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. The Devotion Shot

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, May 14, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Mistress Claire watched Thomas roll up his sleeve and allow the strap to go around his upper arm that would make his veins stand out. It was the second shot of three. The devotion potion she called it, although Doctor Linda had some sort of chemical name for it. Once Thomas had been her husband, but now, now he was a second rank serf. She had replaced much of his tongue service in the boudoir with the lappings of Melrose. Well, Melrose was younger in his mid twenties compared with Thomas who was going to seed now. Melrose was a fresh faced, a handsome but weak willed white man. He did delicious things with his tongue and he made Claire feel kittenish as well as a bitch. It was something about his quietly admiring stare when she dressed. It was something about his ability to anticipate what she would find subtly cruel. Thomas had whined rather a lot when Melrose took over as the bedchamber cuck, but that was as expected. Luther had taken him aside, used his fists on him a few times and then Thomas had fallen silently resentful. It was a look, an attitude that Claire rather enjoyed.

    Now though, with Melrose in place, Thomas was increasingly expendable. He had done good service at the pavilion, serving them both in the penthouse, but now he was one amongst several malleable white males. On Brownsea Island at least half a dozen had been profiled as suitable supplicants to Mistress Claire. They seemed mesmerised by her authority, her absolute insistence on bitch domination of the white male. They were, well, they were all excellent at licking a cunt out. She had daintily sampled a few of them. Thomas then had been assigned to the experimental programme. It had been decided that he could be one of their guinea pigs, rather like Miss Cassie's hapless uncle.

    'Tell me again about the potion' Claire said watching the clear fluid being drawn up into the severe looking syringe. Claire rather thought of this conversation as the 'informed consent' bit of the proceedings. Thomas was listening to their conversation, his eyes strangely glazed.

    'It's a compound of several agents, hypnotics, something rather addictive we extracted and refined from the snails on the east side of the island, and a trigger drug, something that works with the mind to produce submission and then devotion.' Dr Linda said calmly. She squirted a little of the liquid theatrically into the air. 'It will make Thomas, and men like Thomas, absolutely subservient to black guys and women. He will need to acquiesce to them, without quite understanding why.'

    Claire smiled across at Luther who stood beside her. There would be less need to use his fists.

    'Imagine, ' she whispered to him, 'imagine this drug widely dispersed. Imagine how much easier it will be for beautiful white women to get seeded the right way.' There, she intimated it again, she was feeling broody once more.

    He kissed her tenderly, feeling her tongue come to greet his. She watched Melrose's gaze from the corner of the room. He always stared like a puppy when she and Luther kissed.

    'Once three shots have been administered, I'm pretty sure that the effect is permanent. Men like Thomas will believe wholeheartedly that they are not fit to breed, that it is best that the black man deal with all those matters.It won't just be a kink, a perversion, it will be a chemical attitudes and values changer for life. No one has ever done this before. No one has ever changed racial attitudes through the sharp end of a needle.' Dr Linda's expression flashed something strange and obsessive back to the Female Director of the Island. There was a mixture of obsession, pride and ruthlessness about her freckled face. Dr Linda, well, she didn't like white men so very much. The bastard husband who had once given her herpes from that bloody secretary he had a dalliance with.

    'Imagine all the fucking darling' Claire said to Luther, 'imagine how comfy it will be to go with black guys when the husbands are so completely out of contention.' They kissed again, lingeringly and Dr Linda waited. She had found a vein.

    'Stick him' said Claire, glancing at Thomas. He looked like an upended beetle on the dentist's chair. It was fully reclined and he wasn't resisting. Months and months of bitchery had drained his soul of self respect. Claire watched the needle go into the vein. It was of course an accurate jag and Thomas jerked a little from the pain. Then he stared up at the theatre lights hanging from the ceiling and waited for some sort of effect to take hold. He imagined that there would be tingling, a cold sensation like an anaesthetic doing its tendril business on his brain. But there was none of that, save for perhaps a warm feeling in his arm. There, the load of goodies had slowly, relentlessly been imposed upon his system and the good doctor withdrew the needle and released the cuff.

    'Tell me, ' interrogated Claire, 'this subjugates white men to black man and his rights, but how does it figure as regards a bitch taking control of day to day life?'

    Dr Linda peeled off the surgical gloves.

    'I'm afraid its one step at a time M'am,' she said, 'this drug will advance the cause quickly. It will be very easy for women to form liaisons with black suitors, white men won't feel able to compete, even predisposed to object. It will be a liberation for confident and sexual women. But I'm afraid that mistress's will still need to subjugate cucks, to teach them to be serfs.' The good doctor almost smiled, if such was possible on her pinched face. 'Attitude, bitch attitude will still be important' she added.

