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. Soccer Mom ch. 4

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Titslave, Jan 6, 2000.

  1. Titslave

    Titslave Active Member Author!

    Soccer Mom III By Titslave - Written exclusively for Dark Wanderer (and not Watching the Wife, etc.)

    [As if you needed to be told, this is follows Soccer Mom I and II, DW files 1064 and 1257, respectively]

    Mrs. Vicki Gordon went through new clothes that she had bought at the mall in the last few days. She spent a long time with make-up, choosing the right earrings and bracelets, and trying out then settling on an almost masculine cologne - with lots of it on her cheeks, neck and her arms. She narrowed down her choice of bra to three, each with weave patterns, and settled on a very flimsy 42E black brassiere that displayed the top halves of her breasts. She put on matching garters and thigh high hose. She put on one of Tim's white shirts and, leaving the bottom buttons undone, tied the shirt so that an enticing knot sat above her smooth, bare tummy. This only enhanced the sight of the breast flesh with its mouthwatering cleavage, and the bra pushed her ample globes together in a way that she hoped would drive her young admirers crazy. She put on nothing under a dark brown long, snug, see-through skirt besides her garters and thigh highs. Her ass cheeks and ass crack were hard to through the thin, skin hugging fabric. As she sat at the vanity and worked nervously to fit on new red high heels with long laces that wrapped luciously around the tops of her feet, she dialed the phone and called Tony. The thought of hearing his voice as the phone rang made her flutter, and when he picked up, with his Caller ID, he answered, softly: "Is this the best fuck in town?"

    "Hi," she said nervously, "how'd you guess?"

    He got an erection from hearing her voice. "We've been waiting all morning for your visit, Mrs. Whore-don. If you don't get over here soon, I am going to have to jack off."

    She flinched at the nickname, but liked it, in fact loved it. His gutter talk made her feel lusty. "Who's there? What other horny guys?" she said, trying to sound as sexy as she could. "Eric and your long lost admirer, Kyle. Are you looking real hot like we said?" Vicki's heart jumped at the sound of Kyle's name; she had missed his eager sex and long hard dick. "Oh, Tony," she purred, "I've got on a top that shows off alot of my tits and nipples and a see-through skirt and high heels. Are you're sure it's OK that I come over? Is this a bad time? Maybe I should go somewhere else?" She wanted to play with his sex drive. "Vicki, you are definitely coming. I want to watch you suck dick. My big geek brother may be here, with his nerd friend, working on his computer, but they should be leaving when you show up." "Is your brother cute and also - uh - appreciative of girls with big tits?" she asked. "Definitely, but he's totally shy. A complete geek. And he's in love with you Really?" she lit up inside like a firefly. "You haven't noticed. He comes to all the games just to see you. I think you've met him. His room's wall has a bulletin board, and it's completely covered with pictures of you." "You're kidding? Really, Tony?" her voice went back to a soft, girl style. "Then make sure he doesn't leave. I have to meet him. See you at 1."

    Tim Gordon was so perturbed and nervous about what was going on with Vicki that he left work to drive toward home at lunch time to surprise her - maybe in the act - and talk some sense into her. He was, to put it mildly, struck dumb by the things he had seen and heard. Now he was determined to put a stop to this. His wife was in need of therapy. She was acting like a back-in-the-alley tramp. Noticing the Explorer in the driveway as he turned on to their street he decided to check her out from a distance, so he waited. He parked the car a few houses down and when she bounced out of the house in a very daring outfit, dressed to kill, he followed her.

    Meanwhile, when Tony got off the phone he turned to Eric and Kyle in the kitchen. "She's on her way, y'all." He smiled and cupped his balls under his soccer shorts. "Get ready for a kickass blowjob." The other boys cheered. Eric reached for his gym bag. "Kyle, we better get out shirts off and slip into the team shorts. Our little soccer whore loses control when she sees her men without shirts and in shorts. And don't forget the athletic supporter."

