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. Teacher Gets Blacked

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by TJRyder, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. TJRyder

    TJRyder Member Author!

    Lovely 34 yr old Audra Wilson crossed her shapely legs in her office, wondering about her latest assignment from the School Board. She had been sent to Roosevelt High as an advisor for troubled teens and had gotten nowhere in a month. Due to busing, the population was 98% black, the whites had fled the city years ago, and everyone seemed to be on welfare, pregnant or on the way to prison. An average nightmare inner city school, she thought, wondering what possible difference she could make there.

    Why she was even assigned here, a white suburban woman, she had no idea. It was maybe because she didn't respond to the Black superintendent at a workshop last month, but although she was attracted a little, more than a little, she knew he was married, and she did, at least technically, have a boyfriend. She tried not think about that as she looked through the chaos of papers they called records and tried to pick students she thought might be saved. Within minutes she got a call from the basketball coach.

    "Hi dere, Miz Wilson," the bulky black man said, perhaps the only respected teacher in the school.

    "Hello Mr. Jackson," she said coolly, thinking this was another pitch for a date, and him being married! She had been married once and at least tried to make it work.

    "Ah'm sendin ovuh Tyrone Johnson, escorted by a PO-liceman. You probly lookin up his file now, but ah tell yoo he's not a bad boy."

    Audra had indeed looked up his file, "well he's not a boy any more, what's he still doing in school?"

    "Oh, well he miss some years, bein 'away' an all. But like I say he not all bad and he make a college running back anywhere he wants."

    "Ah," Audra thought, "that was it." Finding out he was accused of assault on another girl, his records indicated he had at least 4 girls pregnant in school already, she cleared her desk, trying to be professional.

    When the door knocked, she was trying to control her intimidation by his sheer size, almost 6'5 and 245 muscular pounds, especially as the slight female officer was relieved to drop him off and get out of the school as soon as possible. Tyrone stood with his hands behind him, wearing a tight t shirt with the team logo on it and thin sheer sweatpants. Having an arrogant expression on his full lips, he smiled. Audra realized she should have worn a more conservative outfit, blushing at his frank gaze, her full breasts showing some cleavage. As she smiled and introduced herself, she could not help noticing his groin, particularly his sac, as it was growing. It was impossibly big as it was, and she couldn't believe it, but he was getting an erection.

    "Um, ah, Tyrone, I have your file here, and we should discuss some things. I'm here as a friend, to try and make things easier for you."

    Tyrone smiled wider at that and moved closer.

    "Dat be jus what ah need, teach. De girls be gibin me a hard time today. All ah wants was to take one of de hos in de utility closet, and it turns out she on de rag or sompin an start screamin."

    "But," Audra listened openmouthed, realizing he had casually confessed to attempted rape, and the coach was trying to reduce this to a counseling session. "But, but,you can't just, just.."

    He put his leg up on the corner of her desk, giving her a better view of his swelling organ, 'but ah does it all de time, teach. I be sittin in school, an de slut, baby-mama wannabes flash at me an tease me, makin me thinkin of pussy, an ah gets me in a fix in no time. I gots to do dat."

    Audra was unconsciously licking her full lips as she watched his growing hardon in his tight worn jeans, her nipples stiffened and enlarged inside her sheer dress, making Tyrone chortle and lick his huge lips.

    "Ah say, when ah gets hard, I just gotta get off, ah jus gotta find me a ho to do fo me. Aint dat why ah be sent here?"

    Audra tried to snap out of her reverie, still unable to take her eyes off his organ! She tried to think of her date after school with a teacher she had been going with for months. However, their lovemaking was never much. She realized now his cock couldn't be a fraction of the size of this monster inside those pants.

    "But," she stammered, "if you think that I, I, am supposed..."

    Standing closer to her now, his cock now fully erect and tenting out his jeans, Tyrone grinned down at her as she continued to stare at his bulge. He arrogantly put his leg up on her desk, close to her hand, making her move it.

    "What ah sposed to think? I gets me a rock, and ah gets to get off, an de coach sends me to you, an you get me even harder! Man yo fahn lookin!" Arranging himself, he grinned wide, "Yo see how hard yo gets me?"

