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The Fall of the Whytfolks

Discussion in 'Stories in need of editors' started by Asstro, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Asstro

    Asstro Member Member

    Welcome kind readers! And kind readers are who, we your humble Author and Narrator hope you will be! For this is our Author’s first attempt at a narrative form, but even more importantly, it is your humble Narrator’s first attempt to guide and give voice to a tale such as this! A tale of tragedy and sorrow for all our heroes! Yet, a tale of such debauchery and evil betrayals that...

    But! I am getting ahead of our story! Let’s begin…

    Our Main Characters!

    The Narrator me! I will tell the story, you know, like that play…Our Town, but with hot white wives, Big Black Cocks and wimpy defeated white-boi husbands! So, no one tell Thornton Wilder our humble author stole his literary device for moving the story forward when he gets stuck! I don’t think he would like it, and I would hate to forced out before my job is done!

    The Reverend Martin Whytfolk our hero! A faithful man of god, a humble servant of his congregation! He is a clear eyed, middle-aged happily married family man. He is in relatively fine shape for your average middle-aged male, he has blonde hair,thinning, but his 46-year-old face is still smooth, no worry lines, yet. Our hero, believes himself to be truly blessed, never a real problem, all his major life decisions: career, spouse, child all behind him; all with hardly a bump or complaint. He feels safe! Settled! He reasons, based on his past, based on his present, all will continue as it always has, with the Lord’s peaceful blessings!

    Mrs. Angie Whytfolk our heroine! The loyal and loving spouse of our hero! She is, without a doubt, an exceptional beauty;whose 41 years and the gentle life of the good wife and mother, has only enhanced! All her attempts at respectable haircuts and doubtee soccer mom outfits cannot hide her voluptuous form or her large firm breasts and the roundness of her backside, she is 5’10 inches, 130 pounds of long legged physical perfection. Her Dark black hair pulled back only reveals her pale, clear skin, delicate neck, high cheekbones, smallish nose, sultry green eyes and smile! Yes, our Hero is a lucky man indeed! Lucky because up until our tale unfolds, she is all he believes her to be, she is deeply in love with her husband, at peace with the lord and the simple life he and Martin provide her and fiercely loyal to both.

    Devon Terrell “The Bull” Blackmon our villain! Is a NFL Running Back, He is also 6’2” 210 pounds of black alpha male perfection, while the official story of the bull’s nickname is explained in the press as, “Since his college playing days, any Defender Stupid enough to step in front of this powerful and gifted bull of a runner…will get the HORNS!” Our hero is about to find out that anyone who gets in between Dev and his goal “GETS THE HORNS” so to speak! He is all that the villain of a tale like ours must be, a superior representation of his black race! Powerfully muscled, ripped, very well endowed (as we shall see!), charismatic, he also a proud, driven man. A man who gets what he wants, he can be amazingly crafty in his determination to close a deal, a trickster! He is a man who believes not only in his own physical superiority, but the superiority of his race in general, especially sexual superiority! A message he spreads to great effect on those around him!

    Eve the new neighbor! She is the MILFy baby mama of our villain. She has recently moved across the street from our hero, and it is the strange goings on at her home that arouse the curiosity and concern of our innocent hero and it is her perceived dismal situation that drives our tragic tale. Eve and Dee Jr. have moved out of her home separating from but not leaving her poor husband and their child and into a new home provided by her man, Dev.

    Adam the husband to the new neighbor! Everyman! Football fan! Thought it was the greatest day of his life, the day D. Terrell “The Bull” moved into the big house next door to him! His sad fate has left him nothing of his old life, he moves through our story like a specter, the unheeded warning to our hero!

    The children Oh stop! We are fully aware children have no place in a tale like this. Nevertheless, our characters are grown married people and grown married people do tend to have children! So, for the sake of good references, Dee Jr. is the illegitimate son of Dev and Eve, Annabel is the 8-year-olddaughter of Adam and Eve, and Angelica is the 20-year-oldrecently married daughter of Martin and Angie. Only the adult child, Angelica’s presence in our story, while sparse, may be uncomfortable? We shall see!

    The Onyx Club Staff Jamal, Tre, Mal and of course, Big Joey!

    The setting and perhaps a little background on the lives of ourheroes? Our tales unfolds in a predominately white upper middle class Midwestern Town, as it should! Our couple live in the home provided to the Reverend and his family by his congregation just to side of his Church. Our hero inherited a large safe congregation from his late father, who retired and proudly turned over his congregation to his son and beautiful 19-year-old wife on the day he graduated Seminary College. Hewas immediately accepted by his flock and has faithfully served them and the Lord for just over twenty-one years now. As you may have guessed, Angie quit her community college and left her family home to be with and help the man she loved to build a life in the lord’s service. Soon, Angelica arrived and life went on, as expected for the next 21 years 4 months and several days, until…

    “Honey” Angie called out her to husband as she watched the moving men sitting on the bench in front of the small bay window in their modest living room, “I think someone is moving into the monstrosity house across the street.” “Really?” came her Husband’s muffled reply from deep within their house, the surprise genuine, they always felt the large, overly modern home a blight on their lovely neighborhood, and thought it would never be occupied. “I think we have a new mom!” Angie continued as she watched a lovely young woman holding a large baby heavily bundled up tightly in her arms as she followed the movers in and out of the house. “How nice!” said Martin as stepped up to his wife’s side, “We should invite them over, as soon as they are settled.”

    “Them? I haven’t seen a husband, yet.”

    “Even more reason to wait a bit.”

    “Martin! I swear! Sometimes you can be so old fashioned!”

    “Ha! I guess you’re right. Ok, Husband or no, let’s put a welcome basket together and welcome our new neighbor after the movers leave.”

    Several hours past, our happy couple having retreated to their kitchen to prepare a welcome basket of Angie’s baked goods,some flowers, canned goods and basic necessaries for every home. The latter provided by the Church, bought in advance,using the Church’s New Neighbor Welcome Fund and kept in the Church basement for just these occasions, they readied themselves to meet the new neighbor! However, had they stayed at their window a little longer, they might have seen an older model minivan pull up just before the movers left, they might have seen a slumped, sad and tired looking man get out with a lovely little blonde haired girl and pensively make their way into the house and thought better of heading over, but, they didn’t and so there they were smiling standing on the front porch of a house they detested, Martin holding the basket, Angie has rung her new neighbor’s bell…Surprise!

    “Yes?” The lovely blonde said as she opened the door a look of surprise and apprehension. “Hi! Yes...we are your neighbors from across the street.” Angie started using her arms to draw the woman’s attention to their little home just to the side of their church, “I’m Angie and the man holding the basket is my husband, Martin…he is the Minister to our Church, and we just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood!”

    “Oh…well how nice!” The blonde nervously replied, and for a tense moment they all stood staring, “Well, come in…yes… come in, goodness, my manners!” The three entered a small luxurious hallway turned from a grand stairway and into the oversized great room. They all stopped abruptly as the sad man and the little girl stepped out. Surprised, but, undeterred, Martin placed the basket on a nearby table, “Err…Hi! I’m Martin,” He held out his hand to the man, who quietly shook it, “And this is my wife, Angie…”

    “And that is my husband Adam, and our little Annabel! Oh my, yes and I’m Eve! How silly! Adam bring some lemonade for my new neighbors,” and with that, weakly smiling Adam retreated to the kitchen.

    “So... where’s the newest member of your family? Where is the baby? We saw you with him on the porch, while the movers were here,” Angie exclaimed in the way all women do when speaking of babies.

    “Oh! How did you know? That he, was a he, I mean?” Eve asked as she gently took Angie’s hand walking her to another part of the ridiculously large room.

    “Just a lucky guess.”

    “Here he is, Dee Jr.!” and Angie stopped in her tracks, looking up at her was a beautiful black baby boy, smiling and bouncing at the sight of his mommy and her new friend.

    “Oh, he is a gorgeous little man!” Angie gushed, more then she needed to cover the shock that she knew was on her face. “Yup!” Eve said enjoying the game she was playing with her knew neighbors, it always excited the naughty women, her sexy face flushing, she could feel her puffy nipples becoming visible revealing the shapeliness of large breasts, under her baggy shirt, “Gorgeous! Just like his father!”

    “His father?” Angie asked as Martin entered his own shocked expression still lingering on his face. Adam holding a drink tray with a pitcher and some glasses entering from the other side of the room, “Did you adopt?” Eve was smiling, staring directly in the eyes of her husband, she seemed to chuckle before answering, “Adopt! No, no! I’m Dee’s Mommy! He is my son! Mine and Dev’s…Dev is Dee Jr.’s daddy! Dev bought us thishouse! And Dev is my man!” Adam, simply placed the tray on an end table and retreated from the room, Eve’s eyes never left him until he was gone. Martin was sure there was a look of complete satisfaction on her lovely young face.

    “Your Man?” asked Angie caught like butterfly in a web.

    “That’s right, my man, he likes to say he wanted me, so he simply took me! Ha...ha, can you believe that? I guess he is sort of right, I mean…here I am, but, it wasn’t like that… it was my choice, I love Adam, and he loves me, but, Dev…he came into our lives…and well, this is the way it is now. I really can’t explain it any better, Dev could, but, I really can’t,” Eve turned her blues eye directly into Angie’s green ones, “It’s really something you must experience to understand!”

    So, now you know how our tragedy begins. But, after a time Adam returned, and while Eve held Dee Jr., Annabel played, they all laughed and talked and for a short time it all felt normal enough. Soon, Angie and Martin were home, Martin declaring he would pray for guidance in the morning, they ate and held each other a little closer as the watched television and finally, went to an untroubled sleep. And they missed the sad man and his daughter leaving in their minivan early that next morning. They did hear the loud thumping base as a gaudy black Cadillac Escalade with shinny rims pulled directly into Eve’s driveway, a Large black man simply opening her door and entering her house shutting the door behind him. Dev was home!

    ‘What is going on over there?’ Martin was pondering as he stood drinking his coffee, in front of the same bay window as yesterday. Loud music pulsed and thumped its way through the closed windows of Eve’s home. And he could clearly hear the loud groans and screams of a woman, but, he couldn’t be sure of what was happening as he had never heard a woman make those noises ever before. Angie had retreated to back of the house a look of horror and disgust on her face as the strange noises first disturbed their normal morning routine.

    Of course, we know what is happening don’t we good reader! But let’s jump ahead a few hours, Eve’s home is now quiet and it is approaching dinner time in the Whytfolk’s neighborhood. It just at that moment the Reverend’s home phone rang…

    “Hello?” Martin said and suddenly an anxious and troubled countenance drew Angie’s attention and she watched her husband try to squirm his way out of this very unwanted call. “Yes…yes, well I don’t know if we can. Really? Well that is good of him, still it is short notice, what? No, no I do err…we do…it’s just…well, I guess, what time? Okay, in one hour, see you then. Yes…goodbye.”

    “Who on earth was that?” Angie demanded.


    “How did she get our number?”

    “The gift basket, we always put my card in, remember.”

    “What did she want?”

    “She invited us to dinner. She says Dev wants to meet us, he wants to thank us for- “Making his babies feel so welcome to their new neighborhood.””

    “I can’t! I won’t! Not after this morning! It’s disgusting!”

    “Now love! We must be strong! Always remember, our love and the good lord will see us through!”

    “Really, Martin do you think we should? I mean meet this Dev? Won’t that mean we are condoning what Eve is doing to Adam…to little Annabel?”

    “I can’t see how hiding will fix anything, in fact, I think it more important to be the good example for Eve! Maybe, our good example will show her the way back to her family! Yes…I think the lord wants us to face this man! I think he wants us to teach this evil man a lesson with our love and our example!”

    “If you’re sure?” Angie sighed, “I will go get ready.”

    Someone should remind our hero; the good lord helps those who help themselves! And even more importantly, pride goeth before a fall! But, let us move to Eve’s home, where the introductions have been made and much to their surprise the Whytfolks find themselves having a good time, it turns out Dev, is quite the charmer! Both Angie and Martin’s apprehension seems to have vanished, their fear of this brutish black man has changed into for Martin, at least, admiration. The dinner is done and our couples are sitting drinking wine and talking as soft music plays through some hidden sound system. Martin and Dev seem to be challenging each other as their ladies each sitting by their side, rooting for their man! Here’s, of course, where it gets interesting…

    “You can say it,” Dev’s deep voice was booming out to whole room, “You think what we did was wrong.”

    “You can’t think it was right?” Martin countered.

    And it was on!

    “Yes, course it was right! It happened cause that’s what supposed to happen.”

    “What does that even mean? Pardon me, Eve,” Martin said looking over at Eve, taking her in again, he still could not get over the difference between the lovely women, but conservative woman, he met with her husband yesterday and women before him tonight, she was wearing yoga pants and a tight blouse showing off her lovely figure and her hair blown out and her makeup done to express the wantonness of her mouth and eyes, “That is was fine to take this women from her husband and child?”

    “Martin!” Angie objected.

    “That’s okay, Angie, it doesn’t bother us.” Dev said gently touching Angie’s knee with his enormous hand, silencing her, looking into her eyes causing her to visibly shiver, “Yeah, it was just fine! Sides, I didn’t take her, Adam can see her anytime he wants.” Dev was smirking as he said it, “It’s just that I’m abetter man, and it’s only right that women would choose the better men, isn’t that right, baby?”

    “Damn right! And you certainly are the better man, Dev!” Eve joined in rubbing her hand up and down the huge black man’s chest.

    “The better ‘men’” Dev corrected.

    “Now, what does that mean?” Martin now incredulous.

    “Why black men!” Dev was in his element now. “You see, Martin, women, all women, instinctively want the best possible men for breeding, those men have always been black men. We are the strongest and most well-endowed men on the planet, therefore women, especially women from the weaker races, will always take the opportunity, to breed with a black man, no matter what their relationships may be. And it is the duty of every black men to breed as many women as possible! So, Eve, simply did what was in her nature to do, and I simply did the same. If people got hurt, blame nature, blame god; not us!”

    “You can’t really believe that’s true…” Angie said in a shocked whisper.

    “Of course, it’s true!” Dev laughed, “Ask her,” he said pointing at Eve.

    “I’m afraid Dev’s right! I just can’t resist even Adam understands that!”

    “HA! Well I guess it’s up to me to prove you wrong, Dev,” Martin said broadly smiling, “And the proof is so simple! It’s us! Angie and me! Our love, our faith! Proves you wrong Dev. To coin a biblical phrase, we cleave only unto each other! Always have and always will!”

    “Well, I guess you have me there, Martin,” Dev said his dark eyes boring into Angie, “You two are certainly have beenproving me wrong, up till now!” As Martin sat back in triumph, Angie felt a wave of dread wash over her. ‘Oh Martin! What did you just do to us?’ she thought.

    The rest of the evening returned to normal, sort of, let’s just say Angie was never so happy to be once again safe at home. That night’s sleep, was not so restful! It couldn’t get any weirder! But, then the next day…

    “Angie! Come here, please,” Martin was once again standing in front of their bay window, this time just watching. “Hey Hon! What’s up?” Angie asked entering the room. “Okay, Dev just left, you should go over and speak to Eve now,” Martin said still staring out the window. “WHAT? Are you crazy, Martin!” An exasperated Angie stood stunned by her husband’s request. “No Angie, Dev is gone and Adam isn’t there either, I don’t think she would be open to me if I tried to talk to her,” he took his wife’s hand. “I can’t…we can’t help her, if we don’t know what’s really going on, so it has to be you. You will have to go over and talk to her.”

    “If you’re sure that’s what we should do?

    “I am.”

    Angie picked up the phone hit the last number received button and when Eve picked up; our faithful wife invited herself over. Martin told her he would keep busy while she was gone, and Angie changed and left. Martin sat down on the bay window bench and watched his wife enter the monstrosity house and never moved until a very shaken Angie exited the house. He jumped up and sat down on the couch just as his wife came through the door…

    “Well?” Martin asked his wife as she entered the living room. Angie didn’t seem to hear or even see him, just noticing him all of the sudden, “Angie? Are you, all right? You look…”

    “Huh? Oh, yeah…I just need some time to myself! I need a moment! We’ll talk after I shower!” Angie said bounding up the stairs like a deer. “Angie?” Martin whined as his wife fled upstairs to the shower. ‘What the hell just happened?’ Martin slumped down facing the TV but had no interest in watching as he listened to the shower water run. After about 45 minutes the water finally stopped. He heard the bathroom door open and Angie’s light footsteps moving across the floor.

    “Martin, can you come up here?”

    He got to the top of the stairs as quickly as he could move, “Angie, Angie babe are you in here?” He entered their bedroom. His wife was in a towel lying on their freshly made bed, her back to him, looking out the window. He moved and sat on the bed, nervous, Angie had never behaved this way ever. “It’s all true, Martin, she’s trapped, she can’t get away from him, she won’t even try. And her husband is useless!” Angie’s breathing was becoming ragged. “We’ll help her, hon. We’ll find away!” Angie turned into martin’s chest clutching at her husband as she continued, “He took her, Martin! He took her right in front of him! He took her and made her his, right in front of him right in their living room!” Angie was pulling at her towel now, tugging it away. “What?” Martin sputtered. Angie’s face coming up to his, her green eyes were wild, “He took her, Martin! He came into their home and he…he fucked her, fucked her right in front of him, in front of ADAM…HE FUCKED HER AND HE MADE HER HIS MARTIN, OH GOD FUCK ME! FUCK ME MARTIN, I NEED IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT, DADDY…MARTIN NOW PLEASE! Martin now fully caught up and more excited than he had ever been before, had pulled off his pants and pushed his very average 4” very familiar penis into his wife. YESSS…FUCK ME!! HARDER!

