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. The Gift Boxes

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Oct 6, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    The Gift Boxes

    by RLM

    Brian and Karen Mercer have been married for six years. Each has a lucrative and rewarding job with the same hi-tech company. Karen is a mid-level manager in the marketing department while Brian is in charge of software development. In addition to the job satisfaction and excellent salaries they both earn, the fact that they both work for the same company allows them to remain close even during working hours and share common job interests. Two years previously, the Mercers purchased a new $400,000 home in an upscale neighborhood that has all the amenities including a large swimming pool complete with deck and bathhouses, a spa and sauna, exercise room, and entertainment center. Their master bedroom is sensuously decorated and sports a large mirror in the ceiling directly over their bed. This erotic decadence never fails to drive them both wild during sex.

    Having decided to wait to start a family, Brian and Karen have ample time for mutual hobbies and interests. They both play golf, and with Karen having the advantage of the shorter distances from the women's tees, she can sometimes even beat Brian with no handicap. They are both highly competitive but they are also good losers when they lose. Karen loves to dance and is both skilled and graceful on the dance floor. Brian has to hustle to keep up with her, but he has worked hard and is now a more than adequate partner. In fact, Karen considers him the best and sexiest partner she has ever had on a dance floor. He isn't quite as skilled and graceful as some of the other men she has danced with, but Brian knows how to hold and excite a woman as they dance without being blatantly obvious. Karen never fails to be panting with excitement after a few dances with her handsome husband. The fact that Brian always keeps his long and very thick penis pressed against Karen's belly as they dance is in large measure responsible for her excitement.

    Like many beautiful women, Karen likes to flirt and tease, not only her husband but other men as well... In fact, she gets more excited teasing other men than Brian. Again, Brian is the perfect partner. He shows just enough jealousy when Karen flirts outrageously with some man to make it erotic and exciting for her. As a result, their sex life is still hot, even after six years of marriage. Seven or eight times a week is not unusual. Both are uninhibited and willing to try new sexual activities... up to a point.

    Since they are having frequent erotic sex, Karen and Brian have found themselves reaching that unspoken point with greater and greater frequency. The fact that such a point is reached is always obvious to both of them. During an erotic sexual coupling, either Karen or Brian will clearly have an urge to go further... to tell the other of some hidden fantasy... but not have the courage to do it. "Go on. Tell me, Darling. It's ok," one of them will say, but the other can't do it and ends up backing off by saying something like, "It's nothing. Forget it, Honey."

    Being highly intelligent and astute, both Karen and Brian realize the reason for the problem. As Karen once confided to Ann Morrison, her best and closest friend, "We have a fantastic sex life, Ann. Brian is an unbelievably good lover and stud, but how in hell does a wife tell her husband that she wants to see him wearing a mini-skirt, high heels, a wig, make up, with a padded bra and go out in public pretending to be girl friends? And I know he has hot fantasies that he can't bring himself to tell me. How is he going to tell me he'd like to see me being gang banged?"

    Surprisingly, Brian's birthday is only a month away, and because of this simple fact, the solution to the Mercer's problem is about to present itself.


    It was the fifth store I had visited that afternoon. When I had gone out that morning to pick up some groceries and to find a birthday present for Brian, I had not imagined that it was going to be so difficult. At first, I tried men's clothing stores. They had expensive ties... but Brian hated wearing ties, and when it was necessary, I knew he already had dozens. The story was the same with shirts and pants. In addition, there was the problem of finding the right sizes. This was particularly difficult in Brian's case because of his body shape. His daily workouts in the gym coupled with his careful diet and vigorous lifestyle gave him a beautifully sculptured body with rippling abs and pecs but a very narrow waist and a tight butt that got me hot every time I looked at it. Shirts that would fit his broad shoulders and powerful biceps and chest were baggy and unflattering around his belly and waist. Pants that fit his narrow waist had too little material at the crotch to contain his sizable cock.

    As I looked over a rack of expensive slacks, I was reminded of the first time I had bought him a pair of slacks as a present. I had carefully checked out his waist size and had made certain to buy slacks with that size waist. When Brian had tried them on and then reappeared in our den wearing his new pants, we had both collapsed in hysterical laughter. The pants were so tight in the crotch that he had gotten an erection after putting them on. As a result, every single ridge and contour of his 8-inch cock was perfectly outlined. He looked like a dom gay trying to show off and pick up a bottom in a gay club. Brian had kept the pants, and they had become a private joke between us. The memory had me giggling as I looked over the slacks.

    Giving up on clothes as a gift, I had tried sporting goods stores. Brian already had custom fitted golf clubs. I thought momentarily about buying him a cheap set of clubs and complaining if he didn't use them so that I could beat him on the course. Again, the thought caused me to laugh. He already had an expensive graphite tennis racket, which he used with devastating efficiency. That was one sport where I couldn't compete with my sexy husband. Neither of us was much into fishing... so fishing equipment was out.

    Brian didn't smoke or drink... so tobacco or liquor was out. After three hours of shopping, I had nothing and was totally out of ideas. But at that point, I had an inspiration: "Why buy him things? Why not get him something sexy and erotic that he would really like?" With that thought in mind, I looked up the address of an escort agency and stopped in before heading home. There was an attractive, but somewhat slutty looking, receptionist at the front desk. Her name tag said "Margo".

    "Hi," the receptionist said brightly. She looked me over and asked, "Are you here to apply for a job. We have several openings."

    The unexpected offer suddenly had me excited. "Do you really think I'd qualify as an escort, Margo? I'm married you know, and I'm almost 30. By the way, I'm Karen."

    "Well Karen, you look really nice. No... more than nice. You look hot and sexy. And I can tell you that our married escorts get more business than the single ones. If you're looking for a job, I'm almost certain that Mr. Haskel will hire you in a flash. He's in his office. Are you interested?"

    Margo's comments were definitely sending tingling sensations back and forth between my thighs. I could even feel the moisture seeping from my pussy. Although I had a near irresistible urge to say "yes", I heard myself saying, "No... not really, but it is an exciting thought."

    "Actually, I came in to ask about getting a date with an escort for my husband as a birthday present. Do you do that sort of thing? What are the prices? I know this sounds crazy, but I've tried to find something for his birthday next month and after three hours of looking, I'm still empty-handed. What do you think?"

    The receptionist gave me an open-mouthed astonished look. Finally, she asked, "Are you serious? Or is this some kind of practical joke Haskel has you doing?"

    "No. I don't even know and have never met Mr. Haskel. I gather you think this isn't a good idea?"

    "Oh, it's a great idea if you want your husband to have sex with another woman so you can divorce him or something like that. We do have wives who hire escorts for that purpose from time to time. Take a seat, Karen. No need to stand up."

    Accepting Margo's invitation, I sat down and replied, "No. I certainly don't want a divorce. He's a fantastic husband. I just wanted to get him something he would really appreciate for his birthday. I wasn't planning on him having sex with the escort, but just taking her dinner, dancing, and enjoying the company of another woman for an evening. Something different to really turn him on so that he would be a wild man when he got home.

    "Good idea... lousy plan, Karen. Unless your husband is a candidate for faithful-husband-of-the-year, I wouldn't risk it, Honey. Particularly not with our escorts. They're all really sexy, and they all know exactly which buttons to push to drive guys crazy."

    At that point, Haskel came out of his office into the reception area. "Margo, have you had time to type up those employment forms I gave you earlier? I need... " Abruptly, Haskel stopped talking and stared at me with far more than just casual interest. His eyes seemed to take in every contour of my breasts and the cleavage I was showing. From there, they moved downward to examine my hips and legs. I had another near irresistible urge to stand up and turn around so he could look over my ass.

    "Hi. I'm Jack Haskel. Haven't seen you before. Are you looking for a position with my agency? If you are, I can tell you right now, you're hired."

    The seeping from my pussy abruptly increased in volume and the tingling between my thighs changed to a distinct throbbing of my cunt. The fact that this experienced, sexy-looking man found me so attractive that he wanted to hire me as a professional escort had me hot... really hot!

    Both Haskel and Margo were smiling at me knowingly. I felt my face flush with embarrassment even as my panties got wetter. To break the spell, I repeated for Haskel every thing I had already told Margo.

    "Well, I got to say that's a new one," Haskel said with a grin never taking his eyes off me. My face got redder... my pussy got wetter.

    "I've been in this business for years, but you're first wife I've ever seen who's thinking about hiring one of our escorts as a birthday present for her husband, and not just to set the poor guy up for a divorce action. I don't know your husband, Karen, but I'd would have to say that he's a very, very lucky man to have a wife as beautiful and as considerate as you."

    "Thank you, Jack. That's a very nice thing to say," I replied more than just a little pleased as I felt my clitoris beginning to swell and become erect.

    "Are you sure you wouldn't consider working for me, Karen. You'd be the most requested escort in the entire agency in just a few weeks, and you wouldn't believe the money you'd be making."

    "That's just incredibly flattering, Jack. But, as I told Margo, I'm married and really love my husband."

    "So? Let me tell you that several of our escorts are happily married. They work only part time... like when hubby is out of town. We're very, very discreet, and they can quit at any time they like. Some of them have been working with the agency for several years now. And in addition to the substantial extra income, they all say that sex with hubby is much hotter and more frequent since they started working as an escort than it was before. A couple of women have told me it saved their marriages."

    At this point, I realized my panties were more than just damp. They were approaching the "soaked" or "drenched" stage. My erect clit was beginning to pulse with excitement. Jack was really getting to me. The escorts who worked for him weren't the only ones who knew exactly what buttons to push. "I'll think about it, Jack, but truthfully, I can't imagine that I could ever do that."

    "Come into my office, Karen. Let's talk about it some more," he said as he took my arm and led me into his private office. Margo was smiling even more knowingly than before.

    It was almost like I was having an out-of-body experience watching myself walking beside Haskel into his office. Once inside, he shot the deadbolt on the door. The click of the lock produced another gush from my pussy into my panties, which had now reached their limit. I felt the wetness on my inner thighs.

    "Come over here, Karen. I want you see some glamour photos of some of our escorts. Just look at them and then look in that mirror at yourself. You're far more beautiful than any of them."

    Once more, I seemed to be watching myself move over beside Haskel. He spread the photo album open on top of his desk. When I leaned over to get a better a look, Jack pressed his body against mine from behind. I felt his erection pressing against my ass and I knew I should move, but none of my muscles would obey my Brian. My pussy seemed to be in charge.

    "These are three of our most sought-after escorts, Karen. Belinda is 24, single, with dynamite legs and a nice ass. Very popular with our clients... but her legs aren't a match for yours and your ass makes Belinda's look like she's a guy.

    "But I'm married."

    "That gives you even more of an advantage. Men love married women, Karen." I felt Haskel's hands on me... one on my ass, the other caressing my side... but still I didn't move.

    "And this woman here in the center photo, that's Jasmine. Huge, 42E tits and a very large ass. Some men are really turned on by large women, which is why I have Jasmine working for the agency, but with most men, you would be their immediate choice." Jack's hand moved up to my breasts where it lightly stroked its outer slope.

    "Ooohhh. Do you think so?" I said hardly recognizing my own voice.

    "No question. Same thing for Karla. She's really sexy... loves sex, but so do you, and you win ... hands down. Take a look at the next page, Karen. It's the same story." Haskel turned the page of the album.

    "This is Marge. She's one of our married escorts, and even though she's not as gorgeous as the others, she has just as much business. With your drop-dead beauty and sensuous appeal, the clients will be lining up for a date with you."

    I couldn't suppress my moan as Jack's hands were now cupping my breasts as his cock pressed even harder against my ass..

    This is Marion, another married escort. She has more clients than any of the others you've seen, but again, she isn't competitive with you. I felt Jack's lips on my neck. In another out-of-body experience I seemed to be watching as my ass began grinding against his erection.

    "Now Fonda here is a really hot number. She would be competitive with you, but in my opinion, she would come out a close second. Her tits are too big for her body... yours are perfect." Jack opened the buttons of my blouse and pulled it aside.

    "Ooohhhhh gawd," I heard myself gasp.

    Again, Haskel turned the page. "Glenda and Jackie are currently the two escorts in the greatest demand. They're both single and because your sensuality is even greater than theirs plus the fact that you're married, the men will flock to you in even greater numbers."

    Jack turned me to face him. "I want you to work for my agency, Karen. I think it will turn your husband on like you won't believe... and I know you'll love it."

    By the time I had seen all the photos of the escorts, Jack had me so hot my pussy
    felt like it was on fire. I had no doubt that this
    hot stud was going to fuck me.

    Before I could even think of an answer, Haskel’s lips were on mine... kissing me with feeling... with passion... with sensuality. His lips felt so hot against mine. His tongue pressed forward demanding entrance. I resisted... but not much. Again his tongue drove against my lips as he moved his lips sensuously over mine. I pushed my hands against his shoulders ineffectively. I opened my mouth to tell him to stop but was unable to get a sound out as his tongue immediately filled my mouth.

    As his lips worked over mine, his tongue explored every crevice of my mouth and then slid deliciously over my tongue. His lips stayed pressed against mine for over a minute. When he pulled his lips from mine, they moved immediately to my cheeks, then to my eyes, then, downward to the nape of my neck.

    "Stop, Jack. Stop. I'm married. We can't do this. Margo is right outside... please." But even as I told him to stop, my body was writhing against his. Of course, he ignored my feeble protests as any virile man would. After doing both sides of my neck, he kissed me again... harder this time... the way a man kisses a woman when he wants her to open her legs.

    Somehow, he got my blouse and skirt off leaving me in only my thigh-high stockings, panties, and heels. Again, Jack kissed me... this time his hands cupped my naked tits while his fingers stroked my erect nipples. A moment later his hands moved lower where they stroked my panty-covered ass for a moment before slipping inside my panties to feel the hot flesh of my thrusting butt. His hard cock was grinding into my mound. When his hands lifted my hips so that I was on tip toes, his erection was pressing directly against my slit and my now wildly throbbing clitoris. Normally, I don't make much noise during sex, but the situation was so wildly erotic and hot, it was impossible for me to remain quiet.

    "Ooohh ... mmmmm... aaaah... UUummmm... more... Jack... oh please... don't. Stop. Aaahhhhhh gawd. You're driving me crazy." I couldn't stop my hips from humping against his erect dick. "More... do me more," I heard myself saying... half in a hoarse whisper... the other half in a passionate gasp.

    Jack lifted me in his powerful arms as if I weighed no more than a small child. A moment later, I felt the cool wood of his desk beneath my ass. Very quickly, Haskel had my legs up in the air. When he pushed them further back, I bent my knees in response. His fingers slipped into the waistband of my panties. As he pulled them down, I lifted my hips so that he could get them over my ass. Once they cleared my ass, Jack had my panties off in a couple of seconds. Kneeling between my open legs, he stared at my cunt.

    I knew what I was doing was outrageous... but it was so hot to be spread wide open with a man I had just met between my thighs. Instead of getting up and leaving, I just groaned and opened my legs even wider.

    Jack took immediate advantage when I opened wider for him. Pressing his face deep into my sex saddle, his mouth covered my cunt and sucked my clitoris out of its protective hood. The shriek of female pleasure just seem to explode out of my mouth. A second later, his tongue was buried in my slit where it quickly entered my pulsing vagina. I jerked my legs further back tilting my hips upward to present my cunt to his mouth and tongue.

    When I felt the tongue circling my clitoris, my normal quiet moans changed abruptly to uncontrolled gasps and moans.

    "OOOHHHHHHHH Gawd! Suck me, Jack. My clit... lick my clit... please... AAAHHHHHHHH... YYESSS... YESSS... LIKE THAT! JUST LIKE THAT!" I heard myself screaming.

    Curling his fingers upward, he slipped two of them into my vagina and hooked them hard against my G-spot. He was right on it! Most men can't find it... Jack zeroed in on it like a guided sex missile. Once his fingers covered it, they began rubbing it with firm pressure. His tongue continued the assault on my convulsing clitoris.

    I came... hard.... my vagina and clitoris going into hard spastic contractions as my mouth stretched wide open. I couldn't stop the deep grunts that exploded from my lungs. With his fingers continuing to press and rotate rapidly on my G-spot, I ejaculated several times in rapid succession.

    When my orgasm began to ebb, Jack again mounted me, his mouth closing over one nipple and then moving to the other. I was again beginning to gasp as his mouth left my nipples and continued upward to my neck, and then as his body pressed mine into the desk top, he kissed me again.

    All semblance of resistance on my part vanished. Before I even realized it, I had my arms locked about his neck, my hands on the back of his head, crushing my mouth into his as my ass humping upward against his engorged organ that now pressed downward into my mound. His lips again captured my nipple and sucked it hard as he worked his cock back and forth between my labia sending hot stabs of pleasure through my clit.

    "Jack," I hissed. He ignored me continuing to friction my throbbing clitoris with his rigid shaft.

    "Jack," I whispered hotly.


    "Fuck me."

    "I intend to."

    "Now... please. Put it in me."

    Standing up, Jack put one of my legs up on his shoulder and pressed the other one against the desk top. We were both staring right at my pussy when his cock stretched my hole open and entered.

    "OOHHHHHHHHHH... yesss......... fuck me!" I groaned as I watched his shaft disappearing into my cunt.

    He was about 7 inches and after the second stroke, all of it was buried inside my wildly throbbing vagina. Once the cock was socked solidly into me, Haskel kept it buried and let it jerk and throb repeatedly. I could feel his iron-hard shaft pulsing up and down the entire length of my channel. I had never known how incredibly erotic it could be for a woman to feel a thick male shaft throbbing inside her without moving. The longer he kept it buried, the hotter I got... until finally, I was begging him to move... to fuck me.

    My lover lowered his body onto mine and began to drive his prick in and out of me with slow but long, deep, and hard thrusts. Every time his cock pounded into me, I grunted softly. He continued to plow me until my soft grunts changed to louder grunts... and then to gasps and shrieks. Finally, I moaned, "I'm about to cum again, Jack. Please... Fuck me hard and fast. Let me cum... I'm so fucking close!"

    "You'll cum even harder bent over getting it doggy, Karen. My cock will drive straight into your G-spot like that. Turn over. Lean over the desk. Put your big tits on the desk, stand on tip toe, and arch your ass."

    Leaning over the table, I rose up on tip toes to arch my ass. I felt Jack's hands on my hips putting me in the best position to penetrate my cunt. A moment later, I felt him fitting his cock into my opening... he stretched me open and entered.... AAAAAhhhhhh god it did feel fantastic. He drove it home, and I grunted when the head thudded against my womb.

    Then, he began fucking me with hard thrusts. Each thrust brought his cock head directly against my G-spot... raking over it.... pressing it. Electric thrills raced through my pussy and clit. In just moments, I was screaming as I came again and again. Jack continued to fuck me, and I began to ejaculate. He held out as long as he could. Finally, he was unable to hold back his load, and I felt him emptying himself into my throbbing hole.

    We stayed coupled together for perhaps five minutes before Haskel pulled his semi-hard cock out of my pussy and guided me over to the couch. When he was seated, he said, "Now it's your turn to be in charge, Karen. Get me hard again and this time you're on top."

    I felt like I should refuse and go home to my husband, but I was still hot for this stud. And he had fucked me so beautifully. The next thing I knew, I was bent over his cock sucking him. At first, he was only partially hard but after sucking his thick cock and massaging his prostate for five minutes, he was again rock hard and ready.

    I pushed him back, swung my leg over his, straddled his thighs, and lowered my cunt over his rigidly erect penis. "Stick it in me, Jack. Just put the head inside me, and I'll fuck your brains out."

    "That's an offer I can't refuse, Karen. Using his hand, he worked the big head into my hole and then turned his cock over to me. I rode him like I was a championship bull rider going for the gold. I was a worried that he would cum first and leave me hanging. That proved to be a needless worry. After just a few minutes riding him, my cunt convulsed in a hard orgasm.

    "Oh yeah, Baby. Cum on my dick. Pump your cunt and cum on my cock, Karen!"

    I did and by the time I managed to make him shoot his second load into my cunt, I was in the throes of my fifth orgasm of the afternoon.

    I was so hot that I put up no resistance when Jack bent me over his desk and pushed my skirt up around my waist.
    Once he got my panties off, he made me cum six times, three times on his mouth and tongue,
    three times on his cock while he ejaculated inside my cunt three times.


    When we returned to the reception area, Margo gave me another knowing look and asked Haskel, "Well, how was she? Was she as good a fuck as she looked like she would be?"

    "Better. Even better. We really need her as part of our organization, Honey."

    "Oh god. Is Margo your girlfriend?" I asked aghast that I had fucked her boyfriend while she was right in the next room.

    "No. She's my wife. We own and operate the escort agency together. Margo triples as our receptionist, bookkeeper, and as an escort. So how about it, Karen. Any chance of getting you to sign up with us?"

    "Maybe, but not for awhile. I doubt my husband would go along with my being an escort, but you were a great fuck, Honey. Thanks for letting me borrow your husband, Margo. I wouldn't have done it if I had known you were his wife."

    "Yes, you would have, Honey. You were so hot that there was no way you could have resisted my stud husband once he decided to fuck your wet pussy. But don't worry. I enjoyed listening to him making you cum. You really are a hot woman. Wish you sign up with us."


    For the next hour after leaving the escort agency, I continued trying to find a great gift for Brian without any luck. I knew that my idea of hiring an escort for him for a night was on the right track. We had every thing anyone sensible person could want... so trying to find something to buy him was doomed. If I needed any more proof, I knew that Brian had just as much trouble buying gifts for me as I was having trying to find one for him.

    The strange thing was that there were all sorts of things that I would love to have ... things I had often fantasized about when Brian and I were in bed fucking. And he could give me most of those things, but naturally, I didn't have the nerve to tell him what they were. All of them were so dirty and obscene... like working as an escort occasionally... there's no way a wife could possibly tell her husband things like that. And I was certain Brian had equally sensuous and sexy fantasies that he couldn't tell me.

    Suddenly, I realized that was actually the source of my crazy idea of hiring an escort for him for a night. I was trying to guess what his fantasies were. What we needed was a safe way to convey our desires.

    I had given up for the day and was returning to the parking garage to pick up my car when I passed a new gift shop. On impulse, I went inside. Thirty minutes later, I emerged from the shop carrying two large packages along with a credit card receipt for $400, which was the cost of the contents of the two packages.

    The Gift Boxes:

    After dinner that night, Brian asked, "Well, what did you do on your afternoon off from work today?"

    "I went out shopping trying to find something for your birthday next month." Of course, that wasn’t the complete truth, but I had no intention of telling my husband that I had let a total stranger fuck me three times and make me cum five times with his wife 30 feet away in the next room.

    "Really? That was very thoughtful of you, Honey, but you know it's not necessary. We both have pretty much every thing we want and need. Did you find anything?"

    "No. I shopped for five hours with no luck. It's exactly like you say, we have every thing we want that money can buy. You have just as much trouble trying to buy me gifts. And you really hate shopping."

    "That's right. Listen, let's junk the idea of buying each other presents and just enjoy each other. Ok?"

    "No. It's not Ok. We have every thing we want that money can buy, but we don't come close to having all the things we'd like that money can't buy. I think we should switch to providing gifts like that instead of just useless things that we don't need."

    "Well, that sounds good, but I really don't know how we can do that. How can I give you something that you really want, which money can't buy, when I have no idea what that something is? Every time I ask you what you'd like to have for your birthday, you say something like, "I really don't need anything, Darling." You won't tell me what you really want."

    "I know. Any you say essentially the same thing when I ask you. But I know damn well there are many things you'd like but can't bring yourself to tell me. And the same is true for me."

    "Granted. So what do we do about that problem?"

    "I have the solution. We just need to agree to proceed and actually do it. I bought two items at a gift shop today that are going to help us get it done, Honey."


    "I'll show you." I could feel Brian's eyes on me as I unwrapped the two packages. Each contained a clear crystal box about the size of a two-slice toaster. The boxes were identical except for the small brass plates attached to the top. One plate was engraved with the words, "Karen's Requests". The second plate bore the words, "Brian's Requests". The lid of each box swung open smoothly on two hinges and when closed, there was a gold-plated, small padlock that secured its contents. Both boxes were elegant, as might be expected from their combined $400 price tag. At present, both boxes were empty.

    After Brian had looked over the two crystal boxes carefully, I handed him a set of two keys. "These are the keys to your box, Darling, the one engraved "Brian's Requests". Keep one some where private in case you lose the other key. This set of two keys opens the lock on my box."

    Brian took his set, confusion still covering his face. He shook his head and commented, "They're beautiful, Karen, but I don't understand what they have to do with our gift problem."

    "Honey, there are certain things that I want that I can't bring myself to tell you. It's just too embarrassing and stressful. I'm sure its the same way for you. So, starting right now, I'm going to start writing letters to you. Each letter will spell out in some detail a gift... a present... that I would really like for you to give me. When the description is complete, I'll seal the letter in one these embossed envelopes and place it in my box after which I'll lock the box. You'll be able to see the number of letters inside box increasing as I add more and more requests, but since you don't have a key to my box, you will have no idea what the letters contain. Understand?"

    "I'm following you, and I'm to do the same thing with my box. Write you letters telling you gifts that I would really like to have and lock the sealed envelopes inside my box. Right?"

    "Exactly! The advantage of this is that I don't have to face you when I describe something really off the wall outrageous that I fantasize about having. I just write it out, seal it in an envelope, and lock it up inside my gift box. You do the same with your requests."

    "So how does this help me get you what you want when I have no idea what's inside your envelopes... and vice versa for you?"

    "Simple, Lover. When your birthday is coming up... as it is next month... I tell you I need to draw out one of your envelopes. We sit down at the dining room table, you unlock your gift box, and, at random, I draw out one of your envelopes. Then, you relock the box. Later, in private, I open your envelope and read your gift request, but I don't tell you which one of your requests I've drawn. That way, the gift will be a surprise for you."

    "That's an incredibly erotic idea, Honey. But what happens if after reading my request, you can't bring yourself to fulfill it or I can't fulfill yours?"

    "I've thought of that, Honey. First, we agree not to request anything that puts either of us in a dangerous situation. Second, we both agree to try our best to say "yes" to the request and fulfill it. In the worst case, we admit we just can't fulfill the request and ask for the opportunity to chose a new envelope. We agree that this request is always honored, and we also agree that there will be no anger or finger pointing because of a request. I think it will work, and what I really hope is that we'll both love it. Can we try it?"

    "Hell yes! How do we start?"

    "Well, it's a month until your birthday. You need to get at least a half-dozen envelops or more in your box within the next two weeks so I can select one and have two weeks to plan a way to give you what you desperately want. I have more time, but I'll be working on my requests starting tomorrow."

