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. The Day Before the Wedding

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Interqueen, Mar 13, 2019.

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  1. Interqueen

    Interqueen Well-Known Member Member

    “Ah, fuck, what’s wrong with you?” Clementine said, flopping her forearm over her eyes as the sun burst in through the window, her sister standing, hands on hips, a slight smirk on her face as she looked down on her groaning relative.

    “Seems like someone had a bit too much fun on her hen night,” Sofia said. “I knew those friends of yours couldn’t be trusted. You know how busy we are today getting shit ready for the big day? Good thing it isn’t today, you like terrible!”

    “Thanks for the support,” Clementine groaned, groggily getting to her feet and stumbling into the bathroom. She looked into the mirror, realising her sister was right. She did look pretty abysmal this morning. Mind you, could be worse. Could have...

    “Oh fuck, no!” she said, a flash of memory coming back to her. She looked between her legs, saw she was wearing no underwear...

    ...and saw the sperm dried on her inner thighs. A lot of it.

    “Oh God, what did I do?” she gasped, but she knew. She’d had sex with a man last night. A complete stranger, urged on by her friends. She’d been drunk out of her skull and the girls had almost literally literally forced the big man into the private room with her ... and then ... and they hadn’t even used a condom!

    “What’s up?” Sofia said, standing in the bathroom doorway.

    “I ... oh, sis... I ... I cheated on Alex last night.”

    “Look, you were obviously drunk and going a bit wild,” she said, a flicker of something behind her eyes. “Just ... don’t worry about it. It means nothing, right?”

    “Right, yes, of course, I’ll not ever do it again,” she said, though memories were coming back to her now. Memories of the man’s cock, much larger than she was used to. Memories of it opening her up, of her throwing her head back and screaming as he pounded multiple orgasms out of her. “Never ... never again...”

    “Was it good at least?” her sister chuckled.

    “I ... oh fuck, it was amazing... at least, I think so!”

    “Well, at least you had a bit of fun, right?”

    “Yeah, I guess... anyway, I’d better shower. I’ll see you downstairs in a minute ... and Sofia? Thanks, for understanding. I love you, big sis.”

    “Back at you, Clem,” Sofia smiled warmly.

    The sound of the shower starting masked Sofia’s long sigh as she stared back at the bathroom door. Unbeknownst to Clementine, Sofia was madly, passionately, completely head-over-heels in love with her sister ... and not in the platonic way. She hated herself sometimes for feeling this way, but she couldn’t help. Something in Clem just drove her wild with desire. She wasn’t a lesbian, she was bisexual - having had boyfriends and (secret) girlfriends over the years ... but all of the relationships had broken down because, at the end of the day, Sofia didn’t want to leave her sister.

    And now Alex was taking her away.

    It was like a lightbulb had pinged into life above her head, a Eureka moment to rival a Greek philosopher.

    “Fuck ... I know how to stop this,” she mouthed. With that, she burst out the room, heading for her own room and her phone.

    Clementine jumped as her phone buzzed on the table. Loud noises weren’t her friend at that point. She was feeling slightly better after her shower, but the word delicate in the dictionary had her face next to it. Groaning for the umpteenth time that day, she picked up her device and saw the new message. Unknown sender, curious. She shrugged and opened it up. Her eyes popped out of her head as she saw an image of herself appear on the screen. One of her riding the man from last night, captured from a secret camera in the ‘private’ room. One showing her screaming with pleasure as the man sunk his cock deep into her.

    “Oh my God! What the... how did this happen?” she said. The house was empty, her sister having left for work an hour or so before. The phone buzzed again. Same sender, but only text this time.

    “Good morning, Clementine. What a bad girl you have been. And to think your wedding is so close. Poor Alex, if he only knew what a slut his fiancée is. He will know, too, if we send him the footage of you and that man. There’s only one way you can stop that happening. Instructions to follow.”

    Clementine sagged in her chair. This couldn’t be happening. Blackmail? Maybe she should just come clean to Alex. He’d forgive her, right? But then ... what if he got angry, told his father ... then the big business deal between their families would probably go down the crapper. She loved him, but there was an element of convenience about the marriage too. Her family, down on its luck a little. His, richer than Croesus. Latter buying out the former on sweet terms, former retiring happily ever after etc.

    All jeopardised by her indiscretion.

    “FUCK!” she shouted, tempted to toss her phone at the wall, but instead she put her head in her hands. The phone buzzed again. It was another text message, telling her to go to an address in what she knew wasn’t the best area in town at 10am. What choice did she have? She could fuck up her own life, but her father was depending on this. She had to go.

    Dressing conservatively, a hood up to protect her identity, she drove over to the location indicated, parking outside a fairly grim apartment building. It wasn’t awful, but neither was it clean or tidy. Just ... meh. The apartment she had been told to go to was number 16, right at the top of the building. The penthouse suite perhaps, she mused bitterly. After she’d trudged up all the stairs in the world, post-discovering the broken elevator, she stopped to catch her breath and then, having done so, hammered on the door in front of her, the one marked 16. A gruff male voice answered her.

    “Get yo’ ass in here, cunt!”

    “What the... how are you speak to me like that?” she said without thinking.

    The door flew open, crashing against the corridor wall, to reveal a burly black man, mid-30s if Clementine was any judge. Athletic build, bald head, wife beater vest and baggy pants.

    “You Clementine?”

    She nodded.

    “Get your cheating butt in here,” he growled.

    “Now, look here...”

    The man produced a phone and turned it to face her. She blanched as she saw a picture of herself and the man at the hen party.

    “Won’t take two seconds to send this to the fiancé, girl,” the man said. “You still want to argue?”

    No, she didn’t. Sighing, she trudged into the bleak apartment, down the dirty beige corridor and into a sparsely furnished lounge area. Inside was a second man, dressed similarly to the first. He sneered at her while the first man moved around to stand in front of Clementine. Nobody said a word, the men ogling her, Clementine just fidgeting nervously in the middle of the room.

    “So you fuck a guy on your hen night?” the second man blurted out suddenly, causing her to jump slightly in surprise.

    “Er... it wasn’t like that, just... bit too much to drink, my girlfriends just being pushy and... silly stuff. Look, I...”

    “Silly stuff, huh? So if I sent a picture of a dude’s fiancée getting nailed and loving it to him, he’d just go oh yeah, ‘silly stuff’ and be okay with it?”

    “Why... why would you do that to me? I just don’t know what’s going on here.”

    “What’s going on is you gon’ give us what we need today then maybe we don’t send this picture to future hubby. That’s what’s fuckin’ goin’ on. So you gon’ help us out?” the first man said.

    “I... I guess...”

    “Good. Then get dem titties out, let us see the titties of a fucking slut.”

    “What? You... you can’t be serious,” Clementine said, involuntarily taking a step back.

    “Send that fucking photo, bro,” the man growled, nodding to his reclining chum. The second man lifted his phone, screen facing Clementine and slowly moved his forefinger towards the Send button.

    “No!” she screamed. “Please... I’ll do what you want. Just... please don’t send that to him.”

    “Titties first, crying later, cunt,” the second man laughed. Clementine slowly pulled off her cardigan then, tears in her eyes, unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra.

