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. Speech Therapy and Paddy's Prong

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Apr 25, 2016.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Speech Therapy and Paddy's Prong

    by Eroticwriter

    Sheila Makes Offer.

    Over in the U.K., a very pretty young speech therapist named Sheila was getting nowhere with her "Stammerers Action Group?.

    She had three women in the class and seven men. These were the most severe cases, whom had already attended a previous class with another teacher. Over two weeks, Sheila had tried every technique in the book without the slightest success. No one was improving.

    Finally, thoroughly exasperated, Sheila said, "The class is almost over for today. If any of you can tell me, without stuttering, the name of the town where you were born I will have wild and passionate sex with you until your muscles ache and your eyes water." She looked around the class. "So, who wants to go first?"

    If a woman raised her hand and succeeded, Sheila was even willing to go that route, though she had never been with a woman. No women responded, but every masculine hand in the room went up at almost the same time. This surprised Sheila, since she knew that four of the men were married.

    Sheila pretended to be happy about it as she looked around the room at every man as he excitedly waved his hand at her.

    "Hmmm. I see that every man wants to try."

    Sheila smiled openly but deep down she was now a little worried. Sheila had expected perhaps three hands to go up, on the men whom were single, but she had seven hands showing.

    “I'm surprised that the married men want to try. I guess those marriage vowels don't mean much. But I did make the offer, so I have to follow through, marriage or not.

    Since all the men have their hands up, and at the same time, I will give the single men a chance to answer first. If no singles can do it, then I shall give the married men a chance. If it turns out that more than one can tell me the town where you were born without stuttering, then I will give passionate sex to all who can succeed.”

    Only one of the single men was she really interested in. If she was going to have to 'do it,' Sheila wanted it to be with him. Trying to appear 'neutral' in her hand selection,

    Sheila picked the one male, single of course, whom most attracted her.

    "Trevor, I believe your hand was up first."

    The Englishman piped up. He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate. Then out it came. "B-b-b-b-b-b-b-irmingham."

    "That's no use, Trevor," said the disappointed therapist. "Who's next?"

    Another single man and her second choice, if any, had his hand up.

    "You, Hamish?"

    The Scotsman nodded his head and blurted out "P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-aisley".

    Sheila's heart dropped. “That's no better. There'll be no sex for you, I'm afraid, Hamish.”

    Sheila kept picking hands, working her way through the last single man and now into the marrieds. But no one was able to speak without stuttering. Finally she came to the last man, the one she had tried to avoid because he was so damned ugly.

    The women in the group were smiling now, and Sheila knew what they were thinking. There was tension in the air.

    “How about you, Paddy?”

    The Irishman took a deep breath and eventually blurted out "London."

    There was an expectant hush in the room as Sheila sighed. She was going to have to fuck Paddy, a big brute of a man, not all that tall, but with a muscular body that looked like a barrel.

    “Brilliant, Paddy!” said the speech therapist, pretending to be pleased. She had noticed as she looked around the room that the women in the group had looked shocked or maybe disgusted and one had shook her head. Sheila suspected that inside some of the women were laughing.

    'Poor Sheila, our pretty and delicate little teacher. She has to fuck Paddy.'

    The men also had looks, possibly of envy or jealousy that Paddy was the lucky one. Sheila tried to put on a happy face. "Paddy, let's go into the back.

    The rest of you, class dismissed."

    Paddy by far was not the best looking male on campus, and Sheila knew that despite his looks, Paddy was married. Sheila didn't know how a guy that looked like Paddy, who also didn't seem to be all that bright, could get a wife.

    'I shouldn't be doing this,' she was thinking. But after all, Sheila had made a commitment. 'I'll just have to get this over with.' she thought to herself.

    Once in the back, Sheila immediately set about living up to her promise. There was no couch, just some filing cabinets and a large table with a chair. Since she was now less than enthusiastic, Sheila wanted to reveal as little of herself to Paddy as she could. She figured that he would only last a minute or two in any case.

    To prepare, she raised her skirt high around her upper thighs and slid her rear backwards until she was seated on the table.

    Paddy was watching from five feet away, and his tongue went across his lips upon seeing Sheila's white panties being exposed to his view. His hands were shaking as he undid his belt and fly.

    Her mouth open, Sheila took a good long look at what was being revealed as he dropped his trousers and then his shorts, kicking them off his feet and leaving them lying on the floor. Paddy penis was uncircumcised and it was dangling way down.