    And for the first time, the Reverend Whytfolk, heard a woman make noises like that! After it was over Angie returned to the shower, this time for even longer period than the first! Martin made a light dinner neither spoke about what had passed between them, except for Martin’s errand comment that they should both seek private counsel with the Lord. Now you would think our hero would finally see that giant, red, flashing,warning sign is his wife’s green eyes, but, alas, no! Our hero, blithely ignores his own relationship, to focus on Adam and Eve’s. He grandly decides, that they were weak, that Dev exploited them and it was his and Angie’s Christian duty, in fact, it was their WHITE Christian duty to drive this evil black man away, to shame him by proving his outrageous beliefs were disgusting lies. And that is how, despite Angie’s wariness of Eve’s personal motives! We find Eve and Dev sitting out on the Whytfolk’s patio sipping wine, Dev in rapt conversation with his host, sitting opposite him...

    Eve and Angie were just returning to the patio after placing thedinner dishes into dishwasher when they saw their men once again beginning the conversation about Dev’s beliefs regarding love, relationships and the sexual superiority of the black men. It was cool spring evening, but, Angie felt perspiration trickling down her spine and sheen forming on her forehead, while her nipples tightened, she, also felt, since her private talk with Eve,the now familiar throb of her pussy! And finally, she also realized she was sitting not with Martin, but, with Dev and Eve, Dev sitting between them. She finds herself looking into the earnest face of her husband as he makes the same argument, of his and Angie’s faithful and unbreakable love proofing false all Dev’s lies, once again. But this time, rather than admitting defeat, Dev smiled his broad perfectly, white toothy smile, and gently placing his hand on Angie’s Knee, as he turned to her. His touch in the growing darkness, going unnoticed by Martin. “So…what you are really saying is, if I can get you and Angie to willingly experience what Adam and Eve have experienced, you will admit I’m right!” Dev said calmly, ignoring the tension in the air, directly to Angie. “Certainly, that is not what I am saying!” Martin said loudly enough to draw Dev’s attention back to him. Angie looking across to Eve hoping for help, saw her new friend leering at her as she pressed herself sensuously in Dev’s powerful arm. Angie dropped eyes to the ground her breathing becoming pants, she couldn’t admit to herself the affect this conversation was having on her. “You are not saying you are superior! You are saying your race is superior, right?” Martin continued, trying to regain the upper hand.

    “That’s right.”

    “Well, not that I think you could, but even if you did, seducing Angie and getting me to somehow accept it, would only prove that you are the superior man! Not that yours is the superior race!” Martin sat back, unable to hide his self-satisfied smile from the group! With one well-placed point, he had not only shut down this absurd argument, but, he had taken away anyattempt Dev might have to use this nonsense to seduce his wife! It was then that Eve said, as if on cue, “Excuse me! I’m afraid I’m off to the little girl’s room,” and up she rose her tight clothes clinging to her voluptuous form and with an exaggerated wiggling walk she re-entered the house. “Well…” Dev started up again, “I guess you got me again, Martin, man…you a hard man in a fight!” But, Dev did not sound like man acknowledging defeat. “Hey didn’t you say that you guys were going to Nevada for some type of convention?”

    “Why yes, we are going to our three-day annual ecumenical convention, in Paradise Nevada.”

    “How far is that from Vegas?”

    “Only a few miles, why?”

    “Well…I think we can settle this after all!” Dev said once again grinning like the Cheshire cat in the darkness. Angie now looking on desperately wanting her poor husband to shut up, Dev’s hand still on her knee. “Your point is well taken, Martin, so I propose a little wager…”

    “What? What kind of wager?”

    “Well…you are going to be finished with your convention by Monday, right?


    “There is a special club, in Vegas, it’s run by some folks I know, you know, believe what I believe and all that…”

    “Wait a minute! What kind of setup is this, now?”

    “Setup! No this isn’t any kind of setup! I won’t even be there! In fact, I won’t even tell them I sent you. Here is what I propose I will Pay for you and Angie to stay at a nice Hotel and your car rental so you guys can get around, and I’ll pay your entrance fees to get into the Onyx Club and…”

    “Onyx Club? What on earth is that? I’m not taking my wife into some nightclub to have men grind on her while we go deaf fromthe music!”

    “No, No…it’s not like that! It’s a sort of Cabaret for nice white married couples, like you guys! Look, it will be completely fair, cause like I said, I won’t be there; I’ll pay the entrance fee, only! See… cause once your inside everything on the menu is a la carte, and in fact, the only person who can buy off the menu is you, Martin! So, no tricks, You guys just got to agree play along with entry rules to get in, and just watch the show, anything else that might or might not happen will be up to you and nothing will happen unless you pay for it first, so there is no way for it to be anybody else’s choice but yours and Angie’s! And believe me, what’s on that menu ain’t going to be cheap!”

    “So, we go watch this show and when nothing happens we get what exactly?”

    “You mean besides a free week in Vegas?” Dev said pretending to think things over, “How…about, Eve? I will give her back to Adam and leave them alone.”

    “You would do that? Leave her…I mean, them alone?”

    “Sure! Why not? I can always find another woman.”

    “What do you want from us?”

    “Ha…you mean if you lose?”

    “Yes, that.”

    “Well…let me think…just this… you both have to tell me I was right! Right about everything! And then…then” Dev turned to Angie again, “I want her…I want Angie to tell me everything that happened to her and I want her to tell me how she felt while it was happening to her!”

    “You’re a disgusting pervert!” Martin said through gritted teeth. Angie said nothing.

    “Hey! Take it easy man, it’s not like it’s going to happen, right? It’s not like you can lose, right? I mean what’s the worst that can happen here, you have one weird night? Then, you get to hang by a nice big pool and get room service to forget all about it. You come home and I’m gone! Hell, I’ll even let Eve keep the house! She’s been a good girl, and I want my son to grow up nice! What’s to worry about?”

    “You think we won’t take your bet is that it? You think we have doubt about out love for each other, our marriage, our faith?”

    “I don’t know, do you?”

    “You have a BET!”

    “Martin nooo!” Angie cried out, jumping up away from Dev’s hand and finally finding her voice. “It will be fine, Angie,” Martin stood turning her to face him, “He doesn’t know it, yet, but, he can’t win! We have each other and our love and our faith to see us through. Whatever, vile thing he shows us, it can’t change that! More, importantly, we have to see it through for Adam and Eve’s sake and because he must be proved wrong!” Martin said directing his last comment to Dev.

    “Well said, Martin! So, we have a bet?”


    “Angie, we have a bet?”

    “Yes…” came the weak reply, and then Angie was forced to bite her lip, as another wave of sexual pleasure jolted through herloins.

    “So…what did I miss?” Eve said sitting back down next Dev a few minutes later.

    Well, that didn’t take long, into Dev’s trap our hapless happy couple strolls. It is now the Wednesday night 3 days after the end of the good Reverend’s Convention. Our hero, Rev. Martin Whytfolk sits in his Tux looking dapper while his beautiful wife, Angie, fresh from her salon make over, has retired to the bathroom to change into her costume for their night out. Their new neighbor’s gifts graciously received?

    On the Monday, when they checked into the room Dev payed for, there was an envelope waiting with a note informing them that their appointment at the Onyx Club was for eight p.m. that coming Wednesday, that a car would arrive at 4:30 to pick up Mrs. Whytfolk for her prepaid salon and make-overappointment, at 7 their outfits for evening would be arriving. That they must not alter or change either Mrs. Whytefolk’s makeup or hairstyle, or their outfits for that night, any alterations and they would be denied entry to the club. And finally, the would be notified when the limousine was ready to take them to the club. And so, gentle reader, at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday we find our hero sitting and pondering his fate…


    ‘How did we get here? Yes, it is our Christian duty to help save Eve, and yes, Dev did challenge our relationship, and he goaded me, but, it was such an obvious ploy; why are we going along with this? Angie, must feel it too, I’ve seen it in her eyes. Excitement, dangerous, sexual excitement…oh, what am I thinking? There isn’t a better more loyal, loving woman in the world, then Angie! We raised our daughter to a young married woman, stayed true to our beliefs and have always loved and satisfied each other in every way. Sorry, Dev tonight you will be disappointed!’

    Poor Martin, he might be even less confident if he could hear what the beautiful Angie was thinking right now!


    ‘God help me! What am I thinking? Look at me! I look like a wonton slut! I feel so naughty! Damn it! Martin what are we doing?’ The women, staring back at her dressed in a form fittingblack micro-mini dress, her hair blown out so wildly different from her normal sedate hairdo, her makeup heavy but sensual, she looked and was beginning to feel like a very different kind of wife. ‘Damn you Devon Terrell “The Bull” Blackmon! And damn you, Eve! You and your nasty sad story, why did you have to come into our lives! Lord, help me, why am I letting this go on, Martin is such a good man, but, he can be so stubborn. I can see him looking to me to stop this, so, why don’t I?’

    It is a fair question. The answer would probably surprise our hero. So, let us go back to only a week and a half ago insides Eve’s new home, Angie has been there about an hour, you will recall that Martin had sent her over after watching the strange comings and goings at their new neighbor’s home. You will also recall, that upon her return to her husband, she immediately excused herself saying “I just need some time to myself, I need a moment, we will discuss it after I take a shower.” And fled herstunned husband. And later, her even stranger behavior in their bedroom, let’s find out why…

    “I was surprised you came over here.” Eve said walking with baby Dee to the changing table, Angie close behind. “Why on earth would you think that?” Angie asked, as she watched Eve lay her baby down and begin to change his diaper. “Well, you know my…err…new lifestyle, you know moving here with DeeJr. and splitting time with my husband and daughter and My man, Dev.” “Oh, that!” Angie said chuckling. “Yes, that!” Eve responded a smile forming as she said it.

    “Well, how you choose to live is really not our business, as long as, your happy…Are you?”

    “Am I what?”


    “Well...” Eve began, when she was interrupted “Oh my!” Angie said surprised, “your son is truly beautiful!”

    “Oh, thank you!” Eve said, not disguising the pride in her voice as both women stared down at the little naked child kicking and wiggling his perfectly formed, caramel colored arms and legs, “He is perfect, just like his daddy. Well, time for his lunch.” And Angie watched as Eve, picked up her naked son and walkedback into her family room, sitting down lifting her top and pressing Dee Jr. to her beautiful heavy swollen pale breast, for a moment a look of such bliss past on Eve’s face, that Angie felt she should go, but, then Eve began to speak and Angie sat down listening in a stunned silence.

    “Happy…no I am not happy, but I won’t stop, I don’t want to ever stop! Adam and I were very happy…in every way! Our home, our family, our sex life was all very good, felt like paradise, I mean it had changed, after Annabel, more routine less amorous, maybe, but, we were both very satisfied, I guess? Then, well Dev moved in, next door I mean, and Adam was so happy! Devon Terrell “The Bull” Blackmon, star NFL Running Back, was our neighbor! Adam was like an excited little boy, and we rushed to meet our new neighbor. I knew, I didn’t realizehow, but I knew, Dev was going to change everything. He was in his yard, he just finished working out in his garage lifting weights, he looked so powerful, so dangerous. When he looked at me, I couldn’t meet his eyes, I felt so naughty! And then I saw It! He was wearing basketball shorts and something huge was pressed down the entire length of his right thigh. I remember thinking that can’t be real, but I can assure you it was!

    I don’t know how he did it, but soon Dev was in our home, filling both our heads with tales of black sexual superiority, always pressing us, until one day, right in front of me, he got Adam to admit he did feel inferior, not just to the Athlete in our living room but to all black men. It was so strange, once I heard Adam finally admit it! I felt so...aroused, and the more Devbegan to emasculate the man I loved, the hotter I became. Soon he had me joining in! Unbelievably, I admitted I wanted Dev to Adam… that I wanted him. I told Adam I wanted Dev bring meupstairs to our marriage bed and take me in our bed!

    And then Adam said it, he never should have, but, with sadness and arousal in his voice Adam said “So! why don’t you?” Then, it really got out of control! Dev smiling at me removed his shirt, ‘oh god is this really happening?’ I thought, as I watched Devundoing his belt, I couldn’t control my breathing I groaned, “Is that what you want, Adam? Do you want your wife to fuck this man…this big black man? Because if you don’t do something to stop this soon, that’s what is going to happen!”

    Dev started talking again, “Oh! It’s going to happen, baby girl! And Your little white-boi husband ain’t gonna do shit about it and you know why…Cause he knows you want my big black cock inside you! And he knows he can’t do shit to stop it! In fact, I think he wants you too! I bet his white-boi dick is harder than it’s ever been knowing you’re gonna get seeded by a real man! A real big MUTHAFUCKING BLACK MAN!” and then he let his shorts drop, he wasn’t wearing underwear. Finally, Icould really see it! His Cock! It was huge, it had to be 15 inches long 5 inches around, so impossibly hard, so beautifully black,pointed straight at me, bobbing with each beat of Dev’s black heart and drooling pre-cum! It took everything I had…All the love and loyalty for my husband, for my family, not to drop to my knees and crawl to it like a bitch and suck it deep into my mouth! But, I could not stop staring at it and I realized I couldn’t stop my hands from moving over my breasts, and between my thighs, I was barely hanging on, I needed my husband, my man,to get control over this before it was too late! But, then Dev reached down and started stroking it. He spoke again, “Yeah…that’s it snowflake show your new daddy how bad you want a real man’s cock! Yeah, now…ask him…ask your white-boi husband if he’s hard…ask him to if he wants you to Fuck my cock into you…Go on! I can see it, now… He’s ready to admit the truth…Ask him! He knows your mine now…Ask him if hewants you to fuck me!”

    Suddenly, I heard myself asking “Well, Adam, are you going to stop this? Can’t you do something?! There is a giant cocked Nigga jerking off to your wife in our living room! Are going to stop this or is your little dick hard? Is that it? Is you little boidick hard at the thought of your wife, the mother of your daughter, stripped down and begging her new black daddy for his big beautiful black cock! Are going to stop this? Maybe now!” I tore open my shirt and yanked off my bra, pulling on my hard nipples in a way I never had in the past, “He’s looking at your wife’s big titties Adam! He can see me pulling on my nipples while I stare at his big nasty cock! Are you going to do something to stop this from happening now or are you really going to let me do it!” I knew I was giving in to it, I was frightened by how much I was starting to like it! Fuck that! I was LOVING IT!! I began to slide both my pants and panties off at the same time, I wanted my new daddy to see me naked! I wanted to play with my naughty pussy for him! I wanted him to see all of me! I wanted to turn my sexy ass to him spread my cheeks to show him my holes! AND I DID! Dev’s powerful gaze on me, we jerked off together in front of my husband! It the most amazingly naughty thing I had ever done! I was looking over my shoulder at Dev, he had not moved any closer to me nor I to him. I, instinctively, knew what I had to do. I turned my head toward Adam, I could not believe the man in front of me was the man I loved, the man I married, his face tear stained, he was completely defeated! And then I saw something else and I smiled, any of my leftover shame and guilt faded away, Adam’shand was rubbing the front of his pants! He was jerking off to his wife offering herself to another man, a Black Man! “You do want him to fuck me! Don’t you, Adam? Don’t you? ANSWER ME! ADAM! YOU WANT HIM TO FUCK ME, DON’T YOU?!” It was like something broke inside him he shuttered and squeaked out, “yesss…I want you to fuck him…” and he turned and ran from the room. My head snapped back around to Dev, “PLEASE!! NOW PLEASE!!”

    “Please, what baby girl? Tell your man what you need!”


    “THAT’S MY BABY GIRL!” and he just stepped up behind me and pushed his big purple head into my pussy, “NOW, WORK YOUR TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY DOWN ON IT! TAKE IT, BITCH! RESIZE YOUR PUSSY FOR REAL MEN! YOUR GONNA BE BLACK OWNED FROM NOW ON AND YOUR GONNA LOVE IT!” All the while I worked his black cock deeper inside me.





    “OH GOD!!”





    We laid down on floor to catch our breath, kissing tasting each other’s bodies, re-stoking our lust. Until, Dev simply got to his feet through me over his shoulder and carried me to Adam and my bedroom and took me over and over on our bed while I took his cock in all my holes drank his cum and begged to knocked up over and over!

    After Dev left, I found Adam in the basement his pants around his knees, sobbing. We tried to act like it wasn’t happening, but if Dev called I simply left, I would see the sad look on Adam’s face as I started to the door, my pussy would get wetter and wetter as I told him to be sure and take care of Annabel or I would be very angry and tell my man he wasn’t treating me right. I would almost cum from the fear on Adam’s face.” Eve was smiling as she finished her tale, “No! I’m not happy! I’m a slut! A black cock slut! And I can’t stop! And now Dev wants me to meet his friends! He wants Adam to watch Dee Jr. while I party with his friends! And I know I will and soon! I know because I get so hot thinking about it! No, Angie I’m not happy! I’m completely out of control and there is nothing I can do or want to do about it!”

    “Maybe Martin and I can help?” Angie said in a shaky voice.

    “Dev would like that…Dev would like you Angie. Be careful Angie, Dev would love to make you and Martin like Adam and me. In fact, I might like it too! You are very pretty Angie! And I bet you are a sexy pregnant lady!?”

