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. Soccer Mom ch. 6

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Titslave, Feb 3, 2000.

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  1. Titslave

    Titslave Active Member Author!

    cheers Soccer Mom IV by Titslave

    Conclusion of a four-part story: DW files 1064, 1257 and 1283. Written exclusively for Dark Wanderer and not the "Watching" site.

    Vicki sent Tonya on a sleepover with her cousins in the next county. Tonya wouldn't be back til Sunday night.

    Vicki and Tim anticipated the day of the Saturday evening soccer banquet, but for radically different reasons. Tim schemed how to humiliate HER for a change. Starting the day before she was preoccupied with looking as lucious as possible. She couldn't wait to be the party chick that made all the young guys get hard. On Saturday morning she stood at the side of the bed, touching herself as Tim lay sleeping. When he awoke she was facing a mirror, dressed in nothing except jeans, and looking into the mirror at him. Usually she turned her back to him when dressing out of modesty but now she turned halfway and looked down at him with a lusty look. He couldn't help staring at her breasts, his eyes filled with their full, round flesh, dominating the upper half of her body. In jeans and nothing else she looked so fine, and he hated her. Her chest was a wonderful, eternally erotic sight for him, and her animal lust to show it and give it to all these men was leaving him more addicted r breasts than ever. He wanted them in his face more than ever for some reason, and the more she denied them to him and threw them at strangers, the more insane it made him.

    Enjoying this tortuous effect on him she tried on daring, tantalizing weave bras, one red, one bright white, and one black, as he lay there, his cock hardening. "How do you think I'd look in this one? Would this get the stares? Ouch, my nipples are a little sore...now how did that happen, hormone change?" she asked him innocently as she posed in the sheer negligee. She studied his face with her sincere looking eyes to get the reaction of her little husband, trapped. Then she turned her back to him again and he shuddered at the sound of fabric on skin --- she ever so slowly pulled her very snug jeans down over her naked, smooth rump, shaking her hips just enough so that she heard a loud sigh escape from him. "I am going to try on a skirt," she said, as if thinking out loud, "I don't think these jeans would show off my ass enough." With her back to him still and her jeans pushed just below her buttocks she leaned over slightly against a closet door so that her tits hung massive er nipples pointing wonderfully, a view that he had seen only rarely and that only added to his burning sexual desire for her. She delighted in this treatment of her resentful but craving husband.

    She agreed to have sex with him, after he pleaded. Knowing only a coward would beg for sex from a promiscuous wife, she insisted that he not touch her breasts until he first had eaten her pussy. He was confined to gazing at her chest as his tongue licked her and in his heart he hoped against hope that she could be just his again. She threw herself into a fantasy of being blindfolded while, before they all fucked her, two at a time of the team's players took turns eating her cunt and sitting on her face so she could slurp away at a young stud's balls and asshole while someone's tongue pleasured her clitoris. Gazing past her boobs Tim watched her tongue first rub against her lip, then extend out of her and vibrate. The sight of her doing this was so erotic that he found himself rubbing rapidly against her leg with his prick. She sensed Tim's arousal and decided to tease him some more. So just as he was about to hurry into fucking position, she began to whisper hoarsely in betwee ns: "Oh Tony, is that your mouth? Lick my asshole Tony, then finger fuck me. Finger fuck my ass!" Even hearing these demeaning words Tim slid a finger into her anus , which made her a little crazy. With her ass and hips writhing wickedly he ejaculated with abandon as he rubbed against her. "OK Eric, come here and sit on my mouth," she cried as Tim shot his wad on her and on the sheet.

    He was now reacting against these insults and began to move away from her, but she grabbed him fiercely and pushed his mouth into her clit hard. "Finger fuck my asshole, sonny boy," she said. Tim objected: "It's me," and broke away and rolled over in disgust. She got up on her knees, ignored him, and with one arm resting on the headboard of the bed turned to look back at her behind. Breathing hard she shoved one of her fingers up her ass, then two. Her eyes glassy, she looked at Tim and said: "I need some young dick up my ass." "You're sick! You're a total whore!" he said, grabbing fresh clothes and stalking into the bathroom. The moans from her finger fucking herself followed him down the hall.

    Later that day Tim, feeling like he had been through twelve rounds with Mohammed Ail, clobbered with disgust and shock at everything his wife was doing, was quite surprised to see her return from a long session at the beauty shop with her hair colored blonde and her eyebrows redone to the thinness of a pen stroke.

    The effect was stupendous. Her natural blonde hair was of the wild Steve Nicks variety, and her eyebrows were thin. As the time neared to leave for the restaurant the team had rented out, Tim vacillated: he hated her, was disgusted by her, pouted about her embarrassing him in front of others, burned with a smoldering lust that was new to him. New and frightening. The more she teased him and taunted him, and the more she threw herself at these young studs, some part of him responded passionately. He hated himself and his wife for this side of Tim.

    Vicki had gone to a specialty site on-line and ordered by overnight delivery a tight white top that had "SOCCER BABE" on it at chest level, in red letters. The low cut top was too small for her and it left her abdomen tantalizingly bare - and showed off her oversized nipples, impossible to miss, she hoped. Her braless tits pressed enormously against the fabric, and pushed out the bottom of the garment, which was not cut to lay on the bare skin her below her bustline. She wore a snug navy blue skirt and those entrancing laced high heels. As they pulled out of the driveway, Tim turned to her and said sarcastically: "Why bother dressing at all? Why not go naked?" "Great idea, maybe by the end of the party I will be," she said, pulling her skirt up to show her husband that she wore nothing underneath. "How do you like my shaved pussy?" she said, studying his pained reaction.

