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. Student Exchange 3

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Aug 6, 2017.

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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Chapter Three – Playing Away

    It is said that money can’t buy happiness but before that statement is accepted you need to define and decide what makes you happy. After a lifetime of just scraping by and making do with second-best I have just come into a small fortune (for me, that is) and now, by definition, I’m very happy because Helen and me can now properly indulge in doing the things which we both adore.

    You see, pure and simple, I am a willing Cuckold and my Wife Helen knows just how much I revel in the humiliations she piles upon me when she cheats by breaking the most sacred of the vows we took when we wed, aka the seventh commandment, ‘thou shalt not commit adultery.’ However, since our wedding day some 25 years ago our commitment to religion has faded somewhat and, anyway, it’s not really cheating because she does it with my full knowledge and encouragement. Indeed, we have over the past year or so developed ‘rules’ that set the scenes for her to imaginatively express her infidelity and now I have money the rules and the scenarios can be expanded to accommodate our wildest fantasies.

    My new fortune came by virtue of a win on the National Lottery. Prior to my win Helen had some rigid ideas about managing our money and the household budget and she had no idea that I indulged in the expense of a weekly ticket. However, her negative attitude to such extravagances was soon forgotten when I shared with her the news that I was a winner. Indeed, the turnaround in her thinking was almost comical when I further revealed it was a major win and that very night she straightaway pretended she was a high-class hooker and rewarded me with a ‘mercy fuck’ when we got to bed. (I only just about put my little dick in her before I was spurting like a fountain inside the warm cavern of her cunt. Worth every penny, I thought!)

    Once the change in our fortunes had properly sunk in our first extravagance was to visit a travel agency and arrange the flights for a vacation in Barbados that we had long dreamed of taking; a fantasy that had been triggered following the first time we had hosted Caribbean men in our home and their invitation when they left for Helen to carry on enjoying herself by spending time in their homeland. (I have related this in a previous chapter so will not repeat the circumstances here).

    My wife, as a first step, contacted Dale (her favourite ‘student/lodger’) through e-Mail to arrange our accommodation. I was copied in on the correspondence and was able to see that she grudgingly confessed to him that I would be coming too but, bless her, she made no mention of our new-found riches or that the side-lining of me in her making these arrangements was all part of our ‘game’; another new rule that added to my feelings of humiliation and inadequacy. As I read the messages my cock twitched in anticipation of what all this was leading to.

    The travel agent was very good and quickly found flights to match our plans along with freely offered advice as to the best airline to choose; timings; transit to and from the airports involved, etc. The final piece of advice was to ensure that we were seated on the left side of the cabin so that after the long trans-Atlantic flight the magical sight of the island could be fully appreciated as we prepared to land. Helen gave me no choice when she said that she would have the window seat.

    This was a whole new world for the pair of us for we had never before travelled long-haul. We settled into our seats – a row of three – and with Helen in her window seat I found myself sandwiched between her and a large black fellow who it turned out was returning home after an extended stay in UK. Once airborne we were quickly climbing out over the sea and with nothing to look at other than the cloud layer below Helen began a conversation with our companion. Initially they talked across me but then after a few minutes Helen told me to change places with him so that she didn’t have to, “strain her neck,” she said by explanation. I duly complied and thereafter was ignored and excluded from their chatter as she began her familiar routine of flirting laced with suggestive remarks and innuendo. I was almost too embarrassed to listen.