    Unconsciously, Sheila licked her lips. His penis looked both longer and thicker than the penises she had seen on her previous two boyfriends and her current lover. Half of the length was even hanging lower than his sizable balls, something she had never seen before. Until now, all the men she had been with had not hung lower than their balls.

    It appeared that Paddy had now decided to pick his trousers off the floor, so Paddy was moving around as he folded up his trousers and placed them over a chair.

    Sheila was being provided with time for a good long look at his cock since Paddy, at the moment, was not looking at her. Sheila studied his cock. Under the foreskin portion that covered the head, it looked like there was an extra thick portion of meat hiding in wait for her.

    His pants now folded and secured, Paddy turned his attention to her. He grinned, something that he had really never before done in class, and Sheila saw for the first time that Paddy was missing a couple of teeth.

    Sheila was not attracted to Paddy at all. And seeing his cock had not added any attraction to her thoughts. If anything, she was now dreading what was about to happen.

    Paddy immediately walked forward until he was standing between her thighs. Suddenly there was electricity in the air upon his entry into her 'personal space.' Fearful, Sheila did not immediately look down at his penis, nor did she reach out to touch him. But out of her peripheral vision, she could see that he was growing, impressively.

    “Do you want to pull my panties off for me, Paddy?”

    Paddy did not respond, instead he stepped closer to her until she could feel his wide body pushing her further opened at the thighs.

    'I'll just let him do his thing. Hopefully he won't last more than a minute or two,' she thought again. A 'minute or two' was wishful thinking on her part. There was no verbal warmup as he surprised her by unbuttoning her blouse and motioning for her to raise her arms as he carefully removed it.

    Paddy seemed to be in no hurry. Then he reached around Sheila and surprised her at how easily he found the catch, pressed her straps together and stripped off her brassiere. All her previous male friends had clumsily fumbled with the catch.

    His eyes grew wide at the sight of her lovelies, now revealed and almost completely able to fill his two large hands as he cupped them. Giggling, he teased her nipples, which became erect between his fingers. They were to stay that way throughout, especially after he had sucked on them and left them wet in the cool air of the room. Despite her reluctance, Sheila had cupped his head with one hand and sighed as he ran his tongue over and around both nipples.

    Her white cotton panties came next, and Sheila was no longer reluctant as she raised her hips as Paddy reached behind and under her and pulled them forward, going down her thighs and calves. He looked into her panties, into the area where, if she was wet, it would show. Seeing a big shiny spot, he grinned before placing them onto the table beside her.

    Paddy giggled and Sheila shivered when he began getting some good feels on her bottom half. He ran his entire hand, and then selected fingers over and around her lips and then across her clitoris. While rubbing her gently, he held his head close to Sheila's and looked directly into her eyes. He was so close that she could feel his warm breath on her lips and sometimes her ear.

    Sheila was moaning softly now, and she waited for a kiss that did not come. If he had tried to kiss her, now she planned to allow it.

    She had expected him to be clumsy, and do things too fast. Sheila was learning now that Paddy was no oaf when it came to fucking a woman.

    He caressed and rubbed on her lips and at times paid special attention to her clitoris. Sheila began moaning. Then Paddy slowly slipped his middle finger into her.


    His long and fat finger began sliding back and forth into her tightness. That finger alone felt almost the size of the dick she had currently become used to, but she still wanted to get this over with. Something had changed for Sheila, however. She wanted to get this over with, yes, but she was now looking forward to the 'getting' part.

    "Paddy? Come on Paddy, fuck me."

    He thought she was excited and anxious. For her part, Sheila was beginning to get there. Still looking into her eyes, he moved his hips forward and came into contact with her pussy. His aim was off and she hurriedly reached down to guide him.

    "Oh shit!" She had not been able to see his penis during the growth stage.

    Paddy was laughing inside. He knew why she had reacted that way upon wrapping her fingers around his cock. He was completely erect now. Sheila knew immediately upon wrapping her fingers around him that she might have bitten off more than she could chew.

    Paddy continued to stare into her eyes and giggle as she guided his penis towards her entrance with a hand that was shaking noticeably. Sheila thought of her boyfriend and felt guilty as she put Paddy's penis into place in the center of her lips. 'He'll rip me open! Why did I make such a stupid offer?'

    But she was obligated to fulfill her promise.

    "Oh...O.K. It's there Paddy. Do it."

    There was no kissing, (which was fine by her) and a real struggle was going on to get it in.

    "Ooooh." (Pant pant). "Go slow...." Her fingers were beginning to dig into his shoulders now. “Ooooh Paddy...”

