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. The Facelift That Changed Her Sex Life

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Feb 21, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    The Facelift That Changed Her Sex Life


    by EroticWriter

    “Before you ask, I'll tell you. This...your cock feels wonderful, better than him, and you know who I mean.”

    Yes, wives. They are the most fun of all. Fred would fuck them silly, then fuck them back to reality and send them on their way. Seldom would he keep one around for any length of time.

    “Ewwwwww aaaaah oooooh. Gawd Fred, you've already made me cum and you aren't even all the way into me yet.”

    A housewife decided to have a facelift for her coming birthday a few weeks away Jill's husband of course, is reluctant to spend that kind of money on something that might not really work but he finally gives his consent.

    Besides, he is thinking, if Jill has a facelift, she will be more appealing to other men, and I like her just fine he way she is. But whatever Jill wants, she usually gets. So she spends $5,000.00 and after a few days of healing she feels pretty good about the results.

    Jill's husband has told her that there is a noticeable improvement and he thinks that she looks younger, but that she needs to hear it from someone who is not personally involved.

    “Don't ask your girlfriends,” he says, “because they already know your true age, and they might lie to you just to avoid hurting your feelings. You need to ask strangers.”

    Jill decides to test a few people to see how she looks to them. She wants to be seen so rather than drive she takes a bus downtown and feels her confidence being boosted when she notices that even the younger men steal glances her way when they don't think she is looking.

    Jill does some window-shopping and again notices that more men seem to be staring at her than before she had the face lift.

    On her way home she stops at a newsstand to buy a magazine. She has to ask someone just to be sure. Before leaving Jill asks the sales clerk, "I hope you don't mind my asking, but how old do you think I am?"

    "Well, a gentleman is not supposed to guess a woman's age, but since you are asking, I'd say about 32 " the clerk honestly replies.

    “Thank you, but I'm actually 47," Jill said happily.

    A little while later she goes into McDonald’s and asks the counter girl the same question. The counter girl replies, "I'd guess about 29".

    'It must be true,' she thinks. “All the people are guessing me to be really young now.” Jill replied, "Nope, I am 47." Now she is feeling really good about herself.

    While waiting for the bus home, there is only one person around, an older man who looks like he is about to wait for the same bus as she. So Jill asks him the same question.

    He replies, "Well, miss,” he says as he squints at her. “I'm 73 and my eyesight is going so I can't see you real well. When I was young, however, there was a sure way to tell how old a woman was. I never missed."

    Jill waited for him to tell her the rest. He just looked at her, and finally she said, "Well, go ahead and tell me, I'm curious. I don't think you can do it."

    "Well, I'll tell you miss, now that you ask; if you want me to prove it you need to let me feel your breasts and put my other hand inside your panties. If you do that, I can tell exactly how old you are."

    At first she is shocked by his boldness, but as Jill looks at him, he looks so frail, so kindly, that surely he can't just be some kind of old pervert. "You must be kidding. How could you tell by doing that?"

    "It's the truth ma'am. I used to have that ability, and I believe that I still have it. There's only one way to find out."

    Jill had gotten her breasts lifted just the year before, and they stood up proudly. Since she had been pumped up by the soft gel method, Jill figured that he would not be able to tell from feeling them. If anything, her breasts
    would make her appear much younger. But his hand in my panties? How could he possibly know from that?

    They waited in silence on the empty street until curiosity got the best of her. She has not been touched by any man other than her husband since their marriage over 25 years ago.

    Jill looks at the old man. He seems harmless enough, so she looks around and finally says with a shrug, "What the hell, go ahead".

    The old man steps close to her and slips his right hand inside her blouse and his fingers deftly slide right under her bra while his other hand smoothly goes up under her skirt and down inside her panties.

    As he begins to feel around Jill can feel his hand trembling as he begins caressing her pubic hair with a gentle touch.

    His touch, especially on her vagina Is having a greater affect on her then she could have imagined. Though she does not say anything, Jill wishes that he would go ahead and run his finger inside her.

    "Can you tell me how old I am now?" she asks after only a few seconds go by. Jill is suddenly feeling very embarrassed about this. The nipple between his fingers is already erect, and she can feel her pussy beginning to grow wet.

