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. The Daughter-in-Law

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Nov 7, 2017.

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    The Daughter-in-Law

    by RLM
    Early Years:

    Duncan Mannix was a senior in architectural engineering when he first met Janice. Their meeting was somewhat fortuitous in that engineering majors rarely take interior design and decorating, Duncan had reasoned that if he were to ever be involved in the design of homes, knowing something about the requirements for top-notch interior decorating might be useful. So he had enrolled.

    In a similar vein, it was unusual for a marketing major to take an interior design course, but Janice Howerton had decided to enroll in the course as an elective so she would be skilled in decorating her future home without the need to hire an expensive interior decorator. In addition, the course was rumored to be an easy A, or at the very minimum, an easy B.

    On the first day of class, Duncan was sitting near the back of the room, as was his usual custom. In most cases, students who sit near the back of the room are trying to avoid being asked embarrassing questions by the professor in charge of the course. In Duncan's case, however, this wasn't close to the reason for his seat selection. With a GPA slightly over 3.9, he never had any worries about being unable to answer questions. His reason involved a much more fundamental and basic male instinct... sex. From the back of the room, he had a clear view of the women in the class along with more opportunity to watch and study their body language prior to deciding which, if any, of them he wanted to try to date.

    As the women entered prior to the start of class, Duncan carefully checked out each woman. The first order of business was to assess the tits, legs, asses, and general figure of each woman since once they were seated, most of those attributes would be concealed from his view. Next on the agenda was their faces and general beauty. Duncan had a mental scale for evaluation of attitude and general sensuality that ran from 1 to 10 with 10 being perfect. In most cases, he usually waited a week or so to give himself an adequate opportunity to observe the woman before making his initial estimate of attitude and sensuality.

    He had already evaluated about half the women in the class and come up with two reasonable choices before Janice Howerton entered. Instantly, he lost all interest in the two other possibles. The twin cannons beneath the woman's blouse thrust forward boldly, her nipples making definite indentations in the material. Duncan quickly estimated that they had to be at least 34 or 36D's or maybe even 34 or 36DD’s. The fact she kept her shoulders back as she moved through the classroom added significantly to her attitude and sensuality scores. Obviously, this woman knew she had great tits and rather than try to hide them, she made it easy for interested males to check her out.

    When Duncan finally managed to tear his eyes away from her gorgeous tits, his eyes dropped to her legs. She was wearing a short skirt that displayed them to three inches above her knees... another huge plus for the attitude and sensuality score. In addition, she was wearing three-inch heels that flexed the muscles of her legs in a way that made Duncan's cock respond.

    He expected the woman to sit near the front like many women do, but she continued to walk up the steps toward his position in the back of the room. As soon as she saw him, she smiled and nodded. Duncan also thought that she had pulled her shoulders back even further, but he couldn't be sure that wasn't just a product of his lustful thoughts at the moment.

    When she reached the back row, she selected a seat just one row removed from the seat adjacent to his. Again she smiled and this time, she spoke. "Is anyone sitting here?"

    "Not yet. I'm hoping that you do."

    "All right," she laughed and scored more points with Duncan. Her laugh was deep and throaty... not even remotely close to a female giggle. "It's your lucky day then because I think I'll just take this seat." The points were piling up.

    Before taking her seat, she turned away from him, presumably to place her back pack on the seat to her left. When she bent over to drop the pack on the seat, she bent at the waist causing her short skirt to move higher on her ass and expose her panties. She held the position for one or two seconds longer than necessary. Seeing her panties was an unexpected pleasure, and her ass was at least a nine. The sensuality and attitude points skyrocketed.

    Turning, she took her seat, smiled at him, and said, "Hi, I'm Janice, Janice Howerton, and you are...?"

    "Duncan Mannix. I'm really pleased to meet you, Janice."

    "Thank you, Duncan. If you don't mind my asking, why are you enrolled in this course? Very few men take it."

    "Well, there aren't many, but I see four or five guys in here."

    "I said not many men take the course. Those males are all gay."

    "Really? Do you know them all personally? If not, how do you know they're gay, and for that matter, how do you know I'm not?"

    Again the throaty, sexy laugh. "Simple. Not one of them bothered to check me out when I entered the class even though I walked right past them. You, on the other hand, haven't taken your eyes off me since I came through the door. Ok?"

    "I guess. I didn't realize I was being so obvious. Once I saw you, it was difficult ....no, that's not right... it was impossible to look elsewhere. I hope I haven't shot myself down in flames by staring so hard."

    "Not at all. I like it... a lot. But then, you already know that, don't you?"

    Duncan hesitated for a few moments, shrugged, and said, "I didn't when you entered the room. I still didn't when you started walking up the stairs, but by the time you had taken your seat, I knew... or at least, I thought I did."

    "MMmmm... and what did you notice that convinced you?"

    "The way your carried yourself. The way you smiled and laughed, and of course, the way you teased me."

    The way I carried myself, huh? Now that is a very masculine and a very nice way of saying that. I've never had a guy phrase it so gallantly before. But you still haven't told me why you're taking this course. I know you're not an interior design major."

    "Nope. I'm in architectural engineering. In addition to the usual engineering curriculum, I've taken several art classes. I enrolled in this course to find out what things women like in the design of their homes... just in case I end up designing homes. I can't possibly design a home that a woman would love unless I know how she thinks, how she feels about different things, what she finds pleasing... and so. You get the picture. What's your major?"

    "Marketing, and before you ask, I'm taking this course to pad my grade average. I've heard it's an easy A."

    "Wow! You're not only beautiful and astute; you're also very honest and straightforward. How about having lunch with me so we can get better acquainted?"

    "I'd like that, but I have to warn you. I have a boyfriend."

    "Of course you do. There's no way in hell a gorgeous woman like you doesn't have potential dates lining up. But you did say 'boyfriend' and not fiancé or husband. Right?"

    "Right. I'm not engaged nor am I married."

    "Are you going steady with your boyfriend?"

    "Sort of..."

    "And that means?"

    "It means he's asked me to go steady several times, but I haven't said yes. But I also haven't dated anyone else. So do you still want to have lunch with me?"

    "Hell yes! One big part of being a man is knowing you have to compete."

    "And the other parts are...?"

    "Knowing how to win fairly, and knowing how to lose with grace when you do lose. The rest doesn't matter much. I'm on a limited budget, so would the Student Union be all right?"


    After Duncan and Janice had had lunch, he asked her for a date, but she said, "I'd like to accept, Duncan, but I told you that I'm sort of going steady with Jack. Before I would feel comfortable going out with you, I think would need to tell him I'm definitely not going to go steady with him, and honestly, right now, I'm not sure I want to do that."

    "I understand, but I note that you didn't say absolutely, definitely no. So, if you don't mind, I'll keep trying from time to time to see if things are more favorable for me."

    "A girl always likes to be asked, Duncan, even if she says no."

    For the next two months, Duncan continued to ask Janice out, but she continued to say no because she was "sort of" going steady with Jack. Finally, he stopped asking her.

    Another month passed with Duncan and Janice still sitting side-by-side in the interior design class, but Duncan did not ask her out again. Finally, Janice asked him, "Why aren't you asking me out any longer, Duncan? Did I insult you somehow?"

    "No. Not at all, but like I told you the first day we met, knowing how to lose with grace is part of learning to be a man. For two months, I gave it my best, but apparently it wasn't good enough. So, I decided to quit pestering you. Obviously, you're really taken with Jack, and I wish the two of you the best, even though I do hate losing."

    "Would you have lunch with me again... my treat this time. I would like to talk to you."

    "Sure. A free lunch with a beautiful woman is something I don't turn down."

    Instead of the Student Union, Janice selected a small Italian restaurant a few blocks off campus that wasn't a regular hangout for the students. There were only a handful of customers for lunch, so we were pretty much alone in the back booth she requested.

    As we ate, we talked about the class, about our future plans, sports, and a variety of other relatively unimportant things. Finally, I asked how things were going between her and Jack.

    "That's what I really wanted to talk to you about, Duncan. Thank you for bringing the subject up. I really didn't know how to do it."

    "You're welcome. So... what's up?"

    "Well, to put it bluntly and without trying to spin things, Jack dumped me. So I no longer have a boyfriend."

    "He dumped YOU? What is he? Brain dead?"

    Again, she gave me that sexy laugh of hers. "Thank you for that. I needed the boost to my pretty well shattered female ego. But no, he's far from brain dead. He's actually a very smart guy... not in your class intellectually, but not many men are."

    "Then why? If you don't mind my asking."

    "No. I want to tell you. He dumped me because I wouldn't have sex with him. There! I've said it. You have no idea how much I practiced various ways of saying that. Don't know why I did that. Just saying it was not as hard as I thought it was going to be."

    Truthfully, I was shocked, but I didn't let Janice know that. Instead, I asked, "How long had you been dating him?"

    "That's the point. Almost five months. And Jack was a patient guy, but after almost five months of dating, he really expected me to go to bed with him and start having regular sex. When I told him I was a virgin and intended to stay that way until someone put a ring on my finger and we both said "I do", he told me that was just unacceptable. Basically, he gave me an ultimatum... either spread my legs regularly for him or he would look elsewhere for a more eager woman."

    "And you refused?"

    "Yes. So, Jack and I are history. The interior decorating class is about to end, and I wanted you to know that I wasn't with Jack any longer in case you still wanted to date me. I knew you had given up on me, and if I waited until the class ended, I would very likely never see you again. I couldn't let that happen without at least giving you a chance to ask me out again.... that is, if you're still interested."

    When I didn't respond immediately, Janice lowered her voice and whispered, "I don't fuck or do oral sex until it's with my husband, but I can still be a fun date. I know you like these." Without any warning, Janice leaned toward me and pulled her top down enough to expose half of her gorgeous tits.

    "You do like them, don't you?"

    "Well, if I weren't afraid of scaring you away immediately before we ever have a real date, I would ask you to feel my cock and find out for yourself just how much I like them."

    "Just because I won't fuck doesn't mean that I don't enjoy feeling a man's erection. Can I?"

    "Be my guest."

    Janice scooted her chair around the table so she was beside and then dropped her hand onto my crotch. I was already reasonably hard just from seeing her half-exposed tits, but when she put her hand on my dick, I surged to my full length, just short of eight inches. "Mmmmm... I think you do like them."

    "How can you tell?" I teased. Once more, I heard that throaty laugh I liked so much. "How about dinner at the Olive Garden and then dancing Saturday night?" I asked.

    "That's expensive, and you're on a limited budget. How about Arby's and then a beer at the Lions Sports Bar. They have music and a dance floor."

    "Thank you, but I'm not on that limited a budget. We'll compromise, the Olive Garden and then the Lions Sports Bar for dancing. I do want you to know that I already have really excellent job offers when I graduate in four months. I'm not always going to be on a limited budget. In fact, if you will forgive my immodesty, I would say that by the time I'm 30, my net worth will be pushing seven figures.

    "Frankly, I think you're wrong, Duncan. I'm sure it will already be seven figures by that time."

    "Hope so. Would be really nice.... not as nice as your gorgeous tits, but nice anyway. Now that I qualify as your first date boyfriend, is there any chance that I might get to see the rest of those two beauties sometime Saturday night?"

    "Do you really want to wait until Saturday night to see them?"

    "Well... I ... eh..."

    "How about I let you see them right now.... sort of a preview of coming attractions so to speak." My cock throbbed like crazy when she said that. Janice grinned, "MMMmmmm... I love the way you say you'd like to see my tits. God. How big is that thing?"

    "Almost eight inches... in fact, if you show them to me, my guess is that it will be eight inches."

    "Really? Eight inches. MMmmmm... Let's see." With one smooth motion, Janice pulled her sweater all the way down allowing both tits to surge out. She wasn't wearing a bra and didn't need one in spite of the fact that her tits were probably D-cups.

    "My god! They're awesome!"

    "So is this thing," she whispered as her hand squeezed my throbbing erection. "Got to be 8 inches," she husked.
    Janice’s tits were huge and firm… just cock-hardening awesome.
    She was obviously turned on and hot as she stroked my cock.


    It was Friday, the day before my first real date with Janice. I was just leaving the engineering building after attending my lecture class on Advanced Design Theory when a guy I had never met abruptly stepped in front of me.

    I bumped into him and immediately apologized, "I'm sorry. I was thinking about the lecture I just attended and wasn't watching where I was going."

    "No. It's my fault, not yours. I deliberately stepped in front of you to get your attention. Didn't mean for us to bump into each other though. Sorry. I'm Jack Williamson. You haven't met me, but I'm sure you know my first name at least. I'm the 'Jack' who used to date Janice Howerton and who just broke up with her. I really need to talk to you... purely friendly, I assure you. Have you got about ten minutes?"

    "Ok. I don't have another class for an hour. Shall we get a cup of coffee at the Union and chat?"

    Ten minutes later, Jack and I were sitting at a side table drinking our coffee. "Ok," I began. "What this about?"

    "First let me say that I think you conducted yourself admirably over the past months. I knew you were trying to date Janice, but you did it fairly. You didn't bad mouth me. You didn't try to convince her you were a much better catch than me. You asked her if we were engaged or going steady before asking her out, and when she said no a half dozen times, you wished us well and backed off permanently... at least it would have been permanent if I hadn't broken up with Janice."

    "Well, thank you for those very kind comments. I really appreciate them. I'm glad you know that I had nothing to do with you and Janice breaking up."

    "Absolutely. I talked to Janice yesterday afternoon, and she told me that the two of you are having your first date on Saturday. That's why we're having this meeting. I want to give you a 'heads-up' advance warning, so to speak."

    "Ok. Go on," I said trying hard to conceal my skepticism.

    "I know that Janice told you the reason for our breakup. Given what I said to her, I think she told you the full truth. I had been dating her for five months and wanted sex. She said 'no' for the 20th or 30th time for the same reason she had always given... she doesn't have full or oral sex before marriage. So, basically, I ended it. That about what she told you?"

    "Yes and in almost exactly those words. So, what's the 'heads-up'?"

    "I'm going to tell you the same thing that the guy who dated Janice before I did told me, and the same thing that the guy who dated her before that told him. None of those guys paid any attention, and neither did I. I doubt that you will either, but I since you were so fair in the way you handled yourself, I think I owe you the courtesy of a warning."

    "Go on."

    "Janice has a real hang-up about every thing sexual. It's not just oral and vaginal sex she won't do before marriage. Her prohibitions extend much further than that, and since she dresses so provocatively and teases so openly, it's really hard for any guy to believe it. I certainly didn't. I kept thinking that her refusals were just for show and that she would stop in the very near future. Unfortunately, that very near future never came."

    "What are these prohibitions, if you don't mind my asking?"

    "Not at all. That's why we're having this conversation. I'll bet she's already flashed her panties at you and you haven't even had a date with her yet. Right? I wouldn't be surprised if she's let you see her tits and maybe her ass. But when you get around to making out with her and try to remove her tits and play with them, she's going to stop you. When she stopped me, I was stunned since she had already taken them out in a public place for me to see. I asked why and she just said, 'Seeing is one thing... playing with my breasts is something I only do after I know a man a lot better and a lot longer."

    "What else?"

    "The same thing applies to her ass and her panties. If she hasn't let you see them yet, she will soon, but don't touch. It took a month before she would permit a French kiss."

    "Ok. She's shy, but she did finally permit you do all those things, except for vaginal and oral sex, right?"

    "In a sense, but not really. She let me play with her tits, caress her ass, and French kiss her after a few months but she was totally passive. She opens her mouth to let you slip your tongue inside but doesn't reciprocate. She leans back and lets you enjoy playing with her big, gorgeous tits, but not once did she moan or begin to move her ass or ask me to suck harder on her nipples. It's as if she's working constantly to restrain herself. Or perhaps she feels nothing. I could never tell."

    I frankly didn't know what to make of what Jack was saying. It seemed ridiculous. Janice was the sexiest girl I had seen in my four years at the university. "How about her pussy? Did she ever permit you to see it? Caress it? Finger fuck her?"

    "After four months she let me take off her panties and see her pussy... by the way, she keeps it shaved... but again, it was don't touch. A month later, we broke up. I never did get to touch her pussy. Once, when she was letting me look at it, I asked her to let me watch her masturbate. She covered herself immediately and told me that she might consider something like that after marriage. Anything else you want to ask me? Go ahead."

    "Just one thing. If you really loved her and wanted to have sex with her, why didn't you propose and marry her. Then all those prohibitions would go away."

    "I thought about that, but the bottom line was that I wasn't willing to take the chance."

    "Chance? What chance?"

    "The chance that even after marriage her responses would be similar to her response with I sucked her nipples, stroked her tits, caressed her naked ass, or French kissed her. I was sure she would let me fuck her and let me lick her pussy, but I wasn't sure I could make her cum or get her excited. I was virtually positive that she would never permit anal sex and doubted that she would ever masturbate for me. Of course, I might have shot myself down in flames. She might have been the hottest wife in the country. I'll never know because I wasn't willing to take the risk."

    "Ok. I understand."

    Jack got up to leave then stopped. "Would you do me a favor?"

    "Depends. What is it?"

    "I'll give you my hotmail e-mail address. I may have other addresses but I will always keep this one if I'm still alive and kicking. If you do marry Janice or date her for a long time, would you just send me short message saying either "You shot yourself down in flames. She's the hottest woman on the planet" or "You were right." That's all. I would just like to know."

    I nodded and promised that I would.

    First Date:

    Our first date that evening went almost exactly as Williamson suggested it might. Janice met me at the door of her apartment wearing a plunging black top with a short grey skirt and heels. My mouth must have been hanging open because Janice grinned and said, "You like the way I look. I can tell, Honey. Are you ready to take me out?"

    "More than ready. Shall we?" I opened the door to my 12 year-old car that I was maintaining myself using parts I got at the local savage yard. Janice slid into the passenger-side front seat not being particularly careful to keep her short skirt down or to keep her legs together. For the second time, I got a very fleeting glimpse of her panties.

    During dinner at the Olive Garden, Janice used every opportunity to lean across the table, presumably to get more bread sticks or the salt or more salad, and every time she did it, her top fell away from her breasts treating me to the sight of her deep cleavage. Finally, she had worked her top to the side sufficiently that her left breast was constantly half exposed even when she wasn't leaning over.

    While we were waiting for the dessert, I leaned closer and whispered, "You sexy tease, you know you have me hard, don't you?"

    "I hope so. I like for my new boyfriend to get hard when I let him see part of my breast."

    "Well, you've succeeded."

    "Is it really hard? I mean rock-hard."

    "No, but it's getting there."

    "MMmmmmm." Dessert arrived and Janice modestly turned away to prevent our waiter from seeing her partially exposed breast.

    "Why did you turn away?" I asked. "Aren't you interested in getting him hard too?"

    "He's not my boyfriend. You are. My boyfriend gets viewing privileges that other men don't get. Understand?"

    "Absolutely!" We began to work on our dessert, me on my cheesecake, Janice on her tiramisu.

    "Getting harder yet," she asked as she took another bite.

    "No. I'm not seeing any more to get me there."

    "I can fix that, Duncan." Carefully, she placed her fork on the plate and pulled her top away from both breasts.

    "How about now, Honey?"

    "Much harder."

    "Good. I'll just leave them out while we finish dessert. Do you want me to let the waiter see them?"

    "I'm tempted, but no."

    "Ok. I'll cover them before he comes back with the check, but you can enjoy them and get rock-hard for me."

    She did leave them out until I saw the waiter approaching. I pointed, and she quickly covered up. When we left the restaurant, I tried to walk behind her, but she quickly moved to my side letting every woman we passed see my hugely tented pants.

    "This is embarrassing," I whispered urgently.

    "Nonsense. You're turning on every woman who sees you. Don't you like that?"

    "I'm not sure. It's a new experience for me." However, before we were outside, I had decided I did like it. I changed my mind when I heard an attractive wife in her mid-30s, whose husband was busy looking over the menu, whisper to Janice as we passed, "Want to trade, Honey?"
    Janice was the most erotic exhibitionist I had ever dated. She way
    she showed her tits, legs, and panties had my cock iron hard.

    As we danced at the sports bar, Janice pressed her tits against my chest and occasionally let her thigh move over my erection, but she didn't expose her tits again and refused when I asked her to do it.

    When I brought her home and escorted her to her front door, I tried to claim my goodnight kiss but was rebuffed when she put her palms against my chest and pushed me back. I was stunned... so much so... that I protested. "You show me your naked tits but you won't let me kiss you goodnight? What is this?"

    "Teasing you by letting you see my tits is a woman's prerogative. If you don't want to be teased, just say so, and I won't do it again. Kissing you is sharing myself with you. That's very, very different. I don't kiss my boyfriends on the first date... probably not the second either. And don't think that because I tease you by letting you see my breasts that your free to handle them or play with them. Again, that's sharing myself. It will be awhile before I decide to do that. Goodnight, Duncan. I really enjoyed being with you tonight. I hope you ask me out again."

    "How about Monday night? We don't have any classes on Tuesday."

    "Sounds wonderful. What time?"

    "Same as tonight only this time, you decide where we go."

    Three Months Later:

    After three months of dating Janice, I couldn't keep from reflecting on the fact that things had progressed almost exactly as Williamson had suggested they might. It was the third date before I was allowed to kiss Janice goodnight. It took another two weeks before she opened her mouth to allow a French kiss, but even then, she didn't reciprocate.

    Throughout this period, she was still letting me see her naked tits but not touch them. Toward the end of the second month of dating, she began to flash her panties at me more and more frequently until finally, after two and a half months, she would show me her panties whenever I requested it. But when I moved my hand to stroke her pussy, she jerked away. That time, she admonished me, "You know the rules, Duncan. Why do you make me pull away from you like that. I've told at least a dozen times now that I don't mind letting you look, but touching and caressing are out of bounds."

    Our three-month anniversary of our first date had just passed, and I decided to try a different strategy to see if I could get Janice to be more daring. We were in my car heading to a new deli restaurant located in a loft in the downtown area. I continued to glance at her as I drove until she grinned and said, "I think you're trying to see up my skirt, Duncan. Are you?"

    "Of course. You're hard to resist, even if you won't let me touch. Am I ever going to be allowed to touch you?"

    "Maybe... perhaps my tits and maybe my ass, but that's all... unless we end up married, of course."

    "Show me your tits and panties."

    "Mmmmmm... Whatever you say, Honey." Janice put her heel up on the car seat and steepled her knee. After pulling her tight top below her tits, she lifted her short skirt higher and higher until her panties came into view... then she hiked it all the way up to her waist. She stayed like that for the rest of the drive to the restaurant, and even slowly stroked her hand over her panties right above her pussy.

    "Making you hard, Honey?"

    "You know it is, you hot tease!"

    "Oh yes... love that."

    "Do you masturbate when I take you home in the evening?"

    "Of course. I'm so hot, I have to do it. Don't you stroke off later?"

    "You know I do. Would you like to watch me doing it?"


