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. Step father: Part II

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by violet, May 9, 2018.

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  1. violet

    violet Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Tyrone was in the middle of deflowering another white girl. He pounded into her virgin cunt atop of her parent's bed. She was screaming wildly as Tyrone held her by the blonde ponytail slamming his massive black cock into her doggy style. With his free hand he grabbed her arm, sliding his hand down towards her wrist, he got hold of her index finger and shoved it into her bum, the girl - Tyrone couldn't even be bothered to learn her name, screamed in both pain and pleasure as her virgin asshole was penetrated for the first time. The jack hammer of the black cock ripped past her hymen and right up to her cervix and fertile womb. The girl, still was smiling dumbly, wave after wave of constant orgasms washed over her body and she was shaking from the multiple times she came. Her bum was bruising from the force that Tyrone slammed into her.

    The beds wooden frame snapped and the two fell with the mattress, Tyrone came. Four strong ropes of cum flooded her womb. Pulling out Tyrone finished his orgasm over the girl, covering her and the bed sheets in his white sticky cum. Cleaning himself up,he wiped his cock in her hair. The room stank. Cum covered everything, from the girl to the sheets, which were covered in his cum, her juices, and blood from the deflowering. The white girl was still quivering from her orgasm, but she was recovering.

    “Th-thank you sir” muttered the girl, “when can you fuck me again?”

    Tyrone was already putting his clothes back on, when he pulled out his phone and took a photo of the girl as she was scooping up his cum and placing it into her mouth. “Tell you what bitch, give me a call in 9 months, I'll make you feel tight again.” With that Tyrone left the house, and the girl to her own devices. In the driveway was his very expensive car, Tyrone had to get to a funeral.

    Neither Rachel or Anna were particularly concerned that Tim, Rachel’s son, Anna’s brother had died. Neither of them wanted to have anything to do with the funeral, yet Tyrone insisted on it. The funeral was to be outside a simple affair. As neither Rachel, who refused to pay nor Richard-the boys father-who couldn't afford to pay. It was a cardboard coffin and a small number of guests. Tyrone managed to pull a few strings and managed to get a black preacher.

    Anna and Rachel wore matching clothing. Black dress (it was a funeral after all), which showed plenty of cleavage, and plenty of ass. Rachel's massive tits were on full display, the ace of spades tattoo visibly noticeable between the straps of her black dress, and her tattoo “White fuck meat” on her bum was just rocking under the dress. Anna, who was still developing had smaller breasts than her mothers, as well as the only thing rocking under her dress was the chastity belt.

    “Mom, why do I have to be here” whined the teenager. “No white boi deserves a funeral.”

    “Oh hush now.” Chimed in Rachel. “Our master wants us to pay respects to my dead white son, and you must respect the wishes of your step-father.” With that, Tyrone's car pulled into the parking lot, and the two girls light up at the sight of him.

    Anna ran up to her step father. “Daddy”, she screamed in visible ear shot of her biological (read-white) father, who became even more depressed at how his life had turned out. He watched as Tyrone, this young black man lifted his little girl into his arms and kissed her on the lips, their tongues mixing together. To his disgust he found himself getting aroused at the sight of his daughter passionately making out with this black man who she called “daddy”. His one inch penis grew, becoming one and a half inches in length. Richard was surprised that this sight would make him so virile, perhaps their was hope after all. Thought the depressed white boy, thinking he could win his family back over with his new found “vigor”.

    Tyrone sat in the front, on either side sat Rachel and Anna. Richard and his only surviving son Mark, sat in the second row, that was the entire crowd. The black preacher got up in front of the casket and started to speak.

    “Let us say an amen” cried out the man of the cloth. “For there is one less white devil in this beautiful world of ours.” Richards heart sank even further at what he was hearing. His own son a white devil.

    During the sermon, Rachel unzipped Tyrone's trousers and pulled out his massive black cock. Anna’s eyes almost popped out of her head, she had never seen a penis before, but even still she knew this was on the big side of things. In front of the coffin of her dead son, Rachel's head started to bob up and down.

    Richard was even more despondent seeing his ex-wife perform fellatio. An act she called disgusting and degrading when ever he brought it up. Now she was straining her mouth, inhaling the cock of a man younger than their dead son, and it looked like she was enjoying it.

    “How are you enjoying the funeral sir” smiled Rachel, as she licked away at the pre-cum, “I was just having an early lunch.”

    Tyrone looked down at Rachel, “I think you're still hungry bitch.” Rachel giggled as Tyrone pushed her back onto his dick. She got back to sucking him off, she was a skilled woman, Rachel managed to take the entire cock down her throat, she enjoyed the taste, smell, the shape of it, as it resized her esophagus. Her neck had a visible bulge as Tyrone's meaty fuck stick moved further into her mouth. Rachel found her nose up against Tyrone’s groin, she inhaled his scent. She new she made the right choice, to submit herself and her family to this black god.