    “Don’t cover that shit up, girl,” the first man said as she reflexively folded her arms across her chest. “I said, don’t do that that!”

    He darted forward and slapped at her forearms and she squealed with surprise, dropping her arms as ordered.

    “Dem some fine ass tits,” the second man said appreciatively. “I know you like that shit, homie. Go on, suck them titties like you want to.”

    Clementine gasped as the first man planted his lips over one of her nipples, greedily sucking and licking at first one then the other.

    “Oh my God,” she yelped as she felt her pussy getting wet. She shuddered at the thought of this strange man making her feel this good, but she couldn’t deny her body’s betrayal. The man knew what he was doing and it was responding accordingly. Before she knew it, she was holding his head to her breast, groaning with pleasure. She remember the man from the night before had done this while fucking her and it had driven her wild then too.

    “Man, that bitch loves that shit, son!” the man on the sofa clapped once, laughing. “Got some stranger’s lips on her melons and she moaning like some cheap whore.”

    To Clementine’s chagrin, the first man stepped away, looking at her chest heaving, her breath rapid with excitement.

    “Reckon her pussy’s all wet too, G?”

    “No doubt,” the second man said, rising at last. “Gon’ have to prove that, huh?”

    “Wait, no...” she said, but she was too slow. The second man forced his hand down the front of her skirt and into her underwear, meeting her furnace-like cunt and its slippery wetness.

    “Damn straight, this girl’s all slicked up and ready to go!”

    “Wait, I didn’t... oooh, no, don’t... don’t do that...” Clementine made to protest, but the man silenced her by working her clitoris. “Ah... Christ... don’t make... don’t make me...”

    She cried out, legs wobbling, pussy flooding his hand and her underwear with juice as she came suddenly.

    “Fuck yeah!” both men cried in unison. “She IS a fucking slut!”

    “Damn, I thought we were gon’ have to force her, but... shit, girl, you ever taken a black dick before?”

    “Uuuhhhh, what?” Clementine murmured, mind still foggy post-orgasm.

    “I said, you ever been fucked by a black man, baby?”

    “What? No! Never! And please, we’ve had some fun... but I cheated once, I won’t... cheat.... Oh my God!”

    She’d just seen what the first man had let flop out of his pants. A penis beyond imagining. She’d thought the man yesterday was impressive, but this guy must have been almost twice the size and not even hard! She just stared at it, the other man’s hand still working her clit, furthering her arousal.

    “This is the deal, girl,” the man with his penis out said. “You gon’ fuck BOTH of us right here, right now... or future hubby gets the pictures. Deal?”

    She couldn’t take her eyes off that magnificent prick and she somehow knew this other man would be sporting a similar appendage between his legs.

    “I can’t... please... my fiancée...”

    “Ha, you say that while ogling my junk,” the man laughed, hands on hips, cock hard and straight, sticking out like a baton from his groin. “I bet you never seen a cock like this, huh? Or maybe hubby-to-be’s got a big dick too?”

    “No... he’s nothing like this,” she said without thinking, more laughter in response. “But... I can’t cheat. I was drunk last night, but this... he would forgive me for a drunken night, but not for having sex with two random guys.”

    “What about your family’s business?”

    “How do you know about that?” she started, her eyes never leaving the man’s appendage.

    “We know a lot, girl,” the second man chimed in. “Like we know you’ll be getting fucked by us very soon. No choice, girl, just go with it. We’ll be gentle... unless you want us not to be.”

    “Who put you up this? Someone... was it Claire? This is all a trick, isn’t it? Are there cameras? Come on, you pulled my leg. Claire? You there? Come out now, all over now...”

    “This ain’t no fuckin’ game, whore!” the semi-nude man roared. “I’m tired of waiting for you. Take her fucking clothes off, homie.”

    “Wait, no, what are you...”

    The sound of the man tearing her skirt, ripping it from her body, echoed around the room, as did her scream. Seconds later, she had backed up to the wall, two men with foot-long erections menacingly standing in front of her, only her cotton knickers between them and their prize.

    “Them too, slut,” one growled.

    “No, I... ah, please, stop, no!!!”

    The second man stepped forward and then the underwear was flying across the room. She put an arm across her breasts and one hand desperately covering her neatly trimmed bush.

    “Grab her, D,” the second man said and Clementine squealed as the brute grabbed her arms, forcing them behind her back, completely exposing her to the other male in the room.

    “We aren’t going to rape you, honey,” he said. “We know you a big fucking slut, despite your protests. So... you can get in that bedroom and spread those legs for us... or we send that message. Last chance...”

    She looked at their fierce faces and saw they meant what they said. She at least knew they wouldn’t rape her, but sex under threat of blackmail wasn’t far off. A tear fell down her cheek as she nodded weakly.

    “Good girl,” the man behind her whispered into her ear. “Go.”

    He let go and she rubbed herself, his fingers having pressed hard into her arms. She walked slowly through the room and into the drab bedroom, a single small bed inside, barely big enough for one adult to sleep in, all three of them crowding into the room. Gingerly, she sat down, covering herself again. At least the sheets were clean, she thought.

    Both men moved in front of her, cocks bobbing in her eyeline. She eyed both of them, knowing she should be appalled by this, but something inside her was preventing the natural revulsion she should be feeling. Something inside her kept her eyes focused on those two male weapons, both intending to be pushed up inside her pussy in the near future.

    “Your mouth been workin’ overtime since you got here, slut,” one man said. “‘Bout time you put it to the only fucking use it is good for.”

    She knew what he meant. Gingerly, she reached up to take one of the shafts in her hands. As soon as she placed his fingers around the thick meat, she shuddered involuntarily. A surge of ... something went through her whole body and she groaned. Without thinking, she brought her mouth to the head and swallowed it.

    “Mmm, maybe girlie doesn’t hate this as much as she makes out,” the man she was pleasuring said. Her hand began to stroke the shaft, mouth and tongue working the end of his cock with increasing vigour. Crazy thoughts began to whir through her head as she salivated over the penis in her mouth. She felt a presence to her left and raised her hand, eyes closed but finding the shaft of the second man with no problem at all. She required no encouragement to start stroking her left hand up and down the thick, veiny pole she had just discovered.

    With a pop, she took her mouth off the first man’s cock, transferring it instantly to the other, slobbering all over it, right hand using the gloop slickening the first cock to feverishly jack it off.

    “Ah, watch it, girl, don’t wanna pop before I FUCK your cunt,” the man laughed. “In fact, enough of this head shit, she’s on a schedule.”

    The second man grabbed Clementine’s hair and pulled her head off his dick. She was surprised at how disappointed she was, but she didn’t have time to think about it, hands placed on her shoulders and shoved down on her back. The first man got on the bed with her, her eyes wide open as she took in the size of the monster he was about to thrust into her body.

    “Oh God...” she said as he slapped the head against her clit. “Oh God...”

    “Hmm, you know what, maybe we shouldn’t do this, bro,” the man said, cock in hand, rubbing the head over her clit again and again, sometimes dipping it down and running it up and down her increasingly moist opening.

    “Yeah, maybe we should just send the picture and go home. No need to put the girl in trouble, she doesn’t want to get fucked by our big cocks. She’ll be happy with what her hubby has, fo’ sho’.”