    "Well? I'll do it for you if want to watch."

    "Aaaahhhh," she moaned her hand now moving faster... and I thought, pressing harder.

    "How come you flash me all the time, but not other men?"

    "Because you're my boyfriend. They're not."

    "But you flashed me when you were dating Jack and I wasn't your boyfriend."

    "I know I did. I loved doing it too, but he wasn't around when I did it."

    "I wouldn't mind. In fact, it would turn me on."

    "If I flashed other men when I'm with you? Why would you want me to do that?"

    "To make them envious of what I have that they want but don't have."

    "Ok, but just remember, it was your idea, and you asked for it."

    After parking the car in the customer parking lot across the street from the restaurant, Janice told me to wait a moment while she adjusted her skirt. I thought the adjustment was needed because she had had her skirt up around her waist during the drive. However, when she joined me, I saw that she had pulled the waist of her skirt a couple of inches higher before fastening it. Her already short skirt now just barely covered her ass.

    Having been open only a few days, numerous people were climbing the stairs leading to the restaurant. As we moved toward the relatively steep staircase, I realized that in her shortened skirt, Janice was going to be putting on a show for everyone behind her when she climbed the stairs. As we moved toward the stairs, several of the men moved aside to let us go in ahead of them. It was obvious that I wasn't the only man who realized this fact.

    "Isn't that polite of all those guys to let us go in first," Janice whispered.

    "Polite? They just want to see your ass and panties as you climb the stairs."

    "I know. Isn't that just incredibly sexy! Remember, Honey. This was your idea."

    As soon as we started the climb, there was a rush from the men to be right behind us. As I expected, Janice climbed slowly giving the men behind us as much time as she could to enjoy the view. And what a view it was! The shortened skirt rode halfway up her ass and exposed the narrow white strip of material that just barely covered her anus and her pussy.

    "Are they looking at my ass, Duncan?" she asked as we moved up the stairs.

    "Of course they're looking. If it were possible for a woman to be raped by male stares, you would be suffering a gang rape right now."

    "MMmmmmm... That's exciting. Does this turn you on like you said it would?"

    "I'm so hard, it feels like I could drive nails with my erection."

    "I want to feel it when we sit down."

    "Will you let me feel your tits and ass?"

    "That's blackmail!"

    "Yeah... it probably is but that's the deal."

    "I really want to feel it."

    "I've been going crazy for three months wanting to feel your big tits and sexy ass."

    "Oh fuck! Are you already feeling me?"

    "No. You've made it very clear that that's out of bounds."

    "Well, some guy doesn't know that. He's feeling my ass right now. Don't look."

    We were almost to the top of the stairs at this point, but Janice slowed down even more. "He's still feeling me. Oh god," she moaned.


    "My ass... in between my thighs. Aaahhh god... he's almost to my pussy."

    "God. He's where I've wanted to be for months."


    "What now?"

    "He's there. Aaahhhh... Ooohhh god."


    "You know where."

    "Tell me!"

    "My pussy. He's rubbing my pussy through my panties."

    "Are his fingers under your panties?"

    "Not yet... Ooohhhh... but he's trying."

    At that point we reached the top of the stairs and moved away from the men behind us. "Did he get under your panties?"

    "Do you really want to know?"


    "Ok. He did. He felt my slit, but we reached the top of the stairs just before he could put his fingers inside me."

    "Damn! How come you let him feel you but you won't let me?"

    "I would never have let him, Duncan, but it was your idea and once he had his hand between my thighs, I didn't want to make a big scene... particularly considering that I had pulled my skirt up so that my ass and panties would show as we climbed the stairs. Now stop fussing at me for doing what you asked me to do. Let's go have something to eat."

    After we had placed our orders, Janice asked, "Is it still hard? Really hard?"

    "Like stone. I can't stop thinking about that guy, whoever he was, rubbed your pussy slit and almost getting into your vagina. That's where I want to be!"

    "I'll make you deal, Duncan. If you let me feel you... right here... right now... then after we leave, you can play with my tits."

    "Just tonight or from now on?"

    "From now on, of course."

    "You've got a deal. Come around here and feel how hard you've gotten me."

    "No. I think I'll climb on top of the table and just lean over and feel that monster hard-on of yours. Don't blame me if you shoot off inside your pants."

    "I won't."

    "You won't what? Shoot off or blame me?"


    Without hesitating, Janice pushed her chair back, mounted the table, and moved over until she was bent over with her head almost in my lap and her hands roaming up and down the length of my engorged, raging erection.

    "Mmmm... you are hard, Duncan. Really HARD! It feels like an iron spike. MMmmmmm... God... I love getting you hard, Honey!"

    When Janice first started feeling me, I had to close my eyes and concentrate hard to avoid cumming in my pants like teenage boy. When I felt that I had myself under control, I opened my eyes to see a group of men and some couples standing behind Janice watching her stroking me. Suddenly, I realized that seeing her stroking my dick wasn't all that they were seeing. In her bent-over posture, Janice's skirt was up over her hips totally exposing her ass and her panties. The view she was now giving everyone was a lot better and more erotic than one she had provided on the stairs. Once again, I was struggling to avoid ejaculating inside my pants.

    When Janice felt my dick begin to swell and throb, she knew I was close to cumming. She tightened her grip on my shaft and jacked me faster. I couldn't stop. My cock just exploded in a series of intense contractions with each contraction spurting a thick stream of semen into my briefs. She pumped me faster producing even harder contractions and more voluminous loads of semen. When Janice felt my orgasm ebbed, she grinned at me and moved back into her seat much to the disappointment of all of her audience.

    "You deliberately showed off your ass and panties to everyone just to get me so hot I wouldn't be able to avoid shooting off inside my pants," I said accusingly.

    "I know. Wasn't it just incredibly hot and sexy. Every one of those guys has a hard-on now, and I caused that."

    "I've got to go to the men's room and try to clean up this mess. Probably take five minutes."

    No woman I had ever dated had gotten me so hot that I ejaculated in my pants.
    But Janice was so blazingly hot and erotic, as soon as she
    squeezed my erection my orgasm just exploded.

    The mess was greater than I thought it was. There was so much semen in my briefs, they were soaked. I had no other choice other than to take them off and throw them into the trash can. After washing and drying myself, I returned to our table. Janice wasn't alone. Two guys were keeping her company, one on each side of her. I was pissed... big time.

    "I thought we had a date," I growled. "Or have you decided to swap me for these two guys?" Without a word, both men rose, smiled at Janice, and left.

    "Of course not, Duncan. Don't be silly. Larry and Blake just came over to say hello and tell me how much they enjoyed my show. I told them you would be back soon and that they would need to leave then. And as you saw, they left as soon as you got back. Remember, this whole thing was your idea, not mine."

    "True, but I had no idea how far you would go."

    "Why not? You know how much I love to tease. You urged me to do even more... so I did. Want me to stop?"

    "Yes. At least for tonight. We'll discuss it later."


    True to her word, Janice allowed me total access to her tits after that night. However, after the initial excitement ebbed, I noticed that she remained passive no matter how passionately I hefted and caressed her breasts or how hard I sucked and twisted her nipples. I couldn't keep Jack Williamson's words from my mind: " It's as if she's working constantly to restrain herself. Or perhaps she feels nothing. I could never tell."

    One evening during our fifth month of dating, Janice and I were in her apartment courting and making out. After almost an hour, I had persuaded her to remove her bra leaving her naked except for her panties. She took it off as seductively as possible and then squeezed her tits together for my pleasure. My cock lurched in my pants.

    Wildly, I stroked her tits, pulled her nipples and twisted them, and finally spent over 10 minutes sucking and nipping her hard nipples. Occasionally, she moved a little or emitted a soft moan, but mostly she was passive... letting me do as I wished with her gorgeous tits but with very little positive response. At that point, I decided to just ask her straight out: "Are you enjoying this at all, Janice?"

    "What to you think? You've got me naked except for my panties and you're squeezing and playing with my tits while you suck and bite my nipples. Do you really have to ask if I'm enjoying it? Of course, I'm enjoying it!"

    "Well, I'm glad to hear that, but I just can't tell. You almost never make a sound or give me any clue that you're getting really turned on."

    "That's because I have to be careful not to get carried away. If I let myself go, we both know that it won't be very long before you will be fucking my brains out, Duncan. I'm not going to let that happen before I'm married."

    I gave up. "Ok.. Ok. We've been dating for over five months now, and you've told me several times that eventually you would let me see and caress your ass. I think it's time. Can I take off your panties?"

    Grinning, she asked, "Are you hard, Duncan. I mean really HARD! Are you just wild to see my ass and pussy... to caress and stroke my ass?"

    For an answer, I put her hand on my raging erection that had to be pushing eight inches by this time. "Does that feel like I'm hard and hot to see your ass and pussy and to stroke your ass?"

    "Oh yess... you're really big... and hard. Do you promise not... absolutely not... to touch my pussy or my clitoris? That's out of bounds unless I'm married. Promise?"

    "Yes. You have my word.... unless you change your mind and say it's all right."

    "That's fair enough, but don't get your hopes up, Duncan. It's not going to happen."

    "So can I take off your panties?"

    "Let me take them off while you watch, Honey. I promise I'll give you a really erotic show. Then, you can stroke my ass as much as you like."

    ""Oh god yes! Do it!" I moaned as my dick threatened to erupt inside my pants again.

    Janice sat up, her tits swinging erotically. Her mouth opened to allow her tongue to flick over her top lip. With excruciating slowness, she pushed her hand into her panties and let me watch as her hand moved erotically beneath them. "MMMmm... you're big and hard, and I'm soft and wet, Honey. My vagina is drenched… so slick… so tight." I heard myself groan.

    "You know what I'm doing, don't you, Duncan? But I know you're wild to see my pussy and ass so I'll take my panties off for you now." She turned her back to me, bent over at the waist, and slowly slid her panties over her hips and ass and then down her thighs. When they were halfway down her thighs, she looked back at me. "Can you see my ass, Duncan? Can you see my pussy?"

    "Not all of it," I groaned. "But I can see your slit, and you really are wet!"

    "Very wet, Honey. Just soaked." She pushed her panties to her ankles and removed them. Tossing them aside, she moved her feet further apart but remained bent over. "Can you see all of my pussy now, Darling?"

    "Yesss," I moaned as I stared at her luscious pussy for the first time. I realized that Williamson had told me the truth when he had informed me that Janice's pussy was shaved.

    Getting back onto the table, Janice stretched out on her stomach, and then pulled her knees beneath her body arching her ass high in the air. "I want you to see all of me, Duncan, but remember, you can only touch my ass." Moving her hand onto her ass, she spread herself with her fingers. "Get really close, Honey, so you can see me... all of me."

    I had never seen a more beautiful, erotic, sensuous, or wetter pussy than Janice was showing me. I wanted to be inside it more than I had ever wanted anything. "Caress my ass, Duncan," she hissed. "Spread me so my holes are exposed and you can see into me. But don't touch my pussy. Do it, Honey. Do it!"

    As I massaged her ass and spread her so that her sex holes were totally exposed, I knew I was going to cum inside my pants again. "Oh god... I'm going to cum in my pants again!" I cried out.


    I did, totally drenching my briefs with my load. This time, it was so large that it soaked through my briefs causing a wet spot to spread across the front of my pants. I was still so turned on, my cock hardly lost any of its rigidity.

    "I can't take this any longer, Janice. I've got to have you! I just have to have you! Will you marry me?"

    "Of course, Darling. I thought you'd never ask."
    Janice was driving me mad with her erotic teasing. I just had
    to have her… fuck her… ravish her!

    Janice and I set the date for two weeks after our graduation in May, which at the time, was a little over a month away. When I took Janice to meet my parents for the first time, they were amazed at her stunning beauty and highly pleased with her attitude and education. In every way, Janice was an immediate hit with both my mother and my dad.

    That first afternoon while Janice was helping Mom prepare dinner in the kitchen, Dad and I took a walking tour around the 10 acres of their property. As soon as we were out of sight of the house, he gave me a high-five and said, "Frankly, Son, I don't understand how you did it, but she's drop-dead gorgeous in addition to being well educated and friendly."

    "I'm really glad you and Mom like her. And truthfully, I'm more shocked than you are that I managed to persuade her to say yes when I asked her to marry me."

    Dad nodded and then looked around to be certain that we were still alone before saying, "Eh... Son, how is she... well, you know."

    "You want to know how she is in bed?"

    "Yeah. It's a natural question for a father to ask. Hope you're not offended."

    "No. Not at all. The truthful answer is I don't know. I haven't slept with her yet."

    "What? I thought you said you've been dating almost six months. I thought that nowadays couples always had sex long before six months."

    "Yeah, they do, and I have tried more times that I can count to get Janice to have sex, but no luck. She will allow me to kiss her and play with her bare breasts and ass, but that's about it. She's determined to be a virgin on her wedding night."

    My dad was thoughtful for awhile. Finally, he said, "Well, I suppose in some ways that shows a lot of strength of character. I'll need to tell Jane that she needs to put clean sheets on the bed in the second guest bedroom. We should be heading back. Wouldn't do for us to be late after the women have cooked us a great dinner."


    A week later, we visited Janice's parents for the first time. I wish I could say that they were as pleased with me as my parents were with Janice, but I had no such luck. However, after dinner, they both seemed to warm to me as they were far more friendly and actually seemed pleased with their daughter's selection.

    When I was kissing Janice good night before retiring to my separate bedroom, I commented on the fact that her parents seemed to be warming to me. She smiled and said, "That's because I told Mom that I was still a virgin and that we haven't yet slept together. My parents are really impressed with you for being willing to wait so long."

    "What else did you tell her? And what did she say?"

    "Not much. Just girl-girl stuff."

    "Come on. Stop being evasive. We can't start off our marriage like this."

    "All right. After I told her that I was still a virgin, she wanted to know if I knew the size of your penis."

    "And you said?"

    "I told her the truth that I had seen it and stroked it many times and that you're over 7 inches depending on how excited you are."

    "Was she impressed? disappointed?" What?"

    "She was fearful for me. She told that a cock that size was really going to bust me wide open... those were her exact words, Honey... your big cock is going to bust me wide open. She told me that I needed to convince you that you needed to go slowly and be extra careful the first time we have sex."

    "What else did you two talk about?"

    "It's really sort of personal... just a mother giving sexual advice to a daughter. It's so clinical, I'd really rather not talk about it. Ok?"

    "All right. No problem," I replied.

    Later that night as I was pulling the covers over me to go to sleep, I thought, "Well, at least there's some upside to being celibate for almost six months." I understood why Janice's mother was happy that her daughter was following her advice to remain a virgin until marriage, but I was a little surprised that her dad was equally pleased. It seemed to me that he ought to be worried that there was something wrong with me. It wasn't until years later that I learned that he had been worried about that very thing.


    The wedding ceremony and reception went off smoothly. Janice made a beautiful and alluring bride in her white wedding dress. As she walked down the aisle toward me, I reflected on the fact that almost every woman gets married in a white gown denoting purity, but very, very few of them are still pure. My bride, on the other hand, fully deserved to wear her white gown, and a lot of the credit belonged to me as well as to her.

    After exchanging our vows, the minister pronounced us man and wife and told me that I may now kiss the bride. Our kiss was not perfunctory. It was, instead, a deep passionate kiss. When our lips parted, Janice leaned close to my ear and whispered, "Now you can play with my cunt, kiss it, lick it, and fuck it, Honey."

    The reception and dance lasted two hours so that it was nearly 10 PM before Janice and I could get away to the loud cheers, thrown rice, and well wishes from everyone.

    As the church faded in the background, Janice turned toward me, planted one heel on the seat, and spread her legs wide. Her white stockings, garter belt, and white panties seemed very appropriate to me. "You need to stop at the first available hotel or motel, get us a room, and bust me wide open with that big, hard dick of yours, Honey."

    I had to drive for almost 20 minutes before I got to the Marriott Inn where I had made reservations for the night. All the way there, Janice teased me unmercifully. She had her hand inside her panties, and even though I couldn't actually see what she was doing, it was obvious that she was finger fucking herself and rubbing her clit. "Oh Baby, my hole is really wet and slick... mmmmmmmm... I bet you wish it was your hand inside my panties."

    Halfway to the Marriott, she opened her blouse and took out both tits. "See how hard Mrs. Mannix's nipples are. You would think that a married woman wouldn't expose her tits like this to a man she's never fucked before. You know whoever married her has a slut for a bride."

    By the time we reached the Marriott, Janice was thrashing around on the seat, her hand working feverishly beneath her panties while pinching and twisting her nipples with the other hand. I thought she had already had an orgasm, but I couldn't be certain since I had never seen her climax.

    "We're here, Honey. You need to get decent so you don't get arrested walking through the lobby."

    "Ok, give me a moment, but I doubt that anyone would arrest me... it's much more likely that some guys would fuck me, but they wouldn't have me arrested and waste a good thing, Duncan." It only took her a few seconds to adjust her blouse and pull her skirt down. "I'm decent now, Honey. Let's go. Like my aroma?" She ran her fingers beneath my nose allowing me to inhale the musky scent of her aroused pussy.

    As we walked through the lobby toward the registration desk, every man's attention turned toward the swinging hips of the erotic, beautiful woman clinging to my arm. I was certain that at least half of them thought she was a hooker I had hired for the night. Even as I signed the register, Janice continued to rub her tits over my arm and press her pussy against my thigh. The clerk couldn't tear his eyes off her cleavage. When I signed the register "Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Mannix", the clerk gave me a smug, knowing smile as he handed me the swipe key to our room.

    As soon as the door to our room closed behind us, Janice was in my arms hugging me tightly as she ground her breasts into my chest and humped against my thigh. Our lips crushed together, and a moment later, my tongue slipped into her open mouth. This time, her tongue caressed mine and then thrust inside my mouth. I got a monster, raging erection instantly.

    "Oh fuck, that big cock feels good," she hissed in my ear. "Hurry up, Darling. I need that thing in me."

    As I began removing my clothes, she removed her blouse, tossed it aside, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. By the time I had my pants off, Janice was lying on the bed on her back with her legs open and her knees raised. She looked like pure distilled sex in her white corset, panties, fishnet hose, and heels. She had already pulled the crotch of her panties aside exposed the wet slit of her shaved pussy. The sight caused my already hard shaft to throb and swell.

    Janice arched her hips to as if presenting her delicious cunt for my use. When I stared at her, her excitement rose even further. Steepling one knee with her heel planted on the bed, she let her other leg fall to the side and began moving her fingers over her clit, which was now protruding from its protective hood.

    After six months of waiting, I was struggling to retain enough control to be gentle with her this first time. As soon as I climbed onto the bed beside her, her arms encircled my body and pulled me against hers. The big 34D tits mashed into my bare chest a moment before her legs wrapped themselves around my hips. With my cock pressing hard against her mound, and my balls moving over her erect clitoris, she was moaning as we kissed. The moaning continued as our lips devoured each other.

    Breaking the kiss, I began slowly moving my body down hers until my head was between her tits, my lips showering kisses over their surface. Janice groaned when I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and lashed it with my tongue. Then, it was the other nipple's turn. Her moans, which continued to grow louder, were music to my ears.

    By this time, my wife's hips were undulating beneath me... thrusting her pussy against my chest. I moved even lower. Her legs released their grip on my hips and spread wider to allow me to slide lower on her body. Trailing kisses over her heaving abdomen as I went, I loved the way they caused the muscles of belly to knot and ripple.

    Finally, my head was between her now gaping thighs, her swollen, distended clitoris before my eyes. I blew on it causing to contract and throb. Above me, she groaned and arched her hips higher... silently begging me. I ignored her clit for the moment bringing a deep moan of disappointment from my bride. Now, the wet, flared lips of her pussy were inches from my eyes. Her hole opened, closed, and then opened again before my eyes allowing me to gaze into her wet, pink, slowly-throbbing interior.

    Quickly this time, I slid my tongue along her sex trench. Her sex hole closed hard in response. When the tip of my tongue moved over her swollen clit, she howled, her ass arching high off the bed. Her howls turned to screams as soon as I sucked the near-bursting clitoris into my mouth and circled it slowly with the tip of my tongue.

    I was certain that Janice would experience her first orgasm with me as soon as I stroked her turgid clit a few more times. But when I tongue-stroked it again, she shook her head as if to clear her thoughts and then lowered her ass to the bed. She was breathing deeply, still obviously excited, and while her clitoris remained erect and turgid, it did not contract and in the hard spasms of an orgasm.

    I was still trying to figure out if I had done something wrong... if I had somehow hurt her and caused her imminent orgasm to abate, when she said, "I'm wet and ready now, Duncan. Put it in me, but please be careful and go slowly."

    Although still at a loss as to what had happened, I moved up between her open thighs and aligned my absolutely rigid dick with her flared opening. At first, I made no effort to penetrate her pussy. Instead, I carefully swabbed the head of my cock between her swollen lips ... up and down... stopping at her opening each time I passed it but not entering her. I could see her swollen, erect clitoris protruding from its hood just above my cock. It looked so engorged that all I would need do would be to slide my cock over its surface once or twice to make Janice explode in an intense orgasm. I did it... once... twice... she moaned softly but that was all.

    "Do it now, Honey. Put it in me... slowly... please."

    Centering my cock right at her opening, I pressed forward until about one-third of the head was inside her pussy. "OOOHHHH GOD! STOP! YOU'RE STRETCHING MEEE!" Janice yelled. Instantly, I stopped and pulled back. She had been holding her breath, and when I withdrew, she exhaled, as if in great relief.

    I tried again. This time even more slowly. The tip of my penis entered her hole. Her body stiffened. I pushed in another quarter of an inch. Again she yelled, "Stop... oh god... please stop... let me get used to it, Please."

    I stopped, but this time I did not pull out of her vagina. For a couple of minutes, I kept the quarter inch of cock inside Janice's pussy... flexing it, but not going deeper. Each time I flexed it, she moaned softly.

    Finally, I pulled back and pushed an inch of my dick into her wet hole. Now her lips encased most of the head of my dick and once again, she was crying out for me to stop... to let her get used to it.

    I wasn't sure what to do it. I hadn't even gotten to her hymen yet, and not all of the cock head was inside her, but I still seemed to be hurting her. This time, I waited several minutes before moving again. it took all the will power I could muster, but I managed to continue to fuck Janice with no more than an inch of my dick. Finally, I was able to move that inch in and out of her without making her grimace.

    Once more, I moved another inch of cock into her vagina. She stiffened and moaned, but didn't scream this time. After giving her two inches for almost five minutes, I pushed more cock into her until I felt her hymen pressing against the head of my dick. Janice moaned continuously as I moved back and forth within her tight pussy... each time pressing my cock slightly harder against the thin membrane shielding the depths of her vagina.

