothing more than concentrate on what they were doing.

    Then, after Billy had laid quietly over her with his penis buried while she caught her breath, Becky said the line that was perhaps the most daring, the most brazen of all she would utter in front of her husband. But she was being truthful in expressing her feelings.

    "Give me more." Becky had finally achieved the ultimate, an orgasm with a man inside her. Not from her own man, and not simultaneous, but it had been the most enjoyable moment for her ever from a sexual standpoint. If one climax was good, two would be great. Until now, all that Becky had done had been at Billy's command or request. Her asking for more had been her idea, and was confirmation that she was now willing to give her total commitment to anything that Billy might do.

    Billy only paused for a few moments, allowing Becky to catch her breath before he began again. She once again began fucking Billy as intently as he was fucking her. For the moment, she had forgotten her husband and the fact that he was watching.

    "Fuck me, fuck me you animal!" she hissed through clenched teeth.

    'Animal'? Where in the world did Becky get that one, Jeb thought?

    Wherever the expression came from, it seemed to inspire Billy as his hips began a new series of powerful thrusts. And to top it off, the kissing was almost continuous. Becky was involved now, and when their lips were not in contact, she was moaning and talking dirty. She had tossed all concerns about what Jeb might be thinking to the wind. She had permission from Jeb, and had even been told to enjoy it and make noise if she must.

    And make noise she was doing, perhaps overdoing it in her excitement, but it all came out sounding natural.

    Billy began slamming into her, pounding hard as he buried himself all the way to her pubic mound. Surprisingly, Becky took it all and seemed to want more.

    Despite knowing her husband was watching, Becky reached orgasm a second time. She was not quite as loud the second time, meaning that she didn't squeal, but she was still noisy. The man had given her climaxes twice orally, and now he was pleasing her for the second time with his wonderful penis.

    Jeb knew what was happening as he watched his wife's body react through still another orgasm. And as he leaned his body to one side and then the other, he could see that they were kissing up there, and it looked like Becky was responding with her mouth just as intently as she seemed to be moving down here. Seeing the kissing hurt Jeb more than the action he was viewing below. The penile thrusting and her responses were physical, but what is Becky thinking?


    "Yes, honey?"

    "He made me come again, with his penis I mean. I know that you could tell, but I couldn't help it."

    "It's all right Becky. You're.your body is reacting naturally. Don't feel self-conscious."

    Just then Billy decided to add his two bits worth. "Now you can watch me come." Billy seemed to have been directing those words at Jeb, and now he looked down at Becky. "I want to make it romantic Becky, so let's do lots of kissing."

    No problem there, she was ready. Becky responded with lips and tongue, and her fingers dug into his ass. Billy pumped, steadily and at a moderate pace. He was in no hurry it looked like.

    Finally, after what seemed an eternity for Jeb, but not quite long enough for Becky, Billy stiffened, drove his penis deeply into her, and using short and deep thrusts, reached his second orgasm, again filling her with the juice that God created to make babies.

    And that was what Jeb was thinking as he saw and heard the stranger reach orgasm inside his wife for the second time. What if she becomes pregnant? Ever since the marriage, when they had been having sex, they had been avoiding it in the five days or so before her 'lady's time' was due. Jeb searched in his memory. When is Becky due? It seemed like not for another two weeks. He didn't know a lot about those things, but it seemed like this might be a bad time.

    Their bodies were shiny with sweat. Becky was quiet now as Billy laid over her. His body was pressed against her and flattening her breasts, but he didn't feel as heavy as Jeb did when he was in this same position. It was finished.

    No, it was not quite finished. Only after Becky had caressed the side of Billy's face and recklessly said another sentence was it finished. With Billy having had his orgasm, she had apparently completed her 'requirements' for making dirty talk, but Becky felt the need to say more. She at last dared to thank him, but categorized her thanks by adding a second sentence. "Thank you Billy. Thank you for taking a long time, moving your ass around so nice and giving me so many orgasms with your big and wonderful cock."

    Orgasms. Becky was openly thanking Billy for giving her many orgasms. Both Jeb and Becky were very aware of the fact that she had never before climaxed with Jeb. It was perhaps a thoughtless thing she was saying to Billy in front of Jeb, but there was no hiding the fact that she had experienced orgasms, very strong orgasms with Billy.

    For Jeb, as a jealous man who loved his wife dearly and would have to continue living with her, it was perhaps the most painful and yet erotic line Becky had used during the entire session, even more so than when she had asked Billy for more.

    For Billy, coming from a wife and in front of her husband, it was the most ego boosting; manhood building line he had ever heard uttered into his ears.

    For Becky, it was the most wanton, slutty line she had ever uttered, and after she thought about it for a moment, the most embarrassing, or more to the point, shameful. But after all, wasn't I supposed to fuck Billy and make it good so he will let us go?

    Jeb stared at his lovely wife with new eyes as she lay quietly and still holding Billy with her arms. The stranger had known his wife in every way. She had cooperated and tried to show him pleasure as he had asked. She had talked as he had requested, and in the process even put down her husband in some ways. Will Billy keep his word? Will he leave me alone and ride off with Becky, and later release her as promised?

    When Billy started to rise, his dangling penis popped out of Becky, and Jeb actually heard the sound. Billy climbed off the bed and stood in front of Jeb. His penis, slightly softened now, was still pointing out at least seven inches forward. "Come here," he said to Becky.

    Reluctantly, Becky raised herself from the bed. She had difficulty in her weakened condition, but somehow she managed to come around to where she was standing beside Billy. This time, she had not grabbed a sheet to cover herself.

    "Your man needs to be taken care of. Look at how the juice has been flowing all over his dick and hair. He's soaking wet and didn't even get to have his pleasure. We can't let him keep sitting there all hard like that while we ride away. Get down with your mouth and kiss him like you've been doing with me.'

    Beck thought that to be a good suggestion. She had never sucked her husband, and now had to do it with someone watching. But as he eyes met with Jeb's she sensed that Jeb needed her now. As Becky knelt down, Billy sat on the edge of the bed behind her. He grasped her by the buttocks and pulled her backwards. He was still for the most part, completely erect and guided her onto his penis. Not having expected this, Becky groaned.

    But inwardly Becky was pleased. What a novel idea! She could enjoy Billy while at the same time be taking care of Jeb. Now taking Billy doggy style as Billy guided her body forward and backwards with his hands; Becky placed her mouth over her husband for the first time. It was easier to do Jeb with his penis being smaller and Becky totally enveloped his head.

