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. Spring Getaway

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by BoobTubeBobby, Nov 14, 2002.

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    SPRING GETAWAY By Boob Tube Bobby

    They say every vacation can be an adventure and my last sure was. Last February, my wife, Lillia, and I took a trip to celebrate our first anniversary. We went for a week to a all-inclusive resort in southern Mexico which was geared toward families with kids. But since we got a great deal on the price, we figured we could put up with screaming kids, since we were just going for a romantic getaway.

    The place was great and the weather was hot. For the first 3 days, we sat on the beach, took walks, and mostly ate and drank and made love. It was relaxing and slow paced, which was exactly what we were looking for.

    On Wednesday, we were walking out of the dining area after lunch and as we walked by the reception area, we saw two guys arguing with the resort manager. The guys were angry and claiming they had been ripped off. The manager said something about that this was their third resort and there were no more resorts of this company left in the area to transfer them to. They said bullshit and stormed off. As they walked by us, the one guy elbowed the other and nodded in our direction, and they both gave Lillia the once over. They didn't make any effort to be discrete, but just blatantly continued to check Lillia out, front and back, as they walked away, nodding to each other in apparent approval. Lillia noticed this also.

    Such a reaction by guys is not uncommon, and I think Lillia is still not used to it. You see, she is stunning. Lillia is AmerAsian. Her father was an evangelical missionary to the Phillipines, and her mother was Filipino. In her facial features, her Asian ancestry predominates, and she has that beautiful straight Asian jet black hair, which she wears at shoulder length. Her body, however, is what she herself describes and mixed/bi-ethnic: she is petite like Asian women - slight and short. But, she has very big tits and shapely ass and hips, which she attributes to her American ancestry.

    Because of her upbringing, she is not used to the amount of male attention she gets. She spent most of her childhood in one of the outer islands in the Phillipines with her family, except for occasional summers with her dad's family in Topeka, Kansas. Her dad was strict with her and did not let her date much at all and kept a close eye on her, even sending her to a small religious college near their home in the Phillipines. I met her when I was and was transferred to Manila for my job. She and I attended the same youth ministry conference in Manila when she was in the final year of college. We dated for about a year, and when I was transferred back to the States, I asked her to marry me, and, with her parents' blessing, we got hitched a year ago and moved to Detroit.

    She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I feel lucky as hell to have her. And I let her know that - I spoil her a lot and let her have whatever she wants. In fact, my nickname for her is "the queen" because of how I feel about her and because of her slight British accent that she picked up from her mother who had learned English in an international schools.

    After lunch, we decided to spend a few hours on the beach. We laid out our towels and no sooner had Lil taken off her Hawaiian print beach wrap did the two college guys walked by. They stopped for a second and then laid down their towels a few feet away from us. They looked over to us and said "How's it going" We said hi. The one guy, Ryan, said "Have you been here since Sunday?" I said "Yep, and you." He said "Just got here, but we spent the last few days at the other two other resorts." "Are you guys on some kind of tour?" I asked. He said "No, we've just been looking for a fun place. We're on spring break from college." "Here?" I asked. "We didn't know they were resorts for families and kids. We saw a great deal on the internet and signed up. We figured since it was Mexico, it would be like Cancun and full of spring breakers." I said "No spring breakers here." The other guy, Matt, said "Yeah, just kids and kids' activities. Where are yours?" I said "We don't have any. We just came here for a getaway to celebrate our first anniversary. We got a good deal too, and the peace and quiet is fine with us." "Way too peaceful for us - no spring break fun." Matt said "But the beer is cold and cheap. Who's in?" He offered to buy a round, so I said okay. "How 'bout you?" he said to Lillia. She said "No thank you, I don't fancy beer." He left and soon returned with 3 beers and a pina colada, which he gave to Lillia saying, "Here, try this pina colada. They make 'em great here." Lillia accepted it and said thanks.

    I asked them what the hassle with the manager was earlier in the day. They said that they wanted a refund or at least transport to a place with some college kids, and the manager said that they had been to all 3 of the resorts in the area and there was nothing more the resort company could do for them. Ryan said "I told him it was a scam. They showed a low fare on the internet but didn't explain that it was families only. Man, that's like showing up for a cruise and finding out it's gay week on the ship. It's pretty much a total loss for us this year. Oh well, may as well get drunk." He toasted our drinks and took a big slug of beer.

    Matt said "Where y'all from?" I said Detroit, but he said to Lillia, "Where did you get that accent?" She said "The Phillipines. That's where I was reared." He said "How did you learn your English?" She said "From my parents. I'm part Phillipino and part American." Ryan said "I think I can see which part is American." He pointed at her tits. Even in her conservative one-piece bathing suit, her tits looked big. He and other guy laughed, and Lillia giggled and said "Yes, I have my mother's face, but these are undoubtedly from my father's side." Ryan said "Yep, tits are one of the few things left where 'Made in America' still means quality. I have to admit they caught my eye earlier when we walked by you. You fill your tee shirt out nicely, and that bikini top too."

    Matt said to Ryan, "Dude, if we were in Cancun now, we'd have seen a hundred naked titties already." Ryan said "Chalk this one up to an off year. We probably won't even see one pair." Lillia said "Spring holiday for American university students is a lot different from the rest of the world. In the Phillipines, most students go touring or just go home." Ryan said "Score another #1 for the old USA." Matt said "We get totally wild." Lillia said "I believe that from the videos that I've seen advertised on late night television." "But it's fun, fun, fun," said Matt with a smile. The guys went for a swim. About an hour later, Lillia and I went back to the room for siesta.

    That evening, after dinner, we went to the stage area, where little kids were putting on a show. As we arrived there, the two guys came up to us and "There you are." We said hi. Ryan said "I was thinking, why don't we hang out together. It seems we're the only ones here without kids." We had no objection, so Ryan said "Let's let the parents have the seats. We can see the show from this bar over here." We all went. Lillia looked sexy in her black sport shirt and khaki shirt. Ryan ordered pina coladas for us all. We watched the show. Matt said to bartender, "How 'bout a little old," and the bartender poured some Anejo rum into each of our drinks. Ryan said "We have a gift we'd like to give you, Lillia, if you're willing to accept it." She said "What is it?" He said "It's a tradition. Matt and I are in a frat at college. On spring breaks, the bros in our frat bring along tank tops with our greek letters on them, and we give them to the women that we would really like to see wearing them, but only if they agree to wear 'em." Then, he pulled from his pocket the top and held it up for us. It was whitish gray, looked like it was made of stretchy cotton, maybe part spandex, like a sports bra or workout top except that it was low cut in the middle. It was so small that it looked like something for a baby to wear. So, I said "Are you kidding? That's way too small." Matt said "It stretches to form fit." Lillia said "I don't know that I'd call that a tank top." Ryan said "Whatever. You want it?" Lillia paused and I said "You know, I feel sorry for you guys missing out on spring break but I think you are fighting a losing battle. All the women here are married or with their families. If you're looking for a bit of randy fun, you best go where the other university students are or maybe try one of the pubs in town. But I dare say you won't do too well here." Ryan said "I guess that's a no."