    Drinks were served quickly followed by a meal and once the ‘debris’ had been cleared away the cabin lights were dimmed and we settled down to spend a few hours of taking in the in-flight entertainment. I found a movie to watch but Helen declared that she wasn’t interested in looking at anything but, rather, would take a nap. Her new-found friend said this was good advice and the pair of them reclined their seats and snuggled down under the provided blankets. As they got comfortable they both somehow contrived to face each other and as they both closed their eyes I saw movement and as they shuffled around their blankets became overlapped. I was not fooled by the obvious charade that they were actually sleeping for from my viewpoint I could see movement under the covers and it soon became apparent to me that Helen must be massaging him as I watched the rhythmic rise and fall of the thin blanket in the area of his groin. I initially feigned interest in the movie but increasingly transferred most of my attention to looking from the corner of my eye as my wicked wife was obviously masturbating her companion under the cover of the blankets. I listened as his breathing became more laboured as time passed by and with my movie long ignored I watched spellbound as he suddenly stiffened in his seat and the bulging blanket above her hand became suffused with a wet darkness that could have only have resulted from his ejaculation as he climaxed. He sank back in his seat with a sigh and Helen leaned closer to him to give him a soft peck of a kiss on his cheek. She opened her eyes to look at me with a satisfied expression on her smiling face. I could only shake my head in disbelief that she could be so brazen, so soon into our adventure.

    It was a few moments later that she sat up in her seat and announced to nobody in particular, “I need the toilet”. Her companion (we never did learn his name) stirred and the pair of them raised their seats back to the upright position and with a little confusion they untangled themselves from the blankets and smoothed their clothing. Without an ‘excuse me’ I was pushed aside as they both clambered past me into the aisle. Helen then tossed me the sodden sticky blanket saying in a theatrical manner to her new friend, “Looks like ‘somebody’ spilt their drink. You can have Gordon’s when we come back.”

    My humiliation at being once again be treated by Helen in this off-hand manner was compounded by the suspicion that the visit to the toilet was nothing to do with needing a Pee but rather her needing relief of another kind. So it proved as I watched them make their way toward the toilets by the galley. She pushed open the door and stepped inside and without any hesitation her dreadlocked friend slipped into the cubicle behind her. I glanced around to see if anyone else had noticed but seemingly everyone was either engrossed in their little seat-back screens or were asleep. I decided to follow their path and in seconds I was outside the door feigning nonchalance as I leaned against the dividing wall.

    So began the charade of my own as in sight of one of the cabin crew busying herself in the galley I tried to give an impression that I was queuing and waiting to use the toilet myself. I hoped she didn’t notice that I had my hand inside my pocket and was trying to restrain my erect cock that was tenting the front of my trousers.

    From the toilet there began a steady chorus of noises which the drone of the aircraft engines could not mask. I could hear little squeals and giggles from Helen accompanied by deep murmurs and moans from her companion. A first the sounds were quite random but after a few moments the sounds they were making developed into a rhythmic refrain of grunts (from him) and soft yelps (from her) in time with what my fertile imagination believed to be him thrusting his black cock into her smooth wet pussy. Exactly how they were able to perform in such an enclosed space I have no idea but such thoughts were dispelled at the sound of a final duet of his growl and a suppressed shriek from her as they – I assumed - simultaneously climaxed. The stewardess spun her head at the sound and glanced at me standing there. I gave a wan smile which she returned before returning her attention to whatever it was she had been doing.

    The lock was released and the toilet door folded open; without a glance at me standing there the black fellow stepped out and moved past me to return to his seat. Helen followed looking somewhat dishevelled and seeing me standing there said, “I thought you might be out here listening. Here, you might like to have these.” With that she pressed into my hand a sticky wad of lace-trimmed material, her panties. “I think I’ve got a clean pair in my bag,” she whispered off-handedly as she made her way down the aisle.

    I quickly stepped into the toilet and dropping my trousers I sat down on the seat and marvelled at the stiffness of my little cock which was streaming pre-cum. I held Helen’s crumpled panties to my face and deeply inhaled the aroma of what I knew to be their combined juices. It was a heady mix and I added to my erotic experience by slipping my tongue into the sodden material and tasting the cocktail of his cum and her glorious sap. My other hand dropped to my groin and with hardly a touch I lightly grasped my cock and it began to spurt and I experienced the most delightful cum of my own.

    I was unsure how long I sat there before a sharp rap on the door jolted me out of my reverie. It was Helen. “Are you OK in there?” she hissed through the door. “For goodness sake, get a move on, we’re landing soon.” Trust her to find a way to spoil my fun.