    He shook his head and after they had driven a few blocks muttered, "We need gas." They traveled a half mile more toward the restaurant then pulled into a gas station. As Tim filled up the tank, he watched his wife bounce out of the car and into the station, where two young men were standing behind the register. His brow arched with angry contemplation, Tim stared in disgust as Vicki walked in with a faint smile, her hips swaying. One guy was short and muscular, the other tall and attractive. They looked to be just out of high school age. And they looked sort of rough. Hard, been around, he thought. Tim watched Vicki stretch her arms over her head, running her fingers in her hair, and say "hi", then open a cooler door where cold drinks were displayed. He watched her ask them some sort of question, and let the door push into her tits as she did so.

    "We don't want to pay for anything with money," she said, smiling sweetly, grabbing some candy and placing it and a coke on the counter. The boys becoming men were blown away by how stacked she was. They just stared, and she fluttered inside watching their eyes flick back and forth between her eyes and her chest. Christ do I love it when these boys stare at me, she thought.

    The short one laughed, a cigarette dangling from his mouth. "So you planning on stealing the gas and this stuff?" he said, his voice a tough voice. He had a tattoo of a skull on his arm, and a scar on his cheek. Tim walked in, becoming used to his wife saying and doing things to make him look like an idiot. He put a credit card down and said absently, "twenty bucks on the gas."

    The short one reached for the card, but Vicki was faster. She threw it at Tim, arched her back and said to them seductively: "Why don't I show you my tits instead?" The tall one's eyebrows arched as he pursed his lips, and he looked at Tim for his next move. "Vicki, don't, for God's sake," Tim yelled. The short one spoke with more authority: "Hey that's cool. We get slutty chicks in here once in a while but no married whores." He whispered in the tall one's ear. The tall one said hesitatingly, "that's ten bucks in the register from each of us!" Frustrated the short one pointed at Vicki's chest. "Dude, look at those!" A moment later the short one, in control of the situation, said: "Let's go in back, Vicki. We want to see those tits." He held out his tobacco stained finger and pointed at Tim. "Why don't you watch the pumps?" Tim yelled at her, "Vicki! We've got to go! Enough is enough!" The short one was still pointing, "Vicki's going to show us what's under that top, an t's how we're getting paid. Right Vicki?" She responded by squeezing her tits together from the sides and licking her lips. The tall one took her by the hand and she half skipped behind him. Tim followed and grabbed her arm, but the short one grabbed his. Tim and he glared at each other wide-eyed. "Two against one, dude," the short one smiled. Vicki snaked an arm around the tall one's neck and kissed his ear, then said, "make that three." Tim let go of her and the two lads took her into an office. The boys sat down on a small, oil stained couch and she knelt on the couch between them, rubbing her very ample chest. "I thought you were going to watch up front," the short one said gruffly to Tim. "Honey, it's what's up front that counts," Vicki cooed.

    Vicki slowly began to take her top off. She smiled at Tim. "You don't want me to show them my tits, do you dear? I know you thought these belonged to you, and this really pisses you off," she said with mock sincerity, pulling her top off and leaning into the short one's face. "Shit!" he said, and the other gasped and loudly laughed with astonishment. She pushed her breasts toward the short one's face. Soon four hands and two mouths were all over her chest, and Vicki was clearly enjoying the attention and her exploring hands thrilled with the familiar feeling of young guys' crotches getting aroused. Tim walked into the cashier area in a rage, and there stood one of the team players, Rob, ready to pay for gas. "Oh hi, Mr. Gordon, what are you doing behind the counter?" he smiled. "Hi, Rob." "Is there anyone here to take my money? I got to get to the banquet.." Rob said, then began peering wide-eyed past Tim, who was standing by the cash register. Tim turned around and his h went dry when he saw that Rob had a direct line of vision into the office where Vicki was feeding her tits to the two gangster-looking young studs. Vicki was rubbing their exposed cocks, and said, loud enough for Rob to hear, "who wants to cum on my tits?" She looked out toward Tim and Rob and said nothing, just gazed at them defiantly, lewdly, her eyelids growing heavy with sexual arousal lighting fires within her, again.

    Tim turned back to face Rob and said: "They're busy." Rob was frozen in his stare at Tim's wife and finally said: "Well, I'll just leave the money here on the counter. See you at the banquet." As he turned to leave he said, grinning: "Is that Mrs. Gordon?" Tim looked at him blankly and said with his mouth barely opening, "see you at the party, Rob." After Rob left Tim tried to fight the impulse but turned, as he knew he would eventually, to watch his wife on her knees, holding her big tits with her hands. The boys were jacking themselves off, sometimes swatting her flushed face with their now rock hard tools and looking at Tim, grinning, fired up with lust they had never known. Vicki's eyes closed and her mouth, gaping open, gratefully received spurts of hot cum that shot at her from one dick, then the other. Thick strings of semen formed on her lips and neck. She kissed their cocks and beamed up at them as she squeezed her tits together, then shook them.

    I could kneel in front of hard boy pricks like this all day, she thought -- this was a damn good warm up for the banquet. The lads thanked her, the shorter one grabbing her ass and smiling when she promised she would return for more - writing down their shift schedule as Tim sat in the car, numb with resentment and humiliation.

    Leaving the station Rob jumped in his family car and said to his parents: "Hey, C.J.'s dad is working in there. Did he get laid off from his job as a sales rep?" He said nothing about Vicki, keeping thoughts of the very curvy slut wife to himself. Like the rest of the boys on the team he had heard all about how easy it was to get her to show her tits, suck him off and even fuck him.

    In fact, within the space of two days of her fuck-a-thon in Tony's room, the Gordon household was receiving phone calls from practically every boy on the team, and some of their friends. Jack the landscaping man was at this moment leaving a suggestive message on the Gordon answering machine.