    We watched the show. When it was over, there was a group dance to the resort's theme song, which we all participated in. This dance had various hand signals and signs, and as Lillia did them, especially the ones with hands up in the air, I noticed the guys checking her out. After the dance, the resort begins to shut down for the night. Matt asked us if we wanted to go have a couple drinks at a bar he heard about that was a short walk down the beach. Lillia seemed like she wanted to go, so we agreed, and said we would meet them by the pool in ten minutes.

    At the room, Lillia changed from her skirt into denim cut-off shorts, and then we headed out. As we arrived at the pool, we heard the guys call to us from the bottom of the stairway that leads to the beach. Ryan, in a tone that sounded urgent, yelled, "C'mon, hurry up." We hurried down the stairs, and Lillia asked, "What's the hurry?" Ryan says, "No hurry, I just wanted to see your tits bounce." Matt said "It'll probably be the best boob shot we see all week." BAR (FIRST NIGHT)

    The bar was about a half mile down the beach. It was a thatched hut style, with a bar, a small dance floor, and about a dozen tables. Matt bought a round of pina coladas. Lillia loves to dance, me and the guys took turns dancing with her as we drank a few more rounds. Lillia took a break at our table. She asked the guys, "What was that writing on the top you showed us before?" Matt said "Those are our frat's letters: Delta Tau Delta." Ryan added, "The two big D's on our tops stand for the minimum requirements of the women who wear them - they gotta be dub D's or better." Matt said "You got that covered, don't you?" Lillia said nothing for a second, looked at me with a nervous look. Ryan looked at her chest and said "Can't tell now but, from what I saw at the beach today, it sure looked like she meets the requirement." "With a D to spare." She casually sipped her drink. Ryan said "Shit, trip D's on a woman of your frame. What are you, 5'1" and a hundo pounds?" Lillia says, "I'm 5'2", and I'm only a hundo pounds if I'm dripping wet." Ryan says, "I'd like to see that."

    Lillia sipped her drink again, and her straw made the slurping sound indicating she was empty. It was my buy, so I offered to get a round. When I returned from the bar, Lilla went to the restroom. I said "There are a few nice looking women here. Why don't you guys go looking for a little spring break type fun." Matt said "Maybe we will." When Lillia returned, she did not sit down but just stood there. Matt said "Well?" Lillia said "Well, let's dance," and she and Matt hit the dance floor. They were talking a little during the dance. At the end of the song, she made a finger gesture for me to come dance with her which I did. After our dance, she summoned Ryan. When they returned, Lillia was fanning herself and she said "A girl word can get hot on that dance floor." She held her drink against her forehead and said "I'd better take a layer off." She pulled her black sport shirt off, revealing the frat top.

    Ryan said "You look great, just like we knew you would." Lillia said thanks. I said "Lil, you shouldn't accept it. You know they'll want more, it's just like Mardi Gras beads." Ryan said "Nope, not at all. Beads are given only after the girl flashes her tits. We give our top to women that we want to see wearing it, whether they flash us or not. A deal's a deal for Delta men."

    Lillia asked, "Why is the tau smaller than the deltas?" Ryan said "So it doesn't block our view. If we made it as big, we wouldn't see any cleavage." Lillia said "It's quite tight." Ryan said "Well, it's designed for dub D's, so, above that, it gets tight, but we like it. On you, it looks great." Lillia said "I don't I could have fit in it if it were any tighter." Matt said "It get tighter when it's dripping wet." "And we sure would like to see that," said Ryan. "I'll take a dance," said Matt, and he escorted Lillia to the dance floor.

    Matt lifted his hands in the air, and Lillia did the same. She was shaking her tits around and some other guys at the tables yelled out the Mexican mariachi cheer of "BrrrrrYiddddAYeeeee Yah Hah." One guy yelled out, "Shake those big marengues." Lil smiled at him and shook her tits in his direction.

    After the song, Lillia returned to the table. She was fanning herself and looked warm but had that look on her face that told me she was having fun. Ryan had bought yet another round and said to Lillia, "Drink up, 'cause I just talked to the DJ and it is time for girls to get really hot on that dance floor."

    Soon another song started, and Ryan said "That's your song, Lillia." The DJ called for all women in the bar to come to the dance floor and all the guys to stand in a circle around it. The song was K.C. and the Sunshine Band's party classic, "Shake your booty." The girls danced around the circle in front of the guys, and some girls would shake their asses toward the men. Some guy called to Lillia, "Shake your boobies," which she did. A black guy told her to shake her booty, which she also did. A guy yelled in an American accent, "Show us your tits" and other guys started yelling that also. When she came to us, she shook her tits hard and fast, and the guys loved it.

    After that dance, she returned to the table. Matt looked at her chest and said "All that shaking put your tits out of alignment. Your top needs re-adjustment." Lillia's tits were leaning to one side of her top, and one was higher up than the other. Lillia said "How?" Matt said "The tau needs to be perfectly centered." Ryan said "That's how it's designed, so your nipples stay right in the middle of the triangles." Lillia laughed and adjusted her top.

    The black guy who called for thebooty shake approached Lillia and asked her to dance. She said yes. It was a slower song. On the dance floor, he held her in close, which caused her boobs to press against his chest and up. At that moment, she looked over to our table and laughed. She was having fun. As they danced, they talked a little while dancing and she shook her tits for him. He gestured for her to turn around, and she did, shaking her ass for him. At the end of the song, he leaned over and talked to her. She said nothing, so he just pointed to his seat and headed over to it. She returned with a strange look on her face. Matt asked her why, and she said "That man suggested we talk a walk down the beach together. He said if I fancied some black cock, he had plenty for me." Everybody laughed except me. Lil and the guys looked over in the direction of the black guy's table, and the black guy lifted his glass to them.

    I suggested that we head back to the resort. Ryan said "Your wife's getting hot." Matt said "She's way too hot for this dive." Ryan said "You sure are doing that top proud, Lillia. You wear it well." Matt said "And you have fun doing it."

