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. Student Exchange

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Oct 7, 2016.

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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    We live close to London my wife Helen and me; both in our early 50s we reside in a large-ish house. Our kids have long flown the nest to leave us with two spare bedrooms and another in the loft so we decided that we could make ourselves a little bit of extra income by taking in mature foreign exchange students as short term lodgers. There is a large college nearby offering lots of different courses and with accommodation being at a premium in this area we were soon on the college’s books. We elected only to take short-term bookings rather than be saddled with someone who might get too comfortable and anyway we liked the idea of meeting as many youngsters as was possible. (We are both very gregarious!)

    This summer we were contacted by the student accommodation coordinator and asked if we could host three young men from Barbados for a few weeks. At first we were not sure as this would be at odds with our original decision to take just females but he shared with us an email which had their pictures attached and I was a little taken aback when on seeing them Helen immediately said, “OK, what harm can it do?”

    As always I acceded to her wishes, so I smiled and gave my usual weak response when such decisions were required.

    A few days later after confirming our agreement they arrived. The coordinator had collected them from Gatwick Airport and driven them up to our house where he introduced us to the three. I was a little taken aback at the sight of these three large black fellows as they traipsed into my house with their luggage but being the polite host said nothing other than providing a welcome.

    They came into the living room and quickly introduced themselves as Leon who was 31, Dale 29 years old and Caley, the youngest, at 27.

    The coordinator satisfied himself that they well placed and settled and left us to do our duty and to make them as comfortable possible for the duration of their stay in the UK.

    Helen bid them to follow her up the stairs and I took on the role of porter as I struggled to take their bags to the rooms she had allocated. It took me two or three trips and each time I got to the top of the stairs I could hear giggling and joking going on between them. I wasn’t sure what they might have said or had been talking about to cause such merriment. Perhaps it was something about who was going to share the twin bed room and who was to have the room with only the one bed. Nothing to do with me I decided.

    We spent that first evening by providing them with a meal that was most appreciated and they began to relax and recover from the ordeal of their long journey from their Caribbean home. They told us about their lives and situations back in Barbados and as the evening wore on we became very at ease with their company.

    Helen thought it would be nice to show them a few family photos and she got out a few of our holiday albums. They seemed mostly to enjoy looking at the pictures of us on holiday with Helen in Bikinis and short skirts and they made a few cheeky remarks that reflected their appreciation of her attractiveness. She gave the same giggles that I had heard earlier.

    Over the next few days they really settled in to our way of life and at the end of the day they would return from their studies and began to, as they say, chill out. It was not too long before I noticed how they were being particularly attentive to Helen. They were not very subtle and there were murmurs of approval whenever she would go up the open-plan staircase and allowed them the sight of looking up her short skirts. As those first few days passed by I observed that more and more they would take every opportunity of getting close to her and flirting. It was no surprise to see Helen responding favourably and she was obviously loving the attention.

    As time went by they seemed to take less and less notice of me but I didn’t mind for I was left alone with my imagination which was beginning to go into overdrive as I start to fantasize about Helen fucking one of them. My fantasies were fired even further when I notice that Leon who invariably wore loose shorts around the house was clearly well endowed.

    It soon got to the stage where I would let them get on with their flirty chat with her and then I would go to our bedroom room to lay on the bed and wank furiously thinking about Helen being fucked by all three of them. I made certain that when I spurted my spunk it would land on my belly and hands and that there were tissues to wipe the last remains away after I had licked and swallowed what I could bring to my mouth. Helen wouldn't have approved if I had got any on the bed covers.

    After a few days of this I decided to share my perverted thoughts with her and whilst having my monthly sex session with Helen I began to make comments. As I fucked her with my little cock I told her my fantasy and what I would like to see. I was a little concerned that my suggestions might cause her to be offended but I needn’t have worried for it was clear that the idea was a turn-on for her and I swear that my talk made her even wetter as I whispered and described to her my visions for she began to grind herself even harder into my cock. I asked her if she wanted to have their large cocks in her as a change from mine and she said she would love to and then shocked me by demanding that I asked them to do just that.


    The next day I was working from home and Leon came into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for him and his companions. Helen was out (shopping again!) and I took the opportunity to ask him if he fancied Helen; would he like to make love to her. He didn’t hesitate and he said he would but, “forget making love man, I would just like to fuck her!”

    I laughed at his directness but made it very clear that I would be ok with that and, further, I shared with him that Helen had told me that she wanted all three of them.