    The soccer team had been anticipating the banquet for days. As had happened for the past three years, they rented out Lenardo's, a pizza restaurant. All anyone could drink of the beer, wine and soda drinks, and unlimited pizza and salad, were part of the per family ticket price. Banners and balloons were up around the main dining room of the restaurant. Blow-ups of color photographs of the team in action, and a gallery of the team's members, were posted proudly on the walls of the restaurant. The team was going to sectional playoffs and was riding high with a won-loss record of 10-2. A sound system played rock music. All the parents and their families were on hand to celebrate the achievements of the team, and enjoy the camaraderie that came with good friendships, some of which had come out of attending the games.

    Coach Phillips had arranged for a large-screen television to be set up in the restaurant so that all in attendance could enjoy a video of highlights of the team's season. His wife Meg had turned over the responsibility of some of the taping to Carl, Tony's brother, and Carl in turn had, right up to the last minute, worked hard to edit a team video that would delight the team. Tony had gotten some last minute segments in and Carl had spent all last night doing the final editing, adding music, sound, and editing out bad shots and superfluous footage.

    Tim noticed after they had arrived that some of the women, normally friendly, were somewhat distant, particularly with Vicki. She had freshened up in the car and looked ravishing, but like a ravishing high class hooker. Many of the moms, including Cindy, Eric's mother, practically gaped at the way Vicki's top showed off her breasts, which looked huge. Vicki, meanwhile, smiled at everyone and welcomed kisses on the lips from every boy on the team - and some of their dads, who were friendlier than usual. The "Vicki hug" was now an excuse for each boy, particularly the older ones and their bigger brothers, to slide their hands down to Vicki's ass and push in against her chest. As soon as her lovers arrived they positioned themselves off to a corner, where Tony snuck some squeezes of Vicki's tits and nipples while Eric's hand roamed under her skirt and into the delicious crack of her rounded ass. His fingers probed her asshole and he discovered it was bigger and oiled up, perhap h Vaseline.

    The spacious upstairs to the restaurant was closed off, but the younger kids, including some of the players, snuck up there and roamed around there as the party got under way. There was a pool table and restrooms located remotely at the far end, and side rooms not in use. "I'm in the mood for cock," Vicki said pleadingly to Tony and Eric. "Let's go up there." When Kyle joined them, getting a kiss on the lips from Vicki, Tony poked him and laughed, "Big tits wants is in heat again." Kyle said: "Mrs. Whore-don always is." Vicki saw how they acted like men of the world but they could not leave her sight and could not take their eyes off of her top. She was obsessed with them and implored them. "C'mon, please," she said. "I haven't felt you guys inside of me for three days." "Why don't we bring a couple dudes from the team, like Chris and Lars?" Eric asked. He wanted to watch her on her knees, sucking off these two juniors. "Do they like me?" Vicki asked with sincere in t. "Yeah, they want to see your tits," Eric smiled. "But I mean do they think I'm cute?" she persisted, excited to know about more admirers. He grinned, amused at this constant hunger to turn males on that she could not resist: "I'll go get them." "Thanks, lover," she smiled. As he turned to find Lars and Chris, he winked knowingly at Tony, while Vicki looked away to greet a fellow mom. "Can you believe those fuckin' tits," Eric whispered. "We gotta do her before the awards ceremony." "Dude her ass feels so good under that skirt, and I think she wants her asshole fucked, man" Tony sighed. Tim stood fifteen feet away, sickened by the glares from the moms watching Vicki being so familiar with her three cocksmen.

    Ed, one of the dads, spoke softly into Tim's ear. "Quite a woman you have there, Gordon." Tim half smiled as he squinted hard and, in the shadow of the wall near which his wife was standing, made out Tony's hand surreptitiously digging into the crack between Vicki's buttocks. "Thanks Ed," Tim muttered, now frowning, his eyes never leaving his wife and her boys. "No I mean it," Ed went on, "she's incredible. Did you buy her that sexy top?" "She did," Tim said, annoyed with the prospect of persistent conversation. "Well, she must love the attention. She sure has mine....It's like she came here this evening to monopolize every guy's attention." "Whatever," Tim said, trying to squelch the chit-chat. With the outrageous events of the week, this kind of fresh banter about his wife real got Tim's blood boiling.

    Then Sid, Kyle's father, and a flirt with other guys' wives, joined them. "Hey Tim, Ed!" He yelled, and handed them beers. Like most males there, Sid kept glancing at Vicki. Apparently he didn't recognize her with her makeover, and said to the other two dads, in a discreet voice, "hey, who's the chick with the huge tits? My pants are tightening! Wow!" Ed laughed at the coarseness of his comment, and as if to deter Sid from recognizing her, and at Tim's expense, said: "Isn't she unbelievable? Quite an ass, too. Wait til she moves to face the other way." Tim, now royally offended, started to interrupt: "For your information, that's ----". But Ed was quicker: "Hey Sid, how would you like to hire THAT ass for your office?" Just then Vicki turned, while in animated conversation with Tony, Kyle and Eric, and began to move to the music. She leaned forward and thrust her butt out, shaking it slowly. Tim started again, "Sid, that's ----", but Sid put his arm around them both. " if I ask her politely she'll let me fuck that big round ass of hers for dinner!" Ed laughed loudly: "But first a kiss? Oral persuasion for anal invasion?" Sid pulled the two men closer. "'Oral persuasion for ----' -- I love it! Christ that babe is hot. I wonder who she is. Someone's sister?"

    Tim cleared his throat. "That's Vicki." Sid, pop-eyed, looked at him and then Ed, "Whoops!" Sid laughed, then shook Tim's hand. "Tim, my compliments. I didn't know she'd dyed her hair. No offense. But she sure is dressed to kill. So I'm going to the john now, 'cause I have to and 'cause I have to jack off. Take it as perverted praise for your stunning bride." Tim shook his head as he watched Sid mount the stairs to use the john on the upper floor, then noticed him coming back down in moment later. "How could the entire men's room upstairs be 'out of order'?" he said to them, walking to the back of the first floor.