    Because Billy was seated, he could not make the thrusting movements, so instead he assigned this duty to Becky's body. Back and forth her body went as Billy pulled and pushed on the sides of her buttocks. When Billy pushed, she moved forward which ran her mouth over and down on Jeb's penis. At the same time, because Billy was watching how far forward he pushed her, the knob on the end of his penis would tug outward on her lips.

    'Yeah, what a view!' Watching her lips tug outwards each time he pushed forward on her hips, Billy guided her back and forth just the right distance each time, going just far enough forward to ensure that no fall out occurred. As he pulled her back, they achieved maximum penetration. He was actually too long for her at that point, but was being gentle. The result was that he was giving Becky extreme pleasures from behind her while she satisfied her husband in front.

    For his part Jeb was enjoying the view as well. He could see the top of Becky's head as she worked lovingly on his cock. And as his view went forward, he could see Becky's small waist, then a pair of hands gripping the part of her body where it widened, her hips. Then he could see a long prick being exposed in the back each time Becky moved forward and her mouth went deeper onto his cock. Each time the long cock was exposed, she went deeper onto his cock. Each time the long cock disappeared inside her, her mouth came up around his head.

    A minute went by. The fucking/sucking continued. Despite his desire to reach orgasm, Jeb was now trying to hold back so this moment could last. Two, three, and then another until she heard Jeb let out a little groan. Becky tasted his pre-fluid for the first time. It had little taste and felt very slippery on her tongue. She knew that soon she would taste his semen for the first time. Becky had never tasted semen, at least not directly from the spout. Thankfully Billy had left her that much to share with her husband.

    She sucked, and Billy fucked her backwards onto his cock.

    It didn't last long enough for anybody. Jeb had waited too long, seen too much and he couldn't hold back now. He wanted to hold back, and badly. He always came too fast; he knew that now after watching Billy with his wife. And once again his wife would know that he was unable to control it. Becky was pleased and disappointed at the same time as she felt her husband's legs stiffen and then heard him groan.

    "Oooh Becky." Suddenly, before he had thought to warn her, Jeb was shooting a warm load into her mouth, going over her tongue and to the back of her throat! Her body quivered at the feel and taste of the strange, slightly salty stuff that seemed to be filling her mouth beyond capacity.

    It was hard to do, but Becky resisted the urge to gag and to spit. She had to do this. 'I've never done this, but it seems that somehow, in order to show my man how much I love him, I need to swallow all I can.' Gagging would be unforgivable, in her mind's eye.

    Somehow she succeeded, and Billy, seeing and hearing how excited Jeb had become, knew what was happening. "Swallow it all Becky. Please your man and you'll be pleasing me."

    Jeb was not sure how pleasing him would be pleasing Billy, but he sure felt pleased. He closed his eyes, smiled and leaned his body backward against the bench as he felt Becky still running her tongue around his head. It tickled now, almost too much, and he resisted the urge to tell her to stop, as she seemed to be milking him with her mouth.

    The head of his penis had never felt this sensitive before. Jeb had received his first blowjob, but it would not be his last. Finally, he looked down at Becky. She seemed to be waiting for a response from him because even though he was still filling her mouth she had turned her head at an angle and was watching his face.

    He smiled, and she returned his smile as he head still continued to move forward towards him and back again. Although Billy was still using his hands to guide her hips, they had finally in this day, shared something with one another. Billy couldn't take that away, even though he was still fucking her.

    Still fucking her, yes, but not for long. Billy laughed, said 'Great job momma. Looks like you got 'er all done. You'd make a lot of money working as a hooker if you could do that all the time. Guess I missed my chance to have you swallow my juice."

    All the time Billy was talking, he was grabbing her hips and pumping his penis into her, doing it hard, and burying himself to her very end. He fucked her for a minute longer, using his hands to control her back and forth movements. He didn't have to be so slow and cautious now because Becky had finished her blowjob.

    The view from this angle was very revealing, and he was taking delight in seeing how his penis stretched her. Finally, when Billy seemed to know that it was time, he relaxed his grip and allowed her to 'fall' off his penis. It was over, for now. He was fully erect once again, but he planned to save it for later.

    "May I kiss my husband?"

    "Of course, baby." And then Billy, still being his ornery self, added, "and he can taste what's left in your mouth."

    Neither Becky nor Jeb seemed to care about the taste left over in her mouth. In effect, Jeb had his own cock in his mouth as he tasted his leftover come, but his kiss with Becky was full of passion, and there were tears in his eyes when it ended. Jeb looked at Becky as she raised her head and she had tears too. This rape it would turn out, after a few problems they would work out in discussion, would ultimately bring them closer together.

    As they started to get dressed, Billy laughed as he shoved his soft penis into his trousers. "I think that now I need to take that trip to your outhouse, and Becky here will have to go with me."

    Becky exchanged glances with Jeb. The two of them had never gone to the outhouse together during the day, only at night. Now Billy was expecting her to do something with him that she had never done with her husband. Becky turned to Billy as she lowered her dress over her head. "Could you go alone? Are you, I mean.are you going to do a sit-down?"

    Billy laughed, "Naww, just need to piss, but I can't leave you here. Besides, you probably need to go yourself."

    Having no choice, Becky went out the back door with Billy, leaving her husband tied to the bench. At the door of the outhouse, Becky paused, 'Can you wait out here?"

    Billy smiled, "No Becky, far as I know you guys might have stashed a gun in there. Besides, I'd like to go beside you. It should be fun." Laughing, Billy pulled the door open.


    Silently, Becky pulled her panties down and sat upon her favorite hole. Billy stood in front of her and unbuttoned his drawers. "Another look at it for you Becky while I prepare to take a piss."

    As Billy stood in front of the other hole and prepared to aim, Becky stared at his penis and spoke up. "Could you sit on the hole? Jeb always does so that he doesn't hit the edge of the seat, especially in the dark."

    Billy laughed and grasping his penis, he prepared to piss. "Sit down? You mean like a girl?"

    Becky was seeing his penis for the first time while totally soft. Even now, it was about six inches long. "I'd still like it if you'd sit down, out of respect for my feelings."

    "I've got good aim honey, and my dick is already hanging halfway down to the hole. Are you sure you don't want to watch while I drain my pipe for you."

    Becky wanted to protect 'Jeb's seat.'

