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. Stud Service

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Aug 18, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    Stud Service

    by RLM


    Vivian’s beauty and sensuality were enough to
    drive any man wild with lust.


    Vivian looked drop-dead gorgeous, as usual. We had been dating for over eight months and every time we went out, she seemed to look even more beautiful, hotter, sexier, more desirable. It had gotten to the point that I spent almost every one of our dates with a constant erection. She had an incredible effect on me, and she knew it. In fact, she did every thing she could to increase that effect. She was always wearing low-cut blouses or tight sweaters that showed off her 34D tits and just drove me crazy.

    During the second month, I had asked her to marry me after we both graduated with our B.S. degrees at the end of the academic year. She squealed with delight and accepted immediately. "Oh Yes!", she said with excitement. "I'll been hoping and praying that you would ask me. I've known since our first few dates that you're the one for me... the only one!"

    Vivian kissed me passionately to emphasize her acceptance, an action which caused my cock to once again surge to an iron-hard erection. As usual, when she felt my erection pressing against her, she giggled with hot pleasure. This time, she added, "Oh god... that's so amazing! I'll bet it's gonna shoot a gallon of cum into me every time you fuck me. Oh shit... I'll be pregnant all the time! I love that thought."

    Naturally, all that hot sex talk got me even harder, but unfortunately, that's all it was... talk... no action. At first, we had dated several times a week for a month, but I had gotten no further than a good night kiss. Toward the end of the two months, the kisses were getting hotter and longer, but that's as far as it went, even after I asked her to marry me at the end of the year.

    During the third month, she allowed me to caress her breasts while we kissed, and she would rub her thigh or sometimes her mound against the large bulge in my pants. She would even pull down her blouse or sweater almost enough to let me see her nipples, but not quite.

    By the middle of the fourth month, she was teasing me by letting her skirt slide way up and spreading her legs so I could see the wet crotch of her panties. She wouldn't allow me to stroke her pussy or kiss it, but she would let me get close enough to smell the hot musky aroma of her aroused cunt. "Can you smell me, Kent? Can you tell how much I want you... how hot I am?" Every date resulted in a case of "blue balls" for me... and they got worse with each passing week.

    By the fifth month, I was complaining bitterly about her reluctance to even let me caress her naked body, not to mention have actual sex. Vivian would hear me out and never get mad, but she wouldn't bulge. When I demanded to know why, she told me.

    "Girls make out with guys if they have no interest in marrying them. It's just fun and games. All the guys I make out with, I always dump after a few months because I see some other guy I want to try out. I want you for my husband... for keeps... forever. I want you to knock me up... four, five, or six times. I love large families. And I want you in my bed every night... with your cock in my mouth... in my cunt... fucking me. I have no intention of treating you the way I treat guys I intend to dump after we make out a few times. Understand?"

    "Not really. Have you made out with other guys?"

    "Not since I started dating you five months ago. After just a couple of dates, I knew you were the guy for me... forever."

    "But before that... did you?"

    "I just told you the answer to that question, Kent. Girls make out with guys they would never marry. I was no different."

    "So you have made out with other guys?" Vivian's face flushed with embarrassment.

    "Well? Have you?" I persisted.

    "Yes," she finally responded. "Haven't you made out with other girls?"

    I ignored her defensive question. "How many?"


    "You know what I'm asking. How many guys have you made out with?"

    "I haven't counted, Kent. Most of them until I met you."

    "So? Estimate. A dozen? More?"

    "More," she said softly, but with a mischievous grin.

    I suddenly realized that instead of being mad, I was turned on... really turned on. Even more than when I was seeing Vivian's panties and smelling the musky aroma of her pussy. "What did you let them do?"

    "You know... the same things you are always trying to get me to do."

    "Did you let them play with your bare tits?"


    "Did you let them take off your panties?"

    "Yes." My cock got hard as stone when I thought of two dozen or more guys taking off Vivian's panties.

    "Did you touch their cocks? Take them out? Stroke them?"

    She was smiling seductively at me as she opened her legs even wider. "Yes... and yes... and... yes."

    "Why am I having to pry every detail out of you. Can't you just tell me?"

    "Because I can see it's turning you on... really turning you on, and I love turning on the guy I want in my bed... permanently."

    "Did they... ," I pausing, stumbling for words. "Did they... you know?"

    She lowered her head demurely, then raised her eyes and grinned. "Are you trying to find a polite way to ask if the guys I made out with fucked me?"

    I was still too tongue tied to speak. I just nodded affirmatively.

    "Then ask me," Vivian whispered. "If we're going to spend our lives together, we've got to learn to be open and honest with one another."

    Nodding, I finally managed to ask, "Did any of the guys you made out with fuck you?"

    "If I let you take out my breasts, take off my panties, play with me while I was stroking and playing with your hard cock, would you fuck me?"

    "Now you're doing exactly what I just did. As you said, we've got to learn to be open and honest with one another. So, answer my question, Vivian."

    "You're right, Darling. I'm sorry for trying to evade answering you, and I'm also sorry that the answer is that every guy I made out with fucked me, usually quite a few times before I dumped him or he dumped me."

    I felt like I was about to shoot off in my pants. Vivian trailed her fingers lightly over my erection... all the way from the base... up the engorged shaft... to the swollen head. There was no way I could prevent my organ from throbbing mightily beneath her fingers. "Oh My God! I've known for several months that you're hung, but my gawd! That thing's more than eight inches and hard... like stone!" Vivian whispered in awe.

    Wrapping her hand around my cock, she molded my pants around it to check its girth, then, she squeezed it. "OOohhhhhh god, that feels so damn good!" I groaned.

    "I've been wondering how to tell you that I'm not a virgin. I certainly don't want you to marry me without knowing, but I've been too scared to tell you. I couldn't bear to lose you. Do you still want me as your wife?"

    "More than ever!"

    "MMmmmmm... It turns you on to hear about the sexy things I've done with other men, doesn't it?"

    "I think you already know the answer to that question."

    "I do... but I want to hear you tell me. Does it turn you on?"

    "Yes... oh hell yes!"

    "Knowing that other men have taken out my tits and played with them?"


    "Then pulled off my panties and told me to spread my legs?"

    "AAaahhhhhh fuck... that's so damn hot."

    "You know they finger fucked me before they put their big, hard cocks into my pussy, don't you? But no one has since I first met you. Still want me as your wife?"

    I doubled over trying to keep from cumming inside my pants. "You know I do." I gasped, not at all certain that I was going to be able to keep from cumming. "Otherwise, why would I put up with going home every time we date with a very painful case of blue balls."

    "I've heard that from a lot of guys. Is that really true? Does it really hurt when you get hard but don't get to have sex?"

    "Not if the erection is only for a short time, but if guy stays hard for several hours and gets no relief, then it hurts. It's sort of a deep-seated ache that lasts for an hour or so."

    "Oh hell, Kent. I thought that stuff was just a story guys tell to get their girls to put out. I’m so sorry. That's not happening again to you.

    "We're going to have sex?" I asked hopefully.

    "No. Not until we're married, but we are going to start doing a lot more. I'm not sending you home with blue balls again. And you're going to have to start taking care of my needs. I'm really tired of making love to my vibrator after our dates. Right now, though, I think it's time I stopped torturing my man and let him see what a hot slut he's going to have in his bed for the rest of his life. Would you like for me to take out my tits, Kent?"

    "The last time you almost let me see your tits, you wouldn't let me touch them. I hurt for over an hour that night."

    "I'm sorry, Honey. I didn't know it would cause you real pain. That stuff is over! I'm your fiancé. From now on, I'm going to behave like it... with the one exception that I hope you will wait until we're married before you fuck me."

    "What if I don't want to wait that long?"

    "In that case, I guess I'm going to be getting fucked a lot between now and when we graduate."

    "Oh Man! That makes me so hard, I can't believe it. But, we've waited this long... I guess we can stand a few more months."

    "Oh, Honey. I promise you won't regret it. How do you like your future wife's big tits?" Vivian pulled her sweater and bra down below her tits, baring them both. I couldn't believe how big and firm they were ... and her nipples! Damn! Her nipples were hard as pencil erasers and at least a half inch long.

    I thought all that, but the only words I could get out were "Oh god! They're fantastic!"

    That must have been enough because Vivian just beamed. "I love hearing you say that. Feel them, Darling. Heft them. Suck them. Squeeze and twist my nipples. Get me really hot!"

    I did all of those things. We were both moaning. Vivian's hand continually moved lightly over my throbbing, hard cock. "Be careful, Vivian. I don't want to shoot off in my pants."

    "And I don't want you to either. I want that big cum load in me or on me. When we're married, I want your loads up my pussy every time... I can't wait for you to breed me... to make my belly swell."

    "Oh shit! I'm not going to be able to hold it... you're just too hot and I'm too horny. I'm gonna cum in my pants... oohhhh shit!"

    "Like hell your are! Don't you dare shoot that delicious load in your pants, you Bastard. That load's mine!"

    With practiced ease, Vivian opened my pants and jerked them down my legs along with my briefs. My engorged cock sprang out like a caged tiger... hard... raging... throbbing.... precum running from the big purple head.

    "OOOOHHHH... IT'S GORGEOUS!" Vivian moaned. "Stick that big thing in my mouth, Honey. Fuck my mouth hole. Do it now. Shoot it into my belly or pull out and cream my face."

    Kneeling in front of me, Vivian plunged her open mouth over my throbbing cock. I knew I wouldn't last more than just a few strokes. Grabbing her hair, I rammed her mouth all the way down my rod shoving it into her throat. I had expected her to gag, but she took my entire shaft down her throat while keeping her mouth wide open so that her lips engulfed the entire base of my dick when all of it was buried in her throat.

    Using her hair, I rammed Vivian's mouth up and down my shaft. It was a mixture between fucking her mouth like a cunt and using her mouth to jack myself off. Whatever it was, I LOVED IT!.

    In less than a minute, I was screaming. "I'm GONNA CUMMMM... I'M FUCKING GONNA CUM... TAKE MY LOAD, HONEY!"

    With eight inches of cock buried in her mouth, there wasn't much she could do except take it. When I felt my load rising from my balls and racing along the tubes leading to the tip of my cock, I jerked it out of her mouth and began spewing all over her face and tits.
    Vivian’s face was covered with my massive load.
    Her entire body was shuddering as she came.

    When the last of my load covered her face and tits leaving only a few drops still dripping from my cock, I saw Vivian's entire body shaking like she was having a seizure. "What's wrong?" I asked alarmed. "Are you all right. Oh my god... what have I done?"

    Vivian gasped repeatedly and then yelled, "There's nothing wrong... I'm cumming... ooohhhhh my god... I'M CUMMING! Get my panties off and suck me! Please... I need it!"

    There wasn't time to bother with her skirt. Hooking my fingers in the waistband of her panties, I yanked them down her legs and then shoved her onto the couch. Her legs lifted into the air allowing me to pull off the panties. As soon as they were off, her legs just flew wide apart. She draped her left leg over the couch arm while the other one splayed out and dangled over the edge of the couch.

    'Hurry... Please... Suck meeeeeeeee!" she screeched in hot passion.

    As soon as I moved my head between her gaping thighs, she pulled her right leg up with her hand behind her knee and used her other hand to mash my mouth tightly against her convulsing pussy. I could feel her clitoris dancing and contracting against my lips. Vivian couldn't keep her hips still. She was hunching wildly on the couch... begging me to lick her.

    As soon as my tongue slid up the pulsing shaft of her clitoris, Vivian threw back her head, her mouth stretched wide open, and she howled with what sounded to me like a mixture of incredible pleasure and pain combined. Running my tongue down the length of her sex trench and then thrusting it into her vagina brought more squeals of delight from my fiancé. Returning to her exploding clitoris, I flicked my tongue rapidly up and down its shaft and then circled it and pressed hard on the sensitive tip. Her cunt contracted in hard spasms causing her to whoosh air and then to squirt sex juices all over my face.

    I continued to suck and lick her for 15 minutes. I thought she must have had at least 7 or 8 orgasms... perhaps more. Finally, she was pushing my head away. I grabbed her wrists, forced her hips back down onto the couch and plunged my tongue deep into her convulsing pussy hole. She howled and tried harder to push me away... when she failed, her body sank back onto the couch, her legs thrust straight out to the sides at close to a 180 degree angle, and her entire body went into hard spasms as she came again.

    "Please, Darling...please stop... let me rest for a moment... my heart may stop if you keep licking me... please... let me rest."

    This time I did pull back, but I stayed between her thighs so I could watch her cunt hole opening and closing as her clitoris continued to pulse and dance at the top of her sex slit. It was the most erotic, sensuous thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I wasn't the least bit surprised that my cock was hard as stone again from watching this gorgeous female having such pleasure. The thought that this incredible woman was going to be my wife filled me with the greatest pleasure and satisfaction I had ever known. I told her that... in exactly those words.

    Her response was to pull my body on top of hers and then my mouth down to hers. We kissed tenderly... lovingly... and then, gradually, more passionately... until at the end we were devouring each other. Our lips didn't part for over ten minutes.

    When we did break the kiss, Vivian smiled lovingly at me. "That was the best... the absolute best sex I've ever had in my life and you didn't even fuck me. You know that if you had decided to put your cock into my pussy and fuck me, there's no way in the world it would have even occurred to me to say no."

    "I knew that... but I said we'd wait... and we will."

    She kissed me again... exactly the same way.

    When that kiss ended, I said, "I think I had better leave before my gallant will power crumbles completely."

    "I love that!"


    "That you have to struggle and use all your will power to keep from mounting me like the hot teasing slut that I am and fucking my brains out."

    As I got dressed, Vivian stripped off her skirt so that she was totally naked except for her sexy heels. I was just about to leave when she stopped me. "Before you go, Darling, I want you to see something."