    The coach's wife put on the team video, and most of the crowd gathered around the jumbo screen to watch highlights of the season. For about fifteen minutes the sights and sounds of a great season aroused the viewers to applause and laughter. Then the scene shifted to a practice, with the young male voice-over saying: "These young athletes don't win games without practice, so let's go to one!" The camera panned out to the field, then a long shot of the team drilling in the distance. Then the camera returned to the bleachers set up to the left, and the camera moved slowly toward a woman seated on the third level of the bleachers.

    "And who might this be?" the voice over said. "Vicki!" Coach Phillips, very much excited to be at the banquet, applauded when he recognized her on the screen. She was wearing a form fitting blue sweater and a denim skirt with a slit. There were cheers, particularly from the masculine segment of the group. "Hi!" she said to the camera man. She was sitting with her arms stretching onto the bleacher behind her. As the camera came closer she made a point of pushing her chest out. At first the video showed her talking in normal conversation about how much she loved to support the team, even with her son abroad for the whole season. "Well," the voiceover said, "all of the guys on the team REALLY appreciate Mrs. Gordon," and the camera moved to a close up of her sweater, the screen suddenly filled with a profile of her E cup breasts. "Are you taping?" she laughed, "what are you doing?" The cameraman's voice said, "I'm taping just for me, so no one else will ever see this." Th era stayed on her boobs and people watching the video became quiet, looking at each other, buzzing with astonishment. The camera lingered on her chest and her hands appeared, squeezing her tits together. "Are you sure?" Vicki's voice said softly. "Totally, now pull up your skirt while I go under the bleachers and show what else the team loves about you." The video switched to the vantage point of under her place in the bleachers. As it adjusted to the light and worked its way into the space the camera showed her lucious bare ass hanging enticingly over the metal she was sitting on. "Are you sure no one will see this?" Vicki's voice asked again. "No one." Vicki said: "Well in that case let me join you under the bleachers." The camera caught her cheeks rock a little on the metal, then rise out of the cavity under the bleacher she was now getting up from.

    The scene shifted to Vicki now standing at the side of the bleachers, her hands stretched over her head so that she almost hung from the frame. She was looking in, and her sexy eyes showed that she was warming up to some exhibitionism. She placed one leg high up on a part of the side frame, baring some wonderfully shapely skin. She rubbed her leg against the metal, staring seductively into the camera. "Lift your sweater up," the camera voice said, and slowly she pulled it up to her shoulders, her breasts tumbling out of it, braless. There was an awkward moment of the camera being set down on a flat surface so that it maintained a focus on her breasts. She spoke as she played with them. "Well, well, Mr. Cameraman, you seem to be - uh - rising to the occasion. Damn, you rise quick...." People at the banquet, particularly women, were scandalized and were now openly objecting to this video and demanding that it be turned off. Some were looking around for her, but she was in her Explorer, sucking Tony's cock while Eric stood sentry. Then Eric and Tony switched.

    Back in the restaurant Tim tried to explain that he knew nothing about the video. No one would admit making it. Tim shrugged his shoulders, thankful that this incident occurred so that she would be shamed. Sid came up to him and gave him a comradely poke, his eyes wide. He just stared into Tim's eyes for the longest time then yelled: "Wow! This is one hell of a banquet!" Ed chimed in: "Where was I when they had practice! Shit!" Other parents just stared at the video, which was turned off, and kept staring at the screen after the picture went black.

    At a long table trophies sparkled under track lighting shining down from the ceiling. By the time the pizza had come out and the beer and wine were flowing Coach Phillips had spoken into a microphone to get everyone's attention. He was determined to return the party to some sense of wholesome fun. The parents and families gathered around in a semi-circle. Back inside, Vicki was surrounded by team members, who stood close to her, hiding much of her body, their lustful hands secretly playing with her tits under her top - every chance they got - and her ass and pussy.

    The coach spoke about the fine performance of the team and called each player over to the trophy to accept his prize and a handshake of congratulations. Tony was first and after the applause he came back to his place next to Vicki and said, "come on up to the men's john. We've got a surprise for you, big tits." She immediately began walking upstairs, Tim, and just about everyone else, watching her every move. He was waiting for the right time to show her up in front of all of these people - as a second wave to follow the video. She'll pay, he chuckled to himself.

    Kyle and Tony led her to the men's room marked OUT OF ORDER. Tony was in charge of the situation: "Kyle, show her her job as soccer mom slut." Kyle pulled her into one of the stalls. As Kyle closed the door Tony said, "notice the hole in the wall, big tits?" Kyle said: "On your knees in front of that hole, and pull up your skirt." She obediently knelt down in front of a hole bored in the thin, wooden divider wall. "You guys have a surprise for me?" she said, laughing. Kyle's was hard and slipped his soccer shorts down, rubbing his dick against the side of her face. She was looking through the wall hole "peek a boo!" she snickered.

    "You dressed to make our cocks hard, soccer whore," Tony said, "and we know you just can't get enough boy dick." Kyle got behind her in the stall, and she immediately pulled her skirt up. He slowly, teasingly, rubbed his dick against her wet pussy. "So do I turn you on? Are you guys gonna fuck me?" she said excitedly, sighing with the familiar, wonderful sensation of a hard young tool exploring her cunt. God she needed it. The blowjobs earlier in the evening just warmed her up, made her completely moist.