    “Oh wow!” Angie moaned softly, before jumping nervously to her feet, “I should go! I should talk to Martin about all this, he’ll know what to do, we will pray on it and find a way to help!” With that, she turned and fled to the safety of her home and her man.

    Well now that you know exactly what Angie found out, I bet you can guess why she needed some alone time, let’s just say for the first time since the Reverend installed the detachable massageshower head Angie felt the need to take it down and see what pulse action was all about. It was the first time but over that week definitely not the last time!

    But, back to the present time! Angie takes one last look in the bathroom mirror at her backside looking round and sexy and gave herself a naughty wink before stepping out to share her new hot wife persona with our hero!

    “You look amazing! Angie! I mean I’ve never seen you looking so…”

    “Yes…well that was Dev’s plan don’t you think? You don’t look so bad yourself…that tux suits you! So, shall we be off? The Onyx Club awaits!”

    “Angie” Martin stepped out blocking her way, a look of worry and deep concern in his sad blue eyes, “Do you think we should? I mean…”

    Could this be it gentle reader, our hero has given his loyal and loving wife the opportunity she claims she has been looking for, to stop this! Walk away from whatever evil fate Dev “The Bull” has been pushing them towards…

    Angie was surprised, she hadn’t expected Martin to have doubts, she was sure that once the lord had given him the direction he would fight with all his heart to win! Still, she could see his worry, his doubt…his weakness! ‘I bet Dev never has any doubts! Men like Dev make things happen! They get results!They win and get what they want!’ Angie had looked past her husband into the wall mirror at the sultry and beautiful hot wife staring back at her as her thoughts turned to “The Bull”. ‘He is hundreds of miles away, and he still has us just where he wants us, I’m dressed like a slut and my poor husband looks like my servant! She turned back to Martin, “I will do whatever you think is best, but, if we quit now won’t Dev think we weren’t sure in our love, our beliefs and try something else?” Martin, took hold of her by her shoulders, it seemed he had something significant to say but then he pulled back shrugged, turned away from her as her gaze returned to her own slutty reflection, “I guess so…and we have to help Eve.” An image of a naked Eve breastfeeding a naked Dee Jr. while she sits in Dev’s lap flashed through Angie’s mind, “Yes, let’s not forget Eve, she is counting on this too!”

    So, our hero accepts his fate, as the room phone rings, Angie picks it up the car to take them to the Club is downstairs! Angie seems to be having a change of heart about her role in our story, this becomes all the clearer as…

    “Hey!” Martian says as he standing holding Angie’s purse as she hangs up the phone and turns back to her… man? “Didn’t Dev say once we got inside everything at the Onyx Club was a la carte? We would have to pay for everything else ourselves?”

    “Yes, I believe that’s what he said, whatever, that means.” Angie coldly replied as she took her purse from her pathetically weak looking and ever more desperate sounding husband.

    “Then why don’t we leave our wallets here! Then even if we were tempted by this place there would be no way to pay!” Martin explained excitedly, as though, he assured their victory.

    “That would be cheating!” Angie shouted, “You said our love and faith would see us through!”

    “Your right…” Martin conceded defeat without another word, he slipped into a deep melancholy as he slipped his arm around Angie holding onto her as the left the room and headed down to the Limo.

    It seems Angie is determined to see Dev’s game to the end! She also seems to have found new respect for their Antagonist, while losing some for our hero! This is a dangerous time for those kinds of doubts for our innocents are right at this very moment entering the Onyx Club…

    “Yes, the Reverend and Mrs. Whytfolk, the pale thin man at the door said expressionlessly, “We will need two forms of credit before you can enter.”

    “Our entrance was pre-paid!” Martin complained.

    “Yes, but we need to know that you can pay, should you and theMrs. decide to participate, it is only a formality.”

    “Fine,” Martin said handing over both their debit card and the Church debit card, he saw Angie giving him a self-serving smirk as he was handing over the cards. The man took a step back was gone for about a minute and returned, a thin grin on his face, “Very Good Sir! Welcome to the Onyx Club!” and with that a lovely black woman dressed as a show girl escorted them inside a double door and into the club. As they entered what appeared to be nothing more than a dimly lit dinner and cabaret theater, their hostess was explaining the rules in a southern accent, “All the drinks come with your entrance fee, but, if you want anything on the stage menu, your man got to pay for it, up front! He got to raise his card in the air and I will come over, ask for the purchase amount, run your card and the service will be provided, only the man pays and only the lovely lady plays, ya’all understand?” They nodded as they sat both began looking around to all the tables surrounding a stage slowly filling up with other white couples, dressed much the same way they were, but while all of other white men were as indiscriminate looking as Martin in their tuxes, none of the other women seem to hold a candle to Angie, but they all were proactively dressed to accentuate themselves, and all of them looked excited, and when Martin looked into Angie’s eyes he saw that same excitement, openly admitting to himself, for the first time, it really was sexual excitement. He suddenly realized just how hard he was breathing how hard his dick was getting, sitting there in that place with his wife. He also finally, admitted something else to himself, if the worst things did happen, and Dev was right about them, about Angie, he would not be able to stop it. ‘Oh, god help me, I’m starting to realize I don’t want to stop it, that’s not what I really want to do at all!’ Very strong drinks were placed on their small table, Angie raised her class in a toast “Here is to the winner! May he get his reward!” Martin raised his glass inresponse, but, he couldn’t help feeling she didn’t really mean him as he watched her eyes flash as she downed the entire drink only to have it immediately replaced, and wave of sadness and arousal washed over him as the lights fell and the MC took the stage saying “Sexy Ladies turn from your boring white-bois and let the games begin!!”

    Hello! I bet you weren’t expecting me right now! But, I’m afraid it is time to leave this place of evil and corruption and move forward in time back to the hotel, to the flight home, to first dayof their new relationship, a full 48 hours after the as yet undisclosed events at the Onyx Club…Hey! No need for such harsh language! Our Author simply wants Angie to tell you what happened to her and our hero. She will do it far better justice than our humble Author, whose skills have proven themselves not up to the task so far! So rather he will apply his skills to the aftermath…

    Angie and Martin sat on the plane holding hands, silently. It had been a long couple of days, it started when Martin somehow got his unconscious wife back to the room, gently removing her tattered garment and washing away the copious fluids that seemed to be covering and leaking from all over her abused body, until he couldn’t stand it anymore, he rolled away from her into a fetal position weeping and jerking his painfully erect penis to climax and passing out himself.

    Late the next afternoon, our couple have woken up to their new reality, and the horror of it all came back. Angie’s initial emotional explosion having subsided, Angie sat in shockedsilence, her body sore and her eyes red from weeping her voice hoarse from begging for forgiveness and swearing to never again succumb to temptation or to ever have anything to do with Dev and Eve ever again. “Angie, please forgive me,” a tearful Martin began, “This was all my fault, it was my pride, my inability to protect you from Dev and his evil ideas, please forgive me, Angie, I promise I will never let them near you again!”

    “Oh…Martin, I love you so much, of course I forgive you! But, what are we going to do?”

    “We will pray and we will go home, face our troubles and with our love and the Lords help we will heal and put all this behind us.”

    “But…what about Dev, and the bet? What do we...”

    “I will handle Dev and this awful thing he did, I won’t let you down, again!”

    “Oh, Martin are you sure? Are you, sure? Sure, you can do that?”

    “I am, with your help, now let’s pray!”

    So, having made a tense peace with each other and themselves,First, an uncomfortable trip to the Drug Store and Plan B, then off to the Airport! They flew back to what they hoped was the rebuilding of their old life and safety and love their home had always meant.

    Well…not quite yet! You see despite everything that was said and all the promises made, as the chastened Reverend and his reformed woman entered their home, they sat listless jumping at the slightest noise outside as they waited for our villain to come and claim his prize! But, there was also something else in the air… Something Martin was not expecting, and certainly not ready for, the night came with no sign of Dev. So, Martin, said he was heading to bed. And that is when Angie, put her plan into action! Poor Martin…

    Angie was now standing in her own bathroom, applying a light makeup and Martin’s favorite perfume, a look of deep concern on her lovely face. She knew, what she was about to do was dangerous, but, she knew it had to be done, because despite all her promises and prayers, Angie still felt lost, disconnected! That night had taken her away from her man, now she needed him to take her back! He had to, he simply had to win her back tonight! She pulled one of her sexier nighties over her naked body, and she saw the same lovely wife who gone into her bedroom countless time before to make love to her husband, without a care! But, not tonight! Tonight, their private life, their sexual life was on the line! If Martin couldn’t do this for her, she knew she was lost! It would be only a matter of time before temptation would pull her heart away from her husband and her faith, again! ‘Please God! Please forgive me, forgive us! Please give him the strength to do this, for both our sakes and for the sake of our daughter and for the sake of the life and community we serve! Amen!’ She slowly stepped into her bedroom.

    Martin had not turned off the light, yet. He was waiting for Angie. He was so tired and longing for sleep. The past few days had made him feel so confused and weak. He was starting to drift when Angie entered the room. He saw her, his lovely wife, looking as she had always looked, lovely and innocent as she moved in accentuated walk towards their marital bed, and she was wearing a lovely nighty, and when the light was behind her he could tell she was naked underneath her light cotton garment. Despite his weariness and a deep need to sleep, he feels himself becoming aroused. “Martin,” Angie said in her soft sultry voice, “Martin, I need you…I need you to make love to me.”

    “I don’t know, Angie, I’m really tired, maybe tomorrow?”

    “NO!” Angie said so sternly, she surprised herself, “We have to do this! Now! Tonight! Our first night here, in our home, in our bed!”

    “Why, babe? We have all the time in the world to be together.”

    “Because…” Angie regained her composure and began to speak in a softer sultrier tone, she was also, beginning to feel the rush of her desire, she was taking control over the situation, just like before! Just like she did that shameful night, but, this time it was in the right cause, this time it was to fix what that night had broken! “I need it, Martin!” she mewled, “I was so naughty, Martin, so wicked! I need you to take me, baby. Take your woman! Take her, Marty! Make her yours again, Marty! I want to be all yours again! Only yours!” and with that she pulled her nighty off revealing her curvy body, her nipples painfully stiff and her sex visibly swollen and wet, she seemed to be breathing hard through her nose as her pink tongue moistened her pouty lips. Suddenly, Martin, was wide awake, his own heart beating hard, here was his women! He wanted her! He would take her! Yes! He would take his naughty wife! He would show her who her man is! He stood pulling off his shirt and yanking down his pajama pants, his penis springing up painfully hard and begging for release, the loving man, the good husband, the faithful man of god, vanishing in haze of hormones and desire! Martin Whytfolk was going to fuck his wife! “You need it! Do you?!” He grabbed her and pushed her down taking her legs and placing them over his shoulders as he stood at the edge of their bedrubbing himself over her wet labia and through her manicured pubic hair.

    “YES! YESI I NEED IT! PLEASE! GIVE TO ME MARTY, GIVE IT TO YOUR WIFE! ARRRGUH!” She groaned out as Martin pushed himself into her as far and hard as he could. Her eyes opened wide! In all the years, of their marriage he had never entered her like this! And she was further surprised when he began to thrust with all his might, he was doing it! He was taking her! He was taking her back! “YES! MARTY LIKE THAT! LIKE THAT! TAKE ME! TAKE YOUR WIFE!”


    “YES! DO IT! DO IT! FUCK ME! FUCK YOUR WIFE! OWN ME! OWN YOUR WOMEN! I’M SO CLOSE MARTY! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! Angie was banging back into her husbandnow! Twisting and rutting with him, but, just as she was on the verge of her huge orgasm, just as she thought it was going to happen, that he was going to reclaim her body, she could feel his rhythm breaking, he was wheezing and gasping, he was losing control. She knew he could cum any second, but, she couldn’t slow down now, she was wanted to fuck! She wanted to cum! It was hard enough to cum on her husband’s subpar dick! But now, she was so close! “NO! NOOOO! FUCK ME, DAMN IT! FUCK ME MARTIN! MAKE ME CUM! I NEED TO CUM! MAKE ME CUM YOU TINY DICKED MOTHERFUCKER!!!

    “AARRRRGUH, CUMMING! ANGIE! I’M SORRY! NEED TO CUM! SO, GOOD! I FUCKED YOuu…so good…” Martin moans fading as he felt himself passing out. “NOOOO, MARTIN, NOOOO PLEASE I NEED IT! I NEEE…” was the last thing Martin heard before sweet, dreamless, sleep overtook him.

    Martin felt himself drifting in and out of sleep, he couldn’t understand why the room was so bright, why was he on the floor? What was that noise? Was that Angie’s voice?

    He lifted himself up to see his wife in the bright bedroom light. Her perfect naked ass high in the air, as she laid doggie style, herbig tits pressed into the mattress as three fingers on one hand jamming in and out of her pussy while her thumb pressed hard into her swollen clit! While two fingers on her other hand jammed in and out of her asshole! Her face a mask of lust “YESSSS! FUCK ME DADDIES! GIVE YOUR BIG BLACK COCKS!! SOOO, FUCKING GOOOD!! NEVER SO GOOOD!!! MAKE ME CUM!!! DADDY MAKE MEEEE!! CUMMMING DADDY!! MORE!! BLACK COCK!!!MORE!!!” A confused, sad Martin was unable to stop himself from drifting back to sleep slumping back down onto the floor passing back out, he never heard the last thing his sex crazed wife said before Cumming so hard she passed out herself, “MORRRRE BIG BLACK COCK DEVVVV!!! I NEED YOU DEV!! I WANT YOU DEV! FUCK ME! FUCK YOUR WOMAN!!!”

    Well that went very badly for poor martin! So, let’s go across the street to Eve’s master bedroom and see how a real man handles his business…

    “When are, you going to go over there and claim your prize, daddy?” Eve said between slurps of Dev’s enormous ebony cock, she was on her knees coaxing Dev’s cock back into hardness. Dev was standing, naked in front of large picture window looking across and down onto the Reverend’s small home. “Soon, girl, soon,” Dev said as he started to fuck Eve’s face hard. Coughing she backed off from her man’s perfect cock, “But, arrrr…. you won, daddy! You know you won, daddy! She’s all yours! Take her daddy…please take her!!!” Eve said, swallowing Dev’s cock taking it deep into her throat until her eyes teared up. Dev groaned and started pumping her throat. “Plenty of time for that!” Dev smirked as he pictured Angie in Eve’s place, “You know Reverend Marty’s not gonna make easy for me to get at her! Gonna need to figure a way…Yeah, baby girl suck that cock! It helps me think!” Dev began to brutally fuck Eve’s face again, “FUCK! I’M GONNA GET HIM TO ADMIT I WON! GONNA MAKE HIS BITCH MINE! AND GONNA CUM DOWN YOUR NASTY THROAT NOWWWW!!!” The room filling with Dev’s moans as Eve happily slurped all of Dev’s back cum.

    Now, of course our Villain had a plan, He knew what he was going to do every step of the way, and now he just had to stay out of sight! He wasn’t going to force this, that was no fun! He knew that the Reverend would try to welch on his bet and hide his little white wifey from him! So, Dev would wait, for a very special Saturday and then he would begin the second part of his plan! He would take his prize and he would make that white-boi pay! Angie, his precious, Angie would make him admit to Dev, that everything Dev told him was the absolute truth, right before he bred her! Right in their own bed! So after a few weeks past,he needed to talk to Eve…

    “Baby girl this is the last Saturday in the month, isn’t it?” Dev calmly asked his Naked baby mama as he flipped through the TV channels and Eve breastfed a naked Dee Jr. “Yes, baby it is,why?

    “Damn it Eve, why is my son always naked when he is suckin’on your titty?”

    “Because he looks so beautiful, naked, just like his daddy!”

    “Ha…Ha, you’re a crazy, mama! Anyway, I have something for you to do tonight, have Adam drop the girl at your Mama’s and be here by 8 to watch Dee Jr.”

    “Oh! Are we going to the hotel to be with your teammates, again?” Eve said excitedly.

    “Naaaah!” Dev grunted, “I knew you wanted more of that though! We’ll do that again real soon, just for you, I’ll even invite a few extra, if you do this job tonight right!”

    “Oooo…. what am I doing tonight?”

    “Tonight, you are going over to see your good friend Angie!” Eve’s eyes widened in surprise, “That’s right! Baby, tonight you’re going to help me collect my prize!”

    “How? Even if I could get past Martin, she would never talk to me.”

    “You think I don’t know what I’m doing? Listen now, Martin won’t be there cause this is the last weekend in May and on the Saturday on the last weekend in May, the good Reverend takes his adult male bible study group to an overnight retreat, it’s on the church calendar! He won’t be back till Monday morning and that’s more than enough time!”

    “Okay…but how do I get her to see me?”

    “That’s the best part, your gonna tell her Martin sent you to talk to her!”

    “She’ll never believe that!”

    “Probably not! But, she’s been cooped up in that house for two weeks now and that’s a long time not to scratch that itch I gave her, so I think she will take any excuse we give her, see what I’m saying?”

    “Yes…I’m getting it, but what do I talk to her about?”

    “You can be a dumb bitch, sometimes!” Dev snarled, making Eve shutter, “You get her to tell you her troubles, you get her to tell you all about what happened in Vegas, you get her to tell you that and your gonna have a hell of a lot of fun! Your gonna meet an Angie you never met before!”

    “You really think so, daddy?” Eve said clearly liking the thought of bringing the naughty girl out of the Reverend’s good girl wife.

    “Oh yes, in fact, maybe you should bring that present I made for you, you know for when I can’t come around. Just keep it out of sight, you’ll know when to show it to her!”

