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. Taking My Fiance From Me

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Laurelready, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. Laurelready

    Laurelready Member Member

    Laurel and I had been engaged for about two months when we went to this party at a friends apartment. We were in our third year of college and Friday night parties with beer, wine and brownies with hashish were a standard. Laurel was pretty straight and at most would have a beer, never touching the hashish or other goodies that made the round.

    After about two hours that night I had a lot of the hashish brownies as had most of every one else plus a lot of beer. Laurel wanted another beer and as I went to grab here one my friend Ron said "here's one" and handed me a cold mug. As I reached for it Ron pulled it back and winked at me and then let me have it. I had no idea what Ron's wink was about, but he was high as a kite anyway so I just took it to Laurel.

    As we stood around drinking our beers Sue came over to me and said "Hi Dan!" and looked at me with her dreamy blue eyes - she was sky high. She worked her way between Laurel and I and I soon realized she was coming on to me... strange I had known Sue for two years and she knew I was practically married. Sue had come to the party with Ron, not their regular dates.

    As Sue kept coming on to me Laurel was clearly getting very jealous. Laurel kept trying to wedge back in between Sue and I but Sue, who was much more aggressive was able to maneuver to keep Laurel at bay.

    Next Ron came up and whispered in my ear that we were almost out of beer and we needed to go get more. I said ok, although I thought I had just put two whole cases in the refrigerator. I told Laurel I would be right back and headed for the car. By the time we were at the car Ron was not to be found but Sue was right there, she had Ron's keys and got into the car and before I knew it Sue and I were off on the beer run.

    After Sue took three wrong turns and took forever to find her wallet at the store we got back to the party an hour later. Ron immediately came up to me and said he was sure glad I was back. that while I was gone Laurel had got a little weird. That she had started coming on to Alan. Laurel always had liked Alan a friend of all of ours, the only black guy in our crowd. A heavy set Lenny Bruce fan, Alan was very liberal minded and was always into new experimentation's.

    Ron put his had on my shoulders and told me to come here. I followed Ron back down the apartment's dark little hallway and to the door of the back bedroom. Look at this Ron said in a hushed voice as he opened the door slowly. A dim lamp on a table next to a platform waterbed lit the room. At first I looked straight ahead seeing a video camera on a tripod. Then looking down I gulped hard as I saw what Ron was all excited about.

    As the water sloshed in the waterbed I saw my fiance on her back, thighs spread with Alan laying over the top of her. Alan was grinding his hips into Laurel pushing her into and around on the waterbed. Laurel had her arms wrapped around Alan's neck pulling his mouth down over hers. Alan was running his tongue all over her face licking at her cheeks, lips and ears as he kept grinding into her pelvis.

    I was shocked! what had happened? Then I realized Ron had set the whole thing up including putting something in Laurel's beer and then making her slightly jealous by having Sue come on to me.

    Laurel began moaning. Her slacks were pulled down to her knees and her sweater was still on as Alan's thick black arms had worked under it. Laurel's arms started working over the black boys back her hands caressing him as he kissed and mouthed her voraciously. I could see Alan's hands around my fiance's back as he kept raising her temperature with his hot pursuit. His big black hand pawed at her young small breasts under her sweater.

    All of a sudden Alan's left hand came from under Laurel's sweater, bra in hand. Tossing the bra on the bedroom floor with one hand he pushed her sweater up over her chest. Alan moved down off Laurel's face and began mouthing her breasts. Sucking her small nipples into his thick black lips. Laurel arched her back pushing her tight chest up hard against Alan's mouth. The black boy then began licking her rig cage and stomach, stopping at her belly button to run his tongue slowly in and around inside it. Laurel began to buck and moan and heave up into him and as her head rolled back her hands went down her sides. Her head hung back her eyes rolling back into her exploding skull, only the whites showing as she gasped repeatedly. Then she began frantically reaching for her bikini underwear. Finding them she began pulling them down. In the dim light I could see her little nipples, hard and erect-- I had never noticed that with her before-- did I just not notice or was she responding in a different way to Alan's moves? They were dark red and looked like little bullets on top of her young small mams. There were slight red teeth marks around her nipples where Alan had teethed her.

    My god!!!! I was shocked... there was my sweet young 19 year old fiance who had never had sex with any guy but me totally sexed-out with this guy I had known for years.

    As Laurel pulled her bikinis down I was shocked again to see her soft brown pussy hair all wet and glistening. Then as she pulled them down I saw in the lamp light that they were totally soaked. Alan had made her cum and had not even entered her. It usually took me a lot of drilling to get her juiced up.

    Alan stopped working her upper body and got up off her. He pulled her sweater over her head as she sat up. Then he took off her sandals, tossed them on the floor. Laurel lay back on the waterbed watching him. I could see that her eyes were all glazed (the drug) as she stared mesmerized as the stocky black boy grabbed the waistbands of her slacks and undies and pulled them down and off her long legs.