    Then Tony called upstairs to his brother. "Hey Carl. We've got company in about five minutes. Hope you don't mind." Carl was a freshman at the local college, living at home. He was a very smart computer science major, and actually quite handsome, but hid behind his glasses and his smarts. He had gone to all the games his brother played, and had a desperate crush on C.J.'s mother. He had yet to date a girl, although he inwardly quaked at their presence and particularly lost all composure when Vicki Gordon was within view. The sight of her big tits filled him with fear, and lust.

    "Who's coming?" he asked, looking with concern at his brother, one of the few people he could look in the eye when in conversation with them. Another young man, Daniel, the "geek" Tony had referred to, stuck his head out of the bedroom. "A chick," Tony said coyly. "Really," Carl said with curiosity, "Who?" "C.J.'s mom." Carl's mouth opened. "Mrs. Gordon? She's coming here? Now?" He began running his hand through his hair. "Yeah. And I told her how much you admire her?" Carl ran down the stairs, cursing. "You told her what? What's the matter with you?" Tony ran for cover into the dining room. "I told her about your bulletin board, too!" Carl pushed him against the wall and turned and walked up the stairs. "I can't believe it," he sighed, shuddering at the thought that SHE would be coming here. He disappeared into the bedroom and slammed the door.

    Tony turned to his confederates. "Maybe Mrs. Whore-don can tease Carl and his friend a little while she's here," he snickered. "She sounded like she wanted to fuck him when we were on the phone." The doorbell rang.

    Tony called up. "Hey Carl, get the door." He looked at Kyle and Eric and smiled. "Fuck you!" Carl shouted from the bedroom. "I'll get you cable net access for your birthday!" Tony said. Carl slowly came to the head of the stairs and looked down at his brother. "You're paying for it for two years?" Carl said quietly, the anger draining from his voice. "Six months," Tony said. "One year," Carl said. Since Tony was going to get one year's worth of cable access for his brother anyway, this was no concession. "OK, I'll get the door. Maybe it's not her," Carl said. The bell rang again. Carl walked slowly, apprehensively, down to the front door and opened it.

    There stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. His dream woman. Her face was so wonderful. Her bright red lips formed a broad smile and her marvelous eyes, all dolled up, looked at him with intense curiosity. His peripheral view of her chest made him weak in the knees. "Hi there," she said. "Are you Tony's brother? I'm Mrs. Gordon." He could not look at her face, and struggled without success to avoid staring at the d?colletage inches from him. "Yeah, hi," he said, opening the door and practically fainting as she stepped inside. She looked eagerly at Tony, Eric and Kyle, and Carl took in her body, his eyes as wide as saucers.

    Tony and the others practically died with amusement at this initial encounter and could hardly wait for more. Then Tony stepped to her and said: "Wow! You look fantastic! Hey Carl, doesn't she look incredible?" Carl was mesmerized. "Carl? Hello?" Eric yelled. Tony hugged her and kissed her passionately for a moment, a sight that shocked his brother. When she did the same for Eric and Kyle, and Vicki cried to the latter: "Hello, stranger," and put her hands on his ass, Carl leaned against the wall, running his hand through his hair again. Vicki took her time kissing Kyle passionately, driving her tongue into his mouth, making him neck with her more intimately, rubbing her tits against his bare chest. She loved to kiss in front of these guys, and thrilled at the sound of their murmurs and nervously awkward chuckles and coughs.

    Now Eric and Tony were taking turns grabbing her ass and her tits while she kissed and fondled Kyle. Tony whispered to her, "my brother's totally shy, but he really loves you. Why don't you tease him a little?" She nodded and snuck her hungry hand all the way down Tony's shorts in the back to feel his balls while she was still French kissing Kyle. Vicki looked for their hard young cocks and she was happy to notice three swelling groins eagerly extending toward her.

