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. The Bishop's Wife - REVISED

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Reggie, Apr 3, 2018.

. The Bishop's Wife - REVISED 4 5 1votes
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  1. Reggie

    Reggie Member Author!

    Note: Hello folks. I posted a story to this site a couple of years ago and I wanted to post the revised (and hopefully better) version of my first Interracial story today, that I've been working on for a while. This story, which is fairly lengthy, and most others that I may post in the future will typically deal with married or soon-to-be married young white women and primarily older black men. These women will initially or at least eventually be subservient and submissive to a brutal and sometimes cruel, dominant black man, typically one who is old enough to be their father. If you are uncomfortable with this subject matter or are just not into this type of thing, I would like to warn you beforehand that they may be a bit too graphic and perhaps suggest that you please do not read the stories. Also, please understand that even though these types of scenarios turn me on, I am relatively new to the whole story writing thing. Consequently, I would welcome any comments, suggestions (be kind!) regarding this story specifically or any others that I may post in the future. If you folks like this story and/or the subject matter, let me know and I'll post some others as soon as possible. Thanks, and ENJOY!!

    Amos Dark was a commanding, powerful and ruthless black businessman from Chicago. He wanted to open a high-end restaurant and strip club in town but was having trouble convincing the prominent local leaders that his idea was a worthwhile one. These high and mighty social climbing, religious folks felt that their town was far too conservative and traditional for such an uncultured endeavor.

    However, Amos had concocted a very cunning plan that pretty much guaranteed he could get the endorsements he was seeking. He knew that if he could convert the highly respected Bishop Fowler to his way of thinking, that the Bishop would in turn influence the other town leaders to approve his application.

    As Amos was a man who never took no for an answer, he knew that his scandalous plan was sure to work in his favor. Amos also knew that the Bishop was extremely bigoted and looked down upon blacks especially, even though of course he would never admit that in public.

    "Bishop Fowler, I’m so pleased that you accepted my invitation this evening. Before we get down to business, I thought I would show you a little film that I put together. I know that you and your associates have many questions about my plan, so I thought I would attempt to persuade you, so as to get us all on the same page. Would you like to see it?"

    "Oh yes, I would. I would like that very much. I assume that it’s going to give us the full representation of your plan?" he asked.

    "Of course, it is. But this film is somewhat different from anything that you have ever watched in the past. You see, you can't get this film in any video store or on any website. In fact, this is a film specifically made for our eyes only and one which will demonstrate, quite fittingly I believe, the kind of cooperation that I require from you and your associates.”

    "So, let's take a look shall we and see what the video has to offer, most of which I’m extremely confident will surprise and perhaps shock you. I am confident that, after you watch the entire production, you will be persuaded to support me unconditionally." With that, Amos picked up the remote which operated the DVD player and TV and started the film.

    After a few seconds, the video began. The high quality of the picture was immediately noticeable, and one could also tell that this film had a sense of realism about it. The Bishop looked on with considerable interest, eager to see what he assumed, would be a film about how the town would benefit from the construction of this club.

    The film started slowly. Initially, there was no sound and all that was seen was a woman's foot, in a high heel shoe. It was a strange beginning, the Bishop thought, but he looked on, interested to see how the film would develop. The lady was wearing red high heel shoes which had on it a ridiculously high heel, easily around 4”. The shoes were on what appeared to be a very dirty, tiled floor.

    The camera then panned upwards focusing on a pair of beautiful, slim, white legs which were crossed. The woman was wearing a pair of black stockings or pantyhose (at this stage one could not tell which).

    The camera continued to slowly move upwards, focusing on her legs. The cameraman was clearly giving the audience ample opportunity to savor this young woman’s fine body. The film then came to focus on her slim lovely thighs. They were not covered, and the Bishop assumed that, whatever dress the woman was wearing, must have been short, very short. On them, the woman had placed her hands which were folded in prayer like fashion. The camera then slightly fixated on an enormous, diamond engagement ring and wedding band. While he couldn’t see the rings that well, clearly the woman was married.

    The camera then moved on, still focusing in on her lovely thighs until it came to rest at the bottom of her dress. The Bishop was right, the dress was indeed very short since virtually all of her thighs were on display, but he was beginning to wonder what this all had to do with him and Amos’s building plans.

    There the camera again stopped for a few seconds. You could now hear the sound of heavy breathing. It sounded like it came from whoever was holding the camera and it sounded like a man. A few more seconds passed as the camera remained focused on the top of her thighs, but then it moved up and down in response to the heavy breathing, and no doubt excitement, of the cameraman.

    Then, for the first time, words were spoken, and they came from the man the Bishop assumed to be the cameraman. "Lift your dress up so we can see more of your firm thighs." He immediately noted that the voice, surprisingly, was not that of Amos since it was not a deep, commanding voice, but rather a soft-spoken voice and it appeared to belong to an older gentleman. Perhaps it was an older man who was directing the proceedings, he thought?

    The film remained focused on the top of her thighs, waiting for something to happen. But still, after a few seconds, nothing happened, and her skirt remained where it was. "Come on now, do as you're told and lift the hem of your dress for me." The bishop again looked at Amos, wondering what this was all about.

    "P-please, don't make me do it..." You now heard a sweet woman's voice, clearly belonging to the person being filmed, and it was also evident that she was being filmed under duress. Still, the camera did not move, remaining focused on her lovely thighs, concealed only by her very short dress.

    "Come on now my dear, do as you're told, you know you want to..." Again, you heard the soft voice of the cameraman and this time his demands were met, so ever so slowly, her hands began to slide her dress up her thighs. As suspected, she was wearing stockings which were attached to lacy black garters. Then, without any prompting, the lady then pushed her tight skirt all the way up to her waist, giving the viewers a delightful view of her exposed thighs, among other things. The camera spent around a minute focusing on this before it slowly moved up again.

    It quickly moved over her flat stomach until it came to rest on her seemingly very firm breasts. Unfortunately, these were still covered by her light flowery dress, but the cut was very low, so you got a very good look at much of her lovely cleavage. It was also apparent that the lady was not wearing a bra since, after a few moments her nipples began to become erect and started to poke out through the thin cotton material.

    After several seconds of focusing on her lovely breasts and cleavage, the camera continued upwards and her neck came into view. The lady was wearing a beautiful pearl necklace. Whoever she was, she was clearly a woman of means. Even though he was getting more confused, the Bishop was becoming more and more curious as to who this woman might be. Married, rich, attractive and seemingly rather reluctant, he thought.

    As the camera then moved up again in order to finally reveal her identity, the Bishop was very anxious to see this poor woman's face in order to get a better idea of what type of woman could possibly be in such a bizarre predicament.

    And, when her face finally came into view he gasped in horror for, on camera was not some random, nameless woman but, staring directly into the camera, looking extremely nervous and licking her full luscious red lipstick coated lips was someone that he knew and knew very, very well. It was his own lovely, young wife, Sandra!!

    "Oh my God!" he screamed out, in utter shock and horror. Sandra Fowler, the young, beautiful 28-year-old wife of one the most senior bishop's in all of America, was appearing in the film, dressed like a whore! This was not possible. This was not right. "Oh my God, it can't be! It can't be!" he screamed, in utter shock and confusion.

    "Do you know this woman?" Amos enquired, deviously knowing full well exactly who she was.

    "Yes, yes, of course, I know Sandra, she’s my wife!” But his wife should be faithful... How? How? “How did you get her on film? This is not right! She is the wife of the Bishop, a man of God. She, she is a true believer..." the Bishop screamed out, looking at Amos, genuinely horrified at what he was seeing. Surely a man of God's wife should be immune from the evil scheming of this man. Was nothing sacred, he wondered?

    Amos just grinned at his extremely naïve, foolish questions. "Every woman has certain needs Bishop, so why don't we just watch the film and see what happens next..."

    The Bishop just looked at him, nodded his head nervously and then looked back at the film. In some perverse, dark way the Bishop already understood. He, like Sandra, was also a true believer, a conservative bible thumper who believed in the sanctity of marriage and the belief that the two races, black and white, should mix as little as possible. But here she was, dressed in very provocative clothing and taking orders from an unknown man to expose herself.