    I wiped myself clean with her balled-up panties adding my own contribution of sticky cum to the white lace-trimmed underwear. Once satisfied that I had removed any trace of spunk from my softening cock I thrust the panties into the trash bin and instantly regretted discarding them thinking what a fine trophy they would have made for me to use in future fantasies. With a sigh of regret I exited the toilet and as I returned to my seat once again I caught the eye of the smirking stewardess. I felt so humiliated to think she knew exactly what had been going on. Even more so when Helen asked me where her panties were and I had to admit I had thrown them away. She made it very clear she was not pleased and made a great play of ignoring my presence as she turned her attention to the first sight of Barbados as the island hove into view beneath the wing. As I sat there feeling a little miserable I pondered that already the holiday was not turning out quite as I had expected, or, maybe it was!


    I trailed behind Helen as we cleared Immigration and then, after we had been assessed as not to be a threat to Bajan well-being, made our way through to the Baggage Hall where she told me to collect our luggage.

    I stood feeling a little miserable watching the conveyor spewing bags, suitcases holdalls and all manner of containers which rolled by on the carousel whilst Helen pointedly ignored me and made small talk with her new friend from the flight. Eventually our cases appeared and as I moved to pick them off they were quickly pounced upon by a waiting porter who hauled them onto a trolley. Helen gave a goodbye peck on the cheek to her companion and turned her attention to the porter. She smiled at him with approval and once again I found myself feeling like a spare wheel as I followed them out through customs and into the world outside of the arrivals hall; waiting for us was the familiar face of Dale, our student lodger who had offered us the invitation that had bought us here. No surprise that his attention was all for Helen and my presence was scarcely noted.

    I suppose I should have been more gracious toward him as Dale had not only taken care of our accommodation for our couple of weeks’ vacation but had also made sure we had no transport worries. Standing at the kerbside were two of his cousins with a very smart looking minibus. I soon learned that ‘cousin’ was a loosely applied term as far as Barbados was concerned. However, any thoughts of gratitude were masked by my feeling of inadequacy as here was yet another situation whereby an Alpha male had demonstrated that I just couldn’t cut it as far as my wife was concerned. Even before we had loaded the bags, she was all over him, so to speak.

    Our drive away from the airport was to be relatively short for we were going to be staying on the South of the island. (I was to learn that in comparison to the more developed West coast with its swanky hotels and exclusive complexes that ours was to be a more ‘real’ experience in a smaller apartment within a local community.) I sat on the rear bench of the minibus with the bags shoved in alongside whilst Helen and Dale clambered in to sit on the seat in front of me. After shouted introductions I settled back to enjoy the passing views.

    We had hardly left the airport before Helen had snuggled up to Dale and although I really had wanted to see what there was to be seen outside the combination of her giggling, his Bajan banter and the questioning from the cousins sitting up front made it difficult to concentrate. I turned away from the window and was confronted by the sight of Helen locked in a passionate embrace with Dale. Grief, we hadn’t been here but half an hour and already she was ‘playing away’. The cousins made complimentary comments as they looked back at them whilst I could only guess what was going on unseen. I didn’t have to wonder for long for suddenly as we sped along the wide road Dale pulled away from her and said with an approving laugh, “Wow girl, you’ve got no underwear on. Are you ready to play so soon?” Clearly, out of my sight, he had been feeling her up beneath her short dress. The cousins joined in the laughter and to my discomfort I realised from their position that they could see very clearly what Dale was referring to.

    Helen replied with a hint of malice toward me, “Yeah, some idiot who was supposed to look after my panties threw them away.”

    I blushed as Dale said, “Well, I’m reckon he had the best of intentions and he’s sure made things easier for us both, hasn’t he?”


    We came to an area where there was a small collection of shops at the roadside and turned off the main road to squeeze between parked cars to reach an unassuming building which was set back a little from an idyllic looking beach. The house was called ‘White Castle’ and comprised of a few apartments which, on the ground floor, had patios whilst the second level had balconies. Dale led us into a ground floor one and Helen gave a squeal of delight as we went through to the patio and took in the view of the blue sea, white sand and the palm trees that fringed the beach before our gaze. It was quite perfect and the stuff of travel brochures. Set to one side of the patio was a gate and a short flight of steps which took us down to the beach. We pranced about like a couple of kids as we kicked off our shoes and luxuriated in the feel of the warm sand between our toes. Dale and his cousins watched with amusement from the parapet that surrounded our patio as did a few couples who were lazing on loungers around the beach.