    "Me. All of me. I've kept you panting for five months like a teasing bitch. No more. You're my man, and I want my man to know exactly what every inch of me looks like." She turned her back to me and supporting herself with one hand on the arm of the couch, bent over at the waist. Her free hand moved to her buttocks, which she spread open to completely expose her cunt and ass holes.

    "Come closer, Darling. Real close so you can see every ridge, every crevice, every fold of my cunt and ass."

    I moved to within a foot and stared in awe at her hot and very wet holes. "Your ass and pussy are gorgeous! And they're wet... particularly your pussy."

    "That's your fault, you hot stud. Are you sure you don't want to change your mind and stick your cock into me before you leave. You can use either hole or both."

    "You're still a tease," I said, again trying desperately to keep from cumming in my pants.

    When I turned to leave, she stopped me again. "You haven't see all of me yet." Now sitting on the arm of the couch, she spread her legs wide and pulled open the lips of her pussy to completely expose her wet, pink, and throbbing sex hole."

    I couldn't suppress my groan. I had to squeeze my thighs together to keep from cumming. "You can't go home like that. I won't allow it any more. Take it out and jack off on me. I've never ever see a man jack off. Do it, Darling."

    "What about you?"

    "Me? You don't have to worry about me. I'll have an intense orgasm when you shoot your load all over my belly and pussy. Hurry... Do it! I can't wait."

    It only took a moment for me to unzip and extract my throbbing erection. The head was swollen and purple. In spite of my recent orgasm, Vivian erotic display had me primed and ready again. By the time I had my pants and briefs down, my fiancé was lying back with her ass on the arm of the couch, her legs and pussy lips both gaping open.

    "Are you on the pill, Honey?"

    "No. I stopped taking the pill after I had dated you for one week."

    "Then I'd better not shoot on your pussy since you aren't safe."

    "I'm still a week away from my fertile period. But I don't want you to shoot it on my pussy, Darling... I want you to unload that big fuck stick all over my cunt... try to shoot as much of the load into my vagina as you can... that way, I'll get a little bit of your big cum load up my hole even if we don't fuck. Hurry up. I'm going to cum soon. SHOOT IT ALL OVER MY CUNT, LOVER!"

    Moving close to her cunt, I aimed my cock right at her open hole and shot off like a cannon. Jet after cum jet splashed all over her pussy with several squirts going straight into her cunt hole. Halfway through my orgasm, Vivian howled loudly, and I saw her clit and vagina contracting in hard spasms as we were both locked in the throes of our orgasms.

    Five Months is a Long Time to Wait: Kent

    Vivian and I continued to date for the next five months, but with a big difference... we were enjoying a wide variety of erotic sex play. Only fucking was missing, and that was by mutual consent. Vivian was constantly dressing in hot revealing clothes and making certain that when we were in public, every male within sight knew she was my woman. The look of envy on every man's face always made my week.

    Even though my days of having to go back to my apartment with a painful case of blue balls were over, Vivian remained an erotic, sensuous tease. During our times together, she always managed to have me on the verge of cumming in my pants before she would relent and allow me some relief.

    I'm proud to say that it wasn't all one-sided. I loved to get her spread out... panties off... and spend an hour caressing and licking her thighs, belly, tits, nipples, legs... and then, finally her pussy and her clit. After a half hour, she would be begging me to let her cum. I would just grin and work her back up to the edge and then stop... after three-quarters of an hour of this, she was usually cursing me and calling me a sadistic asshole.

    When this happened, I would snarl, "What did you call me? Maybe I should just tie your wrists behind your back and leave." Realizing how awful it would be to have her hands tied behind her back with her pussy throbbing like crazy and no way to satisfy her itch, she would apologize and begin begging me to finish her... to let her cum. Of course, I always did and she would have a long series of mind-blowing orgasms.

    Nevertheless, it took all the will power I had to keep from ravishing my beautiful fiancé when we were together enjoying hot, erotic games. Five months is a hell of a long time to wait!

    Five Months is a Long Time to Wait: Vivian

    I was ecstatically happy. For weeks, I had worried that Kent was never going to ask me to marry him. I had begun to seriously doubt my strategy of denying him much of anything in the way of sex to sort of "encourage" him to pop the question. In fact, I had decided to start fucking him if he hadn't asked by the end of the fifth month, but he did.

    With some none-to-subtle hints from me, Kent had not only agreed to postponing fucking until we were married, he had actually suggested it after I had told him he could screw me if he wanted to. I was already in love with the guy, but when he demonstrated his willingness to wait like that, I was totally and completely hooked on this man.

    What I had not counted on was how hard it was going to be to wait for five months before I could have this delicious man. When we weren't doing much sexually, it had not been so hard, but now that he was using that awesome tongue on my pussy and his hands and fingers all over my wildly excited body, it was sheer torture to abstain when what I really wanted to do was mount his big, hard cock and fuck his brains out.

    It was still three months until graduation, and my best friend, Teri, and I were having a snack in the student union Tuesday afternoon. We had sought out and found a corner that left us pretty much alone. So, naturally, we were talking about men and sex. Teri was still playing the field and was telling all about her latest studs. After ten minutes, my panties were soaked. She knew it, and I knew that she knew it, and she knew that I knew... so and so forth.

    "My god, Vivian, you look like you're about to have an orgasm just listening to me tell you about Jack and his big cock."

    "I'm not surprised... I feel like I'm about to cum."

    "Isn't that fiancé of yours giving you enough?"

    "We play around a lot... he gets me off with his fingers and tongue... I suck him off or use my hand, but we don't fuck. A tongue is great, but I need a cock to really satisfy me."

    "What woman doesn't? Why doesn't Kent screw you? Is something wrong with him?"

    "No. He's fantastic! But I got him to promise that we wouldn't fuck until we're married. He hated it, but he agreed and he's kept his promise."

    "What's the matter with you, Vivian? You don't look retarded? Why in hell would you extract such an idiotic promise from a hot guy like Kent?"

    "I guess I wanted to see if he loved me enough to wait."

    "Ok. I don't really understand your logic, but hell, now you know he does. So, release him from that promise and have him fuck your sexy ass off the next time you go out."

    "I can't. I've made him wait over six months now. I think it's important that we see this decision through and not discard it just because my panties are wet all the time."

    "All right, I guess I sort of understand that. But damn Girl! You need to get laid. Listen... this Saturday night, Jack is taking me out dancing and then we're going back to his place for a full night of hot sex. He's got a friend, Andy, who's a real hunk... and I'm talking HUNK! I get hot every time I just look at him. Jack says he's not only a hunk, but he's also hung. And remember, this is Jack with his eight-inch cock talking. So you gotta know that Andy's got at least eight inches and probably more. I'll call Jack and ask him to invite Andy Saturday night, and we'll make it a foursome. I don't have any doubt that those two hot studs will take care of our wet pussies several times each. How about it?"

    My pussy was already throbbing at the hot thought of that big prick satisfying the itch between my legs. My panties were already soaked. But even while my pussy throbbed, I heard my mouth saying, "I can't. That sounds so damn hot, but I can't. I'm engaged to Kent. I can't cheat on him like that."

    "Bull shit, Vivian. Stop talking like a silly high school virgin. You're already breathing harder. You're dying to go out Saturday night with those two hot studs. And Kent's never going to know. I'm not telling him... you're not going to tell him... and I can guarantee neither Jack nor Andy will tell him. First, they don't even know him, and second, they'll both want to fuck us again and won't do anything to mess that up."

    "You're right... I'm so hot now I can't believe it. I can feel my juices running down my thighs. But I can't cheat like that. Even if Kent never finds out, I'd know, and I just couldn't stand the thought that I cheated while he was taking cold showers."

    "Do you actually think that Kent is going months without getting his cock into some pussy from time to time? He's not getting any from you, so he's got to be fucking some other women. He's not going to tell you... so you come with us and have fun Saturday night with Andy and Jack and don't tell him. It's fair and even."

    I hesitated for at least a minute. God... I wanted to go and have both of those hot studs fucking me! But I didn't think Kent was cheating, and that's what I told Teri.

    "I can't believe you believe that silly stuff. Kent's a hot stud. Hot studs fuck women. Why am I having to tell you this?"

    "I know that's usually the case, but I really don't think that Kent's screwing other women."

    Now Teri was silent for awhile. Then she smiled and said, "Ok. Let's put it to the test. This is Tuesday. We have four nights before Saturday. Tomorrow, you call Kent in the afternoon and tell him that your dad has broken his leg and your mom needs help taking care of him until next Monday when she can arrange for someone to come in and help her. Tell him everything will be fine and you'll see him either Sunday afternoon or on Monday."

    "Why should I do that?"

    "So he will think it's safe to bang some other woman for four or five days... no chance that you will suddenly appear at his door and catch him. Here's the deal. If we find out that he's fucking some other woman or women, you come with us Saturday night and get your hot and very, very ready cunt soundly fucked by both Andy and Jack without worrying about cheating. You'll just be evening things up so neither of you can point the finger and mess up your marriage later on."

    "And if he's not cheating?"

    "Then I don't call Jack and ask him to invite Andy... unless you decide to come with us anyway."

    "How will we know if he's screwing other women while I'm supposedly out of town for five days?"

    "I don't think that will be a problem. I always know when a guy has his cock in my cunt, Vivian. I'm going to seduce your guy. And for revenge, you can fuck Jack as much as you like Saturday night and I won't say a word."

    "How do I know you won't lie just to get me to spread my legs for Jack and Andy?"

    Teri laughed. "I don't think it would take any lying from me to get you to spread, Vivian. Five minutes with either one of those guys and he would have his cock buried to the hilt in your hot cunt making you cum more times than you could count. But to ease your mind, I'll carry my cell phone in my handbag and leave it on... with the volume turned to high. You call me before I enter Kent's apartment and you can listen to him fucking me."

    I made the call to Kent Wednesday morning telling him that I had to go to my mother's to help her take care of my dad who had broken his leg. I assured Kent that Mom would have a nurse coming by to help by Monday and that I would be home either Sunday or on Monday.

    When I hung up, Teri asked, "Well? Did he buy it?"

    "Yeah. Totally. It never even occurred to him to doubt me. That really makes me feel doubly bad."

    "Don't worry about your hot guy feeling bad, Vivian. Teri's going to make him feel really good tonight. Do you have your cell phone fully charged so you can listen to all the hot action? By Saturday night, you're going to be so damn hot that you'll rape Andy and Jack."

    Teri and I had dinner in her apartment just in case Kent drove by my place. We didn't want him seeing any lights on in my apartment. Around 8 PM, Teri put on a knee-length, form-fitting white dress that showed almost no cleavage, but was semi-transparent. She wore heels but no stockings.

    "Well... what do you think? Do I look good enough to get Kent's cock hard?"

    “My god! I can see your nipples and tits right through that dress. Are you wearing anything under it?”

    “Nope. Just me.”

    "Well, I'm sure Kent will get hard, but I don't think he'll fuck you."

    "Wow! Either you think your fiancé is a priest or gay or impotent."

    "We'll see. Go on. Get over there. Let's find out."

    When Teri got to Kent's apartment, she checked the cell phone connection. "I'm here, Vivian... just outside. Can you hear me Ok?"

    "Loud and clear."

    "Good. Now remember, you can't say anything that Kent will hear ... no matter what. If he knows you're listening on the cell phone, he will turn me down, but it won't mean anything. Understand?"

    "Sure. I'll be quiet as a mouse."

    It only took Kent a few moments to answer my knock on his door. When he opened it and saw me, there was no way he could keep his eyes from staring at my big tits and hard nipples. When he did manage to look downward, his eyes got even larger when he couldn’t see any indication of panties under my dress. I just leaned against the door jamb and let him look. Finally, I said, "Hi, Kent. Aren't you going to ask a girl in?"

    "Of course... of course. I'm sorry to keep you standing there while I stare, Teri. Vivian's not here. She had to go to her mom's to help take care of her dad for a few days. He broke his leg."

    "I know. She called me before she left and asked me to check on you from time to time so you don't get lonesome."


    I could see Kent was surprised, and I could well understand why. Only a very foolish woman would ask another sexy woman to keep her fiancé company while she was out of town, even if the other woman was her best friend. Pussies and cocks don't have a conscience. I said none of that, however. "Yeah. She felt bad about leaving you alone for five days or so. I had a bite to eat before I came over. How about you?"

    "I fixed myself a couple of sandwiches earlier."

    "Well... are you busy? I don't want to intrude or get in the way if you have other plans for the evening."

    "Oh no! I don't have anything planned. I finished studying and completing my design project this afternoon. Sit down, please. I've got some wine and cheese in the fridge if you're interested."

    "That sounds great," I said as I took a seat by Kent's computer letting my dress slide far up my thighs. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

    Kent seems mesmerized as he stared at the wide expanse of thigh I was showing him. I could see the bulge in his pants growing rapidly. I had never told Vivian, but I never believed that her boy friend... now her fiancé... really had an eight-inch cock like she claimed. But as I watched the bulge in Kent's pants growing bigger and bigger, I was reconsidering that opinion.

    When Kent didn't answer my question, I said softly, "I think you're more interested in my legs and tits than in wine and cheese."

    "No... no," he stammered.

    "You're telling me that you're more interested in wine and cheese than in my legs and tits? Is that right?"

    "NO! NO!", Kent almost shouted.

    "Well, if you're that interested, I probably ought to show you more. Vivian did tell me to look after you and keep you from getting bored." I lifted my left leg and put the sole of my heel against the top of the desk. With my leg elevated, my dress slipped all the way back to my hips allowing Kent to see my entire thigh but still no hint of any panties. "Do you like this view better, Kent?" I asked with my best, hottest seductive smile.

    "Oh fuck! Teri, you have incredible legs, but I shouldn't be staring at them like this. I'm engaged to Vivian."

    "What woman would want to marry a man who wasn't interested in seeing a sexy pair of legs.” Turning my back toward Kent, I hiked my dress up to my hips. “How about my ass, Kent? Don’t you think my ass is nice too? As you can see, I forgot to wear any panties.”

