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. Super Bowl Slavery

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by slurpeee, Nov 15, 2016.

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  1. slurpeee

    slurpeee Member Member

    I’m Joe, a 38 year old white guy 6’4” tall in reasonably good shape. My wife Shawna is 28 and beautiful with perfect tits and ass, and barely an ounce of fat on her. Sexy as hell! Anyway, this is the story of how Shawna got her first taste of black cock a few years ago on Super Bowl Sunday 2013. I’ll try and get to the good parts as soon as I can.

    We met Michael and Roxy, an attractive black couple, on Saturday night at a bar showing the UFC fights. We had many drinks with them, and at the end of the night they invited us to their house the next day to watch the Super Bowl.

    We arrived about an hour before the game started, with plenty of snacks and beer. Michael was a Ravens’ fan, as was my wife, and Roxy and I were both 49ers fans. After getting a very healthy buzz started, the talk turned to sex, and before long Michael was flirting with my wife and I was flirting with his.

    As the game started, Michael proposed a bet. Basically, the terms were that if the 49ers won, Michael and my wife Shawna would be sex slaves for the remainder of the evening, and if the Ravens won, his wife Roxy and I would be the slaves. Shawna and Roxy were excited about the idea, and I readily agreed to the bet, after all, there was NO WAY the 49ers were going to lose this game.

    By the end of the first half, I was regretting the bet as the 49ers were down 21-6. As the drinks flowed the sexy talk increased to pretty filthy proportions. Shawna telling Michael how I was going to be licking her to multiple orgasms until my tongue fell off. Roxy explained that Michael’s cock was so big, she could only get half of it into her mouth before choking, and Michael replied that she better get ready for a lot of choking. That kind of stuff.

    The 2nd half brought the 49ers amazing comeback, and now I started telling Shawna she better get ready for hours of deep throating and taking my cock up her ass. Normally, she doesn’t really like sucking my cock or letting me fuck her ass so I was very ready to win the bet.

    Well, it all went bad for me and Roxy, as the final score was Ravens 34, Niners 31. After a few more post-game shots of Jager in the kitchen, Michael said “Its time to collect on the bet, don’t you think Shawna?”

    “Hell yes!” Shawna replied.

    “Bring your slave and follow me.”

    We sort of stumbled back to the living room as I realized I had probably had a bit more liquor than I should have.

    Roxy got down on her knees and began unbuttoning Michael’s pants. Shawna and I sat on the couch in front of them, watching in awe, as Roxy released Michael’s monster of a cock. Semi-hard, it looked longer and thicker than my full erection.

    “Get going slave,” Michael said as he sat down in the loveseat and pushed his wife’s head down on his massive cock.

    As Roxy tried to stuff Michael’s now rock hard monster into her mouth, Shawna pushed the back of my head, “You know what to do slave.”

    I quickly got down on my knees, and pulled Shawna’s already soaked panties off, past her mini-skirt and over her boots. Her shaved pussy was already dripping, and she pulled my head roughly into her box.

    As I worked Shawna’s slippery clit with my tongue, I could hear Roxy slurping and choking on Michael’s cock. My wife encouraged her, “Deeper Roxy, give your Master what he wants.”

    Shawna also moaned her encouragement to me, “That’s a good slave. Keep it up, bitch - make me cum.”

    I was shocked that Shawna was being so vocal and nasty, we have been together nearly 10 years, and have a pretty vanilla sex life. We had certainly never been in a situation like this, on the brink of an interracial orgy!

    I looked up and saw that Shawna was intently watching Roxy sucking Michael, while she ground my face into her crotch. Shawna took off her shirt, unsnapped her bra, and started playing with her nipples, while I feverishly tried to bring her to an orgasm.

    Michael said “Damn, Shawna you are fine as hell, show me those titties, baby.”

    “Ohhh, Michael, I really really like that big cock of yours, too,” Shawna replied.