    Shaking her pretty head, Audra finally got her words together, "Of course it's impossible, Tyrone. This.., that, problem of yours has nothing to do with me, or this school."

    Tyrone reached down with a huge black hand and cupped his huge balls, and straightened his erection out, "how can you say dat, teacher? Yo causin it! Think ah get lahk dis lookin at a blackboard? C'mon! Dis ain't no problem yo can't fix! An den you say you help me when ah comes in." She felt guilty then, was she responsible for the mixup. Their cultural language was so different from her background!

    "Um, I'm sorry, um, Tyrone, I wasn't thinking of that kind of help. I meant I want to help you with school."

    "Well then," he said, massaging his glans, now less than a foot from her face, "Dat's what ah want too! How can I be thinkin of school with tits and asses in mah face all de time? Ah mean look at me, teach! Dis be de root of de problem, haw haw! Biggest root in class! De main root, an ah feel it swellin even bigger. Yo got to takes hold of it fo me, go ahead."

    Unconsciously, Audra raised her hand, and caught herself, and tried to push back in her chair, already against the wall, and her small hand was caught in his huge powerful one, and without seeming to exert any pressure despite her attempts to pull it out, guided it to his bulge. Pausing with her palm over it, he stopped, and then Tyrone grinned as she touched the warm swollen bulge herself, and then tried to encircle it, moving it around, trying to grip it. Moving closer to her, he spread his legs a little to give her better access.

    "Oh, please don't," Audra said, even though he wasn't exerting any effort to keep her hand there, and she was moving his hand around as she stroked his glans through the thin sweatpants.

    "Use both hands, ho, it be too big fo one," he chortled. Absently, Audra raised her other hand, and traced it down his shaft, and cupped his testicles as she squeezed near his thick knob.

    "Oh, no, no," she whimpered as she continued stroking him even after he released her left hand and put his hand on the back of her neck, pushing her head into his crotch. With hardly any effort, he forced her head closer and closer, her full lips, her tongue moistening them as it came into contact with the stretched heated skin of his cock, and she murmured with little kisses along his shaft. He began leaking precum near the knob and she discovered that with a little tongue kiss.

    "Take it out, teacher. You know you gots to!" he commanded.

    Still murmuring no, she unzipped him slowly at first, but her pussy drooling love juice in her panties, hurried up. Grasping him, she wanted so much to see and feel him, finding it hard to get it through the zippered opening. Finally it sprang free and upright, and she gasped in shock at the size. Perhaps 10 thick inches, with a huge thick purple black knob and baseball sized testicles she also pulled out, one by one, cupping each one lovingly. Unable to resist, she leaned forward and licked his hot precum from the knob, swallowing eagerly. Murmuring and sighing, she licked the length of the cock and tongue washed each huge ball.

    Tyrone had other ideas then, "Yo want this now, teacher?"

    Audra sighed around kissing his main vein, nodding, "no no, no, please!"

    "Den you gets on yo knees." Without hesitation, she slid from her chair and dropped to her knees, hoping the door was locked, but not really caring, as finally, she stretched her full ripe lips over the huge fat knob, seeping precum in her mouth.

    Tyrone chuckled, "ah aint nevah had a teacher on her knees, but ah likes you dis way." In response she mewled and purred as she bobbed her head over his organ. She couldn't believe the size and power of the huge organ stuffing her fact, its pulsing hardness giving little spurts of precum she found so delicious as she eagerly swallowed, now desperately eager for his cum. She orally worshipped him, taking a break to lick his balls again, and then holding his buttocks to guide him, sucked him off in earnest, and he finally came, making her dreams come true, flooding her mouth with his hot sperm, making her gulp and purr, swallow and swallow the impossibly huge amount. Licking him clean, reluctant to let go of the softening member, she sat back on her knees, dizzy as Tyrone arrogantly looked down at her, her dress riding up, her breasts heaving, pussy leaking cream. Tyrone slipped off his shirt and pants and underwear, grinning.