    "Maybe we'll fuck you. But back on Monday you were hanging up on me on the phone, and told me to go to hell in so many words," Tony said. "I was confused," she said, a trace of impatience in her voice, "Now I know I have to have it constantly." Answering a knock Tony opened the john door and a team member, Walt, showed up. He was sixteen and nervous, and handed Tony a ten dollar bill. "You ready?" Tony asked him. Walt nodded, watching Kyle rubbing his stiff prick against Vicki. Tony turned to her. "Show him your big tits," he ordered. She looked wide-eyed at Walt and pulled her top off slowly, then rubbed her boobs with one hand. "Hi," she said softly, watching Walt's fascinated reaction. This made her libido race. She turned to look back at Kyle. "Please fuck me. You're driving me crazy. What's the problem?" Kyle laughed and winked at Tony. "She's horny again." Tony pulled Walt toward the soccer slut, beginning to rock anxiously on her knees. Tony guided Walt's ling hand to her breasts, and snickered: "Go ahead, play with 'em. Pretty fuckin' enormous, right dude?" Then Tony said to Kyle, "maybe you shouldn't fuck her yet." Vicki was getting antsy. "C'mon, do it. I need it. Please."

    Kyle's rock hard penis, shiny from rubbing in the big-titted housewife's twat juices, slowly entered her hungry body. Walt stood, amazed, at the sound of the animal moan escaping from Vicki's throat. "Oh, Christ. Oh yeah, fuck my pussy," she whispered, her eyes closing. In the moment that she forgot Walt's bulging crotch at her side Tony walked Walt to the next stall. "Stick your cock and your balls in the hole," Tony instructed him. Walt pulled his pants down, a shudder running through his gut as he slowly grabbed his stiff prick and fed it through the joy hole. At the other side Vicki opened her eyes to behold an aroused, purple, dripping dick with boyish nuts being stuffed through the hole. Instantly she guided the cockhead to her face and kissed it several times, her fingers tightening around the rigid stem. Within a few minutes of her enthusiastic cocksucking Walt released a hot load inside her mouth. Tony meanwhile had collected another ten spot from Rob, who shoved Wa ide before he had his pants back on. Tony said to Rob as the latter boy fished his growing boydick out of his soccer shorts: "If you want to fuck her that's another ten. But she swallows cock so well you'll probably just fuck her mouth. " Then Tony raised his voice, to be heard over the sounds of carnal pleasure getting louder in the next stall: "Right, cocksucker?" When Vicki didn't answer he repeated himself. She finally said, as she gleefully grabbed the second dick to come through the hole, "Mrs. Cocksucker, to you, sonny boy." Kyle came in her with a series of grunts. Tony called out to Rob, "you want to fuck her too?" Rob pulled his dick abruptly out of the glory hole and grabbed a ten from his jersey pocket. "Definitely." Within seconds he was positioning himself behind her writhing ass and another boy, cash in hand, had bought access to the glory hole.

    Rob pulled on her hair accidentally and said: "Oh, sorry," and Vicki, jacking the mystery cock protruding into her face, said: "I'm sorry you're sorry. I'm a tough chick. You can pull on my hair if you like it - and if it'll get you off." Rob gasped as he gloried in fucking her hungry twat, and her filthy mouth made him fuck her as hard as he could. She squealed as his cock fucked away and the cock in her face shot a heavy load of semen. Rob grabbed her hair and pulled her head toward him as she kept stroking the now half-stiff penis.

    Tony told Rob to go to the other john. "Switch!" Tony laughed. "Vicki, stick your ass in the hole and spread those fuckin' cheeks," he said. Rob looked confused, standing up with his cock bouncing once in her face. Immediately she fondled it, then turned and pushed her ass as hard as she could into the wall-hole.

    Meanwhile Tim had noticed that Vicki had not come downstairs from the women's john in over thirty minutes and that there was a pattern of a team member, after receiving a trophy, of entering the "out of order" men's john, then coming out about five to ten minutes later. He decided to investigate, and Sid and Ed, each getting looser in their suggestive comments the more beers they inhaled, followed him upstairs. Noticing Sid's and Ed's sons standing impatiently in line outside the upstairs john, the light bulb went on for Tim: he was going to shame her by confronting these soccer dads with the depravity their sons were set to pay for.

    When Sid and Ed snuck up on their sons, the latter two practically jumped out of their skins. "What's goin' on?" Sid asked, his face a little flushed from too many beers. "Nothing," his son said. Tim smiled, pointing with one finger at the "out of order" restroom. "Something," he said. Ed's son, with surprising candor, said: "For ten bucks each team member gets a blow job." Ed grabbed him around the neck, and glanced in the direction of the restroom. "You mean some faggot is in there? I won't have my son having sex with some queer!" "Dad! Chill out! It's a girl in there!" Ed released his son. "A girl?" His son grinned. "It's ---- her." "Who?" his father frowned. "Soccer Slut Mom." "Huh?" Sid asked. "Also known as 'Big Tits'," Sid's son chimed in. The two dads looked at each other, stunned. Ed lowered his voice so that Tim could barely hear. "You mean C.J.'s mom? Mr. Gordon's wife?" He spoke with a tone of sensitivity to Tim's presence. Ed's son glanced over at Tim th dded. Ed said, "Son, I want you to tell me like it is. Exactly what is she doing in there? Don't worry about using vulgar language with me." Ed's son hesitated, then shrugged his shoulders and whispered in Ed's ear, staring at Tim as he spoke: "She's giving each team member a blow job for ten bucks. For ten more you can have sex with her. It's way cool."

