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. The Dog Cage

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Apr 16, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Nothing within Emily's career as a senior librarian at the university quite prepared her for the day she took delivery of the dog cage. It was one of those very large grid wire metal cages, the sort of that could probably house an Irish wolf hound at a push. It had a door through which to push the animal and of course, the facility to padlock the door firmly shut. The delivery man asked where she wanted him to locate the cage and she said quite crisply, without a hint of irony, up in the master bedroom. She and Jeremy had a large house in the village so there was ample room in the bedroom, to locate the cage next door to her dressing table. The delivery man smiled but said nothing. People took their dogs up to sleep by the bed right? Well, they did with toy dogs, the sorts that didn't need a cage this big. Anyway, the delivery man unfolded the cage, locked it in place with the base fitted snugly and then stowed the rudimentary dog bed in the bottom of the thing before asking Emily to sign the delivery note. She tested the gate, rattling it against the fitted padlock and it held firm. It seemed satisfactory, so she signed the electronic acceptance note.

    The other things that she had already purchased lay in the bottom drawer of her dresser. There was one of those mouth gags, in latex and leather, one that Caroline had suggested. The thing with those was that you needed lots of holes in the strap so that the rubber bung could be made to fill the mouth nice and snug. If you didn't have that, then the tongue could wriggle about and a man could scream and call in the most unseemly manner. That sort of things could lead to a hiding and that was something that seemed just to vulgar to witness. The other item that she took from the drawer was a pair of professional looking handcuffs. Caroline had smiled when she asked why those were necessary given that a cage was in place. The matter was explained to Emily gently. A man in a cage, his mouth gagged, could still rattle the metal work and that was, well, distracting at best. But if his hands were handcuffed behind him?! You see?

    That day Emily had been working from home, so she was all ready when Jeremy got home from work. Friday evenings were their traditional evening meal out night, but Emily said sweetly that this time they would stay in. Jeremy looked tired bless him and he looked a little irked that there was no obvious smell of cooking. Emily thought, best not a meal. If he vomited with a rubber mouth gag in place, then he could choke. So she led the way upstairs and silently took him to the master bedroom. She showed him the cage silently and he just stared. He just stared at it! They hadn't talked about buying a dog...she hated dogs and all their mess. But there was this bloody dog cage in the bedroom.

    'Change into your jeans and then try I out' she said smiling shyly.

    Try it out?! He hadn't a clue what she was talking about. Emily, late thirties and a very serious and measured senior librarian at the university, she didn't do kinky stuff. They didn't do kinky stuff. In truth, these last two months they hadn't done any 'stuff'! He looked at her. What expression did you wear if you were bored? What expression said 'frisky'? Jeremy was unpractised. Jeremy, truth be told was a little stale around the edges when it came to matters of sex. He knew that Emily had liked having her cunt licked, she called it by that name when he had done it, but that was well over a year ago. She had seemed disappointed when he didn't offer to do it for her another night. May be....well.....something....OK...may be she was suggesting that thy play games. Sexy games. Games that got called kinky.

    'Before you get in,' she said calmly, once he was in his jeans and a T shirt, ' there are a few things to say and do. The first thing is, this is for your protection. I'm not caging you to restrain you.' she insisted. Well, thought Jeremy, that sounds bizarre. She made it sound like it was a shark cage but he hadn't noticed any great white's cruising around the bedroom. 'If you go in the cage nicely, then you won't get hurt.' She shot him a serious expression. 'Now, the handcuffs, ' she announced and took them from the rather snazzy leather pouch. This was kinky, thought Jeremy, this was dead kinky?! It was strange, but the idea of this stuff make his cock stiffen, just for a second. He held out his hands and Emily shook her head. He was to have his hands restrained behind his back. That seemed a bit dodgy, but she insisted 'come on' briskly and he complied. He hear the click as the handcuffs were fixed. Then he watched her place the key on the dressing table. 'This goes in your mouth, there is a little rubber ball that you can bite down on if you get frustrated' she said earnestly. He looked at the contraption.

    'Are you feeling kinky Em...what have you been reading?' he asked.

    It was a ridiculous look. A thirty something white office male, a bit worse the wear weight wise for lazy luncheons, in jeans and his Tee with his mouth firmly gagged and his hands locked behind his back. He thought, she's going to masturbate me. She's going to sex up our bedroom life. This is all my fault. I should have taken the lead.

    'In you get' she said firmly.

    He stared at her. This was a bit much.

    'Get in Jeremy,' she checked her watch, 'you need to get in for your own sake.'

    He wanted to ask her something, but his mouth was full. His mouth was full of a hard rubber lozenge that occupied most of the front of his mouth. Struggling with his hands behind the back then, he got in. There was a dog cushion, so it wasn't so bad. She smiled thinly and locked the door. She locked the door and sighed with relief. This was the thing Caroline had said, get him in there and things won't kick off. Get him in there and its a fait accompli. He's not going to resist so easily afterwards, not when he has seen what a handsome black guy does with you.