    "Maybe... I don't know... I don't think..."

    "I do know, Kent. Do you actually think that Vivian would be pleased if you weren't even interested in looking when a woman shows you her legs and ass?”

    He was now staring right at my totally exposed ass. His cock was now getting bigger, much bigger, and I couldn't tear my eyes away from that huge bulge in his pants.

    "Let's forget the cheese and wine, Kent. Why don't you give me a tour of your apartment... particularly your bedroom."

    "I can't!"

    "Why not?"

    "If I were in the bedroom with you, there's no way I could resist fucking you. You're just too hot and sexy."

    "That's the general idea, Darling. Vivian's out of town... I've broken up with my boy friend. We can take care of each other's needs. Vivian will never know. Come on, Baby. I'm hot and horny. Vivian says you have an eight-inch cock. I never believed her, but that huge bulge is changing my mind. How big is it?"

    "Eight inches."

    "Oh god!" I moaned. Quickly, I opened the top of my dress and extracted one of my tits. With just one of my tits sticking out, it was a lot hotter and more slutty than if I had been topless. "Do you think my tits are sexy?"

    "I can only see one of them," Kent groaned, his hand now squeezing his cock.

    "What me to take them both out?"

    "Ohhh shit, YES!" he screamed.

    I yanked my dress up over my tits exposing not only both tits but also my naked pussy. My nipples were already rock-hard. "Now you can see both of them. What do you think, Honey?" I asked as I tossed the dress onto the floor.

    "They're gorgeous," Kent said in a barely audible whisper. I wanted Vivian to hear his answer.

    "What did you say, Kent. I couldn't hear you."

    "I said your tits are awesome."

    "Your cock looks awesome to me." He moaned... this time easily loud enough that I knew that Vivian could hear. "Take it out! Show it to me... hurry. I'm on fire!"

    "Oh Jezz... this is crazy, Teri. I'm engaged to a fantastic woman and she's your best friend. We can't do this!"

    "Don't be silly. You don't think Vivian is going ten months without getting a cock in her hungry pussy do you? She just wants for the two of you to wait until you're married before having sex. She doesn't expect you to be a celibate monk for 10 months. Now, take that big cock out so I can see it!"

    Kent slowly stripped off his pants and shorts... reluctantly, to be sure, but he stripped. In less than a minute, his hugely thick, eight-inch, cock was pointing right at me. My cunt literally gushed at the sight.

    "Oh god! What a cock! What a big, hot, made-for-fucking cock you've got, Kent. I WANT THAT! And here's where I want it." I sat down and draped my legs over the chair arms. If that wasn’t hot enough, I spread my pussy open and cupped on of my tits for Kent.
    Teri was certain that there was no way Kent would
    ever be able to resist fucking her.

    Back in Teri's apartment, Vivian was now naked, her cunt throbbing in heat from listening to the incredibly sensuous and sexy seduction. Her fingers were buried inside her pussy... pumping her hole... her other hand working feverishly on her distended and pulsing clit.

    "Oh fuck that dirty bitch, Kent. Screw her hot ass off! Don't let her tease you like that. Drag the slut into the bedroom and fuck her in the ass ... make her suck you clean ... then pound her hot cunt, Baby. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.... Vivian's pussy and clit exploded in her third orgasm.

    "No... We can't do this to Vivian," Kent screamed. "She's out of town helping her mother... I can't screw her best friend. NO! NO! Absolutely not!

    "All right, Darling. We won't fuck, but I'm going to suck that big hard cock and make it shoot. From the looks of it, it won't take more than a couple of minutes. When I finish, you're going to put me on that table, and eat my pussy until I cum."

    "How long do you think you'll last on my tongue," Kent asked with a laugh.

    "About 10 seconds... but I can cum multiple times and I want your mouth on my pussy until I can't cum any longer. Now come over here and stick that monster dick in my mouth, Stud."

    Back in Teri's apartment, Vivian heard Kent groan. She could easily picture the big shaft sinking into Teri mouth. The bitch was going to gag on it. Her fingers plunged back into her throbbing vagina as her hips arched high off the bed.

    "OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH... Suck it, Teri. Suck me. Aaaaahhhhhh shit... Take more of it."

    Backing momentarily, Teri gasped, "Ohhhh fuck... I can't take all of this monster. I'll need to practice to do that. I'll suck as much of you as I can and jack off the rest. Shoot it in my mouth hole, Stud."

    For several minutes, all Vivian heard over the cell phone was masculine grunts and female moans... then, "OOHHH FUCK... I'm gonna blow your mouth full, Teri. Suck me!" This was followed by gagging sounds from Teri as Kent fired his load into her belly, throat, mouth, and all over her face. As Teri gagged, Vivian could hear grunts of satisfaction coming from Kent.

    When Vivian heard Teri gagging and gasping, she could just imagine the huge cum load gushing into her friend's mouth. Her pussy erupted in her fourth climax. She would have cum even harder if she could have seen Teri's mouth and face when Kent's balls were finally emptied.

    "Oh my god, Honey," Teri gasped. "You must have been saving up that load for a week. Jezzzz... you not only filled my mouth and throat, you just drenched my face and tits. Do you always shoot off a load that big?"

    "No... I haven't been with Vivian for three days now. It just builds up, and then you came over... that pretty much did it."

    "Well, I've only got two things to say. First, if you were my guy, I'd drain your balls every damn day. And second, it's your turn now. My pussy's on fire. I just hope you're as good at eating pussy as you are at creaming a woman."

    "Get up on the table, Teri. Keep your tits out and lift your legs."

    "Like this, Honey?”

    “No. Spread wider and pull your knees back toward your tits.”

    "MMmmmmmm... sexy, hot bastard," Teri moaned as she lay back on the table and spread wide open.

    Teri's eyes opened wide with hot anticipation, which mounted even higher when she heard Kent say, "I'm going to make you cum on my tongue and lips, Teri. Spread your cunt and expose your clit. DO IT! "

    That announcement alone was enough to drive Teri to the brink of an orgasm. Vivian had raved and raved about Kent's hot tongue... now she was going to find out for herself... first hand. She wondered how long it would take him to get her off the first time. Then, she couldn't think any longer... Kent's tongue pushed into her sex trench and began sliding up and down the length of her slit... sucking and nipping the lips of her pussy as it went. All she could do was feel and whine with hot female pleasure.

    After each pass up the length of her sex slit, Teri felt the tongue slide deeply into her throbbing vagina. When the tongue pulled out, her lips were sucked into the male mouth and licked and nipped before being released. Before Kent even began licking her engorged clitoris, Teri's pussy exploded in her first intense orgasm. Her juices flooded over Kent's face, but he never moved away.

    "Ooohhh, you hot bastard... you just made me cum.... so damn hard... and so damn fast. None of my boy friends have gotten me off that hard and that fast! Please... please... don't stop. DON'T STOP!"

    The hot tongue reached her clitoris and lashed it. "GGGHHHAAAAAAAAA!!" Teri's ass hammered up and down, uncontrollably, against Kent's face. Holding her clitoris firmly with his lips, his tongue circled the convulsing organ causing Teri's cunt hole to contract and her juices to ejaculate into Kent's mouth. She howled as the climax surged through her body.

    As Teri's body jerked wildly on the table, Kent sucked the throbbing organ and the surrounding labia deep inside his mouth and worked his lips and tongue over the pulsing shaft. Again, Teri wailed in the heat of another gut wrenching orgasm. Her vagina contracted in repeated hard spasms as she came and spurted again.

    Now Kent's tongue was lashing her clitoris with firm, rapid hard strokes up and down the entire length of the swollen shaft and then over the sensitive tip. At the same time, his fingers rammed into her pulsing vagina and found her G-spot. The sensations of his tongue and lips on her clit and his fingers on the G-spot brought howls of pleasure/pain from Teri's lungs. Her cunt whooshed air. Her ass contracted as did her cunt. Juices poured out drenching Kent and the table top.

    After her fourth orgasm, Teri's fists were beating on Kent's back in a frenzy of passion. One moment, she was begging him to stop... that he was killing her... the next moment, she was threatening him with castration if he stopped.

    After six orgasms, Kent backed away leaving Teri gasping and moaning on the table top, her legs wide open and hanging limply off the sides of the table... her hole gaping as it opened and closed rapidly in spastic contractions. Her sexual secretions bubbled out of her throbbing pussy and seeped down her ass crack.

    "Please... Kent... please... do it to me! PLEASE!"

    "Do what," he teased the moaning woman.

    "Fuck me. Please... I need cock... oohhhhh god... I need cock in me... Put your cock in me. I NEED IT!"

    "I've already told you, Teri. I'm engaged to Vivian. I don't fuck other women. I shouldn't even have had oral sex with you, but I couldn't resist. You're just too sexy and beautiful. If you tell Vivian, she will probably break off our engagement. I hope you don't tell her.

    Still struggling to regain her breath, Teri gasped, "Fuck me and I won't tell her."

    "No way. You got me off with your mouth, and I returned the favor. It's time for you to leave."

    Vivian was still on Teri's bed with her legs gaping open her fingers frantically ramming in and out of her throbbing cunt. Each time she thrust fingers in, she worked them over her G-spot and stroked her engorged clitoris. Her hips arched upwards to meet her fingers. Part of her brain was happy that he fiancé had refused to fuck Teri, but when she thought about Jack and Andy and the coming weekend, the other part of her brain that was connected to her cunt was not happy. But that didn’t stop her from convulsing in her sixth orgasm of the evening.


    Vivian finger fucked herself to a half dozen orgasms
    listening to Teri try to seduce Kent.

    That evening Teri and I were working on our second bottle of a good Chablis when she asked, "Did it turn you on to listen to me seducing Kent?"

    "You didn't seduce him. He tossed your sexy ass out of his apartment when you were begging him to fuck you."

    "Well, I gave him a blowjob, and he shot off a monster load in my mouth and all over my face. I'd say that counts as having seduced him."

    "No way. That's the very least he could have done the way your were coming on to him. I said he wouldn't fuck you, and he didn't."

    "No, but he gave me fantastic head... it was every bit as good as you said it would be."

    "How many times did you cum, you dirty slut," I said with grin.

    "Six times. And don't tell me that doesn't count. I seduced him."

    "No. You said Kent would fuck you. I said he wouldn't... and he didn't. You failed... sorry but no brass ring for you."

    "Tell me, how many times did you get off listening to us? No lies now... fess up."

    "Same as you. Six times. Three times on my fingers and three more on my vibrator."

    "You wanted him to fuck me, didn't you?"

    "No! Of course not. He's my fiancé. No way I wanted him to fuck your slutty cunt."

    "You wanted him to fuck me so you would have a good excuse to let Jack and Andy fuck you this coming Saturday night. Isn't that the truth?"

    "Well... maybe a little, but I'm glad he didn't."

    "This isn't over yet. I'm taking another shot at Kent Friday night."

    "What else can you possibly do that you didn't do last night?"

    "I'm going to show up at his door stark naked except for a pair of 5-inch come-fuck-me heels. After I bend over and show him my wet pussy and ass holes, he's gonna put it in me. Bet on it."

    Once more, I was listening on the cell phone when Teri knocked on Kent's door Friday night around 9 PM. Underneath her coat that came within two inches of her knees, she was stark naked except for her heels.

    I heard the sound of the door opening. Then... "Hi, Teri. Back again, huh?"

    "That's your fault, Kent."

    "Why is that?"

    "Because you got me so damn hot the other night and then just left me hanging."

    "What are you talking about? I got you off a half dozen or so times when I went down on your hot pussy."

    "Don't you know that oral sex just whet's a woman's appetite. I need cock in me after a guy licks me to several orgasms. I begged you to fuck me, but just told me to leave, you dirty bastard! You owe me one hot fucking, Honey, and I mean to collect on it tonight."

    I heard Kent gasp, and didn't need video to know that Teri must have dropped her coat on the floor and was now posing naked in front of my fiancé. Frankly, I was pretty certain that Teri was right. No man could resist. He was going to fuck her. With a surge of guilt, I realized that I was hoping he would.

    "Like what you see, Honey? Does my body make that big dick of yours hard?"

    "Of course it does, but I told before, I can't cheat on Vivian and risk losing her."

    "Oh shut up with that stuff. I'm going to mount this coffee table on my knees and put my head down on the table. My cunt and ass will both be in perfect fucking position for you. Take that hard cock out and use it in either one or both of my hot holes, Baby. I know you want to fuck me... so RAM IT IN, HARD! Don't worry about hurting me. My cunt's a swamp and I lubed my ass before I came here. HURRY! STICK IT IN ME!"

    When I again heard Kent gasp and then moan, I knew Teri was bent over obscenely displaying her ass and cunt for him.

    For a few minutes, I didn't hear anything over the cell phone. The silence was broken by Teri's high-pitched wail as my fiancé's big, thick cock pried her cunt wide open and drove into her.


    Kent's masculine grunts of pleasure as he pounded his cock into the throbbing cunt hole mixed with Teri's female howls. He was screwing her so hard, I could even hear the dull thud of his hips as they made contact with her body.


    The hot sounds of fucking continued for nearly a half hour. Judging from Kent's deep-voiced grunts and gasps, he put one load into Teri but hardly paused. Teri screamed several times that she was cumming until finally she stopped talking and just moaned continuously. I knew Kent was still fucking her though because every five minutes or so, her screams would rise in pitch and volume as her vagina again erupted around Kent's surging male sex spike.

    After another half hour, I heard Teri begging Kent to stop and let her rest. He ignored the whining female, as I expected him to and continued fucking her until she was wailing in another climax.

    For the first time since he had started fucking Teri, I heard my fiancé say something. "Asshole time, Teri. Your cunt's all fucked out. Straddle my hips and ass fuck your cunt on my cock. Oh yeah! That's it. "

    I began to cum when I heard the female shriek of momentary pain as Kent's huge cock stretched Teri's asshole wide open and drove inward.

