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. Social Justice Warrior Eve

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by White Extinction, Feb 23, 2018.

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  1. White Extinction

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    Social Justice Warrior Eve

    Eve was a social justice warrior through and through – deeply ashamed of the actions of her cruel ancestors and perpetually at war with the cis white male agenda. She dyed her hair a hot pink and stood at 5’3”. The 19 year old girl was buxom and curvy, her body tight from yoga and swimming each day. She had disregard for almost all white males, but found a meek self-hating white boyfriend named Jeremy. Both of them came from upper class families, the bisexual girl preferring Jeremy to look more androgynous by making her grow her dark black hair long and wear light make-up. She always assumed the dominant role in their relationship, preferring to fuck him with her bright pink strap-on than let him put that little white cock inside of her. She did nothing to hide her love of interracial pornography, making it clear it was important to defy social norms.

    Reading white extinction literature was a new beginning for her. Indoctrinating herself on the terrible acts of the white race she found herself less and less attracted to Jeremy. As love sick at the white boy was it was becoming increasingly one sided – especially when she met Dominik X. The tall, dark, and handsome black basketball player was not just a college star on the court, but an avid protestor leading the Zulu Coalition on campus. The ZC was more intense than Antifa or Black Lives Matter – the group willfully calling for the voluntary extinction of the white race. People of color and their white allies proudly held signs, staged sit-ins, and demanded less white males on campus. Eve was becoming smitten on the man, taking every opportunity to tough his powerful exposed forearm or to offer him a shoulder rub or massage when he was aching after practices when he attended protests.

    Jeremy didn’t dare open his mouth to protest. He knew Eve would call him racist and discard him from her life. The weak willed inferior male already cut ties with all of his friends and family because they were not ‘progressive enough’. Growing up in an all-white upper-class community made him apprehensive around black people… Being a member of the ‘oppressor class’ it was expected he keep his mouth shut at all time and agree with the opinions of all those around him.

    One day the protestors got their hands on two pathetic white males wearing red MAGA ball caps, the beat down intense in the university’s parking lot. Professors and students watched, some of them sneering as Dominik and others were stomping them into the pavement. It was at that foolish moment Jeremy turned to leave the riot, Eve grabbing his upper arm.

    “Where are you fucking going?” She hissed, her tone venomous, thinking her white boyfriend a coward.

    “I… This is too violent. I don’t support violence… I…” He began, almost begging to be released.

    “WE HAVE ANOTHER FUCKING NAZI HERE!” Eve hollered above the crowd, pushing poor Jeremy into the middle of the circle. Dominik spotted him, sneering from ear-to-ear as he approached.

    “Nazi…? This white boy?” Dominik asked, intimidating the weak androgynous white male.

    “I… I just think violence is wrong and… Blood makes me physically ill…” The boy said, just enough for those around to hear.

    “You fucking asked for this, white boy.” Dominik declared, the black male beginning to pummel the weak little white male almost effortlessly.

    “Aah…! Fuck him up, Dominik!” Eve called out, becoming aroused at the sight of him being beaten senselessly.

    “Kill that Nazi!” An Asian girl hollered.

    “Kill that white Nazi!” Called a black female.

    “Kill that white boy!” Yelled a tiny white female, also getting off to the violence as she fed the rage of the crowd.

    Dominik broke both of the white boy’s arms, four of his ribs, and cracked his sternum from the heavy beating he gave them. The Dean of the College stared down from her office, the older white woman enjoying the sight as the crowd dispersed, leaving two dead white males and one injured. She already was having the DVR for the CCTV delete all footage from the last few hours. Nobody would be held responsible, and Jeremy wouldn’t dare snitch.

    Following Dominik like a puppy, the incredibly aroused white girl clung to that powerful ebony arm. It made her feel safe… Made her feel submissive… Two things that Jeremy could never do. The man summoned an Uber to take him to his Frat House. Climbing in, the driver remained quiet as the prized athlete began to enjoy his prize for putting white people in their place. Without words, he grasped the back of her head by her pink hair, his long dark fingers contrasting with it as he lowered her head into his lap in the back seat of the car. No words needed exchanged, the white girl knowing her place… Knowing to worship her ebony god as she unbuckled his belt and undid the front of his jeans. Fishing out that thick black cock, she gasped astonished at the throbbing ebony pillar.

    “This is a real cock…” The woman thought, her mouthwatering as she ached to taste it. Her little pink tongue came out, licking every inch of that godly black tool. Men like him were the reason whites had just become a minority in the United States, white girl embracing the superiority of black men. Dipping her hand under her plaid skirt and into her silk panties she began to rub at her swollen pearl, moaning against his big black cock as she was beginning to become soaked at the treat.