    We returned to the apartment and Helen resumed her bossy attitude toward me saying, “Gordon, get the bags sorted out whilst Dale shows me around and tells me what’s what.” I was unsure what she meant by ‘what’s what’ but had an idea that she wasn’t really interested in anything other than having Dale continuing with his own explorations.

    The cousins dumped the luggage on the steps and said their goodbyes leaving me to carry them into the apartment. As expected when I entered the rooms it was to find that Helen and Dale were already getting to reacquaint themselves with each other and as they sat on the sofa I could then share in what had been seen in the minibus for Dale had his hand up her dress and with spread legs I could see her bald pussy being explored by his big black hand.

    “Hell girl, have you already been fucked?” he said as his fingers slid into her.

    She giggled and gesturing toward me said, “Don’t ask ... and it wasn’t him if that’s what you’re thinking.”

    Dale nodded and laughed in return as he examined his cum-covered fingers. With his other hand he unzipped his shorts and as was always had been the case when he had been living with us in England he was wearing no underwear. Although I had seen it before I was wide-eyed at the sight of his big black cock as it sprung out of the confines of his clothing. Helen was equally impressed and she quickly reached over to grasp his semi-rigid shaft. “Mmmm, I remember this,” she said with a gleam in her eye.

    Dale lifted up and shuck off his shorts so that he was sitting there with just a tee shirt pulled up above his waist. Helen took this as an invitation to lean over and to take him in her mouth. As before it was an impossible task for as he became more erect and thicker her rosebud mouth struggled to accommodate the massive tool. No matter, she was always the game girl and she applied herself to taking as much as she could into her mouth and all the while licking and nibbling away at the shiny ebony plum. Dale murmured his approval and said, “Yeah, and I remember this.”

    I stood transfixed, the unpacking forgotten. I could feel my own cock stiffening in my trousers as I took in the erotic sight of my wife and her lover making out before me. Then, just as I thought to unzip my own pants, Helen lifted up and glanced over to me. “Gordon, I’m dying for a cup of tea. Can you pop up to that Supermarket we passed and get a few provisions?”

    I was stunned. How on earth could she think of such a thing at such a time and, more important, how could she do this to me; denying me the one thing I love to watch her doing? “Erm, yes Dear,” was all I could mumble as without any further thought towards me she turned her attention back to Dale.

    The store was a short walk away and I must have covered the distance in record time. Likewise I dashed around the aisles and shelves gathering the makings of a traditional English cup of tea together with a few other provisions and presented myself to a checkout clerk who made no comment or gave me any assistance as I tried to fathom the prices or sought to identify the banknotes recently acquired at the airport. She idly turned the items slowly over as she looked for the barcode labels and I felt myself screaming inside for her to hurry up and get on with it so that I could get back to the apartment and the ‘entertainment’. My frustrations further increased as with nothing to bag my purchases I ended up clutching the groceries to my chest and stumbling back up the road I was continually dropping things and having to retrieve them.

    I regained the apartment and as expected I heard the ‘sounds of sex’ as I went through the door. I dumped the provisions on the kitchen counter and went back through to the lounge and there was the delicious sight of Helen kneeling on the sofa with her back towards Dale who standing behind her and was fucking her just like a dog. She heard me come in and turning her head toward me looked with half-closed eyes that weren’t really seeing me at all. I leaned against the doorway and marvelled at the sight of Dale and his big, thick black cock thrusting into my dear wife’s accommodating cunt. They had obviously been at it for as long as I had been absent as the squishing sound suggested that she had already climaxed. If there had been any doubts it was dispelled as she cried out, “Oh God, I’m cumming again ... ahhh.” In response Dale began to stroke in and out even quicker and as Helen began to squeal out her orgasm he suddenly pulled out and with a grunt a torrent of sperm spurted and gushed out of his glistening cock to flood her butt cheeks, her back and the dress that was bunched up above her waist.