    Ryan said "You're having more fun than most women we'd meet on spring break." As we walked onto the beach, Lillia said "That ocean breeze feels great." Matt said "It would feel a lot better on with your top off." Lillia said "I bet you say that to all the girls when you're on spring break." Lillia asked them about what they would be doing right now if they were in Cancun, and they broke into a long series of bawdy stories of the crazy antics of them, their friends, and girls they have met, which continued all the way back to the resort. There, the guys invited us up to their room for a nightcap, saying that they had stolen a bottle of wine from dinner. Lillia agreed before I could decline, so we went up. Their room was a mess. They poured the wine.

    Matt said "Usually, at spring break, when we give the girls our frat tops, they like to get 'em wet. We like that too." Lillia said "I've seen that on those spring break videos they sell on late night television. That, along with all the flashing." Matt said "You oughta try it. A little water will feel even better than the ocean breeze." Ryan said "Wetter is better, especially on you." I said "It'll probably become see through like a wet tee shirt." Matt walked over to the shower, which had a removable, hand-held nozzle. He said "Hey, Lillia, why don't come over here and give it a try." Lillia hesitated. Then, she walked over and said "Okay, but only if you use warm water, and just a sprinkle."

    Matt positioned her so that she was standing in the middle of the floor. Then, he gave her a little sprinkle of water from the nozzle. Then a little more. Lillia said "I thought you guys said your frat top get tighter when wet?" Matt said "It will" and he splashed a longer stream of water on her chest. Lillia gave out a cute little squeal and said "Hey, that's cold" and she put her hands over her chest. Matt says, "Yeah it's cold but it's refreshing. C'mon, baby, let's get that top real wet. Move your arms and take it like a spring break girl." Lillia said "You guys are bad" but she moved her arms, holding her hands up next to her shoulders. Matt sprayed her chest again. Guy says, "Stick 'em out for me." When Lillia did so, Ryan said "Hose those big tits. Soak 'em good." Matt said "How does that feel, Lil?" She said "Cold."

    Ryan sprayed her right in the cleavage line between her tits, and the water got inside her top and collected in a pool under each boob. Lillia said "There really soaked now. Look." She pulled the elastic band at the bottom out from her stomach, and all the water flowed down her tummy. Then she let go of her top, and it snapped back hard against her tits. Lillia said "It does get tighter when it's wet." There was water all over the room, and Lillia's top was drenched and her shorts were totally wet too. When she came back over to sit with us, her nipples were sticking straight out under her top, clearly visible. Ryan said "Those are dark ones." Lillia said "I got that color from my mom's side." Matt said "And big too." Lillia said "I got that from my dad's side, I think." Matt said "At least the week is not a total loss because we found a worthy girl to wear our frat top and we've gotten a pretty good look at some big tits." Ryan said "How 'bout a better look, Lil?" Hearing this, I took Lillian's black tank top from her bag and gave it to her, saying it's time to leave. She held it in her hand as she asked some stupid question about their activities on spring break. Out of patience, I said "Lil, these guys can see your tits. I think you should put your shirt on now." She put her shirt on, and we went back to our room and went to sleep.

    The next day, after lunch, we were sitting on the beach. Lil was wearing a white bikini, with triangles of fabric covering her boobs, which triangles were connected by a few inches of string in the middle of her chest; the tie strings tied in the middle of her back and behind her neck. The bottoms were brief and panty style, with a little V-shape the front pointing down at an angle in the middle, and with a tiny tied bow attached in the middle of the front top elastic band. From down the beach, one of the guys yelled, "There she is" and they headed over to us. I told Lil, "Be ladylike and don't encourage these guys."

    Matt said "You're easy to spot, especially with Lil in that bikini." Lil sat up and said "Actually, I bought it in order to look sexy for my husband." Ryan said "It's working for me." I gave Lil a look. Lil said to the guys, "I want to apologize for my conduct last night. I was acting like a tart and I'm really not that way, I was just tipsy." Ryan said "That's the fun of spring break. You can have some drinks and get wild." I said "She's not on spring break." Ryan said "But we are, and anyone who wants can join us." Matt said to me, "You used to get wild on your spring breaks, didn't ya?" I admitted that I had, I mean, after all, I had attended a big state university in the nineties. Matt said "So, spill the beans and tell us." I told them, "Look, it's not something married couples talk about. Maybe I'll tell you guys later, over a beer or something." Ryan said "Nope, in a minute, tell all of us, over four ice cold pinas."

    He left for the bar, and quickly returned with the four pina coladas. I told them the quick version of my experience in my junior year in Fort Lauderdale when I was drunk and I met a drunk girl at one of the spring break bars. Ryan said "Was she lookin for some?" I said "Huh?" Ryan said "Cock. Was she looking for cock?" I said "I guess so, because within minutes of meeting her, we were on our way to my room." Ryan said "Where she proceeded to suck your cock." I laughed, and everybody laughed, and Matt said "Then you ain't a goody two shoes." Ryan said "And I bet after she blew ya, you asked her out and had a meaningful relationship." I said "No, never saw her again, to tell the truth." Ryan said "To tell the truth, have you thought about her since?" I said "Well, yes, it was not an experience one forgets." Ryan said "Yeah, but I bet you forgot her name." I thought for a second, could not remember it, and laughed. I said "We were both pretty drunk." Matt said "Just another drunken spring break slut. Good for you, and good for her."

    Lil gave me a dirty look as she took a long drink from the straw of her pina. Then, she stretched, lifting her arms high in the air and yawning. Of course, the guys immediately focused on her tits, which made her stretch and stick her boobs out even more. Suddenly, Matt said "I gotta go" and walked away toward the rooms. Ryan said "Hey, wait up" and ran after him. About a minute later, they both returned. Ryan said "Do you know why he was going back to the room?" Lil said "Siesta?" Ryan said to Matt, "Go on, tell 'em." Matt said "Lil, you really have an effect on me. I haven't cum for a week and I expected to get some action on this trip. And last night when I saw you dancing, I liked it." Ryan said ,"You mean your dick liked it." Matt said "Yeah, and then when I saw you standing there with our frat top soaking wet hugging your tits . . . hell . . ." He stopped and Lil said "What?" He said "Hell, I almost blew my load on the spot." I sat up and said "Hey, now wait a minute" and everybody was silent for a second. Lilia scooted over and knelt right next to me, leaning into my chest. Breaking the long silence, Ryan said "Go on, tell 'em." Matt said "And then today, looking at you in that bikini -- " He stopped and looked over at Ryan, who said "Tell her." Lil leaned her butt into me more, which caused her boobs to stick forward, and both guys looked right at them. When Matt still hesitated, Lilia said "Let's hear it." Matt blurted out, "I gotta blow my load, and that's where I was going." When no one said anything, Matt said "I can't control it any longer, especially when you stick 'em out like that."