    "How do you guys like my outfit? I tried to look sexy!" She posed and turned. They looked her over and murmured heartily. "Hey, Mr. Gordon must go nuts when he sees you in this, right?" Eric grinned. "He's never seen me like this," she said softly, sticking her chest out at Carl and watching for the awkward reaction of this boy, who obviously thought she was a hot chick. "Carl," she said, moving closer to him, "how do you like my top? Is it too tight?" As he muttered "I guess not," she looked down at her huge looking tits and said: "I caught you looking at my chest when you opened the front door, young man," she giggled, aroused at the stimulation she was giving him, "look at me, Carl." He looked up at her, in a deeper blush. The other guys were snickering. "Carl, " she said in the most intimate voice she could summon, "have you been looking at my big tits? And my ass?" "I-uh-didn't mean to," Carl said, feeling his lust more directly but still very shy in the company of th vishing lady.

    "That's kind of a long skirt," Eric cut in, "I don't think he could see your ass...." She turned and bent a little, shaking her butt. Very slowly she pulled up the skirt, first revealing her knee highs, then the big round cheeks of her bare ass. "Now he can see," she said, staring back at him, then turning so the others could see it. They whistled appreciatively. She lowered her skirt.

    Tony fondled her with a big smile. "Ever thought of going blonde?" "Do you want me to?" she said earnestly. "You'd be totally hot as a blonde," he said, running his fingers through her hair, "and with pencil thin eyebrows." "Really?" she said, turning to the hall mirror. Carl watched as Tony and Eric stood behind her and looked at their hands squeezing her breasts while she stared at herself picturing her hair blonde, her eyebrows thinned.

    The atmosphere was quickly filling with sexual tension. "Oh, guys, I know somebody you know, two very athletic boys. Two - uh - new friends of mine," Vicki said, moving to Carl's side with her arm in his. She looked over at Tony and Eric and this gave the self-conscious, meek Carl an opportunity to take in her breasts, her hair, her beautiful eyes and profile, how smooth her skin was around her neck and shoulders. Mostly his eyes locked in to her chest, its cleavage so enticing.

    Tony smiled and gave Eric a comradely punch in the shoulder. "Did you make their acquaintance at the track?" "Oh yeah," she said, rubbing Carl's arm, "I couldn't wait til 1 and needed cock this morning. So they came in handy." Tony said: "I hear they came in you." Eric laughed. She smiled, turning her eyes back to Carl. "That too," she said.

    "Hey Carl," Tony smiled, now standing behind her and pushing his dick against her ass. "Why don't you take Mrs. Gordon upstairs and show her the changes you're making on your computer?" Carl blushed as she pushed her breast against him. His hands were soaking wet. "Oh, that's OK, some other time."

    She moved within an inch of his face. "I would love to see what you're doing. Tony says you're really smart. Please show me." She caressed his face. "You're sweating, gorgeous," she said, and began blowing softly into his face. She looked dramatically down at his crotch, bending down and looking closely at his erection, then looking up at him coyly, shaking her finger, "and you like me." Her cologne smelled incredible to him. The others giggled.

    "Well, all right," Carl said. Tony said to her: "Follow me," he headed up the stairs, then Vicki, and the others, Carl immediately behind her, gawked at her full, lucious ass grinding back and forth as they ascended to the second floor. Someone put on some rap music. "Hey Vicki, why don't you show Carl how to kiss?" Eric said, smiling at Tony and Kyle. Vicki put one arm around Carl and her hand on his neck and pulled his mouth close to hers. He resisted. "Whoa," he said, "this is getting pretty wild." Tony snickered. "Oh c'mon bro, let her." Vicki began to kiss his cheek and his mouth, while he stood there overwhelmed with the excitement of the situation. "You sure are pretty," Carl said, his voice breaking. She laughed and turned around, backing herself into his chest, and pulling his arms around her waist. Carl's eyes fell to her massive tits. "How about that view!" Tony said, letting out a wolf whistle.