    It took at least fifteen minutes before I felt her hymen giving up the struggle. Slowly it opened ... then abruptly, it gave weigh completely allowing five inches of my cock to sink into her. I anticipated a loud scream of pain. Instead, Janice sighed deeply, wrapped her legs around my hips, and whispered in my ear, "Thank you, Darling. Now fuck me hard, fill me with your big cock, and shoot me full of your cum, Lover." Pulling back, I drove seven inches of cock into her cunt bringing gasps and moans from her lips.

    Over a half hour had passed since I had inserted the first half-inch of cock into Janice's pussy. I was amazed that I had been able to restrain my fierce desire to fuck balls deep into her hot hole and screw her through the mattress. But now I was in control. Slowly, I withdrew my cock. Her juices dripped from my shaft when I laid it along her mound.

    "OOohhh please... put it back inside me, Duncan. Do it to me!"

    "Like this?" I asked as I drove all seven and a half inches into her waiting cunt.

    Her ass surged up off the bed as she groaned, "UUNNGHHHH! AAAHHHHH!!"

    After giving her one stroke, I again pulled out. "NOoooo," she moaned. This time I stopped to rub the head of my cock over her still erect clitoris bringing a sharp cry of pleasure from my new wife. Adjusting my aim, my hips snapped forward and again impaled her on the surging, throbbing shaft. Once more, her hips rose off the bed.

    "Ohhhh please, Darling. Don't tease me any longer. Fuck me hard and deep now! Cum inside me. Fill me, Lover," she begged.

    I couldn't wait any longer either. Socking my hips deep into her sex saddle, I plowed into her hard and deep. Now, my cock was racing to the bottom of her hole, thudding against her cervix, and then pulling out quickly for the next delicious thrust.

    I screwed her like a wild man venting six months of frustration with one hard thrust after another. I could feel the load building in my balls. I knew it was going to be huge... most than she could possibly imagine. Pounding into her hole harder and harder... faster and faster... I felt the load rising up from my balls. "I'M GONNA CUM IN YOU!" I screamed.

    "SHOOT IT INTO MEEEEEEEE!" came Janice's garbled response.

    Driving in until my cock was pressing against her womb while I held her in place with my hands clutching her hips, my body shuddered hard as my buttocks contracted. The first jet was thick... huge. It seemed to me like that one gush should have filled her pussy to overflowing, but I didn't have time to think about that as my buttocks contracted again and again, each time shooting a thick stream of sperm-filled semen deep into my new wife's waiting vagina. When I finally pulled out of her, thick gobs of semen belched from her gaping hole.

    "Mmmmm... you really unloaded inside me, Darling. Since I made you wait six months, I guess I should have expected that," she sighed as she rolled onto to her side and curled up in the bed.

    Even though I had just shot off a huge load, my cock was still rock-hard, which didn't surprise me at all. Janice kicked off her shoes and said, "Help me out of these clothes, Honey. I can't sleep in this corset and hose." She sighed contentedly as I peeled her stockings down her legs. When they were off, she turned onto her stomach to allow me to unhook her corset. That only took ten seconds. When I tugged on the garment, she raised up to allow me to pull it off her body. Now totally naked, my freshly fucked bride, pulled the covers up and again turned on her side.

    I snuggled behind her in spoon position with my arms around her cupping her breasts. She let my hands remain on her tits for a couple of minutes and then removed them. "I can't sleep with you playing with my tits, Honey. Be a dear and turn out the lights."

    Stunned, I asked, "Aren't we going to make love again? This is our wedding night, Janice."

    "I know, Darling, but I'm much too sore to do it again. That monster dick of yours really stretched me out. And you fucked me so hard, I'm just too sore. Let's go to sleep. We have years and years ahead of us to make love."

    In five minutes, my new wife was sound asleep. I, on the other hand, was discovering just how impossible it is for a man to sleep with a raging erection and a naked, sensuous woman beside him in the bed."


    There was even less sex the second day of our marriage than there was on the first. I had at least gotten to fuck my new wife one time on our wedding night. The second day, we caught our plane to Las Vegas for a five-day honeymoon. By the time we had checked into our hotel, eaten dinner, and caught the early show, it was nearly 10 PM when we returned to our hotel room. Again, my wife refused sex saying she was just too sore to do it.

    The third day was more of the same... too tired... too sore. The only good part of the third day was that I was so exhausted from not being able to sleep with my erection and a naked wife beside me that I finally fell into an exhausted sleep that evening, even with my hard-on.

    On the fourth evening, I was so depressed with hearing my wife tell she was too sore to have sex, I didn't even bother to ask. I was having a difficult time coming to grips with the situation... married for three days after no sex for six months, and I had been allowed to fuck my bride one time. Although we went to several good shows, shopped, and ate in four and five-star restaurants, all I could think about was the lack of sex on my honeymoon.

    To make matters even worse, sometime during the fourth day, it occurred to me that I wasn't even certain that my wife had had an orgasm the one time we had had sex. I knew she was very close when I went down on her, but she had stopped me before she climaxed and told me to fuck her. Then, when I put my cock into her, it had hurt her so badly and for so long, any excitement she had felt from my licking her clit had vanished.

    "Did she cum after I broke her hymen and we began to fuck?" I asked myself silently. I didn't know. If she did, she did it quietly... not screaming... not gasping that she was cumming... nothing. I knew that some women do little more than whimper when they climax. Maybe Janice was one of those, but even if she was, I would have expected to feel some contractions of her vagina when she got off. I couldn't remember feeling any, but perhaps I had been concentrating so hard on my own ejaculation, that I missed it. I needed more information. Hopefully, I would soon get to have sex with Janice again and find out what I needed to know.

    We had been in bed for almost an hour, and I was finally about to fall asleep, when Janice shook me. "Are you asleep yet?"

    "No, almost, but not yet."

    "How come you didn't ask me for sex tonight?"

    "I guess I got tired of being turned down, Janice. I just decided to wait until you told me that the soreness in your vagina was gone enough that you'd like to do it again."

    'Oh, that's very nice and considerate of you, Dear. I think I could do it again tonight if you're gentle with me. Let's do it in spoon position with you behind me, Honey. That way, your big cock won't rake directly over my clit. It's still a little sore. Ok?"

    "I'll do you in any position you will permit. My god! I thought we would be fucking constantly on our honeymoon. So far, we've done it one time."

    "It's not my fault that your cock is so big and you were so rough with me once you got that big thing inside my pussy," she shot back.

    "All right... all right. Let's not fight. I'd much rather fuck you than fight."

    "I don't want you to fuck me, Duncan. I want you to make love to me."

    "Whatever you want, Honey."

    "Good! That's the way it should be, Darling." My wife turned onto her side with her back toward me and thrust her ass in my direction waiting for me to enter her.

    Just feeling her naked ass against my cock was enough to get me rock-hard and ready. When I pressed my cock between her closed thighs, she squeezed them together even more tightly making it impossible for me to penetrate her. "You're going to have to open your legs, Honey. I can't get into you if you squeeze your thighs together like that."

    She giggled and said, "Say please."

    "Please. I'm dying to get into your pussy."

    "MMMmmmm... I like that. Say pretty please."

    If my erection hadn't been so hard it was painful, I would have told my wife to go fuck herself, but my little head was now in charge. "Pretty please," I groaned. She giggled again and lifted her right thigh enough for me get my cock in between her legs and lodge the head in her opening. Her pussy felt fantastic around my cock head. "Ooohhhh god! You feel awesome around me, Honey,"

    I groaned as I pushed more cock into her sex tunnel. Janice pulled her knees up toward her chest to open her vagina more fully, and I took immediate advantage to thrust six inches into her hot hole. Instantly, she jerked her hips away until only three or four inches were still inside her.

    "Not so deep, Duncan. Unless you want to make me so sore again that it will be another three or four days before we can have sex."

    Adjusting my position, I worked four inches into her and moaned, "Is this too much?"

    "No. That's perfect, Darling. Now make slow, gentle love to me, Honey. Slide that big cock in and out of me until you can't hold it any longer ... then pump that big hot load into me!"

    It was torture trying to remember not put more than four inches of my cock into Janice. Finally, I found a position where I couldn't get more than four inches into her and began to pump her vigorously. "Not so hard, Darling. Go slower. Make love to your wife, Honey."

    Amazingly, I was able to slow down, but I didn't think I would be able cum like this. However, I had underestimated just how hot and horny all the forced celibacy had me. My cock began to pulse and swell.

    "Ooh yes, Honey. I can feel your penis swelling and throbbing inside me. Shoot me in, Duncan. Pump your load into your wife's vagina."

    I did and it was almost as large as the first one I had shot into her four days previously. This time, I did feel some small contractions of Janice's vagina as I climaxed. "Did you cum," I asked when I regained my breath.

    "Yes, Dear. Of course, I had a climax. Thank you."

    That second time was the last time Janice and I had sex during our honeymoon.

    First Years:

    There was one positive aspect of our honeymoon. Janice got pregnant, probably from the first massive load I had put into her cunt, but it might have been from the smaller one I gave her four days later. One thing was certain, it had to be one of those two times since that was it for sex during the honeymoon. Nine months later, Janice gave birth to our first child, a boy, whom we named Carl Ray Mannix.

    Sex in the Mannix family never changed after the honeymoon. Janice remained in total control of when we had sex, how we had sex, positions, duration, every thing. The twice a week sex we had had during our honeymoon became the norm, and the intensity, or lack of it, was the same... almost as if it were programmed. To make matters even worse, Janice seemed to become more and more alluring and sensuous as the years went by. She worked out everyday to keep her figure and weight. Her already great breasts even gained a cup size with the birth of Carl Ray.

    Not only did the sex remain the same, so did Janice's teasing. She never seemed to tire of it. She teased me, our friends, strangers in a club or on vacation repeatedly flashing her tits or panties. On vacation, she occasionally went without panties and flashed her pussy. Because of her teasing ways, some of our friends assumed Janice was cheating on me, but I knew differently from experience. Her sexy behavior was just cock teasing that she enjoyed.

    A year after Carl Ray was born, Janice decided it was time for us to have our second child. She stopped taking her birth control pills and a month later was pregnant. This time, we had a baby girl whom we named Michele Elizabeth. After Michele's birth, Janice told me that two children were all she wanted to have, but she didn't want to continue to take birth control pills for decades so I would either have to wear condoms or have a vasectomy. I chose the vasectomy.

    My first position was as a junior-level architect with a firm in St. Louis. It turned out that I had underestimated my skills and creativity, which surprised me since I had a very high opinion of my abilities. Within a year, I was the most sought after architect in the firm. My creative designs for homes and office building were the crown jewel of our firm. Original homes and buildings for which I was the architect sold regularly at a 50% premium over and above the market for construction of similar quality and size simply because of my name. Within two years, I had been named "Young Architect of the Year" and had advanced to a senior position in the firm. By the end of my fifth year, I was offered a vice-presidency.

    I was very aware that the vice-presidential position being offered was the firm's effort to keep my services. It was a generous offer but I knew my future held bigger things. To realize them, I had to open my own architectural firm, which I did at the beginning of my sixth year of marriage to Janice. Although, my sex life was and always had been pathetic, I had hit the professional and financial jackpot as an architect.

    During the same week that I opened my own firm, I sat behind the computer in my office and extracted a long-forgotten e-mail address that I still kept in my wallet. Jack Williamson had given it to me years before. Although the writing was slightly faded, it was still easily legible. Bringing up my e-mail folder, I entered the address and then a title line that read "The answer to your question". Beneath that, I typed the simple text: "You were right. I should have listened." I signed the message, "Sadly, Duncan Mannix".

    Twenty Years after Marriage and Beyond:

    After 10 years of owning and operating my own architectural firm, I now employed six full-time professional architects, five support staff, and a business manager. My personal net worth was pushing five million, and I estimated the business to be worth at least that much. When we passed the 20-year mark, the firm employed twice that many people and was worth at least 30 million.

    The best part, however, was that I now had the luxury of picking and choosing the projects on which I devoted my creative talents. Project after project was an overwhelming success to the extent that the Mannix name as the architectural firm virtually guaranteed the success the corporation that employed our services.

    Although major buildings were our biggest source of income, I personally still enjoyed designing individual homes. Each home was a custom product designed exclusively by me. CEO's of major corporations, celebrities, highly-paid sports personalities, as well as wealthy individuals offered ridiculous sums for my services. The homes themselves were, in my opinion, near individual masterpieces but it was the prestige of living in a Mannix-designed home that was the major attraction. It soon became apparent that such a home was a sound business investment as well as personally satisfying since the homes, when put up for sale, always brought significantly more than their original cost.

    Although Janice and I never had any problems with Carl, Michele could never seem to get along with Janice. From the time she entered high school until she graduated, the two of them had problems speaking with each other for more than ten minutes before a heated argument would arise. I did my best to stay out of the line of fire, but it wasn't always possible.

    At first, I thought the problem was Janice's need to control every thing, but that didn't make a lot of sense since she always seemed to allow Michele a wide range of freedom. She didn't forbid her to stay out late on her dates with boyfriends nor did she bad mouth her friends or the guys she dated. For years, I had no clue. As soon as she graduated from high school, she moved out and got an apartment in the same city as the college where she was a journalism major.

    I helped her pack and load her car. Just before she got behind the wheel, I hugged her and asked her not to be a stranger. "I won't, Dad. I promise." Then she hugged me again and kissed my cheek. When she pulled away, she said, "I'm so sorry, Dad. I wish I could change things for you. You deserve a lot better." Then she was gone leaving standing on the lawn in front of our million-dollar, spacious home wondering what she had meant by that last comment.


    After finishing his degree in mechanical engineering, Carl brought home a gorgeous woman whom he introduced as Erica, his fiancé. She was an immediate hit with both Janice and with me. Like Janice and Michele, Erica had large, thrusting breasts, big gorgeous eyes, a dynamite figures, and sultry red hair, which she sometimes changed to black or blonde. Later on, I often found myself wondering whether Carl would be married to hot, flaming redhead this week or to a sultry, sensuous brunette, or to a slutty wild blonde. She had dressed very informally in a tight sweater and hip-hugging jeans for her first meeting with her prospective in-laws, a fact which pleased me and puzzled Janice.

    As we got acquainted with the woman who would soon become our daughter-in-law, Janice got up to get some cheese and wine. Immediately, Erica asked her if she could help and followed her into the kitchen.

    Taking advantage of the women's absence, Carl leaned closer and asked, "Well, what do you think, Dad?"

    "I think she's intelligent, very friendly, probably smart, and obviously very, very attractive. You're a lucky man, Carl. Congratulations."

    "Thanks, Dad. You know I never thought I could get a wife as beautiful as the one you got, but with Erica, I think it's pretty close to a dead tie."

    "Yeah. I agree. They seem a lot alike."

    That evening when Carl and Erica were going out to dinner and then dancing, Erica finished dressing before Carl did, another fact that pleased me. Janice had gone to a meeting of her book club so Erica and I were alone together for the first time. She had changed from her causal attire of the afternoon into a gorgeous, off-the-shoulder purple dress that just barely covered her buttocks. Her legs were bare and she wore four-inch, platform heels. To say that she looked hot and sexy was a gross understatement.

    As soon as I saw her, I shook my head and said, "Wow! I told Carl this afternoon that he had a beautiful fiancé. I should have said drop-dead gorgeous."

    "Do you think it's too much?"

    "Too much?"

    "Yeah. You know, too much. Is this dress going to make your son uncomfortable here in his home town? Be honest, please. If you think it will embarrass him, I'll go change."

    "The only way that dress is going to cause him embarrassment, Erica, is if he gets embarrassed because of his erection."

    She laughed. I was amazed that it was the same throaty laugh that had first attracted me to Janice. "Thank you, Duncan. I hope you don't mind my calling you by your first name. I feel so comfortable around you." To emphasize her statement, Janice took a seat on the couch and crossed her legs. Her short dress had no chance to conceal much of her thighs. The erotic sight drew my eyes like a magnet draws iron filings. Erica, of course, noticed, but she made no move to change her position. Instead, she gave me a knowing smile.

    "I don't mind at all. In fact, I'm very pleased. Any man would be. Where's Carl?"

    "He's going to be awhile. He said he hadn't even showered yet."

    "Would you like a drink or something?" I asked.

    "No. I'm fine. You really have a beautiful home, Duncan," she said as she stretched out on the couch with her legs out in front of her pointing straight at me. She had to know her position was very erotic. Just the slightest movement of her thighs would expose her panties. We both knew she was teasing me... just like my wife had the first time I had met her. The similarities between Erica and Janice just seemed to grow and grow.

    "When did you meet Carl, if you don't mind my asking?"

    "Not at all. We met in a speech class all the engineers are required to take. I was taking it because I thought it would help my career in business. I'm a business major." Again, I was surprised by the similarity between Erica's major in business and Janice's in marketing. She shifted slightly on the couch. Momentarily her legs open just enough for me catch a glimpse of her panties. Then, she crossed her legs at the ankle shutting off the view. I was already getting hard and was glad I was seated.

    Having been teased for over 20 years by Janice, I knew very well that Erica had intentionally opened her legs enough to expose her panties. I also knew that she was very well aware of my erection even though she couldn't see it in my seated position. Somehow, I was certain that she knew that I knew she had deliberately flashed her panties.

    Erica's smile was seductive... alluring. She was a tease, but not a tease like Janice. Janice's teasing was flirty and light. In sharp contrast, Erica's was sultry and much more serious. Janice wanted to excite men and control them. Erica liked men and wanted them to want her. My son might never be as financially or as professionally successful as I was, but he had hit the sexual jackpot!

    "Carl is a very lucky man," I said meaning every word.

    "Thank you, and I think I'm lucky to be marrying into this family, Duncan."

    At that point, Carl came into the room, and Erica immediately swung her legs off the couch into a more conservative position before he saw they way they had been. "Hi, Gorgeous. Are you ready to go?" he asked. "I hope Dad hasn't been boring you with his architectural stories."

    "Not at all. Architecture was never mentioned. We had a very interesting discussion. I'm ready." Erica let her voice trail off seductively. "Are you ready?" she asked. Just her voice got me hard.


    It was close to 11 PM when Janice returned from her book club meeting. "Where's Carl and Erica?" she asked when she saw that we were alone.

    "They went out to dinner and somewhere to dance. I don't expect them home until midnight or so."

    "Well, in that case, I'm not going to wait up for them. I'm very tired and sleepy. If you stay up, make my apologies for me and tell them I'll see them at breakfast."

    "All right... eh, Janice."


    "Would you like to make love tonight? It's been awhile."

    "Not that long. We had sex four or five days ago. Anyway, I'm too tired. Maybe tomorrow night. Goodnight, Darling. Try not to wake me when you come to bed."

    I nodded and my wife was off to the master bedroom. For 30 minutes or so, I watched the end of a movie I had seen before, but it was exciting nevertheless. Then, I quietly went into the bedroom to see if Janice was all right. She was sound asleep. I thought about joining her, but I was hungry, and I still had a partial erection just from the memory of Erica's gorgeous legs and of the way she had so seductively exposed her panties. Instinctively, I had known in advance that it was hopeless to ask my wife for sex, but I was so turned on, I had to try.

    I was in the kitchen eating the garden salad I had made when I saw the headlights of Carl's car turning onto our long, circular driveway. After holding Erica in his arms for an hour or more on the dance floor, I knew that my son would be turned on and hot to fuck his seductive, beautiful fiancé. Not wanting to inhibit them by the fact that I was still awake, I turned off the lights in the kitchen intending to head for the master bedroom, but the front door opened and Erica and Carl entered before I could get out of the kitchen.

    I saw no reason to change my plan and let them know that I was still up and awake. I would just remain in the dark recesses of the kitchen until they went off to their bedroom to have sex, and then I could quietly slip into the master bedroom without making them aware that I was still awake.

    As soon as they were inside the house, Carl pulled Erica against his body and kissed her passionately while thrusting what I was certain was a very hard erection against her mound. "God, you've got me so hard and so hot I can't believe it. I thought you were going to make me cum in my pants right there on the dance floor when you began grinding your hot pussy against me. Come on. Let's go bed. I can't wait to get into you."

    "MMmmmm... I love it when you hard and hot and wild to fuck me, Darling. That's the way men are supposed to be... totally helpless around a woman with a wet pussy."

    "Well, I am... come on," Carl replied in a passion-filled, eager voice. He moved away, but instead of following her fiancé to the bedroom, she stared for a moment at the kitchen. She stared right at me, but I knew it was impossible for her to see me in the darkness while she was in the well-lighted den.

    Carl was almost out of the den before he realized that Erica was not behind him. He shook his head in confusion and waited, but still she did not move toward him. For at least ten seconds, her attention seemed totally focused on the darkened kitchen. Then, I saw her smile and lick her lips before walking to the same couch where she had flashed her panties at me earlier in the evening.

    "Let's do it here, Honey. Come on over here and fuck your hot fiancé," she hissed. I couldn't tell what the response of my son's cock was to her request, but mine roared to an iron-hard, throbbing erection.

    Erica stretched out on the couch just like she had been earlier before Carl had come into the room, but this time, she steepled her left knee with her heel planted on the couch while, at the same time, she bent her right leg and dropped it onto the couch. Instead of the brief glimpse of her panties that she had provided earlier, her matching purple thong was fully exposed. I could even see that it was slotted inside her slit just before it disappeared beneath her ass. "Come on, Lover. Come over here and mount me, Stud."

    Carl moved to the end of the couch and stared between Erica's wide open legs. She slipped her hand inside her thong and apparently began rubbing her clitoris. "I'm really wet and hot, Baby. Get on me, Carl. Come fuck me," she hissed as her hand continued to move erotically beneath the skimpy thong.

    "But we can't do it here," he gasped. Mother and Dad are in their bedroom. They might come in."

    In response, Erica pulled her dress down baring her left breast. The sight was off-the-chart erotic! With one tit out while the other was still concealed, she looked seductively erotic... even whorish. My cock was ramrod hard now. But instead of mounting the exotic woman, Carl continued to protest.

    "My parents might come in!" he said urgently trying to get Erica to go to the bedroom.

    "They're sound asleep, and even if they do wake up and catch you fucking me, they'll just quietly go back to bed. Now quit acting like a high school boy and mount me, Lover. If you want any of my pussy tonight, Carl, you'll have to screw up your courage and do me right here. Otherwise, you'll be fucking your hand tonight."

    Having had the situation explained so clearly to him, Carl gave up his protests and began removing his clothes, but Erica stopped him. "I want to strip you, Honey. Get your head between my legs and eat your hot slut's pussy. Now!" Quickly, Erica pulled her dress off her other shoulder exposing both of her big tits. Then, she lifted her ass and jerked her dress up around her waist. "Hurry, Carl. Take off my panties and lick me!"

    When Carl pressed his head against Erica's cunt and began tonguing her clit, I could no longer resist removing my throbbing erection and stroking it slowly as I watched. I had to smile to myself. I had started out doing my best not to invade their privacy, but now it seemed that I was being treated to the most erotic sex show I had ever seen. Erica's hips were hunching upward wildly now as my son tongue fucked her hole and worked on her clit. My view was blocked enough that I couldn't tell if he was also finger fucking the thrashing redhead.

