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. Teaching Kerry to humiliate men

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Apr 25, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Kerry is one of my proteges, may be the third or fourth that Lulu, Luther's bubbly sister has sent along to learn the ways of the spoilt bitch. Like all the others she wants to be black owned and because she is married she has wondered what to do about her husband? Of course she could bin Adam, send him down the road, but Lulu told he that Claire was the woman to tell you about an alternative. If Adam really wasn't that masculine, then he could easily be manipulated to become her and her lover's faggot. Kerry is twenty, very pretty, very auburn, very socially attractive, she has that kind of personality. She dresses chic, quite forward and sexual really, showing off her legs and pretty curved rear. She showed me selfies on her phone. They were always Kerry and young black guys. It didn't surprise me that she was getting a lot of black cock. Adam wasn't resisting, he was pretending that nothing was happening. Soon enough, a bigger, probably an older and even more dominant black male would spot Kerry. He would take her off all the young black scrotes and he would want to own her, completely. So thinking about what to do with Adam was important. If she was going to keep him on, then she would have to learn to humiliate him. That was the nature of pleasure for the alpha black male, it was the sort of thing that Luther expected of me and my handling of Thomas my husband.

    You might imagine that it's instinctive for a young woman to fuck with the alpha males and to humiliate the beta ones. That would be the instinctive, the deep cave memory thing to do. But in fact pretty, modern, very sex women, have had some of their instincts suppressed so much that's not easy! Yes they go readily to the better hung male, but treating their husband with disdain, well that seems impolite, unladylike, it seems cruel. She made me smile, seated there in her tiny skirt, on the sofa of our penthouse, whispering things about being cruel. It is cruel. It is very cruel! But it is necessary I told her. First of all, her sex with the new man would become super hot because she was humiliating the also ran. There was something deeply sexy about feeling the prize over which men fought. Second though, the also ran male had to be humiliated to learn his humble role. Somewhere inside Adam there was probably a wimp wishing to confess, wishing to take direction. Once Kerry was humiliating Adam regularly, she could then chose to give him to her lover, to be done with as he saw fit. That was another thrill, I promised her, watching Luther fuck the living daylights out of Thomas is very, very, very sexy!

    You can talk a lot at a girl, but sometimes bitch hood needs to be demonstrated. Luther was around that afternoon so I suggest that she and I, Luther and Thomas our slave take a stroll out across St James Park in London and over to a pub that we liked. I was in the mood to flaunt a little power anyway and public humiliation was a powerful, a very powerful form of illustration. Kerry was keen to try that and so I went to the bedroom and called Thomas to dress me. Kerry was fascinated by how quickly he came and how silent and meek he seemed. I was feeling pretty Dom that afternoon so I had Thomas fetch out the skin tight leather jeans and matching black leather bodice from the walk in wardrobe. I wore the latter over a romantic long sleeved white blouse and had Thomas fix my large brass heart pendant about my throat. Thomas then fetched my high heeled, black leather boots into which I pushed my feet.

    'You have him do all that, looking after your clothes?' Kerry whispered.

    'Yes, of course' I responded and snapped my fingers, glancing at the perfume bottle so that Thomas did neat little squirts where I wanted them. 'Sometimes,' I told Kerry, 'you dress very dominant, really bitch. In public that is a badge. It tells even the most vanilla observer that you are a bitch and that you dominate some men. Even if they didn't spot Thomas first off, they would know what you are. You don't care about what they think. You simply dress to control, to hurt, to tease, to be so individual.'

    Kerry nodded.

    'Humiliation is then about things that you do and things that you say, ' I said, 'its about combining the two.' I snapped my fingers again and with just a brief look of angst, Thomas dropped to his knees and started to lick my boots. Kerry stared, the response was so instant. 'In our penthouse, privately, that challenge wasn't too difficult for Thomas. He licks what the hell I want.' I pointed to Kerry's boots and Thomas quickly transferred his wet tongue ministrations. Kerry giggled. 'But in public, you really challenge the weak male. Submission in those circumstances humiliates him completely. It reminds him how worthless you think he is.'

    Thomas looked just a little sick in the face when we stepped out. I'd ordered a taxi for us all, Luther looking immaculate in his black jeans and white shirt with the sports jacket, Thomas looking uniformed in his black cords and black polo collar top. Kerry looked pretty good too, she wore a very sexy little black leather biker jacket over her skirt and skin tight top. The taxi drew up at the curb, I had Thomas pay the fair and we all stepped out into the verdant bliss, the pastoral surprise that is St James Park, bang in the centre of London. There were a lot of people about, women jogging, nannies pushing buggies, someone with ugly little French bulldogs. Luther smiled. He knew that I was going to show Kerry a lot. Holding hands we started to stroll beside the lake. Thomas only moved afterwards, walking quietly behind us, with his head down.

    'Always have your cuck walk behind you, head down and silent. He is not to speak unless he is addressed. Even passers by notice that, the symbolic status kick to his crotch. They notice that he watches, listens and only answers when spoken to. He is inferior.'

    Kerry watched. She stared at Thomas which made him look more of a pillock than ever before.

    'I've seen this! I've seen pretty white girls strolling with black guys and then some other white bloke who seemed to traipse behind them' Kerry observed.

    'It's getting much more common out. Promenading, showing off your slave. In some places, more liberal places, I would probably have Thomas wear his leather collar. The public are slowly learning...that beautiful white women are choosing black guys over white ones. They look and learn and then some of them want that for themselves' I explained.

    We stroll on a little further. There are shy smiles coming our way. Luther is SO handsome and so physical looking. They all guess that he is fucking me and it sends a thrill through my pussy.