    Emily dropped her boyfriend jeans and peeled off her blouse. She got into the black Basque with the suspender straps attached and fixed the stockings to them. Jeremy was watching....watching! She was dressing like a dominatrix. What the fuck?! What was his wife up to? What whirred in that pretty head of hers? He watched her pull on the tight leather mini skirt. She had never worn one ever before, but it felt so snug, it felt so controlling. Caroline said that was part of the scene. You feel so controlled by your stud. You feel so much his, it makes your head fizz with desire! She fixed the severe looking black leather collar about her own throat, the one with 'Leon' picked out in rhinestone letters at the front. Jeremy had seen that! He had seen what it said.

    'I'm seeing someone, and its just better that you don't have to try and be male and get your head beaten in' she said sweetly to him. 'I'm sorry, but Leon won't tolerate any dissent from a husband. So its best that you are caged until you have learned to cooperate.'

    Jeremy stared widely at her. His eyes were wide, wide open now. He started to run, to try and say something past the gag. It was impossible.

    'Leon owns Caroline and he is going to own me too...he's such a big handsome man. Once he has fucked me you will understand. Caroline doesn't want her husband....not as a man. I won't want you....you will understand Jeremy' Emily explained. She sounded like she must have when briefing university students on the library for the first time. This is how you behave here. You will find your way around, but you must follow the rules. She put on a blouse he had never seen before. The fucking skirt, where did that come from? He watched her clip on a watch that was the same that Caroline wore, the other librarian who also lived in the village. There was some sort of significance to that, about which he wasn't sure. The realisation of harem would come later. Leon had three or four bitches always on heat for him.

    Jeremy leant against the cage door and tried to prize it open. This was just a little fucking crazy!

    Emily fixed her make up, applying lippy so that her lips looked more appealing. She wondered whether Leon would enjoy the lipstick marks left on his cock. She squirted expensive perfume on her throat and Jeremy gagged. She smelled so sexed up!

    'I met Leon through Caroline...' Emily told him calmly. It seemed better to help Jeremy understand. 'He is fucking her. He has been fucking her these last eight months. Peter, you remember Peter, he wasn't caged at first, so he got a terrible hiding for objecting. So that is why you are caged until you get used to the change in our situation'.

    Our situation?!? Jeremy wriggled around to watch her, but it was so uncomfortable in the cage. He couldn't stand and his arms were aching behind his back.

    'Leon comes by every week to enjoy us, and when you are better adjusted, you thank him for doing so and you pay him monthly for allowing you to stay on as his bitch.'

    Jeremy banged his forehead against the cage. Fucking hell!!

    The door bell rang and Emily checked the watch. It was Leon! So she slipped on the new high heeled shoes and walked casually past the cage to go and welcome her lover. Jeremy heard her steps cross the landing and proceed down the stairs. He heard her voice trilling downstairs and then the darker, the base voice of a male. He heard her say that 'Jeremy is restrained, so we won't be any trouble'. Trouble? Fucking hell, Jeremy was more than 'troubled!'

    They must have had a drink down there, something for Jeremy waited. He shifted, tried to find a comfortable position and couldn't. Then there were foot steps up the stairs. The bastard was big chested. Barrel chested. He had bloody great big hands. His legs looked fucking strong as though he could snatch and lift a weight or two. There was a glance in Jeremy's direction, but only a glance. No more. He smiling turned Emily to him and he started to kiss her. He fucking well kissed her in from of him. Jeremy banged his head against the metal cage again. Now a glance did come his way from the big man. He watched him take out a knife, a menacing looking knife and set it down on the dressing table. The guy, Leon, went back to kissing her. His big hand went down between her legs, sliding down against the satin of the Basque and he started to feel her bare cunt, the hem of the skirt hitched up. She smelled....fucking hell, she smelled on heat for him. She smelled like she needed a fuck. He had NEVER smelled Emily that way. Again and again she sought his kisses. Again and again she rubbed her sex against his hand.

    The urge to bang his head against the cage, to rattle it some way surged within Jeremy again. But he daren't.

    The bastard lifted Emily up, pulling off her shoes and depositing her on the bed. He pushed her legs wide open, pulling up the tight skirt, so that Emily's bare sex was on show. Leon glanced at Jeremy.

    'I fuck her when I chose man. I fuck her, you don't!' his eyes narrowed.

    The man unzipped his trouser fly and pulled his tumescent prick out. It looked solid, rock hard, it looked like a fucking torpedo. Leon came over to the cage, his cock bouncing in front of him.

    'You'll learn to suck the fucker up for sticking the bitch hear?' Leon snarled.

    Jeremy stared at the thing. It was disgustingly large and thick, with veins running like ivy all over it.

    Leon went back to his wife, spittled his cock and pushed it casually into her. Emily was gasping, writhing as he took her.

    Now Jeremy did bang his forehead against the cage. He was ready to take the knife if needs be.

    More cock went in. The whole fucking thing went in, right up her. She gasped as he docked to the hilt. He started to work his cock back and forth inside her and to Jeremy then the fucking cage felt match box sized. It felt fucking tiny. He could feel his own fucking cock stiffening and he hated it. The smell of the fucking, the sigh of his huge animal prick digging straight into made him horny and he fucking well hated it.