    "Please sit."

    "Sure baby." And for the first time, Becky had given Billy a command and he had followed it.

    Becky shares another hole with her rapist.

    Sitting beside Becky on the other hole, he giggled and said, "Want to pee together, or take turns?"

    Becky looked him in the eyes as she turned her head all the way to the left. "I've never done this, with Jeb, in the daylight. Sometimes we sneak in here from the bedroom with just our shoes on, but only at night."

    "Looks like I'm your first in just about everything." Billy grinned as he released his flow, and Becky could hear it hitting the bottom of the pit. In response, she allowed hers to go, and Billy could hear hers over his own.

    It seemed though both had been saving it up, for their flow continued for several seconds. While they were draining their bladders, Billy looked into her eyes, and he asked, "Did you feel like you were in love with me, maybe a little, while we were fucking?"

    She hesitated. He wants to talk about our lovemaking right in the middle of a pee! "Yes, maybe a little, I felt that way. We were being pretty close, you have to admit."

    He laughed, "Oh yes, very close, with a lot of me inside you we were so close."

    Becky pouted, "I meant mentally, not that way."

    Then Billy realized exactly what she had meant, and grew more serious. "How about now, while you're sitting in an outhouse in the daylight with a man for the first time? Do you love me now?"

    He was looking directly into her eyes, and Becky returned his stare. "Yes."

    Then she felt she needed to change that 'yes' to more of a 'maybe.' "I felt like it when we were making love, I mean.when we were fucking, but that's different. Now, sitting here," she giggled, I feel that I could love you if I wasn't already married."

    Then, realizing he might get ideas, she quickly added, "Don't get any ideas. You promised not to hurt my husband!"

    Billy sighed. "Our time is almost finished. A short ride, maybe some more.lovemaking, and then it's to be goodbye."

    Becky had noticed how Billy had said and added emphasis to the word 'lovemaking' and stared into his eyes with a look of sadness.

    "Kiss me." She had not needed to say it, for he was already leaning in her direction. Their lips met, and there, sitting side by side on two outhouse holes, they hugged, kissed and Becky almost cried. Of course, while they were still holding the kiss, Billy placed one hand on her breasts.

    Then he shocked her. "I need to take a crap before we go. It'll be easier here than out on the trail."

    "Could you do it while I wait outside?"

    "No dear. I need to keep my eye on you. Just sit here a minute while I do it."

    Becky hesitated. "I think, maybe, that I'd better do it too. I don't think I'll last the rest of the day, time I ride with you to the top of the hill and walk home." She turned to look at Billy: "But I've never even done this in front of my husband."

    "Looks like another first for me," Billy laughed.

    So grunting a little in order to force out an early dump, Becky had to sit and shit, while a strange man did the same beside her. "He laughed. "I heard it hit the bottom, now you can hear mine." Imitating Becky, Billy grunted loudly while he pushed with his anus. The shit came out, but his was a little softer, and all it did was make a squish sound as it hit the pit.

    Embarrassed once again, Becky pleaded: "Please look the other way while I wipe and check."

    "Sure, and you do the same." So they wiped, checked, and in Billy's case, wiped again.

    Billy leaned over to kiss her, and she responded. Then, slowly and almost reluctantly after Becky had urinated and wiped once more, they both stood and pulled on their lowers.

    As they left the outhouse, Becky knew. In her kitchen, in her bed, in now in the outhouse, she would always be reminded of Billy.

    They made it a point of going back into the cabin via the bedroom door and walking past Jeb, who was still sitting tied securely to the bench. On that bench too, Becky thought, I will always be reminded of how Billy fucked me from behind while I kissed my husband on his penis for the first time.

    "Will you be all right here? I will be back as soon as I can."

    "Give me some water."

    A quickly brought glass of water for Jeb from the pail in the kitchen, then, "Do you have to pee?'

    "No, I peed behind the stable a while ago."

    "Don't drink too much so you can hold it till I get back." She held a glass to his lips as he drank two gulps, then she returned to the kitchen and poured the remainder back into the bucket. When you have to haul every drop, you waste not.

    Then with a goodbye, surprisingly exchanged between Jeb and Billy as well as between husband and wife, Billy had picked up his bags and they were on their way to the stable.

    Now they would see if Billy would keep his promise.

    Time To Think

    Jeb sat alone on the bench, his hands still tied behind him. He had to wait, and all he could do was sit here and think about things. Billy had fucked his wife. He had fucked Becky long and he had fucked her good. But that might not be the last time that Billy planned to have Becky.

    Jeb was remembering one specific thing. Billy fucked Becky from the rear while she sucked me to orgasm. When she had begun dressing, Jeb remembered, Billy just sat there allowing his erection to go down while he watched her put on panties and a dress.

    That erection, though it had gone down, was probably not going to be ignored! As Billy tugged his trousers on and stuffed about six or more inches of softened but leftover penis inside his pants, Jeb and Becky had exchanged glances. Billy had finished with an unsatisfied erection and allowed it to go down. Both Jeb and Becky knew she would be readily accessible if Billy decided to take her again before he turned her loose. As a matter of fact, they knew that Billy would fuck her at least once more.

    Jeb had asked them to place his pants back into place. "I don't want to be seen like this if anyone else should enter the house," he had said. They had restored his clothes as a team and then began putting on their shoes and boots. After they both had dressed and gone to the outhouse, Billy had taken Becky to the barn with him while he saddled his steed. Regardless, there was nothing Jeb could do as he heard Billy's horse trotting off. My wife is riding off with a strange man on his horse.

    But how strange could Billy be thought of now? He knows my wife, at least her body he does, better than I do since he has been farther inside her than I can go, plus he has put his mouth on her pussy. And not only that, Billy has seen my penis, both when it is soft and when it is erect. Billy can hardly be considered a stranger any longer.

    Billy had added additional rawhide to his bindings, and with the bench as his captor, Billy could not slide it close enough to anything that might allow him to cut his ties. Seated upright on the bench like this, Jeb couldn't get his hands anywhere near anything in order to do so. All he could do was wait.

    Jeb looked down at himself. He could feel his penis in his pants. It was soft, but still dripping. An image of Becky formed in his mind, of her face during a previous time. Would things still be the same between them? Could they ever? Then an image of Becky's vagina being stretched, while all the while she was gasping and moaning and wrapping everything she had around Billy came into his head. And of course that had all resulted in her having an orgasm, or maybe two or more. Jeb sighed. He knew that it could never be quite the same. ?