    "Yo gets over here now, teacher, you know you wants more and I be showing you a good way for a ho to get me hard again." Leaning his hands against her desk, he spread his muscular legs and his ass cheeks.

    "Give me a rim job, ho!"

    Softly crying in humiliation, knowing she needed his cock inside her now, she crawled closer, and soon, spreading his black muscular cheeks with her hands, licked his crack, and puckering her lips, kissed his anus. Tyrone chuckled, ordered her to use her tongue deep. Groaning, she kissed his anus again, and then kept her lips there, and slipped her tongue in. Tyrone rocked back and forth on her tongue, calling her a cheap white ho, and Audra had to take time occasionally to impulsively kiss and lick his cheeks and balls, before again eagerly tongue diving up his anus. Finally, Tyrone had to break the contact, and before too much begging from Audra, had her partially impaled on his giant black fleshpole as he took her dog style, making her do all the work, as she spread her drooling cunt as much as she could, moving back on his cock, begging him to push it into her.

    Tyrone smiled, but made her do the work, and finally, she had him balls deep and groaning and panting, sobbed in ecstasy as he began to stroke slowly in and out, filling her so completely.

    "Oh yes, hurt me, fill me please, Tyrone," she cried.

    "You my ho now, white slut!"

    Audra agreed, thankfully, begging him to take her. She had started cumming already, and then she felt a further ecstasy despite the pain of the huge ram, as she felt his knob swell, and spray inside her, flooding her pussy with his hot creamy sperm. Gripping his organ with her cunt muscles, she panted and moaned as she squeezed it all, and when he withdrew, sitting on the floor, she crawled and licked him clean, reluctant to let go with her mouth of his softening organ. At that point, she realized somehow she had lost her clothes, and was sitting naked on the floor, as Tyrone got up and dressed.

    She was snapped out of her reverie by his command, "Come on teacher!" he said, now fully dressed. "Ah expect a good report sent to the coach today."

    Audra nodded, in a daze, her nipples sore from pinches, her cunt stretched wide, 'yes, of course."

    "An," he grinned, "nex time I have a 'problem', you gone fix it fo me, aint dat right?"

    Audra nodded again, her throat tight. Tyrone put his hands on his hips. "Ah like my hos to kiss my feet afterwards, den ah be thinkin ah use dem again."

    Audra crawled to him and bent and licked and kissed his sneakers, making him chuckle some more, and looked up with a smile.

    An hour later, her pussy still filled with his cream because she slipped her panties back on immediately, she was sitting at her desk when she got another call from the coach.

    "Say, Mizz Wilson," he said, "you did a nice job with Tyrone, he be actin much better now. But ah gots a Jumbo Washington here, could be fahn ball player, not a bad kid after all. He gots a little problem and ah wonderin, can I send him down there?"

    Audra pinched a still sore nipple, and squirmed on her chair, spreading her thighs as she touched her swollen cuntlips, "Well, um, I guess I have,um, room for one more today," she said with a smile.

    At the end of her day she wished she didn't have a date with her boyfriend, feeling so worn out, but dazed, as he led her to a couch in his living room.

    "You look tired Audra, long day?"

    Sitting down on the couch, she smiled at the slight white man, several inches shorter than she was, so eager to please her so desperately, as she could only think now of huge hard black cocks.

    "Ah, well, today I had a couple new disciplinary cases sent to my office."

    Tom was trying to make out with her as she absently leaned back in the couch, "those kids there are animals, darling, you should try for a transfer."

    "mmmm," she said, not responding in any way to his attempts at lovemaking, "its not so bad after all, in fact my job can be, um, quite fulfilling."

    "If I wasn't sure you didn't," Tom asked, as he unbuttoned her blouse, seeing her swollen bruised nipples, and bruises, "it looks like you had sex with a gorilla today." His worst fear was realized as she smiled regretfully and nodded.

    "I'm sorry dear, you know I never said we were an exclusive thing. If you like we can cancel the date."

    Not wanting to lose her, his voice stammered, "but, the students? (She smiled) Theyr'e, theyr'e black."