    "On what occasions do we choose envelopes?" Brian asked.

    "I suggest birthdays, our anniversary, and on the first of each month, which we'll call gift day. We alternate. One month, you select one of my requests and try to fulfill it before the first of the next month when it will be my turn to pick from your box. If that proves to be too much, we’ll switch to every other month or whatever. So what do you think of the plan, Darling?"

    "My cock is hard as hell already... just from thinking about it."

    "Mmmmmm... Sexy stud... You must have some really erotic plans for me, don't you?"

    "Oh yeah! But I'm afraid this is going to be very one-sided with me asking you to do a lot more for me than you ask me to do for you."

    "That's very sweet of you, Darling. But if I were you, I wouldn't worry too much about that. You have no idea about the wild things I'll be asking you to do for me. Women are a lot more sexually creative than men... you guys work all day trying to compete with other men... women think about erotic sex and men most of the time."

    When I saw the surprise on my husband's face, I was a little shocked. "You didn't know that, did you, Honey? Well, it's true. Want to back out? Last chance, Lover."

    "Back out?? No fucking way!!"

    "Ok... But remember, I did give you fair warning."


    On Saturday morning, Brian left for his usual golf game with two of his friends at the company. Before leaving, he asked, "Are you sure you don't want to join us, Karen. Three sexy guys and you the only woman... how can you turn that down?" he asked me with a big smile.

    "I know, but Ann and I are going to have brunch together and do a little shopping... just girl stuff. Enjoy your game. I'll see you at dinner."


    "You gotta be kidding!" Ann said almost chocking on her wine and cheese. "You're telling me you went to an escort agency to rent an escort for Brian's birthday present? Is that the truth?"

    "Yep. But I backed out. The receptionist and the agency's owner convinced me it was a very bad idea unless I wanted Brian to fuck the escort so I could divorce him for infidelity."

    "WOW! I wish you had done it. It would have been something to see how he responded. Do you think he would have fucked the escort?"

    "Yeah. Probably. I saw some photos of those women, and they're all hot and sexy. And he's a man. Probably no way he could have resisted. That really wasn't what worried me. I was more worried that he would think I was a depraved slut to do that."

    "So what did you end up getting him?"

    "Nothing. We have every thing we want or need as far as things that can be bought are concerned. My trip to the escort agency did make me realize that what we need to be giving each other are the things we both would like to have but are afraid to ask for."

    "Yeah. I agree. For example, I have the feeling that Allen would really like to see me with another man, but I can't be certain and there's no way to find out. He's afraid to ask me, and I'm afraid to go ahead and do it for fear that he would divorce me."

    "I think I may have a way."

    "Yeah? What?"

    Over the next half hour, I told Ann about the Gift Boxes. "Jezz!" she gasped. "Do you think it will actually work? Do you think Brian will ask you to do some really hot things so that you'll have an opening to ask him to reciprocate?"

    "I'm hoping. I think there's a good chance, and if it works, he'll tell Allen, and it may end up working for both of us."

    For the next hour, we had fun discussing possibilities for gift requests for my box. At the end of an hour, we were both wildly excited. "I'm hot, Ann. My pussy is a swamp from thinking about all these hot ideas. Brian better not be exhausted when he comes home from the golf course.

    "So's mine... I can even smell my cunt... or maybe it's your pussy I'm smelling. Or maybe both of our pussies. When Allen gets back from sailing his boat around the lake, he's going to be raped. Maybe we shouldn't take a chance that they'll be too tired to take care of us, Karen. We could hit some of the clubs... ought to be some interesting men there on a Saturday afternoon."

    When I didn't reply, Ann suddenly asked, "Karen, have you ever cheated on Brian before? I know we've talked about cheating. Have you ever actually done it?"

    "Promise me that this conversation is just between us?"

    "Of course. I never tell anyone any of things we talk about or say to each other... not a word... ever. Come on. Tell me."

    Taking a deep breath, I said, almost in a whisper, "The owner of the escort agency offered me a job as an escort while I was there."

    "Oh god... he thought you were hot and sexy huh?"

    "Yeah. He was hard... really hard when he made the offer."

    "Oh Karen! That is so hot... I bet you wanted to take his offer, didn't you?"

    "MMmm-huh. The offer got me hot and wet... I mean really hot and wet."

    "What happened?"

    "The owner asked me to come into his office so he could show me photos of the other escorts so I would see how much more sexy and sensuous, as he put it, I am than they are. He was telling me how much in demand I would be and how much money I would make. My panties were soaked ... totally... even my thighs were wet."

    "Ohhhh god! That is so damn sexy. Did the guy do anything else?"

    "He kept showing photos of the escorts. They were all sexy and gorgeous, but he kept telling me how much more desirable I was than any of his other girls. Before I realized it, he had my blouse open with his hand stroking my nipples. He was also pressing his erection into my ass."

    "I can't tell you how many times I've fantasized about some hunk coming onto me like that, Karen. I've always wondered what I would do. Go on, tell me the rest."

    "I knew I should stop him and leave, but for some reason my legs would move. Then, he started kissing me... god, did he ever know how to kiss a woman to excite her. It didn't take him long to get me out of my blouse and bra. I kept telling him to stop... that I was married and couldn't do this. He totally ignored me and continued to kiss me. Oh Ann, his tongue was working miracles inside my mouth. The next thing I knew my skirt was on the floor and all I had on were my thigh-highs, heels, and panties."

    Ann had been rubbing the crotch of her jeans. When I told her about Jack having gotten me out of my skirt, she moaned, "This is the hottest thing I've ever heard. Do you mind if I open my jeans and masturbate while you tell me every thing?"

    I reached over and opened her jeans for her. Smiling, I said, "Go ahead, if you don't mind me watching." When Ann had her hand down inside her panties, I continued.

    "By that time, I had stopped resisting and telling him to stop. He set me up on his desk and then pushed me onto my back. It was like I was outside of my body watching as I pulled my legs up and back against my tits. I felt the same way when I saw myself lifting my ass so he could get my panties off."

    "Oh god... I'm gonna cum," Ann moaned as her hand moved rapidly inside her panties. "Don't stop... keep talking... make me cum, Karen."

    "As soon as he had gotten my panties off, he went down on me and began eating me, Ann. I came almost immediately, but he didn't stop. It didn't take long for him to get me off again... and then again."

    "OOOHHHHH FUCKKK! I'm cumming," Ann groaned as her hand pumped furiously and her ass thrust upward in fuck motions.

    "After Jack had made me cum for the third time, he put two fingers inside my vagina and found my G-spot almost immediately. He knew exactly how to find it and what to do after he had his fingers on it. He had me cumming again in just a few minutes. This time, I actually squirted when I came."

    Ann had now stripped completely. She was spread wide as her fingers alternated between moving in and out of her pussy and stroking her clitoris. "Don't stop!" she hissed.

    "After making me cum with his fingers working on my G-spot, he mounted me, but the hot stud didn't put his cock in me... he just slotted it into in my slit and began moving the hard shaft back and forth over my clit. While he was doing this, he was sucking hard on my nipples. I was just going crazy, Ann. Finally, I begged him to put his cock into my pussy and fuck me."

    Ann's body shuddered hard as she had her second orgasm. "Oh shit," she gasped. "you lived my hottest fantasy."

    "Well, naturally, Jack fucked me. Three times in fact. The first time with me on my back on his desk. The second time, he did me doggy. The last time I was riding his cock."


    When Ann had come down from her third climax, I grinned and said, "Ok. It's my turn. Have you cheated on Allen before? Tell me the hottest time while I get myself off."

    I had climaxed four times before Ann finished her story.

    Brian's Birthday Present:

    We had placed the two crystal boxes side-by-side on the breakfront in our den. To the observer, they appeared to be merely decorative crystal pieces, but to us, they were much more. As the days passed, we could each see the number of embossed, white envelopes in each box steadily increasing.

    Five days after we started adding our requests to the boxes, I came in from finishing up the dinner dishes and saw Brian standing in front of the breakfront staring at the two boxes. His hand was on his cock, which he was squeezing as he gazed at the envelopes in my box. I knew he hadn't seen me when he began to stroke his cock.

    I stepped back behind the door jamb so he would continue to think he was alone. I was hoping he would go further... and then he did! Unzipping his pants, my husband struggled for moment trying to extract his dick. When he finally got it out, it was obvious why he had had trouble... it was fully erect... 8 throbbing inches of engorged man meat.

    He was obviously fantasizing about what might be in some of my envelopes as he began to jack off. It was an incredibly hot sight to watch my husband jerk his cock while staring at the crystal box. I wished I could read his mind so I would know some of the things he was hoping were in my envelopes.

    When his hips began to thrust in fuck motions, I knew he was close to shooting off and I really wanted that big shaft up my cunt when it unloaded. Quickly, I went back to the kitchen and called out, "Honey, I'm fixing myself a cup of coffee. Would you like one?"

    My pussy throbbed when I heard his husky voice. "That would be great!" Opening several buttons on my blouse, I hurried into our den and found Brian seated on the couch leaning forward trying to conceal his erection. I was having none of that. When I leaned over to give him his coffee, I held the position to allow him to see almost all of my tits.

    "MMmmmm... I love it when you show off your big tits to me like that. They're gorgeous... and your nipples are hard!"

    Reaching down, I wrapped my hand around his hard-on and hissed, "Not as hard as this big fuck stick in your pants, Darling. Have you been thinking sexy thoughts about some hot cunt in your office? Hope so. MMmmmmmm... damn! What a cock my husband has. I fucking love it! And I love it fucking me too!"

    My hands were actually shaking as I unzipped Brian's pants. I had just as much trouble trying to get his big, throbbing cock out of his pants as he had had earlier. When I finally got it out, I groaned, "Oh god! What a cock!"

    "And what are you going to do with it now that you have it out, Karen?" my husband asked with a gleam in his eye.

    "I'm going to suck you off, Stud. And after you emptied your balls into my mouth, I'm going to drag you to the bedroom and beg you to fuck my brains out."


    It was two weeks before Brian's birthday, and we had Brian's Gift Box sitting in front of us on the dining room table. "Ok, Honey. It's time for you to unlock your box, and let me chose an envelope to see what you want for your birthday."

    Brian's hand was actually shaking as he tried to insert his key in the lock. He had to make three tries at it before the key slid in smoothly and he turned the lock. "It's all yours, Karen. Pick one, but remember, this is your idea. Please don't go off the deep end when you read my request."


    That night in bed, Brian was more interested in quizzing me about my reaction to what I had read in his envelope than he was in fucking me.

    "Well, what do you think?"

    "About what?"

    "You know what. My request, that's what."

    "Oh that. I'm thinking about it, and I don't want to discuss it anymore until your birthday. Hell, you're like a little kid asking for hints about what's in his Christmas presents before the big day arrives. Now shut up about your birthday present and take care of my hot pussy. If you don't want to, I'll have to go out and find someone who does."

    "God. Would you really do that?"

    "I didn't marry you to become a nun, Lover."

    Brian fucked me three times before we finally fell asleep.


    Of course, I had read the letter describing his gift request as soon as I was alone. I was masturbating before I got even halfway through it.

    Dear Karen,

    I'd like to have a "Mrs. Hyde" wife for my birthday. My "Dr. Jekyll" wife is the one I've had for the last six years, beautiful, vivacious, sexy, considerate, and flirty but faithful. The "Mrs. Hyde" wife I want to add for my birthday is a hot, luscious slut who keeps me wondering what she's going to do next.

    Some of the things I'd like to see my "Mrs. Hyde" wife doing are:

    1. dressing the part of a hot slut with short, micro-mini skirts and dresses, 4- and 5-inch come-fuck-me heels, push-up bras or no bra showing a lot of cleavage and a lot of her big tits, and either a thong or no panties at all,

    2. letting me watch when she masturbates or calling me to tell me that she's doing it if I'm not around.

    3. flashing her tits and pussy when we go out in the evening for an erotic adventure.

    4. dancing with other men at clubs and occasionally letting them feel her up.

    5. demanding that I fuck her in public places.

    Even a few of these items would be deeply appreciated. I hope to hell my "Mr. Jekyll" wife is not so offended and angry that I'll be sleeping on the couch for a month or even worse.

    Your devoted and loving husband, Brian.


    I was amazed at how well my idea of the gift boxes had worked. I had fantasized about doing everyone of my sexy husband's requests many times but never, ever had the nerve to actually do any of them.

    The only bad thing about the letter was my husband's reference to his "Dr. Jekyll" wife as being "flirty but faithful". After letting Jack go down on me and then fuck me three times, I really didn't feel all that faithful.


    Friday was Brian's birthday. I had arranged to take the day off, but Brian felt like he needed to work. I had said nothing about his gift request for the past two weeks, and I was pretty certain that he had decided that I was going to tell him that I just couldn't do it. At least, that's what I hoped he had decided.

    Brian arrived home around 5:30 PM. Tossing his briefcase on the bureau on the entryway, he called out, "I'm home, Karen. Are you here?"

    When he entered our den he found me sitting on a table with my legs crossed, my CFM red dress hiked up almost all the way to my ass. Except for my matching 5-inch heels, my legs were bare. Two small straps did their best to keep my dress up so that it covered at least half of my tits. Bright red lip gloss covered my lips. The dress had erotic cutouts around my hips and ass so that I looked positively whorish.

    "Your hot-assed, "Mrs. Hyde" wife has been waiting for you, Baby. Her cunt is hot and wet, and she's ready for a night on the town with her big-cocked, randy stud. How do you like my dress, Honey?"

    For a moment, Brian was speechless. When he finally found his voice, he gasped, "OH MY GOD! You did it. You really did it! I love it... oh shit... I fucking love it!

    "Great. Do my panties pass muster, Honey? If they cover too much of my hot cunt, I'll take them off." Turning to face him, I spread my legs wide open. "Well?"

    "Oh fuck... you look incredible! Just unbelievable!!"

    "I really like these skimpy panties, Baby. They make it really easy for me to get at my cunt and clit when I get hot. You know I've often had to go to the ladies room to masturbate... no more of that shit, Honey. With clothes like these, I can get myself off anytime." I slipped my hand into my panties and began finger fucking my wet hole while I rubbed my clit. My ass rose off the table top.

    "AAAaahhhh fuck... that feels so damn good. Want to see me cum, Lover? Please say yes... I want to get off right now and let you watch how hard my cunt and clit throb when I cum. They both throb and go into hard spastic contractions. Come over closer, Lover so you can watch your slutty wife masturbate herself."

    Brian hurried over. His pants were tented as much or more than I had ever seen before. His 8-inch cock looked it must have grown an extra inch he was so hard.

    "Oh Man! Your cock looks hard as iron baby... The other girls have told me that you've got a big 8-inch dick, but that thing in your pants looks bigger than that. I hope you plan to sink that big shaft into my cunt a lot tonight. Take it out and stroke it, Lover, but please don't cum. I want every drop of your loads in me tonight."

    Standing up, I pulled the straps of my dress off my shoulders allowing my naked tits to thrust outward toward my excited husband. As soon as I pulled the zipper down on the side, the garment fell to the floor leaving me naked except for my red thong.

    “Do you approve of your wife’s tits being naked under my dress, Lover?”

    "Oh yeah!” my husband groaned, his voice a hoarse whisper as he frantically unzipped his pants and extracted his throbbing prick. It did look bigger than I had ever seen it before. I felt my vagina throb at the sight.

    "What do you think of my thong, Stud? Do you like the way the string sinks into the crack of my ass... makes my ass look naked. Do you like?"

    I turned around and bent over the table thrusting my ass back toward Brian who was now jacking off as he stared at my exposed ass. "Remember what I said, Honey. Please don't shoot off. Ok?"

    "I won't... promise. God... what a hot ass. You're the hottest looking woman I've ever seen... hard to believe I'm lucky enough to be your husband."

    "No luck involved, Stud. Do you think I was going to let you get away when I saw that fantastic cock you've got?"

    "Pull your thong down, Karen. Let me see your cunt... please."

    "You don't ever have to say please when you want to see my cunt, Lover. All you have to do is tell me to show it to you."

    "What if we're in public and I ask you to show it to me," Brian gasped, obviously unable to believe what he was hearing.

    "Why don't you put it to the test tonight, Brian. We're going out... just order me to show you my cunt whenever you want and find out for yourself. But right now, I need to get my thong off so my hot stud husband can see my cunt." I pulled the thong down over my ass and then pulled it aside exposing my cunt to him.

    "Like my cunt, Lover? I shaved it today... completely."

    "Oh fuck... OH FUCK! OH FUCK!" Brian groaned as he stared at the wet slit of my pussy that was totally exposed by my bent over position.

    When the thong was lying along side my dress, I again turned to face my husband. Leaning back against the table, I thrust my cunt right at his throbbing dick and used two fingers to spread my labia so that he was staring straight into the open hole of my vagina.

    When Brian had to stop stroking his dick and press his thighs together to prevent himself from ejaculating, it made me feel fantastic. I loved being able to turn him on like this. Mounting the table once more, I laid down on my side, supporting myself on one arm. Hiking my right leg high in the air to open myself completely for Brian's viewing pleasure, I began to masturbate.

    With my clit trapped between two fingers, I moved them sensuously up and down the shaft occasionally plunging them into my vagina while my thumb flicked rapidly over the sensitive tip of my clitoris.

    "Ooohhh... oooohhhh oooohhhh... god... watch me, Lover... watch me make my cunt cum for you! Do you know Craig Larsen in my department at the company, Honey?" I asked as worked my clit faster and allowed my fingers to plunge even deeper into my hole.


    Brian went wild over my hot outfit and even wilder when as he
    watched me masturbate. When I voiced my hot fantasy of Craig
    fucking me, he almost shot off.

    Brian was still squeezing his cock but not stroking it to keep from cumming. "Yeah... I know him. Big guy. Dark complexion... virile looking guy. He has the reputation of being a ladies man."

    "I know... oh god... how I know. I fantasize about him fucking me all the time... I'm thinking about how his cock would feel inside my cunt right now... aaaahhhhhh.... he's spreading me... Oh shit... his cock is hard as iron and he's getting ready to fuck your wife with it...


    Brian had started jacking off again. I came convulsively. My cunt and clit just exploded! Juices poured out of my hole as my vagina, asshole, and clitoris all began to contract and throb in hard repeated spasms.

    "Come around here, Lover. Get really close. Look at my cunt throbbing... Can you see how hard I'm throbbing... see my clit expanding and contracting... over and over... that's what it looks like when your slutty wife makes herself cum."

    Once again, Brian had to double up and squeeze his thighs together hard to prevent his cock from erupting.


    Rising from the table, I gave my husband a hot, seductive smile and said, "Give me just a moment to get into another outfit, and we'll be off."

    "Where are we going," Brian asked still trying to get his throbbing erection to abate at least enough for him to get his cock back inside his pants.

    "Out, Lover, so I can give you the rest of your birthday present. Oh by the way, Honey. I assume your request was not meant to be a one-time thing? Right?"

    "I hope not," he whispered as he finally got his dick back inside his pants.

    "That's good because I've pretty much gotten rid of your "Dr. Jekyll" wife for good. You're going to be married to Mrs. Hyde from now on, Lover."

    "Oh Fuck!" Brian groaned as his dick once again rose to full erection and made a huge tent in the front of his pants.

    It only took me a few minutes to slip into a black, mini-skirt and 5-inch heels. Over the skirt, I wore a red shirt and wide, black belt. The top plunged in a deep V-neck almost to my navel. Unless I wanted to be arrested, I had to wear a bra underneath as the top alone would have exposed most of my tits.

    As soon as I returned to the our den, Brian gasped, "OH MY GOD! You look like pure, distilled sex. I FUCKING LOVE IT!"

    "I hoped you would. I love it too. Come on. I have reservations for a quick dinner at "Hooters" and then we're going to "The Hot Spot" where I plan on having some sexy fun with my husband and a bunch of other sexy guys."

    "What are you going to do with the other sexy guys?" Brian asked me as we drove toward Hooters.

    "Have a lot of hot fun teasing them and letting them feel your wife up, Baby. I expect you to keep an eye on me and rescue me if you think I'm going too far. Promise?"

    "Yeah... yeah, I promise. Shit, I'm so hard it hurts."

    "MMMmmmmm love that. A husband's dick needs to be so hard and hot for his wife's cunt that he's in pain. Do you mind if I finger fuck my pussy while you drive, Darling?"

    My husband groaned. He also said something but he was so turned on, his words were garbled. After pulling my skirt up to my hips, I spread out wide on the front seat and put the passenger seat all the way back so I was almost lying down with my pussy up in the air.

    Brian gasped again. "Fucking shit! You're not wearing any panties!!"

    "Of course not, Lover. How are all the hot guys going to cop a feel of your wife's cunt if it's covered by panties?" It took 15 minutes to reach Hooters. By the time Brian turned into their parking lot, I was plunging my fingers in and out of my squishing pussy while frantically rubbing my clit.

    "We're here, Karen," my husband whispered unable to take his eyes off my fingers sliding back and forth in my pussy and my hips humping wildly.

    "Just a moment, Honey. I'm almost there... Watch me... watch me cum!" I hissed. Suddenly, my cunt erupted into hard spasms as juices spilled out of my dilated cunt onto my hands and the seat. The musky aroma of cunt filled the car. Grinning at my husband, I slipped my fingers out of my still pulsing hole, licked them, and then put them into his mouth to clean them off for me.

    "MMMmm... that was good, Baby. Thank you for letting me finish. Shall we?"

    The hostess showed us to a table, and I noted that her breasts were prominently displayed as were those of every waitress in the place. I didn't see a single women with anything less than C-cup breasts. Our waitress had tits bigger than that... probably 36D, but Brian hardly looked at her. He couldn't bring himself to take his eyes off me and my almost totally exposed tits. I'm sure the fact that he knew I wasn't wearing any panties was part of my allure as well.

    Halfway through the meal, I felt the need to go to the ladies room. "Would you excuse me, Honey? I need to visit the ladies room." My husband actually stood when I got up to leave... it had been a very long time since he had done that.

    On my way, I noticed that half of the males in the place had their eyes glued to my bouncing tits. The half that didn't were checking out my mostly exposed legs. I had an idea that after I passed, they were all checking out my ass. When I returned to our table, Brian confirmed what I already knew.

    "Jezz, Karen. Every single guy here was watching your tits, legs, or ass when you went to the ladies room and when you came back as well. None these big-titted waitresses could get their attention when you walked by."

    "Did it turn you on? Disturb you? Make you angry that all these men want to fuck your wife?"

    "I'm so fucking hard, I feel like I may cum in my pants. Does that answer your question?"

    "Oh yes... and it's just the answer I wanted to hear, Honey."

    We were waiting for check when a man in his mid-40's or so came over. "Did you enjoy your dinner?" he asked.

    "Oh yes. It was very good. We both enjoyed it," Brian responded.

    "So did I and every other man in the place. Your wife is gorgeous and incredibly sexy. I'm Cliff. What's your name?" he asked staring at my cleavage.

    "Karen, Karen Mercer. And this is my husband, Brian."

    "Hi, Karen. Would you consider taking a job here at Hooters? I'll pay you top dollar and you can keep all the tips you earn... no sharing. I can tell you, that if you come to work showing as much as you're now showing, your tips will be huge."

    "Well, that's tempting, and very flattering. Thank you, Cliff. But I don't think so... at least not at the moment. I'll keep the offer in mind though."

    "That's pretty much what I figured you'd say. Just my bad luck."

    "Can you ask our waitress to bring the check, please?" Brian asked with a big smile on his face.

    "No check. Complements of the house. Maybe you'll come back often, which would please me and all the other horny guys here."

    "I'm sure we will," my husband responded.

    "That's great to hear. I hope you do."

    As we walked to our car, Cliff accompanied us. It wasn't hard for me to figure why. When Brian walked around to the driver's side to get in the car, Cliff opened the passenger-side door for me. I gave him a seductive smile as I slid into the car making certain that my dress slid far up my thighs as I did so. When I knew his eyes were locked onto my totally exposed thighs, I moved one leg into the car, and in the process, spread wide for him. The sharp intake of his breath when he saw my naked cunt caused my pussy to throb hard. I wondered if he could see it contracting.

    "God, you're just fucking gorgeous," he whispered low enough to prevent my husband from hearing. "Let me see your tits... all of them. Just for a second."

    With my husband waiting for me, I couldn't afford to play coy and hesitate. All I had to do was pull my shirt aside and quickly jerk my bra down and both of my tits popped out right in front of him.

    "Oh Fuck! Awesome. Please come to work here. I'll pay you double."

    "I'll think about it," I hissed as I pulled up my bra, closed my shirt, and swung my legs into the car. A moment later, Brian was driving out of the parking lot headed toward "The Hot Spot".

    "What was that all about?" he asked. "I heard Cliff saying something to you and you said something but I couldn't make any of it out."

    "He was just repeating his offer for a job at double the normal salary."

    "Wow. That is wild. You obviously really turned him on."

    "Yeah. He got really hard when I accidentally opened my legs when I got in the car. I forgot about not having any panties on, Darling. I'm sorry. I hope you're not angry."

    "OOOOooohhhhhh god," my husband moaned. "What else?"

    "He wanted to see my tits, and I really didn't think you'd mind."

    "You let him see your tits? All of them... right there in the parking lot."


    "He was hard?"


    "He wanted to fuck you, I'll bet."


    Brian was squeezing his hard cock all the way to "The Hot Spot".


    After dancing twice with my husband, I told him to stay at the table but keep a close eye on me in case I needed him to ride to the rescue, so to speak.

    As soon as I walked up to the bar, a group of several men moved closer. I ordered a screwdriver, but when I went to pay for my drink, three men beat me to it. I thanked them and took a seat on one of the bar stools. When I crossed my legs, I could feel the cool air on my exposed thigh almost all the way up to my ass.

    By this time, I was surrounded by four men so that my view of my husband, and his view of me, were completely blocked by their bodies. I had a man on each side of me and two standing in front. The two standing were both telling me that I was best looking woman in the place while they stared down my cleavage. The guy to my right was rubbing his leg against mine.

    "Are you here alone?" the guy to my left asked.

    "No. I'm with my husband.

    "Is that a problem?"

    "Probably not."

    "Good," he said as his hand stroked my knee and then moved upward onto my thigh. "I'm Merv, Merv Hawkins, and you are?"

    "Karen, Karen Mercer."

    "Shall we dance, Karen?"

    I nodded and we moved onto the dance floor. I could see Brian scanning the area looking for me. He smiled when he saw Merv pull me close and begin to move slowly about in time to the music.

    It didn't take long before I felt one of Merv's hands on my ass while the other moved up and down my back. After a couple of minutes of stroking my ass, I felt his cock getting hard against my belly. When I started moving back and forth against it, his rod surged to full erection very quickly.

