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. The Eustace Epiphany

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Dec 22, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Eustace always drove my wife to work and back again. Cheryl insisted that it was just a practical measure. Eustace lived further down our road, in a bachelor flat, and he came past our house on the way to work. It was just logical that he would pick Cheryl up in the morning and drop her home each evening. That Eustace was an attractive man, relaxed, very sociable, handsome looking in that afro Caribbean way, with dreadlock hair wasn't in question. Eustace was popular at work. OK, I reckoned that he was never going to get anywhere, with a hairstyle like that, with all the Bob Marley thing about him, but people liked Eustace. Cheryl liked Eustace. She liked him a hell of a lot. The more we got to know Eustace though, the more you realised that there was a different character lurking beneath the affable Mr nice guy. Eustace had stoing views on women. A woman was meant to look a certain way. She was meant to defer to the man in her life. The rather severe attitudes became apparent week by week. He actually told Cheryl that she was wearing her clothes too loose! She looked like one of those hippies from the past. Cheryl is only 26 but she knew what he meant, she'd seen pictures. He told her that she had the right figure to wear tight skirts and high heels. That was his prescription for her. I remember her telling me about it, incredulous at his effrontery. Still....still...a few days after that, we went out shopping. We went out shopping and dropped by a leather womens fashion boutique that she had never visited before. We went in, she tried out a black leather pencil skirt and a burgundy leather mini skirt. I remember her coming out of the changing rooms, twirling in front of me and asking whether I thought that Eustace would approve? It irked me. No, it did more than that, it fucking well infuriated me. That Cheryl had asked me that question. I was in shock as I said that I thought Eustace would certainly approve. I paid for the skirts. The assistant wrapped them in expensive paper and as we left the shop Cheryl said calmly, 'I suspect that Eustace is going to fuck me. '

    I want you to ponder that for a second. the fact that she said it to me. The fact that it was phrased like a foregone conclusion. He wasn't going to ask her to fuck, he was going to fuck her. It wasn't a permission thing, it was a fate thing, a destiny thing. I nodded. I nodded like a fucking oaf. It was said so matter of fact. May be I hadn't heard right. May be I hadn't concentrated on what she said. When I nodded she smiled shyly, like a rubicon had been crossed with less fuss than she had anticipated. 'You won't make a fuss will you Keith?' she whispered. Again, I hadn't heard her right, I hadn't really focused on what she said. I said, mesmerised I said, 'no'. She answered that was good, because she didn't want to se me get hurt. We moved on and that was the sum of it really. Just why such a conversation could be so matter of fact may be deserves consideration. I don't know about you, where you live, but in our town black guys have become the preferred date. They have become the epitome of manliness. They have, I suppose, become the fashionable fuck. The fact that the women going with black guys invariably looked made up, in some kind of bliss, well that just reinforced the thing. Once the black guy was fucking you, life was completely contented. To submit to the black man was au natural, it was instinctive or something. Cheryl drove us home in her BMW Z4 and she said almost sweetly, 'thank you for being so modern about Eustace...he said that you would be. You haven't really insisted on being a man with me. '

    The leather skirts, her little sports car, the fact that Eustace started to take Cheryl for a drink after work got me inside. I reckoned that he had fucked her. I reckoned that he had put his hand up her tiny skirt, worked her pussy on his agile black fingers, and then pushed her legs apart and shoved his length up her. It was like her had fucked superiority into her make up. She had this different presence about her. She suddenly seemed a little aloof, a little exacting. There were moments when a glance of hers, in my direction, seemed to say, 'I could have done better than you.' I played ridiculous games after Cheryl got home. I tried to be around when she undressed for her shower. I tried to see if her sex was creamed up. I tried to see if I could smell him on her. I would hope that she would step into the shower so that I could sweep up her panties and smell them to see if I could smell fucking. Of course, I could. I could smell that he had had her. She didn't comment. She simply watched my subterfuge moves and accepted that I needed to sniff the residue, may be even to lick it off the gusset of her panties. May be this was how she guessed that the beta male learned to cope. May be he had to sense the new rules, the new conquest, his wife submitting to a brutal and more powerful man. But at any rate, I hated it. I hated him and the way that he made her feel, the way that she dressed, the way that she moved.

    There came a night, some weeks later, when she had been out with him all day Saturday and she came back home wearing a new leather skirt. It was in a calf brown soft leather and it was barely a belt really. It was very tight and very short. This time, this time she smelled of him even though her panties hadn't been dropped. She smelled so pungently of his cock and what he had been pumping up her. I remember how she considered me. You could see that she was recalculating things. Now she was one of 'the girls'. By that, I mean the married girls with a steady black lover. She was debating whether to move me on too. Whether to make me something else. We hadn't fucked since she started seeing Eustace. We hadn't and that Saturday, it was like she was deciding something new. There was no rush to the shower, she paused, waited, her hand on her hip, studying me.