    "Oh god yes! Do Me, you hot pussy-licker! Get your tongue in my cunt, Baby. Suck my clit...ooohhhh god yes!! Like that! OOOHHH FUCK!!! SUCK MEEEE!! UGH! UGH! UGH! DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! I'M GONNA CUMMMMM! SUCK MEEEEEEE! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

    For almost a minute, Erica's body shuddered and shook as she emitted deep, passionate moans of hot pleasure. When Carl's pulled away from her pussy, I saw juices spurt out and splatter over his face and lips. "Oohhh fuck, that was good, you hot Stud. Now stand up, Baby. It's your turn."

    Erica sat up on the sofa at the same time as Carl got to his feet. As soon as she had his pants opened, his cock thrust out and up, rigid and swollen, the head a dark purple it was so bloated with blood. With a shock, I realized that this was the first time I had ever seen my son's adult cock. It wasn't quite a long as mine, but it was still a thick, rock-hard seven inches... enough to make almost any woman moan with pleasure when it entered her pussy.

    Obviously, Erica was no stranger to Carl's throbbing dick. As soon as she had it out, she sucked half of it into her mouth and began sliding her lips up and down its length, taking more and more of the thick shaft each time her mouth moved down Carl's hard tool.

    At this point, Erica moved off the couch and, turning her body sideways to his, she squatted with her legs wide open. The position put her head at exactly the right height to suck Carl's cock, which she did by turning her head sideways. It also completely exposed her tits and cunt to me. The sight of Erica sucking cock while totally exposing her pussy and tits to me was incredibly erotic. I couldn't have posed her in a more revealing position. My hand was now moving faster on my shaft.

    Suddenly, Erica pulled her mouth off Carl's throbbing dick and spread herself out on the couch. "Get naked," she groaned. "Get naked and then get on me... Get in me! Hurry, Carl. I need your cock in me now."

    With his pants already halfway down his thighs, I only took him 20 seconds or so to pull off his shirt, step out of his pants, and remove his shoes. Erica was writhing on the couch, her ass hunching upward in invitation the entire time Carl was stripping. "Hurry, gawd damn you... FUCK ME!" she howled.

    Her legs flew even further apart when my son mounted the shuddering beauty. Her ass arched upward when he thrust into her. He grunted at the same time as Erica hissed in hot female pleasure. My son's shaft stretched her cunt open and sank into her depths. After two strokes his balls were bouncing off her ass every time he fucked his rod into her hole.

    Carl fucked her vigorously for five minutes before her legs shot straight up into the air. Her feet curled back as she shrieked, "I'm cumming... pound that cock into meeeeeeeeee!! Harder! Damn you... HARDER! DICK ME! DICK ME HARD! AAHHHH YESSS... YESSS... GGGHHAAAA!!"

    Carl didn't slow down to allow her to recover. Instead, he screwed her even harder. "Oohhhhh shit.... sooo good... fuck it to meeeeeeeee.... Are you ready, Honey? Are you gonna shoot that big load up my hot cunt, Lover?"

    "Almost," he grunted. "But I want to cum inside your ass... in your hot, tight asshole!"

    "Oh yes! In my asshole, Lover. Sit down on the couch, Baby, and let me ass sit that big dick! Hurry!"

    As soon as Carl was seated, Erica straddled his thighs, lowered her ass over his dick, and guided him into her opening. "AAAHHHH.... SO FUCKING BIG! UUNNGHHH!" she grunted as my son's dick sank into her rectum. Erica was again facing me so that I could see every thing... the hard cock stretching her anus... the shaft sinking into her... her gaping pussy. Erica even seemed to smiling at me as she took all seven inches of cock up her ass.

    When his cock was all the way into Erica's ass, he pulled her body backward, hoisted her legs up onto his, and spread her wide. His hips jack hammered his cock in and out of Erica's ass hard, deep, and fast.

    "Ooohh god yes... ass fuck me hard, Baby.... give it to me good.... aaaahhhhhh god... ram meeeeeeeeee!"

    Carl was grunting louder and louder as his orgasm approached. Hooking his hands beneath her knees, he forced Erica's back against his chest and pulled her legs almost back to her tits. With her ass elevated, I could see the big dick pounding straight into her asshole which was now four or five times its usual size.


    Watching my son fucking Erica was the hottest sex scene I had ever seen.
    When he rammed his cock into her ass, I almost shot off in my pants.

    Erica had another orgasm as Carl emptied his balls into her rectum. They shuddered and throbbed together for almost a minute before Carl collapsed to the couch and released Erica's legs, which fell on either side of his. After a bit, Erica pulled herself off Carl's dick and cuddled up with him on the couch. I was hoping that they wouldn't fall asleep and keep me trapped in the kitchen for another hour or so until I felt it was safe to sneak past them to my bedroom.

    They stayed cuddled together on the couch for about five minutes before Carl said, "Let's go to bed, Honey. I certainly don't want to fall asleep out here and have my parents come out in the morning and find us naked."

    "You worry too much, Honey. Are you hungry?"

    "No, not really."

    "Ok. You go on to bed. I'm going to put on my dress and fix myself a small snack. I'll come to bed in about 10 or 15 minutes.... just as soon as I get something to eat."

    "All right. I'll sit up with you while you eat if you like."

    "No need, Carl. Go on to bed. I'll join you in just a bit." My son nodded, stepped into his pants, gathered up the rest of his clothes and headed off to the guest bedroom. In the meantime, I had moved out to the utility room that abutted the kitchen and closed the door. There was no place to sit, so I had to lean against the washing machine with my engorged dick forcing my pants out in front of me like a jouster's lance.

    A moment later, I heard Erica's footsteps in the kitchen. She moved around a bit looking for something to eat, I thought. But then I noticed that there was no light shining through the slit at the bottom of the utility room door. Erica hadn't turned on the kitchen lights. It was so dark in there, I didn't see how she expected to find anything to eat.

    Without warning the utility room door opened. A shadowy hand moved to the wall and flicked the light switch flooding the room with light. Erica grinned and moved toward me as I backed up against the washing machine. "Oh god! I knew you were watching! I've never been so hot in my life as that got me." She knelt in front of me and felt the throbbing, engorged shaft within my pants. "And you're hard! Really hard! You liked watching Carl fucking me... this big dick says so. It feels so damn big."

    Before I even realized what was happening, Erica had my pants unzipped and had extracted my pulsing, rock hard, erection. Kneeling in front of and looking up, she pulled my shaft down across her face and between her eyes. "Just look, Duncan. Look how huge your dick is... it practically covers my face."

    Finally, I found my voice. "We can't! My god, we can't Erica! Carl's waiting for you in the bedroom, and my wife's in the master bedroom."

    "Don't worry about Carl. I drained him. He's finished for the night. And you're wife's asleep and has almost no interest in sex. I, on the other hand, love it! And there's no way I'm not going to suck and fuck this gorgeous, thick cock. So when rape is inevitable, Duncan, just lie back and enjoy it."

    "What makes you think my wife has no interest in sex?"

    "I've talked to Michele several times. Enough talking. I want this beautiful shaft down my throat." I opened my mouth to reply, but the only sound that came out was a groan as I felt Erica's warm mouth engulf my erection.

    My last protest died when I felt the head of my cock entering Erica's throat. Gripping my buttocks, she pulled me deeper and deeper, sucking me with only her mouth. In less than a minute, I could feel my cock swelling and throbbing deep inside her throat. Every time she plunged her mouth down my shaft, her lips locked around the base as she suctioned me hard as if she were trying to get me even further down her throat. Soon, long strands of her saliva were dripping from her chin and from my balls.

    Looking downward, I could see her big tits jiggling erotically. Although I couldn't see it, the movement of her arm let me know that she was frantically rubbing her clit and probably finger fucking her cunt as she sucked. Deep moans issued from her throat each time she pulled back allowing six inches to slide sensuously out of her mouth as her lips dragged along the length of my tool. When only the head remained inside, she pulled me forward and rammed her mouth downward at the same time ... once more burying my full length down her throat.

    Moaning, I warned her. "I can't hold it! I'm going to cum if you keep sucking me like that, Erica."

    She backed off my cock for a moment and growled, "You're damned right you're gonna cum, Lover! I'm going to take the first spurt down my throat and then pull back and let you watch your load spewing into my mouth. After that, I'm going to suck you hard again and you're going to fuck my hot cunt."

    If I had had any chance in the world to avoid cumming in my future daughter-in-law's mouth, that pronouncement ended it. I could feel the load surging up from my balls, racing down the length of my rod, and then erupting like a geyser. A thick, stream of semen fired straight down Erica's throat. I didn't see how she could possibly keep from gagging it was so huge, but she took it all and then swallowed the part that had stayed inside her mouth.

    Quickly, she jerked her head back while holding my erupting cock and directing the cum spurts into her wide open mouth. She even extended her tongue to make certain that she got all of it.

    I was shocked when I didn't lose my erection immediately, as always happened with Janice. Instead, my tool remained semi-hard as Erica cleaned it with long swipes of her tongue over my balls and up its entire length. When she was satisfied with her cleaning job, she took me back inside her mouth and continued sucking me. Soon, my hips were hunching back and forth as I fucked her mouth.

    "Oh Honey. You're hard as a rock again... and in only a few minutes. It takes most guys at least 20 minutes before they can get it up again. Now use that big dick in my pussy, Duncan. Give it to me!"

    "I shouldn't be fucking my future daughter-in-law, Erica."

    "I know. And I shouldn't be seducing my future father-in-law, but I want you, and I know you want me. So stop talking and fuck me!" She bent over supporting herself with her elbows on a table Janice uses to stack the laundry baskets. Looking back, she moaned, "Hurry, Darling. Pick one of my holes and fuck me!"

    She looked absolutely delicious bent over with her sexy ass arched high and her legs open enough for me to see both her ass and cunt holes. "I've never had anal sex before," I heard myself groan as I stared at her gaping anus with white flecks of my son's ejaculation covering it.

    "My god... you're an anal virgin!? Janice never lets you have her ass?"

    "Never. Not once in over 20 years."

    "That's disgusting beyond words! Carl ass fucked me so I'm more than ready to take your big cock there, but I really want it up my pussy first. Fuck my cunt first, Honey, and make me cum then we'll get rid of your anal virginity," she hissed seductively. Erica wiggled her hips to emphasize her words.

    She was so wet, and I was so hard, I had no problems sinking into her hot hole. All I had to do was spread her buttocks with my hands exposing her pussy, align my spear, and snap my hips forward. Six inches of my dick entered Erica's vagina on the first thrust. She moaned with pleasure. Pulling back, I gave her another inch. She gasped and thrust her hips back to get me inside her even deeper. Holding her around the waist, my hips drove forward and buried all 7-plus inches in her hot hole.

    "UUNNNGGGHHH! YES! Fuck that cock into meeeeeeeeeee!"

    Grabbing Erica's wrists, I pulled her arms behind her back and jerked her backward causing my cock to thud hard into the bottom of her hole on every thrust. Her tits swung back and forth every time my cock rammed against her cervix. She came in hard, in less than a minute.

    "Ohhhhhh my god.... aahhhh gawd damn! You're fucking the shit out of meeee... aaaahhh.... uunnghhh... cumming... oohhh fuckkk meeeeeeeeee!" she shrieked as her vagina convulsed around my dick in hard spasms.

    I didn't slow down at all. Again and again, I drove myself into her erupting hole. Saliva dripped from her wide open mouth as she grunted and came again. For 20 years, I hadn't been able to tell if Janice was having an orgasm or not. With Erica, there was no doubt in hell that she was shuddering in near continuous orgasms. Her pussy was contracting and throbbing around my shaft every time I plunged into her depths.

    "Ooohhh god... what a cock! What a stud! Fuck that big dick into me, Duncan... aaaahhhh.. shit.... I'm cumming again... uuhnnghhh!!"

    Now it was my turn to moan. "I can't wait much longer, Erica. Can I put it in your ass now?"

    "Oh Honey," she gasped, "you don't need to ask me. You're in charge. Your cock goes into any of my hot holes you want to use... Just tell me to open my ass for your big dick, Duncan."

    "Open your ass, Erica. I'm going to fuck you there!"

    "Oh yesss... you're going to fuck that huge dick into my ass... do it, Lover. Put it in!!"

    With Carl's lubricating semen filling her rectum and having already been stretched by his dick, my entire length entered Erica's anus easily. "Oh yes!" she moaned. "You're no longer an anal virgin, Lover. You're fucking me in my asshole, Honey. Use me... shoot me full of your big load."

    Even after my son had fucked her ass, she was still so tight, and it was so erotic, that I didn't last more than a few minutes before my balls erupted and filled Erica's rectum with another big cum load, her second of the night.

    I not only lost my anal virginity that night, but for the first time in my life,
    I had the exquisite pleasure of feeling a hot, beautiful woman
    having hard orgasms on my cock.


    I assumed that my late night sex with Erica was a one-time, never-to-be-repeated thing, but I was very mistaken in that assumption, which both delighted me and scared me to death at the same time. Carl and Erica stayed with us for four days before they had to return for Carl to start his new job as a junior engineer with a moderate-sized corporation in Missouri. Erica and I found a way to fuck every day of their stay.

    The morning after our late night sex in the utility room, I was nervous as a cat, but Erica acted as if nothing unusual had happened. She was friendly and chatted with Janice. I even noticed the two of them laughing at some secret joke several times. Carl was oblivious to every thing. He was either clueless about the fiery hot libido of his fiancé or he had a promising career as an actor.

    The second morning, I was at in my office at my architectural firm considering the layout of a new home I had been commissioned to design, when my secretary's light flashed on my desk. Picking it up, I said, "What is it, Denise?"

    "There's an Erica Larsen here to see you, Mr. Mannix."

    "Oh yes. That's my soon-to-be daughter-in-law. Send her in, Denise."

    "Certainly, Sir. And congratulations."

    When Erica entered my office, my cock began to harden immediately. She wore a simple blue dress with white heels, Although attractive on her voluptuous figure, it was not erotic or obscene. If I had known she was naked beneath the dress, I would probably have ejaculated in my pants.

    She looked around at the plush and beautifully decorated interior and smiled. "Wow! Now THIS is an office!"

    "Thank you. It is an enjoyable place to work."

    Without a moment's hesitation, she walked around my desk and kissed me on the mouth. Pulling back, she smiled and gave me a moment to recover, then she kissed me again, this time much harder. Her large tits mashed forcefully against my chest as her hand explored up and down the length of now rapidly growing penis. "God," she whispered hotly, "you get hard so damn fast. I love it. Have you ever fucked anyone on this desk?"

    I said "no" and shook my head which brought, "Good! I was really hoping to be the first to get your cock on your office desk. Come on, Hurry. Get naked and fuck me."

    Erica quickly pulled the bodice of her dress down allowing both 34DD tits to surge out. She hadn't worn a bra. Mounting my desk, she leaned forward to let me cup and caress her perfect tits. "Like them?" she asked.

    "I love them!"

    "They're almost as big as your wife's."

    "They are, but they belong to a far more sensuous and exotic woman."

    "Mmmmmm... I'm glad you think so. How about my cunt? Do you like my wet pussy,” she half whispered as she jerked her dress up around her hips letting me see that she had not worn any panties.

    “Oh fuck yes! You have no idea how many times I’ve fantasized about being with a woman who was naked under her dress.”

    Erica ran her tongue over her top lip as she frantically pulled at my clothes flipping open buttons, jerking my belt open, and helping me pull down my pants.

    “Do you want me like this… tits out… dress up around my waist wearing my heels, or would you rather I be totally naked for you, Lover?”

    “Like this! I love it!”

    “I thought so. Carl usually wants me naked, but I just knew you would prefer me hot and slutty like this. Hurry! I need your dick inside me now!"

    Erica laid back on top of my desk and spread her legs. I lifted her left leg and held it to the side to completely expose her pussy. I stared at it amazed at how hard just seeing it made my cock. Her hand sought out my throbbing cock and closed around it.

    "Oh yes... so fucking hard! I think you like my cunt even though I didn't want to take the time to shave it this morning. I just couldn't wait to feel you inside me again."

    I throbbed and jerked in her hand at her words. "Oooohhh fuck... it's getting even bigger. It feels like an iron rebar in my hand... except it's warm and hot and jerking like a powerful snake."

    "Janice never calls it her cunt. She uses words like 'twat', 'vagina', or at most, 'pussy'."

    "Little girls have twats, Honey. Gynecologists examine vaginas, and proper, conservative women have pussies. Hot, wet sluts like me have cunts. Put your big cock up my cunt now, Duncan. Fuck me hard."

    As I moved to the edge of my desk, Erica guided me into her cunt. She was wet and slick allowing me enter her easily. Snapping my hips forward, I gave her six inches. She bit her lip to keep from screaming and hunched her ass against me.

    "Ooooohhhhh.... you're in meeeee! You're fucking me, Duncan, with your hard cock. Give it to me... give it to me... give it to me.... aaahhhhhhhhhh!"

    I was stunned. I had only pumped her a few times and she was already thrashing on my desk in the throes of an intense climax.

    "Ooohhh OOoohhh... OOoohhh... fuck it... fuck it... fuck it... fuck it... cumming...aaahhh...shit.. fuck me!"

    I screwed Erica through two more climaxes, each one causing her body to shudder and shake, before I felt my own orgasm rapidly approaching.

    "Oh yes. You're about to shoot off inside me. I can feel your big sex gun throbbing and jerking inside my cunt, Lover. Yesss!!" She pulled my head downward until her mouth was next to my ear. Her words alone were enough to make my cock explode. "Shoot my cunt with your sex gun, Lover. Shoot all those hot cum bullets into me!"

    I didn't stop throbbing inside her for over a minute.

    I thought we were done, but I still hadn't realized how powerful Erica's sex drive was. She sucked my cock again until I was hard, which wasn't more than ten minutes. Then she had me lie on my desk while she rode me cowgirl.

    It seemed to me like Erica was having repeated orgasms as she drove her pussy up and down my rod like an out-of-control fucking machine. When she felt my dick again jerking inside her, she hissed, "Don't shoot off yet. Let me turn around so you can see your cock going in and out of my cunt."

    Dismounting, she turned her back toward me and once more straddled my hips and impaled herself on my sex spike. At first she leaned back against me and rammed herself onto my cock.

    She came again. When she felt me beginning to jerk and swell, she hissed, "I'm going to lean forward, Honey, so you can see your big cock going in and out of me. Watch it make me cum and then shoot it in me."

    The sight of my dick sliding in and out of Erica was even more sensuous and mind-blowingly erotic than I had imagined it would be. I didn't last a minute once I saw that.

    My office was beautifully designed and decorated, but the visual memory of seeing
    Erica on my desk with her legs wide open and the feeling of her cunt around
    my cock made the room ten times nicer.


    The third day, I was taking a shower before dinner when the door was suddenly opened and a naked Erica stepped inside with me. I fucked her as she bent over and held onto the hot and cold water knobs of the bath tub.

    Carl and Erica was leaving right after breakfast on the fourth day, so I was positive that there would be no further hot interludes between us, but once again this incredible woman surprised me. Carl was loading their luggage into the car while he and Janice chatted. Suddenly, Erica shouted, "Oh shit! I forgot to pack the clothes I bought at the mall yesterday. It'll just take five minutes. Duncan, be a dear and carry my suitcase upstairs for me, will you?"

    "No problem," I replied as I followed her swinging ass up the stairs. As soon as we were inside the guest bedroom, she locked the door, jerked her skirt up around her waist revealing the fact that she wore no panties, and got into doggie position on the bed. "Hurry, Duncan. We only have about five minutes. Fuck me fast and hard!"

    There wasn't time to remove my pants, so I just opened them, jerked down my briefs, and nailed my semi-hard cock into her waiting cunt. After a couple of strokes, I was hard as iron and fucking Erica like a jack hammer. She was clutching the bed covers convulsively as her hole contracted around my shaft in her first orgasm. She had climaxed in less than two minutes. It took me almost five minutes to empty my balls into her. She came a second time as I was shooting in my load.

    Carl and Erica:

    Two years after beginning his initial job as a professional mechanical engineer, it became obvious to the management and to me that Carl Mannix was as highly skilled and creative in his profession as I was in mine. His management, like mine, promoted him and gave him significant salary increases in a effort to hold on to his skills and talents, but they failed as did my original architectural firm.

    It was around 8 PM one evening when Carl called Janice and me to give us the good news. A major corporation had offered him a position at twice his salary and more than twice his present responsibility. Of course, he had accepted, and we conveyed our heartfelt congratulations to our son for a job superbly well done.

    "That's not all," he announced. My new firm is located Dallas, just like Dad's firm. So, we'll be moving soon and will be able to visit and enjoy each other's company much more often. I had been enormously pleased with my son's success in his profession, and Janice was equally pleased with the fact that she would now be able to see her son and daughter-in-law much more often.

    "Put Erica on the line," Janice had asked Carl. When Erica answered, Janice gushed, "I can't believe you're going to be living in Dallas! I hope you're as pleased as I am."

    "I'm am! In fact, you wouldn't believe how really pleased I am to moving to your city." I was smiling to myself as Janice continued to discuss future plans with Erica.

    Suddenly a thought occurred to me. "Ask Erica when they will be moving here?" It turned out that they had the conversation on speaker just as we did because Erica answered my question immediately. "Carl has to finish a project here, so it will be about six months."

    That was plenty of time, I thought. "Is Carl still within hearing distance of the phone?" I asked.

    "Yeah. I'm right beside Erica, Dad."

    "Good. Now Janice and I haven't really given the two of you a proper wedding gift. I know... I know, we gave you an all-expenses paid honeymoon to Hawaii, but we want to do something more lasting for both of you... something that you will treasure all your lives and something that will remind you of us when we're gone."

    "And what might that be, Dad?" Erica asked. She only called me "Dad" when others were around. When they weren't, it was either Duncan, Lover, Honey, or Big-dicked Stud. Of course, I had always had a preference for the last one.

    "I've got a pretty good reputation as a designer of quality homes, and I have the best construction firms in the business on call."

    "Pretty good reputation? That's putting rather mildly, Dad. Billionaires kill each other trying to secure your services to design their homes."

    "Well, my son and gorgeous daughter-in-law aren't going to have to kill anyone. They're not even going to have to pay me anything. Janice and I want to give you the home of your dreams. I'll design it to your specifications and have it built by the best in the business. It will be our wedding gift to you both. I'll send you my standard check list of items to which I need answers before beginning the design. Just tell me what you dream about, and I'll make your dreams come true."

    After a lot of excited conversation between Janice, Carl, and Erica while I relaxed and just listened, Erica got everyone's attention and said, "We'll fill out your check list as fully as we can, Dad, but even if we miss some details, I'm sure you'll give me exactly what I want."