    Shawna was trembling and I could tell she was getting close to cumming. As I tongued her, I heard Michael tell Roxy to get up and undress. Moments later, Roxy's sexy nude black body plopped down on the couch next to Shawna. “Time for you to get fucked, bitch!” Michael shouted.

    Suddenly, he was on his knees next to me, and I saw him slide his black beast into Roxy’s glistening cunt. “Since you like this dick, you might as well get a closer look,” Michael told my wife.

    “Oh, yeah Michael, fuck her, fuck that slave girl good,” Shawna squealed as her orgasm approached.

    As Michael pumped in and out of Roxy, Shawna screamed and soaked my face, convulsing with a huge orgasm. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face away from her pussy, as her body shook and shuttered. She looked down at me and said, “Ohhh, look at it slave, watch that huge black dick rip up that pretty pussy.”

    My wife looked up at Michael, then reached out and started playing with his bare nipples as he brutalized Roxy’s hole. I just watched transfixed, barely inches from Michael’s cock, as it hammered in and out. The sight, smells and sounds of their fucking had my cock hard and pulsating.

    Shawna began teasing me, saying things like “Look how big it is slave, God I would love to just touch it. I’ve never seen such a big cock, baby. I can just imagine what it would be like – inside me. I don’t even think it could fit inside my tight pussy, honey.”

    My wife licked her lips and started fingering herself as she watched our hosts get it on. My less than impressive white dick was now jerking and throbbing in my pants, I was so turned on. I realized I was the only one still dressed so I stood up and began unbuckling my belt, I was so hot to fuck Shawna, but she reached out and grabbed my hand, stopping me.

    "No Joe, you need to wait until you are told. I want you to keep watching Roxy and Michael." She motioned for me to kneel back down by snapping her fingers and pointing at the floor, so I did.

    Shawna and I watched as Roxy moaned from the ruthless fucking Michael was giving her. She stared at Shawna, “Its so good, you would love it, you would never be able to get enough of this black cock.”

    My wife was now fucking herself with 4 fingers and trembling. Her other hand rubbed Michael's chest. "He's fucking you so good Roxy, his cock is so big, oh its so hot…"

    Roxy began shouting out “This white girl wants it too, baby…she wants some black dick…she wants to be a black cock ho like me…” With that, Michael tensed up and I could tell he was cumming into his girl. As he pulled out, my wife reached over, wrapped both hands around his mammoth black rod, and squeezed the last strings of cum out onto Roxy’s clit.

    Michael sat down next to my wife, as she continued playing with his slippery cock. I was basically frozen in a state of shock, and felt dizzy from the booze and intensity of the situation. “Ohhh, Shawna, let's trade, I've never had my pussy licked like your man does, and I bet you've never been fucked by a dick like Michaels.”

    Shawna was mesmerized by Michael’s gigantic cock, which was already hardening again as she continued stroking it with both hands. It looked absolutely massive, poking several inches above her tiny hands. “MMM. That sounds like a good idea. Get over there Joe, and show Roxy how good you lick pussy, I want to keep playing with Michael.”

    My wife stood up and knelt before Michael, as Roxy slid over, positioning her dripping, gaping cunt in front of my face.

    It all happened so fast, I didn’t really think or protest, as Roxy grabbed onto my hair and pulled my head forward onto her cum filled snatch. I automatically began licking. Jesus, I was eating a black man’s cum. I hesitated and tried to pull my head back.

    “No, no, no, keep licking it Joe,” Roxy said as she spread her legs wide and pulled my head in tight, causing thick globs of Michael’s sperm to run into my mouth. I was so hot, I didn’t give a fuck - I tongue fucked her clean, and went to work on her clit.

    “Yeah eat me you nasty white bitch, clean that cunt” Roxy said, giving me an evil grin as I stared up at her face. My jaw was getting sore as she ground into my face.

    Glancing to the side, I could see Shawna now standing up and preparing to lower her tight pussy down onto Michael’s cock.

