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Draft Susies bbc awakening. part 1

Discussion in 'SUBMIT YOUR STORIES HERE' started by rider654321, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. rider654321

    rider654321 Member Member

    Susies awakening!

    Susie was a bright bubbly mid 40's woman. Her personality meant she was easy to like and both men and women warmed to Susie's easy going ways quickly. She never had any trouble mixing with new people, and while she was never the sort of woman that needed to be the center of attention, ever since her divorce 2 years ago things had changed and Susie found herself secretly craving attention from men, though she had never acted on those impulses.

    Susie had been a shy girl as a teenager and some people mistook her shyness as being aloof at times. She met her future husband in the senior year of school. He was good looking at the time and Susie gave up her virginity to him on their 3rd date in quite unspectacular fashion. She was shocked at how quickly it was all over. As her first introduction to sex she felt distinctly underwhelmed, but as most teenage girls do she accepted that was what sex was like, and as such Susie endured many years of unsatisfying sex and unfulfilled desires.

    27 years pass until one day Susie's world is rocked by the news that her husband wanted a divorce. Though she knew in her heart they weren't a good match as a couple, when they were together there was still a sense of belonging and companionship as well as a sense of financial security that Susie had enjoyed.

    Susie was aware for years that the intimacy between them had been dwindling. Sex became infrequent and was never truly satisfying for Susie. The only orgasms Susie experienced were when she was alone and would masturbate fantasizing about something she'd read in a Mills and Boon fantasy. Her husbands attempts at exciting Susie were nothing more than a slap on the bum followed by an awkward short foreplay before he would enter her and do his thing. Though Susie enjoyed having her husbands penis inside her, he was only average in terms of length and girth, and Susie was frustrated by his inability to last much longer than 4 or 5 minutes before he would grunt and groan and empty his seed into her body before rolling over and falling asleep.

    Her husband never seemed interested in her needs, it was something Susie never mentioned for fear of hurting his feelings. So for years Susie's only orgasms came from her masturbation sessions which Susie would enjoy every once in a while.

    Since her divorce Susie had brought a flat in the suburbs closer to her work. She worked in data entry for an insurance company. She enjoyed the work as it was always busy and that made the days pass quickly, but she was always mentally exhausted at the end of the day and would usually curl up of the lounge and watch some TV at night before falling asleep.

    This became a routine for Susie, and for almost 18 months Susie put up with the routine of sleep, work, sleep, work, until one day she met Sally a new co-worker.

    Sally joined the team in December and her and Susie hit it off straight away. Sally was an average looking woman in her mid 50's. She had green eyes, short blonde hair and a curvaceous body. Susie had noticed and admired that Sally still had a shapely body for her age. She was a little over weight but Sally dressed well for her body type so she always looked good in a tight top and mid thigh skirts they wore to work. Susie had noticed that sometimes Sally would sometimes leave more of the buttons on her blouse open than would be considered appropriate for a work environment, and Sally's large breasts seemed to almost be spilling out of her blouse at times when she would lean over Susie's desk.

    Susie admired that Sally seemed to be one of those women that oozed sexual confidence, and although they never spoke about such things, Susie had imagined that Sally probably enjoyed a great sex life just from the way she seemed at ease in the company of men at the office.

    Weeks pass and the work Christmas party soon rolls around. It was planned for a Saturday night this year to give everyone the chance to relax on the Saturday rather than have the party straight after work on the Friday when everyone was usually exhausted after the days work. Susie had showered and then slipped into a pair of matching black panties and bra. As she did her hair she admired her body in the mirror. She was still in great shape for a woman approaching her late 40's. Her breasts were still firm for her age and her bra ensured she could still put on a nice display of sensual cleavage if she wanted to wear something a little more revealing. Her legs were still shapely and her skin was mostly blemish free, so even though she had some minor spider veins here and there Susie was still happy with what she saw in the mirror.

    Susie finished her hair and makeup then slipped into the little black dress she'd owned for years. Her dress was a high cut that showed off a littler more thigh than Susie would usually be comfortable showing, but neither was it that short that she would need to worry about flashing her co-workers a glimpse of her panties if she was to bend over or sit down at the party. The gold 3/4 zipper finished the dress off nicely and Susie could adjust the zipper to show off as little or as much cleavage as her mood dictated.

    Like any woman Susie loved her shoes and she had a collection of sexy high heals that went well with her dress. She slipped into a set of 4 inch black heals then grabbed her clutch bag and headed out the door to the party. When she arrived the party was already in full swing and Susie was surprised how good some of her co-workers looked all dressed up rather than in the same uniforms they wore day in and day out at work.