    "Mmmmm... that feels big and hard, Merv."

    "It's your fault, you know," he whispered in my ear.

    "I know," I whispered back as I pressed my belly even harder against his now throbbing shaft.

    Obviously encouraged by my comment and by the grinding of my body against his cock, Merv moved the hand that was on my back around to the front. Moving our bodies apart slightly to give himself more room, he felt up both of my tits until finally his fingers were stroking the bare flesh. The hand on my ass continued its explorations.

    After a bit, Merv had maneuvered us into one of the darker portions of the dance floor. Once there, he quickly pulled my shirt aside and pushed my bra down. It took less than a couple of seconds for this hot stud to get both of my tits out.

    "God... your tits are gorgeous... I love the way your nipples stand up ... hard... stiff. Are they sensitive?"

    "Yesss," I moaned as his fingers squeezed, pulled, and rubbed both nipples.

    "When I squeeze them like this...

    "Oooohhhhh OOooohhhh"

    "Does it make your pussy throb?"

    "Ooohhh... Oohhhh... yesss... yesss... do more... harder, Merv... harder."

    Abruptly, I felt Merv's hand under my skirt. It was moving steadily up my thigh toward my ass as his fingers made room for his mouth on one of my nipples. I was now humping against his hard, erect shaft. Glancing at my husband, I saw that he was leaning forward in his seat to get a better view.

    Merv's hand went higher and high as he sucked harder on my nipple while squeezing the other one. When Merv's hand reached my naked ass, his cock jerked hard against my belly.

    "Oh fuck. You're wearing a thong. I love thongs, Karen."

    "I hate to disappoint you, Merv, but I don't have on a thong."

    "I don't believe you, Karen. Your ass is naked. You must have on a thong."

    "Feel between my ass cheeks, Honey, and see if you can find a string. I'm not wearing any panties or a thong."

    Merv quickly took my advice as his fingers began exploring between my ass cheeks. When he couldn't find any string, he moved between my thighs and felt nothing but naked cunt and the opening of my wet vagina.

    "Ah fuck... no panties," he moaned as his cock throbbed like crazy with the knowledge.

    When the second song ended, I pulled out of his arms and whispered, "I need to get back to my husband. I'm sorry to leave you like this, but I really don't have a choice."

    "I understand. Here's my business card. Call me at work any time you're free to get together. I would love to fuck you."

    When I sat down beside my husband, I was panting with excitement. "Are you enjoying your birthday present, Honey?" I asked.

    "More than I can possibly tell you, Karen. I love it! I saw that guy feeling of your ass. Did he try anything else?"

    "You didn't see him get my tits out when we in the dark part of the dance floor?"

    "I lost track of you. Did he really take your tits out?'

    "Mmm-huh. And he playing with them, squeezed and pulled my nipples until my pussy was throbbing. Then he started sucking them."

    "Damn! I wish I had gotten to see that. Did he make you cum?"

    "No... but it was close."

    "Anything else?"

    "He put his hand up my skirt and played with my naked ass. When I told him I wasn't wearing any panties, he put his fingers on my pussy and then pushed them into my vagina. He finger fucked your wife, Honey."

    "Aaahhhhhh," my husband moaned as his hand clutched his cock and his body shook."

    "Did you cum, Honey?" I asked.

    "No... but it was close. What else did he do?"

    "I told him I had to get back to my husband, so that was it."

    "You were panting when you came back. He must have done something else."

    "He gave me his business card and told me to call him when I could get free. Then he told me that he would love to fuck me... just like that. He wants to fuck your wife, Brian."

    "I don't blame him. I can't wait to fuck you. I'm going crazy, but if you're going to do more, I want to stay."

    "Good. I would like flirt and make out with some more men. Ok?"

    "Go for it, Honey. Go for it."

    Over the next hour, I had several drinks and lost any inhibitions I might have had. Two guys, Alex Bennett and Mark Dawson, got me off in a corner of the club and told me that wanted to see all of my tits, not just part of them. I hardly recognized my voice when I heard myself saying, "Well... do you guys need instructions on how to get a woman's tits out?" After that challenge, they had my tits out in a flash.

    "Cup them, Karen. Hold them up for us so we can kiss those hard nipples of yours," Alex ordered.

    I saw Brian watching me as I cupped my tits for Alex and Mark to kiss and suck. When I had a mouth on each of my tits, I felt their hands moving up my short skirt to my bare cunt. They both played with my pussy, and in just a few minutes, Mark was finger fucking me. We were attracting attention, so I pulled away telling the guys that this was too intense, particularly since my husband was somewhere inside the club.

    During the next half hour, I danced with Wes Taylor and Vic Sisko. Wes had his fingers in my pussy within five minutes. Within six minutes, he was rubbing my clit and had me humping against his probing fingers. When the second song ended, he whispered, "Let's go out to the parking lot so I can fuck you. I'm hard as stone."

    "I can't. I'd love to, but I'm here with my husband."

    "Ok. Obviously, that wouldn't work." He gave me his number and asked me to call him if I was interested and could get away.

    Vic had a different approach. In my heels, we were about the same height so when he danced close, his thick erection was grinding right against my clit. By the time the first dance ended, I was close to cumming, and he knew it. During the second dance, he maneuvered us over close to the side door of the club, and before I knew what was happening, he had me out in the parking lot.

    As soon as we were outside, Vic had my skirt up around my waist grinding his cock against my naked cunt.

    "Oh shit!" he groaned. "No panties. You are one hot bitch, Karen. I can't wait to get my cock into your steaming pussy, Baby. He unzipped his pants and had his cock out in just seconds since he wasn't wearing any shorts. It seems that Vic had come prepared just as I had.

    Giving me no time to think or refuse, Vic backed me up against one of the cars in the lot, hooked his powerful arm under my leg and hoisted it high in the air forcing me to balance on one foot with my hands against the side of the car. The area was well-lighted being so close to the side of the club, and no one had any problems seeing him lining up his uncut cock with the opening to my cunt.

    Hoisting my leg even higher, he pulled me into fucking position and thrust his cock between my gaping thighs. His big cock head hit my labia and slid to one side. He pulled back, adjusted my position once more, and thrust into my sex saddle a second time. This time the cock hit my opening dead center. Five inches of throbbing, hard man meat surged up my vagina. His next thrust buried his entire length inside me. Vic began fucking me hard and fast, driving his hard spike all the way inside my pussy on every stroke.

    He had been banging me for about 15 seconds when a uniformed cop came over and jerked him away from me. "Listen, Buddy. You can't fuck her right here at the doorway to the club. Take her to a motel and screw her ass off, but you can't do it here. Understand? If I have to warn you again, I'll arrest both of you." While Vic was arguing with the cop, I made my escape back into the club.

    I was ready to head home with my husband when Todd Garland got me out on the dance floor. It was a replay of what had happened with Wes... that is, up to a point, it was a replay. When Todd suggested we leave and get a motel so we could fuck, I told him about my husband, but he wasn't willing take a complete refusal for an answer. "Come on," he pleaded. At least give me a blow job."

    "Where? I almost got arrested for making out with a guy in the parking lot. That was too close for comfort."

    "The men's room. We can go into one of the stalls and shut the door. As hot as you've got me, it won't take more than a few minutes to get me off. Come on. Don't be a complete cockteaser."

    "All right. Give me five minutes to make up some story for my husband. Wait here."

    "You're not going to just disappear on me, are you?"

    "No. I'll be back in five minutes."

    "I want to cum in your mouth. Ok?"

    "Where ever you want, Honey, except not inside my pussy."

    As soon as I left Todd, I hurried over to Brian who was waiting impatiently for me. "Honey, are you ready for one more erotic sight for you birthday present before you take me home and fuck me half to death?"

    "Oh hell yes. What is it?"

    Go to the men's room and hide in one of the stalls. Pick one next to an empty stall. I promised a guy that I would give him a blow job in the men's room. You may be able to stand on the commode, look over the petition, and watch me sucking him off if you hurry."

    When Todd and I entered the men's room, I could see Brian's shoes on the floor of one of the stalls. Without giving Todd a chance to look the place over, I pulled him into the adjacent stall and locked the door. Getting on my knees with him standing right in front of me, Todd got his pants down in a flash. His dick was hard as iron, maybe 7 or 8 inches, and very thick.

    "Baby, I've been saving up all night. You aren't gonna believe the size of the load I'm gonna shoot into that hot mouth of yours."

    "Stop talking and fuck my mouth, Lover." I pulled him closer, cupped his balls, and took the head inside my mouth. Looking up, I saw him grinning down at me as he held my head and shoved five inches of cock into my mouth. Right above him, I saw my randy husband looking over the partition as his slutty wife sucked off a guy she had just met.

    Todd pumped me again sending six inches down my throat. Looking up, I winked at my husband just as Todd jerked his dick back and thrust all the way into my throat. His balls banged against my chin.

    "Oh fuck YES! Suck my cock, you hot Bitch."

    For a few minutes, I rammed my mouth up and down his rod taking his entire length into my throat with every stroke. I could feel Todd's cock beginning to throb and swell inside my mouth. He was already very close. At that point, he held my head in place and began to mouth fuck me. I just tilted my head back to open my throat for him and let him fuck me.

    His balls were repeatedly banging against my chin when he slammed the dick down my throat. "Ooohhhhh fuck... ooohhhh shit... gonna cum... I'M FUCKING GONNA CUM. YOU READY FOR THE LOAD, KAREN?"

    "MMMMM-HUH ... MMMMM-HUH," I grunted with my mouth full of cock.


    Gush after gush of sperm-filled semen blasted into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, but the load was too huge and Todd was shooting it into my mouth in thick streams on every thrust. He seemed to continue to shoot for almost a minute. After 30 seconds, my entire mouth was full of his load and every additional cum jet was forced out of the corners of my mouth where it ran down my face formed long cum ropes from my chin and cheeks.

    Brian’s birthday present got us both so hot, we had to stop in a city park
    and fuck before we could manage to return home.


    We didn't make it all the way home. Brian was just too hot. I had been teasing him for hours without letting him cum and now that he had me to himself, he was damn well going to fuck my ass off. He did just that.

    We hadn't gone a mile before he pulled into a city park. He stopped the car in a grove of trees, jerked me out of the car, and stripped me down to my five-inch heels. He fucked me twice... the first time bent over the hood of the car. It took him less than a minute to blast his monster load up my cunt. He didn't even begin to lose his erection.

    Jerking open the back door, he pushed me onto my back in the back seat, mounted me, and rammed his cock up my cum-filled cunt. This time he lasted for about five minutes before shooting in another load. I managed to have two climaxes before he came.

    After that, he drove us home making me sit naked in the front seat with my legs wide open, one foot up on the dashboard, the other on the front seat with my knee steepled.

    That night, neither of us got much sleep. Brian fucked me senseless. Around 4 AM, after fucking me six or seven more times, he was finally unable to get it up again. I had cum 15 or 20 times. By the time we fell into an exhausted sleep, I was covered with semen and both my cunt and ass holes were gaped open from the constant fucking my husband had given me.

    Just before, he collapsed, Brian whispered, "That was the greatest birthday present I've ever had."

    "I'm glad you liked it, Darling... because that's what your wife is going to be like from now on."


    On Monday of the following week, we were both at work when I called my husband on his cell phone.

    "Honey. Craig Larsen was just here. He wants me to tell you I have to work late so he can take me back to his apartment and fuck me."

    "Are you going?"

    "Of course not. But he got me incredibly hot and horny feeling me up while he was trying to get into my panties."

    "Feeling you up? In your office?"

    "Um-huh. He was cupping my tits and rubbing my nipples through my blouse. After a bit, he had his hand up my skirt on my thighs."

    "And you didn't stop him?"

    "It's hard to stop a determined guy like Craig, Honey. I and Becky Matthews are the only two women in my department that he hasn't fucked, and he doing his best to get into our pussies. Without making a big scene, it took me awhile to stop him. Besides, he's a very sexy guy and he was getting me hot, Honey."

    "How far did he go?"

    "I stopped him when he got his hand on my panties right over my pussy. Anyway, the reason I called is that Craig got me so hot that I've locked my office door and am masturbating... right now. I've got two fingers inside my pussy, Honey, and I'm rubbing my clit at the same time. I'm very close to cumming a second time."

    "A second time?"

    "Yeah. I was so hot, I got myself off in just a few minutes and then called you."

    "What are you thinking about while you're finger fucking your hot cunt and rubbing your clit, Karen?"

    "You know what I'm thinking about... Craig's big hard dick fucking me in his apartment while you sit at home thinking I'm working late... when the only work I'm doing is humping my cunt onto his sex spike every time he rams it into your wife's hot hole, Lover. He's sucking my nipples while he's fucking me, Honey, and his hands are under my ass holding me in position for his big dick... mmmmmm. He's putting two fingers in my ass now, Brian. Ohhhhh god... he fucking me so damn hard and his cock is so fucking big!"



    Karen's Gift Box:

    Judging from the two weeks following my birthday, my wife had undergone a complete transformation to my requested "Mrs. Hyde" wife. At work, she still wore appropriate business attire, but once the work day was over and she returned home, Mrs. Hyde was released. Every time I came home from work, something wild and new was always waiting for me.

    Sometimes Karen would be dressed in a pair of shorts two sizes too small, a T-shirt, and heels with no bra or panties. Other times, I found my wife in a tight sheathe that exposed half her tits and just barely covered her ass with five-inch heels, a push-up bra and a thong. On these occasions, she usually greeted me with something like, "I'm looking for a stud to take me out tonight. Are you interested in the assignment or should I call Craig Larsen?"

    A couple of times, I came in the front door to find Karen naked except for her heels and thigh-high stockings. Usually, she greeted me with an open-mouthed kiss and whispered, "I need to be fucked... right now!"

    I never knew what to expect. On Wednesday, I found our house empty when I came in from work. I searched every room looking for my wife with no luck. I also checked voice mail to see if she had called and left a message... nothing. When I went to the fridge to get a soft drink, I found a note addressed to me attached to the door by several of those little magnets. My hands were shaking so much, I had trouble opening the envelop without tearing the enclosed message.

    Hi Honey,

    I hope you're up for a hot game tonight. Believe me, you'd better be. I came home an hour early today so I would have time to get dressed. Now, here's the situation, Lover.

    There's a convention of real estate agents at the Embassy Suites West. Tonight is their mixer and there will be plenty of free food and drink. Almost all of these guys are here without their wives or girlfriends, and 90% of them are looking for a good time, which means they're all looking to get laid as many times as possible.

    At 8 PM, I'm going to stroll into the Embassy Suites lounge and convention area looking hot, horny, and ready. The shy ones are just going to look at my legs and try to peek up my dress at my pussy (Of course, I'm not wearing any panties). The somewhat more aggressive guys will ask to buy me a drink and to dance before inviting me up to their hotel suite. The really aggressive studs will just tell me I look hot and either ask me "how much" or just tell me they want to fuck me and invite me up to their rooms.

    Your job, Lover, is to be at the Embassy Suites West before 8 PM, find me, and get to me before some other stud does. Now, I don't want this to be too easy for you... so, I'm not going to look like your wife. I have a new wig... different color than my usual black hair, new clothes you haven't seen before, and make-up different from what I usually wear. I'll fend off all the other studs until 8:45 PM to give you a good chance of finding me. If you do, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to pick me up and get between my thighs.

    But, if you haven't found me by 9 PM, you may as well go on home. Some other stud, or maybe a group of studs, will have their cocks in your wife's pussy by that time. If that happens, don't expect me home before midnight... if then.

    Love... your hot Mrs. Hyde wife.


    I forgot all about dinner in my rush to take a quick shower and change into a clean shirt, slacks, and sports coat. By 7:20 PM, I was on my way to the Embassy Suites West. It was only a twenty minute drive, but I took 25 minutes to be certain that I wasn't stopped by a traffic cop, which given the present situation would have been a disaster.

    It was 7:45 when I walked into the Embassy Suites lounge. The entire lobby area was set up for the mixer with several wet bars and food tables. The lounge was crowded, of course, and what really surprised me was the number of women around. Some were probably real estate agents without their husbands who were as interested in getting laid as the men. Of course, the only problem they had was choosing which guy they wanted between their thighs.

    I slowly realized with a shock that this was not going to be easy, particularly if Karen had really changed her appearance drastically. At 8:05 PM, I began seriously looking for my wife. Since she had told me that her wig was a different color, I could eliminate almost all the black-haired beauties. Karen's 34D tits were very distinctive and would be very difficult to hide. Also, I seriously doubted that she wanted to hide them from all the randy men present. So, I eliminated all of the women with smaller breasts even though many were very attractive.

    At one point, I saw a delicious-looking redhead about Karen's height and build. Her prominent breasts, long delicious looking legs, and hot five-inch heels were attracting the attention of several males. Walking up to her, I said, "You already have a drink, so I won't bother to ask if I can buy you one. Shall we dance?"

    "Do know how many men have already asked me to dance, Honey? You're a good-looking man, but you're a little late tonight."

    "That's all right, I really wasn't all that interested in dancing anyway. I'm just desperate to find out if you're my wife."

    The surprise spread all over her face instantly. "Your wife? Why do you think I'm your wife?"

    "Let's move away from the bar area so we'll have a little more privacy and I'll tell you." She followed me, obviously very curious. After introducing myself and learning that her name was Gail, it took me a few minutes to fill her in on the details. As I did so, the surprised look on her face changed first to one of amusement and then to one of excitement.

    "Brian, that's the wildest and sexy story I've ever heard. If it's just a pick-up line, you should win an award. If it's true, it's incredibly erotic. Do you think you can find her?"

    "Don't know. No luck so far."

    "Do you think she'll actually go off with another man if you don't find her before the witching hour, so to speak?"

    "Probably. She's a very sensuous, sexy woman. Don't you plan to have sex with someone tonight?"

    "Gail laughed. "You know my husband worries all the time when I'm away at a convention that I'll let some other man fuck me. I tell him there's nothing to worry about... that I have no interest in having sex with men I don't even know." At this point, she leaned close to me and whispered, "It's a lie. I love fucking other men, but what hubby doesn't know, won't hurt Gail, right?"

    "That's my point, Gail. Karen likes sex just as much as you do."

    "Then you're in big trouble, Brian. Look, if you don't find her, come back and find me. You're the most interesting man I've met in a long time."

    By 8:30, I had accosted several women and just bluntly asked them if they were Karen Mercer. All shook their heads. A couple told me to forget about Karen Mercer and have a drink with them. I declined with my thanks.

    At 8:40, I was sweating and racing frantically from one area to another asking any likely woman if she was Karen Mercer. Still, no luck.

    At 8:45 PM, I stationed myself where I could see the elevators to catch my wife as she was going up to some guy's suite with him. I did stop two women and asked if they were Karen Mercer. Both said no, and one of the men told me to "fuck off".

    At 8:55 PM, Gail approached me again. "It doesn't look like you've had any luck, Brian. It's almost 9 PM. She's probably getting fucked right now. Some big-cocked stud has her on her back in bed with her heels pointed at the ceiling while he pounds her hot cunt. Why don't we go up to my suite and I'll console you, Honey. By 9:30, you won't even remember your wife's name." She grinned and moved her hand to my crotch. I had been erect for the last 20 minutes and by this time, I was so hard it hurt.

    Her eyes opened wide. "Jezz! Your wife must be crazy. I can't even get my hand around this thing." Having determined my girth, her hand now traced out my length. "OH FUCK! What a cock!" Gail hissed. Naturally, I flushed with male pride.

    "Listen, Brian. I'd love to spend the rest of this weekend with you in my bed, but frankly, something's not right here. You're a really sexy man with a huge cock that's hard as stone for his wife's pussy. Here's my room number. Wait until 10 PM. If you still haven't found Karen, call me and then come up to my suite and fuck my brains out. Ok?"

    "Yeah. That's sound like a great plan to me. Thanks, Gail. I'm really glad I talked to you."

    I continued to search until 9:30 PM. By that time, I realized that my wife was no longer in the lounge or convention area. She was undoubtedly exactly where Gail had predicted she would be... on her back or in doggy position with some guy's dick pumping her pussy and giving her multiple orgasms. With a shock, I realized that my cock was harder than ever at that thought.

    At 10 PM, I was sitting alone at a table nursing a drink. My erection had abated, and now I was feeling sorry for myself. My thoughts were interrupted by a feminine voice.

    "What some company, Honey?"

    Looking up, I saw a beautiful, but rather slutty looking blonde with long hair that draped over her shoulders staring at me with her hand on her hip. She looked like a whore... an expensive whore, but a whore none the less. "Sure... why not?" I responded without a lot of enthusiasm.

    The blonde took a seat beside me spreading her legs in the process and letting me see the sheer red and almost transparent panties that covered her pussy. She saw my eyes on her panties, smiled, and spread even wider. Finally, she said, "You look depressed. It's a party, Baby. Cheer up."

    "I suppose so. Do you want something to drink?"

    "No thanks. Not much on drinking."

    "I'm not the only one alone. How come a gorgeous woman like you is still alone with all these horny males on the prowl all over this place?"

    "Finding a male is not a problem, Honey. Finding the right male is often a very big problem. Haven't found him yet."

    "Well, you certainly have a lot to choose from."

    "True. How about you? Are you available?"

    "No. Not really. I wouldn't be very good company tonight, I'm afraid."

    The blonde was silent for a few minutes. Then, she asked, "Why didn't you go off with that ravishing redhead? She really wanted you."

    "You were watching?" She smiled at me again... the smile I knew so very, very well. "I think I've found my wife finally. Let's go some place where I can screw her brains out."

    As we were walking out of the Embassy Suites, arm-in-arm, I said, "Even though I know it's you, Karen, I can hardly recognize you in that wig and those new clothes. Even your complexion looks different."

    "It's all make up, Honey."

    "Where were you earlier?" I asked. "I really tried to find you. I was going nuts looking. "Did you let someone guy or guys fuck you?"

    "If you want to know the answer to questions like that, Brian, you'll have to make the request using your Gift Box."

    That night, I fucked my hot wife five times. She must have had 15 orgasms on my cock and later on my tongue, but she would not say a single word about what had happened between 8:45 PM and 10 PM earlier that evening at the Embassy Suites.

    A Request from Karen’s Gift Box:

    It was the first of the month, and it was my turn to draw out a gift request from my wife's gift box. After dinner on the first, she brought out her box, set it on the dining room table, and unlocked it. Smiling at me, she said, "Pick one, Lover."

    After I had selected one of the envelopes, Karen said, "Remember, Brian. It's up to you. You don't have to grant me my gift request, but I hope you do. I love you whatever you decide. Now, I'm going to go out to a movie with Ann Morrison. I'll be back around 10 PM. That should give you time to read my request and decide what you want to do."


    AT 9 PM, my cock was iron hard and throbbing. Naturally, I had tried to guess what kind of gift my wife would request. I hadn't even gotten close. I read her letter for the fifth time.

    Dear Brian,

    Like you, I'm really nervous about asking you to do this for me, but that's the whole idea of the gift boxes. If you can't do it, remember, I love you regardless. Ok... here goes. I hope you're sitting down with a stiff drink by your side. You may need it.

    Once every other month, I would like for you to be my slave... sexually and otherwise. From Friday evening at 7 PM until Sunday night at 7 PM, I want you as my obedient, docile, sex slave catering to my every wish and desire.

    I promise not to publicly humiliate you or inflict real pain, but otherwise, anything else goes. For example, you can count on their being naked most of the time with your cock confined within an appropriate cock cage for a slave and your anus securely butt plugged. Is this exciting you, Darling, or grossing you out? If it's the latter, stop reading and request another drawing from my gift box.

    If it's exciting you, then you should also know that I want my first gift weekend of your slavery to be the third weekend of this month. On that weekend, Ann Morrison's husband Allen will be in Canada on a fishing/hunting trip with one of his friends. If you agree, Ann will be spending that weekend in our home, and you will be servicing her needs as well as mine.

    You can count on your tongue being totally worn out from providing near constant oral sexual services. I can hardly wait to see and hear Ann squealing when you sink your huge cock into her pussy. Your cock is so much bigger than Allen's. She's been fantasizing about having it for years, Darling. I have already obtained a large supply of viagra, which my slave will be taking at regular intervals to keep him hard and ready for use by Ann and me.

    We will require that not only your face but also your cock and balls be clean shaven and very smooth. Daily enemas and anal lubrication will also be mandatory so our slave will be available when Ann and I want to try out our strap-on dicks. Masturbation by our slave while we watch will be mandatory, of course. You will not be permitted to ejaculate unless you obtain prior permission from your mistresses.

    We may have you prepare some meals for us, but most of the time, we will be dining out. Sometimes you will remain at home... properly bound, of course. At other times, you will accompany your mistresses wearing whatever clothes we deem appropriate.

    We may decide to have a couple of male guests... not sure yet. If we do, you will be confined to your quarters while they are here... unless you prefer to be to watch while wearing your cock cage. Our male guests will certainly be fucking Ann, and if they really turn me on, I would like to have your permission to let them fuck me.

    Finally, if agree to grant me my gift request, Darling, you need to be aware that on future slave weekends, several of my very close female friends will be invited to enjoy you. I can hardly wait to see and hear them all moaning when you fuck them with your huge cock.

    Your loving Mrs. Hyde wife, Karen. XXXOOOO


    At 10:10 PM, Karen's car pulled into our driveway. A few moments later, she came in the front door and found me watching a basketball game TV. Although not a basketball fan, she sat down beside me, snuggled up close with her head on my shoulder, and watched the game with me until the end.

    As soon as it was over, she kissed me and asked, "Are you mad? Furious? Distressed? Disappointed in me?"

    "Do you love me... really love me," I responded.

    "You and no one else... ever."

    "Mmmmm... you certainly know what to say to a guy to make him feel great, Karen. And no, I'm not mad, or furious, or distress, or disappointed. But I am excited."

    "Are you hard?"

    "Feel me."

    "OH Fuck! Yes!"

    "You like?"

    "I love it!"

    "It's ready for use, you know."

    "I know and you better believe I'm going to use you, Baby. What about my gift request?"

    "I seem to remember that when I asked you a similar question about my request last month, you told me not to ask like a child wanting to know what's in his Christmas presents... or words to that effect."

    "That was really bitchy of me, I know, Darling, but I wanted to surprise you."

    "Why can't I surprise you then?"

    "Because I need to let Ann know... what should I tell her?"

    "Tell her to be kind and gentle with me."

    "Oh yes! Have I got a fantastic husband or what! Come on, Lover." Karen pulled me to my feet and essentially dragged me into our bedroom. "Now fuck the shit out of your whorish wife, Honey. Please!"