    It was all too much for me, and I shot off into my pants, without even touching myself. It was sensory overload, Roxy now grinding my mouth into her asshole, as she frigged her clit, my pretty white wife’s tight pussy slowly being impaled by a cock nearly twice as long as mine and approaching the width of a soda can.

    Roxy screamed as she came, convulsing on my face, and my wife moaned in pleasure as her pussy got split open. She moved up and down slowly, letting Michael's monster cock in a little deeper each time.

    Roxy now turned her attention to my wife, and began sucking Shawna’s tits, and rubbing her swollen clit. Roxy glared over at me, “What are you doing, help me out here, we're slaves, remember?”

    I moved over and began sucking Shawna’s left tit, while Roxy worked on the right one. Shawna began whispering in my ear, “Oh god, baby, it feels so good, its so big, I love it.” She began pushing my head lower and said “lick me down there.”

    I moved down in front of her, as she rode up and down reverse cowgirl on Michael’s cock. I began tonguing her clit as she moved up and down, trying unsuccessfully to avoid Michael’s black monster. Fuck it, I thought, and began sucking furiously on her hugely engorged clit, as well as Michael’s dick skin as it passed by.

    Roxy knelt beside me, roughly pulled my hair, and whispered in my ear - “suck harder you nasty bitch, your wife is a black cock whore now, she’s gonna want more and more black dick. Just wait and see.” She reached down to my pants, and chuckled as she felt the huge wet spot, discovering I came in my pants.

    “Damn, your man came in his pants, can you believe that?”

    Shawna stood up off of Michael’s cock, and I could see she was so wet that her pussy juice was dripping down her inner thighs.

    “Did you really, slave?” She glared down at me. I looked down nervously. “I said did you really come in your pants like a 12 year old boy?”

    “Yes” I sheepishly answered.

    “You are a very, very bad slave. I don’t know if you deserve to play with us anymore.”

    Michael and Roxy laughed, and I begged “please, baby, I’m sorry, but everything was just too hot and…”

    “Quit making excuses, and go sit over there while I figure out how you should be punished.”

    I squirmed across the floor and sat on the empty loveseat. Alone, with my dick hard again and straining against my jeans.

    “Oh and slave…don’t even think about touching that baby dick of yours.” They all laughed.

    My wife dropped to the floor right in front of me, and Michael got behind and started taking her doggy style. She squealed every time Michael rocked her back and forth, pulling almost all the way out then slamming as far in as he could. Michael’s wife fondled my wife’s titties, licked her neck and kissed her, as Michael increased his speed. Man, he was a beast, what staying power. Shawna’s tight little box always made me cum quick. Michael had already been fucking her for longer than I ever had, and it looked like he was just getting started.

    Roxy was whispering in my wife’s ear, dirty stuff I couldn’t hear but could imagine. My wife screamed, and had an orgasm like I’d never seen her have. She fell down flat on the floor, and Michael rolled her over.

    “Spread your legs, I ain't done yet, I need more of my pussy,” he ordered.

    He grabbed one of her legs in each hand and pushed them up and apart as he slipped his fat mushroom head into her sweet little twat. “I said this is my pussy now, isn’t it.”

    “Oh yes its your pussy, its your pussy if you want it, just fuck me please, fuck me, fuck me,” my wife answered without a second thought.

    He kept teasing her with just the tip, “Then tell your husband, just to make it official.”

    “Honey, its his pussy now, its his pussy now, oh god please use me Michael, please, please.”

    He buried his cock all the way, and began using her pussy like she begged. Ruining it. Pounding it while she moaned, groaned, and squealed. Her eyes rolled back, twitching and shaking as another orgasm overtook her. She screamed out, and he kept pounding, using my wife’s cunt for his pleasure.