    “Oh, god! Really, wow! This is going to be so much fun! And so, naughty! I can’t wait!”

    “Just one more thing! After your done with her, you tell herwhen Martin gets back I’m coming over! You tell her if she wants me to stay Martin’s got to be there and she’s got to make him admit he lost and everything I said was right and true! You got that?”

    “Right and true, yes daddy, I got it, daddy.” Eve had put Dee Jr in his crib while they were talking, she was getting very worked up.

    “You tell her I’m coming there a 2 o’clock and I intent to collect everything she owes me!”

    “I will daddy, now please fuck me Daddy! I’LL TELL HER DADDY! NOW FUCK ME!” Eve screamed as she lowed herself on to Dev’s giant cock, riding him thinking of all the naughty fun she has with her Dev and all the naughty fun she was going to have with Angie. It was the best day of her life, the day she became Dev’s woman, the day she became a Black Cock Slut! “FUCK ME! DEV! FUCK ME!”

    So, here we are kind reader, as promised! Our poor hero gone with the other men in the church van to discuss Jesus and the problems of this weary, godless world, one town over in a Super8. Our lovely Eve, ready to complete her evil mission of getting Angie to tell her all about her night at the Onyx Club! Standing on the Reverend Whytfolk’s porch, slung across her shoulder a bag containing several large bottles of white wine, a bottle of vodka, in case she resists more than expected, a delicious chocolate edible bar and finally a plastic torpedo shaped box that looked like an oversized coffee thermos; waiting for our poor suffering Angie to let her in…

    “Oh…Oh god! You! What are you doing here!” Angie’s frightened voice coming from inside the window just to the side of the front door, “Go away! You shouldn’t be here! I can’t see you! I’m not ready to see you, besides Martin isn’t here! So, go away!”

    “Come on, Angie stop it and let me in!” Eve tried to keep her voice very even and friendly, “I brought some wine!” She held up one of her bottles, “I just want to see you! Just talk and catch up it has been so long since we got together, I miss you, Angie!” Silence. But, she could see a shadow moving just beyond the window curtain. “Okay! Okay, he really didn’t want me to tell you, but, it was Martin that asked me to come over!”

    “What?” Angie said pulling the door open, “That’s not true!” and Eve smirked, ‘Damn you Dev, you’re amazing!’ Eve quickly opened the screen door, moved into the small entryway of Angie’s home and smiled, “Yes, it is, hon.” Eve was wearing a light summer dress, and the even with the dim sunlight of the late spring day fading behind her she looked sultry, radiant and happy. But, the women in front her looked tired, stressed andhaggard and her disheveled baggy clothes belied the beauty underneath, Angie stared at her neighbor like a frightened rabbit, and Eve thought she might push past her and run screaming into the street. “Martin did, he did ask me to come over, he said you needed someone to talk to, someone who could understand, and I was the only one, who the both of you could trust? Whatever that means…”

    “Urgh! Fine come in!” Angie said turning and walking into their living room. Eve following behind her, a wide sexy smile on her face, she moved like the cat who just found a mouse to play with.

    Have no fear gentle reader! I’m simply here to take us forward a bit! It took some convincing, but Eve did manage It! Angie, relaxing into herself deception that her foolish husband sent this wicked woman to help restore her to normal, despite his numerous promises to keep her safe and far away from this woman and her wonton relationship with her black man! A few hours have past and Eve, playing her part with unexpected patience, has been the kind shoulder to lean on, there were unexplained tears, stammered cryptic remarks, but Eve never pushed, merely consoled, and now Angie has just returned from a shower her hair pulled back, still damp, dressed in her best silk pajamas bare foot, Eve has made a light cheese platter with wine and chocolate! Let’s dip back in…

    “Oh My! Eve…this is so lovely, but isn’t it getting late…”

    “Well, I thought we might have a sleepover! Please, Angie it would be so much fun!”

    “Oh! I don’t know, I mean what about Dee Jr.?”

    “Oh! That’s taken care of…” Eve said pulling out her large smart phone, opening an app and standing close to her friend sharing her screen, a stream of Adam sitting in a rocking chair softly rocking back and forth feeding Dee Jr. a bottle, they could hear him softly humming to the child. Eve face taking on a look of raw sexual gratification, “See! Adam is there, just doing what he’s told! He won’t leave that room all night!”

    “Oh my…but where is Annabel?”

    “Oh! she is at my Mother’s! Whenever Dev and I go out with his friends, Adam watches Dee Jr. he is a wonderful babysitter, I check on him all the time we are out and he never leaves Dee Jr.’s side!”

    “So, you’re going out with Dev’s friends now?” Angie asked watching her friend, watching her husband watching after her and her lover’s son, and felt that familiar throb returning to her pussy.

    “Oh, yes, we go out a lot, now! I always have such an amazing time, I don’t know why I ever resisted! Dev seem to know just what a lady wants!” Eve said nonchalantly, slowly looking backat her friend, they both began to giggle like naughty school girls. And Eve handed Angie a glass of wine. Soon, they were sitting on Angie’s couch talking in naughty whispers and giggles, when Angie reached for her second piece of chocolate, “Oh be careful, Hon! Those chocolates have a really high THC, if you know what I mean!”


    “You know, marijuana…pot.”

    “You mean there is POT! In this!” Angie said throwing it down. “No…just the stuff in pot that gets you high, I think?” Eve responded to laughing at her friends shocked face.

    “I’ve never! I mean I would never! Drugs are wrong!”

    “Yes...very wrong! But like most things that are wrong lots of fun! Come on, Angie, Martin is gone, no one will know but me, and I’m your friend, I’ll never tell!”

    “It’s been a long time since I had a friend tell secrets too, and keep secrets with,” came the older woman’s wistful response. “Well you have one now, Angie! You can do anything, you can tell me anything you want! I will never tell a soul!” Eve said sounding very earnest and true, but her bright blue eyes telling, a different darker tale, and Angie was looking right into those naughty blue eyes as she picked up that second piece of chocolate and ate it. Both woman clasping hands and giggling like naughty teens, again.

    The witching hour has past, and our heroine and her friend have retired to Martin and Angie’s bedroom, quite inebriated and relaxed, it is at this time during sleepovers when the participants play naughty games like spin the bottle, or that classic truth or dare…

    “Are you sure? I’m sure I have something you could fit into!” Angie was calling out to Eve who was readying herself for bed in Angie and Martin’s private bathroom, Angie laying in martial bed, having removed her pajama bottoms to sleep, now in just her silk top and pair of French-cut blue cotton panties sipping the last of Eve’s wine, nervously waiting for Eve’s return, she found herself looking across to her dresser at Angelica and new husband, their wedding picture displayed there, ‘Angie, what are doing? You know the last person Martin would send over here to see you, well maybe the next to last person, heh, is Eve! But, she has been so helpful, and I’m having fun, and I like it and..’ not wanting to finish that thought, Angie got out of bed and turned her daughter’s picture to the wall, hopping back into her bed just as the bathroom door open and Eve re-entered ready for bed. “Oh wow!” It slipped out before Angie realized she had said it. Eve was carrying a small folded bundle of clothes for her to wear in the morning, they were on top of that torpedo shaped box and she placed them on Angie’s dresser. She was still holding her day’s dirty clothes, her black yoga pants and blouse up and was about to ask where she could put her dirty clothes, when she heard Angie’s remark. Eve was standing there in the middle of Angie and Martin’s bedroom in a sheer black pushup bra that only magnified the roundness of her large breasts and the tiniest black thong and as she turned sideways to put down her stuff, Angie could see the muscular roundness of her butt accented by her thick firm thighs, flat round tummy, a small diamond ring piercing her belly button and her toned calves and arms. Eve was a very sexy woman, her sensual form, was having an un-natural effect on poor Angie. “Why, thank you! I have gotten so used to this stuff, I can’t sleep in anything else! I wear these Yoga pants because they drive Dev crazy! But then you can only wear these tiny thongs or it ruins the look, so then you to have shave it all off or the thong won’t look right!” The sexy woman said pulling back the small patch of material to show her friend her bald moist pussy and Angie felt the front of her own panties moisten. “Of course, Dev wants my pussy this way anyway so it all worked out! Where do I put these?” once again holding up her dirty clothes. “Just leave them on the floor and come to bed!” Came Angie’s husky reply, Eve dropped the clothes and crawled into Angie’s bed.

    As they lay together Eve spooning her friend they continued their talk, “I just don’t know what to do! I told him it didn’t matter, that I loved him that we should just forget about it all and move on! He just keeps looking at me with that sad face, and watches my every move like a soldier standing guard!”

    “Well, I’m sure he’s just doing it because he loves you and he’s worried, it sounds like whatever you did that first night back just freaked him out. I’m sure he’ll get past it, you both will.”

    “I’m not sure I know how to! I pray and I pray! But, It, just keeps getting worse!! For both of us…”

    “Well,” said Eve as she pressed her breasts into Angie’s back, bringing her mouth close to Angie’s neck and ear softly, “I want to help, why don’t you just tell me what really, happened.” Her warm breath raising goose bumps on Angie, as she squirmed back into Eve, Angie whispered out, “You’re my friend, right?”

    “Yes,” was the soft breathy reply. “You’ll never tell, anyone…not even Dev?”

    “Never, swear… to… god!” and she bumped Angie’s ass with her crotch after each of the last three words, braking the sexual tension. They were giggling when Angie started to tell Eve what had really happened to her and Martin in Vegas!

    “You had gone back into the house to use the bathroom, Dev started in again on Martin, about the superior black race and how all white women…well, you know all that stuff, anyway Dev goads us into this bet! He will pay for an extra week in Las Vegas if we agree to go to this show, at a place called the Onyx Club…He said if we just went and like Martin said our love and faith were true, then nothing would happen, but, if what Dev said was true then we lose by our own choice, because not only would we have to ask for whatever was going on but Martin, would have to pay for it, first before it could happen!”

    “What…What would happen?” a breathy Eve excitedly said into her ear. “I’m getting to it!” Angie continued, playfully bumping her panty clad rear into her friend’s crotch, “Well to get us into this place must have cost Dev a lot of money! On top of paying for our Hotel on the strip and car rental. Because a few hours before our reservation, a car comes and picks me up and whisks me off to a full salon, leaving poor Martin to just sit around I guess. At the salon, I get a full message, and complete makeover, a mani/pedi deep red nail polish with a sparkle acrylic finish, new wild hair doo with highlights and sparkles and full make-up! I looked like a tart! A streetwalker! But, I wasn’t allowed to change a thing, I practically ran back to our room so no one would see me! And when I got safely inside There was my poor husband, my standing in his boxers wearing the top half of what looked like an old waiter’s tux, his pants still hanging on the closet door next to the what I thought was a scarf accessory for his tux, until I saw a pair of spiked heeled silver pumps on the floor below it and a pair of black silk pull-on stockings just behind it, ‘You have to kidding?’ I said to Martin as pulled down, what turn out to be a black micro-mini tube dress, with sparkles, of course, woven into the spandex fabric! ‘I can’t wear this in public! I couldn’t even in private!’

    ‘It’s just one night, Hon, and no knows us here!’ Martin whined. This whole thing had gotten way out of hand! I was going to put a stop to it right then, but Martin said, ‘just try it on! If you really don’t like it, we won’t go.’ And I thought, fair enough, and I grabbed the pumps and stockings, and went into the bathroom to change, assuming I would be out five minutes later calling a halt to all this macho, racist crap! But, something happened, I mean as I started to pull on that sexy hosiery, watching my painted toes slip in, feeling those sexy nylons clinging to my thighs as I wriggled and pulled myself into that dress, pulling on those slutty shoes, standing there looking in that bathroom mirror fixing my hair, I took a good look at myself, no bra or panties, and twirled around, My big breastsstuck out, high and firm, my butt poked out and it looked round and tight like a peach! I looked good! No…I looked hot! I am 41 years old, a minister’s wife and the mother to a grown married woman. But, I made that outfit sexy! And I started to feel sexy, and naughty and on display! I had never felt that way, not even on my wedding day! Then, I started to get mad, I was mad at Dev, and you and Martin! I felt like all of you all were pushingme to be something I didn’t even know I wanted to be! Then, I thought about what you told me about how Dev had taken you from Adam, how Adam didn’t even try to stop him! I remembered how hot I got picturing it happening, how powerful a man like Dev must really be to be able to do something like that, And I became furious at Martin, for risking our happiness, and I decided I wanted him to fight for the women, in the mirror! I don’t know why, but I was excited and I felt alive, at the thought of my man, my white knight defending my honor, saving me from an evil scheming monster, trying to take my honor! And, can you believe, when I went back out there dressed and so ready to watch my white knight destroy the Monster’s evil minions and foil his evil plan to corrupt me, he tried to quit! He even tried to cheat! He wanted to leave our money behind! How would the good Lord judge that? No, I made up my mind, I didn’t want this, I didn’t ask for this, but, I was going to see this through and so was Martin!”

    “We were taken in a limo to this club and the first thing they did was check our credit cards! Score one for Dev. I thought the place was small, dingy and a dive, and there was a musky odor, I couldn’t place. We sat and I toasted the winner! And Martin looked at me funny. He was sad confused. I don’t know why, but it made me feel powerful and in control.”

    “The show was actually, slow and boring at first! A smallish skinny black baggie pants man telling racist and sexist jokes about white people, but then he introduced the other men! And the tiny stage filled with beautiful black men, they were all different but they were all dressed in a white leotard and the all had one thing big thing in common!”

    “I bet they did!” Eve said not able to hold back. Her arm had now drifted around Angie’s waist and she was pulling her tight into her body. Eve didn’t think Angie realized she had been grinding her ass into Eve’s now very wet pussy almost from the start of her telling her story!

    Angie craned her head around to look at her friend, she smiled a sexy smile and there was the same lustful fire in both the lady’seyes as Angie turned back away from her friend and resumed telling about that night, conscious of it or not she also continued to grind her sweet sexy ass into her friend’s excited pussy!

    “They all took a turn coming out to the end of stage each lit up by a spot light the outlining of their bulges, they were all enormous, and as each new man stepped into the light his seemed bigger then the last guy’s. I remember saying to Martin, ‘That they can’t be real! Why their cocks would have to three maybe even four times bigger than yours!’ I hadn’t meant to hurt him but I could see him wince at my remark, and I felt ashamed of myself! But, that didn’t stop me from watching! No! the show had my full attention now! After the last man made his appearance, the lights dimmed and the announcer said, ‘ladies the first stage menu item will be available during the upcoming act.’ Our hostess walked over and handed me a menu card, she pointed the first menu item called, Tip the Dancer, ‘The price is$20 dollars per touch.’ She explained, ‘You will be allowed to approach the stage and touch a performer, after tipping him $20 dollars, that gets you one touch! If you want to continue touching or move to a different performer it will be $20 more dollars and so on, this the only multi-fee item on our menu tonight, but, it is our cheapest starting cost, all the other items are a fixed onetime fee, if check you will see the price goes up considerably after the Second Act, each item lasts strictly for the duration of the current act. The length of each Act is set by the house, but, the house guarantees compete satisfaction. Anyone not satisfied, may request the lovely lady get a solo return for a substitute Item on the following night. Though, I have yet to see that happen,’ she snickered through that last part. Now, she talked directly to me, ‘Girl, it’s really simple the quicker you get your man to pay, the longer you get to play!’ and she turned and went back to her spot.”

    “I read the rest of menu items out to Martin, and their crazy prices, there were only four more:

    Naked Public Dancing - $200 dollars

    Private Dance - $300 dollars

    One on One Full Service - $2000 dollars

    Orgy Room, after closing and by invitation ONLY - $5000 dollars”

    “I was laughing as I finished, but Martin didn’t see the humor! Looking up furious, he said, ‘That’s disgusting! This place is the pit! Everyone here is going to hell!’ Still, laughing I answered, ‘I guess that means us too!’ his eyes fell back down to the table, he grumbled out, ‘I guess it does…’”

    When the lights went down the men came out, the music blared and the stage lights came up, and they were there! Stripped down and oiled up those giant cocks and balls covered by a long sock, that made them hang down and flop around as those sexy bodies danced and flexed their powerful muscles for all the world to see! It hit me like a jolt, a sex jolt!”

    “What did honey, what hit you?” said Eve, as she kissed Angie’s neck, her hand now sliding up Angie’ silk top cupping her friend’s big excited tit and lightly rolling her rock-hard nipple through her shirt. Eve moaned, ‘Tell me baby, tell me all of it. I have to know all of it!’”

    “Oh, god! That…that Dev was telling the truth! That black men were the better men! And that meant Martin was lying! That he was lying to me! To himself! That’s when I could see women approaching the stage and men at the other tables holding up credit cards for their hostess to take, the hostess would handsome lucky wife a fist full of twenty dollar bills and she would run up and crowd around the stage hooting and calling out to get one of those beautiful men to come to her with all the other women, and I could see those women handing over their money as those black bodies gyrated and thrusted those giant covered cocks into their faces while they reached out and caressed those hidden, flaccid, monsters! I saw mature married women swoon, like high school girls, after simply touching these men! While their husbands watched impotent, paying for these men to give their wives real sexual fulfillment! And I knew Dev was right, we, white people, were the weaker race! Here was the proof, married women mewling and rolling their bodies like bitches in heat for black men, their husbands willingly paying for it, then staying to watch! And then there was my real proof! I knew I wanted to be one of them! And as the music thumped around us I guiltily turned to Martin hoping to see the strong moral man I loved silently chastising me with his eyes, demanding I ask god’s forgiveness for my weakness! But, all I saw was another enthralled white husband, so I slipped my hand up his leg and found his dick was hard! Surprised, he turned to look at me, his eyes turned sad and glazed, but, whatever he saw on my face made his hard dick jump! ‘Martin, can I go up, too? I just want to know if they are real! I just want to touch a few, just so I can know and I will come right back! I promise!” I was rubbing him under the table the entire time, he finally reached under and placed his hand on mine to stop me, his hand was cold, and his voice was tight, ‘how much?’

