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. Soccer Mom ch. 5

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Titslave, Jan 6, 2000.

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  1. Titslave

    Titslave Active Member Author!

    Just then Vicki's cries rang out from the upstairs den of lust, joined by the unmistakable, repetitive, rhythmic sound of bedsprings. "Oh yeah, do it! Oh fuck!" Vicki's words were somewhat muffled, but Tony's mother frowned. "Must be a hell of a tournament," she said. She turned to go upstairs and Tony beat her to the landing. He turned and said to them both. "Mom, show him some hospitality," he smiled. Tim looked at this high school senior's groin and noticed that Tony was sporting a rock hard boner. She turned to put away bags she had been holding the whole time, and Tim stayed behind a moment, watching Tony fretfully as he walked upstairs. Tony stared back, grinning, and rubbing his crotch, working his eyebrows like Groucho Marx.

    "Coffee, Tim?" Tony's mother said, beckoning him into the kitchen. She was clearly confused about the situation and, Tim thought, had decided to wait it out - to give Tim's wife time to finish whatever she was doing and come downstairs. Tim was so jittery he thought he was going to vomit. "Sit," she said as he accepted her offer of coffee. "I think this soccer program has benefited this town in a lot of ways, don't you?" she asked, sitting opposite him at the table. "It's directing these boys, and their adolescent energies, into something positive." Was she trifling with him? Did she know and was torturing him, enjoying this profound embarrassment? Why was she smiling like the Dalai Lama?

    The bed's shaking resonated, and that energy she talked about was raining down upon Tim in the form of a chorus of excited voices from upstairs. "I agree," he managed, "they have a lot of energy at that age." Tony's mother slid a cup in front of him and began to pour, then said, brightly, "Oh, I know your wife. She's Vicki, the soccer team mom. She's one of the team, practically. You know, Tim, I think every boy on that team has major puppy love for your wife...Have you noticed how they light up when she comes to the games? Tony just loves that inspirational hug she gives him." How much longer could he endure this treatment?

    Upstairs, Tony had rejoined his comrades in time to see Vicki on all fours on his bed, getting fucked by Eric. "God I've missed your cock," she moaned, looking back at him with a diabolical grin and moving her ass against his sweaty groin. "You like fucking my pussy? Oh fuck, give it to me," she laughed. Daniel was sitting at the head of the bed, stroking his cock. She turned back to face his impressive, purple-headed rod and told him to stick it in her mouth. "Have you ever fucked a girl, Daniel?" she asked before she swallowed him, amid the sound of Eric's electrified body smacking away on her round rump. "No," he said timidly, mesmerized by her big tits, swaying and jiggling wildly before him. "Want to fuck me when he's done?" she said in a gentle, almost maternal voice. "Sure," he said. Then Eric let out a yell, Vicki thrust her ass at him to get as much of him as deep in her as she could, and he blew a heavy load inside Mrs. Gordon. He couldn't imagine a pussy feeling as as hers. Like Tony, he just wanted her all the time. Eric fell back and Vicki immediately, it seemed, swiveled around, telling Daniel to stretch out on the bed. She straddled him with her back to him and spread her enticing ass apart, cum dripping out of her vagina. Cum was caked all over her. She looked back at him through her matted hair and moaned with delight as he rubbed his cock tentatively against her ass and her pussy. Mounted over his groin, her wicked behind bulged wonderfully, its crack slightly spread. "Come on, Daniel," she purred, reaching down to aim him, "be a good boy and - oh yeah - fuck me with that big virgin cock." She slowly began to move up and down on him, her fingers kneading her ass cheeks. "How does it feel?" she laughed, poised proudly as she bobbed over him, sweat from her wanton afternoon flowing again. "Geez," he said, delivered to the thrill of sexual intimacy for the first time in his twenty years.

    Kyle and Carl were nude, standing by the bed, unable to take their eyes off this nympho housewife. She noticed them working their renewed erections and laughed, "I just love all this nice young dick." She saw Tony and smiled: "Is my husband still talking to your mom?" Tony laughed as he dropped his shorts and pulled out his hard dong: "Yeah, she's giving him coffee."

