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. Taking a good slapping

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, May 17, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    The first ever time that my wife Jenny slapped me was when Bart was over and he was going to fuck her in front of me for the first time. I probably deserved it. I mean, months before I had encouraged her to dress in ways that got men's dicks stiff and to come on to men she liked. I liked the thought of Jenny making men ache for it. I liked the thought of them sneaking off to the john and tugging their fucking cocks until the spunk spurted uselessly down the urinal. Truth be told, i wanted Jenny to be a cruel little bitch. I reckoned that there was a load of wankers out there which she could easily ruin with her fine legs and madam attitude. She chose Bart though. That wasn't on the horizon. He wasn't the pliable, i'll fuck you nicely because you're a goddess type that i believed she was thinking about. Bart is what some people used to call a half cast. His dad was black, his mum Irish and he came out a really attractive coffee hue that turned my wife's head. Jenny said that she was going to start seeing Bart. I quizzed her, of course i fucking well quizzed her. I wanted to make sure he was the proper type. I asked if he was polite and gallant and she said no. I asked if he was tender and sensitive about sex so he could be trained, and she said no. So I said no in turn. The little bitch couldn't see him. She said fuck off, i'm seeing him anyway and you don't want to find out why its stupid to object.

    A few weeks later I found a picture of them together. They were leaning against his sports car (a classic black Bristol) and he was kissing her. I clocked the size of the guy. He was way bigger than her. He was carrying muscles on muscles. But what hit you most of all was how pretty the fucker looked. He looked pretty in that male model, expensive clothes catalogue way. There was designer stubble on his face and his features were hard. It was what women found beautiful. Jenny came in and found me looking at the photograph. She was annoyed. She said,

    'Now do you see why I said fuck off. There's no way that you're a match for him!'

    It shocked me but i said,

    'You're right….you're perfect together….you're perfect…..'

    I think caving in like that caught Jenny off guard too. She checked my expression. There was no sarcasm there. No sly smile.

    She pressed home the advantage.

    'I don't want to have to bother to fuck you any more David, i don't feel you there anyway.'

    My face reddened in an instant. It was like a hot flannel had been slapped over my mush. She studied my shrinking demeanour.

    'I want you to show Bart that you accept that he does the fucking now.'

    My breath caught in my throat. I knew how cruel Jenny can be. I had encouraged it. She was deadly serious about this.

    'I'll write him a note….' I began, searching for what was demanded.

    'No. Something better than that. You've got to show proper commitment' she whispered studying me.

    In the photograph the guy was wearing a swank watch. It was a Cartier santos. I knew, because my father had once save up for one.

    'I'll buy you the matching Cartier, ' I said pointing to the timepiece in the picture, 'I'll send it to him for you, ask him to put it on your wrist and fuck you on our bed.'

    That seemed to please. It was nose in the dirt humiliation. She whispered, 'OK, but by next week, understood.'

    I thought that they still made those watches, and of course, they don't. So i had to go vintage, down to a place in Bond Street. There it was, the dealer pulled it from the safe. The exact match Cartier Santos automatic for a lady, only this one had diamonds set around the dial and it had a fucking price tag of nearly four thousand pounds. I paid the man and winced. That fucking well hurt. That wasn't our plan.

    Bart didn't live more that six miles from us, but i didn't trust a courier or the post. So I took the watch around there. I'd like to pretend that I surprised the bastard, but I didn't. He knew me from pictures too. He didn't care what he was doing to me through her. He took the watch smiled, told me that i looked smaller than in my pictures and then shut the door in my face. That night she was wearing the watch, excited as a fox in a hen pen and had clearly had her cunt filled. She was such an arrogant little bitch. I remember how it freaked me. The extent of the change. The way she seemed to have blossomed overnight, riding his fucking stalk and knowing that i had caved that way.

    And it led to the slapping.

    A few weeks later bastard Bart wanted to rub his conquest straight in my face. He wanted to fuck her in our bed, but with me watching. He wanted to humiliate me. Jenny said, 'Bart is coming over this evening and you will attend us.' She said it that way, all clipped and matter of fact. She said it was just like some other social arrangement. There was no objection allowed. I watched her get ready, a pleated mini skirt in black and stockings the tops of which hardly got covered by the hem. Her blouse was black too as was her lacy bra, she looked stunning.

