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Take your Medicine, Honey (Supplemental)

Discussion in 'Stories in need of editors' started by BBCSlut, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    IMG_20180723_060231. Jason looks at me and says, I think Angela and me should call you ‘Chucky’ from now on… not quite perfect, but near enough." He turned to my wife. "Waddaya think, babe? ‘Chucky’ the Cuckie a good name for Mr. Cuckold over there?"

    Angela giggled. "Perfect!" She giggled again and looked at me. "Chuck the Cuck! When we are out in town, Chuck or Chucky will be a wonderful name for him…"

    My hands began shaking. This conversation was so surreal. I gulped – but I realised I was loving this. My flaccid cock quivered.

    Jason turn back to me and laughed. He then sang, using the Rickie Lee Jones tune of the famous song. "'Chucky's innn lovveeee!' Well, Chucky – me and your hot little lady are gonna go hit the hay – but the only thing hit will be your wife’s creamy lil' cervix! It'll be covered in my cum a lot..." He smiled at his own joke. "But - you’ve asked me to fuck this delicious babe – and who am I to deny you?" He glanced at Angela. "Wanna go fuck, baby?"

    My wife smiled and licked her lips. "Ooohhh yeah – you know I do!"

    Jason laughed softly and rose to his feet. "Ok." He glanced down at me. "Well, Chuck? Your hot, sexy wife and me are goin’ to bed. I hope you listen real good this time – we’re gonna fuck a lot longer than last night…"

    And so they did. I sat there listening to their lovemaking for what seemed to be over an hour.

    The next morning as the 3 of us were heading to the gym, I dropped the keys. As I bent down to retrieve them a couple (maybe 5 or so years older) came from the office area and the lady (Veronica, we found out later) stopped Angela and Jason and says to her my husband and I are delighted to see such a Loving couple, we wanted to invite you and your husband to spend the day with us on our boat, there will be one other couple joining us...

    Just than her husband (Curt) extended his hand to Jason and affirms that Yes, we would be honored to have you and your wife join us...

    Angie shot me one of her wicked grins and looks up at Jason and says "Oh honey, can we? "it will be better than hanging around here" and "besides it was nice of them to invite us".

    Jason leaned down and kissed her forehead and says "If that's what you want to do sweetheart... I think it will absofreakinlutely fantastic".

    With that Veronica said "Perfectious" and Curt says well you young people better get into swim clothes and we'll meet you out front in say 20 minutes... You can ride with us Bobby and Karen will already be at the dock.

    Jason and Angie turns to head back so they can prepare for the day on the water...

    As we walk Angela looks at me and says "Oh Cucky, I'm sorry they must have spotted my wedding rings and the way that Jason has been showering me with affection the whole time, they must have assumed we were married."

    I got caught up in the moment and didn't think about asking if you could come too... But it looks like a couples only outting... You don't mind waiting here for us... Do you? is it Ok that Jason and I go?..

    If not I will call Veronica and tell her we can't make it... I promise Sunday is still your day... If your little dicky can rise to the occasion and then she laughed in that now sadistic giggle.

    All I could do was Lower my head say "it's ok... Have fun".

    Jason didn't wait for Angela to answer... He goes "Don't worry Chuck, I will see that she will have a lot of fun" and Laughed.

    Angie gives me a quick peck on the cheek and says "I really do Love you my little Cucky"

    Back at the room they wasted no time in changing, Angela put on a pink two piece that left little to the imagination.

    Jason quickly put on a pair of Bramuda shorts as Angie packed a couple of other items in her small travel bag.

    Before leaving she kissed me and said "Thanks baby I really do love you"

    and out the door she went holding Jason's hand.

    I tried to find things to do and try not to think about what Jason and Angie were doing...

    Hours had passed and my cell begins rumbling...

    It's Angela, she starts off by saying

    "Hi Cucky I can't talk long, I'm using the bathroom so I can call and check on my little guy... are you Ok with all this still?"

    I hesitate but assure her I am ok.

    She says, almost asking "Michael, you know I Love you... Right"

    I replied I do know that and I Love you too.

    Than Angie goes by the way honey, Veronica and Karen want to do some shopping on one of the Islands and the fellas are getting along terrific and planning on a round of golf together... It looks like we will be staying the night on the boat and won't be back until late tomorrow.

    There's a long puase before she speaks again

    Oh my Sweet little limp dick, I haven't forgotten my promise that you get to have me on Sunday.

    Than she says sorry Michael gotta go Jason calling me... We'll talk later... Bye.

    and the phone went dead as I stood there wondering how all this happened.

    It wasn't till almost 5:00 in the evening when my phone rumbled it was Angela say they were at the dock and should be here in about an hour.

    She asked if I was ready to have my turn, I told I was looking forward to it.

    Almost 2 hours passed before she came in the house alone, I inquired about Jason and she told me that he got a ride home (to our house) to give her some time with you.

    She apologized about be late but said Veronica and Curt wanted to have a round of drinks before we left.

    I asked how was the trip... and now a part of me wishes I hadn't.

    She began with meeting Bobby and Karen and how everyone was nice.

    How she enjoyed the breeze as Curt slowly took the boat out from the dock. And the sun as the 3 ladies sunbathed on the deck and the guys all talking about boats and fishing.

    How the gals went shopping and the men were off to do guy stuff and golf.

    She showed me the Dress and other stuff she bought.

    I asked about the evening and that's where I nearly lost it...

    She told me how Curt had anchored the boat and the six of them laid in loungers and watched the sunset and how it was so romantic that the couple's kissed for a few minutes.

    I pressed her for more details and why they didn't come straight home.

    She was hesitant and slow to reply and softly she says "Michael it was you who told me I could go and have fun... even after I offered to call and cancel... Remember?!"

    And I acknowledge that yes I said it was alright.

    Well it seems that the fellas were getting along quite well.. and Curt and Bobby told Jason that another couple used to come with them... They had made it an annual event... Till the husband passed away and Barb didn't want to come by herself.

    As they talked and played Curt broke the ice sorta speak...

    "Jason the four of us have been watching you and your wife and agreed if you two were willing we would invite you to take Herbs and Barbara's place."

    You see we like to swap partners and we have become friends over the years and knows that each of us or clean.

    You and Angie look so much in love that we kinda hoped that you are clean too.

    Jason, let the cat out of the bag, and told them that Yes we are clean... But he was my Boyfriend and that you were my husband that took Special Medicine to keep from getting hard.

    He told them that he has been fucking me for some time now and how you just sit and watch as he Pleasures me.

    They responded by saying "well, fuck that practicly makes you Husband and Wife"

    Jason asked if that meant it was ok to stay...

    and the three of them raised there bottle of beer and tossed to New friendships and more Voyage's.

    When all six of us were back on the boat we sat around and talked about the Real reason for the little cruise.

    And we all agreed that it would be fun to share and make it a yearly thing.

    (To be continued)
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