    He called up to the other guys to come and get their meal and as they chomped away at their cereals and toast and drunk their coffee he laughingly told them what had just been proposed; they said nothing but their smiles reflected their anticipation of the prospect.

    We got down to the detail of how and when and they suggested the next Saturday night. As they departed the house to go off to college they continued to joke with me, saying things like, “Hey, Gordon you not big enough for her?” and, “Hey, can't you satisfy Helen?” I just took their banter in my stride and didn’t reveal that it would fulfil my greatest fantasy if I could see her being serviced by three big, fat black cocks.

    Helen returned from her shopping trip shortly after they had left the house and I told that I had sounded out the guys and the response was that we were all going to have small party Saturday night and that, if she wanted, she would end up fucking them.

    She couldn't believe I had actually asked them but she was very excited at the idea and became very animated. We had a cuddle and I slipped my hand into her panties and, no surprise, she was very wet.


    On Saturday she went out to shop for something special to wear that evening. She also went to her favourite beauty parlour and got a complete wax. When she got home she lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to one side to reveal a totally smooth pussy. I groaned my appreciation and moved to touch but she released her hand and her panties snapped back to hide the delicious sight. She said, "It's not for your benefit I had it done. You'll have to wait your turn."

    She then showed me her purchases from the lingerie store and the other places that she prefers to shop for "special" clothes. I made all the right appreciative noises and hoped that she hadn't noticed the reaction of my cock as the very thought of her wearing these provocative clothes and lingerie had got me instantly hard.

    The boys were out all day long doing whatever it is that Caribbean men do when they are on the loose but we had agreed that they would be back to party by the early evening. I spent the day making sure everywhere was neat and tidy; getting snacks together and making sure the drinks cabinet had plenty of choice. I didn’t want anyone to have a reason not to enjoy themselves. I finished my task list by vacuuming throughout and dusting and polishing the furniture in the living room.

    Helen came through from the Den where she had been catching up on her favourite soaps on TV. (I preferred her to keep out of the way as I went about my household duties.) She had a quick inspection and gave me her seal of approval; a thank you peck on the cheek.

    Come late afternoon and with plenty of time in hand Helen took me through to the bedroom and began the process of getting herself ready and dressed for the party and the expected revels.

    I sat in the chair as she undressed and watched as she went through to the en-suite bathroom. From my seat I could see her in the shower and she kept looking at me through the steamed-up glass screen as she soaped and rinsed her body with the hot water streaming over her. She deliberately caressed her tits and teased her nipples with soapy fingers and she smiled back at me to see my reaction as I unzipped and released my hardening cock. She then turned and bent over to present the sight of her butt cheeks and I could see her hand working between her legs as she washed and spread her hairless pussy lips with fingers that kept slipping inside her pink slash. She looked at me again and by this time I was stroking my little stiff penis; she gave me that familiar mocking look that said I was a “naughty boy” as she always did whenever she had caught me having a wank.

    She stepped from the shower and wrapped in a towel came back into the bedroom. She smirked at me as I continued to rub myself and my eyes followed her around the bedroom. She dried herself and began to get dressed.

    First she put on a pair of black hold-up stockings and then a black tiny thong that went right up her arse crack and barely covered her fresh bald pussy, a black half cupped bra taken from her underwear drawer completed the ensemble. She walked by me to go to the wardrobe from where she pulled from a hanger the new red pleated tartan mini skirt and a black blouse. She carefully removed the labels and put the skimpy garments on. She smoothed the skirt and adjusted the blouse so that the maximum cleavage was exposed. From beneath the dressing table a pair of black, shiny, stiletto heeled shoes were produced which I had never previously seen. She slipped them on and pirouetted in front of the mirror; she looked gorgeous. Satisfied with her appearance she turned and looking at my little penis dribbling pre-cum said to me, “At least I am going to get some proper sized cock tonight."

    Hearing her say that was enough for me to begin spurting cum over my hand; I was both crushed to know that it wouldn't be me getting any attention from her but I was so excited at the same time.

    From down the stairs we heard the front door open and the sound of our guests coming back into the house. I quickly wiped and licked myself clean – I just love the taste of cum - and put my cock back inside my pants but seeing the messy stain on the front of my trousers I thought it best that I find myself a clean pair. As I fumbled around in my wardrobe Helen left me and went out of the bedroom door to go down to greet our guests.