    Standing at the foot of the bed Alan swiftly pulled his shirt over his head exposing his meaty black body. I could see swaths of wetness where Laurel had bathed the black stud with her wet mouth and Alan's neck had a dark round spot just above the blade of his shoulder - a hickie from where Laurel had locked her sweet mouth onto the boy in her rabid lust for his black meat.

    Then slowly starring at Laurel, he pulled off his shoes and began to unbuckle his belt. As the belt loosened and he un buttoned his fly he hooked his big black hands under the waist of his jeans and pulled them down. Springing into sight came the longest thickest blackest cock I could have ever imagined. My friend Alan was hung like a horse.

    I was frozen, Ron and Sue standing behind me. I wanted to go in and break it up but I simply was frozen in shock as I was about to see my fiance go the next step with this virile black male. I no longer thought of Alan as my good friend, but as this massive black male that was making it with my girl.

    Laurel just stared at Alan's long dong. Then Sue leaned up to my ear and said "Watch this... she's never gonna be satisfied by you after this. My heart sank. The thought that my fiance would not be satisfied ever again by me sexually after being with this hung black cocksman made my stomach do flips. Still I couldn't move to stop what was inevitable.

    Alan crawled onto the waterbed and on top of Laurel's small lithe pale body. Grabbing his huge tool in his right hand, stoking all 12" until it swelled even thicker he grabbed Laurel's right ankle and lifted her leg straight up until her small buttocks actually raised off the bed. The water in the bed slooshed as Alan moved his mouth down over Laurel's glistening pussy mound. Still holding her leg up her buried his face into her pussy, pushing hard with his face.

    Alan began eating her really hard making grunting and slurpping sounds. My sweet little fiance went mad, rolling her hips and thrusting her hips into his mouth. I had never seen her anywhere this hot before. I felt terrible..here was another guy turning my girl on more than I knew ever possible.

    I felt tears welling up as I watched how much she was enjoying Alan's sexual technique. Then another abrupt shock. Alan lifted off Laurel's pussy and the bedspread was soaked, a large wet circle creeped out to the edge of the bed... my fiance's juices having soaked the bed completely during her first experience with cunnilingus. I could smell it.  The air was full of the scent Laurel's musky vaginal fluids, a smell I naively thought only I had ever smelled.

    One each of his large black hands on Laurel's thighs Alan roughly spread her open wide until I saw her wince.

    "Ready Laurel?" Alan asked her. She did not respond.

    "Are you ready, Laurel? I decided a long time ago that I was going to pole your little quim, now its time, but first you tell me you want my dick."

    Laurel hesitated then in a sweet hushed voice said "Okay".

    My heart sunk again. She wanted him. I couldn't deny it anymore. My sweet fiance wanted to have some sex with someone other than me. I was crushed. Alan had his "Go" signal and moved in.

    Alan leaned over her placing his palms down on the bed next to each of Laurel's shoulders. In the push up position Alan let his meaty upper chest cover Laurel's face and his protruding round black stomach now shiny with sweat rub over Laurel's soft stomach. She was totally covered by black flesh, her small young 19 year old body pushed deep into the waterbed from the weight of her new found lover, her faced buried into the black meaty chest flesh, his wide black belly splayed out over her torso.

    As Laurel's thighs spread out flat on the bed and her knees bent from the powerful crush of Alans hips and she pulled her sweet little white arse upwards and Alan's 12" swollen black cock began probing around her vagina searching for her soft wet opening. Laurel lifted her hands and started stroking and caressing the sides of Alan's large smooth black rib cage. Below she rolled her hips up, rolling and rotating them in a gyrating circular motion. She was searching... searching around for his enormous black shaft as the shaft inturn searched for her sweet young quim. Laurel's long slender legs lifted up over Alan's hips, then to his waist. She winced as she spread her self even wider - as wide as she possibly could in order to get her legs around the big black stud's waist.

    Now spread open as wide as she could, her vagina had stretched out wide as well. Open and ready for the penetration every girl dreams of but few ever find.

    For a second in the dim light as they both moved arond I was able to see how swollen her vaginal lips were - thick and dark red ready for male penetration. They pulsed in the light, glistenning and ready remindingin me of how some animals instictively show they are read to be bred. Tonight is was by soon to be wife saying with her body, instictively that she wanted to be bred with my black friend.

    Lan's big big prick continued poking around, searching for it's destiney between my girls thighs. Laurel rolled her hips up further legs and wrapped her legs around Alan's thick round black waist. He ankles locked around eachother as she tensed in preparation of her studding. Her little fingers worked his chest, kneading his dark brown nipples and twinkling in the dim light the sparkle of the engagement ring I had given her was matched only by the smokey dazed sparkle in her eyes as she looked up at the huge male dominating her, preparing to fuck her very long and all to well for my own best wishes. She really wanted him, wanted to make love to this black stud who's friendship with me had truned to raw male sexual lust for my fiancee.