    Rachael could barely wrap her dainty white hand around the massive black shaft. Her fingertips just on the cusp of touching, and her massive wedding ring on display. She started to jack off her black lover. With each devout stroke, she brought her owner closer to cumming. With a large roar, Tyrone erupted, and with a devilish grin, Rachel directed the white torrent towards the coffin of her dead son. Wave after wave of black cum stained the coffin, a final parting gift to one of life's many disappointments. Richard her ex-husband, killed himself that evening.

    Mark-the other son- was now officially homeless, with a great reluctance, and at the urging of her owner cum lover, Rachel allowed Mark to live with her.


    It was 4:00 A.M., and it was still dark outside. Mark, the pale white boy pulled himself off his soiled white mattress, the cold concrete floor was painful for the soles of his feat, not that it mattered his whole body was shivering from the cold. He would not dear complain. Taking his wee-wee between his two fingers, Mark peed in the chamber pot, positioned next to his bed. Finishing, Mark, left the basement, and started to climb the stairs, each step was painful, the bruises on his body made each step difficult. Heading to the kitchen Mark helped himself to the first of two meals a day. A tasteless gruel, Mark forced the grey sludge down his throat. Taking five gulps, the white boy had emptied the bowl. Even with such a spartan diet, Mark was over-weight, a pouch of fat hanged over his gentiles, hiding his micro penis from the world. The only expression of his “manhood” was the loops of a pink bow, sticking between his legs. String was tied around his wee-wee.

    The 17 year old moved to his bathroom, a dilapidated communal shower and loo, meant for all the white boys in the household. Mark turned on the water, it was freezing, white boys did not get hot water. Mark took a deep breath, and jumped into the cold water. The coldness was painful, his body was shivering as the ice cold droplets made his skin numb and his bruises stung. He could feel his small wee-wee become even smaller, giving him some relief from the tight pink string around his genitals. Mark started to whimper from the pain of the cold water, yet the white boy refused to get out, he did not want another beating from Tyrone, who wanted his white boys to abide by proper hygiene. After five minutes Mark stepped out of the shower, he quickly rushed to the one towel provided for the day. Grateful that he was the first to use it. All white boys had to share the one towel, by the end of showering, the last white boy was effectively drying himself with a wet cloth. Mark warmed himself with the friction caused by the dry towel, he got dressed, pink tighty-whities, and a white shirt that had in bright pink “White-boi, 1.2 inches”. He started preparing breakfast for the household.


    One of the stipulations for Mark to stay at Tyrone's house - and one of the demands his girls made, was no masturbation by white girls. After all their bodies, young and nubile, were meant for their black master, and themselves. Lesbianism is openly encouraged. Not for white boys. So Mark refrained from touching himself for a month.

    By spring, and on the day when Anna was to turn of age, the warm weather and green grass was to good to pass. Girls, new recruits into the harem, none of them having been branded, some still in high school, decided to take their lessons outside. The five girls, innocence and freckles, frolic in the freshly cut green grass. Their giggles and coos quickly turned to moans, as they inserted their fingers into each others bums, opening up their tightest holes for the first time. Mark was by the tool shed, no one could see him, but he could see the girls, his hand moved downwards.

    “What the fuck are you doing white boy?” Screamed Lanua, a black nurse, who was responsible for Tyrone's harems medical upkeep.

    Marks heart sank. He knew how much Lanua hated white boys, and the delighted glee she got whenever she got to depose of one.

    Mark found himself in her examination room. Lanua grabbed his willy, painfully, piercing the hood with a metal “O” ring, before attaching a chain to the ring. She then alerted Tyrone, who came up with the perfect birthday gift for his step daughter.


    In the corner of the lascivious decorated master bedroom was a chair, above the chair was a noose, Tyrone had deliberately placed. The rope dangling in the cool air. The door opened and in marched Tyrone followed by Rachel and her daughter Anna-now freshly cleaned and shaven-both of them wearing noting but high heels and collars. Following behind the two women was Mark, still dazed by his beating. Rachel pulled at the leash with such violence, that all in the room expected Marks willy to be pulled off. Yet his white worm continued to hold on, and Mark screamed in pain.

    “Mom, why are you doing this?” Whined the white boy as Rachael proudly marched over to the chair and locked the leash into the wall. Mark’s entire world was now no further than one meter from the chair.

    “Why, because the law said we cannot kill white bois, however they said nothing about suicide.” Smirked Marks mother.

