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Draft Submissive Nursing Student

Discussion in 'SUBMIT YOUR STORIES HERE' started by SuzyRoxy, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. SuzyRoxy

    SuzyRoxy Member Author!

    First let me divulge you a little bit about myself; my name is Liza and I'm a 5'7' vixen as my boyfriend refers to me as; though I've never been very sumptuous about myself like he is about me. I weigh about 120 and have lean muscular legs. My shoulders are square and tits are perky B's and have 50 cent size nipples that really get pointy when I'm aroused. I have well defined abs and a cute little navel piercing with a gold loop that I love to show off. But my most enchanting feature is my Ass; my muscular legs really look alluring when I wear yoga leggings with a thong that rides up in my ass-cheeks and separates them and high-lights my lean ass and long legs! I also have a nice meaty camel-toe that is the result of the constant and frequent "love-making" and fuck sessions we relish in together (By the way I have never been fucked by anyone execpt "my Jak"). My waist is a thin 22" and that lean ass is a full 34 inches of virtue passion.

    My boyfriend; whom pinned the above narration of my sexy silhouette says my most stunning feature is my face. That's what he says took his breathe that first summer when we fell in love!! I have "full luscious rosy lips and a long keen tongue that drives him crazy when I snake it out between my luscious lips and invite him to partake of my lusty fruits. My eyes are a priecing green and I have a thick full head of alburn hair that falls to my shoulders that he loves in a ponytail so my long neck is on display.

    Well I guess you would think from the above characterization of myself I could have anything and anbody I wish; but I didn't always appear this alluring to the eye. So let's go back to my high scool days and the love of my life and may I also add I am the love his.

    We first met during the summer of my 16th birthday. He was a lifeguard at the pool where I took the kids that I baby sat. I would take then early in the morning for swimming lessons and after everyone had left me and the kids would hang around and I would talk to him. He seemed to be a nice guy but none of my friends liked him because he was from a neighoring school district and was the quarterback for them. They usually beat us and he was rather boostful about it.

    I wasn't the cheerleader type or one of those "socialites", never considered myself that pretty and I was a few pounds overweight so I felt inferior around some of the girls that loved to flaunt themselves around the pool in their skimmy bikinis. Several of the young mother's would flirt with him and I often wondered if he was fucking one or two of them. That's another reason I took the kids to the pool early; because usually for an hour or two it was only us around and I was developing I bite of a crush on him. By the way Jak was a year older that me. We talked alot that summer and you have no idea how much I hated to see the summer end.

    Well as the last weeks of the summer approached; myself and the kids were going to the pool daily. This time of the year it is all but deserted so on more than one day the only one's there were us and Jak. We sat and talked for hours while the kids played and he told me he was really going to miss me after the pool closed and he asked me to come see him play football the follwing weekend.

    I told him I would love to. He then asked me if I would like to go out this friday which I quickly accepted. He said we could go to a movie or something and he would show me where to come to to watch the game. He even said I could drop him off in his car before the game and we could leave the game together. I asked him how his teammates and school friends would feel about me being there; because I was from the school of their bitter rivial. He told me not to worry about that.

    Our friday date was great; needless to say I was quit nervous. We rode around and went for pizza and then while in the football parking lot me Kissed me! Needless to say I melted.

    Well over the next few months we became quite a pair; to say we were in love was an understatment. We did everything together. But being from the schools we were from was causing some social problems for us that probably made us even closer. My friends nor his liked or wanted our romance to happen.

    By the late fall Jak had me going to the gym and working out with him. This was a great situation for us because almost everyone in there was older than us. I loved being there with him. This being new to me I showed up every day in old bulky sweat clothes and pretty much for the most part hasn't noticed by anyone.

    8 months later:
    May and summer were upon us; Jak was graduating and I would be an upcoming senior. As I shed my bulky winter clothes the new "me" was unveiled. I had lost 20lbs of baby fat; I had dropped my waist to 21 inches, my tits were perky and my legs were lean and long. But my ass was absolutely luscious! Jak had turned me into a stunning vixen.

    That summer while we were at the beach he got me to pierce my navel and tried to get me to get a nipple ring. I was scared to go that far. Something else had happened over the winter thar I failed to mention: Jak had taken my virginity! But he didn't just take it; he made love to me and I loved the feeling of being fucked. He had a nice 8 inch fat dick and when he fucked me I would have orgasm after orgasm. Fucking was something I couldn't get enough of and my new lover knew how to satisfy me. I would do anything he wanted as long as me fucked me. I guess I was his submissive slut. We were unquestionly in love.

    That summer things around the pool were quite different.I wore the skimpy bikini and I was turning the heads of all the guys. But all I wanted was Jak and he was all over me all summer. About the middle of August Jak had to leave for school. I was as lonely as I had ever been. My daddy was happy because he didn't like Jak. Not only has he gone but so was my best friend Sara. I guess my biggest fear was I would loss him.

    Well my senior year was a breeze. All the qualms I had about Jak were just futile. My course load was very manageable. All my weekends were spent at Jak's dorm or either he came home. We were inseparable. We would workout, make love and just fuck. I was so in love and the sex was out of this world. Before we knew it summer was upon us again. We played in the sun went to the beach several times. Jak had an uncle that had a place at the beach. Jak continued to fuck me senseless too.

    Fall took me to nursing school and Jak into his sophomore year. college was diffcult but we both understood that our studies came first and play second. Jak's roommate was never there so on the weekend's we had our own little love nest.

    I started dressing much more sensual; but of course I couldn't dress like this in front of my parents. I worn skin tight mini dresses that showed my voluptous curves. I would go pantyless and often worn stocking or crotchless pantyhose.I loved fishnets and 5 inch heels. This put my long lean legs on display. As much as I loved Jak; I like all girls loved to turn heads. Going out dressed so sultry would get me so hot I could fuck all night and Jak was wrecking my pussy. Occasionally when I really felt naughty I would Shave my cunt bald. I usually left a nice 2 inch long thin strip of pussy pubes. This drove Jak insane! I also got off flashing my cunt to passerby's. I usually only did this when Jak wasn't with me.

    Half-way thru my second year of nursing school the dropout rate was taking it's toll on my class and my roommate was one of the casualties. I and a black/asian girl (Army brat) from my hometown were put in the room together, After about a month we started hitting it off pretty good. She had a job and often didn't come in til 3:00am. I soon learned why; she was a stripper! This intriqued me. She was tall and lean like myself and we soon realized we worn the same sizes. She didn't have a boyfriend and would go out with Jak and myself on weekends ocasionally. A couple of times she even stayed the night with Jak and myself in his dorm room.