    She bent over the bed with her heels far apart and her head resting on the bed covers. With one motion, she jerked her skirt up over her ass exposing her ass and her very wet and gaping cunt. I stripped quickly and drove my rigid sex spike into her beckoning pussy. All eight inches sank fully into her depths on the first stroke. We both moaned with the delicious sensation. As I began fucking her, the hot squishing sounds of my cock pumping her soaked pussy filled the room.


    On the Friday of the third weekend of the month, I arranged to leave the office at 3 PM in order to properly prepare myself as Karen had instructed. I had been informed that my mistresses would arrive promptly at 7 PM, and I was to be ready.

    My first step was to take a Fleet laxative. At 3:30, I was in the shower scrubbing every inch of my body thoroughly. At 4:30 PM, I started shaving... first my face and then my cock and balls. Needless to say, having never shaved my cock and balls before, I was extra careful, and in the end, I took over an hour to complete the job. After shaving, I used an aloe cream to soothe the skin and prevent rashes. I followed that by a liberal application of the cologne Karen had chosen.

    After completing the hair removal task, the laxative worked, and I followed that up with three consecutive enemas to completely cleanse my colon. Having completed that rather unpleasant task, I laid down on the bed, pulled my knees back almost to my chest, and used one of Karen's vaginal applicators to insert two applications of KY jelly into my colon.

    With an hour still to go, I prepared a light snack of cheese, lunch meat, a salad, and a glass of wine. Not being certain when I would be permitted to eat again, I took a second helping of each. At 6:45 PM, I laid out all the things I would need in the den of our home. There was still 10 minutes remaining when I went back to our bedroom and stripped completely. Returning to our den, my cock began to harden with the thought that two gorgeous women would soon come through the front door, and I would be naked.

    Kneeling on the soft mat I had placed on the floor, I quickly swallowed the first viagra tablet Karen had given me, and waited for my slavery to begin.


    When Ann and Karen came into the den at straight up 7 PM, my semi-hard cock rose to instant iron-hard erection. They were dressed like hot whores.

    "That's the way I like to see a slave," my wife said to Ann, "naked and hard as stone. Look at the way his dick is sticking straight up."

    "Oh hell, I'm looking at it, Karen. It was the first thing I saw when we came in and I haven't stopped looking at that slave's hot dick ever since. Stand up, Slave," she ordered.

    I stood up, my cock pointing at a 30 degree angle off the vertical. Precum was leaking form the tip and I couldn't stop it from jerking at I looked at the two hot women who were inspecting me.

    "Turn around, Slave." I did, and Ann remarked, "Nice tight butt and hard muscles on him too. He looks more than capable of ramming that big dick of his into a woman hard and deep. Bend over, Slave, and pull your ass cheeks apart."

    Now that did embarrass me. I felt my cheeks flaming red. The thought of bending over and exposing my asshole for inspection by two women was both humiliating and incredibly exciting. My face got even redder and my cock even harder. In spite of the humiliation of having my anus inspected, I bent over as ordered and pulled open my buttocks.

    Both women moved closer and probed my lubricated, cleansed asshole. "Excellent. The slave has his hole lubricated and ready for use," my wife commented. "But, it will be a very, very tight fit for those large strap-on dicks. We need to butt plug him immediately so his hole can be stretching. Shall we?"

    "Absolutely," Ann agreed. "I'll go get the inflatable plug. Then, we'll push it into him. Ok?"

    "Which of us will hold him open?"

    "The slave can hold himself open for butt plugging. You can do that, can't you slave?"

    "Yeah... I can do it."

    "Do what?"

    "Hold my ass open while the two of you butt plug me."

    Ann opened a suitcase she had brought in with her and returned holding a wicked-looking butt plug. The top was a rounded small point that quickly expanded in a conical wedge to a circle so large I couldn't get my hand all the way around it. A tube and pump bulb were attached so that, one inserted, the plug could be inflated to an even larger size.

    "Pull your ass open wider, Slave," my wife ordered. Using both hands, I stretched my cheeks as wide as possible and quickly felt one of them working the tip of the plug into my ass. Ann pushed and the first two inches of plug sank into my ass hole spreading it open as it went.

    "Ooohhh shit... Go slow, please."

    "HA! How many times have you rammed your big cock up a woman's ass and paid no attention when she begged you to go slow? Huh? Well, now it's your turn, Slave!" Karen shoved another inch up my ass. The pain shot through me bringing a tortured groan, but after a moment, the pain abated leaving only a very full feeling that was erotic. The pressure on my prostate was huge causing my prick to swell and throb.

    Each woman pushed twice more before the entire plug was buried up my ass. They then took turns squeezing the bulb inflating the plug until I was pleading with them not to make it any bigger. Finally, they stopped, and I breathed a sign of relief. My dick was now so hard that it was almost flat against my belly.

    "Slave, you will remain butt plugged until we decide otherwise. In addition, you will address us as Mistress Ann and Mistress Karen at all times, understood? And you will not speak unless spoken to. Clear?" my wife said in a not unkind, but nevertheless, in a very stern voice.

    "I understand, Mistress Karen."

    "Good. Well, Ann, what do you think of our slave's equipment? Do you think his cock's big enough to take care of our needs? Or shall we make arrangements with Hal and Leon to provide us with some even larger male organs.

    "He's big... no question about that. But I've already called them, Karen. Whenever we want them, I'll just give them a ring on their cell phone. Needless to say, they're very, very eager."

    "MMMmmm... that sounds hot and sexy. Will it bother you if Hal and Leon fuck us with their huge cocks, Slave?"

    "No, Mistress Karen. I hope you enjoy their cocks," I groaned as my dick jerked hard at the erotic thought.

    "Mmmmmm... He really is hard, Karen. We need to get him soft so we can get his dick into the cock cage. It's not going to fit when he's hard like that."

    "Why don't we get ourselves off while watching our slave milk his cock by compulsory masturbation?"

    A few minutes later, Ann and my wife were sitting side-by-side on the couch. Ann quickly stripped off her bra and black thong leaving her naked save for her black garter belt, stockings, and heels. Moving her ass to the edge of the couch, she spread wide open giving me a fantastically erotic view of her shaved cunt. It became even more erotic when she reached around her ass, inserted two fingers into her vagina, and began to pump them in and out of her hole.

    Karen looked every bit as slutty and erotic as Ann when she tossed her bra aside and moved her ass to the edge of the couch. Now naked except for her red thong, black thigh-high stockings, and heels, she lifted one leg and pulled the thong aside exposing her gaping cunt hole and swollen, excited labia.

    The cunts of both women were wet and gaping like they would have been if they had both been very recently fucked. But I saw no telltale while cum seeping from either of their vaginas. If there was ever a cock-hardening sight, seeing both of those beautiful women with their legs open and their fingers stroking their cunts, that had to be it.

    "Stand in front of us, Slave," Mistress Karen ordered. When I took the position, she said, "Now jack off. Make that big dick shoot."

    I was astounded. I had expected to be so embarrassed by being forced to jack off while naked in front of two women that I wouldn't be able to maintain an erection. Instead, my cock was so hard that it stood nearly straight up... rigid and throbbing as precum ran from its tip. Wrapping my hand around my shaft, I began to pump it. The women spread wider. Karen's hand rubbed Ann's clit and finger fucked her while Ann did the same for my wife. The sight was beyond description hot.

    It only took a couple of minutes before the head of my hear turned a deep purple and began to swell and pulse. "OOHH SHIT!" I howled. "I'M GONNA SHOOT! Please. May I cum, Mistresses?"

    "Move closer," Mistress Ann ordered. I stepped up as close to the front of the couch as possible. "Aim at our pussies. Understand, Slave?"

    "Yes, Mistress Ann. I understand. I'm to shoot my load all over your pussies."

    "DO IT!" my wife yelled.

    My dick just convulsed. The first stream was thick and voluminous. The first half splattered all over my Ann's belly and cunt... the second half spewed directly into the opening of my wife's gaping hole. The second spurt hit my wife's mound and trickled down over her clit and from there into her open vagina. The smaller third and fourth spurts landed on Ann's thighs and then, after adjusting my aim, shot straight into her cunt. There were a few more feeble spurts but they landed on the carpet since they weren't shot out with enough force to reach the women.

    "MMMMmm.... our slave shoots out a big load," Ann sighed as her fingers trailed through the thick wads of cum that dotted her belly, thighs, and cunt. Now come over here and clean up this mess you've made with your tongue. Don't you dare miss a drop or you'll be soundly whipped... understand?"

    "Whipped, Mistress?" I asked somewhat shocked.

    "You heard her, Slave. Whipped... as in a wide belt across your ass. Now lick us clean. Start with Mistress Ann."

    Kneeling between her open thighs, I lowered my head and slid my tongue up her thigh licking up the drops of semen as I went. When I reached her slit, I spread it with my fingers and licked all the cum off of her labia. There was a thick wad right on her clit which I took my time cleaning off. Before I finished, Ann was writhing on the couch unable to keep her ass still.

    "Oohhhhh fucking shit... he's good. AAAaaahhhh... lick me, Slave. Keep you tongue on my clit... harder... oohhhhh fuck... harder... now... now... I'M CUMMIINGGGGGG!!"

    When I continued to lick and stroke her throbbing clitoris, Ann's ass arched a foot off the couch as her hands mashed my face into the wet folds of her pussy. She humped herself against my face again and again until she convulsed in another orgasm.

    After she pushed me away, I did the same thing for my wife. Like Ann, Karen was wailing in orgasm before I was half finished. She came again as I licked up the last drops of semen from her belly and clitoris.

    The two women lay side-by-side on the couch, their pussies still twitching in the aftermath of their double orgasms. I was amazed to find my cock again rising to full erection until I remembered the little blue viagra pill I had taken an hour or so earlier. It wasn't too long before they both got off the couch and headed toward our whirlpool bath.

    "Come along, Slave," my wife said over her shoulder. "We're going to bathe and we need you to wash us.

    Once the two women were in the whirlpool bath, I was required to stand with my back against the wall watching them. By this time, my cock was again rigid and throbbing. I asked permission to jack off, but Mistress Ann refused telling me to keep my arms by my side and not touch my erection. I got harder and harder as they frolicked in the bath. Their hands were out of sight beneath the swirling waters, but it was obvious from the thrusting of their bodies and their open-mouthed groans that each was caressing the other's pussy and clit.

    It took about 10 minutes before first Ann and then, shortly thereafter, Karen's body heaved up out of the water shuddering as they came. My cock was now throbbing so hard, I felt like I would ejaculate without ever touching my penis. Karen saw this and issued a warning. "Don't you dare ejaculate, Slave! Come over here and wash us. NOW!"

    Kneeling beside the whirlpool bath, I lathered my hands and began to wash first Ann and then Karen, moving back and forth between them. After washing their shoulders and arms thoroughly, my hands moved to their big tits. Each one was soaped and stroked until it was clean and four nipples were hard and swollen from being stroked, pulled, twisted, and pinched.

    When I washed their bellies, one hand on Karen and one on Ann, both women were squirming with desire for me go lower. I loved it even though my cock was now so hard it was beginning to hurt with a bad case of blue balls. Finally, after several minutes of sensuously stroking their bellies, my hands moved between their thighs onto their cunts and swollen labia.

    Both pussies gaped open with excitement and anticipation, and when my fingers captured a clit and began to "wash" it with firm up and down strokes, its owner gasped... then groaned... and finally arched her pelvis and came. First it was Karen whose pelvis thrust up out of the water as her belly and pussy contracted in spasms. She had just barely fallen back into the water when Ann's hips and cunt rose up out of the water with her legs wide open and her clitoris and vagina throbbing as she grunted in hot passion.

    My mistresses pushed me away as they recovered from their most recent orgasms. Retreating back against the wall, I waited with my dick iron-hard. A few minutes later, the two women got out of the whirlpool bath and entered the shower. "We're going to rinse off, Slave. Don't leave and be certain to keep your hands away from our cock."

    That was the first time I had ever thought of my cock as "belonging" to my wife and one of her friends. The thought excited me even more. With the viagra working its magic, I wasn't sure I could keep from spontaneously cumming as I watched the forms of the women stroking each other through the opaque shower door.

    Eventually, the shower door opened and Ann said, "Come over here, Slave. Pleasure us both and make us cum at the same time."

    "To do that, I need for my mistresses to stand back-to-back with their legs spread... please?"

    "Position us, Slave," my wife ordered.

    "Please step this way, Mistress Ann." I put one hand on her ass and the other on her big tits. Using her tits and ass as "handles", I guided her over close to the shower door and then turned her so that the right side of her body faced me. When she was in position, I bent down and pushed her feet two feet apart.

    "Now you, Mistress Karen, Please." I pulled her over beside the shower door just as I had Mistress Ann... with one hand on her ass and the other covering her tits. When she was beside Mistress Ann, I turned her so that her left side faced me with her back up against Mistress Ann's back. When I had them mashed together ass-to-ass, I again bent down and pushed my wife's feet two feet apart.

    Reaching around their bodies, I ran my right hand up and down over Ann's belly, tits, and mound while my left hand did the same thing to Karen. Both women began to groan as their asses thrust frantically.

    "OOoohhh... god... MMmmmmmm... OOooohh shit, Karen... he's doing both of us at the same time."

    "Oh fuck yes!" my wife replied. Their asses were now grinding together as both women humped and thrust their cunts back and forth trying desperately to entice their slave's hands down to their throbbing clits.

    For five minutes, I continued to tortured my two mistresses with erotic stroking of every thing except their clits and vaginas. When I had both of the women writhing and gasping with need, my hands moved between their gaping thighs. At the same time, two fingers of my right hand captured Ann's bulging, hard, erect clit and sandwiched it in between. My left hand did the same thing to my wife. When the sandwiching fingers began to move jacking off their clits like a man would jack off his cock, both females began squealing ... then wailing... finally howling.

    "I'M ALMOST THERE!" Ann shrieked. "I'M GONNA CUM!"

    My wife's voice quickly echoed the same refrain. "I'M CUMMING... OOOHHHH FUCK! UGGHH! UGGHH! UGGHH! CUMMING... I'M CUMMING!!"

    I slowed the motion of my fingers but did not release their convulsing clits. When their spastic contractions ebbed, the fingers began to move faster... jacking them off again, and the time my thumbs found the sensitive tips of their clits and stroked them as the fingers worked up and down their pulsing clit shafts.

    Ann and Karen both began chanting, "Fuck it! Rub it! Fuck it! Rub it! Fuck it! Rub it! ..." Both cunt holes erupted at nearly the same time... both vaginas surged into hard, repeated contractions.

    I didn't give either a moment to recover. Curling the middle two fingers of each hand, I easily inserted them into their widely stretched vaginas with the fingers curled outward toward their mounds. In that position, both fingers pressed directly on their G-spots and both thumbs were right over their still throbbing clits. As soon as I began rotating the fingers on their G-spots with pressure and rubbing their clit shafts with my thumb, both women screamed as their cunts exploded into one hard climax after another eventually spurting all over the shower floor.

    This time, it was Karen who pushed me away. I retreated back against the wall. The viagra had turned my cock into more than just hard. It was rigid. I couldn't even force it down. I felt like it had turned into a steel battering ram. I wanted... no!... I needed to ram it into a cunt badly.

    Fortunately, Ann also wanted a hard dick up her cunt. After quickly drying herself off, she wrapped her hand around my cock and used it as a handle to lead me into the master bedroom. "I want my cock shoved up my cunt now, Slave!" Throwing back the bed covers, she climbed into our king-sized bed, rolled onto her back, and steepled her knees. "In here, Slave. Stick my cock up my hot hole."

    "You heard her, Slave," I heard my wife ordering from behind me. When I turned, I saw Karen standing there naked with her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. "Did you hear what I said, Slave? Get on the bed and fuck her!"

    Quickly, I scrambled onto the bed. Ann raised her legs high in the air and held them back with her hands just below her knees. Her wet sex hole was wide open... the lips swollen with her excitement. I could even see her erect clit protruding from its protective hood. It was as swollen as her labia from recently being masturbated to several orgasms. When I mounted her and probed for her opening, she hissed with female pleasure, grasped my organ, and guided it into her waiting vagina.


    I drove six inches into her cunt. We both moaned. As I pulled the thick shaft from her throbbing hole, the wet lips of her cunt clung to my cock trying to keep it inside. With just the head still stretching her, I slowly inserted the previous six inches plus another inch that caused the head to thump solidly against her womb.


    Ann raised her ass when she felt my hands moving beneath her. I pulled her cheeks open as I pumped seven inches in and out of her cunt. She knew what was coming. "Do it... damn you... Do It!"

    "I'm doing it, Mistresses Ann. I'm fucking you with your big cock."

    "Stick your fingers in my ass, you stupid slave. NOW!"


    I ignored her protests and drove a third finger into her ass. At the same time, I pulled out of her pussy entirely ... made her wait for a moment... and then hammered all eight inches of cock into her cunt. The head rammed against her womb and forced it back to accommodate my entire shaft. She was stuffed in both holes.

    "Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhh... god... fuck me... fuck me hard.... make me cum... oooohhhh shit... what a cock... my god... fuck me!!"

    My ass went into overdrive as I pounded the cock into her. Her legs flew straight out as her toes curled back. Every time the cock pounded into her vagina, the three fingers in her ass drove in deep. Doubly impaled, Ann shrieked as her orgasm exploded causing her entire body to shudder.

    As I continued to fuck the helplessly groaning woman, I felt my wife's hand caressing my ball sack as it slapped against Ann's ass on every fuck stroke. Leaning close, she whispered in my ear, "Fuck the hot Bitch, Slave. She's already cum once on your big cock. Make her cum again and then again. After this weekend, she's going to be your sex slave."

    I fucked Ann even harder... grinding my pubic bone into her engorged clit on every stroke. Her eyes clenched shut. Her mouth opened wide allowing her tongue tip to shoot out and flick rapidly over her top lip. Replacing her hands with my own, I shoved her legs down onto the bed just to the side of her big, wildly bouncing tits. The position tilted her pelvis up and allowed me to penetrate her totally. Ann was now howling... totally out of control.

    "She's cumming again, Slave. You're making the hot slut cum again," my wife hissed in my ear. From now on, she's yours to fuck any time you feel like shooting a load into her."

    "AAAhhhhh god! I CAN'T STOP CUMMING... CAN'T STOP... AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Ann wailed as her vagina convulsed yet again... and then again.

    The feeling of Ann's vagina twitching and throbbing around my dick was fantastic. Every time I pumped my cock into her hole she would start wailing again and after a half dozen strokes would convulse in another orgasm. Finally, after making her cum seven or eight times, she was exhausted. Her legs fell to the bed, and she lay there unmoving except for the heaving her chest as she tried to suck more oxygen into her lungs.

    "Get off her, Slave! She's finished... at least for awhile. It's my turn," my wife ordered. "Get on your back, Slave! I'm going to ride that slave cock."

    Rolling onto my back, my erection stood straight up. Even though Karen had ridden my cock a thousand times, her eyes opened wide in surprise when she saw the throbbing girth of my dick. Moving over me, she hissed, "god...I've never seen your cock this hard ... this thick... this huge before."

    "I've never been this excited and full of viagra before, Mistress Karen."

    "AAGGGGGGAAAAAAAAA!" my wife howled as my cock surged up her cunt and rammed with masculine authority into her womb. "OH FUCK! No wonder Ann couldn't stop cumming on this dick. Fuck me, Slave. Make me cum!"

    For twenty minutes I pounded my wife's cunt harder than I had ever fucked it before. She shrieked almost continuously as her vagina and clit erupted over and over. Unable to hold herself erect, Karen slumped over my body, and I immediately took advantage of the position to capture one of her nipples in my mouth while my fingers worked the second one. Applying as much suction as I could, I felt her nipple swell larger and larger as the blood filled it. When I bit the blood-engorged nub, her cunt went into hard, spastic contractions about my penis. Her juices gushed out of her erupting pussy coating my prick, balls, belly, and the bed covers.

    That was more stimulation than I could take. My balls exploded! Semen rushed from the tip of my embedded cock and spewed thick loads of jizz into her hot hole. After three thick streams had been fired in, her vagina was full. The next several cum jets spewed out the between my cock and the lips of her tightly plugged pussy.


    My hot stud husband fucked Ann senseless and then he screwed me
    just as hard and made me cum a half dozen times before he flooded
    my cunt with his load. I loved it.

    When her intense orgasm finally ebbed, my wife screamed, "You worthless Slave! I did not give you permission to ejaculate inside my vagina. How dare you shoot your slave seed into me without permission! For that, you will be severely punished... I can assure of you that.

    "Shall I bring the strap-ons, Karen?"

    "Absolutely! But we'll wait until tomorrow to punish him. That way he can worry about it all night and part of tomorrow."

    Ann laughed. "You really are a severe taskmaster, Honey. I'll get the strap-ons so he'll know what's in store for him tomorrow."

    I didn't know whether to be turned on and excited or afraid. I was obviously going to be ass fucked by the women with their strap-ons... something that I had never had happen to me before... but the butt plug had my anus well stretched, and I was very, very thoroughly lubed. I hoped it would be erotic and hot. Nevertheless, I was still very nervous and fearful.

    My wife saw the fear in my face. After checking to see that Ann was still away getting the strap-ons, she moved closer and whispered, "Don't worry, Darling. They're not that big and we're going to jack you off while we fuck your ass. With the lubrication, I think you'll like it. Remember how afraid I was the first time you did anal sex with me with that huge cock of yours... but you made sure I enjoyed it and before it was over, I had come several times. I'm going to do the same for you... but don't tell Ann."

    Then, she quickly kissed me and added, "That was an absolutely fabulous fucking you gave me... and thank you for not being able to hold back your orgasm. I loved it. And by the way... Ann is hooked on your cock. Her pussy belongs to you now, Lover." She kissed me again just before Ann returned.

    The two strap-ons Ann brought back had extremely large dildoes attached... I thought they were even bigger than my cock. I hoped to hell my wife was right.


    It was approaching 10 PM. I had been licking my wife's and Ann's clits and pussies for over an hour. I had long since lost count of the number of times they had cum. Both women were lying side-by-side in our king-sized bed with pillows beneath their asses to elevate their cunts into the best position for my tongue to reach their throbbing clits. As soon as Ann's clit went into the throbbing spasms of orgasm, I would switch to my wife's cunt and make her cum... back and forth... back and forth.

    "Let's stop for a snack," my wife said. "I think our slave's tongue is exhausted, and we're all hungry. Slave, get up, go to the kitchen, and prepare sandwiches, cheese, wine, and take the cheesecake out of the fridge for dessert. Make coffee. Hurry up."

    I hurried out the door, relieved to have a chance to let my tongue rest. Around 10:30 PM, my cock had finally lost its erection, and I felt like I needed a new tongue. When I realized my two mistresses had not followed me to the kitchen, I crept back and stood just outside our bedroom door so I could hear what they were saying.

    "... never cum so hard or so many times in my life, Karen. God! Your husband is a stud... and I mean STUD, in capital letters. And that tongue of his is almost as awesome as his cock."

    "He is good, isn't he. How about tomorrow night? Still up for a little cock trolling?"

    "Oh hell yes! I can hardly wait. But are you really going to do it?"

    "Um-huh. At least that's my plan."

    When I walked into the kitchen to prepare the food, my male ego had just doubled in size. It took me about 15 minutes to get the meal ready. Instead of calling my mistresses to the table, I went back to the master bedroom to inform them that the food was ready.

    We all ate together... except I had to eat while sitting on the floor while the two of them sat at the dining room table. For dessert, I served the cheesecake, but was not permitted to have any. Instead, my wife handed me another small blue pill and a second, smaller orange pill.

    "I know what the blue pill is. What's the orange one?" I asked.

    "It's cialis, Slave. You failed to maintain your erection for the last 30 minutes you were pleasuring us. Take both this time."

    I did.


    With both the viagra and the cialis, I seemed to be able to maintain erections almost indefinitely or recover them quickly when I was permitted to cum. At 3 AM, I was mounted on Ann doggy with her head on the bed and her ass up in the air. Karen was asleep even though the bed was bouncing furiously as I hammered my shaft into Ann's cunt.

    At 3:20 AM, I was still fucking her. She had already cum twice but was still thrusting her cunt back against me every time I drove my shaft into her depths. Every stroke was thumping hard against her womb.

    "Oohhhhh Slave... I love the way you fuck me. Your cock feels like a steel cylinder inside my pussy. Can you feel me throbbing around you?"

    "Oh yes, Mistress Ann."

    "After this weekend and your release from slavery, will you still want to fuck me?"

    "Every man you know, Mistress, wants to fuck you. You're gorgeous and hot."

    "Mmmmmm... Put your cock into my ass, Slave. Ass fuck me... hard. Treat me like I'm the slave and you're the master. Fuck my ass hard."

    I pulled her ass cheeks open and drove my hard sex spike into her ass. Six inches of meat sank into her depths as she screeched and wailed. The second stroke buried all 8 inches up her butt. She gasped as her hand rubbed her clit. At 3:30 AM, she was cumming again.
    Ann had over a dozen orgasms as I
    screwed her cunt and her ass.


    Saturday was more of the same. Karen continued to feed me blue and orange pills throughout the day. Just before lunch, my wife spread a sheet over one of the couches in the den and told me to sit down.

    "Now scoot down and move your ass to the edge of the seat... now raise your legs and pull them back. It's time for your punishment for cumming without permission last night."

    Once I had my legs up and back putting my ass in fucking position, Ann deflated my butt plug and removed it. Naturally, my asshole gaped open. I was already well lubricated, but Karen squirted in more astroglide. She looked positively cock hardening in her black negligee and heels with that huge dildo protruding in front of her where normally I expected to see her delicious cunt.

    Ann held my ankles to make certain I stayed in position for my "punishment". Carefully, my wife fitted the head of the thick, long dildo into my ass and snapped her hips forward.

    "Unggh... oohhhh god," I moaned as two inches of cock entered my ass. It was a first for me. My wife gave me some time to adjust to being ass fucked... then, she slowly pulled it out and fucked the same two inches back into me again.

    "Aaahhh... mmmmmm..."

    "Have you ever been ass fucked before, Slave?" Ann asked.

    "No... uugghh... aaahhh... ugghhhh... no Mistress Ann... never... aaahhh.. uugghh.. uugghhh... never been ass fucked."

    My wife was now fucking me with five inches of the cock. With all the lubrication and my ass already stretched by the butt plug, the cock was moving easily in and out of my ass.

    "Aaahhh... AAaahhhh... uuummmmm...," I groaned as Karen pumped me faster ... deeper with six inches of cock.