    Clementine looked between her spread legs, felt the pleasure he was giving her, saw the size of the cock poised to enter her...

    “No...” she said softly. “No, don’t go.”
    “Sorry, girl, didn’t hear you. You telling us to go?”

    “No!” she said, louder this time.

    “No, you want us to go or...” the other man laughed, enjoying teasing the woman lying on the bed, her chest heaving, nipples like bullets, vagina wetter than a swimming pool. A woman clearly highly aroused.

    “NO!” she screamed. “Don’t go... don’t you dare fucking go...”

    She looked at the man between her legs.


    The men looked at each other ... but did nothing else. All that talk of fucking her, getting her worked up like this... and then nothing? The first man finally moved... but all he did was keep teasing Clementine, working her clit with his bulbous cock head and his fingers. She was extremely horny now, memories of her fear and reluctance distant now.

    “Please... fuck me, come on, I’m ready... I want your big fucking cock inside me,” she pleaded, but still they just teased her. The other even began sucking her nipples again until she felt like she was close to climax.

    “Oh fuck, gonna... gonna cum... gonna...”

    Then they stopped, pulling away suddenly. She squealed with the agony of denied release... then they did it again and again and again, over and over. Bringing her to the edge of ecstasy then denying her cruelly. After a while she was a mess, just begging them to let her cum, trying to touch herself but having her hands forcefully removed from her groin or breasts.

    “Tell us what you want, whore, then we’ll fuck you, then we’ll make you cum,” the first man said.

    “I want you, I want you both to fuck me! I need your fucking big fucking cocks in me, fucking me, making me cum and cum and cum, PLEASE!”

    “And what about hubby-to-be? What would you say to him now if he walked in?”

    “I’d tell him to fuck off and let me CUM!”

    “Mmm, what’s his name?”

    “A... Alex, his name is Alex. Please, I don’t care about him, I just want you to FUCK ME!”

    “Tell us, why do you want us to fuck you and not him? Why not go to him right now and let him fuck you?”

    “He can’t fuck me with that little dick, not... not like you! Real men, real fucking men with big cocks, gonna fucking stretch me open so good... fuck me so good... please, beg... begging you... just please fuck me HARD!”

    “One more thing, baby,” the first man said, pressing the head of his cock against her labia. She tried to push forward, to push herself onto his cock, but he moved with her, keeping himself agonisingly close to penetration.

    “Yes, anything, oh fuck please!”

    “I want you to look into my eyes and say you don’t love your fiancé anymore. I want you to look at me and say you love... nah, you don’t love me, that you love any man with a big fucking BLACK cock. You just want black dicks in your fucking pussy like the fucking cumslut you are! Say it, say you never want to touch that white wimp again! Say you only want black cock in your slut holes!”


    With that, the man pushed into Clementine’s body, sinking half his cock into her in one move then pulling out and shoving back in again, each thrust burying more cock in her previously tight pussy. She screamed as he mashed the head of his cock against her cervix, her entire pussy filled with cock, balls pressing hard against her skin. She came the second he touched her cervix, an explosion of pleasure bursting from her groin, coursing through every nerve ending in hen entire body. She bucked and spasmed, muscles contracting, pussy clamping down on the monstrous invader, legs jerking uncontrollably in the air as the man fucked her mercilessly.

    Both of them were roaring and screaming as the high intensity fucking continued until her mouth was stuffed full of the other man’s cock. Dividing her attention took the edge off her ecstasy, allowing her to come down slightly, but she was still higher than she’d ever been. She realised that even the night before, sex she’d thought to be the best ever, was nothing in comparison to what she was experiencing now... and there was another man ready to enter her, to fuck her with equal passion and intensity. This thought alone triggered a second explosive orgasm, one that emanated from deep, deep inside her, even more powerful than the first. She felt close to blacking out, so brutal were the sensations she was experiencing.

    Then the first man pulled out, slapping her thigh and then the second was inside her, fucking her viciously with long, deep strokes. She screamed, silenced by the first cock, covered in her orgasmic juices. The first man, clearly worked up to a point by her tight pussy, groaned as her tongue did its work on his cock.

    “Fuck, baby, I was going to save my nut for your cunt, but... ah, damn, yo’ mouth just gon’ have to take it!”

    Her eyes bulged as she felt his expand in her mouth, sperm suddenly spurting out, splattering her tonsils and flowing down her throat. Her immediate instinct was to pull her head away, spitting out the semen ... but as it coated her tongue she was amazed at how weirdly good the cum tasted, so instead of pulling away she sucked even harder, determined to extract every drop from the man’s balls.

    “Fuck yeah, swallow that shit, girl,” the man growled, looking down as the woman he’d never met or seen before just a few short moments before gobbled up his seed like someone possessed. Finally, her ministrations were too much for him and he pulled away, leaving her panting, mouth empty, every bit of sperm filling up her stomach.

    The man fucking her had not let up all the time she was draining his friend and she turned back to him, wrapping her legs around his back, pulling him closer.

    “She into it now, homie!” the first man laughed. “Look at her fucking taking you like that! Damn, what a slut!”

    “She so tight, dog... goddamn, can’t hold it much longer!”

    To her horror, she realised what was about to happen.

    “No! Not in my pussy, I’m not on the pill!” she screamed. “Please... not in me... oh fuck... God, it feels so fucking good, don’t stop fucking me, I’m gonna cum again... don’t cum in me... just... oh God...!”

    “Which is it, slut? Stop fucking you or fucking cum in you? Gotta make up your mind, girl!”

    “Ah... ahhhh.... Fuck.... stop, please, I can’t get knocked up!”

    The man growled and pulled himself free of her pussy’s tight grip. She screamed as her orgasm was denied at the last moment, but the man wasn’t interested in her frustration. He grabbed her head, forcing his cock into her mouth. Within seconds, he was adding his cum to the load deposited down her throat already, the glorious taste of his sperm a slight compensation for the lack of a mind-blowing climax seconds before.

    She watched them dress from the bed, lying on her side, a mixture of satisfaction and teeth-gnashing frustration swirling about inside her. She had cum so hard during the session, but that denial at the end had driven her crazy and, to her surprise, she felt hornier than before. Despite being fucked by two massive cocks, she felt like she wanted more. A hell of a lot more.

    “Here,” one of the men said, tossing her some women’s panties. “My sister’s. ‘Bout your size, I reckon, but whatever. And these.”

    He threw her some tight jogging bottoms, both garments she slipped on. She had no choice, after all. It was either that or go back out onto the street semi-nude. The men moved to leave, but she stopped them with a yelp.

    “Aren’t you two going to tell me what all this is about?” she said.

    The men just laughed.

    “You’ll find out soon enough,” they said. “Later, slut.”

    She stood watching them leave, the front door to the apartment slamming shut before she herself realised that she really didn’t want to be in this place anymore. As quickly as she could, Clementine descended the stairs, exiting the building and jogging back to her car. Getting inside, she let out a long, deep sigh.