    They heard a timid knock on the door. Tony gestured for silence and everyone froze for a moment. He tip toed to his door. "Hello?" Tony said quietly. Vicki's husband spoke in a normal voice: "So how you guys doing in there? Your mom is fixing sandwiches for everybody...." Tony, his dick standing at attention, opened the door and Tim came in, his face white. Tony closed the door and Tim saw his wife, who had been sitting motionless, resume fucking Daniel. She hardly noticing her husband entering the room - it was more important that Tony's mother was not at the door. This was too much information, Tim thought, and he unconsciously sat down on the computer bench. Tony said: "Hey, could you tell her we're almost done and we'll be down in about ten minutes?" Vicki moaned as her fucking increased in intensity, and Kyle, now confident as were the others that he was free to do with Vicki as he pleased, stepped closer to her, aiming his rod at her face. Instantly she gripped i began stroking the venous shaft, looking at him seductively.

    Tim stood up again, his mouth gaping. Tony turned to join the competition for Vicki's nasty mouth and said assertively to Tim, "Thanks Mr. Gordon. Tell my mom we'll be right down. I don't know how hungry your wife will be, 'cause I want her to swallow my jizz. OK, who wants Mrs. Whore-don to blow them? Hey Luke, I think it's my turn to have big tits suck me off......" "Look at those tits bounce!" Luke laughed, swatting at one of her tits, "they're like watermelons! Fuckin' A!"

    Tim attempted to put a stop to this and stood up, whispering hoarsely and loudly to his wife. "Vicki," he said. She ignored him. He called her again. She bent her head slightly to look at him and took a dick out of her mouth. "Yeah?" she smiled. "Are you coming?" he asked. "Oh yeah, Tim, any minute. After I finish coming, I'm leaving." Tony and Eric laughed as she went back to sucking Kyle off.

    Tim went back downstairs and for the next half hour felt forced to engage Tony's mother in conversation, explaining that they were totally engrossed in computer games. Finally, racked with disgust, he loudly called up the stairs to say he was leaving. There was anger and frustration in his voice. "My husband sounded like he was pissed! Imagine that!" his wife laughed, half in amazement.

    Confronted with the risk that his mother would find them out, Tony ended the fucking party. Vicki managed to sneak into the bathroom to clean herself up and charmed her way through an awkward chat with Tony's mother, then left. Tony's mother had looked at her d?colletage with a scowl - and Vicki liked that reaction.

    Despite the carnal traffic through her mouth and pussy since last night Mrs. Gordon was thinking about more. She felt like flashing young guys and driving them crazy, then fucking them. Increasingly, the forbidden world of anal sex came up on her emotional and sexual radar screen. And she thought: how can I get a hold of Reggie.

    When she pulled into the driveway Tim was waiting for her, leaning against his BMW. "Hi," she smiled, walking toward the front door. He called to her from the driveway. "I am very upset about what you're doing, Vicki," he said, after clearing his throat. "Well, hubby, come on in and let's talk about," she said. He noticed how delectable she looked in the tight skirt, how bright and happy she seemed as an adulteress, a filthy whore housewife. Did she have any qualms about this degrading behavior?

    "Let's sit on the couch, honey," she said. Her voice was draining his will. He sat down and she sat sideways, her cleavage close to the side of his face. He made a point of looking away from her. "Vicki, this can't continue," he protested. "What, you don't want my tits in your face?" she giggled, her hand wandering to his thigh. "You're my wife. When we took a vow we promised each other fidelity, trust, loyalty. You belong to me." He found himself laboring to express heat, anger, authority. She was silent, then said: "But I have discovered that I love to fuck young guys. What a fantastic life there is out there, beyond your occasional interest in fucking. If I walk into a bar dressed like this, or the food court at the mall, twenty guys will be on me like white on rice." "I find your language offensive. You're talking like a trailer park slut. Don't YOU find that offensive?" he said. "Offensive? It gets me hot! It's such a turn on! And I just love to show my body I can make a guy to do anything I want with these tits! If I offer to suck his cock I can get even more."

    He stood up, totally confounded by the way she was talking and conducting herself. "You're crazy," he said defiantly. "No, I can," she said, looking out the window. "I don't mean it that way. You're acting like a whore and I demand that you stop this now." She ignored him and noticed landscapers across the street, packing up their equipment in a truck. They had been looking her over since they started doing the Spelvin's property about a month ago, and she had been teasing them back. For the past few weeks she had found some excuse to be in the front yard when they were there, and Vicki just loved to wave at them in her bikini top and shorts, then bend over as far as she could for as long as she could.

