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. The Boob's Cruise!

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by shotslinger, Aug 29, 2018.

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  1. shotslinger

    shotslinger Member Member

    Recently, my wife Elizabeth, I'll refer to her as Liz though her real name has been changed to protect our identity, and I were invited to go to Cancun with some friends of ours for a few days. Our friends, Steven and Elaine, made reservations at Temptations Resort in August for a Wednesday through Saturday, returning home on Sunday. Unfortunately for me the timing was all wrong. I had a business trip to Tennessee that I couldn't get out of, I'd be leaving on Monday and wouldn't get back until the following Saturday night, right through their trip. They have been to the resort before, we have been to Cancun but not that particular resort, and claim it is a lot of fun. We were over at their house when they invited us and I told them Elizabeth could go if she wanted. She of course refused saying if I couldn't go she didn't want to. The conversation seemed to be over and Steven and I went outside to their hot tub and had some drinks.

    We had a number of drinks and were a bit buzzed when Steven brought up the trip again saying that Liz could stay with them in their room and the only cost would be her air fare. The price wasn't really a factor, I had enough airline miles to pay her airfare, but she just never wants to go anywhere without me. I don't want to mislead, she's a playful lady and has been known to flash friends and strangers alike, but she only goes out if I'm there to look out for her. Elaine and Liz were having drinks inside but eventually joined us in the hot tub, bringing some shots with them. I mentioned Steven's offer to her and Elaine immediately chimed in, trying her best to talk her into going. She was finally buzzed enough that she said ok, and Elaine immediately got out of the hot tub and adjusted their reservation to be a room for 3. I got out and booked her flight, I even managed to get her on the same flight as Steven and Elaine though they weren't sitting together. It was about 1 1/2 months before the trip and I had a feeling Liz would try to back out, she did a couple of times but gave in because they told her they'd already paid for the upgrade to the room. Over the next month, we went shopping for swimsuits and beach wear, I even bought her some new sexy "club wear" that she said she wouldn't wear without me there.

    A week before they left, Steven invited me to go out for a few drinks. We hit a nearby pub and after several beers he asked me would I be upset if Liz were to "play" a bit while they were in Cancun. Trying to be certain about what he meant, I asked him "Are you asking if you can fuck my wife while you're gone?" he laughed and said "Not necessarily, though given the chance and permission maybe. I mean do you mind if she 'hooks up' or horses around with other guys?". I laughed and said that she was a grown woman and could do whatever she wants but not to count on that. I told him "I'll be surprised is she stays out past dark while you're there". He then told me they had booked a "boobs cruise" for Friday. I've heard of booze cruises before, we'd been on a couple of those, but had to ask what a BOOBS cruise was. He said, "You board a large sail boat and the ladies hand their tops to the crew when they get on and they run them all up the sail. Then you cruise around and drink like crazy playing various games. Eventually, you stop for snorkeling and then lunch before heading back to the resort." I thought the chance of her going was ZERO percent, and told him so, but I didn't mind if she decided to go. He said they can get a little wild on the boat and just wanted me to know. I promised him I was fine with it, but to not be upset if she declined to go, or take her top off if she agreed to go. He grinned and said they would convince her, though I strongly doubted it.

    I flew out on Monday, they were leaving that Wednesday. I talked to Liz before I left and told her to have fun and send me pictures. She seemed less than enthusiastic about going and promised she would try and have fun. I arrived Monday afternoon in Nashville and had the first of several meetings. They weren't going well and I had a feeling the trip would wind up being cut short. I was hoping that I would get back in time to go to Cancun with them, but that didn't happen. Their flight was at 7:35 am Wednesday morning, I got home a 9:00 pm Wednesday night. Still, I immediately tried to make arrangements to fly there, but ultimately decided the cost wasn't going to be worth it. I sent a text message to her when I got home but didn't get a response. Around 11:00 that night, I got a text with a picture from Steven. It was a picture of Liz in one of the outfits I had purchased her. It was a long, white tank top style dress that came down about 5" or so below her crotch. She wasn't wearing a bra and it was quite obvious, her dark nipples were pretty visible under the dress, and I questioned whether or not she was wearing panties. The text simply read "Liz is having a great time! She's a big hit here but, so far, has behaved pretty well. BTW...she looks fantastic in that dress you bought her!" He sent several more pictures over the next few hours, each of her and Elaine drinking, smiling and several pictures showing 3 or 4 guys hanging out with them.