    On a stud, and with a stud.

    Becky rode with her body pressed up against Billy. She had to in order to hang on with her arms around his waist. She was sweaty and the horse was sweaty under her. She was happy that Billy was riding slowly, even though he might want to 'get away.' Of course, the longer they took to get to the place where he would drop her off, the further the distance and the longer it would take for her to walk home. Though she dreaded all that might be said, Becky needed to get home and release her husband, and comfort him.

    Stretching, Becky threw both her arms behind her and one of her hands hit a saddle bag. Then she began thinking about how carefully Billy had been carrying his saddlebags from the house to the barn, and then placing and tying them on the back of the horse they were riding. 'Is there something in these bags worth having, she thought?'

    Placing one arm back around Billy, Becky began feeling around with her right hand, and managed to slip it under the flap. She dug down, and her hand hit a small leather pouch. She squeezed it with two fingers, and could tell that it was filled with coins. She felt around further, and felt two more bags.

    'He won't miss one, at least not right away. And when he does, he might not dare come back for it.' Becky was thinking ahead. This man had something to hide for sure. His very actions said so. If he has three bags of coins, maybe more, he must be into something illegal, and he certainly won't be telling any Sheriff's.

    Becky had pulled one coin pouch up and out of the saddlebag now, and she was looking for a place where she could drop or toss it and easily find it later, when she would be walking home alone.

    There, ahead, that fallen tree. Becky waited, and as their horse passed the tree trunk, she carefully, so that Billy would not detect her movement, tossed the bag far enough to the side that it went behind the tree trunk. Back there, there was no possibility that if, on the slight chance that anyone else came this way, they would spot it.

    Becky smiled. Billy had three bags of coins that I could feel, hopefully the one I took has something valuable inside.

    Finally, they reached the top of a rise. There were a few trees, and from here you could see all the way back to the farm, a distance of two miles, maybe a little further. In the other direction that Billy planned to take, the road disappeared into trees a hundred feet further on as it slowly went down into a valley and back to the river that flowed near their ranch and took the long way around the hill.

    "Get down," Becky swung her leg backwards and slid deftly off the horse. She knew how to ride, and had no problem dismounting without assistance. Billy dismounted and the first thing he did was to offer her a drink of water from his canteen. Becky drank gratefully.

    "Now we're alone. You don't have to 'worry' about your husband. You know that he is going to survive, and you know that all you have to do is walk home. So let's get it on one more time. I figure this time you might really enjoy yourself, more than before. And you know what? Your husband doesn't even have to know we did it this time!"

    One last good fuck with her rapist

    Becky stood silently. She had expected this, and as a matter of fact, she had been half-hoping that it would happen. And Billy was right; she would not tell her husband unless he asked. Still, she needed to comment.

    "He'll know. When you didn't finish that last time while you were behind me, it was obvious what you were planning." She hesitated as he remembered. "It was kind of interesting, actually, watching you trying to stuff your penis back into your trousers with it still being half hard." She giggled.

    Billy laughed. This woman has sure changed. There's no doubt that she is ready to fuck me. "That'll be up to you if he knows. Whatever you and I do now, he will only know what you tell him, or admit."

    Without waiting for her reply, Billy unrolled the blanket that had been tied to the rear of his saddle. Becky had actually been sitting on it most of the way. They had shade under that tree, and that is where Billy carefully spread out the blanket. "Our little love nest," he joked. He seemed to think about it, and added, "If you want to say that you love me, or anything like that while we're doing it, I won't mind. Your husband will never know."

    Becky nodded, not necessarily in agreement, but letting Billy know that she had understood what he was saying. Silently, Becky removed her dress. She could have just pulled it up and taken off the panties, but instead she preferred to take it off. She knew that for easier access to her breasts that he would probably want it off, and by removing it, it would not get all wrinkled and maybe be even sweatier than it already was.

    Billy admired her breasts as he pulled off his boots. The boots were long and had needed to come off in order to remove the pants. Nodding at her lower half, he smiled and unbuttoned his drawers.

    Becky was surprised when she felt a tingle of excitement pulse through her body upon seeing Billy's penis. She could see that he was already growing as she bent over and dropped her panties. They were already soaked from her last adventure and as yet had not dried out. She knew that they would soon be soaked once again and wouldn't be dried out by the time she reached home.

    Without being told, Becky lay down on the blanket, propped herself up with her elbows and asked, "How do you want to do it?" Upon uttering those words, Becky discovered that she really wanted to fuck, and knew that Billy would sense it. If Billy wanted to call it making love, or being in love, that was fine with her too. One more time, they would have one more wild and wicked fuck, and then Billy would be gone forever.

    "Do it? What do you mean, Becky? Do you mean 'fuck' or 'make love?'"

    Without embarrassment, she opened her legs wide and smiled at him. "How about both?"

    Becky was not only willing but more than willing. This was to be her last time, her last chance to have a strange man to whom she was not married. If so, why not make the best of it? She wanted to build his ego and at the same time stimulate him.

    "Billy, you know now that I don't have to say this, so you know that I mean it. I want to be fucked by you. I really do. And if I say 'I like your big cock,' you know it is because I mean it and not just because you like hearing it or told me to say it in front of my husband."

    "Oh baby, I already know that you like my big dick, and I plan to do just that!" Grinning down at Becky, he studied the area between her legs. She looked shiny, opened and wet. His penis tingled and continued to stiffen even more. In response to his looking, she opened her legs even wider and returned his grin with a sly, impish smile. Becky even cocked her head to one side and tried to look coy.

    It worked. She looked more inviting than anything or anyone he had ever seen. This was an amazing change, he thought, from the quiet and shy housewife that he had been introduced to. First impressions, apparently, could be very misleading.

    At that exact moment, while his wife was drooling over Billy's penis in anticipation, Jeb was sitting stiffly upright on their wooden bench. In his mind he was calculating, and figuring that Billy and his wife had reached the high point right about now.

    What are they doing, and how many times will they do it, he was thinking? Will Becky say and do things with Billy now that she was afraid to say or do with me watching? How many times will she come and will she admit it to me? The fact that Becky would reach climax was never in doubt in his mind, but how many, and how strong?

    Becky smiled and watched Billy's half-erect penis sway from side to side as Billy carried his trousers over and laid them over a fallen log. He placed his boots beside the log and from about ten feet away he stared over at Becky and studied her pussy. No need to put my mouth on that, he decided. No doubt that she is ready. His penis was rising, and he wanted simply to be in her.