    Michael pulled out, and a massive jet of his hot cream shot up onto my beautiful wife’s face. Then another, splattering her neck and tits. She sat up and pulled his still spurting cock into her mouth, sucking down the final spurts of his gigantic load. It dripped from the corners of her mouth, spilling down to her breasts.

    Michael fell down on the couch next to me. Shawna stood up, walked over to me, and leaned in to give me a kiss. “Mmmm” she cooed as she tongued Michael’s cum into my mouth, frenching me deeply. She pulled her head back and pulled my head against her neck, my lips landing right in Michael’s still warm load. “Oh, yes, keep kissing me baby, keep licking me.”

    I began licking up Michael's spunk, continuing down as she pushed my head lower, licking each breast off. “Good slave boy, get it all,” she moaned. All the way to her stretched pussy. She pulled my face in and said “but be gentle, I’m kinda sore.”

    I lovingly licked my wife’s black cock damaged pussy, looking up to see her kissing Michael. She pushed my head lower, and began fingering her clit, as I tongue fucked her asshole. She came again and pushed my head roughly back. My face was soaked, her juices and Michael’s cream literally dripping off my chin, on my cheeks, even in my hair.

    “These slave bitches need to go and get us some drinks.” Michael said.

    Roxy slipped on her panties and shirt, and grabbed me by the shoulder. “Yes Master Michael. Come on Joe, you sloppy ho.” She laughed, pointing at my messy face.

    My wife and Michael snickered.

    Embarrassed, I wiped my face clean with my shirt and followed her out.

    When we arrived in the kitchen Roxy told me “you should be proud, my man really likes your wife. You better get used to that little white pussy getting blacked all the time.” She laughed. I just looked at her dumbfounded, I didn’t know what to say. “Don’t feel bad, its just nature. Black guys like Michael turn that white pussy out. White boys just don’t know how to fuck a bitch like that.”

    I felt humiliated, but what she said was true. I couldn’t fuck like Michael. I didn’t have his equipment either.

    “But you sure know how to suck that pussy don’t you, what do you say, you wanna suck on some more of this black pussy?” She sat up on the counter, spread her legs wide, and pulled her panties aside.

    I nodded yes, and knelt down to the floor as she pulled my head in towards her steaming box.

    “That’s it. Do what you're good at.”

    My dick hardened in my pants from her humiliating words, which continued in between her moans. “Yeah, that’s it, make me cum with your tongue, but try not to spurt off in your pants.” My dick jerked at her words. “Come on, baby dick, make me cum,” she demanded.

    Soon, as she yanked my hair so hard I thought it would rip off, she began trembling and moaned as she came. She pushed my head back and I stood up as she lowered herself off the counter. "We better get back," she said.

    She opened the fridge, gave me some cold beers and waters to bring to the other room, and carried some herself. I followed, watching her plump but tight ass wiggle in her g-string. As we came into the room, I saw that Shawna was on her knees, sucking Michael off as he moved her head up and down.

    “Give me a beer man,” Michael snapped at me.

    I opened one, and handed it to him, as my wife continued trying to take him down her throat. He drank it down, still pushing my wife's head with his free hand. "Go ahead homey, sit down and have a beer. Roxy, get down there and help her out."

    I sat down next to Michael and watched as the girls took turns sucking his cock and balls, and worked in a lot of kissing each other too. He opened another beer, and swigged from it. "Damn, hold this, yo," he said, handing me the half empty beer. "I need to fuck that tight white pussy some more. Get on your knees woman," Michael commanded, pulling Shawna off his cock by her hair. She obeyed, and immediately got on her hands and knees on the floor.

    "Oooh, yeah, let's watch em," Roxy said as she grabbed me by the hand and yanked me off the couch.

    Roxy knelt on one side of my wife's ass, and I on the other. Up close I watched Michael position his impossibly huge mushroom head at the opening of my wife's drenched and now gaping cunt.

    "Fuck her baby," Roxy yelled.

