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. Swedish College Girls

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by eriksweden, Jul 28, 2018.

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  1. eriksweden

    eriksweden Well-Known Member Member


    White Swedish college girls and black men on campus, a true experience

    This was an original blog post from my now deleted blog (thanks tumblr mods!) "Swedish interracial"

    White Girls and black men are a very potent mix and I have seen it myself on several occasions and in this blog post I will give an example .

    During my years at University. It was some time back, but even then Sweden had many blacks and arab refugees, some being enrolled at University thanks to a special program that the Swedish educational board administrated (in short, they got priority to many popular educations and was able to enroll ahead of Swedish students). That meant that many Swedish girls got in contact with black men, many for their first time. You can imagine what happened when attractive and naive Swedish college girls from rural areas or small towns with little or no immigrants or refugees, met these strong black predators.

    I have written Before about the difference in morals and values between black Africans and White western people. One of these differences are the sexual aggressiveness that black Africans have, and how they pursue women. They have a clear advantage over White western males who lack that forwardness that black African has. Its ironic that the blacks are regarded, and in many instances its more of a true statement of facts, have lower social standing than Whites, have lower education and poorer economy than their White counterparts. But when it comes to women, nature has equipped black men with a very successful strategy than White males. This became very clear at University where black men was vastly more successful in getting White Girls. I once joked that National Geographic should make a documentary about the massacre of the Nordic race there. During pub evenings on campus the black predators would bring down one blue eyed blonde Viking girl after the other. These trusting naive country girls didn't stand a chance against the black warriors that really enjoyed conquering the females from the weak white tribe and taking their women mounting white girls and enjoying having one blonde or redhead girl after another, filling their tight Nordic pussies with African cock and filling their wombs with hot sticky African sperm. The white males where of course pretty confused about how things could go that way, but they being liberal and very politically correct, just couldn't voice any real protest but stuck to their very western way of courting Swedish girls a strategy that was very, very inferior to that of blacks and Arabs who saw women as weak but desirable, with no father, brother or boyfriend to protect them. The Swedish Girls on their part, enjoyed being at the center of attention from black men that pursued them in a very aggressive way.

    I remember one guy, he, Peter, and his girlfriend Karin came from the same small rural town in Sweden. They had grown up together and now they had enrolled at University (this was Stockholm University by the way http://www.su.se/ ). One can say that they where childhood sweethearts, the guy was very nice and respectfully towards his girlfriend, Karin, and she to him. They both looked like your standard idea of how Swedes should look like: blonde, blue eyed, she was the Classic Swedish beauty but she seemed unaware of how attractive she really was, but she had a great body and was very pretty, looking like a Swedish midsummer's Dream (if you know what I mean).

    I became friends with them and they being from a small town I took them to several campus pubs and clubs. They where both very nice and friendly, but also incredibly naive but full of awe at the fact that they now here in the big city of Stockholm and at University, it was their first time away from their small town and their sheltered small time life.

    I can truly say that when I first got acquainted with them, I know that I had to get Karin blacked, she was just the type of tall, slim, blonde and blue eyed Swedish girl that just had to get a black African cock inside her pure Nordic pussy. They dint have any idea of my plans for them and I knew that if Karin got blacked and Peter found out, it would be a real blow to their relationship and it might very well end. But on the other hand, a Nordic Beauty like Karin was a deserved price for a black man, so it was worth it.

    I had some idea of how to exploit things but taking them to a campus pub, things really took on a life of their own and I decided to go with the flow and let things just happen, staying in the background but at the same time steer things in the right direction. It dint take long for the black predators to start circling their white prey, the couple never having experienced this before and had no clue of what was to happen. I saw from very early on that I had to keep Peter occupied so that the black predators would have a good chance of bringing down their White prey, Karin. It was very thrilling as one of the black guys understood that he had me as his wing man. I kept Peter separated from Karin and also saw to it that he drank a lot of beer, making him really drunk and unable to really grasp what was happening to his girlfriend, which was without any male protection, or come to her rescue. At the end of the night I literally had to hold Peter upright after a really viscous round of tequila shots, he being a very inexperienced drinker, went down like a boxer on KO. Karin on the other hand was drinking, dancing a grinding against the black guy while two of his friends circled her like hungry black Wolf's eyeing a tender white spring lamb. The two black men that was eying Karin as she danced wasn't even enrolled at the university but had just come along their friend who was attending one of the classes. Easy white female flesh was their reason for being there and who can blame them for that? It was really thrilling to see this blonde goddess-like Viking girl, drunk and horny, grinding her slim body against that of a black guy who was making his final assaults against this Nordic fortress.