    "I'll prove it to you, my dear," she said to Tim, looking out at the landscapers. "Prove what? Are you listening to anything I'm saying?" He was yelling at her, and she was getting more kittenish the more he summoned his anger. She walked to the front door and opened it. She walked out to the porch and called to them. "Hi guys!" she hollered, sticking her chest out. The crew leader smiled at her. He was tall and the most openly admiring of her charms. The other two turned and took in the view of her curves on display. "Want a beer before you knock off for the afternoon?" she smiled, leaning seductively against the railing. Tim walked up behind her. "Vicki, what the hell are you doing?" He was incredulous. The tall dark crew leader chatted quickly with his two laborers. Then he called back, wearing an eager grin. "Sure, Mrs. Gordon." In a matter of minutes one of them had moved their truck and trailer so that it was parked on the Gordon's side of the street, and the t were walking up the steps to the Gordon home front door. Tim, tight lipped and seething with anger, curtly shook their hands as Vicki let them in. She smiled and winked at her exasperated husband.

    The men smelled of a day of labor, of grass clippings, gasoline, cigarettes and sweat. She led them into the kitchen and sat them down around the breakfast table. "Honey, cold beers for these handsome guys," she said, loosening the knot in his shirt that pushed her big tits close together. "I bet you guys are hot," she said. "Yes, hot today," the tall one said, clearly uncomfortable with English and obviously enraptured with Vicki. Tim's heart jumped as he reached into the fridge and heard his wife say: "Well, I am boiling. Off with the shirt," she said, opening the front of Tim's shirt, half releasing her bra stuffed breasts, and tossing the shirt on the floor. She stood behind the tall one and began to rub his shoulders, her big tits swelling out magnificently over the man's head. "My what shoulders," she moaned. She rubbed her breasts back and forth in his hair, one mashing into it and then the other, back and forth, and smiled at his companions then Tim as she did it men laughed at each other and said something in Spanish as they stared at her breasts. "How much for the beer, Mrs. Gordon?" the tall one said, putting his hands on hers as they worked his shoulders.

    "The beer is free," she said, "but my tits are five dollars. Each." The men's mouths dropped and they stared at Tim for a moment, sizing up his reaction, which was a resigned shake of the head. After a collective shock and a nervous laugh from Tim the big guy said, "Tits are five dollars?" She giggled, "Um hmmmmmm," and moved her finely manicured hands to his brawny chest. "Five dollars for each tit or five dollars for each of us?" he said. She laughed, "Oh, a negotiator! Uh, five dollars for each of you," she said. "Five dollars for each tit, ten altogether," he said. "How about this," she said, taking a tit out of the bra and pulling it to her mouth, "If I pose for you, and you play with my tits, and I suck you off ---- will you cut our lawn?" "Free sample for each of us, then we'll tell you," the big one smiled. "Sure!" she said, and looked up at Tim, "you're OK with this, aren't you, darling?" Tim glared at her, "I am NOT OK with this," he spat out. She stuck h ge tit into the big man's waiting mouth, mashing her abundant flesh into his face. "They're just going to suck my tits, Tim, what's the big deal?" she looked down at the man and said, "You have got a wonderful mouth, and you get my mouth on your cock if you mow our lawn." After he had sucked hungrily on her breast she walked around the table, giving each man a couple minutes of tit play.

    "OK," the leader said, "we do it, but you suck us now and again when we're done. Each of us," he rubbed his crotch, sticking his groin out toward her. She looked at Tim, and studied his face coyly, then said: "That seems fair, Tim. What do you think?" "I think you need medical help. And I must ask these gentlemen to leave this house, now. Vicki, I won't stand for this." Vicki walked over to her husband and whispered: "Listen, honeybunch, this IS my therapy. I needed lots of cock and I got my wish. I don't need you to OK it." "Well then, what does it matter, what I think?" Tim said. He watched as his slutty wife pulled her other breast out and took the leader by the hand. "Come with me to the blow job area," she said, snickering and shaking her bottom at the three strangers. They followed her eagerly into the living room, the landscapers unzipping their pants in anticipation. She faced them and shook her tits at them. The tall one was named Nick, and his cock was long a rd. The other two were short, well built, each with mustaches and ruddy skin. She positioned herself at the corner of the couch, bending down so that she could suck one of the landscapers' cocks as its totally aroused owner stood behind the couch. Another man laid his head on the couch so that he was under her chest, her breasts swaying heavily over his face. She stroked the third man's prick.

    After about fifteen minutes of this, during which Nick and his crew changed places amid her laughter and their increasing moans of pleasure, she would get on all fours so that her knees were on a coffee table and her tits hung over the space between it and the couch and she could blow one of them as he sat on the couch. Another lay on the floor and mauled her breasts. Her nipples became so turgid they looked like little dicks. The third sat next to the other on the couch and enjoyed her hand stroking up and down his hard cock. Nick came first, shooting cum all over her face. Then the second, who ordered her to swallow what must have been a generous wad of semen.

