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. Step father part 1

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by violet, Oct 23, 2017.

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  1. violet

    violet Active Member Member Author!

    Anna could not sleep, she laid awake on her bed listening to her stepfather fuck her mom. He was ruthless in his ability, it was not just the creaking sound of the bed, but the shaking of the house and the screams of pleasure as the mature white women was experiencing a massive torrent of orgasms, that kept Anna up all night. When her black step-father first moved in, a white-boy neighbor complained about the noise, the next day he came home to find his teenage daughter and her mother in an incestuous 69 position, with the two girls licking black cum from their stretched out holes. The two became devoted black cock sluts, and the white boy stopped complaining about the noise. Anna wanted to touch herself, to feel pleasure at the sounds she could hear from her mother and stepfather, but couldn't, the black man now currently fucking her mother had placed young Anna in a tight-fitting chastity belt. The reasoning being, that as a white girl, she only exists to please black men, and any form of self-pleasure would be seen as a betrayal of the new social contract. Her dainty white fingers pawed at the cold metal undergarments knowing that only a week from now-her birthday, the chastity belt will come off, and her black daddy would deflower all her holes. Anna’s mother screamed once more as another orgasm washed over her body, and Anna spooned up to her teddy bear, in a mock display of her mother's post-fuck stupure.


    Anna’s mother, Rachel, met her new husband at a women's health clinic. The older woman was waiting in the foyer for her yearly Ob-Gyn checkup when the young black hunk walked in, many of the woman's eyes looked up, some crossed their legs, the white boys moved their eyesight to the floor. Wrapped around both arms of the black Adonis was a white girl, a blonde and a brunette both of them a clear 10 in the looks department, with two, wide, bright, toothy smiles, and both of them were visibly pregnant. Approaching the front desk, the black man was met by a redheaded nurse,

    “Another white-boy abortion?” Giggled the red-headed nurse with a wink and a smile.

    The blonde haired women, with her bright pink high heels, stepped forward, rubbing her swollen belly. “Yes we have white boi parasites growing inside of us, and they must go.” Proclaimed the white women proudly.

    “Oh, you two white women should be ashamed of yourselves.” teased the nurse, “sleeping with a white boi, disgusting.” the nurse pushed out her tongue in a mock display of disgust. “But don’t worry, we’ll fix you up, and turn you into proper white whores.” Both the nurse and two pregnant women chuckled. The nurse turning 180 degrees towards a collection of doors, arching her back, she poked her bum out and signaled for the two women to follow her. The black man spanked the nurse, she giggled and started walking out of the waiting room. The black man's attention was now on who was in the room, scanning, he noticed that much of the room was made up of women, most of them were trying to attract the attention of the black man, only one had her nose in some magazine. Sitting next to her, he tried to start up a conversation.

    “Hay girl, sexy thing like you needs a real man in her life.”

    Rachel was about to call out this man, yet as she lowered her magazine, she saw the raw masculinity of this black man.

    “I...I’m married.” stuttered the white women, as she tried to regain her composure.

    “Trust me, girl, my cock does not discriminate when it comes to white pussy.”


    On a seedy motel bed, the mother of three was naked and on her hands and knees, her white fleshy ass jiggling as she tried to take the cock into her mouth, Tyrone had his hand lovingly placed over her head, guiding the inexperienced white women into her newfound devotion.

    “Hey bitch” sneered the black man, “if you don’t get this cock properly lubed, I’ll fuck your cunt raw.”

    The woman should have been disgusted at the way this young man was speaking to her, but all it did was to motivate her to try and please him harder. She chocked herself on his massive ebony member, she managed to get halfway, when the man grunted. He pulled out, leaving a trail of thick saliva and pre-cum.

    “Did I do good, sir?” Pleaded the white woman, as she looked up at her new black god with puppy dog eyes.

    She was lightly slapped on the face, “You’ll do better next time!” Demanded Tyrone. The white mother looked like she was about to cry, not so much due to the slap, but rather her bull’s displeasure at her performance.

    “I’m so sorry sir” pleaded the mother, as she kissed the enlarged head of his meaty cock, each kiss left the red stain of her lipstick. “I’ll do better, much better, just give me a second chance.” With that, the white woman grabbed the man by the cock and guided him towards the bed.

    She gently pushed him down, so that he was lying on the bed, with Rachel holding the cock as she slowly lowered herself onto the 15-inch fuck-meat. All those years at the gym, getting rid of any pregnancy fat, all those squats tightening her buttocks, were finally paying off. She rode her black master with all her might, at first the size was painful, but she grunted, she had three children for Christ sake, she bit her lower lip and continued to ride him. Soon the pain turned to pleasure. The difficult part was not the pain, but rather the pleasure, her body was under constant siege by orgasm after orgasm, clitoral, vaginal, and cervical orgasms rocked her body, each giant wave of pleasure sent her body into total lockdown. She fought every impulse against going into orgasm related seizure, knowing that her pleasure is second to her black masters.

    He soon came, and with that the woman collapsed, her white skin covered in sweet. She started to gently kiss the neck and shoulders of her black lover.

    “Thank you, sir, I had no idea I could feel that way, about my own body, I'm yours to do with as you like.” Purred the woman. The black man impressed that a first timer could handle his cock decided not to treat her like a cum and dump, but instead decided to make her one of his regulars.


    Treated as a regular fuck in her owner's harem, changed Rachel's life drastically, there were the cosmetic changes. A prominent queen of spades tattoo was now proudly displayed between her new gravity-defying tits. On her left ass cheek was the tattoo “White fuck meat”. Above her cunt, was the tattoo of a barcode, when scanned would reveal her name, life details and her position in the harem.