    He could see that Becky was posing for him, actually displaying herself in a wanton manner. In exchange, he gripped his penis and displayed it for her by slowly pulling the skin back off the head, exposing it, and then running the skin back and forth. The gleam in her eyes told him that she was enjoying his activity. In passing, he thought, 'her hole really does look a little bigger than it did the first time I saw it. Maybe I did change her from having a right tight hole.'

    She was happy when he said, "I'll just get on top and do the work."

    'Good,' she thought, 'I don't have to put my mouth on him again. I'd rather he fuck me so I can feel him.' Becky was already turned on, and she didn't need any stimulation. She would even kiss him now, with pleasure. Billy was keeping his word, and she was thankful for that.

    Their minds were in sync with one another. They wanted to fuck, and all other considerations were being thrust aside.

    When he approached her with his penis swaying, Becky changed her mind, pointed at her mouth and said, "wait, bring it here."

    Grinning, Billy made a show of walking his penis over towards her. Grinning, she sat full upright and as she opened wide he walked his penis into her mouth. She looked up at him and removed her mouth, "Just for a second, I want to try this again."

    It was a feeling that Becky could not understand. It didn't make sense, but Becky now felt as if she was in love with Billy. Holding his penis lovingly with both hands, she sucked his penis exactly in the way she would do if she were in love with it. She ran her tongue all around the head, and then nibbled up and down the sides of his shaft like you would eat an ear of corn.

    "That feels good. I thought you didn't know how to do this. Where'd you learn that, he giggled?

    She smiled up at him. "I didn't. I never did this with my husband. I just thought of it now and wanted to see how you liked it."

    "When you say you never did it with Jeb, you mean nibbled on him, or never kissed it?

    Becky was happy, in a way, that she was able to tell Billy that he had been the first. "I had never 'kissed' my husband there. You were first, and then Jeb on the bench."

    "Makes me happy," Billy said softly as he reached down and caressed Becky on the side of her head.

    Inwardly, Billy was pleased. He still couldn't believe it. What a change he had brought about with this little housewife. She had gone from being innocent to almost acting like a slut. She had been sucked, told to suck and then fucked, and now she wanted more, and was showing her desire by giving him a great blowjob.

    Maybe she would swallow like she had done for her husband, but Billy wanted to be inside her when he climaxed. For the last time with her he wanted to lie beside and then over her. This needed to be not only physical, but also romantic. With her mouth down there on his penis, it was kind of hard to be 'romantic.' And then she once again surprised him. "Do you want to know something else, a secret?"

    "Honey, I would love to hear it."

    "You were the first another way too."

    Billy was elated. "How's that?

    "I never reached. Before you I never had, what do you call it?"

    "Your climax? An orgasm you're talking about? You never came before?"

    She looked sheepish. "I never felt that before, until you put your tongue on me. And then later, I did it again with your tongue and twice with you inside me."

    Billy took her hand within his. "So you came four times then." He said it as a fact, not a question.


    "I knew you were coming. I felt it when you were twitching pretty good and making lots of noise. But I didn't know it was your first time, or times." Becky nodded and looked into his eyes with what resembled a smile of thanks. "And your husband, Jeb, he saw you coming with me too. I wonder how he is going to feel about that."

    Becky's eyes dropped. "It probably hurt his feelings. He almost made me, got me there a few times, but he didn't last long enough."

    "Well, I've had a lot more experience with women, so give him some time."

    This was another strange moment for Becky in a day filled with strange moments. Billy is talking to me like someone whom is trying to aid my marriage. How weird!

    Then Billy surprised her further. "I'd like nothing better than to be married to you. Jeb's a lucky man." Billy lay down beside her instead of immediately mounting. He placed his left arm under her head, forming a pillow for her and then kissed her.

    Becky responded slowly at first with little whimpering sounds from her throat. Then the kiss became more intense, and she met his tongue with hers passionately. Lifting his head after several seconds, he looked into her eyes and said, "You know that I could easily fall in love with you if circumstances were different, don't you?"

    He was waiting for an 'I could love you too' answer as his hand caressed her left breast. Instead, he heard, "Yes, I know."

    He waited hopefully to see if she would respond with a further comment to him, but she remained silent. Becky liked this man now, but she loved Jeb. If Billy lived in the area she might keep him on the side for fucking if she could keep it a secret, but she loved her husband.

    He played with her breast, kissed her and said, "You like this, don't you," as he smiled at her?

    "Yes." Becky tried to tone down the 'love' part by adding; "I like being in bed with you."

    That was all she said, or had time to say. They weren't exactly in bed, but this was the same thing. She had said 'bed' when she meant 'I like fucking you.'

    After kissing Becky once more and fondling her upper and lower body, he rolled on top of her. Keeping his weight off her body for the most part, Billy entered her quickly His penis seemed to know exactly where to go and had found its way to her vagina and points beyond. He was still maybe too big, but she was already wet and ready. With no one to hear now except Billy she groaned loudly and wrapped her arms around him.

    They went at one another. Uninhibited now, Becky began moaning steadily. She clawed at Billy, leaving marks across his buttocks and began humping her hips to meet his strokes. A full minute of continuous humping passed, then two.

    Once again she used that phrase from nowhere, and she used it loudly. "Fuck me you animal!" Becky was getting so close. Another minute and Becky would be there. She pulled his head down so that they could kiss.

    Billy responded, but he was working hard now. His hips were thrusting rapidly, and he needed to breathe. He kissed her, then raised his head so that he could watch her face as he gave her all he had to offer with each stroke.

    Becky had her eyes closed and was in dreamland. Billy was fucking her so hard that he was almost banging into her pubic mound. Somehow, despite his length, it wasn't hurting. She had wanted romance, but this was physical, absolutely. But Becky was going to come again, and she knew, this time it would be the best ever.

    "You're going to make me come again!"

    Becky moaned and began to raise her legs even higher as Billy gave her two more strokes. She gripped his ass tightly with her fingers. He had wanted her to say 'I love you' and she was about to say it. Suddenly, as her hips had just thrust upwards, Billy was gone, torn from her arms! Billy had been deep within her and now she was empty. Cooler air displaced the space where Billy had been.

    All the Indians in the world...