    Janice beamed, Carl applauded, and I got hard.


    Carl and Erica moved to Dallas right on schedule. It was just one day short of being exactly six months since their phone call informing us about the new position and their move to our city. During the previous six months, Erica had either made the long drive or flown to Dallas several times to make various arrangements and to check on the construction progress and design of their new home. Of course, she did all those things but on each of her trips, we managed to make love or fuck at least once a day. On some days, we were lucky and managed to do it twice. Once, when Janice was out of town, we spent the night together in our master bedroom doing essentially nothing but sex play and screwing.

    The home was completely finished a week before the moving van arrived with their worldly possessions. Janice and I were both on hand and that night, we hosted a huge combination house warming and welcoming party for the two of them.

    The home was a supreme masterpiece, even if I do say so myself. With 8,000 square feet of well-designed and masterfully decorated living space plus a three-car garage, a full basement, sauna, recreation room, and swimming pool, the home itself would have hit the market at over two million. As a Mannix-designed home, it would have been impossible to touch it for less than 2.5 million and would have probably sold closer to $2.7 million.

    Needless to say, Carl and Erica were both overwhelmed and elated. Carl, however, struck a sour note when he noted, "I don't think I'll be able to make enough money to pay the property taxes on this home."

    "Don't worry, Carl. The assessor wants me to design a home for him, and I suggested that could be arranged for some consideration in the assessed value of the home. The extra value added by the Mannix name doesn't count in the assessed value, and I'm pretty sure that Jack will cut you a break. In any event, you would have probably bought a $350,000 home and paid the property taxes on that. Janice and I will make up the difference as part of the gift."


    Duncan was right about my being elated with our new home. It was out-of-this world gorgeous, but what I really liked most about living in Dallas was the added opportunities it gave me to see Duncan. "Christ, but that man really knows how to ring my bell," I thought as worked on dinner for Carl and me. "I just can stop cumming when he fucks me. Janice obviously needs psychiatric help. If I had that man, he'd have to fight to get out my bed in the morning." I realized with a shock that I had my hand under my dress rubbing my clit.

    The best part was that Duncan was just as wild over me as I was over him. Even at 45, he had no problems screwing me repeatedly. On the very few times we had been able to spend the night together without worrying about our spouses, that hot stud had fucked me six or seven times, and I had probably had 25 to 30 orgasms. It was hard to count as they came one on top of another.

    Unfortunately, I knew and so did Duncan that we had to be very, very careful. The problem was mostly Carl as Janice never seemed to want much in the way of sex. Carl wasn't suspicious, but he did want sex four or five times a week and that significantly limited the opportunities that Duncan and I had. Basically, we managed to see each other for sex about twice a month. I would have preferred every day, but twice a month was a lot more than I was enjoying when we lived in Missouri.

    After six months in Dallas, I noticed a small but definite change in Carl's libido. Instead of wanting to fuck me four or five times a week, it had decreased to three or four. After another month, it was down to one or two. When I asked Carl about it, he said it was just the stress of his new responsibilities that kept him tired all the time.

    At first, I thought he was cheating on me. I had to laugh to myself when that thought first entered my mind since Duncan had been banging me regularly for almost two years. Nevertheless, I didn't think it was the same thing. I wasn't denying Carl any sex. I was ready anytime he wanted, and I had powerful orgasms when he fucked me. He, on the other hand, was greatly reducing the amount of sex I was getting from him.

    For two weeks, I carefully checked on my husband to see if he was screwing some other woman or women, but after all my checking, it was obvious that he wasn't playing around. Then things got much worse.

    I had prepared a candlelight dinner with romantic music and an excellent wine. I had also worn a teddy that didn't even conceal my nipples, thigh-high fishnet stockings, and five-inch platform heels... no bra... no panties. The teddy didn't cover my ass and my freshly shaved pussy was on display. After dinner, I got Carl out on our deck where I had placed a mattress earlier and told him I wanted to be fucked outside where any randy guy with a pair of binoculars would have a first-class porno show.

    Every thing went as planned until Carl and I were on the mattress engaging in some really hot foreplay. We were in a 69 position, and he was doing a really good job of eating my pussy. I had already had one orgasm and was well on my way to my second one, when suddenly Carl lost his erection! It wasn't a gradual decrease. It was there one second and gone the next. I worked for almost 15 minutes trying to get him hard again, but it was useless. After 15 minutes of getting no where, he pushed me off his now totally flaccid cock and moaned, "It's hopeless. I can't get it up." His voice sounded like he was about to cry.

    Naturally, I thought it was something I had done... or had failed to do. When I asked, he got angry and told me it wasn't my fault... it just happened. Ten minutes later, Carl went off to bed and wouldn't speak to me about it.

    That was the start of Carl's problem. Over the following weeks, it got worse and worse until he became essentially impotent at age 25. We consulted internists and urologists who prescribed a regimen of cialis and viagra, which Carl took religiously but it didn't help. Nothing changed when we switched to levitra.

    I asked every doctor why Carl couldn't get an erection with any of these drugs, and the answer was always the same... the drugs just increase the ease of blood flow into the penis and thereby the ease of obtaining an erection. To make the blood flow into the penis, sexual stimulation was necessary. Without it, none of the drugs could produce an erection. That news was a severe shock to my ego... I wasn't able to sufficiently excite my husband, even with viagra and other drugs, to get his dick hard.

    We also consulted a psychiatrist who diagnosed some severe early childhood trauma that had worked its way out from its deep hiding place in Carl's subconscious and was now creating havoc with his libido. His recommended solution was years of psychoanalysis. Of course, these years of costly analysis came with no guarantee of success. The only guarantee was a gigantic medical bill not covered by insurance.

    Duncan was a tower of strength for me during this period. Don't only did he take care of my raging sexual needs, which my husband could no longer do, he also encouraged me to keep trying... that at Carl's age, it had to be temporary. We just needed to find a solution.

    Finally, we consulted a sex therapist. She was a sexy woman, about 37, who wore short skirts, thigh-high stockings, and four-inch heels. Obviously, she was trying to use her sensuality to put some starch back into Carl's shaft. It didn't bother me a bit. In fact, I found myself hoping that he would get hard as stone and throw the sexy bitch onto the floor and fuck her ass off right in front of me. But it didn't happen.

    The therapist did give me one piece of advice that eventually proved useful. "You need to find something that really turns your husband on... some hidden, powerful fantasy that would change him from an impotent eunuch into a raging sexual tiger," she had suggested. The problem was I had tried all the usual female tricks and nothing had worked. I obviously needed to try something more drastic, but I had no idea what that something might be.


    It had been a week since the last time Duncan had fucked me, and with no sex from Carl, I was having trouble keeping my fingers off my clit and out of my pussy. What I needed was a thick, hard cock in my cunt, and the one I wanted was inside Duncan's pants.

    My hands were actually shaking as I quick dialed Duncan's cell phone. I breathed a sigh of relief when he picked up after the first ring.

    "Hi, Erica," he answered, his voice making it clear that he was delighted to get my call.

    "Can you talk?" I whispered.

    "I'm in my office... total privacy. What's up?"

    "I'm hoping that you are. I need you... badly... in me. I haven't been laid since the last time you took care of me. Can you get away?"

    "No problem. Do you know where the Brentwood Estates are?"

    "Yes. Why?"

    "I'll meet you there in 15 minutes. Drive to the back ... Building K. Park in the garage marked 124 and 125, either one will do. I'll either be there waiting for you or will get there shortly after you arrive. If it's the latter, wait for me in your car."

    "Oh this sounds mysterious and erotic, Lover. Any other instructions for me?"

    "Of course. Don't wear any panties."

    "Want me to go commando?"

    "No bra or panties?"

    "You got it."

    "Not yet, but I hope to get it in about 15 minutes or so. See you there."


    Duncan had arrived before I did. I knew he would. He would never make a woman wait for him. His car was parked in slot 124, and he was leaning against his car waiting for me to park beside him in slot 125. After parking, I sat behind the wheel for a moment hoping my lover would like what I was wearing. Duncan's face broke into a mixture of a pleased smile and leering grin when he saw me dressed in a hot, red halter, a pair of ultra-short cut-off, denim jeans, and knee-high black boots with three-inch heels.

    "Interested in a date, Mister?" I asked in my best hooker voice.

    "How much?" he teased.

    "If you have to ask, you can't afford it, Honey."

    "Try me."

    Dropping the hooker voice, I replied, "You have to promise never to leave me."

    "I promise... truly and sincerely."

    "Then I'm all yours, my Love, but why are we here?"

    "Come with me, Gorgeous."

    I followed Duncan out of the garage. He stopped briefly to activate the door opener shutting up the two-car garage. Walking a few more steps to a door bearing the engraved symbol, K-1, he unlocked the door, scooped me up in his arms and carried me over the threshold.

    The inside of the condo was beautifully furnished. "Did you rent this just for this afternoon?" I asked.

    "Nope. I bought it for us. Both of our names are on the deed. It's our secret love nest, Erica. Here are your keys to the garage and front door, this is the electronic door opener for the garage, and here's your copy of the deed."

    "Oh my god! Our very own place!" The next instant, I had Duncan locked in my arms with my lips crushed against his and my tongue deep inside his mouth as I worked my hungry pussy up and down his already hard cock. "Oh Lover! You have no idea how many times I'm going to fuck you in this gorgeous condo.... starting right now!"

    "Not yet. First, I want to make sure you came commando, like you promised."

    "What If I didn't? You can't kick me out. I'm a joint owner of this hot love nest."

    "You're right. I can't kick you out, but I can spank your sexy ass until it turns a bright red."

    "Ooohh damn! That really makes me wish I had worn a bra or panties. Would your really spank me hard, Lover?"

    "How hard would I have to spank you to make you cum?"

    "Right now... not very hard. I'm so hot, I feel like my cunt and clit are on fire."

    "Then that's how hard I would spank you... until you cum."

    "Oh fuck... that's so erotic and hot. Promise me you'll do that soon."

    "Count on it. Now are you wearing panties or not?"

    Grinning, I turned my back toward Duncan and bent over thrusting my ass outward. The position caused my already short shorts to ride high on my ass cheeks and sink into my slit. "Does it look like I'm wearing any panties, Honey?" I asked as I wiggled my butt at him. The shorts rode so high on my ass, there was no way I could be wearing panties without them being on display.

    "Ok. No panties. What about a bra under that halter?"

    Turning to face him while still standing in the doorway, I pulled the halter down and said, "See, no bra. Nothing but my big tits."

    Without another word, Duncan led me to a lounge chair, sat down, and pulled me onto his lap. For the next 15 minutes, he showed me how a consummate lover treats a woman's tits. His hands were all over my 36D's... squeezing them until I gasped and then caressing them softly as if they might break.

    His lips closed over first one nipple and then the other. I had thought my nipples were already hard with excitement when I first arrived, but now they were swollen, red, distended, throbbing, and soooo sensitive. Each one was sucked hard and long until they were engorged with blood, red and hard. When Duncan's mouth moved off one nipple to the other, his fingers replaced his lips on the vacated nipple... twisting it... squeezing it... tugging it outward until it was pulsing deliciously with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

    As I thrashed and writhed on Duncan's lap, his iron-hard, rigid shaft pressed urgently against my ass and whenever I spread my legs, against my pussy. When both of his hands circled my tits... squeezing and releasing.... squeezing and releasing... while his lips moved from one nipple to the next... sucking, licking, biting... I had my first ever orgasm from just breast play. My shoulders jerked backward forcing both tits against his hands and lips. At the same time, my ass arched off his lap and pumped the air with each spasm that ripped through my throbbing clit and pussy.

    "OOohhhh god.... damn! AAAGGGAAAAAA... UUNNGHHH... OOOHHHH FUCKKKK!"

    "You're cumming," Duncan said, amazed.

    "Yesssssssss... hard.... Don't stop!" His erotic breast play continued until my orgasm ebbed. Panting, I moaned, "Fuck me now, Lover. Please fuck me!"

    "You have to earn your fucking, Erica."

    "Oh yes... how do I earn it... please... how do I earn it?"

    "By cumming 20 or 30 times in the next half hour." I began to shake when I heard those words. My body shook even harder when Duncan pulled off my halter and then stripped off my shorts leaving me naked except for my black boots.

    The next 30 minutes were beyond description. Duncan positioned me on the lounge chair with my legs over the arm rests. "Open your cunt," he commanded. My fingers had my lips parted for him as fast as I could do it. Then, his mouth was on my clit. Some of his fingers were inside my cunt, curled upward and working over my G-spot. The fingers of his other hand were on my ass... caressing it... then they were inside my rectum... ass fucking me.

    I came. Minutes later, I came again... this time even harder. I felt my body being pulled forward so that my ass hung over the edge of the chair. One orgasm after another convulsed my pussy and clit as both of my sex holes were entered, probed, and screwed while my clitoris was sucked hard and licked at the same time. Juices seeped from my pussy... then spurted furiously when Duncan rubbed my clit hard and fast forcing me to explode in still another orgasm.

    After 30 minutes, my body felt like it was nothing but a huge, quivering pussy and engorged clit. No matter where Duncan's fingers touched me, I groaned, shuddered, and shook in another climax.

    "Now, I'm going to fuck you, Erica," he announced. Just those words were almost enough to make me cum again. Pulling me out of the chair, Duncan lowered my body to the floor and moved behind me in spoon position. "Lift your leg. Open your cunt for me!" I obeyed instantly, and as soon as my leg was high in the air giving him access to my eager vagina, his thick, iron-hard 7-plus inch dick slammed into me. I came instantly... screaming and yowling as Duncan fucked me furiously.

    Reaching around my hip, his fingers sought and found my swollen, erect clitoris. Every time he filled my vagina with his dick, his fingers worked up and down my clit, almost as if he were jacking off a small cock. With his cock raking over my G-spot every time he entered me and his fingers stroking my clitoris, my climax shook my entire body.

    Duncan didn't even pause. He fucked me like a wild bull right through my climax causing my body to surge into another orgasm before the previous one had finished. I was shaking with intense pleasure when he groaned in my ear, "I'm gonna cum, Erica."

    "Yesss... Oooohhhh yesss.... cum in meeeeeeeeeeee!" I heard myself screaming. When his sex gun fired off inside me, filling my hole with his load, I came again.

    It was easily the most erotic, fantastic sexual experience of my life. My hot lover
    made me explode in dozens of orgasms… one after the other. My cunt and clit
    wouldn’t stop throbbing, and I couldn’t stop squirting.

    Duncan kept his cock socked into my pussy for at least ten minutes after we had both climaxed. When I felt him beginning to get hard again, I moved away leaving his wet shaft jerking in the air.

    "Why did you do that, Erica. I was almost ready to fuck you again," he complained.

    I had to laugh. "Jezz... what a satyr! You just screwed me without a pause for the last hour. Let's take a rest while I fix us a light lunch. That will give me chance to talk to you about Carl's impotence. After we've eaten and talked, I'm going to ride your big sex spike until you scream for mercy. But right now, I need to clean my lover's tool like a good slut."

    I spent five minutes sucking and licking Duncan's cock until he was getting close to an orgasm. At that point I stopped saying, "I think that's clean enough. Help me in the kitchen, Honey." After protesting and moaning for an appropriate length of time, he followed me into the kitchen, presumably to help me, but I knew he was much more interested in watching my swinging and undulating ass than in helping me fix lunch. I wouldn't have had it any other way.


    After spending 15 or 20 minutes bringing Duncan up to date on Carl's condition, I told him what the sex therapist had said. "She said I needed to do something that would really excite Carl... really turn him on, like some hidden, powerful fantasy. The problem I'm having is that I've already tried every seductive trick in the book, and none of them works. Have you got any ideas, Honey?"

    "I've been thinking about it a lot, and the answer is that I do have a couple of ideas that might just get him hard. The thing to understand is that since the doctors have essentially eliminated any physical reason for Carl's impotence, the problem has to be mental. That's hard for a woman to understand since the major sex organs for a woman are her vagina and her clitoris. But for a man, the most important sex organ is his brain, not his penis. Screw up a guy's brain, and his penis won't work, viagra or no viagra. Understand?"

    "Sort of. But what would screw up Carl's brain like that?"

    "I just guessing here, but I think at first it was a combination of the stress of all his new work responsibilities, moving into a new home, and the natural fact that after three years of fucking the same woman, it wasn't as exciting as it was at the start. Remember the first time it happened... you had set up an incredibly erotic evening... you were dressed in that awesome teddy, thigh-high stockings, 5-inch CFM heels, no bra and no panties. You were obviously expecting an all night fucking performance from Carl. But with all the stress and his worries about not be able to satisfy such a beautiful, lusty woman, his brain shut every thing down, he lost his erection, and with it, his confidence."

    "But that was just one time," I protested.

    "True, but it built. A few days later, he lost it while he was actually fucking you. The more it happened, the less confidence he had. Now, he has none, and unless he regains it, he's not going to be able to perform sexually."

    "Ok, so we understand why it happened. How do I... we... fix it?"

    "Simple. We find something that gets Carl hard as iron so that he can give it to you like a wild bull. After that, he'll be fine."

    "Yeah. All very simple, but what's the something?"

    "Don't know, but I have two ideas that might work. The first one is for you to have a complete make over... hair color change, contact lens to change your eye color, new wardrobe Carl's never seen before. You make him think he's out with a new, blazingly hot woman. Men often get iron-hard over a new pussy. You've just got to be that "new, wet, hot pussy, Erica."

    "It's worth trying, and if it works, I'm sure I'll enjoy it." We both laughed over that thought. "What's the second idea?"

    "When you go out as the new, hot woman, if you see that it's not working, let him see you making out with other men... apologize later... say you were too hot to stop... some men are incredibly turned on by watching their wife making out with another man. Might not work, but it's a chance."

    "How far should I go with another man or men?"

    "The first time, if it seems to be working, don't go all the way. Leave something in reserve so you can increase the eroticism the next few times you and Carl go out. If you see it's not working at all, go as far as you like. It won't make much difference as far as curing Carl's problem is concerned."

    "Well, I don't know if it will get Carl's dick hard, but thinking about it certainly has my pussy wet and ready again. Are you ready to be ridden, Honey?"

    "Let's try out the bedroom this time."


    My plan was a complete redo of my appearance so that Carl would feel like he was out with a totally different woman... a woman who was openly hot and slutty. While my husband was playing his usual 18 holes of golf with his friends at his corporation, I was in the beauty salon having my hair dyed black. I also had a very dark eyeliner and mascara applied, my nails colored a dark purple, and got contact lens from the optometrist to change my eye color to a dark brown. When I looked in the mirror, a sultry, black-haired vixen stared back at me. I hardly recognized myself.

    Next, I visited Victoria's and spent some time talking a sales lady explaining the look I wanted. When I finished, Ellen grinned at me and said, "We can handle all of that, Honey. Truthfully, I really doubt that this is for your husband, but whoever it's for, he's a lucky man."

    Over the next hour, I selected an ultra-short micro-mini skirt that just barely covered my ass by an inch. The blouse I picked out was almost a black negligee. It had a deep "U" shaped bodice with the bottom of the "U" below the bottom of my tits. The sides of the "U" just barely managed to cover my nipples, which were easily visible through the thin, almost transparent, material. Beneath the flimsy top, I was naked. I thought about not wearing panties but frankly, I was afraid I would be arrested if I did that. So, I settled for a thin black thong that matched my blouse except that it was transparent. For stockings, I selected black, thigh-high, self-supporting fishnets, and I completed my outfit with a pair of white, platform sandals with ankle straps and five-inch stiletto heels.

    When I had everything on, Ellen and I were looking at my reflection in a full length mirror. She shook her head and said, "My god, Erica. The guy's gonna shoot off in his pants more than once before he even gets you in bed." My thoughts were more pessimistic. "I hope she's right," I thought. "If this doesn't get Carl hard, I don't know what to try next."


    The club was a popular pick-up spot for men and women looking to hook up for an evening of hot sex. As I had been warned by two of my female friends, the men outnumbered the women by almost three to one. Consequently, every woman present was being hit on whether they were with their husband or boyfriend or not. The only thing that kept fights from breaking out was the club rule that "no" means "no", and every man present had to respect it or they were barred from the club for long periods of time.

    When I had come out of my bedroom earlier in the evening ready for my hot date with my husband, he was stunned by my appearance and how hot I looked.

    "My god, Erica, if I didn't know it was you, I would think that I was going out with a different woman."

    "You are, Lover. You're cheating on your wife tonight. Does the thought of cheating on her with a slut like me bother you, Honey?"

    "I love you, Erica, and I love what you're trying to do, but it's not going to work. I wish it would, but we've tried and tried. It's pretty much hopeless."

    "Like hell it's hopeless. Come on. Let's go party, Stud."

    Now that we were inside the club, every man in the place was checking me out. I could feel and smell the intensity of their lust. Everyone of them wanted to fuck me... hard and multiple times. A lot of them were hot looking guys that I knew would be good in bed. The thought of them sinking their rigid cocks into me had me as hot as they were.

    After we placed our drink order, I essentially dragged Carl out onto the dance floor. Virtually every song at the club was a slow one so the men could dirty dance with the women. Instead of putting my arms around Carl's back or around his neck, I had my hands on his buttocks pulling him hard against my mound, which I continued to undulate erotically against his dick throughout the entire dance. However, Carl's penis remained totally flaccid.

    When the next dance began, I tried a different approach. "Feel my big tits, Lover," I whispered hotly in his ear.

    "Everyone's watching us... at least, everyone's watching you."

    "Good. Let them see my husband playing with my tits. Just pull my top aside and you'll have them out. I'm not wearing a bra, Baby. Take out your wife's big tits and let all the men see them."

    Tentatively, Carl's hands moved to my tits. I pulled my shoulders back and shoved them into his hands. "Squeeze them, Stud. AAAhhhh... fuck yes! Heft your wife's big tits so the other men can see how big they are."

    He followed my directions, and now his hands were all over my tits as we swayed to the music and I continued to grind my pussy against his crotch. All around us, men had stopped dancing or had moved closer to the dance floor to get a better view of the exotic slut being felt up openly on the dance floor.

    "All the men are watching, Erica. They can see me playing with your tits," Carl moaned.

    "They can, Baby. And you're getting them all hard. They want what you have. Can't you just feel their envy that you get to feel this hot slut up anyway you want while all they can do is watch and wish. Now pull my top aside. Take out your wife's tits and let all those hot men see what your wife has. Do it!"

    "Oh god," Carl moaned as his fingers hooked into the sides of my bodice and pulled it wide. First my left tit swung free. Then, he pulled the right side away baring my other tit.

    "Cup them!" I hissed. "Squeeze my nipples. Don't block the view. Make sure you show your wife's big tits to everyone."

    "Jesus... they're all looking. All those men are staring at your tits, Erica."