    While I made preparations to get Peter into a taxi I saw Karin and the three black men go their way, she giggling and having a hard time Walking while the Three black men made sure she was coming with them. It was pretty obvious to me and everyone that saw them that it would be a night to remember for all of them, she looked really hot, tall, slim and with long very blonde hair, and black arms circling her narrow waist as she was being led away, a lamb to the slaughter.

    I saw to it that Peter came home to his and Karin's student apartment (it looked really nice, a very cosy place and they had really made an effort to make it look like a home). I helped Peter to bed were he fell asleep almost immediately. I knew Karin wouldn't be home for quite a while so I took a quick look around and discovered condoms in the bathroom cabinet. That was very thrilling news, condoms where their birth control and it was very unlikely that the black African men would use any they almost never do and with predicted consequences (pregnancies and STD).

    I left and went home knowing that by now at least three black Africans was taking turns on Peters blonde Viking princess. Sure enough. The next day Peter called me sounding very distressed telling me that Karin hadn't been home until lunchtime. The call was short but I knew that Peter most certainly had grasped that his fiance had been fucked.

    Things got complicated for Peter and Karin after that. I met them both and Peter told me about his suspicions that Karin had been with another guy. Karin on her part was very guilt ridden and extremely nervous, denying at first that she had done anything inappropriate. On the other hand I heard from one of the black guys (the one that recognized me as his wingman) that things had gone very well, and he thanked me for my help in scoring a "svennehora" (immigrant slang describing a native Swedish girl that is being very easy to have sex with).

    We talked and he told me that they had taken Karin back to his place, he lived in a student area nearby called Lappkärrsberget, where there are housings for students, its walking distance to campus(you can google it). There they had ended up in bed, karin, being very drunk and horny hadn't resisted. They had taken turns on fucking this blonde Viking girl who had enjoyed herself in some sort of drunken sexual bliss, sucking and fucking three very big black cocks. They had cum in her and it was pretty obvious that they dint care that she dint have any protection, a fact that Karin seems to have forgot to mention, and if she had, I suspect that the black guys wouldn't have cared either. After an hour or so two other black Africans had joined in, friends to the other Three black men. I guess they wanted to share this blonde Viking Goddess now that they had her. They had, with some small breaks, continued to have sex until dawn, unloading several times each in her pussy, in her mouth, between her breasts (they where pretty large) and in her virgin ass. By he time the five Africans finished with their White victim she was very well used and leaking cum from her mouth, pussy and ass as well as being splattered with African sperm all over her body.

    Peter eventually found out that there had been five black men involved since Karin had been anything but discreet leaving the pub or when arriving at the flat. So there was gossip and talk about how that good looking blonde girl had gone to bed with FIVE black men at the same time. Needless to say Peter and Karin relationship got very strained and they broke up a short while later. It was around that time Karin found out that she was pregnant.

    Peter went back home to his home town. Karin stayed in Stockholm for a while but I lost sight of her as she dropped out to due to her pregnancy, but she was very distressed, coming from a small town with conservative values. So becoming pregnant with one of five black guys, she did never found out who the father was as it turned out it was not the owner of the student apartment and the only one that Karin new the name of. The other black guys she had no idea other than they where friends to the owner of the apartment and he in turn said the other men where only very loose acquainting to him and he in turn dint know their full names. Of course this was a lie since the black guy didn't want any of his friends getting into trouble by paying any Child support or having any other obligations to Karin Child. One can of course have objections regarding the moral of this, but on the other hand Karin was not the first, and certainly not the last, white girl to get pregnant by a black man.

    The whole experience was pretty thrilling to me and a good example of a very successful sexual strategy on the part of the black men.
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