    With her legs still opened wide and high in the air, Becky opened her eyes in disbelief, and saw several painted faces staring down at her! They had feathers and two of them were holding Billy upright by the arms. Billy was directly over her, and his penis was still totally erect and waving to and fro. The Indians all stared at Billy's penis and then down at her.

    This was like a dream. It didn't seem possible, could not be real. It took a few seconds to register as almost a dozen Indians stared down at her sweating body. Then, realizing how exposed she was Becky quickly closed her legs, put her heels on the ground and sat up.

    As she quickly sat up, the Indians moved Billy back, or her head would have impacted his penis.

    Just like that, in an instance, things had changed dramatically. It was Bear Claw and several members of his tribe. She had been 'saved' by friends, and Becky would have to act the part. For the moment though, all they knew was that she was away from home and had been fucking a stranger. If they thought that maybe she was sneaking a fuck, why had they grabbed Billy, she wondered?

    As she tried to hide her body with her knees and her arms, they were binding a still naked Billy's arms behind him, and when he tried to resist, they hit him savagely. Billy screamed in pain and then passed out. They released him and his body fell to the ground. His penis, now half erect, fell across his left leg. Becky looked away from the horror. Whatever it was, they definitely had it in for Billy.

    Becky was standing now with her legs pressed together and her arms across her breasts. It was a futile effort since so much of her had been openly revealed, but she did so anyway. She saw that some of the Indians had picked Billy up and were dragging him away.

    When Becky looked questioningly into Bear Claw's eyes, he began to speak. "He sold us weapons that would not fire. Many of my men died today."

    Now Becky knew, Billy was a gunrunner! He had caused men to die. She knew there was nothing she could do to save Billy. All she could do now was 'save face.' She had to explain, to tell her story. Fortunately, Billy was unconscious.

    "He came into our house and, and we invited him to eat. And then he hit my husband from behind. He left Jeb tied up at our cabin and said that I must do all he wanted if Jeb was going to live," she began explaining.

    They had seen her under Billy, and she had been responding with passion. How could she explain that? They must have been able to tell that she was enjoying it.

    "I was pretending, trying to please him." she continued, weakly.

    Bear Claw spared her from having to explain. He had seen many moons and knew the ways of the flesh and how weak it was. His answer saved her from having to apologize. "You too were paid a visit by the man who speaks with a forked tongue. He will pay many ways for this, and for what he has done to you and your man."

    Becky knew there was nothing she could do for Billy. He was a goner. Jeb had told her about the Indian ways. They would torture him, keeping him alive for maybe days before they allowed him to die.

    "I guess you have to do what you must," Becky said as she gathered up her dress and pulled it over her head in order to cover her body before pulling on her panties. They were all watching, maybe 20 indians left as she fumbled around on one foot and then the other as she pulled on her panties while standing.

    "I am sorry that your men died today." She looked around at all the men, trying to show them that she truly cared. Of course they did not understand English, but her look of concern and sadness basically told them her meaning.

    The tribesmen were still looking at her, but their eyes looked more normal now and not lustful like before. As a matter of fact, they seemed to be looking at her with some kind of respect. They were throwing an unconscious and still naked Billy over a horse on his stomach and tying him on.

    "You are a good woman, Becky. A good wife to your man."

    "Thank you." Becky could only smile and hope that Bear Claw truly meant it. She had tears in her eyes and made sure that Bear Claw could see them as she wiped one away.

    "I will have one of my warriors take you home."

    Becky hung her head, then looked Bear Claw in the eyes. "That would be nice, thank you," she said softly. She tried to smile, but could not truly meet his eyes with hers.

    Bear Claw turned to a warrior that Becky thought might be one of Bear Claw's sons.

    He spoke in Indian, but Becky knew Bear Claw was giving directions.

    "Running Wolf, you take Jeb's woman home. We will meet you back at the camp."

    Nodding, Running Wolf led his horse over to Becky and leaping, threw his leg over the horse and sat upright. There was no saddle, and Bear Claw reached down and without exerting any apparent effort helped Becky upwards as she mounted and sat behind Running Wolf.

    Becky waved and tried to smile as she looked back. The tribesmen were already riding off in the other direction, and she could see that Billy was still unconscious as his body laid over the horse they were leading. His saddled horse was following behind.

    There was no way they would think that she had not been an active participant and enjoying Billy's cock. Even from this distance, she could make out the red welts her fingernails had left on his buttocks. Would a woman being 'raped' leave marks like that?

    She wondered what the women of the tribe would think when they saw Billy's butt. Then she wondered what they might think when Billy is pulled off the horse and his cock is exposed. And of course there would be the giggling and speculation that might ensue when the tribesmen filled their squaws in on how they had 'found' Billy.

    But Becky only had a moment to think those thoughts because she was now alone with a strange man for the second time in her married life. Between her legs Becky could feel the muscles of the horse as she rode bareback. This time she had no blanket, let alone a saddle to sit on. She had to hold on tight to Running Wolf because her legs just weren't strong enough and long enough to wrap around the sides of this horse.

    They rode silently, at a slow trot so that Becky could hang on. Becky had her hands on bare flesh, his stomach. Running Wolf was wearing only a loincloth, and her hands were just inches from touching him there.

    There. Becky, despite her wanting to once again be the faithful wife, found herself wondering about Running Wolf's cock.

    They had gone about a mile, halfway to her home when Running Wolf reached down with one hand and touched her leg, which was pressed up against his hips. Her dress was pulled back from the wind, and he touched her on bare skin. His hand remained. It was just a light touch, but it was contact between them. Was he sending her a signal?

    Running Wolf had been to her cabin more than once, never entering but because he had always been beside his father, Becky had always been aware of the way he looked at her when they visited. He didn't quite smile at her, but his eyes had said a lot. She had never taken offense, and of course had never mentioned it to Jeb.

    Did he desire her? Should she? Slowly, seemingly unintentional and by accident, she allowed her hands to slowly slide down his belly and onto his loincloth.

    Running Wolf was erect! There was no mistaking it. Becky resisted the urge to wrap her fingers around him, but allowed her opened palm to rest over the bulge. She was touching, but not pressing. She could not determine his length, and only partially so his thickness. She wanted to feel more, but didn't dare. After all, Running Wolf probably already thinks she is a slut.

    After another minute, when Becky had not explored further, he 'aided' her by pressing her palm firmer against his bulge. It was then that Becky wrapped her fingers around him, as much as the loincloth allowed.