    'You fucking little whore, you love it eh?' sneered Leon.

    'Yes' Emily groaned. His cock was making her back spasm, he was making her nipples erect. Christ! This was what fucking meant?!!

    'you're tighter than Caroline, but we'll sort that out bitch. Once you been stuck a few times....'

    Jeremy listened to his wife groan so loudly, he was sure that people outside on the village green could have heard it. His wife, Emily, was having an orgasm. This was what an orgasm was. Jeremy felt as though someone had sliced open his stomach and dropped its contents inside the bottom of his body. He had never given Emily an orgasm! The terrible realisation of it.

    He watched his wife spasm and lock up in a series of greedy arching pushes against the man who was sticking her with his ugly, brute prong. She was bucking against him, her body contorting against his. Jeremy saw how her nails dug like talons into his neck. It was as if he made her animal too.

    Slap, slap, slap came the noise as she creamed through her orgasm and he slid easy now on the gush of her fluids.

    'You liking that bitch?' he asked.

    She nodded, her eyes wide, her face flushed. She looked delirious to Jeremy then.

    'Let's show fuck useless what this looks like' said Leon.

    Jeremy watched the man pick his wife up bodily, whilst he still impaled her an walking strongly across to the cage. Standing upright, Emily clinging to him, kissing his neck an cheek, he worked the petite little bitch up and down on his stalk like she was a glove he was pushing his hand in and out of. At eye level, Jeremy could see her juices, running, running down Leon's trousers.

    'You needing it again?' he bawled at her.

    She nodded crazily. In truth, the last orgasm hadn't finished. in truth she was still riding the sensation of that. But deep within er something coiled and sprang and she exploded on him again, bouncing on his cock, greedily, without regard for the searing pain when that much cock split you open. Emily grunted with every downward thrust.

    'Good girl, that's a good girl, you take it now, just ride it nice' he coaxed.

    Jeremy watched Emily bounce crazily.

    'Leon!' she gasped, and threw back her head. He kissed her throat. He kissed it like he owned it and this time he grunted too. His cock was moving, jerking rhythmically whenever Jeremy saw it slide beneath her. It was, massive....yes massive. It was brutal.....that too. But it was....oh fuck, the word stuck in his mind, as if in his throat, it was beautiful.

    There, now, he was squirting it up her. He was squirting it into her and Jeremy stared in shock horror at how much a doll it made his wife looked. She looked like a puppet on his cock. His mind raced on. Peter, he must have seen this. He must have seen Leon fuck his wife this way too. Jeremy stopped rhythmically banging his forehead against the cage and watched in awe and admiration, the coupling.

    Emily whimpered her thanks as he took her. She whimpered, 'Leon, God! Leon!'

    'OK babe, you getting it, its all yours tonight, all your black man seed'.

    Jeremy died inside. He died in a crazy hurtling descent, as though he plummeted to earth from space, without burning up. It was as if he was forever falling, watching the majesty of the man's coupling. He had never seen a woman on a prick that size. He had never imagined seeing Emily go with someone else, let alone someone so masculine. Jeremy bowed his head to the floor. He rested it on the cushion and listened to them grunting as the seed was inserted into her. He could see the man's thick thighs, tightening repeatedly in his trousers. Yeah, a good load. He was giving her the lot.

    'You like that huh, you like taking cock with the little man locked up?' taunted the visitor.

    Emily couldn't answer, she was breathless. She nodded.

    Leon lifted her off, and stood her beside the cage. Semen and lady come rang down her pretty legs, one the stockings. Leon lifted her skirt hem and showed Jeremy just how much her cunt had been filled. His thick white semen smeared everywhere, a huge plug of it inside her hole, oozing out like glue. Emily was trembling.

    'I'm going to take the little guy out, take off that gag and he's going to clean Leon's tool for him' her lover said.

    The announcement seemed to terrify Emily. She imagined the beating that would have to follow.

    'Don't worry babe, he'll be good as gold, sucking the cock. He will....' and Leon picked up the knife.

    Emily watched as the cage was unlocked, Jeremy was grabbed by the ear, wincing has he was unceremoniously pulled out of the cage. Leon glared down at him his eyes narrowing. The knife glinted in the lamp light. The gag was released and it felt as though his tongue could at last move again. He whimpered. Emily watched.

    'You gonna suck cock like a good boy?' asked Leon.

    Jeremy felt his heart race. Christ.

    'Yes' he said. Emily stared.

    'Lick first' Leon ordered and watched as Jeremy started to lick his nw master's cock. Emily held Leon's hand.

    'Now suck the fucker' said Leon, moving the knife just a little closer.

    Jeremy sucked.
  2. jizzelle momo

    jizzelle momo Member Member

    Just recently read The Intimacy of Three! Luvved it!
  3. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Thanks Jizzelle, that is really kind of you! Novels take a lot of work and may be they don't always repay financially the effort outlay, but sometimes we need that span of words to convey the culture, the atmosphere of a lifestyle. BW Lutheran.
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