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Take Your Medicine, Honey - The Regatta

Discussion in 'Stories in need of editors' started by BBCSlut, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    The three of them raised there bottle of beer and tossed to New friendships and more Voyage's.

    When all six of us were back on the boat we sat around and talked about the Real reason for the little cruise.

    And we all agreed that it would be fun to share and make it a yearly thing.

    She began by telling me Veronica got the mood going when she got on her knees and pulled Curt's trunks off and stated licking his ball in front of everyone...

    Not to be out done Bobby took Karen's bikini bottom off and put her legs over his shoulders and started licking her like it was his last...

    Well Chuck (giggles) I couldn't just sit there... Could I? I laid down on the deck and said to Jason come fuck me stud...

    He didn't need to be told twice...

    It was a Fantastic site Michael everyone was sucking and fucking for a good 45 minutes us girls had several orgasms and after each of the guys came.

    we took a break and went swimming in the ocean naked.

    The six of us played Marco Polo and just enjoyed the water for about 20 minutes and one by one we all made it back on to the boat for a drink, then Curt says Jason I hope you don't mind but I need to fuck Angie,

    she gave me a quick look then she looked down and saw my pants tenting and smiled this is getting you hot isn't it...

    My voice trembling I let out a yeess,

    and she continues Karen latched on to Jason and soon Bobby and Veronica were going at it.

    I gotta tell you Curt has an eight inch cock and he knows how to use it... He eased it between my legs and rubbed it up through my lips and said he was going to give me "a Fuckin' that you can tell your husband (Michael) about" Oh my gawd did he ever he brought me to 5 orgasms before he shot deep in my cunt and set off a sixth.

    We all took another break and got more aquanted and what we did and than we Definitely set plans for next year.

    Karen and Veronica were sore and tired and when the fellas wanted another go they waved me on and said have fun.

    So... For the next 3 hours one time or another I enjoyed being fucked in all 3 holes, and even before the end I had all 3 cocks in my mouth my ass and my pussy... at the same time.

    Angela chuckled softly, and said "you should have been there" "I'm just kidding, baby! It was a couples only cruise." and with the devilish grin that I have become accustomed to she adds... "Maybe next year"

    But it's Awesome to learn their little quarks that drives them and me wild."

    She winked at me and glanced at the clock on the wall. "Now, we'd better stop. and get that little cock stiff this your time honey to fuck me.

    I grunted my reluctant agreement.

    Angela playfully kissed me, and added a last zinger: "We can talk about what we did last night a little more after we get home tonight, honey - and I can have another little workout with Jason!" With a final wink, she arose and lead me to the bedroom that once was Reserved for only Jason.
    As I watched Angela undress I stared in awe of her beauty and how confident she is in her own sexuality.

    Remembering how we used to be not more than a year ago.

    Angie turns and sees me standing there just looking at her... She pats the bed and becons me... Baby don't just stand there and watch... Come over her and let me see my little man.

    I move to the bed and she hugs and kisses me and says "I want you to know baby, that I Love you More than anything".

    I nod and reply "I Love you too Angie" as I lay on the bed she starts to stroke my cock she seems really surprised that I am getting hard and ask if I wanted to cum in her mouth first.

    I begin trembling and tell her that I would Love that.

    She giggles and kisses it from my balls to the head and as she is doing so she whispers "damn baby you may have to double up on the medicine... Jason's not going to like you getting hard like this"

    As she's sucking my cock she begins telling me again how big Curt and Bobby were... She told me how Curt held her head as he fucked her face and how she went limp and just let him use her mouth as if it was her pussy.

    My cock twitched and felt like it was growing at which Angela says "Oh does that Excite you my little Cuckie?"

    I didn't need to answer my throbbing cock said it all for me.

    I lasted maybe 30 minutes and even Angela was genuinely impressed.

    She tells me again "Jason's not going to like hearing this".

    We layed there talking about all sorts of things and if I was still enjoying "Our little game"

    I replied that we have come this far and as long as we still have each other... Than I was ok with it.

    The whole ride home... I begged Angela to not tell Jason that I got hearder than usual and how I came so hard and full

    She just giggled and said "Oh but Cuck I have too he's my Man now I can't keep secrets from him... What kind of wife would I be?"

    As we closed the door Angie kissed me on the cheek and said good night

    She went to the Master bedroom and I could hear her and Jason laughing and than a very loud male voice (Jason) "Hard" "Flooded"... followed by a very soft voice (Angela) saying something like don't worry baby... I'll fix it tomorrow when I get home.

    Angela gets home a little early today and calls out from the kitchen, Michael, come take your medicine, honey.

    As he starts to get the glass of water he notices a second pill...

    as he inquires about it...

    Angela goes Michelle, I've added a second pill, it's for Hormone Replacement...

    Come on you know you're not really a man anymore...

    I mean Jason is my Man now, he takes me out to dinner, the movies, window shopping... and he brings me home to give me the Great Fucking I need... My Boyfriend does all the things you won't or can't...

    I know in time you will Love being a girl, you will soon have titties like me... and you could let Jason fondle them too...

    I have been searching the internet and since you can't wank anymore, you can play like I do, here I will show what I mean and how, take 2 fingers and push that little thing in...

    Oh Yes! just like that... now move your fingers like me around and in n out... that's it Michelle...

    You really do like being called Michelle don't you?

    and she answers yes... Angela takes her hand a places it at her pussy and inserts 2 fingers in her... and says now don't that feel better and she keeps manipulating his "pussy" and she starts breathing irregularly and she has a climax to which she says OMFG Ange that was HOT!

    and Angela says so... you won't mind being Michelle?

    She quietly replies No...

    and I can continue with my Hot Lover with a Nice Big Cock? She (Michelle) says yes.

    She then says well than Michelle we will need to go shopping and get you all new clothes... and she nods and say yes...

    and with a wicked grin she adds that the card game has a New Rule...

    each time you draw a 2 through 10 we will take out another card to match and if you draw a Jack, Queen, King, or Ace it will get placed back in the deck and you must continue your Meds...

    But what would you say if we just stop the game and you keep taking both pills?

    would you Enjoy that Girlfriend?.. and she smiles and says Yeah....

    Stay Tuned for the Further Adventures of Angela and Michelle... What will our 2 sluts get into next... What becomes of Jason?

    (to be continued)
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2018
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  2. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    Very hot. Is is a real life experience or fantasy? Warmest regards, RLM
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  3. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    A little of both... I am trying to bring an end to a story published here by "Mickey D" so I am weaving things I have been a part of and working hard to get it close to the Original style. Glad you are enjoying it... It's still a Draft... So please visit again for more adventures.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2018
  4. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    This is shaping up to be a great tale. And yes, what will become of Jason?! Hurry and tell us. X
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