    When she had finished sucking off the third guy to climax, and she was tasting gobs of cum she had scooped off her cheek and eyes, the tall one smiled at her husband for a moment and then said to him, almost contemptuously: "Your wife fucks us and we do flower beds and hedges too." Tim looked down at the living room floor and then glared at Vicki, muttering: "whatever." The three landscapers spoke to each other in Spanish, gesturing toward Tim, and laughed hard among themselves. The tall one persisted: "So what do you think, boss?" Vicki giggled. "Tim thinks my ass is worth more. Okay, next week you come here and do the lawn, the garden and the shrubs too and you got a deal." "We fuck you then too," Nick said. "I hope so," she snickered.

    Nick asked to use the phone to call the owner of the company about his change in schedule. "He may be coming here," Nick said to Vicki, smiling. "He may be a little mad at you." "Mad at me?" Vicki said, frowning, then disappeared upstairs to shower. Tim made calls for work and in between them, stupefied from the events of the last day, decided to confront his wife with a video he would make of how dysfunctional she looked while she acted like a slut. Maybe that video and the one from the morning would get through to her. He went to the car and took the videocam out of his trunk, and told himself as he set up the camera covertly in the dining room that she would watch herself and say: "My God Tim, what have I done? I feel so degraded. I am sorry and I won't do this ever again." He looked out at the three workers and shuddered at their return later on to get "paid".

    While he was setting up the video camera by perching and camouflaging it on top of a cabinet in the dining room, Tim heard a knock on the door. A very tall, blonde, well built man was at the front stoop. Tim greeted him. "Can I help you?" Tim asked. "Hi, I'm Jack, from Jack's Landscaping. I see my crew is taking care of you. They weren't scheduled to go this far past three thirty. Is Vicki at home?" Tim winced at the man's patronizing tone, but saw that, at last, he had an ally. Tim let him in eagerly. "My name's Tim Gordon. They are working here on a rather informal basis that I'm not comfortable with, and if it's all the same to you I'll pay you for the work they have done and they can go. Frankly I want them out of here." Tim felt that this man was here to collect up his workers and get them off to where they were supposed to be, perhaps even bawl them out for acting the way they had with Vicki.

    Jack seemed to be looking around for somebody. Then he looked down at Tim and said brusquely, "Could you get your wife? Is she home? She's the one I need to speak to." Tim said: "You can talk to me. If there's a problem caused by their being here I can take full responsibility." As Tim spoke he noticed that Jack's bright green eyes were drifting up the stairs toward the second floor, and smiling. Tim turned around, his stomach forming the thirtieth knot of the day, and saw his wife standing on the stairs with a robe on, fresh out of the shower, her hair wrapped in a towel.

    "Are you Vicki?" Jack said, looking her over. Tim spoke: "Vicki, I can handle this. This is Jack. He's runs the landscaping company." Vicki smiled. "I have seen you with your guys across the street. I'd reach out to shake your hand but if I did my towel would open." Jack stared at her, taking a couple of steps toward her, completely ignoring Tim. "It's got a lot to cover up there at the top," he said, "maybe if you let the towel go you could shake something else". "Are you referring to my rather large boobs?" she laughed. "Yeah, the boobs you've been showing off at my crew every time they come here." They stared at each other and Tim said: "So what do I owe you for the work they've done until this point?" Tim said, turning toward the kitchen to get his wallet. Jack kept looking at his wife and said: "Nick told me about the arrangement for payment." "Oh did he!" Vicki grinned, wiping her hair with the towel, jiggling down one step toward Jack. "He told me you like to cock, but I'm mad because he left out my profit and overhead. He forgets he works for me sometimes," Jack said, then: "Christ you ARE a sexy bitch." Tim stopped, and pointing his finger at Jack, said: "All right, stop right there, buddy. There's no call for that kind of talk. You can't talk to my wife that way." Jack kept staring at his wife, and went on: "Nick told me you showed them your big tits while he," gesturing at Tim with his head, "got the beers. I want those big tits and came over here to see them. That will take care of my profit. And you can suck my cock to cover the overhead." He turned to Tim, looking snidely at him. "Where's that beer?" Tim tried to be tough. "Excuse me?" he said defiantly.