    "Not yet. It has been a while since I have guessed a woman's age this way so I need a little more time for a full exploration."

    Her face turns bright red as he explores her forbidden to all except her husband body parts. What in the world can I have been thinking of by letting this stranger fondle me in such an intimate manner?

    But, he is already there, under her brassiere and inside her panties. Stopping him now after going this far and his not making a guess would be pointless. Best to follow through, she decides, and see if he really can guess my age.

    “Your breast feels quite young, nice and firm.” The fingers of one hand are gently squeezing her erect nipple, and as he is speaking to her he runs one of the fingers of his other hand smoothly down through her slit without penetrating inside.

    “Ooooh.” She is becoming aroused now.

    Then as his finger slides up again it dips a little deeper into her slit but still does not completely penetrate her hole. Finally, his finger lodges on top of her clitoris and remains there.

    “Your clitoral response seems to be quite alive and well.”

    This feels good and with a soft sigh Jill places her feet further apart to give him even better access. Then, he uses two fingers to catch her clitoris in between and finding it to be erect now, he starts masturbating her clitoris like you would a penis.

    “Ooooh. “ Moaning, Jill bites her lower lip and looks away from his face to avoid trying to show him how truly aroused she has become.

    A full minute goes by while he fondles her breasts and teases her nipples with one hand while his other hand rubs her clitoris. She starts to ask him again if he can guess her age now and changes her mind.

    Her pussy is really beginning to lubricate as he inserts first one and then two fingers into her dripping vagina.

    He is stretching her and Jill moans softly and her eyes close. She sways slightly, losing her balance, and she reaches out with one hand and steadies herself by holding on to his shoulder as he in effect fucks her with his fingers.

    She could reach a pretty good orgasm this way if she let this go on long enough, but there's probably no time, and this place is kind of public.

    Jill opens her eyes to make sure that they are still alone. Seeing no one, she closes her eyes again.

    She's still holding onto him and panting when she finally says, Oh...Okay, Aah... Okay, how...how old am I?"

    "Do you want me to remove my hands first?"

    "I...yes, take them out now. You've had enough time."

    He grins at her and says, "I have, but what about you? Have YOU had enough time?" As he speaks with a hint of laughter in his voice, he continues to fuck her pussy with two fingers. His hand moves faster, plunging in and out of her.

    Jill can no longer resist satisfying her curiosity as she reaches between his legs and takes a feel. For 73 years of age, he is erect, very, very erect!

    "Rub it for a minute. Get a good feel."

    She does, placing her fingers on each side of what feels like a plump penis and starts running her hand up and down to test the length. What a nice cock he seems to have!

    Only a few moments pass before she suddenly begins to groan and almost falls over as she reaches a powerful orgasm. He continues to stroke deeply into Jill with one hand while using his left hand to cup her breast and help steady her.

    When her orgasm is finished and Jill has regained normal breathing, he slowly removes his fingers, causing her to let out a little moan. Then he casually rubs the slippery fingers of his left hand together, lifts them and takes a taste.

    His right hand is still holding a tit as he looks Jill right in the eyes and says, "I know for sure now. You are 47."

    Stunned, Jill opens her eyes and as she sees his tongue still on his fingers, she says, "That is amazing. How do you know?".

    The old man replies, "I was behind you in MacDonald?s."


    She knows now that she has been tricked and taken advantage of, but she is the one who has received the most pleasure, at least physically. But mentally, it would undoubtedly be this man. She has the guilt.

    Still more silence. She decides not to accuse him of anything, instead uttering just one word. “Clever.”

    But his right hand is still on her breast. Embarrassed, she looks around and says, “Someone is going to see us.”

    So, reluctantly, he removes his hand and taking her left hand in his right, he turns her around and starts walking.

    “Where are we going,” she asks dumbly? Jill is still in a state of shock over what has just happened and how she has been fooled.

    “My place is just one block back,” he answers smoothly. We can finish what we started there.”

    “So you weren't really waiting for a bus?”

    “No ma'am, he said smiling. “I was waiting for you to ask me to make that guess.”

    And just like that, she was his. His to do with as he pleases, that is, until enough time has elapsed that she needs to get home.

    “You live here,” she asks, staring up at the three story building just across the street from the mall she had just left?