    'Notice how the public respond Kerry, notice how they sneak second glances at Luther. They respond to a handsome black male, especially when he has hold of a beautiful white woman. They glance next at the subservient hanger on. Then they say in their heads, 'yeah, know what that means.' I check that Kerry has seen that, then I pause. 'Kissing humiliates like nothing else. Slow, open mouthed, indulgent kissing. Deep down, Adam is going to hate you snogging with your man. But making him feel that hate, the shame, that the big guy has you and not him, that is part of being a bitch.'

    I signal for Thomas to pause. A woman resting after her jog notices. She sees the hand gesture. Then she watches as I casually stare up into Luther's eyes and open my mouth obediently to his. She watches as my arms slip up and around his strong neck and his hands slip down onto the cups of my buttocks. The kiss is slow, tender, explorative. I don't have to check, I know that the woman is looking back and forth between us and Thomas.

    'You are just too sexy....too sexy for your own good!' I compliment Luther with a tinkling giggle.

    The jogger clocks it all, Thomas's beaten expression, the flirting, teasing embrace that Luther and I share. Kerry watches the tableaux, the little drama enactment for her benefit.

    'That's raunchy....that's so raunchy and so cruel' she whispered.

    We stroll a little further now, through woodland. It's still a very public space, but there are fewer people here. I don't think I need to tell Kerry what I am doing. We can just show her. Once again Thomas is signalled to pause and then I guide Luther's hand to my crotch. His fingers slip inside to play with me, to play with the bitch that he has already fucked to motherhood, the bitch that would love more of his children. He starts to pet me and Thomas stares down there. Kerry notices that. He doesn't look away, he's not allowed to look away, he must look and squirm with the shame of it. Look Thomas, Luther is playing with me. You can't, because you're not attractive enough, you're not man enough.

    It was Luther who noted the young guy seated on a bench nearby. He had just finished a can of beer. He was a white guy, may be twenty five with a open necked shirt on and some scruffy jeans. He looked like trouble and he was certainly troubled, watching Luther snog me, the spoilt, the expensive, the discerning bitch. Luther kissed my throat and ran his hands over my breasts. He wanted the guy to react. A few moments later and the guy swayed up onto his feet. He wasn't blind drink but he had clearly had a couple. Luther watched the guy come our way. Thomas watched, Kerry watched.

    'Fuck off' said Luther to the guy, 'you're interrupting something'.

    I looked at him and wondered how much of a fool he might be. Just how much became apparent a moment later. His hand when inside his jean pocket and pulled out a studded set of knuckle dusters. They looked crude, punk, raw, dangerous. The guy swung at Luther muttering something about him being a cocky black bastard. Martial art savvy Luther simply propelled the studded fist up past his face, carrying the motion forward so that the guy's belly was then exposed. An incredibly sharp, stabbing blow with Luther's fist went straight into the young guys ribs. I heard a crack and saw the guy wince. It sounded as though all of the wind had been knocked out of him in one go. Still, the guy tried again and once again the blow was parried away before Luther hit him on the jaw with an upper cut. Down the men went. Down onto the leaves beside a tree. I watched Luther grab his ear and amidst some yelping he dragged his assailant further into the cover of the bushes. I watched Luther twist the man's ear until his face screwed up in pain. He was snorting, trying to breath and wincing all at once.

    'It's rude to interrupt!' sneered Luther in his ear, 'now you've upset the ladies. You've upset them with your vulgar, ugly objections'.

    The guy glared at Luther. He glared at him as though he wished he could bite his vanquisher's head off!

    Luther forced his head down into the leaves. Then he forced his head down against one of my boots.

    'You know what to do' snapped Luther to the guy.

    Nothing, so Luther twisted his ear whilst holding one of his arms up behind his back.

    The guy started to lick. He started to lick my boot and it was oh so sexy. I loved it that the cheap nasty, white racist was being made to do it. Kerry stared and then she smiled. She was watching the guy lick first one of my boots and then the other.

    'Now Mistress Kerry's' ordered Luther brought his ugly little head onto Kerry's boots. She watched him submit to her too, licking full mouthed, his tongue smeared with whatever was down there. I thought Luther was finished but he was still seething. He was seething that the guy had the audacity to interrupt us. So he pulled the guy's head up and indicating for me to present my rear, he had the guy kiss my leather clad buttocks. Dainty kisses were planted on my butt and then Luther pushed his face hard against the leather till his mouth opened full. It was like flattening half a tomato on the chopping board.

    A moment or two passed. It was no more than that. Thomas had stood beside the path and glanced around. He stood guard for his master whilst he 'sorted things'. The it was done. Luther relieved the guy of his weapon, patted his pockets to make sure that no knife would be drawn when he was shaken free and then he told the guy to 'fuck off like you were told.'

    Kerry's eyes were wide when she watched the guy stagger away. She watched him reaching up to his jaw and then his twisted ear. The guy was groaning. Next my student stared at Luther. He had barely broken a sweat because of the little interruption.

    'Go to him, glance at Thomas, imagine that he is Adam, and then give your mouth to Luther' I prompted.

    I watched Kerry do exactly as what I told her to. I watched her glance at Thomas. It was....goodness, how lovely, a pitying look. She stared up into Luther's face, her expression one of awe.

    'You are so strong' she whispered and then...well then she accept his kiss.

    [This is an orbit story, you can lean more about Luther, Claire and Thomas in 'The Intimacy of Three' by Lutheran Maid, available through Amazon as print of electronic book].
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