    Saying he felt a little dizzy, Carl sat down on the computer table bench next to Daniel, who had been working on the computer, pretending not to see but becoming enormously aroused. Tony, Kyle and Eric sat on or stood by the bed that faced them. Vicki leaned forward between Carl and Daniel, staring at the screen and asking questions. She shook her ass back and forth to the music, hoping that her lovers on the bed could see through her skirt and that they were getting rock hard. She put her hands on Carl's and Daniel's shoulders. They both were so nervous their hands trembled as one, then the other, took the mouse or used the keyboard. "Hey let me see too," Tony said. He stood directly behind her and began squeezing her ass, and rubbing his dick against it. He worked her skirt up to her waist and, holding it over her buns, turned to Eric and Kyle, eyebrows jumping up and down in his brow, his strong, long fingers pointing at her ass. He stuck his tongue out and licked.

    She kept asking questions about the software they were working on and Daniel and Carl discovered that as she leaned further between their heads her breasts were packed in a narrow space at the level of their eyes. One of the bashful techies would turn to look at her and a massive tit was there, enticingly half-confined by her shirt and bra. The young men were almost paralyzed with the shakes.

    Meanwhile Tim had parked his car three houses down and walked with determination to Tony's family's house. His wife had been let in twenty minutes earlier and he was intending to knock authoritatively and demand to see her, and drag her home. But when he reached the front door, which was ajar, this assertive impulse had been replaced by a shudder and an accelerating heartbeat . He became sneaky, almost unconsciously so, and instead of knocking pushed the door open carefully so that he would not be heard. There was nobody on the first floor, but he heard music and voices - one feminine - in an upstairs room. He slowly ascended the stairs and stood in the bedroom opposite a doorway to another bedroom, and off to the side to avoid being noticed - at first. He was shocked to see his wife, to his left inside the bedroom he was looking into, and dressed like a harlot, with a teenage boy playing with her bare ass, while she seemed to be flirting aggressively with two older boys sitt t a computer.

    At this point Vicki made her voice very seductive. She was getting so wet from toying with these guys. "Let me sit down and you can show me," she said, lightly scratching their shoulders and their necks while Tony pulled down his shorts and began to rub his long, hard dick against her ass. He turned with a gesture of exasperation to his mates on the bed. Tim felt like a hammer was beating against his head.

    As she had moved to sit she noticed for the second time the face of her husband in a mirror that reflected the doorway across the hall from Carl's room. At first she was stunned, and expected him to barge in. She masked her anxiety. But this second time she found herself entering a level of excitement - a sexual high - that was half-triggered by his presence. His passive presence. Was he just going to watch? I won't let him know I see him, she thought. Let him watch me for a while, thinking I haven't noticed. Let him watch me show off for these babes.

    Carl got up and took Vicki's place behind the bench and she sat down at the bench next to Daniel. Her husband was just feet away from her and cursed her for the breathtaking way she looked. She stretched her arms above her as if to yawn and then let them drop behind the back of the bench. Tim watched the boy she called Carl standing closer behind her, staring down at her tits to the point of salivation, as did the one called Daniel.

    Vicki's arms glided upward and caressed Carl's shaking body, pulling him closer. She turned slightly toward Tim, careful to avoid looking at him directly, but excited at the thought that her husband could see everything. She looked up at Carl. She kept thinking of the pictures he had taken of her at the soccer games. She said nothing for a moment and he just stared, frozen. "Give me a kiss," she muttered. Eric yelled, "C'mon Carl, kiss the lady," and Kyle chimed in. "She's a hell of a kisser, likes it WET." Carl leaned way over and managed to meet her mouth and pecked at it. He began to move back up and away from her but she pulled him back and drove her tongue into his mouth. From his hiding place Vicki's husband shook his head, dumbfounded. Here she was, attacking guys half her age like a crazed slut! He had to do something to end it. Affecting an interest in Carl's work she turned around to the front and acted very attentive to the computer. She moved the mouse around a little and began to say: "Well, if I click on this icon," then she slowly, casually, dug her hands into her bra, pulled her left tit out and let it jut out from a perch on Tim's shirt, bare, rude, and aimed, despite its weighty fullness more up than out. "....what happens?.....will this program go right to the Internet?" She made it seem like she had done nothing exciting, but the impact on Carl and Daniel was stupendous. Their jaws fell to the floor. Her breast seemed so much bigger to them than they thought. Carl smiled, uncontrollably giggling with nerve trauma, "Wow," he said, shaking his head. "Wow!". "Oh yeah," Kyle said, off the bed and craning his neck. Tim saw Carl and Daniel look at each other pop-eyed, and Eric grinned at their very obvious state of stupefaction.