    "Look!" Ann yelled. "He's hard. Look at his cock. He's hard as a rock. You like being ass fucked don't you, Slave. Answer me!"

    "Yes... aaahhh...ooohhhh shit... yess... I like it... aaaahhhh... uunngghhh."

    Suddenly, I liked even more as my wife's hand wrapped around my now rigid cock and began jacking me off. Now I was thrusting my ass against her when she fucked into my ass.... just like I had seen my wife do many times and the way Ann had done several times the previous night.


    "No. You may not cum, Slave. When I finished fucking you, Mistress Ann will fuck you. When she gives you permission, you may cum.... but not before," my wife ordered as she now drove the entire nine inches of dick up my ass.

    The strap on had a knob on the inside of the leather that rubbed Karen's clit as she fucked me. I wasn't allowed to cum, but my wife was certainly going to get off. She ass fucked me even faster as she got closer to cumming. Then she was grunting and ramming me as hard as she could when her orgasm exploded.

    After my wife dismounted and pulled the nine inches of plastic cock out of my ass, it stayed open... just the way I was accustomed to seeing a woman's ass gaped after I had fucked it. My cock also stayed hard as iron. I was desperate to cum.

    Ann led me to the guest bedroom and had me hold onto the bed railing, raise my legs, and roll up onto the small of my back. She was wearing the larger of the two dildoes... this one was the same thickness but 10 inches in length. Fortunately, with my ass already gaped, I knew it would slide into me easily.

    My wife held my ankles back at first while Ann mounted the bed. She stood and pushed the dildo into my ass. Five inches slid in on the first thrust.

    "AAaahhhh... fuck me, Mistress. Please fuck my ass, Mistress Ann."

    "Look at our Slave, Karen. He's hard as stone." Her hips thrust and 8 inches of cock went into my ass. A few strokes later, I was taking all 10 inches of dick. Precum was leaking out of my cock and dripping onto my chest.

    "Want to be jacked off, Slave?"

    "Yes... please... uunnghh...uunnghhh... oohhhhh ... please... fuck me harder and jack me off, Mistress."

    Ann wrapped her hand around my shaft and began jacking me off at the same time as she ass fucked me. It was wild. I knew I was going to explode like a cannon whether I had permission or not.

    "I need to cum, Mistress.... I can't hold it...CAN'T HOLD IT! PLEASE... MAY I CUM?"


    My dick began to shoot... again and again and again... huge, thick gushes of semen exploded out of my cock. Both Ann and I were groaning as we came.

    Trolling for Dick:

    After my ass fucking punishment was completed, I spent two hours licking Ann and Karen's pussies. They both had half a dozen orgasms, but when I started to mount them, I was ordered to continue licking their clits. By 6 PM, I was so hard and wild to fuck, my balls hurt.

    At 7 PM, both women came out of the bedroom dressed for "dick trolling" as they put it. My wife was wearing a black mini skirt and a halter top that left her belly bare and showed half of her tits. She grinned at me and slowly pulled her skirt up to let me see her naked ass and her thigh-high stockings.

    “Do you think the men will like your wife’s ass, Slave?” she asked.

    "I’m sure all the men will get hard when they see your ass or tits. Are you wearing a bra, Mistress Karen?" I inquired.

    "That's really none of your business, Slave... but this time I will satisfy your curiosity." She pulled the halter off her shoulders releasing both naked tits without a sign of a bra. "But I am wearing a black thong, Slave." She turned and bent over to allow me to see the tiny thong that just barely covered her pussy. My cock lurched in response.

    When Ann came in, I saw that she was wearing an outfit similar to my wife’s except her skirt and halter were black and burgundy. Before I could ask, she said, "Don't bother to ask, Slave. I'm not wearing either a bra or panties. What to see, Slave?”

    “Please, Mistress. Show me.”

    Ann removed her halter allowing her big 36D tits surge outward. Then, she unzipped the skirt letting it fall to the floor exposing her naked cunt. My cock got even harder.

    “Do you think the men will like my wet cunt and ass, Slave?” she asked as she squatted, opened her legs, and spread her pussy for me. “Well?” she demanded.

    My cock was now rigid, standing straight up and throbbing. “Oh fuck, yes! Your tits and ass will get every cock in the room hard, Mistress Ann.”

    Ann and my wife weren’t going to have any problems
    attracting as many men as they wanted.

    "We're going out to some clubs tonight, Slave. You are to stay in the guest bedroom while we are gone. You can leave to go to the bathroom or get something eat or drink, but otherwise, you have to remain in the guest bedroom. You may watch TV until we return. When you hear come in, you must turn off the TV. Understand?"

    "Yes, Mistress Karen. I understand. May I ask when you will be coming home?"

    "No, you may not, but you can expect that we will have male visitors tonight. Before we leave, we are going to put your cock in a cock cage. We can't do that when it's hard as stone as it is now. So... drop your pants and milk your cock onto the carpet."

    "What?" I asked confused.

    "Drop your pants and jack off onto the carpet. What part of that don't you understand, Slave," Ann hissed.

    Normally, I would have been unable to ejaculate with two women watching me with no sexual stimulation, but I was so hard and hot, I figured I could manage it.

    I had been standing in the middle of the den jerking my shaft for several minutes when Ann became impatient. "This is taking too long, Slave." She jerked her dress up and exposed her naked cunt. "Look at my cunt, Slave. This hot pussy and your wife's are going to be fucked by other men tonight... big hard dicks sinking into our cunts. Jack it and shoot, Slave!" My cock exploded sending a half dozen big streams of semen several feet into the air and six feet beyond where I was standing.

    As soon as my orgasm ebbed and my cock softened, Karen fitted the cock cage over my dick and then Ann locked it place with the small padlock. "That ought to keep his hands off his dick while we're gone," Ann grinned.

    The two of them left shortly thereafter leaving me standing naked in the den with my cock securely locked in the cock cage. Not only was I unable to fuck or jack off while in the cage, it was so tight around my cock than I couldn't even get fully erect.


    "The Rendezvous" was well known as a pick-up spot for horny guys trying to score and for women looking to get seriously laid. The men were about evenly divided between married men, whose wives were either out of town, busy at PTA meetings, or out with lovers, and single men. In contrast, the married women easily outnumbered the single gals. The reasons were that the young single women had more men hitting on them than they could handle whereas the married women didn't. In addition, men greatly prefer married women over single ones so the competition is just too stiff for a single woman unless she is exceptionally beautiful and sexy.

    The really good news about "The Rendezvous" from our point of view was that the men outnumbered the women by about two to one. So essentially no woman had any trouble attracting one or two men. If she desired a gang bang, that was also simple for her to arrange since most of the women wanted only one man, which left a lot of horny guys without any pussy.

    As soon as Ann and I entered the place, the way we were dressed made it obvious to every man present that we were not only available, we were actively on the prowl for cock. As a result, we were quickly besieged with men who wanted to supply us with what we clearly wanted.

    We hadn't been there for more than 10 minutes before both Ann and I were out on the dance floor with hands all over our asses and under our skirts. The guy with me had my short dress pushed up around my hips as his hands kneaded my ass cheeks and pulled me against his very hard erection. On the other side of the room, I saw that the man dancing with Ann had one of tits out of dress caressing it as they "danced".

    We both wanted to check out the field to see what was available before deciding who to invite back to our house. So, after dancing a couple of times with a guy and feeling up his cock to determine his size and letting him explore our bodies to see how good his technique was, we would thank him for the dance, mentally catalogue his status, and then move on to the next guy.

    "Find any keepers?" I asked Ann with a grin.

    "A couple of them have really big cocks. That black guy over by bar must be over eight inches and incredibly thick. And that Latino guy in the booth is really aggressive. He asked me out to parking lot and promised to eat me to several orgasms before fucking me to several more. How about you?"

    "A couple of young guys were really eager, but their technique needs a lot of work. Not their fault, of course. It's hard to be a skilled lover at 20... too much testosterone and too anxious. But on the up side, I'm sure they could get it up ten times during the night."

    "That's not all bad. Are you going to pick one of them?"

    "Not sure yet. Are we each going to pick one guy or two or more?"

    "Oh you are wicked! Damn Girl. You've only cheated that one time with the owner of that escort service and you're taking about us having a gang bang? You don't waste any time."

    "I guess a gang bang is a little far out. I'm not sure how Brian would react to that even if he did give me permission to fuck another guy tonight. Right now, we're even."

    "Even? What to you mean by even?"

    "I let Jack Haskel fuck me and Brian's fucked you. Of course, I only let Haskel screw me three times and Brian's banged you more times than I can count in the last two days. How many times has he fucked you anyway?"

    Ann laughed. "I'm not sure. At least a dozen, and I've had 25 or more orgasms on his tongue and cock."

    "You hot slut! That's what I thought. But if we don't count the number of times, we've each had one other sex partner since we've been married... so we're even at the moment. Of course, after tonight, I'll be ahead of him, but with his permission. Anyway, I don't want to do a gang bang. Let's just each find one or two guys who look and act like they might be a good fuck."

    "Sounds good to me. How long are we going to look?"

    "It's 8:15 now. How about another 45 minutes?"

    "Only 45 minutes... then we should get busy."

    Over the next 45 minutes, a dozen guys had their hands all over my ass and half of those managed to get their hands inside my panties, and every single one of the men who got into my panties also got their fingers into my cunt. However, one guy who got his hands into my panties worked on my clit so expertly, he made me cum right there on the dance floor. I made my selection as I was having an orgasm.

    I was having to lock my arms about Marlin's neck to hold myself up as he made me cum. "My god," I hissed in his ear. "I can't believe you made me cum so damn fast and right here on the dance floor."

    "I can do a lot more than that, Karen. How about we get out of here and find a motel?"

    "I've got a much better idea, Marlin. A friend of mine is out of town, and she's letting us use her place for the night. How about we go there. More room... no cost... a huge king-size bed to play in. Interested?"

    "Do bears live in the forest? Hell yes, I'm interested. Let's go."

    "One thing more you need to know. I'm with a girlfriend... Ann. Right now, Ann is picking out a hot stud for herself tonight. There will be four of us if she picks up one guy... five if she has two studs in tow. Are you cool with that?"

    "Jezz... this just keeps getting better and better. Tell me, do I get to fuck both of you?"

    "If you don't mind Ann's studs getting into me while you fucking Ann. Ok?"

    When I found Ann, I introduced her to Marlin. I could feel Marlin's cock getting harder against my ass as he looked Ann over and imagined fucking both of us during the coming hours. Ann also seemed to be anxious to try out the stud I had found.

    "Have you found anyone?" I asked.

    "Of course. I told them to wait outside while I found you."

    Once outside, Ann introduced Marlin and I to Hiram and Darin. Both were young guys in their early 20's, both had hot looking bodies. Darin was black and that had me really turned on as I had never had sex with a black guy and was naturally curious to find out if all the rumors were true.

    Even though I was driving, Marlin continued to play with me throughout the drive. We weren't halfway home before he had my skirt down and both of my tits out. As he worked on my nipples... pulled, squeezing, rubbing, and pinching them... my pussy gushed and throbbed in response. A couple of miles from home, he had his hand between my legs... then under my panties... and finally up my cunt.

    If that wasn't enough, it was obvious that Hiram and Darin were fucking Ann in the back seat. The husky grunts of excited males sinking their cocks into a pussy filled the car along with Ann's higher-pitched cries as she came.

    When I parked the car in our driveway, Marlin refused to allow me pull up my skirt, and I had to walk across the lawn with my tits hanging out. At first I was incredibly embarrassed, but when I saw that Hiram and Darin were making Ann walk from the car to the house totally naked except for her heels, I didn't feel nearly as bad. They even held her hands to her sides to prevent her from covering either her tits or pussy and if that wasn't enough, they took their time and stroked her cunt, tits, and ass all the way to the house. She couldn’t stop hunching against their probing fingers nor could she keep from moaning as they worked in and out of her cunt and over her clitoris.

    As soon as we entered the house, Ann told the guys to make themselves at home while she fixed some drinks and brought in some beer. I excused myself to visit the ladies room. After leaving the den, I slipped upstairs to the guest bedroom. As I expected, Brian was sitting on the couch. The TV was off as I had instructed. When I looked at my husband's face, I was shocked.

    "What's the matter," I asked more than a little concerned. "You look like you're in pain."

    "I am... oh god... it hurts!"

    "What hurts?"

    "This damn cock cage. Please... get me out of this thing."

    "It didn't hurt when we left. What happened?" I asked as I searched my handbag for the key.

    "I got an erection and this fucking cage squeezes my cock like it's in a vise. It's killing me... let me out... please!"

    "Oh shit... I'm sorry, Honey. I didn't think you could get hard inside the cage... but that's just stupid... with all the viagra and cialis and Ann and I bringing home guys, of course you got hard."

    My hands were shaking when I opened the lock and got the cage off my husband. His cock just burst out inflating to near full erection instantly. I could see the deep ridges the bars of the cage had made in his penis. They were a deep purple. While Ann and I had been out making out with guys on the dance floor at "The Rendezvous", Brian had been home in pain. I started to cry.

    Instead of screaming at me and whipping my ass, my husband took me in his arms and kissed me. I felt his cock throbbing against my belly as his tongue caressed mine. "Don't cry... please. It was just a mistake. No real harm done. Now stop crying... sex and crying don't go well together, and I really want to see you being fucked... it's been a hot fantasy of mine for a long, long time.

    "You're sure? Really sure? There's three of them. Is that Ok?" I felt my husband's cock jerking like crazy against my belly. "I guess it is," I grinned. "At least your cock thinks it's ok. How about you?"

    "It's more than all right. I can't wait."

    "You're going to watch them fucking me, aren't you?"

    "Do you mind?"

    "NO! I love it. It's going to make it much hotter and more erotic for me. But when it gets too hot for you to just watch, please join us. I would love to have your cock in me at the same time as another man is fucking another one of my holes. Ok?"

    "Yeah... but I'll probably just watch. I've fantasized about watching you for years. Hate to miss out on any chance to do that."


    As soon as I had pulled down Marlin's briefs and laid my eyes on his cock, I couldn't suppress my gasp of surprise. He was about 7 inches... a full inch shorter than my husband... but his girth was fantastic! I couldn't come close to getting my hand around his shaft. Marlin had me sit on the edge of the bed as he pushed his cock in my face. He didn't need to tell me what to do. Pulling him close, I encased the big head inside my mouth as my hand held his shaft without being able to completely encircle it.

    When he began to mouth fuck me, it felt like my jaw was about to be dislocated he was so huge. At first, I couldn’t deep throat his organ but I did manage to get four or five inches in my mouth. I didn't know if my husband was watching me suck his dick or not, but the thought that he probably was watching had my cunt on fire. The more Marlin pumped that huge cock in and out of my mouth, the more I managed to take until finally, my lips were locked around the base.

    “Oh Fuck! You’re sucking all of it! Suck it, Karen. Suck Me”, he moaned.

    On the other side of the bed, Ann had Darin lying back with his pants open and his cock out. She was bent over him ramming her mouth up and down the thick black phallus in an attempt to get all of his length down her throat. She had a much better chance of doing that then I had with Marlin.

    Hiram was standing at the end of the bed watching Ann and I sucking Darin and Marlin. As he watched, his hand was pumping his very hard dick, which appeared to be a thick, seven and a half inches of hard man meat. I wondered if my husband was also jacking off as he watched me suck Marlin. With the door wide open, he would have an easy time watching me.

    It didn't take very long before Marlin filled my mouth with his load, and I swallowed most of it, but he had shot in so much cum, some of it ran out and dripped off my chin. When his cock had softened and slipped out of my mouth, Hiram was rock hard and already moving over to me. With no hesitation, I took his cock in my mouth and began sucking him.

    Karen and Ann sucked the huge cocks. When Brian saw his wife
    taking all of Marlin’s thick shaft, he jacked off even faster.

    "Ohhhhh gawd damn, you're big," Ann cried out from the other side of the bed. Looking over, I saw that Darin had Ann on her side with his body behind her. He had her right leg hoisted high in the air and was drilling his thick black cock in and out of the cunt. Each time the thick shaft plunged into Ann's core, the squishing sound of cock pumping cunt filled the room.

    Hiram was fucking my mouth harder and faster. I felt his dick swelling and jerking inside my mouth and knew that he was very close. Gripping his ass with both hands, I pulled him closer and drove his cock all the way into my throat. When his balls banged against my chin, he erupted and shot several thick gushes of semen down my throat straight into my belly.

    By this time, Marlin was hard again. He climbed onto the bed on his back and ordered me to mount his cock. It was a short and very concise order... all he said was "MOUNT!" I scrambled on top on him supporting my body with my feet just outside of his hips and began to lower my pussy toward his thick, waiting sex spike. The big head entered me. I couldn't suppress a loud wail of hot pleasure as I felt his cock stretching me wide open.

    "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH... UUUNNGGGHHHH!!! OH SHIT! You're just fucking huge.... stick it in me, Baby. Fill me with that big cock!"


    I had waited for 15 minutes or so before leaving the guest bedroom to go to the landing where I hoped to watch the sex going on in our den. However, once on the landing, I found the den empty. I also heard the groans and moans of the two women coming from the master bedroom. Going downstairs, I moved carefully along the short hallway leading to our bedroom. I saw the door was wide open so that the view would be almost as good as it would have been from the loft balcony.

    The first sight that greeted me as I peered into our bedroom was that of my wife's naked ass that was poised over a guy's cock and slowly descending toward it. His cock was incredibly thick... so thick I wondered if my wife could take it. A moment later, I saw that big dick stretch my wife's pussy open and slip inside. My wife grunted and forced her cunt further down the big shaft.

    I watched as the big-cocked stud slammed his meat into my wife's pussy. She wasn't able to fuck her ass up and down fast enough, so he held her hips and powered hard, rapid thrusts all the into her vagina. Every time he pulled out of her, my wife's pussy lips clung to his thick rod. When he drove his dick back into her hole, the lips disappeared inside her vagina only to reappear and cling to his cock on the next stroke.

    As hard as he was fucking my wife, it came as no surprise when she howled and screamed that she was cumming.... begging her to fuck her even harder and deeper. I knew from experience how hard her pussy must be throbbing and was shocked that he could hold back his load. Of course, at the time, I didn't know that he had just shot a big load into my wife's mouth a few minutes before I looked into the master bedroom.

    "Turn around, Baby. Face away from me so I can play with your big tits."

    I began to jack off when I saw my wife lift her cunt off the guy's big dick. When it exited her hole with a loud sucking sound, I saw how widely gaped her cunt was. I wondered if she would even be able to feel me inside her when I next fucked her. I knew that was a pointless worry. Pussies are very elastic... but at the moment, Karen's cunt was gaping wider than I had ever seen it before.

    Once she had her back to him and her cunt poised over his rigid shaft, she was pulled down on the cock. A loud keening wail of passion erupted from her throat as the dick again sank into my wife's cunt hole. He pumped her hard and she came again. Her mouth stretched wide open as her vagina throbbed around Marlin’s cock. Again and again, she howled, “Fuck! … Fuck! … Fuck!” over and over. In between screaming for Marlin to fuck her, she would bare her teeth and then her mouth would stretch wide open as her pussy exploded in another orgasm.


    Marlin lasted only a few strokes longer before depositing a load of cum deep inside Karen's pussy. He grunted every time his cock contracted and shot another gush of cum into my wife.

    With my wife collapsed on top of Marlin's body and both of them gasping and out of action, at least for the moment, I turned my attention to the other side of the bed where a handsome, young black stud was ramming his big cock in and out of Ann's cunt as she rode him. She was begging him to pump her harder, and he was giving her what she wanted... driving hard cock thrusts deep into her squishing vagina. The liquid sounds made it obvious that Ann had already taken two or three loads.


    Both Karen and Ann were both getting hard
    fuckings from the two randy studs.


    I had lost count of how many times I had come. The three men continued to fuck us, and both Ann and I continued to explode in climaxes as their cocks pumped our holes. All three guys were young with seemingly unlimited sexual stamina and the more they fucked us... the more often they shot off in us... the longer they were able to last the next time they mounted us.

    Both Ann and I were being fucked in every hole. By 11 PM, all three men had cum inside both my ass and cunt and I had sucked off Marlin and Hiram. I knew Ann pussy had been screwed by all three men and when I saw Darin taking her ass, I knew that all the men had ass fucked her. By this time, both of our assholes had been thoroughly stretched, and she was having no problem taking Darin's entire length up her ass on every thrust. She was shrieking and cumming almost continuously as he jack hammered his cock up her ass while squeezing both tits at the same time.

    The whole thing was a new experience for me.... being fucked so much by three different men... the fact that my husband was watching every thing added even more eroticism and excitement. At the moment, Darin was again proving to me that black studs do have big cocks as he drove his shaft into my cunt as my legs flailed the air high above his back. I was cumming again and couldn't keep from screaming for him fuck it into me even harder.

    "Oh fuck me, Darin. Fuck me with that big black cock. OOHH... OOHHH... UUNNGGHHH! CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!!"

    Ann continued to snap pictures with her cell as Darin’s cock erupted inside my cunt filling me full of his load. Ann even took photos of the cum seeping out of my vagina when Darin dismounted.
    I wondered if Ann planned to show the
    photos to her husband.


    I had already cum once the first time I saw Marlin fucking my wife. I managed to hold off longer the second time, but I lost it when I saw Darin sinking his black cock into my wife's pussy and heard her begging him to screw her harder. I was trying to hold back my third orgasm for later when I could fuck both Ann and Karen in the same bed. But that plan went awry too.

    Close to the end, Karen was on top of Hiram riding his cock when Darin came up from behind and pushed his dick into her ass. The two of them fucked my wife together striking a rhythm that had Darin pulling out as Hiram rammed into her cunt... and then Hiram withdrawing as Darin drove his black shaft up my wife's ass. Karen began to howl uncontrollably. Again and again, she climaxed on the two cocks... each climax seemingly harder than the previous one. Finally, Hiram blew his load first and Darin emptied his balls into my wife a short time later. When Darin came, so did I, except my load shot out all over our carpet while his was being pumped deep inside Karen's ass.

    When the two men finished, they told my wife to clean off their cocks. As she licked the come from Hiram's dick and balls and then turned to Darin to do the same to him, Marlin grabbed her hips and buried his cock inside her from behind. Again, my wife began to moan as he took hold of her waist and slammed his cock in and out of her as though it were his first fuck of the night. She kept sucking Hiram's and Darin's cocks as Marlin fucked her.

    Brian's Gift Box:

    At the first of the next month, it was Brian's turn to have me choose one of his gift requests. After his weekend with Ann and I as a slave, I was expecting something really wild, and probably somewhat unpleasant for me, but I had already decided that I was going to do it no matter what it was. I was shocked and very pleased when I read his letter.

    Dearest Karen,

    I love this idea of yours. The last couple of months have been the most erotic of our my life. Thank you.

    I know you're probably expecting me to ask something really wild of you, but actually, I hope you enjoy giving me this gift as much as I'll enjoy it if you decide to grant my request.

    This is a two part request. First, I would like for you to prepare two lists of names of men. In the first list, I would like for you to tell me about all the men who you've fucked since we've been married. All the hot details would be greatly appreciated.

    I would like for the second list to be the names of the men who haven't fucked you, but whom you wish would. I would also like for this list to be rank ordered with the guy you would most like to have fuck you at the top and the least desirable one at the bottom.

    The second part of the request is for you to seduce the man whose name is at the top of list number of two and then tell me all the hot details later when we're in bed having hot sex.

    Your loving husband, Brian


    I had to masturbate twice while preparing the two lists. Of course, I called my sexy husband and told him that I was masturbating while preparing his two lists. The sexy stud wanted to know how I could prepare lists and masturbate at the same time.

    "Well, Darling, I can write with one hand and a vibrator shoved up my hot cunt and turned to the "high" setting really gets a woman off pretty fast and very hard."

    Before I hung up the phone, Brian told me he had locked the door to his office and was jacking off.

    Later, reading over my two lists, I was sure Brian would love them and probably masturbate many times looking at the names.

    List #1:

    Four men have fucked me since we've been married, Darling, but I've only cheated on you once. I’m very sorry. I didn't plan it. The guy just got me so hot, I couldn't resist him when he took off my panties and fucked me on the desk in his office.

    His name is Jack Haskel. He owns a local escort agency. Before I thought of the gift boxes idea, I had gone there with the idea of hiring an escort for your birthday present. I hadn't been there very long when Haskel offered me a job as an escort. Of course I refused, but when he asked me to come into his office, I did.

    Once inside, I was pretty much as good as fucked. The guy is very smooth. He showed me numerous photos of married and single women who worked for him and continuously pointed out how much more sensuous and hot I was than any of them. He said I could make thousands a month just working part time. I was eating it up, and it wasn't long until he had my tits out, his fingers inside my panties.

    I didn't rent an escort for you, Honey, but Jack Haskel fucked your wife three times that afternoon.

    The other three men who have fucked me are the ones you watched during your slave weekend with Ann and I. Marlin, Hiram, and Darin. I don't even know their last names. Darin is the first black cock I've had before or since our marriage.

    That's it for list number 1.

    List #2:

    The men who I've fantasized about fucking are as follows ... in order of my desire for their cocks and bodies:

    (1) Number 1 has to be Craig Larsen. He's been hitting on me for two years trying to get into my panties. I've been masturbating thinking about letting him fuck me for the last year. If I let him fuck me, the only remaining woman in our department whom he will not have fucked will be Becky Matthews.

    (2) Number two is Cliff... the manager at Hooters. I loved the way he looked at my tits and panties and begged me to come to work for him. I would love to have his cock in my hot pussy, Darling.

    (3) Number three is Merv Hawkins. He's the guy who had me so hot I when I was letting those guys hit on me but not fuck me when I gave you your first gift request. He gave me his business card. Would love to call him and let him screw my brains out.

    (4) Number four has to be Todd Garland, the guy I sucked off in the men's room while you were watching. He begged me to let him fuck me, but I didn't have your permission, and I didn't want to cheat on you again. It would be hot to let him get into my pussy.

    (5)and (6) Numbers five and six are a tie. They're Wes Taylor and Vic Sisko, two of the other guys I danced with that first time we went out. I have their phone numbers.

    (7) Number seven is Allen Morrison, Ann's husband. He's never hit on me...ever, but I've always wondered what his cock would feel like up my cunt and if he's a good lover.

    (8) and (9) Eight and nine are Mark Dawson and Alan Burnett, two other men who felt me up at the club that first time we went out.

    That's it, Honey. I hope you enjoy your lists.