    Back on film, the highly respected white wife of the Bishop, a woman who was normally associated with doing good, honest work, for the church and the local community, was staring back at the camera with those big, baby blue eyes, looking like she was pleading with the cameraman for all this to stop.

    "Oh God, this is so bad!" the Bishop screamed out. But judging by the way his heavy breathing increased, suggested he was in some way turned on by the prospect of seeing his wife, one of New York's most respected women, being ill-treated by this unknown man.

    Back on film, poor Sandra started to speak. "Please, please don't make me do this. Please, you know it’s not right. You of all people must know this..."

    "All I know is that you want this. That is why you came here, isn't it?" As the cameraman spoke again, the Bishop thought he may well have recognized the voice, it sounded strangely familiar. But the sound was too low, and he could not decide where he had heard it before?

    Sandra looked straight at the camera and started to reply. "No! I-I was tricked. I didn't know he was going to bring me here. To this place. To where you would be! Why? Why are you doing this to me? Why?"

    "I’m doing this because I know you want this. I’m doing this because I know that you’re a dirty white whore who desires to serve only black men. Just look at you. Look at how you’ve dressed, just to get a taste of the black cock you crave so much, haven't you? You don’t dress that way for your husband, do you!!?"

    The Bishop just sat in shock as this man berated his lovely wife and spoke these repulsive words to her.

    In response to this Sandra said absolutely nothing, but just shook her head as she looked down and licked her glossy lips. Clearly, she knew that he was speaking the truth.

    "You’re not even wearing a bra today, are you?" Sandra shook her head no. "And you did this to please a black man, didn't you?"

    "No, no, I didn't! I swear! I often don't wear a bra!"

    "Don't lie to me, Sandra!" For the first time the cameraman had raised his voice and, in response, Sandra let out a gasp of fear. It was as if she had not expected this and now a tear fell from her eye and slowly trickled down her cheek.

    "P-please, don't..."

    "No. I will not listen to your pitiful and untruthful pleas for mercy, I will not hear them. You will do as you are told, you dirty whore, do you understand?"

    The film then slowly started to zoom out and, instead of the audience just being able to see Sandra's beautiful face, more and more of her and her surroundings came into view. It then became apparent to the Bishop that Sandra was actually sitting on a toilet! The camera panned out even further and indeed Sandra was sitting on a toilet in what appeared to be some sort of lavatory cubicle. The camera panned out some more so that the whole strange scene came into view.

    The men's cubicle in which Sandra was sitting was clearly a filthy one, judging by its state. The floor tiles, which should have been white, had developed a strange yellow look about them, probably as a result of un-cleaned piss. The walls on all sides were covered in graffiti and other dubious stains. This was a men's toilet in an establishment the likes of which Sandra (in normal circumstances) or the Bishop would never visit.

    And in this disgusting, filthy men's room, was Sandra Fowler, the good wife of the Bishop, sitting on a toilet, dressed in her tight, short dress, legs demurely crossed revealing her stockings and garters, her firm breasts heaving up and down, no doubt as a result of fear, which also showed on her angelic face. In normal circumstances, no one would expect a woman of such beauty and class, to be in a place of such filth.

    To the Bishop, it all looked rather surreal and he wondered how Sandra ended up being in such a place?

    "Now, do as you’re told and get down on to your knees and suck that big, black cock, you dirty, fucking bitch." As the cameraman spoke, he was also panting, the Bishop assumed because he was extremely turned on and excited by having such an elegant white woman at his mercy. He imagined that the cameraman was some older black man who perhaps was responsible for cleaning (or not cleaning, as the case may be) this disgusting place.

    Somehow, he had managed to trick poor Sandra into coming here and that it was he who was about to be sucked off, hence his understandable excitement.

    "No, no please, don't, don't make me..." Sandra pleaded.

    "Sandra, don’t argue, now do as you’re told and suck that big black cock!" The Bishop was extremely taken aback by this, for the voice now on film was different from the cameraman's and Sandra had, for the first time, looked to one side, away from the camera, and it appeared that she was looking at someone else. This voice was a deep, commanding one and the man did not need to raise his voice to make his point. It exuded enough authority without any need for any histrionics. The Bishop immediately knew that this was definitely a black man's voice. It was likely the voice of Amos since it sounded refined and well-spoken, but he wasn’t 100% certain at this point.

    Still looking away from the cameraman, Sandra continued to plead for mercy. "P-please sir, I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to be forced to serve black cocks. I want to be a good wife now. I want to go on working with my husband and the church, helping to pass on the word of the Lord..." Sandra then turned her head to once more look at the cameraman. "But how can I do this when I’m being asked to be an adulterous whore? This is not right, this is not what I teach or believe... you know that and you can help me..." Clearly, this was not Sandra's first time at being forced to serve black cock, but it appeared that she did not want it to be forced to do it any longer and wanted it to stop.

    "That is not our concern, Sandra, you are only here to serve, and that’s precisely what you’ll do." came the man's firm reply. "You are here to service black cocks, whether you like it or not. Your consent is neither required nor deemed necessary. Unless you wish for your husband to find out, I suggest that you do as you’re told, you know you want to..."

    Sandra looked down and, licking her lips, replied, "I really don't have any choice, do I? I have no choice but to serve giant black cocks." Then, looking back at the camera and, as if she was talking to the cameraman alone, she continued. "But, I want you to know that I do it under duress. I never meant for any of this to happen. I swear, I always wanted to be a faithful wife. I never wanted to become a whore for black cock. He made me do it!" She screamed as she pointed in direction of the second man. "I will do this, but only because I’m being forced to do it, because I have no choice, not because I want to..."

    "Yes, yes, of course, you don't you cheating little whore. Now, do as we say, get down on your knees and suck that big black cock and suck it good!!!!" It was now the cameraman's turn to speak and this time Sandra obediently nodded her head in agreement.

    The Bishop now assumed that Sandra would kneel down, crawl over to the cameraman, or his accomplice, and suck their cocks. However, surprisingly, Sandra did not get up and make her way towards the camera. Instead, she swiveled on the toilet seat to her left (and the audience's right) so that she was now at a 90-degree angle from the camera and, rather than get a front-on view, you got a perfect view of her lovely profile. Then, getting off the toilet seat she knelt on the disgustingly dirty floor and slowly shuffled forward until she came to the side partitioning of the toilet cubicle, the one which usually divides one cubicle off from another.

    This at first looked like any other partitioning, to the left of Sandra there was a toilet paper roll and the wall had a heavy amount of graffiti on it. But that was as far as any similarity would go for, right in front of Sandra's pretty face, you could see that there was a hole. It was a big hole, one which if you wanted to look through you could easily see what was going on in the adjacent stall.

    Sandra's face was now about a foot away from the hole, and her mouth was open and she appeared to be panting. The Bishop was confused. Naively he wondered what on earth could Sandra be doing, kneeling on the floor, mouth wide open in front of an empty hole in a wall?

    In a matter of a few seconds, his confusion was resolved when out popped through the hole, a very large and long, black cock.

    Of course, this was no normal hole, this was a Glory Hole.

    "Oh my God!" he screamed, he had not been expected this! The bishop's wife was about to suck a dirty black man’s cock, in a filthy men's toilet, and she would not even know whose cock she would be sucking!

    Of course, the Bishop found it utterly obscene, abhorrent and immoral. However, sorry to say, he felt his own cock becoming harder at the thought of his lovely wife being forced to suck a cock, a black cock no less. It seemed that the filthier the situation, the more aroused he became. He was as bad as Sandra, he thought.

    The head of the cock was now just a few inches away from Sandra's open mouth. She had not yet touched it and, before she did, her face turned to face the camera once more and, looking again with those pleading blue eyes said, "Please, please make this stop. Please, you can make this stop. I don't want to do this, please..."

    "Suck it, you dirty bitch, NOW!" the cameraman yelled in response to her pathetic pleas. Sandra once more looked back towards the enormous black cock and, rather than immediately suck it, her tongue emerged from her mouth and she started off by licking the massive head. It was as if she wanted to delay the inevitable from happening.

