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. Strange Weekend

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by DarkCloud, Oct 10, 1999.

  1. DarkCloud

    DarkCloud Member Author!

    Strange weekend. By Dark Cloud

    Julie and I had known one another for about a year. We had talked about our sexuality and even the fact we were quite attracted to each other, but had never taken that next step. We are both married and neither of us was looking for an affair, but the way we turned each other on, was undeniable.

    Over drinks after work one night we hatched a plan. It sort of presented itself actually, In the midst of small talk I mentioned that my wife was going to be traveling from Thursday til Monday and as I continued I say a strange light in her eye. Julie held her hand up like a trafic cop and I instinctively stopped.

    " Your wife is going to be away ?" she asked, her eyes now ablaze.

    " Yes, she is, why?"

    " Carl will be leaving Saturday morning, for the whole week end."

    Oddly, I felt many things at that moment, a definate excitement at the idea of us free together and a shivering dread, a feeling that I had finally got my wish, and wasn't sure I could handle it.

    Saturday morning, I was scrambling around , my head spinning, forwarding the phone to my cell phone and packing a duffle bag and trying to see myself from a distance to see if I was leaving some suspicious trail in my wake. I drove the hour and a half to the resort only half paying attention to the road, I imagined all the things that could happen, well, almost everything.

    Pulling in the driveway of the lodge I saw Julies car was already there and suddenly my throat was dry and my heart was racing. I parked, grabbed my things and headed inside.

    I saw Julie at the desk and walked up and wrapped my arm around her and kissed her cheek.

    " Mr Stewart, perfect timing, I was just about to see Mrs. Stewart to your room." I looked at Julie and she was obviously holding back a laugh and she winked. Once inside the room, I asked 'Mrs. Stewart' about the origin of her name and she told me between laughs that 'Stewart" was the name on the tag of her luggage, the Stewart luggage company, since 1887.

    As I dug through my bag for a tooth brush and a clean shirt, I heard the shower start.I hesitated at the bathroom door and as I walked in, I could see julie behind the textured glass, her full and voluptuous form in a rising cloud of steam, it was all I could do to not climb right in there, but we hadn't really laid any ground rules for the week end, and I thought that kind of move this early might be premature.

    I sat , half looking out the window as Julie came out of the bathroom draped in a robe and I looked sideways at her as she dressed, never fully seeing her, but seeing enough to know I wanted her badly.

    Over lunch I 'confessed' to wanting to get into the shower, and Julie told me to 'loosen up' and that we had until late the next day so I should just act next time I have an idea, then she leaned over the table and told me she had been thinking the same thing while she was showering. we continued talking about being nervous and having second thoughts and that we would just play it by ear. I couldn't help noticing Julie glancing over my shoulder as she listened and I later learned what had been steeling her attention as a very large black man stood and walked past our table out to the porch and Julies eyes fallowed his every step.

    After lunch, we walked a bit and Julie was the bravest of the two of us when out of the blue she stopped and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me, "Let's go back to our room, right now." I didn't even answer, just turned and walked quickly, hand in hand with Julie back to the lodge.

    Once inside the room, we tore at each others clothes and soon we were wrapped around each other, panting and grasping , hands roaming over flesh. I took a step forward and it was enough to take Julie off balance and send her falling backward onto the bed, I fell as well and ran my tongue across her belly, and soon I was licking the inside of her thigh. As my tongue fouind her clit, she gasped and grabbed at my hair, her hips turning upward to feed herself to me, it seemed only seconds till she came and I stopped breathing as I watched her shake there on the bed, My cock felt about to explode.

    Her glazed eyes suddenly opened and fixed on me " Get up here, I have to suck that cock." she spoke through clenched teeth, I climbed up on the bed and knelt beside her head and watched as both hands came up to grab me and stuff me into her mouth, she sucked and licked and purred, I don't think I have ever had anyone suck my cock with such, what would the word be? Need, yes, she 'needed' to suck my cock, to swallow my come, to consume me. And she did just that, almost imediately I grabbed at the head bourd to steady myself as I felt my cock spout a thick load of cum into her mouth, and I could hear her swallow and feel her continue to lick and suck, leaving nothing behind. I fell beside her, and looked into her shining, sweaty face "You amaze me," I said.

    After a quick nap, we dressed and went down to the lodge and had a drink at the bar, we talked and talked and the next thing I knew we were given a dinner menu and I realized it was 6:30 and I was feeling a bit drunk.

    We ate and continued to drink and it got to the point where half of our conversation was horse whispers across the table, making reference to what had happened, or what would happen tonight. It wasn't long before the lights grew dim and the music seemed louder and the resort restaurant was going through a transition into a night club of sorts.

    That same black man we had seen earlier , at lunch was there and Julie looked his way any number of times.

    The waitress came by and asked if I was having another beer and I declined. Julie laughed and asked if I was afraid I'd get to drunk to fuck, and I laughed and told her I had a plan.

    " A plan is it? well are you going to tell me or is it a 'secret plan'" Julie asked playfully.

    " Oh , it's no secret, I figured I'll drink all I want and if I can't satisfy you, I'll just hand you over to him" I justured at the black man who was now seated at the bar, looking over the crowd.