    'Do you need to lick me out yet?' she asked quietly.

    I gawped at her, I did! It was such a fucking vamp bitch thing to say. She waited and then added,

    'I won't let you fuck me, but it will be fine if you'd ready to tongue me now.'

    I wanted to hit the little bitch. I even clenched my fist and stiffened my arm. She noticed,

    'Don't be silly, he would beat the hell out of you', Cheryl whispered darkly.

    My face felt red hot. It felt like it would explode with the extra blood. I was fucking seething.

    'I hate him, I hate this' I snarled.

    She inspected me. She inspected me like I was a moron and she was deciding whether to get me locked up for my own good.

    'I don't think he gives a fuck about how you feel...you don't count' she said acidly. You should have seen the look in her pale blue eyes. She didn't give a fuck either. She didn't give a fuck, that was the truth of it.

    'I don't want you to see him again. Take the BMW to work' I said, my voice quavering.

    She waited. Then, I saw her fingers move to the hem of that tiny skirt. She pulled it upwards and I saw her sex. Her sex had been pulled about, her cunt drilled out, her sex lips dragged in and out till they stuck out now in a pout. The soft peach surfaces of them were covered in his white creamy spunk.

    'Lick my cunt or I will have Eustace and his brothers give you a hiding' she said firmly.

    'I fucking well told you...you're not to see him any more' I hissed. My temples thumped, blood racing through my head. the palms of my hands, they were wet.

    She squinted at me. Is there always a show down? Is there? You tell me. Does there come a point when he has made such a bitch out of her that she treats you like a sad little creature. Cheryl said,

    'Lick it, worship it.....one last chance'.

    I stood firm. That moment, I did. I stood and stared grimly at her. Cheryl reached into her Gucci handbag and fished out her phone. She glanced at me. I saw her scrolling for his number.

    'You're to lick it, Eustace says...' she whispered menacingly, 'otherwise I will call him straight in'.

    The fucker hadn't gone! The fucker was parked up outside still. I shuddered. I shuddered. His physique, it was pretty big. It was pretty big. Friend Eustace had done some boxing too. He knew how to hurt someone.

    I knelt on the carpet. Suddenly, as if my knees had given way. I sort of folded. Cheryl didn't step toward me. She simply turned the phone towards me so that a video clip recording could start.

    'You'll lick cunny when I tell you' she said firmly.

    I stared up at her. From this lower elevation she looked like some kind of Pharaoh. She looked, fuck it, she looked imperious.

    'You will lick me out when Eustace tells you to' she said. It was a rehearsal, a cold plate delivered with venom. How I fucking hated that bastard then. She waited a moment. I was saying things for the camera. She glanced toward the front window. May be Eustace would have to be summoned anyway.

    'Yes' I snapped brutally back at the little bitch. I almost spat the words out.

    She nodded.

    'I'm Eustace's to fuck....understood?'

    On camera, on her phone, I gulped down a breath. A fucking humiliating breath.

    'Yes' I answered sharply.

    Now she stepped forward to me. She stepped forward and her spunk smeared cunt was straight in my face. her clit, fucking hell, her clit was huge. The hood had been pushed back, over the bulging button and now it wouldn't ever cloak that again.

    'Lick it nicely....lick it like pussy is your mistress' Cheryl said calmly.


    Bloody insane.

    But I licked her cunt and got a mouthful of his semen. it tasted of garlic and spices. it tasted of what he ate, what made him. It tasted of sweat from their fucking and it seemed of her insides. it smelled of her womb and what he had pumped up there. I wanted to spit it out. I wanted to gag.

    'No!' she insisted quickly, 'lick it up....and swallow'.

    I shook my head. the fucking shame of it. the fucking humiliation. I fucking hated it. I FUCKING HATED IT!

    'Swallow' she said calmly.

    I swallowed.

    'Sniff, smell him on me, in me, smell it' she said huskily pushed her cunt in little bumps against my nose and lips.

    I inhaled. I inhaled and I nearly passed out. The sheer perfume of their fucking was like an intoxicant. it was like moonshine from a backwoods still. I rocked on my knees.

    'It's a drug, suck it down again' she whispered, a sneer on her pretty face.

    I crippled myself with another breath in and my head swum. It was like a massive instant hit of something.

    'Suckle my lips' she whispered and I began. I began feeling the fullness, the thickness, the muscle within them. Flooded with blood, driven by lust for him, they would grip as hard as you please. I pictured them clinging to the bastard's cock.

    Discreetly, the door latch went and Eustace stepped into the room. The first I knew was a whispered,

    'He behaving nicely?'

    Cheryl said, 'yes....he hates it, but he'll bend'.

    'Good girl' encouraged Eustace. I heard his footsteps over the wooden floor and then he was beside us, kissing her slowly, kissing her open lipped. A moment of touching, soft explorative touching over her breasts, and then his fingers came below. They came down across the front of her skirt, across the hem and down between my lips and her sex. He held her lips open with his black and coffee coloured fingers and I was gestured to lick deeper inside her cunt. A plug of his semen was breached and soon it was all draining into my mouth.