    As for the second part of your request... well, I'm not so certain about that. Every one in our department and even a lot of people outside the department know that Craig has fucked every women in the department except for Becky Matthews and me. He loves to brag about his conquests... so if I let him fuck me, everyone in the department and some others are going to know that Craig has fucked your wife. But, I'll consider it. You should have your answer within the next week or two... maybe sooner.

    Love, Karen.


    The following Friday afternoon, I called home knowing that Brian would still be at work, but I wanted to leave him voice mail message rather than actually talk to him. It wasn't that I didn't want to talk to my husband or was afraid to... I just thought it would be a lot more erotic for him and make him enjoy his gift request even more.

    As I expected, the phone in our home rang five time without anyone picking up... after that, it went to voice mail. At the tone, I said:

    Hi, Darling,

    Just wanted to leave you a message so you won't be worried about me. Something has come up at work that needs my attention. You'll have to go out for dinner or fix it yourself. I'm sorry. I hope it's not too much of an inconvenience for you.

    Don't wait up for me, Darling. It looks like the problem is severe so that it will probably be midday on Sunday before I can get home. I'll tell you all about it Sunday night.

    Love and kisses... Karen.


    When I went to work Friday morning, I had decided to give my husband his gift request. If he could agree to be a slave to two women for an entire weekend and do it fantastically well even when he was in real pain after we locked him in that cock cage, I figured I could stand some people at work knowing that Craig had fucked me. After all, he had been in every other woman's cunt at work... so it wouldn't be that unusual. Besides, I had been fantasizing about Craig screwing my ass off for several months.

    I wore a red top with a black T underneath that exposed a lot more cleavage than I usually showed at work. The skirt was short and I had put on black stockings with 4-inch heels that had sexy silver highlights. I had absolutely no doubt that as soon as Craig saw me in this hot outfit, he would be panting at my office door trying once more to get into me. What he didn't know was that this time, he was going to get lucky.

    As soon as I walked by his open office door, his eyes locked onto my tits and legs. I turned and gave him a smile that I hoped conveyed the message that this female was now in heat. Being the dedicated pussy hound that he was, Craig didn't disappoint me.

    Less than 10 minutes had elapsed before Craig was standing in my doorway staring at my legs with were slightly spread so that the tops of my black stockings were showing. I saw that his pants were already tented with his surging erection. Again I gave him the same smile.

    "You look fantastic! Just totally delicious. Does this mean what I think it means?" he asked as his eyes tried to see further up my skirt.

    For an answer, I spread my legs wide open and actually draped my left leg over the arm of my chair. I doubt that I could have assumed a more obscene position. "Does that answer your question, Craig?"

    "Oh yeah! What made you finally change your mind?"

    "I got tired of having to masturbate every time you hit on me."

    "Pull your top down, Karen. I've been dying to see your tits for months."

    "Like this, Craig? You like the way I look with one of tits sticking out of my blouse like this?"

    Craig fisted his cock and groaned, "What do you think?"

    "I think you love it, but I also think that you also want to see something else too."

    "YES!" he hissed in a hot whisper. "Show it to me. NOW!"

    I strolled over to the water cooler, got a glass, and bent over at the waist to fill the glass. I could feel the cool air on my bare ass when the skirt hiked high on my buttocks. Craig was right behind me staring at my ass, which my black thong did nothing to cover. When I looked back at him, he was now stroking his cock through his pants.

    "I still can't see it," he groaned.

    I pulled the skirt up to my waist, and while remaining in bent over posture, I reached back and pulled my thong aside exposing my cunt. From his position, I knew he was staring straight into my open slit. "How about now, Honey? Can you see it?"

    "Oh Fuck yes!" His hand moved faster. "Let's fuck... right here... right now!"

    "Hold on, Honey. You haven't heard my conditions yet. I didn't hold out for almost a year to just roll over onto my back and let you bang me."

    "What conditions? Whatever they are, I agree."

    " Great. First, I'm not interested in a quickie fuck here in my office. I want the entire weekend starting this afternoon until early Sunday afternoon. We'll take off early today."

    "That's a condition?? That I spend two days fucking you? Boy do you ever drive a tough bargain, Karen," he said with a grin.

    "Hang on, Stud. You haven’t heard all of the conditions yet. I want to go somewhere and do something erotic and sensuous this weekend. Do you have any ideas. I hope so. If not, I may change my mind about the entire weekend... so think hard, Craig."

    "As a matter of fact, I have a great idea. I've got a standing invitation to an erotic sex club outside of Dallas. I set up the manager of the club with one of girls here at the office when he was in town. As thanks, he gave me a "good anytime" invitation to the club at no charge. How does that sound?"

    "Is it a swing club?"

    "Not in the usual sense. I'll tell you about later. Any other conditions?"

    "Yeah... one. You have to agree to take regular doses of viagra this weekend, because I want you hard and hot for the entire two days... I'm not kidding. Agreed?"

    I placed the voice mail message to Brian before I left the office with Craig around 3 PM. Just before we left, I handed Craig one of the little blue pills I had in a small plastic case in my handbag right along side of the plastic case holding my birth control pills. He swallowed it without protest.


    I followed Craig to his apartment and parked my car in his garage. He left his in the driveway as we would be using his car this weekend. Once we were inside his apartment, his cock was engorged with blood and hard as stone.

    "I can't wait any longer, Karen. I've got to fuck you!"

    "Of course you're going to fuck me... more times than you can count, Lover. Why don't you get out of those clothes and watch me do a hot strip for you?"

    Craig tore the buttons off his shirt in his anxiety to get it off. In less than a minute, he was naked with his clothes lying scattered about the bedroom. I stripped much more slowly and watched his cock growing thicker as the head turned a deep purple and began to leak precum fluid. My husband was longer and thicker, but he had never been any harder than Craig was at the moment. His iron-hard seven and a half inch cock was throbbing with lust for my body.

    When my thong hit the floor leaving me naked, I laid down on the bed. Immediately, Craig moved toward me. "Not yet, Lover. I want to show you what you're going to be fucking for the next two days."

    Turning onto my side, I pulled my knees up almost to my tits and thrust my ass toward him. The position gave him a perfect view of my cunt slit and my asshole. "I want your cock filling both of my holes this weekend... a lot. Do you like anal sex, Honey?"

    "Ohhhhh god yes! What a fantastic ass you've got, Karen. I knew it was going to be gorgeous, but I never dreamed you would look like a porn star."

    Rolling onto my back, I pulled my legs high in the air and back toward my tits. I could feel the cool air on my wet, open cunt hole. "How about my cunt, Craig? Do you think you'll enjoy stretching my cunt open with that iron-hard dick of yours and making Brian's wife cum again and again?"

    "Oh god... please. I need to fuck you. You're driving me crazy!"

    Standing up and pulling the lips of my pussy wide open, I hissed, "Then come get me, Stud. Ram that sex spike up my married cunt, Baby and fuck my ass off!"

    Craig shoved me onto my back on the bed, hooked his arms beneath my knees and levered my legs up and back until they were almost touching my tits. I assumed that he would be too hot for any foreplay... not that I needed any. My pussy was boiling hot for his cock by this time. But the stud shocked me with his control.

    Instead of mounting me and ramming his rampant cock up my cunt, he pressed his face between my thighs and covered my throbbing pussy with his mouth. When his tongue pushed between my gaping lips into my hole, I hissed with hot female pleasure.

    "Oh my god... that's fantastic... do me! Please, Craig... LICK ME! MAKE ME CUM, LOVER!"

    His tongue was already stroking my pulsing clitoris before I even got the words out of my mouth. In moments, I was thrashing wildly on the bed as my first orgasm exploded in my clitoris and spread rapidly to my vagina and from there into my ass. Both of my holes were contracting in hard spasms. The intensity of my climax increased still further when Craig shoved two fingers into my cunt and worked them over my G-spot.


    Craig didn't stop. His tongue continued to stroke my throbbing clit as his lips applied suction making it feel like it was going to burst open with the intense pleasure. The fingers on my G-spot moved even faster with more pressure. I was writhing uncontrollably as the hot spasms rippled through me. For a moment, Craig held me still so he could push two fingers into my ass. When he released me, my ass thrust against his fingers and I came again... even harder than before.

    After the fourth orgasm had surged through my pussy and clit, I began to beg him to stop... to let me rest. Of course, he ignored me. He did move off my ultrasensitive clitoris and upward to my nipples, but his fingers continued to plunge back and forth in my vagina and ass... raking over my G-spot. The suction on my nipples soon had them engorged and throbbing. Helplessly, I came again.

    Finally, Craig's fingers left my vagina and ass, and his body moved upward. Again, I raised my legs as he mounted me... his rigid erection moving deliciously up and down my soaked slit... I giggled when I realized that I shouldn't be thinking of it as my slit... it was gaped so wide open from Craig's lips and tongue that is was my gash... my hot cunt gash.

    Wrapping my arms around his back, I pulled him against my tits and hissed, "Fuck me, Craig. Stick your cock in my cunt and fuck me hard, Baby!"

    As hot and as hard as he was, I expected him to ram his shaft into my hole and pump me like a wild bull. Again, this hot stud surprised me. Slowly... oh god... ever so slowly... he slipped the purple, swollen head into my vagina. It stretched me... deliciously... hot ripples of pleasure surged through my belly and clit.

    Inch by sexy inch, Craig entered me with his cock. Deeper and deeper... until I felt the big head thud against my cervix sending even more waves of pleasure through my pussy. This hot stud already had my cunt throbbing uncontrollably around his shaft. He pulled back... slowly... dragging my pussy lips as his rod exited from my channel... then again the slow entry until the head hit my cervix. I gasped ... then grunted... then wailed as I came on his cock.

    When he felt my pussy convulsing, he began fucking me with hard, rapid, strokes that pounded my ass into the mattress with masculine authority. I moaned on every stroke and thrust my cunt upward to receive every stroke as deeply as possible. His hands moved beneath my ass... then I felt his fingers inside me. God... no wonder this stud had been able to fuck every woman in the department except Becky Morrison. As I was cumming a second time on his cock, I didn't think Becky had much chance to keep Craig's cock out of her pussy.

    "I can't hold it any longer, Karen. I've got to cum in you!" he groaned without ever breaking the rhythm of his hard strokes.

    "Don't hold it!" I screeched. "You're not supposed to hold it... you're supposed to fuck my cunt full of your hot load... shoot it in, Honey. CUM INSIDE KAREN'S HOT CUNT, LOVER!"

    I felt his rod jerk hard... then contract in a huge spasm. The rapidly increasing lubrication inside my vagina told me he was shooting in thick streams of sperm-filled semen. As his dick exploded again and again... each explosion douching my cunt with hot cum, I thought about not taking my birth control pills. That hot thought made me cum again as Craig emptied the last of his load inside my pulsing hole.

    I thought the sex was probably over for at least another hour, but again, Craig shocked me. After ten minutes, the viagra was doing its work and his cock was getting hard again. "Suck my cock, Karen. Get me hard as stone again. I want you on top this time."

    It only took me a few minutes to get Craig's dick back to full hardness. He was rigid... absolutely rigid! His prick was also thick, dripping with my pussy juices and saliva, and throbbing in anticipation of being back inside my pussy again.

    Straddling him in reverse cowgirl position, Craig wrapped his hand around his shaft and using it like a club, whacked my pussy several time sending shivers of delight surging through my clitoris.

    "Get on it, Karen. Fuck your hot cunt on my cock, Baby. DO IT!"

    I raised my ass, and Craig fitted his big cock into the gaping opening of my vagina. His hips surged upward at the same time as he pulled me down on his cock. It's entire length powered into my hole and banged against my cervix.

    "UUNNNGGHHHH!! Oh shit... you're so fucking hard!! So damn hard. FUCK ME! GIVE IT TO ME, STUD!"

    I came three more times before Craig emptied his balls into me a second time.

    An hour later, I was bent over the back of the couch with Craig's body pressed against me from behind. His hands were on my tits squeezing them as he slammed his erection into my stretched pussy. My mouth was wide open in a near continuous scream. I could no longer control my body. It seemed like my next orgasm would erupt even before the last one had ended.

    Right in the middle of one of my orgasms, he jerked his cock out of throbbing vagina. I was screaming at him to put it back in me when he put me on my back, shoved my legs up, and drove his hard spike into my ass. I had another orgasm as he ass fucked me.

    For the next two hours, Craig screwed me like a convict who hadn't had a woman in years. His shaft was throbbing as it moved in and out of my convulsing vagina. By the time his fifth or sixth load spewed into my cunt, my body was shuddering as I babbled like a sow being bred by enraged boar.

    After cumming 15 or 20 times on Craig’s hard cock and tongue, I felt guilty
    about having so much fun while my husband was home alone.

    At 8 PM, Craig and I got dressed. I gave him another viagra, and he swallowed it with a grin. When we left for dinner, all Craig would permit me to wear was a short skirt, tank top, and 4-inch heels... no bra and no panties.

    After dinner, he took me to a dance club where we spent an hour on the dance floor with my skirt pulled up exposing my ass and cunt. Before the hour was up, a dozen men had felt my ass and stroked my pussy as they danced close to us. The women were ever more daring. One of them pulled my skirt up to my waist and finger fucked me. "Keep her skirt up there, Honey," she said to Craig. "Saves time," she added.

    Before we fell into an exhausted sleep that night, Craig had screwed me two more times. Again, I had climaxed repeatedly in hard spastic contractions. At 2 AM, he called a halt. "We need to get some rest, Karen, if we're going to leave for Dallas ... " I was already asleep before Craig could finish the sentence.


    At 2 PM, after giving Craig another blue pill, we were on our way to Dallas and the sex club.

    "All right, tell me about this sex club you're taking me to, Honey. You said it's not really a swing club... so what is it?"

    "The membership is very exclusive... couples from 20 to 50, all rich. We're only getting to go because of the pass I have. As it was explained to me, there are a number of different areas of the mansion in which different erotic activities occur. Couples can swap partners if they wish, but the real difference, other than the high priced exclusive nature of the club, are all the young studs who are hired to please the women."

    "Wow. How many? How young? How big? ... cock-wise I mean."

    Craig laughed. "I know that's what you mean, Karen. They're between 18 to 30.. all with huge cocks. They always wear condoms unless the woman tells them to remove them. I was told there are usually 10 to 12 couples present and there are 20 or so studs to pleasure the women... along with their husbands or boyfriends, of course. Sound like fun or not? We can turn around and go back to my apartment if you prefer."

    "Let's see now. Do I want to go to an exclusive sex mansion with a rich clientele and many erotic playrooms and have 20 young studs pleasuring me along with you and probably some of the other husbands or lovers ... or... do I want to go back to your apartment? Is that what you're asking me, Lover?"

    "I guess it was a stupid question. Sorry. I'm usually sharper than that."


    It was close to 6 PM on Saturday. I estimated that my wife had been gone for over 24 hours now, and my cock had been hard a substantial fraction of that time. It was so fucking erotic to imagine what she was might be doing. My guess was that she had been fucked at least five times at this point. (I later learned just how pathetically low that estimate was.)

    The previous evening, I had gone out for fast food and had no stomach for another dinner like that. I also wanted company. Suddenly, my brain began to function, and I remembered that Karen had told me that after my slave weekend, I would probably have Ann's pussy available any time I wanted it. Well... I wanted it.

    On the second ring, I heard Ann's sultry voice. "Hi, Brian. I wondered if you would call."

    "Hi, Ann. How did you know it was me?"

    "Caller ID... great invention."

    "Yeah, but it could have been Karen. How did you know?"

    "Karen's out of town. If she were calling, she'd use her cell phone or a pay phone somewhere. It's your home number so it had to be you... simple."

    "You knew my wife was out of town?"

    "Yep. She told me at work on Friday. So... what's up... as if I didn't know," she giggled.

    "I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me."

    "Would love to! But Allen's home. Can't just run off and leave him. That wouldn't be the wifely thing to do."

    "Yeah. You're right. I was just hoping it might be his bowling or poker night or something."

    "Nope... he's home tonight. Listen, I'm cooking spaghetti with garlic bread and a nice Pinot Noir. I also have a cheesecake in the fridge. Why don't you come over and join us for dinner?"

    "Being a third wheel isn't a good idea, Ann. I doubt that Allen would enjoy having another man at his table. It would also make you uncomfortable, but thanks anyway."

    "You're wrong on both counts, Brian. First, it wouldn't make me uncomfortable... it would get me hot having my husband and my lover at my dinner table. You're also wrong about Allen. Just trust me. He'll be very happy to hear that you'll be joining us."

    "All right. Don't say I didn't warn you though. What time?"

    "7:30 work for you?"

    "Great! See you then. Anything I should bring?"

    "Just that big cock of yours. I'll bet it's been hard most of the weekend... right?"


    "Did you jack off much?"

    "No... not once. I wanted to, but it seemed too high schoolish."

    "Good! See you at 7:30. Lover."


    When Ann opened the front door for me at 7:30 PM sharp, I was surprised. She was beautiful as I expected, but instead of a sultry brunette, I was greeted by a sexy blonde.

    “I think you like the new me,” she said with a wide grin.

    “Love it. You look smoking hot as a sultry brunette. As a blonde, you look ravishingly beautiful and deliciously sexy. But why the change?”

    “Simple. Allen feels like he’s cheating with a hot blonde slut rather than fucking his wife. You wouldn’t believe how hard it gets him. Isn’t that right, Honey?”

    Allen was a little embarrassed, but he handled it well. “What can I say? Every time I look at her, I get hard.”

    Dinner was excellent, and Allen surprised me as much as seeing Ann as a blonde had. Except for a few company parties when he accompanied Ann, I had spent very little time with him. Now, I wondered why. He was highly intelligent and knowledgeable with a wide range of interests and hobbies that included sailing, golf, hunting, fishing, and probably some others. He was also a good listener paying close attention whenever Ann or I added something to the conversation. Best of all, he took obvious pride in his wife exhibiting no problems with her sexy attire. I really liked the guy.

    At 9:30 PM, I said, "Well, the evening has been great... fantastic dinner... wonderful conversation. I really appreciate your sharing your home and dinner with me Allen. Thanks. And thank you, Ann, for a great dinner. By the way, you look gorgeous tonight."

    "Where are you going that you have to leave so early?" Allen asked, obviously puzzled.

    "No place. Just home. I don't want to abuse my welcome."

    "That's sort of weird, Brian," Allen commented still puzzled. "Wouldn't you rather be in the company of a gorgeous woman like my wife than go home and sit in front of the TV alone?"

    "Well... if you put it like that, of course, I'd rather be here with the two of you, but I certainly don't want to overstay my welcome."

    "You won't. In fact, how about spending the night here. That beats a cold bed at home alone, don't you think?" Allen asked.

    I didn't know what to say. So I just nodded but remained silent to see what would happen next.

    "You know, Brian. I'm not the only one of us who has a gorgeous, hot wife. Karen is just drop-dead gorgeous and incredibly sexy."

    "You won't get an argument from me on that point," I said with a very pleased smile. "We're both very lucky men... a sensuous blonde and a sultry brunette... hard combination to beat."

    I had expected Ann to blush and say something like she wasn't all that sensuous. Instead, she just said, "Thank you, Brian. That's the sort of thing a woman loves to hear." Then she looked over at her husband. "Go on, Honey, tell him."

    "Tell me what?"

    Allen shrugged before saying, "I'd really love to fuck your wife, Brian."

    Now I'm essentially never at a loss for a words. In fact, I consider that to be one of my strongest points... I always have a gut feeling for the right thing to say at the right moment as well as when to remain silent. But I was totally at sea over Allen's statement. Finally, I decided to just state the obvious.

    "Most men want to fuck Karen... just like most men want to fuck Ann. But that's really up to her, not me."

    Now Ann spoke up. "No. Not really, Brian. It's really up to you because Karen's already decided."

    "How so?"

    "Allen's already fucked your wife twice, Brian. So she's decided."

    Quickly, I recalled Karen's list of men she had fucked since we've been married. Allen Morrison's name wasn't on that list. It was on the second list of men she wanted to fuck. "When?" I asked.

    "Let's see. The first of the month was a Friday. You play golf on Saturday, so the first time was last Saturday while you were out on the golf course. Karen came over here, and my sexy husband fucked both of us. When he needed a rest, we pleasured each other with our dildoes, strap-ons and our tongues."

    I didn't know if I was supposed to get mad or what. Then I realized my cock was hard ... really hard! So, I said, "I assume Karen must have enjoyed it?"

    "Well, your wife came over a dozen times in a couple of hours, so I would say that's a safe conclusion, Brian."

    "And the second time?"

    Now Allen answered. "Last Tuesday afternoon. I called Karen, and she left work early. I picked her up in the company parking lot in my SUV. We drove out to the lake, parked, and got in the back. I had put the seats down and tossed in a small mattress. There really a lot of room in the back of an SUV," he said with a soft smile.

    "Well... what is there for me to decide? It seems that my wife has already decided as you say."

    "You decide if we can do it openly without having to sneak around, Brian. Like tonight. Don't you want to fuck me? I'd love to have both of you... shit! I'm dripping just thinking about it."

    I thought for a couple of seconds and said to Allen, "Is it Ok if I fuck your wife tonight?"

    "Absolutely! I thought you'd never ask. You ok with a threesome or do you have a hang-up over touching another man?"

    "To tell the truth, I've never done it, Allen. All I can say is my dick is hard as stone right now just thinking about it."

    "That's what I like to hear," Ann gushed. "I'm going to change into something more appropriate. You guys talk about something sexy while I'm gone. By the way, we're all sleeping together tonight. I get the middle of the bed." Ann giggled and ran to her bedroom.

    After Ann had left, Allen asked, "Are you angry that I fucked Karen behind your back? She was just too much woman for me to resist."

    "No... not angry... just hard. I've never screwed her in the back seat of a car. Was she good fuck at the lake?"

    "Does the sun rise in the east? She was a dynamite fuck! We were parked at the lake for two hours. I think I fucked her three times, and she came 10, 12, 15 times... who knows."

    "Every hole?"

    "Yeah... every hole. She seemed to cum just as hard when I had it in her ass as when I was banging her pussy. Now it's my turn to ask some questions... Ok?"


    "I'm pretty certain that you've fucked Ann before, but she hasn't told me you have. Have you screwed her?"

    Over the next ten minutes, I told him about my slavery weekend with Ann and Karen.

    "JEZZ!! You think your cock is hard. I'm so fucking hard, it feels like it may break off. That's the hottest thing I've ever heard."

    "It's a good thing you think so, Allen, because I'm pretty sure that you're next on the slavery list the next time I have an out of town trip."

    At this point, Ann came back into the den. To say she was wearing something sexy would be equivalent to saying the Grand Canyon is a really big ditch. All she had on was an open-crotch, wide mesh, body stocking with two small straps over her shoulders and a pair of five-inch black heels. If that wasn't hot enough, she had the straps pulled down and both tits bared.

    "I hope you guys are ready, because my pussy is on fire!" she hissed. "I want both of your cocks in me at the same time all night long. Here... take these." She handed both Allen and I a blue viagra pill. We both smiled and pointed to our rigid erections as if to say we didn't need any viagra.

    "Don't you two go macho on me," Ann ordered in a non-nonsense voice. "I know you're both hard as iron right now, and I want you to stay that way most of the night. Now take the damn pills or I'll go lock myself in the bedroom and the two of you can jack each other off or whatever."

    As we both swallowed the pills with a sip of coffee, I said, "I don't think you would have locked your self in the bedroom if we had refused, Ann."

    "Maybe not, but the two of you ought to know better than to make a hot, available woman mad. Men who do that need to be colored stupid."

    "We know, Darling," Allen said. "That's why we took the pills. Now come here you hot bitch. We're going to fuck your brains out."

    While I was busy eating Ann's pussy, Allen spread out a mattress on the den floor. "Ooohhhh, Honey. Brian's making your wife cummmmmm.... aaahhhhh... lick me, Stud. My clit... my clit... yesss... like that ...aaahhhhhhhh... fuck... fuck... cumming!"

    After that, we switched back and forth between positions. Ann did anything we told her to do. After 30 minutes, she was groaning continuously as she shuddered from one intense climax into another one.

    At one point, she was sucking my cock and taking it into her throat while she rode Allen cowgirl. We had both already fucked her ass so he was having no problems switching back and forth between her widely stretched anus and her throbbing pussy. With my eight-inch dick buried in her throat, Ann couldn't speak. All she could do was make unintelligible sounds around my shaft and grunt as her husband pounded both her cunt and ass holes.

    Later we switched positions, and Ann's ass slid up and down my cock in reverse cowgirl position while she deep throated her husband’s dick.

    "Pull her legs back, Brian," Allen groaned as his cock disappeared into his wife's mouth and throat. "Pull them back so I can see your cock sinking into my wife's hot ass."

    Just before we left the den for the master bedroom, Ann was riding Allen's dick while she bent over and fed him her tits. I moved behind her and drilled her ass hole with my eight-inch shaft.

    Ann slept between us that night and we didn't allow her to get to sleep until the wee hours of the morning. We had each taken another blue pill and our cocks stayed rigid and demanding hour after hour. As soon as she would fall asleep, one of us would mount her, and the fucking would start again.

    When we awoke Sunday morning, we both fucked her individually twice before taking her out for a late breakfast. Naturally, she was naked under her dress.

    On the way home, Ann and I were in the back seat at Allen's suggestion. "It's only fair," he said. "I fucked your wife in the back seat of this SUV. So, you should get to do the same with Ann."

    The drive home took normally took 15 minutes, but with Allen driving very slowly, it lasted 25 minutes. Ann's heels were up in the air jerking back and forth during the entire trip. Allen kept telling us about truck drivers who were watching me fuck her. Every time he did that, Ann's cunt contracted in hard spasms around my dick as she came again.

    As soon as we got back to their house, the three of us ran for their master bedroom where Allen and I each screwed his wife three more times before she had exhausted us. Some time after noon, I dragged myself out of bed, took a shower, and got dressed. Just before I left, I leaned over the bed and kissed Ann again, which was sort of difficult because she couldn't stop moaning from the fucking Allen was giving her.

    Ann’s clit and vagina convulsed in repeated orgasms as Brian
    and Allen screwed her continuously for almost 24 hours.


    The interior of the club was dark... very dark. You could hardly see your hand in front of your face. I was nervous, but excited... very excited... as I had been ever since we had left earlier that afternoon.

    It had been more than a four-hour drive to reach the secluded mansion that was about 30 miles from downtown Dallas. The large iron gates guarding the driveway up to the mansion were guarded by two large men. I wondered if they were armed.

    Upon showing the proper identification and our invitation, the men stepped back from our car, and the massive iron gates swung open. As we stepped onto the portico, the front door opened for us without us even ringing the bell. A butler in a formal tuxedo took our coats and ushered us through a locked door.