    ‘I don’t know…mmm…maybe 200?’

    ‘God! Angie, are you sure? That’s a lot of money!’

    ‘Don’t you want me to find out if those big things are real? You can watch me, Martin, you can watch me touch them!’ and I pressed down on his crotch some more. Then it happened! I saw him take out our debit card and hold it in the air! Our hostess stepped up and Martin handed her the card, ‘how much sugar?’ His voice was scratchy and dry, ‘200, please.’ She ran the card and handed me my fist full of twenties! I ran to the stage wavingmy first bill and a lean dark black man came over to me I slid my twenty into his G-string with all others as he thrust it at me and I thought it has to be 10 inches long and he’s not even hard, as I shakily reached out for the cock I had just paid for! The women around me were cheering me on, ‘Grab itgirlfriend...You don’t get meat like that at home… Bet your husband wishes he had half as much!’ and then I was touching it! And it was real! I felt it move when I squeezed it, I felt his huge balls tighten when I caressed them. Still holding him I turned to see Martin, but, I couldn’t see any of the men behind me, but I knew they could see me! And I started to roll my body and shook my ass and called out for more as I waved my money for more of those BIG FUCKING BLACK COCKS!!! OH! GOD EVE WHAT? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? YOUR MAKING MEEEEE!!! CUMMMM!! CUMMING!!”

    While Angie lost herself once more recounting her night at the Onyx Club, Eve, the story pushing all her buttons, continued to kiss and fondle Angie. She had unbuttoned Angie’s top and was squeezing both her big titties and pulling on her nipples roughly her own needs making her wild and she worked her other hand first over Angie’s wet panties and now as Angie is realizing what is happening, Eve’s hand is inside her panties stretching them out as she furiously works Angie’s clit! Angie opens her eyes to see herself splayed out, her one leg draped over Eve’s body, Eve’s manicured hand rubbing her pussy as fast as she can, “EVE HOW?” Angie cried out as both women eyes traveled down Angie’s exposed body to watch Eve’s hand rubbing her wet pussy! “JUST ENJOY IT!” Eve said and Angie began thrusting up to meet he friends hand, Angie turned her head passionately kissing Eve her tongue entering Eve’s mouth at same time Eve’s fingers found their way into Angie’s pussy! Another powerful orgasm makes Angie break he kiss, “OH YESSSS…FUCK ME! FUCK ME EVE! I WANT TO CUM, FUCK ME MAKE ME CUM!”

    Eve suddenly pushes Angie off her, flipping her over Eve pulls off Angie’s panties tossing them on the floor she positions her on her knees, bending over her, her hand wedged between them rubbing Angie’s wet throbbing clit from the back she uses her free hand to pull Angie’s hair. “OH! I WILL FUCK YOU! I WILL MAKE YOU CUM! BUT, NOT LIKE THEY DID, RIGHT ANGIE? NO ONE CAN MAKE US CUM LIKE THEY CAN, RIGHT ANGIE?! SAY IT!” Eve demanded jamming two fingers into her, “SAY IT…TELL ME ANGIE! TELL ME AND I’LL EAT YOUR HORNY PUSSY FOR YOU!’



    “BLACK MEN!!! GOD DAMNIT!! WITH BIG BLACK COCKS!! NOW EAT ME! EVE EAT MY SLUTTY PUSSY!!!” Eve slid back diving into Angie’s pussy licking her tongue deep inside her and then down to her swollen clit and back up to her ass licking and nibbling her sexy cheeks, finally working her tongue into the horny wife’s asshole as deep as she could and then back down to her pussy until Angie screamed with pleasure and collapsed in heap.

    “Ohhhh! Eve…” A satisfied, but, still very horny Angie turned to see her friend, “Oh Eve, you look…beautiful!” Her friend still caught up in their heat was sitting one arm behind her, her bra torn away her nipples like two little pink spikes pointing up to the ceiling she sat her legs wide as she balanced herself in a crouch fucking her fingers into herself, her head back her face shiny with Angie’s pussy juice her tongue flicking out like it was still licking Angie’s pussy! “I’LL HELP YOU BABY, MOMMA’S RIGHT HERE!” Angie said as she moved to take Eve into her arms her mouth latching onto her big tit! The same big tit she had been dying to suck for weeks now, she worked Eve below her! Started kissing down her body. Until, she reached and gently kissed Eve’s pussy, her tongue getting it first taste of a women’s sex…She gave into this new sin with gusto as she ate her friend with a selfish need! Eve calling out to god, begging her to never stop! She came, so hard she passed out.

    When she woke, Angie was cradling her, she smiled up at her and Angie smiled back, they kissed softly, Angie said, “Are you ready, baby? Because, I have lots more to tell you!” and Eve, nodded her head up and down, feeling her sore pussy getting wet again…

    The two women faced each other, naked now, their hands openly caressing each other, Angie, all her shame replaced with lust, gazing into her friend’s eyes continues her story. “I ran out of money, pretty quickly, but, I lingered with my new hot wife friends, laughing and cheering them on to play with those giant cocks. But, soon the lights came back on, and I returned to Martin. He, was seething, but I could tell he was very aroused at his naughty wife’s behavior, ‘Did you have fun?’ he growled as I sat back down and returned my hands to what I now realized was my hubby’s tiny dick, and it was harder than I had ever felt it, just like Dev said it would be. ‘Didn’t you see me?’ I cooed. ‘Angie, I don’t like this place! I don’t like what it’s doing to us! We need to go!’

    ‘You know it’s too late for that kind of talk, Martin, besides despite what you are saying, I can feel that you are enjoying this!’ He tried to twist away from hand, ‘That’s not true! What is happening to you?’

    ‘I’m just having a good time! And I think I’m learning a few things about differences between men, maybe you didn’t want me to know. Is that what’s got you so upset? That your good little wife, might be finding out what a real man is? Does that make you frightened, Martin? That I might like what I’m finding out?’ He turned away from me and looked like he was going to storm out, I didn’t want that so, ‘Oh, Martin, can’t you see, how much I love you for bringing me here?’ he turned back surprised as I continued, ‘for the first time, we are challenging ourselves, our relationship! I know what Dev did to get us here was wrong, but, we are here, so there must have been some part of us that wanted to be here!’

    ‘I get that Angie, but, these feelings! They are so wrong! It’s all so confusing…’

    ‘I know sweetie!’ I took ahold of his hand and tried to match his serious demeanor, ‘but we are just exploring this…let’s just stay a bit longer and see where this goes…’ before he could answer, the lights went back down and the announcer said ‘Get readyladies! Cause now the real fun, begins! And get ready white-bois! Get your money out cause the shit just got real!’ I could hear the women around us cheering again as the men returned to the stage, the stage lights rose to the collective gasp of everyone in the room, there they stood, like proud African worriers, their weapons finally unsheathed and so ready for action! The thumping beat, began again and the dancing started again, but this was not dancing! This was a mating ritual, they thrust and ground those big cocks out to us! Calling to us! Calling to me!! I openly sat there my tongue moving slowly around my lips, wide eyed, my body tensing and preparing for something I wasn’t ready to admit just yet! Sure, I was turned on, I was enjoying the sexual power I had over my husband, but I never intended to cross the line! I was a good church women and women like me did not break our wedding vows! They were a sacred promise not just to our husbands but to god! To break those vows… no matter how much I wanted to! Meant, to me, I was not only losing my husband, but, my faith, too! I thought I would never risk that for any man! ‘Angie…Angie, your hurting my hand!’ Martin shouted pulling his hand from mine. I was going to turn and apologize, but, I could not tear myself from the spectacle, I was panting with lust!”

    “The announcer sounded again, ‘All right ladies it’s time! White-bois, you may now buy our second item on the menu!’ No sooner had the announcement finished, then I saw women, heading to the stage, and amazingly being let on the stage! The women seemed stunned at first, but as they got pulled into this melee of big black men and enormous hard black cocks, they began to grind and whirl as these men pulled them into their cocks bending and twisting these willing wives intopornographic positions for the audience! ‘I suppose you want to go up there, again?’ and I turned shocked at what my husband said. I couldn’t believe he would put this kind of temptation out there for me. I, thought my white Knight was here to slay Dev’s evil minions, instead, with fear and desire in his voice, he was helping them!”

    “I knew this could mean another step toward our fall, but, I felt my desire creeping into my normally mischievous smile, ‘If you want me to?’ and I left it hanging there, I had not refused, but I had not said yes, I continued, ‘It is only another 200 …’ His eyes narrowed, ‘only 200! We only have a few of thousand in our savings!’ I turned back to the stage, ‘Your right, it’s not your fault that your work, doesn’t pay enough for luxuries!’ I felt him push back into his seat, ‘fine!’ and his arm went up.”

    “As I stood waiting for my turn on stage I saw him! He was beautiful! He was bald and powerfully built, but, lean like an athlete, he was shining from oil and sweat! His coal black skin smooth, my eyes drifted down to his muscled thighs and His perfect black cock! It stood out a good foot from his crotch, thick veins straining as it pointed straight up to the ceiling, it was as thick as my arm, the exposed head of it looking like and inverted black and purple Valentine’s heart just for me! And then I realized he was looking at me, his dark eyes, seemed warm and friendly, but dangerous! I stepped onto the stage, I was pulled into the middle of two other men! Their hands were roaming freely over my body, I felt powerless as my hands started touching their muscled arms and chests, while they pumped their big black cocks around me, not touching me, just teasing me with them. I was finally with them! These beautiful black men! It was so wrong! So, Taboo! I felt myself letting go and my hands followed my eyes and soon I had their big black cocks in my hands! I could see the diamond on my wedding rings glint in the stage lights as for the first time in my life, I was holding a cock other than my husbands! Two of them and they looked so huge in my hands, so hard and powerful, I bit my lower lip to keep from begging them to strip me!”

    “It was at that moment he stepped up behind me and I knew it was him! His hands… his hands slid up my slutty dress wrapping around my breasts, He had placed that perfect cock on my backside over my dress and pushed it into me! ‘You like these Big Black Cocks, girl?’ I almost came just hearing his deep voice in my ear. I couldn’t speak I nodded my head. I wondered what I must look like to poor Martin, sitting out there in the dark, watching three Back men, molest his wife! I knew I was not even trying to hide my desire and lust for these men! I was grinding back on the most perfect cock I had ever seen, while jacking off two other almost as impressive Black Cocks and I was loving it! ‘I think this Bitch wants to cum gentlemen, shall we send her back to her husband leaving a trail of pussy juice behind her!’ he pulled my head up and started kissing my neck and ear, the other two stepped closer both reaching between my legs openly rubbing my pussy through my dress! ‘Nooo, please I mustn’t…’ I hissed, as I felt the back of my dress ride up and my ass was exposed, and I could feel that giant cock pressing into the crack of my ass, and because of the oil already on his cock and my own pussy juice he was easily sawing that amazing black cock back and forth through my naked ass crack! I closed my eyes and pushed back hard. ‘YESSSSS!” I screamed out! Cumming for these powerful black men! I think I may have fainted, when I opened my eyes the house lights were on, the back of my dress back where it should be, I was leaning on the man behind me, Oddly, as I tied standing back up without assistance, the men on stage were not leaving, and the wives had not returned to their seats. Instead, hostesses stepped out handing each man plain white bath towel and exited. The men wrapped the towels around their waists, as the announcer said, ‘Our third menu item will be available in the private booths in the back of the house, while we prepare our stage for the final act of the night! The item will be served up, in a few minutes, but first, for our lovely wives still on stage a bonus treat! You may ask any man on the stage to return to your table and have a drink with you and your white-boi!’ my heart pounded as I turned to face him, ‘hi…errr?’ I said feeling shy, ‘Jamal,’ he said and I could see he was older than I thought, maybe the same age as Martin, he still had that friendly glint in his eye, but, there was also, need there now. Jamal wanted me, and I was playing with fire when I said, ‘Do you want to come for a drink at our table?’ He smiled at me, ‘Do you think your man will mind?’ I knew he was testing me, ‘Does it matter?’ that pleased him, ‘No it does not!’ he said and I took his hand to guide him back to our table.”

    “As I walked up, still holding Jamal’s hand, I saw a third chair and three fresh drinks had been placed at our table. Martin sat rigid, sad and sour faced at our arrival. I chose to ignore it, and said as bubbly and relaxed as I felt, ‘Martin this is Jamal, Jamal this is Martin, my…uhh…husband.’ As we sat, Jamal’s back to the stage, I picked up my drink and gulped down, it was cool, and sugary with lots of alcohol, but it tasted wonderful! I saw stage hands dragging out large mats and hooking them together on stage. ‘what are they doing?’ I asked Jamal who was only sipping his drink, ‘Getting ready for the final Act.’ He said plainly enough, but, a shiver ran down my spine as I looked from him back to the stage and back to him again. ‘Angie! Can I ask why is he here?’ Martin complained, not touching his drink. ‘Because I asked him here! Now be nice to our guest!’

    ‘This isn’t right you shouldn’t have brought him here!’

    ‘Hey! If it’s a problem…’Jamal said starting to rise. I grabbed his arm to keep him seated, ‘Don’t be silly there is no problem!’ Turning to Martin I said, ‘Apologize to Jamal, Martin, and ask him to stay! I want him to STAY!’

    ‘FINE! I’m sorry Jamal, please stay!’ Martin said his head so downcast, he was speaking to the table, Jamal choose to ignore him as well, ‘Cool! I guess I’ll say!’ And he turned his attention back to me. ‘Don’t let Martin fool you, he is enjoying this a lot more then he lets on!’, I once again was sliding my hand over his still hard dick under the table, and giving him a loving smile to keep him happy. Martin was looking up at me when Jamal took hold my other hand and put it on his cock and my look suddenly changed to one of shock, as I was able to mentally compare the two! Martin felt so small to me now! Like I was touching a boy! And suddenly I understood, what the announcer meant! Like getting a joke days after you hear it, white-boi… boy dick! And I laughed right in a perplexed Martin’s face and removed my hand from his dick to turn my full attention to Jamal, running my hand over the entire length of that Black Cock! This was a real man’s cock! The announcement came that the third menu Item was up for sale, and the arms went up and the cards were slid, then, one of the towel clad dancers would come over take the wife’s hand and lead her to a booth. ‘What happens in those booths?’ I asked seductively to Jamal, he turned into me and began playing with my hair, spreading his legs wider and giving me better access to his cock, ‘You know…just another kind of dance, but, you get a more personal dance experience then up on stage.’ And he looked over at Martin who was red faced with rage and winked! He winked at him! I couldn’t believe it and Martin did nothing, while this man openly flirted with me, while I felt him up under the table! While Jamal taunted him! ‘I think I’d like to try that!’ I said. ‘Angie no!’ Martin said, ‘It’s three hundred dollars!’

    ‘I know how much it costs! Martin! I said I want to try it!’ Jamal and I were looking into each other’s eyes and I was sure Martin could see the way my arm was moving and where my hand must be, but, all I heard was his reply to our hostess, ‘$300 dollars.’ And, she slid our card and looked at Jamal, ‘booth 5’ and Jamal took my hand.”

    “The private booth was tiny and smelled of pussy and semen! There was a cushioned bench on one side no room for any other furniture, it was also quiet, there was no music, and the sounds of the people were muffled by the closed door. Jamal told me to sit. I waited for music to start, thinking he was going to dance for me again. He stepped in front of me, placed his back against the opposite wall spread his legs, his cock starting to rise under that towel it was at eye level with me, I watched it grow and without realizing it I started to finger my pussy! My other hand reaching out to rub him through that flimsy towel. I looked up and he was smiling that warm friendly smile, ‘Take it out girl!’ and I reached over to where he had joined the towel together and pulled it free I leaned back against my wall rubbing my clit as the magnificent cock shot straight up right before my eyes! It was just like I had first had seen it only now it was so close I could reach out and touch it, I could smell its sent and it smelt like wicked pleasure! ‘Pull down that top of that dress and show Jamal those big sweet titties, women!’ I stopped masturbating, sat up right using both hands I pulled my dress down showing him my tits, my eyes never left that big cock as I cupped my tits together, holding them up to him pinching and rolling my painfully hard pink nipples between my fingers. ‘Now jerk me off, come get my dick!’, and I reached out with both hands stroking and caressing every inch of him, I was entranced with this cock! I felt the smoothness of its skin, the heaviness and size of his balls, I was falling in love with this big black cock!And then as I was sliding my hand up the under part of his long shaft I saw a bead of pre-cum form on the head and I started to salivate! ‘Yeah, you’re a horny little wife, aren’t you? Look at yourself, panting for my cock!’ and then he pulled it away, ‘NOOOO! I moaned reaching out to take it back! He just twisted sideways away from me! ‘Give it back! Give it back, please!’ and he smiled at me saying, ‘Please… Daddy!’ I must have looked confused so he went on, ‘A good Black Cock Slut calls her black man Daddy! Now be a good slut, and SAY IT!’ I had never been called a slut! I don’t know why, but my clit throbbed so hard it hurt when he said it to me, and it felt like I wet myself and I was pulling I my nipples so hard I bruised them! PLEASE DADDY, PLEASE GIVE IT BACK! GIVE YOUR SLUT HER BIG BLACK COCK BACK!’ He didn’t return it right away, first he said, ‘Okay girl! But you got to promise to kiss it for me!’