    The older black drive grinned watching in the mirror and reached up to adjust it for the better view. The man already had impregnated three white girls and one Asian one on campus in the last couple years alone. Intense propaganda for diversity and black superiority was de-programming whites to understand their inferiority. It helped them understand instinct – the craving for the most superior male’s seed. Their dominant genes always trumped white genes, discarding them and ending white bloodlines forever.

    Dominik had himself half way down her tight throat as she struggled, her beautiful green eyes watering as she tried to take more and more of her champion’s coal black member, choking herself submissively. His deep dark dominant eyes stared down, degrading her as she rubbed at her swollen clit.

    “Aaah… Heh… Lil’ white slut and her punk ass white boy… Mmn… White girls are for breeding and white boys are for snuffin’… Aren’t they?” The man growled out huskily, staring down into her submissive eyes.

    “Mhm.” She confirmed, burying two of her small lithe fingers into her tight little white girl cunt.

    As they pulled up to the Frat her pulled her head away and sneered at her. The teen put the enormous black tool away, lifting his shirt to kiss his sculpted abs before sitting up. Without fixing her hair or pulling down her skirt she was led into the all-black frat and upstairs to his dorm. Each brother they passed in the hall howled and cheered, many of them slapping that cute ass of her’s hard as she passed. The man’s roommate was out, the two of them having the room to themselves as he made her take off everything but her bright rainbow striped stockings. Kneeling in front of him, her legs were spread as she rubbed at her swollen sex, staring up in pure worship. Her D-cup breasts were each pierced with a silver stud as she begged.

    “Use me… White people are evil and deserve extinction…” She cried out desperately.

    He made her undress him, peeling his jersey off to expose his perfect stomach and chest. Undoing his belt and jeans once more, she slid them down with his boxers to expose that saliva soaked big black cock once more. He stepped out of his jeans and boxers, laying her on the bed to be used. With an ankle on each shoulder, he would use her in a breeding press missionary position. Holding the base of his aching wet member he traced the thick domed head up and down her little pink cunt. Staring into his eyes, she softly whispered…

    “…I hope you killed my white boyfriend. Fuck me.” She begged.

    Rewarding the complete betrayal of her lesser race he thrust those powerful hips downward, almost splitting her as she stretched. A howl of a cry came from her, more pain than pleasure, the wicked girl enjoying both sensations as she began to buck back up against him. Crashing against her cervix the little twitching barrier did nothing to keep him out… The male arriving at the base as his tip kissed against the wall of her fertile white womb.

    The two began to passionately find a rhythm, her tight little cunt trying to milk him of every drop of precum as his ebony godcock crushed her into submission with one shattering orgasm after another. The white girl was slightly drooling, her eyes glazed over as she stared up at the African Atlas.

    “Aaah…! I’m allergic to the pill… I’m fertile for you…” She whimpered, craving to be bred by the superior male. “I want a black baby… Please… I need your black baby…” The little white girl begged. “I want to be the… Aaaah, fuck me...! I want to be the last white girl in the world…” The woman cried out. “Sn… Snuff out my white bloodline with your cum…” She whimpered, cumming again so hard she almost fainted.

    The man’s thrusts would bruise her white thighs and hips and leave her sore for days. Dominik ruined her for any white man ever again – all of them now disgusting to her as she begged to him to fuck the white out of her.

    The man’s dark muscles began to tense as he shook violently, the 22-year-old ready to make the little social justice warrior a mother of a new black god or goddess. With a roar of pleasure, he began to cum, filling the little teen as her tight little cunt milk him of every drop. She craved to be bred. She was.

    The white girl stopped going to class, becoming the ‘House Mother’ for the Zeta Beta Fraternity. Proudly, she decorated her body with spade tattoos and jewelry. A small tattoo over her nearly trimmed sex read ‘Black Cock Only’.

    Jeremy’s fate? It was much worse. After healing up for two months she lured him to the frat house with the promise of reconciliation between the two of them. Right there they grabbed the androgynous white male and Eve with her newly swelling tummy gelded him. All of his body hair save his head was lasered off and he was taught how to apply make-up. ‘She’ would now be the nurse for Dominik’s daughter Destiny once she was born. His tiny cock was put into a tight cage and the key was worn proudly around Eve’s neck. Both social justice warriors accepted their lowly place, both being used routinely for pleasure by the brothers of the frat.

    Months later, Eve laid back on the sofa naked… Her swollen stomach bared as she rubbed her clit and kneaded at her own breast watching the show in front of her. Moaning meekly, Jeremy (now ‘Jenny’) was being fucked for the first time by Dominik, the newly broken white ‘girl’ chanting…

    “Black is better… Black is better… Black is better…”
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