    She looked up at Carl. She wanted to drive him nuts while her husband stood there like a dummy. She tried to avoid blocking Tim's view. She wore a serious expression on her face, and played with her tit as she stared earnestly into Carl's deer-in-the-headlights eyes, and almost whispered: "Well, will it take me to the World Wide Web? Are you paying attention to me?" He was speechless, and inwardly her excitement was boundless. So she turned to Daniel, "Carl's got nothing to say. What do you say?" He just stared at her chest and she turned to the screen, clicking with the mouse. "Show me some more stuff," she said softly. God this was fantastic, she thought. She was almost panting, but concealed it. She studied Daniel's face for the continuing reaction, then turned and looked up at Carl. The others were laughing and poking each other.

    Tim watched in shock as Tony walked over with his dick straight out, perching stiffly over the top of his jockstrap. Tony then stood to her side, partly blocking Tim's view. Tony licked her ear sloppily and said, jacking his cock: "Vicki, I'm horny, so why don't you turn around on the bench and suck Carl and me off at the same time?" These words, the sight of the boys on the bed rubbing their exposed dicks, and Tony's bare ass and beefy thighs, with his wife's beautifully manicured fingers promptly exploring his young athletic skin, made Tim's hair stand on end. As far as Tim could make out his wife was licking Tony's jockstrap. This was confirmed when Tony swiveled around and stuck his bare fanny out at her. "Kiss my ass, big tits," he said. She buried her face in his ass, knowing that Tim was watching, no doubt in shock, as her hand reached around to fondle the rigid boy-cock. Tim noticed lipstick all over the cup of Tony's athletic supporter. After a few minutes of Vi ating his ass Tony stepped behind the bench next to Carl and called musically: "Time for your facial, soccer mamma."

    Without speaking Vicki turned around on the bench and knelt, facing Tony's purple, rock hard schlong. "You're leaking, my dear," she giggled with a dirty tone to her sweet voice, kissing his pisshole. Carl was so jittery and aroused he was giggling uncontrollably. She rubbed his crotch eagerly as she began to stroke Tony. "Nice doggie," he said, taking her hand away and slapping her cheeks with his cock, "suck my cock, big tits." She sighed as she slowly took Tony into her mouth, her bright, sparkling lips wrapping around his swollen cockhead, then the stem. Eric and Kyle were now standing to each side of the other two boys. "Suck that dick, Mrs. Whore-don," Eric laughed, stroking his cock with anticipation. He went on, "Kyle, you should have seen her fucking Reggie last night after she fucked us. He's got a fuckin' elephant dick and she went crazy, jacking us off while she sat on his entry into the Guiness Book of fuckin' World Weenies," he said. Everyone laughed, especiall iel and Carl, tension being released.

    Tony and Vicki were looking at each other as she cupped his balls and took him deep, past her tonsils. Vicki loved the sight and smell of his pubic hair, and breathed in his boyish crotch odors. She yearned for cock jammed down to her lungs. "Oh yeah," Tony smiled, loving the feel of his dick penetrating her throat.

    Tim reeled - he could not believe his eyes and ears.

    Carl suddenly was over his shyness and pulled his pants down to his socks, exposing a rigid and thick cock with oversized, very hairy balls. "Hey Carl, you're about to be sucked off by a professional," Kyle laughed. Tim felt clobbered again when Kyle continued: "You shoulda come to practice to take more pictures of her. After practice we had an 'accident' - her mouth and pussy collided with my dick, and Tony's and Eric's...."