    They were approaching that tree trunk, and as they rode past, Becky could just make out the money pouch, lying on the grass on the other side of the trunk. It would have to wait now for Becky, along with Jeb, to come and get it. There was no worry now about Billy coming back and making trouble looking for it.

    He only had to ride another hundred yards and they came to a brook. Because there was water, there was grass, thick, green and soft. And there were trees also for shade. Running Wolf brought the horse to a stop, and before he had a chance to say anything, Becky had raised a leg and slid off.

    Neither spoke the other's language, but there was no need for them to say what needed to be done.

    They stood three feet apart and looked at one another. Becky had one thing she needed to do. She placed a finger over her lips to indicate 'silence,' then looked towards her home, and still holding her finger over her lips, back in the direction from which they had come.

    Running Wolf knew what she meant; he was never to say anything to anyone. Nodding to assure Becky, he approached and took her into his arms. If he had any fear that he might not 'measure up' compared to what had been revealed on Billy, he was not showing it.

    Oh good, Indians know about kissing. Running Wolf was a good kisser, and that surprised her. Running Wolf kissed like her husband but did it stronger, like Billy had done. Whatever, it was a good combination, and Becky found herself responding as Running Wolf grasped her buttocks and pulled her against him.

    Again, like with Billy, Becky found herself being handled almost roughly and not timidly like Jeb would do. Gentle is always nice, but sometimes rougher is exciting, she had learned. She liked it like this, and stared up into Running Wolf's eyes almost like she was challenging him.

    He pulled her dress off, snatching it over Becky's head in one quick movement and aided by the fact that she raised her arms at exactly the right time. There was no need for Becky to feel embarrassed. After all, he had already seen her being fucked and then wide open and exposed as she lay on the ground almost at his feet.

    He removed his loincloth as her panties came down. Becky barely had time to catch a flash of brown-skinned half-erect penis before they were together on the grass. Running Wolf kissed her again, and she explored with her hand. Now he was up, all the way up, and it felt nice.

    Boldly, not caring that Running Wolf would know where she was looking, she studied his penis as she watched his foreskin cover and uncover the head, which was gleaming with his pre-fluid. He isn't as large as Billy, but he's still somewhat larger than Jeb.

    Running Wolf knows that he is being compared. There is no doubt by the way she is looking at and fondling my man stick. If she doesn't think I have enough, it doesn't matter. For now, this woman is mine!

    They didn't have much time. Jeb was waiting, and he might wonder at some point why it had taken so long for her to return if she had a ride. Still, she needed to allow Running Wolf enough time to know her a little better. Running Wolf squeezed her breasts, going from one to the other.

    In response, Becky stroked him. She did it slowly and carefully, hoping that he might last long enough for her when he got to put it in. Becky allowed Running Wolf to kiss her for a minute longer and then she pulled him over her.

    Her first fuck with an Indian, but not her last.

    Knowing what he might be thinking, Becky made sure to let out a loud moan as he slid in so that he will know that he feels good to her. He went in fairly easily, thanks to her previous encounter and the fact that Running Wolf was turning her on as well. Still, some of that tightness remained as her walls gripped him. She felt relieved; maybe Billy hadn't stretched her too far out after all.

    Becky wasn't to be disappointed. Running Wolf knew how to move and would last just long enough for her to reach that magic moment that Billy had already shown her. Running Wolf had seen her digging her fingers into Billy's ass and also heard her groaning loudly.

    She knew that she did not dare 'mark' Running Wolf, for the tribe would see and know. Still, as Becky held him tight with the palms of her hands, she was making sure that she was being loud enough to show her appreciation, Becky's fingers gripped his ass as she felt the strong flexing of muscles that Billy had lacked.

    No need to fake or exaggerate her groans. Running Wolf seemed to have natural talent in the mating arena. Becky was groaning loudly. Before today, and her adventures, Becky had always been kind of quiet. No longer would she be quiet. Becky had been awakened with adventures and orgasms, and from now on sex would continue to play a major rather than minor role in her life.

    For the most part Running Wolf ran his penis straight in and out, but for a while, maybe a minute, he twisted his penis sideways, taking her vagina along for the ride. Any way he did it felt good to her.

    Although Becky was making lots of sex noise, she was kind of afraid to actually talk to him since he might not understand, but finally she moaned out."Ooooh Running Wolf" followed by a loud "Now," and then another "Oooh."

    Being just 18, Running Wolf had never had a woman from his own tribe. There was a code of marriage, and fidelity to be observed within the tribe, but the forcible taking of women from enemy tribes was encouraged.

    In recent months, the forcible taking of white women belonging to white men they did not like or with whom they had fought battles with was also being encouraged, but so far his tribe was doing that far from home. As of yet, Running Wolf had not participated in a raid on a white settlement, but he had been looking forward to it.

    Once Running Wolf had participated in the rape by four braves of a captured woman from an opposing tribe. When they had left her, she had been walking waist deep into a stream to bathe. Though they used force at first and she tried to fight off brave number one, and to a lesser degree brave number two, it seemed to Running Wolf as he watched that she might be enjoying herself somewhat by the time he crawled between her legs, third in line.

    She might have reached orgasm with Brave number two and was now very ready for the next brave to follow. Her cries of resistance began sounding more like cries of pleasure.

    At the end, she held onto Running Wolf and the brave following, not releasing them as soon as they climaxed. The braves watching were pretty sure that if not with number two that she had climaxed with number three and four. She had been an older woman, maybe in her thirties and a widow perhaps. Maybe she had long been waiting for a man to please her.

    As the four braves had rode away, the woman had waved at Running Wolf as he had looked back at her.
    In response, he smiled and waved back. That had been his first sexual experience. Though she had been on the heavy side but not fat, that woman had looked pretty nice, though her large breasts had drooped quite a bit.

    Body wise there was no comparison with his next woman. His second sexual experience was with Becky, and she was to change the way he looked at white woman. Not all of them, perhaps, were to be treated as booty.

    Pumping back and forth into Becky and doing everything he could to ensure she was enjoying it, Running Wolf was thoroughly enjoying having the wife of a white man. This was a white woman he had often admired and lusted for. Even by Indian standards she is a beauty.

    Holding back somewhat, Running Wolf timed it almost perfectly. Either by design or by accident, he was able to reach the fabled simultaneous orgasm with Becky. His penis felt even larger just before he erupted.