    Though she was never really a confident person who could rock up to a party and just begin to "work the room", when Susie arrived she did her best to go around to most of the people there that she knew and worked with, and wished them all the best for the coming festive season. Those she didn't know she just smiled and said "Hi, merry Christmas". The party was an all branches affair so there were about 150 people in the room and Susie knew probably 30 of them at best. The rest were all people from other branches so it was a good opportunity to mingle as they all at least had one thing in common, even if it was only work.

    Susie spied Sally standing in the corner talking to a black man. She noticed Sally was wearing a short red wrap around dress that was tied with a sash at the front. The thin material seemed to hug Sally's body leaving little to the imagination about the shape of what Sally had underneath that dress. The outline of a pair of sexy thong panties was easily visible from the back as Sally's extra few pounds meant the dress clung to the few bulges the thong made in Sally's skin, and Sally seemed to always be pulling at the hem of the dress to make sure it didn't ride up. When Susie walked over Sally greeted her with a big smile and a hug. It was then that Susie realised that Sally wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts felt soft and full as they hugged and Susie couldn't help but quickly glance down at Sally's boobs when she pulled back from their embrace to confirm her suspicions. It was obvious to Susie from the way Sally's breasts swayed as she moved, and that Susie could see the outline of Sally's nipples under the thin material that Sally had come to the party braless tonight.

    Susie took in the view of Sally's body and her mind immediately thought "what a slut", and with that thought Susie's mind began to think about the sort of sex Sally probably enjoys. She thought to herself this bitch is 10 years older than I am and she's probably being fucked by a different guy every night while I'm sitting at home falling asleep on the lounge? Susie immediately felt terrible about herself and her life of abstinence she'd lived since her divorce.

    Susie's thoughts were broken when Sally introduced Susie to Mark. She said Mark worked in the downtown head office and was a trainee admin clerk. Susie shook Marks hand and noticed how large his hand was compared to her own petite hands. Susie guessed that Mark was about six four or six five tall and probably in his early 20's. His skin was jet black and his eyes were warm and inviting. He obviously worked out as his body looked fantastic in the deep blue suit he wore. Mark had a deep masculine voice that seemed to almost reverberate through Susie's body when he spoke to her.

    The three of them exchanged chat back and forth for about 5 minutes. Susie was taken aback by how handsome Mark was but that was as far as her thoughts went, Susie never thought such a masculine young man could ever be interested in a middle aged woman like herself when he could have any woman his own age he wanted.

    Mark could see that Sally and Susie's glasses were empty and he offered to get them another drink. As Mark walked away Sally turned to Susie and said "OMG he is so fucking gorgeous, I can't wait until I will be on my knees sucking his beautiful big black cock later tonight".

    Susie was left stunned at what she's just heard come out of the lips of her co-worker. It was like she was in a dream sequence not really knowing if what she'd just heard Sally say was real or if she had just imagined it? Susie stood there not knowing how to respond. Then Sally said "black guys are the best, right?" thinking Susie must have had many opportunities to date black men since her divorce. Susie's silence kind of said it all and Sally shot back at her saying "No way, surely you're not going to tell me that you've never been with a black guy since your divorce?"

    Susie replied ... No I haven't.

    She suddenly felt inferior to her co-worker and felt embarrassed by the question as it put her on the spot and she wasn't used to talking openly about such things.

    Sally then said "OMG Susie, you don't know what you are missing. Since my divorce I've become insatiable and I only ever date really well hung black men.

    Susie was trying to find her composure, but she was flustered by what Sally was telling her. She blurted back that guy's like Mark were way to young and wouldn't find women of our age attractive".

    Sally's face went limp as if she was about to say something but needed to think about how to find the right words. Then she softly said to Susie, "honey you do know of the term MILF, right?"

    Susie said, "Yes, of course I have".

    Sally returned saying , "Well honey all I can say is since my divorce l have embraced my life as a Milf, and I can tell you this, there is no shortage of eager young men out there who are happy to satisfy the needs of mature women like us". Then Sally said "You have to try a black cock sweety, I tell you it's the best feeling you will ever have between your legs"

    Mark then returned with a tray of drinks. Susie and Sally giggled with each other as they took the drinks from Marks hand. For Sally it was a knowing giggle, but for Susie it was a nervous giggle as she felt uncomfortable with what Sally had confessed to her as it only made her feel worse about her own sexless life.

    The party went on for 4 more hours and Susie chatted with several other co-workers before finally taking a seat at a table with her boss and his wife and two other couples. The conversation around the table was mostly work related and quite boring for Susie, and she kept looking over at Sally watching her interact with Mark all night. She could see them flirting and laughing, there were lots of little touch gestures and she could see Sally would every now and touch Mark's arm in a playful way, other times she watched as Sally would move closer to Mark to tell him something and casually let her braless breasts brush against his chest.