    On her second overnighter Jak and myself were fucking in the middle of the night and it was really getting good to me when I let out a rather loud plea for Jak to fuck me harder. Jak was on top of me and when he froze I begged him again to fuck my pussy. When Kara raised up I remembered that we had a "guest" in the room with us only a mear foot or so away. I didn't see her until I tilted my head and she was watching us! I guess she had been ease-dropping on us but how could she not hear us, I often get vocal when I fuck! She purposely russelled the sheets and strolled to the bathroom. As she reached the doorway she lingered looking over her shoulder wickedly beaming at us as we continued in our sensuous session of lust. As she lingered under the light in the hallway on her return our eyes met as Jak continued pounding my pussy and with that I orgasmed! She nonchalantly strolled back to bed lingering before lying down; running her hands over her exposed midsection and stroking her perky tits. This only excited me more.

    The next morning she would just look at the two of us and smrik. Finally she asked were we always so vocal during our "love-making" sessions. Well as always I blushed a brilliant red and Jak smirked and snickered kissing me on the cheek and proclaiming my profound carnal brilliance.

    I guess I should tell you a little about Kara She is a very good looking black-asian girl with light creamy skin and wild curly hair. She had perky little tits that were mirror images of mine, her waist was small and she had slender legs that were even longer looking than mine. Her eyes were dark almond shaped and she had high cheek bones and a set of lusious lips that were both temping and sweet looking. I never had a desire for another woman but when I was in her presence and she cast that wicked look of her's my way I became so anxious I would swear I had desires for her. I was starting to think she at times had me in some unburdened trance beyond my control. I think she could sense that domination she had over me. She also sensed my submissive temperament espically when I was being fucked. She seemed to very much at ease around me and Jak too.

    Well 2 weeks after our little fuck session in the dorm room Kara and myself were off to Jak's for a weekend of carefree relaxation. Jak's roommate was gone so the three of us had a room to ourselves and upon arrival we discovered all his suite mates were gone too (4 dorm rooms shared a common bath and little hallway). Friday we hit a little bar within walking distance from the dorm. Kara and myself had dressed in matching black spandex mini dresses, fishnets and of course heels. I worn crotchless pantyhose (my favorite) and Kara had on stockings. We were filling no pain and we both had the giggles half the night.

    When we returned around 1:00am. Needless to say my cunt was on fire. I fell on the bed and my dress was up around my waist when Kara dropped down beside me and gave me that "wicked look"! I gazed back in a trance. Jak crawled up on my other side and started kissing my neck sensing that my little "love-box" was on fire! Kara rubbed my brow; something she had watched Jak do when I was tense and I started melting. My eyes rolled back in my head (another one of my mannerisms that screamed that I wanted and needed to be fucked). I could feel my dress being pulled over my head. As I opened my eyes Kara was depositing my drees in the floor and her hands were know holding my head and caressing my lean neck. Jak proceeded to nibble on my tits and kissed his way down my flat little tummy to my sopping wet cunt. He raked his tongue thru my slit sending waves of lustful pleasure thru my body. Next he sucked my clit, pulling on it ever so gently as an orgasm jolted thru me. I looked up into their eyes; Kara was instructing Jak to fuck me. As his dick entered my cunt I could feel her soft finger tips rolling my hard nipples between her fingers. My tongue snaked out inviting the two of them to have their way with me. I was fucked and licked for what seemed like hours finally passing out from the intense orgasms that were rocking my body.

    When I woke up the next morning I was naked and my tits and inner thighs were covered in little love bites. My body felt drained. Jak had run out to get us something to eat. Kara was just getting out of the shower and for the first time I was able to gaze at her nude body. She was putting me in a trance. She spoke but I heard nothing. When I snapped out of my trance I realized she was sitting naked on the bed with me stroking my brow and brushing my hair out of my face. Again I looked into eyes and she knew she had the ability to dominate me. Something I thought only Jak could accomplish. She spoke and my trance was broken and she told me how much she loved being with us, that last night was wonderful; then she gave me a loving little peck on the top of my head. I wondered exectly what I had done. Saturday night the three of us went to a basketball game. After the game we came back and went to bed. The night before had left us all drained.

    Sunday morning was a nice tipical early spring day in the Carolina's; warm and a little windy. Myself and Kara were going back to school around 2 we had to study for our nursing boards and finals and Jak had a job interveiw the next morning. I let Kara drive. As I rested I turned my head her way and just watched her for about 10 minutes before she asked me what was on my mind. She would occasionally glance my way and give me a innocent smile. Finally I asked her; what kind of person she thought I was. She gave me that same little cute smile and told he; I was delightful and the kindest person she had ever met. I bashfully smiled and cast my eyes downward and said not that; you how I was friday night. Again she smiled lay her hand on my thigh and asked was I worried that she watched me and Jak make love.

    I for once stared into her eyes and told her that never did I think the two of us would develop such a intimate friendship and espically as quickly as we did. I then told her I couldn't beleive I had let her watch me and Jak make love. She smirked and said Jak might have been making love but that I was flat out fucking!! I blushed and meekly whispered that I frequently got so aroused that I lost all control. Then she wickedly glared at me and said that she had never seem a woman that fucked with the passion that I did.

    Again she sighed and told me she was very comfortable around us. After all she was a stripper. She worked at a very private club that was in the northen end of the county on a very remote "Horse farm". She then she said most of the girls that were there stayed in a different house on the farm and usually weren't from around here and they would come and go. When she told me where it was I was shocked. I always thought the place was an upscale horse farm. She said; "well I just guess I'm just going to have to take you with me to work one night". I was intriged and she knew it!

    Our week was rather imperious. We lounged around our dorm as studied our little asses off; only leaving to eat and workout. I put in 2 killer workouts during the week too. Something else about me; working out made my libido crazy. Guess who knew or had figured that out?

    Kara had to work that thursday and right on cue she asked me did I want to go to work with her. My response was what will I do? She giggled and said "you could join me on stage and we could do a duo." I blushed! She then said I could hang around and watch an act or two and maybe help the bartender out. My reply was "maybe next time" that I needed to go to the gym and study.

    The next afternoon after clinicals and lunch Kara and I were off to the mall. I was looking for a graduation present for Jak and Kara said she needed to go by a place called "Priscilla's" she needed to look at some new "clothes" for work!! My shopping for Jak was all in vein. As we entered Ptiscilla's Kara said maybe you can find something in her for Jak. I rolled my eyes as we headed to the back to where the "sleazy attire" was. Kara picked out several things and headed into the dressing room to try them on. She also picked out an outfit for me. I wandered around aimlessly looking at the merchandise. As I wandered down the isle where the dildo's were. I became mesmerized by them. There were all shapes, sizes, styles and colors. I picked up a big black 11 inch one; the "Afro American Whopper" and was admiring it when Kara appeared. Wow was the only thing that came out of my mouth as I spied her. She asked did I like it that much; she was referring to the big black didlo knowing full well I was admiring her sleazy oufit. She then whispered in my ear "that big black cock would look hot in your little white pussy". I blushed!