    Her pussy winked then flowered open she was ready to mate with the stud - to take his massive organ deep into her womb, deeper than I had ever been able to explore - for Laurel it would probably be like when I entered her the first time a new losing of her virginity.

    Then it, her vaginal opening, the acess to her love canal opened wider and at last the fat black head of Alan's big long black cock found its home entered into my soon to be wife's vagina.

    Ahhhtggt!! Laurel barked out, her head rolling from side to side, then she began, she began to to pant and gasp, her hand clinging to his torso as Alan's hips began to push his gigantic tool deep up into my girls' body. Deep though her love canal and on up inot her blossomming womb. Alan moved fast with hard slams right from the start and with three powerfull strokes he had put all 12" of his cock meat up inside my fiancee's belly. I could see Laurel's belly rolling and ripping. I transfixed on her abdomen, realized that indie her white stomach fleash, the flesh that I had so many time kissed and caressed was a large engourged phalus, working her insides, sturring her deep up inside, the phalus, large and black of my negro friend Alan. He had her, he had taken my girl from me.

    Laurel was holding on to Alan's upper chest as he banged her hard, with each powerful push forward Alan fucked hard into her pale little body Laurel's body sunk deep into the waterbed with each hammering plow of Alan's cock, the waterbed sloshing and slapping causing an echo in the little bedroom as Laurel slipped away from me deep into a womanhood she had never know before.

    Soon Laurel was fucking Alan back as hard as he was fucking her. There bodies began a rhythm of their own, Laurel's eyes closed tight as she brutally got her brains fucked out like she never imagined possible by a male of tremedous sexual capacity.

    Her ankles, still locked around his waist she hoisted herself repeatedly on his tool, trying to get every bit of him into her body and Alan had complied with her carnal wishes, his dark black public hair ruber her swollen lips, his saft not insight, expect for a split-second withdrawl of its whole 12"" only to totally disappear back up inside my girls hole.

    "Make a nice couple don't you think?" Ron said from behind me.

    "Ya I can see them married, ya know like husband and wife!" Sue responded, obviously to make me feel like shit. It worked. My heart was broken as I watched my girlfriend and fiance of three years getting fucked by another guy, but the hard part was that Laurel was fucking another guy. Laurel was fucking Alan every much as he was fucking her and loving every moment of it.

    His big black cock just kept banging into her and she just held on, moaning and groaning as she had orgasm after orgasm. She moaned and groaned and Alan grunted and rutted like a primitive animal as he just kept burying his tool into her womb. They both were covered with each others sweat, intertwined in a hot sexual heat beyond belief.

    "He must really like her, he never did me that long and hard." Sue whispered.

    Then the end approached. Alan locked his legs and increased his tempo and Laurel matched him. The sound of their bellys slapping against each other and the wet sound of his penis pushing in and out of her. The sloshing of the waterbed and the smell of Laurel's womanhood mixed with Alan's raw male scent filled the little room.

    Alan leaned down to kiss her but before his thick black lips could get to her Laurel lifted up and grabbing his neck kissed him, licking his lips and cheeks then... then they were locked with their tongues inside each others mouths as the frantically fucked each other.

    Then Alan lifted his head, starring deep into her eyes, whispered "Laurel, oh god Laurel, I love you. I love you. God you are the best baby! I'm going to shoot, let me pull out. Open up and let me out before its too late!"

    Then I heard it, Laurels sweet voice, the one I had heard in the night as she made love with me so many times before "Don't pull out Alan. You can cum inside me Alan... it's okay Alan. I love you. I always have Alan. I love you. Come inside me, please go ahead, we can make a baby together!"

    He tensed, every muscle in his body locked as he shot load after load of hot black male seed into my fiance's womb.

    Laurel just held on to him, hugging wis chest as her tongue caressed his spasamin body. Her legs pulling and holding him inside her assuring that all his black male seed was buried inside her contracting womb.

    If ever a baby was to be made they were in the heat, position and interuterine impailment required, and there could be no doubt by Laurel's deep sighs that she had totally relaxed her tubes so that all her eggs might drop ionto her womb to mix with Alan's fiety sperms. He rcontracting belly told me that her womanly instinct was mashing her eggs and his seed together in a holy bliss of male-female propogation.

    I was devastated by what happened. I left the door way and went back to the living room. Everyone was gone. Ron and Sue flopped on the sofa, I sat in a chair, shocked.

    "Well Dan now you know at least. She loves someone else." Sue said.

    "Too bad guy." Ron consoled. Then together they said "Once you go black you never go back!" then giggled.

    I didn't know what to do. I just sat there for an hour. Then I wandered back to the room and peaked inside the room. There they lay caressing each other talking quietly.

    I cried then left. Laurel and I stayed together for another three months, until Laurel found out she was pregnant. She had known for a while I think that she and Alan had made a baby that night. Laurel married Alan on the exact day, place and time we were suppose to be married two months later.
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