    "No, they're staring at your wife's tits... and you're showing them off... making sure they know that you can play with them, expose them, suck them... anytime you want. Suck my nipples now, Carl. Suck me... both nipples... suck them!"

    Again, my husband followed my orders. First one, then the other nipple was sucked hard and licked. In almost no time, they were both red and swollen, engorged with blood, standing straight out on top of my 36D tits. The public tit play had me so hot that there was no way I could keep my hips still. As Carl sucked on my nipples and cupped, hefted, and squeezed my tits, my ass was hunching against his crotch in hot fuck motions.

    "My god, Erica. Two dozen men are watching you hunching yourself against me."

    "I know. I can't help it. You've got me so hot, I'm on fire. Suck harder, Lover, while I hump against you. Aaaahhhh god... Yes! Now Squeeze my tits, Honey. Make them bulge outward so that my hard nipples stick way out."

    Again, Carl obeyed, and again, the men crowded even closer. Now, even some of the women was watching. I saw several looking right at me licking their top lip with the tip of their tongue. They wanted to lick my pussy as much as the men wanted to fuck it. But more importantly, I could now feel Carl's cock pressing against my mound. He was definitely getting hard!!!

    "When this song ends, Honey, I want you to take me back to our table. I'm going to try to cover my tits, but I want you to jerk my hands away and slap me hard on the ass. Then pull my top wide open to make sure both of my tits are totally exposed. Walk me to the table that way. Keep me exposed. After the drinks arrive, tell me to spread my legs so you can see my panties.... say it loud enough for the people around us to hear you. Understand?"

    "But word gonna spread and everyone of the men here are going to be able to see your naked tits and then your panties."

    "No... they won't see my tits or my panties... they'll see your tits and your panties. They belong to you, Baby. You'll just letting the horny guys enjoy what's yours... always... forever. Show me off, Stud. Show off what you're gonna be sleeping with tonight... my tits... my panties... and later... more and more." Carl's dick was now almost fully erect. I could feel it jerking every time I ground my pussy over it right in front of everyone.

    "Put your hands on my ass now, Honey. Jerk me hard against your cock. Grind it into me while the men watch you dry fucking me."

    Before the song ended, Carl's dick felt rock hard to me. As he led me back to our table with his hand rubbing ass, I said aloud, "Just a minute, Honey. Let me cover up my tits." I started to rearrange my top but I didn't get far. Carl whacked me hard on my left buttock.

    "Did I tell you to cover up your tits, Joanne?" Again he spanked me hard on the other side of my butt. "When I want them covered, I'll tell you."

    "All right, Darling. I'm sorry," I whimpered in best meek voice I could muster.

    "And pull that flimsy top all the way open," he growled.

    "Like this? Is this wide enough?" Both of my breasts were now outside my top jiggling and bouncing as Carl led me to our table. I heard some of the women snickering and giggling. At the same time, I heard the deep groans of the men whose cocks were now so hard they hurt.

    After our drinks had arrived, Carl whispered, "Do you really want me to do this?"

    "I know damn well that you want to see your slutty wife's panties, and I also know that every one of the men watching us want to see them, and I want all of you to see them. Order me to spread, Lover. Show me off... let all those horny guys see what you have that they don't."

    "Are you wearing any panties, Joanne?" he asked in a normal voice. It was as if we had practiced this for months. Carl was really into this hot scene even to the extent of calling me Joanne. Glancing down, I saw the huge bulge of his tented pants. The sight made my pussy gush as I answered his question.

    "Of course, I'm wearing panties."

    "Show me. Spread your legs. Let me see them."

    "But everyone will see."

    "So what. Spread your legs, Joanne. Now."

    I opened my thighs a little. "Is this Ok?"

    "Hell no. You've spread your legs enough to know how to do it. Spread them wide!"

    My cunt throbbed hard at that comment. Hooking my heel over the rung on the bar stool, I spread wide for all the men and for Carl. His dick and I was sure all the others throbbed and jerked in response.

    "Christ. Your panties are transparent," Carl yelled.

    "Not really, Honey. They cover every thing," I protested weakly.

    "The hell they do! If they're not transparent, how come I can see your cunt slit through them? Stand up. Turn around. Let me see the ass."

    I knew perfectly well that my black thong was almost transparent, even more so now that my pussy was seeping fluids and turning my pussy and panties into a virtual swamp. Standing up, I turned my butt toward Carl and leaned over the bar stool to thrust my ass in his direction. "Is my ass Ok, Honey?"

    "If he doesn't think so, I sure as hell do," some unknown man in my audience yelled.

    "I agree with whoever that was. Finish your drink, let's go dance again."

    I had had to drag my husband out onto the dance at the start. Now, he was asking me to dance, and this time, his dick was hard... really hard! Silently, I thanked Duncan for his insight and help. As I downed my drink, I made mental note to set up a date with him at our secret love nest so I could thank him properly. But right now, my resurrected stud wanted me out on the dance floor.

    As soon as I moved into Carl's arms, he had his hands under my short skirt with his hands splayed over my cheeks. Our feet hardly moved, but his hips and my ass were gyrating and grinding together. With my face pressed into the crook of his neck, I whispered, "Ohhhh that feels so good. Grind that cock into my pussy, Honey."

    He humped into me hard. At the same time, the cool air on my nearly naked ass let me know that my skirt had been pulled up around my waist. The men gathered around us like hungry wolves... their pants tented. A soft moan escaped my lips when I felt Carl's fingers sliding sensuously beneath the crotch strap of my thong. Then, his fingers were on my cunt… rubbing it as our tongues touched and his rigid shaft was visibly throbbing inside his tented pants.

    "Put your fingers in my cunt, Lover. Do me... ooohhhh yesssss... like that... just like that." Immediately, my wildly excited husband backed me up against the wall and thrust two fingers into my soaked vagina.

    From the crowd and onlookers, a female voice cried out. "Look at that, Baby. He's finger fucking her cunt now. What a whore! Did you see her rings. She's even married!"

    "Yeah. I noticed," some man replied, "but I got $20 bucks that says she ain't married to him."

    My pussy gushed and Carl's dick throbbed hard inside his pants when we heard those hot comments. "They all want to fuck you," he groaned in my ear.

    "Yess.... they want to ram their hard cocks up your wife's wet cunt, Lover." My husband's dick throbbed even harder when I said it. "You know that if we stay, it won't be long before they ask me to dance. What do you want me to say? Yes or no?"

    As I expected, my husband tried to evade the question by answering with a question. "What do you want to do? Do you want to dance with those men?"

    "Are we dancing, Honey? Our feet are hardly moving. You're playing with my cunt and we're dry fucking each other. That's what the other guys here want to do... that and more."


    "Yes... more. They're going to ask me to go somewhere and fuck."


    "Out to the parking lot probably, or maybe to a back room or a motel. Any place they can get me naked and sink their hard cocks into my pussy, Honey." Carl moaned, and his rigid cock jerked like an enraged python against my pussy. When we left the house two hours before, he couldn't even get it up; now, his dick felt harder than it had ever been.

    Whispering in my ear, his voice almost breaking with his excitement, Carl asked, "Would you let them fuck you?"

    "Do you want me to?"

    "Oh god... I don't know. The thought is incredibly exciting but I don't think so."

    "All right, then I won't fuck them, but there's no way I can possibly keep them from feeling me up, probably finger fucking me." Again, Carl's cock jerked hard against me, not once but several times causing his body to shake and a groan to come from his throat. Even though he hadn't answered my question, I knew what his answer was even if he couldn't bring himself to say it.

    "Let's go back to the table, Honey. When we get there, I'm going to cover up my tits but sit with my legs open. So don't object or say anything, Ok?" Carl nodded as his cock continued to throb against me.

    After we returned to our table, I covered my tits, but kept my hand on Carl's pulsing cock squeezing it gently. Otherwise, I ignored him and let my gaze wander around the club checking out the various men who were watching us. Slowly, I sipped my drink as I let my thighs drift apart. With the tiny skirt up around my hips, I knew my panties were again on display. Whenever a sexy looking guy let me know he was staring right at my pussy, I rewarded him by letting my fingers lightly stroke it.

    I didn't have to wait long before two guys, who had thoroughly checked out my pussy and tits, walked toward our table. "Here they come, Honey. Last chance to say 'no' if you don't want to watch your wife being felt up."

    "Hi. I'm Clark and this handsome guy is Zack." Turning to Carl, Clark said smoothly, "You've got the most gorgeous woman in the club. Every one of us wishes she were with us, but the most we can hope for is a dance or two. Would you mind if we ask her to dance?"

    There it was! The ball was in my husband's court. I knew... I just knew... that this was the solution to his impotence. I held my breath hoping he wouldn't say no. When he nodded and said, "Sure. No problem.", I slowly and silently exhaled a sigh of relief.

    "Great!" Clark almost yelled. Turning to me, he grinned and asked, "How about it, Gorgeous. Can Zack and I have the pleasure of a few dances with you?"

    "Well, that depends," I replied in the most seductive voice I could manage. "Are the two of you going to behave like gentlemen?"

    "Probably not," Zack answered.

    "Good. Then let's go. I'm Joanne, by the way."

    "Pleased to meet you, Joanne," they both responded together. As I walked between the two studs onto the dance floor, they each had a hand on my ass.

    In most night clubs, one man dances with one woman, but here, with the men outnumbering the women three to one, it wasn't unusual to see two men dancing at the same time with one woman. That's the way the three of us danced. As soon as we were out on the dance floor, Clark and Zack quickly sandwiched me between their bodies with Clark in front of me and Zack behind.

    When the first song began, Clark's hands dropped to my ass and pulled my mound hard against his throbbing erection. At the same time, Zack's hands circled my chest and came to rest right on top of my tits. He slotted his erection between Clark's hands and ground it into the crease of my ass. As our feet moved slowly to the music, the two dicks humped me... front and back. Almost unconsciously, my hips began thrusting against them in counterpoint.

    Once again, I felt the cool air on my naked ass cheeks when Clark lifted my skirt up around my hips. Not to be outdone by his friend, Zack quickly had my top open again and both tits out. I couldn't suppress a moan when his fingers began tugging and twisting my already hard nipples.

    "God, you have big tits," he whispered hotly into my ear.

    I moaned my appreciation of his complement and then received another. "I like your hot ass even better than those huge jugs," Clark hissed in my other ear.

    By this time, both cocks were grinding into me with more and more urgency. "MMmmm... your cocks feel so damn hard," I gasped as they thrust against me.

    "That's because they're both hard as stone. All your fault, Joanne. Is your cunt wet?"

    "What do you think?" I shot back.

    "I don't know. Tell me. Is your cunt wet?"

    "Ooohh fuckkk!"

    "That's not an answer. Is your cunt wet?" Clark persisted.

    "OOohhhh.... mmmmmm... feel me. Answer your own question."

    "Sounds like a good idea to me," Clark said. "Check it out, Zack."

    Instantly, one of Zack's hands left my tits and dropped downward to my wet, exposed panties. His fingers slipped inside and felt my swollen clit bringing a hot moan from my lips. Going lower, he swiped them through my sex trench. "Her cunt's like a fucking swamp," he announced. His fingers entered me causing my body to shake.

    "My turn," Clark said. I gasped when Zack pulled out of my vagina and exited my panties. Clark had to move away from me to give himself room to get his hand into my panties. That didn't present much of a problem, and a moment later, his hand had replaced Zack's on my naked cunt. Glancing over at our table, I saw Carl leaning forward, his hand clutching and stroking his cock through his pants, as he watched Clark finger fucking his wife.

    "I would say you're right, Zack. She's a hot, fucking swamp down here."

    "Enough guys," I said firmly. "Stop feeling my pussy and let's dance. You asked me to dance not finger fuck me."

    Once more, the men sandwiched me and did their best to fuck me fore and aft even with all of our clothes still on. Everyone knows what dry fucking on a dance floor is. Carl and I had been doing it for the last hour. Clark and Zack now introduced me to dry-DPing. It was a first for me. It also had my husband so wildly excited, he couldn't stop stroking his cock through his pants. I hoped he wouldn't shoot off. I wanted his load up my pussy.

    The two men continued to hump me through three songs. During the third one, Zack had one hand on my tits and the other one inside my panties where he alternated between rubbing my throbbing clit and finger fucking my seeping pussy. Behind me, Clark now had one, or sometimes two, fingers inside my ass.

    The third song was almost over when I lost it. My body just went rigid for a moment. The two studs knew what was happening and worked feverishly between my legs, on my tits, and inside my ass to bring me off. When my vagina and clitoris went into hard, spastic contractions, there was no possible way I could suppress my moans or stop the wild thrusting of my ass against the probing fingers.

    "She's cumming," Clark growled.

    "Yeah... hard. Her cunt's throbbing like a fucking jack hammer," Zack replied.

    Beside us, one couple had stopped dancing to watch us. "Is she really cumming?" the man asked.

    "Hell yes, she's cumming," his partner replied. "Can't you tell when a woman's cumming?? Jesus! How long have you been out of high school?" she asked sarcastically.

    For over a minute, my body continued to shudder and shake. Even my nipples seemed to swell and pulse. When my orgasm abated, my legs gave out forcing Zack and Clark to support me as I continued to tremble in the aftermath of my intense climax. When I finally regained enough control to support myself, I pulled away from the men, jerked down my skirt, and covered my tits. "Enough guys. I've got to go to the ladies room."

    Before they could protest, I hurried away and made my escape, or so I had thought, into the ladies room. Once inside, I leaned back against the sinks, supporting myself with my hands on the counter. Inside my panties, my vagina continued to twitch and tremble slowly.

    When the door opened and Clark entered, I wasn't surprised even though it was the ladies room. He had to be iron-hard and horny as a convict serving a 10-year sentence. He was wild to fuck me, even if he got arrested for being in the ladies room.

    While staring at me with raging, naked lust, he pulled off his shirt and lowered his pants and briefs to expose his cock. It took my breath away! It was rigid... just steel hard... standing almost straight up with no curve... more like a male sex spike. He was thick... incredibly thick.. and long... god... so fucking long.

    "How big is it?" I gasped.

    "9.5 inches long... two inches thick... more than six inches around. When I put it in your hot cunt, it'll make you cum more times than you can count, Joanne."

    "My husband's waiting at our table... right outside. I can't fuck you," I protested but not too vigorously.

    "You don't have to fuck me, Erica. I'm going to fuck you. Now. Right here. Take off your panties or I'll rip them off, and hubby will know you've been fucked. Take them off." My hands were shaking so hard, I had trouble hooking my fingers in the waistband of my panties, but I managed it.

    "Pull your skirt up so I can see you taking them off," Clark ordered.

    I was too hot ... too far gone to even think about refusing. Jerking my skirt up around my waist, I seductively lowered my panties. When I picked them up off the floor, I bent over at the waist to let Clark see my naked ass. Then, I mounted the counter and spread my legs for him. As he stared at my naked cunt, his huge cock jerked and throbbed. Copies amounts of precum seeped from the tip and formed a narrow cum rope.

    "Ready?" he asked as he moved between my thighs.

    "Stop talking and fuck me!"

    "Like this?" His hips snapped forward.


    “Only half in, Bitch. Here’s some more!”


    “AAAHHH... Tight fuck hole!”

    “Oooohh ooohhhhh.... ooohhhhh... aaahhhhhhh!”

    He pulled back and rammed me again. “Take it, Slut!”

    “Oh god... I’m taking it... It’s going innnn... uunnghhh... taking your big dick, Clark... fuck me!”

    Pumping me several more times, it went in deeper and deeper until I felt his balls slapping against my ass.

    “All in now, you hot whore. Like having that cunt filled with a big dick, Baby?”


    Clark shoved my legs high in the air with my back flat on the counter top. Again and again, he slammed his meat into my hole bringing wild screams from my lips. I came again and then once more before he growled, “Going unload inside that hot fuck hole, Bitch!”

    “Use a condom! Don’t shoot in me! Please! You’ll get me pregnant!!”

    “Forget that shit, Baby. The load goes up that hot cunt! OH SHIT... YES! HERE IT COMES, SLUT. TAKE IT!! UNGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! BREEDING YOU... CUMMING IN YOUR CUNT, BITCH! TAKE IT!”

    Clark’s dick exploded and throbbed inside me again and again. Each time it throbbed, another gush of sperm-filled semen was pumped deep inside my pussy... right up against my womb. As his cock continued to fuck me, I felt his thick load being forced out of my hole and seeping down my ass crack in a thick stream. Of course, I was on the pill, but not telling him that made him screw me even harder.

    “Oh you hot bastard!” I hissed. “You’ve probably gotten me pregnant. So it doesn’t matter any longer. If I can persuade my husband to come back, you can fuck me again and shoot me full of your hot load.”
    Duncan’s idea was an overwhelming success. Carl’s cock was hard as
    steel, and my pussy was filled with a huge load as my
    clitoris continued to throb and pulse.


    As we were leaving the club, Carl couldn’t keep his hands off my ass and tits. He was iron-hard and wild to get his cock into me. Every time I gave him more details, he got hotter and hotter.

    “It looked like they were finger fucking you. Were they?”

    “You saw them with their hands inside my panties, Honey. What do you think?”

    “They were finger fucking you, weren’t they?”

    “Oh hell yes. Zack had two fingers buried in your wife’s cunt the entire second and third songs.”

    “What was Clark doing?”

    “He was finger fucking your wife’s ass, Honey.”

    “Oohhhh god... I feel like I’m gonna cum in my pants I’m so fucking hard. How big were their cocks?”

    “Big... really big. At least as big as you... and they were begging me to go out to the parking lot to their van so they could both fuck me.”

    “Why didn’t you go?”

    “You told me not to let them fuck me, Honey. Remember?”

    “Yes... but you looked so turned on.... so hot... I thought you’d let them fuck you anyway.”

    “Would you have been angry if I had?”

    “No... I would have cum in my pants.”

    “Stop the car! Pull into that empty parking lot... right there... in front of that Best Buy.”


    “So you can fuck your slutty wife. Hurry. I need you in me... fucking me... NOW!!”

    In less than five minutes, Carl had my legs pointing straight up at the ceiling of car. They jerked back and forth every time he rammed his rigid tool into my soaked cunt. I screamed in orgasm as he fucked me like stallion mounted on a mare in heat, which I was.

    Moaning loudly and continuously, Carl gasped, "Your cunt... ooohhhh god... your cunt feels so damn wet... so slick... I LOVE IT!"

    "That's what happens to a woman when she's felt up and finger fucked in her cunt and ass... but your huge cock feels much better... RAM IT, BABY. RAM IT INTO MY WET CUNT... HARD!"

    “I can’t hold it!” he screamed.

    “Don’t hold it. Shoot it. UP MY CUNT... SHOOT IT INTO ME!”

    His cock throbbed hard injecting gush after gush into my hole. “We’re gonna have to have the seats cleaned,” he groaned as his dick throbbed again pumping in even more semen.

    “Who cares! Cream me, Baby. Cream your wife’s hot hole!”

    Carl’s dick remained iron hard even after he had cum. “Let me on top, Stud. I want to fuck my pussy on that big dick.”

    Before we left the parking lot, Carl had cum inside me three times. He was still semi-hard as we drove home, and I never took my mouth off his dick the entire way there.

    After parking the car in our garage, I continued to suck him. He held my head and fucked my mouth like a jack hammer, ramming himself all the way down my throat. I had another climax when his load fired into my stomach.

    We were hugging each other as we entered our bedroom. “Can you fuck me again, Darling?” I asked hopefully.

    “Hell yes! More than once, you sexy slut!”

    “MMMMMmm... I love that,” I moaned as I jacked my legs back and pressed my knees against my tits. “STICK ME, STUD!”

    Carl moved between my thighs and aligned his lance with my gaping, cum-filled opening. Just before he rammed it into me, he stopped with the head of his dick just inside my pussy and asked, “Can we go back to the club tomorrow night?”

    “Whatever you want, Lover.”

    “Will you fuck them tomorrow night?”

    “Whatever you want, Lover.”

    “I want you to fuck them.”

    “How many of them?”

    “I’ll leave that up to you.”

    “Whatever you want, Lover. Whatever you want.” I screamed like a hot whore as Carl’s cock slammed into the bottom of my hole.


    The next night at the club I wore the same slutty outfit. Before Carl and I left, I had fucked six different men while Carl either watched or heard the hot details later.

    It began with me sucking Clark’s dick right at the bar.

    After Clark had gotten off in my mouth, I took a seat at the bar and sucked off Zack. Halfway through, Howard nailed my pussy from behind.

    After that exhibition, the manager told us to take the party to his office. Naturally, he joined in while Carl came in and watched. He had his cock out, and it was gloriously hard as stone.

    Within a couple of minutes after entering the office, Baxter, the manager, had me bent over fucking my ass in doggy position while another stud was in front of me jacking off hoping I would suck his cock.

    After Baxter had cum inside me, Vic had me mounted on his dick in reverse cowgirl position. Carl couldn’t take his eyes off the thick shaft as it slid easily in and out of my thoroughly lubricated ass.

    Once Vic had finished, the men began doing me in twos and threes. I got it in almost every possible position. I sucked one man and jacked off two more.

    Later, I jacked off one man, sucked a second cock, and got fucked by a third one.

    Three men fucked me in the bar. Later three more men screwed in the
    Manager’s office. Carl’s cock got iron hard and stayed that way as I
    was rammed by one man after another and then 2 or 3 at a time.

    Just before we left, Carl was so hard and hot from watching, he told me had to fuck me before we left or he would cum in his pants. He gave it to me in missionary position with my legs high over his back where they jerked erratically back and forth. As he plowed me with his hard cock, the rest of men watched... cheering him on.

    That night, we never got to sleep. Before morning, my insatiable husband had screwed me in every hole six times. I was certain that his impotence problem was solved.

    Janice and Erica:

    It was 3 PM in the afternoon. Duncan and I were in our love nest in bed. I was riding his hard cock cowgirl, taking my time and just slowly sliding my cum-soaked pussy up and down his shaft... teasing him... bringing him right to edge and backing off.

    “You sexy, cockteasing, slut,” he moaned but with a big smile. “Are you ever going to let me cum in that luscious cunt?”

    “You’ve already shot two huge loads into me, Duncan. Don’t be greedy, Baby.”

    “Can’t help being greedy with you, Erica. Hottest woman... aahhhhh god.... squeeze me, Honey... squeeze that pussy on my dick.”

    I stopped, squeezed him a couple of times bringing another moan. “You were saying? Hottest woman... what?”

    “Aaaahhhh ... hottest woman with the most deliciously tight, wet cunt on the planet. I love being with you.”

    “With me or in me, Honey?”

    “Both, but mainly with you. I never feel as good as I do when you’re just in the room with me.”

    That made my pussy throb so hard I couldn’t help but squeeze his big shaft. “Oh you do know what I love to hear, Darling. Can we talk about Carl and something else while I ride your big cock or do you really need to cum?”

    “I love having you ride me, Erica... keep doing it while we talk.”