    She then whispered "I know what you can give Jak for his graduation gift". I was afraid to ask: but she told me anyway; give him your ass she whispered. You always said he was wanted to fuck you in the ass and that you were very inquistive about anal sex. Let him have it! She looked around and found what she was looking for it was called; the "Candy Rimmer Trainer Kit". I asked what it was and kara said I'll explain when we get back to the dorm. With that she put it along with the "Afro American Whopper" in her basket.

    After we got to the dorm Kara hurried into our room and locked the door. We had a few wine coolers as the night progressed. We stayed in the room and if you remember when I'm drinking my libido kicks into high gear. Well after about three drinks she started giving me that wicked look and my lascivious disposition were kicking in. Kara sensed this and started toying with my submissive nature. She rubbed my shoulders, neck and my loins knowing full well I wouldn't be able to control my lust. She was unlocking a deep dark carnal mysterious hunger hidden in my innermost sexual yearnings. She nibbled on my neck and fondled my braless tits. I was putty in her hands. I was "memorized" by her touch.

    I became even more aroused my the constrast of her dark fingers as they roamed over my perky little white tits. Our eyes met and I conceded how aroused I was becoming seeing her dark skin on my white skin. Kara picked right up on my submissive weakness and started asking me did I want to be a little white fuck toy. I hoarsely whispered, asking what she meant by that. She then said I was her's for the night. I was gone; I whispered back in a husky tone and said I was her's. She laid me back and rubbed my pussy thru my yoga pants. Soon they were off and her tongue was buried in my slit. My eyes; as always; were rolled back in my head. She rose from the bed; went to the closet and came out with the "Afro American Whopper" and asked me if I wanted some black cock in my little white cunt. Oh yes kara; I replied fuck me with that black cock, please fuck my little white pussy with that black dick. She coated the dildo with lude and ran it up and down thru my wet slit. She would slip the head in an inch or so and tease me, making me beg her to fuck me. My first orgasm rocked thru me as I bowed my back and thrust my pussy onto that magnifience black fuck toy. I used my strong lean body and fucked like I had so often been fucked by Jak. My phyiscal strength astonished her as she fucked me for about an hour. She even rimmed my little back door teasing me with the carnel sins of anal lust.

    Finally she had me lay on my stomach and started probing my ass with the smallest of the anal plunges in the kit. She luded it up real good and teased my little butt hole eventually easing in. I laid on my stomach as she worked it in me. She probed in and out of my tight little butt verbally taunting me, making me beg; I pleaded with her to take my little white butt cherry. She did just that making me keep it in while she then fucked me with the Big Black Dildo. I was drained as we fell asleep in each others arms. I new door had been opened into my carnal craving for sexual yearnings and I had no control to refrain from it's physical gratification.

    The next night Kara had to work. She tip-toed in around 2:00am. I was awake and asked how her night had gone. She sat down on the edge of my bed and told me it had been a good night. She then asked was I ok alone tonight and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. she showed me $1500.00 in cash she had made and I was astounded! I unthinkingly uttered that I wish I could make that much money in a night. Wrong thing for me to say: she retorted by saying the bar was very crowded and the bartender needed a bar maid and that they could rake in the cash too. My wheels were turning.

    My last weekend at Jak's dorm was upon me. Kara was working one night this weekend so on friday after the two of us had a light lunch and then I packed. Kara was relaxing on her bed anticipating a busy night at work. She told he she had been informed of a couple of upcoming conferences in the Durham and Raleigh area that should rake in some big bucks for her. She said the bartender has mentioned how shorthanded he was going to be. She said I could fill I and make quite a few extra bucks over the next month. We talked and I stated I was interested.

    We had discussed renting a place together. I was going to need her companionship once Jak started his job because he would be gone for weeks at a time possibly. The extra money from working the bar would come in handy. She gave me a hug and a light little peck on the lips and told me not to let Jak wreck my pussy over the weekend and also told me to work on my tan because the three of us were going to the beach the next week for 5 days of R&R in the sun.

    The traffic was light going to Jak's and I was in deep thought the entire way. the reason being was the invitation by Kara to accompany her to work one night. The events of the past week between the two of us was playing over and over in my mind. I decided on the way to Jak's to persue the bar maid job next week.

    Jak and myself had a very relaxing weekend. I had been haggling over the idea of letting Jak take me in the ass. I almost let him that Friday night but there was to much activity in and around his dorm. We did do alot of fucking and every time Jak pounded my pussy I was very aware of the sensation of his balls slapping my little ass hole. I wanted it in my ass. Next week at the beach I was going to give it to him.

    Sunday morning Jak and I went to the gym and came back to his dorm and had a "good-bye fuck". Afterwards I told him I had a little something special for him next week at the beach that I was sure he would love. I'm pretty sure he knew it was something sensual in nature. He said what about Kara? I quickly and in a mischievous tone said she may be in on the surprise. He reminded me of my timid nature. I pointed out to him that she had practically been in the bed with us on serval occasions so why not let her play too. I then gave him a sly little gaze and giggled!

    Monday after Clinicals Kara and myself headed out to her work. I was a little nervous to say the least. She had arranged for a local tattoo artist who helped at the club to meet us and and pierce my nipple. This way it would not be senstive by the weekend. We drove up and went around to a big garage around back of the main house. A gentleman in a golf cart took us up to the main house and we entered thru the garage and went into the basement. There was a little bar area and a lounge area that the girls used when they were working.

    Next Kara took me on the 50 cent tour. We went into the dressing area; there were racks and racks of sexy apparel and outfits. we then went into a open closet that was lined with drawers that were full of lingerie. Next to that was a closet that was lined with shoes and boots of all kinds. I was astonished! kara told me that this is where the "working girls" preped for the night.

    We had some time to kill so she asked me did I want to try something sexy on as she was pulling an outfit from the racks. She then selected a pair of fishnets pantyhose, knowing that wearing fishnets aroused my carnel passions! Before I could protest I was disrobed and pulling on a pair of fishnet pantyhose. Next she selected a dress that was of black leather-like material and had a gold zipper that ran the entire length of the dress. It was strapless and my tits were barely contained in the little built-in cups. We then entered the shoe closet and Kara selected a pait of thigh-high boots with 5 inch heels. Last she gave me a tube of blood-red lipstick to apply my luscious lips My second weakness was highlighting my full lusicous lips because Jak loved them that way.