    "Oh, I don't want to do this, I don't want to be forced to suck on this man's cock. It’s so black and so big! Oh, this is so wrong..."

    "Do it, bitch… NOW!!"

    Sandra still did not suck it but instead, grabbing hold of the base of the cock in her soft white hand she began to plant sweet little kisses all over it. Groans, presumably from the possessor of the impressive dark shaft, were now clearly audible and the Bishop assumed that this prevented any further admonishments from the cameraman since she was clearly now giving the cock’s owner an abundance of perverted pleasure.

    The camera then zoomed in on Sandra's angelic white face as she delicately kissed the massive ebony cock, but the Bishop was slightly confused by what he was seeing. For, on the one hand, Sandra’s eyes had teared up, signifying that she was clearly performing this repulsive act under duress; but on the other hand, the way she lovingly planted those adoring kisses all over the mighty black weapon suggested that she was, at the same time, paying devoted homage to the huge beast.

    It was apparent to the Bishop that there were a number of conflicting emotions raging through poor Sandra. She clearly did not want to suck this man's cock, but at the same time, through past experience no doubt, she would have been aware of the pleasure serving a black man could bring.

    "Now Sandra, open your mouth, do as you’re told and suck this man's cock." The cameraman inflexibly demanded.

    Sandra's face turned once more to stare right into the camera. "Oh, p-please, I don't want to. If you make me do this, it will be against my will and this man will be raping my mouth. Do you want that to happen? Do you want me to be raped?" Again, it seemed like Sandra was being a tad disingenuous since as she spoke, she carried on firmly stroking the unseen man's thick cock. Pleading to cease sucking a cock whilst still fondling it amorously, was strikingly contradictory, he thought. Subconsciously or otherwise, a part of Sandra clearly wanted to please her unknown attacker.

    But in any event, she was not the one making the decisions. She was being forced by the cameraman and his associate and they were clearly in no mood for mercy. "Yes Sandra, my dear, I do indeed want you to be raped and I want you to act like the filthy white whore that you are... So, open your mouth, you fucking married bitch..." replied the panting cameraman as the dark proceedings continued to have a highly stimulating effect on him also.

    Sandra looked back at the hard, ebony cock, which she had curiously not stopped stroking and very slowly, and outwardly reluctantly, she opened her lips and allowed the dark head to enter her now salivating mouth.

    Because the man whose cock Sandra was being forced to serve could not see what was happening, directions on the sucking came from the cameraman and his friend, the second man. And it was the second man who spoke first. "Sandra, my dear, you can do better than that." He said, in his deep, calm, assured black voice. "The poor man clearly has a need that needs to be served, and I know from personal experience that you can do better than that…much better.”

    "Move your head forward so you take more of his cock in your mouth... That's it, you can do it. Yes, just like you did with me when you sucked my big black cock the other day... The fact that you are here, in this place, should not stop you. A good little white slut like you should be able to serve black cock anywhere... Good! Good! Take in a little more... A little more... There you go, you’ve managed to get all 10” in your mouth, you filthy whore."

    Sandra was following this man's orders without question and her head had moved on to the man's dick, taking it all in, servicing it, giving the unknown man the pleasure he craved. Then, without any prompting, she moves back, so that just the head remained in her mouth. Then, in one smooth motion, she moved her head forward and impaled her mouth on to his mighty weapon.

    She was accepting this unseen black man's entire cock in her mouth and proudly loving it!!

    "That's it you bitch, suck his cock. Take it all in and suck it like a good little white whore." Sandra obediently did as she was told, and it was clear to the Bishop that she was a woman of some considerable cock sucking skill as he watched her in awe. Of course, the Bishop had no idea how this could be, as he never engaged in any type of oral sex at all with his wife.

    "Show us your beautiful married white tits, bitch." The second man then ordered.

    This time Sandra did not question the man's order. Making sure she continued to suck on the massive black cock, she removed the straps of her dress from her shoulders and slid them down her arms. Then, once the straps had been lowered, she pushed her dress down so it lay bunched up by her slender waist and her beautifully firm married white breasts were on full display for the first time, bobbing up and down as she fucked the unseen man with her mouth.

    Clearly, the side of her that wanted to serve, and pleasure black cock had come to the forefront and that part of her that wanted to remain the devoted wife of a bishop was rapidly subsiding, as one could see that her nipples were now hard and sticking out like bullets.

    "Good, now my dear, I want you to pull the hem of your dress up, so we can have a good look at your legs and fine white ass." ordered the second man, who was obviously in charge. "That's it, all the way up so we can see your garters and the creamy flesh above your stockings. That's it. Good girl, I see you have worn a G-string for us. Yes, you have learned a lot from me, haven't you?" The cameraman then shifted his angle so that the audience got a view of her perfect, white bottom, framed by her black garters and which had a black lacy G-string nestled between the valley of her deliciously firm white ass cheeks.

    Back in Amos’s office, the Bishop was dejectedly rubbing his own cock through his slacks. The film was obviously getting to him and he couldn’t help but be completely turned on by all of it.

    Back on the film, Sandra continued to suck skillfully as the second man continued to give her orders. "Sandra, I want you now to use your married white tits to fuck his cock... Yes, wrap them around his big cock and rub them up and down... Do you remember how you did that for me? Do you like that, Sandra? Do you like using your milky white tits to pleasure a black man's cock?" The second man was clearly enjoying controlling and tormenting the poor white wife.

    "Oh, p-please sir, no, no, I don't like it. I don't like it at all. Your cocks are so big. Just see how big and black they are up against my white breasts. This is wrong, this is so very wrong. I should not be doing this. This man is raping my mouth and now he’s raping my breasts... Oh, sir, you’re forcing me to be such a filthy whore for these big black men..." As Sandra spoke, it was clear that there was a noticeable change in her attitude. Although literally she may have been correct, in that she did not want to perform these disgusting acts, but her body was clearly willing her on to become even more of a whore for these despicable black men.

    The tit fucking went on for a few minutes or so, and then without any prompting, Sandra once more took the enormous black cock back in her mouth and enthusiastically began sucking it again. On film, the man’s groans were getting louder and louder, so he was close. Very close in fact, for a few seconds later, he let out a loud roar and you could tell that he was cumming and he was cumming in the bishop's wife's mouth!! Such was Sandra's cock sucking skill that, as she swallowed, not a drop of his precious fluid escaped her mouth. And when he removed his cock from her mouth, a trail of thick, white spunk hung delicately from his cock and, like any good black cock sucking whore, she stuck her tongue out to catch it, swirled it around in her mouth and delectably swallowed it.

    "Quite a performance, don’t you agree?" Amos questioned the Bishop.

    "Yes, yes, she did very well." The Bishop nervously replied as it seemed like they could have been talking about a sportswoman, rather than the performance of his wife acting like a wanton black cock whore.

    Back on screen, the film was far from over. For as soon as the one man had removed his cock from Sandra’s mouth and the glory hole, another one emerged through the hole to take its place, this one was even bigger and blacker!!!

    "Now, suck this man's cock too, you filthy bitch." The second man ordered.

    "Oh, p-please..." Sandra half-heartedly replied, but as she spoke those words, her mouth opened, and she was once more sucking another big, black cock. Her reluctance, if not fully absent, was rapidly waning.

    As they watched Sandra's head move up and down this enormous 9”-10” shaft, her firm tits bobbing rhythmically, Amos spoke to the Bishop, "Yeah, it didn't take long for Sandra to start following orders to do something sinful that she in fact truly wanted to do, don’t you think?" he taunted.

    On the screen, Sandra had now put her hand through the hole and it appeared as if she was now massaging this new black man’s balls. She did this without anyone ordering her to do so, which was more proof, if any were needed, of Sandra's eager willingness to carry out her whore-like duties.

    It was also clear that this additional servicing had indeed enabled the man to cum more quickly for it could not have been more than a minute of Sandra servicing him when another animalistic growl could be heard on screen as another man emptied his nasty black spunk down the young wife's throat.