    Ryan said "Stop pussyfooting and ask her." Matt said "Okay. Lil, I'm gonna go jack off now, and, instead of just my mental picture, I wish I had of picture of you in that wet top to jack off to. I didn't bring a nudey mag to jack off to, because I thought I'd see plenty of action and naked tits. I'd even be happy to if I had just a picture of you as you look now in your sexy bikini. But, since we don't have any kind of instant camera, Ryan told me to ask you." Lil said "Ask me what?" Matt said "Ask if you'd model for me." Lil said "You mean let you see my tits in your wet frat top again?" Matt said "That, or just stand there in that sexy bikini your wearing. Something real to look would help me a lot more than just my mental picture of you and your big tits." No one said anything for a second, and then Ryan said "Come on, Lillia, help him take a load off. He already admitted he's gonna be thinking about you when does his Yankee Doodle." Lil laughed and said "Yankee Doodle!" Ryan said "That's what he's going to the room to do, and you'll be there, either in his brain or in person." There was more silence, and Ryan said "Hell, it's the same as your sitting right now in your bikini." Lil said "That's true." Ryan said "Come on, what's the big deal?" Matt said "There's a pina in it for ya -- on me." Lil said "Room 235, right? I'll think about it." Matt said "Don't think too long, I can't hold it." Lil said "If I'm not there in 5 minutes, I'm not coming." Ryan said "I'll get the pinas."

    When the guys walked off, I said to Lil, "Let's lose these guys." She said "It could be fun." I said "What?!" She said "It'll be my first spring break experience, and I don't even have to take my top off." I said "But that guy is gonna jack off looking at you." Lil said "What's the harm? Besides, there on spring break." I said "But your my wife!" She said "I know." She put her beach wrap like a toga and walked toward the beach shower, where she washed the sand off her feet and adjusted her bikini top. Then, from the beach shower, she headed up the stairs toward the rooms, and I ran after her.

    A moment later, I caught up to her as she was knocking on the door of Room 235. Ryan answered the door, escorted her in, and gave us both a pina colada. Matt said "I'm ready." Matt was standing around the corner, in the kitchenette area, behind the counter. Ryan said "He'd stand in the middle of the room, except for 2 reasons: I told him I didn't want to see it, and also he said he had some stage fright." Matt said "Let me look at you." Lil walked over and stood facing him from the other side of the counter, as Ryan and I stood over in the other area. Lil stood there, and Matt said "What the hell is that?" With her fingers, he played with the beachwrap's knot on her shoulder and said "It's my beachwrap. Do you like it?" He said "Take it off." She said "I thought you wanted to look at my pretty face." Matt said "I want to look at that too, but I want to see your sexy body. Take it off." She said "Oh allright" and untied the knot and let her wrap fall to the floor.

    Matt said "Nice. Now turn around." She did, and he said "Shake that booty." Lil said "I thought you just wanted me to stand here." He said "Do it." And she shook her butt at him. He reached down and lowered his shorts. He said "Shake your tits for me." She reached inside her top and pulled out the tie strings which were tied in a big bow. She said "How about if I shake this for you?" She began to slowly move her chest around to make the bow flap in front of her tits. She asked Matt, "Do you like this bikini more now with the strings tied in front?" Although he could not be seen below the counter, Matt was clearly jacking himself. He said "Bring 'em over here." Lil took a little step toward the counter. She said "Are you jacking off to my tits?" He said "Bring that pretty face of yours over here and see for yourself."

    She stepped up to the counter. She is so petite and short that the counter top was a little higher than Lil's navel. Lil leaned over it. He said "Smash those big tits down harder for me." Lil leaned over even more, smashing her tits against the counter top. She had a clear view of him jacking his cock. She looked at his cock and said "Jack that cock. Jack it faster." Matt said "Give me a reason. Show me your tits." She said "I thought you just wanted to see me in my bikini?" He said "I changed my mind. I want to see those big dark nipples on your beautiful olive skin. I want to see your big tits." Lil said "Crank that cock harder for me." Matt appeared to speed up and said "Show your tits." Lil pulled the tie string, undid the bow, and pulled her top open.

    He said "Shake your big tits for me, whore." Lil shimmyed her shoulders and her tits shook side to side. He said "Your gonna make me cum you big titted whore. Shake 'em faster." She said "Make that cock come for me, boy. Jack it off." Matt said "You fuckin' whore, you big tit whore" and kept repeating that. Soon, he yelled "Ohhh" and his cum starting flying. Lil jumped back, but a spurt flew over the counter and hit her on her leg. Matt finished cumming with a lot of grunts. Then, Lil leaned over and looked at the cum splotch on her leg. She said to Matt, "You got me" and then she rubbed it off with a napkin.

    She walked over to us, still with her top down, and said to Ryan, "So you probably want to go now, huh?" He said "Those are great tits, but, no, I'm not a do-it-yourselfer. I have women do it for me." Lil said "Is that right? Then you must be a blue-baller." Ryan said "For a while now and again, in a dry spell, but I never waste my spunk by dumping on the floor. My whore gets it, preferably down her throat." Lil said "Keep your blue balls then." We left and went back to our room.

    Late that afternoon, there was a sunset, happy hour cruise that Lil had signed us up for. Lil wore her same white bikini with the strings tied in front in a cute double bow. Ryan and Matt were at the dock when we arrived. There were about 30 people total, all adults. Sangria was served as we headed out to sea.

    Lil sat next to me on the row of seats that went around the edge of the ship. The guys sat next to her. Ryan went over to the captain of the ship, spoke for a moment and came back. He said "This sure isn't a spring break booze cruise." I asked, "What do you mean?" He said "The captain said women can't sunbathe topless on the boat." I said "Of course not, it's illegal in Mexico. You wasting your breath." Ryan said "I was asking on Lil's behalf. I told him Lil wanted to take her top off and asked if it was alright." Lil said "I can't believe you said that to him!" Ryan said "Oh c'mon, you know it's true. And I'm glad I did it too because the captain said that, on the island that we will be stopping at, there is a secluded cove down the beach and you can do whatever you want there."

    In the next few minutes, several of the crew members walked by us and checked out Lil's chest. After another glass of sangria, we arrived at the island. As people began disembarking, I saw the captain speaking with a few of the male resort guests and gesturing in our direction. As we were ready to disembark, the captain stopped Ryan and Lil and told them to wait on the ship for a moment. When the other passengers had all disembarked, the captain directed us to a little motorized inflatable dingy. There were already three crew members and two male resort guests sitting in it. When Matt and I followed, the captain said "Are you with them?" Lil said "Yes, he's my husband." The captain and the other guys seemed surprised by that. The captain said to Ryan, "I thought you two were together." Ryan said "We are. We're all celebrating spring break together." The captain told two of the crew members to leave the dingy to make room. The guys all helped Lil in. More sangria was poured as we motored away from the ship. As the dingy bounced on the waves, Lil's chest bounced in her bikini, and all of the guys stared. Matt said "It's sure windy out here" as he looked at Lil's nipples which were poking through the material of her top. A couple of the guys agreed.