    About that time the door opened and a tall black girl came in. She gave Kara a little peck on the lips which made me a little jealous for some odd reason. She asked was I the new girl and stated the clientele would love that lean ass of mine!! I told her that I was just Kara's roommate and had come out to have my nipple peirced. She then informed me she was the make-up artist that would be peircing it for me. We went back into the lounge area and I was sitted on a sofa and had my "new outfit" unzippped 3/4 of the way. My perky little tits were on display and I was asked what type of piercing I wanted? Kara was quick to tell her I wanted a little ring much like her's and told her that I only wanted my right nipple done. She made a comment that we would be a matching pair and everyone giggled.

    Kara brought me a little fruity drink to calm me down, she knew me well and I could always count on her to take care of me. I drank it down and she got me a second. The black goddess was ready to proceed. She had me lay back; my arms back over my head and examined my little tits. She then gazed deep into my eyes and started rubbing my nipple with a cool substance that aroused my nipple immediately. She continued gazing into my eyes and asked me how that felt. I replied that it felt good and she instructed me to close my eyes and relax as she contiued to tenderly roll my nipple between her soft dark fingers. In a minute or so I was gone ; then I felt a little sting. I opened my eyes; looked down and my nipple had a sparking little gold loop. I was astounded at how sexy it looked. Next she rubbed a little cream on it and told to relax. Her dark fingers on my white skin was arousing me tremendously! She continued for 10 to 15 minutes. I lay back and went to sleep.

    When I awoke several girls were meandering about. Kara was gone. I looked around and one of the girls asked me how I was doing. She sat down beside me. All she had on was a skimpy little thong. She rubbed my forehead and asked did I need anything. I told her I was fine and asked her where Kara was. She told me one of the club regulars had requested her so she was giving him a private dance and she was asked to look after me. I thanked her and she asked me would I like to see Kara's little show. I'm sure I had a dumbfounded look on my face as she grabbed my hand and lead me down a hallway into what appeared be to a closet. It had a 2-way mirror and on the other side Kara, my roommate was performing one of the most erotic dances I had ever witnessed for a large black man. The little blond that had escorted me down told me he was a former pro ball player and always requested Kara when she was working.

    After her dance was over the 2 of then talked at the bar for a few minutes and then she returned and apologized for leaving me. I informed her that the little blond girl had let me watch the show from the veiwing room and for once she appeared to blush. Instantly she asked was I hungry; the two of us hadn't eaten since breakfest. I told her I was starved and she said that her friend wanted to take us to eat. We were off. I didn't know it but there was a small restaurant on the grounds. Kara fixed my hair in a quick ponytail and said i could go as I was. I pleaded with her and needless to say I lost.

    As we ate; Shane (Kara's friend) asked me how long I had been working at the "Black Stallion"? I hastenly told him that I was just Kara's roommate and had only rode out with her and said that this was the only time I had ever been here. He gave me a famished stare and said with looks like I possessed I needed to be on the payroll! I blushed and Kara came to my rescue and proceded to divugle my sly nature. She did though agree that I had a killer body and the looks of a goddess. She continued on stating that she was recuiting me to do a little waitressing.

    As we ate and talked I became quite comfortable. Shane on more than one occasion made rather flattering remarks about my looks and how much my dress complimented my appearance. One comment in particular was addressed to Kara but aimed at me was for her to let him know if and when I did decide to start. At one point he even placed his hand on my bare shoulder and again I was overwhelmed by the contrast of his black hand on my bare white shoulder. I felt my nipples become erect and as I glanced at them I'm sure their state of arousal was visable to all; along with my new little peircing. I was clearly on display for all to admire and admiring it they were!!

    On the way back that night Kara made it clear to me if I were working it had to be obvious to me that I would be able to rake in the cash with my looks and a little coaching. I just stared straight ahead and wondered if I could actually do a little waitressing. What would be wrong with it. It intrigued my naughtly side considerablly. The other thing that was on my mind was how aroused and intrigued I became when I came in contact with a black person.

    Thursday we were off to the beach for 5 days; just the three of us. We had just about become a threesome. We arrived by lunch and quickly made our way to the beach. It was fairly deserted so we could wear our skimpy bikini's and bold we were! We had both brought matching "leopard-skin bikini's with a thong bottom that barely covered our lusicious bodies. We taunted Jak and I finally pulled off my top revealing my new little nipple ring. He was exicted to say the less. As the afteroon wore on the beach became totally deserted, Kara (just the way we had planned) took off her top revealing her matching nipple ring and we both teased him with our sexy hot asses!

    Around 5 we all went up and started dinner. Jak was going to grill some steaks while us girls showered and cleaned up for the night. We went into the bathroom and put the first part of our plan into motion.

    We showered and shaved out cunts bald. Next we got dressed. Jak was going to be treated to two of the hottest sluts on Emerald Isle tonight! I was dressed in a strapless black sparking spandex mini that barely covered my ass cheeks and barely covered the areolas of my perky little tits. If I pulled it down to cover my ass my areolas were visable along with my new little peircing which was visable thru my dress anyway. My leggs were clad in sparking nude suspender pantyhose with black seams up the back and 5 inch black stilettos. I had a pair of gold serpent arm brackets that fit snug around my biceps. their heads were coiled and their forked tongues were dangling out inviting one to partake of my lusious fruits. Kara's dress was white and was made just like mind. Her tits and ass were falling out too. She worn white fishnets with seams and 5 inch D'orsays with an ankle strap. We both put our makeup on a little on the sluttly side.

    After we ate we all had a couple of drinks and I was all over Jak. I openly begged him to fuck me. I think he was in shock! It wasn't long before Kara was helping me out of my dress and had me on my knees in the Doggy position pulling my "ass-cheeks" apart telling Jak how tonite he was going to take my little "butt-cherry" Jak's dick was staining to get out of his shorts. Kara helped him out of them and instructed him to grease my little ass. He obeyed her every command and soon he was munching on my juicy little "love-box". All of a sudden he buried his prick "balls-deep" in my pussy. As he fucked me Kara played with his balls telling him how good it was going to feel when he struck his cock in my hot little virgin ass. I chimed right in telling him how good his cock felt in my lonely cunt and after he fucked it good I wanted him to take me in the ass. I literally begged him to please fuck me in the ass. I wanted it so bad. With that I orgasmed for about the third time and I felt his balls tighten and he erupted deep in my pussy.