    One of God's servants was indeed serving well.

    After a minute or so, which permitted Sandra to suck and clean the second man off thoroughly, the cameraman spoke again, "Sandra, did you enjoy that? Did you enjoy sucking those big black cocks and tasting their warm loads of cum, that they saved up just for you?"

    Sandra, gradually removing the deflating cock from her mouth, firmly holding the thick base in her hand and delicately licking the creamy remnants of his tasty load off the purple head, looked at him again and, in a soft, passionate voice, replied, "I didn't, you know I didn't. I did it because you forced me..."

    "Liar!" He screamed back. "You loved it. It was obvious that you did. And I have it on film to prove it. You are a dirty fucking whore who deserves to be punished and degraded like the black cock slut you are!" The cameraman screamed, raising his voice again. For some reason, he was much more agitated than the second man, who clearly was more composed and in control. The Bishop could not help but wonder why?

    The cameraman continued, "Now, stand up!" Sandra rose up from her kneeling position and stood with her hands clasped in front of her, so she was facing the cameraman. "Take your dress off bitch, you won't need it anymore." Indeed, her dress, which was bunched up around her waist, revealing her black, lacy G-string and bare tits, was serving no real purpose since her body was essentially on full display to these men already. So, as ordered, she slid it down her stocking clad legs until it lay on the dirty piss-stained floor, where it remained.

    "Now, remove your panties, you will not need those either." Sandra, visibly in fear of the cameraman, obediently, but nervously, removed her lacy G-string until it too remained gathered on the floor with her dress. She did not bother to pick the items up because she had not been ordered to do so. As her expensive, designer clothing remained on the floor, they appeared to represent a fitting act of surrender, as she was forced to concede defeat and submit more of her lovely, white married body to her black captors.

    Once she had finished stepping out of her G-string, her gorgeous pussy was on display for the first time. Her bush was nicely trimmed, fitting in with her facade of a refined lady of substance and style. She was now wearing only her red high heels, black stockings and lacy black garter belt, a necklace of white pearls and of course, her wedding ring.

    "Come and walk towards me, bitch." The cameraman ordered. Sandra, slowly walked towards the camera, her luscious and firm married white breasts gently bouncing up and down as she did. "That's far enough!" he said, as she remained a few feet away from him, but now out of the toilet cubicle.

    "You want to get fucked, don't you bitch? You want to be fucked hard by a big black cock. It's what you crave, isn't it? Isn't it?!" The last couple of words were shouted out in anger.

    "No, it isn't. I promise you, it isn't." But as Sandra spoke, she could not help but to look away from the cameraman and turn her head to her left where, presumably, the second man stood. As she did, she licked her lips. "No, no, I don't want to be fucked by a big, black cock. I don't. I truly don't..."

    Her pleas were equally pathetic and blatantly false. They fooled no one, not least of which the second man who finally moved from behind the camera to make an appearance on film. He slowly walked over and stood in front of Sandra. As a result, all the viewers could see was the back of him. But you could immediately tell that he was black, as the Bishop had suspected. He was also big, judging by his broad shoulders and the way he towered over the petite young wife. He also looked to be a man of means since he was well dressed, wearing a tailored black, pinstripe suit.

    As he stood in front of her, the audience was unable to see what he was doing since the cameraman had not moved to get a better angle. However, judging by where his arms were, it was highly likely that he was playing with Sandra’s firm white tits.

    "You want my big black cock, don't you, Sandra?" The second man whispered in her ear as he proceeded to manhandle her breasts.

    "No! No, I don't. I want to be faithful now. I don't want to fuck you again. Your cock is too big... Oh p-please be gentle with my b-breasts, you’re hurting them... Ohhhhhh..."

    Ignoring her pleas, he continued, "But you enjoyed fucking me the other day, didn't you? Remember, when I came to your home and I fucked you right there in your living room?"

    "Yes, but I didn't want you to. You raped me! You know that..."

    "Perhaps I did, but you seemed to have cum awfully hard when I fucked you, didn't you? You came like a fucking little bitch in heat. That doesn't suggest to me that you didn't want to be fucked, does it, Sandra? Does it?!!!"

    "Oh no sir, no sir... Oh, please be gentle with my breasts. You’re so rough with them... Oh! Oh! Oh..."

    "I’m rough because you like it rough, you little bitch! That is precisely why when I came around the other day and supposedly "raped" you, I did it because I knew you wanted to be taken roughly and to be used like a dirty, white whore. It’s what you long for, isn't it? A powerful, older black man to fuck you mercilessly in a brutal, uncompromising manner."

    "Oh! Oh no, p-please, it’s not true..."

    "Of course, it is you married white bitch, and that’s why after I fucked you, or “raped’ you as you say, in your living room, you of your own free will, took me by the hand and led me upstairs to your bedroom, the room that you share with your husband, the room where the two of you make love. And what did we do there, Sandra, what did we do in your bedroom?"

    "P-please, don't make me admit it, not here, not now p-please..."

    "Come on now Sandra, we are all friends here, confess to us what you did, you fucking cheating blond bitch! We already know anyway..."

    "Oh sir, please be gentle with my tits, don't pinch my nipples so hard... Oh! Oh, but that does feel so good...I do so love it when you treat me so cruelly and do whatever you please"

    "Then tell me what we did in your bedroom, you dirty bitch!! I want to hear you say it out loud. Say it!!!”

    The memory of that day sent a chilling shiver through her entire body. She closed her eyes and was reminded of him on his knees behind her on her matrimonial bed, while he cruelly spanked her firm ass cheeks and viciously and mercilessly fucked her asshole, as she screamed and begged him to, “Fuck my ass, Daddy, fuck me harder, PLEASE!!!!”

    Then she quickly came back to today’s reality and spoke in a very nervous voice, “I, I climbed on to my marital bed, in my finest black lingerie and heels, got on all fours, and then, and then... Oh, I can't, please don't make me say it..."

    The second man had clearly started to lose patience with Sandra because he then began to smack and squeeze her firm, young tits cruelly, "Oh, please stop! Stop! That hurts..."

    "I’ll stop when you tell me what we did you dirty little white bitch! Besides that, I know that you love to have your tits smacked hard, so don’t pretend that you don’t."

    Not being able to take it anymore, she blurted out, "Oh my God Daddy, you fucked me, you fucked me in my ass..."

    The Bishop sat in shock and disgust at these horrid truths that his beautiful, supposedly very devout wife was revealing on film. He also questioned, under his breath, “Why, in God’s name is my wife calling this filthy, depraved black man Daddy?”

    Unbeknownst to the Bishop at this point was the man that was verbally and physically molesting his young wife on film, was in fact, none other than Amos Dark himself.

    Hearing this, Amos smirked evilly as he vividly recalled being on the bed that day, completely naked and sweating profusely, with his massive black cock firmly rooted deep in the young wife’s tight, pink asshole. As he forced his hard shaft all the way up her warm anal cavity so that his balls rested on her swollen clit, and she screamed out in exquisite pain, he had leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Listen to me, you beautiful blond bitch. From now on I want you to call me Daddy because you know your Daddy gives you exactly what you want and need.” To drive home his demand, he reached down and pinched and twisted one of her nipples extremely hard, “Do you understand me, you fucking whore?"

    “Oh God yes!! I’ll do anything you ask, ANYTHING, just don’t stop fucking me, Daddy!!

    Back on the film, the second man (Amos), as promised, stopped slapping her tits. "Yes, I fucked you in your tight little white asshole, but only after you invited me to do just that, is that not right, Sandra?"

    "Oh my God yes, yes it’s true. I got on all fours and asked you, very respectfully to please fuck me in my married white ass." Sandra had clearly lost the will to resist and was prepared to confess to the complete truth.

    "And why did you ask me to do that, Sandra?"