    Kent screwed Teri in every possible position for hours.

    Teri came home around midnight. I had to laugh when she came in. She looked like 10 men had gang banged her in a brothel. "So... how did you like getting my fiancé's big cock rammed up your cunt and asshole, Teri?"

    "Oh my god. He is an incredible, total fuck master. He rang my bell so many times I couldn't believe it. And jezzz... that cock... that fantastic cock! The first time he put it in me, it took him several minutes to work all that thing into my pussy. I was already cumming and he didn't have it all the way into me yet."

    I was now rubbing my pussy openly... right in front of her. "How was it when he got all of it into you?"

    "Fucking unbelievable! He just gradually worked it further and further into my cunt... stretching me... then stopping... then slowly moving back and forth. As he got more cock into me, he started moving faster... taking longer and deeper strokes each time, until eventually, he was driving the whole length in and out of my cunt. God! Does he ever know how to fuck a woman! He moved it in and out of all the way from his cockhead to his balls. I was going crazy... I'm sure you could hear me howling and cumming over and over."

    I was rubbing my cunt faster. Teri stared at my hand moving between my thighs. "Girl... you're crazy to sit here and finger fuck yourself and not let that man fuck you."

    "That'll make it just that much hotter when we're married and he starts fucking me." At that point, my pussy convulsed. I arching my hips high and came hard with my toes curling back.

    Teri giggled. "If you say so, Honey. You just keep finger fucking that pussy and keep it hot. I'm going to go call Jack and tell him to call Andy. I may have gotten screwed hard tonight, but those two big-dicked studs are going to fuck your sexy ass off tomorrow night."

    "OOOohhhhhhhhhh god ... YES!" I came again at the thought.

    Andy and Jack arrived at Teri's at 8 PM Saturday night. Before we were even in the car, Andy was drooling over my body that did look sexy in the short black skirt that didn't ever cover my belly button and the low-cut blouse that showed off a lot of my tits.

    "Wow! You said she was a fox, and you just weren't kidding!" Andy exclaimed as his eyes undressed me. "How big are those tits, Vivian?"

    "34D," I replied.

    "Jezzz... just 34" but yet a D-cup. Baby... your chest is all tit. Fantastic! Pull down the top and let me get a good look at them."

    Teri could see I was embarrassed and tried to help. "Come on, Andy. You're a big boy. You can get them out yourself later tonight. Let go dancing then back to Jack's place."

    "No way. We're not leaving until I get a good look at Vivian's tits. Come on, Honey. Show them off. You know you want to."

    I pulled the top down enough to expose over half of my tits, but Andy wasn't buying it. "All the way, Honey. Take'em out. Right now."

    I knew we weren't leaving until the men saw my tits, so I pulled the top down all the way and let them stick out. Andy gave a low whistle. "My god, Viv... those are beautiful. I'm already hard."

    "Ok, Andy. You've seen them. Can we go dancing now?" I asked.

    A few minutes later, we were in Jack's car heading to "The Pit" that featured live music, hot women, and sexy studs. Andy and I took the back seat while Teri snuggled up against Jack in the front seat. We had hardly gotten out of the driveway before Andy had my tits out again... hefting them, squeezing, pulling, and pinching the nipples, and finally, sucking my nipples.

    We had gone no more than a mile when his hand was under my short skirt rubbing my pussy through the bikini panties I had worn. He knew exactly how much pressure to use and where to rub me. Within another mile, my legs were wide open and I was moaning softly. Teri turned around to watch. "Hey Jack. What did I tell you about how hot and ready Vivian is. Andy's already got his fingers in her hot snatch."

    I couldn't very well deny it. By the third mile, my ass was up off the seat and Andy had my panties pulled far down my thighs. His fingers sensuously stroked my pussy... up and down my hot, wet sex trench and then up to my clitoris, which he worked like the experienced stud that he was. When we pulled into the parking lot of "The Pit", I was about to cum, but he stopped just before I got off.

    "Ohhhh... don't stop. I'm about to cum."

    "Good. I want you hot and dripping. Let go dance."

    Jack and Andy danced with both Teri and me, and both of those guys got me off on the dance floor in front of everyone. There was nothing I could do. With their hands under my skirt and inside my panties as we danced... plus their hard cocks grinding into my mound, they had an easy time making me cum.

    On the drive back to Jack's, Andy got me naked in the back seat and began fucking me. In between strokes, I gasped, "I need to tell you guys that ... ooohh ooohhh ooohhh.. harder... give it to me harder, Baby... tell you that I'm not... ugh ugh... ooohhh fuck meeeeeee!"

    "Not what?" Andy asked as he pumped me harder and faster.

    "I'm not on the pill... aaahhhhhhh.... I'm about to cum!"

    From the front seat, Jack said in amazement, "You mean we're going to be fucking your unprotected cunt tonight?"

    "What's this... 'going to be'... stuff. Andy's already fucking the shit out of meeeeeeeee!" I moaned as my ass surged up to meet his strokes. "It's not the right time of the month though... so don't worry... you can pump as much cum into me as you want."

    Andy did just that. By the time we reached Jack's place, he had already dumped one load into my pussy but was still pounding me when Jack brought the car to a stop.

    "Come on. Let's get these two ladies inside so we can put out their fires," Jack said. Neither Teri nor I had any objections at this point.

    Andy made me walk from the parking lot to Jack's apartment stark naked with his hand on my ass pushing me along. Teri wasn't much better off. Jack had her tits hanging out of her blouse and her skirt up around her waist. Since he had removed her panties right at our table at The Pit, her pussy was as much on display as mine was.

    As soon as we were inside, Andy pushed me onto one of the beds and shoved his cock into my mouth. I sucked as he mouth fucked me. Any nervousness I had felt at first was now completely gone. Pulling his cock from my mouth, I moved my tongue from the big cockhead down Andy's very thick shaft to his balls, which I licked and coated with my saliva. Once that was done, I started back up the shaft. After several trips up and down his cock, I reinserted him into my mouth. He groaned with the sensation. I loved it.

    "Spread your legs so I can see your cunt, Viv," Andy ordered. My legs moved wide apart instantly.

    I had lost track of where Teri and Jack were, but I soon found out when I felt Jack's cock being shoved into my cunt. The two studs mouth and cunt fucked me with a steady rhythm as Teri urged them on... telling them to fuck the cheating bitch harder... faster.... deeper.

    Without warning, my cunt went into hard spasms and I had an intense orgasm around Jack's plunging dick. He groaned and ejaculated his load inside my cunt... my second cum load of the night. Quickly, the two men changed positions, and I found myself seated on Andy's rigid sex spike while Jack stood on the bed and thrust his semi-hard cock in and out of my mouth.

    Andy was grunting every time he drove his rod into my pussy. The hot pressure of my mouth around his cock plus the erotic sight of Teri finger fucking her pussy rapidly hardened Jack's cock. When he was fully hard, he pulled out and as I bounced on Andy's cock, I watched as Jack bent Teri over the arm of a lounge chair and nailed her pussy from behind. She wailed when it went in and then began to moan and grunt as he fucked her. I came again and the spasms surging through my cunt triggered Andy's orgasm. We both moaned loudly as load number three pumped into my receptive, unprotected cunt.

    After some rest, Andy fucked Teri while Jack worked on me. We did 69, but Jack didn't want to cum in my mouth. The thought of shooting his load into an unprotected pussy was too hot to pass up. In fact, I soon noticed that whenever one of the men screwed Teri, he was holding back his load so he could shoot it into me later on when he was in my cunt.

    Around 11 PM, I got it in my ass for the first time. I was riding Andy with his rod buried up my ass when Jack came over and made use of my mouth. They used me that way until I came, but neither man shot off. I knew it was because neither one was in my cunt.

    The two studs fucked me for hours, and everyone
    of their loads went into my cunt.

    The two men pulled out and left me panting on the bed. Getting Teri on the other twin bed, they forced her knees back against her tits and began double fucking her with Andy in her pussy in missionary position and Jack fucking her ass. They screwed both of her holes until she had had two hard climaxes, the second one causing her juices to spurt forcefully from her tightly plugged cunt. Again, the two men withdrew from her well-fucked, throbbing holes without ejaculating.

    It was my turn to get double fucked I straddled Andy as he lay on bed and fitted his cock into my cunt. As many loads of cum as I had in there, he slid into me like a well-oiled piston. With my asshole already stretched, Jack just as easily entered me there. The two men fucked me for a long time getting me off twice before Andy groaned and emptied his balls into my pussy, which by this time was awash with thick pools of semen and sperm.

    Jack pulled his rod from my ass and I got off Andy. Teri was on him in a flash... deep throating his cock bringing it back to life. While she sucked him, I straddled Jack. Holding my hips steady, he drove his throbbing shaft into my vagina. I moaned softly as I was filled again.

    He started slowly and then built up speed until his hips were a blur of motion. He rammed his rod deep into my cunt, grinding his pubic bone on my throbbing clit, before withdrawing and slamming into me again. I was grunting with every stroke.

    "The cheating bitch is about to cum again. Get back in her ass, Andy, before Jack shoots off in her."

    When I felt Andy's renewed hard-on sinking into my ass, I came hard. A moment later, Jack fired off inside me and gave me another semen and sperm douche. This time, Andy continued to ram his rod in and out of my asshole until I felt his cock jerking and throbbing. It was the only cum load either of the men shot anywhere except inside my unprotected cunt.

    The two studs screwed my cunt and ass together.
    All the cum went into my unprotected cunt except
    the one that Andy shot into my ass.


    With two weeks to go before graduation, Kent and I were still having a lot of sex play but no intercourse. The anticipation that in just two weeks, we would be having unrestricted, total sex had both us in a state of heat all the time. My pussy was constantly wet whether Kent was around or not, and every time I saw him, he stayed hard most of the time.

    We also had some fantastically good news about our future employment. Kent had landed an excellent entry-level engineering position with a major industrial firm at the really great salary of $81,000 per year with benefits also included. Since my degree was in English Literature and Composition with a minor in Spanish, there was no way I could ever match his income, but even so, I got a teaching position at a four-year college in the same city at a starting salary of $39,000 per year also with benefits included.

    With our employment secured and a total income of $120,000 per year with benefits, we had enormous latitude in selecting a home. We spent a full week looking at houses, checking with builders to see if we want to build, and also looking at condos. It was great fun.

    In the end, we chose to purchase a very nice large home that wasn't too far from our job locations. The place had 3100 square feet of living space, a two-car garage, pool, three bedrooms and two full baths and a half bath. The lot was a full 1.5 acres with a beautiful wooded area behind the home. We both loved it.

    The wedding ceremony was small, not too expensive, but it was wonderful. Our parents and all our friends were present to help us celebrate. Teri was my maid-of-honor. Just before the ceremony, she got me into one of the vacant meeting rooms of the church and locked the door.

    "Ok, you sexy slut, you have to tell me... has that stud groom of yours had his cock in your pussy yet or not?"

    "No. He hasn't... and every time I touch him or kiss him on the cheek, he gets hard with the anticipation."

    "I'll bet he does! And do you get wet?"

    "I've been wet and in heat for the last two weeks." We both laughed.

    "Well, I think it's my duty as your maid-of-honor to speed things up and give Kent some help in getting into your eager cunt as fast as possible. Lift your wedding dress, Vivian, all the way up to your waist."

    When I did as she had ordered, Teri hooked her fingers in the waistband of my white panties and slowly dragged them down over my ass and down my thighs. "You won't be needing these," she said with a knowing grin. She felt the tiny panties and said, "You weren't kidding about being wet all the time, Honey. Your panties are soaked."

    "Oh shit, I know. Getting married without any panties on. I may cum during the ceremony."

    "Maybe you will or maybe you won't. But one thing is certain."

    "What's that?"

    "I can smell the hot aroma of your cunt. So you can be certain that Kent and probably the preacher will also know you're not wearing any panties."

    I didn't have an orgasm during the ceremony, but my pussy was tingling, and my clit was hard and erect. When Kent kissed me at the altar after we were married, I could feel his iron-hard erection pressing into my mound. He told me later that he could smell my cunt, and it had gotten him hard.

    We went to Cancun for a week on our honeymoon. I had spent the first eight years of my life living in Mexico because my father worked for company that did a great deal of business with the Mexican government. As a result, I was fluent in Spanish and had always dreamed about spending my honeymoon in Cancun. Now, my dream was a reality.

    Although my new husband knew my background, he had never heard me speak Spanish. It did wonders for my ego when I saw the look of amazement on his face as I conversed in fluent and unaccented Spanish with the hotel management and staff.

    As soon as the bellhop had left our room, Kent was all over me. His mouth covered mine, his hands explored under my skirt and began stroking my erect clit as his rigid eight-inch pussy destroyer rammed hard into my crotch.

    When I started undressing him, he grabbed my hands and stopped me. "What's wrong?" I asked.

    "Nothing's wrong except that there's a change of command here. You've been in charge of our sexual activities or lack of them for 10 months. Now it's my turn."

    Kent's hands rapidly pulled the bodice of my dress down and released my braless tits. "Put your hands behind your head... don't move them," he ordered. As soon as I did it, his lips captured my nipples and began sucking, pulling, and nipping them. They quickly hardened and began to throb under his oral caresses. My hips were already thrusting back and forth.

    Abruptly, Kent lifted me in his arms and carried me to the bed. Putting me on all fours, he flipped my dress back over my hips and began lowering my panties. I heard myself moaning with anticipation and need. "Spread your knees... wide, Darling."

    I did and from that moment on, it seemed like my husband had me in a constant state of climax. He spent what seemed like forever licking my thighs and my ass. Then, he moved beneath my hanging tits and spent an equal amount of time on my nipples, my belly and my breasts. Finally, he worked his way down to my mound... kissing it... licking so close to my throbbing clitoris but not touching it.