    As he withdrew I could feel his cum coating my ass and as I gazed at his cock; it was still rock hard! Kara had it in her hand and was aimming it right at my little "butt-cherry". She ran the head of his cock thru my ass lubbing up my back side and all at once I felt the head penetrate my ass. It almost took my breath. It was so much fatter than the little anal plug Kara had used on me. Soon I relaxed and with Kara's coaching Jak had about half his cock in me and was easing it in deeper and deeper with each stroke. Kara played with my little tits and taunted me about having my "butt-cherry" taken. By know I was as totally aroused and was becoming vocal too. I begged Jak to put his cock all the way up my ass. I even had him pull it out and pump my pussy a little then he shot his second load in my mouth something I had only let him do a time or two. Kara begged me to let her taste his cum so she licked his dick clean and then licked any and all that was on my face. With that we collapsed in the bed together.

    Sometime in the middle of the night I was awaken by Jak licking my little bald cunt. Kara was asleep and my moans soon caused her to stir and as she rolled over I reached over as rubbed her ass with my finger tips. I laid back and announced that I had an urge to watch Jak fuck Kara. I told him I had always wanted to watch him fuck someone.

    She parted her lean legs and issued Jak an invitation to sample her "cinnamon colored honey jar". As his tongue gently licked and sucked on her clit she pleaded with him to put his white sugar stick in her cunt. As his dick sank into her little brown bald cunt she squealed with delight telling him to fuck her little "cinnamon-box." She inquired as to if that little pussy of her's is as sweet as that little white pussy of mine. She grabbed his ass with the heels of her feet pulling him in until his balls were buried in her ass demanding that he fuck her good! Jak whispered that she had a nice tight pussy that felt good wrapped around his dick. She kept after him to fuck her pussy and pleaded with him to fuck her ass too.

    Kara's body shuttered on at least two occasions with orgasms and with each she begged Jak to fill her pussy with cum. after he flooded her cunt with his cum and withdrew he remained erect and she licked his dick clean and asked did I want to lick him after he fucked her. My head nodded "yes" and with that said, I licked his dick. Then she asked could he butt-fuck her. The next thing I realized was Jak was pumping her backside full of dick and cum. I wasn't sure I liked sharing my boyfriend like I thought I would. I did have an orgasm watching him fuck her and thoughly enjoyed licking his cum out of her cunt and ass. I think this startled Jak. He was really dismayed when I asked him how I looked with my face in Kara's little "cinnamon-cunt" and issued him an invitation to lick the cunt juice off of my lips.

    Once we were home and I had Jak alone I told him that me letting him fuck Kara might have been a mistake but that it was mine not his and I pleaded with him as to how much I loved him and after it was over I was a little jealous watching her take him. He assured me that I was his only love. That put my mine at ease.

    Classes were over and so was Jak's graduation. He was in Charleston know. We were hoping his home office would be there or Tallahassee. I was hoping for Charleston this way I would only be 5 hours away. He would be there thru the summer though. For the next three weeks I was on my own and I wasn't sure about Kara. I just had a bad feeling about Jak fucking her. I just felt that she enjoyed it to much and I couldn't put my finger on it. Something was different.

    Well for the next month we were allowed to stay in our dorm before we took our Nursing boards. This enabled us to concentrate on studying. The school was pround of their high percent rate of students who passed on their first attempt and wanted to keep it that way.

    Wednesday Kara Made mention that a large crowd was expected at the "Black Stallion" starting thursday and running thru Monday. they were in need on an extra Barmaid or two and Strippers were always welcome. I said I was interested. She had me come out Wednesday after lunch and meet with the club's owner. I drove myself out and was shocked that the owner was a beautiful tall blond woman whom appeared to be in her late thirties maybe forty. I was under the assumption the man Kara had mentioned that I had breifly met was the owner. I even asked Beth (the Owner) about him. She said he handled everything 95% of the time and that she lived at the beach: Emerald Isle. I informed her that Jak and myself loved to go there because it was such a quite tranquil place. The two of us were really hitting it off and she inquired if I would like to go to dinner with her. I welcomed the invitation. She said She would drive and we would go somewhere that we could talk in private.

    We made small talk into Raleigh and she commented on my tan and I told her I had just returned from the beach with my boyfriend and Kara. When I mentioned Kara's name her she grimaced. I told her we were roommates and she informed me about the call from Bill about seeing me with Kara and how taken back he was with my appearance. As we entered the city I took a deep breath and asked her about Kara. She stared off into space and asked me did I have any reversations about Kara and was she despicable to me. I pondered what she had said and I asked her could I candid with her and I said that I just thought it was my submissive character but that she customarily managed to make me succumb to her ideas and my best interest wasn't usually the outcome. With that said we pulled into the restaurant.

    We were escorted to a rather private booth in the back corner. Beth sat against the back wall and I had my back to the door. She ordered us a bottle of wine and asked was her choice OK with me. I nodded a yes. She then asked me why she thought she had come all the way from the beach on a Wednesday just to meet and dine with a possible part time barmaid. I'm sure my bewildered gaze provided her the answer she was looking for. She then proceeded to enlighten me. She said the night I had shown up for my little piercing "Bill" the bartender had sent her a pic of me and said the most gorgeous, statuesque girl he had ever seen showed up with Kara. She said that even she was captivated by my impeccable beauty. I texted him back and said if I was to ever show-up again to let her know immediately! I blushed and for the next hour or so she filled me in as to what I could make money wise at the club with my beauty. I was astonished.

    Next the conversation went to my sex life. Beth asked was I open to bold flirting from the oppsite sex and said ALL the girls in the club were exposed to quite a bit of harmless harassment. I told her I thought I could handle it. She stared at me and said not only did I need to be able to take it but needed to appear to fancy it. I nodded a yes. She said if you can tolerate that with some of the clientele that frequented the club and your looks you will rake in the cash. I slightly bowed my head. Beth was giving me a stern look and spoke to me in a rather harsh tone that demanded I look her in the eyes. As I gazed into her eyes her tone became soft and she reminded me of how stunned she was when she first laid her eyes on me. I thanked her and gave her my little submissive look.

    She summoned me to her side and placed her hand on my thigh in a calming way and told me she had never taken an interest in any of the girls that had worked at the club but upon seeing me she had done some inquiring as to who I was. She then said frankly I don't see why a girl like you would ever associate with a girl like Kara and for that matter any of the other girls that worked at the club. Again I gazed into her eyes and thanked her and asked her how she came to own the "Black Stallion". All she said was it was a long story.