    The next day, Liz texted me back around 11:00, apologizing for not responding last night. She said she had left her phone in the room because she didn't carry a purse and had no pockets to put it in. I told her I wasn't worried about it and asked if she was having fun. Her response was curious. She said "I'm having a wonderful time. Steven is nuts, he keeps trying to get me naked and pushing me to flirt with guys! He even got in the shower with me last night, the bathroom door doesn't lock or even latch, and called Elaine to join us." I asked what she did and she said, "I grabbed a towel and got out! Elaine thought it was funny, but you know Steven. If I'd stayed in there he'd be trying to have sex with me or something." We messaged a bit more then she said they were leaving to eat lunch and hang out at the pool. Steven sent me a picture of her wearing a new bathing suit she bought before they left. It was a skimpy white bikini that didn't quite cover her ass. I had a feeling she was going to look great in that suit, and she did! By 3:00 he sent me a few more texts. He said he would try and send more pictures, but security there would come over immediately if they saw someone taking pictures. They had gotten onto him several times already. Eventually, he sent me a few pictures taken from a bit of distance. Liz was sitting at the pool swim up bar with a guy on each side of her and one in front. I asked if she was getting wild and he said "Not so far, she's definitely flirting a bit, but hasn't made out with anyone or fucked anyone...including me!"

    Around 5:00 he sent another picture of her in her suit. This time, she was out of the pool standing up close to him. The front of her bottoms were loose and hanging down. The top was barely covering her nipples. Temptations is a tops optional resort so that wasn't a problem, but she seemed pretty drunk and unconcerned about being fairly exposed in front of everyone. Steven has tried to get her naked in their pool or hot tub many times but she'd always refused. I waited about 45 minutes and decided to facetime her. She was back in the room sitting on the bed topless. We talked for a minute and I asked where the others were. Steven must have heard because he walked up behind her and grabbed her tits and said "I'm right here, Elaine is in the shower. Bet you wish you had come now, don't you?" He was grinning like a cat as he did it. Liz seemed surprised, but not upset and told him to stop...but laughing as she did. Steven then said "BTW...you might want to get here asap! Liz has a following of guys. Everywhere she goes the same 3 or 4 guys go. She's gonna wind up hooking up before we leave if you don't get down here! These guys are all young, hard bodies and good looking!" Liz told him to go to his wife and moved away. We talked for a few minutes and I told her "Have fun! This is your vacation, don't let Steven cause you to quit partying or having a good time." She said she wouldn't and a few minutes later we ended the call. Several more texts came from Steven over the next couple of hours. He sent pictures of them having dinner in a Japanese restaurant in the resort, pictures of them walking around the pool, then a picture of them getting ready for the party that night. The last picture was a stunner! Liz was wearing a black, VERY short, VERY LOW CUT halter dress. I bought it, but hadn't seen it on her and it looked fantastic! He then sent another picture of her from behind, slightly bent over getting something off the bed apparently. The dress was so short that 1/2 her ass was showing. She was wearing a tiny, sheer black g-string I had bought to go with the dress! Now I really was wishing I was there!