    "Oh yes," she said wistfully, "black and absolutely huge, I had no idea. I'm sorry dear, I know I'll never have a relationship like we have with them, but now that I'm into black, we can't have the relationship we had either."

    "But, but, why not? (Losing all pride he resorted to something he thought he'd never do.) It's,um, okay with me if you date, others, really, if you really need to."

    Audra smiled patronizingly at him, beginning to enjoy his begging now.

    "Its not others, dear, its big BLACK cock! I'm sorry dear, the stories are true, I'm all stretched out and want more and I'm going to get a lot more. I don't want to hurt your feelings, I like some of our relationship, but after what Iv'e seen and felt today, I'm just not interested in your little white penis any more."

    Flushing with shame, Tom was still desirous of her, especially with her naked breasts in his face. Audra held his face in her hands, "I'm sorry Tom, I'd like to make it work, but those are the facts."

    "Well," Tom said, his hardon still demanding relief, "I want to make it work too. We could still have our dates. As far as sex, um, isn't there some way you still want, me?"

    Sighing, she lay backward, so tired, "there is one thing I still want that you do so well. In fact I was thinking of it for the last couple of hours." Tom was encouraged and hopefully smiled.

    "But if you didn't want to, I'd understand, although I'm afraid that would have to be the end of our relationship if you didn't."

    Pausing, she said, "I would really like you to suck me clean after my dates. You always seem to love to eat me anyway. I was just feeling so full and swampy at my desk, but it felt good somehow, keeping all that hot negroe cream in me, I just couldn't let it go to waste. You understand, don't you, dear?"

    Unable to resist, she pushed him onto his knees as she slipped her panties down, spreading her thighs around him. Laying back, she opened up her puffy swollen red cuntlips, and he was torn between desire and revulsion. Guiding the back of his head, he touched her fur covered cuntlips, and impulsively had to kiss and lick them, intoxicated by the familiar and strange scents. Opening her cunt more, he saw gobs of white sperm flow out, and his cock throbbing, slurped them down, as she sighed and lay back. After eating her cunt for what seemed like an eternity, swallowing what felt like quarts of mingled female and male cum, she then turned around, presenting him with her beautiful posterior, and he noticed her anus was also red and puffy with white sperm dribbling from it.

    "I did them both ways, darling," she smiled, as he unbidden, covered her anus with his now eager mouth. After what seemed like an eternity, his cock staining his pants, she relaxed back on her couch. "You see, that felt so nice. Why don't you have a nice masturbation after I leave?" He nodded absently as she stood up, feeling much better now, her pussy clean and tingly and not drooling any more. Unable to stop himself he began to unzip and she laughed as she slipped her panties back up. "Please," he moaned, "let me lick you while I jack off." She considered it

    "Oh,(tsk) well I suppose I could do something, but don't take your tiny white pecker out. I want to remember the image of a huge Black potent penis and that's how I want to fall asleep tonight, you understand, don't you? (Blushing, he could only nod) Besides," she continued, "you can masturbate inside your underpants, theyr'e soaked anyway."

    Resuming her seat, he gazed at her shapely buttocks in front of his eyes. "If you absolutely must," she said, slipping down her panties again and handing them to him, "this is how you will do it, you can masturbate if you suck these clean for me." She smiled in remembrance as she inadvertently dripped Negroe sperm into them as she walked the school hallway that afternoon.

    Gaping at her pink stretched maw, he groaned in shame as he opened his mouth and she giggled as she pushed them in, puffing out his cheeks. But the mingled juices of her cum and Black Man's potent sperm made his eyes roll up as he whacked off through his stained underpants. Audra giggled as jet after jet of his cum billowed out his damp cloth, and then, she took them back from his open mouth and put them into her handbag and resumed dressing.

    "That was rather sweet, after all," she said, as he remained on his knees, dazed by the intensity of his orgasm and his total humiliation. "If you really want to continue this relationship," she said, adjusting her makeup, "I could do this again." He softly moaned, nodding.

    "Good," she smiled brightly, "and sometimes I might need a mid day cleanup, so be prepared for beeper calls to get under my desk," she added with a laugh as she shut the door, feeling so much better now.

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