    On the other side, there was a long hallway with doors leading off on each side. Each door was labeled with a lighted sign to make it visible in the dim light. The sign on the first door to the right said "Unseen Lovers".

    "That sounds really erotic," I whispered to Craig. "Can we try that?"

    "Whatever you want, Karen. If it's not something you enjoy, let me know, and we'll leave. It looks like there are quite a few rooms in the place."

    The entryway to "Unseen Lovers" was a double door with a separating black curtain to prevent the light from the hallway from momentarily illuminating the interior of the room. As soon as we entered, we heard multiple women moaning, gasping, and shrieking. Their moans were interspersed with the lower-pitched sounds of rutting males and the thuds of their bodies against the women.

    The place was dark... very dark. There were people around us but it was so dark there was no way to see them. I felt hands on my back. Initially, I pulled away, but in just a few moments, the hands returned and began to slowly stroke me... first my belly... then upward to my breasts where they paused until they had gotten both of tits out of my dress. I gasped when I felt a mouth close over each nipple. Other hands from unseen men were on my back working their way down to my ass. Someone had their hands on my leg slowly moving higher and higher until I felt them beneath my skirt on my thighs.

    The hands on my tits were now squeezing them... kneading them as the two mouths suctioned each nipple hard causing it swell and throb. The hand on my ass moved downward to the hem of my skirt, slipped beneath it, and then quickly returned to my ass.

    "Oh god, Craig. They're all over me... oohhh... ooohhh.. mmmmmm.... this is so fucking hot and erotic... aaaahhhhh... I love it... oh my god... I love it!"

    "What are they doing now?"

    "I've got a mouth on each of my nipples... a hand under my skirt on my ass and pussy, and another hand sliding up my thighs under my skirt. Someone is kissing my neck. I think there's five guys working on .... aaahhhhhh... mmmmmmmm... mmmmmmmm."

    "What's happening now?" No response. "What's happening?" Craig repeated. This time a soft, masculine voice responded.

    "She can't answer you right now. She's being kissed...hard and deep. The tongue is deep inside her mouth. I’m spreading your wife’s legs now… mmmm… I can smell her cunt. Her panties are soaked."

    "Is she all right? Are you all right, Karen?"

    No response. Craig repeated the question. This time an excited female voice answered him. "Don't worry, Darling. She's fine... she's just being pleasured in ways she's never felt before... This room is ... ggghhhaaaaaaa... uunngghhh... oooohhh yesssss... do meeeeeeeee... don't stop... please... don't stop... uunnghhhhh."

    "What are they doing to you? What?"

    "Uummmm... same as they're ... aaaahhhh ooohhh...ooohhhh... same as they're going to do to your wife... uunnghhhh... ooohhh gawd… someone is fucking me ... oohhh fuck... I'm gonna cummm!"

    "Where are you Karen? Where are you?"

    "Over here, Craig. On the couch... over ... aaahhhhhhhh... uummmmmmm..."

    I felt hands feeling around... finally they touched my shoulder. "Is that you, Craig?"

    "Yes... it's me. Are you all right?"

    "Ooohhh god, yes. I'm close to cumming... can we stay here for awhile. Do you mind?"

    "Hell no. I'm hard as stone listening to all these women moaning. What are they doing to you now?"

    "ooohhh... mmmmmmm... my tits... my tits are out... aaaahhhhhh... skirt is off... unnggh... Oh my god! Someone's pulling down my panties!" AAHH! AAHH! AAHH! AAHH!"

    "What now? What?"

    "Fingers on my pussy... uunnmmmmm... in my pussy... aaahhhh.. god.. they in me... finger fucking meeeeeeeeee... My nipples feel like they're on fire... they're sucking them sooo hard. Hands and mouths are all over me… Oh god… someone pushing his fingers into my ass! OOoohhhh god! Never.. ever ... felt anything... aaaahhhhhhh... aaahhhhhhhh... like this!"

    "How many are doing you?"

    "Four, I think. Maybe five... six… can't tell ... hands all over me... uummm... tongues are licking my nipples… my clit… OOOHHHH FUCK... GGGHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!"


    "I'm being sucked... tongue on my clit... aaaahhhhh ooohhhh fuck... uunnghhh! How can they see me? It's pitch dark?"

    An excited female voice answered. "They have night vision glasses on, Honey. Infrared. They can see you... but you can't see them."

    "What will they do? How far will they go?"

    "They'll do every thing, unless you tell them to stop."

    "How many... ooohhhhhhhh god... my panties are off... I'm naked ... just my heels now... aaaahhhhh... Someone is holding my legs apart… OOOHHH! HE'S SUCKING MY CLIT!!!"

    "Come Honey. Come for them," the woman urged.

    "Yeah! Cum, Karen. Cum hard!" Craig ordered.


    "Your wife is cumming," the woman whispered in Craig's ear. Hard. Listen to her screech and howl. Not surprising with four of five hot studs working on her."

    "OOohhh god... ooohhhh fuck... this is driving me crazy... OOOHHHH SHIT... UUNNGGGHHH!"

    "What now?" Craig asked.

    "One of them's fucking my ass. UUNNGGHH! He's huge! AAaaahhhh shit... go easy... mmmmmm.. mmmmm..."

    "Did he stop?"

    "Yes… someone's squirting lubricant on my ass now... spreading my cheeks... ooohhhh god... this is so hot and dirty. I’m being held open, Craig."

    "What's being held open?"

    "My ass... someone's holding my ass open... and UUGGH! UUNNGGH! UUNNGGHH! AAAAHHHH! A cock's going into my ass... uunngghhh.. he's pushing harder... HE'S IN ME!! FUCKING MEE! HE'S FUCKING MY ASS, CRAIG! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... HARDER.. HARDER... FUCK ME HARDER YOU BASTARD!"

    "He's pulling me back on top of him now, Craig... his cock is all the way up my ass, Honey... he pumping me. Oh god. Another man is pulling my legs up in the air... spreading me."

    "What about your tits?"

    "Still being sucked... hard... every time they suck them hard, it's making my pussy throb, Honey. Ooohhh fucking shit... someone else is putting his cock into my cunt... I feel him... aaaahhhhhhhhhh... IT'S GOING IN! OOOHHH... He's in me, Craig. His prick is in my cunt... he's pushing in more cock... unnnghhh.. more cock... more... more... aaaahhhhhhhhh... his balls are bouncing off my ass. I'm being double fucked, Craig... ooohhhh god... I'm cumming again!"

    I couldn't stop wailing and moaning. I did stop giving Craig a play-by-play accounting of what these hot guys were doing to me and just concentrated on enjoying it and having as many orgasms as I could. Some guy now had his tongue on my clit while I was taking cock up both my cunt and ass.

    I felt a cock pushing against my lips and opened my mouth to let him put it in. He was wearing a lubricated condom whose taste I didn't like. It wasn't unpleasant but it didn't taste like a man's cock... and I liked the taste of cock. "Take off the damn rubber," I hissed. "Take it off!"

    Immediately, the penis inside my mouth withdrew as did the dicks up my ass and cunt. My mouth fucker returned a moment later... this time with his cock bare and throbbing. He was about seven and half inches... thick. I had no trouble taking him all the way into my throat.

    "Oommpppffff... Ooommmppfff," was all I could say with the dick in my mouth when I felt my cunt fucker putting his dick back inside my pussy. I could tell that he was now fucking me bareback having thought that I was telling him to take off the condom. A third bare cock sank into my rectum and began fucking me. I wanted to tell them to put the condoms back on but with my mouth full of cock, I couldn't.

    A moment later, I didn't want them to change a thing as the tongue working on my clit made explode in an intense third orgasm.

    It only took the two men in my pussy and ass a few more minutes to ejaculate inside me. Now semihard... they withdrew.

    Apparently, word passed that there was hot, throbbing cunt and ass that needed filling because my holes hadn't been empty for more than a minute before another stud mounted me and drove his sex spike up my gushing vagina... again... no condom. He turned me over ... someone spread my ass... and another man entered me with his bare cock.

    Before Craig pulled me to my feet nearly an hour later and we left the "Unseen Lovers" room, several of the men had jacked off all over me and I had five cum loads in my pussy and at least that many in my ass. I had also taken two in my mouth so that those two loads were now safely pooled in my belly.

    In the pitch dark, I had no chance to find my clothes, so I was naked except for my heels when Craig led me back to the hallway. He wanted to know how many cocks had fucked me and how many times I had cum. I knew the answer to the last question but not the first. Four or five men had been working on me constantly when we were in the room, but I knew they had switched off ... particularly when one of them would shoot his load. So I didn't know the total number... many 10... maybe 12… maybe more.


    Craig's cock was, of course, hard as iron again. With the viagra and listening to me being fucked and sucked for an hour, there was no way he could not get hard.

    "I need to fuck you, Karen... really bad. My cock is beginning to hurt I've been hard for so long. The Couples Room is right down the hall. Let's go there so I can get into you."

    Unfortunately for Craig, I had just noticed the sign on another door, "Fucking Machines". "Can you wait just a little longer, Honey. I'd love to see these things for real. I've seen them on porn videos but never for real. Wouldn't you like to see some of these machines for real... working on a woman and making her cum so hard she almost faints from the pleasure? Come on. Let's just take a quick look."

    As soon as we entered the room, we heard several women who were hooked up to various machines shrieking and groaning. In every case, each women was desperately thrusting herself at the machine trying to get the pumping phallus deeper inside her convulsing pussy or ass. Some of the women were in bondage while being fucked by a machine with one of the young studs holding vibrator against her clit. Female shrieks, howls, and wild moans filled the room.

    On the far side of the room, two naked women and third woman who was close to naked were bent over a table with a fucking machine behind each woman. The three machines were ramming large dildoes into their cunts while they frantically rubbed their clits with a hand between their thighs. They were cumming again and again, shrieking each time their vaginas throbbed around the pumping dildoes.

    "Hot isn't it?" came the voice at the same time as one hand cupped my naked tits and the other slipped between my swollen labia and began rubbing my erect clit. The young blonde guy working on me appeared to be about 20. His condom-sheathed cock was hard and big... about eight and half inches of thick man meat. He was pressing it into the crack of my ass while his fingers worked their magic on my clit and tits.

    "I've never seen anything like it," I gasped, my eyes locked onto a sliver-haired blonde bent over with her ass high and her head on the couch. Her pussy was spurting again and again as the two machines pumped her. The thick shaft plunging in and out of her cunt was attached to a fucking machine that was obviously on a "high" setting judging from the speed with which it was fucking her.

    Another one of the young studs stood behind the blonde holding a second machine with a slightly smaller dildo that was sinking in and out of her ass. If that wasn't enough, she was working a vibrator over her erupting clitoris. She grunted... then howled as she spurted again.

    Without even realizing it, my hips began thrusting right along with the blonde's. She was humping her pussy on the dildo; I was humping mine on the young stud's fingers. After a few minutes, he withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his huge cock bringing shrieks of pleasure from my lips. My hips went into overdrive as he fucked me with hard, rapid strokes into my wide open cunt.

    Over a dozen women were screaming and squirting as their vaginas and clits convulsed.
    Unlike a man, the machines never tired. They just continued to fuck
    the women into one orgasm after another.

    "Want to try it?" the guy asked as he continued to pump his shaft into my cum-filled cunt. "Might be your last chance for a long time." He stroked my clit as he said it causing me to groan and thrust myself back and forth on his engorged shaft.

    "Do you mind, Craig? We'll skip it and go onto the couples room if you want."

    The stud fucking me and caressing my clit turned to Craig, "You really need to let her try it, Man. Don't worry, she'll cum in less than a couple of minutes. Even if she stays on the machine until she gets off three or four times, you'll be on your way to the couples room in less than 10 minutes."

    The guy carried me over to a vacant machine with my legs wrapped around his waist and his cock pistoning in and out of my vagina.

    “Oohh god… you’re so fucking big and hard,” I moaned. “Fuck me, Stud… fuck me hard and make me cum.’

    “I intend to… I love the feel of your cum-filled pussy. Can I remove my condom and cum inside you?”

    For an answer, my legs squeezed his body even more tightly into my sex saddle. “Pull your cock out of my pussy, Lover. Hurry!”

    With his hands beneath my ass, he lifted my hips and slipped his throbbing rod out of my vagina. Reaching down, I circled my hand around his cock and jerked the condom off. Once I had his cock bare, I moved it to the opening of my eager vagina. “Now, Lover. Fuck me and cum in me,” I groaned in his ear.

    His ass snapped forward driving eight inches of thick cock into me. I moaned as it filled me. A moment later I was howling as the young stud jack hammered his prick in and out of my like one of the fucking machines.

    I howled even louder when my orgasm surged through my tightly plugged cunt. I felt the guy’s cock jerk and throb inside me as thick jets of semen were pumped into my hole. Craig began to jack off when he saw the cum load spurting from my pussy.

    The guy continued to move back and forth inside me until my orgasm ebbed. At that point, he told me to lie back in the chair and spread my legs wide open. I was already naked and with the six or seven cum loads that had been pumped into me, he didn't even need to lubricate my vagina for the machine.

    "We call this one the "Detonator" because it literally detonates a woman's cunt. See how thick the cock is. It's really gonna ram your cunt, Honey. While the Detonator is pumping your pussy, hold this electric vibrator against your clit. You won't believe how hard you cum. Move your ass right up to the edge of the chair so I can get the machine's cock into your pussy."

    I followed instructions and when he was satisfied with my position, he handed me a large, hand-held vibrator. "Use this on your clit. Turn it to the high setting. I'm going to start the Detonator on "slow" and then gradually speed it up. You'll cum and squirt in a couple of minutes."

    He turned to Craig and motioned him over. "You want to get really close and watch this, Man. Your wife's cunt is just going t explode on this machine. Watch."

    Turning the vibrator to "high", I put it against my clit. Instantly, my clit and vagina contracted in a hard spasm. Moving the vibe over my throbbing clit, the contractions started coming faster and harder. Then, the Detonator was turned on and the thick dildo began to fuck my cunt.

    "Oohhh.. uunngghh... ooohhhh gawd damn! aaahhhhh... Oh shit, Craig. It's driving me crazy... aaahhhhhhhhh... uunngghh!"

    The young stud jacked the Detonator to medium. Instantly, the thick phallus began plunging in and out of my cunt harder and faster. The head of the dildo was now hitting against my cervix on every stroke.


    When the Detonator was put on high speed, the dildo flashed in and out of my hole with hard, deep strokes. I howled and grunted as it rammed into me... my clit and vagina erupted in hard repeated contractions ... just literally detonating on the Detonator.

    My pussy was still quivering and pulsing in the throes of my intense orgasm when the young stud pulled the dildo out of my vagina, squirted some lube onto my anus, and pushed it into my rear hole. Again, the machine began to fuck me. Now it was driving deep inside my ass as I mashed the vibrator hard against my twitching, wildly excited clitoris. I didn't even last the two minutes the guy had predicted. Arching my hips... the muscles in my thighs and belly knotted... my cunt slammed shut causing me squirt high into the air in a stream thicker than any man would shoot even when he had his most intense ejaculation. I couldn't stop screaming.


    As soon as my orgasm abated, Craig was all over me. He pulled me to my feet and hustled me down the hallway to the Couples Room. I expected the room to be dimly lit like "Unseen Lovers", but it was just the opposite... very well lighted with excellent visibility. The room was obviously intended to accommodate those who liked to watch.

    There were four other couples present along with 7 of the young studs hired by the sex club. Two of the seven were busy fucking one of the women. In one case, the woman was sucking her husband or boyfriend while the hired stud fucked her doggy. In the other case, the husband was jacking off as he watched his wife being screwed.

    Each of the four couples occupied a couch by themselves leaving two couches vacant. Craig immediately led me toward one of the vacant couches, but I held back shaking my head.

    "What's the matter?" he wanted to know.

    "I'd rather join that couple. There's plenty of room and that gives you two pussies and me two cocks. Sound good?"

    Craig understood the force of my logic immediately, and we climbed onto the couch with the other couple. It didn't take Craig more than 10 seconds to get me on my back. His dick was totally rigid with lust. The head was swollen and purple with a steady stream of fluid trickling from the tip. He mounted me, aligned his cock with my opening, and nailed his rod into my cunt.

    "UUMMmmmmm... yessss... Baby. Fuck Me! Fuck your hot slut, Lover. Bang it in... hard... deep... shoot me full of hot cum!"

    As hot as he was and as hard and fast as he was fucking me, it felt like I was still hooked up to one of the fucking machines in the previous room. Craig drove my ass deep into the cushions of the couch on every stroke, and on every stroke, he grunted like an enraged bull.

    "Take it, you hot cunt! Take it! OOohhhh... god... I'm cumming... I'm already cumming!! Take it! Take my load!"

    Locking my arms about his neck and my thighs and feet about his hips and legs, I pulled him hard against my body as his dick convulsed in a series of hard spasms that pumped jet after jet of semen into me.

    "Give it to her, Sweetie. Nail the bitch's pussy, Honey," the woman beside us on the couch urged. The man with her yelled, "Spread the slut wide open, Man! Flood her cunt!"

    I gasped in return... "Ooohhhh god... he's doing it! He fucking the shit out of my pussy .... ahhhh... he's cumming... he shooting a huge load... aaahhh... give it to me, Craig!"

    When Craig finally lifted himself off my body and pulled his dick out, it was still hard... still throbbing. "My god... look at his cock," the woman beside us gasped. "He's still hard after putting a huge load into her. Come over here, Honey. Stick that hard dick up my cunt next."

    Craig looked at me for approval. "You heard the slut, Honey. She wants your big cock up her cunt. Give it to her. Fuck her slutty ass off," I said in answer to his unspoken question.

    As Craig moved over to the other woman, her husband moved between my legs. I thought he was going to fuck me... instead he pressed his mouth to my cum-filled vagina and began to suck out Craig's load along with those the other men had shot into me. Alternating between sucking the semen out of my cunt and licking it up with his tongue, he had me quivering on the brink of another climax in just minutes.

    For a moment, my concentration was broken by his wife's shrill cries as she climaxed on Craig's tongue. Looking over, we saw that he had her bent almost double and was licking both her clitoris and asshole ... back and forth. Her husband began sucking hard on my clit while stroking it with his tongue and in less than a minute, I was shrieking just loudly as his wife.

    My vagina was still quivering from my hard orgasm when he pulled me on top of his body with my back against his chest. "Ride it, Honey. Get that hot pussy on my cock and ride me!" He ordered.

    Stuffing his dick up my wet hole, I sank down taking his entire length up my pussy. Beside us, Craig still had his wife bent double licking her clit. Her entire body was shaking as she came again.

    "Fuck her, Craig," the guy nailing my pussy yelled. "Spread her wide open and fuck the shit out of her!" he urged as his cock speared me again and again, each stroke thudding hard against my cervix. "I'm about to make your wife cum again, Craig. Stick your cock in Brenda's fuck hole and let's make them cum together."

    Craig flipped the moaning woman onto her back, pulled her ass up onto the arm of the couch, placed her foot up on his shoulder and pressed his hard shaft against the opening to Brenda's cunt. "RAM IT INTO HER, CRAIG!" her husband shouted.



    With both of us screaming like hot whores, neither man could last very long. Grant pumped his load into me first. Less than minute later Grant's wife got her cunt filled with a thick load of Craig's sperm-filled semen.

    Both of their cocks were shot down for the moment. Left without a hard cock to pleasure our pussies, Brenda and I spread out on two of the other, now vacant, couches. I steepled one knee and let the other leg drape off the side of the couch as I began to thrust my pussy up and down in simulated fuck motions. After a minute, I began finger fucking myself while continuing to hump my ass high off the couch.

    On the other couch, Brenda was on all fours with her knees wide apart and her ass pointed toward the other couples. She lowered her head to the couch, thrust a hand between her thighs, and spread her cunt wide open.

    We didn't have to wait more than a minute before we were both mounted by one of the young studs hired to pleasure the women. As expected, both of them had thick, long pricks that were hard and ready. The sank them into our cunts all the way to their balls on the first thrust. Brenda and I groaned in unison. I came twice and I think Brenda got off three times before the two men ejaculated and filled their condoms.

    Grant and Craig had watched us being fucked and were again hard when the studs finished fucking us. "Get over here and suck us off," Craig ordered. I ended up sucking off Grant while Brenda did Craig. Both men came in our mouths, and neither of us missed a drop.


    The trip home from Dallas was anticlimactic. Frankly, I was worried about Brian and leaving him home alone for an entire weekend even if it was to fulfill his gift request. I forgot about my worries, however, when Craig pulled into the parking lot of a Best Western motel.

    "Don't you ever get enough, you hot Stud?"

    "Of your pussy... no chance, Baby."

    "You know I told my husband that I'd be back from visiting my sister by mid-afternoon, don't you?"

    "I know. Don't worry. It's only a two-hour drive from here. We'll make it easily."

    "Mmmmm... I hope so. I would hate having to explain to Brian ... mmmmmmm... why I'm several hours... aaahhh... late."

    "Like that?"

    "You know I like that, Lover."

    "How about this?"

    "Oooohhhh god!"

    "What part of the sex club did you like best, Karen?"

    "Probably the Unseen Lovers room... please... uuummmm."

    "Please what?"

    "Go faster... fuck my ass a little faster, Honey."

    "Like this? or maybe.... like this?"

    "AAaahhhh... yesss!"

    "How many times do you think you got off at the club, Karen?"

    "AHH! AHH! AHH!"

    "How many, Karen?"

    "OOohhhh please... I'm about to cum... fuck me harder... please... harder... FINISH ME!"

    "How many?" Craig demanded as he stopped the motion of his hips.

    "Damn you! Don't stop... please... Don't stop!"

    "How many?"

    "25 or 30 times... I couldn't stop... Now finish me, you Bastard or you'll never get into me again."


    Anniversary Presents:

    The following two months were filled with delicious, erotic, and very satisfying sex and love making for Brian and me. Hardly a day ever passed without one of us initiating some kind of hot, erotic sex play with the other. When I was in the kitchen fixing dinner or breakfast, I was always in a constant state of heat wondering if Brian was going to bend me over the sink or fuck me on the kitchen table before I got the meal prepared.

    It was the same way even when we were at work. One Tuesday afternoon, Brian came by my office supposedly to discuss some software the marketing department needed. It took him 15 minutes to explain how the new software he had written for us worked and give me a tutorial on its use. It took him another 45 minutes to fuck me twice. The first time, he bent me over my desk like a hot slut with my dress up around my waist and my panties halfway down my thighs. I had to press my face into a small sofa cushion to muffle my screams of hot pleasure as his thick eight-inch dick rammed my hot pussy.

    The second time, he put me on my back on my desk, finished removing my panties, slotted his tongue in my slit, and began licking my clit as he sucked his own load out of my vagina. Again, I had to use the sofa cushion. I had had several orgasms on his tongue before he took me a second time as my high heels flailed the air high over his back. When he finally left, my cunt was again full of thick male juices.

    One Sunday, we were playing golf together. As usual, the game was fiercely competitive. On the 15th hole, a long par five hole with dense woods lining the right side of the fairway, I shanked my second shot far to the right into the woods. Brian was stunned as he had never seen me hit such a terrible shot. In fact, he commented that he had never seen me shank a shot before. Graciously, he offered to let me take a mulligan on the shot, but I declined insisting that we go look for my ball as I might have a playable lie. After five minutes of searching, Brian said, "I think it's hopeless, Karen. We're never going to find your ball in here."

    "Come over here, Honey. I've found something," I called out.

    "Where are you?"

    "Over to your right... further into the woods."

    When Brian found me a minute later, I was stark naked, bent over with my ass thrusting out while I supported myself with my hands braced against a large tree trunk. I wiggled my ass and said, "I can't find my ball, Honey. I thought you might let me play with your balls." My husband generously allowed me to reach between my thighs and play with his balls as he demonstrated the use of his big club in my hot pussy.

    I finished the round sans bra and panties and with his hot load running down my thighs for the last three holes. As we enjoyed a beer in the club house later, a half dozen men were staring at my unrestrained tits and the streams of semen that were still trickling down my legs. Brian was grinning broadly, and I was flushing with pride that I had my man so turned on.

    "You shanked that shot deliberately, didn't you?" he whispered.


    "Oh damn! I love you!"


    Following my trip to Dallas with Craig and Brian's hot evening with Allen and Ann, the four of us agreed to an open, swinging relationship. At least once a week, either Brian and I would spend the night at the Morrison house or they would spend the night with us. Sometimes we paired off separately. On other occasions, we partied together either in the den or in one of the bedrooms. We always slept together in a large king-sized bed. When Ann had her period, Allen would always spend the night with Brian and I. Sometimes, Ann would also join us and the guys would use her ass. When I had my period, it was just the opposite.

    On the first of the month following my trip to Dallas, Brian selected one of my gift requests from my box. By this time, I had eight or nine envelopes in the box and was always on pins and needles wondering which one he was going to select. The next day, he was chuckling at the breakfast table. "What's so funny?" I demanded to know.

    "Just your request. This coming Saturday night, you'll find out if I'm going to grant it or not. Not until then though."

    "Oh come on. Tell me. Please. I know you're going to grant it."

    "True, but you don't know what it is that I'm going to grant... And you won't know until Saturday evening."

    For the entire week, Brian had me wildly curious. Every night, I was fucking him senseless trying to persuade him to tell me. On Thursday night, I tried a different tactic. When Brian began kissing me as we watched a movie on DVD, I shook my head and said, "No way, Baby. Not unless you tell me what's planned for Saturday night."

    "That's blackmail," he protested.

    "Yep! Pure blackmail. No pussy for you unless you tell me. So fess up."

    I was shocked when he refused to tell me... really shocked. When we went to bed, Brian just kissed me tenderly, said good night, and rolled over and went to sleep. An hour later, I was still wide awake. I couldn't stop wondering what erotic surprise Brian had planned for Saturday night. After another 30 minutes, my pussy was a soaked swamp. I shook my husband's shoulder. No response. I shook it again. This time, he rolled over and asked, "Something wrong?"

    "I'm hot," I moaned.



    After the way I had treated him, I expected my husband to turn me down. Instead, he spent the next two hours making delicious love to me bringing me repeatedly to deep, satisfying orgasms. When he ejaculated inside me for the third time, I came with him. After that, we fell asleep with his penis inside my still soaked, but now deeply satisfied, vagina.

    On Saturday night, I was both nervous and excited. After dinner, Brian gave me a box bearing the logo of Victoria's Secret. "Go the bedroom and put these on," he instructed. "Just the stuff in the box... nothing else."

    When I opened the box in our bedroom, I was surprised to find nothing but a garter belt, thigh-high stockings, and a pair of five-inch, CFM heels. My husband whistled his appreciation when I returned wearing nothing both those items.