    Julie froze.She stared straight at him and said nothing for what seemed like a few minutes.she licked her lips and seemed to come back to reality

    "Are you alright?" I asked with a smile.

    " I think so." she whispered and kind of squirmed in her seat.

    I looked around and noted that some people were now up dancing and it seemed more crowded and loud.

    I'm not sure what came over me, but I heard myself say " Go over there and stand next to him." Julie looked puzzled , but said nothing and rose to walk across the room.

    As Julie took her place next to him, I realized how truly big he was , I know that I am about 5 inches taller than Julie, and this guy must be fully a foot taller. As she leaned on the bar and looked back my way, the man turned his head and looked Julie up and down. I took a drink, not taking my eyes off them and by the beginning of the next song, he was leading her by the hand to the dance floor.

    I watched as they danced, leaning closer from time to time to talk over the music, I saw Julie laugh and they seemed to be having a good time. The next song was slow and I lost them in the crowd of dancing guests, only seeing his head from time to time over the crowd.

    I was surprised when three more songs passed and Julie was still up there, the crowd thinned slightly and I could see them very close together dancing slow and as I stared, the bar seemed to fall silent, and the other people on the dancefloor became a blur and I could see them as if they were all alone out there. I saw his big hands stroke her ass seductively, and I could see Julie squirm under his touch, then it happened. I watched, as if in slow motion as his hand slid from her ass and took Julie by the wrist and he flattened her hand on his thigh, then slid Julies hand between them.

    Julies head dropped slightly back and her feet lost there step a moment and I knew she was squeezing his cock through his pants.

    The song ended and Julie came back to our table and sat next to me " I think we should go upstairs now." she said, she was shaking and out of breath.

    " Are you alright?" I asked

    " I'm fine, I just want to go to our room." a very strange smile crossed her face.

    I leaned to her ear and whispered " Are you afraid, or are you horny."

    She looked at me, her eyes wide and said " HORNY, I'm so fucking hot, I almost came out there on the dance floor, that guy was all over me, I almost lost it,"

    I held her shaking hand.

    " I think if he got you this hot, it should be him you take back upstairs."

    Julie's face went white and she froze again. I reached into my pocket and took out the two "card keys" the manager had given me when we checked in and handed one to Julie. " Give me 10 minutes, then you can bring him upstairs." I got up and left before Julie could say anything.

    Once inside the room, I unlocked the balcony door and walked out, the balcony ran the full lenth of the room so it had the sliding glass doors from the living room and the bedroom, I slipped inside, pulled the drapes, "exactly right" then slipped back to the balcony and sat in a lawn chair, looking out over the lake.

    It was about half an hour later when I heard the door open and I stood and looked through the window into the main room of the suite, I heard the man ask Julie about her husband and she told him that her "husband" had gone fishing and would be at least a few hours.

    I watched as Julie walked over to the kitchen to get them drinks and the man got up and fallowed, he took her shoulders from behind and as she turned to see him , he began kissing her. After only a minute of kising, he slid his big hand down to slip inside her dress and i could see it close around her breast, Julie's knees buckled a moment then I saw her reach behind her to get another hold of the cock that had her so excited on the dance floor. Julie turned to face him and I could see her hand, half closed sliding up and down his pant leg, stroking what must have been a very long, thick cock. He pulled at her dress and bunched it up in front and roughly shoved his hand in the front of her panties and I saw Julies mouth fall open as his fingers must have slipped inside of her and she swayed side to side as he continued and finally let go of his cock and grabbed at the counter as she came and stood shaking in his grip.

    Julie seemed pocessed as she took him by the hand anbd led him to the couch in the living room, she pushed him backward onto it, then dropped to her knees, tearing at his pants. There was a strange, suspensefull moment as she reached down inside his pantleg and looked up at his face as she drew out his cock, I'd never seen one so long and fat, and from her expression, neither had Julie, She took it in both hands and licked along it's underside and slipped the fat head into her mouth as she reached the top, both hands pumping it as she continued to lick.

    After a few minutes of this, Julie sprang to her feet and took his hand, pulling him to stand facing the couch, she sat a moment licking, and I could see him from behind as one of Julies hands snaked between his legs and slipped from one cheek of his ass to the next then disappeared down over his balls again. Julie fell back on the couch and looked up at him, she was panting, her hair soaked in sweat. she seemed to be trying to deside what to do with this man, when she reached and grabbed his fat cock a few inches behind the head and threw up her legs, and spread the lips of her pussy with the other hand. I watched, transfixed as Julies pussy stretched impossibly, and I watched inch after fat black inch of his thick cock disappear inside of her. Julies fingers dug deeply into the couch and her head thrashed side to side as he began to fuck her deep and slow. It wasn't long before Julie slipped to her side to lay flat on the couch and I watched her face as this huge man drove his fat cock in and out of her, over and over. I could see his lips move, he was speaking between thrusts and Julie slipped from beneith him and soon had his cock in both hands again, and her mouth wrapped around the head , her hands slid up and down his shaft easily as his cock was soaked with her juices and a moment later, She puulled his cock from her mouth, as his back arched and Julies tounge stretched out as a huge load of semen spewed out and julie lapped it up, pulling on his cock and licking at the head again.

    I turned away from the window, and slipped my hand into my pants pocket, my cock twitched as I touched it, and I came as I slumped against the glass.
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