    “OH Yes!” I moaned as lifted up until just the head of Duncan’s rod was still inside me... then slowly... every so slowly, I took all 7.5 inches back inside my pulsing vagina. We both groaned.

    “Carl is completely cured... no more impotence... thanks to your advice and suggestions. He fucked me three times last night.”

    “Is he still begging you to go back to the club so he can watch again?”

    “Hardly ever stops. Every time he thinks about it, he gets hard. I’ve even tested him... of course, he doesn’t know that.”

    “Tested him? How? aaaahhhh... hot slut... oh fuck... put it back it.”

    “Just a second, Lover. Let me rub that big cock head over my clit. Just a little more and I’ll cummmmm... ahhhhhh yessss... can you feel me, Baby... cumming... throbbing so hard... mmmmmmmmmmmm...”

    “No way I could not feel that, Erica. Your pussy and clit just throb and pulse like a jack hammer when you get off. Just watching almost makes me shoot off.”

    “Not yet, Stud. Not till we talk. Let me put it back inside my pussy... MMMmmmmm... I’m still throbbing... can you feel it, Honey?”

    “Aaaahhhh god!”

    “I’m going to take that as a ‘yes’. OOouuuu yess... your big dick is throbbing... you felt it. MMMmmmmm.”

    “Tell me how you tested him?”

    “I waited until Carl was telling me the details of his current engineering project. He was right in the middle of all the technical details when I asked him who was the administrative head of the project. He said it was his boss, David Grayman. I nodded and told him to go and tell me all about the project.”

    “Can you move your hot pussy a little faster, Honey.”

    “Say please.”

    “Please, Honey. Move that luscious cunt a little faster on my cock.”

    “Whatever you want, Darling... whenever you want it. Is this better?”

    “AAAaahhhhh yessss..”

    “Anyway, David spent another five minutes on all the technical details telling me where all the problems and bottlenecks were before I said, “I’m pretty sure your boss wants to fuck me, Honey. He’s hinted at a promotion for you if I let him fuck me. Would you like for me fuck him, Honey?”


    “And he got hard as stone within 10 seconds, lost all interest in talking about the project, and wanted all the hot details about how Grayman had been hitting on me. And if I wanted to fuck him... and would I fuck him... then he fucked me right there on the couch without even taking the time to get me naked. He just yanked off my panties and rammed his dick into me. We’re going to have to have the couch cleaned.”

    “I would say that test was pretty decisive. I’m getting close. Do it faster, Erica. Are you ready to cum with me?”

    “I always cum with you, Honey. But can you hold it for just a little longer. I want to tell you something.”

    “Ok... but you’ll need to slow down again or I won’t be able to keep from cumming.”

    “Make up your mind, Lover. First you want me to go faster... then slow down. I thought it was supposed to be women who can’t make up their minds,” I giggled.

    “Did anyone ever tell you that you’re a terrible cock tease?”

    “You tell me all the time, and you’re right... It’s a woman’s prerogative to be a cock teasing bitch if she wants to, and there’s no other cock in the world I’d rather tease than yours.”

    “What did you want to tell me?”

    “You never stop doing incredibly nice things for me. You make love to me when I need love... you fuck my ass off when I’m horny and need to be rutted hard. You designed, built, and gave Carl and me our beautiful home. You bought us this wonderful secret love nest. And you just saved my husband from what might have a long, long period of impotence... maybe even the rest of his life.”

    “All those things were a great pleasure for me to do, Erica. There’s no need for you to thank me... besides, I’m the one who should be thanking you. Name one other 45- year old man who gets to make love to a beautiful, gorgeous, hot, sexy, voluptuous 25-year old woman.”

    “Maybe, but I still want to do something really nice for you. You know that I know all about how Janice has never been a real woman for you. How she limits sex... rations it essentially. How you can never tell if she has an orgasm or not... how she never moves during sex... so on and so forth.”

    “I know that you know, but not how you know.”

    “Michele and I are good friends. She told me all about her wonderful father and her ice-cold mother who thinks the way to hold a man is strictly ration sex and always keep him frustrated and hungry for more. The more she told me about how you have stood by her for over 20 years in spite of that had me in love with you before I ever laid eyes on you.

    That first night, I was determined to seduce you. I had seen the lights on in the kitchen when we pulled into the driveway, but they were out when we entered the house. I knew you had to still be in the kitchen and were giving Carl and me privacy so we could go to the bedroom and fuck without worrying about you hearing us. Instead, I fucked him right there on the couch to turn you on. And it worked!”

    “God... that’s so hot. Move your pussy a little faster, Honey. Please.”

    “Promise not to cum if I do?”

    “Can’t ... I’m too close. Better just sit on me without moving.”

    I settled down on Duncan’s hard shaft, burying it up against my womb. His cock throbbed deliciously. “Do you remember the time you and Janice, Wilma and Sam, and Carl and I all went out drinking and dancing?. We had all gone in one car, and when we left the club, Janice was the only one who hadn’t had much to drink so she had to drive. Carl was so drunk, he passed out on the front seat with the rest of us in the back seat. Remember?”

    “How could I possibly forget. You sat on my lap.”

    “MMmmmm... yes I did, and you pulled my skirt up when I sat down on your lap.”

    “The car was dark. I told you to lift your ass.”

    “I did and you took out your cock and pulled my panties aside. When I lowered my ass, your big dick slid all the way into my cunt. I sat on you just like I’m doing now... all the way home. I came three times before you filled my pussy with your big load right there with your wife and my husband a few feet away in the front seat. God that so hot!”

    “If you cum and I feel your pussy throbbing, I’m going to shoot off like a cannon, Erica.”

    “Understood. I’ll try to control myself, but it’s not easy with your huge dick balls deep inside me.”

    “You think it’s easy for me with those gorgeous tits hanging in my face?”

    “Oh fuck! Do you ever know what to say to make my pussy quiver. Anyway, I better hurry and finish or we’ll never be able to hold off. I want to do something really nice for you, and the best thing I can think of is to change your wife’s attitude toward sex so that you have a real woman in your bed even when your not with me.”

    “Sounds wonderful! But how do you plan to work this miracle?”

    “Pretty much the same way you cured Carl’s impotence. Would it make you angry if some other men fucked Janice?”

    Duncan laughed. “I get off on that fantasy as much as Carl does. That’s why I thought of it. But don’t be deceived by her flirty ways. She would never spread her legs for another man. Hell, she will hardly do it for me.”

    “You right. No man can seduce her, but another sexy, teasing woman can. Leave it to me. But right now, I need to cum and so do you. Are you ready to shoot in your hot slut's cunt, Baby?"


    Knowing how much Janice loved to tease and flirt, I didn’t expect it to be a problem to persuade her to have a “girls’ night out” with me, and it wasn’t.

    "Oh that sounds like so much fun," Janice gushed when I suggested we dress hot, go to some clubs, and see how many guys we could get hard. "I love doing that, but I didn't know that you did."

    "I don't know why you didn't. I don't make much of an effort to conceal it. So, we're a go then?"

    "If I can find some excuse for Duncan, and you can get away from Carl for an evening, absolutely!"

    I had to smile to myself at Janice's comment. Since Carl was always anxious for me to go out and do something sexy and then tell him all the hot details, getting away from my husband was not going to be a problem. With Duncan all for my plan, he would be totally cooperative. Of course, I didn't tell Janice any of that.

    Instead, I just said, "Duncan just asked Carl a few days ago if he would be interested in forming a small group of guys who got together weekly to play poker, watch ball games, and talk about women. He's definitely interested, so we can tell our hubbys that if they're going to be doing guy things, you and I are going out shopping, dining, and to chick flicks. Of course, we're not going to be doing any of those silly things. We're going to be getting cocks hard. We can make it at least a once-a-week thing, and maybe even more. Starting next week. Ok?"

    "This just sounds wonderful. I used to flirt with dozens of guys before I got married. I just loved getting them hard and hot, but that pretty much ended once I married Duncan. Not only that, but to keep him interested and hungry, I've always had to be careful to limit sex with him and not let him know how much it excites me. Keep'em hungry, my Mom always told me."

    As I listened to Janice, I became more determined than ever to do something to help my lover. Frankly, I wanted to be with him every night and every morning, but I knew that could never be. So, the next best thing was to change Janice's ridiculous attitude.

    Aloud, I said, "Well, one's thing is certain, we don't have to worry about keeping the guys we turn on hungry. They're just good for a few nights at the most. Then, we'll move on to other hard cocks. So if we decide to do a little more than just tease and get them hard, we don't have worry about keeping them hungry. Right?" Janice nodded with a huge grin on her face.

    "We need to discuss something else, Janice. Whenever women have fun flirting and teasing the men, there's always some chance... maybe small... maybe big... but some chance that we'll get carried away and end up having sex."

    "I guess that's part of the excitement," Janice answered. "So what is it that we need to discuss?"

    "Birth control. I'm on the pill. Are you?"

    I could tell from the surprised look on her face that the answer was 'no'. "Damn. I forgot all about that. Duncan had a vasectomy after Michele was born so I've never had to worry about birth control. I'll start taking the pill, but I can't start until after my next period."

    "When will your next period start?"

    "Should be on Monday, a week from today."

    "That's perfect. The first poker game for the guys is this coming Saturday night. That's just two days before your period begins. No way you'll be fertile then. We can go out Saturday night as planned and you won't have to worry even if you should end up having sex with a guy. Then, two days later your period starts and ends on Friday. You start taking the pill and you're a go for our second girls' night out."

    "I can't really believe that I will actually have sex with another man, but you're right. I'll be perfectly safe even if it does happen.


    As we had both anticipated, Janice had no problems with Duncan when she asked if was ok if the two of us had a girls' night out when he had his get togethers with the guys. He just shrugged and said, "I don't see why not. Sounds like a fun idea, and I know you really like Erica. Is it Ok if I don't wait up for you if the poker party breaks up before you get home?"

    When I told Carl about the plans Janice and I had to have a girls' night out when the guys met to play poker, watch sports, and talk about women, his response was exactly what I thought it would be.

    "That's a good idea, but I doubt that you'll have much fun with my mother along. Why not set it up with one of your friends?"

    "In the first place, Honey, your mother is my friend... a very good friend, in fact, and in the second place, your mother is a gorgeous woman and she's quite the flirt, or haven't you ever noticed those things?"

    "Yeah, I have. MILF pops into the head of every guy who sees her, and she does flirt and tease, sometimes outrageously from Dad's point of view, but that's as far as it ever goes. I don't see how Dad stands it. What do you two plan on doing?"

    "We're going to do some shopping and then have dinner in a good restaurant."

    "You'll be done with that by 9 PM or so. The poker parties will be lasting until after midnight, so what are your plans for the rest of the evening?"

    Using my best conspiratorial voice, I replied, "If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell your Dad."

    "Oh, this is beginning to sound interesting. Tell me."

    "Do you promise not to say a single word to Duncan?"

    "Yeah.. .yeah. I won't say a word. So, what are two planning?"

    "Your mom is going to tell your dad that after dinner, we're going to go some chick flick that guys would hate and after the movie, we're going to stop for our dessert that we didn't eat at dinner time. So if Duncan says anything, you have to back us up on that story... we're at a chick flick and having a late dessert."

    "All right. I never realized my mother and my wife were so devious."

    "We're both women, Honey. Anyway, after dinner, our plan is to go to some after-hours dance clubs, flirt with and tease the men, dance with them, and have a really sexy evening. Remember. You promised. If you tell your Dad, you'll be sleeping in the guest bedroom for a long, long time. Understand?!"

    "I won't tell. I promise. Do you think you'll be fucked during these outings?"

    "Possibly. Would you like that, Baby? Your hot, slutty wife getting screwed while you play poker and watch ball games on TV?"

    'You know the answer to that. God! I'm hard just thinking about it. But what about Mom? It's going to be impossible for you to get laid with her along. I can tell you for certain that she's not going to be interested in watching you fuck some guy. That's why I suggested that you go out with one of your friends instead of my mother."

    "Forget that, Carl. Your mother and I are going to do this together... every time you guys get together, we're going out. And what makes you think that your mother will just be a wet blanket? You said it yourself... every guy thinks she's a MILF. I'm sure you remember what the "F" stands for, Honey."

    "Are you serious? You think that my mother may fuck some guy when the two of you go out?"

    "Possibly. We'll just have to wait and see. But remember, not a word to Duncan... NOT ONE WORD! If he figures out what we're doing because of something you let slip, even unintentionally, you'll be fucking your hand for next six months or maybe even longer, and I'll never tell you about any sex I may have with another man ever again. I mean it."

    "I won't say anything... nothing. I promise! Will you tell me every thing that happens later on?"

    "I don't know."


    "Would it turn you on to hear about your mother being fucked by some young, big-cocked stud?"

    "So much that I'm about to cum in my pants. Let's go to bed. I've just got to fuck you, Erica. Come on!"


    Duncan arranged the for the guys to meet at his house the first time. After that, they would be alternating between our house and his unless one of the other men wanted to host the party. In any case, at least one of our homes would be vacant, and that's where Janice and I planned to meet, change clothes into something hot and sexy, and then head out. Just in case we got home really late after the poker party was over, we each planned to take along a small overnight bag containing a conservative outfit we could put on before going home.

    It was 7 PM, and the two of us were in my bedroom getting ready for our first night out. We had already packed our overnight bags and had our hair, nails, and makeup done that afternoon, so all that was left was to change into our "trolling" outfits.

    "Trolling outfits?" Janice had said when I used the term. "What are we trolling for, Erica?"

    "Men, Janice... young, sexy men to tease and get hard. Hurry up and get dressed."

    For our first night out, I had chosen a very short metallic-colored sheathe that just barely covered my ass. The top plunged all the way to my navel with two panels covering my tits. Although incredibly erotic and slutty, my tits were almost completely covered. There was no way I could wear a bra. I did wear a thong beneath my dress along with the usual pair of sexy four-inch heels. Although my ensemble was sexy, it was not wildly so. I wanted Janice to look hotter and more available than me.

    "How do I look?" I asked as I posed for Janice.

    "Nice, really sexy. I figured you'd wear a micro-mini skirt that just barely covers your ass, and you did. Obviously, you’re not wearing a bra. How about panties?"

    "A thong. I didn't have the nerve to go out naked under this dress," I answered. "Come on, let's see what my competition's going to be tonight."

    Taking a seat on the couch, Janice crossed her legs letting her short dress slide high on her bare thighs. The bright, patterned dress was form-fitting over her huge tits but flared out around her hips. The hemline was mid-thigh, and she had the top two buttons of the dress open. As she moved, the top moved with her and alternately exposed more than half of one breast and moment later over half of the other one.

    "Damn, your tits make me look like a boy. And you're not wearing a bra!"

    "Should I?"

    "No way! You look positively delicious. Are you wearing panties or are you going out commando?"

    "I've got on a really tiny gold thong, but it doesn't matter, does it? No one can see it anyway."

    "Janice, that's something you might reasonably tell a husband who's complaining that you're dressed too sexy... too hot. It's not something that you tell another woman dressed in her trolling uniform. We both know that a lot of guys are going to know you're wearing a gold thong before the evening ends. Right?"

    "Oh god! I can't believe I'm doing this! I can't remember the last time I've been this excited... this turned on."

    "No more than me, Janice. My pussy is already wet. How about you?"

    "That and down my thighs too. Are we really going to pick up some men?"

    "I seriously doubt that we will have to pick up any men, Janice. I'm virtually certain that they're all going to be wild to pick us up."

    Janice moaned and clutched her breast. "Oh my god," she finally gasped. "I don't know if I can do it."


    "You know..."

    "Dance with a man... several men?"

    "No. I can do that. That's not what I mean."

    "Let him feel you up? Caress your breasts? Feel your pussy?"

    "Ooohhhh god."

    "Get you so hot you can't stop? Have sex with him?"

    "Yes, that's what I mean. Secretly, I've always wanted to do this, but I've never had the courage to do it alone. Being with you makes a big difference, Erica."

    "My guess is that we'll both be so hot the thought of stopping won't even occur to either of us. In any case, you won't be alone. We're going to stick together. We'll either both do it or neither of us will. Ok? And in any case, what happens on our girls' nights out stays there. We don't tell Carl or Duncan. Agreed?

    "All right. Let's go trolling."


    We were both so excited, we skipped shopping and cut our dinner short by going to the Olive Garden and having soup and salad. It was not only a lot faster, it made sure we didn't get too full to party.

    "Where shall we go?" Janice asked. "I don't know any hot clubs."

    "I asked some of my female friends... both single and married... and the overwhelming consensus is that if a woman is looking for sexy men, "Exotic Nights" is the place to go. Normally, there's a $25 cover charge, but it's waived for unescorted women. In addition, the first two drinks for each of us will be on the house. But of course, that's sort of pointless."

    "Why are free drinks pointless?"

    "Because I seriously doubt that we'll have to pay for anything we order no matter what it is or how much we drink. Now one more thing."


    "When we enter the club, we need to sit separately, not together. It's much harder for men to approach two women than one. If they approach two women, they're forced to make a choice and that risks making one or both women angry. So we sit apart."

    "I thought you said we were going to stick together?"

    "I did, and we are, but only after we're each with one or more guys. Then if you have a large table, I bring my guys over and join you. If I have a larger table, you join me. Ok?"

    "Yeah. Got it."

    As soon as Janice and I moved into the interior of Exotic Nights, we split up. Janice chose a burgundy red couch on one side of the room while I took a seat on a nearby large white couch. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I saw that several men were already sizing me up obviously trying to evaluate their chances. Guys who are successful with women all know how to accept rejection, but none of them like it. I also noticed that even more of the men had their eyes locked onto Janice. There's just something about MILF's that attracts men like bees to flowers.

    When I looked in Janice's direction again, I saw that the "something" had a lot to do with the way she was sitting. Leaning forward so that almost half of her 36DD tits were on display, she had her dress pulled up almost to her hips. Her only concession to modesty was her hands that she had pressed between her thighs to prevent the exposure of her thong-covered pussy. As I watched, three young guys and one man in his mid 30s or so were walking toward her. They all arrived at nearly the same time, and all had essentially the same question for her, "Would you like to dance?"

    I swear she actually batted her eyes at them. I thought it was sort of silly as well as a little dated, but all four men crowded even closer, all entranced with Janice's beauty and, I was pretty sure, all had at least partial erections.

    "Well, I can't dance with all four of you at the same time, but if you're willing to wait, I'd love to dance with each of you," she replied, honey dripping from every syllable.

    "How about two at a time," one of the young guys suggested hopefully. "You know. One in front... one behind."

    "MMmmmm... that sounds really sexy. How about letting me sort of work my way up to that. One-at-a-time first, and then we can do it your way... two at a time. And then, maybe... well, who knows... all four of you surrounding me so no one can even see me? I wonder if there would be room for all eight of your hands on me?"

    As I watched and listened, I wondered why in hell I was ever worried about how Janice would respond when the men started hitting on her. We had only been inside Exotic Nights for five or maybe ten minutes, and she already had four studs dying to fuck her. Instead of being nervous at the prospect of having to do all of them, she was teasing and flirting with all four men at the same time. Could it possibly have been 25 years since she had done this??

    I have no idea how she made her first selection, but a minute or so later, Janice and one of the young studs were locked tightly together out on the dance floor moving their feet to the music and their bodies together. It was obvious her taller partner was enjoying the view down Janice's cleavage. She pulled his head down and whispered something in his ear. When the guy straightened up, his hands went to her dress and opened it even wider. Both of Janice’s 34DD tits tumbled out.

    "Do you just want to watch her getting that guy hard or would you like to dance?" a voice behind me said. Turning, I saw that it belonged the very young guy... maybe 23 or 24 years old, at most, dark hair, and handsome. He had a slim build, but looked strong. A quick glance downward let me know that he wasn't small.

    With my body turned to one side and my legs to the other, my position wasn't comfortable, nor was it sexy. I fixed both problems by raising my left leg and planting my heel on the surface of the couch. With my knee steepled, my skirt rose up to my hips exposing the crotch of my panties, which the young stud asking me dance noticed immediately.

    Most men when caught looking, automatically look away pretending that they weren't looking at all. This guy wasn't one of them. He smiled and continued to stare straight at the spot where my panties disappeared between my thighs. "Sexy blue panties," he said now looking into my eyes. "Very, very sexy. I much prefer a woman wearing panties to one without."

    "That's hard to believe," I responded more than willing to play this stud's game.

    "Not really. It's the mystery involved. Without panties, there's no mystery. With them, all sorts of questions arise and everyone of them is very erotic."

    "Questions? What questions?" Of course I knew, but I wanted to hear him say it.

    "Is she shaved or natural? If not shaved, is she trimmed? If trimmed, in what shape? A heart? A triangle pointing the direction? Do her lips flare open or is her slit tight and waiting to be opened? Is her clit hidden or does it protrude... too engorged and swollen to hide inside its protective hood. All sorts of questions. Shall we dance?"

    "Of course," I replied as I swung my legs off the couch toward him. Now my knees were almost touching his bulge. I gasped when his hands boldly pulled the panels of my dress aside exposing both of my tits. He licked his lips in appreciation while he pushed me down onto the couch. He draped his body over mine as his lips closed over mine. His tongue entered my open mouth at the same time as he began to grind his erection over my belly. My pussy throbbed. Before our lips separated, I realized that I was thrusting my mound against his hard erection.

    "You ready to hit the dance floor?" he said grinning when he removed his lips from mine. "By the way, "I'm Wayne."

    "Hi Wayne," I said as I reclined on the bench with both tits fully exposed. "I'm Erica."

    "Who's that hot blonde you were watching?"

    "That's Janice."

    "She's hot. A real MILF. Do you know her well?"

    "Very well. She's my mother-in-law."

    "MMmmmm... now that's sexy! Lot's fantasies about making it with a mother and her daughter. A mother and her daughter-in-law is right up there with them."

    "You have plans to do both of us tonight?"

    "Not yet, but a guy can dream, right?"

    Like all the other couples on the dance floor, Wayne and I just shuffled our feet to the music and concentrated mainly on turning each other on. We were both doing a good job. The first song wasn't half over before his dick was rock-hard. It felt like it was about seven inches although it was hard to tell. Of course, it was harder for him to tell how good a job he was doing since he couldn't feel the wetness on my inner thighs.

    When the second song started, Wayne's hands moved off my ass and up to my naked tits. With his hands cupping my tits, his fingers closed around my turgid nipples bringing soft moans from my open mouth.

    Apparently Janice had finished dancing with the first of the four men who had approached her because she again sitting on the couch with three of them stroking her legs and feeling up her naked tits. The sexiest guy of the four, a hot-looking stud with a shaved head and a powerful physique whispered something in her ear. Janice grinned but shook her head. Again, he whispered something, this time apparently more forcefully, because Janice's body trembled slightly as she pulled her shoulders back and thrust her tits at the guy.