    She changed her wickedly puckering mouth to Carl's cock and as he stood next to his brother, watching in disbelief as this older woman's mouth worked his dickmeat so lovingly, he felt like his body was concentrated completely in his rock hard prick. This was making him crazy with an exciting new passion. He vibrated with the forbidden feeling of this horny housewife's mouth sliding up and down his virgin prick. Mrs. Gordon, his dream girl. The sight of her cocksucking and her accelerating jacking off of his cock made Tony yell and shoot a huge load of semen into her face. "Oh shit!" Tony gasped. Vicki's husband was horrified to see her laugh quietly as the cream blasted her face. And, to his frightening surprise, he sensed that he was getting turned on. He fought this reaction. No way I am going that route, he told himself.

    The creaming of his wife's face was just the beginning for Tim's embarrassment. He had shuddered when he heard his wife laugh heartily and not even lift a finger to wipe away the dripping boy jizz. She just kept right on sucking on Carl's cock. Tony, in a daze with sexual release, stepped back , collapsing on the bed with a sigh of contentment, and Kyle took his place. Vicki managed to free her other tit and told Daniel to squeeze them, which he unhesitatingly did.

    "It's about time," she said, happily jacking the two hot studs' pricks, "for my weenie husband to show up." Eric yelled, "Excuse me?" "He followed me here," she said, rubbing both cocks against her mouth. "God I wish I could suck these at the same time," she laughed, licking one then the other, "but they're too fucking fat." Eric persisted: "Your husband followed you here now?" Tim's stomach went in a full circle the way she spoke, so calm, so nasty, so dirty. "He could be in the house as we speak - and as I suck - looking for me. I don't think he would like it if you studs were coming in my face like this. Maybe someone should check downstairs for him and get him up here. I'd love to see his face when I fuck all you guys." Tony sat looking at her and sensed how much of a charge she got out of acting so nonchalant about this possibility.

    "You mean he wouldn't do anything?" Tony went on. His question ended and Tim waited for her reply, delayed by the sinister sounds of the subtle smacking of her hand on Carl's spit soaked cock and the suction sound of her mouth working Kyle's dick. Tim was hoping that she would recognize the depravity of this sex she was consuming so wantonly. Tim was expecting her to say that he would step in to this filthy bedroom and take control, make her see that this was wrong, get her to return to reality.

    With a pop she let Kyle's dick leave her mouth and she spoke, her eyes never leaving the two pricks as she stroked them vigorously, her grip on each tighter and tighter. "I really wanted those guys at the track to get turned on by my big tits and so I wore a tight top with no bra. My husband saw me leave for the track knowing I looked like a whore. He should have thrown me on the couch and fucked me. But he went to the track and said nothing, which means he must have seen me shaking my bare tits at those guys, before they took me to the old broadcast booth and gave me some hard cock. So I think he - uh - likes to watch."

    "No way! That's pretty wild." Eric said, the thought making his dick harder as he waited his turn impetuously. "My dad would knock heads, including my mom's...."

    Tim saw this as a challenge he had to face. He slowly walked across the hallway, and taking a deep breath, knocked on the door. They all turned and saw Tim Gordon, pushing the door the rest of the way open. Just then Carl began to cry as if in great pain and hot gobs of cum spat furiously out of him, landing all over Mrs. Gordon's face. She stared at her husband, smiled, and said: "Hi honey." Strings of jizz hung from her chin and were larded over her cheeks and in her hair. She looked at Carl's still hard cock and swallowed it, switching her eager fingers to Kyle's dick.

    "Mr. Gordon!" Eric said, his cock defiantly pointing at Vicki. The others were either reflecting shock or disbelief.

    Tim looked at the incredible scene and said: "Vicki, I think you need to come with me." He gulped, watching her hands pull the two boys by their asses when they instinctively began to back slightly away from her.

    "Now," Tim said.

    The boys were frozen, uncertain about what to do. "How long you been here?" she said, rubbing the cocks against her face. "I just came up the stairs, hearing voices," he said, coughing nervously.