    “What the fuck just happened?” she said to herself. She’d just willingly - to an extent - given herself to these utter strangers, let them penetrate her and ... had the best fucking sex of her life! Two sexual encounters, both driving her wild with excitement ... and she still felt so fucking horny. Her pussy was tingling, wanting her to play with it, to just start stroking her clit in public. She resisted, biting her lip and crossing her legs as best she could in the confines of the car. It barely did anything to assuage her lustful feelings. What the hell was wrong with her? She’d never felt like this before the hen night. She needed to snap out of it before the wedding!

    Driving home, she tried to focus on mundane things, but her mind kept taking her back to the small bed, the men driving into her, stretching her so much, so fucking much...

    Slamming her front door open, she squealed with frustration, knowing relief was a must. She rushed up the stairs, entering the bathroom and stripped off the pants. Her clit was throbbing and she was about to start masturbating when her phone buzzed insistently.

    “Fuck!” she gasped, picking it up. Her eyes went wide. A message greeted her, a video message. It showed her in the room with the two men, a hidden camera having captured the action. She felt her stomach churn with horror.

    “I want you to look into my eyes and say you don’t love your fiancé anymore,” the man was saying to her on the video. “I want you to look at me and say you love... nah, you don’t love me, that you love any man with a big fucking BLACK cock. You just want black dicks in your fucking pussy like the fucking cumslut you are! Say it, say you never want to touch that white wimp again! Say you only want black cock in your slut holes!”


    She almost dropped the phone. They’d filmed her? Her head was spinning as a second message buzzed through.

    “Enjoy yourself, whore? Looks like you did. Poor Alex, what’ll he think about you just letting those studs fuck you like that? And those horrible things you said about him. Dear me, whatever are we to do with you?”

    A third message followed instantly.

    “I know what we can do. You can go to the address that will follow this message. Be there in 30 minutes or Alex gets all the footage of you and those two guys.”

    Clementine moaned, shaking her head. Today was supposed to be the prelude to her biggest, happiest moments in life. Instead, it was a nightmare of blackmail. She rushed to her room, putting on some of her own leggings and sprinted out of the house back to her car. She could only hope that the next location didn’t test her relationship with Alex as much as the first one had.
    “Fuck! Fucking... why are there so many people on the roads at this time of day?” she said, checking the clock on the car’s console for the umpteenth time. Christ, she only had 10 minutes left before the blackmailer’s deadline, before the threat to send all the footage of Clementine’s illicit acts to her fiancé, Alex. An act that would ruin not just her life, but her family’s. Yet here she was, red light after red light, slow-moving trucks and buses and all sorts blocking her way.

    She slumped back in her seat, trying to remain calm. She wasn’t that far away from the address she’d been given, another relatively rundown area of town, so all she needed as for traffic to clear just a little and she’d make it in time. Focusing on that thought, she felt her mind drift back to what might possibly be awaiting her there. Would it be another couple of men ready to have sex with her, further deepening the hole she was in? Would it be something else entirely, a confrontation with her blackmailer? Maybe even an explanation for why this person was tormenting her like this?

    She thought about Alex, about their future together, if she could just get through this nightmare. She tried to picture her and Alex together, lying together, her head resting on his chest, eyes closed, expression of contentment on her face. She smiled to herself, the light remaining red, the bus in front of her still taking up all her view. She pictured herself raising her head, looking up at the love of her life ... and then seeing that the man she was lying on wasn’t Alex.

    It was one of the men from earlier that day, grinning down at her. Her daydream twisted now, her face smiling up at this man, not a smile of contentment but of... lust? Desire? Wickedness? She looked down and saw the man’s massive penis standing proud. She reached for it, stroking it’s hard, thick length. She found herself sliding down, mouth enveloping the throbbing, bulbous head, sucking at it, licking the shaft of the cock slowly. She heard him groan and redoubled her efforts, desperately wanting his sperm in her mouth...

    ...then the beeps of a car horn jolted her from her reverie. The light was green and she was sitting there. Yelping, she hammered the accelerator and sped through the lights. God, what was wrong with her? First she was daydreaming about her husband-to-be then it was some random black guy and his big, huge, massive cock...

    She felt something deep inside her twist up. What was happening to her? She shouldn’t be fantasising about strange men like that. She loved Alex, wanted to marry him...

    ...didn’t she? Suddenly she realised she wasn’t so sure. It was just cold feet, right? Natural ... but her doubts reigned as she finally pulled up in front of the address given. It was a relatively seedy bar with a closed sign on the door. Confused, she checked her phone again and yes, this was the address. Shrugging, she knocked as hard as she could, but there was no response. Just then, her phone buzzed.

    “Go round to the side entrance.”

    Sure enough, there was an alleyway and, against her better judgement, she nervously entered, fearful of what might happen. Nothing did and she approached the only obvious entryway into the building, knocking again. This time the door opened very quickly, a tall black man in a surprisingly expensive suit standing there, glaring down at her.


    She nodded, gulping.

    “The cheating whore who fucks other men the day before her wedding?”

    “Uh... I guess...”


    He stepped aside and she, with a quick glance around, stepped into the building. The corridor was dim, flanked by multiple closed doors before turning at a right angle at the end. She felt a hand on her shoulder, the man’s grip firm.

    “Down the end,” he said, his voice deep, booming. She went slowly forward, wondering what was behind each door before turning round the corner and immediately entering a much better lit room, though it was sparsely furnished at best. Against the centre of the far wall was a double bed, but other than that there was literally nothing else in the room except for some studio lights you’d see in a photographer’s place of business...

    ...and multiple video cameras, all set up and pointing towards the bed.

    “Get on the bed,” the man said behind her.

    “But... look, I don’t want to...”

    “Get on the bed,” he said again, more forcefully. “You know what happens if you don’t.”

    She sighed, doing as she was told, turning to sit and facing the her captor.

    “You are free to go at any time and if you are asked to do anything you don’t want to do, you can say no,” he said. “There will be no consequence for refusal ... except that everything will go to Alex. Understood?”

    “Yes, but how do you know...?”

    “It doesn’t matter. An ... interested party has hired us to break you, Clementine.”

    “Br... break me?”


    “But... are you going to hurt me?”

    “No, not in that sense. They have hired us,” he continued, unbuckling his belt and sliding his trousers to the floor, “...to make you into a slut.”

    She gasped as the man’s cock emerged from its containment. He was easily on a par with the men from before, perhaps even longer and thicker!

    “My God...” she said, transfixed once again, as she had been that morning.

    “I think perhaps you are already a slut, Clementine,” he said, his cock thickening and engorging in front of her eyes. “I think perhaps we won’t have to work that hard to break you after all. In fact... perhaps you are already broken.”

    “No, I’m... wow... I mean... I’m faithful... Alex... he...”

    “Come now,” he chuckled. “You fucked two men this morning. You swallowed their cum and yesterday you let a strange man cum inside you, despite the risks.”

    “That... those were mistakes,” she said, feebly.

    “Mistakes? Like saying your fiancé was worthless and you wanted those two men to fuck you? That was a mistake?”

    “I... I just... the heat of the moment, you know. Just a mistake...”

    “Do you think it was a mistake how good it felt to have those big cocks inside you? Was it wrong to cum so hard all over them?”

    “I... yes... a mistake...”