    She divorced her husband and received the help of one of the best divorce lawyers in the country. As the lawyer was already black-owned, she saw it fit to help other white women liberate themselves from the oppression of white boys everywhere. The trial went swimmingly, her husband was dragged over the coals, his small penis was used as evidence for emotional and sexual abuse, she won, and got most of the assets. In celebration, Rachel experienced her first lesbian moment, a threesome between Tyrone and the divorce lawyer. The two women made out as they drunk champagne, Rachel found her tongue inside the asshole of her lawyer, as Tyrone pounded into her cunt.

    In order to get her newly acquired assets without paying tax, Tyrone decided to marry Rachel. She was thrilled, even if the marriage was just to get her assets, out of all the rich women in Tyrone's harem, he choose her to marry.

    The wedding was beautiful, Rachel never smiled so much as she walked down the aisle in her white dress to her new life as the wife to her black master. With the reading of her vows, she got on her knees and proclaimed that Tyrone owned her mind, body, and soul, with that she gently kissed his ring finger. While the wedding was an all-white affair, no boys were invited. This naturally enough caused fiction with her two white-bread sons. Their relationship with their mother was becoming increasingly strained as her love and devotion grew stronger for her black master. The two teenage white-boys would have to beg their own mother to take pity on them and to look after them. Their father, who was rendered broke during the court proceedings was now living in a trailer park, could not afford to look after them.

    Several months after the wedding, Rachael was sunbaking next to the pool, both the large gardens, as well as the large house, she purchased for Tyrone as a wedding gift. By the pool, the blonde haired woman rested, not wishing to get tan lines, her artificially enhanced tits were exposed to the sun, and her blonde hair was tied up into a ponytail. In her lazed position in the deck chair, she noticed a group of girls practicing yoga, in their tight pants, and short shorts. Enjoying the view, she slipped her hand down between her pink bikini-bottoms and started playing with herself, all women who entered Castle Tyrone engaged in such open and public displays of bisexual lust. Losing herself in trying to build up a climax, she failed to notice the two white boys approaching her. She was forced out of her orgasm when she heard the high pitched squeal of a white boy.


    Visibly annoyed, Rachel lifted off her comically oversized red sunglasses, and looked at where the noise had come from. Approaching her, were her two white boy sons, skinnier than the last time she had seen them, before the wedding.

    “Oh great!” she loudly muttered, “What do you two want then? How did you get in here?” she snapped in their direction.

    “You’re supposed to be our mother, you’re supposed to look after us!” Cried the older one, Rachel looked at her own offspring with a mixture of disgust and disappointment. During the divorce, she made it abundantly clear she wanted nothing to do with her male children.

    “You're not supposed to be here”, she repeated. “If Tyrone catches you here, he will beat you.” She warned coldly and calmly as if she was not particularly interested in what would happen to her children.

    The oldest boy continued to plead. “Dad can’t afford to look after us, he can barely feed himself after paying rent, let alone his two sons. We need you to reduce alimony, mom.”

    Rachel, let out a cruel laugh, standing up, her queen of spades tattoo was shoved in the face of her oldest son. “And what let my black master go desolate, please white boy don’t be stupid. Anyway, you're much too old to be living off your parents. Tyrone is younger than both of you and he already owns all this.” Rachel pointed towards the 12 bedroom mansion, that was the centerpiece of Tyrone's harem.

    This time the younger boy started begging, “mom please without your help we’ll die”, whined the younger boy with tears rolling down his cheeks.

    Rachel was now growing visibly annoyed at the way her offspring were carrying on, she back-slapped the younger one, hard. Her wedding ring, with a large diamond, cut into her son's check, blood spilled out. “You listen here white boys” sneered Rachel, “I might be your mother, but I am also a woman, who has sexual needs. Needs white boys such as yourself can never provide. By the way, you carry on I certainly wished I got that abortion whiteboy.”

    The two boys were now both crying from the verbal abuse given to them by their mother. Whipping his nose, the younger one asked. “Don’t you ever love us anymore?”

    Rachel arched her back and bent her knees so that her ass was sticking out. “How could a girl love a white boy after she’s been fucked by black cock?” With that she moved her hand under her bum, and removed a buttplug, covered in both her slime and Tyrone’s cum, she rubbed it on the bleeding wound of her son and placed the plug into her other son's mouth. “Now get the fuck out of here.”


    The first son to die was the oldest, a heroin overdose, whether it was an accident or suicide was unknown.

    Rachels ankles and wrists were tied to a younger woman, with Rachel lying atop the girl. Facing each other, their cunts and breasts rubbing against the other. The two women could feel each other hot breath, they started to furiously make out, when her phone started to ring. As Rachel was indisposed, Tyrone picked up the phone and looked at the caller id.

    “It's Richard.” Smirked Tyrone, as he smacked Rachel's ass, and put the phone on voicemail.

    “What do you want Richard?” Asked Rachel to her former husband.

    A voice, small and whiny emanated from the phone, “It’s our son, Rachel, his death.”

    “Oh” uttered the mother minus one, trying to fake concern, the younger girl under Rachel started to gently kiss her neck and check. “I don’t see how I should be, Oh FUCK!!” Cried out Rachel as Tyrone entered her asshole and started jackhammering with all his might.
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  2. SissyHub

    SissyHub Member Member

    Maybe bring the other son in to be their slave, lots of chores and cruelty with little food and sleep.
  3. krushone

    krushone Member Member

    How about: Anna tries to help her brother and both get turned into slaves by Tyrone, and although frightening at first, they both learn love their new roles.

    Just throwing out an idea. Didn’t want you to forget about Anna.
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