    "I gather you plan to fuck me tonight, right?" I asked with a seductive grin.

    "Yep. But maybe not exactly what you think. Follow me."

    Brian led the way to our exercise room/spa combination. When we entered, I saw that several of the exercise machines had been pushed to one side. In their place stood two fucking machines... the Detonator and a Sybian. I had requested the Detonator as my gift. My sexy husband had doubled my request.

    For the next 30 minutes, Brian had me hooked to the Detonator. I just couldn't stop screaming as my pussy and clit erupted repeatedly in hard, intense orgasms. My hot husband was video taping every climax, recording every groan, and zooming in on my pussy each time I came. After a half hour, he took me off the machine and gave me a short robe to put on. At least, it was sufficiently long to cover my ass and my garter straps. He then took me out to a club for drinks and dancing. I was practically naked and every guy in the place knew it. Before we left, I had an orgasm without anyone even touching my pussy.

    Once we were home, Brian led me back to the exercise room and this time, he had me riding the Sybian for another half hour. The intense vibrations of the phallus in my vagina and the surging knob pressing against my clitoris had me screaming over and over. I just couldn't stop cumming. Brian put me on the Detonator again for 10 minutes and then back to the Sybian for an equal time before he carried me to our bedroom, undressed me, and snuggled up against me beneath the warm covers.

    Naturally, his cock was rigid with lust, but he made no move to fuck me. "Aren't you going to fuck me?" I asked in confusion. "Your cock feels like a iron shaft against me."

    "Frankly, I'm a little intimidated by those two machines. I can't match their unrelenting stamina, and I figured that you've had about as much fucking as you can take for one night."

    "You're intimidated?? The hottest stud any woman ever had for a husband? That is ridiculous. Those machines make me cum hard... just like a woman gets off hard on her vibrator, but they're no substitute for this... NO WAY!" I said as I emphasized my words by squeezing and fondling my husband's iron-hard cock. "Put it in me and see how fast it makes cum, Lover."

    Over the next hour, Brian put the machines to shame. By the time his third load was pooled in the bottom of my cunt, I was a quivering mass of female fuck meat.


    On our anniversary, we had agreed that we would each draw out a gift envelope. This time, we also decided to open and read the requests as soon as we had drawn them out of the boxes. Brian's request was a four-day vacation to Jamaica with me as his sex slave for the entire four days. His request went into great detail about all the erotic things I could expect... these included a chastity belt with vibrators in both my cunt and ass, visits to nude beaches during which I would be forbidden to close my legs, night club visits bare breasted, bi-encounters with other women, threesomes, foursomes, and perhaps a gang bang.

    "Well?" he asked after I read his letter aloud.

    "Well, when do we leave?" I responded with a smile.

    "You're Ok will all those things?" he asked, obviously both surprised and pleased.

    "I think they sound hot... incredibly hot. I can't even imagine how hard and how many times I would cum with vibrators up my pussy and ass while I'm locked in a chastity belt. It's making me wet just thinking about it, Honey."

    "What about the nude beach and not being permitted to close your legs?"

    "Oohhhh god... you're gonna make me cum right here at the table, Darling. Do you think anyone will actually fuck me on the beach when I can't close my legs?"

    "I'm sure of it."

    "How many men do you think will use me like that?"

    "Hard to say. If we spend two hours on the beach with your legs wide open... maybe six, seven, eight... who knows?"

    "oohh oohhh ooohhh, aaahhh... jezz! I just had a small orgasm!"

    "Wow! I'll get the tickets on Monday."

    When Brian opened my gift request, I could see the surprise register on his face. I knew immediately which one of my requests he had selected. Taking a deep breath, Brian read my request.

    My Darling Husband,

    Once every month, I would like your permission to see someone without telling you when I'm going to do it, if I've already done it, or anything about what happened if I do see someone. Basically, I would like to have the thrill of "cheating" but with your permission.

    If you grant this request, I promise to tell you every single detail of who I saw, when I saw them, and what we did at the end of a six month period.

    Please don't be mad.

    Your loving Mrs. Hyde Wife, Karen.


    "When would you start?" my husband asked after reading my request.

    "If you say "no", I won't start. Ever. If you say yes, then I won't tell you anything until I give you the detailed six-months report while we're in bed fucking. I may start tomorrow... or next week... or three weeks from now... or not ever. You won't know until six months have elapsed. So would you like to choose another envelope? I won't be mad at all, Darling. I just think it would be incredibly exciting for both of us if you let me cheat on you a little... just once a month."

    "You know my answer is "yes", Honey. And you're right. I'm already hard just thinking about who may be fucking you."


    Eight days later, on a Wednesday afternoon, I took the day off. During the morning, I visited my beauty salon and had a hairdo and my fingers and toes freshly painted. Next, I stopped by Victoria's Secret and picked up the hot mesh dress I had purchased the previous week. After a light lunch, I hurried home to get ready for my first "cheating" evening. Naturally, I hadn't given Brian the slightest clue that it was going to happen tonight.

    After showering and douching, I thoroughly cleaned my colon with three successive enemas because I was certain that my ass, as well as my pussy, was going be seeing a lot of action. After the cleaning, I put in two applicators of KY jelly. Next I did my make up with hot lip gloss, eyeliner and eye shadow, and just a touch of rouge. I could feel my pussy throbbing as I struggled into the elastic, mesh dress. When I looked at my reflection, I couldn't suppress a gasp. I looked totally slutty and whorish, but I also looked like I would be a dynamite fuck.

    My outfit was very simple... just an elastic mesh dress that hugged every contour of my body... that and five-inch platform, white plastic heels... nothing more. The holes in the mesh were large to provide total exposure of my body. The garment ended just below the crease of thighs and ass. The wide mesh completely exposed my ass. The only concessions to modesty were the two small black triangles that covered my nipples. Even those were more for erotic show than concealment. One simple tug, and the triangles would slide aside allowing both of my nipples to poke out through the holes in the mesh garment.

    I turned my ass toward the mirror and used the mirror on the opposite wall to check out how I looked from the rear. I looked so incredibly slutty, my pussy was already throbbing as I thought about wearing this outfit tonight. The dress molded every contour of my ass, my tits, my back... every thing, and every thing was exposed.


    The last thing I did before leaving was to sit down at the kitchen table and write a short note to Brian:


    I won't be in tonight, Darling. I'll be out "cheating" on you. Don't wait up for me. I'll see you at the office tomorrow.

    I called Ann this morning and told her you'd be alone tonight. Give her a call, Darling. She and Allen are really excited about a hot threesome with you tonight.

    Your loving Mrs. Hyde, hot, cheating wife... Karen.


    On Monday, I had visited the Haskel Escort Agency for the second time. As soon as I had entered, Margo grinned at me and flicked the switch on her intercom. "Yes?" came Haskel masculine voice.

    "She's back. I win the bet."

    "Maybe. She hasn't agreed to work as one of our escorts yet."

    "Want to double the bet, Sweetie?" When there was no answer, Margo switched off the intercom and said, "Go right in, Honey. He's waiting for you. My guess is that he's already got an erection."

    An hour later, I had signed on as a part-time escort with the agreement that I would work no more than once a month. Haskel asked if I could start Wednesday evening. When I nodded, he told me that a group of five basketball players who had won the state high school championship 10 years ago were having a yearly reunion Wednesday evening at the Marriott Inn South. They had rented a large suite and wanted a red-hot, married escort for the evening.

    "How many guys will there be?"

    "Five or six."

    "All black guys?"

    "Maybe... not sure. If they won state, I would guess at least four are black.

    "Will they be using condoms?"

    "They've all been tested for STDs and are clean but it's up to you. They'll wear condoms if you insist."

    "How much?"

    "Each guy is paying $500 for 12 hours with you... so if there's five, it will be $2,500, which we split 40% to the agency and 60% to you. You keep any tips the guys give you. So you'll clear $1,500 plus tips."

    When I walked out of Haskel’s agency Monday around 1:15 PM, I had a new part-time job, a hot date with five or six guys Wednesday night, and a $1,500 guarantee plus tips. I also had two thick loads of Haskel's semen inside my tingling vagina. I mean, after all, the man had to interview me, didn't he?"


    It was a little after 8 PM Wednesday when I knocked on the door of the Marriott Inn Suite. I had worn a coat over my mesh dress so as not to be arrested, but just before knocking, I removed it. The door opened and the large, 6' 3" black man stared at my almost totally exposed body and said, "You must be Karen, right?"

    "That's right. Are you going to invite me in or not?"

    "Of course... of course. I just couldn't get my big head working, Honey. You're just fucking gorgeous in that outfit. Come in... come in."

    I walked in swinging my ass and was delighted to see that he was already hard. I handed him my coat. "Put this somewhere, Honey. I'll need it when I leave. Can't go out on the street wearing this outfit."

    His eyes quickly took in every inch of my exposed body. "Gawd Damn! Woman. You are a delicious looking piece of ass, Baby. Are those rings for real? Are you married?"

    "Yep. For seven years now. I told my husband that I would be spending the night visiting my sister. He has no idea I’m here. Does it turn you on to fuck another man's wife, Honey?"

    "You know it, Babe. Come on in, The rest of the team can't wait to see you. By the way, I'm Mason."

    "Glad to know you, Mason." I glanced down at his throbbing bulge. "You seem to have a really hard problem there, Mason. I know exactly how to fit problems like that."

    "Oh I bet you do."

    He led me into the living room of the suite. There were four other men there... all black... all over six feet tall... and all well muscled with hard, tight bodies. I wondered if they would all have cocks as big and Mason's seemed to be. Two of the men began squeezing their dicks as they looked me over.

    Mason made the introductions. "Guys, this is Karen. She's married and her husband thinks she visiting her sister tonight. He has no idea that his wife’s going to be entertaining our cocks in her hot holes. Karen, the bald headed guy here is one of our guards. His name is Jerome. The slender guy is Paul. He was our other guard on the team. All state naturally. Leon is our other forward... I'm the second. And that tall guy over there is our center. He's Frank."

    "Pull those little triangles aside, Babe. Let's see those big titties of yours," Jerome said.

    I grinned and pulled out the black insert to the mesh dress. Immediately, both of my hard nipples protruded through the wide mesh holes in the dress. "Like my tits, Jerome? Are they big enough? I'm sure you've noticed how hard my nipples are.

    "I gotta suck those beauties," Jerome groaned. His large hands closed about my tits as his lips suctioned one of my nipples into his mouth while his fingers pulled and twisted the other nipple. I put my hands behind my head, pulled back my shoulders, and thrust my tits into his mouth.

    Paul moved behind me and began running his hands over my ass while Frank moved closer to my side and covered my belly and mound with his hands. The six hands worked on me for several minutes. At the end of that time, they had me moaning and my hips grinding and thrusting back and forth in fuck motions.

    "Man! The Bitch is hot... I'm HOT!" Frank announced.

    Paul now had his hands under my dress on my bare ass. His fingers delved between my ass cheeks and slipped up and down my ass crease finally coming to rest on my anus. He teased my opening with his fingers for a moment causing me to bend forward to make my hole more accessible. With my hole lubed with KY jelly, he had no problem slipping two fingers and then a third up my butt.

    "Come on, Bros. Back off and let's see every thing the lady has."

    Obviously, the Mason was the team captain, because the hands immediately left my tits, ass, and mound. "Let's see the ass, Baby," Mason ordered. "Turn around so we can all see it."

    I took a couple of steps up the staircase leading to the loft of the suite, bent over, and thrust my ass at the five men. The dark gash of my wet cunt as well as my ass were on display for them.

    When I turned back toward my hot basketball team, I saw that all five had their cocks out, and all five were already hard and stroking. Paul was about 7 inches and not quite a thick as my husband. I thought his dick would be a perfect fit for my ass. Leon was as thick as Brian but about an inch shorter. Frank's dick was eight-inches, the same as Brian's, but not as thick. Jerome had a huge 10-inch dick that was at least as thick as Brian's, but Mason's rod was gigantic... a full, throbbing 12-inch sex spike that was even thicker than my husband's. It made my pussy throb to look at it, and it made me a little nervous thinking about how wide it was going to stretch my cunt.

    Mason came over and very quickly had me out of my mesh dress. "What me to take off my heels, Honey?" I asked.

    "Nope. It's a lot hotter fucking hot married, white bitches with their heels on. Leave'em on. Paul, why don't your try out Karen's hot pussy and give the team a report."

    "You heard the Captain, Bitch. Git on your back on the couch. I'm gonna tap your hot box." He rolled a condom onto his cock as he watched me mounting the couch.

    A couple of minutes later, that's exactly what Paul was doing. He stood on the floor, his hands holding his powerful body over mine as he moved his hips into my sex saddle. "Raise your legs, Slut. High. Pull'em back and spread that hot hole for me," he ordered.

    I had my legs high in the air when I felt his dick entering my pussy.

    "OOohhhhh yes. Push it in, Baby... Mmmmmmm.. Fuck Momma, Stud."

    Paul rammed me hard and fast. With each stroke, he made deep, masculine grunts of pleasure. As hot as he was, he only lasted a couple of minutes before I felt him pumping the load into his condom. I was close but didn't get off before he shot off.

    Before he pulled out of me, Paul gave the team his report. "Incredible! Her pussy is like a damn vibrating vise. It not only squeezes your dick, but it also throbs like crazy, and her cunt muscles literally suck the load right out of your balls."

    My not getting off with Paul wasn't a problem because Mason was right behind him. I kept myself wide open as the team Captain moved between my raised legs and fisted his giant cock. He saw the nervousness in my face as I stared at his shaft.

    "Don't worry, Karen. I'll be very gentle and go very slow so your pussy with stretch and become used to my size. I promise you that there will be no more than some very mild discomfort when I first put it in you. I've fucked dozens of white women... they've all ended up taking all of my cock and every one of them loved it. So will you. Ready?" He pushed the big, uncut head against my opening that was gaped open and wet, but not as much as it would have been if Paul had cum inside me.

    "Lube!" Mason called. Almost instantly, Jerome appeared with a bottle of Astroglide. Mason nodded, and he squirted several streams over my lips and into my hole. Mason again pressed his cock against my opening and exerted steady pressure.

    "Ooohhhh god... oohhhhh god... ooohhh god... it's fucking huge. I don't think it will go in," I squealed.

    The black stud ignored me and pressed hard. My hole gave up the fight and spread open to receive its black conqueror. Three inches of thick black dick entered me.

    "AAAaaahhhh... stop... Jezzz!! It's fucking huge," I groaned. Mason stopped and waited until I began to move my hips to get more friction on my clit and G-spot.

    "Is it good, Karen? Still hurt?"

    "Nooooo..... oh god NO! Push in more... please."

    Mason stroked me a few times and then gave me five inches of his dick. My hole was stretched into a huge oval. At first, there was some mild pain that very quickly vanished as the black shaft began flexing inside me.

    "Is the rest of your cock even thicker?" I gasped.

    "No... you've got the thickest part in your cunt now, Karen. Ready for more dick, Bitch?"

    "Yessss.... dick me!"

    He did. It took him almost ten minutes to work the entire 12 inches into my hole. By the time his balls banged against my upturned ass, I had already had two screaming orgasms. During the second one, my juices flooded his cock and my cunt.

    I had cum five or six times before Mason told me he was going to cum. Leaning close, he whispered, "I'd love to cum inside your cunt. Can I?"

    I was groaning too loud to form an answer. All I could do was nod my head rapidly and hunch my ass against his giant sex prong. With one smooth motion, he withdrew, stripped off the rubber sheathe, and drove his big spike back inside my waiting cunt hole. He stroked me a few more times until he felt his load rising up from his balls.

    "I'm gonna shoot it into you, Bitch. You ready for a cunt full of my cum?"

    "Yess... shoot it into me with your big sex gun, Stud. Cum in my cunt!" I screamed as my pussy erupted just as he began firing spurt after spurt into my hole.

    After Mason dismounted, the men took me into the bedroom where Jerome, Leon, and Frank took their turns screwing my pussy. After Mason's huge dick had stretched me, I took the rest of them easily except for Jerome's 10-inch cock. He was so thick, I had to take him slowly like I did Mason. Since I was on top, it wasn't a problem. Once he had it in me, he fucked me like a jack hammer to several orgasms before filling his condom.

    By the time, Leon had finished screwing me, Paul was hard again. When he crawled onto the bed to bang me, I pulled my legs even higher into the air to elevate my ass. Grinning, I asked, "Do you like fucking married white asses, Honey?" Less than one minute later, I had Paul's dick up my ass ramming me like a wild stallion.

    "Oh fuck YES! Fuck my asshole, Paul. Give it to me hard. AAAaahhhh shit... I'm cumming... you're making me cum!!"

    After Paul ass fucked me, Frank got on the bed and got me onto my knees with my head on the bed. I felt him spreading my ass cheeks and then saying, "Look at the way Paul gaped this hot bitches' asshole. You ready for another ass fucking, Honey?"

    "Give it to me!" I hissed as I wiggled my ass in invitation. “Fuck my white ass, Honey.”

    Frank mounted me and slipped his dick up my now gaping asshole. He got me off just before he filled his condom with his second load.

    After that, the men began fucking in twos and threes. My first multiple penetration had Mason's big dick banging my pussy while Leon was pumping his dick in and out of my mouth. My heels were high in the air jerking back and forth each time Mason mega-dick plundered my cunt.
    The five black studs each fucked me five or six times. By the time none of the
    guys could get hard again, they had screwed me 25 to 30 times.

    By midnight, I was exhausted and none of the state championship basketball team could get hard again. Just before I lapsed into an exhausted sleep, Mason said, "It's a damn good thing that we didn't have take you and four like you on in that championship game. Our sorry asses would have been toast by halftime." I gave him a warm, sincere kiss as thanks.


    I slept until 6:30 and then got up, took a hot bath and followed that with a shower. My hairdo was wrecked of course, but I did a fair repair job and then put on a little make up. I packed my mesh, fuck-my-ass-off dress in my bag and put on a black garter belt, matching panties, black hose, and nice dress with 4-inch heels. I looked really good, I thought... not whorish, but sexy.

    The basketball team was up, showered, and dressed by the time I came out of the bathroom. It was lucky their suite had two full baths or it would have taken a lot longer for everyone to clean up.

    Paul, Jerome, and Leon were still half asleep and no longer interested in more sex, but both Mason and Frank asked if they could fuck me one more time before I left. "You have me for 12 hours, and you still have 30 minutes left. I also don't care if we run over somewhat. You want me together or one at a time?"

    "One at a time," both men said almost together.

    "Well, I'd say that's unanimous. Who's first?"

    The guys tossed a coin and Frank led me into a now vacant bedroom. I stripped off my dress and panties and got on the bed with my legs open. "Take every thing off, Karen. Please. I'd like to fuck you naked this time."

    "I like being taken when I'm naked, Honey. It makes me feel more vulnerable... more female. Is this better?" I stood before him totally naked.

    "Oh hell yes! You're just drop-dead gorgeous. If you were telling the truth about being married, all I got to say is your husband is one lucky dude."

    "That's a really nice thing to say, Frank. Now come on, Honey. Mount me and let me thank you for that nice complement the way a woman should thank a man."

    After putting my feet just to the side of his broad shoulders, Frank lowered himself into my saddle and smoothly penetrated my waiting cunt hole. "AAaahhhhhhh... yessss.... soooo... good," I hissed. "You have a beautiful black cock, Honey. I love the way you fuck me with it."

    "Would you mind if I take off the condom and cum in your pussy?"

    "MMmmmmm... so hot. Yes... take it off and pump me full of your hot load, Lover." A moment later the condom was lying on the floor beside the bed... useless.

    Frank was screwing me steadily with deep, smooth strokes that quickly had my pussy throbbing around his hard shaft. Without breaking his fucking rhythm, he whispered, "You know all that trash talking shit we do... like calling you 'bitch' and 'white slut'... is just talk to get us hot and hard. We don't really mean any of it. You're a really classy woman. I won't forget you... period. I hope we can do this again some time."

    "MMMmmm... you are one sexy guy who really knows how to turn on a woman... well... it worked, Honey. I'm boiling hot... be quiet and fuck my cunt, Lover. Make me cum. SCREW ME HARD, STUD!"

    When Frank pulled out of me and left, I waited on the bed with my legs wide open for Mason to join me. He came in naked a moment later... his 12-inch pussy destroyer at full erection and throbbing. "Put your heels, garter belt, panties and stockings back on, Karen. I like fucking women when they're dressed like that."

    I slipped my legs back into my stockings, snapped the garters onto them, and put on my 4-inch heels. "You want my panties on too?" I asked surprised.

    "Yeah," he grinned. "I like banging a women when she's wearing her panties. Just love pulling them aside and sticking it in her cunt. That looks so damn sexy and hot."

    Smiling, I slipped on my black panties making sure they fit snuggly over my pussy. "How do you want me?" I asked.

    "On your back, legs spread."

    I assumed the position, and Mason mounted me. "What are you wearing the damn panties for, Bitch?" he growled just before he jerked the crotch band aside to expose the wet, open hole of my cunt. "That's better. A woman's fuck hole always ought to be naked and ready for cock."

    "I'm sorry, Honey. It's bare and ready now, Baby. Fuck me with that big cock. Please," I moaned.

    For the fifth time, Mason fitted his huge sex prong into my hole. This time, he sank all 12 inches of meat into me in the first two strokes. The fucking was hard, fast, deep, and powerful. I came almost immediately on this stud's big sex gun. Every time he pulled out, my cunt lips clung to his shaft and were pulled out along with his dick. When he powered back into my hole, my lips disappeared inside along with his powerful sex spike.

    I had two more orgasms before Mason shot his fifth load of the night into my convulsing pussy.

    I took another quick shower before leaving, but I kept Frank's and Mason's loads inside my cunt so my husband could enjoy cleaning me out later that night. When I left the suite, I had a $50 tip from each man... so in addition to enjoying a hot night of "cheating", Brian and I now had $1,750 in a safety deposit box. Of course, he didn't know that.


    I've now had three more "cheating" dates. My second date was with a corporate executive. He took me to Victoria’s where he selected some outrageously sexy outfits for me to wear. In the evening, he wined and dined me at an exclusive five-star restaurant. I fucked him six times that night in his hotel suite and again the next morning. He added a $500 tip to the $1,000 he paid to Haskel for my services.

    On my third date, I was the entertainment at a Bachelor party with the groom and a half dozen of his very wealthy friends. I spent the entire night being screwed by seven hard cocks. The next day, the groom wanted me all to himself. Before I left around 8 PM, he had fucked me five times and was totally wasted. I have always been curious as to how he performed with his new bride on his wedding night.

    A retired professional football player was my fourth date. He shared me with three of his former teammates at a weekend party that started Saturday afternoon and didn’t end until late Sunday night. I lost count of the number times those four studs fucked me and the number of times them made me cum.

    Of course, Brian is in a constant state of arousal thinking and wondering who is fucking me, where, and how. As a result, my randy husband is banging me constantly.

    It's only two weeks before we leave on a four-day vacation to Jamaica so my hot husband isn't the only one who's in a constant state of arousal and excitement as I wonder what it's going to be like being a sex slave.

    At the last gift drawing, Brian requested that we add bondage to our sex play. We plan on starting that when we return from Jamaica.

    Our sexy foursomes with Ann and Allen have recently moved to the next level when the guys started hooking Ann and I up to the Detonator and Sybian at the same time. The bastards even go off and have a beer or something while Ann and I scream and cum over and over. When they finally come back, we're both having near constant, convulsive orgasms.

    Becky Morrison is no longer a faithful, chaste wife to her husband Howard. I knew she wouldn't last very long, but it wasn't Craig Larsen who got into her cunt. We had a cocktail party at our house three weeks ago. Brian turned on the charm and danced with Becky continuously for over an hour. I don't think there's a woman on the planet who could stay on the dance floor for an hour with my husband's huge, hard cock moving sensuously over her mound without being reduced to a quivering mass of female desire. Around 11 PM, Howard was telling me all about his most recent business dealing while Brian had Becky in the guest bedroom fucking her ass into the mattress. He told me later, he had to put a pillow over her face to muffle her screams when she came. Now, when I'm out "cheating", he sometimes bangs Ann and sometimes he calls Becky. She makes some excuse to Howard, and Brian spends an evening with his cock buried in her cunt and ass.

    It goes without saying that I’m now far ahead of my husband in the number of sexual partners I’ve enjoyed. I keep a secret list in my “Fuck Book”, as I call it, but it’s hard to be accurate since I have no idea how many men fucked me at the sex club in Dallas.

    Cliff, the manager at Hooters, never did get me to take a job working for him. But one night, in response to a gift request I had made, Brian took me to dinner at Hooters. For an hour, he continued to order drinks 90% of which he poured into a large thermos bottle he had concealed beneath the table. After an hour and a half, he was "dead drunk". Of course, Cliff graciously offered to let him lie down on the couch in the waiting area of the restaurant. While my sexy husband spent two hours lying on the couch in the waiting room, I spent two hours on Cliff's couch in his office letting him fuck me in every hole.

    Merv Hawkins and Todd Garland have now moved from List #2 to List #1. One night when Brian and I went out dancing at The Rendezvous, Merv and Todd were both there. Naturally, Merv asked me to dance, and Brian nodded his agreement. It was pretty much a repeat of what happened a few months earlier at The Hot Spot, only this time, Merv was not about to take "no" for an answer. After 15 minutes, he had me out in the parking lot where he first fucked me bent over the truck of his car. I sucked his cock until he got hard again, and then he gave it to me in the back seat. Todd had followed us when we went out to the parking lot, and when Merv finished, he took me over to his van and this time, I knew it wasn't going to be just a blow job. He spent almost a half hour with his cock buried inside my pussy before he shot his load on top of the two Merv had put into me.

    So five of the nine men I listed on my second list for Brian have now been moved to List #1. I’m still working to move Wes Taylor, Vic Siska, Mark Dawson, and Alan Burnett to that list. I don’t have much doubt that all four will eventually find their way into my pussy and Fuck Book.

    Brian and I are now having sex 10 times a week or so, and it's showing no signs of decreasing. Actually, every time we draw an envelop out of the Gift Boxes, it increases.

    I guess that's about it, except for the fact that my safety deposit box now has over $5,000 in it from my four dates with the Haskel Escort Agency. Not a lot, but the fun part is all the hot memories that money brings to mind... memories that I will be sharing with Brian about three months from now.

    If women can get rid of their sexual inhibitions, and men can shed their macho, kick ass, "that woman is mine" attitudes, it really is a great life! Just ask me... or ask my husband... or come by our house and watch us fuck if you don't believe me.

    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]
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