    ‘I promise…’I said it softly, I knew that was another line I was about to cross and I was glad Martin couldn’t see! ‘I don’t know’ Jamal taunted, ‘you don’t sound like you mean it!’


    ‘Show me baby girl! Show your Daddy how you want to kiss my big ol’ Cock!’ and he gave it back to me stepping up and putting it right into my face! I couldn’t stop myself, my first light kiss became several all up and down his cock, from his balls to the tip, and then my kisses became licks and his cock tasted so good, then I found myself tasting his pre-cum, it was salty and wicked! And I stared to suck as much of that big cock into my mouth as I could, mashing my tits into him holding onto his tight muscular ass fucking that Black cock with my face! I was lost, I was a slut a BIG BLACK COCK SLUT AND I WANTED TO DRINK HIS CUM! BLACK CUM!!! He started fucking me back saying, ‘YOUR GONNA GO OUT THERE AND GET YOUR MAN TO PAY FOR ME! YOUR GONNA COME WITH ME UP ONSTAGE TONIGHT! YOUR MY ONE ON ONE WOMAN! YOU HEAR ME! I AM GOING TAKE YOU RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM AND SUCK ON THOSE BIG TITIES! THEN I’M GOING TO EAT THE PRETTY PUSSY! AND PLAY WITH YOUR SEXY ASS! THEN I’M GONNA FUCK YOU! I’M GONNA PUT MY BIG BLACK COCK DEEPER INSIDE THEN ANY COCK HAS EVER BEEN AND WATCH YOU SCREAM TO YOUR MAN AND EVERY WHITE MAN IN THERE THAT MY COCK IS BEST, THAT BLACK COCK IS BEST! I stopped sucking him just long enough to scream back, YES DADDY! TAKE ME DADDY, SHOW ME, SHOW MY MAN BLACK COCK IS BEST AND MAKE ME CUM FOR YOU, DADDY! NOW CUM FOR ME DADDY! CUM IN MY MOUTH! I WANT TO SWALLOW YOUR BLACK CUM!! And, I shoved him back into my mouth just in time. He exploded into my mouth and I drank as much of his cum as I could until my orgasm hit me so hard with pleasure I just writhed around on that dirty bench until wave after wave of pleasure past through me. Jamal also fell back against his wall the last of his cum landing on my face and tits! We found ourselves panting at each other, still wanting more! He handed me the towel and I wiped up as much of the fluids as could and handed it back to him. He rewrapped around himself as I pulled my dress back up and tried to fix myself up a little. But, I was in a hurry to see, Martin, I had something very important to ask him!”

    “I must have looked like a wild woman as I made my way back to our table! Jamal slowly walking behind me. I could feel my wetness, I was ready for a real man! I looked at Martin, he stared at me with an open disgust! ‘What happened in there?’ he said, ‘you were gone so long…’ Jamal stepped up next to me, ‘Why? What do you think happened in there?’ I sneered back at him as I said it. He was angry and jealous, but I could still see he was excited, and when he stood to stare me down, I could see the tiny hard lump in the front of his pants, ‘I don’t know, I don’t care! Let’s get out of here!’

    ‘No! we are not leaving, Martin! And I’ll tell you why, because I just learned something in there! Something, I wish I had learned 20 years ago! Dev is right! Everything he said was true! Everything we believe is wrong! Everything we believe is the lie!’

    ‘Angie! You’re out of your head! Let me take you back to the hotel, we can…can calm down, talk!

    ‘You’re not hearing not hearing me, Martin, Dev won! He won! Look at me! Do I look like I want to talk! No Martin, I want a man! A real MAN! To take me! I want to stay right here! Jamal come closer, Please!’ Jamal stepped closer and I turned his face to mine and I kissed him, passionately! Right in front of martin,I turned back to my husband and said, ‘Pay for him!’


    ‘You heard me! Pay for him!’

    ‘Angie, it’s $2000 dollars! It’s all just about all the money we have left!’

    ‘I DON’T CARE, MARTIN! Pay for him! I want this!’ and I pulled Jamal’s towel away, I grabbed onto Jamal’s perfect cock!Holding out for my husband to see! ‘DEV WAS RIGHT! YOU LOST! I WANT THIS INSIDE ME! I WANT IT MORE THEN YOU, OR GOD OR ANYTHING OR ANYONE! Now pay for him to fuck your wife! Pay so he can bring up there with those other sluts and fuck me while you watch! Because I know you want to see it happen, Martin! I know because Dev was right and WE FUCKING LOST! SAY IT! SAY IT NOW!’


    ‘Good boi, Martin now pay for him!’ Martin fell back into his chair, he reached into his jacket, and held up the card. Slightly stunned, our hostess came over and took the card, ‘How much?’ she said to Martin, but she was watching Jamal and I, Jamal was standing behind me, now, I had reached up with both my arms to hold his head, we were kissing our tongues in each other’s mouths he had pulled my dress back down and freed my tits and was holding them in each hand as I arched my back rubbing my barely covered ass on his perfect cock! ‘$2000’ came the tearful reply from my husband. Both Jamal and I stopped, frozen in our position, watching as the woman slide the card… ‘Lord, Lord, Lord! I have never seen the like! She waited one more beat, looked up from her screen, ‘Well what you waiting for? Take her to the Stage!’ she said to Jamal. Who took me by my hand any proudly walked naked to the stage pulling me with him, my tits still out for anyone to see. Just before stepping out into the footlights he whispered, ‘Don’t think this is it! Cause I’m giving you my card! After I break you in, I want to see you get a proper black cock education!’ I didn’t know what he was talking about, but it sounded so nasty, I whispered back, ‘yesss! Daddy…teach me all about big black cocks!’ Jamal’s nostrils flared, he kissed me hard, reached down grabbed the hem of my dress and pulled it off me in one smooth yank, tossed it to a stagehand and stepped backwards out onto the stage avoiding the eight or nine other couples deep their own worlds, fucking with abandon. He dropped to his knees and held those beautiful strong black arms out for me to come to him, and I did.”

    “As I stepped out on that stage, naked except for my sexy black hosiery and slutty sliver pumps, I still couldn’t believe this was happening. I thought I was a loyal wife, a good mother, and an example to our congregation! And for 20 years I was! I didn’t even know places like this, people like this existed! Even if I had, I would have condemned them! I would have been afraid of them! I would have asked God to send them to hell! Now, I here I was strutting to my black lover, in the middle of interracial sex party, right in front of my husband and all those other weak white men behind those lights! Thinking of poor Martin, watching, his tiny dick straining in his pants, while he just sat there; his wife giving herself over to sin! It made me tingle! I was standing over Jamal, shaking with lust, I was ogling his perfect cock, listening to the rutting around me, grunting men and the screams and so satisfied moans of my fellow white wives, the lights were bright and hot and I was breathing in sweat and sex! ‘Come on girl, come get this!’ Jamal said and made his cock bounce as he said it! I looked into his smooth beautiful black face and we both laughed. Then I slipped into him those powerful arms wrapped around me!”

    “We went after each other’s bodies, desperately, sex had never felt like this before, Martin and my sex was an act of love, I was giving myself to him and he gave himself to me! This was real sex! Selfish, hedonistic, lust! I was taking what I wanted and so was Jamal! His thick lips sucking my tits I drove his Big cock into my clit! Humping down on it pushing for another climax! ‘Damn it, women! You ready! You ready to get this cock! You ready for your first black cock experience!’


    ‘YEAH! HERE WE GO!’ Jamal pushed me off him, ‘How you want to take it, your first time? How you want me to resize that pussy?’ I, twisted onto my hands and knees, facing out into the audience, facing my husband arching my back presenting myself like the bitch for breeding! ‘LIKE THIS, SO HE CAN SEE MY FACE! I WANT HIM KNOW! I WANT HIM TO KNOW I WANT IT! THAT I LOVE YOUR BIG BLACK COCK!’ I felt Jamal get behind me, he slid his cock between my wide spread thighs over the outside of my wet pussy, ‘This ain’t your white husbands dick, this is a real man’s cock, got to oil it up so I can make it fit!’ Jamal grunted to me. His repeated sawing of his cock sending new mind numbing pleasure through me as Ihumped and bucked back into him! And then he slid cock back out and between the cheeks of my ass, and I could feel the head of his cock accidently press against my asshole, and my lust moved even higher as I realized I still had a virginity to give Jamal! ‘Here it comes, girl!’ and I felt him begin push that spongy head into me! I howled with joy, as my beautiful Jamalworked his perfect black cock, slowly patiently, inch by inch, stretching me with his cock, the pain and pleasure of being really filled firing nerves inside my pussy I didn’t know I had! I don’t have any idea how long he it took, but, at last, I felt Jamal’s waist press against me, those full balls press against me and as he held himself there, fully inside me, ‘Damn, baby girl, your pussy is tight, well we’re gonna change that ain’t we?!’And, he started to fuck me, at first, he moved slowly backing out until just his head was left, and I would feel so empty, then it would be back and all the pain was gone and I felt full and complete and I found myself backing harder into him trying to keep is Big Black Cock inside me! ‘Oh, yeah! Your ready now aren’t ‘cha! Time to fuck!’ and I felt him pound his cock into me! AND I FUCKING LOVED IT!!

    ‘OH! GOD! OH! GOD! YES! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!’ I was lost in my own world of Black Cock lust! My eyes were closed I was Cumming non-stop! Fucking back as hard as I could hear myself making noises I had never made, but, I felt like I was outside myself watching myself. I could see that my head was down I was resting on my knees and elbows, my tits splayed out on and my fingers clawing into the dirty mats. I could see the shine of sweat on our bodies and I followed my narrow back to see Jamal’s big black hands holding my broad hips pounding that big beautiful black cock into my wet newly resized pussy and up Jamal’s straining muscled powerful body, the veins in thick neck bulging, his face tight as he gritted his teeth as he took me and I thought, ‘Thank you Dev! Thank you for showing me the truth!”

    “And suddenly, I heard a smack, and FELT a stinging pain on my ass and I was back inside myself my eyes wide open in surprise! Looking wide out into the crowded darkness Jamal was bending into me pulling my hair and spanking me and fucking me hard! ‘IT’S TIME NOW BABY GIRL! TIME TO TELL YOUR HUSBAND! TIME TO TELL ALL THESE WHITE BOIS! WHOSE COCK FUCKS BEST!’






    ‘HERE I GO BABY GIRL!’ and I felt his cum shoot deep inside me! I screamed for joy! And the stage lights went out. I felt Jamal reluctantly pull out of me. He stood me up, hugged me and gave me a chaste kiss in the dark and thanked me.”

    “The house lights came back on, and he walked off stage with rest of the black dancers, someone handed he my dress, and I was escorted, with the other women, off the stage to the cheers of some of the seated men. In a trance, I walked naked, holding my dress to cover myself, the guilt and horror of my actions coming back to me as my lust fogged brain, started to clear, what had I done to my marriage, to Martin and to myself. What had I become? I knew when I stepped up to our table sitting down quickly and trying to tug on my dress to cover myself so we could leave. ‘Leave it off!’ Martin shouted at me, his angerfinally and very belatedly showing itself, when there were no other real men around to protect me! ‘What?’

    ‘Your nothing but a slut, now! Leave it off! That’s what slut’s do! So, act like the SLUT you are!’ and I looked into his face, shocked, at the hatred and disgust I saw there! And I broke down and started to cry, my shame overwhelming me! He just grabbed his drink and turned away from me! I dropped my that dress and reached for him, ‘Martin…please.’ But he just kept his back to me!”

    “AWWW, Angie!” Eve hugged her friend’s naked body to her, they had been grinding on each other and Eve was just coming back from her own orgasm fantasy of Dev taking her on those dirty mats, while all of Adam’s family sat watching his wife and her black lover. When she realized, Angie had stopped talking and grinding into her. When she checked on her, Angie was crying.

    “How could he be such an asshole? He was just as caught up in it as you were!” Eve said, comforting, her friend. “But…but that’s not all that happened!” came Angie’s tearful reply.


    “Yes, but, we…really need to stop, Eve! This isn’t right, I shouldn’t be doing this! I promised Martin!” Angie sat up and was wiping away her tears, “I promised and now I’m doing it…again!” Angie turned to get up, Eve said, “ANNgie…don’t be like that! Trust me! Martin will never know any of this!”

    “No…no, you should go!”

    Eve stood up and walked over to Angie’s dresser, “okay, I’ll go…if…you let me show you something first!”

    “What? No, I don’t think I should”

    “Please, please, please! Angie…I think you’ll really like it! Dev made it for me!” Angie was watching Eve’s sexy ass, as eve began opening the torpedo shaped box, “Oh! Why is this picture facing the wrong way?” Eve stopped what she was doing and held up Angelica’s wedding picture. “Oh, she is lovely! Is this your daughter?”

    “Y…yes, that’s Angelica!”

    “Did you not want her to see, her mommy, being naughty?! You are a bad girl, Angie, not letting your little girl know how much fun life can be!” and Eve set the picture back down Angie’sdaughter’s face once again able to see Angie’s marital bed.

    “Martin didn’t ask you to come here, did he?”

    “You know who asked me to come here, Angie!” and Eve held out a black silicone dildo, it was fifteen inches long, at least 5 inches around, very life like, thick and veiny with a bulbous flaring head and enormous round scrotum base, “He also sent this!”

    “Oh! God! What is that?” Angie said scrambling backward on her bed, until her back was stopped by the headboard, and she found herself, in the middle of her bed her legs splayed out, her pussy visible to her friend once again, it stared to throb, as she stared at that big fake black cock! “It’s Dev! He had a mold made of his cock and had this made for me to play with when I get lonely! It nowhere as good as the real one! But, it still feels really good!” Eve giggled, and the she brought it up to her mouth and she flicked the head with her tongue, making Angie sigh, her hand drifting back to her throbby wet pussy, as she watched Eve move back onto her bed. “Wait...Wait!” Angie said, holding her hand up to prevent Eve move any closer to her, “Just…just, put the picture back the way it was first!”

    “Oh no! Not this time!” Eve said, leering at her friend, “Your daughter is old enough to know what a slut her Mommy is! So, let her Watch!” Angie’s eyes went wide as she looked over into the eyes of her daughter and she rubbed herself harder, “Ooooh Eve! You’re so bad!” as Eve sat facing her friend licking and kissing the replica cock her for her excited friend. “Is Dev really that big?!” Angie asked her voice thick with desire, as she watched he friend nibble and lick that giant fake black cock, “Uh Huh! Do you want to hold it?” And Eve leaned into Angie pushing it at her, “Wasn’t Jamal’s Cock this big?”

    “Noooo…it wasn’t…” Angie whispered, feeling her lust and need taking over again, taking it into her hand. “Why don’t you kiss it Angie?” asked Eve teasingly. Angie knew she was lost, this was the Black Cock she really needed, wanted all along!Now, she was going to take it and with a naughty smile she held the phallus with both hands up to her equally horny friend and began to kiss and lick around the fake head! Inviting Eve to join her with her eyes! Eve immediately joined her friend! The two women were playing and worshipping it, rubbing it over their ample tits as the took turns shoving it deep into their mouths when they weren’t sucking on each other’s tongues, the heat in their pussies growing Eve said, “Do you want it, Angie, do you want me to put Dev inside you?!” Angie nodded her head vigorously, while biting her lower lip to keep from mewling out all her slutty thoughts! And as Eve slid Dev down Angie’s body, she looked over to Angelica’s wedding picture, “Are ready to see this baby girl, are you ready to see your horny mom get blacked fucked?” And Angie, felt Eve begin to push Dev’s cock inside her, “OH! OH! GOD! EVE! DO...DON’T SAY THAT! UNHH…AHHHHH…SO! FUCKING! BIG!

    “Oh! You know you want her to see!” Eve was now fucking about half of Dev into Angie’s pussy. Angie was clutching her sheets, she was grunting and thrusting her pussy up to meet Eve’s hand, Eve teasing her, blocking her from bottoming out on the big fake black cock! “You want the rest inside you?! Don’t you?! Your horny cunt wants the rest of Dev’s Big Black Cock!! Doesn’t IT?!”


    “Ha! Ha! Ha! I already know you want it. You know who you have to tell if you want me to put the rest of Dev inside you!”

    “NOOOOOO! Please Eve, don’t make me do that, NOT THAT! Just put all the way in…I need it…I FUCKING WANT IT! IT’S SO BIG! PLEASE EVE RESIZE ME! MAKE SO STRETCHED I’LL NEVER WANT MY HUSBAND AGAIN!!”

    “WHAT? Never again? You don’t want to love your husband anymore?” Eve said slipping Dev just a little deeper, “Why Angie? Shouldn’t you tell your daughter, WHY?”

    “ARUGGGGH…YES!” the wild-eyed women now looking directly into the innocent married face of her daughter, “I’M SO SORRRRRRY…BABY! BUT, MOMMY FOUND SOMEONE SHE LOVES MORE THEN DADDY! SOMETHING SHE NEEDS MORE THEN DADDY!”