    Claire nodded. She knew this. She knew it but needed to hear the confirmation as well. Some of the experiments had gone wrong. They had lost a subject or two. So one had to be up to date on the assessed potential of the drug. Bitching men, that bit, well that wouldn't be a problem. This drug was about getting more men into a state when that process could begin. The Island of Intimacy could become very busy indeed!

    'And you haven't yet developed a more subtle means of administering the drug, something a little less clinical than the needle?'

    Claire had wondered about a pill, a powder, slipped into the husbands meals. Women had always been drawn to poisons as a means of exacting their requirements. Such a drug preparation would go viral. There would be lots of fed up, frustrated, ruthless women prepared to change the game of sex in their life.

    'We're working on a cream, something perhaps rubbed into a cock' said Doctor Linda, who rather liked the irony of that. Silly white willies had a blood supply too, a good blood supply and it would readily and quickly support the medication to the brain where it could do its transformative work.

    'Side effects, have we sorted those out yet?' Claire wondered.

    'We still have three, 'the doctor said. 'Obsessively thinking about sex, the tendency to get erections even in a cage is practically difficult. It will probably be wise to wank men more whilst the drug takes hold. A little more disturbing is the effects on testicles. They shrink and that causes some problems occasionally with blood flow in the region. Not a sexual problem I know, but it sometimes means trips to hospitals and that could be awkward if the cuck isn't treated by a committed member of our movement. The worst problem though are the nightmares. The other subjects have reported frequent nightmares and even hearing voices in their head. I think its something to do with the way that the drug interacts with the amygdala.'

    When Thomas was helped to sit up, shaking a bit at the summary of problems ahead, Melrose grinned at him from the corner of the room. It was an unkind expression, a cruel taunt from the young male who had won greatest tongue access to Mistress's pussy. But that was as life was. That was what it was like on the island.

    'How does it feel, are you giddy, do you need some water?' Claire asked her once upon a time husband.

    Thomas shook his head and stared across wonderingly at Luther. The drug hadn't taken effect yet had it? But there had already been the first shot. There had been the preloading for this one. Claire watched him fascinated. This drug, well, it could start to change the world. Imagine, a world without all that nasty historical prejudice. Imagine, a world where beautiful alpha women were the arbiters of so much more, working with their lovers. It was silly to interview Thomas yet. He would say things to please her, in the hope of an intimate kiss beneath her skirt. But she couldn't resist a couple of questions, she couldn't.

    'White women coupling with the handsomest black beaus, your reaction?' she snapped towards Thomas.

    'Inevitable, right, perfect, natural, needful, awe inspiring....' Thomas responded. The word association game, the words to ideas. She used it periodically to try and check how deeply committed Thomas had really been.

    'And women taking the initiative, using this drug on men, to secure what they deserve?'

    That one caught Thomas. Subterfuge, scheming, selfishness. That was a different plate of fare.

    'Men will learn to want what a mistress insists upon' Thomas said.

    Yes thought Claire, the drug doesn't do everything does it. A woman still has to be a bitch. It irked her a little so she beckoned Melrose over from the corner. He came quickly and willingly his face fixed with a devoted expression. Claire glanced down and the young man dropped to his knees. She looked across a Thomas and her look said, 'tosser'. She could see that this was hurting him. She could feel the twist of pain she inflicted deep in his gut. She had Melrose nuzzle beneath her skirt and start to gratefully lick. Thomas winced. Another of Claire's looks went from Thomas to the good Dr Linda. She was a shrew like woman in a white coat with a sensible pleated mid length skirt. She wasn't on the island as an alpha bitch was she? She was there for her pharmaceutical skills. Still, Thomas would say thank you when Claire directed. She beckoned him down onto his knees in the prescribed fashion and he stuck his head between the doctor's legs. He started to lick, his body shivering.

    'Keep working on the cream preparation will you Linda, we would like that as soon as possible....' Claire said quietly.

    The doctor quivered, her pinched face changing now.

    'Yes' she murmured, 'yes M'am.'

    [More possible permutations for the forthcoming 'Island of Intimacy'. Claire is much harder isn't she, a cruel bitch now. But I spy in this medication something that can drive the plot forward, a kind of resistance and kick back. You'd not expect me to reveal where that is going would you! Women (In my experience) like something that makes sex silky, comfy, instinctual and cooperative, so I imagine that this drug plot might interest bold minded sisters too. All this started in 'The Intimacy of Three' (Amazon). LM
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