    "That's a lie, my dear," she said. She grabbed her right tit and pointed it in the direction of the doorway. "You've been standing over there, watching me have fun with these," she turned and closed her eyes, looking over her lovers for what seemed like an hour to Tim, " - uh - very healthy guys." She dropped her tit dramatically, watching its fullness. "I was shocked at what I saw," he said, defensively. Vicki didn't want this cock party to end and sensed that she could keep them all here. Nobody was going anywhere. "I think if you wanted to stop this you would have walked right in and grabbed me by the hair and dragged me out of here. You would have screamed so loud the neighbors two blocks away would have heard you." She looked at Tony and Eric, and rolled her eyes to the ceiling. Then she went back to sucking on Kyle's spit-shined, long, fat cock. Quietly she observed, "Kyle darling, the head of your cock is quite large. You're almost as big as Reggie." She spat on it arched her back, stroking it vigorously. Her tits jiggled as she jacked him. Although Kyle felt the need to throw his clothes on and leave sexual energy he got - they all got - from Vicki kept him there. And he and the other boys were beginning to think that her husband was not going to kick anyone's ass, or even raise his voice to them. Then Daniel resumed his tit play and Eric moved next to Carl and gently but assertively edged him out of the way. Eric's fleshy wand had softened but hardened with the shift in tension from being caught to being allowed to be dirty in front of Vicki's pussy husband.

    "Tony? Are you home?" It was his mother, calling from the living room. "Shit!" Tony said. He slipped a shirt on and brushed by Tim, who was now half turning to look in the direction of the stairs. Tony turned to look at Tim, then pulled on his arm. "Let's go downstairs and keep her distracted." Tim looked at him, confused, then over at his wife, who was contentedly sucking Eric off and jacking Kyle with renewed energy. "Come on, Mr. Gordon!" Tony whispered as his mother's voice rang out again, sounding closer to the foot of the stairs. Tim began to moving with him, just as Kyle gasped and cried out and his dick exploded with five heavy shots of semen, landing all over her.

    Tim followed Tony downstairs, hearing someone close the bedroom door behind them. Tim shuddered at the thought of what would happen in there next. But immediately as that very upsetting thought descended upon him he was confronted with Tony's mother, looking quizzically at him over Tony's shoulder. "Mom," Tony said, "this is C.J.'s dad, from soccer." "Hello," Tim said, extending his hand with a half smile. "Hello," she said warily. Sensing her concerned stare at him, Tim said: "My wife and I stopped by to drop off - uh - some pictures my son sent from France. He's managed to -uh - get some soccer in over there while living with his French family." Tony wanted his mother downstairs. "Yeah, they're totally cool, mom. Then I told C.J.'s mom and dad about some of the new games Carl and I have on the computer and we got into a kind of tournament upstairs. Eric and Kyle and Daniel are here too."

    Tony's mother was somewhat mollified, but Tim sensed she had questions. "I heard a yell just now upstairs," she said to them, squinting at them slightly. "Oh that was Kyle," Tony said. "That Duke Nukem gets pretty intense, right Mr. Gordon?" Tim smiled at him through hateful eyes. "Sure does, Tony," he said. "Mrs. Gordon is totally, uh, blowing everyone out of the water," Tony smiled, winking at Vicki's husband. Tim wanted to strangle this brat. His mind was still up in the bedroom, visualizing the liberties his loose wife was taking with young men half her age. But he put on the face of the established suburban middle-class husband. "She really is fascinated by computer games," Tim said. Tony was getting warmed up: "Yeah, she just blew us out, man. She really had all of us guys by the balls!" His mother raised her voice: "Tony, watch that language." "Sorry," he said, acting contrite, "I only meant that she jerked us around like she's just retarded, you know, like real roked us, and then, bam, she sucks you dry, like a female vampire." Tony's mother winced again at the coarse language and shrugging, turned to Tim. "How about you, Tim, why aren't you up there fighting space monsters or whatever you do?" Tony jumped in, "Oh, Mr. Gordon is cool. Laid back. He just hangs to the sidelines and watches his wife eat us for lunch. Right Mr. Gordon?" He laughed and smacked Tim on the back. Tim could not absorb what has happening to him.
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