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. Teaching Self Hatred

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Jun 26, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Yesterday, it was so hot wasn't it! The heat wave continued. Today I have Tamsin, Sheryl and Marie around for drinks, seated out around the pool. We dressed in rather flimsy things, translucent things, in linen and lace, nice things that floated when the breeze caught them. There is something about clothes that are pure white against a generously sun tanned skin. There is something about sun tanned skin and wearing make up properly. There is something about wearing good jewellery when you have a good sun tan, gold and nut brown skin is so right! James begged to be allowed to work downstairs, building the pub bar that I want set up in the basement for winter. Canadian winters are long and cold. We ex pat Brits miss the trip to the pub. So a bar in the basement is what's required and people can stay over. But I insisted that he serve my guests drinks and bring canap├ęs out to us as well. He has a dinky pair of shorts that I had a seamstress adjust so that there is a crotch hole widened through which his caged cock can dangle on show. His cage is may be a bit tight, his balls looked a bit pumped up and squished this morning. But I find that before breakfast because I think that despite the pain, he probably tries to play with himself in the dark. When he has 'accidents' (James, they're not wet dreams, you're not an adolescent) I make him clean himself up as best he can with the cage in situ. I won't have the cage off him. He wears it all the time. He sits down to pee because the little glans hood has holes in it like a watery can rose and that means that he can't aim at the pan. He tinkles rather than chases fag butts around the urinal. There isn't a door on James' downstairs toilet. He must go wee wee's in full view of myself and of course the girls when they drop by.

    Anyway, as I was saying, we had James serve the drinks and with his dinky on show. He was allowed his adapted pair of shorts and nothing more. Garth had his collar on him as usual, gold chain and dog tag with GARTH etched prominently on it. My boyfriend would get back mid afternoon and I wanted Tamsin in particular to see just how sweet a husband looked when he was owned that way. Once I was owned, James became owned. That was how it was. There were difficult moments for sure but James learned to do what Garth said. he learned to at first dislike himself and then to despise himself. Once you start sucking cock, once you come meekly to pussy, any that I direct, then you start to loose self respect. James was going to take a big load down the back of his throat in front of Tamsin. He was going to show her just how much spunk a little white boy could swallow. I know of no way better than that, ruining a man so that he bends to will. Once he chugs down the spunk once he licks cunt where cock has been, in front of company, then he really does have his face in the dirt. It's my view that you have to teach the beta male some self hatred. You have to teach him that despising himself is a normal state of affairs. You have to teach him to think of himself as so worthless in front of the ladies that he must go searching for a new purpose in life. That purpose girls, is one that you provide!

    I met Garth through an agency. It wasn't the normal, boy meets girls kind of place. It was a little more clandestine shall we say! The guys were carefully selected and had to meet some personally assessed and photographed criteria. No photoshopping this stuff I can tell you. First all the dudes, they had to be black or have black attitude. I guess by that I mean that they had to have attitude about women. They were put through tests and interviewed. Then they had their cocks photographed, hung loose and hard. The men were big and I mean girth thick. A long length the breadth of a bean pole meant nothing. Then they had to have a career, some prospects, so details of their work was checked out. Lewis, the guy who ran that set up, he admits it, the thing is done that way to encourage breeding. I dressed for my first date with Garth, James waiting on and feeling queasy I think. I fucked around casually a bit, just to establish the house rules. I slept with who I wished. Then though I wanted a relationship and a live in lover. I talked to James the right way. I told him that this was a new era. He was going to learn first hand what a loving, physical relationship should be. He was going to learn what a husband should always have done, satisfying his wife. Don't step up to the plate son unless you can deliver on the goods. I'm afraid that I laid it on pretty thick. Why did he always ejaculate so fast and like a spunky kid having his first orgasm? Why did he always do those sweet posy at the doorstep, romantic crap kind of things when there was not an ounce of substance behind them? I liked wining and dining but I needed to be fucked too. Did he actually know how to fuck? Did he get past playing with himself imagining how he could have liked to have done it?! James didn't.

    'You don't have the physique, you don't have the strength, you don't have the cock or the balls to interest me son' I said waspishly to him as I pulled on my skin tight jeans. 'You're disgrace aren't you!?'

    You should have seen his pathetic sallow face fall. It looked like a smacked babies arse. You know what he said to me, he said,

    'Sorry Natalie'.

    That was all he could manage. So I went on some more.