    "Oh honey, where are your manners? Get the man a refreshment," Vicki muttered, letting her towel drop to the stairway carpet. Running her hands over her ass she turned and stood with her back arched, smiling at Jack and glorying in his pop-eyed reaction. She showed off the profile of her large breasts and round butt. Then she leaned forward, sticking her ass out and piling her tits fluffily on the banister, their oversized nipples staring at him enticingly. "Are you a breast man?" she said, looking down at him. "They're huge," he said, clearly bowled over by the experience of this housewife whore revealing her breasts to him within the space of five minutes. "Catch," she said. She literally jumped off the stairs into his arms, giggling. After a deep kiss he held her chest close to his face and sucked on her tits, her hand feeding them to his hungry mouth.

    Tim protested: "You can't walk in here and do this to my wife." Vicki barely looked at her husband and said, with a trace of annoyance: "Oh, will you relax? He IS the owner, and - mmmmmmm - he's got real big hands." Jack, ignoring Tim, stared into Vicki's bright, needy eyes and kissed her passionately. He stood her in front of him on the steps, turned her back to him, and played roughly with her breasts. "These fuckin' tits of yours sure make my dick hard. Now stand over me after I lay down here...." the stranger said. Tim heard the menacing sound of Jack unzipping his pants. Tim watched Jack walk up a few steps, then lie down backwards, feet facing the second floor, then pull his pants to his knees. ".....and blow me." She laughed at the sight of a rather large tool staring erect up at her. She began to kneel to his side to suck it. "No hot lips," he said gruffly, "stay standing and face the other way and lean over so I can see your slutty ass and your tits while suck my cock." Practically hyperventilating with giddiness at the sound of a real man speaking to her like this, Vicki gladly played the contortionist. She stood astride him and bent over, her stretch made easier because of his elevated crotch. She felt a hand reach under her and grab roughly at her hanging tits. Another hand rudely explored her ass and her pussy. "I knew you loved to show off. I've been hearing about how you pose for my crew every time they show up across the street. Oh -yeah you tramp, rub my balls. Mrs. Gordon, the cocksucking housewife."

    Tim was amazed to see her sustain a vigorous sucking of this man's cock for about ten minutes, when Jack's gasps and filthy comments about her body suddenly ended and he shot his load into her mouth. As she continued to suck him for the last drops, in the same awkward position, Jack turned his eyes toward Tim, who was standing at the kitchen doorway with Jack's beer. Tim's wallet happened to be sticking out of his pants pocket. Jack spoke curtly: "You can put the beer on the table in the living room so I can enjoy it while my guys fuck your wife. Oh, and don't bother with your wallet. Your wife just paid me."

    Tim regretted that he had not taped this display of depravity, to show her, to teach her a lesson. So he made sure when the landscapers came in, about ten minutes later, that Vicki was distracted with Jack so that the video camera was ready to go. He hit the "record" button when they walked in the door. Vicki had not bothered to dress and got on her knees in the vestibule. "Thanks so much for beautifying our humble estate! You guys are the best! Now how much do I owe you again?" She smiled and looked at her husband. She pulled two swelling crotches toward her and said: "Honey, don't bother with your checkbook. I can pay them." Tim was getting enraged at these sarcastic references to the mode of payment. "Vicki, what do I have to do to get through to you?" Tim began to bellow, "I insist that you stop this bullshit NOW!" His wife walked up to him and grabbed his left ear hard, and pulled. "Shut up and learn something, husband." She was amazingly cool and controlled about it. She stared intently at him. "Watch me fuck some more guys."

    She swayed away from him, making a point of shaking her slutty ass at him disdainfully. The landscapers dropped their trousers and took turns stuffing Vicki's mouth with their dicks. When one was in her mouth she jacked another and felt a third smacking her face. Feeling as if he had been spanked, Tim cursed under his breath. To survive this ordeal he became worried that the camera would not be catching this, and tried subtly to walk through the dining room and move the lens to the left.

    The group migrated into the living room and Nick, the tall one, could not wait to ram his dick into her, gazing with an evil grin as she sucked on one of the other guys, who sat on the couch. Nick rubbed himself without any regard to Tim's sullen expression, staring instead at Vicki's bare ass. Nick and the third man played with her ass, then Nick knelt behind her and she looked back at him, shaking her big fat butt. Jack sat in Tim's easy chair and rubbed his cock, bringing it back to its erect length. His dick was imposingly poised for action, almost swelling by the second across his belly, its head stretching past his navel. He called out like he owned the place. "Fuck that pussy, Nick!" And soon Nick was screwing her hard, his testicles slapping against her. After Nick shot his load he spanked her lucious butt and let his assistants take turns with her. They yelled in Spanish to each other and giggled as she moaned in uninhibited pleasure. By the time the third man was ed on the couch and fucking her while she sat over him, her tits bouncing wildly, Jack was on his feet in front of her, beer in hand. His rigid rod pointed up at her face.