    At the island, we all got out of the dingy. Right away, Ryan said "Lil, come here, let's not make these guys wait anymore." As everyone gathered around, he handed his drink to Matt and began untying the bow on Lil's bikini top. Lil said "What are you doing?" and he said "Showing you off. This is what spring break is all about." One of the male guests said "Oh yeah." Another said "This is what I remember about spring break." Ryan removed Lil's top and all the guys stood there and gawked at her tits.

    For the next fifteen minutes, we all sat around on the beach drinking and with the guys enjoying the view of Lil's naked chest. Lil was a little nervous, which caused her, as usual, to drink faster. Matt said "Who's up for a dip" and ran into the water, followed by Ryan who had Lil in tow. A few of the guys and I joined them, and Lil looked very sexy frolicking in the waves. Soon, the captain said it was time to go back to the ship. As Lil began to put her top back on, Ryan came up behind her and grabbed her tits, saying, "These big tits need a good squeezing before going back into hiding." He squeezed them a few times and then pulled on her nipples and rolled them between his fingertips. He said "Yeah, Lil needs a lot of squeezing." Then, walking away, he said "Can you help her out, guys?" Most of the guys felt her up as we walked back to the dingy.

    Most of the other folks were already on the ship as our dingy returned. Some of the couples gave us funny looks, seeing Lil returning with 7 men. Ryan sat down where the seat rows meet in a corner, and Lil sat next to him right on the other side of the corner. Matt and I sat next to Lil.

    Ryan said to Lil, "It looks like you have more fun when your top is off. You like it." Lil said "It's new to me. Before this trip, my husband was the only man to ever see my naked boobs." Matt said "You've been adding new guys every day." Lil said "It looks like you guys have fun when my top is off. So, since you've seen some naked titties, your spring break is not a total loss." Matt said "Those big tits of yours helped me take a load off." Ryan said "If I was at a real spring break place, I would have had my cock sucked 10 times already. There would have been plenty of spring break sluts thirsty for a cum cocktail."

    Ryan then said "I'm thirsty for more sangria." He left and brought back glasses for all of us. He sat down on the top of the seatback with his feet on the seat bottom. Lil said "Ten already, huh? Aren't you exaggerating a bit?" Ryan said "Nope, the whole week would be tits and beer, and sucking and fucking, with some sun and surf mixed in." Matt said "That's right." Ryan put his one leg up along the top of the seats behind Lil. In this position, his legs were open and his crotch was not far from Lil's face. Lil said "Ten would equal 2 per day." Ryan said "That's about right, on average. And all that cum would have been dumped in or on whores instead out welling up in my balls."

    Ryan slid forward, and his shorts rode up and became tighter around his cock. It appeared he did it purposely, and other people on the ship glanced over in our direction. Ryan said "When I was squeezing those big tits of yours on the beach, I almost popped off right there." Lil said "Blue balls are curable, you can take care of that by yourself when you get back to your room." Ryan said "Or you can take care of it for me." Lil did not say anything, but just looked up at him with her big eyes and took a drink from the straw of her sangria. Ryan said "Yeah, your a thristy girl, aren't ya?" Ryan's dick twitched in his shorts. Lil laughed. Ryan said "You have quite an effect on me." Lil then stretched, lifting her arms up behind her head and brazenly sticking her chest out. Ryan said "Those have quite an effect on me too." He moved his one leg over and slid forward so that his dick was even closer to her face. "C'mon, Lil, do me and quench your thrist." Lil looked up at Ryan one and smiled. She pulled a piece of pineapple out of her sangria, wrapped her lips around it, and sucked on it for a second. Ryan said "Good."

    Ryan made sure we were the first off the ship, and we went right to his room. As soon as we walked in, Ryan said "Take your top off." Lil did, and began to suck her tits hungrily. Ryan said "I bet your a good sucker." She said "I've never given a real blow job before." Ryan said "Not even to your husband?" Lil said "I've put it in my mouth a few times, but I never swallowed." Ryan said "I'll teach you." Lil looked amazingly sexy standing there in her little white V-shaped bikini bottom. Ryan said "On your knees." Lil kneeled and pulled down his shorts. Ryan said "Now suck my cock." Lil began to suck him, and he said "Your thirsty all right. You want this as much I do." Ryan said "Faster slut. Suck it faster." Lil sped up, and Matt said "Are you sure you haven't done this before. You suck like an old pro." Ryan said "Faster." Matt said "Make her do the jackrabbit." Ryan said "Good idea" and he positioned the tip of his dick just inside her mouth. He said "Wrap your slut lips around it real hard." Lil did. He grabbed her head by putting his two hands over her ears and began pulling her head slightly but quickly back and forth toward him. Within a minute, Ryan came. Lil's eyes bugged out as the cum was dumped in her mouth, but she kept sucking and swallowed it all.

    When Ryan walked away, Matt said "Stay there. Since you seem to like sucking cock, I got another one for you." Lil did not object and grabbed his cock and stuffed it in her mouth. Matt said "I blew this morning, as you know, so your gonna have to take your time to get me off. So sit down and relax." He pushed her shoulders down, and she sat on her haunches and blew him for about 15 minutes before he came.

    Lil stood up, rubbed Ryan's cock through his trunks, and walked out, as I followed. Luckily, we did not see the guys again that whole day.

    The next morning, we were scheduled to play tennis. At about 7:45 a.m., as we were getting ready to head for the tennis court, the phone rang. I answered and heard Ryan's voice say, "We woke up horny and we want your big titted slut of a wife to come over and suck our cocks." I said "Fuck off" and hung up. Lil said "Who was that?" I said "It was that asshole Ryan and he said something very crude." Lil asked, "What did he say?" I said "It's so crude I won't repeat it." Lil walked to the other room and a few seconds later, I heard her say, "Ryan . . . This is Lil." She had called their room. She said "Yes, he told me that you called...No, he wouldn't tell me; he said it was too crude...Yes, I do want to hear it...HAAAH! That is very crude. No wonder he told you to fuck off...Well, we were just about to leave to go play tennis, but I'll stop by on the way and suck you guys off...Oh, one last thing -- I'm in my tennis outfit, but I have two different panties, plain or frilly to match my anklets? ... I knew you'd pick those. I'll be right over."