    I was breathless as I watched him collapse over her, his still stiff cock resting between her cheeks and continuing to dribble his spunk which slithered down to join the other juices that were flowing out of her gaping red sopping pussy. This time I did manage to unzip my pants and instantly my little cock poked out. I reached down but I was so overcome by the moment that I was unsure if I had actually already come myself. What I do know is that my hand was covered in my own emissions and I had the most delightful sensations as I rubbed myself and spread my slickness over my little nubbin.

    Dale literally fell off her to sit back on the seat of the sofa, his cock sticking up and still looking impressively stiff. Helen likewise fell to sit alongside him. As she gathered her breath she turned to see me standing there, covered in my wetness. “Have you put the kettle on yet?” was all she said.


    The following day we awoke to sunshine and the world definitely looked a different place for a number of reasons. As we took stock of our surroundings I reflected that her behaviour and attitudes towards me on our journey and arrival the day had been particularly mean. She countered with that she’d been playing with me and that her seeming indifference of yesterday was in keeping with the rules of ‘our game’ and that I should have expected nothing less. Today, she said, it was going to be all about us and finding our way in this new and exciting land and she promised to be sweetness and light towards me. She added that Dale had said he would be coming by later to take us out and show us around.

    The look of anticipation on her face gave me pause to think, “Hmm, we’ll see how long the ‘sweetness and light’ lasts then.”

    White Castle was perfectly positioned over-looking the beach. To our left and set back a little was a beach bar and restaurant, the Caribbean Bar, which had tables set out on a deck covered by a tent-like canopy, a hint that rain frequently fell to disturb the scenery. We wandered around to have a look before checking out another beach bar to the right which had a collection of tables and benches and sold food from a short order menu. Dale had told us that come the weekend there would be a Barbeque and Music and much more. I was uncertain what ‘much more’ referred but with Helen and him exchanging knowing glances I was left to speculate on what might be in store.

    We wandered away from the beach and gaining the main road we found there was a substantial Supermarket which, as Helen observed, would provide for our self-catering needs. We perused the shelves and she said, “Oh Gordon look, you’ll be able to look after me here quite well after all. There’s everything that you need to do just as you do at home, cook delicious meals when we entertain our friends.” I wasn’t quite sure to what she might be referring but as we made our way back to the beach I had an uneasy feeling that her ideas wasn’t boding well for any holiday plans that I had in mind.


    We were still clad in our damp swimming costumes when Dale came by just as the sun disappeared below the horizon having given us a spectacular show of a Caribbean sunset. “OK, you Guys ready to party?” he said.

    Bemused we both asked, “What’s the plan?”

    “Well tonight is Friday and you know what happens here on a Friday?” We looked at him dumbly. Not getting an answer he continued, “It’s Fish Fry night; we’re going to Oistins to party.”

    “Oooh, cool,” cooed Helen in a mock fashion, “give me a couple of minutes and I’ll get changed.” She disappeared into the bedroom and soon after stepped out wearing, well, almost not very much I thought. A cropped tee-shirt which left her tummy well exposed with a saggy neckline that showed off her delightful cleavage. I suspected that she hadn’t bothered to put on a bra but she had put on a pair of denim shorts which I hadn’t seen before, the sort that were pre-ripped and doubtless cost a fortune. On her feet a pair of sandals completed the ensemble that to my mind was more appropriate for a teenager rather than a 50 year old woman but despite my sniffy reservations I had to admit to myself she looked hot and I was inwardly excited at the prospect of her being in the company of leering boys and men.

    Dale growled his approval and I quickly ducked into the bedroom to find something appropriate to wear. I was but a few moments but on my return it was to find them whispering to each other, oblivious to my presence, and making towards the door. I sighed hoping I might attract Helen’s attention but none was forthcoming so I followed them out of the apartment and set off up the road with Helen holding his hand and me trailing along behind.