    “THAT’S IT ANGIE! TELL HER! TELL YOUR BABY GIRL!” and pushed about three quarters of Dev hard cock into Angie’s hungry soaked pussy, “TELL! YOUR! DAUGHTER! SHE NEEDS TO HEAR THE TRUTH!”


    Eve was wild now she bottomed Dev deep inside her bucking friend! Angie screamed and FUCKED but she never stopped looking at her daughter’s picture, “OH FUCK! ANGIE I AM GOING TO FUCK YOU SO HARD!” And Eve’s hand became a blur as pounded Dev into that pussy stretching it to its limit!


    Momentarily exhausted. Angie reached for the water bottle she kept on the side of her bed, taking a gulp and handing the bottle to Eve.

    How much longer can this night of change go on? Well, it does not take long for the Eve to discover she has created a monster! Our Angie, while still a little shy and uncertain about what is happening to her, is still not ready for sleep…

    “Oh Eve! I hope you’re not mad about what I said! You…know, when I came, about Dev…I mean?”

    “Ha! What...NO! You can’t be jealous of a real men like Dev!” Eve said, pulling herself up to cuddle and comfort her friend, kissing Angie lightly on the forehead, “I am only Dev’s woman! But, I know real men, Black Men, need more than one woman, that’s for white husbands!” and both girls laughed at the truth of that. “Besides, it different, with Black Men, right? I mean I will do whatever Dev wants! And I mean Whatever he wants!” Eve gave Angie a devilish smile, “But, that’s because I know I’m really doing it for me! You know? And the fact that Dev is so confident, he lets me enjoy all my nasty games! Do you understand, Angie?”

    “Yes…Yes, I think I understand, your saying, we choose! And because they are REAL MEN, confident and strong, they are man enough to accept our choices! I found that out at the Onyx Club too! Do you want to hear the rest of what happened to me there, now?” Angie asked as she picked up Dev and rubbed it on Eve’s hardening nipples, “Yes, baby, tell me! Tell me all about it!”

    “Well while I was trying to get Martin to look at me, trying to get him to see how sorry I was and how bad I just wanted to dress and leave, the other wives and husbands were starting to file out, the announcer having said the show was over. When our hostess touched me on my shoulder, handing me a white card that said in small black lettering, You’re Invited, baby! I looked up at her, ‘Oh! Girl dry those pretty green eyes! You just got invited to a party!’ This brought Martin back around as I asked, ‘Party?’ and the woman pointed to the last item on the menu,Orgy Room by Invitation Only! ‘Oh! I can’t do that!’ I squeaked. ‘I hear you child! I seen some things working here! But, what happens in that back room, over there! Hmm…hmm…that is like nothing I have ever seen! A girl should never do things like that! But, if you get a chance like that, how can you turn it down?’ She nodded her head out into the room and I saw three other couples, just sitting, each wife holding a card like mine! Deep in conversation with their husbands. When Jamal and 11 other dancers walked naked through the tabled room and past us without even acknowledging us and into a room in the farthest corner of the club, it looked like an office, but there was a long rectangular window running from the entrance door to the end of the farthest wall, a fluorescent light flicked on and I could see the men, just standing around. A stage hand walked over to the entry way carrying four folding chairs, he was a very big black man, even for the Onyx Club! And when he put the chairs down he turned and faced the room in front of the door, he had a back sleeveless shirt on and just before he folded his arms in front of his massive chest I saw the word ‘security’ printed on his shirt.”

    “Then something else caught my attention, one of couples was talking to their hostess, the man handed over his credit card and after the hostess ran it, she stamped the white card for the wife, they started to that back room. Both Martin and I watched as they walked up to the security guard and the wife handed the card to him. The guard took one of the chairs and placed in front on the windowed wall, and I saw, as the husband sat down, that the window was low enough on the wall that the sitting man could see inside the entire room but the people in the roomwould just see his head. The women was still at the door, waiting impatiently for the guard to come back. He returned to his original spot said something to the wife, she nodded andunzipped her dress, let it drop to the floor, now naked, but, for her shoes and stockings, she stood with her back to Martin and I, the guard said something else to her she nodded again, removed her shoes, but, left on her stockings and when she bent to pick up her things, even from where we were sitting, I could see herwetness between her legs and on the cheeks and in the crack of her ass. She stood up and handed her clothes to the guard, he took them, and opened a closet door taking his time placing her dress and shoes on a hanger. He closed the door and turned back to the women, he waited another couple of seconds before stepping to one side, and the shaky wife cautiously entered the room. I heard Martin gasp as three of men pulled the women into them their hands roughly fondling her body the men taking turns kissing her mouth, she seemed to be pulling on their cocks, when suddenly she was pushed down out of our eyeline, but not her husbands! I noticed that Jamal wasn’t one of the men!”

    “‘Yes, sir, just like I said’ Our hostess continued, ‘when a girl gets a chance like that, how can she turn it down?!’ and another couple card stamped headed to the room. I reached down and picked up my dress, I was starting to feel something dangerous building inside me and was looking to leave, when I saw something that stopped me. Martin was looking past me at the second couple going through the same ritual as the first and he had a dazed faraway look, a look I had never seen our entire married life until that moment! And I realized He was filled with lust! All the anger and jealousy seemed to have washed away, and it was replaced by desire. And I let the dress drop down to my lap exposing my tits to him, feeling the familiar sting of my hardening nipples. I reached out to and took his hand, he looked at me. I don’t think he had any idea what was happening to him. ‘Are you ready to go, sweetie?’ I asked, as he looked at me, and I pushed my excited tits out to him. He licked his dry lips. We were gazing into each other’s eyes, our hostess started up again, ‘I know you are leaving but since you got the card, it’s my job to tell you about the orgy room rules. First rule,once you and the lady agree she can enter the room, there are no rules! The man who invited her, and his friends get to do whatever they want to her! Second rule, she can’t leave till they are done with her! Third rule, her man must watch it all! And don’t even think about trying to stop it or leave once it starts, Big Joey gets paid a lot of money to see you don’t!”

    “I could see Martin looking to the room his breathing getting irregular, ‘It’s good we don’t have any more money, isn’t it Martin?’ I said not really sure what I was trying to do, ‘I mean, your wife is nothing but a slut now, a sinful slut! I mean let’s face it, I need to be punished, don’t I?’ Martin was watching the second women being happily manhandled, nodded his head, ‘Yes! you need to be punished.’ He was looking at me again, ‘But, you would never hurt me, would you?’ I put my hand on his thigh, ‘No, I could never hurt you, I love you Angie!’

    ‘But, if I went into that room those black men, they are real men, Martin, they know how to punish a sinful slut like me don’t they?

    ‘Yesss! Angie, they know how to punish you!’ he rasped his agreement. I was panting with him now.

    ‘Oh Martin, if only we had the money! You could tell me to go in there! And I would go, because I’m a slut now! Martin! A BIG BLACK COCK SLUT! JUST LIKE DEV SAID! AND I WOULD GO INTO THAT ROOM AND YOU COULD WATCH AS THEY USED ME, MARTIN! NO RULES IN THERE! MARTIN! I HAVE TO DO WHATEVER THEY WANT! YOU KNOW THAT MEANS THEY WILL TAKE ALL MY HOLES, MARTIN! YOU WILL HAVE TO WATCH WHILE THEY TAKE YOUR WIFE’S VIRGIN ASS! WITH THOSE GAINT BLACK COCKS, MARTIN! ALL MY HOLES!’ I took a breath and calmed myself, ‘We can’t ever do something like that, can we?’ I was fingering my pussy, under the dress on my lap when I finished my naughty pitch to my husband! I think the damn finally broke for him when the final couple besides us got up and went to the room, we watched them until she entered the room and disappeared below her three black men and I turned back to my husband, he was looking down at a credit card in his hands, he was breathing hard, he was holding the church card! I knew, he knew, if he used it in a place like this for such a large sum, our life together would change forever! There would be no way to explain this and $5000 dollars was far too much for us to repay quickly! ‘Oh! Martin!you mustn’t do it! We could get in so much trouble! So much trouble! JUST TO PUNISH YOUR SLUT WIFE! JUST TO GIVE HER ALL THE BIG BLACK NASTY COCK SHE CAN TAKE! ALL SO YOU CAN WATCH IT HAPPEN! IS THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT? IT IS, ISN’T IT, MARTIN?ISN’T IT?


    ‘Then do it, do it Martin, I want you too, you know I do, I wantyou to more than anything.’ I was whispering in his ear two of my fingers in my pussy, my free hand stroking his tiny dick. I kissed his cheek and sat back, panting and driving my fingers hard in my pussy.”

    “‘There you go darling, all stamped!’ our hostess said as she handed the card back to me with a wink, I was standing in just my hose and pumps, holding my dress in my other hand, ‘and here is your card back sir!’ she said to martin, who was standing next to me, he took it, turned and started for the room. I, also, started to turn, when our hostess touched my arm, I looked back, ‘When a girl gets a chance to do something like this, something she knows she shouldn’t! She should take her time and enjoy it! Cause, this kinda thing, it changes everything! Everything she thought she was, when she’s done, won’t mean nothing to her no more!’ and I felt a shiver run through me as winked at her, turning and taking my time, a slow sexy walk to the room I shook my ass and rolled my hips! I knew I going to a life changing experience, and I want to remember every step I took!”

    “We stood in front of Big Joey, ‘Invitation?’ He grunted. Suddenly, Martin turned me to him, ‘Angie are you sure you can do this?’ He was still very excited, I could see his tiny manhood wriggling in his pants! He looked tearful, but, I knew he couldn’t really do anything to stop this. He didn’t even notice me looking over his shoulder, I was watching Jamal and his two Friends, they were stroking themselves, looking back at me! ‘Yes, yes, I am, Martin, we both know it’s too late for anything else!’ I don’t think he even realized he had his hand between his legs when he said to me, ‘I love you, Angie, and I always will!’ I smiled back at him as I handed Big Joey the card, and as we started the ritual the other couples went through, I could, like my sister Slut wives, feel my pussy making itself ready. Martin was seated, I handed Big Joey my dress and shoes and waited while he hung them up, and then without looking back I stepped into the room.”

    “I found myself being held by my arms, held back behind me, by Jamal, facing the big window! ‘I told you we weren’t done! These are my boys Tre and Mal, say hello baby girl!’ I nodded to them, in awe of their Big Cocks. Tre was a little bigger then Jamal but not as thick, Mal was a little smaller but much wider! And they were both younger, maybe in their early twenties! They were so young and pretty and full of energy! And I felt Jamal nod turning them loose! Suddenly their camel coloredhands, and soft thick lips were roaming all over my body! ‘Your ours now girl! You like that?’

    ‘Oh, yessss!’ I hissed.

    ‘Good, now first we are all gonna get comfortable with each other, then you’re gonna get to know all our cocks with your mouth, then…you ever had a cock in that sexy ass?’ I shook my head no! His deep voice in my head telling how they were going to use my body! I was so aroused I couldn’t speak! ‘Good! Then I’m gonna take that ass! While my boys take, turns filling your other holes! Wow! You’re really liking that ain’t ya?’ and he spun me and kissed me hard! Then he passed me to Tre who did the same and then I was in Mal’s arms kissing and jerking his fat black cock and all around me I could hear the moans and cries of women being Black fucked and I could smell the sweat and pussy of that Interracial sex, as I sunk to my knees before my Black men! I was sucking one dick then the other jerking the other two. I was smiling as the boys were shoving each other trying to get their cock sucked and I could see Martin just staring at his wife laughing as her young black men tried to fuck her face!”

    “‘Time to fuck this bitch!’ Jamal said and he dropped to his knees behind me and shoved his stiff Black cock into me! I wasn’t even able to scream, when I opened my mouth Treshoved his long cock into my face and it was down my throat and I was gagging and sucking on it while he thrust it back and forth. Jamal and Tre were working in rhythm quickly and I hung between them the obscenity of what I was doing pushing me on, I started to cum almost immediately.”

    “When Tre finally, pulled his cock from my mouth, I gulped in air and couldn’t believe what I said! ‘Jamal, daddy, it’s time…PLEASE TAKE MY ASS! I WANT A BLACK COCK TO BE THE FIRST COCK IN MY ASS, PLEASE DO IT FOR ME DADDY!’

    ‘WELL…YOU HEARD THE LADY!!’ and the boys backed up to watch, jerking those beautiful, young, big black cocks! And as I felt Jamal press the fat head of his cock against my last virgin hole, I saw Martin’s face grimacing, and I drifted off into a fantasy of Jamal pushing Martin out of the way and taking my virgin pussy on our wedding night as the searing pain filled my ass. I gritted my teeth, I fought to relax my sphincter, wanting Jamal’s cock deeper inside me, I reached down and rubbed my clit and pushed back on that huge cock! Until Jamal was all the way up my ass! ‘I want it, I want it, I’m a slut, I’m a slut!’ I chanted over and over to myself as the pain receded to a dull ache, then to…to pleasure! ‘OH! FUCK…FUCK…FUCK!!! THAT’S AMAZING!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! DO IT DADDY!!! FUCK MY SLUTY ASS!!’ and he did! He fucked it hard! ‘OOOOOH! I’M GOING TO CUMMMM! I’MMM CUM, I’M CUMMMMING ON YOUR COCK, JAMAL! I’M CUMMING WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK UP MY ASSSS!’”

    “During my first anal orgasm Jamal pulled me up like a rag doll, ‘MAL GET UNDER THIS BITCH AND FUCK HER PUSSY! SHE’S READY FOR TWO COCKS!’ The young man laid under us, lining the fat cock with my pussy! And Jamal lowered me onto it, his cock still buried deep in my ass! I was about to be doubled fucked and I had no power over any of it!”

    “I was completely out of control as those two humongous black cocks reshaped my insides for their pleasure! ‘WHYYYY?! WHYYY?! I DIDN’T KNOW! I CAN’T STOP! I WON’T STOP! SO, GOOD! NEVER SO GOOD! MORE! MORE! PLEASE MORE BLACK COCK! PLEASE! PLEASE DADDDEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!’

    ‘YOU HEARD HER! TRE…SHOVE THAT COCK IN HER MOUTH AND SHUT THIS BITCH UP!! LET’S MAKE HER AIR…FUCKING…TIGHT!!’ And then the real fucking began and I screamed and gagged out orgasm after orgasm, but I came so hard I passed out when Tre shifted his body and I saw Martin’s crying!”

    “When I came to, I was laying on the floor of the room! I blinked and pushed myself into a sitting position, I felt their black cum running down from my face and tits, leaking out of my pussy and ass! Jamal, Tre and Mal their beautiful cocks finally flaccid were looking down onto me, Jamal was smiling his warm smile at me, ‘Well baby girl! You have been properly blacked! And if you want, you can go back to your white-boi hubby…’ and I became aware of the silence in the room, and when I looked out the only man left in the window was Martin, and I realized I was the last women in the room but on the other side TEN BLACK MEN were standing there watching me! And their cocks were all stiff and ready for action and I shivered! ‘Don’t worry baby girl!’ Jamal continued, ‘You are my guest! Nobody here will do anything you don’t want them too!’ and my mind was starting to grasp what Jamal was saying, ‘What if I want them too?’ I asked sounding like a naughty little girl. ‘Same as before, they get to fuck you any way they want, till their done with you!’ I felt my pussy heating up, I couldn’t believe I was even considering this, then I saw Big Joey standing naked and hard with the rest of the other men, he had the same impassive look, but his thirteen-inch cock was pointed straight at me, pulsing, calling me, I felt my heart race, Jamal asked ‘Is that what you want?’ I started to nod my head when, ‘NO! You have to say it! What do you WANT?’

    ‘I…I want to...to fuck them…all of them!!’

    ‘ANGIE!! NOOOO!!!’ Martin was standing at the window, no one paid attention to him! The men were crowding around me. My hands were reaching out their cocks!”

    “ARUGHHHHHH! ANGIE I’M CUMMMING! NO MORE! PLEASE! I CAN’T CUMMMM ANYMORE!” Eve was screaming. Angie was fucking her hard with Dev while She told the rest of her story! “Oh god, I’m sorry, I just got so caught up, I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

    “No Girl don’t be silly! Just need some sleep! But you can tell me the rest some other night!” Eve giggled. “Well I don’t remember much more, it was all real a wild blur, but I do remember Big Joey’s 13 inches in my ass!” and both girls were laughing. “Oh God! I have to make Adam take me there!”

    “You’re so bad!” Angie giggled back to her friend, “you’re right we should get some sleep!”

    “Oh! But I should give you Dev’s message…” Eve had drifted off to sleep, but her excited friend had to rub her pussy to several more orgasms before she was able to sleep herself! Dev would be coming tomorrow.