    She hung up and then changed into her frilly panties. She picked up her bag and said "Should I just meet you at the court?" I decided it was better to go than not. When Lil knocked on their door, Matt yelled "come in." Both guys were sitting on the counter bar with only their briefs on. Matt said "Like the outfit." She was wearing white tennis shoes, white anklets with 3 frills, and white tennis dress with a pleated skirt. Lil said "Wimbeldon rules -- all white." Ryan said "Let's see the panties." Lil turned her back to them and flipped up her shirt quickly. Ryan said "I like 'em. Do you like our underwear?" Lil said "Oh yes" and walked up to them. She started rubbing their crotches, but Ryan said "These briefs are going to be our spring break souvenirs." He began helping Lil out of her dress. He continued, "And your gonna help us, but your gonna need some more lipstick." Lil said she had some in her tennis bag, and Ryan said "Go get it."

    Her dress dropped to the floor, and she went to her bag and bent over to reach in it. Matt said "Nice ass." Lil said "It must be way down at the bottom," as she put her feet together and bent way over. Ryan said "Beautiful." She found her make-up kit and brought it over to the guys. Ryan pulled her front of her sports bra down below her tits and said "Bring out the lipstick." Lil said "I have lipstick and lippaint, which is glossier and shinier." Ryan said "Make it real shiny." Lil applied a very generous coat to her lips, but Ryan said "Shinier." Lil put more on, and Ryan pointed to his crotch and said "Leave your mark right here." She kissed his crotch, leaving a big lip mark on his briefs. Matt said "I want a fresh one" and Lil put on more lippaint and kissed his crotch. Ryan said "Take 'em off and hang 'em on the rail to let 'em dry." Lil did. Ryan said "Those are our souvenirs of spring break, mementos of the big titted slut who sucked us off." Lil said "That's me," as she applied more lippaint. Then, she starting stroking both dicks.

    Ryan said "You like crude talk, don't you, slut?" Lil nodded. Then both guys started talking dirty to her and calling her names like suck slut and titwhore and cock-hungry wifey. She switched off from one cock to the other. Ryan said "If you're so hungry, suck us both at the same time." Lil did. Soon, they both blew their loads and Lil swallowed it all. She pulled up her sports bra and put on her dress like nothing had happened. Ryan said "We'll see you later, slut."

    We didn't see the guys at dinner or at the show, although Lil was looking for them. I was glad that we didn't see them and I was looking forward to night alone with Lil or at least without them. Not long after we walked in the door of our room, we heard a knock. It was the guys. They were hammered drunk and carrying a bottle of wine that they stole from the dining room. They walked into our room and said "Where's your cock-hungry wife?" Lil said "I missed you guys. Where have you been?" Matt said "In town. We spent the afternoon at the beach bar, Carlos and Charlies." Ryan said "And we got horny looking at all the beach bimbos, but we knew we had our own slut waiting for us here. And here we are. Are you ready to get fucked, slut?" Lil said "No." Ryan said "No, why the hell not?" She said "That's reserved for my husband." This statement surprised me because she had been such a total slut for these guys that I did not expect her to refuse them any sexual favor. She said "So my panties stay on, but we can still have fun." Ryan said "And we will. I'm gonna take everything I can get."

    He poured us all some wine and said "First, I want to hear you talk like the whore that you are. Tell us, whore, what do you like about sucking our cocks?" Lil said "I like the feel of your hard cocks along my lips." Matt said "Do you like your cocks long or thick?" Lil said "Both." Ryan said "Do you like to swallow cum?" Lil said "Oh yes, it tastes great." Matt said "Whose tastes better, mine or his." Lil said "Yours is a little sweeter, his a little saltier, and I prefer it sweet." Ryan said "Do you like sucking us off right in front of your husband?" Lil said "Yes, it makes it even sluttier." Ryan said "I hope you like tit fucks and facials, because with your panties on rule, that's what your gettin. I loved those frilly panties this morning. Do you have any more sexy lingerie for us?" Lil said "I have one little outfit. I ordered it from asia for our anniversary." Ryan said "Go put it on for us."

    Lil came back a few minutes later in some very sexy lingerie. It was oriental style with little chinese characters. The top and garters were magenta with little black characters, and the silk panties were black with little magenta characters. The bra and garters had those little Chinese style buttons with cloth loops and almond shaped mother of pearl buttons. Her bra buttoned in front; even with the top two buttons undone, her boobs were smashed in and bubbled up. She wore black sheer hose, black stelleto heels, and long black silk gloves all the way to her elbows. Lil said "The top is kinda tight. I guess it was made for chinese women who are not very busty." Matt said "You look great." Ryan said "Her body looks great but she's not finished yet. I think her face could use some of that glossy lippaint that she had this morning."

    Lil went and got her make-up kit. She returned and pulled out her lippaint applicator stick. Ryan grabbed her make-up kit and said "What else you got in there, slut?" Lil said "A lot of different stuff." Ryan said "Have a seat over there in front of the mirror and explain them to me." Lil sat at the wardrobe and began to sort out her make-up. Matt poured her some more wine and said "Relax and take your time. Make yourself really pretty for us, just like it was a date."

    Lil began her make-up. As she applied each item, she would explain it. She said "This is rouge, it makes my cheeks red." She applied the rouge along her cheekbones with a brush. :And this is a black eye liner pencil, it goes above and below my eyelids. Asian ladies usually apply it like this." At the outsides of each eye, the two black lines crossed in a little X. I had always found this very sexy and the guys did too because Ryan said "Oh yeah, real pretty." Lil then put one item aside, but Ryan said "Hold on, what's that?" Lil said "It's mascara, but I rarely wear it because it's so gooey and my eyelashes are naturally long anyway." Ryan said "So what, Lil, your gonna have lots of gooey stuff on your face tonight, and I like it, so put it on." Lil put it on, applying it to both her top and bottom lashes.

    She put on a more things from her bag. When she reached for the lippaint, Ryan said "Wait on the lips. Do those last." After a few more items, she said "Now that the mascara is dry, I can put on my eyeshadow." She pulled it out and put the little brush on her usual subdued shade of silver which suits her well and is barely noticeable on her. Ryan said "No, use the magenta. It matches your outfit." Lil said "I usually use just a little bit of silver, it looks nicer." Ryan said "You usually don't make up your face to receive a cumload, and I like the magenta better." Lil said okay and put on the magenta eyeshadow. Ryan said "Now put on a little bit of silver also so you can be two-toned. Let's get you well painted." She did.