    'You will do as Bart says and then thank him after he has bedded me' she said firmly applying perfume.

    It made me shudder.

    'Well?' she interrogated.

    'Yes' I conceded.

    But something broke inside. Something essential to me, something about the future. We were off down the wrong path. We were. What to say? I needed to tell Jenny. But then the door bell rang. It rang and Jenny told me to go and let Bart in.

    The fucker barely acknowledged me when i opened the door. I felt his eyes run over my frame, may be measuring whether i might need a punch or two about proving awkward. I couldn't fight him. i knew that. I couldn't match the bastard. He breezed past me and ordered a scotch which I fixed. i handed it to him and he started patrolling the downstairs, surveying his new domain.

    'You gonna treat Jenny as your mistress?' he asked.

    Fucker. The fucker!

    'Yes sir' I said. But i was lying. I was going to have this out with her. May be not in front of him, but soon. I felt my skin prickle. I fucking hated his cocky attitude.

    Jenny came down and he kissed her immediately. It was a casual, no hurry because of him, kiss. His mouth lingered on hers, his hands traced the contours of her buttocks beneath her tiny skirt.

    'I love you' she said and that gutted me. It was like a filleting knife had been run up my insides and it then flicked out my entrails.

    'You mind that little man?' Bart growled. His face was like a mask, of iron, something pretty nasty.

    I shook my head and looked down. I was sweating profusely but my mouth was bone dry.

    'I love you too babe….always have, ever since we first lay together.'

    They started to neck. They started to neck her arms, that fucking watch up around the back of his head. It looked as though he was eating her, their mouths moving, moving together. I watched him slip his hand down to her crotch, naked beneath the skirt. He started to pet her, his fingers working slowly between her legs. I watched a shiver run down her thighs as he touched her. I had never watched a man finger a woman before, but I saw it then, just how the push of his fingers, inside her, brought and instant spasm of pleasure on her face. She gasped softly as he played with her.

    I watched him slip his wet fingers out of her and then he held them under my nose. She smelled of sex. She smelled of the need to cum. She smelled of submission to his vile fucking prick.

    'Lick them' he said quietly.

    Jenny watched.

    I was petrified.

    I licked his fingers in front of her. They tasted of her body, the salty excitement of a fertile, cunt aching woman who had found the right man. Bart pushed me down on my knees in front of her. As my knees reached the carpet my face was straight in front of her cunt, the skirt rucked up to one side. Her watch slipped down her slim wrist as she pointed to her fanny. I was to lick her up ready. She waited.

    I stared at her sex. Bart sipped his whisky.

    Jenny pulled my mouth closer to her sex. She pointed again.

    I shook my head and felt my heart pound. I could actually feel it knock in my chest!

    She slapped me. She slapped me so hard that my specs went flying into the corner of the room. Fucking hell, that smarted. It wasn't a cuff. It was a fucking hard smack. She pointed again. I bit my lip.

    She slapped me again, just as hard. i gasped. Looking up at her I saw how fucking hard her expression was.

    'Ready me for Bart' she whispered.

    He hadn't stirred. the fucker hadn't stirred. He reckoned she could handle me.

    I gritted my teeth and took the third slap that made me yelp.

    'Please Miss!' I begged. Her hand was raised again. Bart waited.

    I felt as though I was going to piss myself. Her hand hovered.

    Gently i touched my lips against her pouting sex. The smell of her perfume was heady. My head swam. God!

    'Lick it nicely….show Bart' she whispered darkly.

    I licked her cunt. I licked up through her sex lips and felt my tongue run over the bulge of her button. It was bullet hard. As my tongue travelled over there, her skin spasmed. She liked it. I ran my tongue there again and she moved against my mouth.

    'That's better babe, he's licking nice now. You made him do that before?'

    She shook her head, watching me suckle on her sex.

    'He'll learn babe. Slap him if he don't. If he don't then, give me a call.'

    I nuzzled at her sex. i felt her juices flowing. Her cunt lips were swelling. Her fucking sex was swelling. Bart unzipped the fly of his trousers.
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