    Anna, on the other hand, was gathering up pillows and blankets and placed them on the floor only a few meters away from the chair and Mark, who was quietly sobbing. She was creating a comfortable nest, for which the ménage à trois could enjoy the show.

    Rachel bent her knees and arched her back, showing Tyrone her perfect asshole and the tattoo “White fuck meat” on her left butt check. She started to whisper into Mark's ear. “If you love mommy, you should do as she says, and get up on that chair and tie that nose around your neck!” With that she kissed her crying son's forehead, leaving a bright red mark of lipstick. She went and helped her daughter finish up their little love nest.

    Tyrone was getting undressed, removing his clothes and exposing his muscular frame. He took off his trousers, and his fifteen inch cock could be seen tightly coiled in his underpants. Anna was the first to notice the restraint placed on his magical ebony cock.

    “Sir, master” cooed Anna, “why don’t you sit with me and mommy, and we can help get you comfortable.” Giggled Anna as she pulled Tyrone by the outline of his cock. Tyrone sat down, Anna joined him. Cuddling up, and watching with immense arousal at the sight of her brother. Rachel, joined on the other side of Tyrone, and sighed at her useless son. “Oh for fucks shake, get on the chair whiteboi” Screamed Rachael as Anna snuggled her face into Tyrone's neck.

    Rachel being the more experienced of the two women, took the initiative and slowly pulled down Tyrone's underpants. His cock was exposed to the cool air, Rachel bent her neck and took the large bulbous head into her mouth, she almost came from the scent and juices alone. Anna however, was nervous, and clumsily extended her hand to the base of Tyrone's massive fuck-stick. Her mother, noticing the state she was in, removed herself from pleasing Tyrone.

    “Its okay dear, I'll guide you.” Softly cooed Rachel as she gently kissed her daughters lips. The mothers tongue gently caressed her young daughters tongue. The two lovingly exchanged saliva and Rachel passed on Tyrone’s pre-cum from her mouth to her daughters’, who enjoyed the taste. The two broke the kiss, and a thin sliver of saliva trailed between the mouths on mother and daughter. Rachel smiled, a warm motherly smile, her white teeth and red lips reassuring Anna that she would look after her.

    However, Rachel's right hand made its way to the back of Anna’s head, her brightly painted finger nails gripped the young girls hair, and she violently pushed the daughters face directly to the bulbous head of Tyrone's black cock.

    “You stupid bitch,” screamed Rachel, “you please your black master!” Anna did as she was told, and took the head into her mouth. The girl started to choke, Rachel did not let up she continued to push the girls head downwards. The black cock made its way down the wet throat of the young girl, Anna came at the rough treatment, as the cock moved passed her neck and into body. The sheer size of the cock made her esophagus bulge, Rachel bent down, and gently kissed her daughters neck, she could fell the veins from the cock. Rachel’s heart felt nothing but pride and love, here was the two most important loves of her life, her black master, and a distant second, her white daughter.

    Anna was turning bright blue from lack of oxygen. Rachel let up, and pulled her daughter off the cock. Anna started to gulp for air and cough from the ordeal. Rachel, once again gently kissed her daughter, this time locking eyes. The two started into each other as lovers. Anna knew why her mother was so rough with her, after all the two were egoless creatures, things really, to please their black master. There was no reason for her mother to apologise.

    The two went back and fourth, deep-throating the massive black cock, their lips, mouths, and throats stretched to the limits. Tyrone said nothing, he just smirked at Mark the white boy, who was under increasing pain, as the arousal at seeing two women please a black man sent heart beat after heart beat of blood flow to his willy. And the bright pink rope tied painfully around his willy cutting off all blood supply, what was once a white worm was now a very dark shade of blue, as the cells in his “manhood” slowly died off.

    Tyrone grunted, he was on edge, both the girls stopped what they were doing, and positioned their mouths to the base of Tyrone's cock. Anna with her mouth took one side of the massive ebony mammoth, Rachel took the other. The two moved up and down, their lips, met at the bulb of the cock. Engaging in a threeway kiss between mother, daughter, and the slit of Tyrone's cock, the black man, grunted again, and his massive balls emptied. Rope after rope of thick cum filled the two girls mouths, their mouths bulged with the nectar of their black god. The cum continued coming out, powerful white hot ejaculate shot up into the air. A perfect parabola, falling smack down into the open mouth of Mark.

    Even with a mouth full of cum, Anna, still young and immature, found the situation hilarious. Her laughter, forced the thick cum out of her mouth, a fountain of cum spluttered onto the face of her mother.

    “Oh, god” claimed a sheepish Anna, “Mom, I'm so sorry, I didn't mea…”

    Anna was cut off by her mother, who placed a finger up to Anna's lips. “Shhh” softly cooed Rachel, ‘it’s alright, it was pretty funny.”