    “Yes. I purchased one of the units. This one here,” he added, guiding her up one flight of stairs to the front door. The building until recently had been a relic, and at one time had been slated for demolition.

    But an enterprising builder had purchased the building and converted it into a beautiful building housing four side-by-side condos with each one having three floors.

    The building had been the talk of the town a couple of years ago, featured in the local paper and on T.V. Now Jill was about to enter one, and with a strange man whom had just given her an orgasm with his hand.

    “It's beautiful,” she exclaimed, looking around at the first floor, all nicely furnished in ancient wood paneling.

    “Yes,” he replied. But it's designed more for a bachelor rather than a woman as you can see.”

    'Yes, but I still like it,” Jill beamed as she twirled around in a circle, taking it all in.

    “And I like you,” he said with a sly smile, and while I show you more of my place, you can show me more of you. While we head up the stairs, I want you to disrobe, piece by piece.”

    And she did, By the second floor, her blouse and skirt were off and hanging on the bannister. He showed her the second floor, the kitchen and TV den while he admired the way she looked in a brassiere and panties.

    By the time they had climbed a spiral staircase up to the two bedrooms, Jill was naked save for her low heels. She had handed her undies to him, and he had hung them over the bannister on the way up, and she had giggled as she watched her brassiere and panties slide back down the spiral railing and come to a stop on the second floor.

    “So this is the bedroom,” she breathed. This was a first for Jill. By nature, she had always been suspicious and wary around strangers, but with this man, she felt completely relaxed and secure.

    “It's marvelous.” Jill said admiringly. “I really like the mirrors...”

    “Yes, and you look wonderful reflected in them.” He stood up beside her and admired the way she looked next to him. Two people, the man slightly taller and with more gray hair then brown. He looked to be in his early 60s to her.

    Naked, she stood beside him on his left and stared at the two reflected images. “We look good together, don't we?”

    “Yes we do. And pretty soon we'll be seeing how good we are together in bed.”

    She turned and started to unbutton his shirt. “Now it's my turn, I get to see you.”

    He grinned broadly. “Well, you already had a good feel, so I know you are expecting a BIG surprise!”

    Expectantly, she watched as the shirt, followed by the pants came off and were tossed onto a chair by the bed. She wasn't disappointed when his shorts came off. Already erect for the most part with maybe a just a little ways to go, it looked marvelous. His testicles looked large too, but her attention was riveted upon his prick.

    “Let's look in the mirror again,” she said, and taking his hand in hers, she turned to the mirror. “Look at us,” she breathed, as she admired not only herself, but the image of the slim built man beside her, with the huge penis that seemed to be pointing right at her.

    “Like what you see,” he asked, smiling?

    “Yes, but at the moment my eyes seem to be fixated upon your penis.”

    She admired it, but he had to take her hand in his and place it on his cock before Jill had gotten up enough nerve to touch it.

    Then guilt hit her. She turned away from the images in the mirror and looked down at the real image to her side. “I...I've never done this, I just want you to know.”

    He reached out and raised her left hand. “I noticed the rings. Your husband is waiting for you, I suppose.”

    Then Jill relieved his worries that she might be about to back out. “Yes. If I don't get home by five thirty, he will begin wondering where I am. Right now, he's at work.”

    The older man looked at his watch. It's just 2:30. You have three hours.”

    She smiled. “Yes, I know. A lot can happen in three hours.” She wrapped her fingers further around his cock, and sure enough, they could not touch at the tips.

    “You're quite large. I've never had...large.”

    “How many...”

    He had started to ask Jill how many men, and before he could get it out, she answered. “Only my husband.” Then, as she squeezed his firm erection, it was her turn to ask.

    “This thing is really hard. You told me at the bus stop hat you are 73. Was that a trick just like your guessing my age?”

    “No ma'am. 73 is my real age, and so far, I don't need any pills to get it up like this.”

    “And it will stay up? Show me.” Onto the bed she went, and opening her legs wide, she invited him in with one hand.

    “Wait! Before you put it in, first tell me your name. “I'm Jill by the way, and yes, that is my real name.”

    “It's Fred baby,” Fred answered and using a term of familiarity with her now.