    "Please, Darling. I need you inside me... fucking me." Naturally, he ignored me as he rolled me over onto my back and moved between my gaping thighs. When his mouth found my pussy, juices squirted all over his face and the bed. I couldn't stop shrieking. Each time my cunt convulsed, I howled louder and louder.

    Kent continued to suck and lick my throbbing clitoris. His fingers worked sensuously over my G-spot and in and out of my asshole. I came again... and then a few minutes later... again. My entire body was shuddering with violent tremors. I heard myself babbling and begging, "Please... Put it in me! Put it in my cunt. Please... ohhh god.. fuck me! fuck me! You dirty son-of-a-bitch... STICK YOUR COCK INTO ME! NOW!"

    Flipping me onto my side, my husband moved behind in spoon position, hoisted my leg into the air to give him access to my cunt, and then slowly ran the swollen head of his cock up my seeping slit. When he reached my opening, he paused and whispered in my ear, "I love you, Darling... more than life." A moment later, I felt his big cock easily stretching me open and sinking smoothly into my eager and very receptive cunt.

    "UUUUnnnn... soooo good... soooo good. Fuck me, Lover. Fuck your hot, slutty wife."

    Kent never stopped groaning with pleasure as he powered his thick shaft in and out of my pussy. The hot squishing sounds combined with the electric sensations of his organ sliding forward and back over my G-spot and his fingers working my clitoris had me erupting in my first married orgasm on my husband's cock.

    "OOHHHH... I'm cumming, Honey... harder... ram me harder, you big stud!"

    "Oh Fuck! It feels like your cunt is trying to milk the cum right out of me... ooohhhhh... what a luscious, hot hole you have lady."

    "It is trying to milk your balls, Lover. I want your big load in me... deep inside my pussy... shoot it right into my womb, Honey. Knock me up. Pump me full...aaaahhhh.. aahhhh... I'm cumming again... Cum in me, Darling. NOW!"

    My husband grunted like a stallion mounted on a hot mare. I could feel his cock swelling... he hammered in short, hard strokes just before his rod began jerking spastically deep inside my vagina. His masculine roar of satisfaction as his sperm and semen fired in thick jets against my womb filled the room. His hips pounded his rod into me in one hard thrust after another. With each thrust, Kent ejaculated another stream of sperm into me. I came with him... my high-pitched female whines mixing with his deep masculine grunts.

    I could feel his cock throbbing inside me for over a minute. Although I couldn't feel his cum being shot into my pussy, I knew that each time his cock throbbed, more semen was going into me. I was in my fertile period and the sensuous thought that he was knocking me up... breeding me... made me climax again.

    Kent kept his cock in me for a long time after we finished. When he finally pulled it, a thick river of sperm-loaded semen ran from my vagina down my ass cheek. The erotic feeling of his load pouring from my cunt had me shivering with desire for more.

    My husband didn't keep me waiting for long. After cuddling together and resting for about 10 minutes, I moved down his body to get him ready for Round #2 by taking his cock in my mouth. Instead of finding a flaccid or perhaps a semi-hard penis, I found one erect, hard as a rock, and more than ready to screw me. Eagerly, I sucked him into my mouth. As soon as it entered, I felt my husband's thick phallus throbbing.

    Backing off his surging rod, I said in awe, "My god! You just fired off a huge load into me ten minutes ago. I can't believe you're already hard again."

    "I've been hard for at least five minutes, you sexy witch."

    "OH! Yes! Why didn't you stick that beautiful thing into me?"

    "I thought you might be exhausted. You must have come 7 or 8 times."

    "Oh, Honey! When you get hard and want me... take me! Please... anytime you want my pussy, it's yours."

    "I'm going to hold you that, Vivian. Now mount my cock and fuck your hot pussy on it. I need to shoot another load into you."

    Moving up Kent's body, I straddled his hips and pressed my wet slit against his shaft. He groaned with male need when he felt my hot sex slit sliding up and down his hard shaft. "Put it in," he moaned.

    "That's what I was begging you to do earlier, and you just ignored me. Now it's your turn to wait," I said as I increased the pressure of my slit against his shaft. For long, hot sex-filled minutes, I moved my pussy up and down my husband's cock without allowing him to enter my pussy. The longer I continued to stroke my slit over his length, the harder he throbbed.

    "Oh come on, Vivian. I can't take any more. I need to fuck you. Put my cock inside your cunt, baby," he whined.

    "You really want me to let you fuck your big cock into my hot, wet pussy?"

    "OOhhhhh... please... YES!"

    I raised my hips off his wildly throbbing shaft, aligned the big swollen head with my cunt hole, and slid my cunt down the entire length of his shaft. When my pussy lips encircled the base of his cock, Kent moaned with pleasure.

    He wasted no time. Holding my hips for leverage, he jack hammered his thick prick in and out of my vagina. The hot sloshing sounds of his piston pumping my cum-filled hole had us both wildly excited. My husband fucked me through two intense orgasms before he pumped his second load of our wedding night into my fertile pussy.

    After I had milked the last drop of semen from his balls, I collapsed on top of his body. We didn't move for almost 15 minutes. Finally, I rolled off him and we drifted off to sleep with my thigh over his.

    Two AM: I had awakened in our darkened room from the pressure of my husband's hand on my cunt. He was still asleep even though his hand moved slowly over my cum-slickened slit. By 2:05 AM, my clit was erect and I was hot again.

    When my hand found his semi-hard cock and began slowly jacking him off, his hips began to thrust upward in his sleep. In less than a minute, he was hard again. I mounted him in reverse cowgirl position and sank down on his rigid shaft. Kent awoke when I began humping his sex spike.

    "Oh WOW! What a way to wake up! Fuck that hot cunt on me, Honey."

    I came after ten minutes and my humping ass slowed down, but my randy husband wasn't finished yet. "Don't stop, you hot slut. Fuck your cunt on me until I cum," he ordered. For emphasis, he whacked my ass hard with his hand and I immediately began pounding my cunt up and down his shaft. When my ass again slowed, my husband gave me another spanking. This time, I fucked my pussy on his cock until he was grunting and pumping his load into me.

    Four AM: My husband had me on all fours fucking me in doggie position. My hanging tits were bouncing back and forth in time with his hard thrusts into my cunt. My hole exploded. Kent's response was to shove two fingers into my asshole and fuck me even hard. A combination of my sex juices and his cum loads were pouring out my hole and forming long cum ropes from my pussy lips and my clit. When Kent's cum load shot into my hole, the cum ropes got even thicker.
    The sex was glorious. As soon as my randy husband
    would shoot one load into me, I was eagerly
    looking forward to the next time.

    Nine AM: I awoke first and began kissing my new husband and rubbing my tits all over his chest. He pulled me even closer and thrust his tongue inside my mouth and his fingers into my pussy. The kiss lasted a long time until finally we both had to breathe.

    "I'm starved," my husband commented.

    "So am I, but not for food. I want this big cock again and more cum in my fertile pussy."

    "Ok. I have an idea. I'll call down for room service for breakfast, and while we wait for the food to arrive, I'll fuck your slutty pussy again. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've yet fucked my new bride in missionary position yet. Need to remedy that oversight."

    Fifteen minutes later, my legs were high in the air and back toward my tits. I was holding my ass elevated to keep my pussy in perfect fucking position for my hot stud who was ramming his entire eight inches in and out of me with long, deep, hard strokes.

    "Ooohhhh SCREW ME!" I wailed as my pussy throbbed about the thick shaft stretching me. "BREED ME, STUD. AAAHHHHH... OOOHHH FUCK... YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN!"

    Without telling me, my depraved, sexy husband had disengaged the privacy lock on our door and had told room service to use their master key and bring the food in when it was ready. While my pussy was in the throes of another climax, I noticed the bellhop standing behind the service tray watching my husband fuck me. He had his cock out jacking off as he watched. His load shot three feet into the air at the same time as Kent's much smaller load squirted into my waiting cunt.

    When my husband dismounted, I kept my legs open and back so the room service guy could see my cum-filled, well-fucked cunt. He never took his eyes off my pussy, not even when my naked husband held out a $5 tip. Finally, Kent nudged the guy to get his attention.

    "You've already tipped me, Sir. Getting to watch you fuck your gorgeous bride is the best tip I've had in weeks. I hope you'll ask for me anytime you need anything during your stay with us. My name is Garcia."


    The week in Cancun was fantastic. Every day was a fun-filled adventure. Every moment when we weren't swimming, water skiing, dining in great restaurants, or sight seeing, Kent was fucking my brains out. There wasn't a moment when my pussy wasn't filled with at least two loads of cum.

    We let Garcia watch us a couple of times. He obviously wanted to fuck me, but except for watching, he had to settle for a goodbye blowjob on our last night at the hotel.

    When we returned home and began our jobs, we had less time, but every spare moment we did have, we were fucking somewhere, either on the couch, in our bed, with me bent over the sink, in the back seat of our car, or even on the park with my back against a tree and my legs wrapped tightly around Kent as he pounded his sex spike in and out of my gushing pussy. With all the fucking we did, it came as a shock when I had my regular period.

    "How can you not be pregnant?" Kent had wondered aloud.

    "Seems weird, but Teri says sometimes it happens. My egg might have been defective or somehow the sperm swam in the wrong direction... who knows. I guess we'll just have grit our teeth, bare up under the strain, and continue fucking like rabbits."

    Kent smiled. "It's a rotten, stinking job, but someone has to do it."

    "Well, I wouldn't want to inconvenience you. Maybe I can enlist the help of Garcia. He might be willing to fly up here and give you some help."

    "Hot Bitch!"

    "You ought to know. You've fucked me enough. How about getting started on knocking me up, Stud?"

    For several days, Kent screwed me twice a day. Then, about five days before my fertile period was to begin, he suggested that we abstain until I was at my most fertile time. That way, he said, he would have a huge load of sperm built up and that would knock me up pretty quickly.

    We agreed even though it nearly drove both of us crazy. We couldn't do anything that might cause Kent to ejaculate. He did go down on me continuously, so I wasn't deprived as much as he was. It made me love him all the more.

    Finally, the day arrived when I figured to be my most vulnerable to being impregnated. Kent took three days off work and so did I. We fucked continuously. The most I had on during those three days was a pair of come-fuck-me heels and a pair of panties. Kent fucked me seven times that first day, five times the second day, and six more times the third. Every time, he shot the load deep into my hot, eager hole.

    We had also obtained VI or a vaginal insert, more commonly known as a CP for "cunt plug". As soon as Kent had pumped his load into me and pulled out, he inserted the CP, which plugged my vagina and kept the semen pooled against my womb. I wore the CP all the time except when Kent was ready to fuck me again.

    All the way through my fertile period and afterwards, Kent continued to shoot into me two or three times a day. Even so, my next period arrived on schedule. At this point, we sought medical help.

    It was a disaster. I was fine, but Kent was sterile, completely sterile. He had had mumps when he was a very young boy. They had infected his testicles resulting in sterility but not hindering their hormonal functions. So he was a normal, randy male in every way, except he could not impregnate a woman. He was devastated.

    It was several days before either of us could discuss the situation. I cried a lot during the first two days, which further devastated my wonderful husband, but I couldn't help it. Finally, we got ourselves under enough control to discuss our options.

    "I know you've always wanted a large family of four to six children, Vivian. I've always loved kids too and I've come to share your dream. We can still have the dream, but not in exactly the way we had both hoped. As I see it, we have three options."

    "First, we can adopt children. That takes time but couples who have done it come to love the children as if they were their own. Second, we can use artificial insemination. That can be expensive, but we can afford the cost. And third, you can take a lover or just pick up a guy to get you pregnant, without telling him, of course. You've told me that you've had numerous other men, and I'm ok with this option. Why don't you consider these options for a few days, and then we'll sit down and you can tell me your thoughts. One way or another, we have to solve this problem or it's going to tear us apart."

    On Friday, I told Kent that on Saturday night, he was taking me out for dinner, some dirty dancing, and then a night of sex in some motel. "Save up, Lover, because I expect to have that big, luscious cock of yours in all three of my holes multiple times."

    After getting dressed for our "date" Saturday evening, I went out the back door to our pool area and called out to Kent to join me on the patio. He took his time coming outside, but as soon as he saw me with my heel up on the love seat and my red dress up to the top of my thigh, he hurried over. "Wow! You look hot, Honey. Just awesome. Where did that sexy dress come from?"

    "I bought it at Victoria's Secret yesterday. Like it? Like me in it?"

    "Oh hell yes I like it, and I like you in it ten times more!"

    "You know just the right things to say to a girl to get her out of her panties, Darling."

    "Are you wearing any panties under that dress?"

    "Of course I'm wearing panties. Do you think your wife is a hot slut?"

    "Pretty much," my husband said with a grin. "Prove your wearing panties."

    "Jezzz... what a dirty man I married. You want me to just pull up my skirt and show you my panties?"

    "Actually, no."

    "You don't?" I said, half surprised and half disappointed.

    "No. I want you sit on that love seat, spread your legs wide open, and show me your panties."

    My disappointment vanished in a flash. Taking seat, I steepled one knee, let my other leg drape off the side of the seat, and spread wide for my sexy husband's pleasure... and mine. "MMMmmmmm... You are wearing panties. I was hoping your weren't."

    "So you could see my cunt?"

    "Yeah. I love looking at your hot pussy."

    "All you have to do is ask, Lover."

    Kent smiled. "Show me your pussy, you sexy slut."


    Now it was his turn to be surprised and disappointed. "No?"

    "That's what I said. There's no way I'm going to pull my panties aside and show you my pussy. But I will pull them aside and show you my wet cunt." Slowly, I pulled the nylon strip between my thighs to one side and held it there letting my husband gaze at my wet sex hole. His big cock rapidly hardened causing my cunt to throb.

    "I love your cunt... and I would like to love it right now!"

    "Later, Darling. Our reservations are for 7 PM. We need to leave."