    But it wasn’t a mistake, she realised. That thing twisted up inside her core unwound slightly and she had a revelation. No, it wasn’t wrong. It was amazingly, completely right. Why shouldn’t she have such amazing orgasms? She deserved that sort of feeling. Why shouldn’t she deserve it?

    “I... no, it wasn’t a mistake. It felt good... very good. I ... I loved it.”

    “...and how did it feel when you were so close and denied so cruelly at the end?”

    “Awful... so awful...”

    “Do you think sex with Alex will be like that? Do you think he can make you cum like those men did? Or do you think his little pecker will satisfy you now, after you’ve had proper men fuck you?”

    “I... I love him...”

    ...but the man spoke the truth, she realised. How could she find sexual satisfaction with a man so clearly inferior? If these men continued to give her their cocks, to stretch her and stretch her over and over ... she’d not have a chance of finding fulfilment with Alex.

    “A slut doesn’t care about anything except her own pleasure, Clementine,” he said. “You are a slut, aren’t you?”

    “No... I...”

    “I can see it in your eyes, girl,” the man said firmly. “I can see that lust, that desire for cock, for sex. I’ve seen it a thousand times in a thousand different women... and you, my dear, I can see it in you, stronger than most. You want my cock inside you, admit it.”

    “N... n... yes! Yes, I do, I want it deep inside me.”

    She couldn’t deny it, though she tried. That twisted thing in her was unravelling slowly, the knot of guilt around betraying Alex slowly dissipating. She started to think about him burying every inch of that dick in her pussy and shuddered with anticipation.

    “And would a chaste woman, a woman pure of heart, a FAITHFUL woman... would she want a strange man to stick his cock in her?”

    She blinked. “No, of course not.”

    “So are you chaste, pure... faithful?”

    She looked up at him.

    “No... I... I’m a slut.”

    “Say it again.”

    “I’m a slut!”

    “Shout it out, I want to hear you say it!”

    “I’M A FUCKING SLUT!” she screamed, her breathing rapid, chest heaving. She was hornier than she’d ever been in her life!

    “But a real fucking slut - and I know you are one - doesn’t settle, girl.”

    Clementine raised an eyebrow, puzzled.

    “She doesn’t settle for one lover when she can have more...”

    She realised what he was saying at the same time the second black man walked into the room, completely naked and sporting a prodigious phallus that had her licking her lips involuntarily.

    “Oh my...”

    She had been with only a handful of men her entire life, not one of them as endowed as any of the black men she’d seen and been with today. If she had sex with these two, she’d have doubled her entire tally of lovers in less than 24 hours, counting the man at the hen night. That very thought sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine. God, she WAS a slut!

    “Are ... are you going to fuck me too?” she said quietly to the new man, who just nodded.

    “And what do sluts say now, do you think, Clementine?”

    “I ... I don’t know...”

    “I think you do... what do they say when they’re faced with two big hulking men with big cocks...?”

    “I ... er... fuck me?”

    The men laughed. “Well, yes... but think. What would a true slut like you say when faced with TWO men...?”

    Clementine looked between them, down at their stiff penises... and then she realised. She grinned at them.

    “I think a true slut would say... where’s cock number three?”

    The man grinned back, nodded once...

    ...and then was joined a third man, again overwhelming endowed.

    “My God, this is really going to happen...” she whispered, the wall of male flesh in front of her so overpoweringly alluring. Then a thought struck her...

    “I guess I’m a real slut, because... where’s number four?”

    And there he was, flanking the second man, cock swinging between his legs like some kind of meat truncheon.

    “Oh fuck... fuck... five?”

    “Ha, I knew you were a real slut, Clementine,” the first laughed. “Unfortunately no, there are only us four today... but in the future, there’s no limit. You fuck however many you want. Four, five, ten... fifty, however many cocks you want.”

    Her knees went weak. Fif... fifty? She felt her pussy juices flowing down her inner thighs.

    “Four... four’ll have to do, I... I... oh fuck this, please, just someone stick their fucking cock inside me!”

    She reached for one of the cock’s, running a finger up a thick vein pulsating along its top side, continuing up and then round and round the circumference of the head.

    “Mmm, this really is a huge fucking cock,” she mused. “And such a ... fat head. God, this’ll stretch me so much...”

    “Just imagine how fuckin’ stretched you’ll be when you have two of them in your pussy, girl,” one of the unspoken men broke his silence.

    “Wha... two? No, that’s... that’s impossible...” she said.

    “Slut like you’ll be taking two in your holes pretty soon, I’d say,” he said, shrugging. “You get broken in, cunt all stretched out... want the next level. Two in there. Just sayin’.”

    She felt a twinge in her pussy. Fuck, just the thought of having two of these monsters in her...

    “Oh shit, two... fuck, I’m so fucking horny right now...”

    She was about to get fucked by four men at once, men with the biggest cocks she’d ever seen. It was all too much for her...

    “Oh fuck, I... I’m... ooooh fuuuuuuck!”

    Her knees went weak and she collapsed back on the bed, a small orgasm coursing through her body unexpectedly.

    “Damn, bitch just came from being talked to! Wow, what a slut!” one of the men said.

    “I ain’t waiting no more, dog,” the fourth man said. “Bitch, yo’ cunt’s mine now.”

    As the orgasm began to subside, Clementine felt the man lie on her, his bulbous cock head spreading her labia and pressing into her slick vagina. She spread her legs wide without needing to be asked, desperate for the man to enter her. As the cock slid into her body, she moaned with pleasure at how much her pussy had to open up to accept it, the delightful feeling of being completely filled up, exacerbated by the knowledge that one day she’d have twice as much cock as this inside her!

    She couldn’t believe how turned on she was. Her pussy clung to the thick invader as it pushed further and further into her vagina and, just like a hours before, she was amazed that her body seemed to... adjust to allow for the whole, massive cock to enter her. Something in her was desperate to be entirely filled up. As she felt the man’s big balls press against her butt, she let out a long sigh of contentment.

    “Oh fuck yeah,” she groaned. “So fucking deep, so full, so... oooh, so good!”

    The man had started slowly pulling his cock all the way out then pushing it all the way back in, slowly screwing Clementine with all 12 inches of his thick meat.

    “Ah yes, that feels wonderful,” she purred, eyes closed, savouring every motion of the cunt-stretching invader. “I love it slow like that... so good... but... I’m not here to make love... I’m here to get fucked!”

    The man chuckled and drove a squeak of surprise from Clementine by suddenly increasing his pace. Within seconds he’d gone from slow, gentle strokes to brutal thrusts, his groin slamming into her’s, the sound of impact reverberating around the room.

    “Oh fuck yes, that’s it, fuck, right there! Right fucking there! Goddamnit, so fucking good!” Clementine screamed, wrapping her legs around her lover, dragging him close to her, opening her mouth and kissing his passionately. The man pulled away, looking right into her eyes, increasingly clouded with pleasure. It was clear her first orgasm was near.

    “Gonna cum in that fucking pussy, girl,” he panted. “Gonna fucking cum right in that cunt...”

    “What? No...” Clementine said, her eyes wide open... but she didn’t stop him. She let him keep fucking her, pushing his cock right up to her cervix, brushing it with each stroke. “No... you can’t... can’t...”