    Tim walked over to the couch and said: "Vicki, I'm asking you one more time. Tell these guys to leave and promise me you're going to get some kind of help. You're ----- sick." She stared at Jack's cock, then said, still staring: "I'm sick?" she gasped, whimpering over the sweet sensation of the dick that was impaling her. After a moment of silence, punctuated by moans of sexual wickedness, Tim said: "No, I don't think I am." Another beat, then Vicki, drawing on her athletic fitness, leaned forward so that her weight was transferred to her heels on the floor and she was close enough to Jack's cock to rub it against her sweaty face. "If you're healthy," she yelled, looking up at Jack, "I'm glad I'm ill." "Look at yourself," Tim said, faint outrage in his voice, "you're acting like the town tramp." "If being ill is getting to turn guys on and getting fucked like this, anytime I want, then I don't want to be healthy like you." Jack and she laughed.

    Saying nothing, Tim walked into the dining room. The third man yelled "Shit! Shit!" and, grabbing Vicki's tits, blew his load in her hungry cunt. After he stayed inside for a moment she sat up, got off of him, and sucked the last drops of man-cream off of his dick. He and his two companions said goodbye to Jack, lewdly promised Vicki they would see her again soon, and called out to Tim: "OK, boss, we're leaving, don't hurt us!" They poked each other and laughed as they looked at him again and acted frightened.

    His fist rhythmically beating his rock hard meat, Jack hovered trancelike over this still restless housewife whore. Vicki lay back on the couch, her arms resting behind her, her right leg extended and resting along the top of the couch so that her pussy was shamelessly exposed to this man. She said: "Well, Jack, fucking you was not part of the deal." "I don't think I need to bargain, sweetheart", his deep, confident voice muttered. "You'll fuck me 'cause you've been staring at my cock for the last ten minutes." He rested one leg on the couch near her breasts, and thrust himself at her face. "Could we at least apply it to future lawn maintenance?" she said, stroking it, her eyes glued to it. Jack turned to Tim and snickered. "Your wife acts like she's cutting a deal, but she's too dick-crazy to drive a hard bargain. Oh, are you taping your big-titted wife?"

    Vicki looked at her husband frantically hooking up the video camera to a television he had just lugged into the living room. Tim glanced up at her and said: "I think you need to see how silly you look. When you see what you look like it just might occur to you that you're embarrassing me and yourself." He started the playback and moving images of Vicki at the running track with her juvenile studs flashed on the screen.

    She got on all fours, as Jack commanded, and he began to fuck her slow and easy, pulling a little on her hair. When she smiled at him he pulled harder, and smacked her on the buttock. The video came on and Tim said to his wife. "Can you see this? This is you Vicki. This is the mother of my children showing her breasts to two high school twirps, half her age." He fast forwarded, hearing the carnal moans increasing from the living room couch. "Now you're running up and down the bleacher stairway with your chest bouncing around.....now you're up in the booth getting your breasts sucked by these guys.....Tell me, Vicki, do you even know their names?"

    Vicki seemed to grow serious. She stopped pushing her ass against her lover's groin and said: "Well, Timmy, if you were half the men they were you would have kicked their ass and thrown me in the back seat of the car. But you hid, like the twirp YOU are, and oh - how interesting - taped me showing myself to my young studs. What a man of iron you are.....oh, yeah," she turned and said, "play with my clit while you fuck me...." Tim was going to stand up to her. "Are you going to listen to reason?" She turned to Jack again and whispered something, and they both laughed. "Why don't you tape me now, Timmy?" She resumed her vigorous fucking, for another ten minutes as Tim watched, and Jack, yelling out in exqusite pleasure, shot a second load, this time in her cunt. She couldn't wait to beg him to stick his yet hard cock in her mouth so she could suck out the final drops of semen, her fingers lovingly caressing his hairy testicles.

    From that point on Tim became a quiet grouch, exasperated at his abortive efforts to keep his promiscuous wife under control. He vowed to keep trying. Shaming her in front of others seemed to be the only way. This would be accomplished at the soccer banquet.
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