    Dinner was marvelous. The best part was my husband's hand that kept sliding up the length of my thigh to my wet panties. As we waited for dessert, I spread my legs wide beneath the table and let him bring me to an orgasm. I was still shaking when the waiter brought our desserts. He grinned knowing what had happened since he was been watching my husband playing with me all during the dinner.

    Later, at the Marriott Inn Lounge and Bar, we spent an hour dancing to some slow, sensuous music. Back at our table, Kent whispered, "I'm so hard, it hurts. Let's find a motel so I can get into that wet cunt of yours."

    "That sounds delicious, Lover. But first, I want to tell you what I've decided about getting our family started. You did say I could make the decision didn't you?"

    "Absolutely. I'll support whatever you decide. So tell me."

    "First, I know that we would both love adopted children, but I want to carry the children inside my body and give birth to them. I think that's an important part of being a woman, and I don't want to miss that wondrous experience."

    "Fine. I understand completely. So how do we go about getting you pregnant?"

    "Artificial insemination is out. We have no way of knowing whether the sperm donor has an IQ of 120 or 80. We have no idea what he might look like. But most of all, the procedure is too cold and clinical. The thought of a doctor in a white coat spreading my legs, inserting a syringe into my vagina, and depressing a plunger to impregnate me really spoils the entire experience. I want a man spreading my legs, inserting his plunger, and knocking me up the way I'm supposed to be knocked up. I hope that doesn't disgust you."

    "Not in the slightest. I wouldn't like having that done to me either if I were a woman. So we go with the third option... you find a guy whom you like. I have no problems with that... just be careful whom you select. I don't want you hurt."

    I leaned over, kissed my husband, and whispered softly, "You are a prince of man, Darling. Some men would explode in anger... you're only worried about my safety. I love you, Baby... more than I will ever be able to say. But I don't like your third option either. In fact, I like it less than any of the others."

    "But what's left? I really don't mind your finding a man... I just wish I weren't sterile so I could do the job for you."

    "Let me tell you first why I dislike your third option. To begin with, it leaves you completely out of the process. I want my husband involved. Like you, I wish you could impregnate me, but since that's not possible, I want to find the next best thing... something that involves you... not just me alone with some guy who just wants a piece of ass.

    "I sort of understand that, but I don't see how we can achieve that."

    "Let me finish, Darling. The second thing I don't like about your third option is the fact that we both know that the odds of my getting pregnant the first time some guy fucks me aren't good. Even if it's at exactly the right time in my cycle, I'm still unlikely to get pregnant the first time I get screwed. It's even possible that I will have to let the man fuck me multiple times over two cycles before I'm impregnated. There's no way I want that... going out with another man over and over while you sit home alone. And to make matters even worse, we want four or so children so I would have to do this again and again. That's just horrible. And that's not going to happen to the man I love."

    My husband smiled with pleasure but said, "Thank you, Vivian. That makes me feel really good, but there's just no other way."

    "Yes there is. As you know, I'm currently teaching classes in English and Spanish at the college. Two are two guys, each in two of my classes, both engineering majors, who are very good students, but their families are poor and they have no money. They're trying their best to earn enough busing tables to rent a small apartment that they share, buy food and clothing, pay their tuition and fees, and buy books, but they can't do it. They've told me that they're going to have to drop out of school and get full time jobs."

    "So? How does this solve our problem?"

    I grinned and said, "We have two extra bedrooms, each larger than their efficiency apartment. How would you feel about having two, 18-year old, male students sharing our home for several years while they complete college? They would pay no rent. We would provide the groceries, and buy their books. All they would have to do is earn enough to pay for their tuition and fees. The total cost would be low."

    "I can see that. Go on. There has to be more."

    "There is. Neither Greg nor David has a girl friend... they can't afford to take a girl out. Both of them have dark hair like you do... both have your brown eyes... both have your build.. both are about your height... 6' 0" to 6' 1". And neither one of these young, handsome guys can take their eyes off me during class."

    "I'm beginning to see why you like this fourth option far, far better than any of the other three I suggested. How do Greg and David feel about being used for stud service?"

    "They don't know and will never, ever know. My plan is to simply offer them free room and board along with books and supplies in return for sex with me and my husband. They will be shocked but hot as hell. I'll explain that we like threesomes and moresomes, and they must never say a word about the arrangement to anyone or the offer will be forever withdrawn."

    "I can see that they won't be able to refuse... what 18-year old could refuse such an offer. They're going to think they've died and gone to heaven. But how will they not know?"

    "I'll tell them I'm on the pill and condoms aren't necessary. Sooner or later with two young studs pumping me full of cum almost every day, I'll get pregnant. When I do, we'll tell them that we've decided to start a family and therefore, I'm going off the pill so my husband can get me pregnant. They will be required to wear condoms until my pregnancy is confirmed, which of course will be within a couple of weeks. After that, they can quit using condoms."

    "You are one devious woman. It seems fool proof. Do you really like Greg and David?"

    "Oh hell yes. They're both really sexy guys... very nice... responsible and motivated... highly intelligent... just exactly like you. The best part is that when the sex occurs, you will be present and participating... you will be involved. It may be Greg's or David's sperm that gets me pregnant, but you'll be the one exciting me the most... the one making me cum the hardest."

    "Seems like your plan will take care of our first child. Any thoughts about the others?"

    "It takes at least four years to graduate, Darling. With a little planning we should be able to engineer at least two pregnancies in that time. And maybe a third just before they graduate. Then, we'll just have to find another interested student or two."

    "I just have one question. Do you mind if I ask it?"

    "I want you to, Darling. Anything. Just ask."

    "We both know that one 18-year old guy would have no problems knocking you up. Why two guys?"

    I felt my face turning red with embarrassment. Finally, I stammered, "Well... they're friends. They room together in this tiny apartment now. It seemed wrong to make the offer to one but exclude his friend."

    "You know, you once told me that if we're to have a long, happy life together for decades, raise our family, get through the tough spots, we're going to have to trust each other and be truthful. Is that the real reason?"

    After a long hesitation, I said, "No. Not really. The truth is that the thought of having two young studs and the man I love always around, lusting after me and fucking me constantly for three or four years has me wet and hot all the time. There! I've said it. I've been trying to think of a way to avoid telling you that, but I can't think of anything that any halfway intelligent man would believe. So, do we go back to adoption, insemination, or my finding a guy to screw me until he gets me pregnant?"

    "You must not have a very high opinion of my intelligence. Why would I turn down a plan that is going to keep my wife in a constant state of heat for four years, give me children that will look almost like my own if I weren't sterile, and make my wife love me with all her heart and soul for as long as we live? When will David and Greg be moving in?"

    "Some time this next week, Darling. Now let's find a motel as fast as we can."


    Kent shoved my head lower to elevate my ass even higher. He forced two more inches of cock into my widely stretched asshole as I howled with delight. When his hand reached around my hips and found my erect, throbbing clitoris, I screeched... then screamed as my orgasm exploded. I couldn't have kept my ass from contracting about Kent's deeply embedded cock to save my life. I just throbbed and pulsed again and again. He began fucking me even harder as his fingers rubbed my clit.

    After my first orgasm, I came again... and then again. A half hour later, my husband was still buried inside my ass. His cock was now sliding easily in and out of me as my asshole was gaping open and his first cum load had me lubricated and slick. I was cumming frequently now, and each time another climax hit, I babbled and moaned.

    I couldn’t stop cumming on my husband’s marvelous cock.

    When Kent pulled his iron-hard dick out of my ass, he raised my head by my hair, thrust his cock against my lips, and ordered "SUCK". I was so turned on and hot, I had him all the way down my throat on the first thrust. My saliva rapidly coated his shaft and his balls completely. I thought he would cum in my throat and mouth, but he wanted my cunt.

    Yanking his rod from my sucking lips, he turned me onto my back and drove his rampant cock into my waiting cunt. All eight inches of hard dick raced the length of my pussy and thudded with masculine authority against my womb. My feet danced wildly high in the air; my toes curled back as my mouth stretched open; my tongue lolled out. The orgasm surged through me forcing my lips back. More screams erupted from my lungs as my husband fucked me senseless.

    Kent ass fucked me for over an hour and then
    cunt fucked me for another hour.


    Before Greg and David moved in toward the end of the next week, Vivian and I went shopping for a new bed. After visiting a couple of stores, we replaced our double bed with a new king-sized bed and new mattress. We also junked the old bed in one of the guest bedrooms and replaced it the one that had been in our bedroom.

    "What did they say when you asked them if they wanted to move in with us?"

    "They thought I was teasing them. I kept telling them that we were serious but neither guy would believe me."

    "I guess I can understand that... nearly free education, free room and board, and free pussy whenever they want it. No way they'll believe you're serious. How did you convince them?"

    "I locked the door to my office, mounted my desk, and sat down with my heels up against my ass and my knees up around my tits. Then I asked them if they thought I was just teasing them."

    "What happened?"

    "They both just stood there staring at my exposed legs and thighs. I asked again, and this time, Greg told me that I was incredibly beautiful and married, and I had to be teasing them."

    "So, I went further. I spread my legs wide open and unbuttoned a couple of buttons of my blouse. I told them again that we wanted to help them get an education so they wouldn't have to drop out of school, and in return, they would join us in erotic sex games that my husband and I enjoy. I also stressed that if one single word of this arrangement leaked out, we would terminate the deal and ask them to move out immediately."

    I was now rubbing my semi-hard cock. "Go on," I whispered.

    "They were still not convinced, so I invited them to move closer so they could get a good look between my legs. They did and I invited to feel me... they did that too... a lot, and they both got hard. Finally, I unzipped them, took out their dicks, and asked if they would like to see my ass."

    I was now fully hard. "Did they finger fuck you?"

    "Of course they finger fucked me. I was spread wide open with my panties pulled aside. What guy wouldn't finger fuck me? Anyway, they were pretty much convinced, but they told me to show them my ass. So I got off my desk and leaned over it. They were standing right behind me when I slowly pulled my skirt up over my ass and bunched it around my waist. The fact that was wearing a garter belt and stockings really got them hot, Honey."

    "Did they feel your ass too?"

    "Greg took one cheek, David the other one, and they worked me over really well for inexperienced 18-year old guys. They didn't even ask if they could pull my panties aside. They just did it."

    "Were they convinced?"

    "They were.... very much so."

    "Did they.. eh... did they... mmmm... eh... do more?"

    "Cat got your tongue, Honey? Can't you ask me straight out?"

    "Did either of them fuck you?"

    "After David had taken off my panties, they both fucked your wife, Darling... right there in my office with me bent over my desk... first Greg fucked me, and when he finished, David gave it to me. After they had both cum, I told them that from now on, sex could only take place in the privacy of our home ... that I only let them have me this one time to convince them that we were very serious."

    "Did they cum inside you?"

    "Oh hell yes. They told me they would pull out, but I told them I was on the pill and to go ahead and shoot inside me. When David finished screwing me, Honey, a thick river of semen was running out of my pussy. I might already be pregnant, but we'll have to be certain by having those two sexy guys pump a lot of more cum into me in the coming weeks."

    "OOOhhhhh god... I'm cumming," I moaned. Vivian watched in astonishment. As the wet stain spread all over the front of my pants, she thrust her hand into her panties and masturbated furiously. It only took her a minute or so to drench her panties as I had drenched my pants.

    Greg and David moved into our house on the following Thursday afternoon while I was working at the plant. Vivian got the day off from the college to help them move in. Around 2 PM, I got a text message from my wife:

    Hi: I'm helping Greg and David move all their stuff into the house. It shouldn't take too long as they don't have a lot to move. Dinner will be at 6:30 PM or so, as usual except we'll be eating at the dining room table rather than in the kitchenette... Love you... Viv.

    ` At 4 PM, the buzzing of my cell let me know that another text message had arrived.:

    Hi again: All of Greg's and David's stuff has been moved in. Now they're "in". This is going to take awhile. Dinner may be late... Love... Viv

    P.S. Greg just put one load of his stuff in, but I'm sure there is more to come.

    David and Greg put everything they had in.
    In fact, they put it in multiple times.

    As I was walking to my car in the parking lot at 5:15 PM, my cell phone rang. It was Vivian.

    "Hi. Every thing Ok?" I asked.

    "MMmmmmm... every thing's great, Darling. We got all the guys' stuff moved into their bedrooms and then we spent the rest of the afternoon in bed. They just finished fucking me. Are you on your way home?"

    "Yeah. I'm in the parking lot just about to leave. How many times did they fuck you? Are you really Ok?"

    "Twice each and then I told them we had to stop so I could fix dinner. I'm more than just Ok... except I need you."

    "What for? It seems to me that you're being very well taken care of."

    "Honey, 18-year old guys are great, but they don't take the place of the man I love. They're the second string, Baby. Right now, I need the first-team, superstar. Please drive carefully, but don't dawdle. Hurry... Please."

    "I'm on my way now, you hot slut. Are you naked?"

    "No. Panties, heels, and a dress. If I were naked, I'd never get our dinner started."

    By the time I got home at 6 PM, Vivian had the spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove, garlic French bread, green salad with Italian dressing, and cheesecake ready. All that remained was to cook the noodles.

    As soon as I entered, Vivian ran to my arms and planted a series of kisses all over my face and then crushed her lips against mine. We held the kiss for a long time while our tongues explored and played together. When my wife finally broke the kiss, she looked over at Greg and David who were sitting at the kitchen table watching.

    "You guys make yourselves useful. Set the dining room table and one of you cook the spaghetti noodles. Put a teaspoon of cooking oil in the water and a teaspoon of salt. Bring to a boil and cook the noodles for 11 minutes... no longer."

    "What are you going to be doing," David wanted to know.

    "I'm going to be taking care of my main man, Honey. You guys can watch if you like, but cook the noodles and set the table and if you burn or overcook the noodles you don't get to play any more tonight."

    I took my wife's hand and started toward our bedroom, but she stopped me. "The bed's a total wreck. I didn't have time to change the sheets or make it up. Let's use the couch in the den."