    He growled. “Gonna cum soon, girl... make up your mind. Inside or outside? In the womb or in your fucking face?”

    “Ffff.... fff...” she tried to say face, but something stopped her. She couldn’t say it, couldn’t tell him to stop...

    ...because him stopping was the last thing she wanted. She realised this right then - she WANTED his cum in her womb. She WANTED to cum herself while he spewed spunk into her cunt.

    “Fffffucking cum inside me! PLEASE! Cum in... my... fucking... womb! AAHHHHHH!” she screamed in unison with the man inside her, his cock mashed against her cervix, sperm splattering her insides as her body exploded with pleasure.

    When all was said and done, she lay on her back, chest heaving, the man who had just fucked her having oozed out of her body, standing in the corner of the room. She had a smile of blissful contentment on her face, eyes fixed on the blank ceiling, legs and arms akimbo... and she knew what was next. She didn’t move as the second man mounted her, easing his own gigantic penis into her well-fucked hole. She grinned and closed her eyes as she felt her stretched pussy fit like a glove around his cock. As his own thrusts grew quicker, she felt the now increasingly familiar sensations of an impending orgasm start to build inside her, quicker this time. Her body better attuned to all this now, she raised her legs high, pointing her toes at the ceiling, allowing the man to push deeper into her body, her insides rearranging themselves once again, demanding full entry from this magnificent male.

    When this man started to growl, his climax near, the thought of asking him to pull out never once entered her head. All she wanted now was to feel him tense up and spurt his load deep, deep into her body. In fact, she begged him to do it.

    “Fucking cum in me, yeah, that’s it... fuck, so much fucking sperm inside me!”

    “Two more loads to go, slut,” the third man said as he took his place in her. She giggled and laughed with excitement as she took him easily, her pussy now resized for such a prodigious tool.

    “God, you guys have fucking stretched me out so much... it is like so fucking awesome! I love being such a fucking whore!”

    “Get on your knees and we’ll pound you even more,” the man said and they switched positions, his cock ramming her from behind. It was even deeper now, yet still her body did its duty and resized accordingly. To her shame, she’d never tried sex like this and now she was getting fucked doggystyle by a complete stranger, all 12 or so inches of his cock buried in her cunt... and as the cock continued to plow into her pussy, she realised she really loved getting fucked like this.

    “Fucking so deep, God, feels so fucking good!” she gasped. She again felt an orgasm building inside her. Before that day she’d barely ever climaxed through intercourse and now here she was having multiple orgasms in just one session. It was something she knew she wanted to experience again and again, her eyes now having been opened to a world of sexual pleasure she never knew she was capable of experiencing...

    ...and she knew she would almost certainly never experience it with her fiancé. She formed an image of his face in her mind... an image of him watching her getting fucked by a nameless black stud, of her cumming hard as he ravaged her, her husband-to-be weeping as she begged to be fucked even harder. The image was shattered by another explosive orgasm and of the man roaring and burying himself to the hilt in her pussy, sperm spurting into her already cum-drenched womb.

    Clementine lay panting on the bed, feeling the man slide out of her stretched hole, cum flowing out with it. The cum of three men, mixed together, oozing out of her vagina. She waited for the fourth to enter her... but nothing happened. Groggily, she turned to look at him, but he was merely standing there, cock at attention, arms folded.

    “Wh... what’s going on?”

    “You want to get fucked by this dick, girl?” he said abruptly. She nodded. “I didn’t hear you.”

    “Yes, please, I want you to fuck me,” she panted.

    “Uh-uh, you don’t sound convincing. I think maybe if you really want my dick, you come on over here and stick your fucking cunt on it. In fact, I ain’t moving a muscle. You want it, I want you to fucking come over, turn round and back your ass up. YOU can fuck yourself with MY dick. Show me how much you really want black dick, girl.”

    She looked at his cock and wondered. She didn’t need to fuck him. She was pretty exhausted by the three men who had used her, inseminated her and made her cum over and over... but she felt something inside her, something she had never noticed before. Lust, pure lust. She didn’t need to fuck him... she WANTED to fuck him. Because she was a slut, an incorrigible, insatiable slut for big dicks.

    So she did what he said, climbing off the bed and walking slowly towards him. She touched his cock with her fingertips, smiling up at him... before turning round, spreading herself with her hands and easing her pussy back onto his massive stick, all the way down until nothing was outside of her, every inch of his penis buried in her body.

    “Looks like the girl wanted it,” one of men said.

    “Yes, I want it!”

    “Fucking slut,” the man she was fucking said, slapping her ass. She giggled and nodded.

    “Ah, yes, I am, I’m a slut!”

    “Slut for what?”

    “Slut for big dicks... big dicks... oooh yes, so big.”

    “Uh-uh, girl, not just big dicks...”

    “Yes! Big BLACK dicks! Big BLACK cocks! Only black cocks, I promise, I’ll never touch a white guy ever again, long as I live! I only want your big cocks, please! Please, FUCK ME! FUCK ME!”

    “You gotta earn it, girl, you make me cum in your pussy just like that, I promise we’ll see each other again... and I’ll fuck the living shit out of you!”

    “YES YES YES!” she screamed over and over, hammering herself back against the man, driving his cock from root to tip into her cunt with each push. “CUM IN ME, PLEASE! I ... I ... AH GOD, I’M FUCKING CUMMING TOO!”

    One of the other men caught her as she climaxed, body shaking uncontrollably with a huge orgasm. At the same time, the man inside her roared, grabbing her hips and finally doing some work for himself, thrusting again and again until he too climaxed, adding his own seed to the pool of cum already inside her.

    The man gently let go of Clementine and she stumbled back to the back, collapsing onto her back, getting her breath back. She was exhausted, never having climaxed so much and so hard in such a short period of time. She was light-headed, but she was grinning from ear-to-ear.

    “That was... amazing,” she said finally, noticing that the men were all clothed again. Her own clothing had been placed carefully beside her. “I... I don’t want to go home... I want to... I want to get fucked some more...”

    “Girl, don’t worry,” the first man she’d encountered said. “Plenty of time for that in the future. For now, go home, just chill... and keep your phone handy, okay?”

    So she got dressed, amazed by how disappointed she was to be leaving. She’d had the time of her life for the second time that day and it was barely the afternoon. Her life had been turned upside down, but it was over now. She could possibly look forward to seeing some of those men again... and she hoped that, even after her marriage, she could indulge her new-found desires with them... but she still loved her fiancé. What she’d said inside had been just play, right? She knew that wasn’t true as soon as she thought it. A wave of guilt hit her, but it wasn’t as strong as she’d thought. Hell, she’d had fun - she wasn’t married yet. She shrugged, driving home. Her marriage would still go ahead and at least she’d gone into it with a bang.

    Her phone buzzed the second she got in the door. She wasn’t surprised to see picture after picture of her getting fucked by the four men appear on her screen, followed by a message with a link in it, telling her full footage of her latest session was being uploaded to a private account on a porn streaming service. If she didn’t go to a specific address in the next hour, it would be made public and “the relevant people alerted to its presence”.