    Our conversation changed with that comment and she asked or stated surely that I had a boyfriend or a waiting list. I bowed my head and told her I had been dating Jak for 5 years and that we were so in love but that his job was taking him away for weeks at a time and I was worried about being without him. He had always been there for me. For once I could tell what she was thinking and I added that I needed him in more ways than she could imagine. Her gaze mesmerized me and she asked me was he the only one whom had ever fucked me. The question shocked me so I stated that he was the only guy and she asked had I been to bed with Kara? I blushed and couldn't answer and she then her expression answered it for me. I bowed my head and whispered a very meek yes. She then told he the problem with Kara was she would often seek out the company of the young vulunabe strippers.

    She could read the shame in my face and told me she needed to get me out of here; I thought she meant the restaurant. As we headed back to my car she asked did I want to work at the bar the next night. My reply was yes I think. She said they were expecting a fairly large group that was having a class reunion in Durham for one of the colleges. Beth said that she was going to meet me at dressing area at 2:00 the next afternoon and would help me get settled in and afterwards she was heading back to the beach for a few days. She also told me to pack an overnight bag and put it in my car; you never know about leaving after work.

    The next morning Kara was up and off to a job fair and I headed to the gym around 9:00. I needed to release all the tension that was built up inside of me. The fact that Kara and Jak had fucked was really brothering me and tonight; God only knew how anxious I was! I really worked hard in the gym and could feel the burn in my lean muscles as I showered and dressed. I put on a cute liitle black thong and sheer bra along with black yoga pants which really separated my ass cheeks and highlighted lean backside. I threw on a half tee and sweatshirt anticipating the cool night air at quitting time. My cute little midsection was clearly on display and as you remember I possess rather impressive abs and I love to show off my little belly ring. I wanted Beth to see my best assets. I was off into a night full of so much uncertainty!

    I arrived with a good 15 minutes to spare. Beth's car was parked around back as I made my way in. I was so anxious I could feel myself trembling. Beth was upstairs when I walked in and the bouncer told me to grad a drink and relex. He was returning with a Diet Coke as Beth decended the stairs and with that he left the two of us alone. She told him to make sure the two of us were not distrubed!

    Beth had me stand and she circled me twice scrutinizing my physique. I could see her nodding her approval as she pondered my appearance. After a few seconds Beth murmured an approval. Next I felt her finger tips scarely being run up the sides of my arms triggering a series of quivers that erupted thru my body causing he to noticably quiver. She asked if that aroused me. I closed my eyes; tilted my head back and let out a raspy moan. I could sense her delight in her tyrannizing dominance over me. Next she ran her fingertips over my loins; this caused me tremble and become weak in my knees. I sucked in a deep breath and exhaled trying to calm myself.

    Beth told me it was time to get me ready for the night. She reviewed all the rules and regulations of the bar and then introduced me to the bartender and me went over his expections. then I had to repeat everything back to the two of them. then the questions started; after about an hour they seemed pleased.

    Beth took me by the arm and led me into the dressing room and did another walk-around of me! After about a minute or so she said that I looked great in my Yoga pants and told me to have a seat. In 10 minutes she returned and told me to strip. I'm sure my mouth flew open and she asked me what the problem was. She then realized; and said she got it "first time" and helped me out of my clothes and told me nobody would notice my nakeness.

    She was selecting my atire for the night when I spoke asking where could I stow my things for the night. With that she turned and surveyed my unclad physique. Her gaze affirmed that she approved! She blurted out: "oh my God"! I presumed she approved! She stopped selecting my attire for the night and came to my side and announced that I was a "Goddess from the heavens". I blushed as usual and froze. She then said "follow me". She handed me a jet black thong and told me to put it on and to pull the sides up high and to make it part your ass-cheeks. I obeyed. Next was a little black pushup- half bra that put my perky nipples on display and clearly highlighted my piercing. Then she handed me a pair of sheer to the waist opaque nude pantyhose and unbeknown to me had a gold "Ace-of-Spades" symbol embroidered right above the split of my ass. Last we went in the shoe closet and Beth choose a pair of "thigh-high" boots with 5-inch heels. Before dressing she rubbed me down in a lotion that had gold glitter in it! This really highlighted my gold belly ring and with only the little lacy bra on would see my gold nipple ring if they looked hard. I finshed off my apparel with a club half tee that had a Black Stallion on the front and Ace-of-Spades design on the back with the club's name embroidered in it. I had to admit I looked hot and sexy. Last I pulled my hair back in a tight and high ponytail. I little ironic won't you say so!

    The night started somewhat slow but around 10ish a large group in the vicinity of 20 showed up; they were all black. One ot the black guys appeaed around forty and was built like a brick wall.He was the limo driver and owner. Shane the guy Kara and I had dined with was also in the group. I was a little perplexed but as I was taking their orders he reintroduced himself and enlightened me as to the group's identity. they were all former football players from a local college and they were just out to party.

    Shane informed me that if anyone got out of line with me to let him know that he would take care of them. He also informed them that tonite was my first night and that they needed to be "Nice" to me. I blushed. Soon the dancers were out and about, so I was ignored except by James (the NFL guy).

    The limo guy; James loosened up after about an hour and was only sipping on diet soda. After his second he slipped me two twenties and started chatting with me when I wasn't busy. I learned from him that every spring at the end of spring football practice they had a "reunion" as they liked to call it to get together and have a 3 day weekend to social and reminiscence about years got by. The "Black Stallion" was everyone's favorite place to go and tonight the girls were more alluring than me ever remembered and he added particularly the barmaid. I blushed and he told me he didn't mean to put me on the spot but that I should be on the stage with my looks. In a low husky murmur I thanked him as our eyes met. A I returned to the tables he raised his glass to me and I gave him an enticing smile.

    Somewhere around 11:00 all the dancers came out in Tee's like the one I was wearing and the DJ declared that all the tee's worn by the girls were for sale to the highest bidder and with that the auction was on! After the 3rd stripper's tee went for $150.00 the security guy "James" yelled $200.00 for the barmaid's tee. Shane bidded 225 and then James quickly countered with a bid of $300.00. the crowd fell silent and in what seemed like minutes to the "DJ" said sold to the gentleman at end of the bar and I froze realizing that I had to remove it and give it to him.

    The blonde stripper that had taken care of me the night I got my piercing came over to me and basically assisted me removing my tee and collecting my $$. As my tee was removed James was appalled with my little piercing. Luckily Sarah had escorted the two of us to a dark corner and the only benefactor to my mini strip tease was her and James.

    After the little auction was over James could see how flustered and uncomfortable I was. He pulled me down in his lap and as I sat on his lap I could feel his enormous erection pressing into my ass! I guess you know what was happening to me? That's right my carnal submissive traits were taking over. I ground my ass against his cock and the next thing I realized was that his hand was down the back of my pants and his long thick finger was raking thru my moist slit. AS I headed back stage with the other girls he whispered that he liked his white pussy bald and to get rid of that little landing strip. I hoarely whispered "Yes Sir" to him.