    For Susie it was hard to get her head around the fact that young men like Mark would even be remotely interested in much older women like herself and Sally. Susie convinced herself that Sally was likely making a fool of herself at the party and would be the butt of a few jokes in the new year for flirting like she was with Mark. Susie was convinced that at the end of the night Mark would probably go home alone, or off to another club somewhere to hook up with someone much younger. She was sure Mark was only playing along with Sally to her to make her feel good for a bit of fun, but surely he wouldn't be interested in actually taking her home for the night?

    At around 11:30 Susie felt a tap on her shoulder. It was Sally and Mark. Sally leaned in for a quick peck on Susie's cheek and then said "Hi hun, just wanted to say good night and Merry Christmas, we're heading out on the town now, so I'll see you back in the office after new years, ok?".

    Sally flashed a smile and waved goodbye to the others at the table and then walked out of the room holding Mark's hand. When Susie turned her attention back to the table she noticed the women were all smirking at each other as if exchanging knowing thoughts telepathically.

    After a few more drinks it was just after midnight and everyone that was left were leaving or getting ready to leave the party. Susie's boss arranged for a taxi to take Susie home safely. When she arrived she felt a strange mixture of sorrow and excitement in her stomach. She felt sorrow for how her life had turned out and the fact she was yet again alone at home for the night, and yet she also felt excited by the thoughts and images that were running through her mind imagining what Sally and Mark might be getting up to together.

    Sally stood in the bathroom in front of the mirror. She looked at herself and studied her form in a way she'd never done before. She noticed the wrinkles under her eyes and the few sun spots from years of laying on the beach in summer. But she noticed that she still looked elegant and attractive compared to other women her age. As she admired her form in the little black dress she noticed she still had her waist even though she had a small tummy bump. She noticed her breasts were still firm and round and that her legs were still quite slender. As she looked at her self she began to slowly lower her zipper to reveal more of her cleavage. She suddenly felt quite sexy as she admired her reflection in the mirror. With her zipper lowered to the bottom of her bra her breasts bulged in the middle quite spectacularly for a woman her age and the black lace trim of her bra only added to the view.

    Susie stood there for a few minutes then she began to imagine herself standing in front of Mark dressed this way with her breasts spilling out of her dress. She wondered if he would be aroused by what he could see, or would he be repulsed by her mature body?

    Susie wasn't sure how Mark would feel, but as she imagined herself standing in front of Mark with her cleavage on display Susie was aware of the feelings building inside her panties. She watched herself in the mirror and began to rub her hands up and down her sides. Susie soon became lost in a fantasy about Mark. In her mind Susie imagined Mark sitting on the bed in a luxury hotel room watching her as she performed an erotic striptease for him. She lowered the zipper more then ran her hands up to cup her breasts making them bulge upwards in her dress. Her body shivered at her touch and thought that Mark would be getting excited at the view she was giving him. Susie stared into the mirror as if she was staring directly into Mark's eyes seeing him watch her perform for him. She lowered the zipper all the way then slipped the dress off one shoulder, then the other holding the dress up under her arms to keep her modesty.

    Susie's body soon became flushed on the insides and she was feeling a level of sexual arousal that she hadn't experienced before. The thoughts and images she pictured in her mind of her acting so naughty by being in a room with a sexy young black man watching her undress was overwhelming her senses. Susie watched as she let the dress fall from her body to the floor. The pictured Mark smiling at her dressed only in her bra and panties. The itch she felt inside her panties had grown to a throb. Her clit now throbbed with excitement, and in its engorged state it extended out from her folds and rubbed against the lace front of her panties.

    Susie rocked gently grinding her pubic bone and clit against the basin as she watched herself release the clasp of her bra. She pictured Mark watching her as she exposed her breasts to him for the first time. The fantasy was too much excitement for Susie to control. Susie felt her first orgasm in months rushing towards her. She knew instinctively from the sensations running through her nervous system that this was going to be an orgasm unlike any she had experienced before. Susie ground herself hard on the edge of the basin, she cupped her breasts and closed her eyes pinching at her nipples. She was not prepared for the intensity of her orgasm. It shocked her as the first wave hit hard. Susie she let out a loud grunt and her face contorted as if in extreme pain. She threw her head backwards as the intense waves of orgasmic pleasure began to pulse from her core and wash outwards over her entire body. Susie felt her panties becoming more and more saturated with each wave of pleasure.

    Susie pictured herself naked in front of Mark as she rode through a dozen or more waves of deeply satisfying erotic pleasure before the sensation began to subside.

    When the last wave had passed and she began to regain her composure Susie looked at her semi naked reflection in the mirror and for the first time in her life she could see and feel the deep;ly erotic and sensual woman she had always wanted to be. Her sexy fantasy of Mark had awoken a deep sexual hunger in Susie. Though her body was satiated for now Susie's mind was fixed on the words Sally had told her about her life as a MILF. Could there really be that many young men out there that desire sex with older women?

    In part 2 Susie will find out!

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