    I didn't hear anything from them for a while. Around midnight I got a text from Liz saying "Having a wonderful time, wish you were here!" In with the text was a picture of her with 2 guys, both appeared to be late twenties. One was white and one was black, and both of them seemed to be body builders! Steven also sent a short video of her talking to them. She was clearly flirty with both of them and was quite drunk at the time. He also sent some videos of her dancing with Elaine, and the black guy. He then told me they threatened to make him delete all the pictures and videos so he had to stop. Elaine was looking good also. She was wearing a completely sheer blouse and some booty shorts. Her big tits looked great and I told them so. I waited until around 2:00 and sent Steven another text asking what they were doing. He said he was back in the room about to go to bed. They had to be at the dock at 10:45 for the boobs cruise the next day. I asked if Liz was going and he said he thought so. I then tried to Facetime with Liz but got no answer. Steven messaged me back and said she wasn't answering because her phone was in the room, pointing out again the lack of places to carry it. I asked where she was and he said she's still partying on the deck. I was surprised at that but didn't say anything. I did tell him to be sure and keep an eye on her. He said, "Dude, you think I was kidding earlier about getting here but I'm not. These guys are all over Liz. There aren't many single ladies here, but a LOT of single guys. I really believe she might end up hooking up with one of them, I hope you won't get upset if she does!" I laughed and said I wasn't worried. I told him good night and we disconnected the call.

    The next morning Liz called me. She said she saw I had called last night and said "I'm sorry, I didn't get in until nearly 4:00! I was dancing with Elaine and then some guys after they went to the room and lost track of time. We are on our way to breakfast and then going on this cruise they keep talking about. I'll call you later, ok?" I said ok and told her to have fun. I didn't hear anything from them the rest of the day until around 7:00. Steven called me and said Liz was taking a nap. I asked how it went and he said it was unbelievable! He said "We signed up for the cruise, Elaine and I had already paid a deposit for us, we didn't pay for Liz because you said she probably wouldn't go. It wasn't a problem though because they were still allowing people to sign up. We got there and I paid the balance for Elaine and me, I was about to pay for Liz when this black dude who has been following her around walked up and said he would pay her fare, his name is Al or Alton or something. Anyway, he paid for her and we hung out waiting to board. We were drinking already, Liz too which surprised me since she'd stayed out all night, and I had a pretty decent buzz when we got on board. I think Liz did too because she didn't hesitate when Al told her she had to hand over her top to the captain. She and Elaine and probably 90% of the other women were topless. The boat was crowded and we had to sit around a canvas area stretched between the 2 points that stick out on the front of the boat, I don't know what they are called. This was what they call the "party area". I grabbed a spot nearby and Elaine sat by me. A few others sat down beside us and there was no more space available. I noticed Liz and Al were standing up behind us and on one side of the boat. They had ropes across the area where we were sitting and told everyone to stand up because this is a party! We took off as a lady went over the "rules". They pushed hard for everyone to be topless and announced there would be games to play but the important part is NO EMPTY CUPS! Someone was constantly refilling our cup with one drink or another. They refilled it if it was 1/2 empty, sometimes even less.

    "He said they then when around picking 4 women with big tits to come to the front of the boat. Liz and Elaine were both called up there along with 2 younger women with obviously fake boobs. They then asked for a single guy to come forward as a judge. Al tried to volunteer but was told no because he was there with Liz. He tried to explain they weren't together but it was pointed out that he paid for her to come and they boarded together and had been hanging out together the entire trip so they were obviously together! Eventually a young guy came forward and they explained that the ladies were to jump up and down making their titties bounce. The guy was supposed to choose his favorite...Liz won! She then had to motorboat him by smacking him in the head with her tits." I asked a few questions here and there, before he told me what came next. He said, "Then, they said it was ok to get naked and wanted to know who would be first to strip down. Within a few seconds 2 couples were naked and before long, several others were as well. Here's the part that shocked me, I looked over and both Al and Liz were naked! Not topless, but butt ass naked! The lady MC had already been teasing Al by giving him the nickname 'Anaconda' and I have to say he really didn't live up to that name. He was very average size in that department." I asked a number of questions at this point, wanting to know if they were doing anything more than hanging out together....LITERALLY, lol. Steven said "I'm getting to all that, hold on. We stopped at a place to swim and most everyone jumped in to the water. Liz didn't at first but, after some coercion from Al and Elaine, she jumped on in. The water was over our heads so they tossed out some life jackets. No one wore them but several people, including Liz, held onto one to float. She and Al were talking as they floated, both seemed to be having a great time and were laughing like crazy."