    By the time I made it down to the living room the party had already started. My snacks were being consumed and everyone seemed to have a drink to hand. The four of them had made themselves comfortable on the sofa and armchairs and the manner in which they were sprawled left little room for anyone else (aka, me!) to sit so I went and sat on a chair at the dining table. I didn’t mind although it was a little unsettling that everyone, including Helen, seemed to be ignoring my presence but from my position I was content with watching what might happen.

    The flirty banter began between them and Helen and then someone suggested putting some music on the Hi-Fi. A soul CD was selected and as the first track, a slow number, began to play, one of them asked Helen to dance. She has always loved dancing and she accepted the offer and moved to the centre of the room where she began to move in time with the music. However, I was surprised when instead of the usual disco-type dancing moves which were appropriate for the music she began to act as a complete slut and I was gobsmacked to watch as she gyrated her hips and thrusted out her groin as if she was simulating sex; doing slut drops as if she was pole-dancing and bending over showing her arse and thong.

    I could see the guys as they sat watching and clearly her performance was having the desired effect as the bulges in their loose sweat pants were very evident. The number continued and Helen carried on bumping and grinding; the guys all were hard and without any signs of embarrassment they began rubbing their cocks through their pants.

    The music stopped and Helen moved to the couch where Leon and Dale moved apart so she could sit between them. As she sat down her skirt rode up showing her stocking tops and I am sure I caught a glimpse of her thong covered pussy.

    As she sat there chatting she began stroking the inside of both the guys legs and soon her hands were moving closer to the bulges in their trousers. Encouraged Leon then turned towards Helen and put his hand on her shoulder and the other hand on her leg. He lent forward and started to kiss her and within seconds they were snogging full on.

    As Leon rubbed her leg he actually acknowledged that I was in the room and broke the kiss to look over at me saying, “you have a very beautiful wife, do you like watching her enjoy real men?"

    I didn’t quite know how to respond but managed to blurt out, "Yes I do; she needs more than I can give her."

    He smiled at my “confession” and immediately his hand moved up her leg and then beneath her skirt and he started to rub her wet pussy through her thong.

    Helen started to moan and move her hips around.

    Dale then placed his hand on her other leg and they started to take turns snogging her. Whilst they were doing so Helen then moved her hands and grabbed the waistbands of their sweat pants and pulling them down released two very large black cocks. They literally sprang free and pointed upwards inviting her further attention. She murmured something that was unintelligible to me but I sensed she was telling them that she approved of what they were packing. She glanced over to look at me and smiled.

    Leon’s cock looked to be about 10 inches and Dale was only slightly smaller but both of them were seemingly rock hard. She was like a child in a sweet shop and I could see she couldn’t make up her mind which one to have her first as she clearly wanted both of them.

    She took a cock in each hand and as she began to slowly masturbate them they gently lifted up her blouse and after a deal of fumbling they managed to remove it entirely. Leon murmured his delight at the sight of her black lace covered tits and pulled her bra down so that her perfect globes were exposed. They each lowered their heads and started to suck on her hard red nipples. Leon’s hand was hidden from view beneath her short skirt but I had no doubt that he was now fingering her slowly as she was gasping with delight in time with the motion of his arm as it moved slowly back and forth.

    Dale stood up and glancing at me smiled as he began to get pull off his clothes. He was completely naked in a moment and he stood in front of Helen so that she could see the beauty of his ripped body and his magnificent black cock jutting out from a nest of curly black hair. Beneath, a pair of balls the like and size of which I could never have imagined swung free. I heard her give a whimper.

    Leon stood up to do the same and as he was undressing Dale told Helen to stand up. He held her by the waist and turned her around and stood behind her and pulled up her skirt. She gave no resistance when he pushed her so she was then bent over the side of the sofa.

    He pulled her thong to one side and placed the tip of his cock in her pussy. Helen groaned at the touch and with no hesitation she pushed back letting him enter her and I watched with wonder as she began to moan with delight as this monster cock slid into her cunt. Dale also groaned his appreciation as he slipped into her warmth and then started to speed up the in and out movement so that they were soon really fucking.

    Helen was in ecstasy and with her eyes closed she didn’t notice that Leon had moved to face her and had positioned himself to offer his cock for her to suck. As his purple headed cock touched her mouth her eyes popped open and she obediently opened her rose bud mouth to begin the struggle to get this other penis in her mouth.

    Dale was starting to moan and then without warning he shot his cum inside her and she squealed as the load squirted inside her womb. The squeal was soon suppressed by Leon who pulled his cock from her mouth and rapidly wanked his saliva and pre-cum covered cock to shoot his spunk all over her face. She purred her satisfaction as she licked his softening cock as at the same time she played with her pussy which was dribbling the evidence of Dale’s orgasm. Dale and Leon both sank back on the couch their cocks sticking obscenely up and showing no sign of losing their erections as the pair of them gathered their breath.