    "Because I desperately wanted you to fuck me in my ass," she responded and, as she did, the man walked over to stand directly behind her. You still could not see his face since the camera remained focused on Sandra. Then, his big black hands snaked up around her waist to cup her firm tits again, which were now a nice shade of red and he continued to roughly maul them. As he did that, Sandra's head went back, her eyes closed, and her mouth opened to French kiss the cruel black man with wanton desire. Any pretense that the young wife was not enjoying this abuse was clearly at an end.

    Delighted to continue his humiliation of the young wife, he whispered, "Go on Sandra, tell us why you wanted me to fuck you in the ass..."

    "Oh my God, because I loved the feeling of your big black cock so deep in my pussy, I loved the way you cruelly "raped" me and dominated me so completely, like no one else has ever done before. And, Daddy, because my body belongs to you, for you to do as you please, I wanted you to take my ass. I wanted you to be the first to enter my virgin asshole and I wanted to feel what it was like to have a cock, a real cock, a black man’s cock forced into my poor little white bottom.”

    "So Daddy, that’s why I took you into my bedroom, why I got on all fours and why I offered you my white, married ass for your big black Daddy dick..."

    "Good! Good girl... And while I was fucking you in the ass, what did I ask you to do, you filthy, little married bitch?"

    "Oh my God, Daddy, you made me telephone my husband, while you were viciously fucking me in the ass and cruelly spanking me, to tell him that I missed him and to tell him how much I loved him. I know you did that to humiliate me and to totally dominate me, just like you’re doing to me now..."

    "Yes, I know, but you enjoyed it, didn't you? You enjoyed using your ass, your virgin white ass, to serve my black cock whilst you were forced to talk with the man you love, didn't you, you dirty cheating whore?"

    "Yes, yes, it’s true, I did, oh I’m so sorry and totally ashamed but’s it’s true... I didn't mean for it to happen, but my body needs your big black cock. I crave all the depraved pleasure it gives me..." As she spoke, she once more stared straight into the camera and spoke to the cameraman.

    Tears were again welling up in her big, baby blue eyes and The Bishop was confused as to why, when she was so blatantly acting like a whore and submitting her beautiful body to this dominant black man, making this confession should cause her to become so upset? Surely, after committing unfaithfulness by performing these disgusting sexual acts in a filthy men's room, making such a confession would have been child's play?

    "Good. Good. And that’s precisely why you came here today, isn't it? Despite telling me earlier that you did not want to have any more to do with me, that you wanted to remain faithful to your pathetic husband and you wanted to have nothing to do with a black dick. Those were all just lies, weren’t they, you little bitch?"

    "Oh, it was all true at the time. I promise you, I really do." Again, she looked straight at the camera, tears streaming down her beautiful face. "I came here with the best of intentions to end all this. I came here to tell you that I no longer needed or wanted your black cock..."

    "But deep down you knew that you would inevitably have to submit, and that’s why you dressed like a whore today and in a way that you knew would please me, isn't that right you fucking cunt?" The second man's mauling of her breasts became even more aggressive and he also began to roughly pinch her now reddened, erect nipples again.

    "Yes, I’m ashamed to admit it, but it’s true. I came here because I secretly wanted to feel your big black Daddy dick inside me again and for you to fuck me and treat me like a worthless cock loving whore. Oh! Oh..."

    "Excellent, now tell me why you want to feel more like a whore, Sandra?"

    "Because I now know that I need to be dominated by a powerful, older black men. By a black man who wants to treat me harshly and discipline me and who forces me to do filthy, repulsive things that young, married white women should never, ever do."

    "You truly do want to be treated like a filthy, white whore, don’t you Sandra?"

    "Oh yes, I want to be a whore… your whore Daddy because, Oh God… because I need to be disgraced and humiliated at the hands of a cruel, older man like yourself who possesses such a big black cock.”

    "In that case, you fucking little bitch, spread your legs, thrust your beautiful ass out towards me and ask me very nicely to fuck you in your tight, married, white pussy..."

    “Oh, yes Daddy please, I truly want you to fuck my married white pussy. I want you to tear it open and just take this little white slut. I promise I’ll be a good little whore for your big black cock, Daddy. I want you to take me hard and rip my little white pussy wide open. Just bend me over and shove your big black cock into my tight, little fuck hole, grab my hair and force me to take it. Show me who the bitch is Daddy…PLEASE!!”

    The conquest of the young wife which was clearly achieved some time ago, had now undeniably hit home as poor Sandra pleaded and begged her black aggressor as she spread her nylon clad legs wide and thrust her beautiful, firm white bottom out, welcoming his imminent attack. The events on film were obviously causing the Bishop to become even more uneasy… and aroused. He was witnessing one of the most beautiful, respected women in the Hampton's, his wife no less, about to willingly commit adultery and betrayal with a lecherous, domineering black man. It was unthinkable depravity and, if it wasn't for the fact that he himself was enthusiastically rubbing his own dick, he would have found it hard to believe.

    Once Sandra was in the picture-perfect submissive position, you could see the second man fidget with his fly and was clearly drawing his cock out of his expensive suit trousers. The camera then panned upwards towards the second man's face and for the first time, one could see who the second man was. As the Bishop had both feared and suspected, it was indeed Amos Dark, all 250+ lbs. of him, with his bulging black belly, preparing to brutally defile his young wife…AGAIN!!

    He should have been appalled and disgusted by this display of such whorish behavior, but instead, he sat back to watch Sandra about to be fucked senseless by this domineering, merciless middle-aged black man as he stroked his measly little white dick.

    Knowing full well that his sinful debauchery of the young wife was being filmed for the Bishop to see, combined with the fact that he enjoyed nothing more than to cruelly dominate and humiliate the young wife, Amos gripped his mighty black shaft, positioned it at the entrance of Sandra's moist, pink pussy lips and then, grimacing with considerable determination, he thrust forward, showing her no mercy whatsoever.

    "Oh my God, your cock is so big and so hard! Oh, p-please be gentle. Oh, my God!! It feels so huge in my little pussy. Oh! Oh! Oh!"

    "Shut the fuck up bitch, your pussy has handled my cock before and it can handle it now... There now, you’ve managed to get all 10” in. Oh my God, your pretty little cunt is so tight. Oh, yes, take all of Daddy’s black cock in your tight little fuck hole, you filthy bitch. Yes! Yes! Take it all, I want to hear you scream you fucking beautiful cheating whore..."

    "Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes, that feels so wonderful… Your big black Daddy dick feels so good in my tight, white pussy. You’re so deep!! Fuck me hard, pound my cunt harder Daddy!!! Fuck me like a little bitch. Don’t stop fucking me! Oh my God yes, that’s it, push your finger deep into my asshole!! Shove your cock deeper into my tight fuckhole, make me take it, Daddy!! Don’t stop fucking me!!! Oh! Oh! Oh..."

    Granting her wish, Amos began to violently fuck the poor married bitch. He grabbed hold of her beautiful, long blonde hair and pulled her head back as he impaled her mercilessly. The whole scene looked almost surreal with a massive 250+ lb. older black man cruelly and savagely fucking a once respected, stunning white trophy wife of a bishop, who had been stripped to just her heels, garter belt and stockings. And as he heartlessly fucked her, her firm tits shook up and down in response to the punishing viciousness of his attack on her wet cunt and the merciless spanking that he inflicted upon her firm white ass cheeks.

    Her mouth was open in a constant state of shock and awe, and gasping and screaming “Yes, yes, spank my ass harder, Daddy… MAKE IT HURT!!!” at the power of his huge, black shaft pounding her tight, wet hole. “Oh my God, I love how you fuck me!! No one has ever fucked me like this!! You’re so deep in my pussy, please don’t stop Daddy, yes, yes, YES!!!!!!!…”

    Meanwhile, on Amos's face, there was a look of wicked determination to gain as much personal pleasure out of the young wife’s tight pussy and to punish her as much and as hard, as possible.

    It was now the turn of the softly spoken cameraman to speak again. "Sandra, my dear, do you like being so cruelly fucked by a dirty black man, old enough to be your father? Do you like the feeling of his big black dick stretching your tight little white pussy?"

