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. Sultans of Swing

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Nasty Wives Collection, Apr 1, 2016.

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  1. Nasty Wives Collection

    Nasty Wives Collection HMFIC Administrator



    My husband and I are young, liberal, and recent converts to the joys of swinging. We love the newsgroups, from the torrid photos of luscious maidens flaunting their pulsating pussies to the fabulous stories on our favourite subject - sweet, sweet, wonderful sex!

    I am a redhead, 25 years old, five feet eight tall, and my measurements are 37-24-36. My husband thinks I'm too much to handle, which is one of the main reasons we got into swinging. He' s right - I do need more than one cock to satisfy me!

    One night I was giving my husband a blow-job on our waterbed. He surprised me by bringing a present to bed with him - a vibrator he had purchased through a magazine.

    As I tongued and sucked his gorgeous cock, my husband inserted the vibrator into my hot box and plunged it in and out. It was really wild and I sucked him like mad until his cum exploded into my mouth. While he was still cumming, he pulled the vibrator out of me and pressed his mouth to my pussy. It was his turn to drink my cum.

    Our introduction to swinging began with a threesome - me, my husband and one of his friends. While I sucked my husband, his friend fucked me, then vice-versa. It was fantastic. I recommend a threesome as a sort of baptism to any couple who want to get into swinging but may be shy about doing so.

    Initially, it is the woman who is the shyest, but a double-header - the ecstasy of being fucked by one cock while sucking another - should wipe away all inhibitions. Once into swinging, she will find that each cock is more succulent and 'fuckulent' than the one before it.

    I have taken on four guys in one session and I was in sheer heaven the whole time they were doing me. At one point, I had a cock in my mouth, one in my love box, and one clenched in each of my hands. I wanted so much for the four of them to cum at the same time so I could have the sensation of drowning in their juice. It didn't work that way, though, and I had to take it as it came, so to speak. When it was over, I was coated with cum and oblivious to the world about me.

    My husband was thrilled on that occasion, wanking himself silly as he watched me with the studs. When they had finished with me, hubby came over and played with the spunk that covered my body. He told me later that the smell was out of this world, each man's sperm having a different aroma. It was then he discovered how much he enjoyed the taste of another man's sperm.

    My husband also enjoys being with two or three women in bed, but with only one cock and one mouth, he can't handle much more than that at the same time. One after another is a different story, though, and he often fucks five or six women in a row. At 28, his staying power isn't waning a single bit.

    However, we both prefer the perverse thrill of me being taken by other men. Our latest kink is to go away for the weekend so that we can meet complete strangers for sex. My husband gets a real thrill from giving me to complete strangers, their cocks filling me before we've been properly introduced.
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