    She rolled her eyes, but a twinge in her pussy told her that hell, whatever men she was destined to meet... they couldn’t be all bad, right? She was just surprised that, after so much sex, she could still obviously desire more. So off she went, the reluctance and trepidation of previous journeys completely absent. She was even, dare she admit it, looking forward to it. After all, she was a slut, a self-confessed whore for big dick, right?

    So when she got to the place and entered a lavish, opulent apartment, exquisitely furnished and laid out, she couldn’t disguise her shock to find her expectations confounded.

    Because she didn’t find a black man there.

    She found a black woman.
    “Ah, hello,” the woman said, her voice strong yet soft at the same time, skin deliciously dark and wrapped around a tall, imposing frame. Her hair was jet black, hanging long to her shoulders, loose and flowing. “You must be Clementine. Delighted to meet you. I’m Victoria, like the queen.”

    “Um, pleased to meet you, Victoria,” Clementine said, eyes darting between the woman and her surroundings. “I... sorry, I think there must be some mistake. I was expecting...”

    “...some studs? Yes, I know you were,” Victoria interrupted. “Seems you’ve had a very, ah, interesting day.”

    She held out a phone and on it was a still of Clementine with the four men from earlier. She groaned, knowing she should be shocked... but in reality it was just another nail in her coffin.

    “Why so glum? I’ve watched some of it, very sexy. You were wonderful and you looked like you were really having fun!”

    “I... I guess... but... I thought... look, I don’t know what’s going on today. I’ve had... an amazing time, I won’t lie... and I won’t forget today at all... I might even want to d... oh, of course I’ll do it again, but... I don’t know, I thought maybe I’d find out what this was all about. I still don’t know!”

    “Patience, my pretty,” Victoria said, reaching out to stroke Clementine’s cheek. “Come, I don’t have your answers, but I am reliably informed that you will be told all by the end of the day. What you do with that information, well, that’s up to you. That’s all I will say. So yes, come, meet the rest of the girls...”


    Victoria hustled her into a sumptuous living area. Every inch of the room seemed to scream cutting edge, all the furniture and décor very expensive and very “in” at the moment, at least as far as Clementine knew.

    “I hope you like my home,” Victoria said. “Here are some of my friends... I hope you like them too.”

    Sitting, reclining, relaxing and generally filling the room were four astonishing goddesses, as varied a selection of female beauty as Clementine could have imagined. One by one, Victoria introduced them. A petite, delicate Japanese woman (Kimiko) sat clad in a wildly expensive dress, smooth legs crossed. Next to her was a very tall Western woman (Daphne), long blonde hair cascading down her back, breasts full and barely contained by her own gown. Next came Anaya, a stunning Indian woman with soft features, coal-coloured hair and a dress that left very little to the imagination, while standing alone in the corner was the most beautiful of the bunch, a Russian lady (Nadezhda) with a brown bob in a Louise Brooks style, her graceful neck topped by the most radiant face Clementine had ever seen.

    “Oooh, is this her?” the Japanese woman said, her tones soft and gentle, but with an undercurrent of something devilish. “She is pretty. Homespun pretty. I like that.”

    Clementine blushed as all eyes in the room focused intently on her. She looked at the floor, cheeks flushed as they devoured her with their eyes. She wasn’t used to being looked at by other women like this. Men, yes... but women? This was something entirely new for her.

    “Yes, yes, she will be... delicious,” Kimiko purred, rising from her seat and stepping softly across to Clementine, hand outstretched. Her eyes roved Clementine’s body as her hand touched her chin, pushing her head up, forcing the shy woman to look deep into her flashing brown eyes.

    “Have you ever kissed a girl before?” Kimiko asked. “Something tells me no... but there’s a first time for everything...”

    “Please... I... I’m not...”

    “Oh come now,” Kimiko grinned. “Every woman is a lesbian deep down, just have to ... let it out. I want to help you, dear... we all do. I hear you’ve been a veeeeeery naughty little girl today, fucking all those big, strong men... so what difference does a little kiss make from me?”

    When she put it like that, it didn’t really mean that much. She’d take six strange men into her pussy today, so letting this gorgeous creature indulge herself a little wouldn’t hurt.

    “I guess not...” she said softly.

    “And then maybe my friends here can share you a little?”

    “I... maybe, okay... I don’t know.”

    “And then maybe...” Victoria said, slipping around behind Clementine, putting her hands on her shoulders. “Maybe the fun can really begin then.”

    Clementine gasped as the black woman let her hands slide down her sides, fingers curling underneath her blouse and lifting it up.

    “What... what are you doing?”

    “No men here now, Clementine,” Victoria said as she continued pulling up the blouse. “But that don’t mean you aren’t getting fucked...”

    “But... I told you... look, a kiss I can handle, but... I’m not into girls...”

    “Really? But didn’t you say to those lovely boys that you were a slut? Sluts fuck, that’s what we do... we’re all sluts and we all want to fuck you... and if you want your marriage to go ahead, you are going to fuck us back.”

    Clementine froze in place as Victoria lifted her blouse off, exposing her breasts. Before she could do anything, Kimiko placed her mouth over her left nipple, tongue and lips teasing it.

    “Ah God!” Clementine squealed as Kimiko’s expert ministrations sent pleasure coursing through her whole body. “Wow, that’s ... so good!”

    “A woman just knows, girl,” Victoria said, whispering into Clementine’s ear. “Knows how to pleasure another woman, to touch and tease and excite. Men have their place and nothing beats a thick, hard cock ... but sometimes we all crave the delicate touch of another girl. And you will too after today...”

    Clementine felt Victoria’s lips press against her neck and she groaned. Two beautiful women were kissing her and it felt amazing. Her eyes were closed, savouring the new sensations, as she heard the sound of other women in the room moving towards her. She bit her lip as another mouth found her other breast, soft hands beginning to stroke and caress all over her body. Her skirt was pushed down over her hips, her naked pussy exposed... dainty fingers beginning to rub her clit, others grabbing her ass and sliding down to tease her asshole.

    It was all too much for her, so much stimulation at once. She screamed as she came, fingers rubbing harder, tongues lapping faster and lips kissing more passionately as her body spasmed in heart-pounding ecstasy.

    Suddenly she was alone, her body untouched. Her eyes fluttered open as she felt her orgasm subside, seeing the women surrounding her. At some point they all had removed their clothing, bodies sculpted to perfecting, visions of utter feminine beauty surrounding her.

    “Go over to that divan and kneel,” Victoria ordered. Clementine did so without thinking, just as she had obeyed the commands of her male lovers earlier that day. She knelt, facing away from the women, chest pressed to the soft material of the chair. Her ass and pussy were exposed to view, her dripping wetness clear for all to see.

    She sensed someone behind her then hands pressing on her buttocks, spreading them... and then a tongue sliding up from the clit to her ass. She moaned as the mystery woman lapped at her, probing her juicy cunt and lavishing her asshole with equal relish. Then the tongue was gone... replaced almost instantly by a new one. One by one, each woman tasted Clementine’s sex, the sheer depravity of this forcing orgasmic feelings to surge again inside her.

    “Fuck... gonna... c...cu...”

    “Uh-uh, girl,” Victoria said, obviously the final woman to take her turn. “You don’t cum yet.”

    Clementine groaned as the stimulation ceased, her climax cruelly denied.