    “Your real name,” she asked, giggling?”

    “Hell, baby. You're in my house, so what would be the point of me trying to lie about my name?” He started penetrating her, and as always, this woman gasped at the feel of his thickness as it began to spread her.


    Even now, as she felt the extreme pleasure of his penetrating her, she could not take her eyes off the images of the two figures in the mirror. Jill not only could feel the extreme stretching of her vagina, but she could see it at the same time in the mirror.

    “Oh Fred. It looks like you're going to rip me open!”

    The only problem was, he liked to kiss, and Jill had her head turned away from him so she could see herself in the mirror. Fred eased in further, but still not all the way. He had done this with many women, and in almost all cases he had been the largest they had been with.

    Over the years Fred had determined that a slow, prolonged penetration on the initial entry was the most exciting for them, and for him as well.

    “It feels like it too, ripping me, but it feels good...”

    Listening to their moans of pleasure, that is, the ones who were noisy, and their comments about how good his cock felt was music to his ears. Fred especially enjoyed hearing women say how much better his cock felt compared to their husbands. Sometimes he had to coax it out of them, and sometimes they would talk freely about it.

    “Before you ask, I'll tell you. This...your cock feels wonderful, better than him, and you know who I mean.”

    Yes, wives. They are the most fun of all. Fred would fuck them silly, then fuck them back to reality and send them on their way. Seldom would he keep one around for any length of time.

    “Ewwwwww aaaaah oooooh. Gawd Fred, you've already made me cum and you aren't even all the way into me yet.”

    Fred had gone through two marriages, one for five years, and the second for over twenty. There were three kids between the two marriages, and one of the previous wives, though she had a husband, would come over on occasion for a 'good cock fix.' as she liked to call it.

    “Just like that with the front half. I like that. I...I'm going to cum again! Aaaaaaaaah (pant pant).”

    So Fred with his endowment had been given a good sex life, with a ready supply of women. That is, until now. He had noticed that in recent months, it was getting harder to pick up strange women.

    His age was probably scaring them off. So this woman, one of the best looking ever and seeming quite intelligent to boot, Fred planned to treat extra nice, and if things worked out, he hoped to keep her coming back.

    “You can watch as I work it in all the way to the bottom, and then, if you don't mind, I'd like to kiss you.”

    “Oooh, I'm sorry,” Jill said. I like to kiss too. It's just that this is all so new and...strange to me, and seeing myself in the mirror is like watching a movie, except I can feel what I'm seeing.”

    “Here comes the last of it. Watch it baby.”

    “Oooh mmmmm I can feel it too, and that's nice.” She had just taken him all the way. Almost eight inches inside, plus the inch or two he needed to reach her snatch still showing in the mirror.

    Fred wriggled his ass sideways, making his cock work the walls of her vagina. “Take a good long look at it baby, and then let's kiss and get down to some serious fucking.”

    Jill giggled. “I can feel your big balls rubbing against my ass.”

    He nodded. “I'm getting older so my balls tend to hang lower now than they used to.”

    “I noticed that. But I like it.”

    "Now that my balls are on your ass, are you ready for the kissing and fucking?”

    She wanted to kiss, yes. And she wanted to do some serious fucking, but the image in the mirror, at the moment, held her attention and Jill wanted to talk about it. “That looks really wild in the mirror.”

    “As good as any movies on the subject you have seen?”

    She was embarrassed, slightly. “Oh, I haven't really seen all that many, and to be honest, most of what I have seen was when my husband wasn't home and I took a look on the internet.” She raised her legs and wrapped them around his ass. “Mostly what I saw was just short little clips.”

    “They always pick a guy who is well hung for those movies. So what did you think when you saw all those cocks that looked larger than your husband?”

    She gave her answer slowly, as if thinking hard about it. “I could see that they were larger than my husband, or that it looked like they were, and yes, I know what you are thinking. Did I wonder how they would feel? Yes, I did wonder, but until now I never ever would have...cheated on him.”

    “Did you ever play with yourself while watching those clips?”

    She did not answer readily, and he knew. “So you did. Tell me what part, what scene was your favorite.”

    Jill held his ass loosely with her hands and decided to admit it. “There was one clip, one short movie I especially liked. The girl playing a wife, an innocent wife like me was watching a plumber under her sink.