    'You didn't show a thing about this before we married. Now I know why you saved yourself for marriage. You ain't got a cock worth using.'

    Another 'sorry Natalie'. For fuck's sake! I made him get it out there and then whilst I dressed. I told him to pull on it. I told him to 'jerk' whilst I pulled on my boots and attended to my make up. I sprayed perfume around my throat and wrists. I arranged my beautiful breasts in the sharpest, the slinkiest black lace bra.

    'These are going to be Garth's not yours!' I snapped, and pushed them up so that he couldn't miss the message.

    He was tugging on his cock. It had got stiff in that tiny unripe banana looking way.

    'Why can't you at least try to be a man!' I demanded applying my mascara.

    James ejaculated. He ejaculated like a college kid. The snotty mess jolted out of his cock as he groaned and it splurged down onto the carpet.

    'Is that it?' I asked.

    He was sobbing. The sort Natalie's came thick and fast. He was hurting. He had to hurt. That was what sex was about. He either made the grade or he shipped out to some lower league pop the world up, scum bug low life existence.

    'Look at that!' I snapped and chucked him across one of the pictures of Garth. The man was hung. He was really hung! James stared at the picture. it was one that I hadn't showed him before. it was the right sort of picture to humiliate him with.

    'Do you honestly think that a man like that would produce the snotty little mess that you just jacked out of yourself?'

    James gulped down a breath then. I saw his Adam's apple working up and down.

    'No Natalie' he conceded snivelling.

    'No Natalie!' I mimicked, my voice rising. 'So what do you think the consequence is?'

    I glared at him. He was wriggling like a worm on a hook. I waited. You have to make a man hate himself aloud. You have to make him say it aloud.

    'You should go with him' he faltered.

    I gave him another 'well?' look.

    'You should go with him rather than me.'

    he sickened me, he really did. He sickened me inside. I was so fucking fed up with his don't wish to offend manners. A liberal little shit.

    'Why should I James?' I asked calmly, surprisingly calmly.

    'Because he's better than me,' he glanced my way, checking if I'd relent, 'because you're too good for me.'

    'Clean it up' I told him an he started to move to find a tissue or something.

    'Clean it up, your way' I said acidly.

    I watched him lick up his still warm semen out of the pile of the carpet. He was going to get a wool ball or something he licked so much. He was going to be spitting out bits of wool all night long whilst I dated Garth. That was the first time that I truly taught James to despise himself. It was a necessary and brutal moment. We were moving on and Garth sounded and looked delicious.

    Once I started dating Garth I locked up James cock. The sight of him masturbating had been vile. A cock should be thrusting up a cunt, where the woman wants it. That is why it is shaped that way. That is why it has (at least in men of a calibre better than James) a thick crown on it so that it locks inside and sprays. I realised such things when I fucked with Garth. The thickness and the hardness of his cock made me yelp when he first stuck me, but once he was in and thrusting, once I climaxed, my sex clamped down on his shaft and that huge glans of his wedged inside my grasping sex. His lush seed was going where I craved it. His spunk load was filling my belly rather than sliding down a wiener cock like James's. Fucking is a physical act, a very physical act and I realised after I slept with Garth that I had held back with James. He was too small, too weak, even too fragile. So I bought him the cage. I couldn't bear to see what he thought passed as a cock head so I got the one with the watering can hood. I made him put it on in front of me, making him pull his little balls through the base plate aperture. He gasped and moaned. I crossed my legs watching him.

    'You will never ever fuck me again, do you hear?' I whispered.

    'Yes Natalie' he said politely. He looked ashamed in that thing. He looked very ashamed as though his cock was a partridge dressed for dinner. Naked, bare, squished and contorted. I told him to lock it in place and he did so quietly. He knew it was necessary. He had licked what he could out of me after Garth had been inside me. He did what he could but it kept dripping out, thick and semolina thick. It must have felt glutinous on his tongue, tasted of the man's virile body and all of the power packed in his generous hanging scrotum. Having licked up so much and swallowed it down whilst I watched him, he knew the the cage was inevitable. It wasn't that I would actually let him use that dink thing on me, it was that his cock had to be shamed. It had to be dressed in a way that showed he wasn't a man. It had to be displayed in a way that showed he wasn't good enough. His poultry, plucked and squeezed looking cock had to look like a bird stuffed for the oven.

    'What does it look like?' I asked him.