    I wasn't about to argue. Vivian hadn't been lying about what she had on. When I removed her dress, all that was left was a transparent pair of bikini panties and her sexy, black heels.

    "Get on the couch and bend over," I ordered.

    Vivian moaned and said, "Yes Sir." She mounted the couch on one knee, bent over with her other leg still on the floor, and lowered her head. Her cunt was right at the edge in perfect position for use. Her labia were swollen, red, and flanged open. It was obvious that she had been soundly and thoroughly fucked earlier in the afternoon. It that wasn't evidence enough, the glob of white semen visible inside her cunt was probably another clue.

    I stripped rapidly, fully aware that both Greg and David were watching. They both had their cocks out and were slowly jacking them. From my position, I estimated that they both had, very nice, thick 7-inch cocks. Secretly, I was pleased that I was at least an inch longer and thicker.

    Moving behind my waiting wife, I mounted her with one foot on the couch to allow me to drive my rigid shaft down into her waiting cunt. She groaned loudly when the cock head stretched her open and sank into her depths.

    "AAAAhhhhhhhhhh... SHIT... That's big! Fuck me with that monster dick, Baby... Screw me hard!"

    For almost a half hour, I fucked my wife with hard strokes each one driving against her womb. The four loads that Greg and David had shot into her were being churned into a thick white froth. The squishing noises of cock-in-cunt filled the room, but the loudest sounds were those coming from my howling wife.

    I knew that part of her wild cries were for my benefit so the boys would know that I was her main man, but not all of it was an act. That was obvious from the three intense climaxes she had while I pounded my rod into her throbbing hole.

    After about 15 minutes of hard, steady fucking, I heard Greg speaking to David: "Damn... look at the size of his cock! He is really stretching her cunt. Man... she's going to a hard time walking when he finishes with her."

    There was no way I could keep from feeling a surge of pride and pleasure at Greg's comment. My wife had heard it too because a minute later, she cried, "Oohhhh you hot cunt fucker! If you keep fucking me like this, I'm not gonna be able to walk. AAAHHHHH... UUGGHHHH... Finish me, Stud. Give it to me hard. FINISH MEEEEEE!"

    "Want a tongue on your clit while I finish fucking you, Honey?"

    I felt my wife's vagina contract in an intense spasm when she heard my question. As she came, all she could do was hiss, "Yesssssss... ohhhhhh yesss!"

    "One of you guys come over here and get underneath my wife and lick her clit while I pump my load into her."

    Obviously, neither 18-year old guy had ever done that or probably even thought of doing it, but David didn't hesitate a moment. He hurried over, laid down on the couch on his back, and scooted beneath my wife's body. When his head was directly beneath her cunt, I pushed her ass downward onto his mouth.

    It was obvious to both Greg and me when David's tongue made contact with Vivian's clitoris. She wailed like a banshee... screaming and howling. Her cunt went in hard spastic contractions ... again and again... she came continuously as my cock hammered 8-inch strokes into her convulsing vagina. When I shot my load into her hot throbbing hole, her juices spurted and drenched David's face.

    Vivian and I took showers and cleaned up while Greg and David got the food on the table for dinner.

    "How was it," I asked as the water cascaded over our nude bodies.

    "Wonderful, just wonderful, Darling. You were magnificent, as I knew your would be. Did you hear what the guys said when they saw how big and thick your cock is and how magnificently you fucked me?"

    "I did, and I gotta tell you, that made me feel really good. Do you think this is going to be too much for you? If so, we can set some limits."

    "There's no way I could handle three randy men screwing me 6 to 8 times a day, every day, for years, but it will slack off once the newness of the situation is over. After a month, I'll probably be getting laid only two or three times a day. That's going to be really tough, but I'll just have to grit my teeth and endure the torture."

    "You are an incredibly sensuous woman, and I'm one lucky guy," I said as I kissed my beautiful wife. "Do you think you're already pregnant?"

    "Could be. I'm eight days past my last period... very close to my most fertile time. If I'm not pregnant, I don't think there's any way I'm going to get through this cycle with having those two hot studs knock me up."

    "Are you happy?"

    "Not as much as I would be if it were you impregnating me, but as a second-best alternative... it isn't half bad, Darling."

    As I expected, Greg and David were still somewhat shy about approaching my wife now that I was around. After dinner, they studied for awhile, often interrupting their thoughts to stare at my wife. It was pretty obvious to me that they wanted to fuck her again, but didn't know how to proceed with me sitting in the room. I had no doubt that Vivian would soon take care of that problem.

    "You guys have all weekend to study," Vivian said with a laugh. We've got some very sexy videos that my sexy husband buys from time to time. Why don't you guys take a seat on the couch while I find one for all of us to watch?"

    I laughed silently thinking, "What man on the planet would turn down an invitation like that in order to continue studying analytical geometry?"

    When we were all seated in front of our large screen TV, Vivian started looking over our selection of video tapes and DVD's. She had to reach up to get the movies, and in the process, her short skirt rode up above her panties. Her erotic show had the attention of every male in the room.

    "How about this one," she said. "Basic Instinct with Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone? You randy studs can all get hard checking out Sharon Stone's pussy in that scene where she opens her legs during the police interrogation and doesn't have on any panties."

    Vivian bent over to put the tape in the player, stopped, and looked back to see all of us staring at her ass and pussy that were just barely covered by the narrow crotch band of her panties. "I didn't hear any comments. Is this movie ok or not? Stop staring at my butt, guys, and answer me."

    We all grunted our approval of her selection, but none of us took our eyes off my wife's panties. "Great. I really like this movie. It's incredibly sexy." In order to insert the DVD into the player, my wife got down on her hands and knees and bent over. Her dress immediately rode up over her ass. With her knees spread, we all had a great shot of her pussy that was visible through her thin, black panties.

    Vivian started the movie and sat down to David's right. As the movie progressed and got hotter, my wife's legs slowly opened and she began to rub her pussy through her now very wet panties. When the interrogation scene arrived, Vivian's legs were open even wider than Sharon Stone's. When Stone exposed her pussy, Vivian was rubbing herself hard, and all of us were staring at my wife rather than at Stone's cunt.

    David had had all the teasing he could take. Standing up, he stripped right in front of my wife. She immediately lost interest in the men staring at Sharon Stone's pussy as she stared at David's very hard erection. "Stand up, Vivian, so I can get your panties off too."

    He pulled my wife to her feet, dropped to his knees, and dragged her soaked panties down her thighs. When she stepped out of them, David pushed her back down onto the couch, pulled her legs open, and thrust his head into her saddle. When his tongue pushed into her eager pussy, she thrust her hips upward and groaned. Very quickly, David had my wife pulling his head harder into her throbbing pussy, and a moment later, she was grunting in the throes of a hard climax.

    As soon as he felt my wife's pussy contracting and heard her moaning in orgasm, David pulled my wife off the couch, stripped her top over her head, and pressed his hard cock against her lips. She didn't need to receive instructions as to what he wanted. Her mouth engulfed six of his seven inches immediately. After a couple of thrusts, all seven inches were inside Vivian's mouth and down her throat. Greg now had his cock out jacking off as he watched. I shrugged and joined him.

    I thought David would cum in my wife's mouth, but apparently he preferred her cunt. Pulling his dripping organ from her sucking mouth, he laid down on his back, and gave Vivian a one-word command, "MOUNT!". My wife straddled his hips, reached back and grasped his cock, and then, in a smooth motion, slid backwards impaling herself to the hilt on the thick shaft.

    "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she cried as David's rampant cock thundered with authority into her throbbing sex hole.

    She began to ride it, moving up and down. Within a few strokes she had gauged its length perfectly. Again and again, she pulled almost all the way off the thick rod and then would slam her ass down burying the entire seven inches in her squishing pussy.

    David held her hips and drove his spike hard into her cervix. She grunted like a hot whore. He gave her another couple of hard thrusts, each one bringing grunts from her mouth. After a half dozen strokes, she moaned, "I'm cumming, David. OOOHHHHH... You're making me cum!"

    He continued to fuck my wife through her orgasm. Then she leaned forward so that her tits dangled right above his mouth. "Suck my tits, Honey, while you fuck me. Suck them hard!"

    David did as ordered, sucking on one and then the other, using his tongue to caress her nipples. Vivian's ass continued to pump her cunt up and down his rigid shaft. I moved behind the copulating couple to get a better view. It was fucking incredible to see that thick shaft stretching my wife's pussy in a huge, round hole as it moved in and out of her cunt.

    Suddenly, it was too much for the inexperienced 18-year old teenager. He groaned and then screamed. His body arched upward driving his cock even deeper into Vivian's cunt. I could easily see his buttocks contracting as a geyser of cum raced through his cock and flooded her pulsing hole. David's ass contracted again and again sending wave after wave of semen and sperm into my wife's fertile cunt.

    Vivian howled, "OOOHHHHH MY God! He's cumming in me! He's making me cum.... shoot it in, Baby. Pump me full!" I was pretty certain that she had had another climax as David was putting his load inside her pussy.

    As soon as David had finished, Greg pulled my wife off his cock by her hips. When the cock exited her throbbing hole, a river of semen ran out onto David's legs and the carpet. Lying down on the floor, Greg pulled my wife on top of his body in reverse cowgirl position. Having seen how effective David's command had been, he gave her the same command: "MOUNT!" She did... very quickly.

    Holding Greg's dick, she aligned it with her gaping hole and impaled her twat on his cock. They both moaned when it disappeared into her depths. I was jacking off furiously, but trying not cum. It would be just too embarrassing to cum like that in front of the three of them.

    Watching from behind, I could see that Greg's cock was about the same length as David's but not quite as thick. However, this didn't seem to distract from my wife's pleasure. She was moaning as her pussy flashed up and down the hard shaft. The hot slurping noises of cock pumping cum-filled pussy filled the room.

    Having already watched his friend fucking Vivian, Greg was too excited to last. In less than five minutes, he was having trouble holding back his orgasm. Vivian, of course, knew this.

    She leaned back on his body as David and I moved around to the other side to get the best view. "Ram me hard, Darling. Fuck the shit out of me and fill my cunt with your jizz, Greg! Flood me with your cum!"

    If he had had any hope of holding back his load, it vanished when he heard the hot words coming from my wife's mouth and felt her vagina milking his dick. His balls erupted forcing the load into Vivian's sopping and eager cunt. She screamed with pleasure when she felt the cock erupting deep inside her hot hole.

    "My turn in her," I growled. Pulling my grinning wife off Greg's cock, I pushed her onto her back. She eagerly jerked her legs high and spread wide open for me. Thrusting her ass high, she howled, "Stick it in, Stud. Fuck your hot wife, Honey. Pump me full!"

    I didn't last any longer than Greg had. She was simply too fucking sexy and hot, and the sensation produced by sinking my cock into her cum-filled, slick hole was incredible. In less than five minutes, my cock began to jerk spastically shooting thick streams of semen into Vivian’s cunt. By the time I finished unloading, my semen along with a lot of David's and Greg's was flowing out of her widely stretched vagina.

    David, Greg, and I all screwed my wife. Judging from the
    way she was screaming and gasping, I think
    she must have had a dozen orgasms.

    For the first week or so, we all slept in our new king-sized bed. Later on, Greg and David would share the bed with us until either no one could get it up again or until Vivian was exhausted, and then they would retire to their bedroom to sleep for the night.

    Even though the bed was really large, I didn't think it would be big enough for four people. Of course, I had overlooked the fact that one of us would be on top of Vivian or she would be mounted on a guy. Even when that wasn't the case, two of us would always have my wife so tightly sandwiched between us, there was always enough room for the third guy, who was either awake and waiting his turn or asleep.

    No one got much sleep that first weekend and not a lot the following week either. Someone was always inside one of my wife's holes fucking her. Or, she would wake up and be unable to resist the temptation to suck one of the three cocks beside her until it was hard, which never took very long, and then either mount the guy or spread her legs for him.

    At 2 AM on Saturday, the shaking of the bed woke me up. Greg was still asleep on the other side of Vivian, but David was mounted on her in missionary position with one of her legs up on his shoulder. She was trying to be quiet so Greg and I could sleep, but she couldn't keep from grunting softly and hissing with pleasure every time David drove his hips deep into her sex saddle and his cock deep into her throbbing vagina.

    He moved closer and whispered something to my wife. I saw her nod as she wrapped her legs tightly about his butt. David hammered her pussy with hard, fast strokes, grunted, and pumped her pussy full of semen and sperm. My wife's eyes were clenched shut, her mouth open in a silent scream, and her body shuddering in orgasm. David rolled slightly to the side to remove most of his weight from Vivian's body. We all fell asleep again.

    David’s cock was ramming into my wife’s cunt like a jackhammer. Every stroke
    was pounding into her womb. She tried to be quiet, but there
    was no way she could keep from gasping as David
    pounded her ass into the mattress.

    At 3:40 AM, it was Vivian who had awakened. She must have played with Greg's cock or sucked him until he got hard because when I opened my eyes, she was riding his iron-hard cock. As her ass rose and fell, Greg was ramming his dick upward with authority. I could even hear the dull thud of his cock as it struck the bottom of her cunt. The dull thud was always followed quickly by soft moans from my wife.

    By the time Greg came around 4 AM, I had a raging erection and David was hard again. As soon as Greg fell back onto the bed exhausted, David told Vivian to mount his cock. When she did, I got behind her. Almost as if we had practiced the position dozens of times, David pulled my wife's body down against his to elevate her ass, which I promptly nailed with my cock. Completely skewered in her cunt and ass, Vivian never stopped gasping and moaning as we screwed her in both holes until almost 4:30 AM. Twice in that half hour, I felt her ass contracting about my cock as she had orgasms. Finally, David said, "I can't hold it any longer, Mr. Bartow. Are you ready?"

    "Call me Kent and yes... I'm more than ready. Let's fill both of her holes at the same time." We did.