    Sandra, looking into the camera, licking her lips, moaning and panting like a dog, seemed as if she would be unable to utter a word, so consumed was she by Amos's ferocious pounding. However, she frantically managed to scream out, "Oh, y-yes, I’m s-sorry, I know that it’s wrong, but I love his big black cock. I need his cock in my pussy. So big! So fucking big! Oh! Oh my God! I’m cumming... I’m cumming, OH God!!!!..."

    And, as Sandra experienced what would no doubt be the first of many earth-shattering orgasms on film, Amos cold-heartedly turned to the Bishop and said, "How do you like watching your sweet, innocent young wife get fucked senseless by a big, black nigger, Bishop?"

    "I don't know anything anymore, but just look at her. I can't believe my own wife is allowing another man, a black man no less, to fuck her so brutally and she’s obviously loving every minute of it. Just look at her, she looks so perversely beautiful. A black man taking a white woman like that. Taking such an elegant, proper white woman… my wife... Oh my lord..."

    On screen, the cameraman had changed his angle and had moved over to where Amos was pounding away deep into Sandra from behind. The camera then hovered over her lovely bottom and, for the first time, one got to view Amos's massive ebony weapon slide in and out of the poor young wife’s, extremely wet cunt. The contrast was stunning: a perfect white bottom, exquisitely framed by the black stockings and garters, being pounded brutally by a huge, stiff, black cock. One could see all their blended, glistening juices on his ebony shaft as it slipped in and out of her soaking wet, pink pussy. It was such a filthy, but delicious image.

    The scene that the Bishop was now looking at, and what it represented, was the very thing that white, conservative, bible thumping America abhorred. And it was happening to one of their principle cheerleaders, his supposedly adoring wife.

    The film changed angle again and was now focused on Amos's face, which still had a look of steely determination about it, but it was now covered in sweat. "Do you want some?" He asked, clearly directing his question to the cameraman. "Take this bitch with me, she’ll love it..."

    "Can I? Can I really?" The cameraman replied, coming across as genuinely surprised to be even asked this question.

    "Of course, you can. Why don't you fuck her mouth? She won't mind, but not that we care, hey? Go on, stand in front of her and force the whore to suck your cock.

    "Bitch, lean forward and do as you're told... That's it... Actually, why don't I take the camera and I’ll film you, so you can then watch it again and again..."

    "Really, that is so kind, thank-you..."

    As they spoke about poor Sandra, it immediately reminded her of how black men talked about her, as they would not even bother to seek her consent when they wanted to do something humiliating and degrading to her. She was treated as if she was not even a human being, but merely a piece of property, to be abused at their will. Then she realized that that was exactly what she was to them. She was the property of her black Daddy and whose sole purpose was to pleasure him and whoever else he told her too. That wicked thought almost made her cum then and there.

    The film shook about for a moment or two as the camera was exchanged between the two men. As Amos took it, he began to adjust the focus in order to get a better picture of Sandra sucking the cameraman.

    The cameraman had moved over to Sandra's head so that his crotch was directly in front of her face, she had now bent down so she was standing at an almost a 90-degree angle. To support herself, she had one hand on the cameraman's hip and the other was unzipping the fly of his black pants. You could not see the cameraman's hands since they appeared to be under Sandra's body, presumably playing with her gorgeous tits.

    As Sandra unzipped him, the Bishop fully expected her to pull out a black man's cock. After all, this was a black man's orgy and Sandra was unquestionably a black man's toy. So it was with some considerable shock that out sprung not a big black cock, but a white cock!

    "Oh my God!" the Bishop screamed, completely taken aback by this sudden, unexpected turn of events. He had expected the man to be the black, a black janitor or some other menial laborer. He was both surprised and to some degree disappointed at this for he now secretly wanted her to be forced to suck on another huge, black cock. A cock that society deemed to be too evil for respected, white women to have anything to do with. Instead, she was going to suck 6” of ordinary white flesh and, having had more than a foot of black cock forced down her throat just a few minutes before, Sandra was easily able to swallow it all in one relaxed motion.

    "Oh yes!" groaned the cameraman, clearly enjoying being sucked off by this fine-looking white bitch. However, the Bishop was more curious to know who the owner of this cock was and how he had managed to be included in a black man's debauchery of a young white woman. It seemed as if Amos had the same idea since he spent little time filming Sandra blowing this man's cock, as the camera began to slowly pan upwards.

    The film then zoomed in on the white man's face and, although his features were rather wrinkled and weathered looking, he actually looked like a rather well to do gentleman. He had grey hair, which was slicked back and he was, for his age (must have been in his late 60’s) quite a good-looking man. He was looking down at Sandra, who was expertly servicing his cock and grinning like the cat who had just got the cream.

    If that had been it, it would have perhaps raised an eyebrow of interest by the Bishop. However, under the men's wrinkled face and around his neck was a white collar. A collar that is worn by priests and bishops. The man was a man of the church.

    But this man was no ordinary priest, this man was Sandra's father-in-law, the Bishop’s father!!!!!!

    "Aggggghhhhhhhh, No! No! That's not possible!" he screamed out in horror and disgust. For all the people that it could have been, not in a million years would he have suspected that it could have been his own father? But that's exactly who it was, panting in absolute delight and looking down at his daughter-in-law as she eagerly sucked his cock whilst being fucked roughly by a dominant, middle-aged black man.

    The Bishop looked on with almost uncontrollable disgust and anger for here was a man of such supposed moral righteousness that, on a regular basis, he would preach to his congregation about the sanctity of marriage, the strict teachings of the bible and those beside anyone who deviated from the absolute word of the Lord.

    And yet here he was, this same conservative, dogmatic, pious man, allowing, and filming his beautiful daughter-in-law being forced to take the cocks of other men, black men!! And all in total breach of the high morals that he would preach himself. And then, to cap it all off, he was now willing to participate in this orgy of filth by allowing her to suck him off whilst he delighted in her being mercilessly fucked by a filthy, punishing black man. It was disgusting. It was immoral.

    The very fact that he would allow his son’s wife to enter into this disgusting place, suck off two random black cocks, and then eagerly agreeing to be fucked by Amos, whilst obviously being forced to suck his cock too, was utterly abhorrent to the Bishop, "Oh, my God, this is so wrong. So wrong! Oh! Oh! Oh!" was all he could utter as he watched his own father smile down at his poor whore of a wife? This is so wrong, so filthy and dirty... How could he do this? How could he allow my wife, his own daughter-in-law to behave like this?" he cried out, but still, he could not take his eyes off the screen.

    Amos turned to him and said, "Because, you fool, he recognized that, the only way for your young white bitch of a wife to experience true sexual gratification she had to be cruelly fucked and dominated by a black man. On several occasions, your father had tried unsuccessfully to sample her fine body himself, but to no avail. When I told him what I found out about her previous history with several dominant, older black men, who were her teachers in college, he was at first horrified and then readily took to the idea of making her pay dearly for rejecting his advances.”

    “He also knew that you nor he could not possibly satisfy her in the ways that she needed to be satisfied. And just think what a generous gift that is. For a man, who cares about his daughter-in-law so much, to give her the present of a big black dick so that she can fulfill her purpose as a true slut? Well, is there a greater gift a man can give a woman he desires sexually?” he arrogantly explained to the now stunned and very confused Bishop.

    On screen, the old man was visibly getting close to cumming. Clearly, he did not have much in the way of stamina and just a few swallows from this fine young woman was enough to bring him off. And when you heard and saw Amos begin to spank her ass again, clearly taking perverse pleasure in this whore’s wet cunt, the old man grabbed hold of her head and forced his cock in her mouth, screaming out "Yes! Yes! Take my cock, you gorgeous bitch, take it all..."

    Of course, it was all very, very pleasing to the old man who was emptying his balls into his daughter in-law’s mouth. "Oh, take that you filthy whore, take all of my spunk down your married throat... Oh yes, take it all, take it all..."

    And with that, Sandra willingly swallowed her first load of her father-in-law's cum, with her pitiful husband looking on in disbelief. Naturally, this added to the evil wishes of Amos who knew right then that he would undoubtedly gain the Bishop’s support for his strip club.