    With that Anna and Rachael started to make out, the mother and daughter were two passionate lesbians as Anna licked, sucked and kissed the baby-batter off her mothers face. Rachel took the young breasts of her daughter in her hand and started to motor-boat them. She took one young sensitive areole and wrapped her tongue around the girls nipple. With a loud pop, she took her mouth off her daughters tit and moved to the next. The two girls were giggling and moaning as their wrestling turned into a 69 position. Anna crudely licked her mothers cunt and clitoris, whereas Rachel, more in tune with the bisexual lifestyle, managed with finesse to make her daughter cum. Her tongue daintily moved back and fourth between her virgin pussy and her virgin asshole.

    “Okay, you too, that’s enough” Said Tyrone, speaking for the first time tonight. “Hay Ann, your white boi brother looks lonely, why don't you go and cheer him up.” Anna, gave a wide shit-eating grin, as she stood up and tried to find her balance - wearing such high heels was still getting use to.

    “Hi bro, I see you've got something on your face, just thee long streaks of, what is that?” Teased Anna, as she pointed out the Tyrone's cum on Marks face. “Brother, how does it feel to know that you'll die a virgin.” Giggled Anna, as she pushed the cum from Marks forehead into his eyes, blinding him. “Oh does that hurt white-boi, well how about this then.” With that Anna kneed Mark in the swollen ball sack, he cried out in pain as he fell to the ground. “How does it feel that no white girl, not even your mother can stand you white boy?” Cried out Anna, as her meekness quickly drained away in the face of her white boy brother. “And if you weren't so stupid, you could end this all now, just put the rope around your neck and drop off the chair.” Giggled Anna, as she slammed her high-heeled foot into the willy of Mark, who screamed out in pain.

    As for Tyrone and Rachel, both of them became aroused at the sight of sister taunting brother. Tyrone's cock quickly recovered. Rachel, directed the much younger Tyrone to lay down onto of the pillows. His hard ebony rod pointing upwards towards the ceiling. His cock encrusted with dried cum and lipstick marks of the two women. Rachel placed one high-heeled foot to the left of Tyrone, another foot to the right. Her ass was pointing towards Tyrone, and she looked at her whiteboy son dead in the eyes, as she started to lower herself. Taking her hands, she pulled her bum apart, as she lowered herself onto her masters cock. His hardened cock-head brushed against her wet cunt, sending shivers down Rachel's spine. She continued lowering her bum, till the entire cock head was inside of her, Rachel came. She continued to descend, not once breaking eye contact with her son. Even the women with all her expertise still found it difficult to take all of Tyrone's cock inside of her. With lots of groaning and lip biting she managed to take the entirety of Tyrone inside of her. His head gently rocking her womb, where her white boy sons were created. Her bum was resting on Tyrone's groin.

    She started to lift herself up, till the only part of Tyrone inside of her was his black cock head. She lowered her bum again, never breaking eye contact with Mark.

    “Sweetie, I know that as a white boi, life can be unfair. I mean compared with Tyrone, or even a white girl you're nothing.” Teased Marks mother, as she rubbed her clit as she rode her black owner.

    “I know that life can be tough sweetie, white bois have to do so much to even get the attention of the most ugliest of girls. But black men, well they can be the biggest pain in the bum, and still get all the girls.” Rachel was no picking up pace, the gently tickle against her womb was turning into a jack hammer as she would lift her entire body off Tyrone, and then drop down onto his massive cock.

    Mark sniffed, whipping his nose. “Do you really want me to do it mom?” Asked the pathetic white boy.

    “It is.” cooed the white mother, between deep breaths. “Mummy just wants what's best for her white boi baby, and I am afraid this is as good as its going to get, be a good boy and kill yourself for mommy.” Mark, still in pain from what his sister did to him slowly climbed atop the chair and placed the noose around his neck.

    Rachel refused to break eye contact as she continued to ride her master. Her tits bouncing in the air. With her left hand she speed up the frisking of her clit, with her other hand she pushed back her hair, so as to get a better look at her soon to be dean son. Mark rose a leg into the air, hoping his mother would show some love, and some clemency. Rachel gave out a massive smile, and a wave goodbye, Mark stepped off the chair.

    The white boy violently shock as his perfect overweight pale body tried to fight death. Rachel mirrored her dying son, with the most powerful orgasm of her life, her body violently shook, she couldn't stop cumming. Her cunt started to squirt, gallon after gallon of her cum shot into the air. Hitting both Anna, who greedily tried to catch it in her mouth, and Mark, her dying white son. Whose face and flabby stomach became wet with her mothers juices.

    To be concluded in part III.
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