    We slept until nearly 10 AM the following morning. One-by-one, we awakened. David was the first to wake up and he wasted no time in fondling and licking my wife until she was awake and moaning. Soon thereafter, Greg and I were both awake and both hard.

    "We're all going to die of starvation if you guys keep taking turns fucking me. Let's take a hot shower and have some breakfast," Vivian suggested knowing that if we took turns, she would be getting laid for the next two hours.

    "I have a better idea," I said after kissing my beautiful, sexy wife good morning. "We have done her one at a time and two at a time. Let's all three do her in all her holes and see if we can all get off together. If we do... great! If we can't manage it, that just means we have to practice more often."

    Naturally, no one disagreed with my suggestion, particularly not my wife who was nervous but still excited by the prospect. Now the only problem was to distribute my wife's sex holes among the three of us.

    "Honey," I said. "You direct traffic." I didn't have to explain what I meant by the comment. She had David in her ass, Greg up her pussy, and that left her mouth for me.

    When Greg laid down to allow Vivian to mount his cock, I suggested we try a different position. When no one objected, I had my wife lie on the bed on her back while I squatted over her face with my cock in position to enter her mouth. I had David shove her legs up and back so I could press her knees down to the bed just outside her tits. The position doubled her in half raising her hips off the bed.

    Greg and David got the idea immediately. With his legs outside her hips and facing her feet, Greg inserted his cock into Vivian's cunt bringing hot sigh of pleasure from her. Facing his buddy, David moved close to Vivian's ass and fitted his rod into her asshole. She had been thoroughly stretched from the earlier sex, and his cock entered her easily and deeply. When the two teenaged studs began fucking my wife, I thrust my cock into her mouth and from that moment on, all she could do was grunt and moan.

    She came twice before any of us shot off. David and I came more or less together and a few minutes later, Greg's load filled her pussy.

    "I guess we need a lot more practice," I said.

    Practice makes perfect… and we practiced a lot.

    Four Years Later:

    Vivian did get pregnant that first two weeks. As soon as we found out the good news, we told Greg and David that we had decided to start a family and Vivian was, therefore, going to stop taking the pill. To be certain that I would be the father, they either had to wear condoms until she was pregnant or use only her mouth and ass. Neither one of the young men objected in the slightest. In fact, they were both very happy for us.

    We waited about 10 days and then told them that the test showed that Vivian was pregnant and so they could stop using condoms.

    As her pregnancy progressed, Vivian's sexual desire mounted higher and higher until even with three men in her bed, it was all we could do to keep her satisfied. During the last five months of her pregnancy, sex continued every single night until none of us could get hard. Being unable to harden any of our cocks, Vivian would finally give up.

    On several occasions when she was really horny, she would say, "Shit! I thought you guys were studs. We need more guys." Although she always giggled when she said something like that, the three of us still looked at her in amazement. I think both Greg and David were really worried about my health once they finished their degrees and moved out.

    Vivian gave birth to a 7 lb, 6 oz healthy and beautiful baby girl. She was radiant with happiness. The first time the nurse brought Linda to my wife's bed for her to hold and nurse, I had never seen her look so incredibly beautiful.

    I sat beside the bed kissing her forehead and Linda's as Vivian breast fed our new daughter. While Linda suckled her breast with contented sighs, Vivian turned her face toward me, pulled me closer, and kissed me with as much love as I had ever felt in any kiss.

    "Thank you, my Darling," she whispered. "For me, this is so much more wonderful than adoption or having some sterile doctor inject me with some unknown guy's sperm, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love you. If we both live to be a hundred, you'll never give me any gift more precious or more wonderful than this." We were both crying tears of joy.

    Of course, both Greg and David visited Vivian frequently while she was in the hospital. They argued about whether Linda looked more like Vivian or more like me. Surprisingly, neither I nor Vivian ever wondered about whether the father was Greg or David because it didn't matter. For us, I was the father... end of discussion.

    To make room for our new family member, we converted the study into a nursery. Vivian took a six-months leave of absence from the college.

    Two weeks after Linda was born, my wife started taking birth control pills. A week later, Vivian's doctor told her she could resume normal sexual intercourse whenever she felt like it. It came as no surprise to me that she was more than ready that same day.

    That night after dinner, Vivian breast fed Linda and then I rocked her in the nursery for 30 minutes until she was sound asleep. Actually, she was asleep in 15 minutes, but I enjoyed rocking her so much, I continued for another 15 minutes.

    As soon as I shut the door to the nursery, I heard my wife moaning in our bedroom. I smiled knowing what I was going to see when I entered. Vivian was mounted on Greg's cock with her tits mashed against his face while David was on his knees behind her fucking her ass. Both cocks were driving in and out her holes hard and fast, and my wife was wailing in the throes of her first orgasms in the last month.

    The two 19-year old teenagers saw me and respectfully relinquished my wife's vagina for my use. Vivian moaned in protest when she felt the cocks being withdrawn from her throbbing holes, but then she saw me and smiled broadly.

    "Welcome to paradise, Darling. Please hurry. Greg and David have me boiling hot for your cock."

    David laid down on the bed, and my wife quickly mounted him reverse cowgirl. She raised her butt high to allow him to position his cock at the now stretched opening to her ass. When she sank down on his rod, she couldn't have suppressed her moan of pleasure even if she had tried, which she didn't.

    I moved between her wide open thighs and nailed my erection into her hot and receptive cunt for the first time in a month. Now we both moaned when 7 inches sank into her hot hole. After the third thrust, all 8 inches were in my wife's cunt. Greg stood on the bed and fed my wife his cock. Once we were all in her, the three of us fucked my wife with practiced precision making her cum repeatedly. For 20 minutes, we pounded our raging erections in and out of her holes... seven full inches up her ass... eight inches inside her pussy... and another seven inches down her throat... 22 inches of cock inside her shuddering body.

    Toward the end, I said, "Everyone ready to unload?" Both guys nodded. "You ready to cum, Sweetheart?" Naturally, Vivian couldn't answer with her mouth and throat stuffed with seven thick inches of Greg's cock, but she did manage to nod. "Ok... countdown!"

    I counted downward from ten, slowly to give every one time to get right on the edge... I reached "1" and then said softly, "Shoot". Three thick loads of semen and sperm filled my wife's hot, throbbing holes at the same time as another intense climax rocketed through her body.

    A half hour later, after Vivian had checked on Linda and found her sleeping soundly and peacefully, we were all laughing and playing around in our large bed. Mouths were all over my wife... one on her erect and pulsing clit, another one on one of her nipples, and the third on the second nipple.

    "Make her squirt for us, Kent," David suggested. "One of these days, I'm going to learn how to do it. For some reason, you have the magic touch. Do it. Make her squirt."

    "I can't make you squirt either, Vivian," Greg commented. "Why is Kent the only one of us who can make you squirt?"

    My wife opened her eyes, sensuously licking her top lip as her body trembled with her rising passion, and replied, "It's not your fault, Honey. Kent has a big advantage over the two of you. He's my main guy. Both of you know that. No one turns me on like he does. He can make me cream just by looking at me. If works my G-spot, rubs my clit, and tells me to squirt... I squirt."

    "I understand," David said wistfully. "I hope I can make my wife explode like Kent does you. Do it, Kent. Make her squirt. I just love watching it."

    "You heard the guys, Honey. Assume the position!"

    With a huge grin, Vivian laid down on her back with David behind her holding her shoulders and head up so she could see me doing it to her. She spread wide open and Greg pulled her right leg even further to the side while I did the same with her left leg. She was totally exposed... her well-fucked cunt gaping open... the hard erect button of her clitoris easily visible and throbbing at the top of her slit.

    Moving beside her, I drove eight inches of cock into her ass while slowly rubbing her just above her pulsing clitoris. When her hips began to hunch, I inserted my middle and ring fingers of my left hand into her vagina. She grunted. In a moment, I felt the raised turgid bundle of flesh right beneath her clitoris... her engorged G-spot. My two fingers began stroking it... first slowly... then faster. At the same time, my thumb moved onto her clitoris and began stroking the shaft... up and down. Vivian was groaning... grunting... her hips thrusting up and down in hot fuck motions as my cock powered back and forth in her ass.

    "Oh fuck... look at that!" Greg said in amazement. Kent's getting her so hot, she's gonna squirt a ton!"

    I worked her G-spot harder and faster. My thumb rubbed right above her clit with rapid, firm strokes. My wife began to scream. Hard spasms began rippling through the length of her vagina. Her eyes clenched shut. Her mouth opened wide. Her hips thrust high in the air as her body tensed.

    "GGGHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... UUUMMMPPFFFFF.. UUUUUGGGHHHHHHHH!" she screamed... again and again as her pussy erupted in one spasm after another, each one ejaculating a huge geyser of sex juices high in the air, well over our heads. The spew of juices arched forward as well drenching the bed covers. Some of her ejaculate even spurted over the end of the bed.

    Vivian’s cunt just exploded as her juices shot high into
    the air. David and Greg were both amazed
    and envious. Naturally, I loved it.

    When Linda was one year old, we decided it was time to have a second child. So without telling Greg or David, my wife stopped taking the pill. Two weeks later, she was again pregnant and we told the guys they we wanted a second child. So they would have to use condoms again like the last time since she was going to stop taking her birth control pills.

    Vivian wanted to tell them they could dispense with condoms after a week... she wanted them fucking her bare... but I suggested we wait a second week to avoid any suspicion. We did.

    Once again, the last five months of her pregnancy were a wild orgy of sex as she exhausted all three of us. Again, her delivery went without problems, and we were the happy parents of a 8 lb, 1 oz baby boy whom we named Alan.

    At this time, Greg and David were 21 years old and seniors. Two weeks before they were to graduate and leave to take their engineering jobs, I suggested to Vivian that we should use their last two weeks to get her pregnant a third time. She was delighted with my suggestion.

    Again she stopped taking her birth control pills and this time, since we wouldn't have a second chance, she fucked those two guys constantly. A couple of times I counted the number of loads they had each shot into my wife during the day. The numbers were always between five to seven for both men.

    When Greg and David walked off the stage after receiving their B.S degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering, respectively, my wife greeted them both with kisses on their mouths and their cum loads running down her thighs beneath her dress. She was pregnant with our third child, but we couldn't tell them that... at least not yet.


    As Greg and David had feared, Vivian almost killed me with her constant demands for sex during her pregnancy. The only way I could satisfy her was to use my mouth as well as my cock. I also had to have help from two vibrators and a dildo. During the fifth week, both David and Greg called to check on how Vivian was. They were also concerned about me.

    "Is that hot wife of yours killing you? I don't see how any one man could possibly handle her?" they both said.

    Gail Arlene Bartow weighed 7 lb, 9 oz at birth. She was just as healthy as her older brother and sister.

    One year later, as five-year old Linda was teasing one-year old Gail and three-year old Alan was ignoring them both as he played with his toy cars and trucks, their adoring parents were cuddled up together on the couch.

    "Aren't they just beautiful," Vivian sighed as she kissed my cheek.

    "Absolutely beautiful," I agreed. "Thank you for marrying me and giving me such a wonderful family."

    Vivian cuddled even closer. "You know Jack Haskel... the German teacher at the college?" she asked.

    "I've met him at some of the department parties. Nice looking guy ... about my age... blonde headed. That him?"

    "Yeah. That's him."

    "What about him?"

    "He wants to fuck me. He asked me if we could get together the next time you have to go out of town to an engineering meeting."

    I nodded, not at all surprised. My wife was so drop-dead gorgeous every man she met wanted to fuck her. She let me stew for a little while before she moved onto my lap and kissed me."

    "The children will see us, Honey."

    "I want them to see us. I want Linda and Gail to see how a real wife treats a husband like you." She paused for moment, wiggling her sexy ass against my hardening cock. "Aren't you going to ask?"

    "What did you tell Haskel?"

    "I just laughed and told him that when a woman has Chateau Lafitte Rothschild’s and prime rib, Night Train Express and hamburger don't particularly excite her."

    We both laughed for long minutes. I could just imagine the look on Haskel's face after being skewered by that comment. We finally got our laughter under control when Linda asked, "What's so funny, you guys?"

    "We do have a problem, Honey," I said when the kids had gone back to playing.

    "What problem?"

    "Our fourth child. We planned to have at least four. We're one short and I don't see Greg or David around. Not surprising since they're now both married."

    "I've already got that problem solved, Darling."

    "How's that?"

    "Well, I was going to make it a surprise for you, but I'll tell you now. You know that Greg and Helen are very good friends with David and Susan, and you also know that they have told their wives how they owe their education and good fortune to our generosity in taking them into our home for four years."

    "Yeah... so?"

    "So, Greg and David both married very smart women. They have always been amazed that their husbands are both such accomplished, inventive, and uninhibited lovers. They had a long, private chat and discovered that both Greg and David have virtually identical techniques in the bedroom. It didn't take an IQ of 180 for them to figure out why."

    "Maybe, but they're just guessing, and how do you know that? And in any case, why does that solve our problem?"

    "Helen and Susan called me two weeks ago on a conference phone call. It turns out that Greg and David's wives are as highly sexed and passionate as your wife, Darling. For months, they have been trying to figure out a way to suggest to their husbands that the four of them swing or swap partners for a sensuous vacation somewhere. When they figured out that I had been enjoying both of their husbands and you sexually for four years, they wanted to know how I felt about them suggesting to Greg and David that the six of us spend a hot, sex-filled, two-week vacation to Jamaica."

    "Oh my god!" was all I could say.

    "I told them it was a great idea. So this summer, just three months from now, we're all going to Jamaica. If we time the vacation to my fertile period, don't you think that those two studs will have me knocked up again by the time two weeks are over?"

    "I would imagine so! Fantastic!"

    "Of course, there's one remaining problem."


    "Both of those horny, hot women are going to expect a lot of stud service from you, Honey?"

    "Well... like you said one time as I remember, "That's going to be really tough, but I'll just have to grit my teeth and endure the torture."

    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]
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