    His butt crack was showing and she was imagining what he might be like. Of course pretty soon his cock was out, and she was holding it and commenting on how big it was compared to...'

    “To her husband?”

    "Yes, him. And then, when she took it, she had a really small vagina it looked like and you could see how much he was stretching it.”

    “Like now?”

    “Yes. Especially like now.”

    “So your fantasy is coming true, “ he chuckled.

    “Yes, it sure feels like it.”

    He chuckled and gave her some more slow and long strokes. She sighed and dug her fingers into his ass.

    “So you said that you never would have cheated, that is, until you put your hand on me at the bus stop and felt my bulge? Is that what made you come home with me?”

    “That wasn't it. If I had not felt your bulge I still would have come home with you. By then I was so turned on by the situation that I...that I wanted to see what else might come of it.

    If I had not felt that hard cock in your pants I probably would have figured that you might have trouble getting erect but I would have been willing to do whatever it would take to satisfy us both.”

    He gave her a deep stroke and held it there. “Ready to begin that serious fucking now?”

    “YES!” And with that she pulled his head down, and as the passionate kissing began, the lower halves joined in.

    Almost two hours later, with a break thrown in, they had experimented in three different positions and also done some 69, something she especially liked as long as she could be on top. So far, Jill had been able to accommodate his length during everything Fred had tried, but as yet they had not fucked doggy style.

    That was next on the agenda. Fred was looking forward to seeing her beautiful ass up in the air and pointing back at him as he fucked into her deliciously wet and still tight pussy.

    The doggy style, as it turned out, showed that Fred was just a little too long for her. He was able to penetrate within an inch of giving her all he had, but that inch had to remain outside.

    His cum though, gallons of it knew where to go as he finally let it go in the doggy, and as Jill felt him throbbing into her pussy, she giggled and started barking. Just like a dog.

    Jill spent the next fifteen minutes draining cum into his toilet, a toilet she really liked because it also happened to come equipped with a bidet. It felt so good to hit the button and feel the water washing her pussy from underneath.

    At the moment they were lying side-by-side and she was cuddled up in his arms. “Honey?” He had already earned a pet name from her. “Honey, tell me why your bachelor pad comes equipped with a bidet?”

    He smiled. “Well, when I was selecting my décor for the place, that was one of the items on display, so I figured it would be a nice touch.”

    “Well, this place is only two years old, so how many women have used it so far?” She giggled.

    He hesitated, but only for the briefest second, and then decided not to tell her about the ex-wife that would sometimes come over for a 'cock fix.' So he told her about the other. “Just one before you. Another housewife that decided to stray. But she was a one-time visitor and then the guilt trip set in.”

    “Guilt trip?”

    “Yes. The embarrassed and ashamed feeling some women, married women, have after being with a strange man. It usually only hits a woman the first time she does it, if at all.” He looked into her eyes. “How about you? You seem like you will be able to handle it. Is everything alright in your head?”

    She sighed. “Yes. I think I can handle it. I'll know for sure once I have seen my husband again and I guess, test my feelings.”

    “Any speculation on how that might come out?”

    She smiled and caressed his cock. “I think you will still look good in my book.”

    “I hope so because I have a question.”

    She giggled. “A question” Just one? You've already asked me several.”

    “Yes, but this one is different. Different from what we have been talking about, and...” he hesitated, '”different for me.”

    “What's that?”

    And then came the question. One that he had never really felt a need to ask a woman in the past. “I really like you and I'd kind of like to keep you around. How would you feel about that?”

    She misunderstood at first. “Keep me around? You mean leave my husband and live with you?”

    'No no. I guess I said that wrong. I meant keep seeing you. This is pretty nice and if you feel the same I'd like you to keep coming over. How do you feel about that?”

    She giggled and gave her answer without hesitation. “I'd be glad to keep coming over and keep cumming with you!”

    This woman he was feeling very attracted to. Yes, he would treat her extra nice, even take her out if she could get away, and anything Jill wanted in bed, he would give. He turned his head towards hers. “Kiss me.”

    The kiss Fred received was one of the most passionate ever. Yes, she would keep seeing him, and for a long time.
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