    As the night ended my total tips after I gave the house their cut was $950.00. James had also slipped me a note with his cell phone number and an inquiry about my working status the next night. The note told me to leave a message as to my status and don't forget about his request.

    The next morning after I returned from the gym I gave the club a call and asked Bill about working that night. His answer was anytime I wanted to work I was more than welcome with the attention I drew. Next I drew a nice warm bath and proceeded to shave my cunt bald. I was reminded as I looked myself over in the mirror of how juicy my little pussy got when it was completely naked. I even shaved my little asshole to make sure I was completely bald for my black admirer! As I posed in front of the mirror adoring my perky tits with it's dainty little gold ring, my flat ripped abs and it's gold loop my gaze fell to the pedals of my bald pussy and I imigained the contrast of a black cock stuffing it. I wondered what my white pussy would look like as it clung to James' big black dick. I think I was becoming obsessed with the thought of fucking a big black dick. It wasn't the first time these thoughts had entered my head. At that moment I decided I was "Going-Black". My sexual appetite was beaming with lust.

    I texted James and told him I would be at the club tonite and hoped he would be investing in another tee. I assured him tonite that sly little girl was going to stay at home and a sensual vixen would be filling in for her. Last I hinted that his request was being contemplated. His return text: "I will be buying that tee and make sure you understand not to get to friendly with the rest of the clientele . I then nonchalantly speculated what would my attire for the night be? He commented on how striking I was the night before.

    When I arrived again Beth was in the house. She raved about how everyone was spell-bound with me and she even mentioned that she noticed how James was all over me. I blushed. She told me he was a regular and very seldom did he become captivated like he was with me.

    I asked was there a rule as to what barmaids had to wear and she informed me leggings of some type with at least a thong that my pussy could not be visible. I picked a red thong with a little black "Ace-of-Spade" emblem in the front and back and nude legging with the same thigh-high boots. Tonite I went braless and finished my attire off with a white club half-Tee. I wanted James to know I was available. Beth approved of my outfit and informed me the crowd was expected to be much larger tonite and to be careful.

    By 10:00pm the place was packed. By 10:30 they were a little raucous and I hadn't seen James anywhere. I was feeling a little apprehensive and rejected. Then around 10:55 I spied him at the far end of the bar. I worked my way to that end and I caught him eyeing me. I immense glow overcame me as I felt a hand on my butt and as I whirled I realized it was James. I melted as his finger tips lighty brushed over the small of my back. I could have died!

    In five minutes the Tee- shirt auction was on. Several of the strippers sold their tee's for 200 dollars and then the "DJ" announced that a request was made for the "TEE" that the barmaid was wearing and tonite he made me come to the stage. I turned and wiggled my ass at the crowd and the bidding war was on. James ended up paying 350 dollars for my tee and was waiting in the back for it to be delivered. I didn't disappoint as I danced about teasing him and questioning him on his whereabouts! I sat in his lap facing him rubbing my pussy on his fat black cock and rubbing my tits in his face. At some point he took his soft black lips and pulled my perky tit with the piercing in it into his mouth and softly nibbled on my nipple. My pussy was on fire.

    Girls were not allowed to leave the club with guests. Beth sensed his obssession with me and called me aside before I left for the night. She to told me James wanted to meet me tomorrow night at the bar in the Downtown Hilton. Next she informed me there was 300-to-$3000 in it for me if I wanted to meet him for a date. I told her I would have gone for free. She then handed me a room key to a suite and said a driver would pick me up at the club 4:eek:o pm and drop me off there. My clothes for the night would be hanging in the room. As she turned to leave she informed me she would be by to pick me at 1:00 sunday and taking me to the beach with her. I stared into her eyes and murmured a weak "Yes-mam".

    The next morning I hit the gym for about an hour; working on my leggs and abs. Next I took a relaxing bath; shaving everything smooth and bald. I packed my overnight bag with a few things and headed out to the Club. Beth was meeting me there for lunch. She needed to talk with me. All of a sudden it appeared that I had a new mama looking after me I guess?

    We sat in the back in a booth and chatted about how my first two nights had gone. Beth was ecstatic about my week of work. She complimented me on how well I had adopted and how flattering my bashfulness and beauty were captivating the clientele. And you're only the barmaid. She just raved about how well I was doing.

    After lunch we went into the dressing area and Beth had the manicurist do my toes and nails an evil black. Then she helped me with my make-up explaining to me what turned Black men on and how to carry myself tonight. Last she told me my clothes were in the room at the "Hilton" and to call if anything went ary. With that Beth decided to take me herself.

    Once in the room Beth and me shared a bottle of wine and she helped me get dressed. Again she rubbed my body down in lotion with glitter. God it felt so good to have her massage my body. She rubbed lotion into every fold of my body often letting her nibble fingers linger as she stared deep into my eyes. Beth asked me if I had ever been with a black guy. She then answered her own question saying; "of course you haven't'. She told me tonight that big black cock of James's was going to fill and stretch my little white pussy like nothing I had ever experienced and that she couldn't wait for me to tell her all about it. I giggled at her stating I was only a dinner date. She winked and told me what a "good girl" I was. She then told me James had fucked her a few years ago. She had me wet!

    It was around 7:00 and Beth said she was going to help me dress. First she handed me a pair of nude crotchless pantyhose with seams up the back. She made sure the seams were straight. I think she just wanted to "feel-me" because her fingers were lingering ever-so lightly running then up and down my leggs. Next were the shoes we settled on; open heeled sandels with 5-inch heels and 1-inch platform. they were clear in color. I asked her about panties and she infromed me Black men liked their girls without them. I had no problem with that. Beth informed me that little inconspicuous acts to allow peeks up my dress would demand my date's undivided attention. I liked that too!

    Last was the dress. she had selected a gold spandex mirco-mini that bearly covered my Ass-cheeks. It fit like a glove. It had a high neckline and snapped behind my neck covering my tits. It's snug fit put my perky tits on display. The sheeress of the material left very little to the imagination. It snapped around my neck but the back was non-existant. It was barely covering the crack of my ass. Every curve of my body was visible. The one thing unbeknown to me was the little black "Ace-of-Spades that was on the back of my hose that was visable above my dress. Last but not least she adorned me in beautiful gold jewelry. I was stunning to say the least. The gold necklace that was around my neck had a black snake dangling from it and laid in my clevage with an Ace-or-Spades for a head. It's forked tongue was inviting my ??? to partake of sinful fruit.

    It was getting close to the bewitching hour of my date. One last look in the mirror and a nice thick coating of lipstick and I was off to a night of carnal mischievous bliss.