    Sheila had only had a brief warmup and was still a little bit dry, not to mention the fact that he was huge, to say the least. Paddy giggled and pushed harder with his slim hips.

    "Ooooh, Ooooh God, Oooooh!" Sheila had just been stretched at her entrance, and now within, with a head that had made her eyes bulge along with her pussy. That fat head was now holding her walls on the inside open, and that thick shaft was making her very aware of how much her lips were still being opened at the entrance.

    His fat head now finally within her, Paddy responded with a "Hee hee hee," and another shove.

    "Ooooooof! (Pant pant), Oh Paddy, I don't know about this..."

    At this moment Paddy had a full seven inches into her, and he wasn't yet through shoving forward. But things got better...

    Paddy had been with his share of women, and he knew what she was thinking and feeling. 'No 'quickie' for you teacher. You're going to learn to love my cock. I plan to make this last...and last.' Slowly now so as to not hurt or scare her, he moved his hips forward, forcing the final two inches of his penis into Sheila.

    His wife, after three years of regular fucking, has been pretty much opened up and can accept his thick log without much of a struggle. This new girl, so lovely, is the prettiest and best built he has ever had. She will soon learn what it is like to take on a man that is well developed in the area where a man's manhood is measured in inches.

    There was even a to be a lot of kissing involved. When his lips first went to hers, Sheila met him more than halfway. She was pleasantly surprised to learn that even though Paddy had some missing teeth, that at least for now he was brushing his teeth. The tongues coming into play were automatic, and seemed completely natural to her now.

    He was buried now, and Sheila could feel his balls coming into contact with her ass. strangely, this exited her, knowing that she could take all he had to offer.

    Apparently Paddy was in no hurry to finish even though after he reached his first orgasm. Sheila had already been there, twice. After ten minutes, Sheila knew that she was the one who had aching muscles, or rather an aching pussy, and her eyes were watering.

    She didn't know about Paddy, who seemed to have unlimited abilities with his penis, including its' never going down even after she had felt him shoot into her twice while giving her multiple orgasms.

    Paddy, apparently, had the ability to recharge his batteries. He would blast a mighty load into her, his body would shake a while and Sheila would feel his penis soften. Then he would kiss her, and in seconds his penis would be like a rock again.

    They stopped at one point, and he gentlemanly used his shorts to wipe the desk dry under her. His cock looked to have gone down, and Sheila took advantage of the pause to reach down and give his penis a few strokes, and she marveled at seeing and feeling how his foreskin moved up over that thick head as she pulled on it, but insisted on coming off the head when she released it. It was her turn to giggle as his cock immediately came up again.

    Again, there was a struggle to accept him within. Kissing definitely helped as she held her arms tightly around Paddy and moaned. Sheila was weak now and could only continue to remain seated upright because she was wrapped around Paddy with her arms, and Paddy was now holding her legs up around his waist. She knew now how Paddy had managed to find and keep a wife.

    Her tongue thrusting hungrily against his, Sheila again reached orgasm.

    "Have...(pant pant), have you had enough, Paddy?"

    She was ready to quit, but Paddy, who had been a man of few words in class, only giggled and kept going. As he held his arms under her thighs to keep her legs up, he was still able to fondle her breasts and kept doing so. That exceedingly long and fat penis of his continued to use and abuse her in a delightful fashion.

    If this had been a quickie, Sheila might have been able to shrug this fuck off mentally. She would have been given a huge cock for a short time, and other peters might have still felt adequate to her. But Paddy was fucking her repeatedly, stretching and burning her pussy for long minutes at a time.

    In the future, Paddy's cock would be the standard by which she would judge all men.

    More kissing, which Sheila involved herself in thoroughly and completely, and almost passing out in the process. Her thinking and opinion of Paddy had been completely altered. 'Too bad you're married Paddy,' she thought to herself. Sheila was surprised when she reached still another orgasm, then two.

    There was more to it now than just feeling Paddy's marvelous manhood inside her, kissing him was now very instrumental in her achieving orgasms. Her boyfriend, to which she had been thinking of becoming engaged, was now just a distant memory.

    The fucking went on, and as Sheila continued to hold Paddy tightly and moan, tears of joy were rolling down her cheeks.

    "Oooooh, Ooooooh, Oooooh my."

    A giggle, then there was an "Uuuuuh Uuuuuuuh Uuuuuh' as he poked her harder and his draining testicles started slapping against her ass. After more than 15 minutes of exceptionally steamy sex, Paddy's penis seemed to be softening after his third orgasm.