    Lil said "Which perfume?" as she handed Ryan 2 little bottles. He smelled them both and picked one. She sexily put some behind her ears, down her neck and into her cleavage. "Jewelry?" she said opening a little case. Ryan picked some triangle earrings. Lil picked up her string of pearls and said "I bet you want me to wear these." Ryan said "We'll be giving you a new pearl necklace, double strand. What else you got?" Lil said "This black choker and this diamond pendant, which my husband bought me as a wedding gift." Ryan said "Wear 'em both. But wear the diamond as an ankle bracelet like the slut that you are." Sexily, she put on her earrings and choker, which was black velvet with a white cameo in the middle. Then she reached down and fastened the diamond pendant around her ankle. She began to comb her long silky black hair. She said "Up or down?" Ryan said "Up. We want it out of the way." Lil said "I thought you'd say that." She rolled her hair up into a bun, reached behind her head, and set her hair there with two things that looked like white bamboo chopsticks.

    Lil said "That's it. Everything except the lips." Ryan said "I want that same stuff as this morning." Lil said "But that was plum!?" Ryan said "I know and I like it." Lil said "Plum and magenta? I'd look like a painted whore, and badly painted at that!" Ryan said "That's what your making yourself for us -- a whore. So do it." Lil did, then she said "Finally, for the lipliner, I was going to ask whether you wanted black or brown, but I can guess that you want both." Lil stood up to apply her lipliner, which she had no reason to do except to stick her butt out at the guys. When she was finished, her lipstick and lipliner formed a little pointed dip at center of upper lip.

    When she was done, she turned and smiled at us all and said "So what you think?" Ryan said "Pretty enough to cum on." Lil said "I would hope so." Matt said "And those big tits have been asking for a good fuckin all week." Ryan and Matt sat on the sofa and had Lil sit between them. Ryan rubbed his finger along her choker and started playing gently with the buttons on Lil's top. Then he unbuttoned them and pulled her top away. Matt took our sunblock from the table and squirted a few globs of it on Lil's tits, saying, "Rub it in good for us." Lil really got into it, rubbing the lotion all over her tits, especially in the middle between them. Matt said "Get on your knees and prime us up with a tit fuck." She did and titfucked each guy in turn for awhile until Ryan said "Let's mess up that painted whore face."

    They had Lil sit on the sofa and lean forward. She sucked each cock a little as the guys started talking dirty to her about how she wanted to take their cum on her face. She said "Do it." Ryan pulled out of her mouth and said "Stay there whore" as he began jacking himself right in front of her face. Matt did the same. Ryan said "Stay right there, whore. Your right where you wanna be." Lil looked up at the guys and said "Do it." Matt rubbed the back of her head and said "You fuckin whore" and he blew his load on her cheek. Ryan said "You need a full facial whore, so face me." She turned and kneeled directly in front of him and he jacked himself hard until he blasted several streams of cum all over her face. When he was done, he looked down at her and said "So beautiful. I've never seen your wife look so lovely." Matt turned her head toward himself and laughed when he saw Lil's face. Ryan said "We're all going to Carlos and Charlies for happy hour tomorrow, so be ready." The guys left.

    Around 3:00 the next afternoon, the guys came to our room. They brought their Delta frat top for Lil, and she wore it with a pair of tight stretch gray short shorts. She wore sneakers and white anklets. On the cab ride to town, Ryan said "There ain't much spring break action around here, but, what there is, takes place at this bar and the beach nearby." When we got to the bar, there were only a few people there, and the guys all checked Lil out. We had a drink and hung out for a while.

    Soon, a black guy approached our table. I recognized him as the guy from the beach bar a couple nights earlier. Lil recognized him too, and said hi as the guys said hi to him. Ryan said to Lil, "I hope you brought you bathing suit?" Lil said "I didn't want to carry a purse around all day, but I am prepared." As she pulled her white bikini from her pocket, her plum lippaint fell out onto the floor. Matt said "Smart girl." Lil seemed a little embarrassed and quickly bent over to pick it up. All the guys checked her out, including the black guy who nodded approvingly. Lil went to restroom to change and returned in her bikini and holding the frat top like a little purse, which she had folded up and put the shorts and her other things in.

    We spent the next few hours on the beach, drinking and tanning. The guys strutted Lil around the beach and they all were having fun. At dusk, we went back to the bar, and it was more crowded now. The guys ordered tequila shots, and we drank as we had some dinner.

    Later, the place was packed and the music picked up. The hostess walked around and tried to keep everybody in a party mood. A group of guys walked up to our table, pointed to Lil, and said "Here she is, the best rack on the beach and I guess she's no longer a Delt girl." Ryan said "Yes she is, she just changed." Matt said "Lil, give me your lippaint stick." Lil did, and Matt drew two big triangles on the material of her bikini top and then drew a letter T on the skin between her tits.

    Later, the black guy from before came to our table with a round of tequila shots. He called himself Jock and was from New York. Jock asked us all what we had been doing the last few days, and Matt said "Having lots of fun." Jock said "I hear these guys got a look at those big tits of yours." Lil said "Yes." Matt said "And a few more guys did too." Ryan said "But all they got was a look and a grab; we did better." Matt asked Lil, "Before this trip, how many men had seen her tits?" Lil said "Just one, my husband." Matt asked, "And how many now?" Lil said "Six." Jock said "And still counting, I hope. How about adding every guy in this bar to the number right now?" Jock then yelled to the hostess, "Can she show her tits here?" All the guys in the bar cheered, but the hostess said "No, unless she wants to go to jail. But she can shake them, I'll help her." The hostess came over and held the sides of Lil's top and shook, making her tits shake back and forth. The whole bar cheered. The hostess called for a free round of tequila for our table.

    Ryan said "Let's get out on the dancefloor so you can shake 'em good." They went to dance, and Lil was really into it, shaking herself all over the place as the guys in the bar cheered her on. Later, Jock took Lil for a dance, saying, "Let's see you shake the other end." Lil danced hotly, swaying her ass for all to see.

    When they got back to the table, Jock said "I know your tits are spoken for, but I'd like to claim your sexy pack." Lil said "I bet you would, but my rule is that my buttons stay on." Jock said "Leave 'em on, just let me write my fraternity's letters on you backside." Lil said "Alright, since you like it so much." Lil handed Jock the lippaint, stood up, and leaned onto the top of our table. The crowd again went wild as Jock wrote the letters Alpha Phi Alpha on the back of her bikini.

    Matt said to Lil, "One question we didn't ask you before was do you like black cock." Ryan said "She did say she likes it both long and thick." Matt asked, "Before this trip and now, how many cocks had you sucked?" Lil said "One before, three now." Ryan said "And she likes it too, don't you?" Lil said "Can't you tell, why do you keep asking me that?" Ryan said "Guys like to hear a woman say it." Lil said "Okay, fine, I'll say it -- I like sucking cock." Jock said "If your ready for your first black cock now, my hotel room is right next door." Lil said "Let me think about it."