    The two soccer dads spoke confidentially for a second and slowly turned to face Tim. Ed had a grave sound to his question: "Tim, wow. I don't know what to say. What's up, amigo?" Ed stared trancelike. Tim saw this scenario as the undoing of his wife, and said smugly: "I realize this is disgusting. She needs professional intervention, and she's totally humiliated herself - and me. I didn't want to tell you guys because you're responsible parents. I just wanted you to see how far gone she is. If you have the stomach for it take a look." Ed spoke slowly, putting his hand on Tim's shoulder. "I don't believe it. Your wife is in there having sex with the whole soccer team, taking money from, like, their allowances?" Tim said: "It's worse than that. On the way over she showed her bare breasts to two young guys at a gas station, to pay for the gas. They masturbated over her while she was on her knees. Two days ago she had sex with the landscapers in barter for lawn care, and gave the any owner oral sex, then had intercourse with him. And that was within an hour of having sex with some of the players on the team and two other boys who were strangers to her." He commended himself for not using vulgar sex language and looked down at the floor, and injected as much gravity into his voice as he could. "She's a very, very disturbed woman, and apparently very insecure about her identity as a mother and a female. I want her to see somebody and learn to respect her body and to be OK with herself again."

    There was a moment of silence, punctuated by the impatient remarks and pushing and shoving by the boys waiting in line, music playing from downstairs, and younger children at the other end playing arcade games.

    Sid stepped next to Ed. He looked at Ed, then at Tim. "Well Tim," he said, coughing, "I think I speak for Ed too. Downstairs he and I were being quite smartalecky about your wife." Tim said, "I know. No offense taken. I wanted you to know the background, and what I'm going through." Sid went on: "Believe me, Ed and I, and just about everybody here who wears pants, thinks Vicki walks on water. Her devotion to the team has made a big difference this season. I think, frankly, we're all in love with her....." Tim said: "Thank you, I appreciate that." "But Tim, if I had a wife as beautiful and as sexy as yours, I'd be more in charge than you have been." Tim felt on the defensive. "I have tried, Sid, but she's...." Sid's tone seemed to change. "Did you say before that she showed those incredible tits of hers to two young guys at a gas station?" Ed said: "Yeah, and she fucked the landscapers?" Tim said: "Well, watch the language. This is a serious matter." "Are you sure abo l this stuff?" Ed was getting excited. "Positive," Tim said. "How do you know she really did all these things?" Sid almost demanded. "I was there. I watched," Tim said.

    "You watched?" Ed frowned. He looked at Sid. "You watched?" Ed frowned. He looked at Sid. They smiled at each other faintly, exchanging knowing stares. Ed grabbed his son. "Go downstairs and tell your mom and sister to head off without us. I have to teach you a lesson and Sid has to teach his son a lesson. Right Sid?" Sid shook his head, "right." Sid gave his son instructions to give to Sid's wife - to go home with Ed's wife and daughter. Tim listened with delight. These responsible dads were going to point out to their sons the sickness that was inside the bathroom. If Vicki saw young guys - and their dads - reject her, she'd be devastated. This was going to be fantastic! At last justice would be served and his wife would get the dose of shame she sorely needed to restore her, and him, to virtue.

    Tim felt a twinge of embarrassment as he opened up with these friends. "She's so messed up in the head she insisted on degrading herself in front of me," Tim said, almost defensively. "Well," Sid said, after he and Ed looked at Tim in silence, "I think my boy needs to learn about the kind of woman Vicki is." Ed agreed. "We're going in there to teach our sons about how a wife and mother can lose her moral compass. What she's doing is sexually irresponsible." Sid said: "Absolutely. She obviously is a nymphomaniac and doesn't care who preys on her insatiable appetite." Tim was delighted. He couldn't wait to see her face when these two supportive neighbors shunned her.

    Tim followed the two men and their sons as they barged into the restroom. Tony was taken by complete surprise and laughed nervously. "Hello, can I help you?" He tried to block the five males marching in to the john on a mission. Vicki's face was pressed against the wall, enjoying another anonymous boner thrilling in the penetration of her throat. Another boy was behind her, fucking her tentatively. A third boy was waiting his turn in the other stall, jacking his cock. Each of the boys froze when the men walked in.

    "So," wide-eyed Ed said loudly, "this is what your husband was telling us about." Vicki looked up at Ed and Sid casually. Sid gawked hypnotically and finally said: "This is incredible." No one made a sound now. All eyes were on Vicki. It was suddenly a tense scene in Lenardo's upstairs mens room.

    Ed turned to his son. "There is only one word that describes a woman like this - slut." Sid turned to his son: "Only a slut would have sex like this in front of her husband." Ed said authoritatively: "If you could stop what you're doing, Mrs. Gordon," and Tim's heart leapt at the prospect of what was coming. Ed went on. "I wonder if you could stand up and look your husband and us in the eye." Vicki rose from the floor, wearing an expression of being inconvenienced more than being ashamed. Ed said: "Why don't you wipe that semen off your chest and your face." She took some toilet paper and wiped herself off. Tim noticed that Ed and Sid were less indignant than they had sounded outside, and in fact seemed to be staring less at her face and more at her breasts and crotch.

    "Now tell Tim that you're always horny for hard dick." Tim wondered where Ed was going with this. Wasn't he going to tell her what an unattractive degenerate she had become? "Darling," she said, posing now in front of them all, her hands in her hair, "I am ALWAYS horny for hard dick." "I'm a busty boy-fucker...." Ed continued. Tim frowned as she immediately repeated what Ed said, a faint smile coming to her sore lips. "Disgusted with your weasel-like efforts to act like a real man...." "Hey, wait a minute," Tim yelled, at the same time she eagerly repeated what Ed said. "You were supposed to teach your boys a lesson!" Tim spat out. Ed laughed, now unzipping his shorts. "Tim, the lesson is this: our boys are going to learn how to fuck a slut - all ways." He turned to his son and the other team members, Ed's impressive manhood now sticking out of his shorts menacingly. "You guys want to learn about slut-fucking?" They all cheered. His hard dick also out, Sid said to Vic is eyes glued to her chest: "Jesus do you have big tits. Suck my cock and then show these guys how you wrap those knockers around a hard prick."