    He paused for breath and Sheila looked into his eyes before leaning forward and shoving her tongue into his mouth. There was another long and passionate kiss. 'His marvelous penis is going down, maybe, but are his muscles finally aching and his eyes watering?'

    Her body shaking and totally used up, Sheila was not about to tell him to stop. After all, she had made a commitment, and Paddy was the one who had to call it quits. Another long kiss. His penis didn't seem to be going down any longer. Matter of fact, it had become totally firm again.

    Sheila was beginning to feel something resembling love for Paddy. This confused her. She kissed him once again, and reveled in the fact that he was still hard and stretching her.

    Outside the door, another one of the ladies had been listening. She had pretended to leave with the class, and returned. She entered the room, immediately walked up to the table and boldly said, "N-n- now it's m-m-my turn!"

    Sheila was shocked. "Mary! You've been out there the entire time?"

    "Y-y-y-yes, and I w-w-want some." Mary had came back to listen and have a good laugh at what Sheila was having to do. But after hearing the sounds of joyous passion, she had become very aroused.

    Paddy pulled out of Sheila and a popping sound could be heard as his penis left her vagina. With her legs still spread wide as Sheila remained seated on the edge of the table, her soaking wet pussy was visible. Bright pink in color from blood flow and with a hole that now looked almost as wide as Paddy's penis, it looked like it had been fucked, and fucked well.

    Both Paddy and Mary stared at it for a moment before Sheila slid forward and off the table.

    But Mary did not comment on how Sheila's pussy looked. Instead, she looked at Sheila's body and said, “Y-Y- Your b-b-breasts are v-v-very n-n-nice.”

    Sheila, still embarrassed, mumbled a 'Thank you' and smiled at Mary. She saw the look in Mary's eyes. Mary was attracted to her, and instead of covering her breasts, she remained standing, allowing Mary a good long look at her lovely tits now that Paddy's body was no longer blocking the view.

    Sheila was thankful that Mary wanted to fuck. If she had just came in to point and laugh, it would have been terribly embarrassing for Sheila. "You guys go for it. But hurry, cause I have to lock up."

    Mary, smiling broadly, immediately pulled her panties off, raised her dress and slid backwards up onto the table. She had been watching a fantastic sex act for close to twenty minutes, and she didn't want to have to wait much longer.

    Paddy had a big grin on his face as he saw Mary's opened snatch, ready and waiting. He only had to step forward and slip it in, for he was as firm as could be.

    Besides wanting to fuck Sheila the entire time he had been in her class, Paddy had been aware of Mary and how nice her body might look under her clothes. She seemed to have big tits too, and he wanted to find out. Mary was the married woman in that class that he, if he had a choice, would want to fuck.

    And just like that, here she was!

    Stepping between her legs and placing his hot meat against her snatch, he reached under Mary's blouse and pulled her brassiere up and off her tits. Yes, as he had suspected, they were nice and big. Not as firm as Sheila's and with brown nipples instead of pink, but still nice. He fondled both her breasts as he eased forward into Mary's vagina.

    "Oooh,oooh, oooooooh!" As Paddy went deeper, Mary;s sounds of pleasure grew longer. Sheila could not tell if Mary was stuttering while making her sounds of sexual enjoyment.

    Sheila knew that Mary was married, and one time when they had talked, Mary had indicated that her home life, mentally and physically was not all that good. Mary needed this Sheila knew, and she was more than glad to 'share' Paddy.

    Sheila took note of the fact that Mary seemed able to suck Paddy up into her snatch a little more readily than she had. That was confirmed after Mary blurted out, "P-P-Pound m-m-my p-p-pussy P-P-Paddy!"

    Paddy responded with back-and-forth punishing pushes into Mary that might have measured seven or so inches in length, which would still keep his fat head buried within her. Mary grinned and moaned even louder as his testicles slammed against her upraised ass cheeks.

    It was then that Sheila took note of what a nicely rounded and firm ass Paddy was packing. Before this, she had only been able to feel it with her fingers, but not see it.

    “B-b-b-big f-f-f-fucker! :F-f-f-fuck m-m-meeee!”

    Paddy was pleased and surprised. It seemed like he had finally hit upon a woman whom could take his length, all of it while he fucked her hard and fast. Although Paddy had already shot his load three times into Sheila, it was still over maybe a little too quickly.

    Mary had two orgasms within two minutes, and Paddy followed soon after. They hadn't even kissed before now, but Mary reached up and pulled Paddy's head down for a quick smooch, which became prolonged.