    Well good reader it is mid-day Monday, Eve has gone home after a passionate kiss, to tell Dev his visit at 2pm will be more then welcome, Angie is more than ready to pay up and fulfill all his demands. Our heroine feeling like a new woman, plans her day, she heads off to the shower, after all, she must be fresh and clean in order to take charge! It’s a new day and she, unfortunately for our poor hero, is a new woman…

    “Angie! Angie! Babe I’m back! Everything, go ok while I was gone? I’m sorry, I didn’t want to go, you know that! But, we can’t neglect our duties any more, people are starting to talk!” Martin called up the stairs, assuming his wife was still in bed even though it was past noon time. He really didn’t want to go, but, he had too, standing watch against Dev and Eve had already started tongue’s wagging, what with Angie refusing to leave the house. People thought it odd, she should be so sick and not in the hospital. And there was that letter a meeting with the Elders, all because of that night, all because they were sinful and weak, all because he was sinful and weak! Now $5000.00 dollars in church funds gone, gone to that evil place! He kelp seeing it over and over! His arm slowly rising up, all their monies alreadydrained from their personal savings, he had the Church card in his hand this time. Oh god! Why? Why did I do it? Paid for her last sinful pleasures with the Church’s money! What was he going to do? How could he ever explain his actions? And he bent his head wiping bitter tears when Angie came out through the kitchen door “Goodness, we can’t have that, can we?” said Angie as she entered the living room. And Martin was amazed, it was Angie, his beautiful innocent Angie, looking the way she always had fresh and lovely her black hair pulled back, her face bright and shiny, her lovey green eyes relaxed and full of mischief, “Come here, Martin, and sit down, I need to talk to you.” Her voice was calm, but Martin, thought he heard something in it, something he had heard before, and suddenly he felt very nervous as he sat next to his wife. “Angie, what’s going on? What’s gotten into you?”

    “You going on retreat and leaving me here alone, it was the best thing that could have happened, Martin!” Angie leaned into him, and he could smell his favorite perfume, and even though shewas wearing one of her old cotton shirts she seemed to have forgotten to button one or even two buttons, and when she brushed against his arm, he could tell she was not wearing a bra! “I had some time to really find out what I want to do, Martin,” she went on brightly, “After all, we can’t go on like this, now can we?” she plowed forward before he could answer, “Of course not! I having been praying and praying for guidance, you know that, Martin!” Again, before he could respond, “Well, while you were away, I received my divine revelation and I know what we are going to do.” She stopped leaving Martin grasping, until he finally asked, “And that is?”

    “First we are going to settle this damn bet!”

    “Angie, you can’t mean it!”

    “Oh! I certainly do! I have called Dev and he will be here in a little while!”

    “Well then I won’t be! I won’t humble myself before that NIG…thug! Haven’t I suffered enough because of those men!”

    “Oh! Yes! you will be Martin! And don’t ever let me hear you speak that way again! You will be here! You will admit we lost and you will say your part! After all, you have the easy part, I’m the one who must disgrace herself before him. I’m the one who must open herself up to him, not you! I’m the real prize he wants! Don’t forget that!”

    “Angie this is crazy, I can’t let you!”

    “Let me? No, Martin you are not letting me do anything! I must do this and so must you, or did you forget the Church’s $5000.00 dollars? I saw the letter, Martin! How will you ever pay back the money? How will you ever avoid the scandal, Martin? There is only one person we know with that kind of money, only one man who can save us, Martin!”


    “That’s right, Dev! Only how can we ask him to save you if Idon’t give him what he wants! So here is what you are going to do…you will sit right where you are and when Dev comes in, I will hold your hand, and you will you will say your part,truthfully, when you are done you will excuse yourself and you will go into your office and pray for me, until he leaves!”

    “I can’t do that! I can’t leave you alone with him! I promised…”

    “I know what we promised, but I don’t want you there to witness what I must say! So, you will go to your office and pray! While I work things out with Dev!”

    “Angie, are you sure there must be…” but he never finished because the front door bell rang.

    “There he is! Now you behave and do just what I told you to do Martin, no more back talk!” and she jumped up excitedly to answer the door. It was then he noticed her pants, or lack thereof, no these pants were not pants, they were black yoga pants, like the ones Eve wore all the time, ‘where did she get those?’ he really didn’t have time to think it through when, “Hello Devvv…” Angie said flirtatiously, “We’ve been expecting you...”

    “I know you have, baby! Sorry to keep you waiting, but, you were such a bad girl!”

    “I know, and I’m soooo sorry, about that! I promise to be a good girl from now on!”

    “That’s what I want to hear! So, where is Reverend Marty at? Where is my little man?”

    “He’s right in here, Dev!” She said taking him by the hand and bringing him into their living room. Martin couldn’t believe this was happening, Angie was smiling, a slightly exaggerated wiggle in her walk, her tight pants clinging to her body. ‘Is she wearing underwear?’ thought Martin as he felt himself slipping into a very familiar daze, ‘No this isn’t happening again, not here, not in my home…’ Dev stood before him. He was dressed in a black sleeveless muscle tee, white belted khaki shorts that hung just past the knee, a pair of black running shoes with no socks and a thick 24 carat gold rope chain around his neck, he bulged from under his simple outfit like the Bull he was nicknamed for, Now, all that power and intensity focused itself on Martin as he stood radiating his triumph in Martin’s defeat right there in Martin’s home. “Well Marty, what you got to say to me now?” Dev snarled out causing Martin to visibly wince. Seeing that made Angie smile saying, “Go on…Marty,” she bent at the waist and arched back sticking her round sexy ass out for Dev’s inspection as she took her husband hands, “Pay up, tell Dev..” she turned her head back to the huge black man behind her, and saw him openly ogling her shapely behind and then both their eyes met the heat building between them grew a little hotter, Dev could see she wore nothing under those tight pants, he could see the bright pale flesh through her sheer pants, he could see the wet spot forming from her newly clean shaven pussy, and Dev wondered, ‘I bet Marty can smell her, I sure as hell can! This is going to be good!’

    “Marty! Hurry up and tell Dev what he came to hear! DO IT NOW, MARTY!” Angie raised her voice and Dev watched as she rolled her hips back and forth shaking her ass for him, while she did her best to get her husband to do his part so he could leave, so, Dev could be alone with his prize! Confused and bleary eyed, like zombie under a witch’s spell Martin spoke his part, “We…lost, Dev. You…won…”

    “What was that little, man? I didn’t hear you!”

    “Say it right! Marty! Be a good sport and say it right!” Angie chimed in, her husband’s humiliation stoking her lust for the black man behind her, her pussy throbbing uncontrollably now, just a few more minutes, she needed to keep it under control just a little longer.

    “WE LOST, YOU WON!” Martin said loudly, clearly just wanting to get away from the black beast in front of him.

    “And?” Dev said coolly.

    “And black is the superior race, you are stronger, better, have bigger sexual endowments and all white women, and I do mean all,” he said looking at his wife, who didn’t notice as she was looking at Dev, “WANT TO BREED WITH YOU!”

    “There!” Dev chuckled, “was that so hard? You can go now.”

    “Very good honey!” Angie said as she returned her gaze to sad little husband, “Now go to your office like we talked about and pray, while I pay my part of the bet to Dev,” leaning in to give him a kiss on the cheek. “Angie…shouldn’t I stay after all…”

    “NO!” Angie snapped, she was growing tired of this pathetic little man, “I told you I didn’t want you here for this part! Now if you want me to get you the help you need, you go to your Office like a good boy and pray!”

    “OK! FINE! IF THAT’S THE WAY YOU WANT IT!” Martin jumped up, Angie straightened up momentarily afraid she backed into Dev, who clasped his hands gently around Angie’s arms as she pressed herself into his huge frame.

    “EASY! Little man,” Dev said with a frighteningly measured control, “just do what the lady says.”

    Martin, felt his heart break as he saw his wife press herself into Dev his anger flared, but, he was also afraid and realized there was nothing he could do to stop this anymore, “Fine” he said raising his hands in surrender, “If anybody wants me, I’ll be in my office praying!” And he stormed off down a tiny hall to the room he used as his home office, to pray, he slammed the door behind him.

    “Finally,” Angie hissed, turning into Dev reaching up to bring his face down to hers Kissing him hard, her tongue searching his mouth as Dev retuned her passion. They kissed and petted, Dev’s big hands teasing her, squeezing her tits! Pulling her ass cheek wide apart as she dry humped the incredibly huge bulge in the front of Dev’s straining shorts! Dev forced Angie to turn grabbing her hips and forcing the hot wife to arch her back and grind her ass onto his crotch which he pushed deep in between the crack of her sexy round ass, his fingers pressing down on hard as he rubbed her clit through the straining fabric. “Damn!these pants make my cock hard! Well, baby girl, did you like my present? Did you like the Onyx Club? Was I right to send you there?”

    “YESSS! Oh god! You were so right! I never knew! I never imagined!” Angie was groaning and straining trying to push Dev harder as she felt the fabric of her flimsy yoga pants tearing.

    “Never knew what baby girl? Tell Dev all about it!”

    “About Black Cocks! About big nasty black cocks!”

    “Go on tell what about them?!”

    “You were right! I couldn’t resist, I tried but once I started I couldn’t stop! I can’t stop! They were so beautiful, dark and powerful! I wanted them all! Ooooh! and I had them! All of them! And, there was nothing Marty could do about it!

    “I bet he didn’t even try! Just like now!” Dev said stepping back yanking off his shirt to reveal his broad chest and ripped abs.

    “HA HA HA! Yessss …just like now!” Angie said yanking off her own shirt sending buttons flying. She reached up grabbing her hard nipples pulling on them as she panted staring at Dev’s bloated crotch, “But there one big black cock I want in particular!” her control surprising Dev, “I’ve been dreaming about it for months now, rubbing my poor pussy raw needing it!”

    “Yeah, well you know what they say, the good Lord helps those that helps themselves! Come take what you want baby girl!”

    “OOOH! I really can’t! I really shouldn’t…” Angie said as she shimmied out of those pants to reveal her naked body to Dev.

    “Why not baby girl? Why don’t you want to come get the Big black cock of your nasty dreams? What you afraid of?”

    “Because I know if I do…” She stood before him rubbing hernow bald pussy, “I’ll give it to you, the evil thing you’re really after! I won’t be able to stop myself, I almost don’t want to stop myself now, and I haven’t even seen it yet!”

    “Oh! and what is it, you think I want?”

    “Your real prize! To…to put a son in my belly, and take me away from my husband and make me your women! Make me a wicked and sinful black cock whore, like Eve! Give me to your friends, and let me do any wicked sinfully disgusting thing I want!”

    “That’s right, Angie! That’s exactly what I want! And you know why? Cause that’s exactly what you want! I knew the first time I looked into your pretty green eyes! You were so good and pure, but, I could tell, I could see, you wanted more, your needed more! You were wanted a real man, a bad man to show you what you needed, so I did! Now come take it girl!” Dev said undoing his belt sliding down his shorts and stepping out of them, kicking off his shoes standing naked as Angie, slowly stroking the gigantic ebony cock of her dreams and wickedest fantasies, “Now come take my cock baby girl, come take the life you really want!”

    “OHHHH! DEV! OH! DADDY! YESSSS!” and Angie gave into her new man crushing her breasts into him as she kissed her way down from Dev’s chest past his stomach finally latching hold of his huge cock, she jerked it, kissed it, licked it! Worshiping every part of it before taking it deep into her mouth and throat, her fingers never once stopped rubbing her pussy.And as she felt Dev’s hands hold the back of her head as he began to fuck her face, Angie suddenly stopped caring about her old life! She was filled with the joy at the thought of her new life, a better life! Filled with depravity and sin! The sin of Big Black Men, Real Men! And the Big Black Cocks they had and how she would do anything they wanted to get them from now on! So, when Dev finally pulled his hard cock free, Angie gazed up at him and said, “Let’s go up to my bed now, daddy! I want to ride your beautiful cock until explode inside my pussy! I want you to breed me Dev! I want your son! I want to be yours!” And she stood up shaking, taking him by the hand to bring him to her wedding bed. Dev stopped her, “What about your husband Angie? What about your daughter? What about your Church?”

    “Oh, daddy!” Angie said her pussy cream running down her legs, she had never felt so excited, not even at the Onyx Club, from what she was about to say to her man, “Don’t you know? I want them ALL to know. I want them ALL to see! I want them all to know that…I’M A BIG BLACK COCK WHORE! WHO FUCKED HER BLACK DADDY’S BABY INTO HORNY PUSSY! RIGHT IN MY HUSBANDS BED! AND THERE WAS NOTHING THAT PATHETIC WEAK TINY DICKED MAN OR HIS GOD DID TO STOP IT!!” It was like a rage came over both of them after that Dev picked her up straddling her to his chest his cock pressed tightly into Angie’s labia and belly, he climbed the small stair case to her bedroom as she ground her pussy on his shaft. Outside the door to her and Martin’s room, she had Dev put her down, so she could bring him into this sacred space. Angie moved around the room as Dev watched her from just inside the room when she stopped once again, like the night before, picking up her daughter, Angelica’s wedding photo, Dev stepped up behind her sliding his enormous pole between the cheek of Angie’s ass, “She’s pretty,” he said.

    “My daughter, her wedding picture…” they both gazed down on the lovely lithe form of the pretty young blonde with her mother’s smile and bright green eyes, smiling out at the world next to her young handsome white husband. Angie placed the picture back facing the bed. “She gonna watch her mommy get bred?” Dev asked, Angie, who was already pulling the bed cover off and climbing onto the bed, nodded her head vigorously, to aroused and ashamed to admit, she wanted her daughter to see!That just like with Eve, it gave her a wicked thrill thinking her daughter was watching her behave like a slut! “You really are a nasty Black Cock Slut aren’t you Angie?”

    “Why don’t you lie down here and find out!” Dev laid flat on his back in the middle of the bed, his cock sticking 15 inches straight up in the air, like a piece of black pipe! he didn’t move he knew this was Angie’s show. And what a show it was the lovely wife and mother stroked and sucked on the perfect ebony cock now in her marital bed, finally lowering herself onto Dev’s face where he expertly ate her pussy, tongued and fingered her ass to two mind blowing orgasms! But they both knew it was time for the main event and Angie spun herself around and started to lower herself onto Dev’s cock, they both groaned loudly and Dev said, “Watch now, baby girl, watch me put a baby in your Mamma!”

    “YESSSSS!” Angie’s shouted “WATCH ME, BABY! MOMMA’S GONNA GET BRED! YOUR GETTING A NEW BLACK BABY BROTHER TODAY!” as she bottomed out on Dev’s cock. And the two-started slamming into each other, fucking hard, but with timing like they had been doing it for years, “OOOOH! DADDY, YES FUCK ME! She was screaming over and over as she drove herself up and down Dev’s big black cock! Then suddenly they stopped when they heard from the doorway, “GOD, ANGIE NO! YOU PROMISED! NEVER AGAIN! WHY?” Martin anguished shout.

    Angie and Dev look over at shocked and broken man crying in the doorway, “WHY?” Angie leered over at her husband pulling herself up and off exposing the giant black cock to Martin’s eyes, “THIS IS WHY! BECAUSE ITS SO BIG AND SO BLACK AND IT FEEL SO WONDERFULLY WICKED TO TAKE IT INTO MY PUSSY!”

    “But you said that didn’t matter, you said you loved me, you promised” Martin repeated himself. And Angie laughed as worked Dev’s big black cock back inside her, “OOOOH! MARTIN I…I LIED, IT DOES MATTER! FUCK ME DADDY! FUCK ME GOOD! She screamed as she slammed herself up and down Dev’s cock once again! And Dev began to quicken the pace, OH! YESSSS! DEV DO IT BABY! BREED ME, TAKE ME! GIVE ME YOUR SON RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND! IT IS SO WRONG! BUT, I WANT IT! I WANT IT SO BAD!”

    “HERE IT COMES!” Dev howled as fucked Angie like a Demon, ‘A black demon straight from hell!’ those were Martin’s last thoughts as he watched Dev violently explode inside his wife, the last thing he heard as he ran from his home, after Cumming untouched in his pants, was “YES DEV! BREED YOUR WOMAN! MAKE HER YOURS! I LOVE YOU DEV! I LOVE YOUR BLACK COCK!”

    Long after her husband fled his home, the two lovers were far from finished, No I’m afraid gentle reader, now that Mrs. Whytfolk has made her wicked choice, driven her husband from their home, she revels in her moral corruption pushing her forbidden desires more and more to the forefront, until, she crosses that final line…

    Now it’s hours later Mrs. Angie Whytfolk, the Minister’s good wife, pillar of her church, lay naked covered in sweat and cum, her lovers big black cock deep in her ass, her daughter’s wedding picture on the bed in front of them, “TELL ME DADDY! TELL ME AGAIN!” Angie cried out as Dev pounded his cock into her ass, “AFTER THE BABY, YOU BRING HER DOWN, TELL HER YOU NEED HER…YOUR ALL ALONE, WITH A BABY! AND WHEN SHE COMES YOU BRING HER TO ME!”





    “YESSSSSS! I WANT THAT SO MUCH! FUCK MY ASS DADDY! FUCK US WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK! I’M CUMMMING, BABY WHATCH MOMMY CUM WITH YOUR NEW DADDY’S BIG BLACK COCK IN MY ASS! IT’S SO WRONG! IT’S SO WICKED! MOMMY’S CUMMING SO HARD, I WANT IT DADDY!! GIVE IT TO ME!! GIVE IT TO US!!!” The now debauched wife and mother bellowed out so loud she was heard in the quiet street as she clutched her daughter’s wedding picture her eyes locked into the eyes of her daughter, Dev released himself into Angie’s horny asshole.

    So, that is our tale. We hope you enjoyed it! And that you will take heed to its dark and frightful message! Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Angie never did ask Dev for that money, no instead the good Reverend resigned his position! Quite the scandal! He hasn’t had much luck, finding a new congregation either, it seems he’s taken to the drink! Well, it’s understandable, what with the divorce, and his sweet bride moving across the street to be with that fallen women! And her pregnant with the Reverend’s baby! We are told her Daughter has disowned her! But, they have been talking and the child seems to be weakening, maybe she will come back after the baby is born, after all, her poor screwed up mom is all alone! Our poor hero, will his suffering never end?
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