    The guy again whispered something in her ear. Now there was no hesitation. Janice put her hands behind her head and thrust her tits right in his face. Immediately, his tongue shot out to lick her engorged nipples. A moment later, his mouth closed over one of her nipples. Janice’s mouth opened in a silent scream. Even Wayne was now staring at her huge tits at the same time as he was caressing mine.

    The virile-looking stud wasted no further time. Pulling Janice to her feet, he escorted her onto the dance floor, moving her along with his hand under her dress stroking her ass as her tits bounced erotically.

    Wayne was now sucking one of my nipples while hefting both of my globes. My breath was coming in short, deep gasps as his mouth switched from one nipple to the other. When he had me shuddering and close to an orgasm, he moved his mouth off my tits and began squeezing them while his fingers pulled and twisted my nipples bringing hissing moans from my lips.

    Nodding his head toward Janice and her stud, he said, "I think that guy is gonna fuck your mother-in-law on the dance floor." He turned me toward them. "See what I mean."

    When I looked, I saw that Janice's tits were still exposed and one them was being caressed and stroked while the guy was kissing her.

    Far from trying to stop him, my mother-in-law was pulling her shoulders back to give him better access to her tits. When he dropped his hand to her thigh, pulled up her dress, and draped her leg across his hip, I could see Janice's body beginning to shudder. With her pussy now pressed directly against the guy's erection, both Wayne and I knew that she was about to cum.

    He thrust his erection against her pussy several times... hard and fast... grinding it into her. Janice's mouth flew open, her head tilted back. When her orgasm erupted, her tongue shot out and began flicking rapidly over her top lip. Her lover lifted her as if she weighed nothing, moved her to the edge of the dance, and pressed her back against the wall.

    Pinned as she was against the wall, there was no way for her to escape the rampant thrusting of the man's hard shaft against her pussy. His hands again went to her ass and pulled her body even harder against his dick. She wailed as she came again, but the cry was cut off abruptly when his mouth covered hers. Again and again, he humped her. Now she was lifting her left leg to open herself more fully. Several men around them and a few women were chanting, "Fuck her... fuck her... fuck her... make her cum... make her cum."

    Gradually, Janice's dress was worked higher and higher. When her panties came into view, there were several low-pitched growls from the watching men and a few excited shrieks from the women. The cries from the onlookers grew louder when Janice's lover let his body slide down hers, kissing her naked belly on the way down to her gold thong, the one that Janice had said no one would see. Now a large of group were not only seeing it, they were also watching it being pulled down her thighs to expose her pussy.

    Janice's hips arched forward, her feet spreading even further apart when the tongue thrust into her slit. Her hands clutched her tits, squeezing the nipples, excited moans escaping her lips when the tongue reached her clit. Several women urged the guy on by calling out "Lick her... Lick her... make her cum... MAKE HER CUM!" Their cries weren't needed, however, because Janice was already shuddering. The stud's cheeks hollowed when he sucked her swollen, erupting clitoris even harder. Another intense climax convulsed my mother-in-law's body.

    After he had gotten her off twice, the guy led Janice back to the couch. With Wayne still working on my tits, I was very close to a climax myself. "Let's join them," I whispered to him. He nodded and took a cue from Janice's lover to lead me to couch with his hand on my ass.

    Janice was panting too hard to speak when we joined them, so I introduced myself and Wayne. "Hi. I'm Erica, your girlfriend's daughter-in-law, and the guy playing with my tits is Wayne. How many times did you make her cum out there?"

    "Two, I think. Hard for a guy to tell sometimes... particularly when a woman is cumming as hard and as often as Janice was doing. She's an incredibly hot woman." Oh, pardon me. I'm Jordan. Hi, Erica... Wayne." He stared at my tits as Wayne cupped them. "Damn! What a rack! Almost as big as Janice's. Are you sure you aren't her daughter rather than her daughter-in-law. You two look a lot alike."

    "I take that as a complement. Janice is just gorgeous."

    "So are you," Jordan said as Janice began tugging on his arm trying to get his attention again.

    "You'll have to excuse me for a moment. I need to make this hot slut cum again."

    Turning to Wayne, I moaned, "Suck my nipples hard, Honey, and rub my pussy. Make me cum too." He didn't have to be asked twice. I couldn't suppress a groan when his lips suctioned my nipple deep inside his mouth at the same time as his hand moved beneath my skirt onto my panties. Wayne rubbed my clit until I gasped, "Get your fingers inside my panties or take them off... I want your fingers on my clit, not on my panties... hurry!"

    Beside me, I heard Janice moaning... then hissing with female pleasure. Looking over, I saw that Jordan now had her dress up around her waist with both tits out. His head was buried in the nape of her neck kissing her. Janice's hips were pumping frantically as Jordan finger fucked her.

    Several men crowded around us... some watching Wayne rubbing my pussy and sucking my tits, others watching Jordan fingering my mother-in-law. Janice's hot screams triggered my own orgasm.

    "AAAaaahhhhh gawd damn... rub me harder, Wayne... aaaahhhhh I'm cumming... do it to meeeeeeee!"

    And right beside me: "Oh my god, Erica... he's finger fucking meeeeeeee! I can't... oohhh god... I can't stop... Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!"

    Both Janice and I were still shuddering in our orgasms when Jordan spoke to Wayne. "This one's cumming hard. How about her daughter? She sounds like she's getting off. Is she?"

    "Oh yeah. Her cunt won't stop throbbing. She's cumming so hard juices are spurting into her panties."

    Several of the men watching were now urging Jordan and Wayne to get us naked so they could see our cunts. "Come on, Man! They've still got panties on. Take'em off so we can get a good look at those mother/daughter pussies," one guy pleaded. Others echoed his comment.

    "What do you say, Wayne? Take off their panties off, spread'em out, and lick their clits until they both cum again?"

    "Yeah. But after they cum, let's take'em to a motel and fuck." Judging from the shouts from the watching men, that plan had everyone's approval. Although no one asked my opinion, I couldn't wait, and, as I expected, the men didn't make us wait

    Wayne ordered me to lift my ass, and at almost the same instant, Jordan told Janice, "Lift that hot ass, Honey." Our eyes were locked on each other as we both raised our hips. Like a precision drill team, the two men stripped off our panties, which promptly disappeared into their pants pockets as souvenirs.

    Janice grunted with pleasure when Jordan's mouth and tongue invaded her pussy and raked over her swollen clitoris. My cries were higher pitched ... more like a series of passionate shrieks when Wayne sucked my clit into his mouth and worked it with his tongue. His fingers probed my hole and quickly located my G-spot.

    By the time Wayne and Jordan took us to their van, neither Janice nor I had the
    slightest doubt that we were both going to be
    royally fucked by the two studs.


    Janice and I were both shaking from our intense climaxes when Jordan and Wayne led us to Wayne's van. "We have our car here," I protested.

    "No problem, Erica. We'll drive you back," Wayne assured me at the same time as his fingers moved in and out of my still-pulsing vagina. Looking over, I saw that Janice was staggering forward rather than walking as Jordan finger fucked her.

    Since Wayne was driving, I sat in the front seat with him. Before leaving the parking lot, Jordan put the rear seats down to make a big open space in the back of the van. Obviously, Janice was going to be fucked before we ever got to a motel.

    I hoped that my calculations about her not being fertile this close to her period were correct. When I had told her that, I really didn't think it mattered because I doubted that we would have sex on our first outing. Jordan's balls were big, and he had been working on Janice for almost two hours without shooting off. By this time, his sex gun had to be primed with a monster cum load. If my analysis was wrong, my mother-in-law was going to get pregnant within the next hour.

    We weren't even out of the parking lot before Janice was sucking Jordan's huge dick. He had to have at least nine thick inches of cock and Janice was taking most of it down her throat.

    I thought Jordan might shoot off in Janice's mouth, which would reduce the chances that he would impregnate her, but he pulled his cock out before he shot off.

    "Don't you want to cum in my mouth, Honey?" Janice asked, her mouth still open and waiting.

    "I'm going to put my first load up your married pussy, Janice, but not until I get you in the motel where I've got enough room to really ram it in deep."

    I heard Janice virtually repeating his words sighing with pleasure as she did so. "You're going to ram it all the way to the bottom of my pussy and shoot that huge load into me, aren't you, Jordan?"

    "Oh yeah.. all of it, and it's gonna be huge!"

    "I'm not on the pill, Honey. You'll be cumming in my unprotected pussy, Lover," she moaned. If Jordan's dick was hard before, it throbbed hard and seemed to grow even longer when Janice told him her pussy was unprotected. There may be something a stud would rather do than knock up another man's wife, but if so, I have no idea what it might be.

    "Mount me, you hot bitch. Fuck that unprotected cunt on my dick. Now!"

    Janice mounted him, grasped his shaft, and positioned it at the opening to her cunt. Slowly she sank downward. Inch-by-inch, all nine inches disappeared into her pussy. Once his dick was socked firmly into her hole, she began hunching wildly on it. Janice couldn't stop moaning as she enjoyed her first cock other than Duncan's since marriage.

    "Are you gonna shoot in me now, Lover? Knock me up?"

    "Not yet. Fuck on me and cum, Janice. Make that hot pussy cum for me."

    We hadn't been inside the motel room for more than a few minutes before Wayne had me naked and on my back. I spread my legs in invitation, and he promptly mounted me. I jerked my legs up to open my pussy. Just before he nailed his dick into me, he asked, "How about you, Erica? Is your pussy unprotected like Janice's?"

    I knew what he wanted to hear, so I said it. "I can't take the pill, Honey. So, you're about to stick your cock into an unprotected cunt. I might be fertile. I'm not sure. How about letting me suck you off?" I knew there was no way in hell this hot stud with his cock no more than inch away from my opening was going to settle for a blow job.

    "Forget that stuff, Erica. I'm going to fuck you and shoot your hot cunt full of cum, Baby. Ready?"

    "Oh yeah. Nail that dick into me!!"

    Jordan and Janice were standing beside the other bed watching Wayne fucking me like wild man. He now had Janice naked save for her heels and was rubbing her clit and fondling her tits from behind as they watched. "See that hard cock sinking into your daughter, Janice. Listen to her groan every time it thuds into the bottom of her fuck hole. She's cumming... right now... listen to her hiss with pleasure... no way her husband fucks her that hard. I'm going to fuck you even harder... much deeper... and shoot you full of sperm-filled cum."

    "Oh my god, Erica. Jordan's going to fuck me with his huge cock and get me pregnant. OOOhhhh god... just do it. Hurry. do it!"

    Wayne hissed in my ear without slowing his thrusts at all. "Jordan's gonna fuck your mother, Erica. Even deeper than I'm fucking you. We're gonna knock you both up!"

    "Shut up and fuck me, Stud. Ram that dick up my married pussy, Lover. Ram it in and shoot me with your hot sex gun!"

    From the other bed, I heard Janice squealing as Jordan's dick sank into her hole. "Is it all in me now?" she moaned.

    "No way, Baby. Just over half is in you."

    "AAaahhhhh shit... big cock... so damn big... give me more cock... stick it in me!"

    I heard Jordan grunt like bull followed by a hot shriek from Janice. "GGHHAAA... EEEEIIII"

    "Seven inches of cock is in your fuck hole, Janice. Like it?"

    "UUNnnnnn... I love it... I'm cumming... oh my god... I'm cumming!!"

    "I know you are. I can feel your pussy throbbing around me... trying to suck out my load. You get it when I'm ready to shoot it into you... understand?"

    "YES.. YES.. YES! The big load goes into my married pussy when you decide to give it to me. I'll take it whenever you want to shoot it in, Lover... Just don't stop fucking me. OOohhhh shit... I can feel your balls slapping my ass... all nine inches are in me, aren't they?"

    "Oh yeah! You hubby ever fill you like this?"


    "She's cumming again," Jordan screamed. "The hot bitch is cumming again!"

    "OH YES! FUCK HER! FUCK HER! SCREW HER WITH THAT HUGE COCK.. MAKE HER CUM. CUM IN HER CUNT... SHOOT HER FULL!" I heard myself screaming at the same time as Wayne was unloading his balls deep inside my pussy.

    Jordan's breeding of my mother-in-law continued for almost 15 minutes of hard, deep, fierce fucking. Janice's hips were being rammed deep into the mattress every time the horny stud rammed into her. She kept her legs up and back to make her cunt a perfect target for his dick. Finally, even Jordan's endurance came to an end.

    "Can't hold it any longer, Janice. You ready to get pregnant, Honey. Ready for me to shoot the load into your hot cunt hole?"


    After Jordan had emptied his balls into her cunt, Janice kept her legs up and sucked his dick clean. When his cum load finally poured from her pussy, thick wads belched out and cascaded down the crack of her ass.

    Unable to resist having a record of the incredibly erotic sight, I snapped a picture using my cell phone of Janice's cunt as the load poured out.

    When Jordan's load was safely inside Janice's pussy, we took a short break before the men switched so that Jordan was screwing me and Wayne had his cock in Janice. Over the next two hours, both men screwed each of us three times. During the six times, I was fucked, I must have had at least 20 orgasms. Actually, it was probably closer to 20.

    Both Janice and I were fucked six times, 3 times by Wayne and 3 times by Jordan.
    Even though I had over 20 orgasms, Janice had even more,
    and she never stopped shrieking as the huge dicks
    plowed her ass and cunt holes.

    Later, as Wayne drove us back to Exotic Nights so we could pick up our car, Janice and I both had four thick loads of semen in our vaginas and another two in our asses. I was glad I was on the pill. If Janice were fertile, she was certainly going to get pregnant with those four big cum loads soaking her womb.


    The following Saturday night, we had our second girls' night out. Janice had just started taking the pill, but she really didn't have to worry since her period had just ended the previous day.

    Our second girls' night out was significantly different than the first one. Instead of trolling for young guys at a club, we went to the Hilton. Earlier in the week, we had seen the marquee advertising the Midwest Regional Realtor's Convention, Banquet, and Mixer, Saturday night.

    When we saw it, Janice grinned and said excitedly, "Hey, Erica. Look at that! There's going to be hundreds of realtors there, and most of them will be men away from home and looking for pussy. Shall we crash the party? No one ever checks the badges at those conventions." I thought it was a great idea, so on Saturday night, after a light dinner, we drove to the Hilton and left our car in the care of a young attendant at the valet parking lot. He could hardly take his eyes off of us.

    It turned out that Janice was right in all counts. No one was bothering with badges. In our hot outfits, we fit right in with the rest of the female realtors present. Obviously, they were as interested in getting laid while away from their husbands as the men were in finding a willing pussy. The problem the men had was that they outnumbered the female realtors by about 6 or 7 to 1. Consequently, there were several hundred horny men who were elated to see two more sexy women coming into the ballroom where the mixer was in progress.

    There was a dance floor and a live band, but with ten eager, horny men surrounding us as we stood in an open area, neither of us had much interest in dancing... at least not vertically. We both had five men circled around us, presumably talking, but actually feeling us up while trying to persuade us to join them in one of their spacious suites for a private party. We both had several hands stroking our buttocks, two or three more rubbing our thighs, a couple on our tits and some more under our skirts checking out our panties. Janice's skirt was already up to her hips and mine was on its way there.

    A half hour later, we were in a large, two-bedroom suite with the 10 men who had been feeling us up at the mixer. They were all married realtors, mostly between the ages of 35 to 60, and they were all hard. It was the first gang bang for both of us. At the start, we were sucking or being screwed by one man at a time, usually in the missionary or doggy position.

    The first guy I sucked was around 50. He kept telling me how he could never get his wife to suck his cock and how great it felt. When I deep throated his 6 inches, it was more than he could handle. Half of his load shot down my throat, the second half creamed my face when he pulled out in the middle of his ejaculation.

    As soon as the first guy moved away, a younger man in his forties put his cock into my mouth. His organ was about the same size making it easy for me to take him all the way to his balls. After sucking him for a couple of minutes, he pulled out, turned me onto my knees, and sank his hard dick into my cunt from behind. Once his shaft was lubricated with my juices, he pulled out and pressed the head against my anus. Having lubed myself thoroughly before leaving the house, he sank into me easily and then gave me a vigorous ass fucking before emptying his balls into my rectum.

    Janice got her first fucking from a young stud, who picked her up with his arms beneath her legs, centered her pussy over his sex spike and dropped her on it. She grunted loudly when it plunged all the way into her cunt and thudded hard against her womb. After that, the guy carried her around the room letting every man present see his cock fucking in and out of Janice's cunt. Some of the men pushed a finger or two into her ass as they watched. When this happened, Janice screamed and came very quickly.

    After those two men had finished, the others became impatient and began fucking us two and three at a time. Usually we got one cock in our mouth and a second one in either our pussy or ass. The more venturesome and kinky guys used our cunt and ass holes. After an hour, we were getting it all three holes at the same time.

    One of the biggest differences between the gang bang at the Hilton and the sex we had had the previous week with Wayne and Jordan was the fact that the men were much older and many of them couldn't get it up a second time and none could manage three times. However, with all those guys at the convention looking for a sexy pussy to fuck, that wasn't a problem.

    Apparently, as the men fucked us and left, they spread the word to the other guys at the mixer. As a result, after two hours, none of the original 10 men were still in the suite but there were 15 different men present all eager to fuck us. The longer they had to wait while watching the other men screwing us, the harder and more anxious they became. Eventually, we had cocks in all three holes while we jacked off another guy or two.

    Janice and I were fucked by at least 25 men that night. I loved it, but
    Janice went absolutely wild. She never closed her leg no
    matter how many times she had been screwed.

    It was about 1 AM before none of the men left in the suite could get it up again. Janice and I used the shower in the suite and changed into the conservative outfits we had brought along in our overnight bags, kissed a couple of the remaining guys goodbye and left. We got home around 1:30 AM. Janice later told me that Duncan was asleep, but of course, Carl was wide awake and randy as a goat. I didn't get to sleep until after 3 AM.

    Six Months Later:

    A half year later, the guys are still having their poker parties, and Janice and I are still having our girls' night out each time they do. Janice still believes that she's cheating on Duncan and gets wildly excited every time we do it. Duncan and I still have our secret love nest which we usually use twice a week during the day. On rare occasions when both Janice and Carl are out of town, we spend the night together. It is still the highlight of the week for both of us.

    Other than those items, every thing else has changed for the better. Carl now stays hard almost all the time he's around me. He even tells me that he gets hard at work when he thinks about me and the coming evening. After six weeks of having him ask repeatedly how I could manage to get away from his mother to have all the sex I was telling him about, I finally told him that his mother was getting fucked as much or even more than I was. Once I told him that, his erections became even harder and more persistent. I also had to tell him all the hot details of how his mother was being screwed, by whom, and how often. I'm sure he would now love to fuck Janice, but he can't get up the courage to ask her.

    In addition to the great sex he's now getting, Carl has been promoted twice and received excellent salary raises. It looks highly likely that he will soon become the youngest vice president in the firm's history. None of this is particularly surprising to either his mother or his wife, since the two of us decided to expand our girls' night out activities to include actual dates with men we like as well as trolling for new, exciting cocks. We've been screwing his boss, David Grayman, and the firm's CEO, Grant Hanson, once or twice a month for the last four months. Occasionally, we let them invite some good friends or important clients, and we all have a hot sex party.

    Janice, of course, is like a kid with a new toy. She loved the sex from the very start, but once we did the gang bang at the Hilton that second week, she found out just how incredibly erotic and exciting it is for a woman to be pleasured by multiple cocks... one after the other. Her orgasms are more like detonations than climaxes when she gets it from two or three men at the same time. The fact that she thinks she's cheating on her husband doubles her pleasure. Some of the men we see love to watch two women getting each other off, so both Janice and I have discovered just how much fun girl-girl sex can be.

    Duncan now walks around on cloud nine all the time. He's constantly fucking two gorgeous women, both of whom love him dearly and think he's the best cocksman on the planet. Of course, Janice now eagerly gives him the hottest, kinkiest sex any man could wish for. She wakes him with a blow job, serves him breakfast naked except for her four-inch heels she always wears, and she never wear panties. Duncan tells me that he loves to order her to bend over and grab her ankles without any warning. She never hesitates. Sometimes he pulls up her skirt and fucks her... other times, he pulls up her skirt and leaves her standing there until she begs for his dick.

    I tell Duncan every sexy detail about who Janice and I screw, so he knows every little detail about his wife's extramarital escapades, but she doesn't know he knows. A couple of times when the poker party was held at our home, Janice and I brought some men to her place and fucked them all in the master bedroom. I knew, but Janice didn't, that Duncan has a half dozen video and audio pickups hidden in their bedroom. So he now has his very own porno movies of his wife and I balling a bunch of horny studs. I love sucking him off or riding his cock while he watches one of them.

    Michele is now totally reconciled with her mother. She often invites Janice to visit for few days, an invitation which she almost always accepts. During her visits, Michele will usually invite some of her boyfriends over for a party at which mother and daughter spend the evening fucking the men into exhaustion and giving them an erotic experience none of them will soon forget.

    Finally, that brings me to myself, Erica Mannix. Erica is enormously happy. If Duncan is on cloud nine, Erica has to be on cloud 14 or 15. She has a wildly eager, talented, sexy, successful husband who practically worships the ground she walks on. She has a rich, fiery hot, lover with a really big, hard, thick cock she gets to meet twice a week in an elegant love nest. Erica lives in a $1.7 million home with a husband who earns a huge salary. She has regular girl-girl sex with the hottest MILF on the planet, and if all that isn't enough, by actual count, in the last six months, Erica has enjoyed the hard erections of 62 different men.

    Oh? Excuse me. Did I forget to mention that Erica is drop-dead gorgeous, sexy, sensuous, and exotic? I did? I'm sorry about that. Well, she is. If you're in Dallas, why don't you come up and see me sometime, Honey? How about Wednesday? That's amateur night."


    Duncan sat down at his computer, brought up his e-mail, hit "new", and typed in the address he had kept in his private notes for 25 years. Then, he typed his short message.

    Dear Jack,

    I hope this e-mail finds you well and happy. Things have recently changed dramatically, and now, in compliance with the request you made 25 years ago, I have to tell you that you shot yourself down in flames. Janice is gorgeous, sensuously erotic, and has multiple, explosive orgasms whenever she’s fucked. The three photos I’ve attached below will give you the general idea.

    With best regards,
    Duncan Mannix



    Duncan pressed "send", turned off his computer, and walked back into the master bedroom where Janice was waiting for him, naked with her thighs wide open, and 9-inch, thick, red dildo plunging in and out of her cunt as she furiously rubbed her clit. Gasping she hissed, "I couldn't wait, Darling. Take a seat and watch your slutty wife make herself cum."

    Duncan watched for five minutes or so, his cock iron-hard. Finally, Janice screamed, her ass pumped the air as he clit and cunt convulsed in a hard orgasm. She was still groaning and throbbing when Duncan mounted her and rammed 8 inches of cock into her waiting hole.
    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]
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