    The kiss continued, and all the while Paddy kept stroking his softened but still huge penis within her tortured vagina. Sheila experienced a brief pang of jealousy as she watched Mary and Paddy swap spit, but she shrugged it off. After all, both Paddy and Mary were married,

    Sheila sensed though that besides her sharing Paddy with Mary, that she might also be, at some time in the future, making out with Mary. That would be a first for Sheila.

    "Th-th-thank you P-P-Paddy." Mary held Paddy's head in her hands while she looked into his eyes.

    Paddy giggled and removed his penis. Mary's vagina, looking all red, stretched and soaking wet was visible, and just like when Sheila had been on the table, again two people were staring at a thoroughly fucked and satisfied pussy.

    As before with Sheila, Mary's vaginal canal remained open and this time her hole looked to have been left even further opened than Sheila's young snatch.

    Paddy was proud. He had fucked women to their total satisfaction and exhaustion before in the past, but never two in a row and together. Mary was married, and Paddy knew that Sheila had a boyfriend, and yet, they both had spread their legs wide for him.

    “I might seem geeky to some,' he thought, but there are two men out there who now have women that will be thinking of me as they get fucked and wishing that their men had a cock like mine.'

    Surprisingly, Mary remained seated with her legs spread wide. Mary opened her purse, which she had brought with her and placed onto the table and pulled out a cellophane wrapped packet of tissues.

    She seemed not the least embarrassed as she spread her legs as wide as possible, looked down and carefully dabbed a tissue against her lips and soaked up some of the juice.

    “T-t-t-tis a m-m-mess you m-m-made P-P-Paddy.”

    Realizing that she needed more paper, a lot more paper, Mary tossed the first tissue into a waste basket beside the desk and used several tissues wadded together to continue soaking up the cum that was oozing out of her.

    Standing almost between her legs, Paddy continued to stare, enjoying watching Mary's efforts to fix the 'damage' he had done. His penis had finally gone soft, but even though it was dangling straight down, it still appeared to be at least seven inches long and thick.

    The foreskin had now covered the head, and after wiping herself Mary reached out, grasped Paddy's penis and slid the foreskin back. She used another tissue to lovingly wipe the cum and pussy juice that was all over Paddy's prong.

    Wishing that she could help with the cleaning, Sheila watched with a smile. She could see that Mary was using sideways wipes on that fat head so that no tissue remained stuck to his wet skin. Mary milked his penis down, using almost a full-length stroke, and a large blob of cum dangled from the tip. Mary quickly caught it in her tissue.

    "O.K., that about finishes it up," said Sheila reluctantly. Mary, get your panties back on, and Paddy, you put that lovely prick of yours back into your pants and we'll get out of here." She watched as they did as told, and she saw the way that Mary was still staring at Paddy's prick as it disappeared into his pants.

    Sheila blurted it out without thinking. “I understand Mary. I'm staring at it too.”

    Her face reddened as Mary grinned at her and Paddy seemed to gloat.

    Mary laughed. “It-it-it's a n-n-nice one f-f-for sure!”

    "If you guys like," Sheila offered, "we might do this again?"

    Paddy giggled and nodded enthusiastically. Mary smiled happily and said, "I'd l-l-l-like that!"

    Sheila and Mary exchanged looks and then smiles. They knew, that if they got together again, that they might also be exploring more than just Paddy's prick.

    Sheila looked serious as she talked to the two in a confidential tone. "Not a word to anyone in class. They know I had to bring Paddy back here, but I feel it would be best if we keep what has happened here tonight our own little secret.

    Next time, we can go to my apartment and do it on my queen-sized bed. Mary, I think Paddy won this round. Next time working together you and will see if we can make Paddy's muscles ache and his eyes water before he does it to us." She was greeted with broad smiles and two nodding heads.

    But Mary had one last surprise for Sheila. "Sh-sheila, I h-have s-s-something to t-t-tell you."

    "What's that, Mary?"

    P-p-paddy wasn't b-b-born in L-London!"

    "What?" Her heart pounding, Sheila stared at Paddy, who was still standing with his dick dangling and looking either proud or smug. "Paddy," she continued, with her hands on her hips like a scolding mom, "did you lie to me so that you could fuck me?"

    Paddy shook his head 'No.'

    "Well Paddy, Mary says otherwise. Tell me then Paddy, where were you born?"

    Paddy grinned. "London-d-d-d-d-derry."
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