    “Not yet, but don’t worry... you gon’ cum a LOT,” she laughed.

    “Yes... Yes!” Clementine moaned, overcome by desire now. “Please... I want to cum again!”

    “Not yet... first you gotta get a taste of us!”

    A hand grabbed Clementine’s hair and pulled her head back, eliciting a squeak of discomfort. Kimiko sat on the divan in front of her, pussy glistening with excitement... then Clementine’s was pushed against it.

    “Lick her fucking clit, slut,” Victoria said. “Make her cum then maybe you’ll get to as well.”

    Instinctively her tongue slipped into the Japanese beauty’s sloppy pussy and she tasted a woman’s sweetness for the first time. She moaned with surprise and excitement as the intoxicating juice teased her taste buds, her tongue lapping up more of the woman’s secretions as their excitement grew.

    “I think she likes the taste of pussy,” the Russian woman said, grabbing Clementine’s hair and pulling her head back sharply, the lower half of her face now covered in Kimiko’s fluids. “You like cunt, huh?”

    “Yes! I love it!” Clementine gasped. “Tastes so good, so sweet...”

    “Beg to eat her cunt, slut,” Daphne laughed, slapping Clementine’s ass. “Fucking beg!”

    “Please, let me... let me eat her pussy,” Clementine yelped as another blow hit her rump. “Fuck, I just want to make her cum so I can fucking cum... and then I’ll eat all of you, I promise. I want to, I fucking want to! I’m such a fucking whore!”

    “Damn right, get your fucking tongue on her clit and make her scream!” Victoria growled as Nadezhda pushed her head forward. Kimiko yelped as Clementine’s tongue began to work her clitoris, teasing and lapping at it with increased fervour.

    “Mmm, she’s no expert,” Kimiko sighed contentedly, hands holding Clementine’s face to her groin, “but she makes up for that with enthusiasm. Oooh, yes, stick your tongue right up inside me, whore, drink my juices. I love it when people do that!”

    Clementine continued to work the Japanese woman’s most sensitive areas, desperate to bring her off so she too could climax again. It wasn’t long before the taunts ceased and Kimiko’s groans and sharp squeals of pleasure indicate her orgasm was close.

    “Oh... oh fuck... oh my fucking.... Ahhhhhh shit yes!”

    Two petite hands grabbed Clementine’s head with some force, pulling her right in close to the spasming cunt she was servicing... and then she felt fluid gushing into her mouth, gagging her for a second before she could react. She managed to pull away and got a faceful of squirt for her trouble.

    “Holy shit!” she said as the Japanese woman squirmed on the divan. “You could have told me you were going to do that!”

    “And spoil the surprise?” Victoria said. “Now... as promised, it is your turn.”

    Clementine gasped as her head was pushed to the floor, arms tugged behind her back and held there. Her ass and pussy were up, exposed to all... and she felt fingers begin to probe her. She groaned as two then three slipped inside, her wetness easily allowing entry... then a fourth finger squeezed inside and she groaned. Her noises were louder and sharper when she felt the fingers push deeper... and a thumb joined them. Whoever was behind her was about to shove their whole fist into her pussy!

    She screamed as her cunt stretched around the thick part of the woman’s hand... and then with a plop, it went in up to the wrist and Clementine screamed again ... this time as a mind-blowing orgasm exploded instantly inside her body. Another set of fingers found her clit and another began to massage her asshole, but the fist inside her began to hammer in and out of her until Clementine knew the woman had half her forearm up there!

    The next orgasm hit her just as the previous one was tailing off, catching her by surprise and literally flooring her with how powerful it was. She collapsed onto her front, body shaking uncontrollably, every nerve in her body seemingly in spasm. A long, guttural groan of utter pleasure forced itself from deep inside as her eyes rolled back in her head, mind temporarily shorn of all rational thought or consciousness.

    The fist suddenly tore itself out and her head was pulled up, Clementine only barely aware of what was happening. Slick, gooey fingers were pushed into her mouth and she sucked at them involuntarily, knowing these same digits had seconds before been pushed up to her cervix in her cunt.

    “Like that, huh, shlyukha?” the Russian woman said. “Now get your fucking tongue on my clit, you’ve got four more cunts to service! Fucking lesbiyskaya shlyukha!”

    Clementine was still only semi-conscious when she felt the naked flesh of the tall Russian beauty’s pussy pressing against her mouth. She did what seemed natural now to a whore - she began to devour it as if it was her last meal.

    “Eta devushka ochen' khorosho yest moyu kisku! Ah, blyad'!” Nadezhda growled, grinding her pussy against Clementine’s face and cursing her in Russian. “Yesh' moyu zhopu!”

    The Russian woman shifted her hips and Clementine’s tongue automatically did her bidding, lapping and probing the woman’s ass even though she’d not understood the instruction. She just instinctively knew that was what she wanted ... and Clementine just added it to the growing list of debauched things she had done that day.

    Nadezhda frantically rubbed her clit while Clementine lavished her asshole, the Russian woman screaming as her orgasm exploded all over Clementine’s upper face, the latter’s visage now a mess of female ejaculate and saliva.

    “Your turn again!” Victoria and said and, before she knew it, Clementine was on her front again, the black woman’s forearm buried in her cunt. This went on and one, Clementine’s mind frazzled by two viciously powerful orgasms before another female groin was thrust mercilessly into her face. Soon the fist had loosened her up so much, she had no trouble at all taking it inside her. So when it came time for Victoria to get her pussy eaten, the girls switched things up. As Clementine’s tongue found the black woman’s clit, she found a smaller, slimmer hand pushing its way into her pussy ... and then a second hand sliding in alongside it!

    “Aaaaaghhhmmmfffffghghghhhh!” Clementine screamed into the drenched twat occupying her mouth, the two fists pounding her pussy and stretching her beyond all reason. Fingers were also slipped up into her asshole, two then three then four hammering away at her backdoor, the first things to ever enter her rear. She had never expected this to happen when she was also getting double-fisted in the cunt!

    It was all just too much for her cum-drenched brain, the sheer volume of pleasure shutting it down, her body collapsing to the floor, wracked by orgasmic violence, consciousness disappearing. When she awoke, she lay on the floor still, chest heaving. She was alone.

    Groggily, she sat up somehow, eyes finding her clothes and, slowly, she crawled over to them. As she fumbled with buttons and wearily slipped on items, she noticed her phone on the seat next to them. Hand trembling, she picked it up and saw a number of waiting messages.

    “Hey slut, Victoria here. You were great for a first timer. Shame you passed out like that... next time you won’t miss out on the fun, I’m sure!”

    Next time?

    “I’ve been told to tell you to get your ass home and rest for a little bit... because you aren’t anywhere near done for the day, girl! Hope your ass feels peckish... because you are going to get your backdoor blown in! We prepped you a little... but when those cocks start up there, there’s no going back!”

    “Oh, and yes, of course this was all filmed. You should be just taking that for granted by now, right?”

    The final message was a still shot of her with Kimiko’s forearms buried in her cunt, eyes glazed over... and a smile of pure pleasure on her face. She knew she had no choice now ... she had to go home and expect the next message. She felt her ass twinge and she shuddered in anticipation of what would happen later that day.
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