    'Pathetic' he admitted.

    'I don't want it, no woman worth her salt would want it' I observed crisply.

    'None' admitted James.

    'So you'll have to lick cunt. You'll have to lick what Garth fucks because you're not good enough, won't you James?'

    'Yes Natalie' he whispered almost inaudibly.

    I broke James, I know that I did. He wasn't a whining masochist from the start, he wasn't a self doubting, malleable, he was someone who thought he might have been adequate. James had to learn that he didn't rate. He had to learn that he didn't figure when I had a man in my life. A month into my new relationship with Garth I asked James, 'How do you feel about my boyfriend?'

    'I hate him' he admitted blushing.

    I laughed.

    'So I'll teach you to admire him shall I?'

    He choked on a comment. It didn't come. He was so emotional, so ashamed. I was looking so svelte, so well dressed these days, so sexed up because I was getting what I needed. I strolled across to him and held out my hand as if I was revealing something surprising, precious and new discovered. He kissed my hand, quite spontaneously.

    'I will teach you to hate yourself James and then to love Garth for all that he is.'

    He shook his head and recoiled. But It wasn't for long! A week or so later I brought Garth home. I had James kneel in the corner of the bedroom whilst my man fucked me. He fucked me his way, the attitude way, the master way, and he soon had me begging for his spunk. I was delirious. I couldn't have given a shit about an onlooker. Garth pumped inside me, my legs swaying in the air above his massive shoulders. The bed creaked and moved across the floor, driven by the sheer force of the coupling. My nipples tingled, rock solid and erect. My neck burned hot and the flush of my impending climax spread all over my breasts and throat. I was grunting, gasping, locking and panicking on his thick cock. I thought one women that he would explode me in some way, splitting me open. 'Please, oh please, dear god, Garth.' He loaded me and made me feel complete. He loaded me and made me feel woman. He loaded me and calmed my shaking body, kissing my throat, smoothing his hands down my juddering hips.

    James was crying in the corner. His sobs wracked his body, causing his shoulders to shake. He sat scrunched up with his knees to his face, hiding his eyes from witnessing the terrible beauty of our sex. He made these little whimpering sounds as though he had been whipped within an inch of his life. I stood up from the be and quietly walked over to him, standing above where he crouched. May be Garth thought that I would comfort my husband or something. I didn't. My lover came over, touched my breasts, looked down at James and told him to 'get the fuck out.'

    'Do you love Garth now?' I asked James a week on. He had been sulking all that time. He had been sulking and trying to avoid an eye contact or conversation. James squirmed at the question, but I wouldn't let him go, not this time!

    'I admire him' he answered grudgingly.

    I smiled. Tamsin will understand. We will discuss such matters.

    'Why James?'

    Another uncomfortable look.

    'Because he handles you that way' he said irritably.

    'And because you can't?'

    James tried to escape the gaze and failed.

    'Because I can't' he conceded bitterly.

    I nodded.

    'Do you hate yourself because of that?' I wondered. The question sounded like an afterthought.


    'I despise you...' I observed.

    'Yes' he whispered.

    'Is that deserved do you think?'

    He swallowed hard. It was like a knife twisting in his gut.


    Beside the pool James has brought out another tray of drinks to my guests. His dinky waggles outside the shorts as he walks. Tamsin touches it as he bends to give her the white wine spritzer. I wonder what it feels like to her? I wonder what I feels like to touch and feel the testicles of a husband who has been enslaved and locked up as James has been? It looks trussed. it looks like meat tied in string and ready for basting.

    Tamsin grinned at him. it seemed so playful to fondle his locked genitals. It seemed so sexy powerful to touch without permission.

    She looked my way. She wanted her sex licking. She was working on her own husband. There was a big buck lover that she was dating now. I nodded smiling and watched as she lifted the hem of her sylph like dress. She was naked there an her lovely cunt hair glistened moist in the sunlight. She had a nice stud pushed through her clitty hood one with diamonds in either end of the bar. Joel must have been bloody big! Her cunt gaped open. I looked at James. He was to lick. He was to lick very nicely indeed and give my guest a comfy orgasm. When Garth got home, he was going to make James orgasm too.

    [Work in hand on a new collection of stories, some long and some short on the subject of infidelity. Its such a buzz I think for a girl to cheat and its sexier still if the husband is confronted with his humiliation. But I would think that, wouldn't I!].
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