    Becky had started just seconds before him, and she was able to feel Running Wolf's orgasm, even in the middle of her own. He was somewhat quiet as he came, probably because it was not considered manly among Indians to show emotion. Still, she could tell that he was extremely aroused and excited as his penis pulsed powerfully inside her.

    Yes, she could feel him pulsing, really pulsing. Becky counted back in her head and ran forward. There had been two, three, four, and still more. With those six, and the two or three pulses she had felt before she had begun her count, he must have throbbed maybe ten times.

    Today, with two men added to her experience, Becky was very aware of how it felt when men reached an orgasm. Also, she had learned what it was like to be given orgasms by not just one man, but two.

    Later tonight, Becky would walk out to the outhouse and allow her husband to sit beside her for the first time as they both did their 'business.' Jeb had often asked for that privilege, and now she would agree. After all, after everything he had seen her doing today, and in such close up detail, what difference did a little trip to the outhouse make?

    Then they would sit in the living room and talk. Later, after much discussion and agreeing to wait to make sure Billy had not impregnated her, she would lay in her husband's arms. They would be hugging but not having sex. Of course, there was the fact that Running Wolf had also deposited much baby maker into her, but Becky was pretty sure this was her 'safe time.'

    As Jeb fell asleep, Becky would lie awake a little longer. She would be recalling today's events, and also be wondering how it would have felt if she had allowed Mr. Jones to put himself into her when they had been skinny-dipping. So long ago it seemed now.

    But for now, Becky was feeling the afterglow of having been satisfied by still another man. Running Wolf moved to get off, and Becky held him down with her arms. Not that quick, that would seem cheap somehow. Wanting to establish some closeness and having it last a little longer, she held him, and he understood. Looking down into her eyes, he kissed her one last time, a long and tender kiss.

    When Running Wolf raised his head, she looked deeply into his eyes and smiled. They had shared something and Becky wanted this to be a special memory for both. He smiled back, she moved her head up and gave him a quick peck on the lips, and all was well.

    Becky hated the fact that he had to remove himself from her body. Immediately she felt empty as he pulled out and stood up. Before he was able to move away, she took his dangling but still mostly erect penis into her mouth and sucked off the juices, cleaning him.

    Inside, she was hoping that he understood that she was being 'nice' and not acting slutty. He seemed surprised at first, then caressed her head with one hand. She pulled back and took a peek.

    Running Wolf had some juice left that she had missed. He tugged downwards on his penis, milking himself out to the end. A large blob of semen appeared, and without hesitation, Becky opened wide and sucked it into her mouth.

    He smiled down at her as she swallowed, getting a full taste of cum for the second time in one day. He seemed clean now, and as she stood up, he gathered up his loincloth and began wrapping it around his body.

    After taking Running Wolf inside herself so quickly after Billy, and then placing her mouth over his penis, Becky hoped that Running Wolf did not think she was a slut, or whatever term Indians used. He understood what she had to do and why, and waited while she kneeled in the water and splashed herself. It wouldn't look very good if she were to come home and have fresh juice dripping out of her.

    Becky blushed when she realized that Running Wolf was watching. Maybe this was the way Indians lived since they were out in the open all the time. Still, she needed to be clean, and he watched closely as she used her hand to throw water upward onto her vagina. Her eyes met his, and they both smiled.

    On impulse perhaps, or because he realized that it might be nice if he also was clean, Running Wolf unwrapped his loincloth and joined Becky in the stream. The water was only knee deep at this point, so he needed to splash water onto himself as Becky had done.

    Becky had paused to watch, and he smiled at her as he washed himself. Reassured, Becky did not mind his watching as she dipped her fingers into the water once again and then used them to wash between her lips. There would be more juice later, but this would have to suffice for now. Besides that, now she could see his penis in its normal, natural state of not being erect, just like she had done with Billy in the outhouse.

    Running Wolf's penis when soft looked to be only four to five inches long. Soft, that was shorter than Billy and about the same length as her husband was. But erect he was about the same length in her memory as Mr. Jones had been. Then she realized, those adventures too had been in and next to a stream. For some reason, even now, Mr. Jones was coming into her memory.

    They both needed a few moments to dry off. Desiring closeness and reassurance, Becky came into his arms one last time, and Running Wolf held her for several seconds before kissing her. Becky was very thankful for that last kiss. She knew now that she had meant more to him than just a fuck in the forest.

    It was difficult for both of them as they ignored his now erect penis, for time was growing short.

    Mounted once more, Becky held onto Running Wolf with her face pressed against his shoulders. Her hand caressed him on the stomach as they rode. She avoided touching Running Wolf's groin in hopes that he would go down. The cabin was in sight and Becky would soon be home with the man she still loved waiting inside.

    That very same day Jeb and Becky would ride out together on one horse and retrieve that money pouch, and upon opening it discover two twenty dollar gold pieces, a ten dollar gold, and three silver dollars. Enough to more than pay for the seed they would need later to plant, and with a lot of money left over.

    On the way back, Becky would suggest a stop, and together they would bathe in the same water where Becky had earlier washed out her vagina. Without being asked, Becky would kneel before the man she loved and for the second time in the same day suck his penis all the way to orgasm. This was to be the first of many changes in their sex life.

    Two days later Bear Claw and Running Wolf would ride up to their cabin, and on the end of a rope would be the horse that formally belonged to Billy, along with the saddle. "We give you this horse in thanks. For if you had not delayed the gunrunner who spoke with a forked tongue, he might have gotten away. This is a white-man's horse, broke to the saddle, and it is best that you should have him."

    Again, from a financial standpoint, Becky's rape was working out for the best. Billy's horse was a fine steed, and the saddle also, was of good quality.

    Becky had been raped, and her husband had been forced to watch. But they had been paid well for her troubles, with money and a fine horse, which they needed since they had only had one horse previously. That other horse until now they had used to pull their wagon. Now Jeb and Becky could ride side-by-side on two horses when they desired.

    Bear Claw and his son had been invited to join them in a meal, and Becky had felt her panties getting wet just from having Running Wolf so close and being able to do no more than just look him in the eyes. She knew that sometime in the future, they would get together.

    Running Wolf might come near the farm and catch her at the house while Jeb was in the fields plowing. While Jeb was plowing, Running Wolf could be plowing too. But unlike that first time, Running Wolf would not be able to orgasm inside her.

    A week later Becky would have her period, and the sex between she and Jeb would begin all over again, better than ever.
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