    It took 30 seconds or so before the old man completely emptied his load into her mouth and on to her beautiful face. She looked so marvelous with all that warm cum dripping off her cheeks and chin.

    Indeed, she had been extremely fulfilled from receiving such mistreatment and cruelty at both ends, for at that moment she had removed the old man’s cock from her mouth, giving it one last loving kiss and, without being ordered to, crawled over to where Amos had sat down to recover after removing his still hard cock from the young wife’s dripping pussy and began to gently caress, kiss and lick his huge black weapon...

    As she lovingly slobbered on his ebony shaft, Sandra looked up at Amos and whispered, “Oh Daddy, your beautiful black Daddy dick tastes so sweet after being buried so deep in my pussy and I’m just so amazed that it’s still so hard after you just fucked me so wonderfully.”

    As Amos smiled as he watched her lovingly stroke his massive ebony tool with her elegant white hand, the one with her big diamond wedding ring on it, he smiled wickedly and said, “It’s still hard because I’m not finished with you yet, my sweet little white bitch. There’s one thing I haven’t seen thus far today. Do you know what that one thing is, you little slut?”

    “Oh yes Daddy, I think I know what you want to see.”

    “Alright then, why don’t you show me what that might be, you filthy little bitch!”

    With that, Sandra stood up, strolled over to the bed and got on all fours. She submissively placed her head down on the mattress and her firm white ass high up in the air.

    Amos was absolutely mesmerized by the splendid sight before him. Here was this stunning, blonde trophy wife, wearing only a black garter belt, black stockings and high heels, assuming the position that she knew would convey the message that she was prepared to accept whatever filthy and degrading demand Amos had in mind. Of course, disappointingly so too did the Bishop, but for entirely different reasons.

    While the camera focused on Sandra’s angelic face, Amos questioned, “what is that you wish to show me, my beautiful married slut?”

    “This Daddy,” as her beautifully manicured hands came up behind her, with the camera following, she gradually spread her fine-looking ass cheeks apart, exposing her beautiful, picture-perfect, pink rosebud for all to see.

    Continuing with his never-ending humiliation of the young wife, Amos demanded, “now tell us exactly what you’re revealing for us Sandra, you filthy little white whore.”

    “I wanted to show you my gape. Do you like my tight little gape, Daddy?”

    Amos wickedly gazed upon the flawlessly pink, tight, puckered asshole of the stunning, blond wife before him and smirked with the thought that he would soon be viciously thrusting his huge black cock deep inside that snug little anal ring.

    “Yes, I like it very much indeed, but why are you exposing your gape to me Sandra?” further taunting the young wife.

    “Because I want you to lick my gape and make it very, very wet. Then, I’d like you to put something bigger and much harder in my tight little hole. PLEASE DADDY!!!”

    Arrogantly wanting to carry on with the young wife’s mistreatment and humiliation, Amos stated inflexibly, “Well, my beautiful married slut, I would love to do just that, but if what you’re asking me to do is fuck your tight little white ass, you’re going to have to beg me to do that, you fucking little bitch,” slapping her ass very hard to drive home his demand.

    Eagerly, Sandra enthusiastically responded, “Oh Daddy, please fuck my ass!! I want to feel your huge black cock deep inside my tight, little white asshole, again. I promise I’ll try to take as much of it as possible, but if I can’t take it all, I want you to force me to take it, Daddy…PLEASE!!! I want to be such a good little girl for you.” Sandra then reached back, with both hands, particularly the one with her diamond wedding ring, and spread her beautifully firm, white ass cheeks even wider as a truly submissive invitation to this heartless, domineering and brutal black man.

    Of course, the fact that the Bishop was noticeably mortified by this depraved spectacle, made it all the more wickedly pleasing for Amos, who just grinned, knowing full well what was coming up next on the film.

    Upon hearing and viewing this teasingly delightful offer, Amos got up on the bed behind Sandra and started to lick and finger her exquisite, pink rosebud for about 10 minutes, which caused her to wildly and passionately moan in ecstasy. He then started to rub his hard-black cock up and down the length of her soaking wet, pink pussy, which made his huge cock slick with her juices. He then brazenly spits right into her asshole, coaxing a throaty whimper from the young wife, before placing the head of his hard, black shaft up against her tight anal ring. And then, with the singular purpose of inflicting further hurt and humiliation upon the young wife, he firmly pressed the head of his huge cock into the sweet blonde wife’s welcoming asshole.

    While completely repulsed with the entire spectacle, the Bishop assumed this might go on for a short while, as Amos had only a few minutes earlier, violently fucked his young wife’s pussy. Unfortunately, for the Bishop, he didn’t fully comprehend his sexual stamina, as Amos’s brutal anal assault of his young wife went on for an astounding 20 minutes.

    And, to add heartbreaking insult to injury, the Bishop had to endure 20 minutes of his wife’s cries and screams of, “Fuck my ass harder Daddy, make me take it!”, Oh God, your beautiful black Daddy dick feels so good in my tight white asshole,”, “Oh my God, I’ve never felt this full before,”, and “Stretch my asshole Daddy, PLEASE!!!!!, I want to feel you deep in my ass”, and in between hearing things like, “Yes Daddy, fuck me Daddy, spank me harder Daddy, make me your little white bitch Daddy, and the utterly disgraceful,” Oh Daddy thank-you, no one’s ever made me cum with their hard cock deep in my ass!”

    After making Sandra cum at least 3-4 times while being anally assaulted and still rock hard, Amos finally removed his glistening black tool from the young wife’s now gaping asshole.

    "Do you know what I’m going to order you to do next, you filthy little white bitch?"

    It was, of course, a rhetorical question, for she knew full well what he would have her do next. "I’m hoping that you’re going to force me to suck and lick your big, beautiful black dick until it’s nice and clean and then hopefully you’ll shoot your warm cum all over my pretty white face, Daddy.”

    "And I know that you really want to suck my big black cock, don't you Sandra."

    She watched lovingly as Amos leisurely stroked his massive cock. Licking her lips and looking straight into his dark eyes, she replied, " Oh God yes, Daddy, I do so want to suck your beautiful, big black Daddy dick and take you deep in my throat, so I can taste my ass and then I want you to shoot your deliciously warm black cum all over my pretty white face and in my mouth. Please, Daddy, I promise that I won’t waste a drop of it."

    "Well, then get to it bitch!" He growled, eager for the young wife to relieve him of his still massive hard-on. He got such an incredible amount of perverse pleasure out of making her suck his dick after he had cruelly and brutally fucked her sweet white ass. Although he absolutely loved every minute of making Sandra take part in his boundless sexual perversions, it was still astonishing to him that she had turned out to be such an enthusiastic and passionate participant in his deviant depravity.

    Devotedly, Sandra knelt obediently between his spread legs and took hold of his massive ebony tool with her graceful white hand, the one with her shimmering diamond wedding ring, which she knew would excite Amos and proceeded to stroke him devotedly. At the same time, she lovingly kissed and licked the huge purple head, paying due homage to the beast that only moments before had been so very deep inside her tight asshole. She continued to kiss and caress the huge black shaft, making certain every inch of it received her sweet, loving attention.

    She then moved down to his swollen, wrinkled black ball sac and submissively started licking and kissing them while continuing to stroke his rigid shaft. She then gently took each of his cum-filled black balls and sucked them into her warm, wet mouth. She slobbered and moaned on his balls for quite some time and soon his entire scrotum glistened with her saliva. While Sandra undeniably adored sucking his huge cock, she especially loved showing devotion to his swollen cum-filled balls because she desperately savored the creamy prize she knew they held exclusively for her. She was a woman obsessed with pleasing this cruel, demanding black man, and would undoubtedly do ANYTHING to please him and continue being his personal sexual plaything.