    She walked to the restroom, pulling the elastic bands on her buttoms down and letting them snap back against her thighs. A moment later she returned, and she had the lippaint stick tied into the knot on the front of her bikini top. The knot was tied around the cap of the pencil and the pencil flopped around as she walked. Matt said "I think that's a yes." Ryan said "She brought everything she needs to do a good job." Lil looked at Jock and said "Ready?" Jock said "Very ready, but I want one more dance first, for the crowd."

    He and Lil started dancing, and she shook everything she had. Then, she started squatting in front of him, and the crowd went crazy. Jock pointed at her tits, and said "Do it now." She grabbed her top like she was going to flash but Jock said "No! The lipstuff." Lil smiled, pulled the lippaint pencil from the cap, and -- right there in the middle of the dance floor -- very slowly put it on her lips. The crowd was still roaring as we all left for Jock's hotel.

    In his room, Jock said "Let's see 'em." Lil slowly and sexily untied the knot on her top and then pulled her top open. Jock immediately grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard. He said "Great tits, great ass, and such a beautiful face. You are one hot bitch." Lil said "Thanks." Jock said "Why don't you get that beautiful face full of some white cock, 'cause I'm gonna enjoy watching."

    Ryan was sitting in the small sofa, so Lil went over, knelt next to him and began to blow him. As she did, she rested her on his stomach and she faced the other three of us. She opened her mouth wide and took Ryan in deep, and she made eyes at Jock the whole time. Jock said "You look so beautiful like that, like a Flippo whore. I had some buddies who were in the Marines and stationed in the Phillipines, and they told me Flippo whores were the best in the world beautiful and cock hungry." Matt said "That describes Lil." Lil went faster and faster, and soon Ryan came in her mouth. Matt took his place on the sofa, and Lil sucked him off the same way.

    Jock told her that he wanted her to blow him on her knees on the floor in front of him so he can look at her. She got in position, and he moved her hair from her face. As she blew Jock, he stuck his shin between her legs, and she began to rub her crotch against it. He pushed her shoulders down and said "Grind on it."

    After a few minutes of hot sucking and grinding, Jock told her to stop and stand up. His black dick was all shiny and wet and huge. He reached around her and grabbed her ass and said "I want to see it. Turn around and show us your ass." She turned around in front of Jock and pulled the back of her bottoms down.

    He reached for her bottoms and pulled her toward him and had her sit beside him on sofa. He asked her, "So, Lillia, before this trip, how many men had you fucked?" She said "Just one." Jock said "And how now?" She said "Same, just one." Jock put his arm around her and held her to his chest. He rubbed her thighs and asked her, "Did your cunt get hot grinding on my shinbone?" She said nothing but grabbed his cock and stroked it. Jock said "You look and suck like a bitch in heat. Are you one?" She kissed his cock and began to suck it again. Jock said "How much cock have you had up your cunt this week?" She said "Just one, my husbands, and that only once at the beginning of the trip."

    Jock said "Is your cunt in heat?" When she just kept sucking, he said "I guess I'm just gonna have to see for myself." He parted her legs and began rubbing her crotch through her bikini bottoms. He said "You are a very hot bitch." She grabbed his cock harder and started sucking faster. Jock said "You wanted my black cock the first night I met you. I know you wanted to take a walk down the beach with me. You wanna get fucked now?"

    Matt said "She can't do that. She told us that fuckin is only for her husband and that her rule is that her panties gotta stay on." Jock said "She already took 'em down to show me her beautiful ass. I bet those panties will come off for my black cock." Jock said "My old marine buddies used to tell me say about their asian whores who spoke only pidgin english and how they used to say, 'Me so horny.'" Jock fingered her through her bottoms and said "This cunt feels hot and hungry." Lil said "Me so horny." Ryan said "It's gotta be hot. It sounds wet and squishy." Lil, pulling his cock very hard and fast, said "Me very horny." Jock looked at Ryan and Matt, and said "I think she's ready."

    He said "Your gonna get fucked like a bitch in heat. Get on your hands and knees here." He positioned her in the corner of the sofa with her arms outstretched against the armrests. He fucked her from behind. Ryan said "Fuck the shit out of her." Lil said "Yeah, fuck the shit outta me with that big black cock." It was so hot that Jock came in a short time, dumping his cum in Lil's pussy.

    After this, Lil and the guys got dressed and we took a cab back to the resort.

    The next day was our last, and our flight left at 2:00 p.m. We packed and headed toward town. Lil wanted to go into town a few hours early. She wore a black print sundress and looked great with her tan.

    When we got to town, she directed the cab to Jock's hotel. We walked in, looked around a little, and found Jock at the poolside bar. When he saw Lil, he said "Back for more." She smiled. He said "Say my favorite line. Why are you here?" She said "Me so horny." He laughed and we headed upstairs and went into his room.

    Immediately, Lil dropped her dress, leaving only the asian lingerie panties she wore before and her black heels. She sat on the sofa with her legs spread and said "Do anything you want to me, just please let me suck your big black cock and please fuck me with it." He walked over and stuck his cock in her face and she began sucking. He rubbed her pussy a little before taking her panties off. She spread her legs wider and pulled his cock toward her cunt, saying, "Please fuck me." He looked at me and said "One taste and this whore's begging for it." She kissed and licked his chest as she said "Please fuck me." He rammed his cock into her and pounded away. He pounded hard, and she lifted her ass up from the sofa to take him in. He picked her feet up from the floor and wrapped them around his waist. She cried, "Fuck the shit outta me." He slammed her good and fast and she screamed in orgasm. He continued pounding away as she came a few more times.

    He pulled out and dropped her on the sofa. He asked, "How many cocks have you taken up your ass?" Lil said "None." He said "Good, I'm gonna fuck your tight virgin ass. Get up in position, my hot little Flippo bitch." She got on all fours in the corner of the sofa again. He told her, "No, stand up and lean over, I like it better that way, especially with short little whores like you." She stood up, leaned forward and put her hands on arm of couch. She spread her slightly, and he crammed his cock up her ass. She said "Yeah, fuck my ass, fuck my hard in my ass." He pumped away for what seemed like 15 minutes and they were both hot and sweaty. Then, with a hard slam deep inside her, he dumped his load up her ass.

    She got dressed, and before leaving, gave him her business card saying, "I want a lot more tastes of your big black cock. I'll beg for it anytime you want. I'll even suck off your Marine buddies, and I'll fuck all the black ones. Just call me."
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