    I sat transfixed at the sights and sounds that filled the room. I eased my trousers down and released my little stiff dick. I was already leaking pre-cum over my fingers and I had hardly touched myself.

    While they sat panting I noticed Caley get up and drop his trousers to take out his cock; it was a monster about 12 inches and fat. He pulled Helen up from the sofa from between her two assailants and laid her on the floor on her back. He knelt between her outstretched legs and with no hesitation shoved his cock into her gaping cunt. I heard her take an intake of breath as her pussy stretched around his hard black cock and without any signs of foreplay he started to pound in and out. Helen met him thrust for thrust and soon had wrapped her stockinged legs around him and was moaning and mewling with her heels knocking together with every shove.

    There were no niceties going on as he fucked her and it was only a short time before Caley climaxed. I swear I could see his balls emptying his spunk into her. He gave a final grunt and as he dismounted I could see his cum dribbling out of Helen's gaping fanny. She lay there in a complete daze but her demeanour left me with no doubt that she was enjoying every minute of this attention.

    Leon had recovered and was ready for his turn and with his stiff cock bobbing in front of him he took Caley’s place and got between her thighs. He took himself in hand and lifted his cock to guide it into her soaking hole. Helen gasped as she felt him push into her and immediately started to buck on his cock to get more if his length into her. I watched mesmerised as his black horse-sized cock went in and out of her red pussy. By now I had my own cock out but was pleased to be sitting at the table in the shadows where they couldn’t see how inadequate I was in comparison.

    The orgy continued for some time and I was totally ignored by all of them as one after the other they took their turn fucking Helen in every possible position. I lost count of how many times Helen orgasmed as her new friends shot and spurted their cum into her pussy and mouth. She was insatiable and they all seemed to possess incredible stamina to satisfy her needs. My feelings of inadequacy increased with each time she was fucked.

    Eventually they tired of the relative discomfort of the living room and the hard floor and between them agreed they should take advantage of the King-size bed in the master bedroom ... my/our bedroom.

    Caley picked Helen up from the floor and in his strong arms she was carried up stairs. The other two followed them. No one gave the slightest backward glance at me still sitting at the table on my hard chair. I heard the bedroom door click shut and I was left alone to imagine what might be going on.

    After a few minutes I followed and putting my ear to the door I could hear them as they were obviously continuing to pleasure her. It seemed they intended to go on all night and eventually I decided there was nothing more I could do but go to bed. With the spare rooms taken I had no option but to go up to the loft room where there was an old camp bed and a duvet. Through the floor I could hear very clearly the revels beneath my sad little bed as I consoled myself and slowly masturbated.

    Eventually I fell asleep but was awoken in some confusion around 3 o'clock when I felt my shoulder being shaken. It was Helen who was amused that I had had to take myself up to the only available bed in the house. She whispered that she had a lovely time and she wanted to thank me for my generosity in letting her have her way with these lovely black studs. She said she had a little treat for me as I had been such a good boy. My treat was for her to straddle my face and to lower her gaping cunt over my mouth. She growled and told me to lick her sore pussy clean. I didn’t hesitate and lapped eagerly not giving the slightest thought as to what I was tasting as the slimy fluid flowed from her.


    For that night on and for the duration of their stay they used Helen as they pleased. I was evicted from the main bedroom and sent to the loft where laying on my little camp bed I would wank constantly while I listened to her moans and groans of pleasure coming from the main bedroom below. I impressed myself with the amount of cum that I was producing which of course I licked up as I lay in the darkness.


    They’ve gone back home now but before they said their goodbyes they have promised her that if she wants to have a holiday in Barbados that she would be very welcome. All she would be required to do would be pay for her airfare; everything else would be taken care of and she was guaranteed a fine time as they all had plenty of friends who would love to meet her and give her all the attention she desired. I wasn’t included in the invitation but it didn't deter her from saying that perhaps I might like to treat her and buy the ticket. I must have a think about that for the idea of her being fucked on their home turf in the sunshine and on sandy beaches is something that has really got my imagination going.

    She was a little sad to think it might be some time before she take up the invitation but as compensation for any disappointments that she might be feeling Helen insists that in future we shall only be hosting mature students from the Caribbean.

    She’s on the phone now to the college accommodation co-ordinator to advise him that the young men from Barbados were lovely and she is looking forward to the next booking.

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