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. Sucking a black truncheon

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, May 14, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Sue held Tyrone's big cock steady so that her husband could gobble it nicely. It seemed so raunchy that a cock that had so recently been pumping and discharging spunk inside her, was now being sucked and licked so avidly by Martin. Boy her husband worshipped Tyrone's cock. You could almost see his excitement when at last Tyrone grunted, his spunk spurting inside her and then readied himself to pull out. When black cock comes out in that state, it is rock hard and still trembling. The cock is alive and overwhelmingly masculine. It shines with the sheen of spunk over its handsome helmet and of course it tastes and it smells of where it has just been. Sue whispered encouragement to Martin.

    'That's a good boy, lick first, then cover, then pull, not too greedy now!'

    Tyrone liked making the little white man suck cock. He liked it a lot. After the first time, when it had seemed kinda gay or something, he had relaxed and felt the grip of a weak man's mouth latching onto your shaft and giving it a good worship. Back and forth, back and forth, his gaze always looking up at you, hoping that you might groan, or perhaps catch the fucker's hair in your tight finger grip and hold it steady whilst you buried your member to the back of his fucking throat. Not that he hard fucked this guy's mouth. They were in transition. You got him used to licking and fluffing, you got him used to seeing himself as the wipe after you fucked her. Later, you beat his tonsils with your glans. You rammed his mouth till he surrendered and let everything go loose as he could. That way, when you jolted a load it went straight down the little fuckers gullet and confirmed just what a fucking faggot he was.

    Sue kissed him, running her tongue against his. It was a grateful kiss, a needy kiss. The little bitch needed a lot of fucks. Once she had got over the initial stretch, she needed hard fucks too. But now, whilst his prick still throbbed, it felt good to receive her accolade. She loved the way he handled her. She adored what he was becoming to her husband too. Absolute power, absolute authority in the home, it was his now. As the manacles tightened on the token male in their house, so she seemed replete. Everything just so, everything perfect.

    'You know, I learn so much from you' she whispered, peering dreamily into his eyes.

    She was staring eagerly his way, her eyes transfixed. Her hand was down there, encouraging Martin as he suckled on the cock that had just taken her, again.

    'Do you remember the first time we did this, had Martin suck you master stick?'

    He did, but hey, why talk about it? She knew. The bitch knew. The way he had fucked her husband's face had terrified her. The little bastard had turned a funny colour, gagging and choking on prick. It had scared his woman, so he pulled the little bastard off his tool and kicked him back into the carpet. Fucking unsatisfactory.

    'You made Martin do something he hadn't learned to do and then you thought about how to do things better, proper, like a master of the house would' she murmured kissing the gold chain as it lay against his neck. He liked the way that Sue nibbled at his neck. He liked the way she used her lips for whisper kisses. Best of all he liked it that such attention signalled just how hard it was for her to keep his body out of her head. The vixen was obsessed.

    'Moving him on to cleaning you up, when your ardour had eased a mite was so right darling' she purred. 'Once he knew that you wouldn't bury your cock in the back of his throat, he needed to submit to you. He wanted to come to cock. He wanted to obey what made me cream myself in my panties. Look at him, look at the way he's sucking your cock. You have him right where you want him.'

    They looked down at her husband. He was thorough, he was attentive, and eager. He licked his masters balls and the black skin across Tyrone's scrotum glistened. Sue felt a wet tongue run across her fingers as she held Tyrone's prong aloft. She felt Martin's nose brushing against her skin as he licked up and down the shaft of her lover's manhood.

    'He learned to take a load in his mouth too huh!' Tyrone grinned. She wanted him to kiss her again. She always wanted him to kiss her. Her mouth was open, begging to be locked by his as his cock rammed up her, squirting load after load into her unprotected cunt. No sheath, no pill, things had moved on.

    'God darling yes!' Sue pressed against his side, rubbing her pussy against his hand. 'you came in his mouth, like a cauldron over flowing. We'd fucked hard and that took the pressure off for a little while. So you fed him it when it wouldn't spurt everywhere. You know so much.'

    Instinct may be? Tyrone wasn't sure. All he knew was that it was neat feeling his ball's serving up another load and watching her fucking sap husband start to swallow as the semen splurged into his mouth. The little fucker was chugging it down his throat, savouring the cream on his tongue, smelling his musk and taking it all back down in.

    'You like watching me spunk in his mouth?'

    'Yes' she whispered dreamily.

    'why babe?'

    'Because it makes him look so weak. He's nothing compared to you.' She spoke firmly. If it startled her once to admit such things, that time had long gone. She was his now, not Martin's.

    'You like it when i piss in his mouth?'

    She saw her husband wince at the mention of the humiliation.

    'Yes' she whispered, longingly, feeling his fingers and needing to fuck sometime very soon.

    'At that party, in front of the brothers?'

    'Yes' she said and moaned softly. His fingers were teasing her. Running his semen around her wet sex like it was cream on top of a cake.

    'Please' she whispered to him.

    'Please?! You needing some more little bitch?' Tyrone chuckled.

    Sue gave him her look. She begged with the most appealing cornflower blue eyes. Her freckles made her look so playful. Her perfect little, full lipped mouth opening just a little in the way she did, gasping as his cock took hold of her inside once again.

    'Kick him away' she pleaded.

    He smiled.

    Martin licked.

    'Fuck off in the corner and wank' Tyrone ordered.

    Ah there was that pleasure too wasn't there. Watching a fucking wet week husband waste his load all over his fucking jeans. Wasting it when she wanted what HE gave her instead. Wasting it because his seed was pointless. His fucking kind was useless. He pushed Sue onto her back. He pushed her thighs further apart and readied his truncheon for entry. It gleamed smooth, and slimy, and wet and perfectly prepared for what he was going to do to her.
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