    Our journey to Oistins was a revelation in itself. We were introduced to the ubiquitous ‘Boogie Buses’, 14 seat minibuses which career up and down set routes and for a flat fare carried passengers as far as the route would take them with the added provision of belting reggae music turned up to ear-bleeding levels. There were no defined bus-stops and any pedestrian was regarded as a potential customer so it was as we got to the main road one screeched to a stop and we were literally hauled in by the ‘conductor’ to join the throng inside, clearly far more people than the prescribed 14 seats. It appeared to me that most of our fellow passengers were dreadlocked males who made no secret about looking at Helen as she was grabbed by Dale to sit on his lap and for him to straightaway shove his hand between her thighs and let his thumb disappear under the hem of her short shorts. No doubting to any of us where that was placed. Helen gave a gasp and smirked at him as he slowly wiggled his hand; the Dreads in the bus who could see what was going on just smirked along with her; I just hung on for dear life and hoped that we would survive the manic driving.

    The bus reached Oistins and the door was slid open and everyone spilled out onto the sidewalk to join the masses of people who were milling aimlessly about. We went with the flow Dale firmly holding Helen’s hand and me being left to follow and keep up as best as I could.

    We crossed the road and were instantly swathed in the smoke and delicious smells emanating from the grills and kitchens of the food outlets ranked alongside the sidewalk. Some of the places were proper open-air cafe/restaurants; other establishments were just a collection of benches and tables grouped around an open BBQ grill. All of them were well patronised and busy and as we wandered along we could see fish of every shape and size sizzling away over hot coals. Dale gestured toward one particular outlet and shouting over the noise being created by the mass of people and the music that was pumping out from some unseen source said, “We’ll eat over there; it’s run by my cousin.” There’s a surprise, I thought.

    We sat down at a bench and without being asked what I might like, bottles of Banks beer appeared and shortly afterwards plates of grilled fish and salads were placed before us by the cousin. He was introduced to Helen by Dale but somehow my presence was overlooked and I had to content myself with picking at my food to watch as they both began to openly flirt with her. The background noise was such that the cousin had to lean close to her to make himself heard. She in turn leaned forward which made her tee shirt gape open giving us all an unfettered sight of her lovely tits and nipples. The cousin took this to be an invitation let his hand slip inside her loose top and whatever it was that he had spoken into her cupped ear it was clearly something very saucy as she laughed and playfully batted his hand away from her breast where it had ‘accidently’ fallen.

    And so it continued as we ate our meal. The two dreadlocked studs continued with their banter (from which I was excluded) and she was lapping up the attention along with the Rum Punches that Dale had ordered for her. I smiled inwardly knowing that alcohol isn’t something she handles well and it would not take long before she would be totally compliant with any suggestions that Dale or the ‘cousin’ might make. She occasionally glanced my way but I was resigned to the fact that as far as she was concerned my only role was to be the provider of funds to pay any bills. Other than that my company was neither required nor necessary for her to continue along the road where she was going to have a good time but, unsaid, we both knew that my pay-off would be the chance to watch her engage sexually with whomever she chose to invite. It was in the ‘rules’.

    We finished our meal and at Dale’s suggestion the three of us made our way to the area where the music was being broadcast from a massive wall of speakers. To one side of the open area was a DJ with a console of equipment and as we stood it was to view a surreal scene of a mass of swaying couples – mostly interracial – bopping around in time to thumping reggae music which was seemingly being directed by a ‘mission controller’. We surveyed the scene for a while and then when a slow number began to play Dale grabbed Helen’s hand and pulled her onto the floor; she was acting very drunk but I suspected that given the number of Rum Punches she had been fed it wasn’t really an act.