    Cheryl shuddered.

    'You use him when you want. Any problems call me huh?'

    She nodded in response to his instruction. It was time. She wanted his fucking cock again. She craved his fucking cock. I watched her reach down and unzip his fly. There was a moments feeling inside the crotch of his trousers and then with effort she pulled it out.

    Inches close, face on to her cunt, I stared wide eyed at it.

    I stared.

    I really stared.

    It was ugly. His cock was thick, ugly, a battering ram of a thing with a huge pink glans atop the boy shaft. Thick veins, full of blood criss crossed the underside of his shaft. It was massive, ugly, thick, terrible.

    'Please Eustace....please' she murmured.

    I was pushed back on my heels, my face wet, my skin burning with the blood in my cheeks. I watched like a lemming on the cliff edge as he reached down and pushed the head of that thing in the required direction. It was fucking terrifying. it was inhuman. No, it wasn't human, it couldn't be human. It was like Cheryl was going to be fucked by a stallion or something. it was too big, too thick, too muscular.

    When he got the glans between her cunt lips, I saw them clinch on it. It was like a tractor beam, her sex grasping at it just as soon as it was bar enough. her aresehole, God it was spasming too. Her thighs running tremors up and down them.

    'Please Eustace' she whimpered and he casually pushed on in. I watched his huge cock bury itself into her. I watched her cunt stretch to take it and then those lips hugging the pulsing black shaft of his prick. He started to fuck her. He started to fuck her and the scent of that exploded in my face again.


    Fuck it.

    He was magnificent. He was, no, he is, awesome.

    His cock starts to work easily in and out of her. Her cunt grips and slides in an easy rhythm on it and now each time it slides downward his shaft is glistening wet. Cheryl moans softly, 'oh darling!'.

    I don't know how to explain it to you. I can't. I can't...without seeming stupid. But his prick, working, working her, it was magnificent, it was beautiful. Sh smelled like such a bitch on him. Sh smelled of instinct and need and yes Cheryl smelled so deeply of womanhood. He was meant to fuck her this way. She was meant to take a length like his. All white women are meant to take a black length like this. As fast as the words formed in my awestruck head, the faster new ones rushed in to replace them.

    'God' I stammered, my lips trembling.

    Eustace glanced down at me as he stoked her. His look said lust, anger, caution, intervene now shit face and I will rip your sad fucking white head off.

    But I wasn't a threat. I couldn't be a threat.

    The way that he fucked her was stupendous. Please God. Looking at her fucking creaming on him! Look at her fucking grasping, sliding and now bouncing on him.

    'I'm fucking unless' I whispered and he heard me. Amidst their greedy grunts, he heard me. I'd rehearsed words once, taunts, 'you're not Eustace, you're useless'. But he wasn't. He isn't. Look at the fucking way Cheryl's thighs are locking already. He's giving her a fucking hard climax. She can't stop it, locked on his fucking cock.

    Another glance. My face must have looked completely beaten. I felt as if my insides had been pulled out of me. He moved around, between us so I could see his buttocks tightening with each brusque thrust of his member into her. His legs were akimbo. His muscular legs, his buttocks so fucking hard and perfect. Of course he deserved her. Of course she wanted him not me. The shock realisation of it, together with the heady smell of their coupling almost toppled me. I tried to concentrate, still his thrusting, harder now and making Cheryl scream with each brutal thrust.

    I licked his balls. Fucking big balls. Massive balls. Th wrinkled skin of them failing to hide the sheer size and weight of his black testicles. I licked them again and Cheryl glanced down. 'You're beaten...you see now.....you see?!'

    There, in a moment, in a moment they clenched upwards and his balls started to jerk in a frenzy. Cheryl locked against him, bucking in unison as he shot his load up her. Look at her tits, puce red. Her nipples through the silk of her blouse, they sand out like door stops.

    'Fucking take it' he snarled at her, his cock belching up the thick whit spunk and launching it into her her womb. her cunt flaps locked on him now, locked so that nothing could escape.

    'I love you!' she groaned, arching back in his grip, her body pushed forward into his.

    I fell back. I fell back.

    And I stared.

    I stared in admiration at a man that I frankly hated. I stared at a black stud who was so obviously better equipped to satisfy my wife. No wonder she looked that proud way now. No wonder. He moved her on his cock and she exposed her throat to him. Please kiss here, and here and here, her eyes squinting in a female ecstasy.

    He is incredibly brutal.

    He is incredibly animal with her, masculine.

    God, he is perfect for her, looking at her while body wracking in ecstasy on him.

    His balls are draining... filling her.

    Cheryl grunts through her terrible, terrible need for him.

    God, Eustace, God man.....total, total respect. It's so right...its inevitable. I stare at him in total wonder.
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