    "After a bit they called us back to the boat and we set sail for a little island to eat lunch. We were told we had to cover up until we got to the island because we would be passing some family areas. Liz put her bottoms on, but couldn't put her top on since it was hanging from the sail with all the others. Instead, She covered them with her hands. They said it was ok to be topless again while we ate since it is an outdoor venue. We arrived and Liz walked to the awning where the buffet was served still covering her tits with her hands. She had to give that up to eat so soon we were all sitting down eating, Elaine and Liz topless. I don't know what the issue was about the family area because there were a number of kids nearby, many of them young teenagers, gawking at the 1/2 naked ladies. After eating, we played a couple of games before heading back to the boat. Another booze cruise was pulling up as we left and Liz and Elaine joined in with the other ladies shaking their tits and hollering at the passengers on that boat. Once back on the water, they announced for everyone to get naked again. Not everyone did, but several were. I noticed Liz was not, but Al was. They then started playing another game encouraging women to give their men blowjobs! At one point 7 women were giving their men a blowjob. They announced the record was 8 and wanted to break it. Elaine was just drunk enough so I stripped down and she started on me. Al was standing nearby and I told Liz 'come on, let's break the record'. She shook her head no...at first. But then, before I knew it, she was on her knees sucking his cock! I was excited and concerned at the same time. She looked at me and said 'what goes here, stays here?' and I nodded...but I knew I had to tell you."

    I was both surprised and excited at the same time. I'd been after her to do something like this for a long time, but she wouldn't. We talked for a while longer, he told me she wound up naked again for the rest of the trip home and then walked topless to the resort holding onto Al's arm for support as she did. They all went to the pool and hung out together, Liz remained topless the rest of the day and Al never left her side. He said that as far as he knew, she hadn't fucked anyone. But, she had stayed out almost the entire night the night before. I got another text or 2 from him later that evening, apparently they were too tired to party that night and wound up staying in the room that night. I called later and talked to them for a while, Steven eventually texted a picture of Elaine and Liz lying together in bed, topless but wearing tiny panties. The note accompanying it said "Hoping for a fun night!" I didn't hear anything else from them that night.

    The next day I sent Liz a text asking how she was doing. She said she was having a great time, but ready to come home. One more night and they would be back. I asked her if we should plan a trip back there and she said "Maybe, it's fun but I want to go other places than Cancun. Maybe if we came with Steven and Elaine or another couple. We talked for a while, she didn't volunteer anything about the previous day. I had several more texts from Steven, no pictures, saying they were hanging out at the pool. Liz was topless but Al wasn't around, he thought he'd left earlier that morning. I got several messages about that night's plan for partying and a picture of Liz and Elaine "dressed", if that's what you'd call it, for the night. Liz was wearing some lacy boy cut "booty shorts" with a lacy top and no bra...she was clearly into the whole atmosphere by now. Elaine was wearing another sheer top and basically a g-string. They were hugging each other and even a couple of pictures of them feeling each other's tits. Not much else the rest of the night.

    The next morning I called Steven and asked when they went back to bed, he said all 3 went to the room around 1:30 or so. Liz was still asleep, so was Elaine. They got back to town around 5:30 and I picked them up at the airport. We all went to eat before I took them home. While we were at the restaurant, Elaine and Liz went to the ladies room. Steven told me he had more "stuff" to tell me when he had the chance. The women came back to the table so he stopped talking. We finished eating and then left. I didn't get the chance that night to find out what else he had to tell me. But when I did, it was a major surprise! I'll wait to share it since this is already so long.
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