    He teased Shawna, keeping his bloated cockhead positioned just outside of her slit, moving back as Shawna squirmed, trying to get it in. Awkwardly, I rubbed my wifes ass.

    "Fuck me, Michael! Please, fuck me!" Shawna wanted him bad.

    "Should I fuck her, you think?" Michael stared at me.

    "I guess if she wants it," I muttered sheepishly.

    "No, I'm not doing it unless you want me to, unless you beg me to fuck your wife."

    I looked down at Shawna's face, as she writhed in ecstasy, yearning for more of the biggest cock she'd ever had. "Tell him to fuck me, baby," she moaned, "please tell him to fuck me."

    My cock strained against my pants as I gave in, "Fuck her Michael, fuck my wife."

    “Come on, man, you can do better than that. You want me to fuck her don’t you?” Michael asked as he pulled back away from Shawna’s hungry cunt.

    “I said I did.”

    “Yeah, but I said you need to beg me.” Michael smiled at me.

    “Do it baby, I need it. I need it bad,” Shawna told me, slightly irritated.

    I hesitated.

    “Do it now, you fucking slave bitch baby dick.” Shawna commanded angrily.

    I gave in. “Please Michael, please fuck my wife. Please fuck her good and hard. I’m begging you, please.”

    “That’s better," Michael said as he winked at me.

    Shawna screamed as he impaled her, driving his monster in and out. I just watched, transfixed as he pounded and stretched her sweet pussy. I squeezed Shawna's ass, as Roxy rubbed her clit.

    Shawna screamed out an orgasm, "OH MY GOD, I'm cumming, fuck."

    Michael slowed his thrusts momentarily. He smacked me on the chest. "Yo, go and hold her hand, and tell her you're proud of her. Tell her she can fuck big black dicks whenever she wants."

    I laid down on the ground next to my wife, and did as instructed. I interlocked my fingers with her, and whispered in her ear – "I'm so proud of you, honey. You're pleasing that big black cock so good, you're fucking him so good." She moaned and squeezed my hand.

    "I love you, baby," she said.

    "I love you, too. I want you to know that you can fuck big black dicks whenever you want, I see how much you need it. So just know, I love you and I'm okay with it."

    "Kiss me, baby," she said and we started kissing, super passionately. I caressed her face and made out with her. Her body heaved and shuttered with Michael's speeding up thrusts.

    “Alright, lovebirds, you all can smooch any time, I’m trying to get my nut right now. Get down on your back, Shawna. And these slaves can hold your legs spread for me.”

    We all did as told, Shawna rolled over, spread her legs wide, and Roxy and I each held and caressed a leg, while Michael buried himself all the way in again then began pistoning in and out. “This pussy ain’t so tight any more, Joe.” Michael said. “You might not feel it so good anymore.”

    Roxy encouraged him. “Yeah, stretch that white pussy, baby.”

    My wife was moaning as Michael’s climax approached. “Yeah, here it comes, girl” Michael pulled out and shot globs of his burning sperm all over Shawna’s pretty shaved box.

    “Oh, god, please put it back in, I’m gonna cum!”

    Michael thrust back inside, and resumed his rapid pumping until Shawna started screaming as she came again. Michael pulled out, French kissed my wife, and stood up, his wet black rocket sticking straight out.

    “Damn, you bitches fucked me dry.” Michael laughed.

    I continued kneeling by my wife, gently rubbing her legs. Michael and Roxy were up getting dressed, and my naked, spread wife pulled my head to her face and kissed me deeply. “Thanks, baby. That felt soooooo good. I hope you aren’t mad.”

    I was torn between feeling embarrassed, angry, jealous, and excited. But I couldn’t deny my dick was rock hard and straining to bust through my pants. “No baby, I’m not mad,” I assured her.

    “I’m so glad, baby, cuz I could see this becoming a regular thing!”

    Well, dear reader, it did in fact become a regular thing, and then some, but those stories are for another time!

    Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you like the story or want to hear more of our dark adventures.
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