    Tim's insides crumbled as his wife snaked her arm around Sid's neck and pulled his face into her tits. "First you need to suck me off," she cooed, smiling over her shoulder at Tim. Sid sucked and bit her boobs and then pushed her down to her knees. She sat back on her feet, her hands behind her, and Sid shoved his cock into her face. She kissed the head and licked the length of his cock. "You want me to get it nice and spit shined?", she said cutely. "Prep my dick for some tit fucking, soccer slutmom," he said. "Notice how the soccer whore is getting my dick all wet before she wraps those fuckin' boobs around it," he said to the boys, as he leaned against the frame of the stall door. Then she buried his cock in her E cup cleavage, and began to stroke him, up and down. "You like rubbing your tits against my prick in front of all these young men, don't you soccer whore?" "I could tit fuck everyone here," she smiled, looking at Tim. "Does that include your macho husband?" E ckled, wacking away at his dick. "He thinks he's above all this," she said, "so I don't want to bother him, or his junior sized cock." Ed laughed: "Those monster boobs need monster cock. How about your ass?"

    He knelt behind her and began rubbing his hand under her ass. As she slid vigorously up and down on Sid's prick she felt Ed's finger enter her asshole. Ed called his son over, "Come over here and learn something." The two of them were fingering her butt when Sid asked his son to change places with him. "Fuck those tits," he said hoarsely, jacking his cock and watching Vicki wrap her boobs around the young man's rod. Ed turned to Tim. "You know Tim, we're glad you brought this to our attention. Your wife's acting very inappropriately. The biggest tits and the most fuckable bubble butt, and she tries to confine her slutty cunt to young guys." He kept jacking his hard cock as he spoke, and he leaned down to slap her hard on the ass while she was now taking a total of four fingers in her anus. "But I love boy cock," Vicki pleaded theatrically, "don't I Tim? Tim, you won't let them take my boy cock away?" Tim just leaned dejectedly against the wall of the bathroom. Tony, standin t to him, said consolingly: "Hey Mr. G, she's getting a percentage of the money Eric and I made on this. You're her husband --- she has to share. So cheer up!" He giggled and others laughed with him, including Vicki. "Yeah, honey," she laughed, "we can have a nice candlelight dinner with all that dick money. Or we can save it and I can show my tits to the chef and the waiter. That'll get us a drink and a salad." More laughter. Ed's son cried out and shot his wad between Vicki's boobs, to the cheers of his teammates.

    Sid grinned wickedly and said: "The backdoor is now available for incoming." "Eric," Ed instructed, "get a chair from outside and slide it in here." Eric did as he was told. While he was out Ed and Sid stepped in front of Vicki shoved both their cocks in her face; she tried valiantly to suck them simultaneously. Ed stared down at her eyes looking contentedly back at the two men and said: "We need to have a workshop on how to fuck a slutty ass like this whore's big hot butt." She pooped the dicks out of her mouth and said excitedly, "Oh yeah I'm ready for some ass fucking." Ed said, "well gang we're not waiting for the chair to get started. Go kneel over the toilet, Mrs. Gordon." Then he turned to Tim, and chuckled: "You don't mind if I show these youngsters how to fuck your wife's slutty ass, do you?" Tony corrected Ed, "That's Whore-don. She loves to be called dirty names." Ed bent his knees behind Vicki and began rubbing his hard manhood against her ass. "Is that right . Whore-don?" "Fuck this tramp's ass," one of the boys said, "show us how so we can fuck her too."

    They crowded around and heard Ed slowly worked his cock into her body. "Oh god!" she yelled. "You have to take it slow with these assfucking whores," Ed moaned, steadying himself by grabbing her slim waist. He began to pant quickly, and as his strokes went deeper they picked up speed. Those fortunate enough to squeeze into the stall were mesmerized by the sight of this soccer dad with a big fat dick screwing the team's soccer mom in the rectum. Ed noticed her engagement ring and wedding band on her left hand as she braced herself on the toilet. "Nice rings, Mrs. Whore-don. How's your married life?" "Great," she giggled. "Enjoying carnal pleasures courtesy of your loving husband?" Ed asked, glancing in the direction of Tim, who was craning to get a view of the anal delight his bride was experiencing. "Well, I'm definitely enjoying myself. I found that I could show off my tits to anyone and he didn't stop me. So I guess I can thank him for being a sexual slug and letting al se sweet young studs play with my tits." Ed began to moan and gasped: "Hold that thought, honey," and shot his hot load up her ass. After a moment inside her he grabbed his son. "You're up." His son was sporting a stiff one and tentatively began to poke it around her anus. Sid yelled, "Time for another lower invasion!" Just when Ed's son was about to enter her Sid said: "Hey stud, sit on the toilet and turn this slut around so you can fuck her ass while she's on top of you, and we can watch her knockers." The boy complied and Vicki, loving the many hands groping her all over while she stood in front of him, then turned and positioned herself so that his dick was ramming into her asshole.

    "Look at those fuckin' nipples!" Ed yelled. Hands pulled on them and squeezed her tits. When told to do so Vicki shook her tits to make them go in all directions, then sucked on a nipple to hold it in her mouth without holding it with her hand. The guys laughed and cheered when she did this with each tit and then let it drop back on her chest. Ed's son was in paradise, his cock electrified with the sensation of Vicki's only slightly stretched asshole fucking him. Soon he came inside of her and another boy took his place. Eric finally came back with a chair and the proceedings shifted to the space in the bathroom in front of the stall. Vicki knelt on the chair and blew whatever hard cock was in her face. And over the next hour each boy fucked Vicki's big lucious ass.