    There were so many people already on the dance floor that they were unable to move too far away and I was able to enjoy the clear sight of Dale grinding himself against her in time to the music. She clearly was enjoying the close contact and she responded to the attention by reciprocating and pushing her pussy against him and his ever-swelling cock. The cousin gave me a nudge to confirm that I could see what was going on and I returned his unspoken query with a weak smile. I was almost too embarrassed to look as their behaviour was so obvious but, looking around, I noted that most couples were doing much the same, it was so blatant. The music continued with its thumping hypnotic beat and soon the pair of them were gyrating in time with each other, holding each other close and their groins and pubes pressed against each other with only the layers of flimsy clothing keeping them from coupling in every sense of the word. I was transfixed at the shear eroticism of their display which hadn’t passed unnoticed by others who were dancing around them. The cousin gave me another nudge and said, “What do think White Boy; is he going to give your wife a good seeing to, or what?”

    The number ended and Dale leaned closer to whisper something in her ear, whatever it was he said she nodded enthusiastically and then stole a glance and gave a wink in my direction as she saw me through her dreamy drunken eyes. The DJ announced he was taking a breather and so began a migration from the floor with couples wandering back to their tables or just retreating to the edge of the dance floor. A few others, hand-in-hand, gravitated toward the speaker wall to disappear into the gloom of the dark passageways that the speakers were shielding. I pondered as to what the hidden attraction might be but looking around for Helen and Dale who had moved from where they last stood I had my suspicions. Initially I lost sight of them but with a catch in my throat I saw them slipping behind the wall and instantly knew what the appeal was; they were going to find a dark corner to continue their dance in private.

    The cousin grasped my arm and said, “Come on, let’s go see.” I stumbled along as he pulled me in the direction where my lovely, drunken, sluttish wife had last been seen. We squeezed behind the speakers and found ourselves in a passageway that passed between the rear of the food outlets on the street and, on the other side, the counters and slabs of the fish market which operated through the day. There were a few illuminated spots where light spilled out from doors and windows of kitchens but in the main the passage was in darkness. My guide was clearly conversant with the area and he unhesitatingly pulled me along to a particular spot where in the gloom I could see Dale leaning back, his shorts down around his ankles and Helen half kneeling in front of him just about to gobble down his half erect cock. He looked up as we approached and with my eyes becoming accustomed to the gloom I had no difficulty in recognising the smirk that denoted his sense of superiority over me. Helen meanwhile gave no indication that she was aware of being watched and certainly had no idea that we had followed her. I leaned back against the wall behind me and as I watched the scene before me start to take shape I was aware that my own little dickie had begun to stiffen within the confine of my shorts. My excitement was intensified when I looked around and saw that there were other couples doing much the same with one of them already in the midst of an intense rough fuck a few yards from where Helen and Dale were playing.

    “Hee, heh; I told you she was going to get some attention, didn’t I?” said the cousin (I never did find out his name) and with that he left me standing there trembling with every kind of emotion and went over to join them.

    It took no time at all before Helen had coaxed Dale’s cock into a magnificent erection. Even in the half-light I could see the thick black shaft being coated with her saliva as she bobbed her head back and forth. Dale leaned forward and pulled up her baggy tee-shirt exposing her tits which were softly swaying in rhythm with her sucking. She clearly liked being exposed so and murmured her approval whilst reaching with her free hand to snap the clip on the waistband of her shorts to allow her to slide her fingers inside the waistband of her shorts and to play with herself. She tilted her head and saw me; I took this as a signal for me to likewise and for me to undo my shorts. In no time my stiff little dick was sticking out begging for me to take myself in hand. Cousin looked over and sniggered at what must have seemed to him to be a pathetic excuse for a cock.

    Dale also looked over and smiled as he nodded toward his cousin who with no ceremony moved to stand behind Helen and to yank her shorts down so that both she and Dale now provided the slightly ridiculous sight of having their pants down around their ankles. The cousin then slid down his sweat pants and I gasped to see another big, black stiff penis pop out into the night air and to lodge between her bum cheeks. He leaned his frame over her back and muttered something in her ear inaudible to me. I didn’t have to guess what was said for Helen straightaway lifted her foot to step out of her shorts and deliberately spread her legs all the while continuing to suck and slobber enthusiastically on Dale’s rigid cock. Cousin then pulled back slightly, enough to allow him to align the fat head of his cock with Helen’s now exposed gaping cunt. She assisted by reaching down and spread the slick, shiny lips with her fingers and with one shove he was inside her almost to the hilt.