    As I entered the bar I noticed that 90% of all the crowd was black. I walked to a secluded table in the back and sat facing the door surveying the bar for James. The barmaid came over and asked was I alone and I informed her I was meeting someone and that he should be here any minute and ordered a glass of wine. About halfway thru my glass I noticed James as he entered the bar area. I decided to be coy and act as if I didn't see him. Shorty I caught him gazing my way and with that I slowly crossed my leggs giving him a glimpse of my bald little white pussy. We made eye contact as he ordered a drink from the bar; I would let my gaze wander not letting him see how eager I was to have him join me. As he headed my way once again I recrossed my leggs revealing my bald white cunt to him again.

    AS James joined me he was very complementary of my appearance. I would lean back in my chair giving him a obscure view of my wanton appearance. We chatted and got to know know each other a little better before retiring to the restaurant to dine. We were seated at a cozy little table in a dark corner and soon I felt James's hand on my thigh and his long black fingers were snaking their way under the hem of my dress softly attempting to tease my moist bald pussy. I pulled his hand away playfully scorned him for his ungentlemanly actions. He gave me a coy little smile as I giggled at his incriminating gaze.

    As we finished dining James inquired if I was up to a little dancing. He casually mentioned that maybe if we danced he could get me in his arms and possibly sweep me off of my feet. I gave him a devious little smile proposing that a little poetic passion usually made me melt.

    After around ten minutes on the dance floor the lights went dim and the music slowed. James pulled me into his arms and I felt that huge Carolina black snake of his pressing into my little white pussy. I looked into his black eyes and he pulled me even closer. My tits pressed into his chest as he softly kissed me on the lips. My tongue snaked out between my luscious lips inviting him to partake of my sinful fruits. I was slipping into one of my submissive moods. I hoarsely whispered into James's ear that I had never been with a black man. He ran his fingers ever so lightly over the side of my loins and stared deep into my eyes and told me that was about to change. With that I laid my head on his chest and wrapped my arms under and around his shoulders.

    After the last slow song we made our way to a quiet table in the back and sat up against the wall. James pulled me into his lap and I could feel his huge erection as I sat reverse cowgirl on his lap.He rested his chin on my shoulder and nibbled on my lean white neck. His dark face was so sexy against my white skin. As me nibbled he whispered in my ear asking if I had done as I was instructed the other day. I murmured a weak yes and he questioned me as to what I was instructed to do. I replyed that I had shaved. He asked what. I arched my back pressing my ass into his hard black cock and stated that I had shaved my little white pussy bald. He demanded I tell him why? My reply was because you like your white pussy bald and tonight this is going to be your little white pussy.

    James had worked my leggs open revealing my bald little white cunt for all to see. I stared at the couple sitting beside us and asked it they though James was going to like fucking my little white cunt. I then asked them if they thought I had a pretty pussy. James owned me for the rest of the night; he knew it and so did everyone in the bar. AS we were leaving the bar everyone in there knew that tonight I would be James's little white fuck toy.

    As we made our way on to the elevator James had my dress up around my waist and I was pushing my bald cunt onto his long black fingers pleading with him to take my white little pussy and make me his whore. As we existed the elevator I pulled my dress over my head walking down the wall in nothing but my stockings and heels; again pleading with him to take me.

    We managed to get into my room without being seen and as James kicked the door closed I leaped into his arms, rapping my leggs around him. He threw me on the bed holding my arms over my head as he nibbled on my tits,neck and then my bald white pussy.

    AS he orally assulted me I was constantly divulging how bad I needed him to fuck me with that "carolina-Black-Snake" of his and that my white cunt was starving for some black cock. I begged him to take me.

    James's nibbling on my tits was making me delirious. I renewed my plead for him to fuck my little white pussy with his black snake. By know his tongue was snaking around my blad little white cunt. He pulled on my cunt lips flickering his soft tongue over my clit and occasionally he would suck my clit with his soft black lips. He even ran his tongue thru my ass putting be into orbit. I couldn't take it anymore.

    I ripped James's clothes off revealing his black cock to my gaze. It was huge; at least 11-inches and fat. He was going to destory my little white pussy!! I couldn't wait. I licked his black dragon from tip to base . Flickering my tongue over the head asking him what he was going to do to this white pussy? His reponse was that after tonight it would be his and he was going to wreck it.

    I reached for my cell phone; putting it on the night stand; on record and told James it was time for him to fuck his little "Snow-Bunny". As I lay back and spread my leggs he took his cock in his hand and raked the head up and down thru my dripping cunt. After about a minute of this he pushed the black head between my pink pussy lips. I could feel my stomach suck in as I watched that "Black-Dragon" invade my blad white pussy. I was awed at the contrast of his black cock taking my white little pussy for the first time. Soon he was pushing 9 inches in me and pulling all but the head out. Again as I stared at my little kitty; I was astounded at how my cunt lips would cling to his black cock as he pulled backed. With that an orgasm rocked thru me causing me to go into another verbal outburst!

    I screamed asking James to tell me how much he liked this little white cunt of mine. He said nothing. By know I'm riding his cock reverse cowgirl watching us in the mirror as he buried that "Back-Dragon" balls deep in my naked white cunt. The constrast of my white blad cunt taking his black cock was so erotic. I'd raise all the way up leaving only the head of his black dragon in me; rotating my hips causing the black blub of his cock to rub my clit causing me to cum again. I hoarsely whispered to my black lover to tell me how much he loved this white pussy. He then pulls me down on his cock causing me to squeal as his balls slap my clit. He tells me that me owns me know and that I will fuck him whenever he calls. I reply "yes master". He starts fucking me hard and after about 10 minutes he announces he is going to cum and asks where I want it. I tell him to cum deep in my pussy. He rolls me onto my back and I feel his balls slapping my asshole as he explodes in me dumping his black cum in me. As he pulls out ( still hard) his cum oozes out of my wrecked little pussy. I scoop some up with my fingers and take it to my lips licking his nectar from my fingers proclaiming it's sweetness.

    James fucked me 4 more times that night;cuming twice in my mouth and dumped two loads in my white cunt! He also fucked me twice the next morning before departing. Beth showed up as I was getting out of the shower and could see the blissful delightment in my eyes as she asked how my night went. As I stood there naked gazing into the mirror i think the love bites and my stetched pussy lips left nothing unsaid. She laid me back on the bed, rubbed my brow and kissed me softly on my cheek asking me if I was satisfied. I looked into her eyes and whispered that a taboo flame had been lit in me and only Black cock could quench it. Little did I know the room was full of hidden camaras and all was recorded. One other thing unbeknown to me at that moment was they owned me know! How exciting!
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