    At the end of the hour a knock on the door caught everyone's attention. Eric, who had paid off the restaurant owner to leave them alone, peered through the slight opening he made and spotted Reggie with two other tall, bulked out young men. "Hey!" Eric shouted to the group, "look who's here!" Tony and Kyle exchanged warm salutations with Reggie. "Guys," Tony said, "meet Reggie, my partner in crime." Reggie said, "hello. And these are guys I brought along," and he looked over at a smiling Vicki, now standing and resting a knee on the chair, strings of sperm hanging from her face and her buttocks. "Hello stranger," she said seductively. "Did you come up with what I paid you to do?" He walked over to her and unzipped his pants, taking out his extra large dick. "You remember this black kielbasa?" he smiled. She immediately grabbed it and rubbed it against her face. "How could I forget?" she said. "Well I brought two even bigger sausages." "God, and you're such a big fucker," sh d, kissing his cock as it began to harden. "May I see the delivery?" She looked expectantly at the two very Black, football player types that said nothing and just looked at her like she was a steak dinner. "Not until I see the money and you pay me the first of ten fucks," Reggie grinned. Vicki turned to look at Tim. "Could you write a check for $100 to Reggie?" Tim just stared at her, then said quietly, "Excuse me?" She repeated her question, eagerly stroking the monster prick now extending itself to its fullest size. "Write your own check," Tim said. The crowd said: "Oooooh." Someone said, "Tough guy!" Vicki got off the chair and walked over to Tim, who looked at her with his head half directed to the floor. "Write the fucking check, and while you're at it lick the cum off me. Clean me up." She kissed him and rubbed semen over his face. He wiped it off in disgust. She called to Reggie, "Hey Mr. Big, bring that chair over, would you?" Reggie did so.

    "Now, Tim, you're not cooperating," Vicki said. She set the chair down so that it was facing the wall and was about two feet from it. She pushed him into the chair and she leaned against the wall and pushed her ass into his face. The room fell silent. "Clean me up, honey. The big boys are here." She pushed her ass more aggressively into his face, rubbing the cum from the many buttfucks into his hair and his eyes. One of Reggie's friends stood behind the chair and guided Tim's head deeper into his wife's well-screwed behind. She reached a hand under herself and into Tim's crotch. She made a sing-songy announcement to the group: "Tim's got a hard on!" "All right!" Tony said. Completely intimidated by the situation Tim licked her asshole clean, and she turned and rubbed her breasts into his face. She scooped a large gob of cum from her ear and rubbed it into his face. "Need the chair back, and get out the fucking check book" she smiled. He reached into his pocket and star o get up off the chair.

    "No," Reggie said. "We'll be on the floor, and I came prepared". He opened an Eddie Bauer bag and pulled out a pillow and an air mattress which he told Vicki to blow up. "Look at that bitch work that slut mouth," someone said. Tim sat in a trance on the chair and saw Reggie, his pants down to his knees and his cock aiming for the ceiling, lie on the mattress. Vicki immediately sat on his cock and began fucking him. "Jesus are you huge!" she giggled. "OK," Reggie said to his compadres, "it's show time." He looked up at Vicki, "Hope you appreciate the effort that went into this talent hunt." He saw her stare in amazement at the even large dicks these young studs pulled out. Soon she was sucking them, loud slurping noises filling the chamber, which was quiet again as the others gawked in amazement at the dimensions of these penises. Her hands skillfully kept the one jacked to a rock hard state while her throat worked tirelessly to feel the bigness of the other. "You want these, soccer slut?" Reggie asked her. Instead of asking her husband, she turned to Tony, Kyle and Eric. "Do you guys mind? I know I started with you but this is the biggest dickmeat I have ever seen. Is it OK with you?" She seemed to be genuinely concerned that they give some sort of permission. "Will you suck us off after the playoff game next Wednesday?" Feeling relieved she said: "You got it. After and before!" She turned to Reggie, who was sucking on her tits as his cock pushed up into her deeply. "Yeah, I want these dicks. Now." Then her eyes returned to the primo pricks getting stiff in front of her. "Maybe we got other things to do," one of their owners said gruffly. "I paid for this cock," she smiled, "fuck me." "I hear you're a totally insatiable whore for youngsters," he grinned, pointing his cock at her teasingly and bouncing its giant dimensions in his hand, "you're like a fucking druggie." "And you're my heroin. Please give my that huge tool of you "Should I?" he called out to everyone. "No!" some guys said. "Make her beg!" Reggie fucked away, enjoying himself, and smiled up at her as she looked down, frustrated despite the wonderful fucking his sizable dick was giving her nympho twat. "Come on!" she cried, no longer patient. "You want this?" he said. "I really do." He walked behind her and Reggie and positioned himself at the entrance to her ass. "Here I come, soccer whore." Everyone cheered as he began to fuck her still hungry asshole. The other boy shoved his cock into her mouth, harshly, making her choke. In just a few minutes the ass fucker came, to the applause of the boys and the two soccer dads, and the second of the big-dicked friends of Reggie took over. Vicki whimpered in ecstasy.

    This went on for another half hour, Reggie and his companions doing what they wanted with her.

    Ed walked over to Tim as the Vickifest winded down and said: "Something tells me the team will be having a real special celebration after each of the playoff games coming up. If you want some help making the arrangements for the soccer mom fuck-off, with special guests," he turned and pointed to the carnal foursome on the floor, "just let me know." Sid joined them. "Tim," he said with mock seriousness, as he rubbed his cock, sticking out of his shorts, "you have a right to be proud of your wife. She is showing these boys how to work together as a team. I hope you don't mind if I thank again in my own - uh -stiff way." Ed laughed and gave Tim a comradely slap on the shoulder. "Me too!" Ed said, his prick in his hand.

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