    Helen gave a muffled gasp as he violated her so but it wasn’t the sound of protest rather one of relief that her desires were being fulfilled in such a violent fashion. He began to fuck her like a grunting animal with no finesse and her whole frame jerked back and forth in pace with his rutting. Every shove caused her to gulp Dale further down her throat and she added to the mix of sounds her gasping and gagging. Dale held her shoulders in an attempt to steady her balance all the while groaning as he felt the intense pleasures she was administering to his cock. As ever I stood mute on the sidelines squeezing my silly little rigid cock which was totally enveloped in my hand. Pre-cum was streaming between my fingers and I was in some kind of heaven as I watched, once again, my compliant wife being abused in the way she wanted to be treated.

    How long the performance lasted I had no idea but all the while Helen was crying out her approval of him ‘raping her’ with continual squeals as she climaxed time and time again. All too soon matters came to their inevitable climax and Cousin gave a final grunt, almost a bellow, and pushed himself forward to shoot his seed inside her willing womb. She moaned out her approval and lifted her head just as Dale shot his spunk into her open mouth. Spurt after spurt shot from him and despite her efforts to swallow his ‘nectar’, as she called it, most of his ejaculation streamed out and dribbled down from her chin to drip onto the floor beneath his open legs. Cousin pulled out and although he already climaxed inside her his stiff glistening cock was still pulsing and spitting to coat her bum with his cum. He prolonged his pleasure by sliding his obscene looking tool up and down her cheeks so that she ended up being well covered with spunk and her own juices. I groaned inwardly at the sight and waves of pleasure washed over me as I stroked my little cock. As I shot my own load I was overcome with embarrassment as I recognised the obvious contrast to the amount of sperm that Helen had received to the result of my orgasm which was a pathetic little puddle on the concrete floor before me.

    Helen’s violators both detached themselves and helped her to her feet. She was distinctly unsteady as she pulled her shorts up and rearranged her tee-shirt to cover her cum stained body. Whether her unsteadiness was the result of the seeing-to she had just received or the drinks consumed beforehand was uncertain but, whatever, it didn’t seem to detract from the glow of pleasure she had just enjoyed, she was beaming from ear to ear.

    From the dance-floor area the muffled sound of music starting up once more could be heard. Cousin pulled up his sweats and almost without a word set off leaving us to straighten ourselves out. I had a small frisson of satisfaction as he slightly skidded as he stepped into my slick little patch of cum as he pushed past me. From out of the gloom another couple who had been enjoying the ‘facilities’ slipped by and the look on their faces wiped the short-lived triumph from my face to be replaced by humiliation when I realised that my zip was open and my soft little nubbin was exposed to view. I quickly covered myself with my hands as they passed by laughing.


    Exactly how we got back to our accommodation is a bit hazy (perhaps I had more drink than I realised) but clearly Dale had arranged something to return us safely home, maybe another ‘cousin’ had been recruited. We stopped at the top of the road leading to our apartment and as the minibus put into gear Dale called out, “See you at BBQ on Sunday”.

    Helen grasped my arm and we both meandered our unsteady way down the path to the apartment. I looked at her and even though it was only the moon providing illumination I had to say she looked a mess. There seemed to be dried cum everywhere and at one point during our short walk I stopped and held her so that I could examine what her two lovers had returned to me. It was then that I saw the spunk dribbling down her legs; grief, how much had he pumped into her?

    She giggled when she realised what I was looking at. “That was fun, wasn’t it Gordie?”

    I had to share her joy for the night had gone exactly as I had hoped and, better yet, she was back and all mine again, just as the rules require. I nodded my agreement.

    “Come on,” she said taking my arm once more, “let’s get to bed; you’ve got some cleaning up to do.”

    As we clambered up the steps I thought, “We haven’t even reached the halfway point in our vacation yet. What else can Barbados provide before we go home?”

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