    Amos leaned back, his large, heavy body sweating profusely, arrogantly and smugly leering down as the gorgeous, young blonde trophy wife serviced him so enthusiastically and submissively. She looked so erotically stunning, on her knees, in just her black stockings, lacy garter belt, and heels. He had his hands clasped behind his head and was grinning proudly as, without being told she worked her way down to his ass, forcefully pushing his legs up and proceeded to thrust her tongue deep into his puckered black asshole and began licking him dutifully, like the subservient married, white slut that she had become. Although she had never performed such a degrading and humiliating act like this before, she had seen it performed in many of the interracial videos that Amos had demanded she watch recently. In the films, the black men would predictably go absolutely wild when the white women did this for them. Besides, there was such a manly and musky aroma emanating from between his ass cheeks that she just couldn’t resist, even if she wanted to, which of course she didn’t.

    As Amos witnessed the unbelievably erotic sight before him, she was looking straight up into his eyes, hoping for his sought-after approval of her debasing and shameful act.

    Instead, Amos grabbed the back of her head and forced her face into his ass shouting, “Oh, you sweet fucking bitch, lick that black asshole. That’s it, stick your little pink tongue all the way in there, you filthy whore! Eat Daddy’s black ass, you nasty, fucking white bitch!!”

    Sandra stopped for a moment and looked up at him with her big blue eyes, beaming and responded obediently “Yes Daddy, I’ll do anything you want because I want to be such a good little white girl for you”, and then proceeded to spread his ass cheeks even wider and thrust her tongue deeper into his asshole with passionate fervor. All one could hear was her skilled wet slurping of his dark hole and her sensual moans as she gobbled his ass like a woman possessed. The Bishop also had to endure hearing her murmur repugnant comments such as, “Your ass tastes and smells so good Daddy!! I love licking your asshole!! Do you like it when a dirty little white girl licks your ass Daddy?”

    After more than 10 minutes of extremely enthusiastic ass licking, she moved up to lick his cock and balls again and he reached down and gently patted the top of her head, as one would do when congratulating a young child when they had performed a task well, and said, "Suck the whole thing, you filthy white cunt! I want to hear and see you choking on it"

    Her mouth hovered over the top of his cock and she opened it as wide as possible. As she did, you could hear her jaws crack and she wondered whether her mouth had ever been so open before, certainly not for her husband at least. She then lowered her head over his mighty cock, allowing the entire length to enter her warm, wet mouth.

    Finally, her destiny as a black cock loving whore was being realized.

    Amos looked down and when he did he saw that Sandra was freely raising her head and then lowering it back down onto his cock, making sure she yet again swallowed the entire length. He could see that she was eager to please, eager to fuck him with her mouth and eager for her Daddy's approval. As a result, he was finally willing to bestow upon her at least some recognition for, so quickly, learning the art of black cock sucking. "Oh yes, that's it, suck Daddy’s black cock, you cheating little whore. Suck a real cock, a black man's cock. Take it all, gag on it you filthy bitch..."

    He then grabbed hold of her head and roughly started to fuck her mouth again. "Oh yeah, that’s it, eat my black cock you fucking dirty white bitch!!!"

    With Sandra on all fours, in just her stockings, garter belt and heels, being forced to suck his huge black dick so brutishly and him calling her all those filthy names, she felt inspired. Inspired enough to take the remaining 4” of her Daddy's huge cock. So, with much determination, she allowed the entire shaft to slide further into her mouth. Now she had the full length of his black cock deep in her young, married throat and her nose was pressed up against his balls and scruffy black pubic hair.

    Tears began to stream down her face as the gagging sensation became overwhelming. Her big blue eyes looked up at Amos for some sort of appreciation of this astonishing feat. However, none was forthcoming since Amos was mercilessly eyeing the young bitch, who was desperately struggling to please him. Yet her tears and repeated gagging only further fueled his depraved need to mistreat the young wife, as he grabbed hold of her head and started to viciously thrust his hips into her face, shouting "Oh yes, you filthy white bitch, choke on my big black cock!! I’m going to cum soon, so suck me real deep, you fucking whore!!!!..."

    Before long Amos withdrew his cock from her mouth and began releasing his huge load of black cum all over the young wife's gorgeous face. "Take that you fucking bitch, take all of my nigger cum on your pretty white face... Oh yes, take it all, take it all you beautiful bitch..."

    And with that, Sandra was gratefully being bathed in the massive load of his warm cum, which of course only added to the perverted pleasure of this evil black man.

    Indeed, it had, for at that moment and, without being ordered to, Sandra took hold of his black shaft and rubbed and smeared it all over her angelic white face, all the while mewing softly like a contented pussycat. As she did so, she looked up at Amos and adoringly whispered, “Thank-you Daddy, I truly love it when you force your big cock down my throat so that I choke on it and then shoot your warm load all over my slutty white face. I love it when you treat me like your dirty, little white bitch. Thank-you so much Daddy…”

    “You’re very welcome my dear, anytime,” Amos stated with an evil grin on his now sweaty black face.

    As she continued to gently stroke his cock and lick off any remnants of his prized cream, she shyly asked, “Daddy, will you be coming to my home again soon and hopefully demand that I do more wicked and shameful things for you? If you do, I promise that I’ll dress up for you in my black, lacy lingerie that you like so much, and I’ll gladly do whatever you tell me to do. I’ll do anything you want Daddy… ANYTHING!!“

    “Yes, of course, my dear, I would be more than happy to do that, if that’s what you would truly like me to do.”

    “Oh, yes Daddy, I would like that very much!! But when you come visit me again I truly need you to discipline me severely so that I don’t disobey you or refuse to follow your orders in the future. I want to ask for your forgiveness for even implying earlier that I didn’t like it when you first took me anally. I had never let anyone else do that to me before and so I was a little afraid, but when you made me beg you to do it and then forced your big black Daddy dick into my tight little asshole, I knew at that moment that I could not refuse you anything that you desired of me. I have come to realize that the fact that you force me to perform these filthy and degrading acts, thrills me so completely and makes me want to submit to your every need. When we are together again, I want you to fuck me extremely hard and show me who the bitch is. I want you to be very rough with me. I want you to pull my hair and spank my ass really hard and force me to take your big black Daddy dick in all of my slutty holes. Will you please treat me that way, Daddy… PLEASE!!!!!”

    “Yes, of course, I would take great pleasure in doing that for you, my little white slut”, as he leisurely stroked his still rigid cock. “But for now, why don’t you stand up and allow me to return the favor of you licking my asshole by letting me lick your fine little rosebud, you sweet, little married, white whore?”

    “Oh, yes please, Daddy, I want to be such a good little white whore for you and I promise I’ll do everything I’m told.” So, with Amos’s plentiful cum still dripping off her innocent white face, Sandra stood up on her 4” heels and turned around so her firm white ass, framed by her stunning black nylons and garters, was facing Amos. She slowly bent over and proceeded to deliberately spread her ass cheeks apart to afford him a spectacular view and easy access to her freshly stretched brown puckered hole.

    Still seated, Amos arrogantly leaned forward and thrust his black tongue deep into her smooth, now trembling crevice, as he leisurely stroked his monstrous black shaft.

    With her eyes slightly closed and a contented smile on her face, Sandra whispered and whimpered, “Oh Daddy, that’s it, shove your black tongue deep in my asshole and make me cum, please don’t stop!!!! Oh God, this is so wonderful, I love feeling you licking my asshole like that…shove it in deeper Daddy… PLEASE!!”

    And then, as Amos’s unrelenting tongue probed deeper into her pretty little rosebud, the stunning young wife reared her head like an unbridled mare and had yet another thunderous orgasm. Her body shuddered, and her legs trembled on her 4” heels, as she closed her eyes and softly sobbed and moaned gratefully “Thank-you Daddy, thank-you so much Daddy…I love how you treat me and make me do such filthy things to please you. You’re the best Daddy a girl could wish for. Keep licking my asshole like that Daddy… Don’t ever stop, PLEASE!!!!!

    Upon hearing his wife’s horrifying and personally disturbing remarks and observing the parting shot of this detestable black bastard with his face buried between the firm white ass cheeks of his beautiful wife, as she moaned in perverted ecstasy the Bishop reluctantly signed the agreement to aid Amos in acquiring exactly what he wanted and also to hopefully never allow anyone else to see his wife perform her whorish duties with this merciless and extremely cruel black man.
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